Gun Crazy: Episode 1 - A Woman From Nowhere (2002) Movie Script

Metropolitan Police
A friend of mine has the part, but it will
take at least a week to get here.
This place is in the middle of
nowhere, you know.
I see.
You came all the way from Tokyo, didn't you?
A soldier shot someone a little while ago.
I see.
I see?
Someone was shot!
It's not a rare thing around here.
Half of this town is that base, and there's
no fence like in other towns.
Nobody knows where the borders are,
so no matter what happens, it can
be treated as a military matter.
You mean nothing can be done,
even if someone was shot?
This place is Japan, but not in Japan.
This town might not be on
the map next year.
However, if you're seeking a lonely
journey away from the city,
this place is perfect.
There are some sightseeing spots.
Currently, Crystal Lagoon is the
hottest spot for diving.
Well, you ought to forget what you saw.
They won't just shoot anybody at
random, so take it easy.
There's only one reason to be shot.
He disobeyed Tojo.
Room number four, upstairs.
Thank you.
How about that? Isn't it impressive?
How many years has it been since
you've seen a female guest?
Why don't you show a little gratitude?
I kindly brought you a guest!
The guests you've brought have
never kept their promises.
The last man was supposed to stay a week,
but he died on the second day.
The one before, he died the day he arrived.
Excuse me, but she's a woman and
she came to sightsee.
Don't mix her up with all those guys.
It's me.
He told me you need to sign
the guest register.
It's not necessary to be accurate.
Then please fill it out for me.
What's your name?
Saki, you can put any last name.
Well then, Saki Yamada, Miss.
My name is Akira.
Let me work for you as a sightseeing guide.
I can take you anywhere depending
on how much you pay me.
Hey, aren't there any police in this town?
Yes, just one, but he can't be
called a policeman.
He just drinks all day around here.
Hey, I told you to forget about it.
If you try to do anything about it,
you'll definitely be killed.
By the man called Tojo?
Even the police can't do
anything about Tojo.
I don't know how many men have died
trying to kill Tojo for a bounty.
No, nothing.
Mr. Shuhei Takahira, aren't you?
He can't talk right without alcohol.
Give him a shot.
Little girl, what do you want?
I can't believe you're a policeman
and you're like this.
Shut up!
There is nothing to be controlled.
In a peaceful town like this,
the police have gone out of business.
I know you haven't finished your work yet.
Who the hell are you?
Who sent you here?
If you want a woman, go somewhere else.
ldiot, stop! Those guys are
working with Tojo.
Don't kill me. Stop!
I see, then it's easy.
You may arrest me.
Tip for you.
Bounty hunter, again.
A female bounty hunter?
You were so embarrassed by her,
weren't you?
Fucking American...
Find a better bodyguard.
What shall we do about the bitch?
I'll have fun with her later.
The cash transport truck will depart
at 9 AM from Hokura Base,
and take Route 4 to the south,
to the port of Naza.
How much in the truck?
About two million dollars.
All of it is laundered dirty money,
so even if we steal it, the military
won't be able to make it public.
You know so much about it, don't you?
Sam works for the intelligence
agency in the army.
He's responsible for watching
illegal activities.
I see. Bad looking after bad, right?
Mr. Tojo, you have to listen to me first.
This plan started with just me and Sam,
therefore, we share the money fifty-fifty.
We'll take half.
Of course.
I guess some part of you is still
a policeman, isn't it?
Trust me. Hurry up and get your stuff
together, and get out of this town.
Tojo won't let you live.
Sorry, but my bike is in the shop.
Listen to me.
Half of the graves in this town,
those are bounty hunters.
Three years ago, a Yakuza group
in the Kanto area
offered fifty million yen for
Tojo's assassination.
And now, the police are
offering a million yen
for useful information on Tojo.
The police won't take any action
just based on information.
Especially since Tojo's residence
is totally inside of the base.
They can't even do a search.
If you want to get money from the police,
you should actually bring Tojo's head
to the Police Department.
You came to this town to do so, didn't you?
Fifteen years ago, your partner
was killed by Tojo,
and since then, you've been chasing him.
