Gun City (2018) Movie Script

Protect the freight! Come on!
Protect the wagon!
Come on, come on!
There's no one here, sir!
Clear the scaffolds!
MZA train held up and robbed!
Anarchist suspects rounded up by police!
Read all about it in La Voz!
War in Africa!
Abd-El Krim rebels attack our positions
in the Rif!
MZA train held up and robbed!
Anarchist suspects rounded up by police!
Abd-El Krim rebels attack our positions
in the Rif!
Read La Voz!
- He hasn't done anything wrong!
- Don't raise your voice.
Let him go.
- You have nothing to worry about.
- Nothing to worry about?
I just need to know he's okay!
No, please,
let me see my husband!
I just need to know he's okay!
- Please.
- Please!
- Commissioner Verdaguer?
- Who wants him?
He went to see the military governor.
They're climbing the walls
about that MZA train robbery.
- So, who's in charge?
- Inspector Redi.
First floor, end of the corridor.
Thank you.
- No! No!
- Talk.
- No!
- Talk, damn it!
Stay there, leave it to me.
- Talk, damn it!
- Come on.
Stop whimpering and say it.
What was in the boxes
and where did you hide them?
- I don't know.
- What don't you know?
Do you think we're idiots?
We know you were in on the train robbery.
No! I didn't do anything!
- "I didn't do anything."
- No, no...
Hey! Hey!
He's passed out.
Fucking shit.
Who the fuck are you?
Anbal Uriarte,
Information Brigade, Madrid.
I asked for 20 men and I get one.
That's this country for you.
Anbal Uriarte...
I thought you Basques had big heads
and even bigger noses.
he's coming to.
He's the MZA train driver.
We think he had something to do
with the robbery,
but the bastard won't talk.
Let's take him out for a nice walk.
Come on. Come on!
Basque, you come also.
You'll see how things work around here.
Come on, come on!
Move up the sheaves.
This is your last chance to confess.
Where are those boxes?
I don't know, I really don't.
Why don't you talk?
Why don't you?
Fucking stand up!
All right, all right.
Give us anything, a name and address.
- Something!
- Something!
You're not going to talk?
You're one of those anarchists
with principles.
T.B! T.B.
Let the Basque do it.
Gentlemen, time to go have some fun,
this is not a funeral.
It's not all work, right, T.B.?
Let me get the shovel.
Welcome to Barcelona.
What's up, Jordi? You look skinnier.
- The baron, he doesn't feed me.
- How about your mom?
Good night, Jordi.
Basque, this is the best club in the city.
In the whole country!
This way.
I slept with those two last night.
Ladies, good evening.
Where are you going? And with him.
Are they new here?
Inspector Redi.
It's a pleasure to see you.
Even if we're full,
you know there's always a table
for our friends
in the Information Brigade.
Thank you, Gastn.
- What about this one?
- He's too young for you.
Mara, the guys
from the Information Brigade are here.
- Can you help me?
- Lola, we're on. Come on!
- And the glitter?
- It's here, there you go.
Come on, you, come on!
Les Papillones.
The French butterflies coming directly
from the best theaters in Paris.
Let's give them another hand.
And now, the moment
you have been waiting for.
Tonight, with you here,
the great Lola Montaner!
You're beautiful!
I'll repay you, plus interest, I swear.
I swear.
But I need three more months.
Martn, I see two solutions here.
First, to exercise the default clause,
and keep your hardware store.
No, please, not that.
I inherited it from my father.
It's our only property.
What's the other option?
The other one... Look who's here!
What's going on, Dad?
What a pretty girl! What's your name?
- Laura.
- Laura. How old are you?
Do you like to sing and dance?
- Yes.
- Good.
Very good.
She's only a little girl.
No, she's a young woman. Right, Majorcan?
Yes, she's a young woman.
A young woman.
Take it all off, love!
The great Lola Montaner!
And now, a musical interlude.
I can't stand your lying. It's over!
What can I get you to drink?
- You are so clever.
- A kiss for my favorite one.
That was after Paris, remember?
Basque, I don't know what it's like
in Madrid, but here in Barcelona,
it just keeps getting worse.
Every day we have more work and fewer men.
And the same shitty salary, right, T.B.?
