Guntur Kaaram (2024) Movie Script

Oh, great soul!
Oh, great sage!
What is darkness?
What is life?
What is death?
What is virtue?
What is sin?
What is hell?
What is heaven?
What is true?
What is not?
What is temporary?
What is permanent?
Which is one?
Which is many?
What is cause?
What is action?
Oh, great soul!
Oh, great sage!
Which is white?
Which is black?
What is song?
What is silence?
Which is mine?
Which is yours?
What is ethics?
What is not?
Yesterday's dream is today's truth
Today's distress is tomorrow's melody
Same brilliance, same peace
Oh, great sage!
Oh, great soul!
Ranga, what's that?
It's our warehouse!
- Hey!
- Hey, who is that?
- Brother, take this.
- What's going on?
Beat those idiots to a pulp!
- Catch them!
- Hey, move!
Hit them!
Where are you off to? Come here!
- You...
- Hey!
How dare you hit my brother!
- Hey!
- Brother...
How dare
you touch my brother-in-law!
Hey, Lenin! Lenin!
Lenin! Hey, Lenin.
Nothing will happen to you.
- What have you done?
- I didn't expect this to happen.
I will not spare those bloody rogues
who harmed my brother!
Not a single one will be spared!
Lenin, you will be fine.
Hey, Satya!
If anything happens to my brother,
you will be done for!
- Lenin, get up! Lenin!
- Don't spare them.
In Dokka Lenin Babu's murder case,
the accused, Satyanarayan,
alias Royal Satya,
under IPC Section 302 read with 120B,
has been sentenced
to 12 years of imprisonment.
Oh, you peed!
Come on, my horse, let's go.
- Come on, my horse, let's go.
- Grandpa!
- We will look at the files later.
- Just say Kata's here!
Bless me, sir.
I have relied on you
for twenty-five years.
I have become an MLA twice.
I have sold half my assets.
I heard we will be getting
the Law Ministry this time.
With your blessings...
I will get down to the job, sir.
Only someone like him,
who can request without inhibition,
will emerge in politics.
What do you say, Madhu?
- You know me well, sir.
- But only someone like me,
who can decline
without hesitation, will stay on top.
My daughter gets the ministry this time.
You can relax.
What has she
accomplished so far, sir?
Married twice, gave birth to two,
and let go of one. Is that it?
"Why was her firstborn abandoned?"
"Where is he? What is he up to?"
If I ask such questions
in front of the press...
you will make the headlines,
and I will make my way to the cabinet.
Well, you need to stay alive
for that to happen.
"I, Vyra Vasundhara,
as the Minister of State for Law,
shall discharge my duties
faithfully and conscientiously.
Without fear, bias, or prejudice,
in accordance with
the Constitution and Law,
I shall do right by all manner of people,
and I solemnly swear in the name of God."
- Did you get the papers ready, Pani?
- Yes, sir.
Why bother him now
after twenty-five years, sir?
I am not keen on doing this either.
Has she asked?
How her is former son and so on?
Actually, I'm overcome with love
for my grandson, and I want him here.
You probably think
you can still carry him.
He is more than six feet tall now.
His name is Ramana...
but he's as hot and spicy
as Guntur pepper to touch.
Pepper bales, loading trucks...
It's a world in itself.
And he's the king of that world.
He is already in great form, waging wars
and brandishing swords in his kingdom.
We shouldn't dig our own graves, sir.
He might be a king there,
but he is no more
than a son here.
We will manage. Call him.
Should I call him home, sir?
If we call him home, we will have
to entertain him until he leaves.
Call him to the office.
We can get up
and go once our job is done.
Okay, sir.
- Okay.
- Dear...
- Grandpa.
- What is the status?
I just had my breakfast.
I also had my coffee.
In a while, Mom will also leave
for the government office.
Correct? Yeah.
Bye, Grandpa.
He makes me wonder...
Is it necessary to call the other guy?
He makes me feel certain
that it is actually an emergency.
- Who is it, Dad?
- It's Pani.
He's been continuously calling me
for the past ten days.
"Is Ramana coming to Hyderabad?"
Why don't you go and ask him?
No way!
You know he is short-tempered.
- He will shout at me.
- Why shouldn't he?
He was disowned by his mom
when he was just ten.
Do you expect him to be cheerful?
That's not temper.
That's anguish.
Guntur chili powder.
See... it's red and spicy to look at.
Once it touches your tongue,
there's no way you can stop your tears.
He is no different.
He seems harsh
but is actually sweet.
Ask him yourself.
You'll know how sweet he is.
What do we ask him?
His mom is calling him.
Asking him to meet her is wrong.
Telling him not to is also wrong.
I dice with death!
What are you looking at?
We got to move three full loads of chili.
Nerli Route seems to be good.
Take the same route.
- Okay.
- Call me as soon as you get there.
- Okay.
-"We didn't want to disturb you at night."
If you come up with such lame excuses,
I will flay your skin, morons!
Go! Get going!
Let's go.
Pani has been asking
if you have started for Hyderabad yet.
Should I go?
I'm not able to say yes
because I know they are not fair people.
Of course, there is nothing
to say about you.
Is that a yes or a no?
If I knew that,
why would I stretch so much?
- Hey, Samba.
- Yes?
Do you think she will recognize me?
- Is there enough diesel in the car?
- Tank's full, bro.
What is the address?
Abids, Jandal Party Office, Hyderabad.
I was told that
anyone would guide you there.
- Are the papers ready?
- Yes, sir.
I hope there are no spelling mistakes.
She divorced her husband
and abandoned her son.
She remarried and had another son.
The first son has no right to her assets.
This statement is a mistake in itself and
you're asking me for spelling mistakes?
His name is Ramana.
Show it to everyone.
- Has nobody seen him in all these years?
- We made a mistake.
This is not a mistake, sir.
It's a blunder.
I have had enough of you.
Give it to me. Come!
Spicy and pungent!
Stinging chili powder!
My left eye is a bit weak, man!
Come here.
You are...
Are you thrilled to see me?
Did your heart rate go up?
Did you feel like whistling?
It's Ramana.
You look like a hero, sir!
What's the buzz here?
The old man is turning eighty, sir.
You know...
Most useless things last long.
So much hubbub for his birthday!
What will you do when he dies?
Break open the earth?
That was deep, sir.
Where is Pani?
He is waiting in there, sir.
- This is his obligation.
- Yes, sir.
- What else can he do besides wait?
- Yes.
Sir, that way...
Why is he blocking my way?
That way, sir.
Doesn't he know what she is to me?
She was called "sister" when she was
younger. Now, they call her "mother."
Go, get an appointment first.
He talks a bit too much.
What are you looking at?
Will you hit me?
Just wondering if I should kill you.
This way.
Coffee? Tea?
Is there a cup in your hand?
Only papers, right?
Give me a pen.
I'll sign and leave.
You better read it before signing, sir.
I should be killing you.
What could be so disruptive?
"Don't claim a legacy."
You don't need it.
"Don't use the surname."
You have your paternal surname anyway.
In short, you have no relation
with this family.
As if it has existed all these years!
In agreement, a signature...
When you part ways from
your husband, it's called a divorce.
When you disown your son,
what's the term for it?
Did you think of a name?
If yes, ask her to come and tell me.
Why just one?
I'll put a thousand signatures.
How is she still his mother?
If he wants, let him see her
when she is on TV.
He doesn't have a mother,
and he won't be getting one now.
Go, tell him.
- What if he doesn't agree?
- Destruction...
I will destroy him.
Ensure that emphasis
is placed on "destruction."
If we place emphasis on it,
he'll probably not sign the paper, sir.
No, I mean, why call him here
yourself and then provoke him?
If he realizes we are in need,
he may raise his price.
We must keep him at a distance
and get the work done.
When we ask for votes,
we even enter huts.
Once we win, do we allow the voters
to come into our homes?
It's the same with him.
While he is still under the illusion
of seeing or meeting his mother,
we should get the job done.
Go, tell him.
Which one? About the voters, sir?
- What I told you before that.
- Okay, sir.
I got it, sir.
I got it signed, sir.
Why do you take the trouble, sir?
Let me check this for you.
- Oh...
- Give it here.
Sorry, sir!
It's just a signature.
Why are you laughing?
The old man will kill me. Shut up!
- What happened? Tell me.
- Sorry, sir. He wrote,
"Looking forward to the destruction
you will create."
He has emphasized on the word...
What's happening?
It's falling down!
- Careful!
- Move back!
Get out of here!
Oh, God!
His name is Ramana...
but he's as hot and spicy
as Guntur pepper to touch.
It stings! This boy's chili powder!
Business with him is a roller coaster
Hot and spicy is his chili powder
Business with him is a roller coaster
In every nook and cranny
Whispers of his tales abound!
No one dares to step out of line
Because of him
Hey, there's no one who doesn't know him
Hey, he looks all glorious
But is good at battering, mother promise!
When he strikes, brain freezes
And they forget the PIN code
Hey, crazy!
Hey, he's like a stinging slap!
Fair in complexion
With mind-blowing speed
A stinging burn
He is highly inflammable
Everybody, make way
Leader on the way
Ain't got no time to play
Though the wind moving against me
Blows away the top button
It plunges straight ahead
The vehicle I board
No one to account for
No one to endorse for
A burden loaded by others
Why should I carry it on my shoulders?
