Gundala (2019) Movie Script

Together, were invincible!
Together, fighting oppression!
Together, were invincible!
Together, fighting oppression!
Together, were invincible!
Together, fighting oppression!
Together, were invincible!
The boss can afford so many guards...
but cant give his workers a decent pay?
Security guards are just like us. Theyre workers, too.
Lets not clash with them.
Together, were invincible!
We want to go in!
And talk to the factorys owner!
Let us in, or well use force.
Open the gate!
I said, enough. Enough!
Send someone in to talk to me.
The one on the right, stay out.
You both go in.
Tell him what we have agreed on.
You can count on us.
Under one condition. The rest of you, go home!
You think Im crazy?
I wont harm your two friends.
Hey, out of the way!
Go home.
My friend said youre a troublemaker, leading the protests.
Im just fighting for my rights. And my friends
My friends father doesnt mind the small pay, as long as he has a job.
Just because others wont stand up for their rights...
Doesnt mean we have to be like them.
But why?
If we see injustice before our eyes and do nothing
then were no longer humans.
Thank you for fixing the light.
Sancaka, wont you close the window?
But its raining outside, Mom.
Lightning wont strike you.
Hurry, close the window.
Our two friends have been missing for three days.
The guys are angry. They want to go into the factory.
Both of them havent come home for three days?
Maybe theyre already dead.
Im going. Take care of Sancaka.
All right. Be safe.
Wheres Dad going?
Remember the two workers who went inside the factory?
They never returned home since.
Your dad and the workers are going to the factory.
Lets go to the missing workers houses. To make sure their families are okay.
Were here to check on you.
Im fine, really.
Hang in there.
- How much? - What?
How much did they pay you to betray your own friends?
We need the money.
Sancaka, go to the factory now!
Tell Dad theyre being set up.
Go, Sancaka! Your fathers in danger.
We dont carry knives.
Please dont die, Dad.
Please dont die, Dad.
Wake up, Dad.
Help him!
I have to go out of town tomorrow.
Someone offered me a job.
Yes, just for one day.
Its been a year since your father died.
Weve sold this house. Were renting now.
Im running out of money.
I have to earn more.
Just for a day, right?
Yes. Day after tomorrow, after school, Ill be right here, cooking for you.
Youre a brave boy, right?
Dont play outside. Its rainy season.
You dont want to get struck by lightning and get sick again.
I brought you some food.
You got short legs, pig!
What did you do to piss them off?
They were harassing a girl.
A street busker like me.
So I threw a rock at them.
Learn to mind your own business.
If you stick your nose in other peoples business, youll have a shitty life.
Then why did you help me?
Well, thats why I got problem now.
I could take five of them, no problem.
But if the whole gang goes after me, Im dead.
Sorry I got you in trouble.
Im Awang.
Eat. Then Ill teach you how to fight.
So you can defend yourself,
and no longer my problem.
Have you ever had a home?
Some rich folks adopted me.
But they abused me.
I ran away.
Dont trust rich people.
Many of them are bad. I almost died.
Are you scared of the rain?
Im scared of lightning.
Its always after me.
You have a problem with lightning?
Did you stick your nose in its business, too?
Once a year, theres a train passing by here.
It goes on, non-stop, for a week.
Where to?
Southeast. The safest place.
When is it passing by here again?
Tomorrow. Ill hop on that train and get out of here.
Non-stop for a week? What will you eat?
Theres food in the cars.
Vegetables. Fruits.
Can I come?
Youre not my problem.
I wont be any trouble.
Youre already trouble as you are.
Mom, I missed you so much.
Dont ever go away again, please.
Sure you want to come with me?
Sancaka, lets go!
Come on, Sancaka!
Quick, you can do it!
Come on, Sancaka!
You can do it!
Dont trust anybody!
Stay out of other peoples business!
Youll survive.
I stay out of your business. You stay out of mine.
Fucking immigrant! Youre just messing up my city!
[A group of boys yelling after Sancaka]
Get in the car!
Hurry up!
Why are they after you?
Who are they?
Where do you live?
Let us take you home.
Can you speak?
Do you have a home?
Where should we take him?
Your choice.
We can drop you off at the police station or come with us.
Live with us.
Be our son. Well put you in school. Get you smart.
