Gumby: The Movie (1995) Movie Script

[indistinct radio chatter]
- Red Ship 7 reporting in.
No sign of Gumby in this sector.
[indistinct radio chatter]
[dramatic music]
[indistinct radio chatter]
[indistinct chatter]
- [speaking foreign language]
[indistinct radio chatter]
[indistinct radio chatter]
- [speaking foreign language]
[indistinct radio chatter]
- He can walk
into many books
With his pony pal
Pokey too
If you've got a heart
Then Gumby's a
part of you
[upbeat music]
[indistinct radio chatter]
[dramatic music]
[electricity crackling]
- Nuts.
I thought he wanted
to land here.
[horn honking]
- Hi, Pokey.
Mind if we put up these posters?
- No.
- It's announcing
our concert tomorrow.
[rock music]
- I wish Lowbelly would listen
to something else occasionally.
- Pokey, you know
where Gumby is?
- Nope.
- Pokey, if you find Gumby,
remind him of the rehearsal
at the barn, will ya?
- Maybe if I feel like it.
- [whispers] Well, that's not
like Pokey.
- Hey, maybe he ate some
bad hay or wild oats.
- I'll find Gumby for myself.
Not for them.
[upbeat music]
- You did a fine job, son.
- Clayboys, shmayboys.
Who cares, anyhow?
Are you up there, Gumby?
[bell ringing]
[whistle sliding]
[bell ringing continuously]
- Pokey, when are you
going to learn
not to stand by this pole?
- Yeah.
[bell ringing]
[urgent music]
- Look out, Pokey.
Get off the path!
[engine rumbling]
[siren wailing]
[solemn music]
[mirthful screaming]
- I wish Gumby would tell
somebody where he goes.
- Well, Goo, here we go.
[whistle sliding]
- Gumby?
I won't believe it.
It can't be true.
- To believe or not to believe,
that is the question.
- You better start believing it,
'cause I'm uncomfortable.
Now everybody pull
himself together.
I mean apart.
- Impossible, Goo.
Somebody call an ambulance.
[siren wailing]
[dramatic music]
- Hmm, well, now this is
the worst case of
multiple compound fusion
I've ever seen.
- This has got to be a dream.
- We need a cross section
on the CAT Scan-O-Rama.
[machinery humming]
Just as I thought.
These dark areas
indicate complete fusion
to an acute homogenized state.
Nurse, place these
patients immediately
in the de-confusion chamber.
[machinery humming]
Um, set for MAG 4,
sine wave pulse 16
at 30 DB to start.
I'm not used to this new model.
One more and we're set to go.
Now, let's just see how our
patients are doing here.
- I'm scared!
- Wait till you see
the hospital bill.
- I still can't believe it.
- All right, start slowly
and use the micro
double-sync pulse.
[machinery humming]
Oh, good.
Good, good, good,
it's working, it's working.
Oh my, we've split
the chromosomes.
We've got to reverse it.
Patch in the DNA synthesizer
component immediately.
[machinery humming]
All right, now.
Phase in the micro-pulse.
Open the DC.
[machinery humming]
Well, fellas.
How do you feel?
- I feel like a dinosaur again,
but for a while, I was worried.
- [laughs]
Yes, well, I was, too.
Now I don't want you to worry
about any hospital bill, either.
It's all free.
Chalk it up to research.
You helped us prove
what this machine can do.
You are welcome to have lunch
before you leave.
- No, thanks.
I'm getting out of
this weird place.
I'm beginning to feel like
a guinea pig.
[upbeat music]
[horn honks]
- Say, do you guys know
where Gumby might go
to look for new ideas
for his concert?
- Well, I would look
in the book department.
You know how he likes books.
- Yeah, I had no idea what I was
until I read a book
on dinosaurs.
Say, maybe we could find out
what you are, Goo.
[foreign chanting]
- Uh-oh.
- [speaking foreign language]
[dramatic music]
- Prickle, you and Goo look for
Gumby in the first two books.
I'll search in this one.
[foreign music]
[upbeat music]
[flies buzzing]
[dramatic music]
[upbeat music]
- Ugh, I'm through searching
for Gumby in these books.
