Gulliver Returns (2021) Movie Script

[gentle, bright music]
[lighthearted folksy music]
- [birds chirping]
- [music continues]
- [music stops abruptly]
- [King clears throat]
Residents of
beautiful Lilliput,
today is a significant day.
Indeed, today, our
defender, our friend,
Great Gulliver,
will appear again after 40 years
of separation,
as our prophecy says.
- [bright, regal music]
- [crowd gasps]
The Man Mountain
will return to solve
all our gigantic problems.
Only the Great Gulliver
can handle them. [chuckles]
Who, 40 years ago,
extinguished our capital
in one motion when the villain
Blefuscu set fire to it?
Our savior, the Great Gulliver.
And who restored
the city walls 40 years ago
and prevented
the villain Blefuscu
from invading our city, hmm?
Ooh, our savior,
the Great Gulliver.
- [statue smashes]
- [crowd gasps]
And who, 40 years ago,
supplied water
- throughout the city?
- [toilet flushing]
Our savior,
the Great Gulliver!
Come on, again. Who?
Our savior,
the Great Gulliver!
I can't hear you.
[crowd] Our savior,
the Great Gulliver!
[man yelling]
Very well. [snaps fingers]
[gentle music]
Dark were the days
In the land of Lilliputians
Hunger and cold
devastating our towns
Countless armies
of evil Blefuscu
Scared us to death
Taking far all our
daughters and sons
[child sniffing]
Fears and tears for
little Lilliputians
Tears of trash,
misfortune and despair
Fears and tears for
little Lilliputians
No one seemed to hear
our little prayers
Our prayers
Gulliver, Gulliver
But one day, he came
Lemuel Gulliver,
hallelujah to him
And hurray
Our hero, our giant,
our idol and god
Put an end to
the Blefuscuian plague
He bravely struck
the enemy's fleet
With colossal Gulliver hands
He restored our castles,
houses and sheds
He [indistinct] canals
Gulliver trusted
our nation for years
Had good [indistinct] and
brought us relief
The ocean divides
and there he is
Our hero,
our legend, our myth
[gentle, ethereal music]
[crowd] Gulliver
Gulliver, Gulliver
- Gulliver
- [bird squawks]
Gulliver, Gulliver
Gulliver, Gulliver
Very well.
And now, we can put to
good use the gigantic gate
built for the return
of the Man Mountain.
Turn me around all the way.
180, please.
- [crowd applauds]
- [chuckles] Orchestra, music.
- [light, whimsical music]
- [crowd cheering]
- [cannon blasting]
- [bird cawing]
Oh my goodness.
- Oh.
- [crowd gasps]
- [tense music]
- [crowd gasps]
[King] There he is,
Gulliver the Giant.
I've never had such a welcome.
- Hmm. [chuckles]
- [squeaks]
[bright, whimsical music]
[men vocalizing]
[bird squawking]
- [music continues]
- [men vocalizing]
[wind whistling]
[mouse squeaks]
[mouse yells]
- [men snoring]
- [mouse whimpers]
[light, whimsical music]
[men continue snoring]
[floor creaking]
[floor creaking]
- [grunts]
- [weapons rattling]
[mouse squeaking]
- [Gulliver winces]
- [mouse squeaking]
- [guard groans]
- [men grunting]
[man yells]
- Get him!
- [guards yelling]
[bright adventure music]
[men yelling]
[tense, eerie music]
[man cackles]
[men growling]
[Gulliver yells]
- [bright adventure music]
- [men yelling]
[grunts, gasps]
- [door creaking]
- [locks clicking]
[bright music]
- Mm-hmm.
- [mouse squeaks]
[music stops abruptly]
[cat yowling]
- [guard] Break it down.
- [men yelling]
[bright music]
[music stops abruptly]
- [tense music]
- [mouse whimpers]
[group gasps]
How dare you touch the crown
of the Great King of Lupersburg,
you pipsqueak?
I'm the pipsqueak?
- [mouse squeaks]
- Yes. You don't know who
you're dealing with.
First, I'll feed you
to the piranhas.
Then I'll feed these piranhas
to the pigs.
Then I'll kill the pigs,
and the pigs will get eaten
by the worms.
Then I'll use these
worms to catch fish.
You've already
mentioned the fish.
They were piranhas.
Now I'm talking about trout.
Oh, okay, go on.
And then, I'll fry
the fish and eat it.
Why don't you just fry
the piranhas who ate me?
Because, because...
You don't know who
you're dealing with!
[sword clangs]
- [man yells]
- [weapon clanks]
[glass shattering]
[man whimpers]
[water splashing]
[mouse squeaking]
Hey, that looks great.
Grab the pipsqueak!
Idiots! Not me. Him!
Remember this day.
After all, today,
you were robbed
by the great, the unsurpassed,
the pretty, some would
even say beautiful,
and I don't argue,
the undefeated,
whose name is Gulliver!
[bright music]
[Gulliver grunts]
- [Gulliver yells]
- [water splashes]
[birds squawking]
[grunts] I usually
stick the landing.
But you don't have
to believe me.
- [mouse squeaks]
- Enough with that.
All hail the new heir to
the crown of Lupersburg.
- Ah. Who cares?
- [mouse squeaks]
- Hey, what's your name?
- Squick.
Glad to meet you, Squick.
I'm Gulliver.
How do you say Gulliver?
- Squick.
- Also Squick? Oh.
So we're namesakes.
Um, hello, over here.
I know you're here.
I was just checking
if I had a tail.
A tail is a figure of speech.
Delivery man
Pablo salutes you.
Gulliver, I heard
a lot about you.
I thought you'd be bigger.
- I'm Gulliver.
- Oh.
You two look so much alike.
So what's the mouse's name?
His name is Squick.
- Karl?
- Not Karl, Squick.
- Karl, right?
- Squick.
- I can't hear you. Karl?
- Squick!
So it's Karl, then.
- Yes, Karl.
- Mm, Karl.
Not really a good
name for a mouse.
It's not mousey at all.
Well, have a nice trip and
a fair wind to you all.
What about the message?
Oh, oh yeah, yeah, yeah.
- So?
- So?
What do you mean?
You need to deliver the message.
I know. But you keep
interrupting me all the time,
I can't put a word in.
Now. [grunts]
My side's been
itching all this time.
Now for the message.
[bright music]
"Don't forget to buy the potion
and ointment, you old fart."
No, no, no, that's not for you.
That's personal.
Here it is.
"Dear Gulliver,
we are in trouble.
Please come to our aid.
Residents of Lilliput."
My friends are in trouble.
Squick, get ready to
set sail immediately.
- [bell rings]
- Let's go to Lilliput.
I need to be on my way, too.
So many things to do.
All you talkers and you talks,
you talk and talk and talk.
- And you don't stop.
- Thanks for the message, Pablo.
See you soon, Gulliver.
- Karl.
- Squick.
How could you
name a mouse Karl?
[Pablo shouts]
Like to freshen up, you know?
And remember, in Lilliput,
you'll be surrounded
by danger everywhere. [chuckles]
[birds squawking]
Perhaps I'm too far away.