What do you want to be? An engineer? An artist? A scientist?
So, how, honey?
Dont be scared. We just want to help you.
Hey, boy!
You should be a technician.
You got more skills than the real technicians.
But if youre a technician, youll be unemployed soon.
Being a security guard is better. They still need you.
This was a roof tile factory, now its a printing house. They always need a security guard.
Dry rain. Pouring heat. Everything is mixed up!
The fan is dead. Our conscience is dead!
[People yelling and looting]
There are countless reasons for hate in this country. Countless differences!
Shut the fuck up!
Please. Please!
Lets see what youve got.
Nothing. Just some clothes.
Give me everything!
This is all I have.
Just give me everything!
Just let it go!
Are these all legislators?
Yes. These are my colleagues.
Why arent there any children with them?
Your father is the youngest legislator.
The others have children, but theyre all grown up.
Dirga Utama.
The hot shot young politician.
Rahayu. Sadha. Sasha. Hello.
Im getting some food with the kids.
Say bye-bye.
How does it feel to be a young politician? Ive forgotten all about it.
We both just took our oath this morning. Still optimistic, I bet.
Ferry doesnt speak for all of us.
I still have high hopes.
What can you expect from peoples representatives
who are under that mafia boss payroll?
The man has a dodgy background, but we worship him.
I heard rumors.
His father owned the largest plantation in Java.
Once, the workers demanded less work hours, but he didnt agree.
Are you with me?
We demand more decent work hours, and higher pay!
We demand a decent break time.
We have to make our point today!
A plantation worker had an affair with another workers wife,
then killed the husband.
[Woman screaming hysterically]
[Two men shouting and fighting]
[Woman screaming and crying hysterically]
Then he framed Pengkors father.
[Men shouting]
[Woman screaming and crying hysterically]
It still doesnt explain why we have to kiss his ass.
Id rather go than shake hands with him.
Dirga Utama. Our youngest legislative member.
I know who you are. Haidar Subandi.
Sorry, but I dontt shake hands with someone like you.
Just call me Pengkor.
Im nobody. Just a citizen who wants to meet my representatives.
I know youve got young blood.
But this is not being smart.
If not associating with the mob is not being smart...
wont mind being the biggest fool.
Its him against so many of us. Why should we be scared?
When he was a kid,
his uncle put him in a notorious orphanage.
Run by ruthless people. Left him there to die.
So the inheritance would go to his uncle.
Many orphans there died, or were sold,
or forced to work hard.
Pengkor organized the orphans and planned an uprising.
It wasnt long before Pengkor got hold of his fathers assets.
Some say, he put the orphans through school, to be whatever they wanted to be.
And they became his soldiers, always at his service.
Now, Pengkor has hundreds of orphanages across the country.
Hes not a mafia. To some, hes a god.
I didnt go to school for two days, then two girls gave me a note.
Oh my God!
We miss you, Sadha!
Oh its so romantic.
Youre too young to date, you know.
I didnt ask to be so dashing.
Whats wrong, honey?
Tired. Im just tired.
Why is the street so quiet?
[Street busker singing]
Excuse me.
Mom, can I give him some money?
Do you have money with you?
Sir, excuse me.
Honey, dont get too close to the window.
Why did you give him money?
Its fine.
Youre not supposed to.
We still have a lot of money over the fridge.
Yes! So?
[Kids joking around]
Are you sure youre okay?
Im fine.
Whove been watching violent movies?
Yes you did.
I only watch animation movies.
Beauty and the Beast?
Beauty and the Beast.
Honey, whats wrong?
Its nothing. Get inside.
Lock the door.
(in Javanese) Sleep...
[Dirga Utamas family crying for help]
Sadha! Sasha!
What did I do to deserve such humiliation?
I always do good deeds as a citizen.
I always help those in need.
Please. Let my family go!
I have to set an example.
A peoples representative who doesnt respect the people.
Please, no. Please.
Please, no. Im begging you!
Let my family go. Please.
Let them go. Im begging you.
But have you learned anything from this?
A representative for the people doesnt need hands.
Only mouth, to speak up.
[Kids screaming]
[Rahayu screaming]
You can also use your mouth to save your family.
Please, Im begging you!
Let my family go. Please!
Let them go.
