Guns Girls and Gangsters (1959) Movie Script

"This is Las Vegas."
"The richest city for
its size in the world."
"For the tourist."
"This is a show place
featuring great stars..."
"Beautiful girls and gambling."
"Daily, the vaults of gambling casinos
are being filled with hard, cold cash."
"Roughly several million dollars
of it every week of every year."
"Roughly too, there are several million
amateur or professional gamblers."
"Trying to get their
hands on some of it."
"One of these was this man.
Charles 'Chuck' Wheeler."
"Released from San Quentin Penitentiary
in California on November 28th."
"His method for getting
the money, however..."
"Had nothing to do with gambling."
"Early every morning."
"The cash receipts from
the gambling casinos."
"Are taken from the casino vaults."
"And loaded into a small armored car."
"For transport to a local bank."
"To a man such as Chuck Wheeler."
"Known to police as a slick
and ingenious crook."
"Who had planned successful
bank and payroll robberies."
"This money presented
tremendous opportunity."
"Wheeler's intensive
planning for the robbery."
"Meant securing the right team of
confederates to work with him."
"Included in his plan was this man."
"Joe Darren."
"Although Darren didn't know it."
"On the morning of December 19th."
"Joe Darren and his bodyguard."
"Were on their way to Los Angeles
for a quick business trip."
"This way the moment for which
Wheeler had been waiting."
"Darren, a bigtime operator
in various black markets."
"Was known to be dangerous."
"Wheeler could make no mistakes."
"He had to be right the first time."
Mr Darren is in a hurry.
Can you put the spare on right away?
Sure. It will take about ten minutes.
- We'll get a cup of coffee.
Call us when you're through.
- Right.
That was a brand-new tire and a special
tool, Tony. How do you figure it blew?
It might have been a
defect in the carcass.
We'll take it with us.
When we get back to Las Vegas
tonight I want you to look it over.
- Right.
I can't understand it, Steve.
Why does it happen?
That's the third car in two weeks.
I looked all over that road out there.
There is nothing wrong with it.
The funny part of it all is it always
seems to happen in the same spot.
I got to go serve their coffee.
"A trailer court on the
outskirts of Las Vegas."
"Served as Wheeler's
headquarters for the robbery."
"Here, he was to recruit his gang."
"He had already secured the services
of a man named Lou Largo."
"A petty criminal on
the run from the police."
Did you do it?
- Sure.
Darren never knew
what hit that front tire.
Before he stopped skidding he
was almost in the garage.
Ready to go to work on him?
- Yeah.
Is the set ready?
- Sure. All finished.
I think I'll start things going tonight.
Are you going to see the girl?
- Sure.
You sure she'll see you?
She has no choice.
No choice at all.
"Appearing at a local nightclub
owned by Joe Darren."
"Was the girl Wheeler
wanted to contact."
"As it was with Darren, she was
to become a part of the robbery."
"But at this moment she was unaware that
a man named Chuck Wheeler even existed."
You want love?
You've got love.
I'm more than glad to be the giver.
Just say the word and I'll deliver.
Anything your heart desires.
You want thrills?
You've got thrills.
My arms, my lips are here to thrill you.
It's at my fingertips to will you.
Anything your heart desires.
Any dreams you set your sights on.
You've just got to tell me it.
Mine is but to turn the lights on.
And put them all in your reach.
So tease me and squeeze me.
But treat me right and you'll discover.
That I can be your slave and lover.
Anything your heart desires.
Don't you know that you are Aladdin?
And I am the magic lamp you hold.
Waiting for your life to gladden.
Yours to do as I am told.
Because I want what you want.
I only hope you understand now.
Your slightest wish is my command now.
Your whole future's at stake.
It's make or it's break.
Don't let me escape now.
Come and get me. I'm yours.
To tell...
Eat, drink, be merry and play
the slot machines everybody.
Because tomorrow they could set off
an atom bomb on Frenchman's Flats...
And Las Vegas might get blown into a
state where they don't allow gambling.
See you later.
Come on in.
I have regards for you.
From Mike.
Who are you?
The name is Wheeler.
Your husband and I shared
the same room at college.
Is Mike out of the Pen?
- No.
I graduated a few weeks ago.
He is still up there waiting for his
diploma from the parole board.
Alright. What do you want?
Well, Mike asked me
to give you a message.
Like what?
Oh. Nothing personal, honey.
