Gun Fury (1953) Movie Script

People talk about Billy the Kid,
or Wes Hardin, or Sam Bass.
They're tough and they're bad,
but there aren't any as bad as Frank Slayton.
Sandwich, Miss Ballard?
No, thank you. I'll wait till Rodger's Station.
- Mr. Hampton?
- No, thanks.
Three weeks ago,
he and his gang rode into Taos.
Murdered four people. Burned and looted.
Carried off two Indian girls.
Is that why they sent these soldiers along?
You see the strongbox we're carrying? Gold.
- Frightened, Mr. Weatherby?
- Yes, sir. I admit it.
Why don't you stay out
of this part of the country?
I can't. I'm a bones buyer.
Buffalo bones, that is.
I sell them for fertilizer.
But, Mr. Hampton,
what are you doing out this way?
- You're a Southerner, aren't you?
- Yes. An unreconstructed Southerner.
I saw my home, Richmond,
after Grant and his men got through with it.
I know how you feel.
My home was in Atlanta.
My sympathies, Miss Ballard.
We have a great deal in common.
Intending to stay out here in the West?
Yes. The man I'm going to marry
is meeting me in Haynesville.
We'll go on to California from there.
- San Francisco?
- Oh, no. He has a ranch.
- Ever lived on a ranch?
- No, but I'm sure that I'll like it.
Better wake up, Mr. Burgess,
we're pulling into Rodger's Station.
Harris, take your men back to Fort Grant
for replacements.
Perhaps you'll join me for dinner,
Miss Ballard.
That's kind of you, but I'm afraid that I can't.
He's not meeting you here,
the man you're going to marry?
No. In Haynesville, tomorrow.
Then I can't permit you to refuse.
Why should you dine alone?
I'm quite flattered, Mr. Hampton.
But you'll have to permit me to refuse.
Don't worry about it, Mr. Hampton.
I'll eat with you.
If I'd known that, Mr. Burgess,
I wouldn't have asked the lady.
Hurry up with that strongbox.
We don't get many Southern ladies
coming through the station.
Say, that's beautiful.
It's a wedding present from my family.
There's a fine minister in Haynesville,
Mr. Midgely.
- Are you going to be married in the church?
- Yes, of course.
That's the only way to do it.
I'll go and fix you a cup of tea.
And I'll bring you some of my biscuits.
I baked them myself.
She's quite a woman, isn't she?
As far as I'm concerned, all women are alike.
They just got different faces
so you can tell them apart.
To a man without taste,
I suppose all things are alike.
She's as different from other women
as cognac is from corn liquor.
You get the same kind of headache
from either one.
She can smile without making it a simper.
That's a rare quality in a woman, Jess.
She's also getting married
at the next stop. Remember?
Yes, to a grubby dirt farmer.
What'll she look like a year from now?
What difference does it make to you?
It's hello and goodbye.
A sad thought. Don't you think so?
Stay away from her.
- What did you say?
- Stay away from her.
My private affairs are private.
Don't ever forget it again.
- Who is it?
- It's me, Mrs. Rodgers.
Ben, I thought...
I rode all night and all day.
It was easier than waiting.
Mrs. Rodgers, you'd better find me a room...
if you're planning on running
a decent hotel.
- You know...
- I had...
Riding across the desert,
I kept thinking what I'd say to you.
Now I can't remember.
Have I changed?
Prettier than ever.
I tried so hard to remember
exactly what you looked like.
The smell of your hair, your pretty eyes.
Ben, I've never been so happy.
I just can't believe that we're really together.
I've waited so long, Ben.
When the war ended,
I thought the waiting was over.
And then when I had to wait again...
I guess I thought
it would never really happen.
It has, Jenny.
But I'll make it up to you
for every one of those years.
There'll be a lady sitting here.
Have you any white wine?
I almost got married once myself.
It was all set till her family came West
in a covered wagon.
If you could have seen her family,
you'd know why the wagon was covered.
Miss Ballard, you're just in time for supper.
Mr. Hampton, this is my fianc, Mr. Warren.
