Guns of Fort Petticoat, The (1957) Movie Script

You warriors are far from the reservation.
We carry no arms.
The Cheyenne signed a treaty. You
can't leave the reservation without permission.
No guns, no bows and arrows.
In the north, many ranches
were burned, people murdered.
We search for those who have done this.
To the south
we trade with our brothers.
In peace we return
to our farms and women.
Next time, obey the treaty.
The Colonel will be disappointed
to have nobody to shoot at.
Come in.
Lieutenant Hewitt is here, sir.
Send him in.
Welcome back, Hewitt.
Thank you, Captain.
What did you find?
We ran across a band of Cheyenne.
But not the renegades we want.
How do you know?
They came from the south.
They were unarmed.
But they were illegally
off the reservation.
They said it was a trading mission.
"They said."
Have the bugler sound assembly.
Yes, sir.
What are you gonna do?
Teach them a lesson.
Double the ammunition ration.
Yes, sir.
You can't do that.
Don't forget yourself, Lieutenant.
We don't attack friendly tribes.
I preserve treaties and keep the
peace. I said you were dismissed.
Every other tribe - the Paiute, the
Comanche - will use it as an excuse
to join the Cheyenne on the warpath.
Not with me here to stop them.
And south of here?
Texas, sir. The South's used all
its manpower in the Confederate army.
We're fighting the South.
If putting Indians on the warpath
helps us to win, I've no objection.
We're not fighting
against women and children.
There's hardly any men left in Texas.
Your being from Texas wouldn't
have anything to do with it?
A man fights
for what he thinks is right.
You're being insubordinate. And
you're in the wrong colour uniform.
One of us is dressed wrong, Colonel.
Lieutenant, you're under arrest and
confined to quarters until I return.
You fixed yourself up good,
didn't you?
Did you hear what he said?
I got ears.
Well, remember it.
Yes, sir?
See this gets to General Firewell.
What are you gonna do?
Somebody's got to warn the settlers.
You know what'll happen if you leave
I'll worry when the time comes.
You're just being plain crazy.
Hey, ain't you misread your compass
needle? This is the Texas border.
I know.
Have you had any Indian trouble here?
This far south?
I'd like a canteen of water
What for?
Do you ask everyone the same thing?
Only if it's a Northern soldier
trying to sneak into Texas as a spy.
I am from Texas.
In that uniform?
Better hold him.
Here, use these.
They were after guns and ammunition.
Don't go to sleep
cos they'll be back. Here.
Where are you going, mister?
You're still aiming to hold me?
Till you get what you were after.
It's all clear, Sheriff.
I sent for the doctor.
I'd better get you something
to cover up that uniform
till you get where you're going.
Try this.
I have got people to talk to.
I'd like to get close enough
before they shoot.
Folks is sensitive to that colour
around here.
Say, just exactly what are you?
I guess you could say I'm a deserter.
From which side?
Both, I suppose.
I'll get you that food and water.
Hey, Stellal
Stellal We've got company.
If he'll stay for dinner,
can we have peaches?
Go back to the house.
Go on. Mind me!
Hi, Stella.
I thought you'd gone for good.
So did I.
But you couldn't stay away.
No, Stella. In fact, I deserted.
Well, you're late. I'm married.
You're not the only man in the world
Wait a minute...
Wait? Am I supposed to wait forever?
Let me tell you - one week
after you left, I got married.
To a good man, too. Ed Leathem.
That's his kid brother, Bax.
Two weeks ago there was a massacre
of Cheyenne at Sand Creek.
My regiment did it.
Now the Indians are on their way.
Indians. You made that up fast
Get off my land.
Stella, wait!
Your best chance is at the mission.
Damn Yankee!
Get her there, Bax.
Damn Yankee!
Hello, Miss Hannah.
Don't you recognise me? Frank Hewitt.
I don't recognise no traitors.
The Comanches are on their way.
I figured you're
the strongest woman of them all.