It's dangerous.
[mystical music]
- [yells]
- Oh, I'm sorry, Pokey.
I didn't know you were there.
- We were looking
for you, Gumby.
[horn honking]
- All aboard for the farm.
- Come on, Pokey, get in.
We're going to the farm.
Did you want to stay here?
Well, then, come on.
[engine turning over]
[engine grinding]
[car backfiring]
[sneaky music]
[tires screeching]
[upbeat music]
[horn honking]
[flames crackling]
[dog barking]
[sneaky music]
[dramatic music]
- [gasps]
- Are you okay, lady?
- I guess I'm all right.
- Did a car hit you?
- No, I just learned the loan
company is taking away our farm.
- Gosh, it must be awful
losing your farm.
- It just shows you that to
borrow money is dangerous.
- Thank you, young man.
[engine turning over]
[tires screeching]
- Lady, is there
anything we can do to help?
- I'm afraid not.
The E-Z Loan company is
taking our farms
because we can't
make our payments.
We had so little rain last year,
that our crops couldnt grow.
Oh, I don't know what we'll do.
I just can't tell my children
they won't have a home anymore.
- Thinbuckle and Fatbuckle,
come here a minute.
- Uh-oh.
Looks as if Gumby's up to
something as usual.
- You've got good ears, Pokey.
Maybe you can overhear
what they're saying.
- I'm not interested.
- What about farmer's benefit?
- Fatbuckle, I like the sound of
farmer's benefit.
Is it settled?
We have benefit concerts?
- I'm all for it.
- A-one, two, a-three--
[rock music]
[rooster crowing]
- You know, Goo,
I think Pokey is sick.
He's still in the
backseat of the car.
- Oh, Pokey's hurt.
'Cause Gumby spends so much time
now with the Clayboys.
They usually do almost
everything together.
- Yeah, I guess Pokey
feels left out.
- Fellas, I got some new ideas
for our concert
out of some books.
I'll show you what I mean.
Play our next piece.
[bell chiming]
[dishes clanking]
- Thank you, Fatbuckle.
And I picked everything fresh
from the garden.
- Uh, say, where's Pokey?
He's usually always hungry.
- Oh, he's still out in the car.
He's feeling bad
about something.
- Golly.
I better go see
what's the matter.
[upbeat music]
Pokey, what's the matter?
Are you sick?
- Oh, I'm not much
good to you anymore,
now that you're always
playing with the Clayboys.
- Oh, I didn't realize
you felt left out.
I'm sorry I didn't
tell you sooner.
You are going to be with me
in the new dance act.
Youll be out in the front
of the band with me.
- Sounds like fun.
I'm suddenly real hungry.
- Goo fixed you a carrot
cucumber tomato sandwich.
- Here, Lowbelly.
Here's your lunch.
Oh, what a pretty marble.
Gumby, look at this strange
marble I found in the hay.
Isn't it beautiful?
- It's a beauty, all right.
But I don't think it's a marble.
It looks like a pearl.
Here, Thinbuckle.
What does it look like to you?
- It sure looks like a pearl
my dad bought for my mother.
And it cost a lot of money, man.
- [chomping]
I'll bet it's a real pearl.
I'd say it's worth
at least $1,000.
- Well, I'm going to show it
to Professor Kapp.
He'll tell us if
it's real for sire.
[upbeat music]
[glass shattering]
Oh, I'm awfully sorry,
I shouldn't pop in on you
so fast like that.
- Oh, don't worry, son.
This was just one of my many
unsuccessful experiments.
No harm done, really.
Oh my.
Now then, what can I
do for you, Gumby?
- Goo found this in our barn.
We thought that you could tell
is if it's a real pearl or not.
- Now...
[clears throat]
Now, um, let me have
a good look at this
with my crystal laser analyzer.
[machinery humming]
Oh, and on this
screen over here,
we'll soon get the answer.
[computer beeping]
- Chemical:
calcium carbonate.
Type: Pearl.
- Wow!
Thank you, Professor.
This will be a good start
on our farmer's benefit find.
