Gully Boy (2019) Movie Script

Yo, Homie.
Where to, bro?
To pick up a car.
I thought I'd take you losers
for a spin today.
Can I drive?
Hang back and keep your eyes open.
Just whistle if you see anyone.
He's going Grand Theft Auto, bro.
What are you doing, man?
What's this bullshit?
I'm picking up a car.
Get in!
Want a selfie or what?
Let's go!
Nice, it's automatic.
This shady shit doesn't fly.
You should've told me before.
As if you would've come!
Put it off!
It's messing with my head.
Why won't it switch off?
Homie, I thought you liked rap music.
You call this rap?
Remixed old shit to make
the public dance?
Check out my ride
My shoes, my rags
My liquor, my chicks!
Good thing we jacked his car.
Happy now?
Having fun?
Grandma, move your leg.
-Father wants the bag.
Shakir, must you move
everything around?
-Only the TV.
-How am I going to watch it then?
-I'll buy you another.
-After I die?
-Spare me today.
-Did you spare your wife and kids?
Move it a bit further.
He's taking the TV inside, too.
She's put a spell on him.
Where do I put my things?
What's all this drama?
Pick them up!
Move it further.
Wait up, man.
I've got something for you.
For you, Homie. A thank-you gift.
I don't want your shady shit.
Take it, man.
Smooth as butter. It's sexy.
Forget it.
I'm not interested in your junk.
Here, catch!
Interested in my stash?
Remember to pick up
Uncle Abbas's letter today.
Please sit.
Statement of sale account
prepared by the exporter.
Whereas the consular invoice
is a certificate issued by the
consulate of importer's country.
Whereas consular invoice is a document
which is not required
by the importer's country.
Very few countries insist on the document.
I'll be there in 30-35 minutes, man.
30-35 minutes?
You nuts?
I'll catch the 381 limited bus.
It will take you an hour.
It's a 90-minute round trip.
-But you owe us a party.
-Only two days into my job...
Don't be cheap.
Never forget your brothers.
What will you do with all that money?
Ladies and gentlemen!
Meet the assistant manager
of Benetton's Chembur branch.
What say, public?
-Ladyboy, drop it.
-Who would've thought our Rishi Sadrani
would storm the fashion industry?
You're the one and only.
You're killing it!
Go on, then. Take the piss.
Stop your reality TV.
I look like a gangster in the video.
Show me again.
I'm coming.
This is a great video, man.
Hey, where to?
At least say goodbye.
Give us a flying kiss.
Why is every eye moist
in this shantytown?
Days turn to poison
once the sun goes down
Restless and troubled
are those who live here
In this bottomless well
where they'll drown
Those are bulls.
You can take pictures.
Move along, kid.
And this is the toilet.
This is for the whole community.
How many people are in the community?
The other one is being built over there.
Come, I'll show you.
Please come. This side.
Aunty, these people are from London.
Five hundred rupees.
They've already bought tickets.
It will pay for the new toilet.
Then show them the toilet!
Five hundred to see my house.
Please come.
Oh, wow!
-Oh, it's amazing!
-Crazy, isn't it?
Every inch is being used.
It's incredible.
-How many people live here?
-I have no idea.
So small!
Nice T-shirt.
Oh, thanks. It's Nas.
He's a rapper.
He's one of the biggest
American rappers of all-time.
Rappers, I monkey flip 'em
With the funky rhythm
I be kickin' musician
Inflictin' composition of pain
I'm like Scarface, sniffin' cocaine
Holding an M-16
See with the pen I'm extreme, now
Bullet holes left in my peepholes
I'm suited up in street clothes
Hand me a nine and I'll defeat foes
You know it. That's awesome!
Can I take your picture?
Cool. Lovely meeting you!
Ma, we're off to work.
What's this?
Put on some clothes!
So now must we wash
the Queen's dishes too?
-Open wide.
Mrs. Thakur has ordered some painkillers.
I'll drop them off.
What's up?
How's your new mom?
Like an uninvited guest.
Want to get me killed?
Why? You won't die for me?
Ma is very unhappy.
There's nothing I can do.
She's your sister.
And he's her husband.
Safeena, why are you walking so fast?
I'm getting late, Ma.
When will you be back?
-I'm not coming.
What did you say?
Ma, I'm in medical school.
I can't keep skipping lectures
to attend wretched weddings.
You want a slap right now?
How dare you call your
cousin's wedding "wretched"?
Skipping one class
will not cause a calamity.
Be home by one o'clock.
Got it?
She's here. So is her mom.
-Hello, Aunty.
-How are you, Suhani?
-Let's go.
-Look! I've got a secret admirer.
You replied?
Just to find out who it is.
Truecall this.
-Check whose number it is.
-You're in some mood.
-Why did you reply?
Tell me.
-Albina Dadarkar.
-Our Albina?
What do you mean "our"?
Hey, Safeena!
-Where are you going?
-Where are you going?
-Have you lost it?
Albina, where are you?
You know Murad and I have been together
since we were 13, right?
Why are you texting him,
you witch?
-We've been together for nine years.
-That doesn't mean there'll be a tenth.
-Somebody, stop them!
-What did you say?
Say it again. Go on!
-Get off me, bitch.
-If I'm a bitch, what are you?
You witch!
Hurry up! Call Madam.
Stay away from him.
You hear me?
Stay away from him!
-Don't look at him again.
-Die, bitch!
Or I'll pull your eyes out!
The scratches aren't permanent,
are they?
Albina says you hit her first.
She's lying, father.
Who is Murad?
You know him. My schoolmate.
-Razia's son?
She used to cater for your father.
Albina sends Murad
Valentine messages.
So Murad asked me to tell her
to stop sending them.
She's lying, Father.
You can check her phone, Uncle.
-How can you check--
-Shut up!
When I told her to stop sending them,
she swore at me.
-Then I hit her once.
-You're such a liar.
What's all this then?
It's nothing serious, Father.
I swear it.
She and Murad have been dating
since school.
Oh! What utter rubbish.
Check my phone.
Please check my phone!
I'm sorry about this.
Let's go.
What's going on?
What do you mean?
Wouldn't you know if I was having
an affair right under your nose?
Enough. Safeena, go home.
I really wanted to come to the wedding.
Whatever. Why did you hit her?
If she coochie-coos my boyfriend,
sure I'll whack her.
Oh, you're a big thug now?
-I don't want your lectures.
-But you want to be a hooligan?
Be thankful I didn't snap her neck.
I've one life, only one you.
She's elbowing in. Won't I get mad?
I'll have to get you exorcised.
You're possessed.
OK, sorry.
It won't happen again.
Swear on me then.
You'll die.
-We should call you Danger Lady from now.
-Am I so dangerous?
-Your college has no festivals?
Med students are too busy.
-Come on.
-Check that out!
Why are you so quiet?
Give laughter a chance
Without reason
Stop this lullaby!
Spare us this nonsense, Madam!
Let's savor the moment
For you're not alone
Get this girl out of here!
What happened?
Those guys were saying something
over there.
What's going on, guys?
Couldn't handle Juhi's talent?
Who's he?
Who found the song boring?
The girl was boring!
There you are.
And if you don't like her,
she should shut up, right?
Well said!
Don't get started now.
Come, I'll perform for you.
Tell me what you think.
What say, JD?
Let's play something.
Some old school hip-hop banger!