Slow-cooked spicy biryani
Red chili half tandoori
With lemon soda and a cigarette
Make your stamp on Guntur
Slow-cooked spicy biryani
Red chili half tandoori
With lemon soda and a cigarette
Make your stamp on Guntur
I am silence infinite
Waging a war with myself
A bit of selfishness and a bit of virtue
I am love-matter with a mix of these
Hey, hold it, beauty
Hold the pestle high
Bring it down one after one
And pound it to your maximum
Pound it!
Hey, one chili per pound
Sacrifice it to the stone
Making the chili spicier
Filling the air with aroma
Tuck in your sari
And change hands slowly
Hey, add some strength
And make the seed flat
Empty the vessel of fresh chili powder
My heart is my window
And I close it at my will
The wounds of tomorrow
I avert them right now
My destiny is a colorful pattern
I may be sad
But won't stop the celebration
My own fort of laughter
Why should I destroy it?
Slow-cooked spicy biryani
Red chili half tandoori
With lemon soda and a cigarette
Make your stamp on Guntur
Slow-cooked spicy biryani
Red chili half tandoori
With lemon soda and a cigarette
Make your stamp on Guntur
Ramana is here!
Ramana is here!
What are you saying?
I can't hear you! Come again!
Mom, Ramana is here.
If you could shout it from upstairs,
why bother rushing down?
Your wife cannot hear.
He's already at the door.
He would come in anyway.
If the door is shut,
he will go wherever he wants.
Hey, Ramana. How did it go?
- Count or deal?
- Drop.
Hey, you never get a life in cards.
Nor wisdom in life.
Does context mean anything to you?
How is your mother?
Has she put on weight?
She is glowing
like a Goddess in a temple.
You should have performed arti then!
I didn't find the matches.
But you find packs of them
for lighting cigarettes.
Yeah, right.
I'm famished.
What did you cook?
Nothing special.
I have only made egg curry.
Bring the egg here.
I will eat it.
- What?
- One of your eyes doesn't work anyway.
Do these sunglasses
make it any better?
You cannot handle my style.
Did she ask you
how you have been?
She broke down as soon as she saw me.
She said, "Why should you eat
your aunt's awful egg curry?
Stay back. I will make chicken for you."
- Well, you should have!
- Oh!
I didn't want you to miss me.
So, here I am.
Hey, what is that half-hearted serving?
He's growing up.
- Eat this.
- Hey! You want to kill me with eggs?
Yeah, I cannot let go like your mother.
Hey! Allow him to tell us
what happened there.
You haven't given him a break
since he came back!
He only speaks once a year.
But when he does, he is on the dot.
It's not like they were
overcome with love.
They required my signature,
indicating I was nobody to them.
That's why they called me.
Hey, Samba.
They say we shouldn't claim their assets.
Have we ever?
She won't see her son...
but sits in the office
behind closed doors.
Since she was so busy, I thought
I shouldn't bother. So, I didn't sign.
Hello, Mr. Satyam!
Go and play the right song
on your gramophone on this occasion.
It should suit the estranged husband
as well as the disowned son.
I can't tell who is laying eggs at home!
You or the chicken!
Didn't you like the dosa, sir?
- I don't feel good, Pani.
- Oh!
You never know when Kata Madhu
would create a nuisance.
True, sir.
Why isn't he signing?
After all, it's his mother.
In that case, call him,
saying his mother wants to see him.
Do I ever drink soda?
Sorry about that.
You use water, right?
I'll get it.
Uncle! That's water.
Here, take this.
One minute.
Hey, I prefer an omelet!
Where is your mind at?
What is the problem?
There was a call from Hyderabad yesterday.
He was asked to come home this time.
Your son is drinking like a fish, Uncle.
By the time I took him some water,
he had finished a quarter.
If I take too long with the omelet,
he might even devour me!
- Don't tell him I told you this.
- Wait.
- Let me talk to him.
- Please, don't. He will kill me.
- Hey!
- Uncle...
Are you drinking?
Did you get a call
from Hyderabad?
What was it about?
They were pleased to see the grandson.
Now, they want to see the son.
You should go then.
For what?
They are closing doors on me.
Break down the doors.
You possess every right as a son.
Is that so?
You sit and gaze out of the window.
But expect me to go there
knocking down doors!
They say when you refuse a meal,
you stay hungry the whole day.
But if you reject your mother,
you will cry all your life.
She has left him,
but he doesn't let go of her.
He thinks she will scoop me up
as soon as I go.
What did you say?
Are you going there or not?
B.A, B.L
I'm the boss here.
The moment I enter,
they wet their pants out of fear.
Sir! Welcome, sir.
- You are?
- I'm Mr. Pani's assistant, sir.
Don't you have a name?
I'm Balu, sir.
- This is?
- Mr. Pani's house, sir.
Hey, capture well.
I should have everyone floored.
And that is?
Mr. Pani's daughter.
Today's special is my home tour.
This is our tree.
Sister! That's a plant.
When I don't know it myself,
how would the others know? Keep quiet!
Tomorrow is my father's death anniversary.
It's Grandpa's!
Wasn't something
of Dad's coming up as well?
His birthday.
Both are special occasions.
Pani's daughter is quite ravishing.
He has come to meet your dad.
He is not home.
We will wait.
Sure. Wait outside.
Hey, girl!
Look at my complexion.
Won't I get tanned sitting in the sun?
Oh, really?
Just a minute.
As if he is a rose!
Wear it in your hair.
So, is that how you speak to all girls?
Not unless they are extremely pretty.
What's your deal?
Not with you.
With your pop.
Pop? What do you mean by "pop"?
Can't you give him some respect?
I guess she is angry.
I offered it.
But he refused.
My goodness!
Green really suits her.
Who is this guy flirting so openly?
I spared him because
he's good-looking. Otherwise...
- What's the name though?
- Bala Subramanyam, sir.
Who wants yours?
Amukta Malyada, sir.
We call her Amuda out of love.
Why should you show any love?
Leave that to me.
Won't you give me at least that freedom?
Take it, sir.
Why is she in a sari?
What is the occasion?
She makes reels on social media.
She was in jeans yesterday.
Today, she is in a sari.
Could she be wearing a skirt tomorrow?
- Why do you ask, sir?
- I'll come again tomorrow.
Tomorrow is my weekly off, sir.
Mom! That's him.
Are there burglars in their house, Balu?
They are not allowing anybody in!
They won't even offer tea.
That's not the case, sir. This is
the first time they have seen a rowdy.
Sorry, sir.
What did I say earlier?
You said Mr. Pani's daughter is ravishing.
She's not just ravishing.
- She's delightfully ravishing.
- Son!
- Sir!
- Pani, we were just talking about you.
- Why did you make him sit here?
- Sir...
- Actually--
- Have you any sense?
Please come, sir.
Let's go in and have some coffee.
- Pani...
- Yes?
Was it Mom who called me?
Yes, I swear.
We will have coffee there.
Let's go.
One minute. I will reverse the car.
Come with me.
The name is Ramana.
Remember it.
It will be of use
when you come to Guntur.
He has given you a nickname already.
Hey, it's done. Lift it.
Did he say
I was going to cause destruction?
Did he say I was waiting?
What did you write?
What did you say?
You know I would lie.
You know I am covering up.
He is your uncle.
- My daughter's--
- Second husband?
Boss, if you don't mind,
can I ask you something?
What did my mother see in you
that she married you?
- I condemn. Condemn.
- I don't know.
Grandpa! In what context
can we use "condemn"?
Your father can condemn him
for his question.
Who is this guy?
To this family and our constituency,
he is the only heir.
- Who is this gentleman?
- Your brother by relation.
You can go.
Don't walk away in such a peculiar manner!
Weren't you taught
how to greet your elders?
- Namaste!
- I see!
You and your stupid
half-hearted greetings!
I condemn this!
I bless you. Now, get going.
All the characters are here.
But where is the main lead?
Have you locked her up inside?
Sign this first.
She will come.
Let her come first.
I will sign.
The other day, while he was at the office,
if only we had disciplined him properly...
You don't have it in you!
You don't have to shout.
I can hear properly.
You are old and hard of hearing.
- I should be shouting.
- Who are you calling old?
- Father-in-law!
- Sir!
Be careful...
Who is old here?
Are you going to get up and dance
to prove that you are not old?
You want me to read it?
You want my signature?
I only sign autographs for my fans,
not just anyone and everyone.
I guess he doesn't need any medicine.
He has stopped coughing all of a sudden.
Why bother the old guy, sir?
Why don't you just sign it?
There is a love story going on here.
I should know whether
it's a one-sided or two-way situation.
I won't sign until then.
Why do you keep provoking him, sir?
In my opinion, it was wrong
to talk to him in the first place.
Fine, you did.
She has disowned him for 25 years.
You should have done the same.
That won't do.
He should stop believing
that my daughter is his mother.
Or we should make him stop?
That is why...
it's imperative he signs the document
saying he is in no way related to us.
That way, my grandson will have
no hurdles. He will become an MP.
Ramana will confine himself to Guntur.
Madhu will be out of power.
The requirement is yours,
and the signature is his.
How am I concerned?
Because Pani...
Venkat Swamy never takes
no for an answer.
Whoever dared to say no to me is dead.
Hi, sir.
Hey, Balu.
What are you doing here?
- Hey, Samba!
- Yes?
Didn't I tell you?
That's Pani's daughter.
Remember me?
Well, you told me...
"The name is Ramana. It will be of use
when you come to Guntur."
That is why...
- Hey, Yakub!
- Sir?
I'm beginning to blush.
- Go, bring three cups of tea.
