Guilty By Suspicion (1991) Movie Script

[Solemn instrumental music]
TAVENNER: Mr. Nolan, you said we could
count on your loyalty.
You didn't say you were coming
to defend the Communist Party.
CHAIRMAN: We know they're out there, but
I'll be damned if I know how to find them.
It'd be a lot easier on everybody...
...if you all wore some identification,
like a pin or a bumper sticker.
Then we wouldn't have to go through this.
Make it a lot easier on everybody, wouldn't it?
I beg of you... please don't make me do this.
Don't make me crawl through the mud.
You know who they are.
They're my friends.
CHAIRMAN: They are Communists.
Why do you feel they should be protected?
We must protect America
from the ideas they're spreading...
...through their films and television shows.
When I joined the Party,
they were trying to help people.
I thought they were trying to help people.
It was the Depression.
TAVENNER: People needed help.
TAVENNER: It was a good thing then.
CHAIRMAN: You came here and
you confessed your membership.
All we're asking you to do in good faith...
...and to purge yourself
of your mistakes in the past... to help us in identifying the people... those photographs.
I don't want to be an informer.
CHAIRMAN: Real Americans have appeared
before this Committee demonstrating loyalty.
How do you think we got your name
in the first place?
I thought you were
not a Communist anymore.
I'm not! I told you!
I think you're still a member.
And I know some people
who'd be interested to know that.
CHAIRMAN: Would you speak up,
please, son?
There's nothing to be ashamed of here.
[Train announcements]
BUNNY: David! Over here!
BUNNY: Welcome back.
DAVID: What are you doing here?
BUNNY: Is this the hello
I get after two months?
-Feels like I just left. How are you?
-All right.
You leave anything in France?
-You don't have to buy everything you see.
-Everything I can get my hands on.
When I heard they sent a limo for you...
...I decided this success has gone to your
head. It's time we brought you down to earth.
Thanks. So that's what friends are for?
DAVID: What's the news?
Did Lisa finally say yes?
DAVID: You're getting married?
DAVID: You're not?
She wouldn't swear to a loyalty oath,
so it wasn't in my best interest to marry her.
BUNNY: She swore all the time. She had
a mouth like a sailor, drank like a fish.
DAVID: She wouldn't change?
BUNNY: Those things I liked.
[Soft instrumental jazz]
DAVID: Everything okay in town?
BUNNY: This place is going crazy, David.
I say we go back to France. Now.
Not before I see Zanuck.
What do we have to see Mr. Zanuck for?
He wanted me back.
I guess to argue over casting and budgets.
He'll give in.
You can do no wrong around that guy.
I swear to God he loves you.
Who loves me? God or Zanuck?
It is hard to tell them apart sometimes.
Seen Ruth?
No, David, I haven't had any time.
I'm doing some rewrites
for my dear friend, Marilyn Monroe.
And I feel kind of funny
since you guys got divorced.
I haven't had time to see anybody, honestly.
How about you? Think you might see her?
Who? Marilyn or Ruth?
That's what I thought.
DOROTHY: They're here.
DOROTHY: They're here.
DOROTHY: Everybody be quiet and say,
''Surprise.'' Be ready!
ALL: Surprise!
DOROTHY: Sorry. I thought it was David.
LARRY: Couldn't you wait for me, could you?
DOROTHY: You didn't say you'd be all day.
I just wasn't going to miss this.
No, of course not.
You wouldn't miss seeing
the great David Merrill.
What is the matter with you? He's our friend.
LARRY: Outside. Come on!
What's going on?
I surprised my own surprise party.
Now I have to act like I like everyone.
When you get settled down
there's this idea I want to talk to you about.
DAVID: Right now you want to talk?
Can't it wait till tomorrow?
I want to go home.
You're not doing this for me,
you're doing it for yourself.
Friends, Romans, Comrades!
That got everyone's attention.
We welcome back our friend David!
Will you come on! Come on!
Our friend.
BUNNY: A brave man.
Our friend, a brave man....
Our friend...
...who won't forget those of us
who need work on his pictures.
To my dear friend....
What's your name again?
Bunny Baxter, who'll never work for me again.
Just kidding.
Thanks, everyone. It's a terrific welcome.
I'm not surprised, but it's terrific.
BUNNY: [Sings] ''Branded Un-American
''Oh, there's a game called naming names
''And let me tell you, gents and dames''
DAVID: Two months
and I get a hero's welcome.
NELLY: Anyone brave enough
to come back to this town is a hero.
JOE: A great director, maybe, but a hero?
DAVID: You part of this conspiracy?
JOE: I deny it all. Hope your trip went bad.
DAVID: It went great.
When can I see your movie?
You have to buy a ticket like everyone else.
That's if I figure out the ending.
DAVID: You always have problems
with endings. Want me to see it?
I don't want your suggestions.
How about Tuesday?
JOE: It's good to see you. I've missed you.
It's not easy times.
Let's have a drink.
Have a good time. Drink.
Let's make it painless, right?
DOROTHY: Who are we trying to kid?
Everybody knows what's happening.
I'm afraid to talk to my friends.
My husband's crazy. We're all dead!
-Dorothy, you all right?
-Drink up! Don't let me spoil all your fun.
Are you all right?
DOROTHY: I have to go home.
DAVID: Bunny, follow me to Dorothy's house.
BERT: What's happening?
DAVID: I'll be back.
I don't want you driving.
BERT: You've a 9:00 a.m.
with Zanuck tomorrow.
I got to see my kid. Can we make it 10:00?
I don't think so. I can try.
All right, shit. Leave it. I'll make it.
BERT: Meet me at the Brown Derby after.
[Foreboding instrumental music]
Larry, what the hell are you doing?
LARRY: Reorganizing my library.
LARRY: Ever realize how book bindings are
so well-made?
The Catcher in the Rye, Tom Sawyer.
All good books. What's the matter?
Wait till Wood puts your nuts in a vise.
LARRY: Suddenly your taste
in literature changes.
Everything changes, David. Real fast.
Course, you don't have to worry.
LARRY: You're Zanuck's golden boy,
aren't you?
You're a brilliant man, David.
LARRY: A brilliant man.
Good idea. James Joyce.
Can't write like him, burn him.
DOROTHY: Ask him who he named today!
DOROTHY: Ask him!
LARRY: Don't listen to her. She's cracked!
DOROTHY: No, Matt. Go.
How many of your friends did you sell out?
Did you name me?
Did you name your son?
-You could have hurt her!
-What am I going to do with her?
The great actress!
If you come here again, I'll kill you!
What did you do?
What any scared shitless,
loyal American would have done.
Welcome home, David.