If you want to scare us off our land
so you can claim it, you're stupid.
I only want to help.
You'd better listen.
Listen? I've already listened
to three husbands in my time.
Maybe I'll listen to three more.
Now, you listen.
Our menfolk are fighting your kind.
We don't want what you call help
and I call lies.
Get going before you need patches
on them blue breeches.
Don't you dare, you dirty renegade!
No more trouble out of you, now.
Who are you? What's your name?
Ann Martin.
Are you Jeff Martin's girl?
Where's your pa?
He's dead. You'd be dead too
if he taught me how to shoot.
I'm not here to do you any harm.
Indians are on the warpath.
I want you to get to the mission
as fast as you can.
I'm sorry about your pa.
Now, you start running.
Ann, your father and I were friends.
If you're pig-headed enough
to stay here and get slaughtered,
there's nothing I can do about it.
Keep moving, Yankee.
I was a horse's hindsight
for ever coming here.
You get!
Mr Turncoat, I guess
I didn't talk very clear last time.
Nor did I. So maybe this will help.
Dora Hartley.
The way the Comanches left her.
That's an ugly way of telling things
You wouldn't listen to me.
You had to be shown.
There are things to do. Let's go.
Most merciful Father, who has
been pleased to take unto Thyself
the soul of this,
thy servant, Dora Hartley,
grant unto us,
who are still in our pilgrimage,
who walk as yet by faith,
that we may join Thy blessed saints
hereafter in glory everlasting.
# Now all my money's spent and gone
# You pass by my door,
a singer, a song
# Now all my money's spent and gone#
Good afternoon.
How do you do?
La-di-dah. I thought
all the real men were away fightin'.
Are you ladies from around here?
Certainly not. I'm Mrs Charlotte
Ogden of the Charleston Ogdens.
The first thing I wish to make clear
is that I am not with this... this...
Er, creature?
Thank you.
Our driver left two days ago to
find a new wagon when we broke down.
I thought I should bring 'em here.
You did right.
Put a wheel on this vehicle,
and we shall be on our way.
That won't be possible.
We're expecting Indians.
Men Indians?
You might as well alight.
Where's my rifle?
Get down over there!
You should have seen yourselves.
You, too, yellow-liv...
Stand easy, son.
What's wrong? Can't take a joke?
Not when it isn't funny.
I thought you should hear the sound
of the only Indian within 100 miles.
Or maybe you believe your tall tale.
If Dora Hartley could speak
from the grave, she'd tell you.
She was killed by a stray.
What if you're wrong?
If he's right, we should run so fast
the wind would knock over the trees.
By the time you ladies
made up your minds, the Comanches
could have closed off the valley.
Two days ago would've been different.
We're asking about today
and tomorrow.
I say we stay here. All of us.
How many ladies know how to shoot?
You can put your hand up.
I can shoot good, damn Yankee.
Mr Hewitt.
Only the Good Book tells me
what is right to do.
I don't believe in killing.
Miss Cora, the Comanches won't be
reading it through their rifle sights
Miss Hannah, I appoint you
sergeant and second-in-command.
Pick a couple of corporals.
Ann Martin and Stella Leathem.
Good. Now, get those horses unhitched
and put them in the corral.
Get your things inside the mission.
I sure wish you troopers luck.
Cos you're sure gonna need it.
Going somewhere, Kettle?
Maybe you do need a man around here.
One you're sure is on your side.
At least I chose a side.
Let's get to work.
You heard the man.
Emmett, I'm glad you're here.
Yeah, Mary... Yeah.
All right, men, use your muscles.
Turn it over.
In there. Push.
All right, Lieutenant, all right.
Ready, men?
One, two, three...
Any three men, Lieutenant.
Yeah, well. Target practice.
Hold it, hold it.
Get your head down
so you can see that front sight.
That's fine, Hetty.
Are you all right?
You won't hit anything, but you'll
sure as blazes scare them to death.