- Yes.
I refused to sign that day.
Did the old guy trouble this Pani guy...
They must have tortured him.
He's not in the
best situation, sir.
- Is he gone?
- Not yet, but...
- Dad!
- Dear, what happened?
Don't cry.
Why are you crying?
- Losing a job is okay.
- Calm down.
But if it costs me my life,
should I laugh instead of crying?
You can always find another job.
Don't fret about it.
Who will offer a job to a lawyer
ousted from the Law Minister's office?
Don't worry.
When she sneezes, she turns more red.
Very tender.
Where are you put up?
Star Hotel.
There are no-star hotels
around here!
Star Hotel is just a name, sir.
It's actually a lodge.
It's difficult to stay in lodges
for someone so ravishing.
I was praising you.
My dad's lost job, monthly EMIs...
I can't handle this, Ramana.
She's in distress.
Why are you crying?
That's what I fail to understand, sir.
I'm not even attached to her family.
And yet, tears seem to flow in streams.
The chili here is pungent.
His eyes must be burning.
Oh! Makes sense.
What is this?
Just one signature.
Do you know
what the old guy has written?
I know, sir.
Actually, I was the one who drafted it.
You should forget your mother.
Isn't that all?
Like a boy going to a boarding school...
I don't understand
why you have to act so dramatic.
After all, your mother left you long ago.
Am I right?
Did he tell you
why he didn't buy it from us?
Some guy offered him a discount
of ten thousand rupees on each load.
Did he say who?
Go, have your lunch.
Before you reach the last course,
he will spill all the beans.
He has been buying red chili
from us for ten years now!
When some guy offered you a discount...
"Madam, I have this offer.
What shall I do?"
Shouldn't you have asked me that?
Idiot! Don't let me hit you!
You want to be consulted
about chili in the curry...
as well as chili in the truck.
What did you say?
You are playing my mouthpiece as well.
I just wanted
to play the listener this time.
That's it.
Why are you being so gentle?
Hit him so hard that he divulges the name
of his mistress in front of his wife!
Give me his phone.
This is the guy who stopped him
from buying chili from us.
- Who is it?
- Hey!
Touch him, and I will see your end!
You were saying something, Uncle?
Stay there.
If I don't come there in ten minutes
and burn you all up,
I will change my name from Marx!
Changing name and place at this age
on the Aadhar card and ration card
is a big headache.
Hey, Samba!
Put him in the vehicle.
Let's go and say hello to Uncle Marx.
You burned down our warehouse
and sent my dad to jail.
You got your elder brother killed.
Don't panic. I got him.
But you are still vengeful.
That's why I have come to settle this
once and for all.
The vehicle is here.
Where is the boy?
Admit that it was wrong
to snatch our business.
The boy himself will come to you jumping.
Are you going to wait
until I fall at his feet?
You bloody...
You want to monopolize
the chili business?
Don't we have the load or a truck?
Today, Satya is going to lose his son
in addition to his estranged wife!
I want him at my feet.
I will see how he will exit
from my compound.
- Let's thrash him! Don't spare him.
- Come on! Let's go!
Hit him!
Hit him!
Hey, you blow my mind away!
Come here.
Come to this side.
A warm desire enters my heart
And throws me off my feet
Hey, you blow my mind away!
Uncle, stop sitting around.
Lie down. I will explain.
Something has been bothering me
since I came.
Why have you put up a tent in winter?
Well, it's your money and your pleasure.
How dare he?
Hey! Why are you walking away?
His father has been
pestering me with calls.
Where is he?
Where the heck is he?
- Shut it!
- What?
Hey, you blow my mind away!
Our car was crushed under the shed.
A shard of tile landed on my head.
Oh, God!
Is your car insured?
The mechanic is my guy.
He will get it ready in two days.
What is your story?
Didn't you say it yourself
that girls like me cannot stay in lodges?
So? You walk in with your suitcases?
There are no rooms here.
Hey, be quiet.
You are obedient.
You will come up in life.
My aunt doesn't appreciate people
standing around.
Go and stay in the room
under the staircase.
- What?
- Yes.
My clothes are there.
Which room doesn't have your clothes?
Burn them up,
and half the problem will be solved.
Sure, set them on fire. It's your
dad's money. She's got nothing to lose.
He has given you a room. Go.
Let's go.
What is it?
My accommodation?
- Your accommodation?
- Yes.
- You are a man.
- Yes, sir.
- You can stay anywhere.
- True.
Make sure you don't enter the rooms.
- This is your bedroom?
- Exactly!
This is my balcony.
What about the toilet?
He said, "It's disgusting
to do it in the house.
Do your business under some tree."
- Who?
- Who else?
My harasser, Ramana.
How come she hasn't called me yet?
Will she take it easy if I relax?
Let me send her a photo.
Is it your dad?
What did he send?
Does he want us to buy this from here?
He says he will hang himself
if he doesn't get the signature.
Cheap! He is not going to sign.
He only fines people.
He never signs.
I tried to open the window,
but it was stuck.
Can you please help?
What did she say?
- Something about the window--
- No...
Before that.
I never realized
how good my name sounds!
I never knew Ramana could be
shortened as Ramu, sir.
Excuse me!
Can I ask you something?
You shouldn't mind.
Do you rip your clothes
before putting them on or afterward?
It's ripped jeans, Ramu.
I guess they are more expensive
than regular jeans.
How do you know, sir?
I can tell from where
they are ripped and how much they show.
They are a different category.
Aren't they nice?
You look phenomenal.
What did I say about Pani's daughter?
First, you said she's ravishing.
Then you said
she's delightfully ravishing.
She is not just delightful.
She is bloody delightful.
I will note that.
- Did you put it to dry?
- Yes, I did.
Did you eat yet?
I wasn't offered.
- Don't be shy in your own house.
- That's right.
Go out and eat.
Madam, listen.
You became a minister
to make solid money,
not to appoint a Commission
on the double murder
that occurred five years ago.
Note that down.
You probably think Hari Das is the same
old Das who partnered with your father.
That was a tale of the past.
Now, you want to call me,
inquire, and throw me in jail?
The state will be on fire.
You want to call Das and inquire?
Will the judge you have appointed
come to your office?
Excuse me, ma'am.
Mr. Alok has a message for you.
Due to personal reasons, he has
withdrawn from the Hari Das Commission.
A judge can be replaced in a week.
A minister can be replaced in ten days.
But when Hari Das goes to prison,
it will take him twenty years to get out.
Why mess with him?
Listen to me.
Even a vile person has some principles,
but he doesn't.
He may not have principles...
but I have responsibilities.
- Narayan...
- Tell me?
How did Das know that the judge
was going to come here?
Why do you say that?
We have appointed the Commission.
How would he not know?
Not before we could announce.
Kata Madhu must have told him.
You can't relax in politics.
Get your son ready.
If his mother is in power,
he'll be an MP or else an MLA.
- Yes...
- Sir?
What happened to the signature?
- It's not done yet, sir. I--
- You...
Hey, where to?
There's no specific direction.
Just going with the flow.
Wear these glasses.
Let me see if they increase your glamour.
- Great.
- Thank you, sir.
Face sideways.
You look smooth and shiny.
I feel embarrassed, sir.
So do I.
Turn that way.
Don't change your posture.
You don't use all that, do you?
I don't need it.
You should learn.
Besides the clothes...
Those perfumes and creams...
Stop moving.
Excuse me!
Please groom her as well.
If you don't mind,
can I say something?
Your eyes are mesmerizing enough.
Don't wear eyeliner and kohl.
Stupid boys like me fall for you.
Don't embarrass me, Ramu.
Gosh, I never knew
there was so much melody in my name!
What's with those sunglasses?
You look like a pickpocket.
Take them off.
You said they looked great earlier.
She was here earlier.
She won't return, I guess.
If we ask him now, he would sign
with his blood instead of ink.
Let's find the right time and get it.
He started drinking.
I can see it.
Hi, sir!
- Why are you peeking like a thief?
- This is your private time, sir.
Oh, wow. Can I join, sir?
Is this some school to join?
All you need is a glass.
Well said, sir.
Thank you.
All said and done...
Raji's clothes look more appealing on you.
You look great.
Is it scotch, sir?
I didn't expect this.
Only the bottle is foreign.
The drink inside is local.
- Little. Just a little.
- Okay.
- So, Balu...
- Sir?
- That's enough.
- What is your full name?
Bala Subramanyam, sir.
- S.P.B?
- Just B.
You are named after a legend.
Thank you, sir.
- With his inspiration...
- Sir...
Sing a nice song.
I have a problem with my pitch, sir.
Why bring up cricket
in the middle of a song?
Not that "pitch." The tune.
This is not the Indian Idol.
It's just a warehouse.
Forget about making mistakes.
You can try, come on.
Okay, sir.
Why are you looking at me like that?
Would you like some beer?
Sir, you are crossing a line there.
Is this some Kabaddi match
to cross lines?
She is a kid, sir.
They fill the bars these days!
Let's not touch on a controversial topic.
Do you have vodka?
- Soda or water?
- Juice.
Health conscious, I see.
- Hey, Yakub.
- Sir.
What is it?
I carried her to school in these arms.
Take her to the bar
tomorrow onwards.
No way.
Stop being dramatic and sing a song.
Any specific song, sir?
- Any song will do.
- Okay, fine.
Why don't I sing the same song?
To hell with it.
I've loved you, and I'll always love you
Even after death, I'll keep loving you
When I remember you
Then my tears--
I was singing a nice song, sir.
