Gummi T (2012) Movie Script

Come here, come on!
Good dog, come on..
Ivan get up,
it was time to school.
I do not want to go.
But you have school..
You can think what Tarzan
if he was just dozing?
He's a real man.
He's fat.
- No.
He's strong, and you can
learned a lot from him.
Wake up!
You're going to be late.
- I do not want.
Do not be a coward, Ivan.
Fast way!
You're not okay, Dad?
Tarzan did not complain.
Quickly get up, come on.
The lucky bird.
You do not have to go to school.
Want to swap?
Wait for me!
Where you going, Crow?
Hi Ivan.
Hi Lotte.
What are you doing with it?
I will use it
as a mustache.
Ivan, you're weird.
Lotte Come on!
Child's school principal
should not be too late. 31,
Bell 2 minutes longer.
2 minutes and 10 seconds.
- I come..
9.. 8.. 7..
And remember..
You have a tennis practice at 2 pm,
and gymnastics at 4 pm..
And math exercises
Do not forget, today you turn to cook.
- Are you coming, Ivan?
I do not want to.
But the class will be boring
if there is no you.
You think so?
- Lotte..
Fast, and go to class.
Come on Ivan, fast..
Bye, bye.
Good morning, Ivan Olsen.
- Good morning, butcher.
Can you Leave a message to your father,
I had no business with him.
What is news?
Have you seen
my new bike?
Wow, terrific.
- Hey, do not touch.
You're going to ruin it.
What happened?
No nothing.
Whatever, Ivan.
You're going to go, Lotte?
All will be fine. Come on.
Well, Ivan child..
You want I hit?
We had to go to class.
So, why are you
standing here?
Go there.
Hey, you should not interfere
people who are smaller than you.
May, of course, what you want too?
Yes, you want some?
See you later.
I think we should
cleanse yourself.
What was your baby Louis?
No, I'm the great Louis.
- Yeah, go.
Yes, well.
I go..
Look at this, she wet the bed.
- In the pants..
Let's see, as far as what
Ivan could spit.
Spitting distance..
But I can not do it.
Spit or I hit you!
You're getting so big now, Ivan?
Get off me!
Let go!
So you want to show
us your big muscles?
I had no muscle
and you know it..
The small Ivan..
Let's see your muscles.
Yes, you're right Ivan.
Lilliputian your muscles.
Sit there and think about what
would your dad say when you get home.
This also.
Discard everything.
My bike..
- Yes, discarded.
Why did you throw my bike, dad?
Big boys do not drive
3 wheel bike.
But I like the bike.
Yes, I know.
But you have to go forward.
We're going forward.
All going forward.
What are you doing?
Why are you not in school?
We leave early.
Our teachers sick.
Why are you at home?
You do not work?
Go up and take a look.
He.. Tih..
Come on.
Do not be afraid,
This door is always open.
Entry only.
This is my new job.
I'm a coach.
What is his job?
Coaches help someone
make the right decisions.
So that they can move forward.
- I say go ahead..
There is nothing that is not
can you fix it..
But do not be bothering me
when I'm working.
Are you busy?
The phone will
rang shortly.
We will be flooded with customers.
Oh no..
They menceburkanmu again?
I would leave them alone.
What's wrong with them?
You must learn to be
a real man.
What is a real man?
A real man can
beat all the men.
Like Tarzan.
I can not do that.
I can not hit
When I was your age,
I can beat anyone.
I remember,
currently hounding butcher..
I will not budge.
I grab his hand..
The butcher
fear of heights.
So, he wanted to go down,
I let him down..
You will soon fall..
Then I threw him away..
So how..
Why I could have
boy like you?
You just..
I guess that's true.
I Tarzan..
I Tarzan,
you Jane?
Hello? Who's there?
Hi Crow, just you..
you should see
I found nothing.
It fits perfectly.
Hey, how are you?
Oh yeah, runny nose.
I'll find a cure.
Thus, young children..
How does your homework?
2 + 2 is what?
The answer is 4.
Hi, beautiful.
Want to dance?
Lotte? That's it you.
Remember we have to practice tennis?
Okay, thank you.
I had to go home.
What's in?
No nothing.
Come on, Karsten.
It is time to play tennis.
Raketku new.
Oh yeah?
- The price is very expensive.
I will never forget
berairmu nasal problems.
That's it you, come on.
- Of course if you can fit in this aviary.
Good evening.
Deep sleep.
Good evening.
