GUTTER (2022) Movie Script

[introductory music]
[-- music]
[hip hop beat]
In the beginning there was man.
From man came woman,
given to us by God,
to be a mother, a
lover, and a friend.
From woman came sin,
which brings us to today.
In the beginning
the world had light,
and the streets
weren't so scary,
and pimps never
chose to be married,
but married needed a pimp
so the game chose me.
And the pimp in me
chose to pimp the game,
like no other pimp before me,
because before me was
a life that was trife
and a knife that had
life, and I wasn't trying
to get stabbed,
shanked or robbed,
I was trying to eat
sweet and live life,
till I was the biggest
hog on the job.
But now I'm floating
towards that sewer.
I hear the sewer calling.
In the beginning
there was trouble,
and spades risked it all.
There was a war and if
you slip, you will fall,
so I found a place to walk
where you didn't have to crawl,
and the game that I played
really wasn't a game at all,
it was about business
and business was good,
long as these bitches
stayed in pocket,
and these niggas understood,
don't fuck with my money,
'cause my money's my life.
So I married that bitch
and I'd kill for my wife.
In the beginning, pimps
wore fluorescent clothes,
and hoes froze when we pose
with our hands above the air.
More afraid of a
slap than the stare
than the clap that was there,
that was hiding in the
nastiness of despair.
In the beginning, there
was women and cars,
and jewels, high-heel
shoes, furs and tools,
and beautiful, beautiful homes.
In the beginning,
there was money
and everything was cool.
In the beginning.
Zoo era
[bell ringing]
Welcome to the heat academy.
[rap music]
I come from
Mama tried her best.[best]
The OG's had me
buzzing though,
said I was next.[next]
Since a youngin I was
thuggin', bussin',
banging hammers.
My life's a movie but
the difference is,
it ain't no cameras.
Shit ain't been the same
since I lost my Nana.
Started hangin
around some niggas
who don't know no manners.
Got guerrillas in the Bronx,
a couple in Atlanta.
When 65 shot clips they
like to grow bananas.
Is it wrong, is
it right?[right]
Who knows B? [knows B?].
'Cause I ain't chose
this life, [life]
it chose me.[it chose me]
This hustlin'
[beep] control me,
it own me [it own me].
It keep me up, I don't
sleep [I don't sleep].
I'm a live menace,
I make your salary
in five minutes.
You, you a fly gimmick.
The only way that you'll
ever be hot to me,
is in a fire pool, after
you dive in it.[dive in it]
I went from making
money in the dope game,
to wrappin' up these
honeys with the rope game.
Gutter how, trappin' it
with no shame [no shame]
White girl [white girl]
My bread-winner, baby
make a lot of dough.
Time is money, baby
girl, you got to go.
She asked me do I love
her? I tell her no.
Money over hoes, baby
girl, that's all I know.
[That's all I know]
That's all I know
[that's all I know].
That's all I know
[that's all I know].
Money over hoes, baby girl,
that's all I know. [know]
I keep 'em actin'
that's why I'm eating
good[eating good],
You [beep] looking like,
you ain't got no appetite.
I remember nights
strugglin' to eat.
Daddy was a stranger, mom's
running in the streets
No brothers, had no
gangs, or no colors
I made my own butter,
Motha fuck, I'm from the,
gutter [gutter, gutter]
Gutter [ gutter, gutter]
Gutter [gutter, gutter]
Gutter [gutter, gutter]
Gutter [gutter, gutter]
Gutter [gutter, gutter]
Gutter [gutter, gutter]
Gutter [gutter, gutter]
Gutter [gutter, gutter]
[commercial playing
on car radio]
[car engine idling]
[foot steps running]
[car door opening]
[Platinum] Bitch
who the fuck told you,
to have a mother
fuckin, baby? Bitch.
[Meak] Stop!
[Platinum] Bitch,
you think you...
[baby cries]
Stupid ass bitch.
[Meak cries]
Who told you to have a,
mother fuckin baby?
[baby cries]
[baby crying]
You 'round here playin'.
[baby continues to cry]
Motha fucka.
[baby cries]
Bitch, I asked you a question.
Who told you to have
a mother fuckin baby?
- [baby cries]
- [Meak] [crying] I just,
I didn't know I was pregnant!
[Platinum] Fuckin
play with me bitch.
[Meak] [crying] I didn't know!
[baby crying]
[Platinum] What do you mean,
you didn't know
you was pregnant?
You got motha fuckin,
money to make,
and you sitting here,
wasting time in a
motha fuckin, hospital.
Bitch, you better be glad
I'm in a good mood right now,
or your mother fuckin
ass would be dead.
[baby cries]
And don't think 'cause you got
that lil' mother fuckin
baby right there,
that you ain't
gone get out there,
and get my mother fuckin money.
You understand me?
Bitch, do you understand me?
Bitch, I asked you
do you understand me!
[crying] Yes.
[baby crying]
[Platinum] Fuckin
play with me.
Think I'm God damn playin'.
Playin' about my
motha fuckin money.
[Meak crying]
I'm sorry.
[Platinum] Yeah,
you sorry a'ight.
You 'bout the sorriest,
ignorant-est, motha fucka
I ever met.
Ignorant ass.
Talkin' bout you
motha fuckin sorry.
Hoe, don't you
ever play with me.
Don't you ever play with me,
and don't you play with
my motha fuckin money.
- You understand me?
- Stop!
[Platinum] You shut
yo motha fuckin mouth.
[Meak cries]
Don't you fuckin play with me.
You need to dry your eyes,
and you need to shut
your motha fuckin mouth,
and you need to shut
his Goddamn mouth.
[Meak] [yells]I
can't he's a baby!
[baby crying]
God damn, what
you want me to do?
[Platinum] Shut
him the fuck up,
and you shut the fuck up.
Or both of you motha
fuckas be walkin'.
Motha fucka wanna play wit me
about my motha fuckin money.
[Meak and baby cry]
Wastin' time and shit.
Got no motha fuckin
time to waste.
You, sittin' here...
Bitch, where you
hid the baby at?
For nine motha fuckin
months, and I didn't know?
[Meak] He was in front of
me, you should have known.
[Platinum] Yeah, okay.
You wanna play around?
I'mma kill yo ass tonight,
bitch, you gone die tonight.
Playin' with me.
I shoulda killed yo
ass a long time ago.
Ignorant ass bitch.
Pull the car over.
[Platinum] Gots a
motha fuckin game.
[Meak] Pull the
car over Platinum.
[Platinum] What you thinkin?
You think you finna leave me?
[Meak] [cries] No!
[Platinum] Do you think
you finna leave me bitch?
[Meak] I just wanna get
this thing outta my sight!
[baby crying]
[car idling]
[car pulls up]
[car idling]
[woman crying]
[baby cooing]
I know. I'm sorry.
[woman crying]
[Platinum] Motha fuckin bitch.
Bout a ignorant ass bitch.
[woman crying]
Meak, what the fuck you doin'?
[baby crying]
[melancholy music]
[baby crying]
[baby crying]
It's okay, it's
okay, it's okay. Oh.
[baby continues to cry]
[baby continues to cry]
[melancholy music]
Did you bring something back?
What's that in your arms?
[door opening]
What's that?
You can at least knock
before you barge in.
Now why is that baby
laying on your bed?
I found it.
You found a baby?
In the street.
It's storming outside.
I know.
Why'd you bring it here?
Because it was in the street.
So did you call police
or social services?
Why not?
There's probably a mother
or father, shit, or both,
frantic looking for
that baby right now.
No, they're not.
How you know that?
Because I watched her.
She was wearing a hospital gown,
so I figured she was fresh
out of having a baby.
She probably was a hooker.
That's what I was thinking.
You know them
pimps, they don't like
having no little babies around.
[baby cries]
All I know is, she
got out the car,
dropped the baby in the gutter,
got back in the car and left.
They left him there
to die, Kenya.
In the middle of a rain
storm, I had to take him!
Now what?
Now I have a baby.
Jewel, you barely
have a mattress,
and the only reason
why you had that
is because I took you
in when nobody else
was fuckin with you.
How you gonna take
care of a baby.
I don't know,
but it's here now,
so I'mma have to figure it out.
[baby crying]
It's okay.
[baby coughing]
I've had four miscarriages,
in two years Kenya.
God didn't give me the
body to have a baby.
What you gone call him?
[baby cooing]
[Kenya sighs]
[door closes]
It's okay. It's okay, it's okay.
It's okay, it's okay,
it's okay. [door opens]
We can use my WIC card
to get food and Similac.
My brother Louisville
work at a supermarket,
I'm sure he can steal
us some pampers!
You have a baby.
I have a baby,
- Let's celebrate!
- YAY!
Opps all around me,
I got opps all around me.
Drop to the ground
and move that pressure
That surround me.
- Hello!
- Big happy family!
Babies and babies!
They do favors for my bounty
Need my wig back, hello!
That's my grind hoe!
That's my grind hoe!
Opps all around me
Drop to the ground
and move that pressure
That surround me.
They clutterin',
I need some drano.
The jokers all
out on the table
They tellin' they
stories like fables.
They might get a
little unstable.
New show, different week,
and different feelin'
sip it back, sippin'
Irish Baileys
[Jewel] You want
this? You want this?
[Kenya] Man this baby
shit for the birds.
Girl I know, he just threw up,
I don't know what's
wrong with him.
[knocking on door]
Who is it?
[Kenya] I don't
know. Answer it.
You answer it! You closer!
[knocking on door]
[Kenya] Who is it?
[Louis] Louisville.
[Jewel] Who's
is it? Is it CPS?
[Kenya] No bitch,
it's your brother.
[door creaking]
[Louis] What took you so
damn long to answer the door?
Ay yo, where you want these?
Put 'em any where.
[Louis] Where my nephew at?
Oh shit!