Old school banger!
These guys will dance with Sher now!
A lion roars his own story
This rap will end your delusion
Chicks and cars
Don't make me feel big
Truth sets my soul on fire
You're not like me 'coz you're a fake
A snake for women
A blot on mankind
My words have more heat than you
Shame on you!
You have no future
You have no strength
Use your head, this is my rule
My word is law!
Run for your life
This lion is on the prowl
-Run for your life...
-This lion is on the prowl
The wave of truth has flooded the town
Stop throwing your weight around
Watch your step
Be true to yourself
Kill your arrogance
End this empty existence
End this hustling
And random muscling
Cool that fever
End this bragging
End this hustling
And random muscling
Cool that fever
End this bragging
Run for your life
This lion is on the prowl
Run for your life
This lion is on the prowl
Run for your life
This lion is on the prowl
The wave of truth has flooded the town
Run for your life
This lion is on the prowl
Run for your life
This lion is on the prowl
Run for your life
This lion is on the prowl
The wave of truth has flooded the town
So, I have to cut out rice and roti
to build my body?
Who told you that, nutcase?
You'll look like a cucumber!
Eat roti. And meat too.
Where to, man?
Check him out.
A third business for him?
Business is good, man.
Next he'll be in a suit and tie
in an air-conditioned office.
Yes, Ma.
And please, remember RICE.
Rest. Ice. Compression. Elevation.
I've paid the bill.
Keep these papers safe.
Doctor... when can I go back to work?
We'll decide after six weeks
of rest and physio.
I'll inform Madam.
Sir, let my son take my place till then.
Can he drive?
Yes, he's an excellent driver.
Madam will need a temporary driver.
-I'll ask her.
-Thank you.
How can you make him
do this menial job?
Menial? Is your son some prince?
You said he'd do an office job.
Yes. So what?
Drivers are a dime a dozen.
What if Madam gets a temp
she likes better?
Jobs like this don't grow on trees.
They're good people.
It's tough enough for Muslims
these days.
He has to study.
What if he fails his exams?
He won't.
I've put a lot of money
into his education.
He knows he has to pay me back.
I have big dreams for him.
Dreams? Who do you think you are?
Look around. Make sure your
big dreams match your reality.
-I'm leaving, Ma.
Drive carefully.
Don't talk to Madam too much.
Keep to yourself.
Open and shut the door for her.
Don't act smart.
Got it?
Your second mother will go with you.
Wait at the car parking lot.
Come inside when you are called for.
Keep a note of your overtime.
Someone's going on night duty, man.
Dressed like a gentleman!
-I'll miss you tonight, Homie.
-Only you care, bro.
I'm taking my new Mercedes
out of the garage tonight.
Cruisin' with my Barbie doll.
While you and your madam
will pass us on the Sea Link
in slow motion.
It will be a hoot!
The only doll you're ever gonna have
is him.
I'm no doll.
Sure, you are. Even prettier than me.
Stop fishing.
You know you're hot.
You think I'm hot?
Why are you laughing, Benetton?
She's taking the piss
and you're letting her.
Keep smoking.
Call me when your lungs are toast.
Let's go, doctor,
before your mother comes
and stabs me. Bye.
You'll be up all night?
Watch a movie or something.
I'm out of mobile data.
I'll return it tomorrow.
-It's yours.
-Are you crazy?
Don't you accept secondhand gifts?
I can never give you anything
this costly.
be myself.
You're all I want in this world.
-Where were you?
-At Suhani's.
It's late, Safeena.
I know, Ma.
I left my iPad in the rickshaw,
so I had to run back.
Found it?
No. I've looked everywhere.
Asked all the rickshaw drivers but...
You think the driver would say:
"Here, madam, your iPad."
It's gone now.
OK, forget it.
But, Father...
my whole project was on it.
I'll buy you a new one.
Great! "Sorry" fixes everything.
Finish your homework!
This is Harvard, Nikki.
Do you even know how tough
it is to get in?
It is my decision.
I don't want to study right now.
I want to work.
We don't have to discuss
this tonight, please.
What kind of a job are you going to get
without a proper qualification?
I'm a graduate.
That is a proper qualification.
-Yes, sir.
How educated are you?
I'm in my final year of graduation, sir.
Did you hear that?
Everyone's a graduate today.
And you want to be on the same level
as he is?
Six! Five! Four!
Three! Two! One!
Happy New Year!
My time will come
My time will come
The lava of my words
Will melt my shackles
My time will come
"My time will come."
Were they drinking till morning?
Their daughter too?
Now they'll sleep all day?
Yes, Grandma.
This only happens in hell.
Get your head out of that.
Or your neck will get stuck.
What's up, public?
Any of you written anything?
Something to say? Want to sing along?
Come at the venue mentioned below.
We're jamming there today.
We're meeting at 4:20.
See you!
Grab them, rip them
Cut them, flog them
I wanna see deep welts on their skin
Slowly they will confess
Sink the ground beneath their feet
It's 2018
The nation is in danger
Engulfed in flames
Shout them down, scare them all
Play your poisonous flute
Enchant them all
Make them surrender
Or bleed them dry
Long live Jingostaan!
Grab them, rip them
Cut them, flog them
I wanna see deep welts on their skin
Slowly they will confess
It's 2018
The nation is in danger
I saw you perform at SM College.
You really showed those guys.
-You're a hard performer, bro.
-Thanks, man.
I found you on Facebook.
I wanted to meet you.
Here I am.
My name is Murad.
I've written something.
Use it in your rap, if you like it.
I write my own stories, man.
Tell your stories yourself.
I don't perform, man. I just write.
I wanted you to have it.
If you won't express your own thoughts,
why should I?
Long live Jingostaan!
-What's your name again?
Your words came
straight out of your heart, right?
Then why are you scared?
Let it out.
It's open mic. Shout it loud!
For the first time on the open mic,
it's Murad!
Not in front of so many people.
I'm not comfortable, man.
If everyone in the world was comfortable,
who'd make rap?
Chintoo, give him a beat.
Come on, go now.
Come on, let out the words.
Rise like a phoenix from the ashes!
As your wings spread
The sky will bow to you
My time will come
None is as smooth a hustler as me
Hard, bro!
The lava of my words will melt my shackles
Reap as you shall sow
My dreams will make fear tremble
You can't bury dreams six-feet-under
No fear, only guts!
We'll storm ahead, we'll seize the day
Blood and sweat gave our life meaning
This line is real hard.
Damn, I'm so hungry!
-Oh, wow!
-Ah, the food's here.
I so wanna take Khao Gully back with me.
-"Khao" means?
-To eat.
-And "gully?"
-Street. Eat street.
Stop testing me, Sher.
How did you two meet?
At Shiv Sagar restaurant,
behind Wilson College.
It was jam-packed,
loud and noisy.
She sat at my table
and we just started talking.
Our people look at caste and creed.
Their system is cool.
They look straight into your eyes.
Thank you for today, man.
What a guy!
No need to thank me. Eat!
He's outstanding with lyrics.
-Yeah, he'll explode soon.
Who are you talking to?
Spider Man.
Stop prying and sleep.
Wow! Why so happy?
What can I say?
Today was just amazing.
Start from the beginning.
Tell me.
If you suddenly had this big desire...
is it worth chasing?
After all, "Murad" means desire.
You've got nothing to fear.