You wrote to him asking for a divorce.
He asked me to give you his answer.
Are you through?
I have a message for you too.
I got your message.
No wonder Mike cannot
get you out of his mind.
That picture he has of you in his
cell doesn't even come close.
If you want to examine the
merchandise Wheeler, do it out front.
With the rest of the customers.
Mike thinks you are just
working here for Darren.
What is that supposed to mean?
The sign outside said you'd
been held over for five months.
I've been watching the way
things are with you and Darren.
I don't blame him for holding you over.
That is your business too?
You are.
I have got to get to Darren
and you can swing it for me.
Could I?
What do you want with him?
It's a long story.
Call him on the phone.
You are getting the idea.
Darren doesn't deal with ex-cons.
What do you expect me to do about it?
Whisper in his ear.
Soft and low.
You're crazy. He won't listen to me.
Tell him that I got a deal
that will make him rich.
I'll make it easy for you.
Ask him how he got that blow-out
on the road to LA this morning.
Get yourself another messenger girl.
I'd feel sorry for Mike losing you.
But not sorry enough.
You are going to feel sorry alright.
Joe Darren will hear about this.
I figured he would.
You know, I spent a lot of
time with Mike in that cell.
I had to look at your
picture every day too.
Tell Darren he can reach me
at Huggins Trailer Court.
Is Mr Darren there? This is Vi Victor.
It's important.
Sure. I'll call him.
Yes, Vi?
A guy got into my dressing room tonight.
He started to get rough.
He even made a pass at me.
Who is he? Did you get his name?
Chuck Wheeler?
No. I never met him.
But I know the name.
He said he was in jail with Mike.
And he has some kind
of a big deal for you.
He said to ask you how you got that tire
blow-out on the road to LA this morning.
Did he say where I
could get hold of him?
Huggins Trailer Court, huh?
Okay, Vi.
I'll look up your friend.
He won't like it but I'll look him up.
Take it easy, baby. No muss, no fuss.
You said you'd be at that trailer court.
Sure. We don't want to
disappoint anybody.
Let's go.
Maybe you won't be so happy
when he catches up with you.
Some people take out insurance policies.
I like to take you out.
Get in there.
Where are we going?
- Get in.
You've been reading
too many comic books.
What's that for?
I told you. You're my insurance policy.
Now tell Darren you're here with me.
[ Door knocks ]
The door is open, Chuck.
Speak up. Nice and clear.
It's Vi.
I'm with Wheeler.
We talk, Darren. Or she gets messed up.
Tell your muscle boy to put
away his brass knuckles.
Alright, Wheeler. We talk.
I hope he feeds you to the fish.
Turn on the lights.
Turn on the lights!
Turn it on, Tony.
That's better.
Now we can all see
what we're doing, huh.
I don't like having a gun
held on me, Wheeler.
And I don't like a cheap gangster
waiting for me in the dark.
Tony will do as I say.
What do you want with her?
She has to hear what I have to say.
The same as you.
Vi told me something about...
A big deal you got?
Darren, between us we can walk away
with nearly two million dollars.
But I'm going to need help.
Two million is a lot of money, Wheeler.
He talks real big.
What about the blow-out I had
on the road this morning?
I shot your tire out from under you.
- Why did you do it?
I had to.
I had to prove it could be
done before I talked to you.
Your car landed just I wanted it to.
In front of that motel garage.
Three other cars with blow-outs
landed in the same place.
And that's exactly where our two million
dollars will land when we're ready.
Just like that?
So simple?
Nothing is simple.
For the past year and a half
I sweated on it in the Pen.
Mike sweated on it with me too.
That's why he gets a cut of the deal.
What's he going to
do with it in the Pen?
I'll hold it for him.
He gets out in three months.
I didn't know he was
getting out so soon.
He has been a good boy.
18 months ago the banks here in Vegas
started to use a new armored truck...
To take paper money from the casinos
here to the Federal Reserve Bank...
In Los Angeles where they
exchange it for silver dollars.
Twice a week they make the trip to LA.
Twice a week they pass
the Stagecoach Inn.
Why do you need us?
The banks here keep a list of the serial
numbers of the bills they send to LA.
The money won't be worth a dime to us if
you can't shift it on the black market.
Did Mike Bennett say I could do it?
- Yeah.
He said you had connections.
We didn't have the key to the whole deal
until we found out Vi worked for you.