I'm sorry. You okay? You okay?
I'm sorry, I'm sorry,
The hell you got
him back there for?
[Kenya] 'Cause she was scared.
hell, you over here
banging on the door
like you the fuckin
police and shit.
[Louis] My bad,
hey, let me see him.
What's up man?
Hey, what's up man?
[baby cooing]
Yo, this one right
here gone be special.
What's up?
I can see it in his eyes.
And the ladies,
Oh my God!
You got to beat them
bitches off with a stick.
[Jewel] Mm hmm.
[Louis] Yo, when you
going to clean this shit up?
Ain't no daddies around here.
We've been busy
with these babies.
Well, you need to do better.
What we need is some money.
You got some?
No. But I can show
you how to get some.
I choose you Gutter.
[baby crying]
Your real mama didn't
want you, but I do.
I love you so much and I
will do anything for you.
Yes, it's okay Terry.
All right, hey hey, it looks
quite in there, you ready?
How you know it's
money in there?
I used to work in there.
Doing a stock, alright?
Ay yo, cock that weapon
like I taught you.
Oh yeah. I been
meaning to ask you,
what does cocking a weapon do?
[Kenya] It makes
you look cool before
you go up in there,
and shoot up some shit.
[baby crying]
You cock the weapon to
cycle around into the chamber.
It also pulls the hammer back
so you can get a
easy trigger pull...
You know what man?
Just go in there
and make it happen.
[Jewel] All right, all
right! That's it, that's it!
Hold up, hold up,
hold up. Here we go.
[Kenya] Wait,
wait, wait, wait.
[Jewel] Where's it
at, where's it at?
[Kenya] I need that go time.
[Jewel] Where's it at?
Here we go! Here we go!
Go time. Go time. Go time.
[baby crying]
One for me!
[Kenya] Yes.
[Jewel] For you,
On three. You ready?
One, two, three.
[Louis] Come on
man. Would you go?
- Okay, okay, okay. We goin'
- Get up outta here man.
We goin', we goin', we goin'.
All right, all right.
[kissing sounds]
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
[clicking tongue]
There you go booboo.
Hey you gonna be one
of those ones, man.
I can feel it boy.
Yes you will.
[alarm going off]
What's up?
[alarm going off]
[footsteps running]
[Jewel] Go, go, go!
[Louis] What happened?
[Jewel] Bad shit happen.
Move this bitch, let's go.
[Kenya] It just went off!
Then go!
Put the money back there.
[Narrator] The kid
was born, in the gutter.
[car engine roars]
Which means he was
raised, by the streets.
You don't get more gutter,
than that.
I'm sick and tired tread
lightly and spread ya life.
Right now my mind stayed
I don't care to fight.
Grizzly where I'm from,
but I shine so
I'mma better light.
And we gone feed off the
game like a parasite.
I'm sick and tired tread
lightly and spread ya life.
Right now my mind stayed
I don't care to fight.
Grizzly where I'm from,
but I shine so
I'mma better light.
And we gone feed off the
game like a parasite.
See my mother did her best
to keep me outta
them streets,
so I never brought none
of that street shit
to her doorstep.
I'm from the gutter and I
move chronic like the doctor,
see this about to be surgical,
nigga where the forceps.
[Rap music]
She had a spot that
served breakfast too.
She takin' pictures
in the dressing room.
She got a man but she
ain't actin' like it,
she been fallin' in the
the club since 2002.
She shoppin' and
she bottle poppin'.
She got a body,
ody, ody, yeah.
Anything can happen,
got her toes done up
with her fingernails
You hungry?
Yes. You hungry?
I'm starving.
Why are you hungry?
I saw people bring food
in when we were coming in.
Cause' I'm not allowed
to leave the bedroom
while my mom is having a party.
Well why didn't you
eat before the party?
Before the party, we
didn't have any food.
Why are you hungry?
Don't your momma feed you?
No, not really.
I don't think she
likes me very much.
You should go
steal us some food.
Me?! My mama
would beat me bloody
if she caught me out there.
You should go
steal us some food.
Yo mama never beats you,
no matter what you do wrong.
That's because I listen to her
and I don't leave this room
when she's having a party.
Well, I guess we'll
just stay hungry.
I saw a lot of chicken
wings out there.
I'll go.
In the spot, it
was club dark,
can't get a gist,
plenty of fish,
stilettos, that part.
She had a itty bitty waist,
pretty, pretty face,
mesmerized by the bass,
booty shape like a heart.
Double d's, spaghetti top,
dressed in a mini skirt,
same color as a sweet tart.
Tenderonies flashing
cams, jeans full of yams.
Thick as peanut butter
turn jelly to jam.
The party don't
stop till 6 am
How are you?
I'm doin' good.
I find you very interesting
from the moment I seen you.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Cause I just walked in.
It don't take long.
Look at that, is that it?
You are beautiful.
Thank you.
You welcome.
You handsome too.
Just tryna see what you
got goin' on tonight.
Shit, neighborhood here.
We all here.
Know what I'm sayin'?
That ass real fat
Uh, she got a
sign on her back
that say she like
it like that.
[techno music]
We don't really wanna
know why. Oh why, oh why
Hey, um, give me one moment
Really gonna see if
you ride. [ride, ride]
Get it, get it, get it go.
Do you hear what I said?
Do you hear what I said?
Do you hear what I said?
Do you hear what I said?
Does anybody wanna
know why [why, why]
Does anybody
really wanna know?
Let me go see if you
ride [ride, ride]
We gotta get it, get it. Oh.
Do you hear what I said?
Do you hear what I said?
Do you hear what I said?
Do you hear what I said?
Runnin it back and
I'm poppin' a shotty
Attack and she
callin' me daddy
I call her a snack
And then just
like a lunchable
Baby so loveable
Serve a CapriSun
That, see, is on levels
Like Mario saving
That picture we drawing
I feel like we
riding that Jeep
Go to the top like
you riding with me,
So I tried to be young
but I'm proud of that Jeep
Can't nobody do
it like me though
Certified pro no b-roll
With a fat man
lookin' fetish
Get into the Iceberg lettuce
Throwin' all the
Ns up like a fetish
Uh, I cannot tell you how much
of the word that we put in
While kickin it
up with the crew
stick their ass up and......
I'm read to, ready to, shoot
We don't really wanna
know why, [why, why]
We don't really
wanna know oh.
Here we gonna see if
you ride [ride, ride]
Get it, get it, get it go
Do you hear what I said?
Do you hear what I said?
Do you hear what I said?
[gun shot]
Do you hear what I said?
[Louis] Okay,
everybody get out now!
Everybody get out now!
[Buckley] Hey,
hey, hey, hey, hey!
Get out!
Jewel, what the
fuck are you doin'?
This asshole just
tried to rape me.
No, no, that is not-
- You tried to rape my sister?
- That is not,
No! I was gonna pay her. Okay?
[Jewel] I ain't no fuckin hoe.
Oh, so now my sister's a hoe?
No! I'm not calling
anybody anything. Okay?
Right now all I'm wanting to do,
is get home to my
family. Okay? That's it.
Oh. You have a
family, Buckley?
Yes. Yes. Now please
put the gun down.
I'll put the gun down,
when I feel like
putting the gun down,
and right now I don't
feel like doing shit
but putting a
bullet in your body.
[door locking]
Wait, why are you
locking the door?
Look at me!
Was that your plan?
To get me high and rape me?
No, no. Now, now-,
All right, Jewel calm down.
I wanna shoot you
so bad right now.
I feel like I'm cumin' just
thinkin' 'bout shootin' you.
Please Jewel just,
put the gun down.
The only problem
I have right now
is where do I shoot you?
If I shoot you in the
face, you might live,
and then you'll have
an even uglier face,
and nobody wants
to see that shit.
I could shoot you in the chest
and blow your fuckin heart out.
But yo crazy ass might die
thinking that shooting
you in the heart
was a romantic gesture.
So now I'm thinking, now I'm
thinking, now I'm thinking.
Wait! you wanna
shoot my dick off?!
Yes! Yes I do!
All right, ain't
nobody shooting
nobody nothing nowhere.
Jewel, put the gun down.
Put the gun, give me the gun!
Give me the gun.
[Jewel breathing heavily]
Problem solved.
Thank you!
Look. I'm sorry that
I offended you. Okay?
Oh, I'm more than
offended mother fucka.
So how can we fix this
little, misunderstanding?
How much money do you have?
You want money?
I mean, you did try
to rape my sister.
And you don't want
your family finding out
about that, now do you?
You fucking bitch!
[screams] You set me up!
[Jewel] Get off me!
Get the [beep] off of me!
[bat banging ]
[bat banging]
[bat banging]
Gutter! Stop it!
[bat banging]
[Jewel] Did you really
just do that for me?
I just love you so much.
[Louis] Gutter.
Go to your room.
[Jewel] What we
gonna do about him?
Call the police.
[Louis] No, no, no, no.
You call the police, Gutter
go to juvie, or worse.
Nah, fuck that.
I'mma take the wrap for this.
Call the police.
When the police get here,
you tell him that he
was trying to rape you,
and I was protecting
you, simple as that.
I'll get five years tops.
I can do five years
in my sleep. A'ight?
I need you, to be clean.
You understand?
That's a very
special boy in there,
raise his ass right.
Do that for me.
I got to take care of this shit.
[fridge opens]
God damn Ma, you making
all this money as a nurse
there still ain't no
fuckin food in the house.
I'm tired of this shit, man
all these motha fuckas.
The fuck the money going?
Ay ma what you're doing
with all the food man?
Ay ma, where the food
in the house man.
What you got going on?
Ah shit, man what the?
What I tell you about
busting in my room?
[Gutter] Man you told
me don't do it man.
Then why you here?
[Gutter] Cause,
Nigga I'm hungry.
