Gunga Jumna (1961) Movie Script

- Coming mummy
Have you finished the chores.
- Yes I have.
Have you fed the cow?
- She's becoming fussy these days
Let her be; she's your
fathers remembrance.
You have two peopIe to
remind you of him.
One is me and the other
you superintendent.
Why're you sitting?
Go give this to your brother.
I was born to serve.
I have to serve the Iand-Iady
and here this superintendent.
It is sinfuI to Iie.
It is sinfuI to steaI.
Ganga, I'd kept a shirt here.
Where is it now?
I've washed it and hung
it to dry outside.
Don't be scared of
sorrows be brave.
Fight the sinfuI
be brave...
Enough of it wise one
have your food...
I have got to go for work.
Yes, hurry up, or eIse
the IandIady wiII yeII.
Come, Ganga, get up.
Let's Ieave.
Greeting Maharaj
- God bIess you.
When is the sermon?
- The day after tomorrow.
But who attends these days?
- That's true.
So many rich-men died Iast year.
But not one fed us in charity.
It's the Modern times.
- That's right. We shaII Ieave now.
Thief, shameIess!
ShaII I teII auntie?
You broke my head,
you fooI!
Take this.
- You too.
Ganga, what're you doing...
Ieave her!
ShameIess! I toId you
never to hit girIs...
Aren't you ashamed?
I hope you're not hurt.
- He's incapabIe of hurting me.
ShaII I teII her now?
- Go ahead.
Stop it. What happened?
Dhano, where are you off
to so earIy?
My mother has Ieft some
cut wood on the river bank...
I am going to get it.
Mummy, Iook at that...
Is he around?
Can't see him, KaIIu uncIe.
Stay cIose to me;
he may jump from anywhere.
He doesn't do anything
to me, uncIe.
He knows you're the IandIord's
daughters, so he's scared.
I am just a worker.
He's made it impossibIe
to waIk around here.
Now repeat after me
May God save KaIIu...
and make LaIIu bIind.
Don't be scared...
Curse you! You've ruined
my vegetabIes worth 50 rupees.
Greetings, take care
of your students.
Came KamIa.
Jamuna, cIear the board
and ring the beII.
They're attached to
each other.
I've great hopes
from him.
He's a chip-of-the-oId bIock.
No one can be compared to
his sincereIy and hard work.
Greetings auntie
- Greetings, KaIIu uncIe.
Life is a heII.
Did you face LaIIu again?
I've given him a good beating...
he'II run with an
injured head now.
The coward turned taiI
and ran-off!
UncIe, your dhoti is
undone from behind.
Master, did KamIa come?
Yes, she came aIong with Govindi.
The IandIord has wronged
by bringing a stepmother.
She's a witch,
the new Iand-Iady...
and her brother Hariram
is a thief.
He's invoIved with a
whore from Kasipura.
Greetings sir.
- Greetings.
Has your Madam awakened?
It's not yet time for her
to wake up...
She'II wake-up at high noon.
Greetings sir.
- God bIess you.
How are you Govindi?
- AII's weII with your bIessings.
Govindi, are you aIive or dead?
- Come dear.
So you've come now.
Is the food free here or has
your husband Ieft a fortune?
It's a pity there are no
women avaiIabIe...
or eIse I'd thrown you out
by your hair.
There are many who wiII
work for me in my viIIage.
This sort of impudence won't
be toIerated, understand?
What are you gaping for?
Go find out what my
brother Hari is doing.
He's stiII asIeep, madam.
Then why didn't you
wake him up, you Iazy bones.
Oh my fate. Go wake
him up, you wretch.
Go and wake up, Haribabu.
- Fine, mummy.
Who is it?
Why did you drop the bottIe?
- It was stinking of Iiquor.
Liquor... who drinks Iiquor?
Your father.
Don't abuse my father
Is that so, you swine...
''WaIk on the path of justice,
dear chiIdern...''
''This is your nation and
you're the Ieaders of tomorrow''
''Endure the stress in siIence
and don't utter a word''
''With truth as your strength
keep waIking ahead...''
''You wiII someday
change this worId...''
'' Be it for yourseIf or for others
Iet there be justice forever...''
'' But see to it that
your steps never faIter...''
''The path is very difficuIt,
so tread carefuIIy...''
''WaIk on the path of
justice dear chiIdren...''
''For this is your nation and
you're the Ieaders of tomorrow''
''Iet humanity be crowned
with prestige...''
''Gift your body and souI and
guard your country's reputation''
''you'II find a new Iife
by burning in the Iast pyre''
''WaIk on the path of
justice, dear chiIdren''
''For this is your nation and
you're the Ieaders of tomorrow''
Hey Govindi, are you getting
water or do I have to kick you?
What show, hear her cough
It's okay, auntie. We're not
in a hurry; finish your prayers.
What's the matter?
- Nothing, but how can I teII...
The rich Ieave their
vaIuabIes around...
and we poor have to
face the consequences.
What's the matter, LaIa?
- The rich are truIy senseIess
The Madam has mispIaced her jeweIry
and she suspects you.
Suspecting you is Iike
suspecting God.
My house is open.
You can search, LaIa.
Is it a charity show?
Go home.
Don't worry, son.
Go and study.
I toId the mistress it
was wrong of her...
but she was stubborn
and caIIed the poIice.
Mr. Khan was going to have
his meaIs after prayers.
Even the utensiIs
are not spared.
You're wasting your time, sir.
You won't find anything here.
Keep quiet, LaIa.
Let us do your job.
Sorry sir,
Even a poor man's beIongings
are not spared.
This is unfair...
It's as good as being dead
for a prestigious woman.
I request you to reIease her.
I am not her enemy,
I've toId you...
Give her baiI and take her away.
You taIk of baiI as if
we own a treasury.
So, I didn't make the
Iaws at home....
I know but yet...
Don't argue unnecessariIy.
Go away.
PIease keep quiet, panditji.
You don't know how to taIk.
Inspector, he's an oId man and
is not famiIiar with EngIish Iaws.
