Gwansang (2013) Movie Script

You've come to cut off my head!
Cut off your head, my lord?!
We are merely
bringing you your medicine.
Out of my way!
I am certain I heard someone say it.
My lord, we have added twice as many bodyguards to your quarters, just like you instructed.
Nobody would dare lay a hand on you!
You are the most powerful man in this country.
All useless, all useless. I have nothing.
My wife is dead, and so are all my daughters.
There is nothing left for me now.
But still, my lord. His Majesty himself has ordered this medicine for you,
and gifted you with that chair and that cane.
That's why I must be even more on guard.
What if I do take this medicine? What use would that be if my head is cut off?
What are you talking about, my lord?
Why would you say something so terrible?
I was told I would not die a peaceful death,
that I was fated to have my head cut off.
But who would dare say something so outrageous?
There was one man.
He was a physiognomist.
You mean he could tell the future from people's faces? Isn't that just superstition?
You say this because you have never met him yourself.
He... There was nothing that he didn't know.
He would take just one look at someone's face
and he would know everything about them.
He was...
He was the best face reader in all of Joseon.
Are you sure people actually live in this godforsaken countryside?
They definitely told me he was around here somewhere!
I can't walk any more! I give up!
We- we- we've arrived, ma'am!
So heavy...
The air is so fresh here!
Beautiful scenery, too.
Sorry, who are you?
We've come because of the rumors.
We're looking for the famous face reader-
What are you doing?!
Oh, hey, didn't I tell you?
That there are, uh, people coming to look at our writing brushes.
Did you say you were looking for the ones made out of weasel fur?
Well, ah, er, yes, we have...
I'm going to the market place, uncle.
Okay, okay.
Take care, don't be in a hurry, there's no need to rush.
I'm terribly sorry, it's just that my nephew hates it when anyone mentions face reading.
Thank you for understanding. Now, this way, if you will, please.
Let's go, ma'am. This way.
These are our weasel pelts, ma'am, they're very high-quality.
Not interested in buying any of these, I see?
Oh, great, he's gone and taken off his shirt again.
Hyung, get up. Get up!
Hyung! Hyung! Wake up.
-The green rice cakes...
-Yes, they're delicious, aren't they, come on, rise and shine.
He's just talking in his sleep, no need to worry.
Now, my brother-in-law might not look like it, I know,
but not a single one of the couples he's matched has had troubles. He's an expert.
Hyung, wake up, we have visitors.
We have guests.
Ugh, I've had way too much to drink.
These guests say they're importing silk from China,
and they want to know if their business will do well.
Go home.
If you're going to lie to me, you'd better go home.
You, sir, in the hat.
I can see in your eyes that you're having money problems
and your dark eyebrows and small round eyes tell me you have absolutely no interest in trading.
You like looking after people, you'd be much happier as a palace eunuch or servant.
Sure, the madam is interested in business and she's good at it, too,
but she doesn't look like someone who'd stop at buying and selling fabrics.
You look a bit like a shaman, judging by your complexion and red lips,
but your fate isn't to become a shaman at all.
And you say you're going to do business with the Chinese?
I don't know what your intentions are but if you're going to lie I suggest you leave now.
Huh, really?
What on earth...
Where are you really from?
Why are you laughing?
You'd have better luck trying to lie to the God of the Underworld!
How on earth did you expect to get away with showing my brother-in-law your faces
and trying to lie to him?
I'm impressed.
I think it's been worth the journey, don't you think?
Have you ever heard of the brothel Yeonhong?
Why of course I have, hasn't everyone?
Isn't it famous for being the brothel that tells people their fortunes?
The one that even noble government officials will go to.
You're looking at the woman who owns it, sir.
You? A physiognomist? You don't have the eyes of a fortune teller!
I don't do it myself.
But I've been through a lot ever since I was young,
so I do have pretty good intuition.
I - why, I, what, why - what are you -
How would you feel about working for us?
Your skills are incredible, don't you think they're wasted in a place like this?
I, I'm not sure if my brother-in-law is who you want to be talking to.
He only reads people's faces.
Well, I've heard my fortune, so I suppose I should pay.
You should earn money while you can.
Next thing you know, you'll find your life over in the blink of an eye.
How long are you going to live like this, hm?
Weasel fur, my ass...
Ow, ow, ow, my back.
What did you think, ma'am? Think he'll be useful to you?
Oh, he won't stop at being useful to me. He'll cause a wave of excitement throughout all of Hanyang.
This is made of rat whiskers, isn't it?
Can't you pay me a little more?
I know how hard it is to find something like this.
Wait here a moment.
Please, my lord, just a little more time...
Drag this man out!
Since your husband hasn't paid the taxes for this month, I'll settle for taking you instead.
No, my lord!
Please don't do this!
I am a married woman, my lord.
- Please don't do this...
- Shut up and stop moving.
No, please - ahh!
That bastard...
Are you out of your mind?!
- He's an inspector from the government!
- Get out of my way!
I'm telling you, you musn't!
So I'm supposed to stay put and let it happen?
Please! If you try to interrupt, you'll just get us all killed.
Please let it go, just this once, for our sake!
Wow, it smells amazing.
You have to flip it now -
No, go away, go away!
You've never even had meat, have you? You don't know anything about it.
Hey, Jinhyung! You haven't had dinner yet, have you?
Hey, you brat.
We're eating chicken for dinner today, you brat.
Look, we're boiling the meat right now! We're going to have a feast...
What's happened to him?
Eat up.
Where did you get the money to buy this?
Oh, you remember the people who were here earlier?
We bought it with the money they paid for the brushes.
All the brushes were still there, uncle.
Have you started fortune-telling again?
What? Of course not, what do you mean?
Alright, I admit it. They begged me, so I didn't have a choice.
Why? What's your problem?
Didn't you promise me you'd never start doing it again?
How could you do such a thing as a scholar?
Then what am I supposed to do? Study for the entrance exam? Enter the government?
Couldn't you?
What, are you seriously asking?
Who would allow the descendant of a traitor to take up a public office, hmm?
You've been studying, haven't you? I've seen the books in your room.
Even if you go take the exam, don't ever think about going into politics.
You have the face of your grandfather; something horrible will happen to you if you ever enter the world of politics.
No. I will enter the government.
I can't live like this forever.
Even if I end up getting my head cut off like my grandfather, I refuse to live like this.
How dare you say that?
Put that drink down, you brat!
I'm not a child any more. I'm already past seventeen!
Hey, Jinhyung, don't go... Finish your food first...
You know he drinks with me every now and then.
What a frustrating -
What possessed you to say something like that to him?
Otherwise he would never be able to let go of that hope.
Well, I'll be damned...
Remember when you were immature and chasing around merchants all the time?
I spent days drinking myself into a stupor.
And when I tried to commit suicide by hanging myself,
why, I saw that boy looking right at me and crying his heart out.
He was maybe about 5 years old.