Why did you hit me?
I feel like crying when I think of her.
May her great soul rest in peace.
Sing a song of someone who's alive.
Sing a happy song.
Sing something that's
soothing and delightful.
I'll play it on my phone.
- Tell me, oh, cool breeze!
- Wow, what a song!
- Embrace me with your chills
- Wow!
How come I hear music with your song?
I wasn't singing.
I played it on my phone.
Play it.
Tell me, oh, cool breeze
Embrace me with your chills
Where the celebration of joy is
Lead me there and tell me
Wow! What a girl!
What a dancer!
He has stopped making them.
They barely have any flesh on them now.
Hugging them is like hugging yourself.
We don't understand what they say.
They don't understand what we say.
They don't know how to play or to sway.
Don't even get me started
on their language.
She looks like Prabhu Deva's dupe.
Are there any bones in her body or not?
Forget about her body.
Where is the cigarette, sir?
Updated version.
- Balu.
- Baby?
Go to my library.
- Play song fifteen.
- Done.
Volume at twenty.
Check if it has fallen close by
My gold necklace
Check if it has fallen near you
My gold necklace
Check if it has fallen close by
My gold necklace
Check if it has fallen near you
My gold necklace
Sorry, sir.
Why was my lungi snatched?
Probably, she got too carried away
by the dance, sir.
- What dance was that?
- Right, sir.
You have brought Prabhu Deva's dupe.
I couldn't match her energy.
I haven't danced like this
in my entire career.
My goodness.
Whatever you say...
I have enjoyed a lot, man.
Same here, sir.
- Life is all about these small moments.
- True, sir.
Why are you pulling a pen
out of your blouse?
Why are you pulling out a paper
from your pocket?
This small moment calls
for a scribble of your initials, sir.
So, you didn't come here
for entertainment?
You clearly have an agenda.
- Hold this for me, please.
- Okay.
He was drunk last night
and spared you with a slap.
If he sees us when he gets sober,
he will kill us.
- Thank God!
- Let's sneak out before he wakes up.
- Let's go.
- We won't ever see him again.
It should just remain a dream.
- The garage is that way.
- Yes.
Here's the money.
Is the car ready?
The headlight isn't working.
Let it be. Anyway, it is daytime.
The brakes aren't working either.
- We won't use them.
- That's the spirit.
- Keys, sir!
- Give it here!
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
No looking back!
- What is that?
- Looks like some statue.
Who is the scoundrel
that knocked down my father's statue?
Who are you?!
How dare you?!
Satyam killed my father!
Now, his guests won't even
spare his statue!
Get them!
- Sir, it's a mistake. It was an accident.
- Shut up!
Tell us if you want money.
Madam can give you.
Who wants your money?
So, what do you expect from us?
You better fix the head of the statue,
or I will replace it with yours!
- Hey, hurry up! Fast!
- I'm not a great artist, sir!
- Fix it. Come on!
- Sir! Hey!
Hey, stop them! Please, sir.
Sir, stop them.
Don't do this, sir. This is wrong.
- We didn't do it on purpose, sir.
- Sir...
Listen to me, sir.
Madam is in the car. What are you doing?
Listen to me.
- Get her!
- Sir!
Please ask them to stop, sir.
We offered them money,
and they still won't listen.
Was his father some Ambedkar or Gandhi?
My elder brother.
I will pawn my head if need be,
but I will get the statue redone.
Not this head, sir. My head.
- Why discuss it with her, Uncle? Come!
- Hey, let her go!
- Hey!
- Hey, catch him!
What was that?
Who did this?
Who is that?
What is this brute force against women?
- Against women, really?
- Hey!
Let him go.
They have done something wrong.
As if he has done some engineering!
- An offender shall be punished.
- Let me go.
Uncle, please don't act
like Ajay Devgn in Singham.
It doesn't suit you.
- Limit the issue to the statue.
- Is it so?
- I heard this statue is a jinx.
- Let go of my hand.
If someone looks at it,
their work seems to go awry.
- Why don't you tell him, guys?
- He doesn't listen, you know.
Hey, what are you just watching
and not beating him up?
If anyone steps forward,
I will twist this idiot's arm so much,
- it will get dislodged from the groove.
- Hey...
Let me go.
- I am letting her go. Now, let go of him.
- Let me go.
- Hey, Balu!
- Sir.
- My hand.
- Go and sit in the car first.
- Call me once the car is ready.
- Sure, sir.
I will let you know.
The sugar cube in my coffee cup is you
It's you
The tracery of kohl around my eyes is you
It's you
The blush of chrysanthemum on my cheeks
Is you, it's you
You wrap around my breath like perfume
Oh, my baby!
I want to pinch your cheeks
Oh, my baby!
I want to kiss you many times
Oh, my baby!
With my stole, let me make you a tie
Craving, craving, craving for you
The novel next to my pillow is you
Tripping, tripping, tripping on you
My new playlist is now just you
Craving, craving, craving for you
The novel next to my pillow is you
Tripping, tripping, tripping on you
My new playlist is now just you
Hey, Balu.
You are the sun who is my wake-up call
With his warm touch
You are the full moon
Jumping over my balcony walls
You are the one among millions
Born only for me
I became your wife in secret
As soon as I opened my eyes
Oh, my baby!
I want to lie next to you
Oh, my baby!
I want to watch the stars with you
Oh, my baby!
I want to fill the space in your embrace
Craving, craving, craving for you
The novel next to my pillow is you
Tripping, tripping, tripping on you
My new playlist is now just you
Craving, craving, craving for you
The novel next to my pillow is you
Tripping, tripping, tripping on you
My new playlist is now just you
Oh, my baby!
Oh, my baby!
Oh, my baby!
Oh, my baby!
Ramana is heading back.
Some other time.
Excuse me!
Ask your mom to ward off the evil eye.
You look gorgeous in that dress.
How come you have become so thin?
- They don't serve rice in Guntur.
- Really?
I wonder what they served instead.
Sir, the girl has returned,
and he has left.
What is this, sir?
You call yourself a lawyer,
but where is your clarity?
When you say, "The girl has returned,"
do you mean the neighbor or your maid?
"My daughter has returned."
That's clarity.
Where did she come back from?
From a different city.
Who dropped her off?
Ramana dropped her off.
More clarity.
Did he come inside?
Since we don't offer any pleasantries,
he took a U-turn and left.
Utmost clarity.
You know how relieving
this narrative is, sir?
Who am I talking to?
- I don't need clarity on that--
- Hey, listen!
I'm talking to Mr. Venkat Swamy.
Why am I talking to him?
To get Ramana arrested.
This is what you call clarity.
Why should he be arrested?
Don't we need clarity on that matter?
You don't need that clarity.
Why are you blocking the road?
Have you lost your way?
Bhogineni Veera Venkat Ramana.
What's your full name, chap?
You can't call me "chap"
just because you can wag your tongue.
My arm will start acting then.
I don't know which way I might twist it.
What can you twist?
There's a case against you for picking up
a fight with Mr. Vyra Venkat Swamy.
You mean the brawl
at the party office?
At home.
How much did you charge the old man?
Don't cross the line.
Is this your first time
at the police station?
I'm not an employee like you
to come here regularly.
How dare you...
Let go of my hand.
I will flay you, bloody fool!
Let him remove his uniform.
I will break this rogue's leg!
What makes you so arrogant?
I don't become arrogant
due to others' strength.
I am like Shah Rukh.
The king!
Let's put you behind bars
for a week and polish you.
We will know what type you are!
Am I some brass vessel
that he wants to polish me?
Some useless idiot
will come with bail for me.
We will discuss more on polishing
or getting polished.
- Sir?
- Hey, Balu!
I just said, "Some useless idiot,"
and you walked in! What timing!
I have got you bail, sir.
- You have got me bail?
- Yes, sir.
Actually, sir, during my journey with you...
During your journey?
- Don't say it and kill my feelings.
- Okay, sir.
Your boss files a case, and you
submit bail. Is this your side hustle?
Look who's talking about side hustle!
Pani filed this case?
Yes, sir.
What have I done?
They have written all lies.
Why don't we make it real?
Well, Pani...
Why did your junior choose a losing case
for his first assignment?
Hey, Mr. Spicy Pepper!
In a powerful household like ours,
one son is a blessing.
Two is a problem.
If the second one turns out
to be like you, it's disgusting.
- Sir, actually--
- I'm old. I might forget.
Let me finish.
Kids leave their parents
in old age homes these days.
Why did you drive so far
to meet your mother?
Get those papers.
The papers are here.
The case is in the court.
It's a false case, of course.
If you choose a fight, prepare a counter
and go to court.
If you choose peace,
sign the papers and go home.
- Balu.
- Sir.
You wrote the FIR, didn't you?
- Yes.
- Read it without spelling mistakes.
"18th August 2023.
Jubilee Hills Police Station,
Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad.
To the Inspector.
I, Vyra Venkat Swamy, am a
former Member of the Legislative Assembly
and former Minister, aged 80."
"A resident of Guntur, Bhogineni Venkat
Ramana, son of Bhogineni Satyanarayan,
alias Royal Satya, forcefully entered
my house around 10:20 a.m. today.
He broke my eighty-five-inch, smart TV...
using the ashtray from the center table.
He smashed it into pieces."
Hey, what are you doing?
"Throwing out an Italian marble-made
dining table chair..."
Pani, don't stop.
-"He picked it up
- Stop him!
and smashed the expensive French window.