All the money he makes is for whores.
- They remind him of his mother.
- What are you doing?
You look great, Nicanor.
Inspector Redi and company.
Welcome to Eden.
- Is everything okay?
- Hey,
is that the hardware store owner?
He needs help with his daughter.
And I offered to lend a hand.
Isn't she too young to work here?
I know you prefer ripe fruit,
- but there are other tastes.
- Like yours?
You should try it some time.
A new tasteful...
- experience.
- I'm...
a very traditional man.
Any rumors about the train robbery?
You hear lots of things.
There was gold from the reserve
of the Bank of Spain.
- Right.
- The French anarchists
did it.
- But no one knows for sure.
- Right.
Don't worry, if I hear anything,
- you'll be the first one to know.
- Great.
Enjoy your evening.
Enjoy, gentlemen.
Claims to be son of a German baron.
He's just a bullshit merchant involved
in every racket in town.
Bastard, son of a bitch.
An inbreed, I want to slit his guts
and spill them.
Courtesy of the baron.
I take back what I said.
Hello, handsome.
Come here, princess.
Aren't you hot?
You're French. Yes, yes, yes.
From which part?
- Paris.
- Just shut up.
Or the triple one.
The baron likes it.
Got a light?
You don't like our girls?
It's the first time I've seen you here.
- I just arrived.
- Watch out then.
Barcelona is a dangerous spot for cops.
I heard it's a great place for business.
Ask your boss.
He can give you advice.
I'd rather do it on my own.
You'll feel right at home, you'll see.
War in Africa!
Read all about it in El Sol!
Here you are.
Thank you.
War in Africa!
Spanish troops besieged
by rebels in Annual!
Read it in El Sol!
Early estimates are dozens of casualties.
If this says dozens,
there must be hundreds.
This can't go on!
We work just as much as them,
why don't we get paid the same as men?
We have the same duties,
we should have the same rights!
- We want equality!
- Equality!
Equal rights and equal wages!
We won't be quiet!
We have the world record
in strikes here in Barcelona.
We had 600 the last year alone.
Six hundred!
Enough with the abuse
and the discrimination!
It's time for action!
- Yes!
- We want equality!
Equality! Equality!
United they will listen to us!
They want to be like men?
Well, today they'll get it just like men.
Or worse.
United they will listen to us!
Equality! Equality!
- Let's round them up.
- No! No!
No! No!
Let her go!
No! No!
No! No!
the MZA was carrying
a consignment of army weapons.
Governor Martnez Anido has demanded
the immediate arrest of the perpetrators.
If we don't get
those weapons back in 72 hours,
he'll get his troops on the street.
We need to act with urgency.
If the anarchists start using
those weapons,
the city will become a powder keg.
Be very careful.
Where's the train driver?
Sir, he was hurt.
We were taking him to the hospital...
Are you taking me for a fool, inspector?
He tried to escape
so we had to apply the Escape Law.
Who are you?
Anbal Uriarte, I got here from Madrid.
That law is an aberration.
I will not allow it
in this police station.
- He was a dangerous anarchist.
- We're policemen,
not common thugs.
Our duty is to end violence,
not encourage it.
Find those damn weapons,
but be discreet and efficient.
- Are we clear?
- Yes, sir.
At your command, commissioner.
You have no right!
It was a peaceful protest,
and you treated us like animals!
The police claims
you started the confrontation
- with your violent attitude.
- Lies.
Write that!
We were protesting for our right
and they threw their horses at us!
Some girls are injured!
Leave, please. Leave.
No! No!
- No! No!
- Enough.
Let her go!
I'm going to beat the crap
out of that son of a bitch.
Let's go.
Yes, yes, yes.
Out, out, out.
Out, out.
Out, damn it.
Come on, darling.
Forget that. Come on, out.
All right, ladies.
Hands on the counter.
We only take orders from the baron.
You'll do as I say.
Come here, come here.
You faggot!
The baron won't like this at all.
Tell him...
the cognac and the whores are appreciated.
But we have a deal
and he's not sticking to it.
Count this, kid.
Let's go.
where did you learn to fight like that?
- Morocco.
- In the war?
We got a hero among us.
A hero.
and action!