Ay yo, my man, can you get
the fuck off her please.
Man I ain't got
no time to stop
I gotta get back to work.
[Gutter] Man get this
nigga up out of here
- before I deal with him ma.
- Okay, okay, okay.
Mom, tell this nigga
to get the fuck on man.
[] Okay, okay
Out here trippin' and shit,
aint no motha fuckin
food in the house,
got this lame ass
nigga here bro.
That hoe ass shit
man, I'm sorry y'all,
we ain't got no fuckin food bro.
Damn bro.
[Gutter] Man hell yeah,
man it's good homie,
I'mma call my home
girl in the second bro,
it's good, we gone take
care of all that, bro.
[girls] Wow!
How cute.
Look at you, look at you.
[faint female voice]
Shit bitch, what out.
[soft rap music]
Them your little
friends rollin up?
Yeah, we supposed to
go to a beach party.
Sounds like fun.
When you going back to school?
August. Why?
I'm just ready for you
to be gone, that's all.
Aw, you're not going
to miss me mommy?
Bitch, don't call
me no fuckin mommy.
I'm not your mommy Jewel.
Then who are you lady?
[bowl hits sink]
I'm that bitch
that gave you life,
that's who the fuck I am.
Oh okay. Would you
like to shortened?
or abbreviated?
Am I gonna call you that bitch
that gave me fuckin life?
TBTGMFL or just that bitch?
Which one is it lady?
Cause I really need
to know what the fuck
it is that you want from me.
You better watch how the
fuck you talk to me bitch,
Cause you ain't gone yet,
and I will fuck you up in here,
if you don't start showing
me some fuckin respect!
I show you respect!
[fist hitting hand repeatedly]
I cook.
I clean.
I worked my ass
off in high school
to become valedictorian,
just to get a
college scholarship
and you still don't
like me. Why?!
[screams] Because!
Every time I see you,
I see him.
And I hate him.
I hate him to the
core of my soul.
[fridge door closing]
Have a good day momma.
I love you, excuse me.
Where you going with my food?
Well Gutter is hungry so,
where's my fuckin bag?
College bitch.
[door closing].
Think cause she educated,
she can talk to me,
that fuckin way.
Bitch, this my motha fuckin hou-
hou, hou, hou.
Look at you.
[Terry] Thank you.
Money green.
Okay twirl.
[neighbors talking ]
Come on.
[Terry] Hey.
Hey Terry. Ah man
you're a lifesaver,
boy was about to call Kirby.
Man you know I got you.
Thank you.
We actually need to really
pop that shit up, and...
Man you know how
hard this shit is,
[Teddy B] Man where the
cups at, we all want someth-
- [Terry] Whoa whoa, I
didn't know I was feeding
a hole damn crew.
Ya'll gotta figure it out.
You need anything else from me?
[mumbling help]
[Gutter] Man get your
busted ass home too.
Tell it to your momma man.
Man you better get yo-
- Who's that? That's
another bag or something?
Man what you think?
Well how, how she doing?
Shit, embarrassing
and reckless as fuck.
But she clean so I guess..
Hey, but she's clean.
Nah that aint shit.
She got all this shit
running in and outta here,
you know the whole
town follow that.
Girl come on, enough
feeding the poor,
we have a party to get to.
[Gutter laughs]
Yes, rich boys, some' you
ain't know nothing about.
[Teddy B] Man that's cold man.
Terry! Come here now!
[Teddy B] She could
really use your money.
[gasping for air]
[gasping for air]
Man I know you not about
to let this clown ass nigga
talk to you like this Terry.
[Terry] Okay yeah,
eat your sandwich.
I'll talk to you later.
Eat my sandwich?
[Denny] You're not
taking my calls now.
[Terry] Denny, It's over.
What's up with the white guy?
[Terry] Like, what are you,
Hey, what are you doing?
Don't touch me like that.
[rap music]
Mama where my bat at?
Ah Boy, I thought
you was a burglar,
stumping in here like that.
My bad momma, you look pretty.
[Jewel] Thank you.
Where you goin'?
Mommy gone make
that money tonight.
Cause yeah, Holly
Brentwood just called.
And when Holly call,
that money magically appears.
What you looking for?
My uncle Louis bat.
For what?
Hey I'm gone bring this back,
but you look good though mama.
Thank you baby.
[door closing ]
Oh hell no!
Gutter, get back
here with that bat.
[door opening]
A hoe?
[group responds]
- You got me...
- This is on you.
This is on you.
Absolutely not.
[crowd yelling]
[bat banging]
[fighting and yelling]
[Girl] Fight a real man.
[Gutter] Put your hands on my
[Terry] Gutter s..
Gutter stop it.
[Gutter] Man what
the fuck you doing,
Please just go
back in the house.
Yall just tryna fuck
off my house man
just go back in the house,
I'm not going back no
motha fuckin where man.
Get in the house!
[yelling and screaming]
[Gutter] God man
with this bullshit man.
[Jewel] Get in the house.
Got niggas all
up in this motha,
[Jewel] Get in the house.
[Gutter] Get your God
damn hands of me man.
[Jewel] Shut up!
Get in the house.
[Gutter] I'm tired of
this shit dawg. Fuck!
Get off of me!
[Jewel] Get in
the fucking house.
Stop fuckin touching me!
Get the fuck off me!
Gutter, sit your ass
down. [door slamming]
[Gutter] Fuck I do man?
[Jewel] I don't know who
the fuck you think I am.
[Gutter] I'm talking to you!
I'm talking to you!
[Jewel] Sit your ass down!
I'm talking to you!
[Jewel] Sit your ass down!
And keep those fuckin
niggas out my house man!
This is my fuckin house!
My fuckin house, sit down!
- Get the fuck off of me.
- Sit down!
Sit down, Gutter!
- Sit the fuck down!
- [Gutter] Fuck!
Sit the fuck down Gutter.
- Get out my face.
- Sit down.
Get out my face, - Sit down.
Get the fuck out my face man.
What you gone do?
[breathing heavily]
I'm scared of you Gutter.
You scared?
What you scared for? Hm?
What you scared of me for? Huh?
- Tell me!
- I'm fuckin,
What you scared for?
A couple nights
ago, I had a dream
that you beat me to death
with a baseball bat,
like you did Mr Buckley.
[breathing heavily]
So you think that's what I do?
Hm? You know I wouldn't do that.
Not on purpose,
but you have anger
in you Gutter.
Anger that I don't think
you know how to control.
I've seen it and
I understand it,
but that don't mean
it don't scare me.
[door opening]
What the hell is
wrong with you? Huh?
What the hell?
What the hell is wrong
with you Gutter? Huh?
He's angry,
About what? Denny?
Don't nobody give a
fuck about no damn Denny!
His mother left
them in the Gutter
when he was just a baby.
And if this shit happened
to you, you'd be angry too.
[Terry] But his mother
didn't leave him in the gutter!
His mother is right here.
She just needs to do better.
[door opening and slamming]
You hear that shit?
Oh college ass bitch.
She lucky she's like
a daughter to me,
I'd fuck her up.
Talking about, she just
needs to do better,
Fuck you hoe!
You don't know my life.
Fuck you!
You think my momma love me?
No, because if she
would've loved you
the way I love you, you
wouldn't be here with me.
I'm glad about that shit.
Fuck, I gotta go.
Gutter are you gonna be okay?
Yeah I'm cool.
You got a blunt on
you, before you go?
Take this.
That's all I got.
Alright I'mma, I'mma see you
when I get home, alright?
Leave that fuckin bat in here.
[kissing sounds]
I love you.
Every time a nigga
get out of line,
that's what I'm
gonna do to them.
Hell yeah.
You know what I'm saying?
Ain't laying no games.
Hell yeah.
How you doing miss?
Don't even do it Teddy
B, you know my name.
My bad, how you doing Jewel?
With yo fine ass.
[Jewel] And who is you again?
Baby I'm Funnyman.
Goodbye y'all,
take care of my son.
[Teddy B] We got you.
[Funnyman] Go on with
with your fine ass.
God damn.
Let me get that out
you bruh, come on man.
I was out there
fighting too, shit.
What you want bro,
I'm not in the mood.
What you mean you
ain't in the mood nigga?
I'm not in the fuckin
mood bro, what do y'all want
and why is Funnyman,
going back and forth
with all this weird
shit right now, bro?
He anxious, nigga.
Anxious about what?
He wanna start
a business bruh.
But he needs niggas
like us, that can make
some shit shake around
here. You feel me?
[Gutter] What kind
of business, Teddy?
[Funnyman] A drug business.
[Gutter] No, thank you.
The fuck is wrong
with y'all man?
Everybody in this
house, trippin'.
[tapping on the window]
Look Gutter, is a
lot of money to be made
out here bro.
We ain't got to do
this shit forever.
We can just make
you a few coins,
update our financial
situation, and then dip bruh.
I don't know about you,
but I need some money bruh.
Some money, we broke, starving,
we gotta get it.
Come on bro, we can't be
playing out here no more dawg.
[tapping on the window]
[Funnyman] After
today's meeting,
if Lady J decides to
bring y'all onboard,
I get the fentanyl
and the pills.
Shit you got ad
[snorting cocaine]
[Gutter] You gotta
do that right now?
Yeah. That's my thing.
I thought pills
was your thing.
Yeah. Popping pills,
snorting cocaine
off the wheel,
it's all my thing.
Bro is you serious?
I know we don't need
this clown for this
shit right now bro.
Hell yeah, nigga,
the reason we here,
the fuck?
Without this clown,
Lady J wouldn't give you
the time of night,
but you need to start
showing me some
motha fuckin respect.
Matter as fact,
you motha fucka,
you gotta kiss me.
Bro I know this
nigga not serious bro.
[Teddy B] Funnyman chill
the [beep] out right now.
- You bugging bro.
- Fuck is wrong with you.