[Rahayu and the kids screaming]
[Dirga screaming]
Before he died, he got your message.
Whats the use, then, if he dies?
You know why I dont fear death?
Because I know whats in store after you die.
Maybe our soul and our memories keep on living.
I want to make sure his soul lives on in eternal regret.
[A group of men grunting]
[Sancaka panting]
Come out!
Dont make me break the door!
Come out and well talk.
Youre lucky to be able to live in this city.
Always remember that.
Come out!
Come out!
[Man yells]
Who are you?
Wheres your mother?
I checked. Shes not here.
Tell your mother, well be back!
Next week, i will get money from the man who will buy my apartement.
Good, because if you dont give me money by next week, Ill go alone.
Nothing to expect here in Jakarta.
Well spend the rest of our lives going nowhere.
This country will soon implode from people killing each other. Youll see.
[Someone banging on the door]
Youre a pickpocket, arent you?
[The mob shouting]
Please, let me in.
Or else, Ill die!
Like I care!
Whats wrong with you?
Get in.
But hes a pickpocket!
So youll let the mob beat him up and burn him to death?
[The mob shouting]
Get on!
You want to survive? Go to the police station!
Get on!
You, too!
Just get on!
Open the door!
Living is no use if you stop caring.
And only think about yourself.
[The mob shouting]
Hey! Open the door! I know youre in there!
Get out!
[Door slams open]
Im not scared of you!
What do you want?
Do you get a kick out of this?
What did you say back at the market?
You want me to kill your boy?
Fuck you! Motherfucker!
Dont you dare!
Hands off!
Tough guy!
Come on! Finish him!
Get in!
None of your fucking business!
Awesome. Totally.
Lift him up!
Whats wrong with his ear?
It was cut
Let me cut the other one so theyre equal.
[Sancaka screams]
Stop! Enough!
Lets go!
Go home!
Lets go!
Enough, enough!
One, two, three!
Might as well.
Come here!
Lets get out of here!
[Thunder strikes]
[Sancaka panting]
[Sancaka screams in pain]
Mom, I miss you.
[Someone knocking on the door]
[Someone knocking on the door]
[Someone knocking on the door]
[Someone knocking on the door]
[Someone knocking on the door]
Watch over Teddy for me.
In a less crazy world, Pengkor wouldve been arrested and gone to jail.
I told Dirga to speak more carefully.
I have to say the same thing to you.
Because I care.
These people that Pengkor pays, they never scare me.
People gossiping.
Might lead to false accusations.
Its better to report it to the Honorary Council, if you have evidence.
Believe me, I will get that evidence soon.
Or you can ask him directly.
The one you think has been paying me and the other legislators.
Thats what I thought.
Im just here to offer my condolences.
Its such a loss. A young and dedicated legislator like him.
Thank you, esteemed people representatives.
Im repulsed at myself...
For letting him come in here and threaten us.
Maybe he really just wanted to pay a visit.
I heard some unpleasant news about the market.
I made you a legislative member because I thought you could control your area.
Ill take care of everything, sir.
If people in an area can act without rules, other areas might do the same.
Thats unacceptable.
Understood, sir.
Now go back to work.
I dont believe they will do what we say.
Wont be long now, they will have no choice.
The car is going backward!
[People yelling in panic]
How long have you been here?
Two weeks.
Wheres your mother?
She died.
So that wasnt your mother?
Dont let her find out you thought she was a mother.
Shes my sister. Wulan. Sedhah Esti Wulan.
What are you listening to?
In your headphone?
Its broken.
Why are you wearing it?
So people wont talk to me.
[Music in headphone]
Thank you.
I have to go to work.
You wait here.
No one will stand up for us but ourselves.
We have to guard the market 24 hours a day!
Thats right!
Who will fight for us?
Come on, people! Who will stand up against the thugs?
Why did you bring him here? Its not safe.
I have to work.
Has he eaten?
Didnt you feed him?
No food at my place.
Well, cant you buy some?
Theyre coming! Theyre coming!
Theyre coming! Theyre coming!
[The crowd gets intense]
Theyre coming!
[People approaching]
Youre not dead yet?
Damn, you just wont learn your lesson.
Please dont fight here!
Youre destroying my stuffs!
