Guppy (2016) Movie Script

(jingle for detergent)
(loud snore)
(ear-splitting bang)
"Scatter upon earth bounteous"
"With deeds miraculous..."
"...Saint who became famous"
You are so heavy, mother
Starve me
I'll become lighter
'No need to starve
Just stop singing!'
'That will be a little tough'
Ma, beans will do
for lunch today
"Like infant Jesus whom you watched over
Protect my dear son too forever"
"Like how you cushioned infant Jesus
shelter my son too with your grace"
"Gods and guardian angels true"
"Walk with my son in his journey too"
"In all ways
Be with him always"
"May the light of my life be snuffed never"
"May the ocean of kindness
fill my mind forever"
"Infant Jesus born
in a lonely barn-"
Hey! How many times should I warn you
not to light the candle at the flag post?
Stingy fellow!
Never contribute to the church
- Father, Praise be to the Lord
- Amen
What a god fearing boy!
What are you reading, Abu?
Do you know the alphabets?
Get lost! I can figure out
capital letters also
But capital letters are less
in today's edition
Police caught Pappoye
Again, huh?
Hey boys!
Did you see this news?
The Centre has approved
the construction of a bridge here
It's in the newspaper
Let's see
Our town bridge?
'MP Das, the convener of
the Bridge-building committee...'
'...and Onachan, CPI member
were felicitated by the Chief Minister'
"In songs full of pep and zippy
In winds blowing grains happily"
"A flock of folks always cheerful
For generations joyful"
"Abounding with tales of lore and yore"
"Sky is the limit for laughter encore"
"In songs full of pep and zippy
In winds blowing grains happily"
"Ties of friendship
celebrated in kinship"
"Hearts filled with many a whim
Alpine dreams to the brim"
"Perched on a tender green shoot
a petite parakeet sings a tribute"
"Will you come with me
to admire this fresh scenery?"
"Will you come with me to see
this land blessed by saints many?"
- Lilly! Will Suku come today?
- Yes, he will
Pleasure is on its way
Get lost, you senile old men
Sitting jobless from morning
Sit here, fatso
I'll break your limbs
if you sit here
What he broke once
is hanging there
Guppy has made it
into a work of art
Do you want to be
Suresh Gopi's dupe?
Get lost, fatso
"Under the umbra of a clear sky
a new born sun peeps out shy"
"Showering colors in plenty
To anoint this village with beauty"
"Diffusing upon a dark night
Is it the crystalline moonlight?"
"Radiating radiance
Rhinestone gems in abundance"
"Rainbow enhances the sky"
"Waves enrich land to beautify"
"Honeyed words flavor happiness
Enticing eyes favor eloquence"
"Heart purified by breeze
Face prettified with a smile please"
"Spring with exuberance
In wafted a fragrance"
"Listened intently by a silent shore afar"
"A melody hummed by a midnight star"
"Perched on a green shoot
Parakeet sings a sweet tribute"
"Will you come with me
to admire this fresh scenery?"
"Will you come with me to see
this land blessed by saints many?"
There's news about our bridge
They are starting
the construction
Pappan, 1 packet cigarette
No cigarettes here
Haven't I repeatedly asked you
not to sell cigarettes so close to school?
But I haven't sold any, have I?
Where the heck does
such dog crap come from?
'I am attending a wedding
I'll meet you tomorrow'
'What, man?'
Our Pappan is in police custody
- What's new?!
- Let's bring him out?
'Do you think I am your slave?
Don't bug me!'
Has your chemistry teacher
recovered from her bad stomach?
'I don't know
Why, grandpa?'
To know if I have to pack
your chemistry book also
'Grandpa, I'll do it
Just leave it there'
You always forget stuff
when you pack the books
'Then why don't you do
my math homework too?'
Oh my God!
Not finished your homework?
What were you doing last night?
If you antagonize the math teacher
then you won't be her favorite
'That's okay'
How will you get an engineering seat
with low marks in math?
'Grandpa, just leave me in peace'
Why does she need
peace to pee or crap?!
Do you want
lime pickle for lunch?
'I don't want lunch today'
Pack some pickle
Good for digestion
Now my dear granddaughter, smile
That's my girl!
My Amina's loveliness must never
be seen by jobless jerks here
Abu! Time for Amina
to go past us
Go, wait for her
Handsome hunks that you are!
- Go stand somewhere else
- Get lost!
"O' bud about to blossom
Nectar over flowed fulsome"
"Have you prepared a feast
my girl, simply so sweet"
- 1 minute
- What is it?
"As you slowly stride
Dreamy, starry eyed"
Bowl now
"Heart beats a tattoo, Amina"
"O' Miss universe...aha!"
"Lamp of dawn with an aura"
"My heart is overflowing
with milk of kindness, darling"
"As you slowly stride
Dreamy and starry eyed"
"Heart beats a tattoo, Amina"
What's Breaking News, Tinku?
You've been reading for 2 hours
And on top of it
again in the evening
Will all this information
come of use before you die?
Don't make fun of him
He knows everything
about this world
The teachers in this school
come to Tinku to clear their doubts
'If my memory serves me right...'
'...he started reading
almost 25 years back'
'He was looking for news
about his lost mother'
'He neither stopped reading
nor did he find his mother!'
Shah Rukh Khan is
sprucing himself up for her
You got at least a glimpse
Lucky fellow!
She doesn't look at
any other boy in this colony
That's why I am a little hopeful
Just 2 eyes
'These fellows are forever
harassing that old man'
"Strumming a heartfelt melody
Bestowing a song of rhapsody"
"Spreading colors various
from our motherland precious"
"Today let us felicitate this prayer
nestled in our hearts' chamber"
"Strumming a heartfelt melody
Bestowing a song of rhapsody"
"Spreading colors various
from our motherland precious"
"Today let us felicitate this hymn
nestled in our hearts' atrium"
Pappan, I'll see you
in the evening
- Are you going into town today?
- No, tomorrow
Don't come back with
those scamps you call as friends
They drink tea and not
1 fellow pays, useless bums!
Dearest Nasseer
My life depends on this lever
If you had a problem
couldn't you call me?
It wasn't that complicated
Otherwise I would have called
I am leaving now
You must come by 3:00 p.m
Yesterday you were 5 minutes late
I was-
No excuses
If I don't get to school on time
my Amina will be waiting for me
Only 1 hour
I'll be back by then
'Ikka, you come
2 hours late these days'
'Shouldn't I be back home by night?'
'Don't forget I shell out
a big chunk of my salary'
Sure you do
What rubbish!
Be careful
" I come
Sweetness please welcome"
Hi Black Molly
Come nearer and put
this pan on your lap
She's irritated because no one
has taken action to rescue Pappoye
We are all going now
Give us a 'dosa'
Or we'll starve
I called Onachan and
he just hung up on me
When I called, he yelled
his choicest words at me
Let him come here
I'll break his limbs
Then Pappoye's release
will be delayed even more
Give me one of those bull's-eye?