Am I? Am I bugging?
Come on.
[Teddy B] Please.
Kiss me.
Get the fuck out
my face Funnyman.
Come on.
You trippin' right now B.
[Gutter] Funnyman, get
the fuck out my face.
[Teddy B] Funnyman
chill the fuck out.
Both of ya'll.,
. Chill the fuck out please.
[Gutter] The fuck
[screaming and fighting]
[gun and fist hitting]
[Funnyman] [screams]
Get him off. Get him off.
[gun and fist hitting]
[Gutter] Get
the fuck out this,
[Teddy B] Chill
[Gutter] Fuck
you motha fucker.
Chill the fuck down!
[Gutter] Get the
[beep] off me bro.
[Teddy B] What the fuck
is wrong with ya'll bro?
Control that motha fucka
there, what the fuck
you got me into nigga?
He's definitely
the man we need.
He on some bullshit
right now bruh.
Can we just focus on
fuckin business please.
Keep this psycho away from me,
Teddy B, you're driving me home,
I can't stand sitting
next to his ass.
Got me over here looking
like damn abused housewife.
Fuck! I'm too pretty
for this shit!
[Teddy B] Can ya'll
just chill bruh?
[Gutter] Next time I'mma
shoot your motha fuckin ass.
Can we just focus on,
Don't pull no motha
fuckin gun on me!
Get him under control
Calm the fuck down.
God damn man!
Shit, can we just focus on
the fuckin business please!
You can't just go in
there and lose your shit,
like you just did with Funnyman.
Lady J is the holy fuckin grail,
to all your entrepreneurs,
like our God damn self,
tryna get some money out here!
The fuck is wrong with you?!
You that warehouse
right there? Huh?
That's J, that's J City, nigga.
Huh? We on the outside
of J City right now.
Where we wanna be is
on the fuckin inside!
Well then let's go
on the fuckin inside.
You got me back
here with this shit.
[Funnyman] You
fuckin dumb ass.
Bro call me a dumb ass again.
Dumb ass!
Motha fucka.
I'll shoot your motha fuckin ass
Chill the fuck out.
Chill the fuck out.
Man let me go, let
me go, let me go.
Chill the fuck out.
Let me the fuck go.
Chill the fuck out!
How we gone do fuckin business,
if y'all can't be
in a car together?
[Funny man screaming]
My fuckin hair's all
crazy and shit. Fuck!
[Teddy B] Funnyman
chill the fuck out.
The big man standing
out there right now,
let's go get this fucking money.
Come on dawg. Get
yourself together!
[Funnyman] Teddy
B, you drive me home,
I can't sit next to that animal.
[Teddy B] Shit I ain't sitting
next to the nigga either.
Let go get the money
man, Fuck this shit.
Fuck is wrong with ya'll?
I'm holding on to this too.
Keep it man.
[car door closing]
You a'ight man?
Put your self together dawg.
[Gutter] You're the big man?
Hello? We're here to see Lady J,
is you the big man or not?
We here to make
some money man.
Come on man.
Lady J expecting us?;
The fuck happened to you?
Nothing, I don't wanna
talk about right now,
don't wanna talk about it.
We're here to see Lady J.
Go nigga, it's your plug.
[music with beats]
So you guys wanna
be dope dealers?
Yes ma'am.
You ever sold dope before?
No ma'am.
Then what makes you think
you could sell dope for Lady J?
Cause I'm hungry.
And I ain't talking
'bout the kind of hunger
be great, but to
make things happen.
I'm talking about
there are times
I don't eat for three days
cause ain't no fuckin food
in the house type, hungry.
Look, I don't get high,
I don't want fame,
and as far as women, I
get that without even
thinking about it.
What I need for you more
than anything is food.
You see my stomach could
matching my pockets right now,
my pockets are empty
than a motha fucka.
So sweetheart, who else
better than to sell
that shit for you?
Who was better than
to make that money,
then somebody who
ain't got none?
What's your name?
Your mama named you Gutter?
Yeah, she fucked up like that.
That don't mean I'mma let
you disrespect her though.
[Funnyman] Miss Lady J.
What's up, we gone
do this or what?
It depends.
How bad do you want it?
[hip hop beats]
I'm diggin this. [laughs]
I'm talking about
buyin swimming pools,
God damn, a a airplanes,
God damn, we took it
on from jail house,
an old folks home.
I'm talkin about
Challengers, Lambos,
talk 'bout everything
Man get your stupid ass up.
Get up!
A'ight man, shit.
Hurry up.
[Funnyman] What's in that?
[Kenny B] This better
be my product bag.
[Funnyman] What's in that?
That's 10 pounds of
some fire ass weed.
The fuck you mean cannabis?
What happened to the pills?
The hydro, the oxy, the codeine?
The mo....
Fool, you one of
our biggest customers,
and y'all aint never sold weed
and drugs in your life?
And you really thought Lady J
was gone be stupid
enough to trust you
with our best seller?
But look,
if you don't want it,
don't fuckin take it.
Nah, nah, nah.
We gone take it.
Shut the fuck up, Funnyman,
lets get the fuck
up out of here.
I want, what pills playa. Fuck.
Can't believe y'all
double cross me like that,
I want pills.
You gone get your pills man.
We just gotta sell a lil weed.
Nah fuck that, I want pills.
I been wanting pills,
not no damn weed.
Man, take yo ass
to the car bruh.
I'm just wondering where
the fuck is Gutter at?
The fuck is wrong with you?
[hip hop music]
[Lady J] I hope you seel drugs
as good as you make love.
[Gutter laughs]
I don't do nothing as
good as I do making love.
But I come close.
The we gonna make
a lot of money.
Bet that.
You got any plans of how
you want to get started?
Yeah I got a few ways.
Well if you need me, I'm here.
[girl moaning]
[Girl] A, B, C, D
[Guy] [moaning] Oh, shit.
[girl moaning]
Ay hold on, hold
on, hol hol hol hol up
Gotta holla at this
nigga Gutter real quick.
[Girl throwing up]
[girl spits]
[door closing]
What the fuck is that?
Look man, the world running
dry around this motha fucka.
Where's the rest of it?
What I'm supposed to
do with this? $10?
Shit, I don't know, but
you some nice, I don't know.
I just counted to
ABCDE on your dick,
this all you got for me?
You, you broke ass motha fucka.
I knew I shouldna got
in the car with your ass.
- What the fuck?
- But you did.
So shut the fuck up
and sit back 'fore
I make you walk back to Detroit.
Stupid ass bitch.
Go holla at Gutter anyway.
[hip hop music]
- [knocking on the door]
- Yo Terry open up!
[door creaking]
Terry it's me.
[door closing]
Is she?
Is she? Is she?
Yeah she must've died sometime
after I left this morning.
Terry, it's 12 o'clock,
you've been sitting
here for over six hours?
I guess so yeah.
I don't know to do this Gutter.
How do I go on living knowing
that my mother died hating me?
She didn't hate you.
Yes she did! She hated me.
She told me that, that
was one of the last things
she told me before she died.
She hated me because
I reminded her
of a father that
I will never know.
[Gutter] it's gonna be okay.
Just relax, breath, just relax.
I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry.
Did you need something for me?
You want some food or something?
No no, no hell no.
I'm here for you right now.
Love yourself first,
cause it hurt when
you don't yeah.
I've been trying
to tell you,
gotta know just
what you want yeah.
Never take they shit
I don't care where
it's coming from yeah.
Girl you're beautiful,
if they say different
the they dumb yeah yeah.
Confidence so low from
broken hearts yeah yeah yeah.
Buckets for every Tear
we shed on 'em baby
Yeah yeah yeah.
I just told my brother
that we up and he said,
Yeah, yeah.
Let me talk to em.
We came a long way
from eatin leftovers
Play field so high I can
barely see what's left over,
20/20 vision, lotta
bodies had to step over.
Hard for me to trust them
when they loyalty
look swept over,
head up, not head over.
Love the fact I'm honest,
until it's time for
honest to come out,
they walk around it.
So much pain inside, I
rather pray to talk about it
- Hey.
- Hey.
Hey, Hey mama.
How you doin?
You good?
She was my best friend
since forever, you know,
we were everything
for each other.
Now she's just gone,
I know ma.
That's why I'm gone need for you
to take better care of yourself.
I'm a picture of health,
what you talking
about, look at me.
I know. I see
you. You beautiful.
Thank you
But Terry told me Kenya
died of a massive stroke ma.
Yes! The same day that
you got into that fight.
She was in here dying alone,
while we was all outside
focusing on some bull shit.
Miss Jewel, I'm
sorry for your loss.
Thank you. Thank you, Teddy B.
Sorry ma'am.
I appreciate that. Okay?
You hear me?
I'm sorry too.
Thank you.
I'm very very sorry.
Y'all hungry?
Come on.
Come on, let's get
something to eat.
I'm full.
You know what
I'm saying right?
[Teddy B] Yeah.
Ay I'mma catch
y'all in a second.
I'mma go holla at Terry.
[Jewel] Alright, come on.
Can I talk to
you for a minute.
Hey, you must be Gutter.
Nadrich James.
Terry tells me you
two have been friends
since the diaper days?
What you need Gutter?
We've been doing all of
this consoling and shit,
you're just gonna leave?
I'm gonna be right back.
[Gutter] Your friends
don't like me very much.
[Terry] I mean. [giggling]
They really wanna do
more than just like you,
you have to trust me like,
they hear about
you all the time.
But how are you holding up?
I mean, I'm making it,
but really your moms has
been a big help for me.
Shit, she got no choice.
My mom's and yo mom's
was like road dawgs.
So that's the only right.
I know.
So look, I ain't
gonna hold you.
I need you to get
this weed sold for me,
as soon as possible.
What? Weed?
Come here.
You dealing drugs now?