How come you're so fearless?
I have to be,
to achieve everything I want.
And what exactly do you want
to achieve?
My own medical practice.
Marriage with you.
Oh, so I come second?
When life gives you something good,
shut up and take it.
I'm going to work late tomorrow.
I'll see you at the bus stop.
Check Srikant out
He calls himself a lion
He wants to fight me
The sissy dandelion
You want to be a rapper
But you can't, Mr. DJ
This is no wedding! On this battlefield
You'll lose your way
Spread the word
In each and every area code
He calls himself a lion
But looks like a toad
I'm like fire, you're a liar
I'm the king, you're a plaything
I'm the big show with the dough
I'm too killer, bro
Your image is fake
And so are your rhymes
The S on my chest makes me
The king of the times
He thinks he'll knock me out in the fight
But he'll be singing
On my wedding night
Swim away, Nemo
You're in the shark zone
I'm the fire that will burn you
To the bone
Like Arjun from the Mahabharat
My arrow will hit this bird in the eye
Your father can't save you here
Go home to Delhi, run or fly
That S on your chest
That's a good start
Now let me complete that work of art
My name's heavy for your chest
Four like you won't pass the test
Sure, I'm a wedding DJ
Earn for my brother, tolerate my father
Spit my anger into the mic
You guys know my name
You dance to my beat
At the last wedding
Your sister felt my heat
You've got a lot to learn
So come along
Your girl hears my beat
And twerks to my song
Twerks to my song! Twerks to my song!
This is my turf, man!
This is my turf, you get that?
Come on, Homie.
Throw your hands up
If you're real in the game
I said throw your hands up
If you're real in the game
His hands are down 'coz we ain't the same
His face is ugly
His clothes fake
This is my turf
Go back to your street
Fake is your T-shirt
Fake are your stripes
Fake is your rap
Fake is your type
Why you quiet now, baby?
Waiting for Sher to save the day?
Is he gonna come tell you what to say?
My words flow like a river
While he's a choker
I'm the hero, villain
I'm Batman, the Joker
Lie down already so I can crossover
'Coz this ain't a rap battle
This is a walkover!
He's got no reply.
He's got nothing!
Choke! Choke! Choke!
Let's see what he's got.
You think he's got a comeback?
He doesn't have what it takes.
This is how rap battles are, man.
Don't take them so seriously.
They're just big mouths.
No, man. They've seen the world.
Focus on yourself and what you've seen
living in Dharavi.
Think what you have.
I've got nothing.
All the great artists
were once broke and hungry.
Starving. They would eat anything.
They stole beats
and turned that hunger into stories.
Then they got somewhere.
All you need is your truth...
and that lava within,
just let it erupt!
Let it flow.
Let it flow!
Let your truth show.
Let falsehood go.
Chop up the onions and tomatoes,
put it all in the pressure cooker.
Let it cook for three whistles
and serve it, that's it.
Is it so easy? I could never make dal.
What's so tough about it?
What are you seeking?
Ask yourself!
What are you seeking?
Ask yourself!
What are you seeking?
Ask yourself!
What are you seeking?
Ask yourself!
What I live through
How would you know?
You know nothing of my story or pain
Where I live, what I endure
How few friends I have
So now I stay mute
In a town of deaf brutes
Empty platitudes are empty
I ask no one for help
I bow my head before God
I plead to be forgiven
Just let it flow
Let your truth show
Yes, ma'am?
You're near
Yet we're a world apart
Why are my hands tied?
I cannot console you
I cannot reach out to you
I cannot wipe your tears
My standing won't let me
I am here
So are you
But the truth is
I'm in one world
You're in another
You're near
Yet we're a world apart
Why are my hands tied?
Can anyone tell me
Why this divide, this disparity?
Who pulls the strings?
Who writes the story?
Can anyone tell me
Why this divide, this disparity?
Who pulls the strings?
Who writes the story?
Murad, stop talking to yourself.
It brings bad luck.
Go to sleep.
Can anyone tell me
Why this divide, this disparity?
Who pulls the strings?
Who writes the story?
It's getting away! Grab the bus.
-Hi, brother.
-It's like your school bus.
Come on in.
Little men, this is my friend Murad.
Say hello.
Murad, where are you from?
Some Muslim ghetto?
-Are you a bum like my Srikant?
-Ignore him, man.
Bro! Mind blowing!
-My treasure.
-What a moron!
Locks his sneakers in there
like they're jewels!
Srikant, put them in a bank locker.
-I'll be out for dinner, sis.
Parties all night and calls it work.
-Bloody goof-off.
-Shut up, you boozer.
Calling yourself "Sher" doesn't...
make you a lion.
Where's your mother?
Ran away.
You wrote this?
We should record it.
But I have.
Not like this, Homie.
In a studio.
Then we'll shoot a video
and put it on YouTube.
So you think the song is OK?
Some lines were off tempo.
Tempo? Meaning?
Tempo means...
One, two, three, four...
Yo, Homies, what's going on?
Wake up in the morning
And have tea lying on the lawn
When the sun comes along
Take a hit from your bong
Fly high and sing your song!
What is rap?
Rhythm and poetry.
Poetry, you have.
Now follow the rhythm, my man.
So you liked it?
Chill out, bro.
There's a storm inside you, Homie.
A storm!
What say, Chintoo?
That's hard, man.
You're good, bro.
Stand a couple of inches away
from the pop filter.
When you exhale, turn away.
Just let it all out into the mic.
Let the lava erupt, Homie!
Come on.
Record this, Tony.
Can anyone tell me
Why this divide, this disparity?
Who pulls the strings?
Who writes the story?
Starving babies cower
Next to sky scraping towers
What's this divide?
Your money has tenacity
You rule with audacity
Your car's big as my home
Our bellies empty
Yours full of gold
What's this divide? Tell me!
Even with this closeness
There's a chasm between us
My hands are tied
There's a chasm between us
Even with this closeness
There's a chasm between us
My hands are tied
There's a chasm between us
One thing's for sure
Your heart and money are impure
We drift between guns and ash
We sleep on trash
You lounge on cash
Two worlds
One black, one white
Few masters, many slaves
You're lonely in your palace
While we fight for space
We're the rats in your race!
Even with this closeness
There's a chasm between us
My hands are tied
There's a chasm between us
Even with this closeness
There's a chasm between us
My hands are tied
There's a chasm between us
My family is torn apart
No room, only walls
Troubled minds, empty bellies
They say it's my fate
This illusion I will break
Leaning on my shoulder, she weeps
My mother, my soldier
Your lullaby is now my battle cry
I'll make the impossible possible, Ma!
Even with this closeness
There's a chasm between us
My hands are tied
There's a chasm between us
Even with this closeness
There's a chasm between us
My hands are tied
There's a chasm between us
Not export, Homie. Explode!
-Feels good, right?
No, thanks.
You don't drink?
Want something else?
A good name.
He needs a good name.
What's wrong with Murad?
You're a rapper now.
You need a rapper's name.
Like MC Sher.
How did you pick MC Sher?
My ma used to call me Sher.
And I am a lion.
And you?
Me? Just a guy from the street.
He's just a gully boy.
Gully Boy!
Gully Boy?
Gully Boy.
-Why not?
-Gully boy.
-Sounds good.
Gully Boy? It's hard, man.
-Gully Boy.
Gully Boy. Yeah!