You still got those connections?
Here is the deal.
You and your money men get $600,000.
Bennett and I split the rest.
You said Vi had to know
something about this deal.
I've got Largo and I need someone in the
clear who can help me get information.
Now wait a minute.
I'm not getting mixed up
with anything like this.
I think he knows what he's doing.
You'll hear from me tomorrow.
In the meantime, do what you have to do.
I'll see my contact about exchanging the
money and let you know when we can meet.
You better play along with us, kid.
I told you I don't want any part of it.
All you gotta do is help
me get information.
Get someone else.
We'll talk about it, Vi.
Maybe you'll change your mind.
See you soon.
That dame will never do it, Chuck.
It all depends on how much
Darren wants that dough.
I must talk to Vi alone. Get a cab back.
- Sure.
Okay, Vi baby.
Now we straighten out a few things, huh?
I don't get it. You're doing alright.
Why go into the deal?
Kid, sometimes things are good,
sometimes they're bad.
This is one of the bad times.
I need money and I need it fast.
Even the club you're
working for is in hock.
My luck has run out, Vi.
You go along with Wheeler's idea and
I'll see to it that you get enough to...
To take care of you
for the rest of your life.
Take care of me?
That's right.
From here on in, you're on your own.
We're not getting married.
You latched onto me because I had money
and because I could give you a job.
Okay. I treated you right.
With me, you figured you
have everything licked.
And what did you figure you had?
Now look, Vi.
Your husband is a trigger-happy con.
He gets out soon.
I just cannot afford
that kind of trouble.
That is all there is to it.
Alright, Joe.
Maybe it's just as well.
I liked you enough to marry you
but love had nothing to do with it.
You've been short-changed.
You can tell Wheeler to count me in.
[ Door knocks ]
Come in.
Did Joe Darren tell you all about it?
Some of things I had to guess at.
Darren brushed you off, huh?
I saw it coming.
It was smeared all over his face when
I told him Mike gets out pretty soon.
You know, Mike told me you
were crazy about him once.
He killed that.
I'm glad he did.
You're divorcing Mike.
Getting rid of Darren.
I never did like standing in line.
Nobody owns me now.
Nobody is going to.
No muss, no fuss.
When are you quitting here?
As soon as you let me know what I've
to do to get the information you want.
I should know by tonight what
the first move is going to be.
It seems to me you're already making it.
I'm waiting for you to stop me.
The red light just went on.
You waited too long.
I meant what I said.
I am out strictly for little old Vi.
Remember that.
It might give you something
else to think about.
I don't mind waiting.
As long as I am the first in line.
Cars 17 and 22. Proceed to
5th and Market. A 328. Repeat.
A 328. Cars 17 and 22.
That's fine.
- Yeah.
You know, they thought they were
teaching me a trade at San Quentin.
When you want the armored
car, tune it in right there.
And remember the set isn't very
powerful so you got to be close.
We'll be close enough.
You're going to make the take tomorrow?
On schedule.
Now it's time to check.
"Wheeler had to be totally sure of the
moment the robbery would take place."
"Every time the United armored
car made its 300-mile run..."
"Over the desert to Los Angeles."
"He checked to the exact second."
"When the truck passed the Stagecoach
Inn below the hill where he was hidden."
"There was no margin for error."
"He had chosen this remote spot
near the California border."
"Because it offered the
least chance of detection."
"His notebook became the detailed
breakdown of each step of the robbery."
"The time had arrived for Vi Victor
to begin her phase of the operation."
Come on in.
I'm shaking.
- You'll be alright.
Pack your things.
You're getting out of here.
Where to?
At eight in the morning drive to Delman
Stables outside town. Know the place?
I've passed by it.
Alright. Tell the attendant
you're Mrs Franklin.
You want to pick up a horse trailer
your husband ordered by phone.
A horse trailer?
When they've attached it to your car
bring it to my trailer in the court.
Do you mind telling me what we're doing?
We're taking a special trip to LA.
All you have to know is you're
not coming back to Vegas.
You check in to a small place called the
Stagecoach Inn by the California border.
What about the rest of you?
I don't want to be alone at the motel.
I'll check in later after I talk
with Darren and his money boy.
You got it straight?
Alright. Hurry up.
You haven't got that much time.
I'll be there at eight.
"The next morning."
"As the armored car rolled towards Los
Angeles on one of its weekly trips."
