Guncrazy (1992) Movie Script

[crickets chirping]
[bell rings]
You remember the
beginning of the year
when most of you
thought that Japan
was part of Europe?
Well, I wanted to
help foster your new
understanding of the world,
so I came up with
an assignment.
I think you're
gonna like this one.
You're all going to
have to find pen pals.
Doesn't that
sound interesting?
The best way
to find a pen pal
is to look at the classified
section of a magazine
or a newspaper.
Okay, today is
the first of the month.
By this time next month,
I expect you all to
have someone you're
writing to. Okay?
Anita! Would
you care to join
the rest of us?
Hey, sperm babe.
[all laugh]
Are you with
us, Anita?
I was just thinking
about pen pals,
Mr. Sheets.
I know what
she's been thinking.
If don't shut your mouth
right now, you're going
to Mr. Fisher's office.
You got that?
[revs engine]
Hey, Anita!
C'mon, don't
be like that.
Don't be
mad at us.
C'mon, we're sorry.
Let's make it
up to you.
You wanna come
for a ride?
Where you going?
We're just gonna
be driving around.
Come on.
[guys shout]
Check it out.
Check out the new moves.
Look out! Stage dive!
Check this out.
Check this out.
You ever seen 400 pounds
of flesh splattered
all over a dump.
Come on, Anita.
Bill, cut it out!
What's the matter lard ass?
Don't call
me that.
Hey, Anita,
c'mon down here.
Hey, Anita, is it true
you let Joey and Al
do it to you?
What they say?
They said you said,
"I believe so."
We know you're pissed off
at us for giving you such
a hard time at school.
But you realize that
in the end, uh, that uh,
We wouldn't be such
dicks about it
if maybe... were, possibly, uh
nice to us,
like you were
nice to Joey
and Butt Head?
Those guys
are fags!
That's why
we're mad at you.
It's only because
we like you.
You guys
really like me?
Anita, of course
we do, Anita.
I'm hurt.
I guess I like
you guys too.
But you promise
not to tell?
We're not gonna tell
no one, Anita.
I promise.
Come on, Anita.
All right.
But not
with him.
Why not?
You better lose some of
that lard if you wanna
party here with Anita.
Where have
you been?
In a place.
Shall I fix dinner?
I ate already.
Now there's
nothing left.
There's some
"yoohoo" left.
You mom called
this morning.
What did she say?
Se said, "Hi."
That's it? She didn't
have anything else
to say to me?
She just said she was
having some hassle with
the law over in Fresno.
Yeah. She wanted
1,500 bucks.
I told her, "I'm taking care
of your kid. I haven't got 15
bucks let alone 1,500."
Nah, she didn't
say nothing.
Except to start bitching
and saying, "Well, you're
living in my trailer."
Blah, blah, blah.
I'm gonna take
a shower.
How about
some company?
I'm really,
tired, Rooney.
[dog barks
at a distance]
"Dear Jenny,
Crisson City is
a wonderful place.
"People here
smile a lot,
"but I want to get away
as soon as possible
and come to America.
"I have tuberculosis
in my foot.
Your friend Sayang Ferdinand.
PS. I am 14."
Good, Jenny.
Then, uh, did you
find a pen pal?
Um, mine's not
from Europe
or nothing.
It's from California.
Very exotic, Anita.
Anita met a doe.
I wrote him about
a week ago,
and I got a letter
back Saturday.
"Dear Anita.
What a pretty name.
[students laugh]
"My name is Howard,
and I'm 24.
"You said you were
interested in how other
people live and stuff.
"Well, life for me
is pretty different
"than anything you've
known, I'm sure.
"I've not walked under
the stars since I came
to this place.
"It's pretty
loud, too.
"I stay awake
at night just to
feel the silence.
"Yet even then the
darkness is pierced
with the sounds
"of men crying
in their sleep.
"Now I spend my days
painting and reading.
"Before, I only knew
how to do one thing
good. Shoot guns.
"I always dreamed
of a girl who
liked guns.
Perhaps it was you
I was dreaming of."
May I ask where
your pen pal
resides, Anita?
In goddamn
Sing Sing.
Um, he's a convict
up in Chino.
That really wasn't what I
had in mind when I handed
out the assignment.
"I've had no contact
with a woman
"since I got arrested
three years ago.
"When I read
your letter,
"I tried to picture
you and how you look.
Your hair and such.
"And it made me
feel human again.
"Maybe it's crazy,
but I feel something
bigger than us both
"is bringing us
"I believe in
things like that.
"I know there's a power
out there controlling
things we can't.
Best wishes.
Howard Hickok."
"PS. It would mean
so much to have a
picture of yourself.
Or at least a cassette
with your voice."
Hey, Anita.
Billy and me are going
down in the dump. You
wanna come along?
No, thanks.
Wait, wait
a second.
