Gully Boy: Live In Concert (2019) Movie Script

Gully Boy!
Look at the crowd!
Boht Hard!
Gully Boy!
Tear it up!
This is mind blowing!
The scene is going to be lit AF.
Get a hold of yourself.
Mere gully mein, gully gully gully mein
Mere jaisa shana lala tujhe na mil payega
I love you, Ranveer Singh!
We love you!
Boht Hard!
We are here to celebrate the music of Gully Boy.
The music that is from our country.
Hip-hop in Bumbaiya from the streets of Mumbai...
For me, it was like...
It was like I couldn't believe what I was seeing.
I told Zoya there and then, I want to be a part of this.
These are some brilliant artists performing
Naezy, Alia, Kubbra, DIVINE.
Look at my number.
No doubt!
Bombay city! Gully Boy!
You should play like this but he plays like this, man! Who does that?
It's on, it's on! Things are heating up.
It's all coming together. It should be a good gig.
Don't you think the sound is exploding outside?
Naveen, what do you feel?
Fabulous? Sounding good?
What happens next? What's the next beat in the show?
I'll go and stand there first?
No, first you take the...
Bantai Bacchi Bamai?
Bantai Bacchi Bamai, yes
And I'll walk...
From the day that we started rehearsing to when we did the workshop
to when we started writing the songs
to when we recorded them,
to now, it's like, quite a rollercoaster of a ride.
Gully Boy music launch...
History in the making.
It's going to explode.
I think today is a historic day.
Today is a big day, a really special day,
The underground scene is getting a huge amount of exposure because of Gully Boy.
It's going to be fire, straight fire.
We've got fire brigades outside
I'm so sorry
This is it man, history, this is the night.
The crowd is ecstatic...
The concert is going to be on fire!
Watch and enjoy an extravaganza.
It's going to be insane!
What's up, people of Mumbai?
Are you guys ready?
Ready for the biggest night of our lives?
This concert has been in the making for the last one and a half years.
You're going to see performers on this stage
who are going to be coming up on stage for the very first time.
So give it up for Gully Boy!
Apna time?
Apna time?
Apna time?
And the time has arrived.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
please put your hands together
as we welcome on stage
Alia Bhatt!
What's up?
Oh my God!
What's up guys?
Let's hear a huge shoutout for all of you over here
You guys are our family, you guys are our friends
and you guys are the reason that we're all here today,
So a big round of applause for yourselves, guys.
I'm not going to waste too much time,
So let's begin this fantastic, crazy, beautiful...
One second!
Let's move on from English medium to the gully medium.
When I say gully, you say boy.
That's right! Enjoy the show, guys.
Alright then!
What's up, people?
Let's bring it on!
What's up, people?
Make some noise for yourselves and for the revolutionary youth of the country.
Indian Hip-Hop is not just music, it's a revolution.
It's the voice of the streets.
Ladies and gentlemen, I'm very, very proud
to present to you, the finest talents in Indian Hip-Hop.
One second guys,
The beat you guys just dropped
It was hard!
It was simply old school Hip-Hop.
This is Roshan aka BeatRAW.
This is Gaurav aka D-cypher.
Don't you think we're extremely lucky?
That's true.
Whoever's dropping the verse comes to the centre or takes a step forward.
The show is mostly frontal for the television cameras.
So if we form a semi circle, it'll look nice.
When I say Boht, you say hard!
Everybody comes on stage and we start a real cypher.
This is Spitfire straight from mid-zone...
And this is Dee MC.
Ye ye! From Aamchi Mumbai.
How's the scene going to be?
The scene's going to be, Boht Hard, Boht Hard, Boht Hard!
Why don't you just drop that beat?
Straight from Madhya Pradesh, give it up for Spitfire!
Give it up for my gully girl, it's Dee MC in the house.
One of the torch-bearers of Mumbai rap, give it up for MC Altaf!
Give it up for Rahul Raahi, you've definitely heard his name before.
The next artist is hard AF.
Make way for Nexus!
Let's do a cypher for the audience, what say Dhaval?
Who's this wild bear?
Who is this wild bear?
Dhaval, let's do something for the audience.
Let's do it! Let's do it!
The crowd is on fire!
From Madhya Pradesh to Mumbai, listen very carefully.
Let's move on from the old school beat to a faster one, shall we?.
You want to groove to a faster beat?
Put your hands up in the air!
Why don't you have some water brother!
You've been beat-boxing for so long.
Why don't you have some water?
Now let the Gully Boy take it away!
Make some noise for Ranveer Singh!
Make some noise for Gully Boy!
Everybody put your hands up!
Just wanted to tell you guys. Have been dubbing for the movie
I'm watching one, one scene everyday
It really turned out to be special
So we ought to put up a good show
ACE from Malvani,
The OG, Baby...
Baby, OG... Baby!
Mr. Rock in the building, what's up buddy?
We have seen rejection so much, we don't really believe that this is actually happening
Because, it's been a long fcking time that we've had to face rejection.
So, I think it's like a blessing...
And... our time has come!
You already know, It's the OG in the building
Give it up for Mumbai's Finest, Ace...
Boht Hard!
Can you hear me?
C'mon man, you gotta make some noise for Ace, man!
Mumbai's Finest!
Mad Love man! Ten years in the making, started from nothing and now were here.
Mumbai, Thanks to you man.
Love to my family, love to everyone in Gully Boy,
Mumbais Finest, man! You already know.
Make some noise, man!
Thank You Thank You, Love you all
Give it up for Ace!