Get lost!
Call me when
Onachan comes
- Guppy?
- Yes, sister?
I have told you a zillion times
not to read those silly serial stories
Blow your nose
You allowed it to burn
Just a bit
No salt at all
in Molly's 'dosa'
If I go and tell her now
she'll pickle me in salt
Now it's too salty
Fine! Don't eat it
- Why isn't this healing?
- It will, gradually
- See if it's warm enough
- Ouch! Too hot
'Did you ask Pappan
for the chit fund'
He said he'll pay tomorrow
'Warn him otherwise
I will come in person'
I did
- He just laughed at me
- Why?
'He knows it's impossible'
'We must buy a car'
Do we buy a car just to
collect this Rs 150 interest?
That's simply super logic!
'I was just joking'
'How much pocket money do you have?'
'Rs 400...?'
'What happened to the rest?'
'I paid the school fees for Gracy's kid'
'You have been doing this
quite often for Gracy'
'You must see the airs
her son Philip puts on'
'He thinks he's the only one
going to school in our colony'
'But isn't that true enough?'
'Then ask Philip to come
and help you bathe'
"All through the day
we shall pray-"
Ma, be quiet
Aren't we going
to town tomorrow?
'Sure, we have to'
What about the money...?
'We'll do something about it'
Okay, fine
How are things?
Get lost
Goodness! I just asked
about the colony
- Aren't you going to school?
- Why don't you go?
If I had, I wouldn't be rotting here
Children must be smart like him
'Wonder whom I can con today!'
Onachan is coming
Let me deal with him
- Where are you off to?
- Got some work to do
Here you go
Or you'll fret
Keep the towel
Blow your nose
'He could get out only
because cop Smith was there'
Otherwise we would
have all died of shame
Why did you come,
you rotten corpse?
Thought the Chief minister
will come to bail you out?
Just read this news item
You must have done it
without knowing, Pappoye?
Oh my God!
It was hilarious
Why don't you explain?
Instead of laughing!
He is mad
He snatched a gold chain and ran
He what?
So why wasn't
a case registered?
Why indeed?
The chain he snatched
wasn't real gold
He laughed nonstop for this?
I knew he was about
to say something silly
Minister! Come back one day
in a car with the Govt flag
Hey! Take me along too
Don't you have class?
The last hour is drill exercise
I want 4 guppies
Why do you always buy
the same kind every time?
Just like that!
- Here
- No, thanks
Take it
Instead of the girl with the veil
can't you date this girl?
If it was me I would...!
That won't work out
There he comes!
Why is he always
hovering around that kid?
He's scared of boys like you
Don't you dare!
Shah Rukh Khan has
started his make up
Thank goodness my shop
is at the back of the school
If not I would be sheer trouble!
'Then the teachers would find it
hard to tackle Pappan'
Wherever you go
these boys are such a menace!
If you do such stunts to
impress Amina and hurt yourself...
...only we will be counting for you!
'Just continue counting'
Look! Nimmi
Hey! Stop it
Go, sit inside
"A beautiful girl like you"
- 'Dosa' many?
- 8
"If we get together,
it's a time to remember"
- I've packed 10 for you
- But I want only 8
It's okay, I know
you'll be hungry later
- How is your mother?
- Much better
Then go home
Don't loiter around here at night
Side dish
Close your mouth
Flies may get in!
'Dear people of the colony'
'Thanks to our ADF Govt
and party members...'
'...our dream of a decade to have
a bridge will soon be fulfilled'
And work will begin immediately
With your prayers and blessings
we will soon have a bridge of our own
The engineer is coming!
A famous engineer of
Road and Bridge Corporation
Renowned engineer Thejas Varkey
will be here to build our bridge
On December 23rd-
- Esthapan
- Be quiet!
On December 23rd
we will celebrate Christmas
And have a reception to welcome
the engineer to our colony
Esthapan uncle is coming
'Why can't he mind his own business?'
Esthapan uncle and the ADF party will
extend a warm welcome to the engineer
This is my humble announcement
Devil! I'll make sure
his pension is blocked
Dear friends,
you must be aware...
...our party's efforts and its paper work
was stolen by some corrupt official
Yet on this happy occasion we wish...
...all of us join hands together
So you are out
for your share, eh?
I had no option
Please help
Let me think about it
My boss will listen
to anything I say
Actually I am the boss here
I want money
Only then things will work out
Is that okay with you?
Sir, he's asking a bribe
Then pay him
Otherwise your work
won't get done
Sir, he's lying
Have you ever seen such a decent
Govt employee asking for a bribe?
Lousy old man!
Sapless feeble freak!
What took you so long?
Got delayed, sorry
Why are you so angry?
I tried to con that old man
with the white beard
But it didn't work out
He complained to my boss
Wonder who will be
the next scapegoat!
'A solution for mosquito menace
Healthy Kerala'
Gosh! Snakes
Snakes will eat fish
Let's go...quick
Let's go
Lalichan, what about the money?
I have it
I will give it to you
How much do I owe you
minus my commission?
Rs 3600
Bring it when you come for
the welcome function on Sunday
I have no choice
I'll be there
I am responsible for
the engineer's well-being
Look how troubles come unannounced
Now I'll be kept on my toes
till the bridge is constructed
Have you met him?
- Who?
- Engineer
I got a message
saying he was coming
What about welcoming him?
Krishnan sir has already arranged it
- Okay, see you
- Hey! Don't go
What is it, da?
If you pay me on Sunday
I will buy it on Monday
You are a real gem of a boy, da
'Mani, that boy is heading this way'
'Tell him I'm not here, partner'
It will soon wear down
the way you keep stroking it
Why don't you buy it?
Where is Joseph'etan?
He has gone out
Will he back now?
Late evening
He asked me to
lock up and leave
What will that 'face'
in the mirror cost?
Joseph'eta, he saw you!
You can come out now
Bearded mirror!
What happened to all
the other shops out there?
All shut down
What did they sell?
Same stuff like this
No wonder both of you
sit here swatting flies
You must think before
pricing your stuff so high
A wheel chair like this
costs less over there?
Why don't you go buy there?
My dear boy,
have you any idea... many days since you paid
an advance of Rs 1000 and blocked this?
Tell me?
Whenever someone
comes in here to buy this...
...I remember only your face
Then I find it
impossible to sell it
I am quite upset about this
- What day is today?
- Did you come here to ask that?
Tell me, Joseph
Today is Wednesday
It's Saturday
Saturday is inauspicious
I knew it the minute he came in
On Monday morning
open the shop at 9 sharp
I will take delivery of it
What about the money?
It's ready
- Swear upon your mother?
- It's ready
You mean 45-
Being happy is all fine
But don't get drowned!
Lalicha, is everything okay
Engineer sir is coming?
