Gunman's Walk (1958) Movie Script

It'll be good to be getting
away from the ranch a while.
Are you crazy?
I just want to make sure you can still
talk. You didn't talk the last five miles.
Don't do that again.
Okay brother, continue.
Are we supposed to yell at each other?
Come on, come on... I'm listening.
If that's all you have to tell me,
it was not worth it.
I often think of the mare
we saw in the autumn,
she's probably out there somewhere.
Shame I have missed my throw!
The prettiest horse I ever saw.
Not the first time that you have missed.
I am weaker than Lee,
or even than you.
What do you mean "same as me?"
I'm as strong as Lee,
if not stronger!
That's right, go ahead, break up your neck.
You speak their lingo pretty good.
My mother was Sioux.
What do you know.
If you are around the reservation
I will have to join the tribe.
Talk to my brother, he is in the corral.
I'm not so anxious.
Not unless I'm sure you
have the right company.
What brings you strangers over here?
If I had known you stock that
kind of merchandise over here.
Clee was not here recently.
What can I do for you?
Say it to him, I have to do something else.
We are short on manpower.
You over at the Hackett
Ranch are shorthanded?
Father has dispatched 5,000 heads of cattle.
There was a shortage of railroad wagons.
The men
will not return in time... I see.
We thought
you could help us out.
We'll see.
We have far too many horses in our
territory, wild stallions and stry ones.
And you?
Are you wild or stray?
3 weeks to collect them,
one for selling them in town,
Maybe that is what you are
gonna do in Jackson City.
Me, I plan to have fun in the City,
It really is a nice name,
IS this a Sioux name, sweetheart?
And I am not your darling!
Do not talk to her like that.
This is a halfbreed, right?
The school hasn't changed her skin color.
Shut up.
Do not mind,
He wants to make you angry.
I want to beat him.
Do not hesitate.
he is stronger than me.
I prefer that,
My name is Davy Hackett.
Yes, I know Mr. Avery said
that you are one of the Hacketts.
Yet who would have thought?
A Hackett not bearing a gun.
I am Cile Chouard...
I thought it was "Clee"?
My mother called me Clee,
My father was French,
I don't know which one I
like better, Cile or Clee.
It's alright, you didn't call me honey.
The Hacketts need
help with a horse drive.
This is David Hackett,
my brother Paul,
"Black Horse", "Blue Eagle.
They ask how much you pay,
Doesn't matter, just don't spend all
on overpriced shirts.
Leave us, squaw, this is mens' business.
When does the drive start?
When should we start?
Regarding wages...
Tell Lee that we are prepared.
See you tomorrow.
You have until the end of the
month to make good on the contracts.
We need the bulls
shipped on time.
Johnson knows that I want 3,000 head.
When Tyler is back you can help him.
Okay, I'll take care of it.
I can take care of it,
If you want.
Oh no.
I am not ready to retire you yet.
Bob, you and me haven't
missed a horse drive in 20 years.
You have to have a
little fun once in a while.
These rides
are not great at my age.
And you know why?
You do not have a couple of sons
like that.
It's not enough for you,
You always want to be ahead of them.
Any luck at the agency?
I hired three men.
Two and a half in fact,
One was a half-breed.
Paul Chouard?
- You know him?
- Very good,
And how!
This is the best man!
- From the neighborhood.
- Really?
You think so?
If you don't take my word for it,
see for yourself.
- I'll help,
- No thanks.
Don't pay a foreman to
rub down my sons' horses.
I have not asked him. But you agreed.
You know I hate
asking for favors.
We must always be ready
to pay it back double or triple.
What should I do?
I said I don't want it to happen again.
Yes Sir.
Don't you walk away from
me when I'm talking to you.
If you let others
doing things for you
they believe
they are better than you.
Yes Sir.
You can stop calling me sir.
Come, get washed up, son.
If Chouard
is the best horse catcher in the region,
Lee and Ed will not let that stand.
They are bugging each other.
It's not gonna be easy
for Chouard out there.
Look what I found.
I had forgotten.
No, I left it on purpose.
So wear it.
Okay, I put it on.
So when does the attack of the Sioux begin?
You got rustlers riding the range?
You are not so big that I
can't take my belt to you.
I do not want to be cheeky,
but I can shoot good enough.
In town,
only the sheriff carries a gun.
I could see folks staring at us.
What for?
Because they look at us?
They watch us if it suits them.
What for?
I'll tell you why.
I want them to know
it ain't their country anymore.
Just want to remind
them that we got here first.
With this.
What do think would have
happened if I hadn't had a gun.
And wouldn't have known how to use it.
Your so good with the gun, try it.
A little rusty, huh?
Come on, we'll chip off a bit of rust.
I neglected your training,
You take both?
No, one after the other.
Once more.
You weren't even close.
Watch your wrist,
keep it lose.
Here, take this.
I'll go slowly.
Observe me well.
Look at my gun,
not the bottles,
- See what I mean?
- Yes,
Now that one, there.
Not again, work on your draw.
