Guns of Diablo (1964) Movie Script

Keep those wagons rolling!
Keep the wagons moving!
Keep them moving!
Keep 'em moving!
Look out for the log!
He's doing as well
as can be expected.
His leg is broken
and the Lord knows
what else.
You go get some rest.
If it's possible,
I'd like to keep them still
for the next few days.
A rolling wagon--
Well, we're all a little tired.
So are the animals.
You can rest them.
I want you people
to settle down.
We're gonna rest over
for a couple of days.
I understand there's a town
about 30 miles from here.
I can get out some mail,
pick up supplies.
Town's called Devil's Gap,
I believe.
Can I go with you, Linc?
I promise I won't be
any trouble.
Can I, father?
Well, now, I hate to lose
such a viable assistant, but--
Oh, thanks!
On one condition:
If there's a barbering shop
in Devil's Gap,
he gets a bath.
A bath?
A-ha. A bath.
With soap.
All right.
I probably won't recognize you
as my son when you get back.
Jamie, we'll leave
with sun up tomorrow.
Well, you better
get to bed now.
Yes, sir.
All these places
look the same to me.
Yeah, they don't
change much.
I don't think I'd like
to live in any of them.
Too cramped up.
I was born in a town
like this.
I-- I guess when you know
the people, and everything--
That's all right, Jamie.
I was glad to leave it.
Howdy, friends.
How do you do?
Who handles the mail
around here?
You're looking at him.
Ives is the name.
Ives. Jamie, take the animals
across the street.
Have them feed
and water them.
You might drop this list off
at the supply store.
Tell them
to start filling it.
Fine looking lad.
You can throw your mail
on the desk here.
Now, how about
a little drink?
First one's
on the house.
I'll have a beer. But I'll pay
for it.
Well, suit yourself.
A Wells Fargo man's due
pretty soon.
Ives, could you take this soup
up to Mr. Knudsen's room?
I got--
Take this
to Mr. Knudsen.
I thought you were dead.
It's like seeing a ghost.
I don't know what you've
come here for,
but whatever it is,
finish it and get out.
Men in the store said
they're out of supplies, Linc.
I'm changing my mind, Jamie.
We're staying over.
You mean we're gonna
stay in a hotel?
That's right.
Maybe you'll have a chance to
get a bath and some sanitation.
What's the matter?
Then why are you staring
at her like that?
I suppose you think
she's pretty.
She's someone
I knew once.
She don't act
like it.
Like she's glad to see you,
or anything.
Come on,
let's get cleaned up.
That, uh, fellow.
A friend of yours?
Well, I kinda got the feeling
you two knew each other.
I didn't say I didn't know him.
I said he wasn't a friend.
Get somebody to clean up
in here, it's filthy.
Is everything all right? Eh?
Ahh! It's hot!
You've come to Mendez for a
hot bath, you get a hot bath.
What are you gonna do
with that?
Oh, you'll find out
pretty quick.
Hey, hold on. What do you
think you're doing?
Stop pushing, eh?
You have a skin
like a hippopotamus.
Rough and dry.
Ahh. When was the last time
you took a hot bath, huh?
At Paducah.
Who is Paducah?
Paducah, Kentucky.
It's where I come from.
There you are.
All right.
Now, you listen to me.
You take this brush and you
scrub yourself all over,
just the way I show you. And
then you wash your hair,
with plenty of soap and plenty
of muscle. You understand?
All right.
Is everything okay?
Yeah, fine.
Say, that woman
back there at the hotel,
is she married
to that man, Ives?
No, no, seor.
He wish he was
married to her.
Maria Macklin.
A fine woman,
I tell you.
Rance Macklin?
You know Rance?
Oh, one time.
His brothers with him?
Dan and Carey.
You know them too?
I knew them.
You think your hair
is clean now?
Oh, yes, sir,
very clean.
Ah. We find out, huh?
Very good.
Now, you go over there
and dry yourself.
Here's a towel.
Go on. Go on, move.
I didn't see
the Macklins around.
Well, they're around,
all right.
I see them right out
yesterday on some, uh,
business, I think.
You, uh--
a friend
of the Macklins?
I wouldn't say so.
So, let me see.
Come-- Don't--
Come back here. What is
the matter with you?
Let me look at you.
You pass inspection.
Very good.
Very good.
You expect to stay
in town long?