You, you, who are you?
I'm Gulliver.
What do you mean, "Gulliver"?
And where--where is
our friend, the giant?
I didn't see one on
my way into port.
- [gasps]
- Don't worry.
I'm sure he's around
here somewhere.
So how 'bout we get
the party going, huh?
The festive music
was a great touch.
How 'bout we start
the band up again? [hums]
[yells] I am going to ask you
once more, who are you?
Uh, like I said, I'm Gulliver.
[crowd cheers]
This is not Gulliver!
[crowd] Aw.
[man] It's not Gulliver.
What do you mean,
I'm not Gulliver?
My name is Lemuel Gulliver.
[crowd cheers]
Lemuel Gulliver is a giant.
And this some kind of
impostor, not Gulliver!
[crowd] Aw.
- But--but I am.
- Enough!
Seize him!
If you really are Gulliver,
then prove it, in court.
[dramatic music]
[tense, dramatic music]
My case file.
Squick, can you get it?
All right, eat it.
Yeah, imagine that it's the food
that you love the most.
- Sweets?
- Sure, sweets. Hurry up.
[Squick chomping]
[dramatic music]
- [Gulliver] Get out of there.
- [Squick grunting]
[dramatic music]
Where did they put
my daily schedule?
Oh, never mind.
All rise.
The court is in session.
[crowd murmuring]
The court shall
swiftly adjudicate
without carefully
considering the case,
given that dinner
is in 10 minutes.
Excuse me.
Hmm, yes?
You have some questions.
I have one small question,
if you will.
What on Earth is going on here?
It's only been a year since
the last time I was here,
but I don't recognize anyone.
You're the king, right?
I don't know you.
I know him, but not you.
That's my father.
Oh, then we have met.
Back then,
Your Majesty was smaller,
and ran around in dirty diapers.
How is this even possible?
And how is it possible--
[clears throat]
And how is it possible
that you're not a giant?
Maybe, maybe because
I've never been one.
What do you mean,
never been one?
You must be a giant.
We have a legend.
We have murals, monuments,
those huge gates, even.
Do you know how much they cost?
And now, you return
as a non-giant?
You spoiled everything for us.
This is a scandal,
and you must pay.
For what?
For being who I am?
No, for not being
what you should be.
So the verdict is guilty,
and you shall serve
a life sentence.
- [gavel bangs]
- [crowd gasps]
Hold on a second.
We haven't even had a trial.
What kind of
a kangaroo court is this?
[crowd gasps]
[chuckles] The court has
considered the statement
of the defense and passes
the floor to the prosecution.
Mr. Prosecutor?
For mocking a trial in Lilliput,
the penalty is death.
- [crowd gasps]
- [tense music]
It is my opinion that you do not
know the laws, Mr. Prosecutor.
I know the laws better
than anyone in this kingdom.
Better than the king himself?
Would you believe it?
Better than the king himself.
Your Honor, it is
clear that the prosecutor
does not respect both
the court and the king.
[King] Oh.
How dare you,
Mr. Prosecutor, be so bold.
For disrespecting the king,
you are sentenced
to a strike by the chicken.
- [chicken squeaks]
- Oh!
Well, Mr. Prosecutor,
how did you like that?
[chicken squeaks]
Let us return to you,
Mr. Impostor.
Do you understand
the decision of the court?
Shouldn't a verdict
be passed by a jury?
No problem.
He's a-guilty.
[in high-pitched voice] Guilty.
[in normal voice]
The decision is unanimous.
You are found guilty
of being Gulliver,
but not being a giant.
A double crime!
Now you will be
executed on the spot.
- [tense music]
- [chicken squeaking]
But that's not fair!
I must have a lawyer.
[in deep voice]
The lawyer is here, your honor.
[crowd gasps]
[in normal voice] Your honor.
[clears throat]
[in deep voice] Your honor,
the defense would like
to bring to your attention
a mitigating circumstance
before you sentence
the defendant.
Oh yeah?
What circumstance?
The defendant is,
in fact, a giant.
He is from a family of giants,
but because of a childhood
illness, he stopped growing.
It seems that the defendant
is just a giant dwarf.
- Oh.
- Or dwarf giant,
whichever you like.
[light, whimsical music]
- Oh.
- Yes, it's true.
- This is my affliction.
- [somber music]
This is my shame.
You don't understand
what it's like
to be a dwarf among giants.
Always the last one
picked for sports,
wearing children's
clothes all your life.
Understanding that society
only cares about you
when they need someone
with a small hand
to get the last
pickle out of the jar.
The court accepts this
mitigating circumstance.
[in normal voice] Taking into
account the mitigating--
[clears throat]
[in deep voice]
mitigating circumstance,
the defense asks for
a public execution
tomorrow at the square.
- What?
- Excellent idea, lawyer.
Oh, set a table,
have music and dancing?
How cool.
[clears throat] The court
grants the defense's request.
No! I lied!
I'm not a dwarf.
Punish me to the fullest extent
with a life sentence.
Better still, be even harder
and expel me from jail,
or drive me out of the country.
I can make bail.
Do you accept crowns?
Squick, help me!
Get them, Squick!
The guards are sweets.
[squeaking] Sweet? Sweet.
- [tense, eerie music]
- [metallic clanging]
[Blefuscu] If you inhabitants
if the insignificant
Lilliput surrender,
then the great and mighty
Generalissimo Blefuscu,
that is me,
will have mercy on you,
and just maybe I will
allow you to be my slaves
for the rest of your
worthless lives. [chuckles]
But if you refuse to surrender,
then my immense army will
grind you into powder.
And now, no one will
interfere. [cackles]
- Oh!
- [both] My Generalissimo,
the great spies--
- Peter...
-.. and Peter have arrived--
[Peter 1] you commanded.
I told you never
interrupt my sinister laugh.
Sorry, my Generalissimo.
Go on, please.
[laughing weakly]
You've spoiled all the fun.
- Have mercy on us.
- We didn't meant to.
[both] It's just that
we have important news.
All right, out with it.
Gulliver has
arrived in Lilliput.
So, the legendary
Gulliver returns. [cackles]
I will capture Lilliput
and at the same time,
I will avenge
Blefuscu's past defeat.
[both] But he's
not quite Gulliver.
What does that mean?
- [both] Well.
- [Peter 1] It's hard
to explain.
[Peter 2]
He's not really a giant.
Meaning what?
More precisely,
he's not a giant at all.
This Gulliver is an impostor.
- What?
- They seized him.
- Put him in the dungeon.
- And he's to be executed.
Well, now.
Wait, wait, wait.
Are you sure that
he's not a giant?
[both] Yes, my Generalissimo.
How big is he?
[both] He is much smaller
than you, my Generalissimo.
Then it will be much
easier than I thought.
Go to the king of Lilliput
and ask him to surrender.
- Yes, my Generalissimo.
- Goodbye, my Generalissimo.
Thank you for having
us, my Generalissimo.
All the best,
my Generalissimo.
Looking good,
my Generalissimo.