There was nothing left of the kid but skin and bones, and I guess he was hungry
because he was crying "Father, father, save me."
I cut the rope, started begging for food and was barely able to save him.
I don't know if it was because he couldn't eat properly, but he started limping.
He takes after me so he's smart and an amazing writer,
but he was born the descendant of a traitor and on top of it all he has a limp, how frustrated would he be?
I don't know why my sister ever married into a household like this.
You brat, do you know how many houses my family had in Hanyang back then?
Women flocked to the gates just to take a look at my -
I know, I know. All you do is talk of the past.
I've decided to go to that place called Yeonhong.
We can't live our entire lives like this, can we?
I studied physiognomy tooth and nail to feed myself
but all that's useless here in the countryside.
I could earn a fortune by reading faces in Hanyang, couldn't I?
I can use physiognomy to save this household from poverty.
We'll be able to eat rice and beef stew three times a day,
get the boy some good clothes to wear so he'll never have to live in shame again.
If we're going to Hanyang, what are we going to tell Jinhyung?
Tomorrow, before he gets out of bed,
we must leave a false message saying that we're leaving for trade.
Afterwards, you can come by to see him every now and then.
So you must wake me up first thing tomorrow morning and we'll leave for Hanyang, alright?
Jinhyung! Jinhyung!
Didn't I tell you last night that we were drinking too much?
"I am leaving to find a peaceful temple to study in."
- Jinhyung!
- "I promise I will get a position in the government"?
"Once I do, I will be able to support you, Father and Uncle,"
- Jinhyung!
- "so please take care of yourselves until we meet again."
"I apologize for disobeying you. Jinhyung."
That - that bastard -
Stop, stop, don't.
Just let him.
Just let him go.
We're going to leave ourselves, aren't we?
See how good he is at calligraphy? It's a good thing he takes after his grandfather, not his father.
Look at him limping.
My son...
Stay in good health, my son.
Huh? Let's go see what's happening.
Hyung, don't you think they're looking at us?
It's surely because I'm much more handsome, now that I've trimmed my beard.
And dressed for the occasion, too.
No, I think they're looking at me.
He only knows how to read faces, doesn't he?
Doesn't know a thing about the world.
Rest assured, I know how to handle country bumpkins like them.
Why don't you go and set the table for dinner?
Yes, ma'am!
Hanyang is amazing, isn't it?
Look at that meat.
Oh, er, we...
- We just took a few bites...
- We've just been sampling the food.
Come in, girls!
Yes, ma'am.
What - What are you doing?
Why are you -
Take your hands off me -
What is the meaning of this?
This is the best physiognomist in all of Hanyang, so take extra good care of him.
Please take a seat.
Why don't you pour me a glass?
What can you tell from looking at my face?
He's the one who reads people's faces! I read people's hearts.
People's hearts?
Let's have a look.
What do you think about my face? Men tell me they don't like me all the time.
Here you go.
What's that?
You have a face that's round and pretty but not particularly memorable compared to others,
but if you stand out, they'll start following you like lost puppies.
Is that so? Thank you!
If I may, there's something I want to ask.
You must have heard that there are two men fighting over the throne of Joseon?
One from the Yi family, and one from the Kim family.
Every day fights between the two families break out in the streets and innocent people die.
It's a scary world we live in.
So, which side do you think will come out on top?
I also have heard of the rumors that are going around.
Grand Prince Suyang and Kim Jongseo, was it?
You're right!
You're forgetting that I have not yet had the honor
of gazing upon the visages of such great and important men, so I don't know their faces.
I have heard the people say that Grand Prince Suyang's face is like that of a wolf
and Kim Jongseo's is reminiscent of a tiger...?
A wolf and a tiger? Wait just one moment...
How on earth am I supposed to know? The stronger one will win, of course.
Sign this contract for me, will you?
Sign what contract?
I'll have to take a look at it first -
Oh, where's the fun in that? Don't you want to have fun with us first?
Hyung, we don't have time for that!
I've promised to read the people's hearts -
I see someone had a good time last night.
Hey. Wake up.
Wake up!
Who're you?
What do you mean, who are you? You must still be drunk!
You have visitors.
What visitors?
Don't you remember the contract you signed?
Good lord, do you know how much you've had?
"...must perform face readings from dusk to dawn..."
"...will not get any days off for two years..."
And just how many gisaengs did you call in, hmm?
What on earth is this about?
Haha, hyung, wait a moment, let me handle this.
Oh, you don't think -
I heard that in Hanyang they'll cut your balls off while your eyes are closed!
You - hey, you bastards - how dare you -
You -
Hey, you bald bastard -
Let go of me!
You little rat...
Let - ow! Let go, it hurts, it hurts.
Ow, that hurts.
You there, stand in line!
Are you just going to let people come forever?
All we have to do is sit back and watch the money roll in!
We're killing two birds with one stone, ma'am!
They say face reading is better than fortune telling,
but won't you agree that intuition is a hundred times better than face reading?
You'd better hurry up, you still have twenty more bundles to go!
Couldn't catch a breath the entire day.
How on earth did we get into this mess?
I told you we should probably stop drinking!
What? Weren't you the one who wouldn't shut up about reading hearts?
Hey! Get the hell away from me, you beast!
I can't even... why do I...
You son of a bitch!
Stop right there!
Your temper hasn't improved a bit from back when you were chasing merchants all over the place!
What, then? I should stand back and let ourselves be used like this?
So what were you planning to do, go kick up a fuss with that stick?
Will that make the contract magically disappear, then?
Do you want to get beaten up?
Haven't I told you before?
The way your Adam's apple sticks out, if you don't control your temper it'll ruin your life one day.
You can't accomplish anything just by flying into a rage about it.
Where are you going now?
I've been observing this place for a few days, and there's something suspicious about the people who come and go.
I'm certain this is where they read the faces of rich noblemen.
All you have to do is get close to important people
and money and fame will follow naturally.
Nice place they've got here.
Come in, come in.
Why don't you two wait here for a moment?
I was right, wasn't I?
You were.
No, no, that won't do, your buttocks are sagging again.
Didn't I tell you that you should always tense your muscles?
That's much better.
I'm worried that people will think I'm dull, because my breasts are too big.
Stop blocking the view!
What if I burst them like you'd burst a pig's bladder?
Ew no! Never mind!
Let's take a look, shall we?
She's doing it again!
Well, you'll have good luck with men, that's for sure.
Ma'am, the Director General of the Ministry of Justice has come to visit you.
Isn't he one of Lord Kim Jongseo's men?
Yes he is, ma'am. He's requested our help
in finding the criminal in a murder case.
What? Good Lord.
How does he expect us to pick out a murderer just by looking at people's faces?
Even if there's business involved... Goddammit.
Director General!
I'm terribly sorry, I should be the one paying you a visit. You didn't have to come in person.
I must apologize for asking such a big favor of you when we've only just met.
Yes, well, this way please...