He will be here
The function can begin now
One day I'll be elected
the Prime minister
Don't tangle with the color bulbs
I paid for them
I am slinking away, okay?
I can't hang around anymore
Engineer is coming
only after 7 - 8 days
What will happen to him?
The townsfolk will take care of him
He's trying to get me
into trouble for quite some time
You have the correct
amount now, right?
Hard worker!
You got your way finally
I noticed this only now
Are you dancing today?
All these decorations were arranged
by your papa from Heaven
Enjoy yourself
See you
Go on, speak
I've already tested
Dear friends
The vehicle with Infant Jesus
is on its way from the church
When the cortege accompanied by angels
and our reverent Father reach here...
...this event will be
a grand celebration
Our dear engineer
will arrive at sharp 7:00 p.m
I am now handing over the mike
to our constable and talented artiste Smith
A poet within the Khaki uniform
Haven't you heard?
Poet Smith
That's me
This Christmas song I penned
set to music by Michael Jackson... sung by Michael Jackson,
Amitabh Bachchan and Rajinikanth
Orchestra is conducted by our
Mathukutty'chayan's Nallaidayan troupe
Enjoy yourself
And bless me
"Gabriel's graceful appearance
To always bestow benevolence"
"In Bethlehem, in a barn
a divine baby was born"
'Engineer Thejas Varkey
"Gabriel to bestow compassion
God's messenger with a vision"
"In Bethlehem city
was born a divine baby"
"Gabriel's graceful appearance
To always bestow benevolence"
"In Bethlehem, in a barn
a divine baby was born"
"Stars in the sky twinkled pretty
Songs of glory echoed in every city"
"Robed in all his finery royally
Blinking his innocent eyes joyfully"
"Kicking his little feet briskly"
"Jubilation worldwide spread quickly"
"From far and wide
gifts for the little angel arrived"
"3 wise men came to honor
Sing in praise of the Savior"
"Whole world hummed this song
By one and all who sang along"
"Your bounteous love will bless
Heaven and earth with bliss"
"Conqueror of all strife
Light of my life"
"In my life's flow
shine mercy's glow"
"Born in a manger in seclusion
Lead a life of compassion"
"Fireworks of many a hue
Fill the sky with a kaleidoscopic view"
"Gabriel's graceful appearance
To always bestow benevolence"
"In Bethlehem, in a barn
a divine baby was born"
"Stars in the sky twinkled pretty
Songs of glory echoed in every city"
"Robed in all his finery royally
Blinking his innocent eyes joyfully"
"Kicking his little feet briskly"
"Jubilation worldwide spread quickly"
Don't go, Akku
Don't say that, Nomu
I have an important task to do
Let me finish it
and get back real fast
I'll take you all around
the Himalayas after that
- Promise?
- Promise
If we continue in this manner
we'll soon reach Delhi, brother
From there I'll take a train
and have a comfortable journey
What do you know?
The roads ahead are very bad
We will face plenty of ice
You and your bike
won't be able to move
Don't worry, father
Akku will go by truck
I will take you also
with me next time
You can spend some days
at my house with Malu
Where are you off to?
Is it to some uninvited
wedding feast?
Hey! Where are the others?
Sitting inside
watching a film
Nonsense! Don't they know
I have to go today?
Hang on
We'll go now
Useless fellows-
There he is
It will soon be over
No need
I will hire another pick up van
Everything's ready
Just a short while
The shop has to open
Come, sit here
Bangalore Days
This is an old film
Haven't you already seen this?
No one has seen it
It will end anytime soon
Sit here for some time
The scene after this
That's the wheel-chair I saw
Fully automatic
It's very expensive
I want this one
What about the one you booked?
I want only this one
Not possible
How can you change your mind?
Do you know
how much I'll lose?
Do you know
how many customers I lost?
This won't work out, Mani
Here's your advance
This will work out, Mani
This works for me
I am Joseph
Joseph here, I say
Are you busy?
Not at all
Tell me
Have you seen the film
'Bangalore Days'?
Not just me
My whole family has seen it
In that movie the hero uses
a wheel chair belonging to a girl
Have you any idea about
that kind of wheel chair?
Bloody fraud!
Don't you know it was
bought from my shop?
Someone wants
an identical one
They are rather poor
How much does it cost?
Rs 1,10, 000
You can give me Rs 100000
He says Rs 1,40,000
Will he give it for less?
Any chance of a discount?
May be 10,000 less
Fix it for Rs 90,000
He says 1,35,000
Swindler! How can you
squeeze poor people like this?
Khalid, stop joking
I know how you deal with people
- Now hang up
- Okay
You have struck a great deal
It's a superb piece
'It can cover slopes very fast
Almost 10km per hour'
'You can lie on it'
'It can be converted into a bed'
'There are other mechanisms'
'Like helping the patient to crap'
"Boundaries laid waste
Banks flood to inundate"
"Ambrosia river
flows freely forever"
"With soothing love satisfying
Heartfelt fragrance gratifying"
"To protect now like a canopy
I shall accompany"
"Boundaries laid waste
Banks flood to inundate"
"Swinging back and forth gently
cradled in your soul diligently"
"I slept peacefully"
"Today you are my angel from above
Rest your head on my shoulder with love"
"Your eyes sing to me
a never before lullaby"
"I lose my way rarely
When you are beside me"
"Like firefly tiny
weeping in agony"
"Like the moon honeyed
your smile lingers indeed"
"Wilting under the red-hot sun
as your feathers fell one by one"
"To carry you, even if I ache
My arms are willing for your sake"
"A sweet bouquet you once gave me
remains a melodious memory"
"Through infinite births in future
mother, we will always be together"
"Who gifted me, I wonder
this treasure called mother?"
"Boundaries laid waste
Banks flood to inundate"
"Ambrosia river
flows freely forever"
"With soothing love satisfying
Heartfelt fragrance gratifying"
"To protect now like a canopy
I shall accompany"
'Anthonyappan Colony'
I still have my doubts
Weren't you fully aware of the lie
about the engineer's arrival?
Onacha, this is the 100th time
you are repeating this
If you ask me once more
I won't bother about your age
I'll simply splash
boiling milk on your face
Is he God to be showered
in milk from head to toe?
And look at his blessed face!
Haven't seen Tinku
for the past few days
I really miss him
You'll feel better
once he's back
Where can he go?!
He'll be back in no time
Must be a great feeling
to roam around on a bike
Instead of loafing around
can't such guys find a good job?
'Look at that
No time even to shave'
1 glass tea
Shall I make it strong?
What about sugar?
Go ahead
Shall I make it
strong and sweet?
Just to know
your preference
Make tea like the way
you usually do, okay?
'Give him tea'
Where are you from?
Quite a distance
Doesn't it have a name?
Our party is very strong there
Just you wait
One day this stove will burst
'My tongue is jinxed!'