If I remember correctly,
you don't need much practice.
I'll take my gun back
if you don't mind.
Better than any three men,
Lieutenant, any three men.
Most any three men.
Hurry up, hurry up!
Prepare to move out, Sergeant.
Tuck them in! Tuck them in!
You're supposed to be doing
a skirmish, not dancing a polka.
Heckles, get down.
The back of your lap
is a hard place to tie a bandage.
This time I want you to hit that
ground so hard it splits wide open.
General, this ain't
the kinda work I'm accustomed to.
Can't you think of a more pleasing
arrangement for the both of us?
Fall in!
On the double!
You've got to
brace your feet, girls. Next!
Hold it! Hold it.
That's not the way I showed you.
Get over there, Martin.
You've got to use their momentum.
All right. Fast.
You see?
# We've been working all day long
# We've been working all day long
# We've been working all day long
# Passing the water, darling
# Pass the bucket down the line
# Pass the bucket down the line...
Start on that one over there.
If Indians don't attack at night,
why can't we bring water in there?
Because they'll be needing water.
Sounds reasonable.
# Passing the water, darling
# We've been working all day long
# We've been working... #
It's no wonder. We're not slaves.
You've no right to work us to death.
-- Hetty, my smelling salts.
Get back in line
Keep that water moving.
How dare you talk to me like that.
You'd better rest for a while.
Sit here.
You'll be all right.
Just a little touch of sun.
Emmett, you've got to help me.
Let's not start that again.
I can't stand it any longer.
I think I'm losing my mind.
You haven't told the others?
No, but it won't take long to guess.
Oh, Emmett, please marry me.
Look, I... told you.
I'm not ready for marriage yet.
Get inside or back behind the wall.
Behind the wall, men.
Now, get down.
Get down!
Let's get to work.
Throw all these pieces down the hole!
It's about ready.
There's a saying
that an army travels on its stomach.
I'm glad we're not going anywhere.
More salt.
Don't waste that lead, it's scarce.
Don't reload these with rough edges.
What's wrong with your petticoat,
Ogden? We need bandages.
I had Hetty give up hers.
Take it off.
Take it off right now.
How dare you?
Take it off, or I'll do it for you.
If you were in South Carolina, sir,
you would be horsewhipped.
Let me introduce a lady, la-di-dah.
La-di-dah, a lady
with a very pompous air, la-di-dah.
# She can't see you pass her by
Cos her nose is in the sky
# Her boots are fancy leather
And her bonnet... #
We needed the petticoat.
Hi, Stell.
- Can I talk to you?
What do you really think
our chances are?
With Indians it's hard to tell.
I know what this can be.
Frank, I said I got married
a week after you went away.
Ask me why.
You said Ed Leathem's a good man.
He is.
But ask me if I love him.
That's not a fit question.
I married him out of hurt and spite.
I don't blame you.
I went crazy at what you'd done.
Don't say something
you'll regret later.
I'm so glad I can say it at last
In my heart I've never been his wife
When I saw you come riding in,
it was like a dam bursting.
It let all my feelings loose.
Hey, Stella! Stella!
What is it, Bax?
Sergeant Hannah needs you.
I'll be there in a minute.
She wants you right away.
I made that up to make her go.
Now, mister.
Careful where you point that gun.
I'm pointing it at a no-good Yankee.
Shouldn't we forget about the war?
My brother told me to look after her
You're doing a good job.
We were just talking about Ed.
Out here? Like that?
Bax, can you keep a man's secret?
You've got things mixed up.
See, I already have a girl.
Which one is she?
You'll find out
Which one?
There she is now.
Come back here!
- Hello, Bax.
Ann Martin?
That's right.
She's nice.
Yeah. You remember it's a secret.
It's time you got to bed.
Good night.
Put that gun away.
Look, what makes him so sure that
Indians are between us and safety?
Dora Hartley was pretty good proof.
