Gupt: The Hidden Truth (1997) Movie Script

- They've arrived, sir!
- l know that.
Long live Justice Sinha!
Move aside... go on!
lt's time for the meeting, sir.
Excuse me.
Long live..!
Here's a real social-worker
after Mahatma Gandhi.
- He's cast a spell on the public.
- We're social workers, too.
But no one cares for me...
l'm talking about myself
- But they're bothered about you.
- Get to work!
The open-door policy has now brought
us to the crossroads, gentlemen.
On the one hand is the
path to prosperity...
...which demands great sacrifice.
On the other, there is the path
of peace and brotherhood.
Now, are we prepared for a struggle
so that we may prosper in future?
Or do we wish to be happy
as we are?
That is the question
before us today.
This is wonderful!
Caught between the devil and
the deep blue seas, isn't it?!
We'd better not stray from
our point of discussion.
We have been discussing this
for long in any case.
l think we must adopt the path of
modernization and progress, Governor.
We must permit foreign companies to
have free trade in our country.
We must tolerate the difficulties
we are likely to encounter.
We can't have roses
without thorns, can we?
We must not let foreign companies
set foot on our soil!
Between holding a gun to the
temple and enslaving someone...
...and buying them out with dollars,
there is no difference whatsoever.
You mean, the snake in the
grass, don't you? Beautiful!
You're the best of patriots,
if ever there was one!
This is the age of billionaires
and millionaires, Mr. Minister!
The power brokers
don't matter much.
The fallen statues of the icons
in Russia bear out this fact!
Think of the money that the open-door
police will bring into the country.
You're right. The influx of foreign
currency will strengthen our Rupee.
We will be self-reliant.
We will not have to mortgage our
gold-reseryes with other nations.
- Our country will roll in wealth!
- No! lt will go bankrupt!
The multi-nationals will rob
the country of its wealth.
Their computers will render
millions of our workers jobless.
This will result in inflation. Those
living in flats will move to slums...
...and those from the slums
will be out on the streets...
...only to be crushed under the
swanky cars of the corporate sector!
lt is because of stubborn people like
you that this country was divided!
There were widespread riots;
Gandhi was assassinated...
...and the Babri mosque
was demolished!
You are penny wise
and pound-foolish!
You invoke the name of Lord Rama
only to defame him!
Stop being a stooge of the
foreign companies, Mr. Chaudhary!
lt's ordinary cloth that will make
your shroud! Not dollars!
- Mr. Vilasrao...
- Don't scream! l can do that, too!
Please be calm...
Sit down, both of you.
For a moment l thought
we were in Parliament!
We only stand to gain from
the open-door policy!
Please go ahead and
sign the ordnance.
Please be cautious in every
step you take, sir!
This has to do with the future of
the millions of the country.
We have had a pretty good debate
on the open-door policy today.
lt's true, the issue is complicated
and not very simple.
But l hope to find a solution
in about a fortnight.
We will surely find a
...which preseryes the welfare of
the people and their progress.
l thank all of you
for being here.
The briefcase contains
a million Rupees, Vilasrao.
Just make sure that
there is no strike.
You have oiled the
machinery, Mr. Modi.
l will now skirt the issue of
the workers' demands.
You look worried, even
after the recoveries?
l've been thinking about
the open-door policy.
lf multi-nationals are
allowed entry,...
...all this work will be
accomplished by computers.
That the workers will
starye is a truth.
What is worse is that our
livelihood will be endangered.
We must now see whose opinion
the Governor approves of...
...and whom he eventually snubs.
You have a high Blood Pressure.
You don't seem to be
taking your medicines.
l remind him even in the office.
But he refuses the medicine.
- You may leave, Mr. lshwar.
- You're getting rid of me!
This contains the memo of today's
meeting and tomorrow's program.
l will leave now. Please see that
he takes his medicines.
Everyone is worried about your
health, except your own self.
So long as Dr Gandhi is around,
nothing will happen to me.
But people need doctors to
even walk around these days!
Wrong! A personality like you needs
a lawyer, too, besides a doctor.
''After whatever you've thought,
you have to get along with me''
How does the B.P.
read today, Dr Gandhi?
His condition is not very good.
Oh, come on!
lt's not his work that
is worrying him, doctor.
We have some problems
in the family.
Would you go outside
and play, son?
Why keep secrets from them?
They're like family.
You know he married me
and took Sahil for his son...
...after the death
of my husband.
He loves Sahil more than he would
love his own son.
But, for some reason, Sahil is
drifting away from him.
He is always aloof and withdrawn.
l have nothing against Sahil...
Why don't you have a heart
to heart talk with Sahil?
But what will l
discuss with him?
l remember a couplet for
this delicate situation.
''What could be the reason
for this strife?''
There is no strife
between us, Mr. Thanawala.
Sahil is still a kid.
He will himself realize
how much l love him.
You are very late, son.
You must return a bit early.
We miss you at dinner...
Why must we be strangers? Why can't
we live like father and son?
You are undoubtedly my mother's
second husband...
...but you are not
my father.
- May l have a word with you?
- But who are you?
l'm a salesman... l sell love.
l seryice beautiful girls like you,
absolutely free of charge.
- Pardon me?!
- l know the art of making love.
lf l kiss you, you can assume you
have excelled in the test of love.
You would like to excel,
wouldn't you?
- Who the hell are you?
- l'm a salesman, too.
l sell junk! l set guys like
you right, without any charge!
This is not your vice-den!
lt's my college!
Thanks for helping me.
You look familiar. Have we met?
- Yes. On several occasions.
- But you've just joined college.
But you've known me for years.
We have a great friendship.
l have no friends.
l'm all alone.
You still haven't changed. You were
like this even as a child!
Always racing away
on the red bicycle...!
When did you return from
- lt's a month now.
- Then why didn't you meet me?
l wanted to give you
a surprise.
Which is why l took an admission
in your college.
l wanted to see if you'd
recognize me.
And what did you see?
That you're still as you were...
absolutely lonely.
l won't consider myself
a loner anymore.
Neither will l.
l've got to see the Principal!
l'll meet you tomorrow!
- l apologize for my uncle.
- ... that's in the past.
You won't punish me for
what my uncle did?
- Not at all.
- Will you consider me a friend?
- Why not?
- Let's have an ice-cream then!
Not today. Perhaps on
another occasion.
Welcome, Mr. Diwan! ... Relax!
Your snacks are seryed!
Well, what's all this
appeasement in aid of?
Looks like a new scheme to get me
to increase your pocket-money.
Who's worried about pocket-money?
l've stumbled upon the treasure!
Had you been to a garment sale
or to the college?
- To college. Know whom l met?
- Whom did you meet?
l met Sahil there.
He's as tall as a lamp-post!
Like a true-blooded Punjabi!
How did you recognize him?
l'd never forgotten him that
l had to recognize him!
l must say, against all hopes,
he has grown to be handsome.
Did he recognize you?
- Did he talk to you?
- Why wouldn't he?
We're friend again, Papa!
l'm thrilled! lt's as if my
childhood has returned to me!
Wait... sit down here.
There's a big difference between the
friendship of childhood and youth.
Don't forget; l'm his father's
personal secretary.
So what?
Why pursue a path that we
don't intend to take up?
How can you bring up
these cliches, Papa?
He hasn't bought you over, just
because you're his secretary!
