Gunda (1998) Movie Script

So you have come, brother.
You have come.
You have made great
name in hooliganism.
At times tore the enemies,
at other times bit them.
You are short to look at.
And your name is Lambuaata.
Hey, shroud lifter leader,
stop singing praises of my name.
Talk business.
The business for which.. came here from Delhi,
having had the milk of a cat.
Oh brother, I have come here
to give you 50 lakhs to kill..
...that Bachchu Bhigauna.
Hey, he was very special to you.
Your wife used to sleep with his..
...and his wife with you.
There was no problem at all.
Oh, a problem has arisen.
He has hired Bulla to kill me.
Bulla! Taking the name
of Bulla you have shaken my skull.
You have my blood boil
in announcing such a thing.
I have nourished that
rascal by feeding milk.
Now he wants to eat my heart out.
What! Previously both of you
used to sleep with the same girl.
You used to kiss her from
one side and he from the other side.
Now you have had a problem.
Because politics
and hooliganism are..
...two illegitimate offspring
of the same father.
Wow! What powerful
comments you have made.
Comment as bullets fired from a gun.
mark my words attentively.
This time the deal
of murder will not.. made with notes
but with dead bodies.
Before Bachchu Bhigauna,
I will kill..
...Bulla and his gangsters
and spread their dead bodies.
Your party is in power.
You are the home minister.
The police should not come
in between. You will stop it.
Say, do you agree with the deal?
I agree.
Now Bulla watch out!
Your men will come to
you begging mercy in my name.
And will yell, Bulla..
Bulla.. Bulla..
Bulla! Bulla!
Bulla! Bulla!
Bulla! Bulla!
Lambuaata stabbed me in my belly.
He said he will stab
Bulla and his brother Chutia.
He will not leave his
partner Pote alive either.
Bulla, I will die. Save me.
My name is Bulla. I keep it open.
My name is Chutia. I am
the nightmare for the Champions.
Bully, where is your finger.
now there will be hullabaloo.
The police and the government..
...will say oh there is hullabaloo.
Everyone will say..
Hi Chutia, hi Bulla.
Find, find what it is, Chutia.
Catch, catch what it is, Bulla.
My name is Pote who does
not spare even his own father.
The earthquake has already occurred.
Every body will know now that
there is going to be a gang-war.
The dead bodies will
drop at a fast rate.
My god..
My name is Ibu Hatela.
My mother is a daughter of a witch.
My father is a pupil of a demon.
Would you like a banana?
Sir, Lambuaata has torn
a kerchief by killing our men.
I will tear his pants..
...and that too from the back,
using my thumb.
Brother, let me have this.
Look at this.
I will also hit him from the back.
Oh kid, why are you hitting
somebody who is dead?
If you are a true man,
hit him who killed him.
Fool! I will be a man by
hitting such dead men, I tell you.
That too from behind.
By putting a thumb.
Brother! Brother!
These two dogs are teasing me.
Don't be disappointed, my brother.
You will also become a man one day.
And take money to
carry out murder like us.
But before that Lambuaata
must be baked on the pan of death.
- Move, move.
- Leave me, leave.
Bulla, this is Lambuaata's brother.
We brought him here.
Hey, don't you know I am
Lambuaata's younger brother Kundan?
Shut up,
oh, smart fellow if you are..
...Lambuaata's brother,
we are not any less than him.
Got it?
Oh Bulla brother, kill him.
And give his hot blood to
small brother, Chutia to drink.
So that he will
have heat in himself.
And perhaps his waist will
give shocks instead of having them.
My name is Bulla.
And I keep it open.
You go to your brother
the way my man..
...came running to
me before his death.
See, see Bulla, don't kill me?
My name is Bulla.
I always keep it open.
Kundan.. Kundan, my brother.
What happened?
What happened? All this. Yes.
- My brother, he..
- But who did it?
Oh brother!
Don't die. Don't. Kundan.
My brother, who killed you?
Bulla killed me, brother.
Oh no! Kundan, you are not to die.
You can't die without asking.
If you die who I will
have fun with? You remember?
When we were young you looked..
...more handsome than me.
You used to pick up girls.
And I used to have fun.
You are not to die. No!
I will not let Bulla live
and I will not let you die.
Don't die, my brother. Don't die.
I'm falling short of breath,
my brother.
Oh no! Hold your breath,
my brother. Hold your breath.
Remember my brother, Kundan?
That sex worker, don't you?
Who used to say to you'My
dear handsome Kundan.'
'I will put sandal. I will take
you to London on this airplane.'
Remember? Oh, hey Kundan!
Alas! Kundan has died!
My Kundan died, Bulla!
Hey Bulla,
I will lay bare your sister.
Alas! My brother has died.
Oh, my god! I thought Bulla's
sister must have been a junk shop.
All her things must
have been torn and broken.
That's why I have got this cart.
But, my God!
Body of Sonali, legs of Ravina.
And the eyes of Karishma.
Leave my arms, otherwise my brother,
Bulla will cut off your arms.
Tomorrow Bulla will
be offered to God.
My name is Lambuaata.
I will slap the rascal to death.
Lambuaata, leave me, I tell you.
Hey, haven't you seen
Kanti Shah's film'Loha'?
There's one dialogue in it.
An umbrella is meant
for unfolding it.
A shawl is for putting on.
And a girl is meant for teasing.
Leave me. Leave me.
- How strong she is!
Leave me. Help! - You are scaring
me by your brother Bulla's name?
Leave me!
- Hey! - Leave me!
No! No!
Brother Bulla, put this on and let's go.
- What happened?
Over there in the
village Lambuaata.. molesting your sister.
What rubbish are talking about?
I swear to the witch.
