Gultoo (2018) Movie Script

Sir, Ive lost my phone.
Whats the big deal about it?
Sir, its not about the mobile.
The data inside is more important.
Data... What is that?
Hit him
Hit him
Speak up!
Speak up!
Why did you kill?
Speak up!
I didnt kill him on purpose.
The highest bid was for murder.
So, I did it.
Hey you!
Has he lost his mind?
If you ask him about head,
he talks about toe. I think he's a lunatic.
Did the girl recognize him?
Yes sir, she did.
Why was there a delay in
filing a complaint?
I couldnt step out of my home
due to personal problems.
He is already a short tempered guy,
This will enrage him further.
Let me know when Madam arrives.
Get up!
Sit down.
He is not talking about it
even after being tortured.
I ran a background check.
He has no big contacts
He doesnt have parents or relatives.
All he has, is the one above us.
Get him down.
No sir!
Sir, I swear that I have
no connection to this.
There are two things that
happen while I interrogate
One, you either confess to the crime
irrespective of who has done it.
Or, you will die before you agree to it.
I swear I dont know
anything about this, sir!
College life experience
Will teach new lessons.
We selected and came here.
We will read the entire lefie.
VTU We really love you,
Dont turn us into jilted lovers.
Many friends will run
love tracks in the campus.
College life is a festival.
Semesters have started,
and its driving us crazy.
Seniors are a little intimidating
and my heart is hurt.
USN, is our name now,
while attendance proxy is a habit.
Hey! You idiot!
Stand Up.
Do you guys watch porn?
They are lying.I'm sure he watches them a lot.
You will have to enact your
favorite scene from a porn movie.
Get your hands off me!
Sir, I won't do it.
Why won't you do it?
You have to do it.
If you can't do it.....
..Then you will have to book 10
movie tickets for us tomorrow.
He's come here on a scholarship,
I don't think he will have money.
I'm not forcing him.
He can either act today,
Or take us for a movie tomorrow.
Okay sir.
Give me your laptop!
Dude, he has booked the tickets.
Morning Sir!
Alok! Whole college has
been talking about you.
Did you hack the ticketing website
and book movie tickets for seniors?
Sir, I didnt have money
to buy tickets sir.
What does your dad do?
My parents are no more.
I was raised in an orphanage
Oh!.....I'm Sorry!
College is the only place where
your mistakes are forgiven
It's a different world outside.
You wont get a lot of chances.
If youre looking at taking up a
lucrative job offer, think again!
Engineers in this city are
already packed like sardines.
Channelize your intelligence,
Indian IT market is booming
And, our city is the start
up capital of India.
But starting a start up is not easy.
An idea that hasnt been executed has to
come to you And that will make you win.
Ill think about it sir.
Okay...All the best!
This is the guy who booked
tickets for seniors,
If I dated him, I would have
watched a new movie everyday.
Listen to what I say carefully,
To survive in Bengaluru you need 3 things.
Dressing sense, intelligence, and money.
You are intelligent, and dressing sense
would have been better, if you had money.
Can we go do shopping together?
CS, IS, EC... Its time to send
those friend requests to girls.
Hello! His! How Are Yous
As we slowly introduce ourselves.
We have started liking,
along with Whatsapp chatting,
The Nights without sleep,
sleeping in classrooms
C has become plus
while fun is on minus
M1 & M2 are an eternal knot
How do we escape this Syllabus Noise,
Classroom silence, and boys chaos?
Bookworms of the first bench
are in full tension.
The bunkers of the last bench,
are also tensed.
Mass bunk, Cinema, Long
Drive and Attendance shortage,
Amidst this even
our friends get engaged.
The projects still haunt us,
and all we want is 15 and 35 plus.
Java is killing our lives.
Oh Java! Why don't you die too?
Companies want campuses now,
while we want GPAs to be shown,
We are Engineers
We are Indias Future.
We are Engineers
Indias Future is still unknown.
Alok, I have never wished
for anything in life.
Shivani, Im not important enough
for you to shed tears on me.
We both belong to different worlds.
Im glad you liked me
despite the differences.
But, please understand,
Im in no position to decide our future.
Alok! Ill miss you.
I never want to see you again.
I have attended 3 interviews since morning.
Couldnt clear even a single interview.
How did your interview go?
Im sure you must have done well.
Wearing shoes is extremely irritating.
I dont think I'm attending any interviews.
Cant see myself clearing
interviews, wearing formals,
working a 9-6 job, borrowing
money to suffice expenses.
Trying to please the
manager, attending his
parties and also ending
up paying his bills..
..Even after doing all this, at the end of
the month, will still fall short of money.
If I have to wear formals,
then it will be for myself.
I want to start a start up.
Super Idea dude!
Lets work only for ourselves.
When do we begin?
Dont act on impulse, think about it.
I have decided, If I can become anything?
Id rather be Ambani himself.
Give me a Hi-Five!
Here's your coffee sir!
There's free Wi-Fi! You can access it.
Sir! Are you alright? Help me a little.
I'll look for an auto outside.
For how long have you used the system?
About 30 minutes.
Earlier credit is 50 Rs, Shall
I take that too? Yes, sure!
Hey Raki! Need you vehicle.
I'm shifting my room. Thanks!
Sir, we are near the colony.
Come inside!
- What is this nuisance.
- No! It's just me composing tunes.
Get outside.
Please hold this! I own a flower business.
Was preparing flowers for an order today.
Room is upstairs.
Come I'll show it to you.
Come see!
Rent should be paid on the 1st
of every month without fail!
Pay the electricity bill, when it arrives.
Don't open this door,
it leads to the godown.
Here's the keys!
Thank You!
Everybody is posting about their new
car, home, and bike on Facebook
What about it?
We set out to be Ambani's. We're now
changing houses without paying rent.
I still need time to
prepare my business model
Also, nobody
becomes Ambani overnight!