[Men shouting and chasing]
[Thunder strikes]
Go ahead! Go get him!
[Man on the floor, moaning in pain]
So you fought 30 market thugs?
Thats right. 30.
Were they kid thugs?
Grown men.
Were they handicapped?
No. I dont know how I fought them, either.
Were they old ladies?
Chill, why so serious?
But why are you black and blue?
When I was fighting, my power went back to normal.
Was it ever... not normal?
If it was normal, I couldnt have possibly beat 30 people.
No, you have to come with us to the market!
I shouldnt have been there.
Thank God you were there.
Otherwise, thered be nothing left of the market.
So he really fought many thugs?
30. And they might come back.
More of them. So you have to help us.
Im not a hero. And I dont know how I managed to fight them.
Because you are strong.
You had bruises. Now theyre gone.
Yes, theyre gone.
No more wounds.
You didnt seem to feel any pain before.
Ive been trying to say. Im not as strong as you think.
Are you okay?
Hes faking it. He just doesnt want to help us.
I told you, Im not a hero.
Come on. Lets keep an eye on the market, instead.
You really passed out earlier?
Now you believe that I fought 30 thugs?
They said they saw it themselves.
So, if I just tell you, you wont believe me?
Just making sure.
Dont come in!
Dont come in! Its dangerous!
Stay here with me. Calm down.
No one wants to help them.
Even if Id gotten here earlier last night, I wouldnt have been able to prevent this.
You dont get it. These people didnt have any hope before.
Yesterday, suddenly they have hopes. Because you came.
Thats all they need.
If we refuse to fight injustice in before our eyes...
It means weve lost our humanity.
What do we do now?
These thugs are just pawns.
Their boss is Ganda Hamdan.
A member of House of Representatives?
Yes, also a boss to the thugs.
All his life. We have to ask him to pay for the damages.
Why dont we go to the police?
Can the police pay for our damages?
Are you going?
I dont know.
Maybe Ill just deal with the problems at the market.
Attack me.
Jump, and kick me.
Take a step back.
Come on.
Come on. Kick me!
Jump and kick me!
Come on!
Come on!
Does it hurt?
Im too old for this shit.
Im sorry.
Someone jumped at me at the market, and I became strong.
Maybe its something you ate?
I didnt eat anything.
Maybe thats why. You became strong from starving.
No reason to get scared of lightning.
Tell me, why are you scared?
Getting struck by lightning hurts.
Thunder can shatter glass, or other things that resonate with its frequency.
How come youre so smart?
I read.
I think it worked.
Youre this is the right area?
I came here seven years ago.
His house was surrounded by vacant lots.
But this is the right way?
Yes. See that tent? Make a left.
Thats him!
Hey, what are you all doing here?
Were here to see Ganda Hamdan.
You can talk to us. What do you want?
We have no business with you.
We want to see Ganda Hamdan.
Mr. Hamdans business is our business. Tell me what you want.
Whats going on here? Disturbing my wedding.
Go back in. Stay out of this.
What the hell do you mean?
Ive been waiting ten years to get married.
And now you tell me to stay away?
Are you paying for this tent?
Tell me whats going on.
Some people here burned down the market.
Were vendors. Everything is toast.
Come here.
I said, come here!
Whats going on.
I told you to stop making trouble.
What are you talking about?
Look me in the eye. Tell me you and your friends didnt burn down the market.
We didnt...
No, honey. Im not lying to you.
I wouldnt dare lie to you. I dont want to die.
Help. Help!
Whats wrong?
Call an ambulance!
A serum that corrupts morality?
To put it simply.
Heres the scientific explanation.
The serum is injected into rice, and it will corrupt a fetus brain.
Making them unable to differentiate the good from the bad.
And whats the effect?
A whole generation, born from mothers who consumed the contaminated rice
will be an immoral generation.
Protests are happening across the nation, demanding the governments responsibility
for the contamination of the rice stock.
Attacks are intensifying on shops that still sell the rice
from the national rice supply.
The news about this moral-corrupting substance is a hoax.
Nothing but public hysteria.
More and more looting in many cities.
Police forces are sent to guard several areas.
But looting keeps happening in unguarded areas.
Who are you?
Trying to join us?
Too many of us already.
Why did you kick me, man?