A surprise and a pleasure.
Mr. Hampton is one of the
coach passengers.
How do you do?
We've been looking forward to meeting you.
I hope you'll join us for supper.
- Thank you, but he's...
- Why not?
This may not be
the mansion house in Atlanta...
but you make three lonely bachelors
think it is.
Mr. Burgess, Mr. Warren.
- Mr. Weatherby, Mr. Warren.
- Glad to know you.
Be seated.
I tell you, the South had a better Army.
We rode better, we fought better,
we were led by better men.
And so we were defeated.
Defeat. Fellow once said, "What is defeat?"
You go home.
- War is terrible.
- Not always, Miss Ballard.
When a man's dead, he don't worry
about the colour of his uniform.
I still say
the war could have been prevented.
- How?
- By peaceful means.
Negotiation, compromise, reason.
If you stay out in the West, you're going to
find you can't negotiate with a bowie knife...
or reason with a six-shooter.
I seen Gettysburg.
Two years later,
you could still smell the blood.
And I saw Richmond
after they burned it to the ground.
I've seen enough
and I've had enough of killing.
I'm sick of violence and force.
I learned one thing:
bullets are very democratic.
They kill good men as well as bad.
I'd like to try the other way.
Try it. But I fought your war, too,
and I saw a world die: my world.
And what destroyed it? Force, Mr. Warren.
The war is over.
We can't go on thinking about it forever.
I've forgotten it.
I'm interested only in the future...
because that's where we're going to spend
the rest of our lives.
I spent five years
fighting somebody else's quarrel.
Now I don't quarrel with anyone.
By not carrying a gun?
Is that how you do it?
By staying in my own back yard...
which, in this case, happens to be
1,200 acres of good California land.
Twelve hundred acres.
You can stand on the front porch
and see straight ahead for three days.
The ocean's the west boundary
and the river's the east boundary.
For me, that's the whole world.
And what happens on the other side
of the river is no concern of yours?
That's right.
Mr. Warren, would you mind
if I danced with the bride-to-be?
Not at all.
Do you mind if I cut in, Mr. Hampton?
I'm not much of a dancer, Miss Ballard.
I guess I got two left feet.
- So you're gonna be married in Haynesville?
- Yes, tomorrow evening.
That's the worst town in Arizona.
Gamblers, cutthroats, loose women.
But I heard it was very...
Why don't you take the stage to Tucson
tomorrow? There's a nice mission there.
At night, the stars come right down
and kiss you.
It sounds very beautiful, Mr. Burgess...
but I think maybe
we'd better keep going on to California.
You wouldn't lose but a few days.
It's a real spot for a honeymoon, ma'am.
A place to remember the rest of your life.
Thank you, Mr. Burgess.
And for the thoughtful suggestion.
I'd do it if I were you, ma'am.
You might not get another opportunity.
We haven't had a dance yet.
I hope they play some more.
We'll wait till they do.
The stage leaves early.
If we take Mr. Burgess' advice,
we won't be on it.
He thinks we ought to visit Tucson.
We're going to California, Ben.
We can't get there too soon for me.
I've never seen anything so beautiful.
- You will when we get home.
- Home?
The most peaceful spot on earth:
ocean all green, sky blue, earth good.
It's like an island.
Sun shining all day long,
soft breezes blowing in from the ocean.
It's what I've always dreamed of.
It's all I've dreamed about, too.
That must be the new escort.
We'd better hurry.
I hope you're prepared for a rough ride.
That cavalry patrol's a bit late.
We'll get to Haynesville
just that much sooner.
- Where's your horse?
- I sold it.
Men, you're late. Where's Sgt. Davis?
He turned in a sick call.
That's why we was delayed.
- All ready here.
- It's about time.
What's going on up there?
- Ben, what's happened?
- It's a holdup.
I'll take that.
I believe a new set of introductions
are in order.
My name is Frank Slayton.
And this is Tom Burgess,
better known as Jess.
And those Yank soldiers out there
are my men...
formerly the Army of Northern Virginia.