Welcome home.
[Upbeat jazz song]
[Car horn honks]
You're back, Dad! You're back!
You went across the street without checking
the cars. What did I tell you about that?
DAVID: You're getting so big.
You're bigger than I am.
You're way bigger than I am.
-Are you taking me to school?
-Tomorrow or the next day I will.
Close your eyes and hold out your hands.
A camera!
PAULIE: It's neat, Dad. It's so neat.
DAVID: It's a very, very good....
PAULIE: Can't you take me to school, Dad?
Not today, pal.
I have a lot of important things I have to do.
But tomorrow or the next day
I'll take you to school.
Let's get you on the bus, young man.
No talking to strangers.
Dad's not a stranger.
Remember, sit in the front of the class,
look the teacher straight in the eye...
-...and she'll never call on you.
-She calls on me. I tried it.
It only works in movies.
I'll give the camera to Mom.
Be a good boy.
RUTH: 'Bye.
I missed him.
I missed you, too.
Well, believe me, I missed you.
The water heater blew so I had to get a
new one. It cost a little more than I thought.
I had to take the money out of your account.
Hope you don't mind.
I'll survive.
DAVID: How's he doing in school?
RUTH: Not too bad.
DAVID: You look good.
Good morning, Mrs. Merrill. Here's your mail.
How long are you here for?
I'm supposed to see Zanuck now.
As soon as I get the budget and cast,
I start production in Europe.
Paulie's in a play Thursday night.
RUTH: He'd like it if you'd come.
DAVID: I'll try.
The David Merrill Express rides again.
It's a wonderful script.
I might even make a good film.
You might even want to see it.
The studio's waiting, right?
Can't have that now.
[Upbeat jazz song]
GUARD: Welcome back, Mr. Merrill.
Go right in.
TECH: We have speed. Mark it.
DAVID: Did you write this?
BUNNY: I don't write boobs.
-I polished the dialogue.
-They look polished to me.
BUNNY: You haven't heard any words.
DAVID: Who needs words?
ZANUCK: Have a seat up here.
Bunny, you can leave.
Call and tell me what he says.
ZANUCK: You'll have new pages for me, right?
BUNNY: This afternoon, Mr. Zanuck.
ZANUCK: Great.
ZANUCK: The locations are fine.
The schedule's okay.
Looks like you vacationed at my expense,
but I don't mind.
It could have been worse.
I want you to make this picture for me, David.
But we got a problem.
I have a board of directors in New York.
As far as I'm concerned, they can go to hell.
I run this place and nobody tells me
how to make movies.
But I have to listen when they say
my movies won't get played...
...because some politician has
a hard-on for Hollywood.
Business is lousy. The theaters are empty.
Everybody's staying home
to watch Milton Berle dressed as a woman.
And now this.
What do you mean ''now this''?
ZANUCK: If you want to make this picture,
you have to get yourself straightened out.
ZANUCK: Call Felix Graff
and do just as he says.
Graff knows what he's doing
with those bastards.
Then we'll discuss the picture.
I'm sorry, Darryl, I don't get this.
Just go see this guy, do me a favor.
Then we'll have lunch and
talk about casting and everything else.
How are things in real life?
In real life?
A little startling and a little ambiguous.
Maybe that's better than happy or sad.
Eighteen takes? Get me Howard.
NAN: Howard Hawks, please.
Did you get me back to Los Angeles
just to talk to this guy Graff?.
I can't tell the difference
between any of these.
Why don't you show me, all right?
ZANUCK: We'll run them
and you show me the difference.
I'm sure it's obvious.
Mr. Woods? Telephone. Jack Warner calling.
GENE: The man's undaunted.
Stop with the hair in my drink already...
...or I'll move my office to Chasen's.
-Stay with the Brown Derby.
-It's a barber shop, not a restaurant.
Jack. I know you loved the script.
Well, do your own reading next time.
Everybody wants it. Now it's hot.
A great piece of ass just walked by.
David Merrill's here. I'll call you back.
GENE: Got something for you.
I was talking to Jack about you.
-Jack who?
-Jack the Ripper. Who?
You got to read this.
Take your time. Two seconds.
Everyone wants to do it.
We'll walk down the aisle.
-We getting married?
-To pick up an Oscar.
An Oscar. Read it. I'll send it over tonight.
It doesn't matter.
BERT: You can't get paid
if he doesn't work, right?
BERT: I'll call you later.
BERT: Who is that guy?
DAVID: You don't know Gene Woods?
The producer.
He pays the waiter to bring phony calls
to him from Warner and Zanuck.
I wondered who the schmuck was
with all the calls.
BERT: How did it go with Zanuck?
Strange. He wanted me
to meet this lawyer, Graff.
DAVID: Do I have some kind of problem?
Geez, I don't know.
I'm sure he would have told you if you did...
...with your picture starting, right?
-You going to see him?
-Sure, I'll see him.
Bogie wants to meet with you.
He likes your script.
He loved your last picture. I'll set it up.
Bogart. Sure.
BERT: He's a big fan of yours.
Zanuck likes you, David.
Don't fuck that up.
GRAFF: David Merrill. Come in.
GRAFF: I'm really glad you came.
Can I get you a drink?
Zanuck said see you.
But why this crummy place
and not your office?
To protect you from rumor.
I have conferences with my clients...
...when we prepare to meet for
the House Un-American Activities Committee.
Wait. Hold it. With who?
Zanuck wants your name cleared
as soon as possible.
Cleared of what?
There's somebody here who can explain it all.
Fine, let's talk to him.
GRAFF: Ray, come on in.
David Merrill. Ray Karlin.
Mr. Merrill, welcome back.
RAY: I'm glad to meet you.
RAY: Sorry it's under these circumstances.
I'll get to the point.
RAY: You probably know that
you've been named a Communist sympathizer.
Recently your name came up
as having attended Party meetings.
Wait a minute. I'm no Communist.
I went to a couple meetings
10 or 12 years ago. That's it.
GRAFF: Yes, we know that.
That's exactly our problem, David.
Nobody wants to embarrass you.
The Committee will give you
this opportunity... explain your past affiliations.
I went to a few meetings. That's it.
That's it.
Your affiliations and others'.
What others?
In secret testimony.
GRAFF: Secret testimony.
Listen to what he's saying.
He assured us you'll be a friendly witness...
...and purge yourself.
Purge myself?.
For going to a few meetings?
RAY: We want to know
if you know these people.
RAY: ''Sterling Hayden.''
I know Sterling very well.
RAY: ''Howard DeSilva.''
Howard DeSilva?
I don't know him.
''Lionel Stander.''
I know him.