We are having a benefit concert
in the park tomorrow.
And you are invited.
- Oh, thank you, Gumby.
I wouldnt miss it for anything!
[rock music]
Oh, my.
This music does things
to my brain.
- It does things to my spine.
- It makes me feel
funny all over.
[glass clinking]
[bell chiming]
[bell chiming]
[bell chiming]
[bell chiming]
- This is going to rock
the scientific world.
[cheers and applause]
[guitar solo]
[cheers and applause]
[car backfiring]
- Sorry, Lowbelly.
They don't allow dogs here.
We won't stay long.
You can play the radio.
- This is KDOG
on your radio dial.
Brought to you by--
- This is their car.
- That's their mascot, Lowbelly.
- He's cute.
[indistinct chatter]
- As we return to the story,
we find Penny in her kitchen
talking to her neighbor, Maisy.
- But Maisy, I also heard
that ChiChi spilled the
[police scanner]
- Oh, no!
[suspenseful music]
That was gonna be the
highlight of the workweek.
What should we do?
[motorcycle rumbling]
[dog whines]
[dog whining]
[computer beeping]
- Duplication phase on the
electronic robot complete.
All circuits in place.
[machinery humming]
[dog barks]
[dog whines]
[wheels sliding]
- [barks]
[water splashing]
[electricity crackling]
[dog whines]
[machinery humming]
[tires screeching]
[indistinct chatter]
- Here, waiter, take this back.
And bring me another
thick shake.
And get your circuits fixed
before you make another mess.
[tires screeching]
[ominous music]
- I'll be right back, fellas.
What's the matter, Lowbelly?
You always like cookies.
I'll leave them here for ya,
in case you get hungry.
We won't be much longer.
- We loved your concert, Gumby.
May we have your autograph?
- Sure!
- That robot really has
his wires crossed.
[oohing and awwing]
- Uh, golly, I'm sorry.
- It's okay, sonny.
Yeah, yeah,
it's my fault, really.
You see, I told that robot
I wanted to meet you, not eat you.
My name's Lucky Claybert.
I was at your concert today.
I liked it very much.
I'm a talent agent
and I'd like to help you
make it big
in show business and TV.
- Come see me at
our studio, Mr. Claybert.
And we'll talk.
- Hey, you may call me Lucky.
Young man, you're going to make
television history.
- As long as we can
help the small farmers.
- Farmers?
- [slurping]
Hey, Prickle,
They brought you a new shake.
- It's about time.
I thought this piece of junk
would never come back.
[all laughing]
- I've got to get back
to my lab right now.
Oh, yes.
- Oh, we've got to go, too.
We have a lot of
rehearsing to do.
We'll drop you off at your lab.
- Hey, I haven't had
my strawberry shake yet.
[sneaky music]
[rock music]
[music grows louder]
[dog whines]
[music stops]
[keyboard clacking]
- This is great, Tara.
We can hear them rehearse.
[rooster crows]
- And when they leave
for a concert,
we can follow them.
Oh, look, Ginger.
Someone important is
coming up the road.
[car rumbling]
[rock music]
- Hello, Mr. Claybert.
We've been expecting you.
Just follow me.
- Yes, this boggles my brain.
[music stops]
- Hi, Mr. Claybert.
Come to my office.
[upbeat music]
- Young man,
you have a unique talent.
And a perfect medium
for that talent
is video music television.
You and the Clayboys
are unknown.
You don't even have
a record out.
But you do your thing on
videotape and disc,
and everybody will
know you overnight.
Just sign this contract
and I'll arrange
for camera crews
to come right over
and begin taping
as soon as possible.
- Well, before I sign,
I must have the okay
from all my colleagues.
What do you say, fellas?
All: Sign! Sign!
[all yelling]
- Well, Mr. Claybert.
- Yes, yes, yes.
Just-just call me Lucky.
- Well, Lucky.
Youve got a deal!
All: Hooray!
- Look, a television van.
[sneaky music]
- Ah.
I never saw Lowbelly
do that so fast before.
[suspenseful music]
Hey, fellas, what do you know!
Our first break on TV.
Lucky sure works fast.