Munni! Munni! Munni, my sister
Munni. Munni, my sister Munni.
You have died. Lambu has killed you.
Turned a matchstick into a pole.
Oh I had so many wishes
for you in my heart.
I had seen 300 lads for you.
And all of them so handsome.
You would have chosen your
husband whoever you wanted.
But you became a dead body.
He will come Munni, you just see.
The flame of your funeral pyre
will definitely bring him to me.
And after burning
you I will burn Lambu.
Your sister's body
has already been burnt.
Make arrangements
for Lambuaata'a death.
He killed my sister by repeatedly
laying her on a push-cart.
Now Bulla will kill him
by throwing him on the ground.
Lambuaata, you killed my sister.. order to take revenge
of your brother's loss.
Was it right?
Those who do illegal business..
...the lives of their mother,
sister, daughter is at risk.
But it was very bad
of you to rape my sister.
It was very bad of you.
I don't think it was wrong.
Bread is for eating.
And a bone is for chewing.
Whether one is a
sister of an emperor..
...or daughter of wanderer,
one day she will lose her virginity.
Hey, don't forget this Lambu.
That a mouse can move its paws..
...while sitting on
an hurt elephant's tail.
But when the elephant breathes in..
...then the mouse goes inside.
Yes. And we will make you black.
Similar to that place
of a whore which..
...becomes dark because of overuse.
And becomes a dirty
abuse of every mouth.
You called me the dirt of nail.
Now we will kill
you by applying oil.
I will take the revenge
of my sister's death.
Bulla, don't kill me. You don't.
Make me your pimp.
I will keep supplying girls..
...and you keep having fun.
I will become a condom
for you to protect you from aids.
I will become a towel
and stick around your waist.
Don't kill me.
And if you do want to kill me..
...then peel me off
and make me a eunuch.
I will wear a sari and dance.
"White, white cheeks..
White, white."
"Don't flirt with me."
Enough of your dance!
Bulla, you openly killed Lambuaata.
You threw his dead
body in a gutter of Worli.
But you haven't killed
the politician coming from Delhi.
For whom I paid you the money.
Why didn't you kill him?
Hey politician Bachhu-bhai!
If you shout,
you too will go up to see Lambuaata.
Understood? - Hey, before that
I will set the police behind you.
I will send you all behind bars.
What will police do to us?
They'll raid all the places
to find us?
But what will they get? Nothing!
Brother, brother one minute.
Please don't quarrel
with this black rhino.
Because he is a white sheet
in between the law and us.
If we quarrel with him we will
be dragged to the court. Please!
You want the dead body of
the politician from Delhi, do you?
Of course. - Easy! Did you
take chili pickle this morning?
Now, speak.
Then go. My man,
Kaala Shetty will do this task.
When that politician will go
to the Legislative Assembly today.
Move. Move back. Move.
Hey! Who are you?
I am a hater of crime.
A light for the honest..
...and a flame for the hooligans.
I will kill you. For sure.
I will see you, you rascal.
'This court announces
Kaala Shetty.. imprisonment
under article 302.'
You are being punished.
But don't worry.
I will fight your case
till the Supreme Court.
Oh yes, in the jail
you will get booze to drink.
Chicken and mutton to eat.
A TV set to see.
Once a month you will
have a girl to enjoy with.
All that is ok.
What about him who has got me in?
He will be dealt with too. Soon
I will fix a date for his death.
By having arrested Bulla's
associate, Kaala Shetty.
You have done a wonderful job.
You should have been in the police.
So what if I don't have
the uniform of the police..
...after all I have
done the job of police.
As the saying goes,
something is better than nothing.
But Bulla is a dangerous criminal.
He will surely encounter with you.
There is certainly
going to be an encounter.
Let's see who will get
one better than the other.
Hey, smart fellow,
who the hell are you?
I am a hero for the poor
and a villain for people like you.
My name is Shankar.
I am Gunda No. 1.
We are Bullies of this place,
Shankar. Don't mess up your life.. blabbering too much.
You will be dead if I lift my hand.
If you boast too much I will
humble your pride and finish you.
If a person shows off too
much then Bulla does not leave him.
Bulla, I will make you wear
a nose-ring worn by the whores.
When a drunkard thrashes you,
you'll die and go to heaven.
My brother, kill him.
This man looks dangerous to me.
This is not the rotten
tigers of yours.
He looks like a Bengal tiger.
He tears apart the
enemies completely.
- Do kill him. Please kill him.
- No.
We will fix a date for his death..
...the way we did it for Lambuaata.
- Let's go.
- Let's go.
What is it? Let's go.
Hello, father.
Oh you came back, son.
I am very tired.
Geeta, fetch me a glass of water.
My son Geeta has gone to see Ganga.
To see Ganga?
Hey Geeta,
ask your brother to marry me.
I will ask brother
Shanker to marry Ganga.
But nothing is going
to happen, Ganga.
Why? Why?
Because, till the time
the intoxication of your love..
...affects him, he is not
going fall in love with you.
And he won't marry you.
Today Shanker must decide.
Whether he likes the
intoxication of alcohol.
Or the intoxication of
my love present in my eyes.
"Intoxication will
make one drunk.."
"..this intoxication
does not have any strength."
"Intoxication will
make one drunk.."
"..this intoxication
does not have any strength."
"Look into my eyes
it isn't any less here."
"Intoxication will
make one drunk.."
"..this intoxication
does not have any strength."
"Intoxication will
make one drunk.."
"..this intoxication
does not have any strength."
"Look into my eyes
it is more powerful."
"Intoxication will
make one drunk.."
"..this intoxication
does not have any strength."
"Why do drink putting
yourself at risk.."
"..come on, drink the
fire by coming into embrace."