Maybe we got something
better to do.
You guys said
you wouldn't tell,
and you told.
You had fun. What's
the big deal? Makin'
like it didn't happen!
Don't bother me
anymore. I have
a boyfriend now.
What--what did you
get? A dog, Anita?
Hey, Joy.
I wouldn't put it
past you if she's
so fuckin' stupid.
Hey, don't you guys have
something better to be
doing right now?
Go on, get!
I hate those guys.
Let's get out of here.
This place gives me
the creeps.
[cougar roars]
I wanted to take up
shooting guns.
Well, first of all
you're standing wrong.
You stand with
your feet apart.
So far.
Now, get down
on that can and
fire away.
Squeeze it
like it was
a zit.
Slow and easy.
I'm glad you're not
pissed off at me.
No. A woman
oughtta know how
to handle a firearm
so she can protect
herself when a man
is over.
Will you
teach me?
Well, I'm tired
right now,
but we always
got tomorrow.
"Dear Anita, thank you
for the picture you sent me.
"You really are one
of the most beautiful
girls I've ever seen.
"Good news. I did what
they're callin' a "good deed"
around here
and I might parole next
month because of it."
When you gonna let me have a
taste of that...
Sally, get back
to work!
"I prevented one
of the inmates from
killing a guard.
"I know I'd have a better
chance of getting out if I
had a job in some place.
"Maybe you can talk
to your friends
around town.
"I love you.
"And I feel something very
powerful is happening
between us.
Howard Hickok."
[car door closing]
Hi, Howard.
This is Anita.
Do I sound like you
would thought I would?
And that sure was
the nicest thing
I ever read.
And you said
you loved me.
I love you more than
words could ever know,
my darling.
I think I have an
idea about how to
help you get out.
It would mean that you'd
have to write a letter
sounding religious
so I could give it
to a preacher that
lived nearby,
and you might be
able to get a job
at his gas station.
[Rooney urinating]
Um, I'm gonna
go to sleep,
so I'm gonna
wrap it up now.
Sleep tight and
sweet dreams,
my beloved.
"Since accepting Jesus
as my personal savior,
"I now realize that nothing
has the value if God
isn't in on it, too.
"My rehabilitation
has taught me this.
"I hope to get out
some day and
join a church
"that recognizes
the Bible is the
direct word of God.
All my regard.
So, what do you
think, Mr. Fulton?
I don't know, Anita.
He needs a job
to get out on parole.
Don't need any
employees right now.
Sure you do.
I mean, there's tons
of chores to be done
around here.
And he could help
with the services.
He's a believer.
You'd be the answer
to his prayers.
And mine, too.
I'll tell you
what I'll do.
You can tell him
he can have a job.
Now, you listen to me.
I can't pay him.
All right?
That's all.
Okay, okay,
okay, okay.
Thank you so much,
Mr. Fulton.
Thank you.
In reviewing the events
that brought you here,
I can only say that
under normal
you wouldn't be
seriously considered
for release at this time.
However, in the light
of your recent actions,
we've taken
another look at
your eligibility.
I understand that some
of the prisoners are
threatening you.
Yes, sir. I'm in a
protected unit at this time.
Well, he have a policy
toward convicts that save
one of our staff members
from serious injury.
So, we're granting
you a parole date.
You're a hair
off to the left.
Mine was too small
to adjust with
your hands.
So, step in a
tiny bit here.
Line it up
to the right.
Shit! You're
doing good, Anita.
You're a natural.
I seem to hit things
better when I don't aim
or think about it, Rooney.
You'd make some
money at this.
Get yourself
in a contest.
Quick! There's some
cuban looney toonies
with hard-ons. Get 'em!
And always remember
to put in two shots.
And nobody gonna
argue with you after
you nail 'em twice.
You know, uh, all this
shooting has got me
feeling kinda good.
If you catch
my trip.
What's the matter?
I don't want to no more, Rooney.
You're my mom's
Ya right!
You know what your
sweet mom, my girl,
is doing up in Fresno?
Yeah. She's working
in a restaurant.
She can save enough
money to bring me
out with her.
Yeah? She's out
peddling her ass
for some shitskin pimp
so she can earn
enough money to
shoot heroin in her arm.
Shut the fuck
up, Rooney.
Damn you, Anita.
Get your ass
back here.
[door closes]
Don't fuck with me.
I mean it!
Go away!
Goddamn it, Rooney.
All right.
Just hear me, okay?
I don't like
seeing you feel bad.
There comes a time when
you just gotta know
the truth about things.
I don't want to!
I got a boyfriend now.
Yeah, right.
But he's a kid, huh?
Kid don't know how
to make a woman
feel happy.
You think I've
been happy here?
Get your fucking
hand off my leg!
Come on.
No, I don't want
to! Please!
No! Stop!
Stop! No!
No, please!