Look you the one always saying
I need to do something
with my life.
- Well.
- So shit.
Yeah, but when I
say that, I mean like
go to college or
a job or something
or working at a carwash, but
I don't mean that, that;s
Look, look, this
what gets me paid,
and I like doing it and
I know you getting tired
of feeding me, so shit.
Your friends like
to get high, right?
Well, I want to be they supply.
So can you help me or not?
I mean, okay.
They have been talking about
getting a new weed man right?
But, if your shit is good,
all I can tell you is be ready.
I have a lot of friends,
they have a lot of friends
and they all like
to get high. Okay?
A'ight cool.
All right, I'll
catch you later.
Oh, Gutter.
This shit you better be good.
Got you.
[hip hop beat]
I'm on my grind,
Don't got time to be a hater
Cause I'm chasin out
the door, my friend.
What's on my mind
Dolla signs.
Eyes wide open,
So I can see em comin, yeah.
If I fall off,
Don't worry about mine
Cause I'mma get
some dough again.
If I fall off
Don't worry about mine
Cause I'mma get
some dough again.
I'm on my grind, this day,
Only thing on my mind
Is getting paid.
Running from the
struggle everyday,
But where I'm from,
it's either die or learn
to juggle everything.
My flow flame,
Flame, flame, hey, fire.
[birds squawking]
[water running]
[hip hop beat plays again]
Hey, hey, hey, hey spaz.
What's this?
You sold all
that weed already?
- Hey.
- Yeah.
Now lets talk about them pills.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey
Pull up on the block
right now, I'm on it.
Come on with it.
A'ight. I gotta go, I
got a customer bruh.
A'ight. Good with it.
[car pulling up]
What you need?
- Whole thing.
- Whole thing, a'ight.
[car engine running]
I'm on my grind this day
Only thing on my mind,
Getting paid.
Running from the
struggle everyday
But where I'm from
It's either die or learn
to juggle everything.
My flow flame.
Flame, flame, fire.
You've got crack
when you add cocaine.
Running from the past,
But no matter how
fast I seem to run
You still be on
my ass anyway.
Coming from the gutta,
We was taught to
love one another.
I'm just tryna ball
like rocka [hey]
Never been a sucka [nope]
Pops was a natural
born hussla
Been the head butsa.
- - cut ya.
I aint ya average, average.
Since a youngen, money
I always had to have it
Got to be still,
That mean hard, mean hard.
Slippin is the quickest way
to end up in a graveyard [hey]
I'm on my grind.
Don't got time to be a hater
Cause I'm chasin out
the door, my friend.
What's on my mind,
Dolla signs
Eyes open so I can
see em coming man.
If I fall off,
Don't worry about mine,
Cause I'mma get
some dough again.
If I fall off
Don't worry about mine,
Cause I'mma get
some dough again.
I'm on my grind,
go ask my plug you
know [go ask him]
I'm on my grind,
That's why my money
show [that money show]
I'm on my grind,
I'm up at late night
[yeah, I'm up niggas]
There's sharks
in this water,
I'm a great white
[great white]
Rubba bands in my hood,
I gotta get that.
I remember on that highway
bringing bush back.
Get some cash for the way,
I know my ring big.
Por favor I'm in the field,
I'm still making plans.
I'm on my grind
The broke shit, I
aint got the time.
Look, I'm from the
dirt but I shine
I'm a scar face, shit I
think the world is mine.
[the world is mine nigga]
on my mind
On my mind.
Broke shit, I
aint got the time.
Yeah, count it down,
want some shit,
All you hatin ass
niggas can eat a dick.
I'm on my grind,
Don't got time to be a hater
Cause I'm chasin
after dough my friend.
What's on my mind
Dolla signs
Eye open so I can
see em coming, yeah.
If I fall off,
Don't worry bout mine,
Cause I'mma get
some dough again.
If I fall off
Don't worry about mine
Cause I'mma get
some dough again.
What it do.
What's up man?
You got it bro?
Who's on the hood though?
We having bid'ness,
we don't discriminate.
Bid'ness right there bruh.
Okay ouch, shit.
[laughing] They're good.
A'ight then.
[Girl] Yo Gutter,
aint that yo mama?
[Guy] I don't know.
Who just left my motha
fuckin momma there!
[Gutter] Momma
[Jewel] [indistinct]
Oh shit.
[yelling and screaming]
[Teddy B] Hey,
yo Gutter, yo mom.
[Gutter] Bitch ass nigga.
[Teddy B] God damn man.
[Gutter] Come on mama.
[Teddy B] Get your momma
right man, get the legs.
[Gutter] Come on mama.
[Teddy B] Come on, come
on, get her right man.
Come on, come on.
[Gutter] Now y'all
see what the fuck
I'm talking about bruh.
It's crazy man.
[Teddy B] Shit dawg.
[Gutter] See what the
fuck I'm talking about now?
Man shut the fuck up!
Let's get in the house, man.
Get the door, cover up cover up.
Get in the house.
[car honking]
Come on.
- Go, go, go.
- Go handle it.
I got it, I got it, I got it.
[tires grind to stop]
What's good?
What good man?
I hear this where
I gotta get that good weed.
That's what they say.
I need it all.
You need it all huh?
You heard me.
Stay right here.
Ma! Ma wake up man,
- wake up.
- Yo Gutter!
What man?
Wake up man.
Ay we got a customer that want
the whole entire supply bruh.
Go ahead, go ahead
I got her, I got her.
Man watch my mom.
Go ahead, go ahead
Man you talking
about what, motha fucka
I don't care about
that shit right now,
can't you see what the
fuck just happened?
[door closing]
Damn baby, you're
too fine to resist.
Bro there go our whole
entire supply bruh.
So give it to him them.
We can't do that.
Why not?
Because if we give everything
to these college bozo, we
won't have nothing left
for our real customers.
Man y'all know these fools?
Yeah, we go to
school with them.
You should recognize
the one in the back,
from when you put
your fist in his nose
a few weeks ago.
Okay, okay.
Let me check em out then.
[Girl] Niggas.
You ready?
[Denny] Yeah.
My man's right here.
What's happen?
Sup homeboy. My friend
Denny back here says
this is where I gotta
get that good weed.
Your homeboy Denny?
I don't know no
God damn Denny,
and Denny sure don't
know shit about me.
Terry told me you dumb fuck.
Yeah that's right.
Yo chill.
Yeah shut your bitch ass up
before I break your nose again.
Look, Gutter right? I
know you and my boy Denny,
got off the wrong foot,
this ain't about
hearts and bitches,
it's about money, you
guys had the good weed,
I need a new supplier.
We ain't talking
about no lil weed man,
you want the whole
God damn supply.
Yes I do, and I'mma need more.
Matter fact, I'mma
need enough to make sure
that you two aren't
selling to anybody
in my neighborhood.
Your neighborhood huh?
- Yeah.
- Funny bruh.
Now you need
money, I got money.
But what I can't have
is you guys selling weed
to people without my
permission, you feel me?
You really a gangster huh?
You really think,
who are you bruh?
Cause you not no gangster. Huh?
Go get me my shit.
Fucking idiot.
[Teddy B] Fuck!
[punching and fighting sound]
Bitch ass nigga.
[grunting while punching]
[car backing out]
Bitch as nigga.
Give me everything out
your pockets nigga.
Give me the shit,
all the motha fuckin shit.
You wanna what, you wanna
talk about your little fuckin
[vehicle brakes squeal]
Man the block jumpin.
Yes, sir.
Gotta jump fam, we
gotta get this paper man
[Female Approaching] Hey!
Oh, wow, wow, check this out.
[Funnyman] Oh my God.
[Jewel] Hold on. Hold on.
It's Gutta momma bro.
- What is she,
- And she pissin man.
[Funnyman] Oh my God
Bro she trippin'
For real, for real.
That's base head shit.
- Hey man, hey man.
- That's bullshit.
She gotta get
her shit together.
Yeah, you gotta get, you
gotta tightened up baby.
Teddy B that's your girl.
Come on man.
Come on Jewel,
[Jewel] Alright okay.
What you doing over there?
She is out of it.
[Jewel] Whew, I had to piss.
[Teddy B] I hope she wipe her
ass when she leave the house
[group chuckles]
Hope you ain't tryna come here
and touch on nobody.
Hey. Hey.
What the, what the hell
y'all doing out here?
We working.
[Jewel] Huh?
[sniffs] Oh!. You got weed?
You just took a piss
behind the car though.
I smell weed motha
fucka, where the weed at?
Okay. Wait,
wait, wait, no, no.
Y'all not fooling no God
damn body, you know why?
Cause all these
damn cars out here,
they ain't lined up for
no regular ass weed.
What else y'all selling? Huh?
Give me it, let me see.
- Mhm
- Mhm hm.
Oh it's that good shit.
Yeah of course,
that all we got.
Y'all got pills? Hold this.
Come one Jew, this
shit ain't for you.
You got pills?
This shit ain't
for you. Come on.
What the fuck is
you out here doing?
What the fuck is you doing?
Hey baby.
Nah ain't no fuckin hey
baby, what is you doing?
What is you doing?
I ain't doing shit.
What you doing, is the
God damn question. Hm?
We just chilling.
Right? Right Teddy B.
Mama take your
ass in the house,
before you get us put in jail.
Go in the house before you
get us put in fuckin jail!
Go man, just go!
Go man.
I am the motha
fuckin adult okay?
You don't control
me Gutter. Alright?
You remember that shit,
I'm gonna go in the house,
only because I fuckin feel
like going in the house.
Y'all go that? Huh?
I got this. Shit.
I find out one of y'all
been giving my mama drugs
it's going to be a serious
motha fuckin problem.
My mom is not to touch
one motha fuckin drug.
You hear me?
Shit, it all around,
For real, like
She, she's easily
influenced man.