What kind of tea is this?
I know to make it
only this way
Lali here
What is it?
Onacha, the engineer has come
He'll be in the office
in another hour and a half
Get lost
I feel so bad
I fooled you
But today the engineer
informed me directly
Just get lost!
Engineer, my foot!
- How much?
- Rs 8
500 rupee note?
Don't you have
a lesser denomination?
This is not a KFC joint
What's KFC?
The finance company
run by Kerala govt
That is KSEB
Onacha, you will really
become a minister, I'm sure
- Why whisper that?
- See if you can change this, sir
How can I give you
something I don't have?
I have only 500s
There's a petrol bunk next door
Break the note and get me change, sir
Looking for your mobile?
I had left it right here
Let it be here
First get me the change
You are a great guy
roaming the world on your bike
How do we know
you'll be back?
Make it fast, sir
Don't take all this seriously
These boys revel in pranks
'Give me that cake'
Get lost!
Instead of peeling it
why don't you skin it first?
- You have cigarettes?
- Yes
How much was the tea?
Rs 8
Give me cigarettes for
Rs 992, Kings brand
We haven't stocked cigarettes
for this huge an amount
Of course we have
Give it to him
Show your temper when
you have your own shop, okay?
Buy yourself a lollipop with this
He's carrying such a huge can!
Wonder if he has a ration shop?!
Onacha, the engineer has come
Oh God!
I thought Lalichan
was fooling me
Let me go and get
everything organized
Get Mathukutty and his band
to come there at once
- Will you pay me?
- Sure
Come fast
with these boys
Hey! Aren't you also going there?
Let me also come
My feet hurt
I would've reached faster
if I had walked
Do you have a license to drive this?
He doesn't even have a house
Imagine a license!
Both of us need to wear helmets
Who are you?
What do you want?
'Engineer Thejas Varkey'
Do some work
instead of hanging around
What the heck!
Where is Pappan?
He is still poking
at the soot in his stove
He was so full of
sentimental advice
Comrade, are the crackers ready?
I know your party
can't survive without them
I didn't hear you
I said crackers are ready
I don't like its color
This is the latest color
making waves
But don't forget
we are building this bridge
Barges in here and
talks of making waves!
What is this, Mathukuttycheta
Like a bunch of fishermen
Don't you have uniforms?
Pappoye won't let me wear a shirt
It's washed and drying
- Washed, eh?
- Yes
That's great
When our guest comes
you must ace it!
After the fireworks
it's your turn to blast music
Bro, be assured
we'll rock it
All of you come
Make it quick
Trumpeters come
Sir, how's everything?
Are you absolutely shameless?
No, sir
I want my party and myself to take
full credit for building this bridge
Only then I will have a decent
foothold in the elections
Sir, do you personally
know the engineer?
What if I did?
I just wanted to know
the kind of person he is
That you will come
to know by and by
You mean when he comes here?
What a pity!
Here comes
my lucky mascot!
I'm sure you have an idea
of the townsfolk here
This is how they are
The other day they arranged
a grand function to welcome you
I got to know about it
That's why I didn't turn up
How did you know?
You had given me
Lalichan's number, remember?
How's your stay
at the guest house?
I think a tent would
have been enough
I tried to get in touch
with you many times
But you were off work
for quite some time, right?
I had gone on a long journey
I decided I wanted a break
I can always go back
to work, isn't it?
Always on the move roaming
Lucky chap!
Sorry, I didn't mean it that way
I assumed such a remote village
will be free of corruption
That's why I accepted this project
Not too bad
Only a few like Onachan
People like him are needed
to add spice to life
- When do we begin?
- Right away
If possible, let us include
the work of the approach-road
There is yet another case
I'll let you know in due course
Let's see
We'll do a total clean up
By the way, shouldn't we
have a get together?
Of course!
We must
Is Lalichan here?
I wanted to buy something
He usually hangs around
"What's the sound at this hour?
Is it the koel cooing with fervor?"
Chinnappa, can you
make me a cup of tea?
I am busy with art work
Please make it yourself
That's a cool T-shirt, sir
That too with your beard
I love it
Want it?
Will you give it
if I say 'yes'?
I'll wash it and give it
to you tomorrow
I'll wash it myself
Just in case
you change your mind
Sir, if you are making tea
I'll have some too
I can wash it and use it
We could have taken the jeep
Not at all!
It's so good to ride
against the breeze
Am I troubling you?
Krishnan sir has said you must
be well taken care of
There is no word called
'trouble' in my dictionary
Anything you want, you can
always ask Chinappu
He was employed to look after
the overhead water tank
He always laughs
when I ask him for anything
He listens to my Tamil songs
and sits around creating art objects
Poor chap!
He is my friend
Is he paid any salary?
Of course!
Rs 10000
Rs 10000?
I take 5000
He actually needs only 2000
I give him that
Poor chap!
Why are you laughing, sir?
What to do, sir?
I have 4 kids
Is your salary enough
to make ends meet?
Not at all
I make up for it
under the table
I will also give you
I want only affection
Don't ask me for that alone, please
Are you hurt?
No, not at all
What is this, sir?
I bought that
For my Malu
- Who is that?
- My daughter
Looking very smart!
- What if we had died?
- Who the heck was he?
The indicator light is damaged
Shall we ask him to pay?
How does he matter to us?
Do we really have to?
- Come
- It's now or never
I am sorry
I was-
My foot you are sorry!
Oh! This chap, eh?
Do you have a pimple in your eye?
Where were you rushing to?
Our indicator light is broken
Why were your eyes
not on the road?
- Pay us
- But you are all fine
Money please!
You can afford to buy
cigarettes for 1000 bucks
Money, sir
Now you don't have, eh?
Sir, people are coming
It will be embarrassing for you
Cash please
Pay up
Give it, sir
One more 500
There's plenty of
tinkering to be done
Stop fussing and give, sir
Thinks no end of himself!
Okay, see you
Here's your key
Come, he has paid
Go...all clear
Let's get the indicator repaired
First see if the vehicle is intact!
No head lamps
Then why indicators?
Why did you get
another 500 from him?
We are 5 of us
How can we share equally?
Now we get 500 each?
Let's go, sir
Why do you look upset?
Shall we go to the proposed site?
Sure, just drive straight down
- It's quite close by
- Let's go
He's Amina's grandpa
Amina's grandpa?
Yes, he's the gatekeeper here
ever since this gate was set up
He thinks he is
the lord and master here
Ikka, how are you?
He is the engineer
of our new bridge
Please sit, sir
On this track?
Here on this bench?
No trains pass
at this time of the day
Okay, let's sit inside
I have not come
to sit and chat
What the heck?!
Ask him to keep it away
and do his work
Ikka, we don't need the bench
Mannerless fellow!
Parks the jeep on the track
and pretends to be fair and right!
Shall I get you some black tea?