I don't want to.
[yelling from TV]
[cars honking]
[siren wailing
from TV]
[dog barks]
Hi, Howard.
I am sorry for
getting you up
so early.
It's okay.
I--I made this for you.
Well, uh, I made
it for you.
Thank you.
It's really
Do you like it?
Yeah, I love it.
Well, you can put
your bags in the back.
Yeah, okay.
Back here?
If I give my heart
To you tonight
Will you still
Be by my side
Or will you be gone
With the morning sun
Sure it's pretty
over here.
Yeah, it's really
nice and quiet.
Thank you.
[Mr. Fulton]
There was a lady.
I said there
was a lady.
And you could've
taken hot needles.
And you could've pushed
those hot needles right
into her cheeks
and she wouldn't
have felt a thing.
Do you know why?
Because God had
frozen her face!
Praise the Lord!
Wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait.
We have ourselves
a brand new member.
You come on down
here, Howard.
Praise the Lord.
Praise the Lord.
Praise the Lord.
Right there.
Now, do you believe
in the Lord Jesus Christ?
Yes, sir,
I sure do.
Praise the Lord!
Praise the Lord.
I hope for
your sake, son,
that you mean that.
Praise the Lord!
Praise the Lord.
Praise the Lord!
Howard, have you been
baptized into the blood
of the Lamb?
I've been baptized.
Yes, sir.
Well, then, you
stretch out your arm.
Praise the Lord!
Praise the Lord!
It's a true test of faith!
Because God spoke
to the serpent
and he said,
"The snake has
beguiled me."
He said, "The snake
hath beguiled me,
and then I
can flourish."
Because if you believe,
I mean if you
truly believe
in the power of
the Lord Jesus Christ,
then the serpent
cannot harm you.
And you will have
nothing to fear from
any of these snakes.
Praise the Lord.
I can feel it.
Can you feel that spirit?
I can feel it.
I can feel it!
I can see it!
Praise the Lord!
[all cheer]
I can feel that spirit.
I can feel that spirit!
I can feel
that spirit.
Praise the Lord!
I can see it,
I can feel it.
Praise the Lord.
Praise the Lord.
Praise the Lord.
Praise the Lord.
Praise the Lord.
Praise the Lord.
Praise the Lord.
Mr. Fulton?
I was wondering
if I could become
a member of your
church, too.
Oh, Anita.
Of course
you can.
We always got room
for one more.
I'm gonna go back
and be with Howard now.
That's all right, honey.
Why don't you just go
home and then you come
back tomorrow, all right?
how is it
going, Howard?
Well, it startin'
to get to me a
little bit, sir.
I think that by now
you can call me Hank.
Good old Pee Wee.
Oh, that's a
Ain't she sweet.
She won't bite, though.
She's been damaged.
I found her out by
the side of the road.
Somebody ran over
her head with a car.
So, she just kinda
lost her natural desire
to do anybody
any harm.
What about those
other ones? Been run
over their heads, too?
Well, I kinda
"depoisoned" them
with a potato
I don't know Hank.
Seems kind of
dishonest to me.
Well, Howard,
let me tell you.
See these snakes?
Now, they're tools
to bring people into the lord.
How could anything
that does that be
dishonest, huh?
I've been bit.
And let me tell you
it ain't worth it.
Does Anita live
far from here?
She just lives down
the road with her
mama's boyfriend.
Oh, yeah?
Where's her mama?
You know, I haven't got
the foggiest idea.
She's some kind
of girl, though,
ain't she?
Yeah, sure is.
Yes, sirree.
I tell you.
Takes a real special
kind of woman
to go out of her way
for a man like you.
Yeah, I know, sir.
Hi. I've got
something for you.
Oh, boy.
Why do think
Hank is trying
to keep us apart?
I mean, I wouldn't
expect him on doing
something like that.
Oh, I think he's just
checking me out,
that's all.
Yeah, I guess.
How come you don't
live with your mom?
She's up in Fresno
working so she can
bring me out with her.
So, what do you mean?
You're gonna leave?
[owl hooting]
I'm not going
I could get in so much trouble
just having
these things near me.
Don't worry about it.
I remember how you wrote
in your letters
that nine millimeters
were your favorite.
Oh, Jesus!
You didn't tell me
this thing was loaded.
I've got plenty
of bullets.
You can't shoot
out here.
Sure you can.
No one can hear us
all the way out here.
Go for it.
Alright, if you say so.
Pretty good.
Are you gonna try?
Oh my God!
That's not bad!
You've got a future
if you start doing
a mass murder business.
Well, I don't think
I'll be doing that.
Oh, my God.
Anita! Put your
top on, Jesus!
What's wrong?
Cover yourself up.
I wanted to
make you happy.
Yeah, I know.
Well, it's just
not the way to do it.
What I think is that
these demons right now
are in positions
of power.