"Vi Victor began her job of helping
Wheeler get the information he needed."
"Hidden in a horse trailer
pulled by Vi's car."
"Chuck Wheeler was getting
ready to make a tape recording..."
"Of the voice of the armored
car radio operator."
"And that of the operator at
the police check-in station."
"Wheeler's plan for the robbery."
"Had to overcome the
shortwave radio secret codes."
"Used by this armored car."
"To communicate with these checkpoints."
Coming in to Baker.
Schedule 902.
Schedule 902. Check?
"The calm, unhurried days at the
Stagecoach Inn were numbered."
"For violent crime and murder."
"Were to become paying guests."
"On the morning of December 28th."
"Vi Victor, following
Wheeler's instructions."
"Checked in at the motel."
"With her arrival."
"The 2-million-dollar robbery
was well on its way."
"Now, she was to begin getting
the information Wheeler wanted."
- Hi.
Can I do something for you?
Your sign says you have a vacancy.
More than we like.
Just for tonight?
I'm not sure yet. It may be a few days.
I've been travelling so much
I'll be glad to relax.
I'll give you one of the
cabins in the rear.
I'd rather be at the front if possible.
You will get the traffic noise.
After living in a city hotel for three
years it will sound like crickets.
Sure. It's less lonely up front.
Come on. I'll show you.
Steve will be back in
15 minutes if you want to wait.
He's out with the tow-truck.
"It was necessary for Vi to have
a cabin towards the front."
"So that she would have an unobstructed
view of the gas station and the garage."
Anything you need, just call us.
Everything is fine.
My husband will bring you in your
bags as soon as he gets back.
- I hope you're comfortable.
- Goodbye.
"For the next week."
"Vi Victor would keep an exact account
of the times that trucks and cars..."
"Stopped at the motel."
"For a large vehicle could block the
armored car at the critical moment."
"Two days later."
"The plan of the robbery was
explained in detail to Charles Wong."
"Darren's money man."
"Who represented a
syndicate in Singapore."
This is the course the car will follow
after I blow it's right front tire.
Right up to the garage.
I've already demonstrated
to Joe that it can be done.
You say you can handle those two guards.
What about the driver?
He never leaves his bulletproof cab.
You won't be able to get him.
There's an air vent on
top of the armored truck.
Tear gas will bring him out alright.
You are a man of great
efficiency, Mr Wheeler.
I believe that anybody who goes in with
me is entitled to his money's worth.
But I tell you this.
We're going to do something
that's never been tried.
We're not only going to take the money.
We are going to take the truck too.
The truck? Why?
That's the only way we
can get more time.
The truck keeps checking in using
codes with the cops all along the way.
Then how can you take the truck?
Without the proper code?
Listen to this. Largo.
United calling 42X.
United calling 42X.
As long as the armored truck keeps
up its check-ins along the way...
There's no possibility of anybody
knowing that it's been stolen.
By the time United realises
anything is wrong.
We're in LA and in the clear.
Now, those are the actual voices of
the guard in the armored truck...
And the checkpoint operator.
I'll be glad to go ahead with the deal.
We'll make the payoff in your
warehouse in Los Angeles.
Gentlemen. The next time we meet will
be on January 2nd at Wong's warehouse.
"Wheeler was confident now."
"Every step of his plan had
worked out as he wanted it."
"A 2-million-dollar dream."
"Was about to come true."
Right after Korea Steve had just enough
money to make a down payment on a motel.
It's worked out fine.
Most of our bills are paid off.
You both must have worked hard.
Lots of people work harder.
We've had fun making
something out of the place.
Now Steve is talking
about starting a family.
Lots of fresh air.
Good open country.
A great place to raise kids.
Not that I am trying to
give you any ideas.
It kinda takes care of the
future for you, doesn't it.
All the future I've got
a right to expect.
Some people might think
they're entitled to more.
Oh. The ornaments are always
falling off this tree.
Hmm. Smell the pine.
I wish every day was Christmas so
I could have one of these around.
When I was a kid I always used
to think how clean they smelled.
I had forgotten it.
That Christmas tree I smelled was always
in a department store on Broadway.
I even knew the man
who played Santa Claus.
He was a drunk from the mission
house near where I lived.
Christmas was the only
time he ever sobered up.
Have you got any plans
for New Year's Eve?
I'll be glad just not having to work.