Uh, I ain't made up
my mind yet.
Well, there's nothing much
here for men to do.
It's very quiet.
Yeah, not much going on
in this town for anyone.
Empty hotel, no bank,
no stage line.
No law either,
It's not like
the Macklins
to settle down
in a dead town.
What else?
I live here, seor.
What about
Maria Macklin?
Where does she fit in?
She's married
to Rance.
Not much
a woman can do.
I feel for her.
That Rance,
he can get pretty mean
when he drinks.
He can hit
pretty good, too.
Even with one arm.
One arm?
Sure. That fellow shoot
the other one off,
a long time ago.
Why would a woman
like Maria
marry him
in the first place?
I wouldn't
know that.
Let's go, Linc.
You go on, Jamie,
back to the hotel.
I'll be along
in a couple of minutes.
Sure ain't hurting my feelings
none to get out of this place.
Thinks he can
order me around
like a two bit
Hold your horses, grampa,
I'll be up there when I'm ready.
Who is he?
Well, if you wanna believe me,
he owns all the gold
in California.
You mean he's struck
out rich out there?
that's what he says.
But if he's got more
than two coins
to rattle together in his
pocket, I ain't seen them.
Well, maybe
if I was to, uh,
go up there
and see what he wants--
You see, me and my father,
we're going to California,
and I'd sure like
to talk to him.
Sure, go ahead.
But don't expect no tip
for your trouble.
A person could die
before a body
would think of
looking in on him.
Ives! Ives!
It was about time.
Come in.
Who are you?
Jamie McPheeters.
Is there anything
I can get you?
Yes, there is.
Tell that blunder head
to bring me another
pitcher of beer.
That one's empty.
Yes, sir,
I'll get it for you.
I ain't seen you before.
You work here?
No, I'm just spending the night
in the hotel with Mr. Murdock.
Oh, well. You bring me
a pitcher of beer
and I'll give you
a penny for your trouble.
It ain't no trouble.
And you don't have
to give me anything.
What's the matter?
You all right?
Pills-- on the table.
Get 'em.
Ah. Thank you, boy.
Thank you.
That was a sharp one.
I'm all right.
You can bring
the beer now.
If you'll
excuse me, sir,
I don't think you should be
drinking beer on your condition.
What do you know
about my condition?
Well, it's real
plain to see
you're suffering from
some kind of sickness.
Maybe I could tell what it is
if you let me examine you.
Examine me?
Well, sure. I'll just
take off your boot
and then put them back.
No! No!
Leave the boots on!
If I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die
with my boots on.
Do you understand me?
Yes, sir.
You got a watch?
Of course
I have a watch.
It's over there
on the table.
I'm gonna take your pulse, sir.
There's nothing to worry about.
This ain't gonna
hurt a bit.
I've done this
lots of times before.
A bit rapid,
I'd say.
Just how long have you been
practicing medicine?
I just kinda picked it up
from my father,
but he's better
than I am.
Well, there don't seem
to be no fever.
Let me see your tongue.
Your tongue.
It's purple!
I ain't never seen
nothing like it.
Maybe it's because you just gave
me a purple pill.
I just didn't
think of it.
Now, if you'll let me
unbutton your shirt,
I'll listen to your--
No, no, no.
Put that off till later.
Believe me, I feel wonderful
since you examined me.
What did you say
your name was?
Jamie McPheeters.
Well, I'm very happy
to make your acquaintance,
Jamie McPheeters
My name Knudsen.
Marquand Knudsen.
Now, that thing is empty.
What about the pitcher of beer
we were talking about?
Sir, I don't think
you better,
in your condition,
like I told you--
I know I'm going against
your medical advice.
But just this once, huh?
How about it?
Half a pitcher?
All right,
I'll settle for that.
Like my father says,
cutting down's better
than cutting out.
"Cutting down's better
than cutting out."
Oh, you should give me--
Give me another one.
Close the place up,
I'm going to bed
I'll take care of it.
Good night.
Good night.
That's a dollar.
You, uh, turning in?
Well, see you
in the morning.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Do you have
a little trouble?
Yes, ma'am.
My horse broke his leg
two days ago
and I had to shoot it.
Two days ago. You've been
walking all that time?
Yes, ma'am.
Who does the hiring
around here, ma'am?
Oh. That'd be
Mr. Macklin.
Do you mind if I help myself
to some of the water, ma'am?