Listen to me. The Mango crop
is exceIIent this year...
ShaII I send a few baskets?
- Are you trying to bribe me?
ConstabIe, throw him out.
- Sir, you...
Inspector, I'II pay the baiI.
Whatever the amount.
But reIease Govindi.
Sister Govindi, Iet's go home.
- Come, Iet's go, son.
Where were you, mummy
What's aII this?
Nothing happened, my son.
Don't worry Auntie. Your
reputation is stiII intact.
You have 2 sons,
so don't worry.
Ganga, Jamuna...
- Coming.
Have you got it?
- Yes. Here, take it.
''These buIIs know aII
the secrets of my mind''
''Sing to your hearts content''
And here 19 baIes out of
125 are missing.
Which 19 baIes?
You charge me doubIe
and ask me which baIes?
The ones you got on Monday.
Last Monday...
unIoad the carts.
Come with me.
- Where are you taking me?
TeII me, where are you taking me?
Is this for your marriage?
Just count them.
- I have. I have counted them.
My brains are not functioning.
I'm sorry, I forgot about them.
Did you see Hariram earIy
in the morning?
Keep quiet.
Don't mention his name.
He's an eviI one
born at noon.
Since master died, he's gone
from bad to worse.
He behaves as though he
owns everything here
You won't find a man Iike
Hariram within miIes here.
I've seen many rich men,
but he is unique.
You keep on bIabbering.
Are you aware, guests are
coming to approve KamIa?
I've made aII arrangements
for them...
The carriage wiII go
to the station.
The upper rooms have
been cIeaned...
and the food arrangements
have been made too.
But LaIa, they're
city bred peopIe...
and won't accept
open toiIets.
I know and arrangements
have been made.
Two Iatrines have been buiIt
in the corner of the garden.
When master was aIive, many
EngIishmen came here...
and swore damn-fooI bIoody...
but were aIways happy
with my arrangements.
Two fat pigs were sIaughtered
for their dinner.
Why, you Iazy bones, what
are you Iistening to....
Get down to work.
I work doubIe the amount
you pay me...
Why doubIe? Say tripIe.
LaIa, Iook how he
taIks back.
What can LaIa say,
teII me.
Why do you caII me Iazy
Such impertinence!
Leave it sir, don't argue
with him. Go away.
These poor are ungratefuI;
I'II deaI with him severeIy.
I'II break his bones.
UnIoad the cart there. Go.
How dare you bite
the hands that feed you?
Eunuch !
You idiot, you shouId given
him one...
that wouId've set him straight.
I heId back because of
Jamuna's studies...
or wouId I have Iistened to him?
I'd have beaten him bIue-bIack.
By educating Jamuna, you are
heading for troubIe.
It's aII right, uncIe.
How wiII you cope with the
city's expenses?
As Iong as I'm aIive,
I'II do it.
Next week, my superintendent
is Ieaving for the city...
his vacations are getting over.
So give me my wages.
Today is the market day...
I'II go buy a few
things for him.
As Iong as I'm there,
don't worry about money.
Take as much as you want.
Who eIse do I have except you.
How much have I earned?
15 rupees for watchmanship
and 22 1/2 rupees ...
for the buIIock car at 22 1/2
rupee per day.
But what about overtime?
- I'm not going to give that.
I'II pay that onIy if you beat
the Tanakpur team tomorrow.
I'II pay you doubIe.
But don't forget, they
defeated you Iast year.
They were Iucky since
I was unweII...
Watch me this year
I wiII, don't count chickens
before they're hatched.
We'II watch tomorrow.
- Yes, you can.
Now give me my eight
anna's back.
What eight anna's?
I gave you 23 rupees when
the totaI was 22 1/2 rupees.
Why're you so miserIy
with your own nephew?
There no reIation where
money is concerned.
I'II drink miIk
with this money.
Hey come back...
Stop fooIing on the road
you hooIigan....
Look Dhanno, I've got a
fountain for munna.
Fountain! Get Iost or
I'II teach you a Iesson...
Your highness, have you
got it free from the market?
I've paid an anna for it
and worked my bones.
Ever seen one?
- What is to you.
UncIe, teII him for once.
- Or eIse wiII you shoot me?
I'm not wearing gIass bangIes.
I've iron braceIets...
And my hands are not
decked with henna. Look...
Don't jabber, now move...
Buffoon! Idiot!
Dances Iike an ape, shameIess!
Thief...Sometimes here
and sometimes there.
- KamIaji
Whom are you cursing?
- My fate, and who eIse.
Have you fought with
Gangaji again.
You refer to that deviI
with such respect.
He has no shame, he's
prancing aII the time.
He's grown so big,
yet has no seIf-respect
Dhanno, this is not right.
He's a nice man.
Listen to me, adore him!
If God sits stiII,
one can adore him.
Think it over. WiII anyone beIieve
that he's Jamuna's brother?
You don't know Jamuna;
he's a stone idoI.
May I ask you something?
- What is it?
I hope you won't mind.
- No, go ahead.
What's the fight between
the two of you?
I've no probIem with him.
Then why aren't you
speaking to him?
You were so fond of
each other.
Go and ask him. He toId
me not to taIk to him
I didn't say a word.
My throat has parched
screaming for her.
Hey you...
- Yes Madam.
Go find out where's this
bud since morning.
Did you caII me mother?
My, my, what's this
finery for?
I was going for my prayers.
Your in-Iaws are going to come
to finaIize your marriage.
I'II donate a goIden pot
to the tempIe...
because they've
approved you
But Mother!
- Shut up.
Like it's said, the oId die
but Ieave their brood.
Okay Jamuna, I'II Ieave. I've
to give my regards to inspector.
Morning Sir.
- God bIess you.
What's the Iatest news, Jamunaji.
Don't worry about others...
Tomorrow is your dance
at the fair, think about it.
Make me dance.
You enjoy and I'II dance.
Can I ask you something?
- What is it?
Why're you troubIing my friend.
Which friend?
As if you don't know.
PIease be seated first.
I have... now taIk.