I don't know what you mean,
but anyway, it has nothing to do
with me now at all.
And also, I don't have any power
to do things like that.
They're going to attack the
cash transport van next.
A guy named Akira told me
he heard it at the bar.
Then what do you want me to do?!
It's none of my business!
If you want to kill Tojo,
you do it by yourself!
Don't show up here any more.
I don't want to have anything
to do with you.
I don't want to get dragged into being
involved in any trouble.
You told me to let you work as a
sightseeing guide, didn't you?
Yes, I did, if your purpose was
sightseeing, but it's not.
Ah, found it!
Then, why don't we go sightseeing?
Shit. I can't believe I was caught by a
troublesome woman like you.
Take it easy. I promise I'll pay you
as a sightseeing guide.
Sorry to disturb you, but could you
put away the knife?
I'm gonna pee in my pants.
So, where do you want me to take you?
You're the one who knows where.
The conversation last night.
You're joking!
Oh, what a nice day for sightseeing!
What lovely sightseeing.
Tojo isn't there.
Tojo? Of course not.
He has many soldiers, he lets them work,
and he never comes out of his house.
We got it!
Yo, Fujimoto. That was so easy.
We didn't include murder in our plot, did we?
Hey, don't be so square!
Good, let's leave.
I have to say goodbye here.
As we promised, I'm gonna take half.
Hey, wait a sec.
We can share the money after we
deliver all this money to Tojo.
That's how it's done.
Listen, this is the last time I have to
see stupid guys like you.
What the hell?
Hey, what are you doing?!
We did what you wished. Goodbye.
Fucker, you set us up from the beginning...
Help me, partner!
No fucking way am I your partner!
You're insane. What the hell
were you thinking?!
What the hell are you gonna do after
doing something like that?!
So what should I do?
Would you please just die?
As a bounty hunter, you should die without
causing any trouble for strangers!
Don't be mean to me like that, partner!
I said, I'm not your partner!
Amazing, I could retire with
this much money.
Then why don't you take it?
Considering we went through
all that trouble to get it.
Don't be ridiculous! This is
such dangerous money.
It's more money than the bounty on Tojo.
I admit you're something.
You're crazier than most bounty
hunters, aren't you?
We have to hurry up or it might be too late.
Leave this jerk alone.
He's a Japanese American.
He's been wanted by the Japanese police
as a suspect in a case of
inflicting bodily injury.
He's been running away and hiding behind
some kind of international agreement
between Japan and the U.S.
Due to this, his wound was not really deep,
however, he's lost so much blood I'm
not sure if he'll survive or not.
If he dies, we can't do anything about it.
I'll pay you. You brought medicine
and stuff, didn't you?
No, thank you. If I get paid, they'll
think I'm in your company.
You too!
I'm not getting paid either.
I don't want to be involved in this matter.
The only thing I want to do is
to keep running that hotel.
While being frightened by Tojo?
Their followers sometimes use my hotel.
You've never gotten paid by them, idiot!
Damn piece of shit!
You're persistent.
This is for the hotel.
You'll feel better since I'm paying
this in advance, right?
If you run away with this money,
can't you take me with you?
If I'm going to live in fear like you said,
it would be better for me to get out of here.
This town belongs to Tojo.
What the hell are you talking about?
Why do you need to get out of here?
Isn't that why you took the mo...
The one who needs to get out
of this town is Tojo.
Sorry, but I have no intention
of running away.
Hey, wait a sec and think.
With all that money, we could...
After we get Tojo, the police will
give us money, right?
Hey, I understand.
We're partners, but how can we
get Tojo by ourselves?
We can't have more company?
I don't think so.
Is that bitch a bounty hunter?
Probably so, I think.
Mr. Tojo, I promise I'll get the money back.
It's just that we were taken by surprise,
but I don't think it's a big deal
because it's just a woman.
And if it's not just a woman?
I've heard that Fujimoto disappeared
from the site, didn't he?
Impossible... I finished him.
Mr. Tojo.
You, bitch!
You, bitch!
Where is Fujimoto?
He's alive.
He barely made it before it was too late.
It's a lie! He can't be!
He has the devil's own luck.
It makes me laugh.