Get that strongbox.
You know where the horses are, Doc.
Go get them.
All right, come on out.
You first, Miss Ballard.
Thanks for cooperating, Lieutenant.
I'd like to use him for a target.
And start the war between the states again?
I'm surprised at you, Blinky.
- All right, Weatherby, come on out.
- What are you going to do with us?
I got him.
He's dead.
Curly, get her on a horse.
Vincente, look at that beautiful sack of gold.
If she's part of the take,
how do we split her up?
Same as the gold: share and share alike.
Forget my share of the gold.
I'll settle for her.
Better take your share of the gold. When you
get to Barratto's you can buy three like her.
At Barratto's? Like her?
Bring in the strongbox.
We'll split up the gold.
What's the matter?
Doesn't she like our cooking?
- Says she ain't hungry.
- Well, I am.
Maybe you didn't hear me
when I asked you before.
- What are you planning to do with her?
- I heard you before.
I want to know what you got in mind.
If anybody else tried to push me like that,
I'd kill him.
Don't chance your luck too far.
- Hey, those are mine.
- You can have her dress, Brazos.
You might look good in those skirts.
Get out there and saddle up.
You should've eaten something,
Miss Ballard. We have a long ride ahead.
Change into those.
I'll stay as I am.
Don't make me do it for you.
I meant what I said.
Go ahead. Show her
what a Southern gentleman you are.
You left the door open.
Go back and close it...
from the other side.
I'm not trying to run things,
but I won't let you drag her along...
I told you to get out.
What's happened to you?
When we started
we only went after carpetbaggers.
Then it was anybody
who had anything we wanted.
Then it was Indian women. Now it's her.
What would you have done,
left her in the middle of the desert alone?
No. But we can leave her here.
All right, Jess. Have it your way.
All right! Take him out and tie him up.
You wouldn't wear those clothes,
would you?
There must be some sense of honour
left in you.
There isn't much of that
left anywhere in the world.
Ordinary men live by ordinary laws.
I'm not an ordinary man.
The laws I need,
I make for my own convenience.
Get her onto a horse. Get mounted!
I told you before,
there couldn't be two generals.
You want to go with us, or stay here?
You'd last about 24 hours.
Once I get mounted, you got a
half a minute to make up your mind.
If you want out of this, just yell out.
I never crawled for nobody.
I'm not about to now.
If you change your mind, just call out.
That'll do it.
Where is she?
You look very much alive for a dead man.
What'd they do with my girl?
Slayton decided to keep her.
- Where are they headed?
- Mexico.
Where in Mexico?
- Think you got a prayer against that outfit?
- Where are they taking her?
There's a price for that information.
I go with you.
Slayton did that?
I didn't tie myself up.
I don't have to ask you why.
You tried to keep us off that coach.
You can thank me while we ride.
You can't ride,
and I ain't got any time to wait for you.
We need each other, Warren.
I'm going to help you get your girl...
and you're going to help me get Slayton.
That horse is going to have to carry
both of us...
if you want any information from me.
There's a sheep camp.
Light and rest awhile.
That's a lot of weight
for one horse to be carrying, ain't it?
How about selling us one of yours?
We got a sorrel you can have,
$50, saddle and all.
I'll take it.
We're after the Slayton gang.
We could use some guns and ammunition.
Put a bridle on that sorrel.
Let them have some guns.
Some riders passed us last night.
Our fires was lit, but they stayed clear.
How long ago?
Seven, eight hours. Headed southwest.
They weren't riding fast, though.
They held up a stage yesterday.
Killed three men
and carried off one of the passengers.
The girl I was going to marry.
We could use some help.
Believe me, there's nothing we'd like more,
all of us.
But we just can't up and leave these sheep.
Couldn't some of your men come along
with us? lt'd make a big difference.
Mister, if you know anything about sheep,
you know we can't spare a hand just now.
How much do we owe you?
$50 for the horse
and about $78 for the guns.
- It'll take that much to replace them.
- Get used to the idea.
It's just two of us now, and it'll just be
two of us when we catch up with them.