We have two beautiful nymphs.
Two beauties.
Lola, whisper in little Laura's ears.
Tell her about what you will do to her.
What are you going to do...
that's right, yes.
- Baron.
- I'm working.
Put this on.
- What is it?
- Relax.
- I don't want to.
- I know, honey.
With me here nothing will happen to you.
Everyone in my office in five minutes.
Girls, that's all for today.
We'll get back to it another day.
Laura, this is for your father.
He'll be very happy.
Councilor Folch called.
He wants to see you again.
- Baron.
- I know
when he drinks,
he can get a bit out of control.
But you don't complain
when he gets out of control
with the gifts.
I'm pregnant.
The office worker?
This time is different.
He asked me to marry him.
And to leave the club.
- Baby, you're the star of the club.
- I know,
and I'm sorry, baron.
But I'm in love.
You're in love?
The second-rate chorus girl
that I turned into a star.
I invested my time, my work, my money,
my effort, and now you're in love.
And now she's going to tell me
that she's leaving me.
The Majorcan will talk to the doctor
and that's that.
- No.
- And that's that.
- And that's that.
- No. Baron, it's my child.
And that's that!
I'm not doing it again.
You have a date
with Councilor Folch tonight.
What did I tell you, Basque?
The world record in strikes.
Go around the back, I don't want trouble.
Hey! Hey!
- What did we get?
- Nothing.
The strike doesn't make sense.
Where are you going?
We are tired.
We are wasting our time.
We haven't achieved anything.
You know what you will achieve
if you leave?
You'll waste all their efforts.
Stop acting like an idiot
and go back to your spot.
I can't.
- Let go!
- You won't walk away now.
I have to feed my kids.
Listen, we all have it rough here,
- but no one is giving up.
- Let him go.
Let him go!
If you want to leave...
we won't stop you.
Or anyone.
They'll never give in, Salvador.
They will!
Without us, this factory can't stay open.
Manuel, if they don't give in, the factory
will close and they will be ruined.
Do you understand?
We are so close to achieving it.
We will win.
I assure you, Manuel.
Get out! Get out!
I want the names of everyone there.
- This is a disgrace.
- Yes, sir.
Who are they?
Don Emilio.
They're from the Information Brigade.
They want to talk to you
about the train robbery.
You are the ones responsible.
If the police were firm
against the anarchists,
that robbery would've never happened.
- Sir, we do what we can.
- It's not enough.
what do you want to know?
We think some of your workers
were part of the group
that did the train robbery.
Here's a list of the anarchists
working at this factory.
Were all of them
aware of the train's cargo?
Not at all. We were the only ones
with that information.
And Guillem.
Our accountant.
- Where is Mr. Guillem?
- He's off today.
Where can we find him?
This is his address.
Thank you for your time.
Don Emilio wants to see you.
You wanted to see me?
It's a friendly way to resolve this.
This dispute will be over...
when we stop working 10 hours a day,
you stop hiring children,
and give us a fair raise.
Don't you people realize?
This country is in crisis.
Production's gone down,
taxes keep getting higher.
A pay increase would put us
out of business.
Don't take us for idiots.
This factory made millions during the war.
You're rich, just like your father,
but we are still poor.
Don't talk to me like that.
Our demands are fair.
If you don't go back to work,
I will take drastic measures.
If you don't listen to our demands,
we'll stay on strike indefinitely.
Get out.
Have you seen Elisa?
Any news on Elisa?
Please, have you seen Elisa?
Wretch, worse that a wretch.
- Do you know what you put us through?
- Mom, please.
Have you seen Elisa?
It's all your fault.
It should've been you
and not that poor thing.
What happened?
How's Elisa?
Go away.
Stay away from my daughter.
- What happened?
- Let's go.
How's Elisa?
Let's go home.
Everybody go home now,
the gathering is over.
Go. Get out of here.
It's the accountant.
Well, looks like the accountant
liked chorus girls.
No, no, no!
No, no.
No, no.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry.
This is my fault. I convinced her.
This is not your fault. It was them.
They killed my baby girl.
You have to keep fighting.
Don't give up.
I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
- It was a peaceful protest.
- I know.
I know.
I'll go talk to her mother.