Im not good at talking.
dont worry. They said it will rain tonight.
So you dont have to get black and blue.
Mr. Agung said youre moving southeast?
I moved there couple years ago.
Why did you come back here?
Just to get Teddy. He was living with my stepfather here.
Then I saw how the market vendors needed help.
I couldnt just leave them .
Mr. Agung also told me about your mother.
Mr. Agung always talks too much.
He said you still keep her picture in your wallet.
Whats wrong?
Nothing. Shes so pretty.
She abandoned me.
Wait here.
What are you looking for?
If I have something on my ears, I wont feel pain.
Like an antenna?
Like an antenna.
What do you think?
Im ashamed to be Indonesian.
What are you up to?
I have to make something.
So that you, Teddy, and Wulan wont get electrocuted when touching me.
Let them take everything. As long as were safe.
No, I wont let them.
Over my dead body.
Wealth is not always in my family line.
But theres always this one thing passed down the generations.
The most precious thing.
Rich or poor, we are a family of survivors.
Because we know who to be loyal to.
Thats what I like about you, Ganda.
Because you know who to be loyal to.
Whats this, sir?
Something that will help us defeat an emerging enemy.
Everybody wants to welcome him.
Quiet! Quiet!
I think its a hoax. His movement looks computer-generated.
I dont care. Hoax or not, this lifts up my spirit.
Better than the government. They dont care about the people.
So, the House of Peace really exists?
Where like-minded politicans, police officers, and media owners get together.
You tell one person, tomorrow youll disappear.
Right, of course, Sir.
We have to synergize and do something.
The nation is in emergency.
Pengkor might be behind the rice contamination issue.
But we cant come to a conclusion until we arrest the culprit.
So, whats the main objective?
Its obvious. To make a whole generation immoral.
Define immoral. Those who watch porn? LGBT?
Does immoral include corruption?
If it does, then Im worried.
Maybe theres a solution to this problem.
I know a drug company...
... that can neutralize the substance consumed by pregnant women.
Through injection.
But the government needs to legalize it first.
Let those babies be born without morals.
What is morals?
What matters is logic and conscience. Thats it.
Whatever it is, we need something to calm the people down.
We have to act fast, and pass it as a law.
So, all pregnant women are obliged to have the injection.
So we have to lobby other House of Peoples Representatives members.
Pengkor wont be happy.
We also have to unite against that.
Do a background check on the pharmaceutical company.
Right away, Sir
You heard about the guy who fights the looters, right?
We have to find out who he is. We might need his help.
All right, sir. Ill find out.
Dont ask her why she cooks. Shell be embarrassed.
I think she has a crush on you.
Why are you wearing a skirt?
Whats wrong with wearing a skirt?
I can wear whatever I want.
Fine. Ill go change.
What are you doing back here?
Burning the whole market is not enough?
You want to kill me? Try. Im not afraid!
You want to know who burned down the market, right?
I have information.
Hey. Come here!
So heres the thing. Before I was a thug at the market, I was a parking guy.
At malls, office buildings, even luxury apartments.
So what?
I was working at this apartment building.
One of the tenants there was Adi Sulaiman.
Hes a famous violin player.
Yes, I know. But whats this got to do with him?
Thats the thing. What was he doing at the market, at night?
Are you sure it was him?
Im sure.
People just didnt realize it.
The vendors just kept pointing fingers at us.
Theyre nobody, just like us.
Why is the star the last to go home?
Been counting money from tickets?
Well see you later.
Why did you burn down the market?
What do you mean?
Ill ask once again. Youd better answer me.
Or Ill break your arm. Youll never play music again.
Please, no.
I was told there will be a hero wannabe.
I just didnt think he would look this stupid.
We have to save our children!
Our next generation has to have morals!
Legislators must legalize the moral serum antidote. Right now!
Legalize! Legalize! Legalize!
Good morning.
With all due respect, sir. This part of the building is for Peoples Representives only.
I am the people. My representatives can be here, but I cant?
How can I help you?
I just want my aspirations to be heard.
I think distributing drugs to the people for something thats not yet proven...
... is a waste of peoples money.
So, you think we should wait until its proven?
Wait until the children are born, with no ability to differentiate the good from the bad?
Is that it?
Youre underestimating the human mind.