Sorry we couldn't help you more.
- Would you like some water, ma'am?
- No, thank you.
We'll be stopping soon.
We went by a town back there.
Why didn't you let me go?
And have half the population after me?
lt'd take me till nightfall to ride back there.
You'd be safe.
I can't do that, Miss Ballard.
Why? Why can't you let me go?
When I first saw you, it brought back things
I hadn't thought of in years.
Richmond, the ladies in fancy dresses...
garden parties, dances.
It gets lonely out here for someone like me.
The only women are the ones you find
in saloons, and they're not my kind.
- You are.
- Am I?
You're a murderer.
No more than the man
you were gonna marry.
You wouldn't call him a murderer.
Yet he killed in the war to live.
His war stopped. Mine didn't.
There's a saloon over there.
- Looking for the sheriff?
- Yes.
He's in the barber chair.
- Sheriff.
- What can I do for you?
The Slayton gang rode past here last night,
heading south.
I'd like some help to go after them.
- Who are you?
- My name's Warren.
I was a passenger on the Haynesville stage.
Slayton held it up and kidnapped my girl.
We heard the stage was overdue.
Man come by this morning from Haynesville.
- What'd you say you wanted?
- Some men who can use a gun.
From me? I only got two deputies,
and one of them is in Yuma.
- Get up a posse.
- You make it sound real easy. But it ain't.
We got one up last week, Sheriff.
That was for a hanging. That's different.
You want to go after Frank Slayton?
No, not me.
It's not his job, it's yours.
The stage line don't go through here.
If it was held up, it'd be over in Gila County.
But they went past here not six hours ago.
Look, mister, I got plenty of trouble
right here. I don't have to chase after it.
Every Sunday morning, my jail's
got more people than the local church.
What's that badge for?
You've got a responsibility.
Just to this town.
And nowheres else.
Hey, you want some gun hands,
try the saloon. You'll be doing me a favour.
My partner's trying that right now.
He told me I'd get no help from you.
Maybe Slayton took your girl.
In that case, I'm sorry for you, mister.
And even sorrier for the girl.
If it was my job to tangle
with the Slayton gang, I'd do it.
But like I said, my job's right here.
- How did you make out?
- Like I told you. Nobody's interested.
I guess I shouldn't be surprised.
I remember telling Slayton
that first night at Rodger's Station.
What happens on the other side of the river
is no problem of yours?
Yeah. So I guess I can't complain, can I?
Do you know anybody
who feels any different?
I learned one thing, Jess.
A man's got to do his own growing,
no matter how tall his father was.
Slayton's headed toward Rock Springs.
It's not much of a town, but you can
try there. Maybe we'll have better luck.
Get mounted, Westy. You and Vincente
are going into Rock Springs for supplies.
- You mean right now?
- Right now.
Get some liquor, too. We're out.
And keep out of trouble.
We could do with a little coffee, Doc.
You ought to smile a little more,
Miss Ballard.
- When are you going to let me go?
- When we're out of Arizona.
When will that be?
Arizonans are like Texans.
They say they're never out of Arizona.
If it wasn't for her,
we'd all be at Barratto's by now.
Have us a woman. And decent food.
If you got any complaints to make, Blinky,
make them to me.
I might be able to take care of them for you.
Your man's dead.
It was his choice, not mine.
Next time you think of running away,
ask yourself where.
The answer's nowhere.
I took you because you're as alone as I am.
You look at me like that because you live
in a world that doesn't exist anymore.
We'd have met before the war, but we didn't.
And it's a different world now, the South.
A world with three armies:
an army of mourners,
an army of cripples, and an army of thieves.
Fortunately, I'm still in one piece
and no one's crying over me.
Fill the canteens, Jess.
- Seen the Slayton gang?
- They ain't working this part of the state.
- Wrong. I've been trailing them.
- Hear that, boys?
Man says the Slayton gang's
around here somewhere.
- You seen them?
- I was on the stage they held up.
- Go ahead. Help yourself.
- Thanks.
There's no more than seven or eight men.