Okay.. Alright.
Today we will read
aloud in class..
So, please take your books..
It's easy as pie..
Can not we
read the others?
Well, can we try?
Sorry I'm late.
How progress
read you, Ivan?
That's good, please remove your book..
And read from the beginning.
No, not your lunch.
The boy is foolish.
Hello everyone.
You're working hard?
Yes, we're only reading..
I am preparing a special class
for clever kids at this school.
Elite class..
But we..
- But so far..
Lotte beloved only child
and Karsten..
Who has the skill.
But we need other pupils
so that this class can be realized.
That's why we..
- I am here to look for..
Are there other students who are good here.
- Good.. Ivan?
He can not even
read the first word.
Do so, Karsten..
We must not talk like that..
Try again, Ivan.
Come on..
Wait, wait!
Got you.
There must be others who could read
better than Ivan.
I am.
Hey, pick me!
Try a hard read,
so that they know how.
Read on, dear..
It's beautiful in a distant village..
Summer has arrived.
Yellow corn,
and green leaves..
Good, thank you very much.
I will be looking for students pandaiku
And did something to that child.
I think is not bad if you receive..
Special additional classes.
Special extra classes?
Special extra classes?!
You think you've got Tarzan
special extra classes?
I do not know,
Can not I proud of you,
Only once, it is my hope..
Maybe after that I can buy..
I want a cookie.
Is there anything to be celebrated?
You can not do anything.
and what about training?
You've got a client?
- Not.
But they will come.
And you know you can do what?
I can not do anything.
You can..
- Really?
You can go to the middle of the city..
And bring a table and writing..
Ladies and gentlemen, assembled..
Everything is invited.
I'll train for the price of 100.
No expertise
you can not improve.
Wow wow..
Take your time.
There he is again.
He's like a magician.
You think he's a witch?
No, no that witch
but she looks like a witch.
what to do?
You're about to leave.
You're scaring the client.
- Clients?
True, the client..
Thank you.
Original miracle..
Come buy keajaibanmu.
Who would believe it?
Miracle, just for 50.
Hey, do not believe that shit.
You have to come here!
- It's his money.
Thank you.
Poor man,
he cheated.
I'll give it a try.
You will not regret it, ma'am.
I can walk.
Wait a minute.
- I can walk.
I can walk.
I can walk.
It's a miracle,
I can walk..
I could walk...
See, I ran.
See, I ran...
Let me through.
Please login.
of course.
I knew.
People are not going to waste money
to coach..
Unless they are confident
This will succeed.
I have to train you.
I'll make you a success.
And we will start from here.
You're going to be as strong as Tarzan.
But the man
not Tarzan.
No, it's true.
But he's a real man.
Like your father.
I was always strong.
When I was little,
I lifted weights.
I won the club championship.
Load 200 kg..
Or 300 kg?
It makes no difference.
Go in there.
And do not go home
before you were strong.
What do you want?
I want to be strong.
I can see your hand
small indeed.
Can you teach me
to lift it?
Maybe, if you train hard.
And long..
But first,
You have to warm up.
Hi Ivan.
Are you lost?
You're standing here..
We will begin,
yes rightly so.
Lift your knees more.
Up and down, up and down..
1.. 21.. 2..
1.. 2.. 3 ya..
1.. 2..
1.. 2..
1.. 2..
Stand up straight, his chest swelled,
heads up..
Put your hands up
and be a real man..
Are you kidding me..
Lance Armstrong's time.
Mengayuhlah son,
like this.
Come on, time to ski.
Let's jump..
Up and down..
Down and up..
Now, sit-ups many times..
And push-ups,
up and down..
Up and down,
up and down..
What are you doing?
You're just lying.
Now try to catch the ball.
I think I'll hang
here briefly.
How can this be possible?
I think this is not right for you, son.
Do not be sad, Ivan.
You're good at a lot of other things.
I've seen it.
You saw what?
You're good at finding stuff
and other things.
Have you already received a letter?
From who?
I do not know..
Maybe you'll get it today.
See you later.
Yes, you later..
so, Ivan..
- Are you strong?
You see?
You've trained your father,
and you're already ahead.
Now, would you kulatih
for cycling.
that it was.
But Daddy..
It's too big for me.
It makes no sense.
Nothing is too big.
You just have to practice.
How are you, Ivan?
What you're racing
with snails?
No, I'm just getting started..
- Let me help you.
No need..
I'll be fine..
Hey.. Good, Ivan.