You could do better
when you were 15 years old,
What if I could, what's
so important about it?
I shoot enough to kill a rattler
or put a horse out of it's misery.
Yes, you can, if you stand up close enough.
Can you tell me what's
so important about it?
I saw you standing in
front of the mirror practicing.
You want me to boot you the...?
Do not blame him to
train in front of a mirror.
Let's see how fast you are.
I'll throw them one after the other.
Wait until I have thrown the second one.
But you got to get this one first.
Okay, go ahead.
Very good!
You think you can do any better?
No I do not think so,
Not on the bottles,
But a man!
- Who knows?
- Of course...
Wait a bit.
I saw fast shooters
lose their nerves.
There is a way to check.
For example, if...
If everyone took
one of the tin cans.
Holding it like this.
We step back and when
Davy gives a signal we draw.
And fire?
Yes, on the tin can.
Never ever!
Even on the 5-liter cans.
I do not like to walk
with two fingers less.
I will take the can
and put it on the fence.
Crazy ideas, shooting a
box out of the hand of a man.
You don't think I can?
If it would have been anybody else
I would have hit you dead center.
Habit is a strong thing
and you need to learn how to respect a gun.
Knowing when to shoot is just
as important as knowing how!
Come, let's eat.
The last meal before the rally,
come, Davy,
Bob was right, this mestizo is excellent.
It smells like rain.
Do you.
You better listen and take
your ponchos from the coach.
The sky is clear.
Should not argue with women,
mules and Cooks.
Hey, Chouard!
Do you think it will rain?
I do not know.
You do not know?
With your half Indian blood?
Can't the Sioux predict
the weather as an almanac?
Did your white father spoil your skills?
You needed me, right?
If my skin color is not up to you,
pay me.
Go, bury the hatchet, I
have the command here.
Ed, you are on guard now.
- More...
- Do not do it again!
Remember the poncho,
Don't just complain
when you're soaking wet.
Stop this bullshit, I don't
think either that it's gonna rain.
Three ponchos,
What is it?
I cannot leave Ed without the poncho.
So you think it is gonna rain after all?
Oh well!
I'll go,
Eventhough he won't thank me for it.
From you either.
Why should he, he's your brother.
Jess, bring them out of this ravine!
Like two young bulls
tangling their horns.
Neither yield.
They could settle for a draw.
You don't know Ed, he
doesn't give up that fast.
Move it, boys.
Is this any way to treat a horse?
He is lucky to be alive.
You know, the white mare from the fall?
Yes I do.
I saw her this morning.
The halfbreed saw it too.
I would have had it
if the dirty nag
had not thrown me off.
This arm has to be bandaged.
First, the mare.
Did Paul not get her?
She made a fool out of him.
She made one of those jumps!
He was just sitting there.
Let me fix that arm for you.
You know what, Davy?
If I catch the mare,
she is yours.
- Move away!
- I can't!
There is not enough room!
- No way to get there?
- I do not see how.
I'm very sorry for the poor boy.
Halfbreed or not, he was a good worker,
if not the best.
Does he have any family?
A sister,
Somebody ought to tell her.
Don't look at me!
You are responsible.
What do you mean?
There is no charge.
These are the risks of the job.
Does your brother accuse
anybody because of his arm?
In any case.
Somebody got to tell her.
I would like to send her some money, too.
See if she needs anything.
Davy, you should go,
It would make a much better impression.
Look, there's $ 100.
Tell her I'm sorry about this.
When you are finished
you head to Jackson City.
You will find us there.
Alright Bob, let's get moving.
Isn't she beautiful?
I will start breaking
her for you right away.
No, I do not want her,
But I told you she was yours.
I wish we've never seen her.
I got some bad news.
I know.
The two Indians came in this morning.
Is Clee around?
Can you tell me where I can find her?
I have to give her some money.
How much value does your
father put on somebody's life?
Now you just wait a minute.
My father is heartbroken,
perhaps more than you,
Clee isn't here.
The Indians took her
to go to the area where her brother died.
And how he died.
What do you mean, didn't they
tell her it was an accident?
They called it murder.
Good job.
How many do you figure we got?
300, 400 maybe.
Not bad.
There was a time we easily
gathered twice that many.
Before my time...
You are getting old.
Old? Well, little pug...
Try to arrive at Cattleman's Bar before me!
Yes? We'll see!
Ed Hackett!
- Ed Hackett!
- Could be nobody else!
He's wearing a pistol.
This is illegal!
Yes, but Hackett
arrived before the law.
I was beginning to worry!
What kind of soda pop you gonna have?
Or maybe a glass of milk?
Certainly not beer,
eh, boy?
From the other side of the street!
I saw these barrels
crumbling onto the street!
And this little one jumped
around like after a spider bite!
And I was laughing!
Who's the man named Lee?
You, you're not from here.
This is Lee Hackett.
The largest owner of the country.
You must have heard of him.
Lee, remember
when they hung the picture?
What was it you said, Lee?
We should have been hanging the
artist instead of the picture.