No, thanks
Sir, this area is a vote bank
There are around 10000
to 15000 voters living here
If you calculate at the rate of
Rs 10,000 per head...
...adds up to 100 million
Promises to sail a ship
open a port and so on
Their budget will take care of this
and they get a good name as well
Onachan is just a dummy
This is a game played by
senior politicians of the party
'They are all our own boys'
What are your plans, sir?
Have you come by yourself?
Not at all
They will follow
2 or 3 assistants
Care for some tea?
This is our Pappan's shop
Oh no!
I already did once
'Good tea'
'Okay, as you wish'
All fine with you?
2 or 3 people called
We must go tomorrow afternoon
How many do you want?
Take 4 plastic covers
Let me leave
Engineer sir is waiting
Did he mention anything?
No, why?
We'll meet tomorrow
Out of my way
These naughty imps!
Shall we go?
What is that boy doing there?
That boy?
He's the cleverest of them all
I kind of gathered that
Tell me more about him
My previous boss Ganapathy sir
started a scheme
Guppy cultivation
Since it gave no returns
he stopped it
But when the mosquito menace
increased in the city...
...demand for Guppies also rose
One day I mentioned this
while having tea at Pappan's tea shop
Immediately this chap began
breeding them in that canal
Guppy cultivation
He's smart, sir
What's his name?
That's really strange
Ever since he started growing guppies
people decided his name was Guppy
What about his family?
Only his mother
His father used to
head out to sea for work
One day he was brought back dead
Then his mother suffered a stroke
and she became immobile
After that she refused
to send him to sea
The boy was now in a fix
So a tragic life, eh?
Yes, but he's an innocent chap
You call him innocent?!
Yes, sir
Not the crafty kind at all
He does not have any dealings
with the Panchayat, eh?
What do you think!
I take care of it
Krishnan sir does not mind
My dear sir, I pay him
Rs 3 for each pair of Guppies
How much?
Rs 2
Come again?
Sir, 1 rupee, 50 paise
I take the other half
Haven't I told you?
I have 4 kids
- Please don't let this out
- Of course not
I am scared
You'll soon get over it
I have made a hole there
No tension
Come this way
- Let's go
- How much more?
Suku'anna, make it exciting
Can we at least hear sounds?
How did this hole become so big?
I made it bigger
Go and read this book
for the time being
Peeping is an art
When you are old enough
I'll call you
Let me also see
- You also go
- Please, brother
Guppy, out
Next is you
Heads or tails
Now you are out too
Now give it to me, buddy
Go home, boys
Instead of sitting here in the dark
Hope he gets caught at home
It's gone
I couldn't even get
a proper look at the picture
Sit down, Lalicha
I hope you drink?
Oh! I do, sir
Sir, our Onachan is here
Can I call him in?
Sure, call him
Come in
Sir, please forgive me
It was a big blunder
Hey! Get up
Sit down
I won't create any more
trouble for you
I'll sit, but tell me
you have forgiven me
If not, I'll drink all of this
and eat the bottle too!
I have come here
to build the bridge
So I need the help of
politicians like you
I called you here
to tell you this
1 minute
Did you hear what he said?
He called me a politician
My deepest desire from childhood
was to be called a politician
Not bad
Look at this and drool
Haven't you gone to sleep yet?
If you sit and stare at it
then that's all you'll do
He will be late
Sit and drool over it
Wasn't that for me?
Sir will not be back
for some time
Why not drink some
and fill it up with water?
You have always been
an expert in that
I know what happens
in the office
Corruption king!
Onacha, I have 4 kids
and I'm stressed out
You keep saying this
like a parrot
If you continue like this
I'll tell our people
I have my doubts
if they are your own kids
Go ahead and announce
Quick! Sir may come back anytime now
Quick! Close it
Gosh! My throat
nearly got seared!
What's that?
Christmas edition
Didn't you read it, papa?
Don't beat me, papa
So this has to be
placed here, right?
Shall I make you
some black coffee?
Shall I make some more
black tea for you?
Okay, go ahead
That makes it the 5th one
From his appearance looks like
he is a little too fond of women
What is it, sir?
Isn't this a drainage canal?
Why do we need
a drainage canal here?
Then why is it here?
The Panchayat dug it, sir
When it rains heavily
this place gets flooded
If that's the case
how can you block this canal?
Don't be worried, sir
This is after all our own place
We can easily solve it
What is it?
What's the problem?
Why are you here?
What is it, Pappan?
Nothing, my boy
Sir was just jogging
Get lost, you half-pint
Half-pint is your-
Shut up!
I'll kill you
Did you see his biceps?
'Am I your age?'
'God! He could have
dunked me into the canal'
Remember I told you
about an old man?
I think he is a little flirty
I'll call you back
Can I ask you something?
What is it?
I have a little girl
She's now 12 years old
You have a 12 year old girl?
Actually, she's my
granddaughter, Amina
Her parents died in an accident
when she was a baby
My life's desire is to see her
become an engineer
What should I do after
her schooling is over?
Is this why you were smiling
at us every now and then?
Among all living beings
only humans can smile
So I smile
Does Amina study well?
She's always 1st in her class
Then after her 10th grade
let her join entrance coaching classes
- Is that all?
- Yes, that's all
I am quite aware of this
Time to close the gate
I don't want your black tea
Get away from here
Wonder if the others want?
Such a minor issue
Why not deal with it directly?
That won't be good enough
I must consider his age too
I want to make him cry
Beg at my feet
Youngsters like him
mustn't show such arrogance
Call him, dude
Where is it?
Krishnan sir?
Where are you, Lalichan?
- At home
- Why?
At my home
Okay, Lalicha
Why did you call?
That boy who grows guppies...?
Yes...hold on a minute, sir
Hey! Take her away
How much does
he earn every month?
I don't really-
Sir, going by my estimate
around 12000
Why, sir?
How much does our office pay him?
At the rate of Rs 3
Out of which I take Re 1
4 kids and all, sir
I know your share in this deal
Like that!
Tell that boy
Hereafter he will
be paid only 50 paisa
Sir, but 50p is too less
Doesn't matter
Just inform him
Krishnan sir does not usually
interfere in such matters
Did you meet him?
How could I?
I came here early this morning
Tell him I can't sell
at the rate he quoted
If he says he can't sell
at that rate...
...ask him to stop
his guppy cultivation
We don't want to deal
with him any more
Right, Krishna?
Yes, but...?
So he is the one behind all this
Sir, but if we stop it... do we supply guppies
to meet the popular demand?
There was even a feature about
guppy cultivation on a TV channel
Tell people we'll supply
After all it's a small fish
Someone who's here
to build a bridge...
...can easily construct
a 10'x10' tank
I'll build you this big tank
and fill it with guppies for you
I shall bear
all the expenses
This must happen
We deserve this!
And you are the sole reason for it
- Me?