Do you need to seek his permission
everytime you breathe?
Mercy on me, sir...
A penny for me!
Quiet! Obstinate girl!
Just remember this much, dear.
lt's a young girl who carries
the trust of her father's honor.
l won't say another word.
Do as you please. Okay?
l'm not obstinate, dad...
l'm only very sentimental.
lf you consider my
happiness a burden...
...l will do as you say.
lt will bother me, no doubt.
But l'll cry over it.
You're not only sentimental...
you're an actress, too!
You know l can
never see you cry!
l played horse for you earlier;
l'll now play an ass!
l'll even tolerate Governor's
slap for your sake, okay?
Bloody idiot! Do you
know who Sahil is?
He's the Governor
Jaisingh Sinha's son!
l'm trying to get my daughter
married to him...
...and you take on
enmity with him?
You're thinking of my marriage;
and you haven't spoken to me!
l'm sorry. l wanted to surprise you.
l didn't want to tell you as yet.
But thanks to this idiot,
l've blurted out the truth.
Your Dad has been trying to get
you engaged to the Governor's son.
lt's a good family and the
boy's good, too.
Well, then... do you approve
of your dad's choice?
We will pursue this, only
if you approve of it.
Do you agree? Speak up...
don't feel shy.
l agree.
Let's go to the Governor's house
with the proposal immediately.
Who's that?
Why don't you speak?
Any problem?
Are you dumb?
Your father seems to have
a lot of money to waste!
Who's that? Speak up!
Why are you bothering me? Have
you nothing better to do?
- ls that the Governor's bungalow?
- Yes. Go on.
Stop talking and put
Mr. Sahil Sinha on the line.
- What is this regarding?
- ldiot! Who are you?
l'm Mr. Diwan's
very special seryant.
Haven't you recognized me? l'm a
friend of Mr. Diwan's daughter...
...since her childhood
and through her life.
Sahil! lt is you!
What can l do for you?
Promise to meet me
in my dreams tonight.
l'd do that, even if
you didn't ask me to.
lt has nothing to do with business;
it's a family affair, sir.
Which is why l've brought
my family along.
Where's Sahil? ... relax.
l'll find him.
- Which room is it?
- The first one upstairs.
Does your daughter
already know my son?
They're studying in
the same college.
Eat, while you see the snaps.
l've made this on my own.
But you were a glutton as a kid!
Always hogging something.
- Really?
- As if you don't remember!
You even used to snatch
my food from me!
You remember everything about
our childhood, don't you?
He told his mom only
this morning...
...that he wants to have a
great birthday bash this year.
- That's wonderful!
- He had a special reason, he said.
Your visit now explains what the
special reason could be.
Here's how you looked
as a kid.
The snap was taken at Aksa beach,
while on a picnic.
He didn't say a word to us.
We know from you now as to
what this is all about.
May we consider this alliance
as cemented then?
- You're crying in this picture!
- Don't you remember?
l threw water on your face and you
threw me down on the rocks!
lt had hurt my cheeks badly.
The scars remained for long.
Dad thought my face
was ruined forever.
That cheek, right?
But there's no scar there.
The scars have faded.
But the wound remains.
- Sahil is not at home.
- He must've gone out.
Sit down, dear.
lt's you we were talking about,
even after you had left.
Shall we celebrate the alliance
with sweets, Governor?
ln that case, may l apply a balm?
Wonderful! You will apply a balm now
for an injury of childhood!
- l was very innocent then.
- Are you a wise man now?
Not at all.
l've gone mad and crazy now.
May l apply the balm then?
Look who's here!
- Greetings, uncle.
- Greetings, son.
He has come to discuss something
very important with you, Dad.
l've come to invite you to my
birthday party next week.
You will not be there as the
Governor's personal secretary.
You will be my personal guest.
Do attend the party.
l'm grateful to you for attending
my elder son's birthday party.
lt's a matter of pride
for every father... watch his son grow
as tall as he himself is.
l'm even more proud, for my son
is two inches taller than me!
He even wears shoes
bigger than mine!
lt's true that my son
has now grown up.
As a responsible father then,
it is my duty... do whatever
my son feels like doing.
This is his right.
On this occasion therefore, l want
to give my son a beautiful present.
A present he loves.
Something he will have
to keep all his life.
You've guessed it! l want to
announce his engagement!
The girl is sincere, kind-hearted
and beautiful...
...and best of all, my son
loves her.
The girl is Mr. Chaudhary's daughter...
Sheetal Chaudhary.
Put the ring on her finger, son.
Just a minute, Mom.
On my birthday today, l wished to
pour my heart out to you.
But the Governor has poisoned the
atmosphere, before l could do that.
He likes to create drama...
...and every word of what he said
was a lie.
How would he know what
my heart craves for?
He does not approve of the girl
l am in love with.
lt's a blow to his respect to accept
her as his daughter-in-law.
Because she happens to be lsha, the
daughter of his personal secretary.
What madness is this? l have done
everything as per your liking.
Don't call this force on me
as something l like.
Why don't you admit...
...that you will not get me engaged
to your P.A.'s daughter?
You loved Sheetal till yesterday.
What made you change overnight?
What change? Who has
fed you the stories?
Are you stoned?
Stop arguing and apologize
to Mr. Chaudhary.
Apologize to Sheetal, too.
You have subjected my love
to ridicule, Governor!
lt's you who must apologize!
You're talking nonsense!
They're all watching us.
Stop messing with me, or else
l'll strip you before all of them!
What are you talking
about, Sahil?
Don't interfere, Mom!
You will strip me?
Strip your father?
- Never mind him, please...
- You have spoilt him!
This is the limit!
l'll give him another chance.
He'd better apologize to everyone,
or he won't like the consequences.
What more harm can you
do to me anyway?
l'll throw you out of my house!
You'll be out on the streets,
to be rejected everywhere!
There's no place for cheapsters
like you in my house!
You've proved you are
my step-father, haven't you?
You heard him. He has admitted that
he was only interested in my mother.
- Not to accept me as his son..
- lnsolent rascal!
Why have you stopped? Dig the
knife in your mother's heart!
To kill your father, you will first
have to pierce my heart!
Had he only not been your husband,
l'd have dug the knife in him!
What are you laughing for?
l can't help it! lt's
something we must mourn...
...but l can't help laughing
looking at you guys!
Get out! Go outside and laugh!
Even if Chaudhary's daughter does
not marry the Governor's son...
...what is certain is that...
...they're one now.
We're one, too, Vilasrao.
l swear by the Gods!
l won't let things go haywire.
We must find a serious cure for
this grave problem, minister.
You're right.
l wish to say something.
Whether Sahil cares for me or not,
l love him with all my heart.
l will someday make a place
for myself in his heart.
Why aren't you trying to
see the point?
Your Dad has nothing against
Diwan and his daughter.
ln fact, he likes lsha.
But you will be happier
if you marry Sheetal.
That's enough, Dr Gandhi!
Don't defend your friend anymore!
Who the hell is he to decide
things in my life?
Stop drinking now. Go home.
l'm going to decide this tonight!
What is it?
l'm helpless. l can do
nothing about this.
Mr. Governor...!
God! Who did this?
Who did it to you? Speak up!
ls anybody there?!
lt wasn't me, mother...
l've done nothing!
What else can l say,
My Lord?
He launched an attack on the deceased
at the party on August 29th !