That's what it's there for.
And you don't have to keep
ma'aming me,
I mean, I work
around here myself.
My father works
for Mr. Macklin.
Oh, let me do that.
You probably haven't eaten
either, have you?
I killed a couple of rabbits
on the way. Thank you.
I'll take that.
Oh, I can.
I can handle
them both, ma'am.
My name's Maria.
Maria Girard.
Linc Murdock.
Where are you from?
Oh, no place special.
Where are you going?
I haven't thought
about it much.
You can say the rest.
The rest?
Saddle tramp.
I didn't say that.
No, you didn't.
You can put the pails down here.
I'll take them to Mr. Macklin.
I'd like to pick up
the saddle first.
I was ahead of you
till he got in the way.
I win, didn't I?
Give me the money.
I got pushed out.
Now, get him off my back.
I'm gonna make him
pay for it, huh?
You made me lose
that race.
I ought to take it
out of your hide.
You fellas just about
ran all over me.
Well, if I knew
I was gonna lose,
I would have.
Let's make him
pay for it.
I don't care who pays for it
as long as I get paid.
All right.
Ten bucks. Kick in.
No, I'm sorry.
I can't help you, fellas.
I'm here looking for a job
to pick up a horse.
A real saddle bum, huh?
Pick up your saddle
and move out.
He's been walking for two days.
He had to shoot his horse.
Then he can move
for two more days.
Get moving
before I throw you out.
A man should always
do what he feels.
Well, d'you hear
what I heard?
Yes, I heard,
but I saw him first.
Oh no, wait a minute.
I'm your older brother.
I got first shots.
Okay, mister,
you picked me.
Any time
you're ready.
Anybody wanna
take a bet?
Two to one.
Sucker money.
Hey, don't tell me you're gonna
get scared and crawl.
No, I'm just looking for
a safe place to put the saddle.
Maybe he's not so yellow
after all.
Get up!
Wanna double
that bet, then?
Good bye, ma'am.
I guess I'd better
move on.
Wait a minute.
Pick him up.
You say you're looking
for a job?
That's right.
I'm Ray Macklin.
I own this place.
You're hired.
My sons sometimes let things
run away with them.
Rance had it
coming to him.
Nobody asked him
to come here.
I saw what happened.
Get yourself emplaced in the
bunkhouse and wash up.
You can eat with us,
for the time, anyhow.
After dinner, see that
he gets a horse for himself.
I'll take care of it.
Who's the flunky
that's giving me a horse?
That's my father.
Well, there's no fool
like a man
who puts his foot
in his own mouth.
Where is the bunkhouse?
Hyah! Hyah!
Hyah! Hyah!
Hyah! Hyah!
I said it before,
I'll say it again.
I don't like a saddle tramp
eating at the same table
with me.
Sightseeing around
like he owns the place.
Why can't he stay with the rest
of the men up at the line cabin?
As long as I'm alive,
I'll decide who goes
and who stays.
You're mad at Murdock
'cause he licked you.
I tell you, I could use
three more like him.
He's the best hand
I've ever had.
You're late.
Oh, those are cold.
I saved some hot
for you.
Let Jos do it, you don't
have to wait on him.
I think you'll like
these better.
I'd like to go to town tomorrow,
if you don't mind.
I have to pick up
a few personals for myself.
As a matter of fact, there are
a few things you can do for me
while you're in town.
You can take
some money to the bank.
Cash sales
of some cattle.
me and Rance and Carey are going
to town in the morning.
We can take that money
to the bank.
I've already said
Murdock could do it.
All right,
I'm not afraid to say it.
How long have you
known him, three weeks?
How do you know
you can trust him?
It's my money,
I'll take my chances.
I know. It hurts.
Yeah. It's all right,
The last thing I remember
is getting knocked off my horse.
How did I get here?
Your horse came back--
by itself.
And so, we went out
looking for you.
Rance too?
No. Jos and myself.
Who took
my clothes off?
I did.
You were unconscious, and there
was no one here to help me.
Now, I'm going to put
this bandage around you
but you'll have
to help me.
Uh-- It'll hurt.
I think one of your ribs
is cracked.
Ooh. Hurts ain't
no to me.
You have to lift up
because I have
to slide this under.
I'm sorry.
It's all right,
little one,
because I felt
your breath on me.
Ain't that something?