In positions of power
in the government
and they control the
Internal Revenue Service.
And they control--
How are you gonna
find 'em all, Hank?
Only one way.
Turning souls
in the right direction.
As many of 'em as we can.
Well, I got one
for you.
How about this?
Now, what if a fella
believes in the Lord
except he's so bad
that he gets sent
to hell anyway, okay?
Now, when he goes
to hell, is the Devil
gonna be hard on him
because he was on
the side of the Lord
when he was living?
Well shoot, Howard.
I don't know.
'Cause I never
thought anything
about that before.
I gotta go.
I'll be back
later, okay?
I just got--
I'll tell you later.
[knocking at door]
The door is open.
Who are you?
Howard Hickok.
Two hours late.
I know, sir.
I'm sorry.
Mr. Kincaid.
Have a seat.
I had your file
here a while back.
Here it is.
You did three
years in Chino for
And you did two years
at the Youth Authority
in Camarillo for--
You pistol whipped your father.
How do you feel
about that?
I served my time.
I don't really have to
feel anything about that.
I know you don't
have to feel anything.
The question
is, do you?
Do I feel anything
about that?
the convenience store clerk
that you and your
partner beat to death
feel anything
about that?
That was an accident.
We didn't shoot him
or anything.
I mean, I had
a gun on me.
We didn't rob him
or nothing.
You're with Hank Fulton
and his wife?
Yes, sir.
I work in
his garage,
and I help
with the services
as well.
Also I help his wife.
She's doing some planting.
She's got ducks
and whatnot.
I'm pretty busy
right now.
How'd you hook up
with Hank?
Hank heard about me
accepting Jesus Christ
as my personal savior.
That's very admirable.
Howard, what do
you want in life?
Well, ideally I think
I'd like to be a
test shooter
for firearm companies
like Smith and Wesson
or Browning.
I don't know,
anyone of those.
If I had the money,
I'd go to gunsmithing
but I think at this point
it would be better for me
if I was a test shooter.
All right.
Nobody's gonna hire
you to shoot guns.
Why not? All those
companies have
test shooters.
Down to earth.
We're talking about
you, Howard Hickok.
What are you
doing here?
My boyfriend's got
an appointment.
Your boyfriend's
in with my dad?
I'm embarrassed.
Oh, boy, Anita!
So, where were
you last week?
Did you quit
school or something?
Yeah, I'm all
finished with that.
[Mr. Kincaid]
Joy, this is the guy
I was telling you about.
This is Howard.
Hi, Howard.
I'm Joy.
Joy, what are
you doing here?
I need my
allowance, Daddy.
So, what are you guys
doing right now?
I don't know.
I need you here.
Well, maybe
some other time.
Same time
next week.
Don't be late.
Bye, Anita.
I want you to stay away
from those two.
I've known Anita since
I was a little girl.
Well, it's about time
you two parted company.
Daddy, she's
totally harmless.
She's my friend.
I'm not talking about
the girl. I'm talking
about her boyfriend.
I can't imagine what
was going through the
parole board's mind
when they let
this one out.
You can trust me.
I know what I'm
talking about.
I think you're
[clears throat]
Look, just stay
away from them.
Can you do that
for me, huh?
Sure, Daddy.
I promise.
Get out of here.
What do you think?
I don't know,
Are you guys okay?
You need a lift?
Howard, could you grab me
one of those beers
under your seat
right there?
Say, eh, Joy?
Didn't your dad tell
you he didn't want you
hanging out with us?
He sure did!
Told ya
I was trouble.
Didn't he?
Well, I figured
that out myself.
Or else why would
you be seeing my dad?
See I told you
he didn't like me.
Hey, bad boy, would
you pass me that?
So, are you diggin'
the sights since
you've been to Helm?
There's, uh, there's
always the drive-in
movie theater
that's been closed
for ten years.
Or there's
always the dump.
Every bad thing
I ever did,
I did there first.
Do you wanna come in?
Yeah, why don't you come in?
This is nice!
Do you like?
Yeah, it's
really sweet.
I've been sort
of redecorating.
Do you guys
want some water?
You got
anymore beer?
No. But I got this.
Do you want some?
You gotta ask?
Okay so,
what do you think of him?
He's really cute!
He's cute,
isn't he?
I'm gonna put
some music on.
Do you remember
that dance we did
a couple of years ago?
Oh, Yeah!
Yes, I do.
Do you wanna
do it?
We're gonna do
this dance.
All right.
One, two, three.
One, two,
three, four.
[music from trailer]
[both laugh]
Mr. Kincaid!
Joy what are you
doing here?
Their truck broke
down, so I drove
them here, Daddy.
You go home.
I'll talk to you later.
[door closes]
What the hell's
going on here?
Mr. Kincaid.
Get up.
Turn around.
You got no
business here,
you understand?