3 years is not overnight!
I don't know how much more should we wait.
I've never forced you to stay with me!
Stay if you want, or leave right now.
Fighting with my buddy, feeling irritated,
He doesn't understand me.
Excuse Me!
Yesterday...My laptop..
Don't worry It's safe, How Are You?
I'm okay. One minute!
This is my office laptop!
Thank you!
Please keep this!
Sorry, I don't accept free money.
I'm Susheel. Alok!
Nice meeting you, Thanks again.
Come! Madam, Pooja, she's joined today!
Hi! Hello! Welcome. Thank you!
This is Vidya!
Vidya, This is Pooja!
She's done B.Sc in computer science,
And teaches advance Java. Oh Nice!
Sir! This is Prakash.
He is the senior most faculty!
Hello Sir! Pooja, She's joined us today.
We are sitting jobless here,
What will you do after joining?
We will chit-chat and pass time.
6 people work in this institute.
5 people including both of us.
And.. Six people including Alok!
Alok, Pooja. She's joined us today!
He's talented and a very nice guy.
Zero bad habits, and very hard working!
He works with us full-time.
And works part-time at coffee day.
There's something charming about him!
Why don't you tell him that you love him?
I was behind him for 6 months.
And requested him so much!
Then what happened?
He didn't budge at all.
As a last resort, I gave
him an inviting offer,
And asked if he's willing
go on an outing.
Did he agree to it?
No! he didn't. After this,
I decided to give up on him.
So that's how your love story ended?
There was no love,
Just attraction, maybe.
Can we use the computer?
Why do you want to use it?
We have school project to complete.
Do you also have project work? Yes!
Please don't do anything brother!
Don't be scared.
I won't hit you, come.
What are you doing?
Stand here,
Don't pull my shorts, it's loose.
I know why you wear shorts like these.
17', 18', You come here. 13.5'.
Now go inside. Will measure
when you step out.
If the shorts has moved an inch,
then I'll thrash you both.
Don't you trust us?
You should have self-control in life.
There's nobody at home.
Are you busy?
First you should entry in the sheet.
I've been calling you!
I'm going inside to fill the entry sheet itself!
My excitement has hit the roof!
Kavya! How are you!
It's been so long since I met you.
I am fine!
You should have told that you're coming.
Aren't you scared to stay alone?
How much time does it take to open a door?
How much time does.....!
Whom do you want?
Who's that?
Whom do you want?
Isn't this G-12?
No, this is G-11.
Who was that?
Don't you really know him?
Sir! I had really come to G-12.
But, this is G-11. Sorry!
Encryption. Decryption.
Encoding an information with a key,
And passing it across is encryption.
On the other side, if
they know the key,
They can decode, and
obtain the information.
Didn't you guys understand?
A has gold which he has to give C
but, B shouldn't know that there's gold.
So A adds plus 2 to each letter and
passes it. This is encryption.
Plus 2 is the key.
Now, B doesn't realize that it's gold.
C will obtain the gold by subtracting 2.
This process is called decryption.
I told my parents that I'll take up commerce
and not science. Please let me go ma'am.
Sit down!
Instead of just laughing.
Can't you come and help?
It's my first class. Please!
I'll come.
As children, Me and my friend
Spoke in Pa & Ta language, that nobody understood the
language except us.
Even we have used it!
Really? Nice!
How do you ask if somebody
had lunch in Pa Language?
Ha-Pa-D Lu-Pa-nch (Had Lunch)
Here, Had Lunch is your information.
Ha-Pa-D Lu-Pa-nch is your encrypted code.
Pa is the key used to encrypt and decrypt.
That's encryption and decryption for you!
Now we understood everything, sir!
It was tough for me to explain.
You made it look simple, thanks a lot.
This is my favourite subject.
I have done a lot of projects on it.
Sorry! Grandparents came unexpectedly.
Couldn't text you after that.
Are you angry?
Then what is my prince doing?
There are no wars to fight,
So he is resting now.
Tomorrow, everybody in the
family is leaving this
princess behind and are
stepping out of the kingdom.
Then your kingdom
Will be our hunting ground.
You must fill an entry form
every time you visit.
You didn't do it last time.
My manager scoffs at me later.
He acts like, he is a software engineer.
I'm done entering, can I go now?
One Minute! Is your name Asthi?
It's Aasthi and not Asthi.
What's the purpose of this visit?
Kavya, wait! Don't run. Stop.
Not bad, the king does hunt well!
When the security asked for purpose
of Visit. I went completely blank.
You should have told him 'I've come to talk
with the girl I am getting married to'
The mention of marriage
makes my temperature soar.
You said there's wine at home, right?
Go bring it.
Choose between us, Me or the wine?
Me or the wine?
Hi! How are you?
Fine! How are you? Good!
I've got to check on the
cooking stove. Bye!
Majnoo misses you. Laila misses you too.
Now leave! Bye!
Alok! I want to take you out for a coffee.
For helping me with the class. Please come.
Pooja! I'm a little busy.
You Carry on. Okay!
Is playing a game more important
than having coffee with me?
This is too much.
Okay! Let's go.
What do you want sir?
What do you have? Idli,
Rice bath,upma,pongal,masala dosa etc...
How much does one plate Idli cost? 20rs.
How about single vada? That is 20 rs too.
How about rice bath? 25 rs.
Okay! Go get me a cup of coffee.
Just to buy a coffee,
He's enquiring about the entire world.
What do you want?
One Coffee please.
Two Coffees to this table.
One Idli Vada to that table.
I'll pay the money for it.
Make sure you don't let him know.
Do you know the old man?
No, I don't.
Then why did you order for him? When you're
hungry you shouldn't bother about money.
Are you saying he doesn't have money?
Did you see how arrogant he was?
My guess is that he's
extremely hungry.
When you're hungry, you
tend to be more angry.
Here's your coffee.
Coffee! I had just ordered for a coffee!