I'm so sorry about Elisa.
We have guns.
And we're going to act.
Salvador Ortiz. I need a solution.
You will get it, Don Emilio.
I'll pay you half now and the difference
when the job is done.
You know that I've been trying
to join the Liceo for a while.
The Liceo, yes.
And all I'm running into is this lack
of understanding and provincialism.
- What you are asking me is not easy.
- I know.
- And it doesn't depend on just me.
- I know.
But if you could help in any way,
I'd be eternally grateful.
And of course,
I'd charge nothing for this service.
the Information Brigade is here.
I'll be right back, Don Emilio.
I have to go,
but do not worry.
I'll talk with my colleagues.
Thank you very much.
Evening, ladies. Everybody out, now!
Out, damn it.
Come on!
- We want to talk with you.
- What's the matter?
We think...
it was your boyfriend
who tipped off the train robbers.
We need names.
Are you deaf, you little whore?
Don't touch me!
Who were his friends?
I don't know.
Why not ask him?
Your boyfriend can't speak anymore.
- What?
- T.B., T.B.
Miss Lola. We just need
the names of his anarchist friends
and we'll leave you alone.
Guillem isn't an anarchist.
What are you doing in here?
We are talking to the lady.
Let go of her now. Let go I said!
Are you going to tell me how to do my job?
Get out now
or I will call Governor Martnez Anido.
I'm sure the governor
has more important things to do.
Shall we find out?
Baron, we had a deal.
You take care of paybacks
- and we deal with the bars and businesses.
- Where is he?
The deal expired.
Get out. Get out.
- You better watch out.
- You are pathetic, Redi. Get out!
- Let's go.
- Where is Guillem?
- Where is he?
- Do you want me to find your flea?
- Take it easy, Lola.
- Where is he?
He's fine, it's probably one
of their tricks to scare you,
but I'm sure he's fine.
Calm down, let me get you a tea.
Sit down, you're on in 10 minutes.
But really,
calm down. I'm sure he's fine.
We're down 150 pesetas from last month.
And last month we were down by almost 100.
The sooner we get rid of the baron,
- the sooner we stop losing money.
- That bastard
has the military governor behind him.
- And the Business Federation.
- We have to get rid of the bastard.
No, no, we can't do anything.
We would get in trouble.
Unless we make it look
like an anarchist job.
We'll take care of the baron.
Sooner or later, time's up for everyone.
Right now, we need to solve
the train robbery.
you're not skimming off the top, are you?
What are you laughing at?
Are you keeping some cash?
Writing all the time.
Is it "three for me, nothing for you"?
Are you doing that?
Are you taking cash?
I will kill you.
Answer me, are you...?
Just kidding, kid!
- Leave him alone.
- Look at him.
It was a joke!
I'm fine, I'm fine.
Let me go, I'm fine.
They used army-issued weapons.
You should be proud.
The first girl in a group action.
Get rid of the car.
Where were you?
I was worried.
- I'm tired. I'm going to bed.
- Sara!
Stay away from Len.
Anarchists don't accept orders
or authority. You taught me that.
- Len is dangerous.
- Len is willing
to risk his life to change things
and so am I.
Guns won't bring revolution, but chaos.
So, what do we do? Stand idly by?
They killed Elisa and it could've been me.
- Don't you care?
- I'm sorry about Elisa!
But killing others won't bring her back.
Dad, strikes and speeches
aren't enough anymore.
I want to talk to the baron.
The baron is a very busy man.
I'd like to propose some business.
And why would I want to do
business with you?
I can be useful to you.
Is that so?
I can provide information.
Let you know if Redi plans
anything against you.
But I usually don't trust
people I don't know.
You don't need to.
Just pay me for each job
or any information.
Guys, stop whispering!
We're talking here.
Very well.
The Majorcan will let you know
if I require
your services.
What are all those speeches for?
They kill us and you keep talking.
Len, this situation will change soon.
- It won't, it's the same thing.
- Trust in me.
I don't trust in you, ask them.
The people are dying and starving.
Violence will take us nowhere.
- No, ask them!
- Violence--
Ask them!
Ask them if they want to keep on dying!
This has to stop!
Five comrades gave up today!
Are we just going to stand there?