Whats up guys, how are you?
How did you get the name Kaam Bhaari?
Kaam Bhaari was the name of my YouTube channel, not mine.
There was a cypher campaign which was organised by Ranveer Singh.
What work did you find difficult as a child?
Kaam Bhari has two meanings,
One is work hard
and in the Bombay slang it means game over.
Gully Boy
Live in Concert,
Kaam Bhaari,
Boht Hard!, Boht Hard!, Boht Hard!,
Destruction Mayhem and destruction!
Kaam Bhaari in the house, Kandivali 101, do all that sh.
This is the moment...
So lets do one last take properly, what say?
Oh ho!
People of Mumbai, how are you all today?
All good?
It feels good to see all of you
Thank you so much everyone !!
India 91 basically started as an idea of representation of your culture, where you come from.
We've got different languages Punjabi, Gujarati, Hindi, Marathi and its just representation man.
Its full chorus and it goes like Ae Bidu, Kya bolta hai, kidhar se tu
Let's show them what we got!
What you do say, people? Make some noise for India 91
Thank you guys, thank you, thank you, thank you
All right!
Ladies and Gentlemen, please put your hands together and welcome the very beautiful, Kalki..
Whats up Mumbaii?
Nice to see you all
Hows everyone doing?
How about that?
Stage is getting hotter
The stage is getting hotter?
And its going to get even more hot
Why is that so, Kalki?
Because we have a very special person called Ranveer Singh, who is coming back on stage!
So yeah,
We will excuse ourselves to the backstage
and bring back on stage from our Igloo,
our iceman, iceberg to end this distance between us.
Give it up for Ranveer Singh!
Cut.. What are we playing?
Are we playing the poem Doori?
because that is clearly not happening, right?
Just check why its skipping., thats all.
The beat drop does not make sense, Im losing the flow.
We are in the lions territory.
The one who came out of Mumbai 59 and made Hip Hop popular.
Our next performer is on a whole different level
And you know what?
101% he is the biggest.
Dub Sharma released a song called Azadi.
I just rapped on it, sent it to him
and I told him I want to perfom this.
I didnt know that Dub performs on stage.
Im very excited today because Dub is joining me on stage and will sing along.
DIVINE is just hyping me up, dont read much into that.
Im performing for the first time that too with him.
Thats the reason of my happiness, thats why Im smiling today.
Im ready, Im ready..
Give it up for my main man...
the torch bearer of the rap game, the pied-piper of beats,
Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you DIVINE!
Mumbai, do you want to hear the story of the Lions?
Now MC Sher is going to rock the stage...
These are my Mr. India goggles.
Can you see me?
Damn, my watch isnt working...
Im enjoying myself a lot, people are appreciating my work, noticing my work as well
Ye to mera wala gaana hai (This is my song)
Bombay, make some noise for yourselves!
Asli Hip Hop is here to stay!
Its going to get crazy, Its going to get crazy
Every iconic artistes who have made it big,
all of them have been broke and hungry,
so bad that they will pounce on anything
You steal a beat, and make poetry out of it and achieve the impossible.
All you need is your story to erupt like lava
and explode!
Thats more like it, brother!
Gully gang will make history.
Give that to me, give it to me.
pass me the t-shirt..
Look at this
Gully Gang...
This is my trophy
This is my trophy, let's give him a huge shoutout
Make some noise people!
Youve set the stage on fire DIVINE, Boht Hard!
Damn nice
But wait, wait, wait, my friends
Someones coming
Whos coming?
Havoc is yet to be unleashed...
Legitimately bonafide OG of Hindustani Hip Hop..
I think a lot of the credit for the scene and where its at today goes to him.
We were performing Aafat! and somebody said whats this rubbish,
Everyone there lost it even the crew members were furious
About half of the rap was still pending and I went straight on the stage and literally destroyed him!
Our next performer is a special artist
the original artist of the Hindustani (Indian) Hip Hop
We missed him a lot.
Weve created a nice moment, you know where no one knows whats gonna happen
A lot love to everyone from Mumbai 70 what say people?
Hey folks! I am back...
What do you say, people of Mumbai?
What's up, people?
Gully Boy
And the most dangerous of them all Bombay 70!
And I'm back again!
And we all deserve to hear you perform one old school rap.
Yes of course! One for the people Lets hit the beat
Lets bring it on!
I think one the first tracks I had ever heard was Mere Gully Mein
and I couldnt wrap my head around it. It was so overwhelming!
Im saying we wont say Ab Woh Meri Gully Mein, well do Sayyyyyyyy and take it from there.
Weve been asked to turn the PA off
Hello, hello, last song, last song
Sorry guys
Just one last song!
One more...
Our time is here now!
Id like to call everyone on stage.
Alia Bhatt,
Make some noise for her!
What did I say?
Where is the fire brigade? Theyve set the stage on fire..
Wed like to say thank you,
Thank you so much for coming
and we love you,
Wait a second, what happened?
You want to listen to some more?
You really want to listen?
Are you ready?
So one last time... Apna Time Aayega
Its a big today, a massive day,
The entire underground movement is getting a huge push through Gully Boy!
The hard work of Zoya Maam, the hard work of Ranveer Singh & Alia Bhatt
will be on display for the world
And were all very thankful for the fact we are a part of this.
The new rappers who are a part of the underground scene
along with me and Divine and were doing all of this together...
So its going to be big day,
a historic day and a fun filled day.
The scene is bound to change and were going to be the game-changers.