Work? On New Year's Eve?
I've been singing in nightclubs.
Nobody listens to you
on a night like that.
They just want to make
to their own racket.
But you get paid so you sing.
Why not see how the other half lives?
We have a few friends over for a party.
You come too.
I'd like it.
Right on time.
Two of the best coffee customers I have.
Hi boys. The usual?
Yeah. With a jelly doughnut, Ann.
Man, you're starting your new
year's celebrations early.
See you later, Ann.
I want to get some sun.
Oh, there will be some new
magazines in this afternoon.
There's a new year's resolution
I would like to make.
Maybe I ought to just
move in to this place.
Our cabins don't have built-in blondes.
She may not be built-in.
But she is sure built.
"The next night.
Wheeler, using an assumed name."
"Arrived at the Stagecoach Inn."
"Bringing his equipment
for the robbery with him."
Okay, Mr Maxwell.
We serve breakfast until
eleven in the morning.
Anything we can do tonight,
give us a call.
- Goodnight.
"The time. Up to Tuesday January 2nd."
"The day of the robbery."
"Would be spent in careful checking
of every phase of the operation."
"Wheeler waited until
almost two in the morning."
"Before daring to leave his
cabin to contact Vi Victor."
"He had to make sure no-one saw him."
"For he and the girl were
supposed to be strangers."
"It was a moment of great
tension for Wheeler."
"Vi Victor's information could determine
whether the robbery went as scheduled."
"Or not."
[ Door knocks ]
Who is it?
- Chuck.
Come on in.
Did you get the information for me?
But something came up.
Look at this.
Are you sure about the
time the cops get here?
Yes. They stop by for coffee.
Well, that's okay. They get here
22 minutes after we've pulled the job.
Anybody see you make those notes?
- No. I was careful.
So far, everything is made to order.
Any ideas on where you're going
to go after you get your cut?
No. I will just try on
different places for size.
I would imagine you would have
big plans for that kind of dough.
The biggest one is to die rich.
You do that.
I will take care of living rich.
A car is stopping right outside.
It's Darren.
- Darren?
What are you doing here?
You don't know what happened?
- No.
Why, that stupid...
- Why would he do it?
He just had a few months
left to go for his parole.
If he heads this way
he can louse this up.
Every cop in Nevada will be on him.
With two million bucks waiting
for us he has to blow his top.
Right. So what do we do?
We can't stop the job now. You and Largo
must keep him in Vegas if he gets there.
If the cops don't reach him first.
Does he know the job
is here at the motel?
- Okay.
I keep him on ice until the job is done.
That will be my end.
You take care of this end.
Don't mess it up, Wheeler.
I need that dough.
Mike did this because you wrote and said
you were going through with the divorce.
If he gets to you he'll kill you.
He has no right to me.
He knows that.
Try telling that to a guy who
has just flipped his lid.
I'm afraid, Chuck.
He'll find me. He won't give up.
I'll try to keep him away from you.
I go to Mexico as soon as the
job's done. I will clear out.
I have all the arrangements made and
a ticket. Nothing will change that.
If you want to go,
I'll get another ticket.
Thanks, Chuck.
I don't know if that is the answer.
I cannot keep running.
"Mike Bennett."
"Had successfully eluded the police
of California, Oregon and Nevada."
"And on Saturday night December 30th..."
"He finally reached Las Vegas."
Where is my wife?
She wasn't at the joint where she
was singing. She checked out.
I don't know, Mike. How should I know?
Where is she, you fink?
You go after that dame and
you'll louse everything up.
You will just blow your top.
Where is she?
Don't do nothing.
The cops will find you.
Why? Are you going to
tell them I'm here?
No. Why should I?
Mike, listen to me. Listen.
Chuck has everything all set up.
You're going to get your cut like you
figured. You don't have to do a thing.
Are you going to tell me?
Or do you want some more?
All that dough.
You're going to kill the whole caper.
No. Don't do it, Mike. Don't do it.
I'll tell you.
- I'm waiting.
There is... there's a joint.
The Stagecoach Inn.
Right near the California border.
Wheeler took her up there to help us.
Go back in your bottle.
Darren will stop you.
"Sunday morning December 31st."
"Because Steve and Ann were at church."
"Vi Victor took a chance to go
up the hill to see Wheeler."
What are you doing up here?
I didn't sleep all night.
Afraid to breathe too loud?