- Good health to you, my--
- Get out already!
But it's nice that they
worry about my health.
- [Gulliver grunts]
- [Squick squeaks]
[bars rattling]
What a teeny giant. [chuckles]
[guards laughing]
[guard] That's right, like a
baby giant. [chuckles]
Squick. [squeaking]
Ta-da! Squick, hmm?
[tense music]
[guards chattering indistinctly]
[Squick grunts]
[Squick grunts]
[guard] Nonsense.
It's been a long day.
- You gotta eat something.
- [Squick grunts]
[guards continue chattering]
- [Squick panting]
- [door bangs]
[Squick grunts]
[tense music]
[whimsical music]
[Squick giggling]
[Squick chomping]
[Squick sighs]
It's been too long.
Squick could be in trouble.
Don't worry, buddy. I'm coming.
Okay, just like I learned it.
Left and wait for
a clicking sound.
- [grunting]
- [clicking]
Although, in my opinion,
the lock should have clicked,
not my finger.
It's okay.
I've got nine more tries left.
[metallic rattling]
[King humming]
Ah. [chuckles]
Good evening,
Mr. Imprisoned Impostor.
My respects, Your Majesty.
I've noticed that you
are quite versatile.
You are the king, and
the judge and the prosecutor,
and now you're the head guard?
It's amazing!
Oh yes, I like
to try new things,
and even more so, if you
want something done right,
as you know, you
best do it yourself.
I daresay, Your Majesty,
you are good
at being head guard.
Thanks, I'm trying.
How are you?
Have you settled in?
They treating you well?
I wouldn't want you to
spoil the festive mood
of tomorrow's execution
with a sour face.
I'm wonderful, and
I have you to thank.
Not at all. [stammers] Wait.
You are thanking me for what?
For what?
Just look at my apartment.
This is my bedroom,
which is also the cloak room,
and the laundry room.
A quick walk down the hall,
and we arrive at the bathroom,
which also serves as an office.
In the left corner,
I have a greenhouse,
and through the living room,
we arrive at the kitchen.
In general, everything is
compact, convenient, and modern.
It is cozy.
And the food here,
with free delivery?
This is called le goop.
Mm. It's just delicious.
Um, may I try it?
No, no, no.
It's only for prisoners.
You're right.
I've never been a prisoner.
It's not that easy.
You think you're up for it?
Yes, of course I am!
I'm not so sure.
[King] I'll prove it to you.
- [King grunts]
- [Gulliver shouts, grunts]
[King] This really is cute.
[Gulliver] Cool. I envy you.
I demand you to stop.
Something wrong?
You forgot the keys.
You're right.
How could I forget?
[keys jingling]
[sighs happily]
This is the life.
Love that crisp dungeon air.
[whispers] Squick.
Where are you, boy? Squick?
[both gasping]
Who are you?
Marcy. I'm your lawyer.
Oh, right.
Look, it's my lawyer.
Let me guess.
You came to suggest they
torture me before the execution?
Is this how you thank
me for saving you?
Saving me?
Bringing me to the scaffold
is your way of saving me?
If it weren't for me,
you would've been executed
right in the courtroom.
Ah, I see.
Getting executed in the square
is much better.
Exactly, I bought
you time to escape.
Thanks, but I think Squick and I
will manage without you.
Have you seen a mouse?
About this big?
Well-groomed whiskers? [grunts]
- Shh.
- [group chattering]
[Squick chittering]
[gasps] Squick!
Boy, I thought you
were in trouble.
- Squick?
- Yes, I got out.
You doubted me?
And I see you've
learned from the master.
- Nice trophies.
- [Marcy] Stealing is bad.
- Squick?
- Don't pay attention
to our lawyer.
Otherwise, she might
try to save you, too,
and then you're in trouble.
Well, if you would show
us the way out, Miss,
we'll sign your book
of good deeds to verify
that you saved us, and
everyone will go about
their own business.
We'll go to the port,
you'll continue to execute--
[coughs] Excuse me, save people.
You'll have to say please.
Without me,
you'll never get out of here.
This prison is a maze.
or perhaps unfortunately,
I know these tunnels
like the back of my hand.
I visited my father
here for many years
while he was a prisoner.
We'll manage without you.
[Squick] Mm-hmm.
Oh, well, good luck.
[bright, whimsical music]
[doors banging]
[water dripping]
I was a bit rude earlier,
but that's no reason for
such an adorable mouse
to suffer in this
horrible dungeon.
Please help us get
out of this place.
[bricks scraping]
[tense music]
[Squick squeaking]
Molly muffin!
[crickets chirping]
Well, you're free.
You can say thank you.
Please and thank you
in one night?
- Hmm.
- [squeaking]
I know, I know.
[King] I'm stuck in prison
De na na na
I'm having fun
De na na na na
But I might have pea soup
De na na na
And my plight has begun
De na na na
[stammers] Um, Your Majesty?
What are you doing there?
Whatever do you mean?
I'm a prisoner. [chuckles]
Just look at my apartment.
This is my bedroom.
- It's also a cloakroom--
- I'm sorry,
but where's the real prisoner?
He took the keys and left.
- [dramatic music]
- He took the keys and left!
I want that impostor found!
This is outrageous.
He dared to deceive
the whole of Lilliput. [grunts]
Moreover, he dared
to deceive me!
Announce a reward
for any information
about the whereabouts
of the fugitive.
[horn blowing]
[horses whinnying]
That will make
things more difficult.
Don't worry about us.
Squick and I,
we're going to the port.
We have a ship there.
All the best to you.
- Come on, pal.
- Sure, leave.
That's what you're
good at anyway.
[dramatic music]
I hope your legs move
as fast as your mouth.
What? Why?
- Because we have to run!
- [yelps]
[bright adventure music]
Hey, you two! Stop!
[music continues]
[guards grunting]
[guard] That way. Come on!
They must have gone that way.
[guards panting]
- [guard] Do you see him?
- [guard 2] I think I see him.
It seems quiet.
Hmm. [chuckles nervously]
- Whew.
- What a brave giant,
hiding behind himself.
Who's hiding? Me?
I'm not afraid of them.
- [guard] We got you now!
- [guard 2] There he is.
[Gulliver screams]
[bright adventure music]
- [guard] That way! [shouting]
- [both screaming]
[guard grunting]
- [Gulliver grunting]
- [Marcy] Behind you!
- [Gulliver grunting]
- [guards grunting]
[music continues]
[guards yelling]
[Gulliver] Follow me.
[guards yelling]
- [both grunting]
- [guards yelling]
[music continues]
[both yell]
[glass smashing]
[panting] Come on!
- [guard] Excuse us.
- [guard 2] Excuse us.
[Gulliver shouts]
[guards grunting]
- [Gulliver grunts]
- [guard shouts]
[lullaby playing]
[guards yelling]
- Shh.
- Oh.
[door creaking]
[bright adventure music]
[guards grunting]
[both grunting]
[guard yelling]
- [glass shatters]
- [both yelling]
- [cart rumbling]
- [guard] Hey, there they are!
Come on!