"Why do drink putting
yourself at risk.."
"..come on, drink the
fire by coming into embrace."
"Don't you think
I have weight in words?"
"Intoxication will
make one drunk.."
"..this intoxication
does not have any strength."
"Intoxication will
make one drunk.."
"..this intoxication
does not have any strength."
"Oh sweet beauty,
tell your immature heart.."
"Oh sweet beauty,
tell your immature heart..
..never to make a mistake
of falling in love with me."
"We are free birds and
we are different from others."
"I do what we please.
I'm the king of my heart."
"We are happy-go-lucky."
"Wow, happy-go-lucky."
"We are happy-go-lucky.
We don't have any worries.
"Intoxication will
make one drunk..
..this intoxication
does not have any strength."
"Intoxication will
make one drunk..
..this intoxication
does not have any strength."
"Look into my eyes
it isn't any less here."
"Intoxication will
make one drunk..
..this intoxication
does not have any strength."
"Intoxication will
make one drunk..
..this intoxication
does not have any strength."
"Look into my eyes
it isn't any less here."
"Intoxication will
make one drunk.."
Intoxication will make..
Hey, you are imitating me?
Are you mad or what?
Is father at home, my friend?
He isn't? Very good. I just..
Rascal, are you going
to have me killed?
Come on, get lost.
Get lost from here.
Stupid, mad.
He nearly had me killed, goodness!
Tingu nearly had me killed today.
Well, brother,
you drank again today?
Ganga must have got you to drink.
And she must have asked
lovingly you to marry her.
Sit down, my sister. You are right.
Whenever she meets
me she sings the same song.
That she loves me.
Brother, Ganga is very good.
Why don't you marry her.
What the hell are
you talking about?
I can't even think of marrying
before you get married.
Again you talk of my marriage.
Get me married.
Drive me away from home.
Oh, my sister has got angry.
Brother, you must be tired.
Let me press your feet.
No, no. You have
taken enough care of me.
- Now take rest.
- Why so?
This is because, the house
you will be married into..
...will have of loads of
things to be looked after by you.
I wonder what the boy will
be like whom you will be married to.
This is the boy who
wins the heart of beauties.
Look, how innocent he is.
Do me a favour. Come with me inside.
I want to have a word with you.
He is of no use to you, Chutia.
He simply persuades beautiful girls.
He marries them.
But he never sleeps with them.
He passes them unto me.
You know what I do, don't you?
Oh sweet Lucky,
ask him to pick up a girl.
A girl like the one
who you gave my brother.
What was her name? Yes Haseena.
My brother makes
sweat day and night.
Bulla, I am going to
be mother of your child.
Haseena, drop this child.
And if you don't do so,
I will kill you.
I need. Do something for me as well.
Wow, Bulla brother, wow!
You made Haseena sweat.
How you wrestle.
I want do wrestling too.
You can do it.
Talking of wrestling I remembered..
...there is a boxing
competition at the court.
It's fun when a human
fights like a dog for money.
I really have fun.
What's going on here?
Like every Bulla has
organized a competition.
From today we will start a new game.
I used to reward the winner only.
From today I will reward
the one dies as well.
The winner will get 1 lakh.
And the prize for the
person dying will be 50000.
Is there anyone who
can knock this black hill?
Is there a son of a man who
can fight with the tiger's cub.
You stay here.
Don't forget complete 1 lakh rupees,
you will get.
'If I were to get 1 lakh rupees..
"..I would get my daughter married."
"No matter if I lose my life."
I will fight.
Wait, father.
Don't lose your life for money.
I promise you, you will remain
alive and get the money too.
I am.
How strong.
Brother, he is so tough. So strong.
May God give so much
strength in his arms..
...that he can fight
every injustice easily.
I got it. Come on, feed me sweets.
And here's my blessings.
Look, he too has come. It
seems even he wants to tie a rakhi.
Do you have cash?
Do you have money?
Wow, you have become a well-to-do.
Come. Let me tie you a rakhi.
The times have changed.
What are you doing?
Raksha Bandhan is over.
When did I ask you to
get married today. Just once..
Once you tell me that you love me.
These eyes of mine
will wait for all my life.
"The magic of your
eyes has taken effect.. heart has
become out of control."
"The magic of your
eyes has taken effect.. heart has
become out of control."
"I feel like to have
my life written in your name."
"And so the story goes.."
"And so the story goes.."
"I have become yours,
and you have become mine."
"The magic of your
eyes has taken effect.. heart has
become out of control."
"I feel like to have
my life written in your name."
"And so the story goes.."
"And so the story goes.."
"I have become yours,
and you have become mine."
"The magic of your
eyes has taken effect.. heart has
become out of control."
"It seems your heart has
something to say to my heart."
"It seems your heart has
something to say to my heart."
"I have to just say that
I want live with you from now on."
"Oh my sweet heart, I want
to forget myself in your love."
"The magic of your
eyes has taken effect.. heart has
become out of control."
"May the relationship
of love never breaks."
"May the relationship
of love never breaks."
" I am crazy in your love,
now everything seems rosy."
"Oh sweetheart, hide me in
your eyes, don't ever leave me."
"The magic of your
eyes has taken effect.. heart has
become out of control."
"I feel like to have
my life written in your name."
"And so the story goes.."
"And so the story goes.."
"I have become yours,
and you have become mine."
"The magic of your
eyes has taken effect.. heart has
become out of control."
"The magic of your
eyes has taken effect.. heart has
become out of control."
Oh political magician, our
man Kaala Shetty is rotting in jail.
Get him out.
I will get him out.
What's the hurry?
Well, the people of his
area have stopped giving money.
That's why it is so urgent.
That's not a big deal.
Take his area in your control.