Today if you buy coffee,
We give a plate of free idli Vada. Enjoy!
Alok! Don't you have a girlfriend?
No! Why?
I just asked! Nobody asks for vacancy,
If they have no intention of applying.
My intention was not to
apply, but curiousity..
if you take care of the needs
of a stranger, So well.
How well should you understand
your girlfriends needs.
No girl will agree to be with me, Just
because we show concern and care for them.
If you search at the right place.
You will get a perfect girl.
I can see only old people here.
Are they only old people here? Huh?
Hi! I am Aasthi!
And you are?
How did you get this?
I've become close to the owner.
He said take it whenever you want.
The rent can be paid later too.
This is my friend Aasiraju Thimmana!
Excuse me! It's Aasthi. Just Aasthi!
I am Pooja! Hi!
What's your full name?
It's Pooja Ramesh. Nice Meeting You.
Nice meeting you too, Pooja.
Okay let's leave.
Shall we leave?
It doesn't look like there's
a forced entry anywhere.
I think the murderer
knew this person well.
One wine glass is missing from the set.
A lot of evidences are gradually surfacing.
I had heard about laughter
being the best medicine,
Never believed in it. After seeing
you laugh, I believe it.
Whoa! Somebody is learning how to flirt.
It's not flirting, it's just the truth.
What made you laugh so much today?
Aasthi had sent a funny video on facebook.
How is Aasthi your friend?
When did he become your friend?
Remember he asked for my full name,
He sent a friend request the same day.
Did you accept just
because he sent it. Yes.
If he's your friend,
then he's my friend too.
Do you feel I shouldn't
have accepted it?
Don't laugh for everything, people
will think you're mad.
I don't understand,
what goes on in your mind
when you laugh.
Someone was calling laughter
as the best medicine.
Looks like the medicine
isn't working now.
He's a big flirt, His head is filled
with thoughts related to girls.
He changes girlfriends like Whatsapp DPs.
So Often! That's very bad. From tomorrow
he will kill you with candy crush invites.
I hate candy crush. I should have never
accepted his friend request at all.
Exactly! Exactly? Exactly!
But, I think it's okay, My friend
list is filled with flirts anyway.
He will become an addition to it,
I'll manage him with the others.
Good! Very Good! Please carry on.
You know what? No!
There's nobody like you in my friend list.
What does that mean? Somebody who's
caring, possesive, protective.
I'm neither hitting on you
nor being possessive.
advising you like a friend..No!
like a brother...
Shhhhh! Stop it. Pooja you
haven't heard anything.
Relax. Just Relax. Breathe out!
It's okay.
How could you think I'm like your sister?
Do you see any flaws in me?
Yeah right! Keep laughing,
laughter is the best medicine after all.
Together, waves wave their hands
as the shore nods in agreement..
..Following in your foot prints
and being your voice...
less sister characteristics and more
of a girlfriend. Coffee? Tomorrow?
..I rememebered you every second..
..Joining the hands and..
..bonding the hearts, started a bodning
for your company..
Come to me and to take me over,
my heart is longing for you.
..I dont need anything else..
..Dreams come true in your company..
..My heart feels complete and
that's enough..
..The words hidden brhind my lips..
..You threw a trap and pulled them out..
..Walk together as my companion..
..I'm standing in front for you..
..This new feeling is singing
a new tune..
..A new dance taking me
to a new world..
..You are my love, life and everything..
..You are my heavens..
You are filled in me as light,
it's drizzles in me now.
Let it through! Come! Come!
Hi! this is Aasthi! Alok's friend.
Hi! Smitha.
Okay! let's go!
It's already too late.
Bye! Okay bye!
Should we really have to go?
Tomorrow what time will you meet? It
depends on what time you let me go today.
You've never seen me
wearing a saree no? No!
I've never seen you
while wearing a saree.
I'll wear a saree tomorrow,
If you promise to come soon. Okay?
Bye! Bye!
What's your favorite color?
Pink Color.
He was wearing Pink color shirt sir!
My brother is mentally ill. He may appear
nomal, but at times he is out of control.
ACP had asked to take a look at the boy.
Did nobody come near the apartment,
from 11am till 2 pm?
The lady in the apartment
is not a respectable woman
None of us knew about
him visiting her often.
Nobody else came. Only him.
He came twice in this week.
The first time he came, he left in 5
minutes. The second time he came..
She must have trapped him
after knowing he's rich.
Stand outside! I'll call you again!
Money is not of importance, Avinash.
Our family has a reputation in this society.
This case is very embarrassing
Everything has a price in this world,
Avinash. I'm writing yours in bold.
Get up your Bastd!
During the murder, apart from Aasthi,
nobody else has entered the house.
The numbers written in the register,
are switched off.
The guy in the lock up,
isn't responding at all.
You leave! I'll come and look into it.
Summon Aasthi to police station,
and then file a FIR against him.
Everything has a price, agreed. but not
everybody can afford to buy everything.
This is the price of my mercy on you.
Your work will be done. You can leave.
Hi! Good Morning!
Has Alok come to work?
Not Yet!
Good Morning Madam!
Smitha, is this looking good?
He will come and tell you!
..Heart blossomed like the flower waiting in
garden of separation and spilled honey..
..Age feels happy with feast of dreams
and hopes blossomed..
When all dreams come true,
..Whole body is mesmerized and is
floating in joy.
When all dreams come true,
..Whole body is mesmerized and is
floating in joy.
..Waiting for you at dusk,
what happens to me if you don't come..
..Mu heart will slip away..
Done shopping?
What did you buy?
Excuse Me!
Does Aasthi live here?
He stays in third floor!
Could you guide them to his house?
Okay come!
Go and bring him, if he's there.
Ok Sir!
Four Dresses!
Four? What all?
2 Shirts and 2 pants.
Your clothes must be so lucky.
Why will they be lucky?