[both gasping]
[tense music]
- [both yelling]
- [water splashing]
I can't swim.
[guards grunt]
[guard] Stay at your posts.
Watch the tree line.
If you see any movement,
you report it.
Well? What now?
You know, I think
I'll stay awhile.
I have some unfinished
business here.
Some business, huh?
Maybe it has something to do
with your friend, Frelok?
How do you know about Frelok?
Well, I mean, it's just,
everyone knows the stories.
Now come on, let's go,
I'll take you to him.
[eerie music]
I have this strange feeling.
I think I know this place!
Why, yes!
There's the river,
there's a head-shaped rock,
there's the road.
[Marcy] Of course!
This is the Royal Canyon.
They say Gulliver loved
to take walks here.
Yes, but from what I remember,
there was no forest
here last time.
Well, a lot of time has passed.
It's no wonder.
Only a year has passed,
and there used to be
cloudberry bushes here, too.
- [yawns]
- [laughs] Oh man.
There was this one night,
when Frelok and I had
too many cloudberries.
And you know what that
does to your stomach.
And there's no restrooms nearby.
And this forest is not
known for its soft leaves,
let me tell you.
Gulliver, I really like you
better when you're not talking.
Oh, but it's such a good story!
- Not interested.
- Are you sure?
No thanks, I'm good.
Hm. Okay.
[Gulliver] I think we can
spend the night here.
We should split up and
look for brushwood.
It should be dry,
because wet brushwood
produces a lot of smoke.
You don't seem to mind when
it's coming out of your mouth.
Ha ha, very funny.
I'm just concerned about
the guards seeing it.
I don't know.
You may want to be back
in that warm prison cell after
the frost and snow arrive.
Frost and snow? In summer?
Don't be ridiculous. [laughs]
I warned you,
everything has changed here.
[laughs] Yes! Everything
has changed here indeed.
Lilliputian girls used to
know their seasons. [laughs]
Yep! [grunts]
[Marcy in deep voice]
"Lilliputian girls
used to know their seasons!"
[in normal voice] Oh! Jerk!
Why did I think this
was a good idea?
This is what you get, Marcy,
for believing fairy tales.
We'll just go see Frelok
and figure out a way to
get him on his little boat.
[in high-pitched voice]
"I like you better
when you're not talking!"
[in normal voice]
What is her problem?
This island is not anything
like it used to be.
Why did I even
come back? [grunts]
I'll just go see Frelok.
He'll help me get my ship back.
Then I can get back
out on the sea,
and far from this crazy place.
What a beautiful evening.
- Marcy, I'd like--
- Silence?
Did you know that in
the land of Houyhnhnms,
it is forbidden
to build bonfires?
How could I,
an ignorant Lilliput girl,
possibly know that?
Marcy. [sighs]
I had a hard day today.
I was imprisoned, I almost
got killed a couple of times,
then the whole of
Lilliput chased me.
I know that doesn't
excuse my behavior.
I just want to just say,
thank you for saving my life
and I'm sorry for
being difficult.
[sighs] Okay.
I wasn't at my best either.
So, where did you say
bonfires are forbidden?
- [whimsical music]
- In the land of Houyhnhnms,
bonfires are forbidden
because it's disrespectful
to the trees.
Disrespectful to the trees?
Yes. Houyhnhnms are terribly
respectful of all life.
Can you imagine their
shock if I sailed to them
on a ship made entirely of wood?
[laughs] Yes.
What an interesting people.
Oh, they aren't people.
Then what are they?
Houyhnhnms are horses.
That's right.
It's this amazing land
ruled by horses.
Noble and beautiful creatures.
[bright music]
[Marcy] Gulliver,
tell me how you got
to Houyhnhnms country.
I was returning home
from the land of the giants.
By the way, I felt like
a Lilliputian there.
Almost like you do now.
[Gulliver] Well, almost.
Then a storm brought me
to a beautiful island.
This is where I saw
these adorable horses.
But having heard them speak,
I thought I went nuts.
[Marcy] Their trees
speak there too?
The trees sing there.
Eventually, we made friends.
[Marcy] With the trees?
No, with the Houyhnhnms.
So many thing wowed me
in their culture.
And we had a really good
time together. [sighs]
That was the most interesting
place I've ever visited.
And you know what? We're still
good friends to this day.
[sighs] Good friends.
Hm. I knew I was
a great storyteller. [sighs]
[bright, gentle music]
It's freezing cold out here!
What's going on?
How long have I slept?
You slept for six months,
and you snored from
November to December.
- Huh?
- Everything is fine.
You slept for seven or
eight hours, not more.
But how is this possible?
Yesterday, it was summer,
and today--
And today is winter!
This is an ingenious
invention of our king.
It's called a yearday.
He issued a decree
that once a week,
there's a day that's
equal to one year in time.
Why would the king want to
accelerate time? [grunts]
All for our hero
and savior. For you.
- Me?
- When you left Lilliput,
you promised to
return in 40 years.
But 40 years is
a very long time,
and the king didn't
want to wait.
40 years?
Well, yes, I think I remember
blurting something out.
But it was a joke.
I just waved my hand and said,
"See you in 40 years."
Everyone laughed.
But that doesn't
explain how summer
can turn into winter overnight.
Our king came up with
the idea that if once a week,
during the course of one day,
summer, winter, fall and
spring pass together,
time can be accelerated.
So, he decreed it be so.
A decree?
How can the king change
nature and the course of time
with some ridiculous decree?
Yes, I know that it must
sound a bit concerning
Difficult to grasp
and to explain
See, we waited so much
time for your returning
Everybody went
a little bit insane
Right, the king decided
to make time move faster
Had all the celestial
bodies realigned
Was it a success or
was it a disaster?
Waiting made the country
lose its mind
Yearlike day, daylike year
Wanting you
to get back here
It's night, it's day,
it's spring, it's fall
It isn't making
any sense at all
Daylike year, yearlike day
So long since
you went away
The king can make
a month an hour
Has he gone a little
mad with power?
Worried little birdies
fly around and wonder
Why they have to
migrate every night
Now that is when
the spell we're under
Needs someone like
you to set it right
Yearlike day, daylike year
Wanting you
to get back here
It's day, it's night,
it's fall, it's spring
And I can't make
sense of anything
Daylike year, yearlike day
So long since you went away
The king can make
a week a minute
Crazy fairy tale
and now you're in it
As you can see, even
nature here obeys decrees.
All of those yeardays
accelerated time,
and here you are,
after 40 years.
I didn't come back here
because of some crazy prophecy.
I came back because
I received a letter
from my old friend Frelok.
Well, then you shouldn't
keep your friend waiting.
Okay, time to go.
Squick, get up.
[Squick grunting]
What if Frelok has sweets?
[Squick squealing excitedly]
[Marcy and Gulliver laughing]
[waves crashing]
[bright adventure music]
Well, here we are.
Great. I can't wait
to see my old friend.
- [energetic music]
- [Anchor barks]
- [barking]
- Whoa! Whoa! [laughs]
- [Squick] Squick!
- Aw, Anchor!