Then why aren't we better off
trying to fight our way through
than waiting to be slaughtered
like a bunch of sheep?
That's something to think about.
We can make it easy
if we travel light.
Load everyone in a couple of wagons,
stick two horses on behind,
and when one team gives out,
change over.
Sergeant Lacey! Sergeant Lacey!
The Lieutenant and Kettle -
they're fighting.
What happened, Hewitt?
- Deserter.
And what are you?
Hewitt drove off all the horses.
Did you?
- Yes.
He was afraid we'd leave
and tell where he was hiding.
I don't believe it.
It's partly true. I heard Kettle
trying to talk you into running away.
Sounded like you might.
So you made up our minds for us.
Somebody had to.
Without letting us
decide for ourselves.
But he kept one horse
for his own getaway.
That was for scouting.
Oh, sure.
A likely story.
Fine thing
to have to believe a turncoat.
Just a minute!
Frank stayed with the rest of us.
What about that varmint?
Lock him up till the fighting starts.
All right. Get goin'!
Frank, look.
I'm afraid it's your place, Stella.
We can hope they head north.
But we'll be ready.
Right. Back to your posts, men.
Move along. Move along!
All clear, Lieutenant.
Keep your eyes open.
What you're trying to do for us now
doesn't make up for the bad before.
What bad was that?
You ran out on Texas and the South.
How could you?
I have to live with my conscience.
And it makes you turn traitor
against friends and neighbours?
You think your way, I'll think mine.
Got all the guns clean, Lieutenant.
I'm glad you two didn't bust up.
Bust up?
I've got the secret
about you being his girl.
Bax, see if the horses are all right.
You told him I was your girl?
Yeah, I... I had to.
He saw me with Stella
and jumped to a conclusion.
Stella Leathem?
I'm glad I found out, too.
Oh, Ann.
Here's your water and candle.
Wait, Mary, please!
Whatever happens, I want you to know
that I was wrong, so wrong.
No, I was wrong.
I guess maybe you were
to have anything to do with me.
I should never have believed...
Listen to me, please. Listen.
Before the war at the square dances,
men were so thick around you,
a fella couldn't get near
without having his toes crushed.
Then the war came along, and all the
men in the valley left, except me.
I guess I...
I forgot how lucky I am.
What makes you remember now?
Being here, waiting to die.
We deserve to die!
I do, but not you and the b...
Oh, darling, we've got
something to live for now.
How? No-one here can.
I know, darling, I know,
but that horse will carry us
to where there is one who can.
Oh, Emmett. Could we?
Yes, darling.
Oh, my darling, I...
I love you so much.
The keys, darling. Unlock the door.
Hurry, darling. Hurry.
Conover and Gibbons, gardening time.
Your daughter ought to be in bed.
Come on, honey.
I wonder what it's like
to have a kid.
One way to find out -
marry and settle down.
New country, new life. Why not?
Why not?
I knew a shoemaker once
who became a violinist.
There's a good girl!
Emmett? Emmett!
Help me, please!
Come back! Come back!
Mary, what happened?
Oh, Emmett!
Kettle escaped. She tried to stop him
We'll take her.
Help me, Cora.
No. No.
You lied for her.
One question -
why did you keep the horse here?
I could've led the Indians away
before they spotted the place.
They'd have caught you.
Anyone here?
Amigo, set up three more.
Well, come on! Make it fast.
These mornings are terribly dry.
Look, I'm no bartender.
I think you are.
We lost the other one.
Tortilla missed.
I do sometimes.
Thank you.
Amigo, how much money you got?
None, I haven't got any.
It's pretty low.
What are you gonna do?
Come over here.
What are you gonna do to me?
Leave me alone!
Put your arms up!
I got nothing...
All I want is to get outta here!
We find out
Let me get down, will ya?
Get them up!
- He is a heavy one!
Let me get down!
Now, there.
Tell me, how much money you got?
None. I told you, none.