It gets to hug you an entire
Nobody is opening the door.
There's nothing I can do about that.
Naughty guy!
Were you inside the room all this while?
Can't you knock the door once?
What were you upto inside the room?
I've called you around 30 times.
Your phone was switched off.
I was completing projects.
Didn't realize that phone was off.
Oh! Okay! Go near the institute once.
Pooja is apparently waiting for you.
How do you know about her waiting?
I was chatting with Smitha,
She told me about it.
Smitha? When did this begin?
Can't you keep your hands
and mouth to yourself?
A good manager will never
keep his resource idle.
Smitha! Where's Pooja?
She was waiting since morning,
and left sometime back.
Let her be today,
She will be angry.
You can console her tomorrow.
Bye Sir!
Was she wearing a saree?
How was she looking?
It will look good only to the
person she wore it for..
Good Morning!
Hi! Good Morning!
I thought you'd be angry.
Why should I be angry?
That I couldn't meet you yesterday!
You will have your own priorities, Alok.
You must have worked on
the project the entire night
Your phone must
have died without charge.
I can wear saree anytime.
I should understand that your
priorities are different.
Why are you segregating things between us?
What's your system password?
The moment you give
your password to a new girl
She will know the
name of the old one.
So, there are secrets between us.
And that means we both
have different lives too.
You are right about why I
didn't meet you yesterday.
I'm Really Sorry!
I don't like people who lie.
I'm not lying, Pooja!
Your hopes are shattered
..They are burning heart in pain..
..I forgot about myself..
..My wait will continue looking
for your arrival, dear..
..Forgive me dear,
you are filled in my heart..
..Show mercy and come to me..
..I opened up my heart
always for your arrival..
..I will keep waiting..
..When dreams come true..
..Body will be into a trance..
..Shall I now roam in dreams?
..When dreams come true..
..Body will be into a trance..
..Shall I now roam in dreams?
Done freshening up.
Which soap do you use?
Mysore Sandal Soap.
Your soap must be so lucky.
Getting ready to sleep now.
Your bed must be so lucky.
I can't sleep without a blanket.
Oh God! Even the blanket is so lucky!
I wish you could make me lucky too.
By sending your picture.
Do we need secrets between us?
Send a picture that doesn't hide anything.
You send it first.
Hahaahaha.. Little Popeye!
Alok! I'm missing you a lot!
I'm dying to see you in a saree, Pooja!
I want to spend time with you!
Can we go to your room?
I've got a surprise for you!
Who's this girl?
She's my friend!
If she's a friend, then it's okay.
Guys before you used to
introduce girls as their sisters!
This is my room!
Saree... For you!
Saree? How can I drape it here?
This goes to owner's godown.
There won't be anybody there.
You can change here!
Hold this bag.
My mind is blocked after
seeing your beauty.
Lock of dreams in thoughts
got opened up.
Mesmerizing beauty, show your speed.
Don't show the beauty,
I'm flat now.
Instigating love has
heated up the romance.
This blossomed flower
is oozing nectar.
Hey blossomed flower,
shall I start the romance?
Nectar is teasing me...
He dear, don't cross your limits.
You look hot at me and
tease me with romantic deeds
My heart became light, open up
the contents and feed me, dear.
Touch my body,
in this romantic night.
Romanc is a pleasure.
I'll see who has the upper hand.
Tell your password! Will change it
from old girlfriend's name to my name.
Love You Anu!
Hey Manasa!
How do I get out of this?
How come you're here?
How have you been?
I'm awesome! How about you?
I'm good too!
What are you upto these days?
This is my son. He's Cute.
After marriage I shifted
to the US, came here for
vacations. Will fly back
by the end of this month.
How about you? My company
is almost ready,
Once investors are on-board,
There's no looking back.
Why did we even break up, Aasthi?
You never trusted me, were
always dominating.
It's impossible to handle a
relationship like that.
I thought I deserved a better girl!
It's not about a better girl.
You can never take care of any girl.
Smooth talk is good
during college days.
When it comes to marriage,
you always run away.
I thought you're responsible now.
But you're dependent on Alok even now.
As a friend, Here's
something I can tell,
Only you can take
control of your life.
Good Bye!
Bye! Bye!
When are we meeting again?
We've started it today!
Will keep meeting more often.
Can't I take my own decisions?!
Choosing not to marry you,
Was also my own decision.
You left me for a guy from US.
How much did you drink?
Why are you talking so loudly?
Alok, I am completely dependent on you, it
seems. Infact, I'm nothing without it you.
Is this true?
It might be true, Without you, I
can't even get inside our room.
Yes, You can't go inside.
Because I have the room key.
- Get up!
- Come sit for sometime.
I Met Manasa today.
You can't take care of girl. Infact,
you can't even take an own decision.
She said your existence is a waste.
Not you, its me.
She chided me a lot and left.
Alok! Alok!!
Is it true?
Am I good for nothing?
Life gives everybody an opportunity
To prove themselves.
Till that happens and we prove ourselves,
We are all good for nothing.
Oh Sorry Manasa!
You were right, Manasa!
I am good for nothing!
I loved her for 2 years. She left me,
when I had nothing left with me.
I am with you since 7 years.
Why haven't you left me yet?
Like how lovers have this
thing called break up.
There's nothing of that sort for friends.
That's why.
That's enough philosophy for the day.
Let's go now.
I love you so much dear!
You've been handling me,
A good for nothing fellow since 8 years.
You could have gotten married by now,
And could have even flown to the US.
But you did not do anything like that.
You've always let me be with you,
In all your highs and lows.
Give me a minute!
I may be drunk...
But listen to what I say..
Friendship is always greater than love..
Why it looks so dark?
I will never drink ever again.
You even clean me up,
You're really great, Alok!
True friendship is.....
Shut up and sleep.
Whom do you want?
Sir! Hello! Sir!!
Sir, He's not well..
Wake up!