This isn't good, Linc.
You have to get
out of here
before it's too late.
It's already
too late, Maria.
You know it
and I know it.
It-- it can't be.
I have to marry Rance.
Oh, I've seen you
look at him.
There's nothing there.
I've seen your face
when he touches you.
You look like you could
crawl out of your skin.
Maria, you can't
marry him.
I have to.
Why? Because of
your father?
Macklin will see that
your father doesn't starve.
Maria, you've got something
coming to you, too.
You're a woman.
You're not
made of stone.
If you stay here, there's only
one way it can end.
There are three of them.
They nearly
killed you today.
How'd you know
about that?
I found the wire.
If it had been
any higher--
you would be dead
right now.
I would rather turn to stone
than have that happen.
you know
this had to happen
from the day I walked
on this ranch.
Oh, no.
I-- I--
Oh, why did you have
to come here?
go away from here.
Now, why aren't you out there
mending that fence?
I'm leaving,
Mr. Macklin.
And I came in
to settle up.
I'm sorry you're going,
And there's nothing
to settle up.
Well, I owe you
for a horse.
You don't owe me
for anything.
It's just too bad
it had to work out this way.
Well, a man can't go
against his own sons.
Good bye, Murdock.
I, uh--
I just happen to be selfish
enough to want her for Rance.
He needs her.
He father needs her,
your son needs her.
Everyone needs her.
Anybody ever think
what she might need?
You said it
A man can't go
against his own sons.
Sure, Mr. Macklin.
Good bye.
Came to say good bye.
That's what you want,
isn't it?
Turn around.
I said everything there was
to say last night.
Please go.
Ah, Maria.
Go away, Linc.
There's nothing you can say
that will change anything.
Ahh! Let go!
You think saving yourself
for Rance will make it better.
Don't talk to me
like that.
You're hurting me.
I'm gonna keep on hurting you
until you tell me
what you really feel.
What are you afraid of?
Me. Only me.
Don't you understand?
Oh, Maria,
I don't wanna hurt you.
I don't wanna hurt you.
You're shaking
all over.
The Mescaleros have
a word for this:
It means a lot of things,
but mainly it's something
between two people.
It's when everything's right
between a man and a woman,
because nothing's wrong.
Like us.
Now, you tell me
I'm wrong.
Oh. No.
It's getting late.
Let it.
There are things
to be done.
If we start out soon,
we can make Lynchburg
in about a day and a half.
And we can be married there.
What did you think
I was talking about?
Now, you don't think I'm gonna
leave you here for Rance?
You know, Maria,
it's gonna be rough
to start.
I don't know
what I'm gonna do,
and I don't know
where I'm gonna go.
But we'll make it.
I'm not afraid.
Well, I guess we'd better
go tell them.
No, no.
Not that way.
I'll tell just my own father,
and no one else.
Then tonight we can leave
when everybody's asleep.
I have my own horse.
It kinda makes me feel
like, uh, sneaking.
I know. I don't
like it either.
But if anything
happened to you--
I'd want it
to happen to me too.
I'll be waiting for you.
I think I've been--
waiting for you.
All my life.
You shot her.
You killed her.
Carey, don't shoot.
I told you she's dead,
you killed her yourself.
There's no sense in killing me,
it ain't gonna bring her back.
Either you fires a shot,
I'm gonna finish you all off.
All right,
we're not shooting.
Carey, hold it.
Get out of here.
Get out of here, Linc,
I don't wanna see you.
I wanna talk to you.
You let me in
or I'll break this door down
You are a fool,
go away.
I'm coming in.
Jos, Jos,
wake up, wake up.
Now listen,
I want you to settle up,
and take this note
to Seor Rance, understand?
Go pronto, pronto.
All right, you had your say.
You thought I was dead and
that's why you kept on going.
Now would you please
get out or here?
That's all,
just like that.
What did you expected,
that I'd fall into your arms?
Well, I thought it might mean
something to you, yes.
Would it change anything?
would it,
wipe out five years
of the fact that you left
me to Rance.
You thought
I ran out on you?
I waited for you,
you never came,
what else was I to think?
So you married him?
You forgot that I was
engaged to Rance?
You mean traded.
And so your father could hang
under that job of his.
You where gone,
Rance was there.
A bird in hand, huh?
You didn't come back,
I waited for you,
but you didn't came back.
It had to take the arm off.