No business being
in the home of a
female minor.
I was just
here visiting
Anita, sir.
We weren't
doing anything.
You're talking to us
like we're trash.
I know about you.
Put out for anything
in pants.
As far as I'm concerned,
you're both trash.
You got that?
You hear me?
Yeah, I hear you.
Stay away
from my daughter.
[door is opened]
Well, I guess your
parole officer doesn't
like you after all.
Anita, this ain't funny.
I'm sorry.
Not bad.
Not bad at all.
You aren't mad,
are you?
I'm not mad.
It's just I don't think
we oughtta be into
sex just yet.
It's okay.
You could still come
in my mouth.
Oh, Anita, Jesus!
That ain't
sex so much.
Besides, I thought
that's what you wanted.
That's all guys ever want.
I don't know
about that.
Sounds to me like you've
been hanging out with a
bunch of sex maniacs.
You two get your
clothes on.
Decent yet?
What're all those guns
doing layin' all
over the place?
This is where I
shoot, Mr. Fulton.
It seems like a pretty
funny thing for a girl
to be doing
without any clothes
on, don't it?
As for you, Howard,
if I'd known you were
gonna be fooling
around like this,
I'd never would've
let you stay here.
We weren't doing
anything, Mr. Fulton.
You go on back
to the house, Anita.
Howard and me
got some talkin'
to do man to man.
I saw you. You were
fornicating her.
No, I wasn't.
I was not.
I'm not stupid, Howard.
I can see what's
going on.
All I got to do
is take one little
look at her.
I can see that
she's come of age.
She's all pink
and juicy.
Remember, I used
to be a farmer.
Look, Hank,
I love her.
That ain't
the point, Howard.
Listen to me.
And you listen
real good,
'cause I'm gonna
give you a couple
choices here.
Don't worry.
Maybe I could
talk to him.
Come on
in the house.
Anita, you and Howard
got some personal stuff
that you need
to be talking about.
[door is closed]
Hank says
I have to stop
seeing you
or we can't
get married.
Mr. Fulton?
Can I be getting married?
I mean, I'm a minor. Don't
I need permission?
How about Rooney?
Well, he wouldn't have
much to say about it.
Besides, he took off a
month ago and he hasn't
been back since.
Where would he go?
If you're old enough
to be doing what
you've been doing,
you are old enough
to be gettin' married.
And you listen to me.
'Cause Howard cannot
afford to be caught doing
the dirty with a minor
that is not his wife.
Would you
marry us, then?
Anita, do you promise
God that you're gonna
love Howard
whether he's sick
or he's well?
I do.
I now pronounce you
man and wife.
Well, now you can
kiss the bride, Howard.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry
that I couldn't
consummate our
wedding night.
I guess this is just
gonna have to happen
some time.
It's okay.
There's other ways
for people in love
to get together.
Without having sex?
Like to tell each other
our deepest secrets.
I don't think you'll
wanna know my secrets.
Yes, I do.
I don't want us
to hold anything
back from each other.
You're right.
I've never been
with a woman before.
That's a secret.
I mean, I've never
been able to--
you know.
It seems like
every time
I'm with a
beautiful woman,
I just feel like
I'm gonna lose it.
Come on, Howard.
Where're you going?
I'm gonna consummate
for you now.
Close it!
Close it!
Who is that?
He's my mother's
He tried to take me
against my will.
So he--
He did?
You did the
right thing.
All right?
But, Anita, you can't
just leave him
here like this.
I mean, it's like
having a time bomb
on your back yard.
We have to bury him
or get rid of him
or something.
Well, there's a furnace
about a mile away.
All right. That's
even better.
You go get
a sheet.
I'll get him out.
Hey, don't worry.
It's gonna be
all right.
I love you.
I love you.
Hurry up.
We gotta do this
quick. All right?
Come on up here, baby,
and give me a hand.
Get the feet.
Are you okay?
What's the matter?
It's burst.
Get his other arm.
I got it.
It's heavy.
Yeah, one more.
We're almost there.
It's all right.
He's heavy.
He's so heavy.
Two, three.
You wanna say
a few words?
I know he was a bastard,
but it's a Christian
thing to do.
Here lies a pig.
May he roast in hell
for all eternity.
Howard? I don't care
if we ever do sex.
It's nothing
special to me.
And I never could
understand why they
call it "making love."
Always made me
wanna throw up.
And you not wanting it,
and still wanting me
just makes me
love you more.
You've been with
a lot of guys?
Every man
I've ever known
since I was nine,
has wanted the
same thing of me.
I never felt nothing
for a single one
of them.
Then I started
reading your letters.
And I started standing
up for myself for
the first time.
You gave me that.
You made me free.
If anybody tries
to make me do what
I don't wanna do,
they're gonna end
up like Rooney.
Look at me, Howard.
I love you.