You're so weII educated;
don't you know KamIa Ioves you...
and you toId her not
to taIk to you.
Why aII the fuss, teII me.
I've toId her what is right.
But they are pIanning
to get her married.
They're doing the right thing.
How can they marry her
to a person...
who's Iiving off his
brother's earning?
Forget that hooIigan. It won't
make a difference to that buII.
Hey minx, I'm Iistening...
Go your own way.
I'II cut your head and
throw it in the Iake...
if you entice him.
Don't get carried away
by her, she's a vixen.
I went to the market
and got you a pen.
I never saw her there.
You know how I am...
You teased me
in the market pIace.
Didn't you bunk into me?
So what, did I harm you?
She's exaggerating and
weeping unnecessariIy.
You'II make me weep, is it?
I'II make you eat dirt...
Listen, don't pick
a fight with me.
If I punch you, you'II
Iand in the next town.
Get Iost! Don't show off!
Vixen, I was testing you.
Here take your pot...
See how she wags her tongue.
You worthIess deviI!
Take this...
Leave her...
I'II have your bIood...
She not onIy hit me,
but broke this too.
She hit so hard,
it's paining...
and I have a kabbadi
match tomorrow.
Greeting, KaIIu uncIe.
- BIess you.
We're back again to
defeat you...
Don't show off too much.
The resuIts wiII prove now.
The resuIts proved
Iast year too.
Take away these Iambs;
get some youngsters...
I bet the Tanakpur team
wiII win again this year.
See how handsome young
men they are.
So go catch hoId of one!
ShameIess, go...
I wiII, but you'II drown
Even a dog wiII not
die for you!
You're cheering outsiders,
you traitor!
So I am, but you
take care of your bones.
Just a moment, you witch...
Let this get over,
I'II teach you a Iesson...
''Your vicious Iooks
have pierced my heart''
''SIowIy steadiIy it has
pierced my heart''
''My heart is fuII of joy
and the bird has been trapped''
''SIowIy, steadiIy she's
been trapped...''
''Go away, you unfaithfuI one,
for you misbehave...''
''and embarrass me by
your words''
''My Iove for you has bIossomed...''
''Ask what you want;
and it shaII be fuIfiIIed...
''My Iove, your
mesmerizing eyes...''
''have captured my heart''
''SIowIy, steadiIy it
has captured my heart''
''Your swaying waist
is as unsteady...''
''as the vision of drunkard''
''Don't Ieer at me with
desire in your eyes''
''Don't Ieer, pIease don't...''
''My heart is beating and
I'm quivering...''
''My heart has been entangIed
by your tresses...''
''and the snake has
struck me''
''SIowIy and steadiIy
my heart has been entangIed''
''The ankIets on my feet
tinkIe merriIy''
''for I'm dancing with
my beIoved today''
''The ankIets on my feet
tinkIe merriIy''
''With your moon-Iike
appeaI and budding youth''
''You've conquered me,
beautifuI one''
''Your image has steadiIy
caused turmoiI''
''and it has set in
my heart''
''SIowIy and steadiIy
it has set into my heart''
''My heart want's me to
dance today...''
''for the bird has finaIIy
been trapped''
You shouIdn't have come
so Iate at night, KamIa
I can stay away from you.
I can bear pain...
but I wiII not seII myseIf
to another person.
Listen to me and go back.
I've not come here to return.
It's easy to stay that to heII
with the worId but we're in Iove...
or turn your face from duties...
and cIaim that we owe
nothing to anyone.
With what feeIings are
you saying this, Jamuna?
From the same heart that
desires you, KamaIa.
It's true...
But it's aIso true that
I can't give you anything.
But I aIso have some
rights, Jamuna...
and wiII remain tiII
my Iast breath.
But before I think of myseIf...
I've to think of my brother whose
bIood is fIowing in my veins.
I'm indebted to him, KamIa.
I'II share your debt, your
poverty and aII your woes...
but pIease don't send me back,
I've no other way out.
No KamIa, aII wishes
are not fuIfiIIed in Iife.
Those who reaIize what's
right and wrong...
have to sacrifice a Iot
and face sorrows.
I know you have ideaIs
in Iife...
but don't throw me in
this fire knowingIy...
I'II be totaIIy destroyed.
KamIa, Ieave, I'II burn
with you in this fire...
but I'II see that even
my ashes wiII not stray...
in the path of weakness
and eviI.
Don't cheat me, add another one.
I did, give me two annas.
Two annas for brinjaIs!
You Ioot us...
So Ieave it, this is
not a charity staII.
Oh my Queen of Jhansi.
HeIIo Dhanno Rani.
Hey Kisna.
- Yes LaIa.
It's nearIy two months
but you haven't repaired this.
LaIa, hit me if you wish,
but I can't repair them...
Why not?
- See for yourseIf.
See what?
Take them and get them repaired
from an EngIish cobbIer.
Don't joke with me.
See this stick, if it
Iands on your back...
You'II whine Iike
LaIIu the dog.
Beware, it's either me
or you today.
I'II take the decision today...
Thank you so much.
May God bIess you.
RascaI, I've fed him
with miIk and bread...
yet he doesn't Ieave me.
UncIe, whom are you cursing?
He's made my Iife
If I don't shoot his entire famiIy
with Jaribabu's gun...
I'II not be at peace.
Whom are you taIking about?
That shameIess one!
- Which shameIess one?
One Haribabu is not enough
and another LaIIu is born.
LaIIu, he recognizes
his famiIy...
What did you say?
I'II sIap you! Go do your job.
CaII's me a dog and
makes fun of me.
- What is it?
Here, take your waIIet.
Where did you find it?
- The same pIace, where you forgot it.
Which pIace?
My uncIe dear, he's
asking me which pIace.
At that danseuse
Gauris pIace.
Gauri ?
That danseuse from Tanakpur.
I had been there to coIIect some
funds...nothing eIse...
Watch the fun.
Sure, I'm watching
your fun.
So watch. Now take these keys
What keys?
- The godown keys.
I'm going to RamtaaI
with Haribabu.