The case is related to an official in the Ministry of Justice, so I'm afraid it's rather urgent.
I came by because I've heard such good things about this place.
Yes, well...
I did hear about the case but
I'm afraid that we're rather busy ourselves,
dealing with some urgent matters...
Director General, sir.
I'm sorry, but who...
I'm her business partner, my lord. My name is Kim Naekyung.
Excuse me, but... how were you...
The scenery behind the blinds was spectacular.
I hope you will consider sharing it with me next time.
In fact, my lord, Ms. Jang has asked me to help you with your case.
Oh, is that so?
I see that you've been preparing beforehand.
These three men were found at the scene of the crime and promptly arrested.
No matter how long we tortured them, none of them would confess to the crime.
The murderer must be one of these three men...
The murder happened this morning, so the body hasn't been buried yet, has it?
I must see the corpse.
When I saw the victim's face I could tell
from the width of her glabella and the height of the skull behind her ears
that she was to live till a ripe old age without any accidents or injuries.
Yet she came to an untimely end.
This was not meant to happen at all.
Are you the husband?
Why did you murder your wife?
Wh- what?
From your faces, it's a miracle you two could bear with each other for so long.
Not a single day went by without an argument, aren't I right?
A weasel's face and a chicken's face should never marry. You two couldn't have been more incompatible if you'd tried.
Bring the gentleman in for a little questioning.
No matter how good your own lineaments are, your destiny is always subject to change based on what kind of faces you end up meeting.
If it wasn't for your help, sir, more innocent people may have died.
It was nothing.
I'm just relieved that the innocent were allowed to walk free.
We earned a lot more today than what we made during the past few days.
A hell of a lot more!
Our first priority should be getting out of this place.
I don't know how we'll be able to do that, though, with how cunning that woman is.
Kim Naekyung! So you're the famous physiognomist?
What - what are you doing?!
This is him?
The man who solved a murder case just by reading faces?
Yes, my lord. An astonishing accomplishment.
What should we do with him?
He may cause trouble in the future.
Kill him.
We must leave now, my lord.
- Leave behind no traces.
- Yes, sir.
Let's go.
They dropped something in this well!
What are you doing?
I'll explain.
I was having a dream just now
and I met this huge sandstorm!
And there's real sand in my mouth?
It's from the muddy water in the well we were tossed into.
I had to spit all of it out too.
So the criminal I caught was one of Grand Prince Suyang's men?
That's why he tried to have me killed?
If Kim Jongseo's people hadn't been keeping tabs
on Grand Prince Suyang, we would have died in the woods for certain.
Nobody would have known we were dead.
That's what I heard.
He may cause trouble in the future.
Kill him.
Let's go, let's go.
If this continues we'll get our heads cut off while trying to make money.
Where are you going?
Ah! Good God!
Oh, greetings, Director General.
We've, ah, come to the conclusion that
we're just fortune tellers, really. We're not prepared to get involved in government work at all.
Yes, of course. I'm dreadfully sorry.
Oh, no sir, there's no need. We'd best be going, then.
Wait. Before you leave,
there's someone who wants to meet you.
What about stopping by before you leave?
Well, we'll meet him some other time.
- We're alright, we're alright.
- I'm afraid we're a little busy now.
This isn't a common opportunity!
Yes, yes, of course.
- He's a terribly busy man, you know.
- Maybe next time, then.
How odd.
I've never seen anyone refuse an audience
with Lord Kim Jongseo before.
Sir, did you just say Lord Kim Jongseo?
Why, yes, I did. He was very curious about the man who could catch criminals with physiognomy only.
Well, since you two seem quite busy, I must take my leave.
Wait, wait, wait, no, no, hold on a moment.
It's the daily life of a face reader
to tell people their fortunes
and sometimes even get yelled at or beaten up a few times, isn't it?
It does happen every now and then.
Why, it happens almost every day!
It's quite common, quite common.
Shall we go with you, then?
May I ask where he is?
So this is the man who used physiognomy to identify a murderer?
Yes, sir. His name is Kim Naekyung.
Courage. Tenacity.
A man of principle.
What the people have been saying is right.
His is truly a great visage to behold.
He has the face
of a tiger.
Why are you scrutinizing my face so?
What is it that you see?
Oh, yes, sir.
It is exactly as they say.
Your visage is excellent, my lord.
Do they call me a tiger?
You are as brave and fearless
as the great tiger, my lord.
It is exactly what you are!
You've received orders to help the Ministry of Justice with hiring personnel?
Yes, exactly!
Hyung, does that mean you're a government official now?
Well no, not exactly.
I am to sit in interviews and give my opinion on the candidates.
Don't tell anyone yet!
You are a government official! You are!
Calm down, you fool! Don't you have any dignity?
People in high places must always be humble and modest -
Everyone on this side, line up that way!
You can see the entire world in the face of just one person.
The head signifies the sky, so it must be high and round.
The eyes represent the sun and the moon so they must be clear and bright.
The mouth is a sea and the philtrum is a river so they must be long and distinct.
The nose, the cheekbones, the forehead, and the chin are the mountains
so they must not be too high or low.
Hair, facial or otherwise, signifies the trees and the grass
so it must be abundant and smooth.
If you take all this into consideration when hiring people
you will not make any big mistakes.
Candidate Eul is from a good family
and he's quite handsome, too, so we were thinking of hiring him.
Haven't I told you already? Why can't you understand?
Isn't it true that when it comes to hiring record keepers
it's never good to have to replace them in the middle?
But Candidate Eul likes alcohol a little too much,
which could easily bring about illness in middle age.
I can also tell that he has extreme mood swings.
He's the kind of person who will never be satisfied unless he keeps changing jobs.
Are you the cousin of Candidate Eul?
Does he drink a lot of alcohol?
He drinks so much, he'll probably ask to be buried
in a liquor barrel after his death.
If you're going to appoint him somewhere, it should probably be a place with a lot of drinkers.
May I ask who that man is?
Why do you ask?
He looks like...
What about him?
He's rotten to the core, I can smell it.
We've found 52 crates of rice
and 43 crates of fine wood,
34 lengths of fine silk
and 40 nyang worth of gold!
Well, he's certainly been busy.
How could you tell he was corrupt? He looks like a kind man.
Do you think any good would come out of having the eyes of a phoenix but the lips of a fish?
It's not a very good face at all.
If he'd been left alone, he would have robbed the government clean!
Wait a minute, isn't that...
the girl who was worried men didn't like her?
Oh, haven't you heard?
Ever since you put a watermelon seed on her face
her life has gotten much better.
What, she still goes around with that watermelon seed on her face?
No, from what I heard Jang Yeonhong made her a mole.
They say she used pig skin or something
to make it permanent.
What an astonishing woman!
She changed her destiny singlehandedly.
Wonder if she could do that for me too.
I'm sorry, I can't let you cut in the line even if you bring gifts.