[beats drum]
- Man, our first TV appearance.
[strums guitar]
- Wow!
Think I should get a haircut?
- Look, Ginger,
a television appearance.
We'll follow them
to the station.
Let's get in my car now.
[sneaky music]
[machinery humming]
- I'm sure glad they turned on
the air conditioner.
- If theyd only
turn a light on now.
[dramatic music]
- Boy, the driver must think
he's going to a fire.
- I wish we were
going to a fire.
This air conditioning
is freezing.
- I'm so cold and stiff
I can't move!
[tries squealing]
[tires screeching]
- This is where they
turned off the road.
- But there's no
road there, Tara.
- They escaped this book.
Well, so can we.
[tires squealing]
Ah, I see their tire tracks
where they turned here.
- That's no TV station.
And what's wrong
with the Clayboys?
- Yeah, this is weird.
We better investigate.
[machinery buzzing]
[machinery humming]
- I don't see any
television cameras.
- And you won't, either.
- Look, Tara.
What are they doing to
I mean, the robot?
- You are to capture Gumby
and bring him here.
[electricity crackling]
- They're programming
the robot to do something.
I can't see or hear what it is.
[dog barking]
- That crazy dog.
Look out, Prickle.
[dog barking]
[dog whining]
- Oh, my.
Poor Lowbelly is all
covered with manure.
- What's a matter
with that dumb dog?
He's never chased after
Tilly before.
- Lowbelly, you know better
than to chase Tilly.
Now we're gonna have to
give you a bath.
[truck rumbling]
[suspenseful music]
- We're ready, Gumby.
Bring your instruments.
[water splashing]
- What's the water for, Goo?
- We're gonna
give Lowbelly a bath.
He's all covered with manure.
- Hah hah!
What next?
- Put the instruments far back
in the van, Gumby.
- Hey, Thinbuckle?
I want to ride in the cab.
[machinery humming]
- One stinking dog, coming up.
[electricity crackling]
- Holy Toledo!
What happened?
- I think something awful
has happened to Lowbelly.
- Hey, this wasn't Lowbelly.
This was a robot.
- I thought he was
acting strange
ever since we left the cafe.
- Oh, then where is Lowbelly?
- Somebody kidnapped him,
that's for sire.
They made a robot copy of him.
We got to catch up with Gumby
and tell him.
Come on!
[urgent music]
[engine grinding]
[car backfires]
[car backfiring]
Goo, while I try
to fix the motor,
you better look up the number
of that TV station, KBLK,
and try to phone Gumby.
[wheels squeaking]
- Tara, I can't believe this.
They've got Gumby!
[suspenseful music]
[machinery humming]
- Gumby form
duplication is complete.
Gumby robot is ready
for a music performance.
- Looks like Gumby
needs help, Tara.
- Ginger, don't worry.
Gumby can take care of himself.
Just wait and see.
- Tara, this looks
real bad to me.
Now Gumby and the Clayboys
are all locked up
in cold rooms.
We ought to do something.
- Wait, I want to see what these
Blockheads are trying to do.
- Robot ready to activate.
[dog barks]
[disjointed rock music]
- Oh, this is terrible.
I can't stand it anymore!
Gumby needs help.
Follow me, Ginger.
- Emergency.
Spy has escaped.
[alarm ringing]
[engine rumbling]
[machine whirring]
What the Gumby robot sees
will be displayed on this
Use noise clips
to control action.
- Don't you remember
the title of the book, Tara?
- I'll know it when I see it.
Ah, there it is.
[instrumental of
"Old MacDonald Had a Farm"]
- Here a quack,
there a quack
Everywhere a quack quack
Old MacDonald had a farm
Ee-eye ee-eye oh
- Whoops.
The wrong book.
Sorry, Ginger.
- Hee-haw here
Hee-haw there
Here a hee,
there a haw
Everywhere a hee-haw
[car rumbling]
- Well, Ginger,
I guess I'm lost.
I don't know which way to go.
- Tara, there's the TV trick.
Looks like Gumby driving.
- It's not Gumby.
That's the robot,
which means more trouble.