Thanks to the guests who
were present there...
...he contained
his sinful intentions!
On the night of the 30th,
he found the opportunity...
...and killed his father!
Without wasting the court's
time, Your Honor...
...l'd like to present leading
personalities of the city...
...who stand testimony to
Sahil's waywardness!
l swear by every holy Text! Had
Shardadevi not interyened...
...he'd have killed his father on
the night of August 29th itself!
l was stunned to see his true colors
on the night of the 29th.
He attacked his father
with a dagger in hand!
He screamed that he
would kill him!
He has killed the Governor!
That's the cent percent truth!
The poor Governor tried
to make him see sense.
He was beside himself,
addressing him as his ''son''.
But this boy had
murderous intentions.
He's a step-son. No wonder he
could do something so heinous!
There's no doubt at all!
He is the one who has
killed the Governor!
When the police arrested Sahil Sinha
at the site of the crime on the 30th
...he was dead drunk.
The finger-prints on the weapon of
murder and the deceased's body...
...belonged only to Sahil Sinha.
l have been appointed
to defend Sahil Sinha.
lt's a record that l have
never lost a case in my life.
But l would like to
lose this case today.
This is the Will of the Governor
Sinha, which was entrusted to me.
lt clearly states that the
heir to all his wealth,...
...will be not his
only son, Harsh Sinha,...
...but Sahil Sinha.
lt was his lust for wealth that
compelled him to murder his father.
He showed his true colors, the
moment the Will was prepared.
That is a lie!
And so is your case!
l have not killed my father!
But nobody believes me!
So l am a liar! So is the police,
the case and the witnesses!
But a mother would never
lie on such an occasion...
...especially when her son is
being sent to the gallows!
l'd therefore like your permission
to present Sharda Devi in court.
Permission is granted.
So, Sharda Devi... what did you see
at the scene of the crime?
ls it a lie that the accused
was dead drunk?
ls it a lie that he was in
a murderous mood?
ls it a lie that he mercilessly
stabbed your husband to death?
lt's true.
Every word that you
have uttered is true.
He is the one who has
killed my husband.
He has killed his father!
lt's better to be childless,
than have such issues!
You could have killed me, too!
Why didn't you?
Why didn't you kill me, too?
The verdict will be
pronounced tomorrow.
ln view of the testimony of witnesses
and the evidence at hand...
...this court reaches
the conclusion that...
...that Sahil Sinha mercilessly
killed his father.
Under the lndian Penal Code 302,
this court awards Sahil Sinha...
...Rigorous lmprisonment
for 1 4 years.
How could this happen, Sahil?!
l can never live without you!
This is a lie, lsha. Believe me.
l have been framed.
But l know for sure today... much my father loved me.
Let's go.
Do something for Sahil, dad!
Get in.
- l want to have a word with him.
- Not allowed... get in!
Give us a minute, inspector?
You have only a minute.
No matter what anyone says, l will
always consider you innocent.
Won't you embrace me,
before l leave?
There's a locket in
my pocket, Sheetal!
Quietly pull it out. l haven't
told anyone about it.
l found this in Dad's hand
when he breathed his last.
Make sure you keep it safely.
This might perhaps take me
to the real killer!
Shut the door.
You show me your strength?!
You have murdered your father!
You have killed your father!
You dare show me
your strength?!
You show me your strength?!
You have a lot of steam, eh?
This was the reception
on your arrival!
Behave like newly married bride!
Keep your voice and eyes lowered!
Or you're going to get
the stick again!
Hurry up in the queue..!
Give that to me... just get lost!
Give me a plate, guys... Quick!
So, ''chicken-chilly'' ?
You're fuming, aren't you?
He's a tender guy!
Calm down... calm down, son.
This will aggravate the situation.
Besides, they're
professional killers.
Sit down.
You want to eat, right?
Share my food with me.
l'm an old man, as it is.
l can't eat so much.
Let's eat.
What crime are you serying
a sentence for?
l have been accused of
killing my father.
ls it true?
That's what the Law thinks.
And my mother does not
believe my innocence too.
But l believe you.
l'm no longer interested
in the world outside.
l'm all alone.
Our landlord set my wife
and kids on fire.
l'm serying a sentence
for killing him.
l'm not interested
in going out.
But you have to find the
real killer of your father.
You have to win back
your mother's trust.
How will l do that? An escape
from here is impossible!
There is only one way
of getting out of here.
Through the waters, that is.
You can escape through the sea.
- The sea?
- Yes.
ln eleven years, l have found
a weakness in this jail.
What is the weakness?
All the refuse and dirty water of
the jail flows into the sea...
...through a drainage system.
But where is this drain?
ln the dark-cells, the oldest
portion of this prison.
lt's pitch dark in there.
When they want to give
someone severe punishment...
...they send the prisoner
to that cell for some days.
lf you somehow manage
to reach that cell...
...there is hope for you.
Exactly two feet under the commode
in the toilet is the drain...
...which leads to the sea.
How far will l be able
to swim in the sea?
Let me explain, son.
lf you can arrange for a boat,
you can escape this prison.
Listen, No. 22!
There's a girl here to see you.
Sheetal? You?
- How are you?
- l'm fine. But how's mom?
She still hasn't gotten
over the shock, they say.
l had great difficulty in getting
permission to meet you.
l might not come again, and l
was compelled to call on you.
- Will you do me a favor?
- l can do anything for you.
- This could be dangerous.
- l don't care.
You must arrange for a boat to
arrive at the creek next Wednesday.
- Are you planning to...
- You're right.
l can prove my innocence
only after escaping!
But you must be careful.
lf there's an enquiry,
you must not get involved.
Don't worry.
There are people in the city
who would do anything for money.
l will set it up.
lf just talking isn't enough... you want me to lay
a bed in here?
Go away, Sheetal.
Look after yourself.
That's not a bad idea...
but it's only an idea.
Lower your gaze!
Or you get the stick!
Get up, punks... and get lost!
Get cracking, buddy.
What's wrong with him?
Let's take a look.
You are parasites! You feed on
the government and the public.
You live on left-overs!
- Here's your food...
- He's getting smart...!
What's going on over here?
Stop it, l say!
Stop it, or you get the stick!
You've made a big mistake
by hitting me!
- l'm going to kill you!
- lt's not his mistake, sir!
He's not at fault, sir!
They've made life
miserable for him, sir!
They're driven him crazy!
He's not to blame, sir!
Out of my way, old man!
You've been given 1 4 years
in prison, haven't you?
Each day will be like
1 4 years for you!
Take them away and throw them
in the dark cell!
Get in!
He's thinking of
serying us grilled!
l can spare you guys
on one condition.
- We agree to every condition!
- You must do as l say.
- Sure, we will! Tell him, Shiva!
- All right.
Take this piece of iron.
Follow me.
lf you want to escape... must dig a 2-feet pit
under the commode in four days.
This is the only way
we can escape.
ls that the truth?
l've even arranged for
a boat on Wednesday.
l must say! You're more
crooked than we are!
He has even bumped off his old man...
l'm only kidding.
- Start digging immediately.
- Get cracking, buddy.
Damn it! lt's already 2 feet!
But there's no way of escape!
There's no god-forsaken
gutter in here!
You've gone crazy, feller!
You're simply nuts!
And we've been digging away!
lt's four days since they were
locked away in the dark cell, sir.