He was like a man
out of his mind,
kept calling for me,
his father
and his brothers came to me.
My own father
didn't had to say anything,
but I knew what he wanted.
I married him,
a month later.
What happened
to the Macklin ranch?
Mr. Macklin died,
and the boys took it over.
Ran it into the ground
in a year.
Borrowed on it,
'till there was nothing left.
Carry got into a gunfight.
Killed the man,
so when the Marshalls
came for him
we all did out
just left the place,
never went back.
why do you stay with him?
I'm married.
Do you love him?
I'm gonna take you
out of here.
And how far do you think
we'll get?
I'm gonna kill Rance
for what he's done to you,
to us,
Or he'll kill me,
here or some place else,
it doesn't matter
but I'm gonna kill him.
What makes you think
that I want him dead?
What he has to do to you
before you've had enough?
If I ever leave him,
it will not be for you.
You're lying.
No, you're the one who's
running from the truth, Linc.
The past is gone,
we cannot bring it back.
Five years, Linc,
five years
I have been dead to you,
and you have been dead to me.
So if you really want to do
something for me, you could,
get out now,
before Rance comes back
and it all starts over again
and this time for nothing.
My mistake.
I'll be leaving
in the morning.
and you won't have to worry,
I won't be back.
No good, huh?
No, sir.
Ah, me bucko.
You outsmarted yourself
that time.
You have to jump.
I hate to do this to you,
Oh, dammit,
How much now?
Well, I figure I owe you 25 000,
Thirty-seven thousand dollars.
Thirty-seven thousand!
You'll have to take my IOU.
Oh, I know what you're thinking,
That I'm a big bag of wind.
Oh no, sir, I--
It's only natural,
it's only natural.
What's a millionaire like me,
doing in a flee bag
like this?
Well, I'll tell you,
they took me off the stage,
five weeks ago,
five weeks ago,
mind you.
And I was headed back East
to buy me a mansion.
A mansion?
Yes, Jamie,
but let me tell you something.
This ain't no place to get sick.
The people around here
are miserable.
That's Mr. Murdock.
I'm coming, Linc.
Come on,
time to get going.
This is Mr. Knudsen
Mr. Marquand Knudsen.
And he's a millionaire.
Oh, he's a millionaire,
is he?
How do you do?
Come on.
Goodbye, Jamie.
Goodbye, Mr. Knudsen.
And I'll write you.
Have a nice trip, gentlemen.
Ain't it too bad we have to go
just as we're getting
to know everybody?
Well, it is time to leave.
before we come
to know 'em too well.
Going some place,
Murdock, Rance is going to be
riding in pretty soon.
Now, you wouldn't want to miss
seeing him, wouldn't ya'?
Don't change what he is,
does he?
He's ugly as ever.
Take his gun, Ives.
Now, there's no need for that.
I didn't came here
looking for trouble.
Get the gun, Ives.
All right, Murdock.
Inside, would you?
What are you gonna do?
Nevermind, son,
you're going inside with him.
Go on.
Let's do as he says.
All right, Murdock,
get over there on the bar.
Now, leave here, Ives and get us
a bottle of whiskey
we've been riding all night.
Sit down, Murdock,
sit down.
Come on, Ives,
come on.
It ain't nothing like
good whiskey
when you've been
eating dust all night.
how did you happen
to show up here?
When the wagon's were in.
We came here for supplies.
Must've been quite a surprise
for the both of you.
Maria, start moving
some vittles.
Say, this boy has
nothing to do with this.
Let him get back
to the wagon train.
I ain't gonna leave you Linc,
Son, you mind your manners.
You talk when you're spoken to.
What do you think,
You're inviting trouble
in the other way.
If that boy don't show up
at the wagon train,
They'll all be out after him.
Well, there's something
about what he says, Dan.
Yeah, could work
the other way too.
The boy shows
and then the whole wagon train
comes back looking for Murdock.
Now, I think the boy stays,
we'll let Rance decide what
he wants to do with you
when he gets back.
Now, you got
any other questions, man?
You're calling
the shots.
I swear I've never seen you
so obliging, Murdock.
Maria, you got them vittles
Turn the fire,
it'll take a few minutes.
Well in that case I think
I'll just watch out.
Now, get him out of here,
throw him back
in that store room,
I don't want to see his ugly
face while I'm eating.
I'll take that.