- They don't know we're trailing them.
- Who's "we"?
I got a partner.
We could always use some more gun hands.
There's a pretty good reward
for the men who bring them in.
What reward have they got
for the men who try and don't?
They're right here in your own back yard.
If they want something from the ranches,
they'll take it.
Your women included.
Then they'll wish
they never came through this county.
Especially if they get a hold of my woman.
Your deal, Chuck.
Get ready. We're riding.
It's Vincente, one of the gang.
There were two of them.
No! We'll follow him.
Where's Vincente?
- I think they got him.
- Who got him?
I only saw one of them.
He said he was on that stage you held up.
- A big fellow?
- Yeah, real big.
- Wearing a grey shirt?
- That's him.
The other was outside.
They're trying to get a posse.
- That's been tried before. We're still here.
- They're on our trail.
- What if they run into an Army patrol?
- We'll get started right now.
And listen, it may not be Warren.
I don't want a word of this to the girl.
- I told you that woman would be trouble.
- He should have dumped her in the desert.
We're breaking camp.
It's no good. We have to stop awhile.
If Slayton crosses the border, we're licked.
Without horses, we're licked.
You can ride, but they need rest.
How far is it to Mexico?
That won't make any difference
to the horses.
All right, we'll rest awhile.
He tried to kill you, Jess. Why?
I think I know.
Have you seen me before?
Maybe he doesn't understand.
Him one of men who come and set fire.
They take our horses...
and my sister.
He's talking about the Taos raid.
I was there. But I didn't like what happened.
I tried to stop it.
That raid is one reason
I'm not with them now.
They took my woman.
He's helping me get her back.
They leave my sister in the desert to die.
You want the man that did it?
Slayton left me to die, too, tied to a stake.
See that?
- You go after them?
- Yes.
You go, too?
Slayton take life from me.
Now I take one from him.
I go, too.
It's up to you, Jess.
You grab this?
That makes us a party. A hunting party.
War party.
Anybody hear something just then?
What's the matter, Curly? Got the jumps?
Don't say anything and don't look surprised.
He ain't dead.
The fellow you was going to marry.
He's alive and following us.
I have two horses at the bottom
of the slope. I'll start something.
Don't go until I do.
What's that?
- Not again.
- Nobody heard nothing. Ease off.
Well, I did.
Go on and take a look.
Mount up! Curly is trying to get away
with the girl!
So you tried to pull a sneak on us?
Yes, and I told her about Warren, too.
Stake him out, Doc.
I hope you weren't fooled
by what he told you. He was lying.
Why should he be?
To get you to go with him.
I think it was a case of love at first sight.
He was telling the truth.
You shouldn't judge a man by his face.
Curly's been a thief and an outlaw
since he was 15.
Warren's dead. It isn't going to help you
to think he isn't.
Get her back to camp.
- Who is it?
- Curly Jordan.
They staked him out
and rode their horses over him.
Give me a hand. We'll cover him up.
He probably got into trouble
the same way I did. He wasn't so lucky.
They go in valley.
Westy, you and Doc
round up the fresh horses.
- Stella.
- In here.
Where's your uncle?
He went to Nogales. To get drunk.
What's the matter?
Couldn't he get drunk here?
I wait and wait. I know you come back.
- You knew more than I did.
- How long you stay this time?
Long enough to change horses.
We'll be back again.
- Where you go?
- Mexico.
Then I go to Mexico. We go together.
Not this time, Stella.
You say next time I go with you.
We gotta get across the border fast.
I'll send for you.
You make me the promise.
This time you keep it.
Sorry, chamaca, you're staying here.
No. I go with you. I get ready.
Now I see why you say you no take me
to Mexico.
Who is that?
She's from the holdup.
It was dangerous to leave her behind.
You have other woman?
I told you a hundred times. You're my girl.
There isn't anyone else.
I no believe you.
But love is never equal.
One loves always more than the other.
I'm willing to be that one.
I understand. But we gotta
get across that border before nightfall.
- I told you, I'll send for you.
- When?