Hunger and thirst must have dried
up their intestines by now!
We won't get to know,
even if they die.
Let's go and take a look.
Look at that!
We've found the tunnel!
This is the main gutter!
l can even hear water flowing!
Let's scram! Hurry up!
Someone's coming this way.
So, smart-ass?! Are you
rid of your arrogance?
You've invited trouble
by provoking me!
Spend another 3 days here and
you will come to your senses!
The bastards!
They dare mess with me!
No, jailer! l will use
the stick today!
Once l'm through, you will never
be able to wield the stick again!
There's something fishy in there.
Let's check it out!
Sahil has escaped from prison!
You... ought to be
happy now, dear.
l'm delighted, father!
l'm thrilled!
What has your police force
been doing, Patwardhan?
Why hasn't the convict
been nabbed?
l'm being hounded by
calls from the Capital!
l'm the only one they
seem to find!
The police have fanned out
in all directions, sir.
Now look... this is not something
you can hush up, okay?
l want results!
And quick results at that!
lf my position is threatened
because of your incompetence...
...l swear by Shiva! l will have
you transferred to Kashmir!
Go away.
Listen... how did
the convicts escape?
He went out through
the commode, sir.
This is no ordinary case, sir.
The minister wants quick results.
There is only one officer who can
help you in such a sticky situation.
Who are you talking about?
Who will the disciple talk
about, except his Guru?
No! Not Udham Singh!
There you are! He's talking
about a savage, sir!
He's always looking
for a blood-bath!
He's a law unto himself;
does anything that fancies him.
He defies his seniors! The
boss does not like him either!
He has suspended him on 3 occasions!
Ask him!
- l suspended him only 3 months ago.
- There you are!
He's eccentric and arrogant, all
right. But he's good at his work!
He's a Class One Officer!
There he is, sir.
- Hello, sir!
- Who's that?
lt's me! Your fan! One who has
always admired your guts.
- l'm your...
- A sycophant!
Sit down.
Look who's here to meet you.
l see! The boss, eh?
Welcome, sir. Sit down.
- What will you have?
- You know l don't drink.
Let it arrive, sir.
l'll have it.
He wants to discuss something
very important with you.
Why not? He remembers me whenever
he's in hot-waters.
lsn't that true? Charity begins...
when the end is near!
lt's two day since you've escaped.
The cops must have cooled off.
You guys can leave.
There you are, sir! Didn't l say
he would surely turn up?
Welcome to the department.
Give that to me.
l want to ask you something before
l resume my duties, sir.
Whose law do l follow? My own?
Or that of the department?
l want immediate results!
Which means, l will not be asked
why l fired at their chests.
They always aim at our heads...
...and we are ordered to
fire at their legs!
Does the Government take us cops
to be sacrificial lambs?
That they feed us and
throw us around to die?
Such laws are of
no use, sir.
Your speech always sends
my adrenalin soaring, sir!
And l break into
a cold sweat!
You will have to stay
within limits, Udham Singh.
l take on the spot
decisions, sir.
l decide the fate of the people
l find on the spot, sir.
Do anything you wish.
But l want results.
Study this file.
- l don't need it, sir.
- Why not?
lt's a case of jail-break in which
three convicts have escaped prison.
They are Sahil Sinha, Ganpat
Wagle and Shiva Murlidharan.
The first mentioned has
killed the Governor.
The other two were serying
sentences for petty crimes.
lt's exactly 27 hours, 22 minutes
and 15 seconds since they escaped.
There is no lead. lsn't that
what the file says?
- How do you know all this?
- Didn't l tell you, sir?
l concentrate on
one thing at a time.
l hit the bottle,
when l drink.
But when l'm on duty,
it is only duty l do.
l can spend all 24 hours
in the line of duty.
l will only be obsessed
with my duty now.
And l will drink only after
l have closed this case.
Send word to your families.
You will not go home
till this case is solved.
The last time l
worked with him,...
...l started suffering
from High Blood Pressure.
The next step after High Blood
Pressure is a failure of the heart!
- Why don't you join us, buddy?
- No. Go on ahead.
Think it over.
You're making a mistake.
Well, take care...
See you, if we live.
Get in, Sahil.
- Where's the locket, Sheetal?
- l knew you'd ask for it.
l've brought it along.
This is the first step
towards my goal.
No. Your first step is my house.
The police are all around.
You will spend the
night at my place.
Our old mansion would be the
ideal place for you to hide.
The police can never
get there.
Where are the fugitives?
Let me go, lnspector!
Or l'll shoot this girl!
l'm exhausted, Sheetal.
l've escaped from prison.
But where will l go?
There seems to be
darkness all around.
Who could be the real killer?
l don't know if l will be
able to solve the riddle.
You mustn't think too much.
l'm with you now.
Give all your worries to me.
You have been a very
good friend, Sheetal.
You have done something so
dangerous and difficult.
No. lt was easy. lt's something
else that is difficult.
- What?!
- l'll explain later.
Freshen up. l'll go and get you
something to eat.
l'll lock the door
from outside, okay?
Hold it, lnspector!
Lower your gun! Or l'll color
this guy's head with blood!
Lower the gun, l say!
Anything amiss and the bullet
would have smashed my skull!
But l had faith in
your marksmanship, sir!
But l had no faith.
Didn't you ask me
what is difficult?
This love of mine is
the greatest difficulty.
Sheetal? Open the door.
The name is lnspector Udham Singh.
May l come in?
l came to check out the
decor of your room.
Looks like there was someone else
with you in this room last night.
There are two beds.
l'm in the habit of lying on
the sofa, while l'm reading.
l go to bed, when
l'm really sleepy.
That's a nice habit. But l can't
see any book in your room.
- Where is Sahil Sinha?
- How would l know?
You're wasting my time and
my daughter's too, lnspector.
The boatman who helped the
convicts escape...
...was paid half a million Rupees
by a girl.
Could be true. So?
That's enough! l've got to
leave for the office.
l must say. This is
a neat and tidy room.
No wonder then that any particle of
dust stands out like a sore thumb.
Where could sand from the seas
have gotten into your room from?
lt was windy last night.
That must have caused this.
Not even a storm could bring sand
into your room, Miss Sheetal.
Because your room does not
face the seas.
l can hear water flowing.
Excuse me. l was going
for a bath.
l want to know which soap you use!
The secret of your beauty!
Do not forget your
limits, lnspector!
l can have you suspended with
a single telephone call!
That's nothing unusual for him.
He's been more under suspension
than on duty!
He has escaped from the window.
We arrived late, sir.
- Why do we always arrive late?
- Shut up!
l know where he
must have gone.
Wait, lnspector... you asked
about the sand, didn't you?
lt's the sand that was
on Sahil Sinha's shoes.
Sheetal! What nonsense
are you talking?
You're right. There was someone else
with me in this bedroom last night.
lt was Sahil Sinha.
l'm the girl they told you about.
l'm the one who helped him
escape from the prison.
And l will continue
to help him.
Because l know he's innocent!
And what will you do?
Arrest me? Hang me?
l do only one thing at a time.
l want Sahil Sinha.
... Dead or alive.
And l have decided to save him!
Because l love him!
Those in love can do a lot!
Just you remember that.
- She's threatening us, sir!
- Must l take her in custody?
She's a kid, inspector. Please
don't pay attention to her.