Did you think any more about
that other ticket to Mexico?
That and a lot of things.
What are we letting ourselves in for?
Why worry about it?
I meant when this is over.
What will we be?
Look. If you want to start clean in
Mexico, you start clean in Mexico.
Drunk all year and Santa
Claus on Christmas day.
Who would we be kidding?
You're scared. You want out of the deal.
- No.
What's going to happen to those
kids when the job is over?
Come on. We've got our own troubles.
I don't want them hurt.
You picked a fine time to get religion.
Steve and Ann have had it a long time.
All that's going to happen
is that they're tied up.
By the time they're found we'll be
in Los Angeles and in the clear.
I had to know.
Maybe this is a good time to start
convincing you about Mexico.
First it was Darren. Then it was
Mike and then it was Darren.
I'm not ready to ask for more trouble.
- How do you know?
That's all, Chuck.
You can have it any way you want it.
But just don't try to keep
me out of the deal.
You know what would happen.
Someday, you'll kill
Mike or he'll kill you.
If we had anything together.
It would end there.
Feel better about things now?
The closer we get to Tuesday morning
the more I feel like I'm falling apart.
Sure. It is beginning to get me too.
Just remember that tomorrow
always takes care of itself.
Keep thinking about now, and you're in.
No past. No future. Just now.
I wish it were that easy.
Nobody knows what's coming up next.
Nobody has even got the right to guess.
How do you like the party?
- Fine.
Wonderful, Ann. Just wonderful.
- You're wasting lots of time.
If you're sober, come on. Get happy.
They are lucky kids.
They've got the world by the tail.
In this broken-down joint?
They think it's great.
Nothing else matters.
That's what makes them lucky.
Nothing else matters
but the two of them.
If you listen to Steve so much why
don't you listen to him now?
Come on. You're wasting
a lot of time. Get happy.
Let's try to find something
to be happy about.
Hello Joe.
I waited for you.
About time you showed up.
The cops have turned everything
inside out chasing you.
You can't hang around here.
You want to chase me right
out of town, eh Joe?
What's the matter?
Do I foul things up for you and my wife?
What does that mean?
Suppose we have a little talk as
you drive me where I want to go.
You're crazy.
I'm not driving you anywhere.
Why not?
Any friend of Vi's should
be a friend of yours.
And the cops ain't looking for you.
Where we going?
- To the Stagecoach Inn.
That is where she is. But maybe she'd
rather not see the two of us together.
If you louse up this job...
- You just drive like I said.
And don't go so fast we'll get a cop
on our tail. You got it straight now?
You'd better know what
you are doing, Bennett.
Good boy. Let's go.
Hey, you're hitting bottom.
Ready for another one?
You rush things. You always rush things.
How far yet?
- About thirty miles.
You never thought I'd know
about you and Vi, huh?
You weren't so careful, Joe.
Things get around.
In the Pen you hear
everything you should hear.
Vi was divorcing you.
It's open season on her.
If she is why you broke out you're
cracked. She wants no part of you.
Got a lot of answers, haven't you, Joe.
But nobody ever had an
answer for one of these.
Smart. Real smart.
Like every other trigger-happy con.
Shut up.
You tie into something you can't think
out so then you reach for your rod.
What you going to do?
Knock off every guy who wants her?
If I do you won't be
around to know about it.
You cheap hood.
You can't push Joe Darren around.
That's enough.
[ Gunshot! ]
Hey Steve, how's the scotch situation?
Vi wants to catch up with us.
That's the old fighting spirit.
Another double?
- Sure.
I have to get twice as happy.
How's that for living just for today?
You are getting the idea.
Vi. Give us a song.
That should wake everyone up.
I don't want the party
to die before midnight.
Sure. All I need is a
dime for the jukebox.
Sing something they'd
understand even in Mexico.
Always rushing things.
Clear the decks everybody.
Vi is going to sing a song.
Give me plenty of room, men.
I take deep breaths.
Meet me half way.
Baby. Meet me half way.
Talking my pain.
Baby. Meet me half way.
Try it my way.
Baby. Meet me half way.
Rather than fight.
Baby. Meet me half way.
See if I'm right.
Baby. Meet me half way.
Meet me tonight.
Baby. Meet me half way.
If we want love to live.
Here's where it starts.
It's going to take some give.
On both our parts.
Giving and take.
Baby. Meet me half way.
Please, for my sake.