Anyway, he's coming soon so wait a moment - what's this?
Expensive ginseng.
Well, I - how on earth did you get...
Well, why don't you stand here then?
Everyone please stand further inside!
What's this?
It's dried persimmon.
Dried persimmon? Wait a moment, then.
Anyway, please remain in line, one-by-one please.
Oh, hyung! Hyung!
What on earth are you doing, standing in line?
Come on, come inside!
These people came all the way here just to see you, hyung!
They've been begging for me to let them see you.
To have you read their faces.
Look, they brought pepper! And ice!
Cold, cold!
Mr. Kim!
What on--!
Oh, don't be so surprised!
Ha, how much is that ice and pepper worth then?
Why are you standing in line, madam?
Why, I'm here to see the legendary Mr. Kim, the best physiognomist in all of Joseon!
Of course I can stand in line.
Now, this way, please.
What are you doing?
I've found you a nice house with a tiled roof, right across from here.
Wouldn't it be better to greet customers there?
I've also prepared a palanquin for you.
A palanquin?
It was the least I could do for my business partner.
Paeng-heon, how does it feel?
Doesn't it feel like treading on clouds?
Hyung, this is amazing. I feel like all of Hanyang is at my fingertips.
Ladies! Wouldn't you like to go on a ride on this with me?
Next time, then!
Oh, shut the hell up, jeez.
Do you think all this corruption
is due to my own incompetence?
The corruption of government officials has always existed, large or small,
during any dynasty and any time period, Your Majesty.
I am talking of the present.
Why do you think it has increased so much?
We have been able to find a skilled physiognomist
to lend a hand in investigations, Your Majesty.
He is currently working for the Ministry of Justice
and his talents are such that he is excellent
at discovering the faults that people keep hidden.
Your Majesty. It is an -
It is an honor to meet you.
So you are the man
who can look into people's hearts?
I... well, I...
I'm not doing it on purpose, Your Majesty.
It is only a small parlor trick of mine.
A marvelous skill. Nevertheless.
You may be able to estimate a person's past through their appearance,
but to foretell their future?
Wouldn't that be difficult?
Isn't that something only the gods can know?
Y- Yes.
Well, to be exact...
If I look at not only a person's face but also the way they talk and move
I can guess both their past and their future, nine times out of ten.
Of course I am unable to discern the little details, but generally speaking -
Such a talent must only be used
to encourage people or give them courage.
If it is used to root out people's faults and cause grievances
it would be better for you to stay silent.
I will watch and wait for the time being,
but if there are any negative consequences
I will have you expelled from court immediately.
Hah, was I the one who wanted to see him?
What kind of person asks to see someone first and does nothing but yell at them?
If you're the king you can do as you bloody well like?
- What's this stupid dog doing here anyway?
- Haven't I told you he left for work
and he hasn't come back yet?
Come back tomorrow. Tomorrow.
You impudent - How dare you -
What's happening?
Nothing. Close the door - It's just -
Not only did they come in the middle of the night, they've come empty handed too!
What kind of people are you supposed to be, to be so rude?
Why don't you come tomorrow, and leave your, er, swords behind -
And bring something while you're at it, even if it's just a stupid dog.
Your Majesty!
Hahahaha, what? Are you kidding me?
You're the king?
- Hyung. Hyung.
- King. He's the king.
...I guess you are the king.
I have come in person
to ask of you a favor.
An important one, that not even the scribes
should hear about.
There are several men in Joseon who desire the throne.
If you use physiognomy to identify them and tell me who they are
I will use the information to prepare for any rebellions that might happen.
Your Majesty, I do not yet know what conquerors and traitors look like.
I am unable to do it.
With your own eyes, find the men who would not hesitate
to step on other people to see themselves rulers,
who would not hesitate to brutally murder innocents to become king.
My illness worsens day by day,
and it gets harder and harder to tell the future of Joseon.
I find that I wish to rely on you.
Will you disguise yourself as one of the palace eunuchs
and observe these people at my side?
When judging someone's character,
isn't it best to observe within the environment with which he is most familiar?
Do you have any clever ideas?
A man who killed his brothers to ascend to the throne.
Yi Bangwon. The face of a traitor.
Hyung. Do you think if we succeed
- We'll get a huge reward?
- What?
Well, of course! It was a direct order by the King himself.
He'll give you a government position at the very least.
Yes. A government position.
I wasn't so sure if my luck was good or bad
but everything is starting to make sense now!
Things are finally beginning to look up. I knew my fortunes would get better when I got older.
Is that so?
Wow. You'll be Lord Kim Naekyung soon!
Let me have a look at you.
Oh, my Lord!
His Majesty has sent me a rare painting himself?
The first person I saw was Prime Minister Hwangbo In.
He is a generic nobleman, who has only ever looked in one direction.
He is satisfied with what he has
and even procrastinates a little.
What of my younger brother, Grand Prince Anpyeong?
Grand Prince Anpyeong. A man who hides nothing.
He has an outstanding eye for beauty.
He does not consider the fact that he was born royalty to be of great import.
He is a sensitive man who will never be able to take lives with his own hands.
Yes. Whenever he would see an insect
he would refuse to kill it, but instead take out ink and paper and paint it.
Lord Shin Sookju is a very intelligent man
who must have ascended to a high position quite easily.
It seems as if he is less interested in power than he is in women.
Soon it will be time
for you to see Grand Prince Suyang.
He is the most ambitious of my brothers.
You must observe him even more carefully
and tell me what is inside him.
His Majesty has sent me a painting?
This is Grand Prince Suyang?
Grand Prince Suyang is a man who fears the king
and will never be capable of usurping the throne by force.
He is easily satisfied with the smallest of delights,
so I am sure that you need not worry about him.
I am certain, Your Majesty.
Do you have any children?
I have one son.
The gods will decide my time of death
but I can't help but worry for the Crown Prince.
He is only a child.
How is he to endure this cold, harsh world?
It is all I can think about.
These men passed the entrance exam with the best results.
What is it?
Is he someone you know?
His face just... looks familiar, that's all...
No, I must be mistaken.
He's even changed his name.
This is a question for Candidate Byeong.
You received the best scores out of everyone.
What was the biggest hardship you faced while preparing for the entrance exam?
It was not letting myself get satisfied with my fate.
Fate? Fate?!
How on earth did you think of coming here?
I told you that I was going to become a government official, didn't I?
I was unable to take the test under my own name
so I borrowed the name of someone else.
Good Lord!
But... how come you're here, Father?
Me? Well, Lord Kim Jongseo...
How dare you try to change the subject when your father asked you a question?
Are you giving him special treatment already because he had the best test scores?
I'm sorry, Father.
Run along, then.
As long as things have turned out this way,
I might as well wish you good luck.
I knew this would happen!
First place! He was first place!
Jinhyung's going to go on to be prime minister some day -
That's never going to happen.
It's alright now, as long as he's just a low-ranking employee.