Which is why l am
not arresting her.
l have an advise for
you, Mr. Chaudhary.
Send her away to Agra.
They have the country's
largest madhouse there.
Let's go.
- Yes?
- l'm lnspector Udham Singh.
ls Mr. lshwar Diwan there?
- No.
- Who are you?
l'm his daughter, lsha.
Please come in.
No thank you.
l'm comfortable here.
What's all this about, lnspector?
l have been following
Sahil Sinha's trail.
He didn't come here,
did he?
No. You can come inside
and take a look.
You were going to get
engaged to him, right?
He will certainly come
to meet you.
He will certainly come
to meet you.
You appear to be a sensible girl.
Tell him not to harass me and make
me run around unnecessarily.
Or he will face
the consequences.
l will gun him down
the moment l see him.
We find it difficult to
handle one woman at home!
And this young chap has gone
for a fling with two of them!
What could be his formula?
Concentrate on your work, Pandu.
lf you lose your job, you will forget
the formula of handling your wife!
Your life is in danger!
The lnspector will
shoot you at sight!
We must go away to
some far-off place!
lf something happens to you,
l will die without you!
l love you, Sahil...
l love you very much!
l love you very much, too.
But how long will l keep
running away from this problem?
- l'll have to find a solution.
- How?
Perhaps Doctor Gandhi can help me.
He's one man my father discussed
all his problems with.
There you are! This is how
he jumps all day!
He thinks Sahil Sinha
has arrived!
Shut up!
Do something, doctor! Or l'm
going to be a neryous wreck!
This is Sahil, doctor.
Who is that?!
lt's a patient of mine.
l've got to meet you, Dr. Gandhi.
l want to meet you, too.
l want to discuss
a secret with you.
A secret?!
Yes. But it wouldn't be proper to
reveal it over the phone.
Come to my house at 10.30 tonight.
And take care.
Who's that?
Murder! You have
murdered my master!
Murder! A bloody murder!
- What the hell are you up to?
- Trying to figure out the case!
- How must he have stabbed him...
- Will you stab me?!
That's exactly how my master died,
while he sat there in his chair.
File the F.l.R. !
Cut the bloody drama!
- We have filed the F.l.R., sir!
- Sahil Sinha has murdered him!
- ls this knife from your house?
- No... l see, question him!
Could you find any
finger-prints, Neelkanth?
This is his second murder, sir.
He won't make the mistake again.
He's now a B.C., after
his stint in prison.
- What's that?
- A Bachelor of Crime.
Both these daggers seem to be
of the same make and mould.
They appear to be part
of a knife-set.
Which set could that be?
My God! There goes
another gentleman!
l don't understand why he must
have killed doctor Gandhi.
lf he doesn't mind, l would
like to offer some help.
Please do. l'd welcome
any help from the public.
What do you propose to do?
We can announce a reward for those
who have him arrested, brother.
Anyone capturing Sahil alive or dead
will get 10 million Rupees.
Perhaps the lure of money will make
the public get hold of him.
Why do we need the police, if we're
going to take help from the public?
Patwardhan! Your department is
a liability to the state treasury!
What do the police get from your
treasury anyway, Mr. Minister?
3,500 for the inspectors and
2500 for the constables?
Not even attendants in banks would
work for such a pittance nowadays!
Who's this arrogant man?
l haven't donned this uniform to
make 3,500 from you?
Neither am l interested in making
money from under the table!
l have this obsession of
cleaning society of its filth!
Anyone who has this obsession
is often an arrogant man.
That's lnspector Udham Singh...
He's in-charge of the case.
He's the one who shot dead the
other two convicts.
l see!
l'm confident now that he will
surely nab the killer!
Please arrest that man
immediately, Mr. Commissioner!
Or else, my daughter
could lose her life!
What's wrong, Mr. Diwan?
Sahil Sinha has run away
with his daughter.
His daughter and his car have been
missing since last night, sir.
Where have you brought me so
far away from the city, lsha?
Your life is in danger. You are now
being accused for Gandhi's murder.
Staying in the city
could claim your life.
But l can't find a way if
l run away from the problem.
Your life is like
my own life, Sahil.
And l'm taking my life away
from all the dangers.
To a place where we live...
and that, does.
- What's that?
- Our love, Sahil.
10 million! lt's a bloody
goldmine, boss!
The forest guard confirms
what this newspaper says.
That the boy has entered
our state with the girl.
This money has virtually
walked into our state, Sikander.
No one, not even the cops, must
get their hands on this boy.
Your time is up.
Get up.
Hand him over to us, lnspector
No! Don't make that mistake!
Take a look over there.
Leave the girl alone!
lt has to do with 10 million
Rupees, lnspector.
We don't trust you, lnspector.
l have been framed, lnspector.
l have killed no one.
Please let me go.
l do only one at a time.
Right now, l'm busy catching you.
- Why don't you understand...
- My only goal is Sahil Sinha!
And my only goal is to find
the true killer of my father!
Stop arguing with me! Or l'm
going to drag your corpse away!
ln that case, open fire!
Or you will regret it.
You have used up all
the six bullets it had.
Now try and save yourself
from me!
There's no point in waiting here.
Let's return.
Where are you going
with the will?
- Answer me!
- lt will help Sahil, mother.
Don't you know what he has
done to your father?
Sahil can't be a bad man.
- Stop arguing and give that to me...
- No!
What have you come here for?
Aren't you satisfied, now that
you have killed your father?
l have not killed anyone, Mom.
l'm looking for the real killer.
l don't want to talk to you. Go
away... or l will call the police!
- Please forgive him, Mother.
- Keep out of this!
And should you want me to live,
don't talk to him ever again!
He means nothing to us.
You have no brother!
Do you understand?
You are making the very
mistake l made, mother.
l could understand how much Dad
loved me, only after losing him.
l hope you don't realize the truth
only after you have lost me.
What was that, sir?
l must ask Mr. Gupta to eat...
...give this file to
Magistrate Narayan...
...and whom am l supposed to call?
ldiot! Give the file to Mr. Gupta,
telephone Magistrate Narayan...
...and you yourself may
go and eat!
He was here yesterday, to
take his father's will away.
ls it the same will the advocate
Thanawala had prepared?
- The one which figured in court?
- Yes.
Are you back? Go away, l say!
Sahil! lt's you, son?!
What's up, son? You look worried!
A grave injustice has been
done to you! Sit down...
lt's thanks to you that l have
been branded a murderer!
You're mistaken, son.
l've done nothing!
Try ringing the bell or screaming
and l'll crush your hand!
Everything's going
haywire, sir.
My mind has gone blank!
l've got to call Mr. Gupta...
...ask the magistrate to have a bath
and who's to be given the food?
- Hello!
- Hi.
l think l've seen you somewhere.
Now where was that?
- l remember now!
- Do you really?
l saw his picture
in the newspapers!
You must have. l interyiew people
as l'm interyiewing your boss.
Please do a good job. This is
his first interyiew!
Sure! l will do a good job!
After this interyiew, the boss's
picture will appear in the newspaper!
- What is it?
- lt's the Governor's will!
Yes! And you did not reveal every
detail of this document in court!
You have concealed the most
important factor!
lt says that should something happen
to me after father's death... will be custodian
of all his wealth!
So you killed my father and
framed me for the murder!
That would clear your path!
- Where is Thanawala's office?
- Who's that? l don't remember.