RAY: ''Elizabeth Cummings.''
I've met her a few times.
And ''Robert Baxter.''
Bunny Baxter?
I've known him since we were kids.
You can't be serious.
We want you to testify as to their membership
in the Communist Party.
I don't know about the others,
but Bunny Baxter is not a Communist.
That's for the Committee to determine.
I'm telling you he's not a Communist.
I've known him all my life.
There's no way I'll say he's a Communist.
You, a decorated Naval officer,
want to be associated with these people?
I'm very disappointed.
I don't give a shit if you're disappointed.
I inform on these people
and they lose their jobs.
They lose everything.
We're not in the employment business.
If they lose their jobs--
Did you tell him
I'd be a fucking stool pigeon?
GRAFF: Be reasonable. Mr. Zanuck... anxious to get you back to work.
But you're not in the employment business.
How the industry treats you
is not our concern.
-That I can see.
-It's a very generous offer.
I got a movie to make.
-There's been a misunderstanding.
-Damn right.
You'll be subpoenaed to testify
at the Committee's next public session.
Go talk to him, Graff.
Listen, I'm on your side.
But make no mistake about these guys.
They are unethical bastards.
Parnell Thomas, their recent chairman,
is now in federal prison for fraud.
Why are they after me?
They want their picture in the paper,
and Hollywood gets it there.
This is not about national security.
It's not about loyalty.
It's about power and publicity.
Already they've sent 10 men to jail!
You want to be the next?
Everybody says you were a team player!
PAULIE: It was poison,
and you drank it to save my life?
PAULIE: Dear Tink, are you dying?
Her light is going faint.
If it goes out, that means she's dead.
Her voice is so low
I can scarcely tell what she's saying.
She says she could get well again...
...if children believed in fairies.
Do you believe in fairies?
Quick, if you believe, clap your hands.
Thank you!
And now to rescue Wendy.
We won't have to worry about
another Merrill in show business.
DAVID: Not in front of the camera.
DAVID: I thought I could get here sooner.
It's okay.
RUTH: What's the matter?
What's the matter, David?
I got called in by the Committee.
PAULIE: Dad, did you see me?
DAVID: You were terrific!
DOROTHY: Say thank you to David, sweetie.
MATT: Thank you.
We can't stay. I wish we could.
DOROTHY: But I have an early call in the
morning, so we have to get up really early.
RUTH: Call me tomorrow.
DOROTHY: Okay. 'Bye.
Dad, how do you like my costume?
PAULIE: Isn't my costume funny-looking?
DAVID: It's a terrific costume.
Run along ahead. We'll catch up to you.
RUTH: What did they say?
I've been named as a Communist
and I'll be subpoenaed to testify.
My God, David.
They want me to purge myself.
They actually used that word.
For attending a few meetings,
I was asked to leave for arguing.
PAULIE: Dad, watch!
-What will you do?
-I don't know.
You're so easy.
I'm sorry I was late for the play.
-That's okay.
-But I'm so proud of you.
DAVID: I'm so proud of you.
DAVID: See you in a day or two, okay?
DAVID: I'll go see Zanuck tomorrow.
RUTH: You think he'll help?
Yeah. He thinks I walk on water.
MONROE: [Sings] ''A kiss on the hand
May be quite continental
''But diamonds are a girl's best friend''
BUNNY: I never joined anything in my life.
DAVID: Ever go to a fund raiser?
BUNNY: It's a mistake.
It's not a mistake.
I'll show you.
I have a driver's license.
A library card. I did join the library.
You got to get a lawyer, I'm telling you.
I never joined anything. I never even voted.
Before they call you.
They can't call me. I didn't do anything!
DAVID: It doesn't matter.
BUNNY: What do you mean?
You put a hand grenade in my mouth,
then say it doesn't matter?
I'm telling you it doesn't matter.
Get me the rewrites, okay?
I'm sorry, but if you're here
to see Mr. Zanuck...
...he's in story conference.
NAN: Then he has a lunch date, then...
...a screening of...
... Viva Zapata with Kazan, so....
DAVID: Just tell him it's me.
NAN: I'm sorry. No calls.
It's important. Just buzz him.
He won't mind.
NAN: I can't do that. I'm sorry.
NAN: [Intercom] Your lunch date is here.
I thought you wanted to make this picture.
What do you mean? I am making it.
DAVID: For a year and a half,
that's all I've been working on.
ZANUCK: Think about it.
I have.
International Artists Agency.
He's not available. May I take a message?
Don't come here again without calling.
Why didn't you do what Zanuck said?
-I did.
-He pulled the picture!
He can't do that.
I made good pictures for him.
I made a lot of money for Fox.
He's stuck. New York's put the pressure on
and they get it from Washington.
BERT: He gave you your chance.
BERT: Since when did you become a saint?
You still have the advance we gave you?
No, I spent it.
You spent it all.
BERT: I should have known.
You could never hold onto a buck.
We want it back.
-You want the $50,000?
-Not me, the agency.
I don't run the firm.
BERT: It's not my decision.
We have a lien on your house.
-You're taking my house?
-I'm not. They are.
How do you expect to pay it back?
Bert, you're making a big mistake.
You and this whole fucking agency.
-This whole thing will blow over.
-I hope it does, kid.
I let myself in.
They called me looking for you.
There's some problem
with Dorothy on her film.
MAN: Park here, Mr. Merrill.
MAN: She's around the corner.
BERNARD: She won't come out.
She'll only talk to you.
Her husband's here on the lot.
We went to get him. He won't come.
She's stinking drunk. I'll lose the whole day.
I don't know what I'll do!
DAVID: It's David.
Let me in.
RUTH: It's okay, honey.
DOROTHY: I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
DAVID: It's okay. It's okay.
He came to the house.
Larry. This morning, after I'd gone to work.
Maria didn't want to let him in.
He came with some FBI agent.
He showed her this paper...
...from the court. And he said....
He said that I was a Communist.
Then he said....
I'm not, David.
I'm not.
DOROTHY: He said I was an unfit mother.
DOROTHY: They took Matthew away.
DOROTHY: They took him away.
DOROTHY: They took my baby away.
DAVID: You're with us now. It's all right.
We love you.
DOROTHY: I'm going to get my baby back.
DOROTHY: I'm going to get my baby back.
You son of a bitch.
You son of a bitch. You steal your own child?
That's my business, not yours!
-She's your wife!
-She's crazy!
She's a drunk! She can't raise him!
DAVID: You think you're
a better parent, Larry?
DAVID: You rat on your friends
to save your fucking ass!
DAVID: Is that something to teach your kid?
GUARD: Get off the lot.
DAVID: I'm going.