Sir, he's completely drunk.
Put some clothes and get him.
Wake him up now!
I want to pee!
I'll make you pee in station.
The only crime we've done
is stealing a girls heart.
Please tell why have you arrested us!?
Officer will come and explain, wait.
Good Morning Madam!
All of you wait here!
You have hacked confidential
information from Government data center.
It's good if you confess to your crimes,
and return the files.
Or, I'll have to proceed
with interrogation.
I haven't stolen any files.
Anagha! Chief wants to see you.
Be a little harsh on him,
Let me know when he confesses.
I think you need look into this sir!
There's been a lot of network usage,
Since the last three days.
Somebody has broken into our security.
We have lost too much data!
My God!
Inform cyber intelligence immediately!
Top Priority Case!
Data center has been hacked.
One clue has been pointing
towards a training institute.
Anagha! Leave immediately!
Ok Sir!
What's your system password?
We've started it today!
Will keep meeting more often.
Hi! This is Phaneesh from SBB Team.
Yes, the development is in progress.
DB team is working on the ticket.
Once solved,
we shall proceed.
Thank You!
You Too.
No Parking!
The fine is 750 rupees
Why should I pay 750rs fine for no parking?!
Hey you, bring your DL!
If you got to court it will be 750rs
Just pay 500rs here, and leave.
As,we shouldn't use mobiles while in driving
so had to stop my vehicle on the side.
Ya! But that was a no parking zone.
Pay 750 rupees or just
give 200 or 300 rupees and leave.
Why should I pay fine?
If you got to court you will
have to pay 750 rupees.
Okay, Just pay 200 rupees here.
Please try and understand my point!
If you can't even pay 200 rupees,
Why should I listen to you?
You should have thought about this
before breaking the rules.
Sir, I follow rules very strictly
I haven't even taken a wrong U-Turn ever.
- 750 rupees right? I'll pay the fine, here take this.
- Okay Give!
Give me the receipt.
You write the acknowledgement, I'll pay.
I'm writing it, you pay it first.
Why do you look so angry, Phaneesh?
Try paying 750 rupees fine early morning.
You will know.
Even a no parking board wasn't placed there.
Honest people are not valued at all.
IT employees can never make
The kind of money police and thieves make.
I'm planning to pull off a crime,
and settle down peacefully.
You could join me if you want.
A policeman is looking for you.
I haven't even planned yet,
Are they here already?
Hello! Hi!
Anagha! Cyber lntelligence Bureau
I don't know why I have been summoned here.
Were you suspended from college,
for leaking principal's private pictures online?
I had a problem with my Head of Department
I didn't know that HOD had an affair with principal.
You have taken money from Linga Basava Raju's
bank account and transferred it to yours.
There's no case against you,
Because he hasn't filed a complaint.
Taking money from your dad's purse is not a crime.
inga Basava Raju is my father,
hence he didn't press charges.
But, he pressed me well at home.
There was a bug in their algorithm
lnfact they didn't know that their website
was hacked until I told them about it.
I'm not doing all this now.
I'm a changed man.
Why am I being arrested now?
You are not being arrested.
We are investigating a case..
...Need your help on that.
Never knew the mistakes I did,
would turn out to be my qualification.
I have an appointment
to meet the Chief Minister.
Delhi Intelligence has ordered
the local police force to support you.
But I can't do it without details.
I don't have time, make it quick.
Sure Sir!
I'll quickly run you through the case.
In 2009, Indian Government,
Collected the names, addresses, photographs..
Fingerprints of all the fingers,
Iris from the eye, from all its citizens...
To give everybody an unique identity
through the SUDHAR program
The main intention was to quash fake IDs
And also,.. I know what SUDHAR is, please proceed.
Everybody knows about it.
I'm sure you know.
Just telling it, so you don't find it difficult
to analyze the damage and losses from this case.
Loss? Analyze? What do you mean?
I shall explain!
We collect all the details needed
to identify a person, and keep them in a file.
The file is given a number,
And it's called the SUDHAR number.
As on July 2016, we have issued,
over 100 crore SUDHAR numbers.
When compared to other countries,
We rank highest in terms of issuing this unique identity.
Unfortunately, all the files
have been stolen.
Are you serious?
This is the biggest data theft in the world.
It's time for the meeting with ministers
Cancel that meeting,
Don't let anybody come inside. Leave!
Do you know the money government has
spent to collect details from everybody?
What do you mean by its stolen?
When I say it's stolen,
it's not like we don't have those files with us.
Data theft means..
These files are called Data.
It is stored in a computer just like in a rack like this.
The hacker has taken a copy of all the files
and has stored it somewhere.
Now, since both the informations are same
...We can't differentiate between original and duplicate.
The information in your hand,
and the one in the rack are the same.
How could they steal it
from such a secured infrastructure?
They don't have to physically go and steal it.
They can sit in a room and still steal data.
The room could be in a different city,
or even a different country.
How will people believe that somebody
from somewhere has stolen their identity?
These days, we book food online,
Our money transactions are also online.
We book cinema tickets from an app.
When our life is on internet.
It's not surprising
that crime has moved to internet too.
What's the risk if he has the information?
How's it a problem?
We are at a 95% risk.
Global economy is 95% online now.
After demonetization, it will move to a 100%
On the internet, we are not people.
We are just information
Let's take my example, my name,
age, my email id, which school did I go to...
...Which college did I go to,
Where do I work..
Where is my home?
What is my vehicle number?
Am I a vegetarian?
Am I a meat eater?..
How much do I earn?
How much loan have I taken?
My shirt size, my pant size,
Including my boxers' size.
Every tiny detail sits in a file,
inside an online profile.
Not just mine, all of ours.
If a team is interested in collecting it,
there's a team that is interested in buying it.
In technical terms, it is called THE BIG DATA.
Flipkart and Amazon, these companies,
use this information and do business.
Collecting and selling of this information
is completely legal.