I have no time for debate. I have an assembly to attend. Excuse me.
He mustve said the same thing to other members.
I hope some of us are still brave enough.
An assembly could take a long time.
But we dont have much time.
I hope my fellow legislators can put their political differences aside...
Im not sure those politicians are willing to put their differences aside...
... even when it concerns the nations future.
Even if they are, theyd have to face Pengkor.
Who is he?
A mafia boss with his claws on the House of Representatives.
When I first met him, he was four years old.
I found him among the ruins of a red-light district, destroyed by an angry mob.
His mother was a hooker, been dead for three days.
Those people with morals didnt care to save an innocent child.
He never cried.
I raised him to become a musician.
You know, every time you hear him play his music,
... youll hear his heart cry.
Who did this?
Someone who thinks hes a hero.
A lone wolf.
One person who will be followed by many.
Now its time for the orphans to rise. And act together.
I love the way you contradict softness with cruelty
Thats a misperception. Softness does not contradict cruelty.
Tomorrow, I only need one of you to come with me.
No, Mr. Ridwan. Its very dangerous these days.
Get in. Get in!
We have been looking for you.
This looks familiar. The same tattoo as the guy who burned down the market.
I thought that was just hearsay.
Pengkors orphans, trained to become assassins.
How many are they?
Thousands. All across the country.
We need your help. For the sake of the nation.
Who are you?
The people.
Youd better go home.
You want to end up in the gutter?
Go home!
What disappoints me, Ganda...
Even in peaceful times,
museums in this country are more quiet than graveyards at night.
Let alone in turbulent times like now.
While museums are the most honest form of history, more than books.
Do you understand ancient Javanese, Ganda?
Im afraid I dont, Sir.
It reads: The most dangerous foe of men.
What does it mean?
Do you know?
No, sir.
The hidden truth.
That is mankinds most dangerous enemy.
A great storm is coming.
There will be a change in power.
I need to know that you are ready to accept and adapt with the changes.
Of course, sir.
Riots are still happening across the nation.
But, citizens start to unite and work together...
... to stop acts of looting.
Meanwhile, protests to push the distribution of the moral serum are intensifying.
Thousands of people gather at the Parliament.
Demanding legislators to pass the law...
... obliging all pregnant women to get injected.
We have to be more clear-headed.
We cant let the panic happening outside to get to us here.
Interruption, Your Honor.
This drug will only lead to even bigger panic.
The supply might not be enough for all of our provinces.
There will certainly be sentiments of inequality among the people.
Interruption, Your Honor.
I second that opinion.
Its best to wait until we have a thorough research...
... about the effect of the incident in the rice supply storage.
I wont pretend to be a saint.
I was also a crook. A fraud.
I cheated my way to get to where I am now.
But now, a whole generation is on the line.
It might be your children. Or ours. Or yours, Your Honor.
I believe this is a chance for me, for all of us, to redeem our past mistakes.
Lets prove that we still have a conscience.
Permission to speak, Your Honor.
I dont have children.
But if I did, I wouldnt want them to be immoral.
Because there will never be a generation to correct my past mistakes.
Many of our peers died...
... fighting for an upcoming generation.
The peers whose political vision couldnt be more different than mine.
But I am sure theyll all go to heaven.
And I want to go to heaven.
So, I vote to legalize the immoral serum antidote.
The antidote is legalized!
To save time,
the distribution of the antidote will begin today for the capital area.
It will continue to other regions,
where the serum will be given to those in need.
The news says we are entering the dry season.
How are you doing?
Im all right. Its safe now.
Teddy, can you leave us alone?
Whats wrong?
In the southeast, I was a nurse at a hospital.
I knew your mother.
She went home, Sancaka.
She went to find you after you left.
For weeks, she waited for you at home.
She looked for you in orphanages and everywhere.
She talked about you every day.
Its one of the reasons why I went to get Teddy.
Because hes the only family that I have left.
Was she also a nurse?
She was a patient.
She was sick. The doctor said she didnt have much time.
Is she still in hospital?
She refused to spend her last days in a hospital.
Congratulations, Dad.
I sent you photo of a lab report. What does it say?
Hello? Hello?
Yes, sir?
All distributions of the immoral serum antidote must be stopped.