LARRY: You're off on some set being great,
your wife was at our house!
LARRY: Where were you? You're so damn
high and mighty! Where are you now?
[Recording of light jazz song]
[Phone rings]
DAVID: Hi, Lenny.
MARKS: David!
What the hell are you doing here?
DAVID: Joe called me.
I've been to some dramatic meetings,
but 3:00 a.m. is a new one on me.
Directors. Jesus, you're
worse than first wives.
JOE: Where's the coffee?
DAVID: Where you going?
JOE: London.
Nelly's meeting me at the airport.
I know I hired a genius, but you're crazy.
He's the genius. I steal.
What's up?
I've been dodging a subpoena
for two days now.
I'll dodge it permanently in London.
It's all I can do.
So I'm abandoning my creation.
David will complete it.
JOE: If he promises not to mess up.
MARKS: You'll walk out of the picture?
I gave him final cut.
You're not cutting the picture?
You can't do this.
It violates your contract.
MARKS: Forget the contract! It's wrong.
It's not. If he gets a subpoena,
the studio fires him... he can't edit it anyway.
Do you mind? Take the Fifth.
You don't have to incriminate yourself!
My lawyer said if I do that,
I can wind up in jail for contempt.
MIKE: What do you have to hide?
JOE: I'm a Communist.
I have been for 20 years.
MARKS: I don't want to hear that!
JOE: You heard it.
I didn't hear anything. Did you?
I didn't hear anything.
No speeches. Nelly made the same speech.
I love this place. But I can't stay.
It's not my country anymore.
You can't let them get away with this.
What do you propose I do?
Inform on my friends?
They want me to inform on my friends.
Name names.
Ruin people's lives. It's not noble.
I just can't do it.
I'd have to stay away from mirrors
for the rest of my life.
I like looking at myself.
You, on the other hand, will work it out.
You'll work out something.
By that time... picture will be finished.
Here, watch. Look.
DAVID: Thought I'd take Paulie to school.
He left already.
RUTH: Want some coffee?
You look like shit.
DAVID: You look great.
Dorothy's still asleep.
I couldn't let her stay alone.
DAVID: What do you think?
Is everybody full of shit or
do they know me better than I do?
Am I like that, Ruth?
DAVID: Tell me.
You always tell me the truth.
People think making movies means
more to you than anything else.
You really believe that?
It's true, isn't it?
I better get going.
I'm going back to teaching.
I'll be a sub again, but it's a start.
RUTH: I'll get a small apartment.
It'll save on rent.
How will Paulie take this?
New school, new friends?
He'll be okay.
I'll get a picture. Don't worry.
I'm sorry.
DAVID: What did the lawyer say?
Why should I see a lawyer?
I start having meetings, rumors start.
-Then they will call me.
-They are going to call you.
He asked about you.
What's happened to me will happen to you.
-No, it won't.
-Like hell. I'm telling you.
I hope you're making a lot.
You'll need a good lawyer.
DAVID: What is this?
BUNNY: Retsina.
Greek wine?
Why not drink mescal and go all the way.
BUNNY: I'm scared shitless.
DAVID: Maybe it's the retsina.
I mean it.
I am too. Everybody is.
If you're so scared, why did you come back?
You come back, then you get named.
Think I wanted to get named?
Then I get named.
Then Joe gets named.
What are you saying?
BUNNY: Nothing.
DAVID: You think I would name you?
You're my oldest and dearest friend.
Forget I said it.
DAVID: How can I forget it?
BUNNY: What am I supposed to think?
I know what your films mean to you!
What, are you going to just leave?
BUNNY: Come back! Let's talk about it!
BUNNY: For crying out loud! Look, I'm sorry!
[Soft jazz song]
David Merrill, editing room 3.
GUARD: You're Merrill?
GUARD: Can't let you in.
Leonard Marks is the producer.
GUARD: I have a note from Mr. Marks.
He says to tell you you'd understand.
I understand.
GUARD: Back the car off the lot, sir.
I understand.
Lenny, I just wanted to talk to you about it.
If you're worried about my wanting credit,
relax. I don't want it.
It's Joe's picture.
Tom, you guys always have
56 things in development.
What movies are you making now?
What's in production?
Eric, I don't want to have to remind you,
but you owe me.
You don't? You don't owe me?
You can't have directors
attached to everything. That's bullshit.
DAVID: What about the script you wrote
a few months back?
DAVID: Was it a year ago?
You sold it? Good for you.
Who did you sell it to?
Julie Eagle.
I've been holding for Mr. Eagle
for a long time.
He's what? How could he be gone?
You told me to hold all this time.
Bogart? Definitely I can deliver him.
He loved my last picture.
He's a fan. A big, big fan.
Check with his agent.
Just check with him.
Call him. Can you call him tonight?
Don't forget.
[Phone rings]
CABBIE: It's not a moving van!
DAVID: Put it on the roof! I'll pay you.
CABBIE: Rent a truck!
DAVID: You fucking guys
are so independent now?
Hi, Paulie. I'm on my way.
I'm on my way. What am I doing?
I'm telling the driver he's an asshole.
No, don't tell Mommy I said that.
I'll be right there. Be patient.
Big shot.
ANCHORMAN: Convicted Communist spies
Julius and Ethel Rosenberg on Death Row...
...are condemned to die in the electric chair
for espionage against the U.S.
Their sons Michael, 9, and Robert, 5,
visited today...
...perhaps for the last time.
Michael asked his mother, ''Are you guilty?''
What will Paulie do, have a babysitter?
Don't worry about it.
DAVID: I am worried.
Don't, okay?
So you've really missed teaching?
Life is more than being the wife
of a director.
ANCHORMAN: A government spokesman said:
''What suffering the boys may endure is
a small price to pay for the damage...
''...done by their Communist spy parents. ''
Paulie, what's the matter?
Let's finish this.
DAVID: Where do I put this?
Leave it there.
RUTH: What will you do in New York?
DAVID: I don't know.
Sell pretzels.
Drive a cab.
Bail out a few Broadway producers.
I can't just sit around here.
I got to do something.
You're always leaving.
What does that mean?
What am I supposed to do?
DAVID: Nothing?
What do I do with this stuff?.
DAVID: The stuff on the table?
What the hell did I do so wrong?
-I never cheated on you. I worked hard--
-At the studio!
On the set. In the editing room.
They don't make movies at home.
DAVID: When we had
everything going for us--
For us? You had everything. We didn't.
RUTH: Where's the studio now?
Zanuck didn't help.
He did all he could. It's not that!
RUTH: And you did all you could for us, too,
didn't you?
What's wrong?
Come on. We always tell each other things.