Ma, seriously, are you okay?
Yes Gutter, I'm fine. Okay?
N'est Ce Pas By E-Macc plays
Where the hell is it?
Where's it at? Where is it?
Where is this shit? Huh?
N'est Ce Pas By E-Macc
continues to play.
[screams] Where's the
mother fuckin key?!
Where's the God damn key?
Okay wait.
Let me get them
pills, get them pills.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
[rap music]
[car door closing]
I talked to my
realtor earlier,
He said he could
come by tomorrow.
A realtor? A realtor for what?
I mean, if you're
ever gonna wanna
to sell this place,
you're gonna have to
have him look at the property,
let you know what
market is for it.
Wait, Nadrich,
what makes you think
I'm going to sell my home?
I hope you're not
thinking of staying here
after you're graduated, are you?
[rap music]
[multiple gunshots]
[multiple gunshots]
[car tires]
Gutter! Gutter man.
They hit my nigga. Gutter!
Man I'm good bro.
Fuckin college boys
can't shoot nigga.
God damn.
Come on man.
Did you get em?
Shit, I don't know.
- Bro my mama.
Hell nah, I ain't get em man.
Guess we in the same boat. Fuck.
What the fuck?
[foot steps]
Gutter! Gutter!
Where you at?
Fuck man.
Who the fuck been
giving my mama drugs?
I don't know man, Fuck.
[crickets chirping]
So what's all this man?
Look man, we heard
what happened earlier,
and niggas wasn't
feeling that shit.
I mean, we was starving out
here before you came along.
Look bruh, before
it was just us dawg,
we need some motha
fuckin help now.
And now you me.
And when you got me, the
whole angry mob is with you.
That me, my big bro Big Angry,
he was a sniper
over in Afghanistan.
And that right there,
that my nigga OJ,
call him OJ cause he a
killer for real, for real.
We got every dope
boy from the South
to the North side, fuckin
with you right now.
That shit ain't never happen.
Look Gutter, I know you don't
like none of this shit dawg,
but you need to
be protected bruh,
that's the bottom line.
And all y'all came out for me?
Till you came in these streets
and started pushing these
packs, niggas starving
and we don't forget
shit like that.
And now that you on go,
everybody getting money.
Look here bro, we
just gone make sure
you stay respected and
protected. That's it?
Respected and protected huh?
That's love bro.
Love bro
Thank you my nigga.
- [Teddy B] Love my nigga.
- Anytime man.
- Appreciate you.
- Love, love
[group shares love]
Good morning baby.
What you doin in here?
Was coming in to check
on you, see if you's okay?
Why wouldn't I be okay?
What time is it?
It's 11.
Oh shit Gutter, I gotta
get to the hospital.
Ma, calm down, calm
down, just calm down,
lay down, it's cool.
I already called 'em and told em
that you weren't
gonna make it today.
- Ah good.
- You're good, relax.
Ma you gotta tell me where
you getting them drugs from.
You heard me.
Who sold them God damn drugs?
It can't be me or
none of my people,
so who you getting it from?
We don't even sell
that kind of shit.
Boy, I don't even know
what you talking about.
You don't know what
I'm talking about?
No get out.
So you forgot I just
found you in the bathroom
last night, with a
tube around your arm
and syringe right on
the floor next to you?
You forgot about that?
Now lie your way out ma.
Lie your way out
about that shit ma!
Alright God dammit okay?
Look I went out last night
and shit got a lil crazy!
But don't worry Gutter,
cause I ain't never ever
doing that shit again. Okay?
I promise. I aint never gonna
do that shit again Gutter.
Give me a good news William.
Things are moving beautifully.
The trucks are
making their runs,
shipments are coming in
and product is moving out.
There is this one development
that you might need
to pay attention to.
What about, you know, that
guy with the special thing.
I got my people on it.
I want to take care
of them now, William,
like right now.
Thank you. Thank you.
[kids playing in pool]
[3:25 AM by Lil' Zane]
We've got security now?
Can't be too careful [beep].
They got guns, now we got guns.
That's cool, but that
still ain't enough.
We know.
We know, so what
we gone do about?
Is already done nigga.
Look, man, we just got us.
Look man. You can't
tell him right now.
What the fuck you mean you
Teddy, you can't tell me?
Nigga, it's just
what I said nigga,
we can't tell you right now.
I'm a mother
fuckin partner Teddy.
Fuck you mean?
You know what, fuck
y'all. I'm out.
I'm about to go get high.
[foot steps fade away]
What was that about?
Crack head shit man,
know how they get,
when they get high, bruh.
Nigga need a hit or something.
Why you just ain't
tell her about the club?
Bro, I don't trust her
bruh, I don't trust it dawg.
That's it? That's all I can say.
I don't trust her bruh.
You don't trust her?
I don't fuckin trust no
God damn crack head dawg.
Fuck that shit.
[rap music]
[cuts to Wicked by Iam
Saphyre Ft. Leoko Montana]
Damn this how
y'all moving now?
Girl, this the hottest
club in the city.
You ladies wanna get y'all
self's something to drink?
Tell em it's on the house.
How you feelin man?
So what do you think?
I ain't really
much of a club dude,
but it look good enough.
Good enough?
Man you heard what
the lady said?
We bought the hottest
club in the city baby.
Yeah? But how we do it?
Look man, the original
owner was a friend of mine,
he got into a lil situation
with the investors
and had to leave the city.
But before he left the city,
I had him sell me the club
I paid off the
original investors,
You know what I'm saying?
Sup y'all?
Sup man.
What's going on?
You all right?
Yeah. Yeah.
Sup man?
I'm familiar, alright.
Like I was saying, I paid
off the original investors
and now we own 100% of
this joint. You feel me?
But that don't
answer the problem,
we already got 'bout
our business Teddy.
Look Gutter, look
around. What you see huh?
What you see?
[Gutter] People.
[Teddy B] And what
the people doing?
I don't know,
laughing, dancing,
drinking, drugging,
they high Gutter.
90% of the people in
this building are high.
We can increase
our clientele here.
What you crazy, the
police gone raid us so fast.
Let em try, let em try.
You know what I'm sayin?
We can make our contacts here,
the actual sales would go down
at an undisclosed location,
we can keep them
motha fuckas guessing.
[ RnB music]
So Terry here huh?
Yeah her and her friends
come here all the time.
Come on man. Let me show
you what that VIP section,
gone do for your life.
You know you can use some pussy.
So I'm walking through
the mall the other day
and I'm passing by,
What the mall?
- Yeah.
- [Terry] Okay.
- I was walking through the mall
- [Terry] Okay.
and I'm passing by a lot
of these jewelry stores
- and I couldn't help but,
- Wait jewelry?
Jewelry okay.
And I couldn't help
but think to myself,
who do I know,
who needs jewelry?
especially on her ring finger.
What drinks can I
get for y'all tonight?
Oh, the best bottle
of Un-wine please.
Hey, what's going
over there in VIP?
Oh that's our new
club owner and his crew
celebrating their purchase
of the club, I guess.
What's his name?
Gutter sweetie.
I'll be back with y'all drink.
Hey you all right?
Yeah, no, I'm fine. I'm
good. I'm just nervous.
What you nervous for?
I was hoping some more of
your friends would be here.
My friends? No,
no, they're not here,
they're at some private
party on campus.
The party's here.
Who's taking a shot.
Come here babe.
[Fire Squad by Nino Beige
ft. Patrick Antonian, ]
& Mystic the Girl]
Got a fun bag.
Yeah baby.
Not yet. Not yet, I have
something more fun for you.
You never had anything
like this in your life.
Mmm. That is
good what is that?
Drink up babe.
Mmm, Yeah.
[chuckles] That's my
bag of tricks for you.
You can get more,
you can take more.
To success baby.
Loyalty you know what I'm sayin'
we gotta enjoy life Gutter.
We rich now. No more broke days.
Loosen up baby.
Excuse me, ladies,
if you don't mind.
Fellas, I need to
introduce y'all to somebody,
This is William Clean,
William that's Teddy B
and that's Gutter.
Been hearing a
lot about you boys.
Making a lot of notice
in the inner city.
Can we talk somewhere
less musical?
So what's on your
mind, Mr. Clean
William's fine, Mr. Clean's
still cleaning products,
I'm not a genie in a bottle,
and I can't get
floor squeaky clean
what I can do for you, however,
is make you a
whole lot of money.
I'm not a mobster as some
would like to call me.
I'm a businessman,
plain and simple,
I work for a man
named Salvador Rossy.
This is Johnny Worth Nothing.
This guy right here,
that Mike Body,
and that fat of gooey
shit, right there,
that's Robby the Slob.
[neck cracks]
The Dumbfellas.
You heard of them?
Yeah we heard of em.
Well be thankful, Before
today, you've never seen em
because I promise you when
we send the dumbfellas
out to see somebody
that's the last
you ever going to
see, of that somebody.
Is that a threat Mr Clean?
William, why are
you out here man?
Fellas, fellas Listen,
the streets is blazing
right now, a'ight.
A businesses is never
been this good before.
And Mr.Rossy, he
thinks that Gutter
is the reason a'ight.
So now he wants to have
a meeting with me, you
Lady J and Gutter.
Tomorrow 1 o'clock, be early.
Let go guys.
[Spiritless By, Q Hef 777]
The jewelry
store, I thought ..
Ow my God Nodrich
, are you serious?
- Yes, serious.
- You're serious?
would you marry me?
- Yes.
- Yes?
- Yes.
- Yes.
Of course, yes.
Here put this on. Right now.
Thank you, I love it.
[screams in excitement]
Us married now.
You good seeing her
with another dude?
As long as she happy,
that's all that matters.
So tell me, what you think
about this meeting tomorrow?
I think we should stop
while we ahead, man.
We got the club
now, other ventures.