Fujimoto didn't trust you guys
from the beginning,
and that's why I've been watching you.
I didn't know he had company.
Well, why did you come here?
I want to make a deal.
What do you want?
Since you betrayed him, I got
all the money after all.
Two cases, two million dollars.
However, Fujimoto offered me
only a hundred thousand.
Then what?
If you give me five hundred thousand,
I'll give you the rest.
Both the money and Fujimoto.
It's not a bad deal for you, is it?
That's why I came all the way here.
Why don't you do it by yourself?
With your skills, it would be a piece of cake
for you to finish Fujimoto,
since he's already hurt.
Don't put me in the same class
with you guys.
I won't shoot someone from behind, when
I don't have a grudge against them,
and also he's hurt. I don't want to do
something barbarous like that.
You, bitch!
If you don't like the idea,
that's fine with me.
I'll seek other customers.
Also, there are other ways, such as
returning this money,
that I can earn some money as
a token of thanks.
Stand up!
Take us to the place where the
money is right now,
or I'm gonna kill you right now!
It's useless to try to frighten me.
Whether I'm frightening you or not,
I'm gonna show you now.
I said stop.
You're a pretty smart woman, aren't you?
Women are good at raising money,
better than men.
I want to see the evidence that
Fujimoto is alive.
Go ahead and keep drinking.
Wake your sleepy head up.
What the hell is going on?!
Work, work to do, old man.
You're going to arrest Tojo.
What the hell?
We're gonna catch them all at once.
I need your help.
Have you gone insane?
Yes, I have. Before I regain
my consciousness,
why don't you contact the Prefectural
Police Headquarters?
Idiot, they would've done so a
long time ago if they could.
Tojo's residence is on the
other side of the fence.
You know that the Prefectural
Police can't go in.
That's why Saki will lure them out
to this side of the fence.
That reckless woman.
What's wrong, old man?
What have you guys done?!
We don't have any other choice now.
Why did you help me?
I want to catch Tojo.
Very good.
If you want to kill Tojo, you can
do so, but after me.
What can you do in such a condition?
I will pay you for helping me after
I get my money back.
You mean this?
I see, you're the female bounty hunter.
If you cooperate with me, I'll pay you
some money as my appreciation.
Not this money, but pay you from
the reward money for Tojo.
No, I won't team up with anybody any more.
I'm gonna get my money back.
Even though you don't want to,
you have to be with me.
We're gonna finish him.
He's alive.
Confirmed. I guess I trust you.
What's the plan?
Two hours from now, come to
B Pier on Marine Drive.
Fujimoto and I will share the money there.
Two hours from now, right?
You have to come. If I don't see you,
this deal will be canceled.
Sure, I'll be there.
Good, Tojo will be trapped like a rat.
Damn, so I'm the bait to make him come out.
Your color is getting better.
Bait should be able to swim
strongly, shouldn't it?
What a woman!
You're not an ordinary bounty
hunter, are you?
I have to see the moment
when Tojo is judged.
What kind of relation is there
between you and Tojo?
I shouldn't have asked, should I?
It's okay, but I'm not answering.
This is 21 04, Lieutenant Takara at
Tuson Police department.
Prefectural Police Headquarters,
please answer.
21 04, copy.
Well, Number 689 on the wanted list,
suspect name, Takaya Tojo,
I've confirmed his location.
It's possible to arrest him, so I'm
requesting support personnel.
Roger. Please continue.
Hey, don't you want to change your mind?
How about sharing this money
just between the two of us?
I thought you didn't want to
team up anymore.
I changed my mind.
Listen, if you do anything strange,
I'm gonna shoot you in the head
in a heartbeat.
Just a moment.
I'm serious.
You told me you'd pay me some money
in appreciation, didn't you?
Yes, I still intend to do so.
I wonder how you can pay me
for your appreciation?
If the police come, not only will Tojo
be arrested, but me as well.
I'm gonna be in jail for the rest of my life.
Well, we can't do anything about it, can we?
Well, it's about time for the
police to show up.
I see.
You can go home now.
What was that?
I'll be fine without you now.
You're kidding me, you're making me
go home at this point?