We're pals, aren't we? We don't have secrets.
Aren't we pals?
All right, so tell me.
Are they going to kill you?
Nobody will kill me.
That's what they do to Reds.
-Where did you hear that?
-At school. On TV.
They're going to kill the Rosenbergs.
Those spies.
They'll die in the electric chair.
I don't know what they did.
But when your mother and I were younger,
we tried to help people.
I didn't do anything wrong.
-You didn't?
-No, and if I ever did, I'd tell you.
I tell you everything.
We don't have secrets. Right?
That a boy.
I'm not a spy. Nobody will kill me.
DAVID: They might try to torture me a little--
RUTH: Terrific. Well done.
RUTH: Nobody's going to torture Daddy.
DAVID: I was kidding.
RUTH: He was just talking. You know that.
Give Daddy a kiss. He has to go.
Come on. He'll be late.
-When are you coming back?
-Just as soon as I can.
That's what you said last time,
and that was two whole months.
I promise I'll come back as soon as I can.
-I'll miss you.
-I'm going to miss you.
I paid off the agency
and here's what's left over.
-I don't want it.
-Make me feel better, please. Take it.
RUTH: Take care of yourself.
DAVID: I've always done that.
[Lively piano music plays]
ABE: Come on! We got three weeks.
ABE: Not a year. Not three months.
Three weeks. Weeks.
ABE: Son of a bitch.
What the hell are you doing in town?
Look who fell out of the sky.
It's Merrill!
ABE: Your discoverer.
ABE: Before I took her away from you.
FELICIA: What are you doing in New York?
DAVID: Came to see what's happening.
ABE: Nothing, that's what.
Don't take all the jobs away
from us hack directors.
Doing a movie?
Invite this bum to dinner while he's in town.
You look older.
I feel older. I am older.
Honey, talk to David later!
Call us.
We just moved. 487 East 63rd Street.
They allow guys like me there?
Guys like you?
Who have you worked for?
Warners, Metro, Fox.
In fact, I have a feature in release now.
What accounts have you worked on?
Lucky Strike, Chesterfield, Camel?
I've done nothing but features
for the last six or seven years.
Our clients have reputations to uphold.
They're careful about
whom they associate with.
So am I.
I'll check around.
If everything's okay, I'll do what I can.
DAVID: Should I wait to hear or call you?
AGENCY EXEC.: Call me.
Take this.
-I'll hear from you.
-I'll call.
[Light jazz sung on TV]
FELICIA: You're soaking.
DAVID: It's raining out.
I thought it might let up, but no such luck.
I'll take that.
Sit down. I'll get a towel.
DAVID: Nice place.
DAVID: I'll do it.
I always liked drying your hair.
You turning shy on me?
[Turns off TV]
FELICIA: Want a drink?
DAVID: Sure.
FELICIA: Still drinking gin?
DAVID: Gin's fine.
FELICIA: I picked up your habit.
I'll Join you.
Where's Abe?
In the country working
on last minute rewrites.
He's gone for the weekend.
We thought we'd hear from you sooner.
I've been busy, seeing the sights.
I saw the Statue of Liberty,
the new U.N. building.
It looks great.
You hate New York.
And sightseeing? Come on.
If you're not doing a film here....
I'm not doing anything anywhere.
You never went three weeks without working.
You giving up your one and only love?
It's not by choice, I can tell you.
Because these guys follow me everywhere.
I feel like Joseph Cotton in The Third Man.
DAVID: They must have better things to do.
Following you?
Did they follow you here?
DAVID: Might have.
They might be right outside your window.
Or in the neighbor's toilet listening to us.
You're smoking two cigarettes, Felicia.
You better go, honey.
FELICIA: And stay away from the theater.
Abe doesn't need problems.
They really got you, don't they?
FELICIA: Wait. You must need money.
You always did.
FELICIA: I better not write you a check.
Take this.
DAVID: I don't want it.
Why not do what they want?
FELICIA: I'm surprised at you.
Don't be.
Maybe they asked in the wrong way,
or maybe I don't like to be pushed.
Or maybe I'll just give them what they want.
I'm sure tired of this shit.
AGENT: Mr. Saltman, please.
I don't rent my equipment to amateurs.
Well, gentlemen, what can I do for the FBI?
AGENT: Just a routine inquiry.
Does a David Merrill work here?
SALTMAN: He's in the back
working on equipment.
He fixes stuff. He's a good fixer.
AGENT: How long has he worked here?
SALTMAN: A few weeks.
He doesn't say much. Works hard.
What's wrong?
SALTMAN: Did he commit a crime?
AGENT: Just a routine inquiry.
If and when he leaves this job,
please let us know.
Just ask me if you want to know. Ask me.
DAVID: I'm right here. Ask me.
AGENT: Thank you, Mr. Saltman.
You want to know something,
ask me, not him.
AGENT: Don't get upset.
Upset? Why should I be upset?
You've only ruined my life.
I'm right here.
You have something to ask, ask me.
I'm warning you, I'm a federal officer.
Sam, let's go.
Sam? You're warning me? Go ahead, Sam.
DAVID: Warn me. How old are you, Sam?
Warn me.
Tell them I'm not going anywhere!
DAVID: I'm not going anywhere! Right here.
SALTMAN: They just wanted to know if--
DAVID: Now they know. I'm here.
DAVID: They're after me, not you.
They make me nervous, David.
SALTMAN: Where you going?
Thank you. I appreciate
everything you've done.
[Sorrowful instrumental music]
Operator? I want to make
a long distance call to Los Angeles.
Collect. Crestview 0245.
Just say David's calling.
It's me.
How's the new place?
[Car horn honks]
RUTH: Sorry I'm late.
I had a meeting after school.
RUTH: I am really sorry to be so late.
DAVID: It's okay. It's good to see you.
Rough trip?
You want to drive?
DAVID: Where's Paulie?
RUTH: We're picking him up.
RUTH: You always want to drive.
DAVID: You drive.
Will you be comfortable on the couch?
I'll be fine. Anything flat.
I know we said some things before you left.
Don't apologize. You were right.
TV: There's enough fresh air and sun... this great country of ours for everybody.
And I'll see to it...
...that you get your share.
RUTH: Paulie, let Daddy sleep.
Five minutes, pal.
I got you now! I got you!
Dad, stop.
RUTH: What are you doing?
Eat your breakfast. We have to go.
RUTH: Damn. I cannot get this.
DAVID: Where you going?
My 8:00 class. I can't get this necklace.
RUTH: Honey, are you finished?
PAULIE: I'm hurrying.
I'll be late again.
David, don't, please.
Remember when I bought you this?