But he lied to get himself there.
He'll be lucky if he gets appointed the mayor of a small village, let alone prime minister.
Are you Kim Naekyung?
Yes, I am.
We are here from the Royal Secretariat to pass on a letter from the King.
Kim Naekyung.
Receive the King's letter.
I will already be not of this world
by the time you are reading this.
I cannot stop thinking of my son, who will be alone in this world.
I am unsure that I will be able to close my eyes in peace.
It will prove difficult for the Crown Prince to maintain the throne.
You must go to Kim Jongseo and help him.
You said you are father to a son as well
so I assume that you too know what it feels like.
I entreat you to think of the Crown Prince as you would your own child
and protect the young king with the best of your ability.
I see His Majesty was paying close attention as well.
Nonetheless, my lord.
None of the people I saw had the face of a traitor.
What did you think of Suyang?
I took care to pay special attention to him
as the King himself told me to take special care, and the world regards him your archenemy.
Yet he was the most ordinary of the lot, and his spirit was the weakest.
Ignorant fool!
I may not know a thing about physiognomy, but even I can tell that Suyang has the face of a traitor.
My lord?
Follow me. You must see with your own eyes.
His Highness the Grand Prince Suyang!
With your own eyes, find the men who would not hesitate
to step on other people to see themselves rulers,
who would not hesitate to brutally murder innocents to become king.
He has the visage of a predator that bites down on the throat,
the weakest part of an animal, and never ever lets go.
This man's face is truly
the face of a traitor.
You went hunting during the mourning period?
I would fear what the people would think, if I were you.
I merely went with a few acquaintances to shoot some arrows.
I would not worry so much.
But may I ask
who your companion is?
He is one of the men under my command.
You don't happen to be the man
who can see right through people just by looking at their faces?
I was right!
Don't tell me you plan to turn the former King's interest in face reading into a family tradition?
Alright, then.
What can you tell from my appearance?
When I was a boy
my grandmother often told me I had handsome ears.
Do you agree with her?
They are flawless, Your Highness.
I'm planning to arrange a little party
for some of my acquaintances soon.
Wouldn't you like to drop by as well?
I was a fool.
I should have known that such a man could never be Suyang.
The real Suyang would not hesitate to shed blood to ascend to the throne.
How on earth did he know beforehand that I would be there?
You there! Kim Naekyung!
Kim Naekyung, the face reader.
Have you been well?
He may cause trouble in the future. Kill him.
Why don't you read my face too
and not just Grand Prince Suyang's face?
Kim Naekyung the face reader.
You've been working quite hard in the government.
Have you been following me since last time?
I did tell Grand Prince Suyang to beware your quite extraordinary abilities.
Had I not, would we have been able to fool you and the King?
Mr. Face Reader...
Won't you help us change the world?
It's very simple, really.
All you have to do is pass on a few words to the new King.
Just say the former king
instructed you to seek out the people likeliest to plot a coup
and you came to the conclusion that Kim Jongseo fits the description.
Tell him that Kim Jongseo is planning to usurp the throne by force
so he must be arrested immediately!
What do you think?
You want me to help get rid of Kim Jongseo and let Suyang become king?
I will never aid in plotting treason even if you slit my throat.
You think I will let you die that easily?
I will put out your eyes so you will never
be able to read faces again, and toss them out onto the street.
Do you think I'll stop at that?
I will chop off your brother-in-law's legs -
- you bastard! -
- and although I don't yet know where he's hiding
I will find your only son,
whatever it takes,
and rip all four limbs from his body.
Son of a bitch!
Kim Naekyung, listen to me.
Are you going to live like this your entire life, a worthless man from a traitor's family?
Once Suyang becomes king
your descendants will have fame and fortune
and untold power, for generations and generations to come.
You will never get this opportunity again.
Think about it.
They'll dog our every step.
Even if we escape...
Wherever we go... They will find us.
Let's do as they say.
I heard that Suyang is a loyal man.
He feeds his people wine and meat, and takes good care of them.
How could you speak so freely
of aiding a coup?
Please think about it, hyung.
Us... well, it doesn't matter how we live
but what about Jinhyung?
He's hiding his name just to keep a crappy government job.
He's Prime Minister material, he is!
Didn't you say you were going to save the family with face reading?
This is the way to do it.
Just think of Jinhyung.
Why --
For what reason have you come all this way?
We are here on the orders of Minister Kim Jongseo.
We ask that His Highness hand over a complete list of the soldiers
he keeps illegally under his command.
Should not the Minister be concerned with the education of the young king?
Why does he waste manpower on such trifle matters?
Are these all the men you have with you?
Three is enough men to hunt a tiger, do you not think?
How dare you...
That's enough, Your Highness!
Excellent shot, Your Highness!
Your arrow has hit the tiger directly.
I fired because its moving about was getting on my nerves.
Now I see it was a tiger you'd caught first.
Next time, will you give me the opportunity to kill one myself?
Of course.
Ah! How about giving the tiger we caught today to Lord Kim Jongseo as a gift?
Should we send him its skin, Your Highness?
Or should we send him its head?
Oh, what a dilemma!
My lord! My lord!
You must calm down, my lord.
You thought nobody would recognize you like this?
It seems the rumors are true.
They say there's a face reader caught in the crossfire between a tiger and a wolf.
You're here to see for yourself which side is better.
What are you doing here?
Every single face reader or fortune teller in Hanyang whose name is worth something has gathered here.
I wouldn't miss out on an opportunity like this for the world.
See how quick the people move?
If they think they see someone powerful,
they swarm to him.
Who would want to take the side of the child king?
Oh, my...
It's an exact copy of the throne room.
Shall I hear my fortunes now?
You must be the one fated to rule the kingdom east of the dragon emperor, Your Highness.
Your Majesty!
Please lead the foolish people of Joseon to greatness!
The five peaks of your visage seem to have absorbed the energy and vigor of Mt. Samgak, my lord.
I'm sorry?
I'm asking you if that is truly what you see.
Of course, Your Highness.
I'm saying this because you don't have the expression of someone telling the truth.
Now tell me the actual readings.
Grand Prince...
Tell me!
Grand Prince, you will never be able to
ascend to the throne if not through treason.
Please do not go down the road of traitors.
The entire kingdom will fall into tragedy!
Is this kingdom
ruled by the Yi family, or ruled by the Kim family?
How dare they attempt to tamper with a country King Taejo founded on iron and blood?
The old tiger you've chosen to support might overthrow the young king tomorrow
and seize power for himself!
I knew you were a lackey of Kim Jongseo.
Oh, it's you!
And just in time, too!
Things were just starting to get a little depressing.
Why don't you tell me my fortune?
What do you think? Will I become king?
Tell me!
Do I have the face of a future king?
There must be something queer about my face.
To think that it rendered the world's best face reader speechless!
Don't you think you should make a decision soon?
By the time I become king,
it will be too late.