- Do you think it's me?
Boys must be boys
Who do you think you are?
Stirred up a hornet's nest
I didn't understand
Be more specific
That's his work
We don't have an option
Agree to the rate he quoted
and go tell Krishnan sir
- Okay, I'll tell him
- You have to
Go apologize to
the engineer if you can
I have other plans
chalked out for him
Then go ahead and harass him
As if he will let you!
Look here, don't mess with him
until he finishes his job
These guys have nothing to lose
But you and I stand to lose a lot
At least think of my situation
Oh! Come on, Lalicha
Forever greedy
Where can I find Krishnan sir?
He'll be at the approach road
taking measurements
You can go straight to him
Engineer sir will also be there
Pappoye, come with me
I'll come if everyone else comes
Go and apologize
I'll apologize
I feel something is wrong
That's correct
Does he really intend to apologize?
Or is he planning to beat him up?
'Let us see'
Tyres on this side are flat too
Let's go
You went to apologize...?
Sir, wait!
Beat him
Come on, do it
Whack him!
Boys, leave him alone
Come, let's escape
Now do you realize
it isn't a minor issue?
Did anyone see?
No, only I did
Let's go to the hospital
What happened?
Pappan, we are just back
after apologizing
Everything is fine now
A glass of Horlicks
will be great
'Onacha, we must do something'
'After that we can
take a decision'
'How do I know
who did it?'
'I saw it only this morning'
'What a pity!'
Since the sketch is ready
you can all leave
I'll let you know
when to return
This is too bad
I have some other
unfinished work to attend to
Sir, plenty of snakes there
'What's wrong with this man?
Calling me so late?'
Were you asleep?
Not at all, sir
Who is that calling
in the middle of the night?
Who is that?
My wife has come down
from my hometown
Aiyo! Sorry, Krishnan
I'll see you tomorrow
Hey! That's okay
You can tell me
No problem at all
Those canals dug
along the roads
Do you really think
that was a good idea?
I didn't think
it was wrong, sir
During heavy rains, the school and
entire neighborhood will be flooded
Do you feel the previous officer
was a decent chap?
As far as I know
he was a good man
You still have a soft corner
towards that boy, eh?
Which boy?
Not at all, sir
I get so mad at him, sir
I swear, he makes me hopping mad
The way those boys
badgered you on the road
I can't even think of it
- Really?
- I swear
Tomorrow you have a surprise
'He and his surprise
in the middle of the night!'
'Are you asleep, darling?'
'Why did you say
I was your wife?'
'Should I have said it was
my aunt in bed with me?'
'Why are you laughing?'
'I didn't laugh'
'Must be from your phone'
- Last night
- Last night?
I was-
I was-
Hope you are fine, Lalicha
You can go, Lalicha
What was the surprise
you mentioned?
After the bridge is built-
If it's a surprise
let me also hear it
Are you or am I
the village officer?
You, sir
Then I will listen
to the surprise
Leave us alone
Acting too big for his boots!
He's hiding there
'Are you with your mother?'
'Move aside and listen to me'
I'll be back now, ma
Your medicine is there
Roaming around in the sun
Your face has tanned
like those street kids
After the bridge work was over
didn't we plan to repair the roads?
So the road behind the school
must be widened as part of the plan
Not only that
Materials to build the bridge
will arrive by that road
So that road must
be strengthened
What do you say?
Does it?
Yes, it does
I intend demolishing Pappan's shop
and that boy's fish tank
- When?
- Right now
This is a decision taken
by the Govt, Mr Krishnan
A chance that fell
right into my hands
I will get even with them, sir
Let us give them some time
If we give them time, they will easily
shift the guppies to another pond
That's no fun at all
Let us go right now
- Come quickly
- Turn the vehicle around
Lalichan had called
He will come a bit late
Has to inform everyone, right?
Drive faster
What is it?
Didn't you go there today?
A small problem
What is it, sir?
What is the problem?
A small problem
We came to look into it
What is the problem?
Why do we need all that?
Be quiet, man
Let's go
Demolish my shop if you want
But not their fish tank, sir
Give them some time, sir
They will shift the guppies
to another place
Pappan, look
'Lalicha, ask them to stop'
'Hey! Stop it, man'
This advertisement is
a comedy from start to finish
That will be good
We can finish it
within Rs 100000
This is a little emotional
Will cost you 800000
Isn't this place stocked with
knives, scissors and syringes?
Then we can add a bit of violence
Rs 120000 production cost
- Oh my God!
- I can make it perfect
Hey Changulivalan!
I don't have this kind of budget
May be I can spare 100000
Adjust a bit
It's for the local TV channel
Then call the local people
Each frame of mine
will cost you 100000
- Isn't this local?
- It was meant to be
Joseph'eta, return Rs10000
from the advance I gave you
It's urgent
How can I do that, my boy?
If you ask all of a sudden
how do you expect me to give?
Why are you staring at me
giving me the jitters?
I'll give you the money, here
Who is that?
That's a long story
Tell me the story, may be
it can be made into a good film?
I'll take just the thread, okay?
Sister, Venda Sabu...?
You are just a kid
Why source an assassin?
Go there
I will do whatever is worthy
of the money you pay me
Let me know when
you get him alone
Off you go
I had reserved this Scotch for
the day I finished the bridge work
If I opened it today,
it's because I am so happy
You'll never know how much,
my dear Krishna
My dear!
Like in any other film
there is a hero and a villain
A hero and a villain
And they fight all the time
Finally in the end we win
Can I ask you something?
This film you were talking about
Are you the hero or the villain?
Why do I come up with unnecessary
dialogs at the wrong time?
Won't that boy be just
4-5 years older than my Malu?
Remember I told you about
an incomplete shopping complex?
Can you give me a proposal
with an estimate to complete it?
It's easier to sanction funds
when people like you are involved
I can do it
But don't ask me to build it
You don't have to
I can do all that myself
Okay, I'll do it
Didn't you call Onachan and Lalichan?
They won't come any more, sir
All of them are unhappy
So I am the villain, right?
You carry on
Don't tire yourself standing
I'll come later
'Are you asleep?'
Is this the place?
I'll just look around
Sir, I'm just getting
my mobile recharged
'Who is the client?'
It's really badly constructed
'It was for someone I know here'
'Not planned well at all'
'It was lying in a mess'
'That's why I asked you to look at it'
I would have come with you
I just happened to pass by
So I got in
My driver pointed it out to me
It's like a haunted place
Okay, let me look around
I'll call you later
Venda Sabu
- Who?
- Venda Sabu
- Venda Sabu?
- Yes
What do you want?
I have been assigned
a 'quotation' job
What for?
To break your hands and legs
Better escape
as soon as possible
I got hit by an iron rod
No point in beating up
an unconscious man
So I waited for you
to regain consciousness
Stop it!