We're an example of resistance!
There are more and more strikes
across the country!
More and more workers
are joining our cause!
That's useless if we don't act.
The boss...
The boss tried to bribe me.
Do you know what that means?
That he's scared!
He's desperate
and the strike is ruining him.
This is the right path.
The path where we get trampled
by their horses?
Where we gradually starve to death?
If we use violence,
they will have their excuse to destroy us.
This is the path.
This is the path. Resistance.
- Resistance!
- This is the path!
- Resistance!
- Salvador!
I don't believe in your paths.
And I'm one of many.
The scabs! The scabs are coming!
Strike! Strike!
Strike! Strike!
Strike! Strike!
Strike! Strike!
Strike! Strike!
How are you healing?
How am I healing?
You don't give a shit.
And I don't give a shit about you either.
Listen to me, hero.
I know you hide something,
and soon enough,
the boss will find out as well.
Well, well, well. The welcome committee!
Any news, T.B.?
The anarchist we killed last night,
he worked at the MZA factory.
Go to the anarchist section with the kid,
try to find out something.
The Basque and I will go to the factory.
Don Emilio, you don't know
what this means to me.
You know I'm a man who keeps promises.
And I want you to know
that everything is settled
and your problem will be over soon.
If I may, governor,
- I'd like to...
- Don Severiano,
nice to see you again.
General Blanco. Mr. Fabra.
And Commissioner Verdaguer.
Things cannot keep going like this.
Next time it could be one of us.
Don Alfonso is right.
We must take measures
before it's too late.
All my officers are on the case.
It's not enough.
Gentlemen, my men are completely
at your disposal.
Give me names and we will act swiftly.
Tit-for-tat reprisals
are not only illegal,
they're also immoral.
the only option is to have our troops
on the street.
With all due respect,
the army is for wars,
not to patrol the streets.
Just three months ago,
the president was assassinated.
We're already at war, commissioner.
No, forgive me.
This is a social issue.
They stole
a consignment of automatic weapons
and they used them last night.
The situation is unstable.
Your time is running out, commissioner.
Basque, what a mess.
We can't get to the anarchists,
much less to his leader.
Look at that.
Those thugs are the baron's men.
What the fuck are they doing here?
I don't like it at all.
Who's the leader?
See that bearded fat guy?
It's Salvador,
the leader of the anarchists.
But not for long.
Where are you going, Basque? Basque?
Basque? What are you doing, Basque?
They will kill you. Basque!
To victory!
To victory!
He confessed, the baron hired him
to kill Salvador Ortiz.
If they kill Ortiz,
the violent anarchists
will take over the situation.
Take him to a holding cell.
- Kid, keep an eye on him.
- Yes, boss.
Don't kiss him too much.
- He's not my type.
- Commissioner.
Commissioner, this is our chance.
Let's arrest him,
we have a signed confession.
The word of a hired thug against
a respectable businessman's.
Right, but we can't let him get away
with it forever.
I know, but we need concrete evidence.
Otherwise the bosses and the governor
won't stop protecting him.
Our priority
is still to find those weapons.
And we have 48 hours.
Ortiz owes me, I think he could help us.
We need anything and we need it now.
If you've got a plan,
go ahead with it.
we saved Salvador Ortiz
from getting killed.
But we need to do something
or the baron will keep on trying,
and it will be war, as you say.
All right.
All right.
Search for evidence at Eden.
Bring the baron in for questioning.
Yes, commissioner, we will.
you take care of Salvador.
Miguel ngel,
you and I will pay a visit
to the Baron, okay?
Time's up for that son of a bitch.
Stop! Stop!
Stop that!
What's up, Lola?
- I can't do it.
- We went over this.
The sooner you do it,
the sooner you'll get over it.
And you, girls.
A little bit more pep, yeah?
The audience wants asses,
but live ones,
not dead ones!
I'm looking at dead asses,
and I want live ones!
If I wanted dead asses,
I would look for them at the morgue!
Okay, from the top.
What's the matter?
Things didn't go according to plan.
Take five minutes now.
I'll take care of it myself.
No more errors, I promise you that.
I'll do it.
- Baron?
- What do you want?
You have a call.
It's Anbal Uriarte.
One more step and you're dead.