Boy, you recognized me!
You still remember me,
you good dog! [laughs]
Where's your master, huh?
This is my lawyer
and my friend, Marcy.
- [barking]
- Be careful, she bites.
[Gulliver laughing]
Look at him go.
I wish I had your confidence.
And this is Squick.
Squick, this is Anchor.
- [Anchor barks]
- [whimpers] Squick.
Hello, sir,
I'm here to see Frelok.
Would you happen to
know where he is?
It can't be!
Frelok? Is that you?
But we're the same age.
Not anymore.
Frelok, old friend.
It's me, Gulliver!
Stop shouting,
I'm not deaf yet.
Marcy, daughter,
why did you bring
this impostor to my house?
Daughter? Huh, it seems many
things have changed here indeed.
Frelok, buddy!
Don't you recognize me?
I don't know you,
and I don't want to know you!
Go away!
It's okay, Father.
He's a friend.
Let's go inside the house.
Come along, Father,
I'll make you some tea.
[somber music]
[bird squawking]
[bird squawking]
How can he believe
that I'm a giant?
He knew me. We fought
together, side by side!
I've already told you.
The guards came, they announced
you are the Man Mountain,
showed a decree with
the king's signature and seal.
- [door opens]
- How could he believe that?
Everyone believed it.
And I'm just like everyone.
You are not just
like everyone!
on the Blefuscu flagship,
when we snuck aboard that night
and tossed the guards overboard?
Were you like everyone then?
Everyone else stayed on shore,
and you took a bullet for me.
We got the job done--
- Hey!
- ...and had each other's backs.
We didn't need decrees or seals.
No! It's forbidden
to speak about that!
I will hear no more of this!
- But Frelok!
- That's enough, Gulliver!
He was the only one
who told the truth!
Everyone laughed at him!
He was persecuted,
beaten, and spit on,
but he never betrayed you!
He kept saying, "My friend,
Gulliver, will return
and everything
will be all right."
But then they started
picking on me,
and only then did he agree
that you were a giant.
He did it for me.
He protected me.
[Anchor whimpers]
I thought a hero would
come who would save us all,
but instead I got a selfish jerk
who only thinks of himself!
You're no hero!
Everyone wanted a giant,
but instead,
we got a man who's
smaller than Squick!
- [Gulliver gasps]
- [somber music]
[wind whistling]
Where we belong,
shoulder to shoulder
Righting the wrong,
standing fast and tall
Wild as a hurricane,
free as a star
Quailing at nothing,
we know what we are
Linked as the strongest
chain, sure as a spar
When we're together,
we know...
[both] What we are
[upbeat music]
It can't be!
Gulliver! Buddy!
It took you ages to get here!
[laughs] Yes,
it took some time.
I'm not so sure
exactly how long now.
[all laughing]
[guards grunting]
- [guards grunting]
- [Gulliver yells]
[Marcy grunting]
- [guard grunts]
- [Squick squeaks]
- [thudding]
- [people grunting]
- Don't you dare touch her!
- Father?
What's happening?
- Frelok?
- [guard] Come on!
Father, what have you done?!
It wasn't me!
It was... [gasps]
[guards grunting]
- [Anchor barks]
- [guard screams]
- [grunting]
- [glass shatters]
- [guards grunting]
- [tense music]
[guard whistles]
- [guard] Get them!
- [glass shattering]
[all shouting]
- [Anchor growling]
- [all groaning]
[tense music]
- [bird squawking]
- [guard chuckles]
Oh my God.
Marcy, Gulliver!
What have I done?
[gentle music]
[bell rings]
[drumroll playing]
[King] Today, at noon,
this square will witness
the execution of
the false Gulliver!
The impostor will be beheaded!
The executioner will
personally decapitate
those responsible for
the existence and support
of the pseudo-giant!
Today at noon this square will--
Yes, yes, very well stated.
No need to repeat it.
Your voice carries quite well.
- [squeaking]
- [crowd laughs]
Yes, well, citizens of Lilliput,
we shall begin!
A word from our beloved king!
Dear residents of Lilliput,
I, your favorite king,
proudly present to you today
- the execution of prisoners--
- Don't blame Father.
He didn't know
what he was doing.
Come on, I would
never blame him.
Frelok is my best friend.
He saved my life once.
Stop talking,
you're interrupting me.
Sorry, Your Majesty.
May I be granted a last request?
Well, I am a fair king.
What is your request?
Could you shut up for a minute?
- [crowd gasps]
- I need to talk to my friend.
- [woman] Did you hear that?
- [tense music]
Oh yeah?
Executioner, proceed
with the execution!
[crowd gasps]
[tense music]
I don't get it.
I can't see anything.
What kind of nonsense is this?
Who cut the peep holes?
- [whimpers]
- [King] Hm?
Oh, yes, I did. [chuckles]
Okay, it's fine.
I'll manage. [laughs]
- [guard grunts]
- [King] Oh.
- [King grunts]
- [crowd gasps]
- Hmm?
- [drumroll playing]
[group whimpering]
Marcy, I wanted to
tell you something...
- [axe clanging]
- [crowd gasping]
So? Did I get it?
Almost. A little to the left.
[King] Oh.
- [axe clanging]
- [crowd gasping]
To be more precise,
I wanted to ask you something.
- [axe clanging]
- [crowd gasping]
- [King] And now?
- More to the left.
Ask away.
- [ax clanging]
- [crowd gasping]
[King] Well?
Take a few steps back.
Marcy, tell me, was it Frelok
who wrote me the letter,
or was it you?
Forgive me,
please, if you can.
No, no. You don't
have to apologize.
I don't regret coming back,
because if I hadn't,
- we may never have met.
- [King grunting]
- [axe clanging]
- [crowd gasping]
[King] And now? Did I get it?
Just a little
bit further back.
[King grumbles]
Marcy, If this is our
last moment alive,
I need to tell you,
I have never met
a girl like you before.
So while I still have a chance,
I want to tell you that I--
- [King grunts]
- [axe clangs]
[King] What about now?
Did I finally hit it?
To the right a little!
Stop interrupting us!
[King] Fine! [grunts, yells]
[crowd laughs]
Do I hear laughter?
Laughter? At me? [mutters]
[whispering indistinctly]
Ambassadors? Tell them I'm busy!
[whispering indistinctly]
Okay, I'll be right back.
It'll be quick.
We're not really in a hurry.
Have a nice talk!
- [Squick grunts]
- [guard yelps]
[tense music]
Gentlemen, honorary
plenipotentiary envoys
of Lilliput's sworn
enemy Blefuscu,
bow to his unsurpassed
majesty the King of Lilliput!
[guards grunting]
[light, whimsical music]
Thank you. Thank you, herald.
You are very kind.
Well, where are your bows?
[tense music]
Well, you two are not very kind.
On the contrary, dear king.
We are very kind.
Indeed? Wonderful!
We kindly allow
you to surrender.
If you have a head
on your shoulders,
you will give up your
tiny country of Lilliput
to our glorious leader,
Bellicosso Blefuscu!
What? Did I hear right?
Give up? Guards!