I'll go right away
I have other 'jobs' to do
tomorrow and the day after
I know who sent you
Your guess is wrong
It's late
Otherwise I'd have shown you
Nothing to worry
Doctor says he can be discharged
in a couple of days
Sir, whatever I have to say
I've already told you
I did not see the person
who stabbed me
There's no point in you repeating
what we find difficult to believe
Please cooperate
I don't have any complaint
Okay, sir
We'll investigate in our own way
You really don't know?
Oh! Here you are
Guppy, someone stabbed our engineer
No one knows who
Did anything happen to him?
He is alive
The hospital is swarming
with police and the army
That was just to rhyme!
Why are you sitting here scared?
What about Venda?
It was not Venda
I called and asked him
Rubbish! I saw him
go away after stabbing him
Did Venda lie to me?
He is a hired killer
Why won't he lie to you?
You are right
When police asked he said
he didn't see his assassin
Not see the man
who stabbed him?
Will anyone believe that?
Even the police didn't
He still stuck to
his story, Onachan said
Venda came without even
covering his face with a mask
If he confesses
I'll be trapped
Does Venda know your name?
Why should he know?
He can say
it was a boy
Everyone will know it was me
By not revealing
the culprit's name...
...what if he is planning
to take revenge on you?
Suppose he comes
and stabs you in return
Don't get upset
I am there for you
'That's what you think!'
Your mother was
looking out for you
Don't stress
Don't you want to bathe?
I have already heated the water
Just bring it for me
Why did you do it?
I would have come
Take me to the bathroom
You never listen
It's already 3-4 hours late
I was worried I'll fall sick
if I delay further
I'll bring the towel
Eat your porridge
You skipped lunch
I can bathe by myself
I'll eat later-
I said I'll manage!
I did not read it
I did not even open the book
Pappoye gave it to me
I threw it into the sea
I swear I won't
do it again, mother
Come here
I wanted to tell you it was wrong
That's why I behaved like that
Sorry mom
It's okay
This is normal curiosity
for boys of your age
We must forgive them
That's all
When you pretend to be asleep
don't forget to snore, okay?
Oh God!
I completely forgot
Were you upset when
I didn't let you help?
I went to the seashore
I sang, danced and
took a good nap!
I can't sleep
I didn't bathe
because you weren't there
Not even in the morning?
I came out
after you left
Neither in the evening
My body is itching all over
Make some hot water
I'll bathe and then sleep
I've been watching you
the past few days
You look dull and depressed
What happened?
Sure, before that my face
was fair and awesome!
Stop joking and come
Let's catch some sleep
I was simply pulling your leg
You don't have
to be offended
Why are you worrying?
That engineer got
what he deserved
Be quiet! If any one hears
my mother will come to know
But you didn't do anything
I thought you stabbed him
Why are you staring
up there like this?
In case I get 'biriyani'
Haven't you seen in some movies?
When clothes fly
the heroine comes to pick it up
Keep looking!
That old man's underwear
will come flying now
Today is Sunday
I have great hopes
And the sea breeze
is quite strong
Sunday or Monday
All you can see are 2 eyes
Hope someone has not
cast their evil eye on her
Lady Molly, why don't you go inside?
Snubbed her
Grandpa has chest pain
Grandpa is suffering
from chest pain
Amina, my dear
Cover your face with the veil
Hair looks lovely
But the face...?!
Amina, wear your veil
Nothing will happen to you
God won't let you fall sick
What is this, grandpa?
Shame on you
I got so scared
Grandma, not for me
He was worried
about his health too!
It was your enemies
who brought you here on time
If it wasn't for them...!
Come in, boys
Show your face
Let grandpa see you properly
I used to hate you
I didn't know you were
such good boys
Forgive me, boys
We saw Amina's face
for the first time
It was because she asked
we rushed you to the hospital
If Amina asked, we would
even operate on you, grandpa
Shoo those dogs away
Oh Chinnappa!
What's news?
Are you okay?
Hey! It is lifting
of its own accord
I made it
Not only tea
I brought you food also
Not bread and omelet
Yummy rice and curry
Very good tea
Why didn't you
make for me earlier?
You are young and healthy
Youngsters must make
tea for older ones
And your tea is so tasty
Then how come now?
Now you are in bad shape
"My dear flower, carmine
Your perfume so divine"
"My porch is your garden sublime"
"Your words like a flute's lilting music"
"You are a petal, satin smooth magic"
Pappan, I'll give you
the money tomorrow
My dear Unni
drink 1 more cup of tea
I'll come again tomorrow
Lalicha, I wanted to meet you
Tea, please
Didn't they harass this boy
with the excuse of widening the road?
Why is no one around now?
Will they break down
this tea shop also?
God made sure of
divine justice!
He's getting discharged tomorrow
He has many plans
up his sleeve
But keeping it close to his heart
Is Krishnan sir
aware of his plans?
He doesn't know anything
Whoever stabbed him
will pay the price!
Who wants tea?
"Eyes welled up
with teardrops"
"Words for no reason
drenched in sobs sudden?"
"Mist spiraled heavenwards
Dissolving like nimbus clouds"
"May your lingering tears soon
fade away into oblivion"
"May your heart be filled
with lofty dreams to be fulfilled"
"A way must be drawn
for a rainbow to be born"
"Chariot of your dreams you must fly
without restraint in the azure blue sky"
This is my whatsApp number
"Scars in your heart must heal
Your eyes devoid of tears or ordeal"
"Search for a dawn bringing
an auspicious beginning"
That nurse is very smart
Not bad but I think
she's always on Facebook
"Whimpers in your mind at last
will be a thing of the past"
"Like kindled flame of a dying wick
Joyful memories will revive double quick"
"Whether night"
"Or daylight"
"I will be back to see
your face beam cheerfully"
"You shall be with me forever
I shall be your protector"
"Let us usher in
times exciting"
"May your lingering tears soon
fade away into oblivion"
"May your heart be filled
with lofty dreams to be fulfilled"
"A way must be etched
for a rainbow to be sketched"
"Chariot of your dreams you must fly
without restrain in the azure blue sky"
"Scars in your heart must heal
Your eyes devoid of tears or trials"
"Search for a dawn bringing
an auspicious beginning"
What will you do with this?
Paint it and place it somewhere here
Will you paint it?
I don't paint
Guppy does
He does it very well
He does all the painting here
But he has a problem
Whatever he paints
ends up looking like the guppy
You are so heavy
I can't leave a part
of me at home, can I?
Stop here
It isn't only you
I wanted to see
Pappan will be here soon
after closing his tea shop
"Before I go to bed daily
I thank you profusely"
"You've given us so much indeed
I am grateful to you for every deed"
Focus on her face
'Guppy is a cheap fish
usually kept as pets'
'Breeding that fish, selling them
and saving up money...'
' buy his mom a wheel chair
is the story of this young boy'
Hey! Stop
You are overdoing it
This is only for News channels
Explain to her
Which channel will it come in?