I'm going to follow it.
[suspenseful music]
There's the book
I was looking for.
The robot's going
to Gumby's studio.
Ginger, we have to
warn Gumby's pals.
Hang on.
[engine grinding]
[car backfiring]
[truck rumbling]
- It's Gumby!
- Hi, pals.
What's up?
- Terrible news, Gumby.
And I couldnt find
the phone number
for the TV station to tell you.
- Your car is a real clinker.
It won't start.
- No, the bad news is that
Lowbelly's been kidnapped.
Whoever did it made a
robot copy of him to fool us.
- Oh, well I think I know
where to find Lowbelly.
Come on.
Get in the van
and we'll go find him.
Hop in, everybody.
- Can't I ride with you
in the cab?
[horn honking]
- Don't get in the truck!
That's not Gumby!
It's a robot!
It'll lock you in there
the way Gumby was kidnapped!
[rooster crowing]
- That's not Gumby for sure.
- Time to head for the hills.
- I have an idea
how to fix this robot.
[airplane engine roaring]
[airplane engine roaring]
- Gumby robot's
radio transmission
has been interrupted.
Until difficulty is corrected,
select defensive
program class A, Evasive.
- Hooray!
Good shooting, Goo.
[tires screeching]
- Somebody's coming up
the driveway.
[engine revving]
[car rumbling]
- Hi, kids, uh...
What's this TV truck doing here?
- Oh, Mr. Claybert,
it's not a TV trick.
Gumby and the Clayboys
were kidnapped in it.
- Yeah, we don't know
where they are.
- We know where they are.
- Well, there's no time to lose.
I've scheduled TV camera
and sound crews to be here
in two hours.
So hop in, everybody.
Hop in.
[tires screeching]
- I'm sorry,
bit I can't remember
the title of the book
where Gumby is.
- We remember
what's in the book.
- What's in the book?
- There's computers galore.
- And they make robots.
- Good.
That narrows it down.
Let's all spread out
and each look for titles
that say "computer"
or "robot."
- Hey, come here, everybody.
I think I found the book.
- This is it!
Follow me.
- Hey, wait a minute.
This could be dangerous.
Let's call the police.
- Oh, no time for that, Prickle.
Just stick together
and we'll be okay.
- Shh!
Now be very quiet as we enter.
I'll check first
to see what's happening.
- Still experiencing
with video transmission
from Gumby robot.
- The Blockheads
are distracted now.
[dog barks]
[disjointed rock music]
- Well done, Pokey and Goo!
Now to find Gumby and his band.
- [sniffing]
- Ah, yes, that must
be the room.
Now hurry.
[dog barking]
Oh, no, the door is locked.
- I saw the Blockhead
use a key card here.
- I'll get it from one of them.
[cows mooing]
- Video now restored.
Gumby robot now ready to
continue mission
to capture [inaudible].
Reactivate controls.
- Ah-hah.
Here's the key.
- Ah, I tell you--
It's cold in here.
Colder than a witch's heart.
Must be a light switch
here someplace.
Prickle, turn up
that thermostat.
And, Goo, will you find a cup
of hot soup, please?
- This'll heat up the party.
[air expelling]
- I found a robot
that made soup.
- Reactivate controls.
Reactivate controls.
- Hi, Lucky!
Hey, where am I?
- You're in a science lab,
- Hey, what happened
to Fatbuckle,
Thinbuckle, and Nobuckle?
[disjointed rock music]
- Oh, yes, they're okay.
They'll wake up
in a few minutes.
No problem.
- Whatever happened?
And who's playing
the music so badly?
- You won't believe it.
Come take a look.
- They're all robots, Gumby.
- [laughs]
Boy, they sound awful!
- Temporary deactivation
of Clayboy robots is complete.
The purpose of this program
is to obtain pearls
from the subject, Lowbelly.
When the Clayboy band
plays live music,
the subject will produce
tears that become pearls.
- But our music isn't sad.
[keyboard clacking]
[machinery winding down]
- Gumby, we better go
to your studio now.
The camera and sound crews
will be there shortly.
- Prickle, will you see if
the Clayboys are awake?