Baby. Meet me half way.
Give me a break.
Baby. Meet me half way.
Now that I have come to you.
If you still care.
You have got to follow through.
And do your share.
Meet me half way.
Baby. Meet me half way.
Talking my pain.
Baby. Meet me half way.
Try it my way.
Doo dee doo.
Thanks, Vi. That was sensational.
A new day. A new year.
I said you don't have to
worry about tomorrow.
It always gets here.
You want me to get that
other ticket for Mexico now?
Maybe things will
work out for us, Chuck.
I don't know.
All I know now is,
I want them to work out.
Romance, huh?
- She's lonely, Steve.
- Yeah?
There's so many things
we have to talk about.
Whether Mexico is a good
place to get married?
It could be very nice.
Just like a woman, huh Vi?
Lock the door and leave a window open.
You had to do it, huh Mike?
You had to chase her. You couldn't let
things go until after the job was done.
Close the door, Chuck.
You're standing in a draft.
I don't want you to catch cold.
Shut it.
Why did you come here?
You know, I thought it
was just you and Darren.
Now it's Wheeler.
You don't miss a trick, do you?
As long as it has a pair of pants with
money in the pockets. That's for you.
Leave her alone, Mike.
She told you she's through with you.
She wants a divorce.
And I intend to see that she gets it.
I thought you were
smarter than that, Chuck.
But I guess as long as it's
her there are no smart guys.
You being here won't change anything.
Chuck and I are going to Mexico.
If we still feel the way we
do now, we'll be married.
You can't stop it.
Want a bet?
Mike, you're off your rocker.
I've killed Largo and Darren.
You what?
Two more won't make any difference.
I needed Largo for the job.
- Don't move.
Two million bucks.
All that sweating and planning...
[ Gunshots! ]
They're going inside.
Just in time for a drink, boys.
What will you have?
No Ann. We're working. Found a guy on
the highway with a bullet in his head.
Nothing unusual in here?
- No. We're just having a party.
Anybody rent a cabin tonight?
No. If anyone does we'll
let you know right away.
Okay. Keep your eyes open.
Happy new year everybody.
They are coming out.
The last bulletin from the
Las Vegas Police department.
Concerning the murdered
man found on the highway.
Is that he has been
identified as Joe Darren.
A well-known...
They've found him.
That is why the cops are coming around.
You fixed up everything great.
First Largo, then Darren.
Then the cops are putting on the heat.
I'm calling the whole thing off.
You're not calling off anything.
I am taking Largo's place.
We're going to hit the
truck like we planned.
Nobody knows I'm here and nobody
has to know until Tuesday morning.
We all want the dough and
that's the only way to get it.
This doesn't wash out anything, Wheeler.
We'll do the job.
But only one of us will be
able to spend that money.
You are so right.
Don't plan too far ahead.
We'll do the job Tuesday.
On schedule.
"The long New Year's weekend."
"Brought one of the biggest spending
sprees in the history of Las Vegas."
"Money poured into the hotels
and gambling casinos."
"Filling the bank vaults with
unprecedented amounts of cash."
"Which would be sent to the
Los Angeles Federal Reserve bank."
"On the United Transport
Company's armored car."
"Tuesday morning, January 2nd."
"The armored car began its
fateful trip to Los Angeles."
"Specially constructed for its job."
"Its armor plate was the thickest."
"Its guards were skilled in the
use of many types of weapons."
"It used an elaborate
2-way radio hook-up."
"Working with top-secret codes."
"Its cargo of money was one of
the largest ever transported."
"In short."
"This armored car had
been built to be..."
"An impregnable fortress
of steel, muscle and guns."
"To guarantee that its shipments of
money got to where they were going."
"This was to be the actual
scene of the robbery."
"Nothing had happened that
could upset the schedule."
"Normal breakfast traffic
had moved in and then left."
"The coast was clear."
"Vi Victor, Wheeler and
Bennett were ready to move."
"With split-second precision."
"For Chuck Wheeler, paperwork,
talk and theory were over."
"This was the one time his
high-powered rifle must not miss."
"Personal passions and
hatreds were forgotten."
"Mike Bennett concentrated
only on his end of the job."
"Important now, was the one goal."
"The armored car."
"Mike Bennett began..."
"His first move at 11:36."
I didn't see your car drive up.
Want some breakfast?
Just some coffee.
- Okay.