You bitch, I've risked my life
and you made me do it!
Until I get the reward money, I won't
withdraw from here, never.
Hey, old man, where are the police?
Sorry, but the police won't be coming.
I came here just as l promised!
You, how dare you betray us like that?!
Shut up!
I didn't have any other choice...
Mr. Tojo, there's no money.
Let me go! You fucking old bastard!
You betrayed us, you fucker!
Ouch, ouch.
Hey, where's the money? Money?
The money that woman had.
I don't know. There's no way
I know about that.
Do you want to go to Hell?
lt's true. I was called over there to
treat you. I don't know anything.
What the hell happened?
That woman was caught by Tojo
along with the idiot.
How can she be a bounty hunter?!
Tell me. Where did you hide the money?
Stop! Please stop!
It's enough. Stop now.
You promised me you'd let her go safely.
When she tells us where the money is,
then I will let her go.
Otherwise, I can't pay you.
You sold us out to him, didn't you?
Your beauty is ruined, isn't it?
Hurry up and tell me. You'll be able to
clean yourself up with a hot shower.
No thanks.
I forgot to bring a change of clothes.
That's it. Please stop. I don't need the
money, so please let her go.
Are you serious? Are you really seriously
saying something like that?
I was an idiot, please spare her.
If you kill me, you won't get the money.
When shit happens, shit happens.
Stop! I'm gonna tell you, I will, so stop!
I can't hold it any longer.
I don't want you to die!
Now, tell me. Where is the money?
Come with me!
Get them!
What's your name?
I forgot.
How about Saki?
Saki saved your life, didn't she?
Have you forgotten already?
That's why I went to rescue you.
I paid her back.
Shut up and go to the place
where you hid the money.
Which grave?
Do you want to be buried too?
A red bandana is tied on a cross.
The box is buried under it.
Bring the shovel.
Old man, it's me.
Akira, are you all right?
Yes, I'm alive. I have a favor to ask.
I want to rescue Saki.
I need guns, as many as possible,
and a strong car. Please.
I got it. I'll bring them right now.
Where are you now?
Okay, I got it.
He's at the central cemetery.
Good job.
A jerk like you should be eaten by crows.
You should!
Don't get mad at me like that.
I'll give you some money.
I don't need it, you jerk.
Then find your own path.
Thank you, Fujimoto.
I didn't need to waste time
looking for the money.
Get out of my way!
We got it!
Mr. Tojo, we found it!
Got them.
Makes me cry...
You bitch!
Why, why did you need to go that far?!
I'm gonna return it to you,
that knife.
Hey, hey!
How cute! Look at her.
She has your eyes.
Stop! Don't touch me!
Hey, hey!!
Your dad is a great policeman. He's been
keeping the peace for civilians.
Your dad is a great policeman. He's been
keeping the peace for civilians.
Your dad is a great policeman. He's been
keeping the peace for civilians.
Your dad is a great policeman. He's been
keeping the peace for civilians.
Don't worry. Your dad will be fine as long
as you keep your foot on here.
Oh, watch out. You have to keep
pushing it with your feet.
Do your best.
Daddy, daddy...
You're the daughter from back then.
I've been waiting for this moment
for fifteen years.
What do you have a grudge against?
You're the one who killed your own
father, aren't you? Right?
Plus your leg, which you should had a
grudge against, is gone, isn't it?
go meet your father in Hell.
You first.
Is this real?
This is better than before.
Of course.
I heard that you were a policewoman
until last year, weren't you?
I was fired.
Illegal usage of a gun.
Bang bang!
There are many things I couldn't do
with a badge.
After the paperwork is done, the reward
money will be paid, I've heard.
It's all yours.
I'll pay you the cost of repairs and for
being my sightseeing guide.
You'll be busy, won't you? You'll work
at the hotel too, right?
Are you sure, Saki?
This must be a real love
Even though I shout, there is no answer from
the sky, but l will keep singing to it
Only one thing, feel love,
while I keep holding it
Love which never disappears,
love which never disappears
This must be a real love
Because I want to see her, a little
smile which warmed me up
Love which never changes, feel love,
while I keep holding it
I'll never let you go
Real love