The harvest is ready there and this
is aII your responsibiIity.
If one sack is missing,
it's your hide.
Now don't gape.
Go and count the sacks.
BiIwa, get the horse saddIed.
Haribabu is going to RamtaaI.
How far is the town?
It's beyond this hiII.
You go ahead, munim.
I'II foIIow you Iater.
It's a jungIe and there
are wiId animaIs here.
Sir, there is...
Leave, I say...
- I wiII, sir!
Hit him, Ganga! Hit him!
Hit him again!
Come to the viIIage,
you'II repent.
You Iecher! Coward!
Don't run away! Come here.
KiII that rascaI, Ganga!
He tried to moIest me!
Don't weep, Dhanno.
Come, Iet's go home.
My cIothes are drying over there.
''My eyes have encountered
those of a beautifuI damseI''
''and I've Iost my bearings''
''When gIances coIIide...
minds react...''
''When the fire of Iove
has been Iit...''
''there's bound to be
an expIosion''
''When gIances coIIide,
mind's react''
''What's wrong if I have
faIIen in Iove''
''I am in Iove with her,
so what's wrong...?''
''Even I have the right
to faII in Iove''
''What's wrong if I have
faIIen in Iove''
''I am in Iove with her,
so what's wrong...?''
''My heart has been
hit by sIy gIances''
''And sIeep eIudes me
when I don't meet her''
''The noose is round my head
and I feeI the puII...''
''My eyes met those of my
beIoved and gIimmered''
''My eyes met those of my
beIoved and gIimmered''
''and my heart sings
with joy...''
''a sweet ode of Iove...''
''When cymbaIs cIash,
the waist sways...''
''When gIances coIIide
so do minds react...''
''She has stoIen my heart,
this viIIage damseI''
''Oh what has she done...''
Why are you sniggering?
Be quick or
you'II miss the train.
Munna, I'II send the money
next month, don't worry...
and write to me.
- I wiII don't worry. Bye for now.
Don't get buIIied by anyone.
I'm stiII aIive for you.
Ganga, where are you...
something terribIe has happened.
Hariram has gone to
get the poIice.
The inspector has come
for enquiry...
What enquiry ?
That rascaI has invoIved
you in a theft.
What happened, teII us?
What's the noise for?
What eIse can happen?
UncIe come with me.
Let the rascaI speak
in my presence
Did you have the
keys of the godown?
Yes, sir, I did.
Where have the 40 baIes
of wheat disappeared?
Where did you seII
them after steaIing?
Haribabu, don't show
your rights here.
I swear on you Inspector.
No one Iikes to utter his name.
It's a Iie. I stoIe nothing
nor soId anything.
Then who broke the Iock?
Inspector, Iet's not argue...
We've a witness; ask him.
Paranva, what did you see ?
I saw Ganga take money
from a man...
and there was a cart
Ioaded with baIes nearby.
Isn't it, BiIanwa?
- Yes sir.
And Bankay, teII him
what you saw.
He smoked opium
and showed me the wheat
and praised Haribaba.
Oh yes; and your father was
distributing bIessings.
Inspector, that rascaI
is avenging me.
He caIIs me a thief
whiIe he himseIf is one.
Beware, you thief!
Thief! Maybe your father was one!
Admit you're avenging me!
- No !
Move aside, inspector...
he's Iying.
Hit him.
They're ten against one.
If you have guts, come here.
I was hurt at the hands
of convict Ganga.
I was on duty then and
had gone to investigate.
ConstabIe Ramsingh, Sitaprasad
and Shafique Khan were with me.
The fuII report has
been handed over.
Your worship. The convict
is a Iaborer...
and he owns no Iand.
The wheat baIes were of
his hard Iabor no doubt.
According to eye witness,
it was his first crime.
But it proves that the
keys were given to Ganga.
He saw an opportunity
and stoIe the 40 baIes.
Your worship, according to
poIice and eye witness...
his crimes have been proved.
He took the keys of the godown
stoIe the baIes and soId them.
He tried to evade the poIice enquiry
and caused a fight there.
Both the crimes under
section 380 and 353...
are worth a severe sentence.
Convict Gangaram, do you have
anything to say in your defense?
The court permits you to.
Haribabu is a rich man;
he is a big man...
I'm a petty thief,
I've created a racket.
You're a God, you can give me
any sentence that you deem fit.
Accused Gangaram, as per 380
I.P.C in charge of...
steaIing 40 baIes from godown...
you are sentenced to 3 months
and in charge of 353 I.P.C
for obstructing the enquiry...
and arrest by the poIice you are
sentenced to 6 months imprisonment.
The sentences wiII begin
at the same time.
''A pair of Iove birds
have been separated...''
''It is tragic and
unfair too...''
''A pair of Iove birds
have been separated...''
''It is tragic and
unfair to...''
''My joy and happiness
and my Iife has been stoIen''
''This eviI worId has stoIen
my beIoved too''
''My heart yearns for him,
how shaII I pass my nights''
''How wiII I quench the
fire of separation with my tears''
''My Iife is in a turmoiI''
''It is tragic and unfair too''
''I've Iost interest in the nights''
''nor have support in the day''
''I've Iost my sun
and the star too''
''No one shouId bear
separation after Ioving''
''no one shouId be
desoIate as I am''
''My Iife was made and unmade...''
''It is tragic and unfair too''
''I'II Iive here as
Iong as I survive''
''I'II wait aII my
Iife for you''
''I'II weep for you day
and night my dear...''
''The city of my dreams
has been razed forever''
''It is tragic and unfair too''
''A pair of Iove birds
have been separated''
''It is tragic and
unfair too''
No masterji, these days
wiII pass...
but don't Iet Jamuna
know that I'm in prison.
I hope he's fine.
- Yes.
But he's your brother;
he shouId know.
What can he do?
He's studying and
he'II be disturbed.
What can I say?
Don't say anything. Just take
care of him tiII I return.
I'II have to go now.
What can I do, Jamuna?
You're my friend...
but I've to do my job
The IandIord is particuIar.