Good, boy!
I managed.
I'm cycling.
Hey Ivan!
If you must stop,
Do not forget to use the brakes.
What do you want to eat anymore..
Good boy?
I'm sorry, ma'am.
Sorry is a poor excuse,
basic brat.
Hey, watch my flowers!
I'll try, sir!
If I want to be faster,
kunaikan teeth into 3rd gear.
Like this.
- Well..
You do not just done it!
I know we will get
something today.
We never caught anything.
What do I say?
We never caught anything.
Hey, eat your bait.
I was not lucky.
Maybe I can cook
the child to eat.
Here you are.
Your nose will not
watering again.
This day could not disenyumi.
Who did you move there?
Come on, Ivan.
What should you do
if you have a boyfriend?
You will soon have a boyfriend.
If you're strong and can ride..
The girls will be chasing you.
Do you have a lot of girlfriends?
More than one?
Yes, and you know what?
They are crazy about men
strong and big.
What was the reason mom moved into the house
Greek men?
He is not strong,
he's fat.
Fat and disgusting.
And that's the result if
you eat too much Taziki..
And Mooshaka.
No kid..
You must eat meat, kid.
Then you will be strong.
Well, look who it is.
Olsen, the little bitch.
Want to buy something?
2 steak your best..
And hurry up,
I'm busy.
New job.
Being a coach.
Maybe you can do something
on your son.
Yeah right.
I will make him like Tarzan.
- Tarzan?
- And I can also train you, if you want.
Look at you.
Inside this small shop fool.
Well, I was quite satisfied.
Do not be a coward.
You have to reach the sky.
Or are you still afraid of heights?
Olsen.. Olsen..
You owe me 15 steak..
3 large meatballs, and pork sausage 1 meter.
I know,
I will pay immediately.
I've never heard of it.
I got a lot of clients
for kulatih.
You can not get any
before you pay.
Really, butcher..
Why do not you help Mr. Olsen..
See the child,
he's skinny.
he was strong.
He's strong.
Of course, I'm going to help Olsen.
We must help
This pathetic man.
Kim, 2 steaks.
Steak special.
2 steak specials, let dad.
What's up, little man?
You want to see my special steak?
Are not they a bit too hard?
Eating alone,
This will strengthen your teeth.
Yes but could not
we eat more?
Rice, or salad?
Salad and rice was for wimps.
He was my client, Ivan.
Come on in, the door is open..
Please login.
Who are you?
I'm Lotte.
Hello Lotte, come.
You need a coach?
I'm actually an expert in
train children to age.
Akku just came to talk..
- Do not just so, dear..
Sit down, so..
So tell me, what's the problem?
I came to
talk with Ivan.
Talk with Ivan can be difficult,
he's always talking and..
Hi Lotte.
- Hi.
Why do not you get into this room?
Thank you.
See, what did I say?
When you're strong,
the girls will chase you.
You do not have a lot of stuff.
No, my dad said we should
always forward.
It's a nice house.
Close to the factories
that have been closed it.
Oh yeah?
- Yes.
You got my letter?
This is it.
Did you get my letter?
So, what do you think..
- Do not mind me.
Dah.. I'm out.
What about the letter?
- Tea?
Thank you.
- Ivan glad you came.
Well, I have to go..
I had no musical training.
It's nice to meet you.
Dah Ivan.
Dah! Bye.
Hey, come to the park tomorrow.
Look how strong and smart Ivan.
Parks? What do you want us there?
Ivan, you will know it tomorrow.
Berkumpulah everything.
Look at the coaches who have succeeded.
Look at my son who is as strong as Tarzan.
Dad.. I'm not as strong as Tarzan.
Of course you were strong,
The descent..
When I was your age,
I also like Tarzan.
Always looking for the highest tree..
The higher the better.
And after that I will always
trying to climb to the top.
Not a problem.
Both Ivan, you're going to climb up there.
No, I did not dare.
I'm going to fall and
nose bleed.
It makes no sense.
I coach, climbed the tree.
But dad, I do not want to
be like Tarzan.
That decision, son.
- What do you mean?
Because you're my son, and the children
listen to the words of his father.
Get up there..
We waited,
whenever you're ready..
No dad..
So, good Ivan.
Big, strong, and..
You can ride a bike.
But I did not drive it
It makes no sense.
I saw it myself.
Rose again, come on.
Come on!
But I want to..
I want to get off.
Down? No,
The opposite of up.