Sir, for security reasons, theres only one person that knows the drivers phone numbers.
And I just found out who owns the company that produces the immoral serum antidote.
A subsidiary of Pengkors company.
Have you tracked down our hero?
Working on it, sir.
Find him! And call every single drug pick-up point!
Stop the injections!
Will you come back here once you find her?
I dont know.
I dont know how long it will take to find my mother.
The country is safe now.
Im no longer needed here.
All my life, the one thing that never lasts long is peace.
Sir, I found a number.
Our hero might be there.
Send it to me. Now!
All right, sir.
I hope Im speaking to the right person.
There is no immoral serum.
Its just something Pengkor made up, to make us distribute the drug.
The drug will make babies born with defects.
Ridwan Bahri?
You have to find Pengkor now.
Hes the only one that can stop the drug distribution!
I have to go find Pengkor.
Wait here.
Sancaka, youre still weak.
Dont worry. Ill be fine.
You all wait here.
There are many rules in the world.
Skies are blue, oceans are blue, forests are green.
What I dont agree is, greater power comes with...
... bigger bones to pick.
But, like all bones, they can be snapped easily.
Whats dangerous is the symbol for hope.
For the people, hope is an addiction.
And addictions are dangerous.
Get out of the way!
Attention, please! Please, maintain order.
Let go!
Bro! They instructed to stop the drugs distribution.
I dont know...
Sir, were late, so our wives are at the back of the line.
Please, help my wives.
These are the names of our wives. Please help us out.
Or they die.
I was wrong.
Youre not a bone. Let alone hope.
Youre just a small pebble on the road.
Your story ends here.
It wont take long. Im not a sadist.
Finish them.
Wait! Dont!
Sancaka! What you need can only be found within you.
(in Javanese) Sleep...
Im sorry we abandoned you. But were here now.
Father is dead.
[Thunder strikes]
Leave, now!
There never was an immoral serum.
You sent your people to contaminate the rice
and you get them caught on camera to cause panic.
I united the people and their representatives.
In the history of this nation, Im the only one who can do that.
You should be thanking me.
You want all children to be like you?
Angry at the world?
Ive always been grateful about how I am.
Besides, I never made this happen.
I even tried to stop it from happening.
I gave you,
the people and their representatives, a choice. You made a decision.
Its a beautiful irony.
I have to stop all this.
My masterpiece has started.
When these babies are born,
The people will blame and kill each other.
And every time they can forget,
they will see children like me.
And they will kill each other again.
People are not as foolish as you think.
The people has to stay foolish,
if you want the world to be at peace.
Ill set them free from people like you.
Want to bet?
I didnt understand. What happened to the sword?
My lightning makes thunder.
Anything at the same frequency with things I hold will be destroyed.
Where can I find the serum?
Some arestill on the way. Let me take you.
Please get more serum. Please!
Stop! Stop!
Out of the way!
Hold this.
Thank you.
Let me guess.
The bottles are made of similar glass material you always have with you, right?
Im not stupid, you know.
Dont be too smart.
You will be no use for me.
Out of the way!
[Shawl striking]
Can you guess, too?
That the glass material in front of you is the same as the glass I always carry with me.
I still have to destroy that, too?
You cant.
Theres only one person who can.
Thank God we havent had the shot.
Head of a legend. Blood of a hero.
(Ancient Javanese) Who are you standing before me?
(Ancient Javanese) Im Ghazul.
(Ancient Javanese) At your service, Ki Wilawuk.
(Ancient Javanese) Your enemy has arrived.
(Ancient Javanese) Which one?
(Ancient Javanese) But he hasnt known who he is.
(Ancient Javanese) Prepare the army.
(Ancient Javanese) The great war is approaching.
Its better than being a market thug.
Going around, bullying people for money. Its exhausting!
Easier this way to make money.
And we look good, too.
Thank you, sir. Thank you, maam.
Wait. Yes, sorry! Sorry! Thank you.
I heard you were leaving?
Im not going anywhere.
The situation is peaceful now. You can go if you want.
Someone said to me, the one thing that never lasts long is peace.
So why do you think we fight for it? It wont last anyway.
Because every second of it is worth fighting for.
Thanks for the costume.
Its not from me. Its from the people.
He will need your help, Sri Asih.