We ain't got to do the
drug shit no more bro.
What you worried?
Yes nigga, I'm worried.
Salvador Rossy ain't nobody
to fuckin play with,
he sent William Clean
to set up the meeting.
But he sent the Dumbfellas
to deliver a message.
[whispers] Bye baby.
[whispers] Thank you.
[clearing throat]
[silent gun shot]
What kinda pussy
ass shit is this?
You tryna, kill me and
my friend when we down?
Mother fucker.
[soft piano music]
Shit. [groans]
[piano continues softly]
[car pulling up]
[car door opening]
[car door closing]
Mama, mama mama get up.
Get up get up.
What you doing?
Putting the groceries away.
When'd you get here?
Few hours ago.
Found you passed out
naked, outside the house.
Brought you in, washed you
up, put some coffee in you.
Whew! I don't remember
none of that. [laughs]
That's cause you
was high, again.
What the fuck happened to you?
You been clean all these years
and all of a sudden you-.
All of a sudden?!
Boy aint been clean
since I was 11 years old.
You just now getting
to see this shit cause
I'm doing just a lil more
than normal. [chuckles]
Who you getting
this shit from?
Who are you getting
this shit from?
I'mma find out whether
you tell me or not,
so you might as well.
Have it that way then Gutter,
cause I ain't going to tell you.
I ain't gone tell you,
I'm not gone tell you
The fuck is you looking for?
I'm not gonna tell you.
I ain't gone tell you.
I won't tell you,
I won't tell you.
What the is you doing?
Move out the way.
What the fuck?
What the fuck, is
you fuckin crazy?
Stop move Gutter!
Man what the fuck
is wrong with you man?
[Jewel breathing heavy]
Feel better now?
Mhm hm.
That what you want for
the rest of your life right?
This right here?
[head bangs into cabinet]
[cries]I don't know.
I don't know what
I'm doing anymore.
My best friend is gone.
I think Kenya dying,
affected me more than
I thought it did.
This shit used to
be fun. Gutter.
I used to be fun.
And sexy.
Men used to do things for
me, just to be around me.
Now I'm doing shit with men
that I shouldn't
even be talking to,
just so I can get high.
[water bottle hits ground]
[crying softly]
I love you ma.
Don't. Don't do that Gutter.
I don't deserve it.
- Ma.
- No Stop.
Don't help me, don't
be nice to me, don't.
I don't deserve it.
You deserve more than that.
Gutter please.
Where are you going?
Ma, there's a rehab center
right here in Houston.
You want me to go to rehab?
Ma come one.
Ma I love you, I
really really do,
but I can't watch
you destroy yourself.
Look at me.
I'd kill you myself, before
I watch you take another drug
You hear me?
[door opening]
[Terry] Y'all
guess what? Nadrich
Is everything okay?
This is good. You know my
mother has always told me
that you are the bravest
person she has ever met.
Do you think being forced
to go to rehab is brave?
I, I do.
You can say no,
you can fight it.
You can go kicking
and screaming,
but you're not
doing any of that.
You're willing to
go through hell
just to get the
help that you need.
That's brave.
Bruh don't let
her manipulate you,
take her straight to the
clinic and that's it.
No breaks, no rest
stops, no pit stops
none of that Teddy.
I got you, man.
You going to be a'ight at
this meeting without me?
That's just the meeting,
what's more important
to me, is finding out
who be giving my
mama these drugs bro.
Look, man, the first
night you found your mama
doped up on the bathroom floor,
Funny man was coming
from the backyard.
Look, I'm sorry man, I
should have told you sooner,
but I felt like you was
gone, kill everybody
and fuck up everything
we got going on.
But now, after seeing everything
your mama going through,
Funnyman deserve everything
he got coming to him.
Look mama, rehab center
is a beautiful facility,
you have everything
you need there.
When can I come home?
When you get some help.
[Terry] Excuse me.
Where you going?
I'm gonna take a ride with
my mother's best friend.
Now could you move please?
Oh it's like that?
[Rap music]
I gotta spin the
block one time.
Hey Teddy.
Growing up man?
I was told to
never judge a soul.
I always respect people
for who they are man.
I accepted you Funnyman.
Shit, if it wasn't for you,
we would have none of this shit.
No cars, no money,
But that shit you
pulled with Jewel.
You crossed the line Funnyman.
Get the fuck out my life.
[Since Paper Chaser
by, Iam Saphyre]
I know this aint
uncle Louisville man.
Holy shit.
What going on
baby? Come on unc.
Look at you man.
Damn you look good boy.
- And Successful.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Yes sir, when you get out
though man you look good man.
Earlier this morning man.
Hey, look at,
Ay where Jewels at
man, she at the hospital?
She told me she
was in nursing now.
Yeah I just had my
homie drop off Jewel
at the rehab center.
I thought she was clean?
Yeah, me too.
But nevermind that.
Come on then let's
get you cleaned up.
Get you straightened now
that you out that hell hole.
Know you tryna get fly.
Come on in, don't be shy.
Go on ahead make yourself
at home, I'mma get changed.
I got this meeting to go to.
I can't believe my little
sis back on that shit.
But at least you're getting
some real help this time.
So what's up nephew?
What you been up to lately man?
Rappin? Football? Politics?
What's happening, man?
Check this out uncle.
The fuck is this?
That's money. You wanna
know what I been doing?
Making money, that's
what I've been doing.
I see.
But check this up, I know
you just got out and all,
but I got this
meeting I gotta get to
and my right hand just
took moms to rehab.
So you need me to
ride with you, huh?
Say less.
[car engine]
[car door closing]
[car door closing]
[Dr.] So many people come in,
like we're really
gonna give them that.
Hello, I'm Dr. Franks.
Welcome to International
Recovery, must be Jewel.
Hey Jewel we're going to
take good care of you.
So I'mma come around and we
gonna get you set up, Okay?
Nothing to be worried about.
It's alright, you good.
[door opening]
[door closing]
You'll be fine, I know
this is a little to much.
- Victor,
- [Victor] Hi.
[Dr. Franks] this is
Jewel, I need you go get her,
set her up an check her vitals.
Hi, I'm Victor, I'm the
current nurse on staff.
I'm just going to go
ahead and get your vitals,
can you just have a seat for me
right here in this chair.
Just have a seat right here.
Let me go ahead and get
your blood pressure, okay?
Put your arm here.
Alright, can you put
this in your finger?
And let me just check
your temperature.
[Velcro rips open]
So how are you doing?
Have you had any anxiety lately?
What about any
nausea or diarrhea?
[Victor] Have
you vomited today?
Okay so just so you know
that's common while detoxing,
but I can give you some
medication for your anxiety
to make you feel a
little bit better.
Would you like that?
Okay, let me get that for you.
[machines beeping]
All right Jewel here you go.
So just go ahead and take this,
this should make you
feel a little bit better.
And then once again,
I'mma be right here,
if you need me or you have
any questions for me, okay?
[Dr. Franks] All right
Jewel let's get you upstairs
to your room okay?
You okay?
[machines continue to beep]
We are one of the
best facilities
to take care of your
problem, I promise you.
Okay, so, this is you room,
you everything you need in here.
Comfortable, it's nice.
This is gonna be the
beginning of your journey.
No, I can't do it.
Terry take me home.
[Teddy B] Jewel,
Jewel, calm down,
Stay down, stay down.
I'm not playing Terry.
- Calm down Jewel.
- Terry help me!
You gone be all
right, calm down Jewel.
[Nurse] Jewel, there's
no need to fight Jewel.
[Terry cries]
Help me! Help me!.
Calm down Jew.
[Dr Frank] Stop. Stop.
Stop it, there's no-
- [Jewel] Please
help me. [crying]
[Dr Frank] Listen
Jewel, breathe.
it's, it's like an octopus.
People don't usually
get to touch it,
but when it touches you,
it sucks the life
right out of you
in eight different directions.
And it doesn't let go.
you've all been very successful.
All the hard work sacrifices,
finally payin off.
And what I'm sayin
to you Gutter,
is you're making a lot
of money right now.
[William] You're actually
making $250,000 a month,
which is the same as Lady J,
who has less inventory.
Half a million dollars
is some good money.
You could be making five,
ten times that with me.
[William] What we propose
to you is a 60 40 split
60 for us and 40 for you.
Man, hold the fuck up,
what does that leave lady J?
Oh I'm sure we'll
find something for her,
a place far to go.
Like a river or
a nice pine box.
Try it, and you gone get
put up in one afterwards.
All right. We're
on the same team.
Are we?
Look Mr. Rossy,
with all due respect,
I won't be working with you.
Not because of the money or
cause of your disrespect,
to Lady J, but quite
frankly, I don't like you.
You see I'm black,
you are white Italian
and then your eyes,
I ain't none but
a muley nigga slash animal.
You expect me to
go against Lady J?
Because that's what
we supposed to do?
You think we have
low calls? No laws?
No loyalty? No honor?
But see what you
fail to realize is
I'm not a muley or a nigga.
I'm a black man,
and I got no problem
with killing you or
anybody else in this bitch,
before I ever go
against one of mine,
including Lady J.
All right,
everybody calm down.
I don't know anything about
this, Black Lives Matter
this one the fatter,
I could give a shit.
There's only one color
that matters to me,
and that's green.
And which faces of the
presidents were on those bills?
And how many of them
are in my wallet
and in my bank account?
And that's all that
should matter to you too.
Now look, I made a
very generous offer,
think about it,
it's non-negotiable.
Chew it up, try it
on, see how it fits.
Take a couple of days.
And if you're smart, you'd
put those Ben Franklin's
in your bank account,
millions and millions of em.
[gentle music]
[pulling door handle]
[banging on door]
[Jewel] Hurry up.
No, no, Jewel.
Please let me leave okay?
Please, I won't get
high. I don't care.
Jewel, calm down.