- But you work for Thanawala!
- Oh yes! l work for him!
Mercy, son! Have mercy on me!
- Admit to your crime first!
- l confess!
l have betrayed the Governor!
l was blinded by greed!
- So l manipulated the will.
- You've committed the murders, too!
That's not true, son!
l have committed the murders.
You won't come around politely!
- Have you seen this man?
- lt's a familiar face...
- Where have you seen him?
- You can't remember, right?
How much are you going
to hit me, Sahil?
Give it a thought! What would l
gain out of murdering Dr. Gandhi?
- Of course, l remember...
- Speak up then!
l saw him in a lawyer's office.
- Oh yes! l remember it all!
- Do you really?
l've seen this guy in
Thanawala's office!
That had to be Thanawala!
l remember a couplet, now
that l'm in this state.
Wouldn't you like to hear it?
''The trees and the roses...
they all know how l feel''
''lf there's anyone ignorant,
it's the cops''
Wow! Now here is a poet
in bandages!
This is a casualty ward,
not a poet's conference.
Please give us your
statement, Mr. Thanawala.
Sahil Sinha flung me down
from the 2nd floor...
...with the intention
of killing me.
Make sure you press charges against
him for murder, lnspector.
We'd have done that, had
only you been murdered!
- But it will now Section 307.
- That's right. Half a murder.
But why did he attack you?
He wants to kill everyone who
testified against him in court.
Shut up! What on earth
are you laughing for?!
You had testified
against him, too!
l think this ward could do
with some more beds, sir.
For an emergency, that is.
Please do something
about this, Udham Singh!
He has committed three killings
while you are still around!
- Two and a half, actually.
- This is half a murder, you know.
All right! That makes it
2 and a half murders!
The police have done
all they could.
lt would be wise now to make our
own arrangements of security.
lf l happen to kill the
boy in self-defense...
- ...will l be guilty of murder?
- No.
Stop laughing! And ask the
Commissioner to give us protection!
l want special security arrangements
around me, through out the day!
Please don't worry.
l'm investigating the case.
l can't figure it out. Who's the
killer, if not Thanawala?
lt was a cleverly executed murder
right inside the house.
He was familiar with the
topography of the house.
Which is why no one saw him.
lt has to be someone we know...
someone close to us.
But who can that be?
Whoever he was, he couldn't have
been a friend of your Dad.
l think it's either a feud or a large
gain that has motivated this murder.
The large gain! You're right!
Since my father was a Governor,
a public figure...
...somebody must surely have
gained from his death!
And l'm a mere student...
...who could frame me for murder
and gain from it?
The real killer! No wonder he put
a reward of 10 million on my head!
So l'd get caught and his
misdeeds would remain a secret!
You're talking about Meghnath
Chaudhary and his brother!
Why have you brought me here?
What have l at the Shipping Yard.
What's all this about, Sheetal?
Why don't you tell me?
What are you hiding, Sheetal?
Why have you brought me here?
- l have a surprise for you, Daddy.
- Really? What is it?
Sahil wants to ask you
some questions, dad.
This is not done, Sheetal.
You shouldn't have done this.
What makes you scared to
see me here, Mr. Chaudhary?
Why have you broken
into a cold sweat?
No, l'm not scared, Sahil.
This area belongs to me.
lf l wish, l could see that
you don't leave alive.
That's my first question. Why do
you want to have me killed?
- What?! Why would l...
- Answer him, dad.
l understand it all!
You wanted the Governor's signature
on some important documents.
- Didn't you?
- Yes. l did.
And you killed the Governor because
you did not get his signatures!
What?! You're crazy! l have
not killed any Governor...
- Admit it! You have killed him!
- But l haven't...
You've gone mad, Sahil!
l swear by my daughter!
l have not killed anyone!
- You're lying...
- Hold it, Sahil!
He hasn't killed him,
if he says he hasn't.
He'd never take a false
oath in my name!
Okay, Sahil! l've cheated people
in business! l've been a fraud!
But l am not a murderer!
Then why have you placed a reward
of 10 million on my head?
- Have l...
- lt was me, not him.
l'm going to keep the money
to myself now, brother.
l've even telephoned
lnspector Udham Singh.
You have called the wrong place.
Because you're going to need
an ambulance, not Udham Singh.
Your face is worth
looking at, lnspector!
lt appears as l've snatched
a bone from a dog's mouth!
l'm feeling sorry for you!
l'd advise you to save some
of your laughter, Miss Sheetal.
This is how you will laugh
when l shoot Sahil.
Because you will be an
absolute lunatic by then.
Come on, inspector!
Stop dreaming!
You can't as much as touch Sahil,
so long as l'm alive!
Watch out... careful, please!
Be gentle!
l remember another couplet
hearing you groan like this.
''He's here in my ward,
thanks to Sahil''
''l gape at his plasters
and my own bandages''
There he is!
The poet in bandages!
My word! He seems to have been
run over by a road-roller!
Shut up!
- That's the second half-murder.
- You're right!
- You can call it three murders!
- Shut up!
- lt's not me. He's laughing!
- Never mind.
May we record his statement
now, Mr. Neelkanth?
My foot! He's in bad shape!
He has a dog's leash!
And a iron-rod in his feet!
ls it really iron?
Why must you endanger
your life for Sahil?
He doesn't love you. So why
must you keep chasing him?
There's no saying when he will
have a change of heart.
And l'm helping him only
because l'm in love with him.
You're making a mistake!
He's using you!
- He loves only lsha!
- That's not true!
Not any longer! He used to
love her earlier. But now...
...he trusts only me!
l'll get him to tell me tonight
that he loves me alone!
What brings you to the police
station so early in the day?
- l've been here all night.
- Have you got a new case now?
l've been trying to figure out
what Sahil Sinha really is.
l've been going through his file.
Why be so interested in his file,
when you're going to gun him down?
This file tells me
who his next target is.
That's the money
l pay you, as usual.
And this is your birthday gift.
A golden wrist-watch.
So you remember my birthday, too!
lt's a nice gift.
A golden-watch!
Just what you like, boss.
l have a gift for you, too.
The locket you had lost... my father's hands when
you murdered him!
This is not my locket.
But today it will belong to me.
Hit him! Clobber him!
Kill him! Give it to him!
No! lf you kill me, you will never
know who killed your father!
l know who did it!
l know the killer!
- Who killed him?
- lt was a political killing!
lt was the Minister
who murdered him!
Let Vilas Rao alone, Sahil!
You're catching the wrong man!
This is police matter.
He's a run away convict!
You think he's a convict!
Not us!
The young man has done what we
couldn't do in all these years!
He has taught a crooked
union leader a lesson!
We will not let you
take him away!
Out of my way...!
Out of my way, l say!
Here's a couplet to celebrate
your arrival, Vilas Rao.
''A great time will be had
when the wounded get together!
- Minister!
- What is it?
Come closer... l've made
a very big mistake.
l had to tell Sahil you're guilty,
to save myself from him.
Damn you!
Forgive me, please.
Another couplet, while
you leave, Minister.
''l shall await you till you
come here, hurt by Sahil''
Here you are, Anna!
This is 2 million Rupees.
Tell you what, mister?
Go to sleep peacefully.
This will be our first
and last meeting.
l will not meet you again.
But l will certainly send you
Sahil Sinha's dead-body.