All you had to do was say "Yes, you will become king."
Why did you have to be such a moron?
Isn't it tiring?
You say it's a small position
but isn't most of what you do menial?
If I can make one more person smile because of me...
That makes me happy.
You can't even use your own name.
If you rise to a higher rank you will be able to please even more people.
Don't you feel any resentment?
I do.
I did feel resentment. I even looked up the sins of my grandfather.
He had a great many sins.
Many people died because of him
and the court lost a lot of money.
I thought that instead of resenting my destiny,
doing my job, even if it's a menial one,
might just be what would make up
for the sins of my grandfather.
Thank you.
I think your face has changed a little.
I think my eyesight's gotten a little worse.
Perhaps it was because of all the reading I did under bad lighting.
The eyes are the windows to the heart.
You must always be cautious if you feel your visage might be changing for the worse.
Yes, Father.
I, too, should become a father who my son would not be ashamed of.
The strength of Grand Prince Suyang has reached its peak.
If a face like yours and a face like the Grand Prince's go head to head
you will lose almost every time.
We must act in haste.
When shall we begin?
I will have something prepared for after the banquet with the King.
The only weakness Suyang has is his inexperience compared to you.
Yet even this is useless because there is a mysterious man acting as his advisor.
We have prepared a child who is similar in appearance to the king.
The corpse of the real king
will be torn into three hundred pieces of flesh
and scattered over the entire country.
We will have no chance unless we act first.
We must make the first move.
This truly is my father's writing.
My father asked you to identify traitors by their faces...
Isn't this a portrait of Grand Prince Suyang?
If you will turn to the portrait of the late King Taejong, Your Majesty.
Does it not bear a likeness to Suyang's current appearance?
What are you trying to say?
Are you claiming that since my great-grandfather plotted a coup to become king,
Grand Prince Suyang will do the same as well?
Your Majesty.
I have read the face of Grand Prince Suyang.
Not only has he inherited his grandfather's character,
but his features also betray a strong lust for power.
To me, physiognomy sounds no better than a childish riddle.
Father actually took this seriously?
Your Majesty.
Are you that scared of the Grand Prince, Minister?
This is not a matter of fear.
This is a matter concerning the fate of the country.
I am not saying this just because of physiognomy readings.
There have been countless rumors about the actions of Grand Prince Suyang.
You must strike down his forces before it is too late.
With this move, a mere footsoldier
threatens the life of the king.
9 PM!
9 PM!
You'll be tired once you begin your journey to China tomorrow, Uncle.
Shall we call it a day?
It will be little more than a sightseeing trip on horseback. You need not worry.
If you'll excuse me, I must briefly use the restroom.
Aim for under the earlobe.
All you have to do is push it in.
Wouldn't it be better if I did it, Your Highness?
Minister Kim Jongseo and Kim Naekyung sought audience with me today.
They said you might do something dreadful
in your desire to become king.
Who could know the future for sure?
Everything they say is guesswork based on people's faces.
It isn't as if they've been inside their minds.
Nobody knows for sure what lurks inside themselves.
Do not worry too much about such libel.
I do not want to believe them either.
Uncle, all I can remember is the kindness
you showed me when playing with me when I was young.
It is the only way I wish to remember you.
Even if my destiny is to live a life of immorality,
I promise you that I will do all I can
to fight my destiny and live a different life.
What is it?
We have received instructions to change the guards around this time.
From whom?
- From Minister Kim Jongseo...
- Since when was the Minister in charge of the palace guards?
I permitted it myself.
I thought the new rotation schedule was causing the guards fatigue.
I will retire to my bedchambers now, Uncle.
The face of a traitor...
Before Suyang departed for China, he had many of his men lie in wait near the palace.
I heard he had conversed with the king until late at night, so I thought it suspicious and searched the area
and discovered this poisoned needle in a crack in the floor.
The poison causes a slow death after ten days of fever.
It seems that he planned to have the king die
while he was abroad to evade suspicion.
The Grand Prince would resort to such foul play?
This must have been plotted by that advisor of his.
We must capture him while Suyang is abroad and learn of his plans.
How are we to catch him?
You said all you know is his voice.
Give me men, my lord.
I will find him even if I have to search all of Hanyang.
From researching the men closest to Suyang
we have found three suspicious people.
This man is called Ahn Kyungson
and was one of the royal bodyguards during King Sejong's reign but now guards Suyang instead.
The next one is a scholar by the name of Yi Mongga
who couldn't take the entrance exam as he was born a bastard son.
They say he spends day and night drinking with gisaengs.
The last one - apart from the fact that he was once a low-ranking gatekeeper, not much is known about him.
He quit his job quite some time ago.
He's never come back since.
But why are you looking for the fellow missing a neck bone?
Don't tell me he got himself into some sort of trouble?
Missing a neck bone?
He always stands like this, doesn't he?
What is his name?
He is called Han Myunghoi.
Han Myunghoi.
What are you doing? The Grand Prince is not even here!
The advisor is a man called Han Myunghoi
and it is said he has supported Suyang for about two years.
Yet there are few apart from Suyang himself who have seen his face.
I will be able to identify him just from his voice.
You've gathered quite a lot of trash.
Who is the man called Han Myunghoi?
Come out this instant!
There is no one here of that name.
Try looking yourself if you can!
Open your mouth and say something.
Say what?
Should I wail for you?
Did someone kick the bucket?
Or, what, shall I make chicken noises for you?
The King is furious that we broke into a house
while the owner was not present.
I heard he was reading physiognomy texts
so I had hoped perhaps he was finally
starting to think Suyang suspicious...
I was wrong. He worries for Suyang and has sent him several physicians
to cure the endemic he caught in China.
Perhaps blood really is thicker than water.
My lord... What did you just say?
Suyang fell ill with an endemic disease in China
but they say it is not a serious illness.
Did you say the King is looking at physiognomy texts?
I did.
The records of the late Han Dynasty are overflowing with stories of treason and rebellion...
This is it.
Fire! Fire!
Were you very tired?
We could hear your sonorous snoring all the way from here.
I was snoring?
What - do I truly look like someone who snores?
I heard recently
that you can make people moles the size of watermelon seeds.
Let me get this straight. You've acquired identification to get into Suyang's house
and you want me to come with you and make him some moles.
Did you truly think I would agree to such an outrageous request?
I did.
How come?
Because of this.
The partnership contract we signed.
What about it?
Were I to ever get caught with my hands on Suyang's face
and I said my partner made me do it,
what do you think will happen then?
Why do I feel so hot suddenly?
Give it to me, you bastard! Give it back!
What on earth -?
Candidate, how well do you know Minister Kim Jongseo?
I respect the Minister very much.
If Lord Kim Jongseo puts
a yellow label next to someone's name
they will automatically be hired, which is why this is called Yellow Politics.
My lord, it is imperative that you
ask Lord Kim Jongseo to stop using these yellow markers.