I just wanna go home.
Just let me talk,
just sit down.
Sit down.
Lets talk.
Let's talk.
I just wanna go home.
Look look, see,
I'm cured.
I ain't even high no more.
You're not cured.
I am.
You're not cured.
I am. It's me Jewel.
Can I leave now?
Do you even remember what
it feels like to be pretty?
Do you remember what if feel
like to walk past a mirror
and be able to look at yourself?
Do you remember
what it feels like,
to hold your son,
and to wanna be the
best that you could be?
Do you remember those days?
Is she still here?
Jewel, just you gotta trust me,
you gotta trust me.
Just trust me, now listen,
now this hurt in
you, let it heal you.
Feel it, you can't cheat this.
I just, I,
you know, I just, I feel
so bad for her like,
It's cruel man, she just
getting the help she needs.
You know what I'm sayin?
I'm just happy Gutter, wasn't
there to see that shit.
It's a, it's hot outside.
I can turn on the AC for you.
[turning light
indicator ticking]
You're thinking about
going to war aren't you?
Thinking we ain't
got no choice.
It's either we fight or run.
[throwing up an coughing ]
I know this may be
asking for too much but,
please don't die.
I really wanna see
you again someday.
Thank you Bonito
Is my pleasure Mr. Rossy.
Are you gentlemen
ready for dinner?
Yeah, I'll have
the usual please.
And you William?
I'll have the same.
You know, I didn't like
how that meeting went today.
I felt like I was asking,
instead of telling,
I don't like to ask.
What are you thinking?
Hmm, I made Lady J,
I can make another.
Should I call the Dumbfellas?
Yeah. Yeah I think
it's time for that call.
Look at that Bonito.
You as fast as a 15 year old,
at silk stocking
kid, I'm telling you
[Bonito] Enjoy.
Try this, it's good.
[car engine roaring]
[door opening]
It's hotter than
the devil in here.
You can have a seat there.
[both chuckle]
It's hotter than the
devil's bedroom in this shit.
Yes it is. That it is.
- Was that the one man?
- Cool beans.
You got the cups
You ghetto.
- [laughing]
- You already know.
What kind of music
you like to hear?
Shit, I like
all type of music.
You dig beat boxin?
Beat boxin, yeah it's cool.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
You know how to
bust a move to that?
I mean, you know, I
aint never did it but
I'm sure I can. You
know what I'm sayin?
Okay. Check this out.
[beat boxing]
Ah you crazy. [laughs]
Let me see what you got.
What you mean?
Let me see.
You want me to get up?
Come on man. Stop it.
Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah
Come on now.
Ah, ah, ah, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, what you, what
you, think a-bout that-Aye!
[Terry continues to beatbox]
- You like that? Yeah?
- That was dope.
That was good?
I like that.
[both laugh]
You look good though.
[door opening]
How you feelin youngen?
Hey, I can't complain.
Yeah. Well, I need
you to do me a favor.
What's that?
The same thing you did
in there man, come on.
Man you aint gotta ask
for that man, come on.
- Let me take you to a,
- I need to get me some.
Get me some. Man
it's been a minute.
All right man, say I get you.
All right man, be safe.
All right fam.
- What?
- I can't do that.
Why not?
Gutta would kick my ass man.
[door closes]
[door opens and closes]
[Teddy B] You know what,
life's too short.
[ Teddy moaning]
[both moaning]
[car engine]
[tires squeal to a stop ]
[Lady J] Shit!
[suspenseful music]
Come on out, Lady J.
[whispers] Get
the fuck out. Go
[whispers] What about you?
[Whispers] You gotta go now!
[gun shot]
[gun shot]
[multiple gun shots]
[Lady J cries]
[gun shot]
Yo, you slow down man.
What, what happened?
Where's Gutter?
What you mean he's not
answering the phone?
Then where the fuck is he?
A'ight, a'ight, listen.
Aye listen nigga!
Call every nigga on the team,
and tell everybody
we're at war girl.
Man do that ASAP!
A'ight nigga.
- What's going on?
- Fuck.
Man, listen,
Tate and Lady J just got killed.
- What!?
- Yes.
Where's Gutter?
I don't know.
What do you mean,
you don't know?
I don't know, I don't.
Then go find my
fucking friend.
All right. Damn, I
call you later. Fuck.
[horn honking]
[struggling to get out]
[Woman] I told
you my [indistinct]
[woman cries]
[Man] Get your punk as up.
[woman cries]
[Woman] [cries] Okay.
I don't play no motha
fuckin games bitch.
You aint use for
motha fuckin pimpin.
About a ignorant motha fucka.
[woman cries]
[Man] Get yo ass in the
car and stop playin with me.
Stupid ass,
talkin bout her motha
fuckin feet hurtin
bitch, the next
time your feet hurt,
I'm gonna cut em off
and kick you in the
motha fuckin ass with em.
Don't play with me man.
[Gutter laughs]
[Man] Playin games with me.
[Gutter] This
nigga's funny man.
Man nigga, what the fuck
is you lookin at trick?
My bad, I was just admiring
your handy work pimpin.
We don't get too
much TV around here.
Oh okay.
So you like the way I
handle my bitches, huh?
I couldn't tell which
one of ya'll was the bitch.
Both of ya'll runnin around
here with no shoes on your feet.
Nigga, what?
Nigga, what the
fuck you say to me?
[Gutter] Nigga you heard
what the fuck I said to you.
[Girl] No, no, no, no, no.
[Girl] No, no, no, no, no.
[indistinctive arguing
between both men]
No, no, no, no, no,
he's not worth it.
Do you know who
the fuck I am nigga?
He's not worth it.
We got to go
now, we got to go.
[Gutter] Show me
there's somethin, nigga.
Yeah, I'll show you
[Teddy B] We gotta go bruh.
Come on Gutter, we handle
this bull shit later.
We gotta go dawg.
Let's get up out of here.
Another day pimpin.
[Man] Yeah, sho
will young blood.
Another motha fuckin day.
You comin?
[Platinum] Bitch,
where you goin
[Teddy B] Leave that fake
ass pimp alone man come on man.
[Platinum] Meak!
Meakness, get your
ass back here.
Hoe, you get in that
car, I'mma kill you.
Bitch, you gone die today.
[Teddy] Let's get
up out of here Gutter,
we gotta go man.
Oh, young motha fucka.
I got somethin for you boy.
[Gutter] Make your move.
Yeah. Yeah, boy I got
somethin for you too.
[Uncle] Get in the car man.
- Yeah motha fucka.
- [Uncle] Fuck off man.
Yeah you betta get him boy.
You betta get him boy.
Bitch, get our that
car fore I kill you.
Bitch I know you hear me.
God dammit.
Bitch, I said, get
out that God damn car.
Meak, hoe. You get in
that car, I'mma kill you.
A'ight old head.
You hold yo head.
Oh yeah, I'm gonna hold
your motha fuckin head.
[engine roars]
All you bitches gone die.
Bitch, get back here!
I'mma kill you bitch!
You and them niggas gone die!
[Teddy B] Who the
beep was that man?
[Meak] That was
Platinum, my pimp.
[Teddy B] And who
the beep is you?
[Meak] My name is Meak.
[Teddy B] Man you
fuckin whores now?
[Gutter] Man why
is everybody out here
looking for me Teddy?
[Teddy B] Look man,
he killed Lady J, bruh she dead.
[Gutter] Nigga what?
Man pull the car over.
[Teddy B] Bro we gotta
get you somewhere safe.
[Gutter] Pull the
fuckin car over Teddy.
Fuck, fuck, fuck, bitch, dammit.
Fuckin shit.
Fuck man, fuck!
God damn bruh.
Are you fuckin serious now bro?
You fuckin,
how you fuckin let them
do that shit Teddy?
Calm down.
How the [beep] you let
them do that [beep] huh?
Calm down.
How the fuck let them
do that shit huh?
Calm down!
Calm the fuck down!
What the fuck man.
We can fix this shit.
- Bruh.
- You gotta calm down.
- Bro.
- Calm down
Why the fuck are
they shooting at us?
All the fuck we
wanted was some money.
Now the motha fuckin house
shot up, my mama gone
and now you're telling
me Lady J motha,
You gotta fuckin calm down.
Look, them Italians think our
guns, can't match they guns,
but what they don't know is,
we got more than guns! Huh?
We got fuckin more then guns.
I get it, you don't
wanna do it, I get it.
But the streets out
here jealous Gutter,
that's why they shooting at us,
not because we're threat huh?
They want our money,
drugs, women.
If we wanna survive
in this fuckin game,
you know what we gotta do.
[suspenseful beat]
[door closes]
[foot steps]
[car door closing]
[car engine start]
[multiple gunshots]
[gunshots continue]
[Gutter] In the
beginning. I was angry.
I thought that home wasn't home
and my birth was a mistake
that left me angry and alone.
I had so much hate inside me,
hate for women, hate for life,
so I cheat women to be life.
But it wasn't my
life I was cheating,
It was my self-respect
for God's most
incredible creation
Couldn't be accomplished
by an accomplished rapist,
murdering/ angry,
brat motha fucka.
It was the anger moving
me to live the way
that I live and to do
the things that I did.
At least that's how I
justified my psychotic
pathologic idiotic,
new way of living.
In the end, the
streets sell hookers,
and hustles house just
like dirty rain water
building up on the sidewalk
flowing towards the
sewer destruction.
In the end, I was
a child who grew up
to be a drug dealer without
ever truly becoming a man.
There was no blood, no
violence, no death in the end.
Unfortunately this isn't.
So you got the world
in your hands now nephew,
what you going to do with it?
Give it to you Unc.
[Outta Nowhere by,
Iam Saphyre plays]
You ever thought
about bein a pimp?
[Outta Nowhere by,
Iam Saphyre continues]
[switches to a new rap song]