Next moment the gun was out
and smoking, remember that?
I can still see him.
Of course.
After that, the poor bull
was rather ugly to see.
And then? Now he's a jingle
ball and now he's a bob tail.
- I put the Hackett brand on him, Lee?
- Put it down!
- Let me brand him.
- I told you to put that gun away.
Yes sir,
Gentlemen, my apologies,
I should have know better...
than to top Lee Hackett.
Don't worry I will pay for the damages.
I will take my leave now.
Go to your room and cool down.
I might have neglected
that boy's education.
I believed
he was holding the liquor better.
Mike let me know what
I owe you for the mirror
and how much the vet is
charging for treating the bull.
Don't worry about it Mr. Hackett.
Okay, let's have another drink then.
You mean you're not gonna
charge him for all the damage?
You don't charge Lee
Hackett, you do him a favor.
If you do him a favor he's a
mighty generous man, Mr. Hackett.
Hold on, Ed!
I would like to see you.
Easy, sheriff,
I am free, white male over twentyone
and dry as a Texas duster.
I can arrest you right now.
For carrying weapons and fuss?
Take that bottle out of your mouth
when I am talking to you.
Sheriff, I do not listen with my mouth,
but with my ears.
So listen to me,
I will not repeat it.
You behave yourself from now on.
Do not drink on the street,
leave your gun at home
and ride through town like everybody else.
- Regarding the women...
- The women?
The women?
Where have I heard this word?
If you offer one wrong word to the
wrong woman I'll run you out of town.
Lee Hackett's boy or not.
Is that all, preacher?
Yeah, that's all besides I have one
of my deputies keeping an eye on you.
Will Motely just arrived
from the east coast,
- A former boxer.
- That explains it
I thought he was trampled.
No hard feelings, Mr. Motely.
Go ahead, take a sip.
Oh no, I forgot...
Not drink in the street.
Thank you for your fine speech, sheriff.
I will not forget,
You come with me, Mr. Motely?
You want me to bring him in?
No, just watch him.
Where will I find him?
In your opinion? Certainly
no in a midnight mass.
These are beautiful animals.
If you're interested,
the boss is over there.
Thank you, I am just looking.
Not that one!
It comes from another corral.
This is ours, boss, It
carries no brand yet.
How many could we put the Hackett brand on?
95, approximately.
Where were you last night?
Pretty much everywhere.
that I didn't run into you.
It would have been funny.
I guess high time I
shook a rope at that boy.
That would teach him a little
bit more respect for his father.
You're his father, Lee.
Where do I get the notion you
just want to be one of the boys
and who's idea was it to
call you Lee instead of dad?
Some problems - I am afraid so, Lee.
Mr. Avery here is accusing
your son of murder.
The murder of Paul Chouard.
Is this a joke or what?
Somebody's got their spurs all tangled up.
A murder...
when a man's horse stumbles over a cliff?
The horse has not tripped,
your son deliberately pushed
Paul Chouard off the Cliff.
You are claiming you were there when
it happened, you saw the whole thing?
Black Horse and Blue
Eagle claimed to have seen it.
And why didn't they say so right away?
They were afraid to,
they came to see me.
Is the word of two indians worth more
than my son's?
I am their agent, Mr. Hackett.
It is my duty to see them
get justice and fair play.
Oh no,
Two Sioux
would call my son a liar?
Wait a minute, Lee.
This is not a court here,
Ed will have his chance at the hearing.
Come on boy, I'll be taking you in.
Oh no.
No you're not, Harry,
There are not enough sheriffs
in the state to take my son in.
Better get that into your head right now.
Put all of these men in
courthouse, and I want them armed.
Wait a minute.
Do not do that, Lee.
Arrive armed will not help Ed,
rather it would do you harm.
Listen to me.
You're a respected man.
You are part of our history.
When a son of mine
is being holed in a jail...
just because a halfbreed
falls over a cliff...
it is high time
to be reminded of its history.
Let him remember the war paths.
The women and kids
that got massacred.
Wondering about justice
and fair play, Mr. Avery.
Too bad you were not
here about 25 years ago.
Well, here we go, Harry.
You ride in with me.
So you think he did it on purpose?
Yes Sir.
What's the point of listening
to these lying indians?
I will remind you, Lee Hackett,
Stop interrupting us again.
Sit down.
Sit down!
In all fairness, could Ed have missed
that Chouard was so
close to the edge of the cliff?
Anyone would have seen it.
One more question.
Blue Eagle said
Chouard was screaming when he fell.
- Did you hear it?
- Yes, The death cry of the Sioux.
So what?
I have often heard it.
And I was damn happy!
For the last time,
if you interrupt the session again...
I throw you out.
This "death cry.
Was it strong enough to
be heard clearly?
Yes sir,
Yet you say
that the accused did not even turn around.
- He continued to pursue the mare?
- Yes,
- Only after,
- What did he do then?
He tied the horse,
and returned to the place of the fall.
He looked, and called out his name.
There wasn't any doubt that...
Paul was dead.
Thank you, you may step down.