- Roger, Gumby.
Leaping Tyrannosaurus,
it's hot in here!
Gumby, come look!
We've got problems.
[suspenseful music]
- I'll call Professor Kapp.
He'll know what to do.
[dial tone]
[phone beeping]
Eh, Professor?
- Oh, uh, yes--
Three meltdowns?
Normally, it's serious,
but I have a new invention
that will handle the problem,
so don't worry.
Bring them over right away.
- Now, Gumby, will you
and Mr. Claybert please move
those sound emitters--
Uh, speakers--to you, Gumby?
So they are directly
over the subject.
Now that's fine,
gentlemen, fine.
Now we'll give her a try.
[machinery humming]
[electricity crackling]
Oops! Oh!
I blew a fuse.
The system has never handled
three subjects at once before.
Oh, no.
- Goo, will you check in the van
for any missing
instruments or amps?
[truck rumbling]
Oh, Goo!
Oh, leaping Tyrannosaurus!
[phone ringing]
- Gumby, will you
answer that while I
start the system up again?
[phone ringing]
- Hello? This is
Professor Kapps laboratory.
- Gumby?
- Prickle?
- Yeah, Goo has been kidnapped
by the robot
that looks like you.
It just drove away
with Goo locked in the van.
- Prickle, have Pokey
go to my father
and take along the Groobee
and meet me at
"All About Robots" pronto.
And I'll meet them there.
- Oh, Gumby, do you know how
much the camera and sound crews
charge an hour?
- I can't help it, Lucky!
They'll just have to wait.
Goo is in serious trouble.
- Hooray!
It's working again.
And you fellas stand by
and watch over there.
[machinery humming]
- How do you feel, fellas?
[whistle sliding]
- I feel great!
- Goo is in serious trouble,
and I have to go help her.
- Good luck.
- So long.
I'll see you at the barn.
[alarm bell sounding]
[horn honking]
[tires screeching]
Tara, will you pull over
at that cassette ahead?
You can hide the car in
the next row until I come out.
[Renaissance music]
[metallic clanking]
- Well, what can I do
for thee, sonny?
- Um, I need a suit of armor
and a good sword.
- Well, armor I got,
but last week,
some barons started a war
and the local knights
cleaned me out of swords
and I'm back-ordered
for several days.
- Fit me out in a
suit of armor, then.
I'll find a sword somewhere.
- Now come to think of it,
the best sword in the kingdom
is still available.
- I'll take it!
- It's out in the courtyard
stuck in a rock.
It belongs to the first
swordsman who can pull it out.
But first, I'll fit you out
with a good suit of armor.
Youre an odd shape,
bit that should do it.
- Sir, which way
to the courtyard?
- Go left up the street,
through the last archway.
- Uh, thank you.
[metal clanking]
[metal clanking]
- Maureen, come and look.
There's a strange-looking knight
to try to pill the sword out.
- [grunting]
[metal clanking]
[both laughing]
- That knight would do
well in a carnival.
[metal clanking]
[metal clanking]
[sword clanking]
[indistinct chatter]
[all gasp]
[sword clanking]
- Uh, Sir Lancelot.
The lad needs a sword.
- Uh, hold on, Sir Galahad.
This man is resourceful.
[liquid splashing]
- Sir Galahad,
I think you are right.
The lad does need a sword.
- Hey, green one up there.
Here, catch this.
- Thanks, sir knight.
[swords clanking]
[whistle sliding]
- [laughing]
Sir Galahad, the green lad
didn't need a sword.
He needed wings.
[both laughing]
- I heard that remark, sir.
You see, I've just
begun to fight.
- Holy monastery!
The lad's a magician!
[computer beeping]
[swords clanking]
- Sir, may I borrow
this a while?
- Of course, sir.
Oh, Tara!
[tires squeaking]
I'm sure glad to see you.
[car rumbling]
Tara, I've got to find a way
to beat that robot
so I can go back and rescue Goo.
Pull over in front
of that cassette.
Tara, drive around behind
and wait for me there.
[ambient music]
[dramatic music]
[door beeps]
[door beeps]
[electricity crackling]
Electric sparks shorting out...
of course!