Grab these two insolents
and throw them in jail.
[guards grunting]
We have a massive army, and
it's already at your borders!
[guards grunting]
Oh, really? You can't scare me!
I have something even
better than your army!
[Peter 1] What is it?
- I have--
- [Peter 2] What?
- Well, it's--
- Yes?
-It's a--I have--
- What?
- A giant!
Yes, a giant, I have one.
Yes, I have the giant.
But according to our data,
there are no giants.
Well, he's just arrived.
- May I see him?
- He's resting.
Tired from the road.
He is, you know,
still a man, albeit a giant.
Pass it on!
The giant is back and
he will crush your entire army!
Your Generalissimo
and the two of you,
oh, oh, this will be my
personal request,
will be the first to go!
[tense music]
[dishes clinking]
[King hums]
[King clears throat]
- Tell me.
- Of course. Ask what you want.
Maybe another dessert, huh?
Uh, ugh.
So why have you brought me
here? Why the royal treatment?
- [chuckles] No pun intended.
- [laughs]
So witty. Why would I need
a reason to feed my prisoner?
So, you just want
to feed me properly
before the execution?
[laughs] Gulliver,
you're so funny.
Okay, fine.
I need a little favor.
You must help me defeat
the Blefuscu army.
Hm. Interesting.
So you, Your Majesty,
are asking me for help? [sips]
Can't you handle
this on your own?
Well, I'll try to
explain it to you.
Or you could try on
the role of a soldier,
and defeat their army yourself!
But the role of soldier
is not fit for a king
such as myself.
[Gulliver] Well, let's say
I agree. What's in it for me?
- [King] Anything you want.
- Anything anything?
Well, not anything anything,
but just about anything
you want. [laughs]
Ah, well, then.
I'd like you to release my
friends, and then you pay me,
- you pay me--
- How much?
Eh, how many
Blefuscians are there?
Oh, many thousands.
Many thousands?
So that number,
are you certain about that?
I mean, maybe you
made a mistake?
I am King!
I do not make mistakes!
Maybe some of
them called in sick?
Maybe some are on vacation?
I don't know.
Some could've went
to visit their moms?
We need to clarify that.
You recheck everything,
calculate the numbers
more precisely,
and then report back to me.
- Meanwhile I--
- Go ahead,
abandon your friends.
I do love a nice execution.
No. Look, I want to help, but
one man against thousands?
- It's impossible.
- It's not that difficult.
If Blefuscu sees that
the giant has returned
and is ready to fight his army,
then they will simply
run away in fear,
and Lilliput will be saved.
It's brilliant.
So, what do you say?
Oh yeah, brilliant! So did
he come back, this giant?
The giant is you!
[chuckles nervously]
There is one little thing,
a minor detail, really.
I am not a giant and
you were the first to say so.
Trust this minor detail to me.
I'll arrange everything.
I am the king, and the king
knows what he is doing!
I will issue a royal decree
stating that you, Gulliver,
are a giant, a Man-Mountain,
a blah-blah-blah,
and the people will believe it!
You think?
I am the king,
and the king does not think.
- [slurps]
- I noticed that right away.
[sputters] I mean, I know!
You've seen that in Lilliput,
even nature obeys
the king's orders!
- Yes, I saw your yearday--
- Enough!
Play your part, and I will
pardon you all. Deal?
[tense music]
Okay, deal.
But I have one
more small request.
[tense music]
Here we are. [laughs]
Oh, watch your feet. Careful.
[mumbles] Oh, oopsie. [laughs]
[door creaking]
Mouse, come out.
Is this right, Mr. Gulliver?
Right you are.
[Squick murmuring]
[squeaking] Squick.
And what about the girl?
Do we release her?
Oh, I don't know.
We can keep her here.
It's no problem.
But maybe we
should release her.
I mean, whatever would
she do without you?
Well, if you think so.
I do, and therefore all
of Lilliput would agree.
Okay, if you say so.
Like you said, what
would she do without me?
[door creaking]
Remember this day.
After all, today you have
been released by the great,
the unsurpassed, the handsome,
some would even say beautiful
and who am I to argue,
whose name is--
Get over here so
I can strangle you.
[both laughing]
Ah, how quaint,
the two of them. [laughs]
Hear ye, hear ye!
According to royal decree,
the Gulliver who
recently arrived
by boat is none other than
the legendary Man-Mountain!
- [crowd gasps]
- It happened!
The real Gulliver is back!
The giant is in the city!
He's going to the square!
- [crowd gasping]
- [crowd] Gulliver! Gulliver!
Gulliver! Gulliver!
Gulliver! Gulliver!
Gulliver! Gulliver!
Gulliver! Gulliver!
- Gulliver!
- Huh?
- Hello, buddy!
- Frelok! Buddy!
Sorry for betraying you,
my friend.
I didn't understand
what I was doing.
There's nothing
to forgive you for.
Forget it. I'm just
happy you're back!
What is the matter, citizens?
Disorderly conduct?
Do I need to put on my
city guard outfit? [grunts]
We wanna see the giant.
The giant? Have a look.
Here he is, our Giant.
Uh, yes, I am the giant.
Well, then, I'm a giant, too.
[crowd laughs]
What exactly is
wrong with this giant?
We just want to make sure
that he is a real giant!
Our giant would
fulfill the prophecies!
Very true.
But we don't have to rush.
Okay, let's hear
your prophecies.
I'll see what I can do.
Well, for starters,
Gulliver must repair
our water supply system.
Yes, and Gulliver was supposed
to repair the city walls.
Right! Like the man says.
I am a woman!
That's what I said, ma'am.
Rebuild the wall,
do the plumbing,
and then the people and I will
believe that you are a giant.
Yeah, buddy, actions
speak louder than words.
[bright fiddle music]
All right! I'll do it!
- [crowd cheers]
- Yes, huzzah!
I did it!
We'll do it together!
[crowd cheers]
[bright music]
- We all agree?
- [laughing]
[crowd cheers]
[music continues]
Ooh! [laughs]
[crowd gasping]
[crowd cheers]
[music continues]
- [Gulliver yells]
- [crowd yells]
- [Marcy gasps]
- [Anchor yells]
[whimpering] Please,
someone help me get off.
Oh! [grunts]
- [Gulliver grunts]
- [pulley creaks]
- [rocks bang]
- [both gasp]
[crowd cheers]
- [barking]
- Yeah!
People of Lilliput, the
city walls have been repaired!
[crowd cheers]
Are you ready to fix
the water supply?
[crowd cheers]
Okay, here we go. [cheers]
[upbeat music]
[explosions blasting]
[rocks crumbling]
[music continues]
[water roaring]
- [water splashing]
- [crowd cheers]
You expected giant feats.
Any success that I have
achieved is because of your help
and support,
and for that I am grateful!
[crowd] Gulliver!
I would like to
tell all of you
what it means to be a giant.
A man becomes a giant not
just because he has big hands
and feet or a frightening voice.
His deeds, his faith in
himself make him a giant.
And all of you,
every one, can do great things.
Can I be a giant, too?