Bulla, you become
the king of that area.
Yeah, this is the right
time to capture his area.
Naata, you go and attack
Kaala Shetty's area.
Drive every shopkeeper
out of their shops and bash them.
And if anybody comes
in between hit him as well.
Beat them hard, ok?
Please spare me.
Who is beating him?
I will put everybody in jail.
Hey, constable, we are Bulla's men.
If you try to become over smart..
...I will drag you to the
police station and thrash you.
I will see.
I will see. I will see everybody.
Where are you going?
Move, move.
You try to act smart?
If anybody comes in
between we leave them.
Leave it be my son. Leave him.
The law will deal with him.
The law has grown weak, dad.
Now, in order to do away
the hooliganism of theirs..
...I have to be a hooligan.
Shanker came in the middle.
He manhandled you.
To be a hooligan
is not a child's play.
You have got to use your
brains along with the dagger.
Go Naata, bring Shanker's sister.
Leave me. Leave me.
Help! Leave me.
Leave me.
Leave me.
Leave me.
Leave me.
Leave me.
Help! Help!
Leave me.
Leave me.
Help! Leave me.
Seeing a girl,
you're trying to become a hero.
I will not leave you.
I will see you.
Where are running away?
See me now if you want.
Let him go.
Thank you so much.
Mention not. Tell what are
you doing in this deserted place?
I was going to college.
This hooligan lifted
me and brought me here.
Who are you?
My name is Gulshan.
You saved my chastity.
You're very nice.
You too are very beautiful.
"The room of my heart is vacant.."
" come and dwell in it."
"I will cast some
magical spell on you.."
" be spellbound in it."
"The room of my heart is vacant.."
" come and dwell in it."
"I will cast some
magical spell on you.."
" be spellbound in it."
"They say that youthfulness
comes to one.."
"..who has a mystery."
"I cannot get to sleep at night,
suggest me.."
" I can live alone."
"They say that youthfulness
comes to one.."
"..who has a mystery."
"I cannot get to sleep at night,
suggest me.."
" I can live alone."
"The aroma of yours came my way."
"You are in the prime
of your youth.."
"..just as a flower
is in full bloom."
"You are in the prime
of your youth.."
"..just as a flower
is in full bloom."
"The intoxication of your
beauty has got into my head."
"And I am reeling in the
intoxication of your beauty."
"The intoxication of your
beauty has got into my head."
"And I am reeling in the
intoxication of your beauty."
"The room of my heart is vacant.."
" come and dwell in it."
"I will cast some
magical spell on you.."
" be spellbound in it."
"This beloved of
yours waits for you.."
"..opening the windows."
"come to me with
some token of love."
"This beloved of
yours waits for you.."
"..opening the windows."
"come to me with
some token of love."
"Let it be dark,
then see my sweetheart."
"I will bring my heart for you,
you just see, oh queen."
"I will bring my heart for you,
you just see, oh queen."
"Quietly, you come o, darling."
"Don't you knock the latch."
"Quietly, you come o, darling."
"Don't you knock the latch."
"I will cast some
magical spell on you.."
" be spellbound in it."
"The room of my heart is vacant.."
" come and dwell in it."
Wow Gulshan! Wow!
You did manage to trap Geeta
with your charms after all!
You have managed to enter
the empty room of her heart.
Now you will marry her..
But my younger brother, Chutiya..
...will honeymoon with her!
Brother.. how is that possible?
I am like that cylinder of gas..
...which is totally empty.
How will there be
any fire from the gas?
How will I celebrate my honeymoon?
You will celebrate!
This pill will raise
the fire within you.
Then you'll tear her blouse.
You go and bring her
bridal palanquin here fast.
"Having become an outsider,
today my sister.."
"..goes to her husband's abode."
"Having become an outsider,
today my sister.."
"..goes to her husband's abode."
"Being afar and alone,
her brother cries.."
"Being afar and alone,
her brother cries.."
"..his heart is deeply saddened."
"Having become an outsider,
today my sister.."
"..goes to her husband's abode."
Please take care of Geeta.
You do not worry.
I can give up my life for Geeta.
Go sister.. get going!
Go and leave Geeta and come.
Brother! That pill you gave me..
...It heating up my
insides like a furnace!
There is a typhoon inside.
Brother.. when will there
be an outlet to this typhoon?
Hey Chutiya.. this typhoon
will find its outlet very soon.
Gulshan must be just
coming along with Geeta now.
After that you do whatever
you wish with her.
There! Gulshan has come.
Where have you brought me?
Where you are supposed to go! Go!
Go into Chutiya's arms!
Brother.. it is my first time.
So I am feeling very shy!
Gulshan! - I will not let you go!
I've had vitamin.
- Vitamins.
- Gulshan!
Let me go!
- Help me!
- Open it!
Let me go!
- Help me!
- I'm enjoying it.
Leave me!
Leave me!
Help me!
She is dead!..
Oh no! What do I do now?
I will throw her
dead body in the jungle.
Brother! Brother! Brother!
Brother! Save me brother!
Brother Bulla! Save me! Save me!
Save me brother!
That Shankar has found
out that I have raped his sister.
Is it a bad thing to rape?
I will handle him.
Brother.. he has come brother!
Let go of me!
He has killed my sister.
If you try to do anything..
I will kill you.
Oh I see!
So you are the wall behind whom..
...these people are creating havoc?
Your sister is dead!
What do you wish for now?
That your father becomes lonesome?
That he begs on the
streets after he retires?
If not on yourself, at least
have some pity on his condition?
A poor constable!
Seeing his plight..
...I feel like dropping
down like tears from my eyes.
Can I know the reason
behind this false sympathy?
This sympathy is because..
We think you are a toy.