Why didn't I think
of that before?
Oh, no!
- Analysis and loading of
the Gumby swordplay data
is now complete.
Programming a robot
counter-action in process.
Programming now complete.
Press R for attack mode.
Mission accomplished.
Robot ready to return to
home base for repairs.
[marching music]
- Wow!
- Hurry, Tara, let's go!
- Okay, guys, which one of you
is the real Gumby?
- We all are.
[dramatic music]
The robot is still behind us!
[alarm sounding]
Tara, follow that engine.
That's my dad!
[tires squealing]
[siren wailing]
[train whistle blowing]
[train bell ringing]
[siren wailing]
- Pokey, are you sure Gumby
told you to meet him here?
I don't see any smoke or fire.
- That's what Prickle told me.
- Hi, Dad.
- Hi, son.
Where's the fire?
- No fire, Dad.
There's a dangerous
robot after is.
It looks just like me,
and the only way to stop it
is get it wet and short out
its electrical circuits.
- But why would a robot
be after you, Gumby?
- I'll explain later, Dad.
It's going to be here
any minute now.
Would you back
the engine over there
out of sight?
And I'll be standing
in front of the robot book.
When the robot attacks me,
fire the monitor straight
at it and soak it.
- If you say so, son.
[engine revving]
[suspenseful music]
- Robot now locked on target.
Contact in ten seconds.
Nine seconds.
Eight seconds.
Seven seconds.
- Now, Dad!
[water gushing]
[television static]
- Circuitry malfunction.
Robot repair mode suggested.
[electricity crackling]
- Holy Toledo!
- Clayboy robots are
now programmed for pursuit.
[computer beeping]
- Uh-oh, Gumby.
Look, more robots.
[electricity crackling]
Holy Toledo!
[electricity crackling]
- Emergency.
Intruders have been detected.
Press command key to apprehend.
[jingly music]
[upbeat music]
- Go get 'em, Groobee!
- [buzzes]
- Situation impossible.
Press escape key
to abandon this operation.
[all laughing]
- Nice work, Groobee.
Now let's find Goo.
- [buzzes]
- Oh, no!
Pokey, where's the whistle
that stops the Groobee?
- Oh, nuts.
I left it on the seat
of the fire truck.
- [buzzing]
[suspenseful music]
[wood cracking]
- Gumby, how's Goo doing?
- I think she's warming up okay.
- Oh, what happened?
- You were kidnapped
and we rescued you.
And we're on our way
back to the studio.
We are late for our
taping session.
- In that case, son,
we'll pretend we're
on our way to a fire.
[siren blaring]
- Oh, dear.
If Gumby doesn't show up soon,
I'll be ruined.
All the sound
and video equipment
and the crews are
costing me a fortune!
Oh, what a bummer.
[indistinct chatter]
[indistinct chatter]
[siren wailing]
[dog barks]
[siren wailing]
[dog barks]
- Hi, Lowbelly.
Sure good to see you, Lowbelly.
- Gumby, we are all ready
and waiting.
- Be right with you, Lucky.
- Here's the cookies
for your picnic, son.
- Here, Goo.
- I'll start getting things
ready for the picnic.
[car rumbling]
- Hi, Professor.
- Oh, my.
Am I late, Gumby?
- No.
Just go into the barn
and find a seat, Professor.
- Wonderful, wonderful!
I've been looking
forward to this.
- Hey, Gumby.
How much longer do I
have to stay up here
and guard these characters?
- You did a good job, Pokey.
You can go inside now.
I want to have a talk
with the Blockheads alone.
[machinery humming]
- [yawns]
- Gumby, one member of your band
is missing.
- Fellas, where is Nobuckle?
- [laughs] Where else?
- Just look for the Zs.
- [snoring]
[drum beats]
- You know what to do, fellas.
Do it!
[loud guitar strumming]
- I'm coming, I'm coming!
[whistle sliding]
Sorry, fellas.
[machinery humming]
- All right,
we've all had our fun.
Now take your places.
- Okay, Lucky.
We're ready!
- Quiet on the set!