-It's a different one.
-Than on our honeymoon?
RUTH: I'm seeing Dorothy tonight.
Paulie's staying at a friend's.
RUTH: I'm taking her to a place in Malibu.
Can you afford that?
Can you believe you said that?
I'd never say that.
Want to go?
Sure. You buying?
RUTH: Paulie, finished? We have to go.
RUTH: Keys.
Don't mess up the bed.
It doesn't sag anymore.
Wonder why.
See you later.
[Soft jazz song]
DAVID: Dorothy, over here.
DOROTHY: I drove here so fast
I thought I'd get a ticket.
This cop followed me for miles,
but he never stopped me.
DAVID: He just saw a beautiful blonde.
RUTH: I love you as a blonde!
I've wanted to be a blonde for years.
The Joan Crawford look is so pass.
They want the Marilyn look.
Do you believe how hot she is?
She must be sleeping with everyone in town
to be so hot so fast.
DAVID: Bunny just finished a picture with her.
DOROTHY: I doubt they slept together.
Can I get you a drink?
No. I've given the stuff up.
I've decided once and for all to stop drinking.
It's been the source of all my troubles.
DOROTHY: It was killing me.
Just killing me.
I've decided to start working again.
I'm determined. I'm going to...
...get in control again.
Once I start working, I'll be okay.
You look great.
I'm really...
...very angry with you, David.
DOROTHY: You know that
I have wanted to do a Broadway play.
You went to New York
and didn't even ask me to read your play.
If I can't depend on you,
who can I depend on?
But I don't have a play.
I know that you just don't want anybody
to know about it.
But listen to me, David.
Give me a part in your play.
I'll get good reviews. And then....
Then how can Larry keep Matthew
away from me?
I'll be the toast of Broadway
in David's new play!
Listen. I don't have a play.
DOROTHY: Listen, Larry really is not that bad.
He really isn't.
We had a good life together.
A wonderful life.
Then all this stuff started.
It's not going to last.
I know that.
I know we'll get back together again.
Wouldn't that be great, Ruthie?
Everything Just the way it was?
Me and Matty and Larry and....
That son of a bitch!
I haven't seen my baby in a month!
I don't know how he....
Let's get you home.
You're always right. I should be at home.
What if Larry tries to call me
and wants to bring Matthew home?
DOROTHY: I've got to get home.
I have to pick up a new Christmas tree
because Matthew loves Christmas.
I bet Larry and Matt are waiting for me.
I have to hurry. They're both waiting for me.
DOROTHY: I have to see my baby.
-Are you all right?
DOROTHY: I just want to go home. I'm sure.
DAVID: Sure?
You okay?
I'm okay.
DOROTHY: Please.
All right.
I'm okay.
[Dramatic instrumental music]
[Soft instrumental music]
[Priest recites burial service]
PRIEST: May her soul,
through the mercy of God, rest in peace.
[Soft instrumental music continues]
[Phone rings]
Will you handle the deal?
Thanks, thanks.
DAVID: I think I got a job. Gower Studios.
Bert just called.
RUTH: What picture?
DAVID: A producer named Gene Woods.
He's a half-assed producer.
But it might be good. I'll call you later.
GENE: I knew we'd work together.
You didn't believe me.
-I believe you.
-Monogram gave me seven days for this.
They brought me in to give it style.
And that's why you're here.
-What happened to the director?
-He took a flop.
I have to look at the script.
I need time to prepare.
No time. Don't worry, the actors are mints.
Here's the script.
This scene is next. Take a nice lunch,
a half-hour, and read the rest.
I'll be in my office. Don't worry.
We'll walk down the aisle together.
I'll see you at the Oscars.
GENE: I'm in my office if you need me.
DAVID: Who's the 1st A.D.?
JACK: I am. Jack.
DAVID: You're the sheriff?. Good to meet you.
-What's the next setup?
-The villains ride in.
Tie the horses in front of the saloon.
DAVID: They start a fight?
JACK: Eventually.
DAVID: What's your first line?
JERRY: ''Frank Miller. Good to see you.''
-Got a dolly with an arm?
-We can fix something.
We'll start tight on....
We'll start on Jerry then pull back
to bring in the bad guys.
Jerry comes out, sees them, goes back in.
The bad guys go in, then the shit hits the fan.
Then the bad guys come flying out.
Here, face down.
Then Jerry walks out and says:
''Frank Miller. Good to see you.''
One shot. That's it.
-It's not in the script.
-It is now.
What's up?
PAULIE: Fractions.
DAVID: Let me see.
''One over two....''
-Daddy's working.
-I sure am.
I hated fractions. Got a D.
You never told me that.
I sure did.
Only one or two.
DAVID: ''One over two...
'' less than or greater than...
'' over one?''
What do you think?
DAVID: Cut. That's a take.
GENE: David, I must talk to you.
I got 40 days to shoot and six days to do it.
It doesn't matter.
Norman here is taking over.
DAVID: What?
GENE: Monogram balked on me.
GENE: The projectionists won't run a movie
made by a Commie.
Then they're Commies.
Ridiculous. Norman....
-You told them? I don't need credit.
I didn't tell anybody.
And I wasn't giving you the credit.
I'll finish. They'll never know.
I'm sick about it. But they'll know.
NORMAN: All right, gather around.
Wait a minute.
I don't want a new director every hour.
Who the fuck gave you a vote?
Don't tell me who to hire.
Fire him and I walk. Junk this shit.
Explain that to your money man.
Tell him how cold it is out there.
You want to share his coffin? Tell him.
You end up working for assholes.
Nice. This asshole just fired you.
Shitkicker, come back here.
I'm talking to you, Commie!
No one calls me a Commie,
you son of a bitch!
I volunteered names of Communists I knew.
You call me a Commie? Back it up!
If he calls you a Commie,
he doesn't have to back it up.
Get the shot list.
Sorry about this. I need the job.
Take care of him. Life's not a cowboy movie.
GENE: Don't worry.
I'll be in my office if you need anything.
We'll go down the aisle together.
We're going to the Oscars.
DAVID: Funny.
Seen enough?
He's got funny hair.
Come on, Paulie, let's go.
PAULIE: Isn't it neat?
It's like Stevie's.
It's too big for me.
Stay here. Stay right here.
-What's wrong with you? It's Christmas!
-You got a problem?
Goddamn right!
-Stop it! What's wrong?
-I don't know.
I'm sorry. I thought you were someone else.
Merry Christmas, pal.
I thought you were someone else.
[Festive singing]
I'm looking for Felix Graff.
David, come in.
Some mob out there.
Can I get you a drink?
DAVID: No, thanks.