He threw the Italian silverware
and food kept for guests
onto the ground
without any discrimination.
He destroyed the cupboard
in the dining hall, along with...
the items inside!
He recklessly
beat up the security on duty,
who tried to stop him.
Attacking my son-in-law,
Mr. Pakka Narayan,
and unmindful of his age,
disrespectfully slapped him."
- Pani!
- Yes.
"The most expensive chandelier
I acquired from Belgium 25 years ago...
- What is he doing?
- despite my repeated appeals...
- Stop! What are you doing?!
- was brutally pulled down."
Stop! Hey!
Oh, God!
Where did they raise you?
In their house
or on the streets of Guntur?
Ask him why he is here.
What does he want?
Talk to Pani and take whatever you want.
If you throw a stone at a tree,
you might get some fruit.
If you throw a stone into a mire,
what will you possibly get?
Clear the trash in ten minutes.
give me the papers.
Hunger remains unsatisfied
unless the mother herself serves you.
It's a proverb.
Don't forget to read the last line, Pani.
"The golden-framed photograph gifted by
the members of the Raichur Constituency
has also been destroyed by him.
Witnesses for this incident are
Basavaraju Sarangapani, B.A, B.L,
and his daughter Amukta."
Ramu, I'm really sorry.
Actually, the reason I signed--
You lied for your father.
Why should you tell the truth for me?
You remembered me in Guntur.
And you sidelined me in the city.
You are justified.
Why did she ask me who raised me?
Ideally, she should have raised me.
But you told me it's a love story
between you and your mom, sir.
Love, my foot!
The way she glared down
and said, "Clear the trash!"
Did you see that?
Who do you think the trash was?
It was me, her son.
Did you think she meant
the broken glass and porcelain?
My mother, who should have hit me
when I was a kid,
now invites me over
and slaps me in all dignity.
This chap, Ramana...
His life is a miracle!
His mother doesn't want him.
His father doesn't remember him.
On the outside, it's fair and lovely.
Deep inside, it's all unfair and lonely.
Doesn't light up.
Just like my life.
Bro, he is Kata Madhu.
He says he doesn't get along
with your grandfather.
What does he want?
I heard they slapped
a false case against you,
beat you up, and coerced you to sign.
Are we living in a democracy or a jungle?
Do they think there's no one
to question them?
I will make you contest against her.
I will spend a hundred crores
if necessary.
I will send you to the Assembly.
All that is fine, boss.
How do you know about this?
Because their driver is on my payroll.
- Really?
- Yes.
Hey, Samba.
I want to have a heart-to-heart
conversation with him.
Close the shutter.
I don't think
I need to teach you the ropes of politics.
I just wanted to meet my mom...
not win against her.
Son, please let go of me.
I won't trouble anyone. Forgive me.
That boy...
The first emotion I had
when I saw Ramana was pity.
I asked him, "I want to make you contest
against your mother. What do you feel?"
He almost hugged me.
Trust me, I couldn't even breathe!
He made me his guru.
He was holding my feet.
I asked him if he had any proof.
That's it.
He immediately went home
and got me a family picture
from a treasured box.
Venkat Swamy!
I have only one thing to say.
Your grandson or this one?
If you ask us to choose between
Raj Gopal or Venkat Ramana...
we stand with Venkat Ramana.
You better understand this.
Otherwise... the public
will make you realize.
Unlike his dad, he doesn't sit
at home behind closed doors.
He barges into our house,
breaking open all doors.
Because that is Royal Satyam.
He's an old engine.
And this is Rowdy Ramana,
a new engine of 1800cc.
Right, sir.
If he comes before the public and speaks,
our party won't even get the deposits.
He is a truck without brakes.
Who can stop him?
Why are the cops here, sir?
They are the most prominent family
in this area, sir.
Please approach with caution, sir.
I mean, with love.
Dussehra is over.
We even gave donations, didn't we?
She's just a kid, sir.
I will make her understand.
Sir has come from Hyderabad.
It's shocking how people have started
traveling so far for donations!
Hey! Don't you get derisive!
Donations? Again?!
How many times should we give?
Come back next year. Leave!
Hey, don't infuriate me!
I will lock you all up!
What? For donations?
Sure, try me!
Hey, hold up.
Just wait.
- What is the issue?
- There is no issue.
If Venkat Ramana comes,
we need to go to Hyderabad.
If you don't know the way,
we can send someone to guide you.
Why do you want Ramana?
What is this?
No one here
gives a straightforward response!
Didn't I tell you to think twice, sir?
Hey, Narayan!
Why have you come with so many cops?
Were you missing me?
With the kind of bail you have, you need
my permission before leaving the city.
But you roam as you please.
And why wouldn't I miss you?
We have to report to the station.
Let's go.
What will you do if I don't?
I'll grab your collar and drag you there!
You will do no such thing!
- Run for your life!
- Grab him!
- What is he saying?
- What should we do with him?
He is a cop.
Are you going to crush him?
Let go of him. Leave him.
Sir, over here!
I have been telling you
to handle it with care!
- Hey, Samba.
- Yes?
What is the gentleman saying?
He says he will kill us if we let him go.
Venkat Swamy had called you, right?
He asked you to pick me up, right?
Go, tell the old man.
Ramana's collar is not starched.
It is stiff with arrogance.
Tell him if he touches it,
he will burn himself.
Gun? My gun!
What will you do with the CI's gun?
You want to play with it?
Give it back.
- Why did you take a picture?
- In case I need it...
To garland?
Escort the CI to his Jeep.
- Come on, let's go!
- Come on!
What is the matter?
Why were the police here?
Your son went
to Minister Vasundhara's house.
He beat up their people.
He damaged their furniture.
We came to question him,
and he's threatening us!
I'm telling you,
I will not spare him!
It's a warning!
Hey, no!
Move aside!
We will take care of it later!
Hey, move! Give way!
Are you a rowdy?
- Or some goon?
- Wow!
Mr. Satya has finally opened his mouth
and chided me.
It's going to rain today.
He only smashed things.
I would have burnt the place down.
You say enough things
to instigate him.
If you have to sign, just go and sign.
Why did you have to fight?
They filed a case against me.
Do you expect me to honor them?
Should I sit gazing out of the window,
just like you?
To believe he's searching for his wife...
Hyderabad is not that way.
It's this way.
No one knows what he keeps looking at.
I did what was written in the complaint.
Has he killed anyone
that you're interrogating him?
Do you even know why she left me?
For you.
After the blast at the warehouse...
I wanted to get your uncle out of jail.
And she wanted to take you to the hospital
for your eye.
We had a fight over our priorities.
I was young and arrogant.
I scolded your mother.
I mentioned that I knew
when to get my son treated.
When she wanted to take you and leave...
in my state of confusion,
I requested the door to be closed.
Your aunt never disobeys her brother.
She shut the door on your mother.
That broke your mother's heart,
and she left.
Even at the court,
she asked your aunt about you.
please tell me his eye is fine.
They say it won't go back to normal.
They said it should have been
treated immediately.
Enraged that you had lost your eye,
though your uncle was the one who
stabbed, she directed her finger at me.
Since his daughter had returned to him,
your grandfather didn't say
I was innocent.
Marx's elder brother was dead,
and his enemy was convicted.
So, Marx remained silent.
I was behind bars for ten years.
So, I couldn't meet her.
During the ten years I spent in prison...
there was nobody here
to close the doors on her.
And yet, she didn't return.
Why didn't she take you back?
Isn't that what you should be asking?
Why do you get into a brawl instead?
I can't come up with a solution
to my problem.
That's why I keep staring
out of the window.
You, on the other hand,
don't even know what the problem is!
That's why, instead of talking,
you're trying to become like me.
I'm afraid that...
in just another four years...
you might sit next to me
in front of the window.
I know why my wife left me.
Do you know
why your mother left you?
It's not that. Mr. Satya...
Hello! Mr. Satya!
She is the one who left me.
What should I do?
If I replace the broken furniture...
and ask her,
"Mom, why did you leave me? Tell me,"
will she tell me?
Or will she hold my hand and come back?
Can you guarantee that?
There he goes with his songs.
She scolds, and he laments.
They don't even give us
a chance to cry.
But both have dragged me to the curb.
I have found a great caption for my life.
"A father staring out of the window.
A mother shutting the door.
As for me...
A son out and about the streets."
Why are you holding a spoon?
I am a goon,
that's why she didn't want me.
Let it be.
Why should I go and ask her again?
Every flirt seems to be getting lucky.
Not a single sad song is trending!
Yeah, you want others to cry for you.
- Let's go for this one.
- Have you found one finally?
A little on the side.
- Is this okay?
- Yes. Perfect.
Three, two, one!
Your love's eyes caress you
And yet, why do you stay unmoved?
I cast a net and wait patiently
But is this all in vain?
She has made a
reel on Instagram.
I guess it's for you.
My darling friend, my heart throb
Look at me once, please
Must be for the video likes.
Not because she likes me.
Sister, your dress is really nice.
Where did you buy it from?
Come and take it when I die.
- Why don't you tell the poor thing?
- Shut up!
Someone who ignores a beautiful girl
like you has to be a fool.
You can always count on me.
He seems to have a lot of free time.
Visit Shirdi once, dear.
Everything will fall into place.
When the CI went to meet him yesterday,
he snatched his gun and threatened him.
Clashes with the cops
and meetings with Madhu.
He is purposely creating a nuisance
out of sheer vengeance.