But,with SUDHAR, Government,
to transfer benefits
has linked bank accounts
with the SUDHAR Number
And this is complicated!
Imagine a thief has all these details,
and starts stealing just
1 rupee from all the accounts.
We are a population
of 100 crores.
A lot of people have saved
their black money elsewhere.
And, for accounts like these,
fingerprints act as passwords.
What if the thief targets the black money holders?
Nobody will complain if a rupee is lost.
It's the same with black money holders.
Information is money, it can be stolen,
and once stolen, it can be sold too.
There's a huge market for this on the internet.
What kind of market is this?
This is a very weird market,
Somebody toils, and somebody else reaps benefits.
Our job is to just transport things.
His shaving, her waxing.
Dad pays electricity bill, mom buys vegetables.
Grandfather departing on his final journey.
Grandmother getting admitted in a hospital.
Husband shifts to Dubai,
While wife sits in Dhoolpet.
They were brought closer
by a small 24 Megapixel web camera.
Every bit of their information online,
Brings in money to us.
Try extracting information directly or indirectly,
if it doesn't happen, steal.
Yes Boss!
You can't hide anything from us,
we are always watching you.
Massager for Back Pain!
Spray for back pain...
Cold packs for back pain.
Pain vanishes in a moment
Green Tea for hairloss.
Almond oil! Almond Oil!
Tummy Trimmer!
Make up fanatic!
Skin doctor patient!
Selfie camera customer.
People who often eat outside - Gastritis
Soon to visit a cardiologist.
Placed in Chennai,
Weekends will be here,
weekdays will be there.
People who travel often,
Also, girls in need of accommodation.
Sunscreen companies,
OK Boss!
Ours is the most secured bank,
Welcome to the family.
Thank you!
I have lost Rs.50000 from my account.
Lakshmi Raju, come here.
Even I've lost 1 Lakh Rupees.
Listen carefully! It's difficult to catch
something that is seen.
This is a lost case.
We both sell the same product,
Yet, people buy it from only him?
Business is not like selling peanuts.
You should have data.
What is data?
You won't understand if I tell you.
Wait! I'll bring you proper data.
Wait! I'll pay how much ever you want.
Will you take me with you?
I don't want money.
Will you give your data?
Okay! I'll give.
'Information!' 'information!'
This is deep web.
The data we obtain is sold,
bought, and exchanged here.
We can get fake passport, visa, driving license,
of any country here, and it's as good as original.
All kinds of weapons are available here.
You can buy it like you're
ordering shorts online.
You could get people killed,
nobody will know who did it.
Getting high is just a click away.
All the pictures you send,
lies naked in front of us.
I cannot let you go beyond this
let this one thing go.
What's happening inside?
Listen to me, let this go.
I want to see what's happening.
Not here, come with me.
Red room, this is where biddings happen.
These are a bunch of psychos.
This is human experimenting room.
One person kidnaps people
and bring them here.
These people bid to cut the person's
hands, limbs, or wrists.
He executes whatever the
highest bidding is for.
They watch it live and enjoy it.
Another video is streaming live now.
Head! Head! Head! Head! Head!
We are all good by birth,
This system slowly corrupts our ethics.
In my 15 years of administration,
Nobody has ever been cheated.
It's okay if politicians
lose crores of rupees,
But a normal person shouldn't
lose a single rupee.
Use the entire police force if needed
Get the data back at any cost.
Sure Sir!
There is one suspect.
Speak up!
Speak out!
Why did you murder her?
I didn't do it on purpose,
Highest bidding was for murder.
That's why I killed her.
It's been days since the murder.
Why didn't you file a complaint?
I couldn't step out due
to personal problems.
In Visitor's list, apart from Aasthi,
nobody else has entered their names.
How can you be so sure that
you saw this person
on the day of murder?
- I have seen him visiting the
neighboring flat, - a lot of times.
I saw him on the day of murder too.
Moreover, Aasthi came to my house.
What is your relationship with Aasthi?
We both like eachother.
What is he doing now?
I don't know sir.
I met him last on that day.
His phone is switched
off from that day.
Sir! Our inspector is searching
for the other boy right?
When has he ever caught the right person?
Let us start!
The first clue about the
large data movement
pointed towards a training
centre in our city.
Data center was attacked
by a virus on August 3rd
From an employee's laptop.
This employee faints in a coffee shop
while drinking coffee on August 2nd.
Somebody takes him to the hospital
But, his laptop remains there.
He gets his laptop the next day.
When you connect these dots,
All fingers point towards Alok.
That's it.
He must have mixed sedatives in coffee,
and then injected virus in the laptop
When the employee connected his laptop to
the data center, the virus was triggered.
What if the employee has
generated this virus?
The technical expertise
of him and the way..
This virus has been
designed doesn't match.
However, we are interrogating him.
So you're suspecting only Alok.
Any supporting evidences?
There's no evidence.
But once I had fooled him,
and had taken his password.
I searched and found a few
potential clues. That's all!
Stolen data is usually
saved in physical mediums.
Like DVD, Hard drive, CD's etc....
We've searched his room, workplace,
CCTV, training
institute, everywhere..
There was nothing.
Then digital mediums, like cloud, drives..
And email. I'll start
looking at these things.
Right! Rest of the information
is in these files.
Thank You!
When I started working, her parents..
Had not started working too...
And She makes me stand
outside the door like a dog.
Everything has a price.
Nobody will steal something
that is worthless.
You must have stolen something
extremely valuable,
or she wouldn't have
landed here from Delhi.
What did you steal?
Stop it now.
Avinash I said enough.
Sorry Madam!
He's not speaking up!
He's still saying he
hasn't stolen anything.
Atleast you made him say that.
Great! Now wait outside.
I'm sorry to see you like this.
But you're the reason
for your situation.
The sooner you
surrender the data,
The better it is for you.
I don't have any data.