Oh, amigo,
I must shoot you for lying.
I'm not lying, I'm not. I...
Look, my pockets are empty. Search.
Then I'm gonna shoot you
for not having no money!
No, look...
Will you tell your boys to stop
this joke and cut me down?
My friend,
we're in somewhat of a dilemma.
If you're lying, he has to shoot you.
If you have no money, he has to.
Now, what's it gonna be?
Look, supposing I... supposing I was
to tell you where there was gold.
Where's that?
Cut me down.
Why tell us and not keep it yourself?
I couldn't. There's a bunch of women
there, afraid of an Indian attack.
They held me prisoner, I escaped.
They got jewels and gold there.
Supposing there is no gold?
There is!
There's still women.
And also Indians.
So long as we're in this valley,
let's enjoy it.
Unless he lies and there is no women
I'm not lying!
Then we come back and complain.
Keep amigo here?
I'll wait. Look,
I want my share of the gold, too.
That's fair enough.
Are you sure you're not lying?
About the gold?
Or the women?
No, I... No.
I'm afraid I really must, old boy.
Oh, no. No! Please! N...
It's not good to have too many people
know about a hoard of gold. Or women.
Well, I hope his horse is good.
Mine's a bit lame.
Sergeant Hannah! Sergeant Hannah!
Everybody to their posts!
Get the Lieutenant.
Hurry, Indians!
Is everybody at their posts?
Well, get to yours.
They're not Indians.
Maybe we've got some help.
They're white men.
Well, open the door.
Well, welcome, men.
You heard, boys. Looks like we're at
the right place at the right time.
Correct. You're just in time
for a little Indian attack.
That's a nasty word. Don't josh.
It's no joke. Glad you're here.
We could sure use three more guns.
Hey, where d'you get that horse?
Where's Kettle?
He sent us in his place.
That's right, amigo. He say
you need help here pretty bad.
Three for one. That's...
We only interested in two things.
One's gold - where's it at?
What are you talking about?
Now, get!
These are women?
Get going, buster.
You'd better take him inside.
All right, everybody.
Back to your posts.
Them women can't get away with that!
Tonight'll be different.
Peace! We don't mean no trouble.
No, no. We like Indians.
One of you talk English?
- Me.
Tell your people we're friends.
Si, amigos. My name is Tortilla.
I never hurt a fly.
It was not a fly.
We're poor men.
We know where there is gold.
And jewels...
Big, like a mountain.
- Gold only good for white man.
Amigo, maybe you interested
in white women who brought the gold.
Ah, Chihuahua! Beautiful, every one.
And a pony soldier.
Chivington. Chivington's man.
The medicine man
is a man of his word? Yes? No?
There. Back there. The mission.
You lie.
No, amigo. To prove that
we are honest, we will stay here
and wait for you. Si?
We are entitled to some of the gold.
You honest, you come with us.
They're headed toward us.
Back to your posts.
Wait. We gotta gamble.
Get everybody on the roof.
Hurry up!
Everybody to the roof!
Everybody to the roof!
Leave them open! Go up!
No-one moves or talks. One call could
decide whether we stay alive or not.
Where people?
Well, they gotta be there.
We seen them, didn't we?
The Lord is my strength,
my rock...
No women, no water.
But they got to be. They were
all around. We talked to them.
That's right.
They couldn't have just flew away.
Chief! I know...
They're going away.
We're safe. I knew if I prayed
there would be no killing.
It didn't do those three any good.
Let's get below.
We sure fooled them.
Frank, what have I done?
Coulda happened to anyone.
Get to your posts.
Bax, look after the children.
You can shoot, get over there.
That's an order. You will obey
if I have to drag you over there.
What are they doing?
He's waiting for the medicine man to
tell them the signs are in their favour.
Hold your fire
they'll soon be out of range.
They just want us to get scared
and use up our ammunition
Mother of Moses, you can't get
any scareder than I am right now.