I don't want to talk about the past.
What did your son take
in exchange for that photo?
Whatever he had taken from you
for signing the papers.
Talk to him once.
Ask him to keep quiet,
at least until the elections conclude.
Why have they brought
Mr. Satya's gramophone here?
Play the rhythm.
Let me show you.
Bro, it doesn't matter how big the bill is
I'm feeling low and I will have a full
A thorn pierced through my heart
My pain has worsened
The world has changed
The evil has united
For a sensitive man like me
Every day is a rotting hell
No one to blame
I'm angry with myself
When the sky remains unreachable
How long can we leap?
Hey, people think they have people
But no one actually belongs
All relations, and endearments
Are just part of lip service
Hey, vexed eyes are dry of tears
I look around and find that
I am my only lover
Spicy and pungent!
Stinging chili powder!
A contract has been issued to kill you.
Ammu sent me here.
Iron bar, heavy hammer
A single blow and broken by sparks!
Is there a Ramana here?
One second.
I see you are with a red light.
Are you taking us to the area?
Got you!
Hey, come out.
Get down.
Brother, when we asked for Ramana,
two of them had come forward.
We brought them both as a precaution.
Hey, Amazon!
Stop the chatter and open the parcel.
Hey, get down!
Hey, get down!
- Can't you hear me?
- Sir!
Please get up!
- Sir...
- Hey, Samba!
I don't think Samba is around, sir.
- Samba!
- Sir! Balu, sir.
Sir, it's Balu.
What are you doing here?
Ammu has sent me.
- Ammu?
- Yes.
Why did she send you?
Some Babji has been given a contract
to kill you, sir.
I tried to inform you,
but you got me drunk.
By who?
Who are all these people?
Are we appointing new drivers
for our trucks?
They are the contract holders, sir.
- Contract?
- Yes.
For what?
Ammu has sent me
to tell you exactly that, sir.
We are not on talking terms.
Why would she send you?
Spare me your personal issues, sir!
Babji has been paid to kill you!
I wanted to tell you the same,
but you got me drunk!
By who?
It was you, sir!
For what?
Oh, Go! I curse my fate! Kill me!
He has swallowed a mic.
are you here to give him a haircut?
I don't want his hair.
I want his head! Get it!
What happened?
He is sleeping.
So, should I turn on the AC?
Wake him up, you fool!
Hey, get up!
Wake up, wake up!
Oh, my king!
Who took the contract to kill me?
Hey, half-bottle!
I'm the contract killer
tasked with ending your life.
I am Babji.
Gelatin Babji.
You are very costly.
I took one crore rupees.
Remember this before you die.
Why would Ammu give you one crore rupees?
Is there a queue system now?
How audacious of you
to put a price tag on me!
My name is Ramana.
I'm not for sale.
- Hey, Balu.
- Sir?
Who are all these men?
Why did Ammu send them?
Why would Ammu send them, sir?
Do you think she is crazy?
Ammu has sent me!
You're the one bothering me
by constantly chanting Ammu's name, sir!
It was Babji who took the contract.
It's Vyra Venkat Swamy who
wants you dead! Your grandfather!
- Who?
- Your bloody old grandfather.
- My grandfather?
- Yes!
Hey, what is this meeting about?
Keep quiet!
Why does the old man want to kill me?
Oh, God!
Hey! I'm a saint with no enemies.
A saint?
Sir! Do you even know its meaning?
Great souls like Yudhishthira and Vidura--
- Hey, shut up!
- Shut up, man!
Whenever you meet them, you threaten them.
Why won't they kill you?
You think they will pamper you?
Hey, stop!
- Hey!
- You might hit us.
Are you gone?
- How many fingers are these?
- Whose fingers?
Mine's only one.
I guess he has lost both his eyes.
- Is he blind?
- You doubt it?
Blind? Who is blind?
- Who is that?
- You! Idiot!
You said your name was some Tin or Can.
What was it?
Gelatin Babji, brother.
No, brother. Hindu.
What is Gelatin?
That's my profession, brother.
I use gelatin sticks
and blast rocks in quarries.
Are the sticks this long?
They are only this long.
Where is my grandpa right now?
How would I know
where your grandfather is, brother?
Tell me.
Where is the old man?
- Surya!
- Brother!
Send him the location.
What's up, Venkat Swamy?
Is the scenery so good?
You seem engrossed!
Why are you here?
What do you want from me?
I'm done with you.
So why did you still send goons at me?
I sent goons?!
Hey, what is
he talking about, Narayan?
Mr. Narayan!
Sir! Mr. Narayan! Sorry, sir.
The job is not done.
Uncle, was it you who sent them?
Who asked you to get him killed?
Didn't you tell me
he shouldn't open his mouth?
- I did?
- Yes.
People like him will only be quiet
when they die. There is no other option.
- Hey, Babji!
- Brother?
Pass the phone. Let's play them
the sound of Ramana's voice.
Here, brother.
- Hey, I'm here.
- It's okay, brother.
Who are you calling?
Hey, close them.
Before coming here, we loaded the cars
and set the trigger on the phone.
The explosion and cars soaring
amidst the dust were an added bonus.
Madhu and you want to trample on
my daughter's and my political careers?
Why will I join hands
with that pickpocket?
He came to me, and I thrashed him.
He snatched my wallet in the flow.
You owe me the five thousand rupees
that I lost.
Look, Venkat Swamy!
The next time I come, cars won't fly.
You will fly along with your building!
- Hey, come on.
- Take me along, brother.
Why do you water those?
Water the dried-up plants.
He is not home.
Is that the girl?
That's the mother.
Come in and sit.
- Is she the one?
- Her younger sister.
Someone loves tea.
Ask them if they want some, Balu.
- Is that the mother?
- It's the father with a sore throat!
- Give it.
- Sir.
Do you think we should say thanks?
- Someone seems to be expecting it.
- Drat!
When I heard you were safe,
I wore a sari to go to the temple.
If I weren't safe,
would you be wearing pants?
When will you understand my heart, sir?
You play cricket
and football with my heart...
but I'm supposed to understand!
Why am I being tortured, Balu?
No idea, baby.
Why do you want to involve him?
- What did I do, sir?
- You did nothing.
You are a serpent.
Did you ever let us sit
next to each other?
You would pull her away,
calling her "baby" all the time.
Is sitting next to you enough,
or shall I sit in your lap?
I took her to school with these hands.
What happened, Balu?
She apologizes to him,
and he expresses his gratitude.
What's the color of her skin?
She must be all red from blushing.
Eleven, twelve, thirteen.
Twelve, thirteen, fourteen...
Hey, what are you doing?
Why did you go to him?
She asked me to warn Ramana.
- This one?
- Who else? This one?
I had asked you to get his signature.
Instead, you have been spying on me!
What makes you so captivated by him?
His own mother rejected him
and abandoned him.
I'm sure she didn't take a proper look.
And I believe
he didn't step into the house?
I stepped out myself.
He was ready to pick a fight.
Your mom told me.
That's his way of showing love.
You don't seem to understand my situation.
Continue this, and I will hang myself.
Be warned!
What is this?
Are you threatening me that
you'll kill yourself? Go ahead!
No, that is meant for you.
If you can't kick the stool, there are
four of us here. One of us will do it.
Hey, silly girl!
Most Honorable Venkat Swamy
takes care of our needs.
But I am in love with Venkat Ramana.
He visits Hyderabad frequently.
I wonder what's so interesting!
His mother probably
comes into his dreams every day.
The father and son
appear deeply engrossed.
Hey, bring me that cloth!
Just the other day, they filed a case
and forced him to sign.
unsatisfied, they sent thugs after him.
Your dad wants you to find out
why a woman like her left you.
Go and ask her!
You don't pay attention
to the people around you.
You have been badgering me for hours!
You closed the door on my mother,
and she left.
It's all your fault.
You are afraid
I would keep this in mind.
Who told you?
Did you have a dream?
Going somewhere implies leaving
and returning, not staying there.
I used to think drinking was an addiction.
But a mother is also an addiction.
I feel that now.
Don't take her name here anymore.
Hey, your dad will hear.
Let him!
I have heard why she left.
I have decided I don't want her.
Let him hear it!
All of us support Venkat Ramana.
What do you have to say about this?
- Sir, answer us!
- Can you tell us who's responsible?
We want to know!
Did she have enemies?
What's her condition now?
Answer us!
Law Minister Vyra Vasundhara
met with an accident today.
A truck rammed into her convoy on the way
to the Secretariat, severely injuring her.
She was immediately rushed
to Axis Hospital, close by.
Doctors have confirmed injuries
to her head and arms.
We will keep you updated...
Minister Vyra Vasundhara is appearing
before the media in a short while!
There's a press meet
in the conference hall
on the first floor of Axis Hospital!
She is expected to give her health updates
and the reasons for the accident.
We have learned that
Minister Vyra Vasundhara
has been under treatment for two days.
The entire city...
The opposition organized this attack.
They tried their best to kill me.
But my people's blessings saved me.
Is your hand fractured?
Just a shoulder injury.
Kata Madhu has criticized
that you have
- Listen...
- abandoned your elder son.
- This press meet is for her health.
- Oh.
Please don't divert the topic. Next.
Kata Madhu has said
that you've abandoned your elder son.
What do you have to say about that?
Ma'am, would you fight with rivals
like Hari Das and Madhu or let go?
I may let go of what I love.
I don't spare anything
that poses a threat to me.
In Kashi, the way we let go
of our favorite things for Ganga...