Ivan, look at me.
You can ride again.
I know you can,
- You're a waste of time..
I know this will end badly.
Come quickly,
rose again.
Keep up.
Ivan, hold
and grow a pair.
I want to go down, father.
Ivan, do!
You Tarzan!
Ivan, you Tarzan.
You've got the muscle, you eat meat..
- Ivan.. Ivan..
Come on Ivan!
Ivan! Ride like you have wings.
Ivan, do not look down!
Do not look down!
Like Tarzan..
Okay, it was amazing.
I want to see your son do that..
You really can not
trained as any.
You just..
Jelly Tarzan.
I thought you said I
is a coward.
It also.
But surely..
You are Tarzan Jelly..
You all suck,
I do not want to deal anymore.
Nice name.
Jelly Tarzan.
Tarzan Jelly..
Yes, Jelly Tarzan...
Tarzan's Jelly..
Do not worry about it.
Have you decided
What do you want to be my girlfriend?
- Yes?
Are you serious?
- No.
But Ivan..
I said no.
But Ivan, I...
I'm useless..
I did Tarzan Jelly..
No, wait for me..
- Not!
Leave me!
That's easy for you.
You're good at flying..
Coward who can not do anything.
I can not go home.
I could not face my father.
I can walk.
I can run..
Look at me, I ran.
I can jump,
see me jump.
I jump, I can walk,
I can run and dance.
Hey, did you know that witches live?
Crow, wait for me!
I come!
Wait for me!
This thing is broken.
Go from here.
I'm creating a song.
Go there.
Why, you..
Go.. You go..
I'll catch you,
naughty bird basis. Enough.
Who are you?
My name is Ivan Olsen.
But all call me Jelly Tarzan..
It was a strange name.
Did you just swim?
- No.
My father was angry because I
can not do anything..
I'm not strong..
What was your father who yelled
me on the market?
People who have sign posts?
Certainly not easy to have
timid father.
You know what?
You deserve a miracle
for free.
Oh yeah?
Yes, you can ask for anything.
what.. Whatever?
Thank you..
I wish I could spit..
And weightlifting and cycling..
- Wait..
I say 1 petition.
Currently you can only choose 1,
make sure your wish is good.
1 petition?
Think first, boy..
I will light a fire.
And open shirt basahmu it.
1 petition.
What would I choose?
Yes, take your time..
Yes, but it is very difficult.
I know!
I hope I become a
best in everything.
I think you have to repeat it.
I wish I was the best
in all respects.
Well, my goodness.
It is the largest application
I've ever heard.
- Well..
I have worked for
fulfill it.
So, what I had to drink this soup?
Wait a minute, I have to see
ramuanku book.
By the way,
your clothes are dry.
Well, let me see.
The best.. true..
Here it is, the best in everything.
That is..
Ah, this too.
It is the fruit fly,
they just live a day.
A day?
- Yes.
This herb will make
be the best during the day.
No more,
not less.
Can we not use it?
No, if not
This will not work.
Strong like bull..
Clever like a crow..
Calm like a cow..
Happy as a pig.
Already son, we already have everything.
Amazing noise of sound
that you made.
Now, seems to have your time sleeping.
Well Ivan.
Are you ready?
Oh precious miracle..
More precious than gold..
Give us keajaibanmu!
Wow.. Wait here.
So.. already.
I've become the best?
Tomorrow morning, when you wake up.
- Okay.
And remember, this is only for a day.
From sunrise
to sunset.
You'd better go home.
- Okay.
Thank you.
Thank you.
And Ivan, remember..
Only 1 day..
- Yes!
Where was I...
Okay lights,
are you ready?
I do it?
Dad, I could spit away!
It was embarrassing.
I am an expert in all things
and I am strong!
See dad..
I'm as strong as Tarzan.
Are you happy?
I am an expert in all things these days,
see you later, bye!
Am I dreaming?
Okay, Lotte?
- Present.
- Present.
His name is Tarzan jelly.
Okay, Ivan is yet to come?
Hi, sorry I'm late.
Gee, what is this Ivan..
What are you taking?
Akku go to the library
to borrow books.
Why did you do that?
Because I want to read.
Yes but Ivan, you can not.
Today I can.
Ugly duck.
It's beautiful countryside.
Moderate summer,
yellow corn..
Green leaves, hay stacked in the field..
Large duck was talking using
ancient Egyptian language.
Wah wah.. See it..
Anyone who says he can read?