Let them come into the yard before
you shoot. Don't waste any bullets.
Get them.
Get down!
It doesn't matter.
It does.
Hold your fire!
Martin, get those outposts in.
Why weren't you firing that piece?
The Lord was plain in His commands
about violence and bloodshed.
He also said "An eye for an eye."
Go to the other side!
Get below!
Martin, Lacey, see if you can
get some fire in there.
Is she dead?
She was guilty. She was stained
with the mark of sinners.
Shut upl
Come on, get her below, quick.
Oh, what's the use of all this?
We can't beat them!
Let's just wait and die!
What are you standing around for?
Did you think it would be a picnic?
Sergeant, take care of her.
What's it look like out there,
Put her over there.
Mama! Talk to me, Mama!
Oh, Mama.
Come on, baby. Come on, baby.
I wanna stay by Mama, please.
I know, baby, but it's gonna be
all right. You come with Lucy, huh?
I'll take care of you, I promise.
Everything's gonna be all right.
There's some things the army
doesn't teach, aren't there?
Lucy, I... I wish to apologise for
the bad things I've said about you.
And the... worse things
I've thought about you.
Forget it.
Thank you.
How many casualties?
Two dead. Quite a few nicks.
It could have been worse.
What happens now?
We wait until the medicine man says
a prayer to decide when to attack.
How will we know?
It won't be any secret.
# Them golden slippers, gold
# Golden slippers I'm gonna wear
because they look for me #
Conover, we need what rest we can get
Those drums are driving me crazy!
Frank! They're sneaking up on us!
Hold it! That's no attack.
They're coming to claim their dead.
Sergeant, when they've gone, send
a detail to bury those renegades.
I'm sorry.
You did right.
How are you holding up?
Just tired.
This may sound strange
after the way I acted,
but when you're liable
to be sleeping for a long while,
you want as much living as you can
in the time that's left.
You're a good soldier. Get some rest.
Frank. I want you to know, whatever
happens, I've learned one thing -
life is meant for only one thing,
every minute of it.
To love and to be loved,
that's all that counts.
Stella, listen...
- Please.
If we live, I'll tell my husband
that what never started
between us will never start
And then I'm going home. And wait.
Jones, take over here.
You're on guard later.
Get some sleep.
Stop treating me like a child.
I treat you all the same.
Except Stella.
That's crazy.
No. If you can fool a boy like Bax,
if you can lie about me...
If you don't want to be treated
like a child, don't act like one.
Scared, Ann?
We all are, you know.
It's not that.
What, then? The love bug bite you?
I don't know.
I just don't know.
Oh, to be young and not know
the source of your troubles.
He's a Yankee.
Yes, and he's a liar, too.
Hear, now. If you love him, you help
him. He's got nothing but troubles.
Men, I want to talk to you.
He ought to be back in the army,
always shouting, shouting orders.
His shouting doesn't fool me.
He's worrying himself sick for us.
Trying not to show it.
That's why he's shouting.
Good soldiers ought to know the truth
We can let them burn us out
or carry the fight to them.
You're leaving it up to us?
Why? You don't tell us how to
nurse babies, so we don't tell you
how to fight Comanches.
That's right.
What happened?
Him! That medicine man.
I got so mad at him for asking
his god about killing more of us,
that I loaded up old Betsy
with five times her...
Oh, look at her.
Five times?
Hannah, he's more than a mile away.
He is?
Guns work for 300 yards at best They
keep the medicine man out of range.
I guess I figured I'd prove my god
was more powerful than his.
Well, I guess
I was just hoping for a miracle.
Let's see if we can fix up one.
Yeah, I... Huh?
Let's go.
Sure you can hit these things?
We'll hit 'em.
Don't forget everything I told you.
It's up to you now. I'm staying here.
Are you trying to get killed?
Obey orders.
All right, men. Back to the fort.
That's enough.
What's holding you up, Martin?