A lot of reasons are forcing
me not to believe it, Alok!
The virus infected laptop ..
Was with you, the previous day..
And we have the CCTV footage
to prove it..
No matter how you see this case,
You're right at the very center of it.
You have very minimal choices.
One, you either confess to the crime,
Or, you die here.
A few co-incidences..
Will not make me a criminal.
Without any evidence,
You can't keep me in custody..
For long..
Who said that this is police custody?
Nobody knows that you're
in an interrogation.
And, I know that nobody
will come looking for you.
Police records will have
you as a missing person.
We search for people who are missing,
not people who are lost.
You always had the choice of a decent life.
You could have done anything.
Why did you do this to yourself?
Who wants to know it?
Pooja... or Anagha?
Whatever was done as Pooja is a lie,
If you believe anything in that is true..
Then it's just your imagination.
My parents passed away when I was a kid.
I grew up in an ashram.
I used to study really well.
Mathematics was my favorite subject.
I came to Bangalore for engineering.
I used to be one among
the crowd in my village.
But here, everybody wore
nice clothes, Sneakers.
They would frequent
multiplexes when bored...
Play a game of bowling,
and visit new restaurant every day.
They change phones because they're bored,
and bikes because the
color has begun to fade.
In my eyes, their life was a celebration.
But I lead a calculated life.
Never had the courage to look at a menu,
and order food, even if it meant starving.
Clothes and shoes were never in my budget.
If I came back from a hospital,
the joy of getting well..
Was clouded
by the fear of
overshooting expenses.
At first, none of these mattered.
But slowly insecurity engulfed me.
That's when Shivani entered my life.
Her father was a rich businessman.
She was the only daughter.
And for some reason she liked me a lot.
She used to take me with her always,
bought nice clothes,
dined at expensive places.
The celebration I saw from a distance
now became a part of my life.
Till she was there,
there were no worries.
Once she left, it would
be the same old life.
Shivani was not a luxury,
Shivani was peace of mind.
That's the difference between
mine and their life.
They always have a choice between things.
But in my case, I didn't have choice
I had to make do with what I had.
Even though I worked
harder than all of them,
I still had no choice
That's why
I wanted to bring my life to a stage,
Where I get to choose things,
and did just that.
Between right and wrong,
you can choose wrong..
If the righteous aren't harmed.
And I chose it.
You didn't arrest me, Anagha!
It was my choice to come here.
I will choose the duration of my stay too.
What do you mean?
I mean, the fact that I'm the thief,
is just your imagination, Anagha.
To prove me as the thief
You need the data, before I leave.
There was no connection
between my college
degree and the job I
went to after college.
I made a plan to reach a place in 3 years,
which would otherwise
take 15 years to reach.
The shortcut to success needed a key,
I found the key, and even said hello to it.
I joined the coffee shop
he went to regularly.
Step 1 - Shoulder Surfing
I had to find out his
login and system passwords.
Tables on this side are reserved,
If you don't mind, can you
sit on the last table?
Okay, Sure!
Thank You!
I got all the passwords,
to enter data center's network.
Step 2 - I had to get his laptop
Step 3
Injecting the worm.
Excuse me, My laptop was here yesterday
Don't worry, I've kept it safe.
It was perfect till here,
Then you came into my life.
If you can guess my date of birth,
I'll give you a surprise.
Thanks for asking that question.
Pooja, the love of my life.
Her real name was Anagha.
When everything was going smooth,
Police started tracking me.
What are you doing here?
Come to the police station.
Why Sir? There are 3 new cases,
one of them has to be yours.
There was no point running away.
There's a surprise for you in the room.
Love you Anu!
I thought I'll stay,
right in front of you all.
And even if you realize
that I'm the thief...
They should be helpless to do anything.
Let the fun begin.
How did he find out that I am a police?
Phaneesh! If you were the criminal,
where would you hide the data?
I would never keep it in
my personal computer.
Physical hard drive? No way.
Workplace. . Definitely not.
Friend, I would probably keep it with a friend.
Yes, a friend of his worked at an internet cafe.
You should check it out.
Yes!... Ramesh!?
Ramesh! Go to the internet cafe,
seize all the computers and bring them.
Ok Madam!
Anagha, there's one more
place we should check.
Hey! She's a police.
Police? Run, run.
Will you arrest god now?
Have any important CDs arrived?
In the last 2 months?
or 2 weeks ago?
Foreign or Indian?
Not that,
the one with important information.
I have run the data sniffer program,
and web crawler bots.
In case there's any data resemblance,
We will get immediate information.
I'm trying.
From August 4th till the
day he got arrested.
Check his phone network.
Go to each internet cafe
in all areas,his phone
network shows, and check
if he has logged in.
He must have given his ID proof,
you'll easily know.
I want all the systems
that he has used.
Seize everything and get it to the station.
Move, don't leave things,
get everything and come.
Sir please sir,
what are you doing sir?
Bro! Police have come.
Sir, that's a TV.
They've taken away all our PCs.
Come soon.
Any leads?
Apart from a few movies on torrents,
he hasn't uploaded anything else.
Anagha, is there a movie called,
Dawn of the bedsheets?
I don't watch movies.
Tomato Pushpa,
seed in the morning, ripe at night.
This is why I don't watch movies.
It's okay if you don't watch any movies.
There's this movie called
Gultoo, you should watch it.
Come soon.
Your photos, videos,
voice notes...
He's mashed everything into a
video, and uploaded it on torrents.
But why should one upload this to torrents?
I have no idea. 'Sir'!
Yes tell me Ramesh!
Sir, we have brought the computers.
Yes, get it inside.
If we get it here, the
entire office will be full.
What are you saying Ramesh?
Come show it to me.
Oh God! So many computers?
Yes Sir!
For his peace of mind,
he's spoiling our peace of mind.
Why do you always wait
outside like a dog?
Sit down
I need to talk to you.