You've lost some weight.
GRAFF: I wish I could lose some.
It's all this damn Christmas cheer.
GRAFF: Hors d'oeuvre?
How you doing?
It's good news you're here.
I presume you had a chance to think
and put things in perspective.
I know this is difficult, David.
Nobody says it's easy.
But you've made the right decision.
I haven't made any decision yet.
Isn't there anything I can do?
Like the American Civil Liberties Union?
Can I take the Fifth?
They can't do anything to me then, right?
Not a real alternative.
It implies that you're hiding something.
GRAFF: The only thing to hide, they think,
is Communist Party membership.
You protect yourself against
self-incrimination but...'re guilty by suspicion.
Where does that get you?
You asked how I'm doing.
You want to know?
I can't get a job.
Can't get a job.
DAVID: All my friends gone.
I'm followed by the FBI. I lost my house.
I can't even buy my son a bike for Christmas.
Is it worth all this pain, David?
Is it worth it to your little boy, for example?
What about Dorothy's little boy?
That 6-year-old little boy lost his mother.
GRAFF: That's what I'm saying.
Is it worth all this?
What are they asking you to do?
Just say, ''I'm sorry. I was young and foolish.
I made a mistake.
''I was immature.''
GRAFF: That isn't much.
I'm being asked to do more than that.
A lot of people in this country
as smart as you...
...think the Committee's good.
GRAFF: A lot of people.
So, when will I get the subpoena?
GRAFF: Two weeks, maybe three.
GRAFF: You're not Cooper or Gable.
You're David. I'm Felix.
We have wives and kids and doctors' bills.
This isn't some big screen drama.
Think of yourself.
Don't confuse it with one of your movies.
GRAFF: Ever seen Cooper on screen having
to open a doctor's bill?
DAVID: Why are you here?
You look like shit.
Come in.
You were right.
I should have called a lawyer.
But I didn't.
BUNNY: So I went down
just to clear my name.
To say I was never a Party member.
They said, ''Fine.'' I said, ''Can I go now?''
They said,
''After you sign a sworn statement.''
BUNNY: I said, ''Fine.''
But in New York... long ago...
...this girl, Magda...
...took me to a meeting.
They thought we could help the folks
in Russia... sending canned goods and clothes.
Russia was our ally.
The Germans were attacking Stalingrad.
We were both fighting the damn Nazis.
This meeting was just...
...people caring about people.
Magda is....
This was a beautiful girl.
BUNNY: They tell me this was
a subversive organization.
BUNNY: They got me for perjury.
The only thing I can do really is
cooperate a little bit.
A little bit?
BUNNY: Ten years from now, who will care?
David, I need your help.
I'd like permission....
I need permission to use your name.
You want my permission to inform on me?
I have to give them some names!
It's not enough to eat shit,
you have to name names!
They have his name.
Not from me!
That's the whole point, isn't it?
Screw your best friends?
This is your fault, David!
You told them we were friends. You came
back and then I was called. Help me.
Why don't you just give them my name?
I couldn't do that to you.
Let me use your name.
Get out of my house, Bunny.
You get out of my house, please!
What's the difference? Please!
You're dead already.
Get out. Get out.
Don't cry.
DAVID: Why are you crying?
RUTH: So you won't.
[Soft instrumental music]
[Phone rings]
I told you to think about it, Jack.
Think of something convincing.
So far I'm not convinced.
How are you?
Fine, Darryl.
I don't like what's happening.
These politicians think they're doing me
a big favor...
...telling me who they'll call
and how to get you off.
Then the same guy doing me
the big favor asks me for money.
ZANUCK: Congressmen want to be senators...
...even President one day.
I wouldn't let them run a tractor,
much less the country.
Is that what you wanted to tell me?
ZANUCK: It's a good script.
Virginia read it and cried.
I want Fonda for the lead.
Every director in town wants it.
You want me to read it?
ZANUCK: You can direct
it better than anyone.
We start shooting in six weeks.
Just go to that lousy Committee...
...and get this over with.
Graff is at the Mayflower in Washington.
Make a good film, David.
Zanuck wants me to direct it.
Virginia likes it. She's right.
It's about something.
DAVID: Zanuck came up with a good one.
I just have to get it over with.
RUTH: Then he'll come through for you?
It felt so good being back there.
The guard.
Listening to Zanuck on the phone.
All my life, that's all I've ever wanted to do.
I even miss the reviews.
Never thought I'd miss the reviews.
I'm a filmmaker. That's all I am.
Do they think I'll blow the bridges
as the Red Army invades Manhattan?
I can't even get a job
in a film equipment store.
DAVID: I worked so hard to make it,
I ignored you and Paulie.
I thought nobody could touch me.
Is it so wrong to do what they want?
Is it so wrong to let myself do what
I've always wanted to do?
DAVID: Do I spend the rest of my life
dreaming what I could have been?
I don't know what to do.
I don't know what to do.
GRAFF: It's time. They're ready for us.
Mark my words.
You'll come out of this bigger than ever.
Let's get it over with.
VELDE: In spite of his past, let no one say
that Abe Barron is un-American.
GRAFF: There's your friend.
He's demonstrated real patriotism.
Each name he's named... a wound at the heart of Communism...
...and a victory for the U.S.A.
We can all sleep better tonight
because of this man.
GRAFF: It's way down front, on the left side.
Please state your name and address.
David Merrill.
2851 Winona Place, Hollywood, California.
CHAIRMAN: Please stand.
CHAIRMAN: Hold up your right hand.
CHAIRMAN: You do solemnly swear...
...that you will tell the truth,
the whole truth and nothing but the truth?
DAVID: I do.
CHAIRMAN: Be seated.
Mr. Merrill is represented by counsel.
CHAIRMAN: Counsel, identify yourself.
Felix Graff. 1830 Jefferson Place,
Los Angeles, California.
Proceed, Mr. Tavenner.
Your profession is that of a film director?
TAVENNER: Let's begin by getting one matter
cleared up at once.
Mr. Merrill, are you now a member
of the Communist Party?
TAVENNER: Were you ever a member?
TAVENNER: Did you attend
Communist Party meetings in the fall of 1 939?
Twelve years ago in an organization... perfectly legal as the Republican
or Democratic Party...
...where they were getting together to talk
about new ideas...
...yes, I attended a few
Communist Party meetings.
TAVENNER: Under what circumstances did
you attend these meetings? When? Where?
Well, I only attended two or three,
at the most...
...over a period of two or three weeks.
TAVENNER: Under what circumstances
did you stop attending?
They threw me out.
I think I just argued too much.
TAVENNER: Where did these meetings
take place?
Los Angeles.