I've told you
for the last time--
Let him alone,
he's only a boy.
All right, but get him off
of my back,
If he causes me
any more trouble,
I'm gonna throw him in that
store room with Murdock.
I'll watch him.
You watch him good, Maria.
If he tries to sneak of
to that wagon train for help
I'm not gonna wait
for Rance to get back.
Now go on, get out of here.
What do you think
they're going to do to Linc?
I don't know.
You used to be friends with him,
didn't you?
long time ago.
He likes you,
I can tell.
How can you
not like him anymore?
Just wash your dishes.
Was that before
you married Rance?
I think you ask too many
questions you don't understand.
I do understand.
I think I do.
They're mad at Linc because
they think you still like him
and that's why they wanna
kill him, don't they?
Are you gonna let 'em?
Are you?
Take this tray
up to Mr. Knudsen's room.
I can take it.
You better stay
right here.
Oh, I just want to play a little
checkers with him.
You know what'll happen to Linc
if you try to run away?
Oh, I know,
you don't have to worry none
about me, honest.
If it was me,
I'll take him with his pal
where I know where it'd be.
All right,
go on, take it.
Thank you,
Mrs. Macklin.
Mr. Knudsen,
Mr. Knudsen,
it's me, Jamie.
Come in.
I heard what happened.
Them lily-livered skunks.
They're a bunch of tinhorns.
You got a gun?
Oh, if I only did,
I'd show 'em.
Can I use your window?
Go ahead, help yourself.
Excuse me.
Linc, are you all right?
What are you doing here?
Do they know that you're out?
They think
I'm at Mr. Knudsen's room
I wanna do something
to help you.
You can't.
Go find yourself a horse
and get back to the wagon train
as fast as you can.
But they're gonna kill you,
maybe if you'd had a gun.
Do like I tell you while you got
the chance,
now move.
I ain't gonna let 'em kill you,
There you are Seor Carey.
Is everything
all right, eh?
Yeah, just--
You clumsy baboon.
You keep your blade
like hacksaws.
Mr. Mendez,
I've gotta talk to you.
What are you doing here?
It's Mr. Murdock,
he's in trouble
and I got to get him a gun.
A gun?
Now you get out of here,
go on, before you get me
in trouble, go on, get out.
But if I don't get him a gun
they'll kill him.
Please, Mr. Mendez,
you gotta help me.
And if I help you,
they'll kill me.
he can help nobody.
Go on, get out of here.
I got no gun.
Nobody around here got guns.
The Macklins,
they see to that.
Get out.
Hey kid!
Hey kid.
Ives, What's all
the yelling about?
Well, the kid, he's supposed
to be in Knudsen's room.
Well he better be there.
Hello, Mr. Macklin,
do you play checkers?
Oh, I called you,
now why didn't you answered?
'cause we weren't
finished the game.
He was coming right down.
It's an outrage, busting in
on a man in his own room.
What kind of a place
you're running?
Go on, Ives.
I'll tell you what kind of
a place are we here, old man,
it's a money place.
And you better get yours
up here pretty soon.
And sonny, I want you to stay
put, now you understand me?
You stay put.
Now gimme the water, Jamie.
Why did you go?
I tried to get Mr. Mendez
to give me a gun,
said he didn't had one.
I bet he was just too scared.
They're a bunch of sheep,
that's what they are.
The Macklins got all of them
shaking in their boots.
Blasted heart,
this blasted heart.
If only I could
get going again, I'd--
I'd bash them on the face
with a handle.
But I can't, Jamie,
I can't.
I can't, Jamie,
I can't
Jamie, I can't!
It's been a long day.
I'm turning in.
Ives, you be sure that crossbar
isn't a place for you. Go out.
I'm gonna turn in.
I think I'm gonna stay down here
for a little while.
If I get tired,
I'll call you.
You're not worried
about him.
He can't get out of here,
can't without help.
Or are you thinking
about Maria?
She liked to him pretty good
at one time.
I just want to make sure she
doesn't feels the same way.
tomorrow's the big day.
Is a big day for Rance.
Been waiting for it
for six years.
You can get out
by the kitchen door
downs on the porch.
He's gone.
Then chance it.
I don't know, I couldn't
leave without that boy.
Don't be a fool,
you can come back for him.
I'm not gonna leave
without that boy.
They're gonna know how I got
this gun, what happens to you?