- Roll the cameras.
[reel ticking]
- Action!
- Title "Gumbymania" in
production, take one.
[rock music]
- Holy Toledo!
- Shush.
That's your cue,
Pokey, go ahead.
Youre on, boy.
- Oh.
Oh, right.
- Oh Gumby oh
The day that
I met you
I lost a piece
of my heart
Now I got you here
Nothing's gonna
keep us apart
I don't have to worry
I don't have
to hurry now
You are all I need
I know we can
make it somehow
We're making a
Heading for a fall
Gumby, how can
I make you
See me at all?
Take me away
Oh Gumby
You do something
to my chemistry
Take me away
Oh Gumby
You are a
total mystery
You're green,
you're clay
You're a
cosmic display
How can I go
on this way?
Oh Gumby oh
Take me away
[tires screeching]
Trouble to the left
Danger to the right
I feel it all around
As long as
you are near
There's no
need to fear
And I won't back down
I know you're
the answer
To all of my dreams
Now that we're
Birds of a feather
We're the
perfect team
Take me away
Oh Gumby
You do something
to my chemistry
Take me away
Oh Gumby
You are a
total mystery
You're green,
you're clay
You're a
cosmic display
How can I go
on this way?
Oh Gumby oh
Take me away
Oh Gumby oh
Take me away
[airplane engine roaring]
Oh Gumby oh
Take me away
[bell chiming]
- One, two, three, four.
Yes, good show.
Good show.
Wrap it up.
[cheers and applause]
All: Bravo! Bravo!
- Gumby!
- Youre glad to see me back in
my normal shape again,
aren't you?
You thought I'd left you.
Then you cried pearls,
didn't you?
Well, I'd never
leave you, Lowbelly.
- I'm hungry.
When is this picnic, anyway?
- Pretty soon, Pokey.
Would you go and
invite our farmer neighbors?
It'll be under the old oak tree.
- Right.
- Ladies and gentlemen,
I want to introduce someone
who has a special announcement
for all farmers.
- First, I want to thank
the person who made possible
our new farm loan company.
Lucky Claybert!
With the money
from the videotapes,
and from these pearls,
we can make loans
to help save a lot of farms
and send the kids to college.
[cheers and applause]
- Gumby, look at the sign!
- Uh-oh.
- Yeah?
- You forgot the decimal point.
[upbeat music]
- I don't want to see a
single weed in that garden.
- Well, mission accomplished,
- Yeah.
Things are looking up
around here now.
- Liftoff.
[indistinct radio chatter]
- We are picking up Gumby
wave matters emanating
Gumby wave matters.
[rock music]
- Here he comes
and there he goes
Through books
and through walls
First he's here
And now he's there
He's short now
he's tall
Look over there
I must be
seeing things
He just popped out
of the ground
He's kind of funny
And wild all the time
It's such a
wonderful show
He's going
This way and that
He's going
This way and that
Sometimes he's thin
And sometimes
he's fat
He's going
This way and that
How does he do it
He's up in the air
He's on the
He'll make a trip
To outer space
Before he ever
comes down
Turn on the TV
He's got a guitar
He made his own video
He's doing back flips
And shredding the air
He's unbelievable
He's going
This way and that
He's going
This way and that
His voice so cool
We're digging his act
He's going
This way and
that, yeah
He's going
This way and that
He's going
This way and that
He's dancing so fast
His future's his past
He's going
This way and
that, yeah
Look up on the stand
He's leading the band
Bringing in
all kinds of cash
Helping the needy
And stopping
the greedy
This band's
becoming a smash
He's going
This way and that
He's going
This way and that
He's doing magic
The whole place
is packed
He's going
This way and
that, yeah
This way and that
He's going
This way and that
He's flying
through the air
And coming down splat
He's going
This way and
that, yeah
A bendable clay boy
This way and that
A real acrobat
This way and that
He's going
This way and that
He's going
This way and that
Watch him wipe out
That Blockhead attack
He's going
This way and that
My heart's
crying pearls
Till Gumby gets back
He's going
This way and that
He's going
This way and that
- Holy Toledo!