Seeing you seething with
rage makes us so joyful.
Just like the joy some
naughty children derive..
...from ripping apart
a toy's hands and legs.. clapping their hands.
If you die, then whom
will we look at and laugh?
And with whose tears will
we light the lamps on Diwali?
This is why we have not yet
fixed your date with death yet.
And Shankar..
You are such a comedy film for us..
...which has a tragic ending to it.
Now go home and take the Lords name.
Or else, we will change history.
Then Rama had killed Ravana.
But now, all of us, Ravana's..
...will kill this Rama.
Hey! The name of the
person who changes history.. never mentioned in history!
Because history is like
a line etched by stone.
The person who tries
to wipe that line..
...gets wiped out himself,
in such a manner.. though he were never born.
And yes!
Like the entire station trembles..
...when a train approaches.
Likewise, you will also
tremble fearing me now!
That is my promise.
And I swear by the embers..
...that will emanate from
the funeral pyre of my sister!
"A brother had seen
off this sister.."
" a bride."
"But this treacherous moment.."
"..has forced her to die!"
"A brother lost his sister's.."
"..loving embrace so soon."
"Having lit the funeral pyre.."
"Having lit the funeral pyre,.."
"..the brother's
heart lies shattered!"
"The brother's heart
lies shattered!"
I know, my son.. that the fire
of revenge in burning within you.
But I beg you with
folded hands, son.
Forget whatever happened.
Father.. they have
dragged my innocent sister..
...on a bed of thorns
and killed her.
I will also kill
them so mercilessly..
...that even after death
their souls would suffer in pain.
No, my child!
They are very dangerous people.
They chop people like vegetables.
Lambu Haata was a very big goon.
But Bulla got rid
of every trace of him.
They represent such
hell like crime.. front of which you
are nothing but a small ember!
It is these embers that
give rise to fire in hell father.
Now you watch..
I will make their hooliganism..
...don such a garb of death
which is called a coffin!
Brother.. Shankar's heart
is smouldering with rage.
We may have killed Geeta.
But what will happen
if Shankar does something?
His father is with the police!
Hey! His father is only
a small time constable, Chhutiya.
And who will listen
to what a small man says?
Inspector sir..
What is the matter, Ram Singh?
You know my daughter has
been murdered, inspector sir?
You also know who has
committed that murder.
Why do you not arrest
him sir? Why?
Do you have any evidence..
...based on which
I could arrest him?
Inspector sir..
You manage to gather evidences
against the innocent.
But you demand evidences
to prove the guilty?
You are a traitor!
You have licked Bulla's spit.
- You have drunk his urine!
- Hey!
Beat me!..
Beat me as much as you wish.
But let me tell you..
This role of..
...yours will not last, inspector.
Donning the uniform,
you are protecting hooliganism?
Do you know what the
outcome of this will be?
Go away! Go away!
You will end up dying..
But you cant harm me at all.
I have brother Bulla's
hand over my head.
Yes! Let one of his
hand be on your head..
...while you let his other
hand on your daughter's waist.
Send your sister to his bed!
You have abused my
daughter and sister.
Had you not burnt
up your daughter..
...I would not have spared
that dead girl either.
Fine! I have stopped my son,
Shankar a lot till now.
But now..
I will not stop him any more.
You will die! You will
also die and so will that Bulla!
You will all die!
You will all die!
I will die when I have to.
But today.. you will die for sure!
you did a very good thing.. killing Shankar's father!
Hearing of his father's death..
...his heart must
be burning with rage.
And exclaiming, "Father!
...he must be running
towards his father's body.
Bulla!.. Bulla!
Hey Shankar..
Who is this on your shoulder?
This I my father..
Who fell pray to your plot.
We do not hunt animals.
We hunt human beings!
Yes! He is a law abiding animal.
That is why he served
the law in return for which..
...this is the reward he gets.
The law itself killed him.
If you want to give a speech,
go to the crossroads..
...and give it in
front of the public.
Yes, if you need any
petty cash for his funeral..
...take it from us.
I have not come to ask for money..
But to warn you.
And I have brought my
father's body only because..'s encounter
should be memorable!
So that you people never
forget the day that is today!
Why.. why is that?
That is because till today,
you people would fix dates..
...for other people's deaths.
Today.. I have fixed
the date for all your deaths.
Remember.. today is the 1st.
2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th, 10th.
That's it!
Just wait for it!
"Oh Lord of this world,
give us any punishment."
"Just let me know..
What my mistake is."
"I will not bear
all this atrocity.."
"..and torture anymore."
"I will destroy all my enemies!"
"This little life is lying here.."
"..on the streets uncared for."
"There is no one who
it can call its own."
"There is no one to call,
its successor."
There is crime at every step..
Sin at every step.
When it comes to committing sins.
Man is worse than even the devil!
Hey.. whose child is this?
Someone had abandoned
it on the streets.
I have adopted it now.
Now you and I will raise it.. its own mother and father.
God is very generous.
He blesses in many ways.
Look.. we are not even married..
But God has still
blessed us with a child.
We will name her Geeta.
If you die.. who will we laugh at?
Do not let this fire die out,
Keep poking at the lava
that is burning within you.
Like that Chhutiya
raped your sister.
You too should let
the hatred for Chhutiya..
...keep burning within your heart.
And burn him down in
the rage of your hatred!
And.. turn him into ashes!
Then.. then you will see
what fate befalls that Chhutiya.
Chhutiya.. I have heard
that you dragged Shankar's sister..
...on a bed of thorns
and killed her?
What do I say the pill
that brother gave me..
...It was that which
made me do all that!
Arrange a girl for me too?
Yes.. that Gulshan..
Who gave me the girl.
He has married again.