TAVENNER: Could you be more specific?
In someone's home?
I'll restate the question.
Were these meetings held in halls or homes?
In whose homes...
...were these meetings held?
In whose homes were they held?
Mr. Chairman, may I confer with my client?
By all means.
They want names. That's why we're here.
Come on, you can't beat these bastards!
Keep this up, they'll tear your head off.
They already have.
Fuck them.
I beg to be excused, Mr. Chairman.
My client has dismissed me.
[Crowd gasps in surprise]
TAVENNER: I'll ask you again.
In whose homes did these meetings occur?
I'll answer questions about myself.
I won't answer questions about anyone else.
TAVENNER: I introduce as evidence
photographs of the witness at a rally of...
...the Federation of Atomic Scientists
at the Institute of Technology...
...April 1 7, 1 946.
I ask that they be marked
''Merrill Exhibits no. 1-15. ''
CHAIRMAN: You may do so.
The witness will examine these also.
TAVENNER: Did you attend this rally
and is this you in the picture?
Was the topic of this rally... eliminate the atomic bomb
as a strategic weapon?
To eliminate the atomic bomb, period.
TAVENNER: You represented
the Hollywood Peace Forum?
I read from a statement
by the chief of the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover...
...wherein he states:
''The Hollywood Peace Forum cries
for peace...
''...but has only one purpose:
To disrupt public opinion...
''...about the atomic bomb long enough
to let the Soviet Union...
''...prepare for war
by completing their bomb.''
You were there as a member
of the Communist front group?
I was there as an American, with the right
to meet anybody, anyplace, anytime.
CHAIRMAN: Who were some of these people
you met with as an American citizen?
I told you, I will not--
CHAIRMAN: Just answer the question.
I'll answer all questions
about my own actions...
...regardless of the consequence,
but not about others.
This Committee examines the extent,
character and objectives...
...of subversive conduct in this country.
If I had seen any subversive conduct...
CHAIRMAN: That's enough. would have been my duty
to report it to the authorities.
We'll give you that opportunity.
Start now.
Who were these people at the meetings?
I won't let you hurt innocent people.
CHAIRMAN: As sure as I'm sitting here,
I'll charge you with contempt...
...unless you answer that question.
You have my answer.
VELDE: Mr. Chairman, this witness
has been unresponsive...
...and hostile to this Committee.
He's breached his Constitutional protections.
But, Mr. Chairman,
this Committee always wants to be fair.
So, to be fair, I'd like to give Mr. Merrill... more chance to address the issues
that warranted his appearance here.
Do you deny there was a Communist front
meeting at your home last September 21?
DAVID: I don't know
what you're talking about.
VELDE: Tell me if the following people
were present:
VELDE: ''Dorothy Nolan, Joe Lesser,
Nelly Lesser, Claude Rowan, Bert Alan.''
DAVID: When I returned from France, my
friends threw a surprise party at my house.
If I tell you who was there,
everyone would be a Communist! I refuse.
I won't do that.
I remind this Committee and you...
...of the sworn testimony from Larry Nolan...
...that David Merrill--
Did Larry Nolan testify
that he burned books...
...because he was afraid to be caught
with those books?
Some books should be burned!
Libraries are full of Communist filth!
Alice in Wonderland? Huckleberry Finn?
How many Communists do you know?
How many have you worked with?
What is your association with them?
What are their names? A simple question.
CHAIRMAN: Will the Congressman yield?
Is Ruth Merrill...
...a member of the Communist Party?
DAVID: My wife?
CHAIRMAN: You mean your ex-wife?
Here she is at the ''Ban the Bomb'' bash
that you all threw.
Clearly mocking our government.
Should a person like this be allowed
to teach impressionable children?
Children have the right to discuss
government in school.
She must be barred from influencing
young minds.
And I will see to it
that legislation is adopted...
...requiring teachers to take a loyalty oath.
To prevent people like her from teaching!
DAVID: She doesn't want them killed
by atomic bombs!
She's disloyal!
By teaching respect for the Constitution?
Is Ruth Merrill now or has she ever been
a Communist? Yes or no?
No. Never. Absolutely, categorically, no.
What about Dorothy Nolan?
CHAIRMAN: Was she ever a Communist?
DAVID: She's dead.
CHAIRMAN: That's not what I asked.
CHAIRMAN: Now answer these questions.
Was Dorothy Nolan a Communist? Yes or no?
Don't you have any decency?
CHAIRMAN: Unfortunately...
...Dorothy Nolan was a known drunk,
an unfit parent...
...and had been named as a Communist.
She was a good mother.
You're responsible for her death!
She has been named as a Communist!
She was falsely accused.
She was out of work.
She lost her son because of this Committee!
She killed herself.
The Communists twisted her mind.
In the name of ridding the world
of Communism, you destroyed her!
Have you no shame? She's dead!
I'm tired of acting... though we're playing some little game!
CHAIRMAN: This Committee
and its activities...
...may very well determine the future
of this great country!
CHAIRMAN: One Communist in America is
one too many, I say!
You don't care about this country.
No concern for the damage you
and your Communist friends...
...have inflicted on the minds
of free Americans with your films and TV.
CHAIRMAN: Sir, your refusal to answer
our questions...
...means you are still a member
of the Communist Party...
...and a threat to us all!
Next witness!
VELDE: I move that this witness be cited
for contempt!
I might not be the--
You had your chance to speak!
I was raised to stand up for my beliefs
and I'll raise my son the same way!
And I'm going to try to live it!
If that isn't what a real American is,
then we've failed! Shame on you!
You're dismissed! Remove him!
VELDE: A real American would be proud
to answer.
Shame on you!
CHAIRMAN: Next witness!
RUTH: There's Bunny.
This hearing will come to order.
Hold up your right hand.
You do solemnly swear the evidence
you are going to give...
...will be the truth, and nothing but the truth,
so help you God?
CHAIRMAN: Be seated.
TAVENNER: Your profession is
as a screenwriter?
TAVENNER: Were you subpoenaed?
TAVENNER: I'd like to begin...
...if you don't mind,
by clearing this matter up.
Are you now, or have you ever been,
a member of the Communist party?
Mr. Chairman...
...regardless of consequence to myself,
I must refuse to answer that question...
...for many reasons.
Primarily, it violates my right...
...from the First Amendment
to the Constitution.
We all have a right to the freedom of speech.
Freedom of speech! Freedom of assembly.
CHAIRMAN: Answer the question!
BUNNY: I am trying to answer...
...but under the circumstances,
it appears I must use... Constitutional right
as an American citizen.
[Sorrowful instrumental music]
[Soft instrumental jazz]