I have also let go
of some of my favorite ones.
We must somehow get Ramana back.
I need your help.
Let go.
I don't insist out of adamance, Dad.
I didn't ask you
to let go of your adamance.
I meant, let go of your son.
Do you find it painful?
Well, you have raised him for ten years.
What about my pain
when I was asked to give up my daughter?
I had raised you for 25 years.
Your parenting for ten years is love.
But my parenting for 25 years
is selfishness?
If I am selfish, then so are you.
If yours is love,
then mine is bigger love.
If you still insist on going,
I won't stop you.
But this time when the warehouse
catches fire, your husband will be gone.
This time, it won't just
be an eye like before.
Your son himself will be gone.
- Dad?
- Yes!
The matchstick that ignited
the Guntur warehouse,
the broken petrol bottles,
the expense of five lakh rupees,
Marx's pockets that held it,
and dead Lenin's blood.
Your dad was the person behind it all.
Mothers may not always be right.
But they never go wrong
in fulfilling their responsibilities.
Madam, one minute.
Mr. Kata Madhu accuses you
- of leaving your elder son like an orphan.
- Enough.
What's your take on this?
I am a mother.
Never ask a mother
what she has done for her children.
You won't know even if I tell you.
You won't understand
even if you find out.
The media and we are aware that Hari Das
was responsible for this accident.
Only you don't know.
But no one has the guts to speak up.
The driver would claim
the brakes were not working.
And he would be out in six months.
That is Hari Das.
People like you ignore rogues like him
but come and challenge old men like me.
Tell him if you have the guts.
"I am Vasundhara's son.
Face me if you can.
I am called Guntur Chili."
Don't come up with excuses like
not knowing the address.
Everyone pays a visit after an accident.
Go and see him.
Then come, twirl your mustache,
and tell your mom, "I am your son."
If you can't,
then weep and keep quiet.
Why do you always meddle with him,
make it a big issue,
and turn it into a calamity?
I mean,
you are so wise in political affairs!
When it comes to family,
why do you get so emotional?
- Pani!
- I don't get it.
- Sir.
- Let me tell you a story.
- Listen with some patience.
- Yes, sir.
A man built himself a solid fort
only by playing caste politics.
He won thrice consecutively.
His daughter got into
an inter-caste marriage and left him.
People said, "You couldn't make your
daughter marry into your own caste.
What can you possibly do for the others?"
- And he lost.
- With a huge margin...
- Mr. Niranjan has won! Congratulations!
- We won!
To win the election again,
his daughter would have to come back.
He finally brought her back.
It was a massive fight!
- Narayan...
- Listen...
He stands a chance
if we take him to a hospital in the city.
What if he gets stuck in traffic
before reaching the hospital?
- What?
- Narayan!
- Let him die.
- Narayan...
He got his daughter married
into the same caste.
He made her contest elections.
Since she married into the same caste,
they elected her.
She even became a minister.
Now, he desires his grandson,
born into his own caste, to become an MP.
Exactly at that moment, here's what
appears on his daughter's phone.
Twenty-five years of control.
Isn't it slipping out of hand?
Where is emotion involved in all this?
It's all politics, right?
I haven't seen you before.
I never came here.
What brings you here now?
To eat some fritters.
Don't you get them in your place?
Each location
has its distinctive specialty.
What's special here?
Hari Das.
What is so special about him?
He wants to kill my mother.
Who is your mother?
Vyra Vasundhara.
My grandfather told me that...
he'd kill my mother
and I'd have to sit at home and cry.
Tell me, Uncle.
How disgusting it would be if I cried!
As disgusting as a wig
on your bald head!
That's why...
I have come to kill him.
- Are you carrying a knife?
- Yes.
Where are you hiding it?
Six feet one inch.
It's not possible to hide it.
Brother, there's a guy claiming
that he has come to kill you.
I've been here for the last 42 years.
I'll show you who Das is. Come on.
They say all the bandits
from Chambal came here and settled down.
Knives, bombs, you name it!
Everything needed for survival
and killing is available for sale here.
These youngsters?
Only they can act on impulse
without thinking of consequences.
That's why Hari Das only uses them.
Is this Hari Das?
That's quite a big head.
But I will pluck it and go.
What is this, Uncle?
Are they ladies or rowdies?
Even the sweepers are
delivering flying kicks!
You want Das's head, right?
Hey! Basha, Jani, Khatri, Ahmed!
His legs, arms, neck, and torso...
hack them into pieces
and decide whether you
want to cremate or bury them.
While they decide,
could you get me some water?
Hey, Chotu!
Have you ever played Thief and Police?
Police don't come here, brother.
But the black guard is here.
Do you want to watch the game?
What are you looking at, sisters?
I will get him down.
You please get down to cooking.
The biryani should be delicious.
Make it spicy.
Why do you stare?
Is the cigarette appearing in 3D?
Oh, my brother!
My brother!
I don't mind holding you by your hair
and smashing you to the ground!
What is happening, Uncle?
Are you Das?
- What about him?
- He sells fritters.
Why were you sitting outside?
Whenever someone comes,
I sit at the fritter shop,
and he sits in my chair.
Oh, my!
But why?
To elude.
I saw such tricks long ago in old films.
And now, I see you.
It really hurts.
I'm not able to bear it.
What sin have I committed, God?
Shall I tell you?
Threatening the minister.
Ramming a truck into their car
while they are inside.
God may be busy, but sons like me,
who gallivant with no work...
will come looking for you.
Why would I kill your mother?
I have only threatened her.
My problem is only... with your grandfather.
What has the old man done to you?
If I recall that, I will die right away.
Why remember that mess now?
Hey, keep quiet!
- What are you saying?
- Stop crying and pull this out.
Hey! Sister!
- What are you trying to pull?
- Why?
I think it has pierced
right through the center.
If you pull it, blood will gush out
like water from a borewell.
At least suture it.
If I was so skilled, why would I be here?
I would have set up RIMS in Guntur.
Only God can save you now.
Forget God!
Call a doctor.
There's not even a pharmacy nearby.
You are right.
Hey, call the ambulance, at least.
We don't have the number.
It's all over.
Go and get ready.
Hey, Balu!
Have you got a doctor for me?
No, I have brought him.
- Are you fine?
- Look who you gave my address to!
I'm the victim.
Why is the nurse looking at him?
That's his love, not a nurse.
She's the nurse. Do something.
Who did this to you?
Wow! Great person!
He has given you a second life.
I don't even have to put a stent.
98 percent of the valves were blocked.
By piercing with a nail,
he opened all of them.
But you need some blood.
B positive, doctor.
I'm definitely positive.
I'm asking for your blood group.
That's what I told you, doctor.
B positive!
But who will give the blood?
Hey! One of you come forward.
- Come on.
- How can we have blood?
- It's all alcohol.
- In that case,
remove the nail during cremation.
Shut up!
Oh, my!
Why do you start crying?
- One of you must donate your blood.
- How did this happen?
The one who stabbed him is donating
his blood. This is a historical moment.
Keep these things aside.
What is your problem with my grandpa?
Both of us were into business together
25 years ago.
We got double returns.
What should the ratio be?
To be all fair and honest... fifty each?
He wanted ten percent more
since it was his idea.
Fair enough.
But you should get at least forty.
Claiming ownership of goodwill,
he insisted on an additional
ten percent as interest.
Did he at least give you thirty?
Since supply had to continue, he sought
an additional ten percent for investment.
He should at least give you twenty.
He said I'd squander the money at once.
So, he wanted to pay in two installments.
What about the ten percent?
He gave me five,
and when I asked him about the rest,
he called me rowdy and kicked me out.
He showed you fifty percent profit
and gave you only five?
I wasn't hurt by that.
Do you know
what he did when I was leaving?
He gave this to me.
I knew that the old man was nasty.
I just didn't know how nasty!
Don't worry.
I will be the gun under your pillow.
Just give me a call.
I will be there.
How can you donate blood
and just walk away?
You can't always have your way.
Let us at least throw you a party.
Call our Ramola batch.
Young lad, pass me the chilled water.
Salutations to the theater!
A grand welcome to connoisseurs!
The time is seven o'clock
The evening is dusky
The cool breeze begins to tickle
Daring Das seated on that couch
And the elegant prince on this one
Ramola dancing party's performance
Why don't we make it scintillating?
Hey, Ramola!
Why don't we drape this girl in a sari?
Ragamanjari from Rajahmundry
There's no one
Who doesn't know the mother of me
All are artists in the family
With our dance, we commit sleep robbery
Stylish, dream girl!
Your velvety look is a bed of jasmines
My breath is on fire
Looking at you makes my heart go crazy
Loading bullets in your curves
You fired shots, my belle
Seducing the entire male race...
Folding the chair...
Folding the chair...
Folding it...
Folding it...
Folding it...
To her...
To her, you gifted the goats
And gave me broken rice
The goats grew into hundreds and herds
And my broken rice melted in titbits
You gave her emerald earrings
You gave me dotted, checkered saris
Her earrings shone with sparkles
My saris turned into tatters
What sort of patron are you, Mr. Das?
You are always with prejudice!
What sort of patron are you, Mr. Das?
You are always with prejudice!
Folding the chair...
Folding it...
Folding it...
Folding it...
Folding it...
- Such a stylish, beautiful lady
- Folding it...
- Your velvety look is a bed of jasmines
- Folding it...
- My breath is on fire
- Folding it...
Looking at you makes my heart go crazy
What are you looking at?