If there's a price for everything,
Then you must have a price too.
I'll pay you the kind
of money that you
have never seen in your life.
If you do what I say.
What should I do?
Tell this number to the person I tell you.
What should I do after that?
You don't have to do
anything after that,
they will come running towards me.
How do you know the
account number?
It's okay if I just
knew about the account.
But I know that it has
two thousand crores.
Who are you?
The cleanest
politician in state,
has hidden away, 2000 crores with him.
Leave that,
Come to the topic.
Tell what do you want?
A few years ago, An Italian,
stole client details of..
Over a lakh and a half
people from the Swiss bank.
4000 accounts belonged to Indians.
He wanted finger prints of these people.
Yours included.
I don't know what his profit in it is.
But he offered me an exorbitant sum
for these finger prints.
If you want your fingerprints
to not reach him,
then you have to save
me from this case.
I have worn khadi to hide
the blood on my hands.
I haven't started politics now...
Politics has always been in my blood.
I've tamed many people like you,
and ruled the state for 15 years.
Nobody has a whiff of
the things I've done.
You're trying to
threaten me in my zone,
especially when you're
in my police custody.
I've made you come all the way,
While I sat in your police custody, Sir!
A bait attracts both, a
small fish and a shark,
People on the shore will
never know what it is.
If I kill you here,
Then our police,
and the Italian guy will
never get any fingerprints.
Sir, Sir!
Your government will collapse,
even if you kill me here today.
Excatly tomorrow midnight 12'O clock...
I've recorded, will go live on youtube.
Media and press will
receive a mail.
That has all your black money
and transaction details.
I came to the custody after
everything was planned.
You don't have much time.
If I don't get out by tomorrow...
Your government will definitely collapse.
You said he was being
interrogated secretly.
How will you produce him to court?
How will you produce him before court?
I'll do something!
I'll do it.
Take this, it has to
become big news tomorrow.
So big, that it has to reach Delhi.
Okay Sir!
Front page is already being printed.
It will cost you a lot.
How can I say no to you, madam!
I will get it done.
Coming sir!
Where you are going?
Baby, give me 15 minutes.
I'll come back soon.
Government informer is saying
that SUDHAAR card details have been stolen.
This will be the top news.
Now everybody is screwed.
Come let's update it right away.
Stop the printing now!
We'll have to change the headlines.
Dude I'll give you some awesome scoop,
to make memes.
A cyber crime that has shocked the country,
was committed in our city.
Over 80 crore SUDHAAR numbers
have been leaked.
Oh My God!
This is killer news.
Internet is not just entertainment.
It is a gold mine of information.
If you don't listen to what I say,
Then I'll thrash you badly.
What are you doing?
Sir, Facebook live.
Whatever it is that you're doing,
Go home and do it.
Bofors scam, 2G scam, had
already rocked our worlds,
Now they've reached for
our fingerprints too.
Guys comment now.
Every word you write has a price,
Here keep this.
I don't write false news.
If it is the truth, then I
don't need money to write it.
You can leave now.
Central Government opposed
Supreme Court decision
to enable SUDHAAR, now
stands embarrassed.
Breaking News Montage
Do you have any idea of the
seriousness of this issue?
Sir! I don't know how
media picked this up.
I'm really sorry,
Just stop it Anagha!
If I go down,
I promise to take everyone down with me.
You made a circus out
of a small case.
Sorry Sir!
Useless fellow.
- Call Ananji.
- Ok sir.
Hello! Namaste!
One minute.
Yes sir!
It's better if we
don't accept this,
Supreme Court is already
tailing us closely.
Don't worry, I'll handle things here.
Yes! Thank you!
There is no evidence against accused,
Hence the court orders to release them.
Our heart wishes for
a lot of things,
as we grow, we are so
engrossed in life...
There's no place
for these wishes.
In all these days,
Didn't you love me at least once?
I will never love a criminal.
Your court has decided that I am innocent.
The court may have said it,
but that doesn't prove that
you're not a criminal.
Isn't it?
We both know the truth.
All your sincerity has given
you nothing but loss.
Life is not fair to everyone, Anagha!
It's not necessary that you
should be fair to life too.
Giving those wishes a place in our heart,
and chasing them.. a choice we always have.
Don't talk with me.
There are wounds everywhere.
I'm done.
These wounds tell where we came from
not where we are going next.
One crore for this,
one crore for that..
Altogether, a 100 crores.
100 crores?
Yesterday we were almost killed.
Today, you're talking about 100 crores
I don't know if you're a hero or villain.
I am not a hero to anybody.
I thought it's okay
to commit a crime.
If a right man doesn't
lose anything.
I did it too.
SUDHAAR policy has helped
a lot of poor people.
Their money is going straight
into their accounts.
The security of such policy is being
monitored with utmost importance.
Our fingerprints are all safe with us.
Don't worry about it.
Don't worry.
Hey Man!
Did you get the stuff
I asked you for?
It's safe.
Don't worry.
Where is it?
Send me the money you promised.
I will. No problem.
But, what about the cops?
My startup needs an investor.
Do the honours..
And, I'll tell you where the data is..
Anything for the data. Anything.
Tell me how can I
get my hands on it.
Look for Gultoo telugu
movie on torrents.
This is not something
to be happy about.
But, we have found the data finally.
In that GULTOO video,
He had hidden the data,
and encrypted it.
All these are Steganograph media.
It's difficult to
decrypt without the key
But Phaneesh!
Isn't this enough to file
charges against him?
But, that the file has been
uploaded on torrents..
Is from your E-mail ID!
It's a crime that hasn't
hurt the righteous.
I'm not a hero for anybody.
I'm a hero for myself.
I'm an accused not a convict.
I'll definitely come back.
Before you decide if I'm
a good person or not,
I'll be done running.
The time to chase
dreams is now yours.
Chase your dreams. Stay Hungry.
Stay Foolish.