He'II not pardon his own father.
Your brother has Iet you down.
Ever since you've come,
no money or Ietter...
Excuse me, but I'II take this.
It'II hardIy fetch
10 days rent...
Take your neckIace
Mrs. Saxena.
PIease sign here.
DarIing, you do it.
My handwriting is bad.
Mr. Tandon, come and
have tea with us.
Thank you, but I
don't drink tea.
Thank you anyway.
Thank this young man...
whose honesty has got
your neckIace back.
I didn't notice you.
Here, take your reward.
No thank you.
I performed my duty.
Fine, thank you.
What's your name?
- Jamuna.
What can I do for you?
Can I get a job.
I'm in troubIe.
Gangaram, you are freed.
Your sentence is over today.
''My ankIets are dancing
and tinkIing...''
''My heart is beating...''
''and kissing the path you
tread on, my Iove''
''Come, my beIoved, come...''
''My happiness has been awakened''
''and so my heart sings...''
''I'm yearning for you
so come my Iove''
''CoIorfuI seasons and
days of Iove have come''
''Sweet dreams that
rekindIe my heart''
''and my ankIets are
dancing and tinkIing''
''My heart is swaying
and kissing...''
''The path you tread on...''
''So come, my beIoved,
''My friends tease me...
So come, my Iove''
''My coy eyes request you...''
''sIowIy my heart's
desire is overfIowing''
''The wind sings a meIody too''
''The cIouds dance
with joy...''
''My ankIets are dancing
and tinkIing...''
''and my heart sways
and kisses...''
''the path you tread on''
''Come, my beIoved, come...''
Get up. How are you?
How are you?
I am strong enough. Look.
I thought you might
have changed.
Who? Me?
- Yes.
Don't you ever think straight.
I think you're right
for the first time.
This girI has coyed.
Why're you weeping?
The one for whom I'm
weeping is asking me this.
Ironic, isn't it?
I was in troubIe because
I fought with you...
I saw a dream.
As usuaI we had a tiff
and I hit you...
You feII yards away.
So you fight with me in
dreams too.
But Iisten, at that moment,
my mother appeared.
I was surprised and I said
''Mother, you're dead...''
''How did you come here ?''
As was her habit, she
stuck out her finger at me...
and said ''Don't dare Iift
a finger on my Dhanno''
''My Dhanno'' and she
put your hand in mine.
Hey Dhanno!
Then ?
Then I woke up and
thought about it.
I remembered Munna too.
The teacher informed
me about everything.
He said everything was fine.
...though I had doubts.
How is my brother?
He's fine isn't he?
Ganga, Iet's go home first.
How's my brother?
Your brother is in difficuIty.
- Yes.
The teacher Iied to me.
He Iied to me!
What a time it
chose to get stuck.
Forget it, don't take
out your anger on it.
You'II not be abIe to do it.
Leave it aIone.
I'II teach him a Iesson
He's stiII not come
to his senses.
JaiI hasn't affected him.
But the fact that Jamuna
suffered, hurt him more.
I toId him the poor are
born with misfortune.
So I toId him you can
curse the aImighty for that.
Why curse Haribaba ?
What did he say ?
He abused your entire famiIy?
And you toIerated it?
What eIse couId I do
I turned deaf to it
Don't taIk rubbish
Never mind, but I was so
angry I couId tear him apart
But one thing is for sure...
When the poor Iose controI
be sure there'II be troubIe...
No one knows what wiII occur.
Who is it?
Munim, Iight the Iantern.
You've ruined my brother's Iife...
He's dying of hunger,
he has no cIothes to wear.
Read these Ietters.
What can I do?
I need money.
- I don't have any.
Give me the treasure keys.
I don't have the keys.
Don't steaI; ask him for it.
Leave him, sir.
Don't use the gun...
don't shed any bIood.
HawaIdar Naik, come with me.
Come on. Take me with you.
Leave me, Dhanno.
They chased me Iike a dog!
I starved to death.
I have become a destitute.
Everything wiII be fine...
Don't weep.
UncIe, wake up.
Where did you come from?
Why do you invite troubIe?
They don't need you here.
We don't have food.
I've come to take grains.
By God's grace the godown's fuII...
Take what you want
and just Ieave.
What are your gaping for?
If you're seen,
there'II be troubIe
Hariram is after your bIood.
Are they your friends?
Have you ever ridden
a horse?
The saddIe is over there.
Tie it firmIy round
my neck...
how did you become
a dacoit...
Ganga what are you doing?
I've toId you, Hariram
is after your bIood.
This is iIIegaI, son.
See you, uncIe.
On the 19th, he raided your
godown and took grains.
On the 23rd, he stoIe Thakur's
guns and utensiIs.
On the 27th, he Iooted the
Mahajan's house.
Everyone knows this,
but how do we end it?
The water has fIown
under the bridge.
How can the water fIow...
there's a hoIe in our boat...
You Iook happy, Munimji.
I think the government
is aiding them.
Don't utter rubbish
You can get
arrested Munimji.
You're growing seniIe.
Inspector, he ran away
aII aIone...
Where did this
gang come from?
I think they're from
Sonu's gang.
But that dacoit was kiIIed
in a poIice encounter.
But his men hid in these hiIIs.
What hard times have come.
The good are being punished...
and the thieves
are ruIing over.
It's God's wiII.
Good news!
I know it. Has there
been another dacoity?
What is it?
The money Ganga sent to
his brother has come back.
Jamuna is not there
at this address.
The brother for whom he did
aII this, never got the money.
What a Ioss.
Munim, get out.
What happened, why're
you excited ?
Sir, Ganga's men have
kidnapped the priest.
The Priest.
Ganga, the priest is
here for you.
BIess you.
Don't be scared. ReIax.
How can I? TeII me
why you brought me here?
I'm a poor man.
That's the very reason
I got you here.
TeII me if you're in
any financiaI probIems.
Don't make fun of me.
I'm not. Everything
has been seen to.
Now sit and reIax.
Get me married quickIy.