Mr. Avery, you said
you had another witness?
Yes, Paul Chouard's sister, Clee.
She saw it too?
No, but her testimony
complements the other.
Very well, young woman.
You may take the stand.
You swear to tell the truth,
the whole truth and nothing but the truth?
- I do,
- Sit down.
Tell the story.
I returned to the place
where my brother died.
The traces were clear.
Where my brother was
riding against Mr. Ed Hackett.
You examined
the traces left by the horses?
Yes I do.
Although these traces are visible,
they do not prove
it is not an accident.
They saw what happened!
They tell the truth.
Mr. Hackett.
I do not ask
the life of your son in exchange.
I want him to admit
that what he did was wrong.
That he be ashamed.
And that the life of a man,
even that of a "stinking
Sioux like myself...
is worth more than a mare,
or $100.
Young woman, you control yourself.
Somebody pick up those pieces.
Ed Hackett, stand up!
The statements of those two witnesses are
opposing your word,
I order
you are tried for murder.
The trial will be set for...
Your honor...
I would like to testify.
I saw everything.
I would not like
to say that are liars,
but I can not accept to see a white man
framed by a band of Indians.
- Take the stand, Mr?
- Sieverts,
Jensen Sieverts,
I am a horse trader.
- Mr. Sieverts, raise your hand,
- Good Sir.
You swear to tell the truth,
the whole truth, nothing but the truth?
I swear.
Sit down.
Your turn.
As I said, I am a horse trader
I was in that corner last week
to track a herd.
Get to the point, Mr. Sieverts.
Did you see Ed Hackett push Chouard...
From the top of the cliff?
No sir, I did not.
I saw a man go off the mesa...
but Mr. Hackett has not pushed him out.
he was not close enough.
It looked more like
the edge of the cliff gave way.
But he was not pushed,
No sir.
Who is this man?
Where did he from? How do we know...
- he was near that mesa?
- How do we know your Sioux friends...
where near that mesa?
Sorry, Fred.
I do not like
being called a liar.
I do not even know the Hacketts.
I have not spoken to anyone of them.
I didn't even know
it was young Ed Hackett.
Why would I come up here an lie?
This dramatically changes things.
It seems to me
that the spontaneous testimony of this man,
unknown to the accused,
will carry more weight with the jury
than that of two Indians.
Friends and blood brother of the deceased.
In view of the circumstances,
I declare that there
is insufficient evidence,
and I order
the accused to be acquitted,
The court is closed.
I want to thank you very much,
I'm gonna buy you a drink.
This goes for everybody.
All to the Cattleman's Bar.
There is a side door if
you want to leave there.
- What for?
- In order to not to disturb your father?
For a second I though he was decent
enough to come over and say sorry.
You can't expect me to feel
sorry that Ed got free, can you?
He was sorry about your brother.
How much did he pay him to lie?
I see you do not know my father,
otherwise you wouldn't accuse him.
I know how you feel,
I would like to do something for you.
Where is she gonna be staying in town?
With the Reverend Sotheby and his wife.
- Maybe I could...
- Davy!
Let her be,
This is what you better do.
What for?
You are the brother of Ed.
She will not forget.
There is something else.
Clee is a young attractive girl,
but she is still a halfbreed.
What if she is?
I do not doubt your intentions,
but you are the son of Lee Hackett.
Leave her be.
Well drink up down there!
Lee, come here,
I need you to hear this one!
I come right away!
Thank you again,
I am indebted to you.
I imagined, especially since I
was 100 miles away at the time.
To your health!
Can I ask why?
Of course,
I heard your father is a very generous man
who doesn't want to be obliged to anybody.
Not a all son, you got me all wrong.
I ask for nothing.
I just count on your daddy's generosity.
So how much do you think?
I do not know how to count beyond 10.
10 of your best horses
would my business.
Would that sound reasonable?
How are you two getting along?
Fine, I was just telling your boy here
that I've lost some horses in
that region a couple weeks ago.
We have perhaps picked up?
I had not marked them all.
Come see our corral tomorrow morning,
If they are there,
you just have to take them.
Very kind of you, Mr. Hackett.
Call him Lee,
like everybody.
Health, Lee!
Where are you going?
Out, I am convinced that
you will find your horses.
Great Boy!
- Have you seen Ed?
- No.
What are you doing there in the dark?
I was thinking.
I would like
you go get your brother.
What did he do again?
Who talks about that?
I just want you to keep him company.
He doesn't crave my
company anymore than I crave his.
For once, would you obey
without answering me?
I just don't want him getting into
more trouble while we're in town.
In town or elsewhere,
he doesn't care about.
You always get him out of it.
It does not solve the problems.
He might be released,
but the troubles remain.
You go there or not?
I'll go.
One back street and down
the other. But I need money.
Sure, have a good time,
that's what I want you to do.
Especially you.
That's what money is fore.
At your age, I did not
spend my time brooding.
You know, I tried, but...
I was never able to understand you.
Sometimes, I swear,
I would like you to be more like
your brother,
No, that's not what I mean exactly.