Each one is a lyric writer
of his own anguish.
Write it, fold it, and throw it.
Folding it...
Folding it...
Folding it...
Folding the chair...
Folding it...
Folding it...
Folding it...
Just one word.
There's no one like you!
- Long live...
- Jandal Party!
- Long live...
- Jandal Party!
- Long live...
- Jandal Party!
- Long live...
- Jandal Party!
- Long live...
- Sir.
- Jandal Party!
- Stop.
- Long live...
- Please wait.
- Enough. Okay.
- Jandal Party!
- Sir...
- Wait.
- Okay. Move.
- Long live...
- Where is Raja Gopal?
- Didn't he come with you, sir?
- Long live...
- Jandal Party!
- Long live...
- Jandal Party!
- Mr. Gopal.
- Gopal.
Where's Gopal? Have you seen him?
- Gopal!
- Okay.
Mr. Gopal!
Mr. Gopal.
- Mr. Gopal!
- Narayan!
- Where are you?
- Narayan!
Get up!
- Father-in-law?
- Where is he?
- Who?
- Who else?
- Your own son!
- My son...
He has left home.
But he's nowhere to be found.
Where is he?
He must be somewhere around.
Oh, there he is!
What did you do?
He has joined the Party.
He's also getting the MP ticket.
He said he was feeling nervous...
To pep him up,
I gave him a glass of juice.
Oh, no!
Hey, Gopal!
I think he's in a stupor.
Father-in-law, I will get him ready
in ten minutes.
- Hey! Someone get some curd--
- You should be killed, wastrel!
What are you doing?
Why are you hitting me?! Father-in-law!
I was...
I was going to make him join the Party,
- but you organized your own party!
- Don't hit me!
- And today of all the days!
- What did I do?
He is the future of this family
and politics!
- Not a wastrel like you!
- Don't hit me!
He is Vyra Venkat Swamy's heir!
- You--
- Who? Who is the heir?!
He is not even my son!
I don't even have a son!
I don't even have a son!
Whether you like it or not,
you have only one heir!
Bhogineni Veera Venkat Ramana!
He is your real heir!
Are you so drunk
that you are blabbering?
I am sober!
Exactly 25 years ago...
your daughter married a man
from a different caste.
Then you got her married to him.
By the time the next elections occurred,
you pulled the strings.
Now, just as your grandson
is about to enter politics,
your daughter is pulling the strings.
Your daughter didn't marry me
because she thought I was handsome.
She married me to make a fool of you.
Fortunately, since our bedroom
is on the first floor,
you're unable to climb the stairs.
Let me tell you
that there are two beds in there.
You can place a net between them
and play badminton.
That's the situation.
As soon as you began to wonder
why there were no children yet,
she announced her pregnancy.
She said she would be more comfortable
delivering the baby abroad,
and went to Aunt Rani in Australia.
Once she reached there,
she said she didn't want to trouble them
and stayed alone.
Have you ever seen her photograph
when she was pregnant?
I knew it.
She came back with him.
You took him.
Carried him on your back.
When he cried, you called it music!
When he peed, you called it perfume!
If you gave him my surname,
you thought he wouldn't get any votes.
So, you call him Vyra Rajagopal!
You are making him an MP now.
If all goes well,
you would make him the PM as well.
But if you realize
he is not your daughter's son...
what will you do?
Your daughter is not boastful like you.
No way!
She sent her husband to jail.
You trusted her 25 percent.
She married me.
You trusted her 50 percent.
She said she gave birth to him.
You trusted her 75 percent.
She abandoned her own son.
You trusted her a hundred percent!
She has proved that a mother would go
to any extent to protect her son. Wow!
Your daughter is not an ordinary woman.
She can easily manipulate three men
like you into following her plan!
- You should have told me this earlier...
- Relax.
Actually, once you cross 70,
people like you
shouldn't stay alive.
You must make your exit.
You should.
That would do good to everyone.
Please die.
- Heed my advice.
- Grandpa, don't be angry!
Hey! Who is your grandpa?!
Who is your grandpa?
All of you are playing a game
behind my back, right?
I'm going to kill you.
She's the one behind all this, right?
She should be killed first!
In that case,
you should be killed a hundred times.
I couldn't stop him, sir.
When did you get here?
Did you walk in quietly like a thief?
I was missing you.
So, I have come to talk.
I would also like to talk.
Come. Let's talk.
Hey, get a chair. Come on.
Normally, people discuss their kids'
future. We'll discuss your mom's past.
Is your mom some goddess in a temple?
You want to visit her all the time!
She's a demon!
Why did you orchestrate the accident?
Which accident?
The one in which you made a truck
ram into her car?
Hey, get me some water.
That accident.
Ask Hari Das!
Give him the glass, Dasu.
Why are you shocked?
It's our very own Das.
That water is not going
to wash away your sins.
Whose truck was it?
Aren't there enough rogues?
If not him,
it must have been Kata Madhu's job!
You could fall. Sit down.
Have you joined hands with him?
As a precaution, I have brought him along.
Please don't say
he was behind the accident.
Because he himself is ramming
into things and falling.
Why did you do it?
Do you think it is easy to win
the fourth time after three terms?
There has to be some magic.
I organized a murder attempt.
I created sympathy.
Go, check the surveys.
They confirm her victory.
Anyway, what is the problem now?
She is not dead...
Hey! Let him go!
A little harder, and there won't be
any need for surveys.
She's sure to secure victory
through sympathy.
As soon as you discovered
he was not your grandson,
you discarded him.
But she raised him
like her own son for thirty years.
Hey, I'm not jealous of you.
Please don't feel bad.
Her action was betrayal,
and yours was sacrifice?
Shall I give you a list of her sacrifices?
Your heart will stop.
A pointless wedding.
A meaningless marriage.
A son who's not her own.
And an unsolicited rank.
For whom did she do all this?
She did it so that Ramana
could live like a king!
I failed to understand it then.
I'm a dunderhead!
I'm not sure if you said it
knowingly or not...
but she is truly a goddess.
Any place she is becomes a temple.
When she leaves tomorrow,
you will know...
Forget about a sacred offering,
no one would even pay you a visit.
With so much love in your heart,
you choose to fight.
Is shouting Ramana's way
of expressing love?
You have done whatever you want,
and now look at you talking!
What have I done, Dad?
Did I set the warehouses on fire?
Did I organize murders?
I just wanted him to do well.
Is that a crime?
You've arranged for a survey
on election result trends if I die.
Now that I'm leaving,
get a fresh survey done.
Where will you go?
If you go,
I'll kill everyone in that place!
You're threatening me
even after you saw him?
Back then, he was as tall as your knee.
Now, he has made you kneel!
What the heck?
Why are you talking nonsense like him?
Why would I talk like him, Dad?
He talks like me.
Because he is my son.
I will show you...
Can you say that again?
You are my son.
Why didn't you tell me all these years?
Feelings aren't beholden to words, Son.
When I came home, I was kicked out.
But I watched you from upstairs.
Why did you slap me?
I wanted to touch you.
At the hospital,
you said you didn't like me.
Before that, I mentioned
my favorite things, didn't I?
Before what?
When you were a child,
you used to bother me about food.
Now, you want to trouble me
about talking?
Only death can separate
a mother from her son.
Bloody hell, Venkat Swamy!
Waiting another 25 years
to hear this again would be worthwhile.
When she speaks,
it's not just my ears that listen,
but my entire body.
- Hey!
- Hey!
Why do you want to talk to him?
Come on.
Hey, wait!
Long live...
Long live...
Long live...
What is it?
As soon as I saw you...
I wanted to pick a big fight.
But the moment you touched me,
I forgot everything.
You are so handsome.
- Why the beard?
- This?
Love failure.
Who is the girl?
Hey, when did you get here?
How are you?
Bujji... Bujji!
How are you, Satya?
How are you?
My room...
your memories...
Here... like this...
Old songs...
Old bike...
Old wife...
I didn't give up anything.
Did it take you so long
to stop being angry with me?
It took me so many years
to stop being afraid of my dad.
You were so hurt
that you had shut the door on her.
Today, you opened
the door to her yourself.
It's even now.
- Hey, Samba!
- Yes?
Shall I give you a nice caption?
"Ramana is rebellious...
because he has two mothers."
Hey, Venkat Swamy is calling.
Cut the call and block him.
All this while you have been sharpening
a needle instead of a knife.
I will start sharpening
the knife then.
My constituency should not be orphaned.
We need Ramana.
He won't come.
What would bring him to us?
during every festival, we decorate
with festoons made of mango leaves.
It's considered auspicious, right?
After a few days, the leaves dry up,
and the rustling sound they make
becomes irritating to the ear.
We can't discard it
due to sentimental reasons.
You are just like that.
Discarding you would be a sin
while keeping you would pose a risk.
Drop the matter.
- He isn't home.
- I know.
Hi, sir.
- Hey!
- Sir?
- Are those clothes?
- Yes, sir.
- Bought or tailored?
- Ready-made, sir.
Shall we go?
Where to, sir?
Why do you care?
When will you be back?
- Tomorrow evening.
- Tomorrow evening?
What should I tell Mr. Pani?
Tell him she has eloped.
I carried her to school
with these hands, sir.
Using the same hands,
lead her to the wedding altar.
Careful, sir.
Your sari...
- If it weren't for you, Balu...
- Sir?
I would have driven her to Guntur
in my Jeep the very first day I saw her!
First day!
That's what you are doing right now, sir.