He must have memorized it.
Isaac Walton was a good man.
And that's what brought the writer.
Mother Hubbard went to the cupboard..
People in Denmark... terkurus weighs 26.5kg.
and they all lived happily ever after.
It.. It..
It's cheating.
He cheated.
What can I say?
I mean..
I need the air..
I think we are free now.
How did you learn to read
well and quickly?
Yes what?
Be your girlfriend.
Are you sure?
Hey, Jelly Tarzan.
- You want to hit?
Yes, and dicebur.
You should call Kim,
I guess you can not mengatasiku.
Oh yeah? We can not?
You must be vigilant.
Or I have to use my muscles.
And this friend.
Wow, huge muscles.
I would use it.
I'll use it now!
- Please.
Sorry, sorry..
What is cool?
- Yes.
It taste delicious?
Tasty and cold.
Hey, did you kuperbolehkan go?
Good boy.
Please Ivan, will do it myself.
And next time if you want to hit someone,
pukulah each of you.
Okay, Jelly Tarzan.
I mean Ivan,
Okay Ivan.
Do not hit me.
But Ivan said..
Are you really an expert
in any?
Yes.. It's a miracle.
And I got it for free
because my dad sucks.
Ivan, you're weird.
Can you use this
for something?
Sure, thank you.
Here you are.
Hey Lotte.
We have tennis practice.
Hey! Not today.
I'll go with Ivan.
But you can not..
Will kuadukan father.
Okay, just do it.
Can we go to your house?
- See you, dad!
Plant it?
- Dah.
Hey Kim!
You have nerve, Jelly Tarzan.
You want to race?
Yes, you can not even
riding a bicycle.
Actually, I can.
I would use this bike,
and you use skutermu.
First up to the water, to win.
You're not feeling well today?
Come on up.
You want to compete against a scooter?
With me in the back?
The first person to get to the sea.
You want to go first?
Hey! Wait!
Elementary children..
Do not holding me..
Stop it!
Oh no..
Stop, I said stop!
You must drink it!
We'll talk to you later!
It's a beautiful day.
Bad weather.
Hey, what happened?
What happened?
- Hold this.
You forgot to use the brakes.
I will repay you, Ivan.
The same place,
same time.
That was not good.
Lotte, you're my boyfriend.
I'm not your boyfriend.
- But..
Because I do not like the new Ivan.
Forget it.
Is not that sunset
I hate water.
Can you explain
where have you been?
That's all right.
You're competing with kids
the butcher?
And you win!
You win!
You win, you win!
My son is smart and strong.
But I'm not strong anymore.
It was just a day.
That being said the witch.
The only thing that took the decision
here is me.
Who is telling you about Tarzan?
Yeah right.
But I do not have my muscles again.
If it's not muscle, Ivan..
AKu not understand.
The magician says..
- Ivan, we succeed.
You are proof that I made it.
You're strong like Tarzan.
And I coach..
Tarzan.. Coach.
I mean, like..
Tarzan coach.
Tomorrow we will show
at all.
I will show
how great you were.
Strong, big, and clever
like Tarzan.
I love it.
Yes, this elite class is very important.
and I just need one more student.
We need to talk.
You've made a promise?
Now, yes.
Why did you write this letter for Ivan?
Special additional class writings.
Well, your son can not read.
If a teacher considers the need..
He could call the parent
or person in charge..
To discuss the relationship
between students, teachers, and parents.
Can not read did you say?
Sit down, Mr. Olsen?
Yes, sit down.
I apologize if it could not
recognize the teacher Ivan..
Talent that seems..
We have a sufficient number of students
to start the elite class.
No longer my favorite child Lotte
and son Ivan..
Will be bored in between the regular kids.
Elite class?
It was useless to Ivan.
But, he's very clever.
He's too clever,
I will stop him from school.
Elite class,
that's bullshit.
Come on son, I'm proud of you.
Bad school.
Let him know the feeling, Ivan.
Well done, son.
Come on, Ivan.
It is time to eat the cake.
I'm coming, Dad.
Come on, boy.
Could I get a green?
Yes, of course.
That's it, boy what a pity.
You're a lot like your father.
Be proud of it.
He's not good.
There is something wrong with him,
there is pain.
I think they get a bad cake.
I think..
Are you sure Dad?
- Yes.
I do not think there are sick
around here.
No, I'm serious.
I think he's weak.
Hey, I've got news.
Well, I am happy to train.