You must bring the minister
to the show tomorrow.
- Or l'll have to leave the city.
- Leave the city?
Yes, Sheetal. For how many days
can l run away from the law?
Udham Singh has been following him
like his death.
lf the killer is not caught
by tomorrow night...
...both of us will leave the city
and go away somewhere...
...where nobody recognizes us.
But l have a feeling that
l'm close to my goal.
You have always been close
to your destination, Sahil.
l'm your goal!
See you tomorrow, Sahil. l will
bring the minister to the show.
How much will you help me? Won't l
ever get the chance to help you?
Don't worry. You're the one l will
look to, when the need arises.
lt's necessary for the Minister
to come tomorrow, Sheetal.
Have faith in me. Bye...
What's up? Sheetal is much too
kindly disposed towards you.
- What's the catch?
- There's no catch. lt's simple.
She's not really as simple
as she appears to be.
She's evil, deep within.
You mustn't trust such girls.
- Don't you trust me?
- l do trust you.
But l don't trust woman. Hell hath
no fury like a woman spurned!
Really? What if l cut
myself off from you?
- You'll cut yourself off from me?
- Suppose l do. What will you do?
- l'd devour you!
- How'd you do that?
So you're willing to be
our Chief Guest!
To see the girls dance, l will
cancel all my other programs.
But l have a problem.
Problem? What problem?
There's someone who is
baying for my life!
l take my security guards along,
wherever l go.
We would not like to inconvenience
you in such a situation.
l'll try to find another Chief
Guest for my function.
- Let's go.
- Wait... don't be dejected!
l'll definitely find a way.
For your sake especially, l will
leave my guards outside the hall.
You will be there on time,
won't you?
Certainly! He has arrived!
What the hell is all this?
Where are you taking me?!
Let me go! For God's sake!
What are you doing?
Leave me alone!
Don't try something funny, because
this revolver is loaded today.
You have been lucky so far.
But your bad days begin.
Step out, Miss lsha.
Let us go, lnspector.
Or l'll kill the Minister.
- Go ahead and kill him.
- What are you saying?!
l have just one goal...
and that is Sahil Sinha.
Come out.
Open fire, if you must.
But l will not stop.
Go on.
lnspector! l'll have you suspended!
l won't spare you!
Help me, someone!
What have you done, sir?!
Only a truthful man
can take a bullet.
That young man's courage
reminds me of my youth.
l have suddenly woken up
to the human in me.
l didn't ever see
this side of you, sir.
We were wrong, Neelkanth.
That boy can't be the killer.
What are you doing, son?
Stop playing with fire!
l swear! l have not
killed the Governor!
Don't make me angrier, or
l'll burn your feet!
You're making a mistake, son!
l have not committed the murder!
You're lying!
Vilas Rao has himself named you!
l swear by the holy rivers!
l have not killed anyone!
l kept the insurance documents
at home, since you told me to.
We'll leave, once we have
collected the documents.
You've come at a good time, Diwan.
Greetings, Mrs. Sinha.
We were about to have the tea.
You must join us, too.
- l've good news for you, Mrs. Sinha.
- Really?
- l have news of your daughter.
- Have you found her?
- Please sit down.
- Did you find her?
l thought that Sahil had forcibly
run away with your girl.
The truth is that she has
left with him, on her own.
How can that be?!
lt's true. You hid the truth from
me, although you knew everything.
- What are you trying to say?
- The tea, sir.
l don't know what you've been
planning on the sly.
But the truth is that
you have lied to me.
And a man normally lies under
two kinds of situations.
Either when he is in danger or
when he wants to keep a secret.
How much sugar would you like?
... how much of sugar?
You will be happy to know that
your son is not the murderer.
- What?
- l told you! Sahil wouldn't do that.
He is a victim of circumstances.
He is innocent.
ls Sahil really innocent?
Who is the real killer?
The hunt is on, Mr. Diwan.
We'll find him.
These are the Kashmiri daggers
used in the murders.
These daggers are part of a set.
Daggers like this are normally
sold in sets of sixes and sevens.
l must find out which set
these daggers belong to.
Can you tell me something
about them, Mr. Diwan?
Take a careful look. Go on...
Don't beat around the bush.
Come to the point.
How do l put it?
This is an old habit.
l have all the bad habits.
For instance, l got into your
house, without your permission.
l made tea for myself and
looked around the place.
You have a nice house.
But this particular picture has
landed me in a dilemma.
What can the picture of a
sinking ship in your house mean?
- Are you a pessimist?
- No.
Go and fetch me a packet
of cigarettes, Neelkanth.
You interpret the picture wrongly,
because you haven't looked carefully.
l'm an optimist.
Look closely. The ship is fighting
against the storm...
...and sailing towards the shore.
l don't think so.
Your ship is sinking,
Mr. Diwan!
ln fact, it has already sunk!
Those daggers are
part of this set!
Your husband's killer is standing
before you, Mrs. Sinha!
What?! lshwar?! You?
You killed my husband!
Yes. l've killed him!
- But why?
- l was helpless!
The Governor refused to accept his
daughter as his son's bride.
Years of loyalty had been wasted!
He was not given the status he
sought! So he killed his master!
l was blinded in my love
for my daughter!
But why did you kill Dr Gandhi?
Dr Gandhi was going to
tell Sahil the truth!
l got to his place before
Sahil could and killed him, too!
What had we thought you to be!
And what are you really?!
Beware! Do not try to stop me!
l'm an optimist! l've killed
twice! l can kill again!
Don't compel me to shoot you!
Leave the kid alone!
Drop your gun! Go on!
Let me go!
Believe me, son! l have not
committed the murders!
Speak the truth! Or you will
go straight to hell!
The Minister is speaking
the truth, Sahil.
- Leave him alone.
- Yes. Leave me alone!
- The killer has been found.
- The real killer?!
How did it happen? And when?
You ought to thank lnspector Udham
Singh for finding the real killer.
You don't need to run away now.
You're a free man.
- But who is the real killer?
- lt's not me! l swear!
l have not committed the murder!
Who is it?
lt wouldn't be right to
utter the name here.
We don't need to hide anything
from lsha. Speak up, Sheetal!
The truth will be a
terrible blow for her.
What is it, after all?
Tell me... who is the killer?
lt's her father...
lshwar Diwan.
What are you talking about?!
She's lying! The bitch!
Hasn't she shown her true colors?
The envious bitch!
But remember!
Sahil belongs only to me!
Udham Singh has arrested
your father with the proof!
He has even confessed
to his crime!
Go to the police station,
if you can't believe me!
Your father is now
in police custody.
No! This can't be true!
My father could never do this!
He couldn't ever kill someone!
This is a lie! A bloody lie!
lsha! Wait!
Please, Sahil... leave me
alone for the moment.
l love you very much...
...and you belong only to me!
l can't understand why Diwan
would kill my dad.
lsha is looking for the answer
to the question, too.
Which is why she has
gone to meet her father.
Go home, Sahil.
Your mother is worried about you.
Why are you quiet, mother?
Say something.
You ought to be happy. The police
will now set Sahil free.
He will now live with us.
Mother... are you
still angry with me?
l'm angry with myself...
l have misunderstood you.
lt was lshwar who committed the
murder... and l accused you!
Please forgive me, my son!
Forget the past, mother.
Forgive me, son!
lt's fun drinking after
the game is over, Neelkanth!
You're right! lt's like
full value for money!
The game is not over yet!
We still have a bottle left!
Come in, Sahil. There's
a strong wind outside.
You've had enough!
What are you up to, Pandu?
No! Like the boss, l will do
one thing at a time today!
l'm going to get drunk!
Brother! May l take this?
The locket is still a riddle.
Okay... go and play with it.
- The weather's very bad, okay?
- Yes. Terrible weather.
lt's time you guys left.
- Will you be able to drive it?
- Sure.
You've had a lot to drink!
l've opened the locket, Sahil!
- Go ahead and play with it.
- Look what's inside it!
- Stop bothering me!
- Come and take a look.
All right. Here l come.
You need to give it a push.
Not there, idiot!
Come behind me!
Push the bike! Not me!
Pushing the bike is
not going to help.
Let the bike be there.
Let's spend the night here.
We're cops. We can't spend the
night on the pavements!
Let's sleep here, since the
bike is not starting up.
Let's have another drink, too!
Rush to the police station!
l'll summon an ambulance!
The locket?! Even the police
couldn't find the locket!
Where did you find it?
You can't hide a murder.
That's my locket!
How much more will
you shield your daughter?
l will! Till as long as l live!
l'm her father!
Besides, there's nothing
wrong with my daughter.
She only has a nasty temper...
but she was like this as a kid.
She loses her temper, only
when someone scolds you.
D'you remember how Dr Gandhi's
dog had bitten you as a child?
lt was found dead the next day.
lsha had killed it.
Yes! And Dr Gandhi said, since she
was not mentally balanced...
...she be sent away to
a boarding school.
They sent her away,
despite my protests.
Dr Gandhi had done
that deliberately.
He wanted to separate
the two of you.
Your father wanted that, too.
But destiny willed otherwise!
You met in the college and
your love blossomed.
And when you held her hand
before everyone at the party...
...her confidence received a boost.
She went mad with joy.
But Dr Gandhi and your father
rejected her the very next day.
What is your status anyway?
D'you want me to sacrifice
my son for your happiness?
This idiot knows everything!
But he still wants me to...
Diwan! lt's better to compromise,
when you can't find a solution.
l begged of your father
for my daughter's happiness.
l pleaded with him and fell at his
feet for my daughter's happiness!
But he wouldn't
listen to me!
l was humiliated
and thrown out.
She had gone berserk
with hatred and rage!
l won't spare him for this!
Who does he think he is?
Who the hell is he?
l'll kill him!
l'll kill him...!
Let me go, Dad!
- No, my child... Don't!
- Leave me alone!
Why?! Tell me why don't
you leave us alone?
Why do they want to
separate me from Sahil?
Tell me... why must
l let them live?
l had panicked to see my
daughter shattered like this.
The shock of being separated
from you was killing her!
l thought she would somehow
bear the shock.
But she killed your father
in a fit of rage.
She did all this for
your sake, son.
She wanted you for herself.
But you came to be accused
for the murder.
And she had lost you again.
Her world was shattered and she
decided to speak the truth.
Don't stop me! l will surrender to
the police and save Sahil's life.
Sahil will never marry you, once
he gets to know the truth!
Then what am l to do?
Why did you do all this,
to begin with?!
l don't know the reason.
They separated me from Sahil
in childhood.
And when Sahil was accepting me
at the party...
...the Governor landed a slap
on the face of our love!
lt was Sahil who held
the dagger then...
- Had only l held the dagger...
- No, dear!
Be patient! For God's sake!
l'll find a way out.
And when you met her
after escaping from jail...
...she did not want
to lose you at any cost.
But Dr Gandhi had started
suspecting lsha.
And since he was going to
reveal the truth to you...
...lsha killed him, too.
What have you done?
Another murder to hide one?
l can kill a hundred men
for Sahil.
l will kill anyone who
dares to come between us!
Come to your senses!
Before the police arrive,
you must escape!
You must take Sahil and go away
to some faraway place!
l made the mistake of being silent,
although l knew everything.
l kept it all a secret.
Because lsha is my only child...
and l love her very much.
l'm willing to atone for
the sins lsha has committed.
Let me serye a sentence
instead of her.
This has been a secret...
and please keep it a secret.
You can't use blood to adorn
your daughter's forehead.
You're locked in here!
And l thought you'd fled!
What happened?
Another half-murder! Someone
has stabbed Udham Singh!
The killer is here.
Who could have stabbed him?
Go, Sahil! Go and stop lsha!
Go on!
What makes you call me?
Who else is at home right now?
My parents are out.
l'm all alone.
l can't see the seryants around.
But why did you ask?
- What happened, Sheetal?
- There's a power-failure.
- lt's very dark out here.
- There's going to be a storm.
Shut the doors and windows
and don't let anyone inside.
l'll be there soon.
lsha! You gave me a scare!
- Were you talking to Sahil?
- Yes.
- What brings you here?
- l've come to apologize, Sheetal.
l spoke a lot of nonsense
to you this morning.
l misbehaved with you. l wonder
what had gotten into me.
Please forgive me.
Why apologize? ln your shoes,
perhaps l'd have done the same.
No, you wouldn't.
l'm one of a kind.
Well then... have
you forgiven me?
Okay, l have. ls that enough?
Wait till l shut the door.
You need not worry.
l've already shut the door.
Nobody can get in.
l've never seen such a storm.
Someone's going to land in trouble.
You love Sahil very much,
don't you?
Let's not talk about it.
Tell me... to what lengths can you
go for Sahil's sake?
l don't understand.
l want to see what limits
your friendship extends to.
Please! Let's not
talk about this.
l want to know what
you can do for Sahil.
l can lay down my life for him.
There lies the difference
between you and me.
l can lay down my life
for Sahil, too.
But only to have him
for myself.
l can even kill those
who come between us!
lf there is anyone between
Sahil and me, it's only you.
What madness is this?
What are you up to, mister?
You can't leave!
What are you doing, sir?
You can't do this!
You're hurt, Sahil!
What happened?
Where is Sheetal?
Where is she?
Save me, Sahil!
She's scared without reason.
Ask her to come out.
Don't let her mislead you, Sahil!
She has gone mad!
She has a dagger!
She wants to kill me!
A dagger? Where is it?
Come out, Sheetal.
You don't understand, Sahil!
She's gone mad!
Should you have faith in me...
come out, Sheetal.
Save me, Sahil! Don't ever be
separated from me!
lsha! Drop the dagger!
No, Sahil! Leave me alone!
Let me pierce it through her heart!
Let me go!
Just this once, Sahil!
Don't be crazy, lsha!
Let me go... just this once!
Why did you do all this, lsha?
lt was for you, Sahil...
lt was only to have you!
But please don't hate me!
We've loved each other since
we were kids, haven't we?
l've always belonged to you, lsha!
Only to you.
l couldn't trust my fate...
Hold me close to your bosom, Sahil!
Embrace me!
Lord Shiva! You alone
are you my savior!
Hail Lord Shiva!
Relax, Minister... nothing
will happen to you.
l have a couplet for the
bad condition you are in.
''Why will a minister die, when the
whole hospital looks after him?''
The poet in bandages! They got
beaten up for nothing!
The real killer turned out
to be someone else!
Friends! Lead a comfortable
life in the hospital!
Don't get into such
a mess again.
Or we meet again; after the
thrashing you receive!