If you believe in yourself,
you will definitely become one.
[crowd cheers]
Did you see that?
Yes, I saw it.
We must inform the
Generalissimo at once. [groans]
Delays, delays, delays!
My army ready to move right now.
Where are those Peters?
- [gun blasting]
- [both] We are here,
my Generalissimo!
So, has that worthless
King of Lilliput surrendered?
No, my Generalissimo,
he refused!
Fine! I really
hoped he would refuse.
My army has thousands of
soldiers and the Clodhopper!
Besides, what is the point
of having a large army
if you can't crush
your enemies? [laughs]
My Generalissimo, there
is one small problem.
- Problem?
- Yes, my Generalissimo.
The King of Lilliput
announced the return
of the giant Gulliver.
And he will fight on the
side of the Lilliputians.
What? You said he was
an impostor, not a giant!
We must have not seen
him right the first time.
Maybe the giant was
sitting down. [laughs]
Should we delay our attack?
What? And delay my triumph?
Because of some
puny giant? Never!
This will be an even
greater victory.
Nothing will stop us,
giant or no giant.
We will crush the
hated land of Lilliput!
Besides, I thought such
a thing might happen,
and so prepared a surprise
for this giant, Gulliver.
[Blefuscu cackles evilly]
[tense, dramatic music]
[birds squawking]
[indistinct chattering]
Daddy, can I be a giant too?
Sure! If you just
believe in yourself.
[laughs] Very funny.
Someday, you too can be just
like the amazing Gulliver.
You really think so?
He said so himself.
Okay, I may have went
a little overboard.
Can you forgive me please?
I got caught up in the
excitement of the moment.
I couldn't have done all of this
without both of you, so thanks.
Hmm, thank you and
please in one day?
[Squick chuckling]
Did I ever tell
you about the time
I visited Treasure Island?
[bells ringing]
[Marcy] Pretty impressive how
well things worked out, huh?
It's been a pretty
crazy experience.
At first, I regretted coming
back, but I'm glad I did.
I'm glad you sent that letter.
You're glad I tricked you
into coming back?
[chuckles] Well, if it
weren't for that letter,
I would never have
known that my friend
had such an amazing
and lovely daughter.
That's very sweet of you.
I'm sure you say that to
all your friends' daughters.
No, of course not.
I mean, Squick and I both agree
that you are our
favorite Lilliputian girl
who confuses her seasons.
[chuckles] Is that right?
- Oh, yes.
- [chuckles] Lucky me.
[sighs] I wanna tell you...
- [gentle music]
- I'm not very good
at this stuff, but I...
[guard and Gulliver yell]
Hey! Watch where
you're going! [grunts]
[grunts] What's going on?!
[grunts] Blefuscu's Army
is at the city walls.
- What?
- That's impossible!
That fast? Where are you going?
The city walls are that way.
I know!
Your duty is to protect the
city! Get back to your posts.
Today we fight for Lilliput!
Not me!
[King] King coming through!
King! King here!
Move it or lose it, buddy!
Gulliver, Marcy.
Your Majesty,
where are you going?
The Blefuscu Army is at the
city walls! You are the king!
And you are the giant.
You fight them.
I have more important
public affairs to deal with!
But tell me how it all ends.
Out of the way!
Make way for the King! [pants]
[tense, suspenseful music]
[guards grunting]
- [water splashing]
- [seagulls squawking]
[tense music]
[metallic creaking]
[wheels whirring]
[metallic creaking]
[Blefuscu growls]
[boy] Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!
Take that, Blefuscu! Ha!
Gulliver! I'm ready to fight!
You sure are.
Get the kids to safety.
Come on, Wesley.
But I want to
fight with Gulliver!
[Frelok] Gulliver!
How many are there?
Come. Take a look.
[tense, suspenseful music]
There are at least
10,000 in formation,
and more still arriving.
What do we do?
Half of the city has left.
We're outnumbered
and poorly armed.
We can't fight
an army that size.
Are you suggesting
that we abandon Lilliput?
I don't want to but I don't
see any other option.
These people stayed
to defend their city.
We both know it's
too late to evacuate.
I know the odds are against us.
but we have fought
impossible battles before.
I know.
But this time we don't
have a battle plan
or the element of surprise.
Linked as the strongest
chain, sure as the spar
When we're together,
we know what we are
All right, but if
we're gonna do this,
we need to come up with a plan.
[chuckles] Just like
the good old days.
Only this time, we'll
have to use our heads
instead of our swords.
Hold on, I've got a crazy idea.
Listen up.
[loudspeaker squealing]
- [tapping]
- [feedback squeals]
[army groans]
Greetings, invaders.
The magnificent and
mighty giant, Gulliver,
wishes to speak with
Generalissimo of
the Blefuscu Army.
Why should I talk
with this Gulliver?
There are rumors that
he is an impostor!
the renowned giant, Gulliver,
has a proposal that will spare
the lives of your soldiers.
He wishes to meet and
discuss this with you.
We will understand if you
have heard of his prowess
and are afraid to meet
him in person. [chuckles]
I fear no man,
especially not this
fictitious giant of yours.
Send him out to the battlefield
and I will meet him
face to face.
[tense music]
Huh, very good.
He will join you soon.
Well, my friend,
it's up to you to sell it.
Be careful.
- [metallic rattling]
- [Frelok grunts]
[fire crackling]
Hello, general.
Here I am, Gulliver,
the renowned giant.
Just as I suspected.
You are a fraud!
But we saw it
with our own eyes!
He raises walls
and destroys mountains
with his magic.
Your spies have
been paying attention.
Simple minds will
accept anything.
I don't believe
children's fairy tales.
I believe my own eyes.
Don't let my current size
mislead you.
Take a look around.
There are legends,
murals and a large gate
constructed specifically for me.
General, you seem to be
an intelligent man.
That is obvious.
And I am sure you are
aware of the noble tradition
of combat by champion.
I challenge you, as champion
of your army, to a duel.
- What?
- You and me, one on one.
The winner is the victor
of the battle.
I know what combat by
champion is, you ninny!
And why would I agree
to this madness?
I have a whole army behind me!
If I were an ordinary man,
that would make no sense.
But I'm Gulliver,
the legendary Man Mountain.
If you were to
defeat me in a duel,
you would be hailed
as the champion
who single-handedly
defeated the giant,
and conquered Lilliput.
The champion who defeated
the giant Gulliver.
You are beginning to look
like a giant after all.
But as a condition of
this duel, I ask you,
upon my defeat, accept
the city's surrender,
don't level it to the ground,
and don't harm the citizens.
And, of course, in the
unlikely event of my victory,
you agree to withdraw
this fine army.
[Blefuscu] Fair enough.
Compared to
the glory I shall attain,
I am willing to
concede these terms.
All right, I agree to defeat
you in a personal duel.
So be it.
[birds chirping]
Listen up, men!
I will fight the giant of
Lilliput single-handedly
- for the glory of Blefuscu!
- [King grunting]
Well, Gulliver,
are you ready for death?
- Hm.
- [wood crackling]
[crowd gasps]
If it comes to that.