Homie, it's great. Gully Boy!
I love you, Gemma!
You're a gem!
Gully Boy.
Will this work?
It's a proper medical certificate.
If it doesn't work, tell the dean
to call the doctor.
You mean your father?
No, I mean me!
Your doctor, Safeena Firdausi.
Get it now?
Sure, I get it.
Murad, my brother listens
to your song on a loop.
Yes. Recording any more songs?
I want to.
We'll think about it once he's graduates.
Your brother can listen
to the same song till then.
Come on, let me enjoy that feeling.
Don't be like that.
What's this, huh?
What's this gibberish?
Your notes are a mess.
Might as well puke on them.
I write some things in code.
What code, idiot?
What's this mean: "tymc"?
It's TYMC! TY...
I could slap you.
We're both going to fail the exams.
Let's study this evening.
You have plans?
What's the comment?
What kind of name is Sky?
Sounds like a Scot name.
"Nice lyrics, but groove sucks!"
Who's this smart-pants?
Here, let's give him something
to chew on.
Hi there, Sky
I'm the kinda guy...
Whose rhymes will shoot you down
from up high
That's hard, man.
You're quick with these tricks!
Hey, look at this.
"You're lucky you've caught my eye
Gully Boy, I'm not gonna lie
With my beats
Your lyrics might just get by"
You threw a curveball,
but he hit a home run!
Send us the beat!
-He won't send it.
-He will... see.
Want to meet?
-Straight away?
-Why not?
When are your exams?
Next week.
Then come see me.
He's very smart. He'll learn fast.
-Being smart isn't enough.
-You need the right attitude.
-You're right.
You won't get a job on a platter
just because you're my nephew.
Why should he get special treatment?
He's got to keep his head down
and work hard like we do.
It's different in my line.
Sales require brains.
You've got to show confidence.
Our product has serious competition
in the market.
Don't worry, Uncle. I get it.
I'll learn everything well.
You'll have no problem.
You didn't tell me Murad is a singer?
Suhail showed it to me.
He sings well.
What's this?
-What happened?
-Shut up!
I'm talking!
What is this?
It's rap. I wrote it.
"Let him study!"
He's studying this crap!
-He won't do it again.
-Shut your mouth!
I've sunk so much money
into his education.
On top of that,
he eats like a horse.
Cat caught your tongue?
If I catch you again...
that will be it.
Get inside.
I liked your song.
What did she say?
-MC Sher's list. I'm Murad.
-Where were you?
-Is Sky here?
Check him out.
Who's he?
Kaam Bhaari.
From where?
Kandivali 101.
The little guy is great.
Uh, Gully Boy?
Hi, I'm Sky.
-Nice to meet you.
Hi, Sky.
Why are you boys looking
at me like that?
-We thought you were a guy.
Sorry, I'm a girl.
Makes no difference to us,
girl or boy.
Wonderful! And you are?
MC Sher? No way!
Aren't you up next?
A beer for me, please.
One beer.
And you?
He doesn't drink.
But he talks?
I'm sorry.
What's your name?
So, I study music programming
at Berklee.
It's a music school in Boston. America.
An entire school just for music?
It happens there, abroad.
Anyway, I need to produce a track.
I was considering recording in India
and found you online.
Sher's made the track.
I couldn't have done it without him.
-Oh, really?
Then why don't you both
collaborate with me?
Collaborate? How?
You write and perform.
I'll produce and program.
I've got a budget.
I will cover the studio and video.
Then we'll release it.
Copyright 50/50.
You signed to a label?
You're under contract?
What's funny?
I'll kill you, Murad. I have to go now.
Sorry, sorry, sorry.
What happened?
We met that musician.
So she wants us to make
a track with her.
She's a girl!
She studies music in America.
Music Studies! Can you imagine?
-Is she rich?
-Looks like it.
But she's chill, no attitude.
I think it'll be fun working with her.
So you're going to make music with her?
And Sher too.
We'll record in a proper studio.
And your exams?
I'll figure it out.
I've got a job at Uncle Ateeq's.
Don't worry so much.
I want to do this.
So do it.
See you tomorrow.
Wait a little.
I have to go. Look at the time.
Just five minutes. Safeena!
Now what?
Can't we talk inside?
Not in front of everyone.
It's private.
We can't all live together.
Your woman fancies Murad's singing.
There will be trouble.
Must I buy another house?
Should I work overtime
while your son is busy singing?
Did you ask me before remarrying?
Now fix it.
Tell Murad not to strut about.
Brilliant solution!
If you're leaving it up to me,
pack your bags and get out!
You want me to leave?
-I should go?
-I'm being polite.
You brought another woman to my bed.
Yes, I did!
You weren't of much use
on that bed anyway!
And did you ever learn
how to touch me?
Did I replace you
with someone else, huh?
Did I? Open the door.
I'll bring someone into this room.
It's my turn now.
-Hi, you're Gully Boy, right?
Terrific song, man! Nicely done.
Thanks, man.
Gully Boy!
Getting mobbed, huh?
That was just one guy.
Don't be a smart-ass.
Had fun failing the exam?
"Where's that chick from your street?
Oh! She's now in my street"
-That's so funny. I love it!
-Great lyrics.
You know where we'll shoot it?
On your street.
On your street!
What about your father?
We'll see about it. It is what it is.
What's up, Gully Boy?
What's crackin', MC Sher?
Let's do something for our public, man!
For our people, man!
For our brothers and sisters!
For sure!
Where you at?
Bombay 17, man. And you?
Did current spike your hair?
Cut it out!
He's zapped!
Your biggest dog is a poodle
On my street
The entire city echoes in my street
A church, mosque and temple
On my street
Talk about my mum
Get whacked on my street
If the cops come, we're in trouble
On my street
The best of life is on my street
Where's that chick from your street?
Oh! She's now in my street
In my street!
Your biggest dog is a poodle
On my street
The entire city echoes in my street
In my street!
If the cops come, we're in trouble
On my street
The best of life is on my street
My home sweet home on my street
It's tiny but our hearts are sweet
If you're in need
We're on our feet
We're poor
Not thieves for sure
We've got our shops
But the games never stop
They say, "Loco won't give way
On the street"
'Coz Loco's the way on our street
The vibe on my street is rocking
It's the pride of Dharavi
Money and fame are common
But our love's rare for everyone
My Rat Pack catches bugs on the tracks
When playing the fool we don't look back
We climb rooftops, con dudes
And pick a fight if we're in the mood
In my street!
Your biggest dog is a poodle
On my street
The entire city echoes in my street
In my street!
If the cops come, we're in trouble
On my street
The best of life is on my street
Shit goes wild when I bring my swag
Life gets money and the town gets stacked
Chick on your arm is eyeballing me
Your swag is a pile of baloney!
I can defeat you in your own game
My bro's on my side, together we reign!
Crush leaf, light toke, feel that, honey!
If I slap you, go cryin' to mummy!
Trouble is the street's tease
The broke one has everyone on their knees
Happiness is bae, she gets my way
The local swindler?
That's the minister!
Who's big here?
We're all terriers!
We hustle smooth and clear
When the cops come, the dogs disappear
In my street!
Your biggest dog is a poodle
On my street
The entire city echoes in my street
In my street!
If the cops come, we're in trouble
On my street
The best of life is on my street
In my street!
Your biggest dog is a poodle
On my street
In my street!