Don't make a sound.
But what...?
- Down on the floor.
Down if you don't want to get hurt.
"At 11:43. On schedule."
"The armored car would
pass the Stagecoach Inn."
Can I do something for you?
My car has stalled outside.
I thought you could take a look at it.
"It was 11:40."
"In three minutes the armored car
would reach the Stagecoach Inn."
"Each moment counted now."
"The weapons had to be as ready
as the men who would use them."
"Tension grew for Vi and the others
as the time grew shorter."
"The final seconds were ticking away."
"And now."
"It was 11:43."
"The time had come."
Better notify the check-in at Baker.
Tell them we are at the...
The Stagecoach Inn.
We'll be about ten minutes late.
Calling Baker.
Calling Baker.
You guys nearly had it.
Can I help you any?
We got a schedule to meet.
Could you change this tire in a hurry?
Sure. Run her inside.
We'll use the big jack.
Get the jacks.
You take care of the tire.
I'll get the girl.
What are you doing with Steve?
He and his wife saw us and
know what we look like.
Chuck, you won't hurt them?
Vi, listen.
- No.
Nothing can happen to them. You can't.
I'll take care of him. You get his wife.
We're wasting time.
Mike, no!
Mike, don't be a sucker. We can't take
a chance on more shots being heard.
I'll do both of them in the
woods with a silencer.
Alright. Hurry up. We're late now.
- I'll get my car.
Chuck, no. Please.
Stop shouting.
I'm not going with you
when we get out of here.
Where is Vi?
She started to go to pieces.
I had to hit her. She is in the truck.
Leave her alone. She's alright.
If you're not going to take
him and his wife out I will.
Alright. Give me a hand.
"The first stage of the robbery
had been completed."
"There were no witnesses who
could identify the criminals."
"The only things that stood between
them and the final payoff."
"Were the check-in stations at
the various towns along the route."
"If the tape-recorded voices of the
armored-car guards went undetected."
"Then the crime would reach
a successful conclusion."
Calling cars 4-1 and 1-7.
Calling cars 4-1 and 1-7.
Check drunk and disorderly
at Bankhead Hotel.
Drunk and disorderly at Bankhead hotel.
Calling are 1-3.
An 801, Seventh and Market.
Repeat. 801. Seventh and Market.
Proceed at once, Car 1-3.
Calling cars 4-1 and 1-7. Repeat.
Check drunk and
disorderly Bankhead Hotel.
Not long.
If this check-in works to Baker
we're good all the way to LA.
It had better work.
United calling 42X.
United calling 42X.
Go ahead United.
Coming into Baker. Schedule 902.
Did you hear that?
He checked in as 902.
United notified us they were
changing their code as of January 1st.
It's the 2nd already.
And they're still checking
through with last year's signals.
I want to see that truck.
Stall it until I can notify all points.
Schedule 902. Check.
Schedule 902. Check.
Road clear through to Barstow.
Okay 42X. We'll maintain speed.
Schedule 473. Return.
Schedule 473. Return.
42X going off.
That's it. We're in.
Now we can stay with the cop
calls all the way to Barstow.
"Nevada and California
police and Sheriff stations."
"Went into immediate action
on receiving the report."
"With more than two million
dollars at stake."
"The law enforcement agencies
could afford to take no chances."
All units are authorised to stop the
United transport truck on contact.
There's roadblocks.
We won't get through.
So what do we do now?
Return to the Stagecoach Inn, get my car
and try to make it through the hills.
Here is a report.
The truck said it was stopping to
change a tire at the Stagecoach Inn.
Maybe we should check that out?
I'll get the nearest cruisers
over there right away.
Get the car.
I'll take as much money as I can.
It's Bennett! Mike Bennett.
You got yourself into something, lady.
And you won't be getting out of it.
Where is Steve and Ann?
Where are they?
He killed them.
Take a look, Dave.
I thought you said he killed them.
What's going on with you two?
I am so sorry, Vi.
I am so terribly sorry.
All Chuck did was fire in the air.
He did not want to kill us.
I would have liked to thank him.
She tried to save us.
You'll tell them that, won't you?
They'll find out everything anyhow.
They always do.
Okay, lady.
"But perhaps, in a way."
"Chuck Wheeler had been right."
"There can't be a tomorrow for
those who live only for today."
"Yes. This is an armored car."
"Specially constructed for its job."
"It does that job."