But if we weaken the power of Minister Kim
we will only be helping Grand Prince Suyang.
Can't you see that without this
there will be no way to defend against Suyang?
For the next five days, the treatment of Grand Prince Suyang
will be handed over to outside physicians.
The physicians currently in charge of treatment may return to court.
You're new?
The security is tight.
Really tight.
This look becomes you.
I like it.
If I end up breathing my last today
I'll come back as a ghost and haunt you until you die.
Don't hit me in the head.
Once he inhales this medicine, he will neither feel pain nor remember anything.
But it's effects do not last long.
If we are unable to complete our task until this stick of incense burns up
all four of us will surely have our heads chopped off.
Do you have eyes or not?
It should be on the other side.
Hey! Hey!
- We're done here.
- It's over.
Oh God...
We almost died back there.
I thought my bladder might explode.
I feel like I'm peeing a river!
I was orphaned
and raised in a brothel ever since I was five.
In a brothel they'll beat you if you put a single toe out of line.
I didn't want to get beaten, I didn't want to starve
so I had to put my intuition to use
until one day, I came to own the biggest brothel in Hanyang.
I don't know about face reading
but I think I'm the one with better intuition.
Are you certain this will prevent a coup from happening?
It must.
If you succeed, don't forget me.
And if you fail, I had nothing to do with it.
Is that so?
Who was it that wrote the report on Minister Kim Jongseo's Yellow Politics?
I see.
What do you have to say regarding Yellow Politics?
Not long ago
I saw an official working for the Ministry of Finance had added a yellow marker to his name.
He was a man who had, as an Inspector General in the countryside,
blackmailed merchants in the marketplace into giving him money
and even molested a merchant's wife.
They say that the Minister's Yellow Politics is useful at finding hidden talent
but it also has these negative side effects.
You were very brave for bringing up the dark side of Yellow Politics.
I give you my thanks.
I believe something should be done...
regarding Lord Kim Jongseo.
About how he nominates people with yellow markers
and the way he slanders you and calls you a traitor.
Perhaps it is because you indulge him too much, Your Majesty.
My father trusted him.
I also thought...
Are you feeling unwell, Your Majesty?
...I am not.
It is merely the sunlight... It is very strong.
After three moles formed
on the forehead of Jinhui of the Seo Dynasty, he plotted a coup
and ascended to the throne...
His features also betray a strong lust for power.
There have been countless rumors about the actions of Grand Prince Suyang.
Since when was the Minister in charge of the palace guards?
By whose orders are you by my side?
Your Majesty...
Tell me this instant!
By the orders of Grand Prince Suyang, Your Majesty.
I have been blind.
The court is full of Suyang's people.
Under the crime of bringing his people into the Royal Guard...
I will have my uncle banished.
From now on, none of you must allow any mistakes to happen.
Tomorrow, when Suyang sends his men to escort the Chinese ambassador...
When he is unguarded, we will strike then.
Currently Suyang is in charge of recepting the Chinese ambassador.
You must therefore take extra care so he will not hear of our plans.
Hyung! Hyung!
Did they say they'd promote you or anything?
Did they promise anything?
You didn't even bring it up, did you?
You didn't even...
I will find the right time, after everything has calmed down.
Jinhyung has many talents
so His Lordship will surely find somewhere to use him.
You should have brought it up before.
You know people act different before and after they go to the bathroom.
Here it is?
Will it have some effect on the eyesight?
There are chrysanthemums on the hills.
It would have been better to make medicine out of them
but I can't go up there right now. My back hurts.
I used what we have right now. It'll still work well.
When is your back getting better, then?
In a few days, most likely.
What is this?
It is regarding an incident that happened some time ago.
You need not worry right now, my lord.
Tell me this instant!
Who was it that criticized Yellow Politics in front of the King?!
Mr. Kim from the Ministry of Justice left you this.
I'm proud of you for getting promoted so soon.
I bought you some medicine for your eyes, so take it.
How nice would it have been
if they'd chosen Jinhyung, huh?
It wouldn't have been worth it if others had noticed.
Let's hope the medicine works on him.
Where are you going?
To pick some chrysanthemums for the apothecary.
If they're good for the eyes, he should try them.
Let me come with you, if it's for Jinhyung!
No, it's alright.
Insolent bastard...
Just how qualified are you to blabber about Yellow Politics?
How dare you criticize Lord Kim Jongseo--!
If you can't see, you won't be able to speak either,
so shut up from now on.
Mr. Kim, where are you?
Mr. Kim!
He's out right now...
What is it?
An employee in the Ministry of Home Affairs got his eyes badly injured
and he's been asking for Mr. Kim.
An employee in the Ministry of Home Affairs...?
Do you mean Jinhyung?
Something's happened to Jinhyung's eyes?
The right eye's gone completely blind
and I'm not sure about the left.
You mean he'll lose his eyesight?
Apparently so...
What happened to you?
Uncle, Uncle.
Yes, it's your uncle, what happened?
Where is Father?
I want to see Father, Uncle.
Where are you, Father?
- Father!
- Get out of the way.
Please cure him...
You have to cure him!
Please, Jinhyung...
What on earth happened to him?
From what I heard, it was on Lord Kim Jongseo's orders.
He heard about the Yellow Politics incident and was enraged.
Even so, I can't believe that the Minister would...
I heard the young man tell the physician that with my very own ears!
He said it was Kim Jongseo's lackeys that had made him like this.
And they're going to replace him with Kim Jongseo's grandson.
Tomorrow morning, before your father wakes up,
go to Hanyang.
Excuse me?
If you visit this merchant I know, he'll lend you his family name.
Use a new name, study hard,
and get yourself that government job you want.
You're going to become Prime Minster one day, you are.
Know what I mean?
Who is it?
I've come to meet Grand Prince Suyang.
My lord.
The brother-in-law of Kim Naekyung wishes to speak with you.
On what business are you here?
Don't send your soldiers away tomorrow.
Excuse me?
When the Chinese ambassador leaves, don't send your soldiers to escort him.
After you've sent away your men
Kim Jongseo will try to assassinate you.
Why tell me this now?
I heard that you made my brother-in-law a promise.
I beg you, please...
please keep that promise.
Please protect our family,
please grant my brother-in-law
and my nephew Jinhyung
places in the government...
This is the only thing I'm asking for.
Lord Suyang, Lord Suyang, please...
I promise.
I give you my word.
We would have been doomed if not for that brother-in-law.
How did you find out who the face reader's son was and blind him so?
I never expected the brother-in-law to take the bait.
I intended to fool Kim Naekyung himself...
What did you just say?
He said all we have to do is wait.
He said he would cure Jinhyung's eyes
and grant him a better government job, too.
Stop dreaming!
Kim Jongseo...
doesn't give a damn about people like us!
He's putting his grandson
in the position Jinhyung used to have.
We're all dead now.
If Kim Jongseo loses, we're all dead, you fool...