Who was that thug working for?
It was Garca Serrano's orders, right?
And they will try again.
I could help your father.
Why would a policeman help an anarchist?
Because he could help me.
My father is no snitch.
I know.
He's a man of ideals.
And you?
I had them, but they were useless.
I don't trust men without ideals.
Don't trust men with them either.
Can I have one?
Where's your boss?
Are you dumb?
Where is your boss?
- Hold on.
- Were you looking for me?
You're under arrest for ordering
the death of Salvador Ortiz.
I suppose you have proof
to accuse me of such an outrage.
The thug you hired
is willing to testify against you.
Inspector, this call is for you.
All right.
Let him go.
You won't mind if we don't walk you out?
Let's go.
What happened?
The thug was murdered.
At the police station.
It had to be by one of us.
I know.
He's with me.
Your gun.
You have to leave it here.
He wants to talk to you.
What does he want?
Leave us alone.
How could you bring a cop in here?
Is tomorrow still on?
Of course.
I suppose you want something in return
for what you did.
But if you're looking for money,
you came to the wrong place.
I want information.
What kind of information?
Who did the MZA train job?
Where are the guns?
Even if I knew, I'd never give
that information to a cop.
I know we're on different sides,
but neither one of us want this
to end in war.
I don't know who did it...
but I can assure you it wasn't anarchists.
Anarchists attacked us
with army-issued weapons last night.
Having those weapons
doesn't mean they stole them.
One more thing.
Thank you.
Be my guest.
The baron wants to see you.
You're a real artist.
You like it?
Come with me.
What did I tell you?
Wait here.
Excuse me.
Here you go.
It was a good job and so is the payment.
Keep giving me information
and I will keep giving you...
Nobody moves!
On the ground!
On the floor!
On the floor, nobody moves!
Silence! To the middle, now!
This is a robbery.
Anyone tries anything, I will shoot!
Cooperate and nothing will happen!
You! Quick, the money in a bag!
You! Don't move!
you have dealings with the baron.
He ordered the Majorcan
to kill the accountant.
They stoles the weapons and they're
selling them to the anarchists.
- And where are the weapons?
- I don't know yet.
You're not playing us, Basque?
The commissioner's orders are to find
the weapons, that's what I'm doing.
Sir, sir.
- The Bank of Barcelona is being robbed.
- Kid, not now.
One of them is asking for Anbal Uriarte.
we shot one of the anarchists.
Another one fled with the money.
We have one cornered. It's a woman.
She'll surrender when she speaks
with Anbal Uriarte.
I'm Anbal Uriarte.
Come over slowly.
Is that you?
Don't make things worse.
Let the people go.
Get out!
Sara, it's okay.
It's okay.
Just give me the gun.
Trust me, it's all right. Give me the gun.
It's over.
Trust me, give me the gun.
It's Salvador Ortiz's daughter.
Yes, I remember this hothead.
Take her coat off.
Let me.
- Easy.
- No.
Miss Ortiz.
We can do this the easy way...
or the hard way.
Where's your partner?
Where did you get the weapons from?
I don't know anything.
"I don't know anything"?
"I don't know anything"?
That's enough.
- That's enough!
- You don't give me orders.
Help us and we'll help you.
Governor, the rumor is the attack in
Annual is more serious than you admit.
there's talk of over a thousand deaths.
You press people, always making it
bigger than it actually is.
The rebel incursion was serious,
but our soldiers will fight back
and will get those savages
out of our territory.
The bank was robbed by the anarchists.
There are several victims.
This is this country's real problem.
We'll put an end to this scum.
Governor, governor, please, wait!
What do you know?
She was taken away
by the Information Brigade.
Find Len.
I want to see him.
Where are the weapons?
They were there.
There where?
Are you pulling our legs?
I swear they were here.
Easy, easy.
You're so pretty.
You're so pretty.
You're so pretty.
You're stalling us so your friend
can get away. Is that it?
You're so hot.
- No!
- Where are your accomplices?
Where are your accomplices?
- No!
- Where are they?
I'm not a snitch.
Relax, I will treat you good.
Listen, you won't tell me where they are?
You smell like strawberry tart.
You taste like strawberry tart.
Relax, damn it!