- Just as soon as we get things set.
- I'll never see you again.
Let's not fight about it.
I'll do anything you want,
only don't take other woman.
Don't start that again.
- Stay away from her.
- She is your woman!
Call her what you like.
- Let me go with you, please.
- I said no.
You think you're finished with me!
Keep her here and keep her quiet.
I don't care how you do it.
Take it easy, seorita.
He ain't the only man in Arizona.
There's me, for instance.
I'll be coming back this way.
- You come back?
- Sure.
And I'll have plenty of money, too.
You won't come back.
If I did, would you wait?
You like me?
Why you no come closer?
Afraid of Slayton?
I ain't afraid of nobody.
Hey, Slayton.
It couldn't be nobody but Stella.
I don't want her following us.
Go ahead. I'll catch her.
Do you want me to shoot her,
the horse, or what?
Suit yourself, Blinky.
Jo, the water.
It's the Morales girl.
Another one of Slayton's women.
It doesn't have to mean anything, Ben.
What do we do with her?
We can't leave her.
If we go back, we lose day.
We'd lose more than a day.
I got an idea she wouldn't go back.
We carry her.
- How long will we be here?
- We leave in a few hours.
Why not stay a couple of days
and rest up a bit?
I said we'd leave in a few hours.
If not for her, we wouldn't be running
like scared rabbits.
For a change, I got to agree with you.
I think you get killed or something.
Who's gonna do it?
- You take her to Mexico?
- I'm not leaving her here.
- Let's have a drink.
- Sure.
You should leave her with me, Frank.
- Mexico is no place for such a one.
- Your place is?
- Sure.
- Where are all the boys?
They'll be back three, four days from now.
So, you bring her for yourself?
What you got for me?
Not a thing.
How old is this one?
You sure you don't want
to leave her with me?
Barratto's place is just beyond that hill.
That's less than a mile away.
Why don't we go in after them?
I guess you don't know much
about Pete Barratto.
No, I don't.
He'll buy or sell anything, and does.
Trades with the bandits in Mexico
and the outlaws in the States.
He has lots of gunmen there
ready to back him up.
- They won't be expecting us.
- Why risk it?
Slayton's going into Mexico
and he's got to go through there.
We'll be in those rocks above them.
There's nothing to do but keep
the cinch tight a little longer.
Grab some sleep. I'll take the first watch.
Why don't you try to get some sleep?
I cannot.
- You think you kill Slayton?
- Yes.
- Johash think he do it.
- Yes.
Jess think he will do it.
When the time come, I will be the one.
Will killing him make any difference?
- Will you feel any better when he's dead?
- Yes.
Is good? You like?
This water is still cold.
Could you get me some more?
Please, you've got to help me.
This is for you.
You will help me, won't you?
Please! I cannot help you!
These men are very bad! They will kill!
You won't be needing that.
It's not exactly to your taste, but I like it.
I'm taking you to Mexico with me.
In Mexico we'll live the way
people like us ought to live.
Comfortable and gracious.
The way the South was before the war.
Is that such a terrible thing to offer?
By this time tomorrow, we'll be in Mexico.
We gonna leave your woman here?
Maybe we ought to leave you here, Blinky.
- Where are the saddlebags?
- They're inside.
How did you get here?
Are you with Warren?
Give me your spur, Westy.
They will kill you! Each of them will kill you!
Seor Warren, Jess. Johash!
Jess is with them?
Jess knows which way we're headed.
They'll all be out there waiting for us.
- Because we took that girl.
- I told you to shut up about her.
You've had enough of her.
Now get rid of her.
Are you telling me what to do?
- I'm telling you just what we think.
- Blinky's right.
If we give them the girl back,
that'll get Warren out of the way.
What about Jess?
Warren will do anything to get his girl.
You can make a deal.
- A deal?
- The girl for Jess.
The girl for Jess.
Just send word to Warren
you want to make a deal.
If we can send word to him,
we can also find him...
and make a deal with these.
Do you know anybody who can
shoot faster or straighter than Jess?