I can handle Rance.
The way you handle
the money's drunk?
A while ago I was poisoning you,
what changed your mind?
You know, Maria, one minute
you're ready to lay a man off
like he was dirt,
the next minute
you risk your life for him.
Please, get out of here,
get out of here.
Let's not get ourselves killed
before we're ready.
All right, Murdock,
You can come out now.
Maria, come first.
Mr. Knudsen,
Mr. Knudsen,
something's happening.
What's up?
If you got a gun on you,
You'd make it easier on her
by just sliding it out here on
the end of the bar.
But first,
Now, we've got the boy upstairs.
You stay right there,
Pretty looking couple,
ain't they?
Yeah, sort of chokes me up.
Hm, too bad one's our
You shouldn've not done it,
Rance ain't gonna like it
one bit.
They ain't saying a word.
I'm letting him down,
I'm letting him down.
You and me, Jamie.
Caught in the middle.
Too young and too old.
Too young, too old.
Shouldn't be too long now.
Where is he?
So is Maria.
We caught them in
the store room together.
Like they've been
in there long time, Rance
She tried to help him get away.
The old bunch.
Just like old times,
Good, old Maria.
Faithful Maria.
But not to me.
I wouldn't.
You see that?
Ready to come for me just
because I hit his woman.
His woman,
not my wife.
You know something, Linc?
She never was,
she never was mine.
Shut up.
Why so touchy, Linc?
Is all in the family.
We've got nothing to hide.
Go on Maria,
tell him.
Tell him how you sit down
every night crying,
because it's me instead of him.
Go on, tell him.
What do you expect,
You knew why I married you,
you where never lied about it.
You knew I couldn't stand
the sight of you.
it took me just the same.
I tried to be a wife to you,
but you wouldn't let me.
I even,
tried to forget Linc.
But you kept bringing him up.
I guess it made you feel good
to take someone
that wasn't yours.
It did, honey,
it sure did.
The one thing I'm sorry for,
is that I didn't killed you.
instead you made me half a man.
You know how it's like to live
in this country
with only a left arm?
You've ever tried
drawing on a man
with the left hand?
You run,
even if it's a kid.
You run.
But I've learned,
I learned good.
It's too bad I ain't gonna get
the chance to find out.
What's fair is fair.
I'll give you the same chance
you gave me.
Give me his gun.
It's waiting for you,
on the street.
Take care of her,
Rance don't like
to be kept waiting.
I'm sorry that I got you
into this, Maria
I love you, Linc.
That'd make us even.
Your left hand,
my left hand.
Even, Steven.
A man couldn't want
any more than that.
Here's your gun.
Go, get it.
Don't let the boys
worry you none.
They're just here to see
it's a fair fight.
Go on,
pick it up.
Linc, look out!
Ah, dammit!
Choke on that, Jamie!
Mr. Knudsen.
This just one shave you don't
have to pay for, Seor.
Linc, Linc.
Hey, easy boy.
You're heavy.
Jesus, Jamie.
Get some water.
No use,
I'm done.
You should know that,
Is he gonna die, Linc?
A man's gotta die sometime.
I've lived my life,
You don't have to feel sorry
for me, Jamie.
No, sir.
Got my boot shot too.
Yes, sir.
Take 'em off, Jamie.
But I thought you said--
Take 'em off,
We certainly showed them
didn't we?
We did just fine.
You know?
If I were to tell
someone about it,
they'd never believed me,
never believed me.
Like, you didn't believed me
I was a millionaire.
In the left boot, Jamie,
a paper.
Read it.
United States Bureau of Mines
Sacramento, California.
This is the certifying.
This is a duly recorded claim
on a gold mine.
Gold mine?
El Dorado,
The real one.
Then you are a millionaire.
To ours, Jamie.
You keep it.
We couldn't let them
Macklins get it.
You go, my boy.
Mr. Knudsen?
Mr. Knudsen?
Ain't it funny,
Here we are going to California
to find gold
and we already found it.
Better not count your nuggets
before they're hatch, Jamie.
Mr. Knudsen told me.
He ain't no liar,
honest father,
he was a wonderful man.
I'm sure he was, Jamie.
And nothing can change that,
can it?
No, Sir.
But just the same,
I know there's gold there.
It's a long trip
ahead of us.
Think you can make it?
I can make it.
Stay beside me, Linc.