You are going to like it.
- No!
- You are going to like it.
You are going to like it.
Drop the gun.
Drop it.
You're making a mistake, Basque.
Let's go.
Get in the car.
Don't move!
Give me the gun.
Give me the gun.
Where's the notebook?
It's not worth dying
for those motherfuckers.
Give me the notebook.
Give me the notebook.
Get out of here.
Get out of here!
- I told you to stay away from my daughter!
- It's okay!
We understand each other
by talking, right?
Your daughter wanted to join the group.
It was her decision.
I want you to stop what you're doing.
- We're trade unionists, not killers.
- Our goal is the Revolution.
We need to take up the arms to do that.
Don't you see it?
In 10 years we went
from 100,000 members to a million.
Soon we'll double that.
Then we'll be able to change things!
we're not willing to wait that long.
Either you are with us,
or you are against us.
Same here.
Let's go, Salvador.
Let's go, Salvador, please!
That way!
Are you all right?
They have no record
of an Anbal Uriarte in Madrid.
Or Officer Uriarte or anything similar.
- Who the hell is he?
- I don't know.
All the paperwork we received is fake.
This man
calls himself Anbal Uriarte.
He's been posing as a policeman.
He murdered Officer Miguel ngel Barral
and ran off with the female anarchist
we arrested at the bank.
I want him alive.
I want to know who he is,
and what he's doing here.
Anbal knows everything about us.
If he turns up, he better be dead.
Are you injured?
Just a fragment.
My parents used to bring me here.
I haven't been back since my mother died.
What happened?
It was during "Tragic Week."
They were at a meeting,
there was an explosion.
Sometimes I dream
of the three of us swimming here.
But I turn around and they're gone.
I'm all alone in the middle of the sea.
Why are you helping me?
I like people with ideals.
We have to go.
Lola, you're finally here.
Girl, the joint's full.
I don't feel well.
I'd like to rest.
If I'd told you what I like...
Come on, go get them.
The doctor said I should rest
for a few days.
So, if you don't mind, I'd like to go.
But the other time you didn't rest
and you were fine.
They murdered him.
He was a good man.
Girl, life is anything but fair.
Go on, rest up.
I'll find a substitute.
What are you doing here?
Give me the Basque.
He's posing as a cop, but he's not.
I will leave you alone.
What if I don't?
Baron, if I go down,
you're going with me.
Look, Redi.
Coming through here are politicians,
the military, journalists, criminals,
I know everything about everyone.
Don't be nave.
- Are you okay?
- I'm fine.
- I thought I had lost you.
- No, I'm fine. I'm fine.
We have to go.
It's halfway done,
but nobody will bother you here.
I wanted to paint the place, but...
I can help you with that.
- Thank you.
- No, thank you, comrade.
Good luck.
Why don't you stay?
They're also looking for you.
I've got unfinished business.
You can't go with that wound.
I'm sure there's something here for it.
How is it?
It's just a scratch.
It's bleeding a lot for a scratch. Let me.
What happened to you?
It was in Morocco.
At the start of the war.
The cabilas attacked
and set the barracks on fire.
There was only blood after that.
The smell of burning flesh.
What are you going to do now?
Do you have a family?
I don't have anyone.
You should join us.
We could form our own action group.
A cop in an anarchist action group?
Policemen are also workers.
I have to go.
Thank you.
Take care.
Stay out of trouble.
You, too.
I know you killed the accountant,
so he wouldn't talk.
I killed the accountant
so Lola wouldn't leave Eden.
Then who stole the weapons?
Excuse me!
- I have to talk to you.
- Sir, I'm sorry.
You can leave.
Leave us alone.
Officer Barral tried to kill me.
I had to defend myself.
He, Redi and Officer Beltrn
extort businessmen and murder anarchists,
it's all here.
Who the hell are you?
That's the least of your worries now.
I'm about to find the weapons' location,
but I need time.
you know how corrupt they are.
I'm the only one who can help you.
I need more time.
Where the hell is the Majorcan?
Gastn, have you seen the Majorcan?
No, not since he left.
What are you doing here?
Redi told me you're not even a cop.
And you trust him?
He doesn't want me
doing business with you.
Now more than ever you will need me.