Wow! What a girl she is!
I will do one thing.
I will send that girl to you.
Will Gulshan get me a girl?
Just keep having fun.
Just have fun.
Why don't you understand?
Here is the pill.
Not me.. go there.. to that girl.
How did this happen?
Kamala's mother committed suicide.
She got her daughter
married to a boy.
Apparently, he is a pimp.
He marries young girls..
...and sells them to brothels.
What is his name?
His name is Gulshan.
Here is his photograph.
We have heard that he
is a friend of the pimp, Lucky.
Lucky Chikna!
Hey you prostitutes!
All you pimps!
Listen to what Lucky
Chikna has to say.
Look at what Lucky
Chikna is going to do.
Come here..
I have a complaint against you.
What are you staring at? Come here.
What do you think
of yourself, woman?
What is the matter, Lucky Chikna?
Your client is awaiting
you upstairs..
...and you are standing
hugging this fellow here?
That fellow is a 60 year old man.
He does nothing.
He tells me to suck his finger.
Look here..
When you are in this business.. cannot pick and choose.
Go and please that old man.
I do not want any complaints.
I will not go. - I will
belt you and skin you alive. Go!
Hey.. get a cup of tea!
Hey.. you do not know
whom you have raise your hand at.
Tell me where is Gulshan?
I swear, I do not know.
I will kill you, you pimp!
Tell me where is Gulshan?
You could've hit me
when I was alone.
Why are you humiliating me
in front of all these prostitutes?
I will not spare you.
I am a dangerous man!
Move aside!
You destroyed my
sister like alright.
But now, I will not let
you ruin any other daughter..
...or sister's life.
Tell me where is Kamala?
I do not know.
I am asking you for the last time.
Where is Kamala?
Kamala is with Ebu Hatela.
Ebu Hatela!
Look.. I have taken my clothes off.
Now you also take your clothes off.
- Why?
Hey.. hasn't Gulshan told you what to do?
- Let go!
Listen.. - Leave me.
Come on. She left.
Hey.. where are you?
Where are you?
Where are you?
You? - Yes! Shankar! Your death!
Shankar.. do not fight with me.
My name is Ebu Hatela.
My mother is the daughter
of the devil.. my father a demon!
Will you have a banana?
After today,
no one will call you Ebu Hatela.
You will be called Ebu Katela.
Save me!
A grave yard!?
Alas! I am done for
today from all sides!
No! No!
Where do I go? Somebody save me.
Save me! No, leave me.
Shankar.. hey Shankar!
What harm have I done to you..
...that you are trying to kill me?
You made fun of my sister's death?
You called is the trailer
of a film.. with a tragic ending?
Now see.. what a horrible
tragedy occurs with you.
"My brother became a youth today."
"A broken arrow has become.."
Hello? Who is speaking?
This is Shankar speaking.
Give the phone to Bulla.
Brother Bulla cannot
come on the phone.
He is doing disco
dance with the eunuchs.
Tell him to stop
dancing with eunuchs..
...and talk to a man instead.
Brother.. Shankar has called.
He asking you to talk to a man.
Yes Shankar.. tell me?
Today I am celebrating
Chhutiya's attaining manhood!
Stop celebrating and start mourning.
Because I have ripped out
the first pillar of hooliganism..
...who is called Ebu Hatela!
What happened?
What do you think Shankar?
That you have become..
...a big don by killing Ebu Hatela?
A don is bigger than everyone.
And I am bigger than you all!
I am such a father..
Who awaits the pre fixed dates.. kill his
illegitimate children.
Before these dates arrive,
I will rip apart..
...the calendar of your life.
Your dates will come..
But after your death.
Bulla, are you looking
at this crane?
Its condition is the same as yours.
When its chain breaks,
it is rendered useless.
And useless items are
always thrown in trash!
I am not a crane, Shankar!
I am the ship itself..
...which rips the sea also
apart while surging forward!
You position in front of
us is like that of a cloth.. front of a scissor.
Cloth.. it is this very cloth..
...that creates maximum
trouble in the end.
When this cloth gets wrapped
around like a coffin.. has to be buried.
What is the matter Shankar?
Why are you going far from me?
The war has started Ganga.
I have started killing them.
Don't those at war, not love?
In this fire of hatred,
I have forgotten to love.
Get used to it.
Get used to living without me.
"I do not like to live without you."
"I do not like to live without you."
"Even when I cry..
He does not come close to me."
"The mind fears
in this restlessness."
"The mind fears
in this restlessness."
"I came into this world..
Only for you."
"I do not like to live without you."
"Whenever you look into my eyes."
"You will only find love."
"Whenever you look into my eyes."
"You will only find love."
"I wish that moment
comes when we unite at one."
"Do not break your promise..
Why would I break it, my love?"
"Never let go of me..
Why would I let go, my love?"
"What is that promise,
which cannot be kept!"
"I do not like to live without you."
"I do not like to live without you."
"Look at those milestones..
As they look at us.."
"..with those loving eyes."
"Look at those milestones..
As they look at us.."
"..with those loving eyes."
"Darling, let me get free
from my helplessness."
"On the path of life..
We have to walk united."
Being there for each other..
We have to be there always.
This colour of love
just keeps deepening.
I do not like to live without you.
I do not like to live without you.
Even when I cry..
He does not come close to me.
The mind fears
in this restlessness.
The mind fears
in this restlessness.
I came into this world..
Only for you.
"I do not like to live without you."
"I do not like to live without you."
Bachchu bhai, you called hundred
times to take extortion money.
Now you came here.
Couldn't you wait?
Hey! I have may have patience..
But not my seat!
Before the month ends,
it starts asking for the dues.
One has to keep adding to that.