Married? That's my job,
but get the bride.
Whose daughter is she?
Consider her as your own.
She's Dhanno.
Dhanno ! No son,
don't sin!
I swear by this hoIy thread,
it's impossibIe.
You are of the higher caste.
It that so !
When the higher castes
were moIesting her...
where were you?
Listen to him.
He says we can't marry
Can't be.
BIess you, my chiId.
Why the pretence?
TeII her the truth.
What's the matter?
This minister to the AImighty
says we can't marry.
Ask him.
Is that so.
Is something wrong with me?
Yes, a big handicap. You
stood by me in bad days.
When I was Iike a mongreI
barefooted, hungry and Iost...
no one came for my heIp,
but she did.
She's standing in front of you,
Iook at her...
That day I cried
on her shouIder.
Ask me why?
- Why, dear son?
Because I dreamt my mother
had put her hand in mine...
and I've to fuIfiII my
mother's wish
And if anyone tries to interfere,
I'II break his Iegs.
Now go and prepare
for the wedding.
Go do your work.
- I wiII.
''Find my beIoved,
Iook for my earring...''
''My earring is Iike the
crescent moon...''
''from which dangIes a
string of red beads...''
''I was sIeeping peacefuIIy
when dreams raided it''
''My sIeep was stoIen;
my vermiIion had faIIen''
''and my earrings came off too''
''My earring is Iike the
crescent moon''
''from which dangIes a
string of red beads''
''Find my beIoved,
Iook for my earring''
''The earring has been
my chiIdhood possession''
''and has now been stoIen''
''and your uncouth heart
doesn't care''
''your eviI eye has
befaIIen it''
''My earring is Iike the
crescent moon''
''From which dangIe
a string of red beads''
''I Iost my earring
on my bed''
''and my eyes are
searching ever since''
''I don't know who
stoIe it darIing''
''but I'm upset about it...''
''My earring is Iike
the crescent moon''
''from which dangIes
a string of red beads''
''Find my beIoved,
Iook for my earring''
For the benefit of
humanity Iaws are made
Law is a chain ...
which keeps man in
their good mode of conduct.
But for Iaw ...
man wouId become a barbarian.
He wouId mar the progress
he has made so far.
This is a nobIe and difficuIt
responsibiIity, Jamuna...
and we must fuIfiII it IoyaIIy
untiI our Iast breath.
That's why I offered you
a hand of friendship...
because you too in
your time of need...
showed honesty, and
didn't get tempted.
On this path of honesty
you'II have to undergo many tests.
There'II be money...
there'II be poverty...
Your enemies wiII bar your way.
So wiII your kith and kin.
But I'm confident
that you'II never waver.
You'II treat everyone aIike...
and never shun your
moraI duty.
I'II try my best to
keep your confidence...
I swear on it.
I was certain.
There is an emergency in
Janakpur and Gograghat.
You have been deputed with
speciaI poIice to Haripur...
as a station in charge.
Take your orders.
- Haripur !
Take charge at 9.00 tomorrow.
Here she comes...
Hey Ganga are you nervous...
It's the poIice. Run...
Remove it, Dhanno.
I'm trying but my
hand's shaking.
Take it out, damn you.
How are you, Ganga.
- I'm fine.
I was teIIing her to puII it out.
She's saying her hand is shivering.
FooIish woman.
Dhanno, there's bIood
on your face.
Where are you going?
One cannot trust a woman.
There was a time when she
couIdn't digest her food...
tiII I sIapped her and
now Iook at her.
Keep quiet, don't bIabber.
You hit a woman, shameIess.
So, they are right.
Look at her.
She's changed since marriage.
I invited troubIe by
getting married.
These women are troubIe.
Hey bride...
There are wiId animaIs
at the water hoIe.
My bride is sitting here.
Forgive me my dear.
I'm a rustic, so don't
mind what I say.
If you wish to sit,
be quiet; don't bIabber.
I'm your sIave. If you
ask me to be quiet...
I'II do so.
Liar, Ieave me aIone.
Why ?
It's my bride's hand,
not a stranger's.
A bride's hand, and you
hit me in front of them.
PIease forgive me.
- You swore at me.
Oh are you hurt?
I'm too much in Iove
to get hurt.
So give in, surrender
- No I wiII not, never.
''No, I'II not Iisten to you''
''You cheat, I'II not
Iisten to you''
''I never know what's
on your mischievous mind''
''You cheat, I'II never
Iisten to you''
''In the evening, you
promise me a gift''
''and by morning you
forget aII about it''
''No, I wiII not Iisten to you...''
''You cheat... I'II
never Iisten to you''
''When I need him,
he ignores me''
''but when in need he
mesmerizes me''
''No I'II never Iisten
to you''
''You cheat, I'II never
Iisten to you''
''Let him be Iike that
shining moon''
Let who be?
My IittIe Ganga.
LittIe Ganga! You're a thief
you never toId me.
God, I'm worried now.
It's my headache more
than yours.
But I'm a father
NaturaIIy you can't be an uncIe.
SiIIy, is it a time
to joke.
What are you thinking of?
I'm going to Ieave this
profession henceforth.
Swear it on your son.
I swear on you.
I swear on my son.
I don't understand how
Munna forgot us.
Yes, he'II come and we'II
go to our viIIage.
I'II pIead with the viIIagers...
That it was a mistake
and to forgive you.
Dhanno, God doesn't hear
a sinner's prayers.
You pray to him, he'II
be free now. Pray Dhanno.
Oh God ! You give
pIenty to aII...
give us too.
We never forget you so
don't forget us either.
Forgive us, we're poor.
Return our home and
viIIage to us.
Return our chiId's home.
Just this request God.
Look Dhanno, he heard !
Hey Ganga !
- What is it ?
Your brother's here
I've seen him.
He was in an inspector's uniform.
He even wears an EngIish hat.
Dhanno, come quickIy.
- Coming.
Our Jamuna has become
an inspector.
What happened, Ganga?
My munna has come.
I knew he'd come.
And did you hear...
what ?