Why is that?
The Majorcan is dead.
He tried to kill Salvador Ortiz, but
apparently his bodyguard shoots better.
I can keep helping you.
Wait here.
- What's going on?
- All set for tomorrow.
We got the car...
Miss Montaner.
The baron had Guillem killed.
- What?
- Basque!
Come with us.
Stop! Stop right there.
Those boxes, quick!
So, you're from Orio.
I lived in Fuenterrabia a few months.
I was the manager
at Le Casino de Fontarabie,
next to the French border.
Nothing like borders to make money.
No, that's a lie. War is. Silly me.
He's here.
Tomorrow will be a big day, Anbal.
If you want to prosper,
stick with me.
As close as possible.
Blue boxes go separate,
on the right side. Come on.
All in order, I assume.
- As agreed.
- All right.
Done deal.
I don't think he's coming back.
Whoever he is,
he's got his own plans.
I'm going back to the city.
- The police is looking for you.
- We can't stay here.
We have to keep on fighting.
You're just like your mother.
Just as brave and just as stubborn.
Of course we'll go back to Barcelona,
but when things calm down.
General Silvestre has committed suicide
and General Navarro has been captured.
More than 5,000 soldiers are dead
and another 1,000 were taken prisoners.
An utter disaster.
Any findings?
Governor Martnez Anido is responsible
for the MZA train robbery.
His men stole the weapons disguised
as anarchists so they were blamed.
They're selling the guns
through a local mobster
to crank up the violence and...
justify military intervention.
If we act swiftly, we could still get
ahold of the situation.
What happened in Annual could be lethal
for our government.
We need to distract the public opinion.
if the military and the anarchists clash,
it could start a civil war.
We'll be ready.
We'll launch a coup
to re-establish law and order
when it becomes unsustainable.
Many innocent people will die.
It's a matter of national security.
A few years ago, they told me the same.
It was you, Berenguer
and Navarro, remember?
I warned you about that attack
but you preferred to do nothing.
You needed a massacre
for the public opinion
to see the Moroccans as savages
and more troops were required.
It was also a matter of national security.
It was best for the country.
For the country or for yourselves?
Watch your tone, captain.
Your mission is over.
Return to Madrid immediately.
Disaster in Annual!
Thousands of slaughtered soldiers
because of an inept government!
Read it in Solidaridad Obrera!
It's open.
- Have you heard?
- What?
Ortiz was murdered.
- Salvador Ortiz?
- You could see it coming.
He was shot to death.
This is going to get ugly.
These are bad times.
He would like it.
Come on.
Listen up!
Salvador's daughter
wants to say a few words.
My father believed
that dialogue was the path.
He believed...
that peacefully...
we would win the battle.
But he was wrong.
And he died trying.
The peace he wanted
is no longer possible.
Salvador's death will not go unpunished!
It's time to take up arms and fight!
It's time for the Revolution!
For Revolution! For Salvador!
- Comrades, let's fight!
- Revolution!
For Salvador!
For Salvador!
- For Salvador!
- For the Revolution!
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Sara, if you take up arms,
the army will hit the streets.
They will kill all of you.
It's too late for words.
That's what his murderers want,
they want war! Sara!
He chose to get himself out of the way.
Sir, we need to arrest Garca Serrano
and the baron for the murder of Ortiz.
- It's the only way to calm things down.
- It wasn't them.
The same kind used by the anarchists
who attacked the bar.
The weapons are in Eden.
The sale goes down tonight.
We have to act now.
Happy with the merchandise?
Of course.
It was you, wasn't it?
You killed Ortiz to get control
of the union.
I hope when all this is over,
you will tell me who you are.
Come on! Quick!
You don't count it?
I don't think
you're crazy enough to cheat me.
Although as a businessman,
I've said before, I shouldn't trust
anyone. Not even my father.
Baron, stop. You're under arrest for--
It was you.
Come on.
I did it all for you.
El Imparcial!
Bloodbath weekend in Barcelona!
Governor Martnez Anido asks
to get the army on the streets!
On September 13th, 1923,
General de Rivera
led a coup with the backing
of military units,
the Catalan bourgeoisie,
and Andalusian landowners.
Anido was named
minister of the government.