I don't care
what you've done.
Don't start thinking
about what I've done.
We're in a
new life now.
[rock music from car]
[revs engine]
Hey, Anita!
You turned up.
Show him.
This is very bad.
What's bad?
You bad?
You don't know.
You boys oughtta go
home. You shouldn't
come up here.
Why's that?
What's going on?
You guys having
a barbecue?
With that face
he couldn't rock.
Okay, who's
gonna go first?
I say it's three
on one, man, but
we gotta flip a coin.
I'm first.
I'm gonna ask you
one more time.
Please, get
in that car
and go home.
I don't think so.
I'm sorry, man.
This is where
Anita takes all
her boyfriends.
You saying you're
her boyfriend?
No, her girlfriend.
We're saying
everybody is
her boyfriend.
I think I want you
to apologize first
before you go home.
To Anita?
Anita, who is
this joker?
Howard, please.
Get in the
fucking car, son!
You better both go
home. You want some
of this, junior?
Anita! For Christ
sake, look what
you made me do!
He needs
a hospital
now! Shit!
Damn it!
What am I gonna
do with him now?
I can't just leave him
here bleeding like that
with this other one
knowing about it.
Hey, Anita.
You better not let
this guy do this.
Can't we think of
something else, please?
Look out!
Oh, fuck!
Jesus Christ!
Why the hell didn't
you just listen to me?
Get down, son.
I'm sorry, son.
You gonna
have to die.
It'll be okay, Tom.
Just think
about Jesus.
Oh, shit.
I can't
get it started.
All right,
hang on.
Try it again.
It won't start.
What do we do?
I mean, we can't
leave the car here.
We leave the car here,
then they'll know and
they'll catch us. We can't--
Anita, calm down, baby!
Uh, let me think.
Right. Go get
their car.
I'm gonna
take care of
all of this.
Hurry up.
What if we get caught?
Well, I'd get fired
for sure.
Anita, you might get
off being as young
as you are.
I don't think I'll
get that same
deal, though.
But if you told 'em
that I made you
do some of those
terrible things.
I couldn't do that.
Oh, sure you could.
I couldn't do it.
You'd better.
Or I'll come back
and bite your
little butt off.
You know,
doing these
things together,
I feel so
close to you.
You know, Howard?
Ever since I got
your first letter,
I've been feeling
close like this to you.
I swear sometimes
I feel like one of
the luckiest guys
in the whole
wide world.
Met a stranger
On a train
He bumped
Right into me
I swear I
Didn't mean it
I swear it wasn't
Meant to be
Must a been a dream
From a thousand
Years ago
I swear I
Didn't mean it
I swear it wasn't
Meant to be
From the bottom
Of my heart
What happens
if a Christian
yearned his
whole life
for Heaven,
and then at the last
second he's committed
some kind of sin
that's damned
himself to hell?
Now, does
Satan hold this
against him
when he's finally
in that dark one's power?
Where are
my glasses?
Hey, Pee Wee!
What's the matter, huh?
You don't look
so good, do you?
Oh, I have to--
Have to send you
to the vet.
Pee Wee!
Damn, you
piece of shit.
Anita is here
to contain me.
I heard what happened.
How is he doing?
Well, I guess he's been
bitten before, so he's
kinda built up immunity.
Howard, I'd like
to speak to you in
private. Outside.
[Mr. Kincaid]
I'm gonna give it to
you straight, Howard.
Placing you with
Hank Fulton was
a big mistake.
He's a good mechanical.
I know he's just
a bit crazy.
This is only gonna be
a temporary thing, so
don't get overly upset.
It'll benefit
you in the long.
Are you gonna
send me back
to prison?
No, not prison.
County jail
until I can place you
somewhere more healthy.
Mr. Kincaid,
I'm married now.
To Anita Minteer?
Yes, sir. I got
I'm trying to walk
the walk here.
I think we better
talk with my wife.
I gotta frisk you, Howard,
turn around.
You just look
for any excuse,
don't you, Kincaid?
Be a man,
No, John, but I'd
appreciate it if
you stood by.
You're being such
a dick about this,
John, he's a parolee
in direct disobedience
to an officer of the law.
Take him
into custody.
Come on, son.
Don't make it any harder on you
than it already is.
He's got a gun!
What is he
hollering about?
We gotta get
outta here, baby!
All right.
My God.
Over here.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Give it up, Howard.
Back off.
Put those hands up
where I can see them.
Now, you happy
about this? Is this
what you wanted, cop?
It's not what
I wanted, Howard.
forget about it.
It should be him
instead of that cop!
Back off!
And get those hands up
where I can see them!
Let's go, please!
All right.
We'll take
him with us.
I want you
to cover me.
I want you to get
in that car over there.
Let's go.
C'mon, Move!
Let's go.
You get in first.
Get in first.
All right.