No difference in the
way I feel about you boy.
Yes I know.
I'm sorry to disappoint you,
Yes he is here.
I'm a runaway...
I'm a runaway...
I'll beg or steal or borrow.
MY saddle and my tack
I'm headin' for tomorrow.
And I'm never coming back.
Follow my tracks and you will find.
Cause I'm just not the
marryin' kind, I'm a runaway.
Hold it, professor! Hold it.
Yes Sir.
If I'm not generous!
Thank you sir!
One two Three...
Who pays the next verse?
- Me, my little one.
- Perfect.
Hey, sweetheart.
You still have a lot of songs
like that?
More than 100,
but this is above my strength.
I want just my glass.
No wonder, it is empty.
He needs a drink!
So many girls I haven't met.
So many cards I haven't bet.
Gonna take a chance, every chance I get
I'm a runaway I get.
I'm a runaway I get.
Tired of being a wandering gem.
Tired of being permanent.
Cause I'm a guy who's tired of it
I'm a runaway.
Continue without me.
He's changed partners the last 10 minutes.
I guess those are the new replacements.
So many tears I haven't wept.
So many leaves I haven't lept.
And so many beds where I ain't slept
I'm a runaway
Hi little brother.
You couldn't have timed it better.
I do not know what to do
with all these women.
As for you, I told you to
go hibernate some place.
I don't need a tinhorn
deputy following me around.
Try to behave and be a gentleman.
Take a nice little table and
present your brother to your friends.
I have a better idea.
You take the nice little
table. Hey baby, we're leaving.
You're leaving already?
My little brother is
tired, I got to tuck him in.
Come back soon.
Come with Lee next time.
Lee is the funniest of the lot, huh?
- Where are we going?
- It depends, You have any money?
Who gave you this?
Lee, eh? For us to have a good time.
I can see, you're having a great time!
You and this... what's his name!
Excuse me, Motely,
My personal chaperone.
Give him back his dirty money. He told me!
I must not leave you.
I know, just imagine.
I must tell you, my little Davy.
Not when he hears us.
I staked out a claim and
tonight I have to exploit it.
For that, it is better to be alone.
So back to the hotel.
No, come with me.
I am not telling you again!
Got back to the hotel and
tell him that I'm big enough
to take care of myself.
You don't have to yell!
I go with pleasure.
You are hard on him.
Taking out on him what you
have against your father?
One day I met a guy
who wanted to be a champion,
Heavyweight World champion.
There was only one problem.
He was just a little slow.
He was always late
of a tenth of a second.
And so?
Maybe your father
is a little quicker.
This is where the problem lies.
You just can't make that up.
I know everything.
The door is open, Come in.
Let me have a good
look at you, Davy Hackett.
I grew up by now.
Yes, but you still look like your mother.
Yes, it seems.
Did you know I was coming?
Not exactly, We hoped.
We heard a lot of talk about you
and your brother.
It is the fault of your father.
it is not for us to judge.
Cile, come here,
or I send this young man away.
I am not judging, I am
simply stating a fact.
Davy wants to take you for a walk.
You have all the time.
Good evening and come back at any hour.
Would you believe just one thing.
Otherwise, nothing that I say
will matter anyway.
I know to say I'm sorry about your brother
does not mean much
but I would give everything
to be someone else.
To be a stranger to you.
Could you forget just for a
moment that my name is Hackett?
No, this is impossible.
You can't either.
Mr. Avery was right,
It'd been better to stay away.
I am glad you didn't.
We always thought after we saved enough...
we'd buy a ranch and raise horses.
Paul was always so good with horses.
I know.
What will you do?
I do not know.
Mr. Avery could help me
get a job as a school teacher.
But that would not be a life for you.
I love children.
Maybe so, but
I do not see you in that role.
It's a way to help my people.
Others also need help.
What about me?
What about us?
No, Davy, please.
Because of my brother?
No, you are the son of Lee Hackett.
My mother was a Sioux.
Sioux Sioux or not, I do not care.
I prefer them
to most people here.
Your father doesn't feel that way.
I do not care,
He did not ask me my opinion
when he got married.
I never seen a girl cry this close before.
They can't all Cry as pretty as you.
You sure Davy was not there?
Not when me and the sheriff got there.
Just Ed and this big deputy,
the husband of the lady
and 3 guys in bad shape.
- And not Davy?
- No.
Perhaps something has happened to him.
Ed knows how to defend himself but Davy?
Try to find him!
We'll find him, Lee.
Harry, where's Ed?
Here is the list of the charges, Lee.
"Drunkenness, loud and abusive language,
"forceable entry and
attempted, no she withdrew that,
resisting arrest and
striking an officer of the law."
You got to admit that this makes
for very colorful reading here.
I will say one thing, Mr. Hackett.
He's got a good right hand.
Relax, Harry!
Don't you remember the July 4th
weekend when we celebrated through the 7th?
That was 20 years ago.
The times have changed.
That does not stop us from
understanding young people.