I must stop this. If I fail, the king is in danger, everyone is in danger...
My lord...
Minister Kim...
I see you're here.
There are important matters to discuss regarding our plans. Come with me.
Minister Kim.
You must hide.
Hide? What do you mean?
My lord!
I see you've been out, Minister.
What are you doing here at this hour?
I was passing by and dropped the cord attached to my hat
so I was wondering if you could lend me one of yours.
The hour is late.
How many people do you think will criticize you for forgetting your cord?
I have somewhere to go.
Nothing looks sillier than a man
wearing a hat without a cord, does it?
Bring us a cord.
Whenever I see your face, my lord,
I can tell you were meant to live seventy long years.
How old are you right now?
I am seventy this year.
I have a wish I would like to see come true this year.
What is this wish of yours?
I wish to become king.
Enough of your tricks!
Suyang, you bastard!
How dare you...
My lord!
The tiger hunt is over.
Suyang killed Kim Jongseo!
Suyang killed Kim Jongseo!
Suyang killed Kim Jongseo.
You must send your troops at once
and arrest Suyang.
You must act in haste, or we will be unable to prevent a coup.
Who has told you this? Who are you?
Oh, I know who you are.
The physiognomer who knows everything about someone just from a look at their face.
Kim Naekyung, the face reader. How have you been?
Han Myunghoi.
You bastards...
You did it, in the end...
Thanks in no small part to you.
You traitors!
You'll get punished by God.
You'll fall into the pits of hell!
I'll show you what hell really is.
Prime Minister Hwangbo In!
You've lived a very long and fruitful life, Prime Minister.
You had ordered to have me banished?
Had you succeeded
I would have lost my head.
Such is the game of politics.
Either I die...
or my enemy dies.
The three Ministers
have been executed as punishment for violating the rights of the King.
Therefore I will assume the position of Prime Minister, the Minister of Civil Appointments,
the Minister of War,
and the head of the Military, in order to assist the King.
If you will stand with me,
stand to this side.
If you will not,
you will most certainly die.
At this moment
nobody can undo this atrocity.
Yet, I plead you, you must become a wise ruler
so that the people will not suffer...
I must report to the King that we have
taken care of all who violated his authority.
You may now leave.
Grand Prince Suyang killed Kim Jongseo!
The world is changing!
He's going to behead everyone who doesn't listen to him.
Government employees are being dragged out of the palace right now!
These traitors who did not follow the orders of Grand Prince Suyang
will all be beheaded!
Jinhyung! Jinhyung!
- Stand aside!
- Father!
Jinhyung! It's your father!
I'm here! I'm here!
Your Majesty!
Your Majesty! Lord Suyang...
Lord Suyang.
Lord Suyang! Lord Suyang...
Please spare his life.
My son is there. Please spare his life...
Where is your son?
That boy, there, being dragged away, is my son.
He's just an immature boy.
Please spare his life, Your Majesty...
Jinhyung, Jinhyung...
- Are you alright?
- Father?
Don't worry, Jinhyung... Don't worry.
Is this your son?
Y-Yes, it is.
I hear he didn't take my side.
He's still a boy, who doesn't know anything.
He's just a young boy.
In exchange for pardoning your son...
Would you be willing to let me pluck your eyes out?
Do it! Please,
pluck them out.
Father. Father, no! You can't!
Did you hear that?
Pluck out the eyes of that insolent man and bring them to me.
Father, no!
Forget it.
What on earth would I do with your eyeballs?
Instead, would you read my face for me?
What do you think? Will I become king?
Still unable to answer?
No, Your Majesty.
You will become king, Grand Prince.
You will become a wise king
and make Joseon rich and powerful.
You will become a great king, praised by generations to come, Your Majesty!
Your Majesty!
Your Majesty...
Good. Hearing that has made me feel much better indeed.
I find myself tired. Let us stop here.
Go back home now.
I'm fine, Jinhyung. It's fine.
It's all over now.
Let's go back home, Jinhyung.
Let's go back to the countryside.
Wait, face reader.
The longer I think about it, the stranger your words feel.
You said I will become king, but I already am king.
And you call yourself a fortune teller?
You should have said it before I became king.
Now, anyone can say what you just said.
You did read my face nevertheless, so let me pay the price.
Open your eyes... No, Jinhyung, you can't...
Father... Save me...
- Father, save me...
- Jinhyung...
Save me...
Truly you deserve to die
but I am sparing your life because of everything you've done for me.
Suyang, you bastard! You bastard!
Suyang, you bastard...
I wonder if he was aware that his son would
die such an untimely death?
I wasn't aware, myself...
How have you been?
I thought that fellow used to be talkative?
After the incident,
he tried to cut off his Adam's apple and ended up losing his voice.
I didn't want to bring him here either.
But what power do I have?
How dare you? Do you know who you're--
How idyllic. I like that you can smell the sea from here.
Yet this place strikes me as somewhere old men should retire to
only after they've embraced the world.
It's a waste that someone like you
is whiling his time away here.
You must have seen the faces of every man who stood with us.
Have you recorded them yet?
You should do it.
If you write down the characteristics of men who enjoy rebelling,
wouldn't it prove useful in preparing for any future unfortunate happenings?
Do you believe there was anything special about your faces that day?
There were men with the faces of crooks,
men with the faces of bloodthirsty butchers,
men with the faces of scholars...
They were all faces you could see anywhere.
- If so...
- It's merely that...
Suyang was meant to become king.
What do you mean?
I only read people's faces. I was unable to read the changing times.
It was as if I only saw the ever-changing waves
instead of seeing the wind
when it is the wind that shapes the waves.
Isn't what you're saying that nobody would have been able to prevent our coup?
All you did was simply ride the highest wave for a moment
while we were being swept away at the lowest point.
One day, what was low will become high again.
The same way that even the highest wave will crash back down into the sea.
Are you cursing us?
This is the first time I've seen your face properly.
You have a strange visage.
Vulgar but at the same time noble...
And yet... Your end won't be pleasant.
Your fate is to have your head cut off.
Time passes altogether too fast.
Everything feels like it came to pass just yesterday.
I'm already an old man.
After I heard what the face reader said,
I lived the rest of my life in constant caution.
To make as few enemies as possible.
Perhaps that is why...
Suyang has already been dead twenty years
and I have served four different kings.
You were right.
Face reading is nothing but a superstition.
I was not beheaded.
He was wrong.
14 years after being crowned king, Grand Prince Suyang atoned for his sins and turned to Buddhism, suffering from terrible illness and guilt.
He pardoned several hundred people who he had banished or forced into slavery during his coup, and died a sudden death a few days later.
17 years after his death, Han Myunghoi was said to have been involved in the killing of King Yeonsangun's mother, Queen Yoon,
and he was dug up and posthumously beheaded.
What are you looking at so?
I am looking at the world.
What's it like?
Looking at the world.
Title: The Face Reader
Director: Han Jaerim