[tense, suspenseful music]
[gong bangs]
- [Blefuscu grunting]
- [metallic clanging]
It's now or never
You know it's right
Time to be who you are
Time to gear up
for the fight
Take a breath and
face the battle
One step at a time
Dare to be the hero
in your story
Stand up tall
and dig in deeper
Climb the highest climb
Perseverance is
the path to glory
With your valor
With your power
Through your fear
You will stand your ground
This can be
your finest hour
If you don't back down
- [both grunting]
- [metallic clanging]
[objects thudding]
[barrels rattling]
[Blefuscu grunts]
[wood cracks]
[Gulliver grunts]
Steel on your courage
Rise like the sun
Stand to the challenge
Till the battle is won
With your valor
With your power
Through your fear
You will stand your ground
This will be
your finest hour
And you won't back down
[Blefuscu shouts]
- [barrels cracking]
- [army gasps]
[pants] No.
[pants] No, please, don't.
Do you yield?
Yes. Curse you, I yield!
Huh. I think I won.
[King giggles]
[soldier grunts]
- Thank you.
- [army grumbles]
- Thank you.
- [army grumbles]
You did it.
Of course!
Who could defeat
Gulliver the great,
the unsurpassed, the handsome,
some would say beautiful
- and who am I to argue--
- [Marcy gasps]
- What?
- [thudding]
[laughs] Say hello
to the Clodhopper!
- [Blefuscu grunts]
- [electronic whirring]
[tense music]
[Blefuscu cackling evilly]
[Gulliver panting]
[steam hissing]
[cannons blasting]
- No!
- [Blefuscu cackling]
[mechanical whirring]
- [Gulliver grunts]
- [thunder rumbling]
- [Gulliver grunts]
- [somber music]
[gasps] Yearday!
Ooh, mm-hmm.
Gulliver, look! Yearday!
- Hmm?
- [Marcy mumbles]
[Frelok] That's enough!
You have defied me, and
dishonored the battlefield!
- [thunder rumbling]
- [thudding]
[Frelok] I, Gulliver the great,
will unleash my full power
upon you!
Your treachery will
not be tolerated!
Let fire rain down
from the clouds!
- [lightning cracking]
- [army gasping]
[army whimpering]
Where are you going, cowards?
[Frelok] And now you shall face
the bitter cold of winter!
[wind whooshing]
[mechanical rattling]
- [steam hissing]
- [tense, suspenseful music]
- [Anchor growls]
- [Squick] Ya-hoo!
- [Squick shrieks]
- [Blefuscu groans]
- [rope creaks]
- [Anchor barking]
- [growling]
- [gasps]
- [anchor barking]
- [Blefuscu yells]
Oh, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!
[hopeful music]
[Marcy chuckles]
- [hopeful music]
- [birds chirping]
[crowd cheers]
- [crowd applauds]
- He saved us!
What the heck?
[gentle, romantic music]
[Squick groans]
We did it!
I, the King of Lilliput,
as promised, kept my word.
And we, along with Gulliver,
defeated and smashed
the evil Generalissimo!
- Hurray!
- And how do you, Your Majesty,
manage to be in
two places at once?
Hiding in the bushes yet
still able to smash Blefuscu?
[crowd laughs]
Laughter? I am your king!
- Not anymore!
- [growls]
- [woman growls]
- [King whimpers]
Gulliver, the people of Lilliput
deserve a better leader.
Would you do us the honor?
Your confidence in me
is appreciated.
However, I believe we have
a better man for this job.
- Me?
- You have been here
fighting against the lies
all of these years.
It's time an honorable man
serves the good
people of Lilliput.
Well? What say you?
- [man] Hear, hear!
- [crowd cheers]
[man] Long live the king!
- Well, King Frelok.
- [man] Hooray! Yay!
Good people,
today is a day of victory
for all of Lilliput!
Let us celebrate
the defeat of Generalissimo
and enjoy long lasting peace!
- At last!
- [crowd cheers]
I guess this means
you're a princess now.
[Frelok] ...need not fear.
Enjoy your life.
- Finally, we are at peace.
- [crowd cheers]
- [hopeful music]
- [birds chirping]
[Gulliver grunting]
Marcy, do you really need
all of this for our journey?
Of course! Your princess
deserves every comfort.
Where are your things, honey?
I'm wearing them.
[Squick giggles]
I'm curious.
And they still made
it taller! [grunts]
These Lilliputians
are incorrigible!
[Gulliver grunts]
Almost! [grunts]
[chuckles nervously]
Good morning, Gulliver!
Were you planning on telling
the king where you are headed?
Well, buddy, I mean,
Your Greatness, Majesty--
[chuckles] Buddy is fine.
Well buddy, wherever
the winds take us.
Ocean waves, wind in
the sail, new lands,
my beloved at my side!
Now that's the life!
[Squick squeaking]
You will come back
to visit, right?
Of course! In 40 years.
- Huh?
- Uh.
Just kidding.
We'll be back soon.
How could we stay away
from Lilliput for long?
This is our home.
Besides [grunts] We have to put
that enormous city gate to use.
That reminds me.
I have one request for the King.
Your Majesty,
can you please
get rid of that stupid
yearday decree?
[crowd laughs]
I think I can do that.
And you, be good to my daughter.
Of course.
I promise to teach her
all about the seasons
before we return.
- [Marcy grunts]
- Ouch!
And I promise to teach him
how to treat a lady.
- Love you, sweetie!
- [Frelok chuckles]
[sighs] He's learning.
Bye, Father.
Goodbye, precious daughter.
Come back soon.
[Squick whimpering] Squick!
Bye, Lilliput! See you soon!
- [crowd cheering]
- Fine. Go!
- [bright adventure music]
- [barking]
[Squick squealing]
So was Gulliver
ever really a giant?
[chuckles] Only in
the fairy tales, lad.
You see, his deeds made
him larger than life.
It doesn't take a big
person to be a giant,
just a person with a big heart
and the courage to see
things through to the end.
[music continues]
Here you go, Fin.
Wait your turn, Gil.
This is for Karl.
Here you go, Karl.
What a good boy you are.
Okay, now it's your turn, Gil.
Oh, I didn't forget
about you, Bubbles.
Riding the storm
Slaying the dragon
Long as we're worn
We must heed the call
Where we belong
Shoulder to shoulder
Righting the wrong
Standing fast and tall
[music continues]
Wild as a hurricane
Free as a star
Quailing at nothing
We know what we are
Linked as
the strongest chain
Sure as a spar
When we're together
We know what we are
Besting the beast
Tossed by the tempest
First at the feast
We thrive in the thick
Stalwart and strong
Bolder and bolder
Life's like a song
Questers to the quick
Laugh loud, live louder
Flail far,
find out what you are
Dream large, live larger
Sail far,
we know what we are
[gentle, romantic music]
[gentle, ethereal music]
Oh, oh yeah
Oh, oh
Oh, oh, yeah
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
[upbeat music]
Oh, oh, yeah
Oh, oh, yeah, yeah
[music continues]
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh