Gurgaon (2017) Movie Script

However nobel a man may become,
he is still an animal.
But even animals have their own rules.
The rules of nature.
If those rules are understood,
a hunter can catch any bird.
And if the hunter breaks
the jungle's rules every day,
consider the jungle in distress.
In my village,
everyone has become a bird hunter.
But in a jungle where there are no birds,
what can a bird hunter do?
-Please bring the bags in.
-Okay, ma'am.
What's with the noise outside?
Has your dad won the election?
Of course, he has.
Now, he'll become the president
of Gurgaon Rotary Club.
He will now build schools for orphans.
Who's this white girl?
Mom, she's Sophie.
Go give your dad these chili fritters.
But I just arrived, Mom.
It's nothing to ashamed of.
Hey, brother
Hey, brother
Hey, brother
See the fun
See the fun
Hey, brother
See the fun
See the fun
It's too late, man. Don't do it!
-He is drenched.
-Don't let him get away.
Let it be guys. We don't want it
to turn to a fight.
-And I want to challenge three people.
-Hey, listen to him.
Mr. Kehr Singh.
My dad.
-Mr. Honey Singh Yo Yo!
-Hi, Yo Yo!
And my sister who just returned
from oversees, Preeto.
She's here.
She has lost weight.
Hey, Preeto!
You're home already?
Weren't you supposed
to pick me up at the airport?
-Yes. I did send a car to pick you.
Then, I'll consider the car as my brother.
Nikki didn't let me go.
-I can see that.
-Ms. Preeto.
Nikki is challenging you this time.
-Pardon me.
-You have to do it.
-Everyone is doing it. So do you.
What about being late?
Come on, go inside.
You're an outlander now.
Ask her to go inside.
Ms. Preeto, it's not about the donation.
The real commitment
is to do the ice bucket challenge.
Damn you!
I didn't do anything.
I was just standing there, Dad.
Leave it, this is all nonsense.
That was too bad.
Has your dad gone crazy?
You guys are reeking of alcohol...
I brought something for you.
I designed it.
But the design is not final yet.
Nikki Singh Powerhouse Gym.
You misspelled powerhouse.
What? Don't you have anything to say?
What to say now?
Nikki Singh wants to open a gym
at Cyber City Plaza.
I have kept that place for Preet's office.
Is it your dad's property?
Don't show me that you're moody.
I thought you'll be pleased.
Nikki Singh will be famous in Gurgaon.
This is what happens
when you pamper them with money.
I sent him to school,
but he failed.
I sent him to the construction site.
He failed.
I opened a showroom for him,
he failed in that too.
He's jinxed.
And now he wants to open a gym.
He just wants to be famous.
I bet it's a lady.
Look. A lady driver.
Follow her, man. Drive slow.
Hey, ma'am!
Drive this in your living room.
Hey, she's asking for it.
Come on, dude.
I want to bet 100,000 on his half-century.
Hey, dude.
-Are you sure?
-Don't be in two minds.
Just go ahead and place the bet.
Hey, Vicky. It's Rajveer.
Place 100,000 on Sehwag's half-century.
Just 100,000?
-They are struggling with two runs.
-Hey, stop it!
There's a boundary.
You've 400,000 rupees, Nikki!
Hey, you win big.
Your games are always small.
When will you grow up, idiot?
What is this?
I gave a toffee
because I don't have a change.
Keep it. Give your girlfriend a treat.
What's the odds for Sehwag's century?
Hey, Vicky.
What are the odds on Sehwag's century?
What is it? Three to one?
Hold on.
Go for it.
Ten million.
Are you sure?
Does it look like I'm kidding?
Hey Vicky. You know my friend Nikki.
Nikki Singh.
Kehri Singh's son.
Preet Real Estate.
That's right.
Place his bet
for ten million.
Of course.
Yes. You can speak to him.
Think it over, dude.
Yes, Vicky?
This is Nikki Singh.
Hit! Hit it out of the park and show them!
I swear
I'll get Nikki's gym inaugurated
by you, man.
My favorite song is playing. I'm off.
Hey! Wait for Sehwag's century.
Do you want to party? Then come with me.
Let him go.
He's a nag.
ID, please?
He's my friend.
Siddharth is not here.
My favorite song is playing.
Please let me in.
Are you the Prime Minister's son?
Why are you getting angry?
Go join the queue like the others.
If Nikki finds out, he will knock you out.
Get lost!
-I'll make you suffer all night, get it?
-Get lost!
Bloody Hulk Hogan!
-Go away!
-I will squash you.
-Meet me outside, I'll...
-You're an asshole!
That rascal is tough.
Hey. He's a tough guy.
We'll have to buy tickets.
What's up? Did we lose the bet?
-We lose the bet?
Did Sehwag score a century?
He scored one less than a hundred.
Goddamn! That means we lost ten million!
Why do you care?
Go ahead and party.
What do I care?
Kehri Singh will knock us out.
You're kidding, right?
Do you have that guitar just to show off
or you really play it.
-Hurry up and move.
-Come on.
-There you are.
Get in!
What happened, man?
Okay, play Bon Jovi for us.
Play "It's my life."
Come on.
Who's Basanti?
Your aunt.
Come on.
Play that fiddle.
Hey! Cut out the English.
Or else you'll spend the night
with buffaloes.
I can't seem to face up through the facts
I'm tense and nervous and I can't relax
I can't sleep because my bed's on fire
Don't touch me, I'm a real live wire
Psycho killer, qu'est-ce que c'est
Far better
You sang really well, Mr. Murthy.
You performed like a pro.
Smile, damn it.
Why the glum face?
Look at us.
We've lost ten million.
Yet we are still happy.
Have a drink, man.
Then what do you drink? Milk?
This has no effect.
Listen, man.
Do you see this vast land?
All of this belongs to Nikki.
There will be huge skyscrapers.
Each skyscraper will have 100 floors.
And each floor will have a swimming pool.
One bathroom to wash your face
and another to wash your ass.
Dad, this plan...
It's not possible.
Ma'am, this is Gurgaon's prime property.
Building a concrete jungle
would replace the real jungle.
There'll be water shortage.
Sir. If we don't do this project,
some other developer will.
You once said
that we can't simply jump into a well
when everyone else does it.
Okay then.
What do you suggest?
Tell me.
Let Nikki open a gym here.
I have made my decision.
And it's final.
You're strange, child.
I have been waiting for the day
you return as an architect.
You should have a swanky office.
I want you
to design big projects.
And I will sell them.
What do you think, Manglunia?
Yes, Mr. Kalra?
Come home. Sure.
I'm leaving for Cyber City.
What does our architect have to say?
Can Gurgaon look like Shanghai and Dubai?
What do you think, Kehri Singh?
I kept the ice-box in the vehicle.
Show that gun.
Preet is very committed to her work.
She has to be.
It's her first project.
A project that worth 25 billion.
It will only be worth 25 billion
if the new airport is announced.
That's what we're waiting for, sir.
Your waiting makes no difference.
It will only happen
when the government approves it.
But, Preeto will be there.
It'll be done in a short time.
Kehri Singh.
Nikki should be in politics.
Why do you want to get him in that filth?
How long will you keep Rajesh waiting?
Come with me. Let's get dressed.
His ass might start hurting.
Just tell him to get used to it.
Not just his ass, his entire body
will hurt in Kehri Singh's house.
He has to stay here when they're married.
That poor boy has been waiting
and all you do is bitching.
Your target isn't going anywhere.
At least get down and meet him once.
He brought such lovely pink roses.
What a nag.
Tell him that our daughter
should be home at 11:00 p.m.
Otherwise I will make
mincemeat out of him.
Please have some, dear.
Come on, have some laddu .
There's no point scaring him.
Hey, sidekick.
Ask your boss here.
Why are you getting special treatment?
He wants his ten million.
I'm not running away with your money.
Why will you run?
You are a son of a prominent man.
I just need your words.
I never came at your doorstep
to ask for anything.
I just need a few days.
How are you planning to get the money?
That's none of your business.
I'm only concerned about my money.
I hope it ends well for everyone.
You have three days.
And the fourth day is mine.
Leave everything, be carefree
Have fun
In the alleys of wanderers
You'll be carefree and you'll wander
What's going to happen will happen
That's right
What's there to lose or gain
Everything will be gone
That's right
What's there to lose or gain
What's going to happen will happen
Why should we think?
What's there to think?
Let go, friends
Let it be
Let go, friends
Let it be
Let go, friends
Let it be
In lanes of disappointments
Why tread in...
Let it go! Or else, he'll die!
Once again you connect
To the smiles today...
Why are you so upset these days
Be free and have fun again...
Let's go home, Nikki.
-We don't want any more trouble.
-Nothing will happen!
Why cry?
What's going to happen will happen
Why should we think?
What's there to think?
Let go, friends
Let it be
Let go, friends
Let it be
Calm down, Nikki. Don't fight.
Otherwise, they'll call the police.
Listen to me, let's go home.
I will handle Sophie.
Don't worry.
Dad will not know about this.
Why did you mention Dad?
He picked you up from some dump
only to make money.
Someone said so.
And you know it too.
You little crap.
Why are you flashing your teeth?
You aren't flashing anything.
If you aren't in the mood to do anything,
then clear my dues.
I want to go with her.
You find the odds.
I'm not going to find the odds.
I found out the odds last time
and we lost ten million.
It'll be better if you do it yourself.
Whose photo is that?
Is she your girlfriend?
Now you're in the mood.
I'm screwed.
Vicky has been calling me nonstop.
Tell me, how do we get the money?
Will you do me a favor?
I'm ready for anything
apart from notarizing.
I need you to kidnap
my sister.
Genius, man.
And we'll ask for 30 million ransom.
Who will kidnap her?
I don't want that money.
And where should we hide her?
In your uncle's house.
Don't think too much.
It's your time to enjoy life.
Why shouldn't I think?
Because your dad
has arranged this marriage.
Dad decides everything.
Then why did he adopt me?
Tell me, what do you feel like having.
I will prepare it for breakfast.
Don't change the topic, Mom.
Why did he bring me in this house?
Because it was your dad's choice.
And your choice?
Tell me.
This guy?
Is he reliable?
Vicky recommended him.
Why couldn't you find anyone else?
-Did you tell him we're kidnapping a girl?
-I'm not a fool.
I told him that we need to recover money.
What are you up to?
Let's just open a gym.
-What's his name?
That's it?
Yes. That's it.
-What is his rate?
-Settled for 15,000.
We should offer him 10,000 extra
and crack the deal.
-When is your uncle returning?
-He is outstation.
-Where is his apartment?
-That is...
You know the turn at McDonald?
There are beautiful apartments there.
What are you waiting here for?
Pay him in advance.
Sure, will do.
Preeto will be safe, right?
I can't be sure about Preeto.
But Kehri Singh will surely
come to his senses.
Who do you want to meet?
I'm from the pest control company.
It's a routine check, sir.
I have to do it.
Jot down your details here.
Do you want a laborer to write?
If I was literate,
I wouldn't be doing this job.
I would be sitting in this office.
A power failure. Come again tomorrow.
Where is this park? In America?
Here in Gurgaon.
There is no water in Gurgaon.
How do you fix that?
Look at this.
This is a rainwater catchment.
Like it used to be in my village before.
Which village?
Right here.
Where this building stands now.
Can the driver leave for dinner, ma'am?
Ask him to leave the car keys.
I'll be delayed.
Just start the generator.
Where did you get this piece of junk from?
No one will offer a dime for it.
It's okay.
Hey, idiot. The trunk is jammed.
I hope it won't stop midway.
How much did you make her sniff that?
Tell me, how much?
Will she die?
Learn the business well, Nikki.
All this money didn't fall on my lap.
He's my pride.
He'll learn.
Let's go. Dinner is ready.
Pride and all is okay.
But a bloated head
doesn't get you anything.
No dinner today?
No. This belly...
You go ahead and have dinner.
We should have eaten.
We'll go to McDonald's after the delivery.
You go ahead.
I'll eat at a roadside stall.
What's the occasion
for today's celebration?
What are you gawking at?
Do you want to devour me?
Happy birthday, dear Uncle.
That's Uncle Rajveer, Dad!
You're a lousy player!
Did I ask you anything?
Just shut up!
We can't keep her here.
Do I look like an idiot to you?
My contract was to abduct
and drop the girl for 25,000.
This job is getting risky!
It will cost more.
-Got it?
-Got it. Let me go!
Give me my money now.
I want all of them now!
What happened?
Who is going to die?
Things have gone wrong, Nikki.
My uncle has returned home.
Well, Jonty wants more money.
Shut up, idiot.
Is this how you handle a problem?
Nikki, Jonty just squeezed my balls.
Give him his money
and tell him to get lost.
And listen, idiot.
-Nikki, it's...
-Shut up.
I have another idea.
So much
Of earth
And the skies
Are vast
Do they plan to stay here all night?
Even you are
-What are you doing?
-Do it or I'll bury you here!
And so am I
It was the realization
It was the realization
To a sinner
Your eyes
Are shedding tears
Have you been gambling?
You had to wake me up
at midnight and ask this?
Did you borrow money from anyone?
We have enough of everything.
You've provided us everything we need.
Somebody has kidnapped Preeto.
-He'll call again in two hours.
What's their demand?
Thirty million.
Have you been
with any girl
without her consent?
Do whatever you have to do
to bring Preeto back home.
Hey, old woman.
Give me my phone. Give it to me!
Don't you get it?
If we call anyone,
they will cut her into pieces.
Where is your pistol?
Quit the act, pighead.
Asking for pistol and all.
Your dad is right...
It's him.
Hello, Dad.
What is it?
Put my daughter on the phone.
She is unconscious.
If you want,
I can send her pinky finger to you.
Shut up!
How much do you want?
I want 500,000.
You want 500,000?
Is this your first kidnapping?
Did I ask too much?
Tell me where should I deliver the money.
Why are you so quiet now? Say something.
I don't get it.
You said 30 million.
And he's asking 500,000.
Call Bhupi.
You call him.
Has he ever answered my calls?
Hello, Mrs. Singh.
Clear the table.
Hand it over.
Come on.
Don't do it.
-Get aside.
-No, don't do it. Stop.
- I said get aside.
-She's still alive.
But your daughter...
In the dust
Of Moon
No one
Is buried
Lest one die
At night
I have you only.
You're rarely around.
I feel incomplete without you.
How is your business doing?
Whatever you do, tread carefully.
I want Preeto back safe and sound.
If it's about money, it will be solved.
I'm ready to pay the ransom.
But which one of them should I trust?
To the 500,000 guy.
The one who called from Preet's cellphone.
He threatened us.
He said he'll send her little finger.
How are we sure that
that guy wasn't lying?
There's no guarantee.
Neither you can guarantee it,
nor can I.
Let's deal with the 500,000 guy.
The guy who asked for 30 million
will eventually call.
I suspect the guard.
I think he's involved.
How many people was it?
Just one pest control guy.
Have you seen him before?
I'll deliver the ransom money.
Damn you.
Don't ruin the plan.
Get up.
Take your T-shirt off.
Take it off.
Are you crazy?
Take it off or you'll get it from me.
Come on, get up.
That's right.
Your pants too.
Take it off, man!
-What are you doing?
-Stand still.
Don't do anything.
You, sacred soul.
Give her a hug now.
Come on, hug her.
Do it!
This is a report from gate 12,
Gurgaon Toll Plaza.
Few people were quarrelling
about small amount of money last night
when an unknown suspect shot dead
a 22-year-old
toll-booth attendant, Satish Kumar.
Despite having many eyewitnesses,
the police is yet to find the shooter.
The rising violence in Gurgaon
is a growing concern.
Due to the unclear CCTV footage
it's difficult to identify
the other suspects.
Has your blood curdled
from drinking alcohol?
Jump in a well with this phone
if you can't find out
who has sent these photos.
Mom, I think Preeto
has run away with a guy.
You never had the guts
to run off with some girl.
She doesn't want to marry Rajesh.
Her French friend told me that.
If I was in her place,
I would have run away too.
But you're not in her place.
Give it to me.
Bhupi, it's him.
Jaipur highway.
Halfway from Hotel Highway,
you'll find a run-down place.
Mohan Dhabha.
Delivery time is at 3:00 p.m.
And if you act smart
be prepared to carry
your daughter's dead body.
What an asshole.
I'll deliver the money
by myself.
Be careful.
I don't want to lose another daughter.
Please tell me
that I'll be destined to have money.
Or will my pockets remain empty
like this land forever?
Only your girl
can bring good lucks for your days.
Call her.
There is no girl.
But we have boys.
Should I call?
What did he say?
-He asked you
to adopt an orphan girl.
Your fate will change then.
Sir, you know it well.
Raising a girl will only bring problems.
You are already
in a big problem, Kehri Singh.
Take my color
And give it
Take my sorrows
A new desire
Give it
This night
Give it a color
It's just my last wish
Why did you tie me then?
How long have I been here?
Two nights.
Listen to me.
Hey, bastard.
Do you think you're in America?
Who changed her clothes?
I did.
How dare you touch my sister?
Where's Rajveer?
Keep this phone.
Call me when Rajveer returns.
Relax man, take it easy.
We are all family.
Let's go, come on.
You came to me the other day.
You told me that you needed money.
But now, my man is on a national TV,
with blood splattered on his face.
What the hell did you do?
Vicky, wait for one more day.
And wait for the police
to take Jonty away.
Should I prepare the red carpet
to welcome the police too?
Jonty did not fire the bullet.
I know that.
It was Guptas son who did that.
But why were you there?
Let me call Nikki.
Give me my phone.
I'll call Nikki.
Vicky I...
Please let me speak to Nikki.
Has Bhupi called?
I'm feeling uneasy.
Take a pill and go to bed.
Mom, don't worry.
I guarantee that I'll bring Preeto back.
This not the right time
to answer his call.
Stop! There's a Rabbit!
Nikki Singh.
Hold your breath.
Communicate with gestures.
Or else, there's no game.
Stop wasting the night, Kehri Singh.
Cock your gun and get into the mood.
Mr. Kalra.
I've made a decision
regarding the land of Devra City.
Let's make an urban park.
-What do you think?
-Do you want us to hunt rented animals?
I have never said no to your say.
But now I am.
There are some things
not worth killing for.
Have you found her?
He doesn't look Japanese.
That is Mr. Kalra.
He is the man
behind the development of Gurgaon.
Land Acquisition Act, Section 4 and 6
have been imposed on your land.
I'm aware of that.
Next week, Section 9 will be imposed.
By then, the government will own the land.
We are offering you
twice the official rate.
You and your brothers
own nearly 1000 acres.
My brothers won't agree.
They will give their lives,
but not the land.
It's your call.
What's more precious, life or land?
What are you doing there? Go.
Tell your mom to send some snacks
to our guest here.
Say hello.
It's her naming ceremony today.
What do you think?
Should we build an urban park there?
Kehri Singh has decided.
So, it's final.
The land belongs to his darling daughter,
and it's her plan too.
What's happening today?
Dad and son are starting to sound alike.
Building a park is no big deal.
Actually, the thing is
it's time for Kehri Singh
to take a stroll in the park.
There is no retirement age
in the real estate business.
Since Kehri Singh is stepping down,
we will appoint you as the crown prince.
What do you say?
Or you can gamble your life away.
You've been repaying debts
all your life without shame.
And as far
as Preet is concerned,
you are already handling it.
Let me know if you need my help.
No one understood the love
No one
Accepted the traditions
Washing all the sins
Not known when everyone will be cleansed
The amazing play of the fate
Couldn't learn to read
Whatever you got
Was illusion
What can anyone do
What can anyone do
No one could know the ways
No one could ever know the ways
What is it?
Greetings, sir.
Greetings, sir.
Take him down
-Take him down?
-Are you sure?
It was difficult to catch him, sir.
Okay. If he said so.
Untie him.
Be careful.
Be careful of this dog, sir. He bites.
-Who's your boss?
Would you like a cup of tea?
Let's go!
Did they leave you at the toll booth?
I'm not interested in money.
Just tell me the name.
The name of a man
who caused you such trouble.
Do you recognize them?
You are from the working class.
You don't know
what game you are trapped in.
You have no one but me.
Please let me go.
My mom will die.
No one dies on my time.
Just give me the name.
Vicky sent me.
That bookmaker?
I will rip your skin off.
Then I'll donate it to a cobbler!
Where is Preet?
Please, stop it.
My daughter was alive
when I buried her.
We're dead.
Preeto has escaped.
I'm going to tell Dad.
We will fix every...
Don't do it.
Nikki? What did you do?
Get up.
Get up.
Don't do this. Please.
This is not right.
What the hell!
-It's too hot, miss.
-Is it?
Step away, or you'll get it from me.
I've moved. Is it better now?
Does this feel ok?
Hey, leech! Stop the bus!
Get lost!
Stop pushing.
Come on, move!
Hey, lady. It's an everyday affair.
Why are you showing an attitude?
All of you just sat there quietly
and do nothing.
Call my brother.
Someone's calling.
Put Nikki on the line.
Put Nikki on the line!
She wants to speak to you.
Open the trunk.
Let's go home.
How much money did you extract from Dad?
Do you have the money?
I told him...
What did you say?
What did you say?
"Do whatever you want
and I will enjoy the show"?
Looks like a cat got his tongue.
What was on your mind?
That it would be great?
He is the one I was telling you about.
One thing is right.
In all this excitement,
you have become a real man.
At least someone turned out
to be a real man amongst you.
So what?
He only took off your shirt.
You didn't get sodomized.
She's nobody's sister.
-Ask her.
-Nikki, please.
Shut up.
You're scared all the time.
Dad might have picked me up
from somewhere.
But you are the real filth, Nikki.
Stop! Please stop!
Nikki, save Preet!
Stop, don't...
What are you doing?
You killed her!
Dad, your gift.
You are my gift, my child.
-Do you know me?
-You're Raj.
What is this?
You reek of alcohol all the time,
no one can ever stand the smell.
-Mom, open your gift first.
-My gift can wait.
Eat something first. You must be hungry.
One doesn't give up living for the dead.
The world must continue as it is.
The pain of losing Preeto
will not go away.
Only time will heal this wound.
But her dreams...
I'm fulfilling it for her, Mom.
Let's go.
Get up.
Eat something.
History is witness...