You gonna let me out of here...
or I'll gonna break this place down.
You make him quit that
before he hurts himself!
Lee, Ed should adapt to his time.
The times have changed.
I am just a little sick of hearing that.
That's where your wrong.
You and your son,
you live in the past.
Times don't change in this
country where you breed a man soft.
Without any spirit a man is like a horse.
He don't buck the first time you put
a saddle on him he's not worth having.
All right, Lee, he's your son,
I'm just the sheriff here.
You can bring him back to the hotel but I want
him kept there until you're ready to leave town.
And the sooner you can do
that the better it will suit me.
So here I am undesirable
in my own City.
This is your son I am
talking about, not you.
It's the same thing.
When you're talking about that
boy you are talking about me.
Harry, I am not apologizing to anybody.
Will, let him out, will you.
You sure knew how to put that right.
I knew you could not
keep me in this stinking...
Go wash yourself!
What happened to Davy?
I asked you where your brother was!
How do I know, I told him to get lost.
Look, I don't need
anybody looking after me.
Yes, everybody with a
half ein eye can see that.
Good night, Ed.
Do not get up too early,
you will not go anywhere.
Didn't you go to bed yet?
Waiting for getting my scolding,
can't sleep till its over with.
I do not blame you for anything.
Let me help you with that.
I can manage it.
Is it wrong
wanting to help his father?
I need any help I'll ask for it.
Pass me that bottle,
will you.
Where were you tonight?
- With Cile.
- Who?
Cile, we walked around.
You were walking around
town with that halfbreed?
I didn't say a thing
against him, not one thing.
I'm gonna hear plenty. No son of
mine is gonna make a fool out of me.
Lee, who are you to talk?
Without your boots, you're not even
as tall as I am!
Good night!
You've recovered any more?
I picked out nine so far.
All of them in top condition.
Weren't there any ruts
in your string, Mister?
No, there are all good horses, that's the reason
I am so glad you helped me catch them for me.
The white mare there...
He's one of mine, too.
This mare? Are you sure?
Dead certain.
I caught that myself over a
month ago in Flint Canyon.
I believe I have branded it.
It is smooth as a slate.
Never have been branded,
never had a rope on her.
What are you talking about?
You don't think I'd be claiming that
mare unless she belonged to me, do you?
You will not call me a horse thief?
- Since you bring this up.
- Bob!
Mr. Sieverts claims that horse is his.
Put a lanyard on that white mare.
Alright, Mr., you got your string.
I can't think of anything that'll
keep you in this part of the country.
Indeed, Lee.
Just packing up and be on my way.
I would do the same if I were you.
And do it today!
Finally awake?
No, I'm still in there sleeping...
Where is Lee?
Outside, sorting the horses.
That Sieverts is out with him.
Bizarre that we have not
crossed him on the trail that day.
The two Indians either.
I'd like you to tell me the truth.
I know that you have pushed Paul.
But did you do it on purpose?
The reason ist that I want
to marry Cile Chouard.
Marry her?
You marry a dirty halfbreed?
Make me an uncle
of a dirty little Sioux?
Get up, I need to beat some sense into you.
You're not gonna beat
me, not now Or ever again.
I've been weaned from you and from Lee.
Get up out of there and defend yourself!
A Kid trick, know a block of
my shoulder, cross that line!
A full grown man doesn't
have to play kids games, Ed!
That's alright for you and Lee, not for me.
What do I have to do, kick you?
No, I don't think you do that.
If you did you'd have to kill me.
I maybe wrong...
but I think it'd make me
mad enough to Kill you.
What do you know.
I don't know what this Clee
girl has been feeding you.
Must have been mighty powerful medicine.
Get up out of there.
You look like a man who
has saddled backwards.
Let's go see Lee.
He said you would not go out.
A stroll doesn't hurt me.
Do not do that.
It'll be alright, Davy, as long as you...
come here!
What a dirty thief!
He's claimed your mare!
Ed, wait!
Sieverts! Hold on!
Hello, Ed.
I see you've recovered all your horses.
Yes, all ten of them.
Mighty nice to round them up for me, too.
There must be a mistake with one of them.
That mare...
You can take the others,
no problem, but not this mare.
Why not?
Because you don't, that's why.
I promised that mare to my little brother.
I just take off that lead rope.
Hands off, son.
This mare is mine.
And I got a bill of sale to prove it.
Now would you step aside.
Besides, your father agreed.
In that case it is not worth discussing.
Mr., you made a
mistake of pulling that gun!
Come on, I am buying drinks.
Get the doctor.
Get your father here boy, get him
here fast! Somebody get the sheriff!
Set them up for everybody!
Come on, they'll be here!
Yes, Ed.
Who are you starring at?
I said, who are you staring at?
What is happening,
I said I was buying drinks.
Maybe that's it, Mr. Ed,
maybe they didn't hear you.
I will officially invite them for you.
Yeah right, real formal.
Just like a formal invitation to
a wedding or a funeral or killing.
Go get a stretcher.
He is losing blood.
Get those horses out of the street.