- I don't want to tangle with him.
- We got the gold.
If we can dodge a fight, let's do it.
We don't know how many he's got with him.
I don't want to die rich.
Supposing Jess don't want to come in?
He's got a big stake in this gold.
He'll come in.
I'll send word to Warren.
Get a hold of Barratto's boy.
- What are you gonna do?
- Go down to Barratto's.
- Are you sure she wrote it?
- It's her writing.
Slayton made her write it.
He wouldn't have sent it
unless he wanted a deal.
There's only one kind of deal he knows,
the kind that comes out of a gun.
Now's the time to be tough, Ben.
In a fight, there's a chance
Jennifer might get hurt. I'm going.
He'll be sitting there
waiting to blow your head off. I know him.
I'll take a chance.
You fooled me, Warren.
I didn't think you'd have the guts to come.
I'm here.
- You always liked deals, didn't you?
- What's yours?
I'm surprised.
No questions about Miss Ballard?
She's a delightful girl,
especially when you get to know her.
All right, back off, Warren.
- You got a deal to offer?
- I've got a deal.
We make a trade. Jess for the girl.
Do I shoot him or do you take care of that?
Brazos, get back to your girl.
I won't need you.
I made a mistake. I'm willing to admit it.
I didn't want him to hear it.
When I started, it was just Jess and me.
Now that he's not with me,
I know how much I need him.
To keep the men in line
and help me work at our plans.
Without Jess,
I'm like a man with only one arm.
- Is it a deal?
- That's up to Jess.
No, it's up to you if you want your girl back.
You tried to kill him once.
I offered to let him go. He was too stubborn.
Why send for me? Why not Jess?
I told you, he's too stubborn.
That's one of the reasons I need him.
How do I get word to you?
Build up your campfire
so we can see it from here...
if it's a deal.
I'll bring your girl to you in the morning.
You better decide, Jess.
You know him better than I do.
I thought I did, but he always crossed me.
Then don't go.
You think he's on the level?
They had a gun at my back.
They could've used it if they wanted to.
Maybe he does need me.
I kind of figured
he couldn't handle that crazy bunch.
Jess, don't go if there's going to be
any trouble.
They got a fortune down there
and part of it belongs to me.
To me, it's worth a chance.
You think Slayton talk straight?
It's a fifty-fifty chance.
If it wasn't for Ben, I wouldn't be alive.
So I guess it's a fair gamble.
Well, Jess...
When you're out in California working hard,
remember old Jess.
I'll be down in Mexico rolling in gold
and living like a king.
Goodbye, Miss Ballard.
Did he bring anyone with him?
No, we came alone.
Good luck to you, miss.
Johash, the horses.
Ben, don't! Please!
He killed Jess. You can't make deals
with men like Slayton.
It took Jess' life to make me face it.
But it's all over. You said so yourself.
We'll be home in a week.
And leave Slayton to someone else?
Ben, we have a whole life ahead of us.
If I walk away from this,
what will that lifetime be like?
Ben, once you said
our ranch was the whole world for you.
It is for me, too.
I found out it isn't. It can't be.
You end up losing everything
to men like Slayton!
Ben, don't. Come back, Ben!
It's our last stop before Mexico.
We better get some water.
Blinky, I said you could bring
that bobcat along.
Keep an eye on her.
She's yours, so watch her.
How much further we gotta go?
Fifteen miles to the border.
We'll leave at sunup.
You think I'll enjoy Mexico, Stella?
Sooner or later I kill you.
Let's make it later.
Westy, go see if there's any water
in that well.
There'd better be.
Put enough in my bag
for me and the gal, now.
Johash, get around back.
You stay here and keep low.
Here's your water, Slayton!
When you get thirsty, come out and get it!
Out the back.
Get those saddlebags.
Open it up, Jim. Open it.
Warren! We got a friend of yours here.
We're coming out!
Raise your gun a half an inch
and we'll blow her head off!
Kill him! Shoot him!
You never learned how to use a gun,
did you, Warren?
It's easy.
All you do is pull the trigger.