If the cops come, we're in trouble
On my street
In my street!
Your biggest dog is a poodle
On my street
In my street!
The best of life is on my street
On my street!
Even I watched the video
15 times, man. Seriously.
-Likes are pouring in.
-What are you saying. Let me see.
You've crossed 500 likes.
No way!
You're killing it, man!
Refresh it.
Look at that.
-It's up from 504 to 505.
-You're tearing it up, man!
Check the comments.
Did you get it?
What did that girl say?
Go straight to the garage,
don't mess around.
Moeen, you're using those kids
to deal drugs?
Chill. They had a message for me.
Shame on you, Moeen.
Tell me straight. What's going on?
Who the hell are you?
What have you ever achieved?
I don't like stupid questions.
I don't report to losers.
What happened?
He thinks he's a tough guy
because he's got a few likes.
-Is that you?
-No, it's my ghost, Ma.
What do you think?
Finish your studies first, get a job.
Then do all this.
Sure, Ma.
But did you like the video?
How did you do it?
I don't know, I just went with the flow.
They told me to do these
weird things...
Got to take the call.
So what?
Please go.
Hello, love.
Ankur, Murad. Maya, Murad.
Hi, what's up?
Where are we going?
Can you paint?
What do you mean?
The river has two shores
I stand on one shore
My dream on the other
My life is upside down
I'm lucky you're by my side
Bringing a smile to my world
I didn't know you were
interested in art.
This isn't art. This is war.
-All hail, Princess Sky!
-Shut up!
Dreams cannot be bought
Borrowing dreams exacts a high price
My life is upside down
I'm lucky you're by my side
Bringing a smile to my world
Since I met you I hear a song
My silence has found a voice
Like a flood of feeling filling the air
Bringing a smile to my world
Bringing a smile to my world
Life isn't adding up
A little gain, a little loss
My life is upside down
I'm lucky you're by my side
"Food. Clothes.
Shelter and Internet"
I can't believe I'm in a rap video.
I can't believe you were going
to do something else.
It's not that easy, madam.
You have to earn money.
Follow your passion, you will earn money.
What's the Hindi word for passion?
Amazing! You live in India
and you can't speak Hindi.
I speak Hindi, OK?
I just don't know the word for passion.
The word is junoon.
I like it, I like the word.
You like it? Meets your approval?
Where are you, Murad?
What time is it?
I've got permission for tomorrow.
For what?
The success part of your video.
Were you sleeping?
Where were you last night?
Here, just around the corner.
Are you coming now?
Call me after college.
How do I look?
You could be a model, man.
They like models who look starved.
These models are slim just like us.
-You got this in my size?
-Sure, what's your size?
Firstly, I let you in
and you're breaking things!
What's up? Why are you shouting?
-That's tight!
-Have you seen this?
Is Nas really coming here?
Why didn't you tell me?
Sorry. I forgot, man.
I found out only yesterday.
-How much is the ticket for?
-Read that.
What does it say?
Amazing news!
Will anyone tell me what's written there?
There's going to be
a rap battle in Mumbai.
-A rap competition.
The winner gets to perform
at Nas's concert.
The opening act!
A million rupees cash prize.
-A million?
No way! Get out of my way.
The prize is mine.
MC/BC Moeen is in the house!
This is how you do it, right?
Smoke weed every day!
He's so funny.
-What is this, bro?
-It's an opportunity, man.
I don't know how to battle.
Then learn.
-My counters aren't fast enough.
-Write them down then.
To "Mere Gully Mein." 300,000 views!
You kidding me!
Come outside.
Are you OK?
I'll be right back.
What did you tell your parents?
I said it is
Suhani's parents' anniversary party.
With my friend Ankur.
He's an amazing artist.
Is that Murad?
What is that?
These guys... look at it.
These guys have been painting
the town red.
Graffiti all over town.
Isn't that crazy?
When was this?
-I'm just gonna go out for a smoke, yeah?
Can I speak to you for a second?
Did you tell Safeena
we went out that night?
No, why? Did you?
I'm sorry, I didn't know.
Hey, octopus!
Get your hands off him.
Safeena, don't create a scene.
What's going on between you two?
We're friends, we connect on music.
So now you're connected to her?
You're a musician?
Do you want to talk in private?
No, tell me about this connection.
-He's very talented--
-Who's talking to you?
Were you with her on Thursday night?
-Yeah, I'm the one who--
-Will you be quiet?
Shut up!
You lied to me, Murad.
This is my fault.
Safeena. Safeena.
Don't touch me.
No need to get physical,
calm down...
You want me to calm down?
Oh, my God!
Safeena, you're completely crazy!
Waiter, get some ice!
Slowly, don't touch!
Slow, slow...
Get some ice!
It was an assault, right?
Yes, ma'am. She hit me.
But she's my friend.
Do you want to file a case or not?
No, not at all.
Yeah, I'm sure. It's a personal matter.
I can't take any action
if she won't file a case.
Sky isn't filing a complaint.
What he's saying is good.
Is my daughter here?
What's her name?
Safeena Firdausi.
You lied to us?
Is this what we've taught you?
Then why did you do this?
If I tell you the truth,
you'll never let me leave the house.
So, is this our fault, too?
I didn't say that.
But did I have a choice?
If you don't lie and fight,
would your life be ruined?
It's already ruined, Ma.
My life is confined to college,
the clinic and home. What else do I do?
So what more do you want to do?
I want to go out.
Party with my friends,
watch movies, go to concerts,
wear lipstick.
Talk to boys.
Not secretly but in your presence.
I want to invite them home
like people do normally.
Suhani's parents let her
be the way she is.
Would you allow me to do these things?
If you agree, I'll never lie again.
Where did you get such ideas?
Just die!
Hello. It's me.
Say something.
What should I say?
I'll apologize to her.
You could've blinded her.
I know. I lost it.
But you lied to me!
You said you were just around the corner.
Murad, I know there's something
between you two.
No, we just make music together.
Don't kid me. You're doing
much more than making music.
Oh, come on.
I can't handle this anymore.
First you lie.
Then you pretend it's my fault.
Talk to me!
What should I say?
What happened between you guys?
Nothing happened!
What's wrong with you?
What about you, Safeena?
You promised me you'd never
get violent again! Why did you beat her?
You could've been arrested!
Why don't you get it?
That's not the point!
We're talking about you!
Well, I'm tired
and I can't do this anymore!
What? What did you say?
What are you talking about?
What are you talking about?
Whatever we have between us.
Tell me what you want!
Tell me!
I want some time.
Time? Do I look like a clock to you?
I want to focus on work,
not on your endless dramas.
-Yes! I want to end it!
Don't call me again.
She smashed a bottle on her head?
That's my girl!
Great, you're defending her.
It's not Safeena's fault.
It's my fault, man.
I messed up big time.
Many would kill to mess up like you.
I don't know how to tell her.
She knows everything already, man.
She's no fool.
She keeps asking about it.
She's like her mom.
She'd kill me if I told her.
Will you ignore her for that?
You're such a coward.
Drop it.
She deserves to know the truth.
Just like I deserve
to be invited to the party with your
English-talking gang.
I see right through you, man.
He should've asked for Miss Shweta.
He kept asking for Sky.
You can go upstairs now.
I'll call you if I need anything.
You live here alone?
My parents live upstairs.
You have one more house?