Mr. addition, we give extortion
money of one crore rupees.
Yet your tummy never
seems to be satiated?
I do not eat your 1 crore alone.
I have to feed those above me too.
You deal with those above you.
But henceforth..
...if you come to my
house to collect the dues.
Then I will come to
your house and bash you up.
If I find you on the road,
I will beat you there.
If I find you on the bed,
I will bash you there.
Hey! Get lost!
Those who would give such threats..
...are cooling their
heels in the jail. Go and see.
I will deal with them later.
But I will shoot you first.
I am Shankar speaking.
Yes Shankar.
You have killed Ebu Hatela.
Hand yourself over to the law.
You also hand yourself
over to the law.
Because you have covered
up for every crime if Bulla's.
It is for this service that
we enjoy wealth and have fun.
I will kill.. I will kill you too.
Hey get lost!
How will you kill me?
I have endless police
vehicles all around me.
When the time comes..
All these vehicles..
...protecting you, will all vanish.
Patkar.. is everything okay?
The minister's vehicle has
just left. Everything is okay.
Yes, sir.
Get up! Where are you hiding?
Shankar, don't kill me.
I have to serve the nation.
Had you really served them.. wouldn't be in such
situation today.
You are very fond of eating sweets,
are you not?
See, how where this liking
of yours leads you today.
Shankar, I bind you with your
sister's oath, don't kill me.
The man who shed false
tears at my sisters death.
You will shed real tears
today at your own death! - No!
This court pronounces
life imprisonment.. Shankar for the murder
of minister, Bachchu Bhaghona.
You had to go somewhere and
you landed somewhere else, got it?
You sang a song..
Now hear this couplet.
A wet cigarette will never burn.
And it is final..
...that the date of your
death will not be postponed.
Shankar.. by killing your father,
I have ripped your roots.
You are but an ordinary leaf.
I will pluck and throw
you away whenever I wish.
You dare to threaten the inspector.
Do not forget what
we did with your sister.
Now we are going to bang the drum.
Those are played by eunuchs.
And when a man plays,
he plays with a huge band.
Every bruise on me
proclaims your death!
Hello? - Sir, This is constable
Ram Singh from the police station.
Hey! Why are you calling
so late in the night?
Sir, Shankar has run away from Jail.
What? Shankar has run away?
Shankar, you shouldn't
have come here.
The police has enquired
about you number of times.
Do you know who killed
my father, Ganga?
- No!
- Inspect Kale.
I have fixed the date for his death.
The police will be
making rounds of my house.
And I will ensure
that he meets his end.
Inspector Kale, you are
going to die now.
What a big risk. The date
for your death has been fixed.
Come on..
Lie down. Come on.. die now.
Lie.. die.. lie.. die..
Hey! If I die, then who will
save you from the hands of law?
The death of a guard will
not onset any thefts in the house.
Neither does the face remain
dirty if a handkerchief tears.
You will go another fellow will come.
- No one will come.
Only Shankar will leave this world.
I have called him to the war field.
I will make goons don
police uniforms and take them.
And then I will show you,
what death is like.
And how one kills ones enemy.
He will die.. he.. will die!
You killed my father
and said that you had..
...ripped apart my roots.
That I am a leaf.
Plucking me will not take time.
Now look! The same
leaf has become the reason..
...for your death now.
Inspector had been with
an army of police to kill Shankar.
He died.
Brother, I'm telling you.
Kill Shankar soon.
Else we won't find anyone
to take our pyre.
He will be blown to pieces today..
...when my men will
surround Shankar like death.
Look Shankar..
This battle that you are fighting..
...could result in anything.
If something happens to you..
...then what happens to our child?
The child that does not have
its parents hand blessing it..
God is always with it.
Do not leave everything on to God.
Search for its father.
Force him to accept this child.
But how will we search for him?
Today morning,
aunty Shanti told me..
...that the person who
dumped this child in the bin..
...was Lucky Chikna.
Hey Lucky Chikna..
What is it, beautiful?
I got into this business
only because you told me to.
When will you make me a heroine?
You will surely become
the heroine's duplicate.
Miss Beautiful Tan Tan.
Even the corpse will start dancing
seeing you. Now stop smiling..
...go to the 18 no. Cot,
he's waiting for you.
First give me what I want. - Hey,
see what they need and give to them.
Go and stand at the door
and attract more clients.
Our business has to run.
You also go now..
Attend to your work.
Lucky Chikna, now you'll
become millionaire Chikna.
How did you like Lucky
Chikna's hanging circle dear?
This is called winning the battle.
Now you have to win
many battles here.
Hey you bastards! Save me someone!
Hey! Who are you?
Why are you bashing me up?
What harm have I done to you?
Tell me why are you beating me up?
Tell me, that day
whose daughter..
...did you throw in
the garbage bin?
That is brother Bulla's doing!
I brought one girl here from
the village with a lure for a job..
...and put her into this business.
Brother Bulla liked her a lot.
They became close..
...and she became pregnant
and had a daughter.
One day, that woman
came to me with her daughter.
- Brother Chikna..
- Sister Haseena?
Please take care of this child.
I have consumed poison.
This child belongs to Bulla..
Give it to him.
I will be very grateful.
Oh God, if I handover her
to brother Bulla, he will kill me.
Lucky Chikna.. put away
this dirt in the dustbin only.
After that woman's death,
had I taken that child.. brother Bulla,
he would have bashed me up.
That is why, to save my life,
I threw that child in the bin.
You cheat innocent girls
with the lure of jobs..
...and make then do such deeds.
You are a shame to the society.
Such a man does not deserve
to remain on this earth.
Brother! That Lucky Chikna is gone.
Shankar has killed him.
What are you saying Chhutiya?