Get in.
Open the door.
What the fuck are
we gonna do with
him now, huh?
We should go
easy on him.
Go easy on him?
Turn around.
Don't look at me.
You're not gonna do
something stupid,
are you, Howard?
You're the one
that's stupid, mister.
You wanna know why?
'Cause I've got
this gun.
So long as I got
it, I'm smart,
you're stupid.
You got that?
Now, you didn't think
about that happening,
did you, huh?
I oughtta kill you
right now. I just kept
your head right off.
No, please,
don't kill him.
He's Joy's father.
Damn it!
Jesus Christ!
Goddamn it, Anita!
What are we
gonna do with him?
You see that
girl, mister?
The one you called trash?
Well, she just saved
your life.
What do you think
about that, huh?
You remember that.
We can't stay here.
Come on.
Do you think
you hurt him
real bad?
He brought that
on himself didn't he.
He's already
in the dune.
Our lives are
over now.
Yeah, well, I know
when it's over.
[siren wailing]
Not any place
for us to go?
There's no place
for us now.
Nowhere at all.
What about
your mom?
Oh, yes!
She lives up
in Fresno.
Oh, Howard, she's such
a wonderful woman.
She'll help us.
[siren wailing]
I know she'll
help us.
I'm hungry.
Maybe we'll see a
rabbit or something.
We can shoot it.
Fuck that.
Hey, Anita, do you have
to use that language?
I need a cereal
or something.
How much money
we got?
Twenty cents.
Well, that
ain't gonna do.
I really miss
my trailer.
I wouldn't so much.
Yeah, but
it was mine.
I'll tell you what.
I'll buy another
when my ship
comes in.
Look out!
Are you all right?
A dog?
A dog!
Come here, boy!
How big.
Huge dog.
Hi, big dog.
Hi, big dog.
His name is
I think he lives--
She lives over there.
Let me take
her over.
Come on.
It's a big dog.
Come on.
There she is.
Shlitzy, you
terrible thing.
We found her
on the road.
Thank you so much.
You going camping?
Yes, we are.
Well, thanks.
Thank you very much.
You're welcome.
That has been unreal.
Ciao, ball seven.
So that's why
I got mirrors
on the tips.
You want a beer?
No, thank you.
I want everybody's
hands on that bar
where I can see 'em.
C'mon, put your
hands up on that bar.
Nobody's gonna
get hurt.
You got some balls.
I gotta hand it to you.
Just trying to get
through the day.
C'mon, honey,
get their wallets.
I'm sorry.
What about
the credit cards?
Just take the cash.
Give the man back
his wallet.
You're next.
Take it easy.
Take it easy.
I'm just gonna
get out my wallet.
You scared me.
That's my whole
You take it, I'm
not gonna be able
to pay the rent
or feed my family.
That's fine
with her.
She doesn't
have to work.
I can't take
your money.
What about me?
I got children, too.
I got kids.
Don't rob me.
I can't do
this, Howard.
For Christ sake,
don't say my name!
They know
who we are!
Here, just
take your money.
Just let's
leave, please.
You're the cop
killers, aren't you?
It is him.
Okay, all right.
We're going
to the car.
I want everybody to
put their hands--I want
everybody down in front.
[telephone rings]
I'm sorry. I just
couldn't do it.
Yeah, well, I'm not
gonna turn in today.
Oh, c'mon.
I've never done
anything like this.
You're the one that's
hungry and we ain't
got no money.
[bell rings]
[tires screech]
It's so fresh and
clean around here.
Yeah, sure it's pretty.
Yeah, it's very nice.
You wanna sit here a
while and figure out
what we're gonna do?
All right.
Don't worry, Anita.
We'll find your mom.
Move along.
Get off the steps.
Excuse me.
Do you know
where ABA--
Down the corner
to the right.
Hey, can we get
something to eat?
No, sir. I'm just trying
to get out, okay?
All right.
Hey, wait!
Hey, hey!
What are you doing?
Towing your car, pal.
You got a ticket.
Gonna tow it.
C'mon, man,
don't tow our car.
You got 65 bucks?
I ain't got 65 bucks.
Put it some slack.
Got a really shitty day.
Yeah? Well, I've had
a shitty day, too.
Look. Let the car off
or I'll blow you away.
Okay, okay.
Get in the car.
Have a nice day.
You think she'll
let us stay here?
Sure, she's my mom.
Hey. Do you know
a Jesse Minteer?
A lady with long
hair real pretty.
Which number was it?
I'm pretty sure
it's four.
Okay, hold on.
[baby crying]
I'm looking
for Jesse Minteer.
Could you just tell
me where she is?
She's my mother.
Your mother ran out
on a $1,500-bond.
Where would
she go?
Probably ran with
that Rooney clown
for all I know.
You wanna make
some money?
Why don't you come
over here and show me
what you can do for me.