Safeena texted me.
She apologized.
Did you ask her... to do that?
We broke up.
Are you OK?
I ask everyone from when to when
Were you drawn to me?
From when to when?
I keep wondering if I'm imagining things
Or is it her words that quicken my heart?
I'm longing to tell you something
If you like me, share my pain
Make me
I ask everyone from when to when
Were you drawn to me?
Make me find myself
From when to when?
The day we became friends
The stars fell from the sky
To light my world
What magic did you weave, O girl?
You're stealing my heart...
I thought you liked me.
I like you.
So what's wrong?
Why are you interested in me?
You know where I'm from.
You're an artist.
Where you're from, what you own...
None of that matters.
Is it Safeena?
Without Safeena,
my life would be like...
growing up without a childhood.
Should we finish the track?
Thank you.
You don't have to thank me.
-The bank is transferring him next year.
-To Delhi or Mauritius.
We want him to get married before that.
He may find it difficult
living alone there.
Safeena, can you cook?
No, but if all goes well,
I could transplant your liver one day.
She loves joking.
She wants to be a surgeon.
Be it studies or cooking. She's an expert!
Please, have some more.
When can I go back to college?
Get married first.
Dad? Dad.
It's just 18 months to go.
This is a crucial year.
I can't miss a single lecture.
There's no need for that, Safeena.
Say something.
You know I'm a brilliant student.
You can't pull me out of college.
I've apologized.
Everyone is gossiping.
Dad, please! Please!
Dad, please.
Let me study. Please, Dad.
I want to study, Dad.
I'll marry anyone you want. Please.
I'll drop her at college
and pick her up every day.
But you'll have to meet suitors.
Forget everything else
and keep practicing your flow.
It's a battle, don't let anything
they say touch you.
Stay calm.
They'll insult you brutally
but don't let it stick.
Look them straight in the eye.
Wait and smile.
When it's your turn, destroy them.
Scan your opponent.
Even the toughest guys have
at least one weak spot.
Keep looking for that chink.
Find it. Tear it open
and grab your victory.
Rich guy, fat guy, ugly guy.
Daddy's boy, show-off, wannabe.
Use your standard rhyme when you can.
And keep practicing your flow.
You'll get the hang of it, yeah?
I'll kick him out!
The whole neighborhood knows
-and you didn't tell me.
-Everyone is looking!
-What do you mean?
-Where did he get the money from?
I didn't give him any money.
-He's a kid, you can't kick him out.
-Then how did he make a video?
What are you doing?
-You think he's a kid?
-A kid?
He's a burden on me and you say
he's a kid!
Let him be then. I'll look after him.
You look after your mistress.
What did you say?
Ungrateful wretch!
Thrash me! I won't keep quiet now!
It's your parents.
Yes! I will keep saying it!
-Go ahead, slap me!
-What did you say?
Don't you dare hit her!
I'll call the police!
-Don't hit her!
Don't hit her!
You scoundrel!
-Hit me and I'll call the police!
-Don't hit her!
-Don't hit her!
-The police will thrash you!
The police will straighten you out.
Don't touch her.
Stop it, Murad.
Murad! Stop it, Murad!
-He's your father.
Let go of him, Murad.
He's got some nerve.
Is this how you've raised him?
No wonder your husband brought home
a new wife.
Is this what you've taught him?
Let's go, Ma. We can't stay here.
You come too.
What are you all looking at?
Get lost from here!
Get out. Out!
All of you!
-Where's the van?
-I'll get it.
What about me?
Your son will look after you.
You've raised him so well.
This is part and parcel of marriage.
He doesn't have a problem
if you stay there, right?
Give it a few days.
Everything will be fine.
I don't want everything to be fine.
I just want some help to restart
my catering business.
You want to leave your husband
and want me to help you?
So you want--
Any man would get mad
if his own son behaved like he did!
Think about it!
Let's eat. Come on.
If you like singing, sing ballads.
Your uncle loves them.
What's up, Homie?
I told you to keep the kids away
from all this!
-Back off.
-They're kids, Moeen.
So what? You'll hit me?
I'll bury you here.
How dare you grab my collar!
Go grab the people
who left them in the gutter.
At least I give them food and shelter.
Don't lecture me.
Get out of here.
What are you looking at?
I won't say it again, Mustafa.
What's going on, bro?
I'm in big trouble.
Well, who isn't?
I need money.
My mother has nowhere to go.
I've got nothing saved up
to give you, Homie.
But we can work together.
Jack some cars.
You and me. My boss won't know.
Silence be damned
Justice is a sham
Corruption runs in their veins
Intentions stained
They speak of change
They're all the same
They woo us for votes
Then jump the boat!
Money calls the shots
Money is the boss
It's not about merit
It's the sons who inherit
They are safe in their yachts
As the country sinks
You want education? Pay up!
Want drinking water? Line up!
They steal our land, our hope
Make us peddlers of their dope
Why do you need four cars?
A palace for a family of four?
Do you care what we breathe?
Money doesn't replace nature
Don't silence me
The scales are tilted
Don't silence me
Your laughter, my tears
Don't silence me
Why choke every day?
Don't silence me
There'll come a Judgment Day
I don't wanna be a slumdog millionaire
I'm on a mission
The state's maggots feed on our graves
A sword above our heads
Screaming loud, rewriting history
But who cares?
The devil works in the name of God
Religion is used for money
So think, listen, speak up
Stop turning a blind eye!
Try some virtue
Honesty won't hurt you
Clean this dirt! Clean this dirt!
Don't silence me
The scales are tilted
Don't silence me
Your laughter, my tears
Don't silence me
Why choke every day?
Don't silence me
There'll come a Judgment Day
Give me freedom!
Have some meat.
Will I get anything to eat?
Are you a graduate?
Did you get a job?
Then I've got nothing for you.
When did you get so grown-up?
I'm studying.
You're lucky you get to choose.
Nobody even asked us.
I was told who to marry
and that was that.
He looks respectable.
A compressor is the heart
of any air-conditioner.
The role our heart plays in our body,
a compressor plays the same role
in any air-conditioner
or in any refrigeration system.
There's gas inside the tubing,
refrigerant gas.
The compressor compresses the gas, the air
and increases its pressure.
With this, the temperature also increases.
How I got here?
You don't wanna know
Pain in my words
What else do I have to show?
My thoughts at the peak
My feet on the ground
Don't believe me, but
Belief in me is what I found
There are a million curses and
I have my mother's love every day
Her smile is my victory
How could I lose my way?
Cut my tongue off
And my tears will sing aloud
Bury me, I'm a seed
I'll grow to touch a cloud
When my heart broke
Hip-hop was all I had
The night held me till morning
When things got really bad
I'm an artist and my tomorrow I shall make
Art is my religion
And I have no other prayer to fake
My mother, my universe
My lover, the street
They call me crazy 'cause
My spirit is something they can't defeat
Shout out and love to you
For lending me an ear
I make music, but I was made by those
Who held me dear
Pay attention for I have only one goal
That my words touch your heart
And calm your soul
Make some noise!
Throw your hands up in the air!
Because India just met real hip-hop
And we ain't going nowhere!
Yes, sir, this beautiful dream
That we all share
India just met real hip-hop
And we ain't going nowhere!
Yes, sir, this beautiful dream
That we all share
India just met real hip-hop
And we ain't going nowhere!