Now, I get the results.
All right, and boy what
it's like to be so strong?
- Great all.
And what about you?
I can train you.
Total 1000.
This is it.
No, I did not dare.
You must be brave,
come on.
No... I was useless.
See, you did it!
I did it!
- Read more..
So, what is the title of your book?
Coach Tarzan,
no skill you can not improve.
Are you sure?
Ivan, show.
Wow, great.
Tarzan coach, this year's
most successful book.
Ivan, they can not see the book.
- Tos.
Tarzan coach, tell us.
So, what do you do next?
No, it's not for me.
I prefer this one.
Where are we?
Us at home?
Yes, we have to take care of something.
Hey, it's Ivan and his father.
Wow, Ivan!
- Hey!
Hey, it's me!
Ivan, wait.
It's me!
- That they are.
There they are!
- I Tarzan..
You Jane.
It's me, remember me?
- It was Tarzan.
Hello everyone..
Glad to be back.
Hey, your book very valuable for me.
Well, do not worry.
I will sign everything.
Ivan, I brought ice cream.
This is it.
Hey, come back here!
We'll be back in 2 minutes.
Thank you, thank you.
Hi, Ivan..
I want to pay my debt.
500, right?
And 2 steaks?
Well actually, it's 10,000.
Keep the change.
I'll take 500 of his..
And if you do not want to buy meat,
take your money.
Do you understand?
I guess you have not read my book?
- No, thank you.
Let me give it for free..
and you can learn to be Tarzan.
Bring your money and your bullshit about
Tarzan get out of my shop, now.
By the way,
your son looks need a coach.
- It's okay.
That's all right.
Do not insult my little girl.
Get him, Ivan.
Pick him up.
Dad, come on.
No, sorry.
No one insults my daughter
like that.
Hey, put me.
Put me down!
So, still a fear of heights ya?
He does need a coach.
No, put me.
Please Olsen.
Ivan is well..
Good Ivan, can you lower my dad..
Take him to the top of the tree.
Well Ivan, throwing him.
Throw him! Throw him! Throw him!
Ivan, fast!
Throw him to the top.
Ivan Come, listen to me.
Into the tree.
Throw him!
Ivan, I want him at the top of the tree now!
No way!
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
Phew, thank you.
You can learn something from your daughter,
little man.
Hey, you do not talk to me!
No, stop it!
Ivan, put me now!
No, no..
- Yes you base coward.
now climb higher..
No, I want to get off, Ivan.
Tarzan Come on, I want to see you
hopping from branch to branch.
Ivan does not.
Do not do this.
Great people like you
not afraid of anything, right?
I do not like over here, Ivan.
- What is a real man?
You're a liar!
You're a coward!
You.. Coach Jelly Tarzan.
I'm sorry to do that to you.
And sorry I insulted you.
I did not mean to.
That's all right.
Because you're right.
I was a coward.
I'm just a liar.
But why did you lie?
I was never able to do anything.
I did not throw the butcher
that day.
He who threw you?
And lift the iron?
I could not lift 5 kg.
But it was funny.
Sorry, not that funny.
You're right.
It certainly looks stupid.
But still less than
when I'm pretending to be Tarzan.
I can not ride high.
I did Jelly Tarzan.
Tarzan you coward.
I as a coach?
It was a joke.
I'm not sure, you can teach people
for tripping.
I also want to say something.
I do not always languished in the room
and my work as you say.
Kinda scary here I think.
Ivan, you are making all of this yourself?
Well, this is great.
Hey, why are you sad?
Sad face..
Good at all.
I've been looking for..
So, continue drinking.
AKu is back to normal?
I like the first?
I am afraid you will
have that power forever.
What are you going to get mad at me anymore?
No, no..
I wonder..
Miracle, it costs how much bu?
but you get a discount..
If you're good.
We'll give it a try.
But dad, you do not
believe in witches, right?
It is time to go to class!
Come on in all..
Sitting neat.
I'll tell my brother.
That's it.
He is very strong.
Yes.. Very strong.
I would say teachers too.
Hey Lotte.
I think..
What are you doing after school?
I have homework..
And violin practice..
- I went back to normal.
There is no muscle.
At all.
What are you saying, Ivan?
You lose power?
I think so.
So, Jelly Tarzan..
You want I hit?
I think Jelly Tarzan need water.
Release him!
Do not you have to go
into the classroom?
Release him!
You're a bully.
I say let him!
- Rrr-
- Rrr-