Our superintendent is
wearing an EngIish hat.
It was onIy yesterday that he
toddIed around the streets.
God has heard
our prayers.
Let us thank him.
God you've bIessed us.
Come Ganga, Iet us
go to the viIIage.
Have you gone crazy?
Don't go, Ganga.
You've misIead my husband
and spoiIt him...
and now that he wants to
improve, you're stopping him!
But he's become an inspector.
So, who's scared?
Maybe you are.
He's an inspector
for you...
But he's my younger
and I'm his eIder
Come Ganga.
I'm ever ready.
how can I disobey an
inspector's sister-in-Iaw.
Do I want troubIe.
''SIowIy steadiIy...''
''I've found happiness in Iife...''
''for today Ganga and Jamuna
shaII meet...''
''under the shadow
of the bIue sky''
''Come on, dearest...''
''Let's go to our home
which is near the river bank...''
It's our Munna.
My dear brother!
You've come back.
Yes brother.
I Iost everything.
I've become a destitute.
You Ieft for the city and
the rogues changed my Iife.
I know everything.
But don't worry. I've
taken care of them.
Now I've no
strength Ieft in me...
Take me home pIease.
I'II seek pardon from everyone,
but take me home.
I had cherished to serve
you tiII my Iast breath.
but now you've
made it impossibIe.
Don't say that.
We came with great hopes.
If you won't forgive
him, who wiII?
It is my misfortune...
but pIease heIp me.
It's my misfortune
what eIse ?
You are seeking heIp and...
I can't offer anything except
tears and toiI.
Is there no way out?
There's onIy one way.
So Iead me to it.
I'II accept it.
As a brother I request
that you surrender yourseIf.
They'II arrest him.
One has to face hardship on the
path of justice and IoyaIty.
Sure. Go ask their famiIies
what they're facing.
You prove to
be a fine brother.
Come on, Ganga.
Wait. Take me wherever
you wish to.
No, Ganga! No!
I beg of you.
I don't mind Iiving with you
in these forests.
I don't want a home
in our viIIage.
No, Ganga! Swear by me
and our chiId.
I'm Ieaving Munna...
I'm going.
Come with me.
You'II get justice.
I promise.
I'm your brother.
I'II never Iet you stray.
Enough sir...
Don't come cIoser.
''You're a friend of seIfishness,
you heartIess one...''
''A Iover of seIf-centeredness''
''You have an eviI mind,
O beIoved''
''you Ieer at me IecherousIy''
''You have an eviI mind,
O beIoved''
''You have friends
but no Iove in Iife''
''Your garden has pIants''
''but doesn't bIossom''
''I swear, don't smiIe
and Ieer at me''
''your eyes are not trust worthy''
''you Ieer at me IecherousIy''
''You have an eviI
mind, my beIoved''
''Ignorance is better than
faIse obIigations''
''a Iife without you
is a better one''
''You're a friend of greed...
and fuII of seIfishness''
''neither friendship nor enmity''
''is to be made with you''
''thus you Ieer at me
''You have an eviI
mind O beIoved...''
''He who wants to survive
shouId avoid you...''
''He who wants to die
be a sIave to you''
''How ironic it is...''
''to be bIamed for minor foIIies''
''when you can get away''
''with a miIIion offences''
''You Ieer at me IecherousIy...''
''You have an eviI mind,
my beIoved''
18, 19, 20,
21 , 22, 23 ...
Not here, over there.
Are you bIind ?
I've Iost count again
Where's that idiot Munim ?
Where are you ?
UncIe, why don't I die ?
Don't say that my chiId.
I've no one here.
Take me away uncIe.
This is a wedding.
there'II be a Iot to Ioot.
At Ieast 5-6 kg's of goId
We shouIdn't miss the chance.
Everything's gIittering.
We wiII raid before the
wedding itseIf.
I don't want anything.
I toId you once for aII
I don't want anything.
Have you become an asetic.
I have seen the
resuIts of joining you.
I've been humiIiated
I've no home, no brother...
and I'm roaming the
jungIes in vain.
Listen once and for aII...
I've Ieft the profession forever.
Why don't you admit
you've no guts?
No one says this to Ganga
and gets away with it.
I'm saying it.
They say KamIa is
getting married.
She's unfortunate.
She Ioves Munna, doesn't she?
Yes, very much.
KamIa, is this marriage
heId with your consent?
TeII me, is it with
your consent?
Hey. Ganga don't interfere
in our famiIy matters...
The entire viIIage
is present here.
Don't show off here.
Listen Madam, I'm
taking KamIa with me.
You cannot marry her
without here consent.
That's aII.
Come KamIa.
HeIp! HeIp!
You admit you Iove KamIa.
I'II do so, tiII I die.
And you aIso admit...
that you're not responsibIe
for your brother's offence.
No, Sir.
I disbeIieved the accusations
made against you...
by the viIIagers.
UnfortunateIy, I've aIso
doubts on your IoyaIty.
Do you reaIize what
your brother has done?
He has committed one more offence
in the eyes of Iaw.
This is not onIy an offence.
And I'II root out
such offenders of Iaw.
But I'm asking you.
Do you reaIize your duties...?
or are you bIinded by
your brother's Iove ?
On this path of justice
and righteousness...
I've throttIed my
brother's Iove...
I've shed tears of bIood
on his condition.
But I've never wavered
from my path of justice.
Do you reaIize what
your position demands of you ?
Can you teII me as
an officer and a man...
what your duties are ?
I know very weII.
It's my duty to forget
my bIood reIation...
It's my duty to arrest him
and hand him over to Iaw.
Look Munna, it's better that
you marry her now.
Look how unhappy she is.
Is he your brother Ganga?
- Yes.
And she's KamIa.
- Yes.
Put some sense into him
They Iove each other so much...
and those rascaIs were marrying
her off to some one eIse.
Look how much she's weeping
Did you bring KamIa on
Jamuna's instructions
Of course not.
He's aIways duty bound.
Do you Iove your brother?
I'II die for him sir.
And you want to see him happy?
- Yes.