Don't call me that
I am Chink
Whatever it is!
Which TV channels?
Manorama, Mathrubhoomi, Asianet..
..Reporter, CNN-IBN, NDTV
They'll come to
mortgage your shop
Specify the wheel chair is free of cost
'This is the journey of
a kind-hearted man...'
'...who helped a boy to get
a wheelchair for his mother'
My life was spent in
social service 24x7
- Right?
- Yes
Mani knows all about it
That's how I noticed that boy
Poor chap!
He struggled
a lot to save up... get his mother
a semi automatic wheelchair
His wish soon shifted to
a fully automatic wheel chair
That's all
Joseph'etan is a kindhearted
and generous man
It was his wish to give the boy
a fully automatic wheelchair... a surprise
Come here, Mani
That was superb
I noticed you walking around
in between the shots
Ensured it was live
It was good, wasn't it?
Why don't you join me
as an assistant director?
No thanks, Chinka
I'll go in for short films
Assistant directors never get
dates of artistes at all
Will he come back
to work in my shop?
Don't be scared
- He can't touch you
- Easy for you to say
Scared, huh?
In a way
fear is good
When you come face to face
don't just stand rooted in fear
Just run
As fast as you can
I'll start following
my mother's advice
I won't loiter around jobless
I'll work with Esthapan uncle
Why make mothers
teary eyed and anxious?
Aren't you going home?
- What about your mother?
- I can manage that
Pappan was looking out for you
I am not going there any more
Suppose that engineer
comes that way
How long will you slink around
hiding and avoiding?
My dearest grandpa
Why don't you sell this rickety bike?
If I buy a new scooter now
By the time you start college... will look old and rickety
Is that okay?
Then don't buy one now
I knew you would say this
What is the name of that boy
who just cycled past us?
Why do you want to know?
Just like that
Tell me, grandpa
Everyone calls him Guppy
What sort of a name is that?!
They make fun of him
Guppy is the name
of the fish he breeds
The ones your friend
brings for you
Do you know
his real name?
I have heard his mother
call him Michael
Wonder if he remembers?
Why Michael?
That is the name of an angel
Our Koran also has
the same angel Mikail
Engineer sir has come
Let this fan remain here
It belongs to the State Govt
But the Centre has rights over it
Sit down, sir
- Sit
- No, sir
Sit down, brother
Are you a permanent staff
in the Railways?
No, sir, this is
a temporary post
I must pass a written exam
to become permanent
So if you lose this job
you won't get another, right?
I was assigned this job
to fulfill the dream of this village
But I realized it was only
for some personal motives
Which politician has
the time for progress...
...when he's busy
filling his own pockets?
There is absolutely
no need for a bridge here
So I stopped work saying
it wasn't technically feasible
May be politicians like Onachan
may find another to replace me
But for that to happen at least
2 more Govts will change
Which grade is Amina now in?
7th grade
So another 12 years to go before
she completes her engineering
If this bridge is built, you will lose
your job and your income will stop
With your weak health condition
you can't take up another job
I did not know all this, Ikka
But beyond all this,
it is Amina's future
Her happiness
I realize these were the reasons
which prompted you to act this way
An indiscretion done with
good intentions at heart
Amina must join a decent
engineering college
This card has my number
Call me if you need any help
I am leaving tomorrow
My son...!
Look, they are watching
I wouldn't have built the bridge
even if you hadn't done all that you did
But I am happy
you are also a reason
We were able to save
100 million of tax payers' money
You must take care
of your grandparents
They have gone through
a lot to educate you
Can I get you a black tea?
No need
"When time ticked by
did darkness cover your eye?"
"Did it burn like an inferno
Heart full of thoughts aglow"
"Was it embers burning to ashes
with moist eyes misty lashes"
"Quiet sobs as memories surge
shattering your heart to emerge"
Where is this boy Guppy's house?
Over there
But you won't find him there
I sent him to pluck
some coconuts
Just go straight ahead
There's a coconut grove there
You'll find him
Will you come down
or shall I come up?
I'll pelt you with stones
Better come down
If I call the police...
...everyone will get to
know what you did
Especially your mother
Are you still here, sir?
You were not to be seen
for quite sometime
Safety pin
For your shorts
Please give this to
your daughter Malu
Make sure the pin doesn't hurt you
See you
Pappan, can I borrow your cycle?
I want to see my mother
Joseph'etta, what is this?
Not like that
Look here
It is a visual beauty
Worming into
people's hearts
What the heck?
Is it a worm?
No! Like a centipede
Mani, I don't like this
Shouldn't we bathe her?
I'll be back
I'll come back
and bathe her
'A few days later'
'Black tea man is on his way
to pick up his granddaughter'
'Nowadays he is a changed man'
- You are early today
- Yes
- Shall I get you black tea?
- Okay
Hey! Look who is coming?!
Our Tinku
Come, Tinku
Sit here
Where did you disappear, old man?
You got us all worried
I came back this morning
I was at Palakkad
I read about an old lady
who was sick and sinking
I went there
Accepted her as my mother
I looked after her for some days
'She died'
Isn't that him?
That engineer...?
Thejas Varkey
Do you know him?
Not personally
But I have read about him
He came here to
build our bridge
But it didn't happen
People here cooked up reasons
and forced him to stop work
That is the real reason
Go away from here
Give him this tea
How do you know about him?
He used to be in
the News for a while
The over-bridge was a dream come true
for the people of Omallur
'He was the engineer who built it'
'On the inauguration day
the entire town assembled'
'The Chief minister was
also gracing the occasion'
'But he didn't come'
When he was coming with
his family for the inauguration...
...his car met with an accident
'His wife, 7 year old daughter
and his parents died'
'Even now every year,
people of Omallur...'
'...light candles in memory
of that tragic day'
'Later, resigning from
the Road and Bridges corporation...'
'...there was a News feature
saying he was on a journey'
This was about 3-4 years back
'May be this was his
first assignment after that'
So his daughter...that doll?
Is he mad?
He'll come back
Don't be upset
and magnify it
'They will lift you up
in their hands...'
' you won't strike
your foot against a stone'
'HE nobly roams to help you,
amidst clouds in skies blue'
He calls my daughter and
his friends' daughters too as Malu
Yes, Lalicha
It's a kind of madness
A madness he refuses
to get treated for
And his beloved madness
His Malu
"Mist spiraled heavenwards
Dissolving like nimbus clouds"
"May your lingering tears soon
fade away into oblivion"
"May your heart be filled
with lofty dreams to be fulfilled"
"A way must be etched
for a rainbow to be sketched"
"Chariot of your dreams you must fly
without restrain in the azure blue sky"
"Scars in your heart must heal
Your eyes devoid of tears or ordeal"
"Search for a dawn bringing
an auspicious beginning"
rekhs and latha