Well, it's too bad to waste time
until maybe there isn't any more.
Time for what?
Hardly more than... maybe goodbye.
Or to apologise for the mean things
I said without having enough sense
to realise I'd regret them.
With any luck,
I think we might have been friends.
Maybe more than that.
How does it look, Sergeant?
They look upset about something.
Good luck.
- Same to you.
Now, put your sights on them bombs
and squeeze gently.
Frank is running away!
He's gone to do that miracle I tried
with that old musket last night.
He's getting the medicine man.
Did he make it?
Yes. Go with the other children.
I'm the only man left to help fight.
No, Bax. Do as I tell you.
No! You got no right to say no
after what I did.
Here's a gun. Take that last window.
Guard that window!
We make a great team, Hetty.
Yes, ma'am, we sure do.
I'll get some more ammunition.
From now on, ma'am, you'll have to
do your own hair and dressing.
And shooting, too.
You're making a mistake!
Look! You're making a mistake!
You're killing the wrong ones!
Shut up!
Bax! How are you? Oh, Bax!
Cora, what are you doing?
Let go!
I'm gonna kill them!
Go easy. We only have a little left.
This thing is stuck.
Ammunition! Ammunition!
Ammunition over here.
Drag him over to the front.
When I throw this rope down,
tie it round his arms, someone.
There it is.
Give me a hand with this rope.
Open the doors!
That's good, give me some slack.
If superstitions run true to form
then this ought to do it.
We whipped them!
Lieutenant, I got an apology.
You're a better man than I am!
- Yes?
I have to go away for a while.
For how long, I don't know.
I go remembering that, with any luck,
we might have been more than friends.
Then why go?
I'm still a deserter.
I don't want to spend my life running
Where's he going?
The defendant will
step forward and face the court.
The court has weighed the evidence
presented by the prosecution and
defence. The unanimous verdict...
At ease, gentlemen.
Don't let me interrupt, Colonel
Chivington. You're in charge.
Lieutenant Hewitt is charged
with insubordination and desertion.
Where did you apprehend him?
He came back voluntarily
but with a wild story of
rallying a bunch of women in Texas
and fighting off Indians.
That was no story.
The defendant will remain silent.
Yellow Horse and Broken Foot
were brought in three days ago.
They did admit to being in a fight.
One they'll never forget.
With buffalo hunters,
not some petticoat brigade.
Out of my way, sonny!
Up on your feet, everyone!
What's all this?
We've come for the Lieutenant.
Stand easy boys.
This ain't no bugle I'm holdin'.
this is that phantom petticoat army.
I'd like you to meet
Ogden, Conover, Sergeant Lacey,
Melavan and Corporal Martin.
Incidentally, six
of the best marksmen you ever saw.
Now we've been introduced,
let's get out of here.
Hold it, Lacey.
Look, men, I appreciate what you're
trying to do, but you'll get me hung.
Clear out before I drive you out.
Mr Colonel...
if there's any driving to do,
we'll do it.
Melavan, what's come over you?
The Lord told me that
if something's worth fighting for,
a body'd better fight.
Sergeant Lebbard,
have the bugler sound assembly.
Can't we have a truce?
- That depends.
The South has counterattacked.
We've lost this engagement.
The reports I have received prove
that the wrong man has been on trial
The evidence is overwhelming,
and some of it downright attractive.
Oh, thank you.
Lieutenant, we will need you
at the trial of Colonel Chivington
for the Sand Creek massacre.
Stella took your advice and stayed
behind to wait for her husband.
Lieutenant, thank you
and God bless you.
That was for the slap, Frank.
I made a good trade.
Thanks again.
Thank you.
I'll never get used to you
without gun smoke on your face.
You'd better try, renegade.
Congratulations, Lieutenant.
Thank you, Nancy.
Ogden and I are gonna raise Nancy
to be a real lady, to square things.
I think that'll square
a lot of things. Good luck.
And good luck to you, too.