Pay off your
mama's bill.
Excuse me, hon.
Where's my mother?
I want my mom!
Hey, don't you use
that tone with me, girl.
Look, where is she?
How the hell would
I know? Your mama
is a whore and a liar.
She didn't tell
me nothing!
Lets go.
Hey, wait up.
Anita, I'm sorry
about your mom.
I really don't
wanna talk
about it.
I'm gonna go
check it out.
A little pesky.
Go on.
Get out.
Nobody. There's
room in hand.
Hi! Come
here, baby.
Oh, sweetie.
It seems strange that
they just leave their
dog here like this.
Anything good?
I'm sorry.
You know what?
You are so beautiful.
You remind me
all those people
that we saw in Fresno.
All fresh and clean.
I don't know.
You do, too,
We look like
nice people.
We are nice people.
[dog cries]
Come here, baby.
Come here.
And I swear,
you'd make a great mother.
Go on, get out of the way,
I wanna kiss you.
[both laugh]
That looks like
so much fun!
Yeah, it does.
I guess we didn't
really have a proper
honeymoon, did we?
No, we didn't.
Yeah. Maybe Niagara Falls.
That's pretty romantic.
Mmm. Let's go
to Niagara Falls.
All right.
We can go
to a lot of places.
Cross my heart
and hope to die.
Okay, that sounds good.
Oh, wait, that's
my other line.
All right.
Me, too.
Where are you?
Is he there
with you right now?
Yeah, he is.
I just wanted
to call and talk.
Did he really do
all those things
they're saying?
He ain't so bad.
They say that
you're in it
with him.
We're on TV!
Oh, my God!
Me and Howard
are on TV.
I gotta go.
Anita, wait!
Joy, listen. I just
wanted to thank you
for your friendship.
I gotta go.
I'll call you.
[woman reporter]
Live from
Reno, Nevada.
I'm here with Ray Hickok,
father of murder
suspect Howard Hickok.
Oh, my god.
That's my father.
My son?
They can strap him
in the electric chair
and I'd pull the switch.
I'd be happy
doing it, too.
The Police believe
the male suspect,
Howard Hickok
may be responsible for as
many as four homicides
in the last 72 hours,
including the murder
of a police officer.
There are some questions
as whether the 16-year-old
girl traveling with him
is a hostage
or an accomplice.
Oh, c'mon.
Cheer up.
We're celebrities.
We're gonna have people
asking for autographs.
Yeah, well, our autographs
won't be worth a spit
once we're dead.
Yeah, well.
Maybe we could go
to like, um,
one of those South
American countries,
like Colombia or, um,
Mexico or Afghanistan
or some place like that.
Right? I hear
Americans can live
really well down there.
It's like,
It's like...
Your part of my body.
I am, Howard.
I am.
I'm just sad,
that's all.
What's wrong?
Because they're
gonna catch us.
Well, not if we
play our cards right.
They're gonna
find us,
and they're
gonna shoot us.
And if they don't,
then the State will
later, Howard.
I guess that's pretty
predictable, huh?
I never really
minded dying before.
But what I didn't
realize is that I
was never really alive
until I hooked
up with you.
Oh, baby, I wish
you'd never got
mixed up with me.
[dog barks
at a distance]
What is it?
Go on, crazy dog!
Go back
to sleep, hon.
going on?
We found your
little friend Anita.
She's holed up in
a house with that
boyfriend of hers.
I'm going there now.
Don't forget she
saved your life.
Go back to sleep.
What's going on?
They're out back too.
Well, if I'm gonna
die, I wanna have
my clothes on.
This is the Police.
Come out with
your hands up.
This will be
your only chance.
Oh, shit.
This is it, Howard.
All right, baby.
Now, I'm not gonna
get a chance.
I wanna make sure
that you're gonna
get one, all right?
Hey you,
out there!
You come in here
and I swear I'll
shoot this girl!
You don't need this no more.
I mean it Pigs,
I'll kill her.
She'll be dead and
it'll be on your head.
All right.
You know what
to say, don't you?
I don't mind
dying, Howard.
Oh, c'mon, you
know what to say.
When you get
down to that station.
Don't let 'em
get to you.
They're gonna try
and play all kind
of mind games on you.
Just gotta remember
that all they're gonna
try and do is ruin you.
You understand?
All right.
Oh, baby.
I feel so much
better now.
You know that
I love you, Anita.
I never said those
words to anybody
in my whole life.
I love you and I'll
be waiting for you
on the other side.
I just know God
is gonna like me.
You know how
I know that?
Because you
like me.
He's gonna
love you, Howard.
All right, now,
no more tears.
Save that for
when you get down
to the station.
Maybe what we did
tonight, maybe we
made ourselves a baby.
All right
I'll kill her!
I swear I've got
nothing to lose!
He made me do it.