Pothe, who doesn't fear anyone,
is running away fearing Shankar.
Running away? How?
He must be riding a cycle.
If not on the cycle..
He might be fleeing by car.
And if he does not get a car..
He might be fleeing by a ship.
- Oh, fleeing in a ship?
- Yes.
Look, Shankar can land
up here anytime as my death.
Till my ship does
not go out of sight..
...keep a watch on every
nook and corner of this port.
Come with me.
Where are you fleeing Pothe?
I am not fleeing Shankar.
I was actually thinking.. you might get killed by me.
To tell you the truth,
I pity you a lot Shankar.
You feel pity for me?
That is why you were making fun..
...of my father's death that day.
You were collecting
money for his funeral?
Shankar, don't go by
my dangerous face..
I am like the coconut which is
hard from outside but soft within.
I also have a great amount
of sympathy for the poor people.
Sympathy?.. Your name is Pothe..
...and you do not even
belong to your own father.
And for someone who does
not even belong to his father..
...its is very essential
that their die.
Let me go! Let me go!
Let you go? Let go of
a sympathetic person like you?
Now get buried in the sea waves.
Now even Pothe has
been buried in the sea.
Brother.. Shankar has
been killing our men like dogs.
But we have not even
been able touch his hair.
I will do that.. I will
destroy that beautiful world..
...that resides in Shankar's heart.
Let go of me! Let me go!
Let go of me! Let me go!
- Leave me!
- Shankar's mistress.
Now I'll bite your fair cheeks.
Now you'll face my wrath.
I will make you wear
the ring of my lust.
You are not a man.. you are a dog!
Shankar has already ripped
apart three of your men.
Let me see how long
you manage to survive.
I am not just a bubble..
I am a volcano!
My name is Bulla! What ever I do,
I do it in the open!
No! No! Let me go!
Save me!
Go away..
Or else I will rip you apart.
If anyone steps forward..
I will bury you right here.
Because my name Bulla..
And I do everything in the open.
Let me go! Let me go!
Let her go!
No brother! No!
First, I will attack her..
And then you attack her.
- You will attack her?
- Yes brother.
Then assault her so brutally that..
...on hearing her shrieks..
Shankars heart bleeds!
Look.. let me go.. or else
the consequences will be very bad.
Sully woman, I'll not spare you.
Shankar's mistress,
you are threatening us?
Today I'll give you such a shock..
...that you'll suffer
even after death.
Look.. what a long and
a broad knife I have.. - No!
Brother.. I did a good job, right?
Yes! You did a good thing.. that we
destroyed Shankar's entire world!
Is there anyone else?
Ganga!.. Ganga!
Who were those people?..
Who were they?
Bulla.. and.. Chhutiya.
Shankar will come and kill me now.
That is why I have started
preparing for my funeral.
Its just my size.
I have to lie on
this only after I die.
But.. why should I die?
My brother Bulla should die before me.
He ruined my life.
He fed me those pills right
from childhood till now.
Oh no! He spoilt me so much!
Yes.. if one has to die..
Then he should die.
That bastard fixed dates
to kill Shankar thrice.
But not even once did he kill him.
Shankar will kill the demon Bulla.
I.. I will do one thing.
I will go and hide in such a place..
...where even Shankar's
shadow cannot reach me.
Where do I hide?
Yes! In the bathroom.
Brother Shankar, no!
Oh God!
Brother Shankar, no!
Shankar, no!
Brother Shankar..
My name is Chhutiya.
And I know that you are
going to finish me today.
Shankar.. please forgive me.
I am not at fault.
I was not even man enough.
It was he who fed me pills..
...and made me a man.
He made me a devil
from a human being.
Please forgive me! Forgive me!
You all do not deserve forgiveness.
You were not man enough.. you will
not even remain that.
No!.. No.. No!
Chhutiya!.. Chhutiya!
My brother.. Chhutiya..
What happened to you?
My brother.. What happened?
Chhutiya, even you are dead.
I did everything for you.
I got pills from London
to make you a man.
I supplied girls to
you and became a pimp..
...just so that you became a man.
And you did become a man Chhutiya.
And.. I became so happy that day.
I was very happy, Chhutiya..
Was I not?
Tell me Chhutiya..
Tell me? I was so happy, right?
You had just started blooming.
And Shankar blew your fuse already?
Why did you go away Chhutiya?
Why did you go away?
Chhutiya.. Shankar did this to you?
Shankar did this to you?
You must have been
in such excruciating pain?
My name is Bulla!
Shankar.. I will pierce
you with the knife of death!
Bulla, I killed your brother Chhutiya.
If you have guts,
come to the Kali ground..
...and confront your death.
The one you killed was Chhutiya..
Not Bulla.
I am coming. I will come, Shankar.
My name is Bulla..
I always do everything openly.
The fire of revenge
has taken an oath..
...that I will proclaim
bells of your death today!
Death is first going to visit you.
Only after that will..
...will there be any
harm done to my hooliganism.
O enemy of the nation..
Your face will be blackened.
Today.. Bulla's funeral
will surely take place.
Before my funeral takes place..
...I will ensure that your
funeral takes place, Shankar!
Because my name is Bulla..
And I do everything openly!
Wait there Shankar!
Or else I will kill your daughter!
This is not my daughter, Bulla.
She is Haseena's daughter.
That means, your daughter.
My blood? My Haseena's sweat?
Hey Shankar..
I indulge in such deeds everyday..
...with beautiful women.
If I accept everyone as daughters..
...then I'll be a father of
many daughters.
You are very fond of her,
are you not?
Here, play with her.
Hurry up. Get it down.
Hurry up.
Your name is Bulla..
And even after your death..
...your mouth will remain open!