Come in.
Can I have a word, Uncle?
I have some work tomorrow.
I need to go somewhere.
Can I have the day off?
Where are you going on a picnic?
There's a contest I'm taking part in.
It's the first audition.
Where did you learn such fancy words?
Your father is a driver, remember?
A servant's son is a servant.
It's the law of nature.
But your mother is fighting
for you not to be a servant.
Keep that in mind.
The rest is up to god.
Just one path on which silently
Heads lowered, eyes closed
People live out all their lives
They don't know, they don't think
They never ask
Whether this path will
lead them somewhere
Or nowhere at all
Along the way a crossroad appears
A path unlike the trodden path
One that only the crazy tread
Others forever walk the trodden path
Heads lowered, eyes closed
Haunted by the thought
What if we had taken the path
less travelled?
Who knows where it might have led us
Razia was right.
You're a smart boy.
Look at me.
Life gives everyone a chance.
Don't let it slip by.
You've secured your future today.
Thank you.
Yo, Homie, all good?
Where's your hood?
If you can rhyme, this is the right time
Yo, Homie, all good?
Where's your hood?
If you can rhyme, this is the right time
Yo, it's MC Altaf.
Dharavi was once a tiny slum
Full of smartasses, I was one
Don't mess with us, we're renegades
Forget the future, think of your fate
Guess what! A new era has dawned
My words are magic
The pen is my wand
My words and I, to this street we belong
I ain't poor, just hungry for a song
Yo, Homie, all good?
Where's your hood?
If you can rhyme, this is the right time
Yo, Homie, all good?
Where's your hood?
If you can rhyme, this is the right time
Yo, Homie, all good?
Where's your hood?
If you can rhyme, this is the right time
Where have you been?
I thought I was too late.
Are you OK?
A bit nervous.
You won't be scared, will you?
I'll close my eyes and blurt it out.
Nice outfit.
That's your vibe, Homie!
All right, the all-important question.
Who will be our nation's
next rap star?
All right, each contestant
will get one chance.
When your time is up
you'll hear the buzzer,
and the buzzer sounds like this.
Shall we start the rap battles?
And our first contestant is...
He's here with a roar! MC Sher!
And up against him is
none other than Kaam Bhaari!
Kaam Bhaari!
And let the bottle decide
who goes first.
MC Sher!
Show the shorty his place!
Oh, now I know why cursing
In the rap battle is banned
It's 'cause kids like him
Are sitting in the stand
-Roast him!
You act like a wise guy
But you're a fool
Get out of here!
You should be in school
Beating kids is bad
But face it, I'm your wicked dad
You think you're Goliath but
You must've lost the heels you had
I'll chew you up, spit you out
Roast you till you shout
I'm big money, you're small change, honey
I'm the jungle king, you're a puny thing
Sorry, I hurt you
Didn't mean to make you sad
You're just a kid
Who doesn't even know his dad
You're no lion, you're a giraffe
I'm on the hunt
You can dance your "bhangra"
But you'll get shot on the front
Your drunk dad
Should open your head like his bottle
Stick his tongue in and chug full throttle
Listen up, Sher
I've got a sharp cutter
I'll use it like Murad is bread
And you're butter
My tunes are bangers, yours don't fly
You look like a burger
But you're actually a fry
My words explode like a gunpowder drum
I can get into your head
Like a shot of rum
Rum reminds me!
Tell your dad I said hi
My name is Kaam Bhaari
Goodnight and goodbye
So you want to open a clinic?
I'll have responsibilities at home,
so maybe I'll work part-time.
Nice to hear that.
Girls these days forget their homes
in favor of their careers.
So true.
I know my priorities.
Salman wants to talk to Safeena
in private, if you don't mind.
No, not at all.
Thank you.
What a nightmare!
My parents insisted so I...
Does Murad know?
Not yet, but he'll crack up
when he finds out.
Do you want to reject first
or should I?
I'm going to say yes.
Ask Murad to call me
or I will marry you, Salman.
Before we kick this thing off
I have a doubt
There should only be rappers here
Who let the dogs out?
I don't bark, I go straight to the bite
I'll chop you into mincemeat
In plain sight
Stop preening, let me pass
I'm like Tyson, way above your class
You're that water gun that's dry on Holi
Hitting you for a sixer like MS Dhoni
I'll stand right here and hit a four
You keep on running to make up the score
I'm the hunter, you're a lamb
Frail and afraid
If you're Dope Daddy
I'm a narcotics raid
You wanna battle?
Make yourself like me
Or just hit the road and beg for a penny
You dare diss me?
I am paid for teaching scums like you
If I say no, you're down on your knees
I always bite, you growl and bark
You're a fish in a tank
I'm a great white shark
Next up in the rap battle is...
Shah Rule!
And fighting him will be
Gully Boy!
Come on up here, Gully Boy.
Yo, Shah Rule, make him choke!
Gully Boy, Shah Rule,
pick up your mics.
And let the bottle decide
who goes first.
And it's Shah Rule!
The rap game isn't your thing
Come wash my car
I'll throw you a coin
You'll feel like a star
You're a 9-to-5 dog
Stumbling in the streets
Tailing your Master Sher
Singing to his beats
Wow, your clothes look great
Dripping with sweat
A nobody, a street rat
Your life is under threat
Run and catch the local train
To your street
You slave of the system
Grovel at your boss's feet
Your thoughts are trash
You were raised in a bin
The moment I saw you
I knew lightweights can't win
Follow me, I'm your guru
I can make you better
Buy your mum a sari
Take this coin, you beggar
Yeah! Kill him boy!
That's right!
What's that, Gully Boy?
A heart attack?
Wow, that was tight
Now must I dance to your tune?
I've shed sweat and blood
Now you'll shed tears soon
I keep repeating my clothes
'Cause I only have a few
But each time I wear this shirt
I know I look cool
Bow down! Take a knee!
Tuck your tail in and run
'Cause I buy my own shirts
While your father still pays for his son
Keep your fancy cars
I'll be fine on my feet
'Cause you have less sense
Than the saris my mother needs
You hear that? Listen closely
That applause is for me!
Your life's been a free pass
Never had to pay back the loan
From Murad to Gully Boy
I've worked myself to the bone
Gully Boy!
Awesome, man!
I'm gonna break every scale
You can't measure me
Your easy money got raided, bro
And now my coin will speak
That was hard! Very hard!
What an amazing semi-final
that was!
Here are the top ten rappers
the audience voted for.
Now let's ask our judges
for their decision.
I'm gonna say five names,
please step forward.
MC Todfod.
Malik Sahab.
MC Sher.
Stony Psyko.
OK, hold up!
OK, guys, you were all very good.
But you could've been better.
Your journey ends here.
I'm sorry, guys.
Good luck to you all.
Keep rapping and keep the scene alive.
So, congratulations to our finalists!
Emiway Bantai.
MC Checkmate.
Dee MC.
Kaam Bhaari.
Gully Boy.
Get ready and give it up
for our five contenders
who'll perform solo
on 11 May at the finals!
Greetings, my man.
I heard you killed it yesterday!
-Yeah, it was fantastic.
-I know.
Rishi saw it on Facebook.
-It was killer, man.
It was a hard scene.
Tell me more.
I lost my job though.
Are you serious?
I left office to attend
the competition.
Do you have any work for me?
I can do it till I find a better job.