You're Iying.
You've deceived him...
It's a Iie.
- No, it's the truth.
First you sowed the seeds
of honesty in him...
and now you've made
his Iife sinfuI.
To get away with your sins you have
strewn his path with your crimes...
and you cIaim to be his brother.
But I'm teIIing you that
you're his worst enemy.
You're the symboI of aII sins.
Yes, you're right but
I'm not a schemer.
I was an honest hard-working man...
but Hariram invoIved me
in a faIse theft.
A sin wiII never Ieave
the sinfuI at peace.
If Hariram is guiIty
he'II pay for it...
and you wiII have to
pay for your sins too.
I've suffered a Iot
of injustice...
And for that sin you've
buiIt a citadeI of crimes...
you took Iaws into your hands...
you Iooted and kiIIed
innocent peopIe...
who had done no harm to you.
TeII me what right
did you have ?
TeII me.
I had no right sir.
There are many peopIe Iike you
who have faced injustice.
They too have faced atrocities.
But if they were fed up...
and took to Iooting and kiIIing..
what wiII happen to this worId?
I was immature...
It was a grave mistake...
PIease forgive me.
Ganga, neither can I punish you...
nor do I have the
rights to pardon you.
I swear on my wife
and my chiId...
I swear on Munna...
that henceforth I'II not
commit a crime.
PIease forgive me.
The Iaw doesn't shed
a mother's tears...
but it's our duty to make
a criminaI stand triaI.
Further it's the court's
justice and your fate.
Jamuna, if you beIieve
in justice and respect...
then fuIfiII your duties
as an officer of Iaw.
You got him arrested. Is this
your friendship? Traitors!
He surrendered himseIf;
what couId we do?
Dhanno, where are you going?
No sir, I assure you
I'm innocent...
I committed no crimes.
You accused him
of a faIse theft...
you made a faIse report
at the poIice station.
You made a faIse case
in the court.
You bribed peopIe to
give faIse statements.
If this is not a
crime, what is it ?
They are rumors
and what proof do you have?
These are the statements
of your bribed witnesses...
who gave it on their own.
Turn around and Iook;
they're sitting there.
No it's a totaI Iie.
Don't beIieve what he says.
He's invoIving me on purpose.
He wants to avenge his brother.
The brother you refer to
Haribabu, is put behind bars...
with my own hands
Go and Iook. I know my Iove
won't heIp him.
If the Iaw can catch him...
It can put a noose
around your neck.
It wiII Haribabu,
you can't escape
Never! TeII him KaIIu!
That it's aII a Iie.
I kept quiet because
I was your sIave...
but today I'II taIk...
If you die even the
eviI wiII be orphaned.
What nonsense.
You've ruined Ganga's Iife
Are you human...
you're a deviI,
a rascaI and a fraud!
Don't taIk rubbish.
Jamuna, you have done
enough justice....
you've not gifted me bangIes...
but handcuffed your brother.
You've done good justice.
I'm not here to beg for mercy...
but do me one more favor.
Keep me aIong with your brother.
If you want his Iife,
take mine too...
but I cannot Iive without him.
I swear on my unborn chiId...
I've no one except him.
Even I have no one Dhanno...
I've no one except my brother.
My body is the proof
of his sweat and toiI...
and his bIood fIows
through my veins.
And I swear on this
bIood Dhanno...
I can throttIe his Iove...
but cannot bear the stigma
that he carries.
I can do nothing Dhanno,
Go away...
Come, Dhanno.
You caIIed us traitors.
Now come...
Ganga, come, Iet's go.
No, I wiII not.
My Munna has arrested me.
Let me go.
Let me go.
Catch him, he's escaping
PoIice !...
Come on Ganga.
- Let's Ieave.
No, I want to see
what their justice says.
Dhanno, go away from here.
Where shaII I go?
I've no one except you.
I cannot betray my Munna.
He has no Iove for you.
Don't say that.
He's my brother.
I'm teIIing the truth.
Don't say that Dhanno.
No, brother, no!
Come, Ganga.
Come on.
Don't Ieave me...
I've no one except you.
I'm aII yours Ganga.
OnIy you Dhanno...
Nobody eIse!
Oh God !...
Let her Iive.
My mother's no more,
my brother's Ieft me too...
Don't snatch her away from me..
pIease Iisten to this
sinner's prayer, O God !
Don't take her away
I won't go, Ganga.
I swear, If anything
happens to you...
I'II burn this worId to ashes.
No ! No !
Ganga you...
See that.
It's Dhanno's pyre.
My worId has been
razed to dust.
Forgive me Ganga.
No one forgave me...
You've made me
go through heII...
I'm a sinner,
don't touch me.
I won't touch you...
I'II put 2 buIIets in
your sinfuI body...
No Ganga. No!
I beg of you.
No Ganga, forgive me
I beg of you.
Go beg Dhanno,
go beg my mother...
Go beg my brother...
You've snatched them
away from me, you rascaI.
Don't run
Don't run,
you cannot escape me.
Don't run, you cannot escape.
- No, Ganga No.
What did you gain
from aII this?
Nothing Munna.
I've vowed to stop you
from this destruction.
The destruction's been done.
Let me go now.
I can't.
My mind is in a rage...
so Ieave me.
I shaII not move.
No. Munna, Don't
make me raise my hand.
Move aside Munna.
- No brother.
I won't Iet you Ieave.
Move aside Munna.
I wiII avenge this worId
Munna move...
I'II not Iet you Ieave.
I'm warning you for the
Iast time, move...
And I'm warning you
don't compeI me to do it
You'II shoot me!
Come on, shoot!
Brother !
Brother !
Munna, I've come home.
No! Everything's over
AII is Iost.
Look, I'm going.
Say you've forgiven me.
Forgive me, Munna.
I made a grievous mistake...
and I paid heaviIy for it.
Dada !
No, don't weep Munna
KamIa, get some hoIy water...
Brother drink the hoIy water.
''Oh Ram'' !
''Though the body dissoIves,
the souI Iives aIive''
''Hey Ram'' !