He's in there, sheriff, I
tell you he got me spooked.
He kept asking
"Set them up for everybody!,
Your gun, Ed.
I just Killed you a horse thief.
He is not dead.
But there is nothing wrong with your aim,
he'll die more than likely.
Terrible, right?
What are you gonna do, winding
up using the gun on the sidewalk?
That's in the middle of the street,
that's were they all die sooner or later.
He had stolen our horses
and he threatened me, what do you want?
If he was stealing those horses
why did he parade them through town?
I do not know. Why don't you ask him?
I will if he pulls through.
Your gun and let's take
a walk over to the jail.
No way, it was self-defense.
Ask any of them, they saw it.
This time, their testimony
will weigh more than the one of
2 Sioux,
Wait a minute, Sheriff.
Must not confuse cards.
You quite understand.
You gonna get me that gun.
I am leaving,
but when I come back I won't be alone.
I'll be carrying a shotgun.
You wanna start shooting go right ahead!
But it was self defense!
Ask them!
Old fool.
Clear the street, everyone!
You hear me? Off the street!
Come on, guys.
Let's clear the street.
What's happening?
What did you do to my son?
Nothing yet, he's at the bar.
I told you to clear the street.
This also applies to you and your men, Lee.
You are not going after
that boy with any shotgun!
It's the law.
Seems to me you been overworking that
law against Ed since we came to town.
A man can take only so much pushing!
That goes for the law, too, Lee.
Until now I have been bending
backwards because he is your son.
But he almost killed a man and
refused to give me his weapon.
Are you defending that?
Alright, I get his gun, Harry.
That's his last chance, Lee.
You keep out of this.
Keep outside!
Have a drink!
Yes, I think I need one.
Why did you do that, you knew
I let him have those horses?
Sure I knew it.
How come you let him take the mare?
You must have known he
was lying when he claimed her.
Lying when?
You let him make you crawl.
You'll let him walk all over you.
You! Lee Hackett let a small time
operator make a fool out of you!
And you took it lying down.
I took it for you, to keep his mouth shut.
Oh you did, hah?
Who asked you to?
I didn't ask any favors from him!
"A Hackett
doesn't take favors, remember!
Maybe you're right.
Maybe I am wrong, maybe we are both wrong.
That only means we must
stick together in this family.
Got to trust me.
Okay, so I trust you.
Give me your gun.
I told the sheriff you give yourself up.
I don't care what you told him.
Ed, hand over that gun.
I am not giving that gun
to you or anybody else.
I am giving you an order.
You can go to hell!
Don't you ever talk to
me like that ever again.
Lee, what's happening?
It's alright, Harry, come on in.
This time it's all right, Lee, this time I
let you take my gun, but never try this again.
You didn't take me in,
Sheriff, remember that.
He did!
Yesterday they were still friends.
Why did he want to kill a
man who testified for you.
Mighty peculiar if you ask me.
Something is gonna come out of this, you
watch. Well one thing's gonna come out of it.
As sheriff I'll enforce the
law against wearing guns in town.
It's all Lee Hacketts fault.
Put a gun in a boys hand and
sooner or later he's gonna use it.
He's got to.
You might as well know about it. People are beginning
two and two together. Tying it all to Paul Chouard.
What if Sieverts talks?
What about Sieverts?
I know that he lied.
Alright, so you know.
What if he dies?
Serves him right for pulling the gun.
Ed shot it out of his hand, I told
you that. He didn't have to kill him.
What side are you on? Are you trying to
be the key witness for the prosecution?
Should I swear it was another accident
like what happened to Cil's brother?
If that girl's brother means more to you
than your own brother it's time to say so.
I am not saying that.
But you are acting it.
One son in jail, the other
mooning over a halfbreed.
I don't know which one shames me more.
Alright, inside. I take that gun belt.
Anything else?
My spurs, perhaps, aren't
you worried I dig my way out?
Son, I quit worrying about you ten
minutes ago when I went for my shotgun.
I want to see Sieverts.
He is not here.
I know, The doctor refuses to let me in.
He told me to take it up with you.
We must question him before he dies.
Indeed, it would be better.
When he's dead he can't talk.
Do not joke.
I am convinced he lied in court but a man on
his dead bed generally would tell the truth.
I would not count on it.
Come, I was just going over there anyway.
See you later.
See what I mean?
Right now I don't know which way to pull.
When Sieverts talks Ed has to answer for
Paul. If he dies he has dad to answer for.
A murder charge either way.
You can't blame yourself
for your brother, Davy.
I don't even blame him,
not all the way.
He can't help being what
he is - I can see that now.
It's not that Ed is plain mean but even with
your brother he never meant to kill him.
Riding him off was more like being in a
race forcing the other rider to give way.
Ed just got to prove that he
was as good as Lee ever was.
He could never stand being second best.
Neither could Paul.
But then he didn't have
Lee Hackett for a father.
How is Sieverts?
I'll never now why so many miracles are
wasted on the undeserving - he is alive.
How many chances are you
giving him staying that way?