Do you think the work I do
is not good enough?
That's not what I meant, man.
Crack open the bonnet.
-Right now?
-Waiting for the stars to align?
Yo, Homie.
What's up, my man?
What brings you here?
Speak up.
I need to talk to you.
Go ahead. Why are you so tensed up?
Let's talk over there.
You can talk in his presence. Go ahead.
I met Safeena.
My parents took me to her place.
I told you they're looking
for a girl for me.
Have you lost it?
-You want me to thrash you?
-Cool, cool.
Come on, man.
Obviously, I refused.
But she told me if you didn't call her,
she'll force my parents
to get us married.
Call her. You know how crazy she is.
I don't want to marry her.
-She's my girl!
-Just call her, man!
Open the window of your bathroom.
Why, what happened?
Just do as I say.
One minute.
What are you doing?
You really are crazy.
What do you care
if I'm crazy or hazy?
I miss you.
Say it again.
I miss you.
Then why didn't you call?
So is the break-up over?
And what about Yo Yo Sky?
Nothing, she's just a friend.
But we hooked up once.
It wasn't serious.
It didn't mean anything.
It always means something.
Now I get to hook up
with someone too.
If that's cool with you, we'll talk.
You do whatever you like.
What's with your parents?
Why are they pushing you to marry?
They can't do a thing.
I'll deal with it.
You know, I cleared the semi-finals.
I made it to the finals!
-Rap battle?
-No way!
The winner gets a million rupees.
A million!
I don't know if I'll win or not.
But this is what I want to do.
You do whatever you like.
I'm going to be a surgeon.
We'll have a good life.
What is he doing here?
Where were you all day?
I called you so many times,
why didn't you answer?
I even sent Suhail to find you.
Ateeq said you walked out
of the office.
Yes, I did.
Are you high?
I got selected.
Over 50 rappers took part,
only five were selected.
I'm one of them.
I made the right choice.
Who are you?
What are you worth?
Let it be.
Call Ateeq and apologize...
I won't call him, he called us servants.
But we are servants.
That means we serve
and work hard.
We aren't slaves.
Whatever we are,
we deserve respect.
You won't get such an opportunity again!
Who do you think you are?
Who the hell is someone else
to tell me who I am?
Look at this.
Over 400,000 people saw this video.
So what?
Read the comments they've posted.
They're thanking me
for making a song about people like us.
So what?
So it means something!
It matters to people.
After I die, people will still watch it
and feel something.
That has value. I have value.
Don't ever call me worthless.
I am something.
And I'm worth something.
These songs will get you nowhere.
You'll never get it.
I've wasted money on his education.
I'll pay you back.
Listen, son.
Life isn't easy for people like us.
We can't afford big dreams.
Haven't I told you to keep
your head down? The world...
Did you ever consider
you might be wrong?
That you've wasted your whole life
believing a lie?
Believing this is our fate
and we lie in the scraps!
It's not a lie.
I've seen more sunsets
than you have.
I've taught you only what I've learned.
Your dream must match your reality.
I will not change my dream
to match my reality.
I will change my reality...
to match my dream.
God has given me a gift.
I won't give it back.
I've made my decision.
That's it.
Hey, come on, move!
Come on! Move it!
Sir, I've not stolen any car. I haven't.
-I haven't stolen the car.
-Move it!
-Who are the others?
-I'm just a mechanic!
What was your plan?
-Listen to me...
-Get inside!
-Please listen...
-You must be put behind bars!
We saw you on CCTV.
What's your name?
Fuck, it hurts!
Five minutes.
How are you?
Don't ask, man.
These guys really roughed me up.
But I didn't tell them anything.
Don't worry, I'll tell them it was me.
Are you crazy? Come here.
Why would you say anything?
Think about your bail, bro.
My testimony can get you out of here.
I'll tell them.
Don't. Get it?
You were there when I needed help.
How can I abandon you now?
I would've ended up in here
one way or another. Do you get it?
This is my life, man.
Surviving on the edge. Somehow.
Good things are coming your way.
Don't risk it.
You can post my bail once
you win the contest, man.
I'm sorry, bro.
Feed my kids.
Take care of them.
Make everyone from Dharavi 17 proud.
You hear me?
Go there and wipe them clean.
Then come and save Moeen.
That was like a rap, Homie!
-Hi, bro.
-Good luck, man.
What's up, Sher?
Not necessary, please go ahead.
Your name, ma'am?
How are you feeling?
I'm terrified.
What are you talking about?
You're gonna kill it.
Go, get out there!
Just go.
-Bro, look who's here!
Relax, champion, you're ready now.
You're the real king of the jungle.
What a guy! Are you going to cry now?
Are you going to cry?
Excuse me, we need you
in the contestant section, please.
Killing it!
Go for it, man.
Gully Boy!
-Where to?
-Just following her.
Right here. Cordon that.
What's going on, public?
What did you think of Emiway Bantai?
Superb! Awesome!
Our underground movement
will now spread worldwide!
Keep this fire burning.
When I say hip-hop, you say forever.
Are you ready for the next contestant?
Shall we get him on stage?
And you Mumbai folk will decide
who'll open for the legendary Nas!
Presenting the next contestant
from Dharavi 17,
Murad Ahmed aka Gully Boy!
Gully Boy!
Make some noise, public!
What's up, my man?
I'm a bit nervous.
Good luck!
-Thanks you. Respect.
-Gully Boy!
Gully Boy! Gully Boy! Gully Boy!
I've never performed on stage
in front of a crowd like this.
I thought a lot about
what I should perform today.
Then I decided it'll be
the first song I ever wrote.
I wrote this at a time
when everything was going wrong.
Then something inside me said:
"No matter how rough things are,
believe in yourself. You're tougher
than you know, Homie."
That's hard!
Music gave me a voice.
And I think if you have a voice,
you should raise it.
That's my boy!
Listen, public.
Gully Boy!
Gully Boy!
Who said I won't make it?
Who said it?
My time will come!
Rise like a phoenix from the ashes!
As your wings spread
The sky will bow to you
Our time will come!
No one is as smooth a hustler as me
The lava of my words will melt my shackles
You will reap as you shall sow
My dreams will make fear tremble
You can't bury dreams six-feet-under
No fear, only guts!
We'll storm ahead, we'll seize the day
Blood and sweat gave our life meaning
Why? 'Cause our time will come!
Born to earth naked
You'll go with nothing
Our time will come!
Our time will come!
Our time will come!
Born to earth naked
You'll go with nothing
Our time will come!
Our time will come!
Born to earth naked
You'll go with nothing
No one opened doors
I kicked my way in
When luck turned, blessings rained on me
The boy is a rebel, fierce and fearless
He needs choice, heart, power
Conflict, audacity, faith
Love and loyalty for victory
He doesn't need fame
No one is as hard as him
Fortune favors the fearless, why?
Bravo, Murad!
'Cause our time will come!
Born to earth naked
You'll go with nothing
Our time will come!
Our time will come!
Our time will come!
Born to earth naked
You'll go with nothing
Our time will come!
Our time will come!
Our time will come!
Born to earth naked
You'll go with nothing
Born to earth naked
With nothing you'll go
Our time will come!
Our time will come!
Our time will come!
You will go with nothing
Gully Boy! Gully Boy! Gully Boy!
The rap star of India
The rap star of India
What's up, public?
Let's do this.