One miracle at a time, Harry.
Can we see him?
I have only one question.
He is in no condition for any questioning.
Did he say anything?
What would you say
with a bullet in the lung?
And now get out, both of you!
I need a drink and I don't have any
intention of sharing my Bourbon with you.
You'll let me know if
anything changes, would you.
Of course, Harry, I will put lights in the
windows, two if by land and one if by sea.
I'll be back later.
Please go and let me drink in peace.
Thank you, Tom.
You don't have to be, I brought Ed into
the world and I'm responsible for him, too.
Go ahead, but take it easy and be careful.
Relax, the doctor knows that I'm here.
Seems that you will pull through.
Don't you start celebrating
until you heard me out.
I got my boy in jail for shooting you.
It's been suggested that all this ties into
what happened to that halfbreed out in the mesa.
And all that could end up to a hanging.
But it's only fair to tell you...
that this would be a hanging
you would never live to see.
There is only one way to get away.
That you report that this is
just a little misunderstanding.
And for your harm done, say...
5000 dollars, a string of horses...
to repeat the same
story that you told in court.
Are you strong enough to nod your head...
or fool enough to shake it?
Fine, it's settled.
You will have the money
when you leave the City.
Looks like I should have
been a good doctor myself.
I just saved your life, Mr. Sieverts.
I see you made a deal.
Incidentally you made me
an a party to a conspiracy.
Oh don't reproach yourself.
If you live with your conscience
I guess I get along with mine.
I don't imagine you recognize these.
These balls?
That's right, Lee
bullets with a history.
Each of them
represents one of your victims.
I didn't know you collect these things?
They will be of historic interest.
Not to me they don't.
I'm not denying that the men
represented here didn't deserve killing.
What hell of a law did we have these days?
Exactly, this is why you
don't have to be ashamed of these.
But what about this one...
I took it from that man
in there. Here it's yours.
I am not interested to starting
another collection for your son.
Where is Frank?
He left. How is Sieverts?
Looks like he might
pull through. If he does...
Don't be a fool!
Sieverts gonna be alright,
I was talking to the sheriff.
How far you think you'll get?
Do not move!
Do not do that, stand back there.
Please don't.
The shot came from the jail.
He is dead.
He was not even armed.
Listen to me!
Listen to me!
I'm calling for
volunteers for posse duty.
Single men, well mounted, armed.
Spread the word!
I want to enlist the Indians as trackers.
We all go, sheriff.
Davy, saddle our horses,
meet me back at the hotel.
What you gonna do? Find Ed before they do.
And then what? How do I know?
What do we do, find out the
posse chalk out a few more killings?
We talk about that after I find him.
We're talking about it now.
When are you going to face facts?
You gotta realize, Ed's beyond
saving by you, by me or by anyone?
Are you coming with me or not?
Then stay with your squaw.
You can have him, you're welcome to him.
But if you ever put a foot in my house,
I'll horse whip you.
Hold it, Lee!
Get off the horse and over here.
Put that gun up, I am
here to help you if I can.
When are you get it through your skull,
I don't need your help?
I don't want it.
I had you free and clear, do you know that?
You couldn't wait, could you?
You had to kill that deputy!
Ed, that man was unarmed!
I warned him.
Now I'm warning you, Lee.
From now on I'm going my
own way, me, Ed Hackett.
And before I'm through Ed Hackett's gonna be a bigger
name in this territory than Lee Hackett ever was.
What? As a gunman or Killer?
Is that all my name ever meant to you?
You think a gun is all I ever had
to be proud of? Tell me what else?
What else do you wear it for?
What else I heard about
till I'm sick of hearing it?
How many men you've
killed and how many indians.
- You want me to go through the whole list for you?
- No no.
If that's what you have been thinking
then you got the wrong man for a father.
Heh, father!
I never had a father.
Maybe you're right.
I don't know anything anymore.
What's wrong with a man
wanting his son to be like him?
To live like him, to ride like him.
- And to shoot like him?
- No!
Not to kill in cold blood!
And you gunned down an unarmed man.
If you haven't learned that, then I failed.
No son, it's not your fault.
God knows I tried.
Son, I raised you the best way I knew how.
I was like your shadow, only it
didn't want to grow bigger than you were.
Because if I did how would people
which was a man and which was a shadow!
Disperse yourselves!
It wasn't my trail they
followed. It was your's.
I should plug you right now.
Yes maybe you should.
No, it's no good. It's too late, Ed.
I think it was too late the day...
you pushed that boy off the cliff,
Yeah? Just wait till they'll
coming up that slope.
Ed Hackett...
I am calling on you to give yourself up!
Don't you wait on my account,
This time I take your gun, Lee.
Ed, I'd rather be dead than see you hang.
But I'll see you dead
before you kill another man.
Lee, I need that gun.
Right now.
There is only one way you're gonna get it.
What do you know.
All my life I wondered...
Finally, now you get to find out, hey!
I'm taking your brothers body back home.
If you and your young lady
would ride along with me
I'll be very grateful, Davy.