Gwen (2019) Movie Script

Is that a giggle?
Are you over here?
Behind you!
You can't catch me!
Where'd you go?
You're around here somewhere.
You should move on now, girls.
It's getting late.
What happened to them?
The whole family.
Come on, now.
You shouldn't loiter here.
Yes, Doctor.
Bless us, O Lord,
and for these gifts
which we are about to receive.
May we pray
that you welcome our neighbours,
who join you now.
We pray, too, for our dad.
Keep him from harm
in the Crimea.
We ask you for his safe return,
so he may join us and
share in your bounty together.
May the Lord
make us truly thankful.
This is burnt.
You were late home.
I had to see
to the animals myself.
And now you've ruined
our supper.
I... I didn't mean to.
Go and get some potatoes
from the pantry.
Go to sleep my pretty one
Go to sleep my pretty one
Go to sleep my pretty one
You'll sleep
until the morning
You'll sleep
until the morning
Having closed
and locked the door
Having closed
and locked the door
Having closed
and locked the door
You'll sleep
until the morning
You'll sleep
until the morning
I miss Dad.
Me too.
Sleep now.
Mam, are you awake?
I think there's someone outside.
Who's out here?
Go and find your sister.
We should be leaving.
Last night I heard something.
What did you hear?
I think there was someone
outside in the fields.
I'm sure there's nothing
to worry about.
Go on.
Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!
You'll filthy your clothes.
Put her down.
Sorry, Mam.
Come on.
Let us pray,
thanks to God.
Dear Lord...
we are thankful for the good
things that have come to us.
We may not only till the fields,
for we are busy all year...
whether in the quarries
or the mills.
Our achievements
have been both great and small,
but all are of value...
and we thank you, God, for them.
We thank you for the bounty
you gave us within the hill...
so we could earn our way
in your mercy.
We thank you for the quarries
that deliver us our bread.
And we thank you
for the brave men
who work them in the dark
so we can have light.
The light of Jesus Christ.
The light that protects us
from the dark evil around us,
guards us from the devil
and his diseases.
His temptation...
and his sin.
We pray also...
for our husbands
and sons away at war,
may your love
reach out to them...
and guide them to justice
and a safe return.
Merciful Father,
accept these prayers
for the sake of your Son,
our Saviour, Jesus Christ.
- Amen.
- Amen.
may I have a word?
Walk ahead, girls.
I'll catch up.
Go on.
Good to see
you in chapel this morning.
I wanted to speak to you
regarding a
very delicate matter...
That Mr Wynne.
He's from the quarry, isn't he?
You would never sell the farm.
This is our home.
And it's your dad's home.
Are your feet cold?
Maybe I could
warm them up a bit.
Should I warm you up?
Should I warm you up?
Should I warm you up?
Over here, there's got to be
a tickle spot somewhere.
Have you got ticklish feet?
Ticklish feet.
Tickle, tickle, tickle.
Burn them.
But what about their skin?
Can't we at least rescue them?
They're worthless.
Start a fire!
What are you doing here?
Their sheep were killed too.
Like ours, I wanted to see...
Come away now.
Bu... But, Mam...
No, Gwen. We're leaving.
How dare you come here?
People died here and you... you...
you just wander
straight in without thinking.
I know people died here
and their sheep
were killed like ours.
- I just wanted to see...
- Enough, Gwen. We're leaving.
Dad would listen to me.
You'll go home...
you'll get on
with your duties...
and you will not come back here.
Go in.
Go on, you're dry.
Gwen, come here.
I can dry myself.
- Come here.
- I'm fine.
Go to bed and let her rest.
Do you want me to help you
get ready?
I can manage.
Perhaps we don't have to go
to chapel today?
- You could rest.
- No, we are going.
- But, Mam...
- Go and get ready.
Do as I say.
- Wouldn't you better to rest?
- We are going.
To wait?
But Mam, you really should...
Will you just do as I say?
Help! Somebody help!
There. Good.
You need to leave.
This way. Come on.
I recommend
she takes a tonic wine.
Three bottles will do.
It will help her
gain her strength back.
How much is it?
Three and six per bottle.
We don't have that.
I want to help you, Gwen, but I
have the quarry to answer to.
After market in a few days,
we can pay you back then.
I can give you
one bottle for now.
Come and see me after market
for the rest.
But I'm afraid
you must pay me back.
Thank you.
If you have
any further problems,
you know where to find me.
- Mam?
- Get out!
- I ju...
- Get out!
Mam, let me go instead.
You are to stay here
and look after your sister.
You're only going to
make yourself worse.
You should be resting
like the doctor said.
We need a good market, Gwen.
We've no sheep to trade,
no fleeces, nothing.
Please, Mam... rest.
Be back before it's dark.
Come and get
your fresh vegetables.
Any veg for you today?
Any veg, madam?
Sir, any vegetables?
Bore da.
Bore da.
It's been a while.
- Good trade?
- Sold plenty.
May I buy some carrots?
- Of course. How many?
- A dozen will do us, please.
Um, I should go.
Come and get
your fresh vegetables.
Any for you today, ma'am?
Any vegetables?
You, sir?
- Name?
- Gwen.
I don't have an appointment.
I came about the extra tonic.
Close the door.
Has your mother improved?
A little, but she hasn't...
Hasn't what?
She still hasn't been herself.
Go on.
I saw her cutting her...
Her arm, into a pan,
just letting the blood run down.
Do you know what she was doing?
Some people believe that sin
can be relieved through skin.
As the blood passes
from the body, so does the evil.
Did she finish the tonic wine?
Yes, that's why I came.
Do you have the money?
I'm sure it's not easy...
just the three of you.
But has your mother ever
considered selling the farm?
We can't sell.
We need it to be good and ready
for when Dad comes back.
I only say so
for your mother's health.
- You could start again.
- Where?
Down the quarries?
In the factories?
Our sheep were killed.
We woke to find them torn apart,
spread across the hillside.
I heard.
The same as the Glangors' flock.
You were there,
when they found the bodies.
Unfortunately, I was too late.
There was nothing
I could do for them.
What if...
What if the quarry wanted
their land and they refused?
Mam, I've seen the men from
the quarry talking to her.
Gwen, I assure you
there is nothing to it.
I just want my mam
to be well again.
I don't want to lose my home.
If she could just rest...
and take the tonic.
There's nothing
we can do.
He can't walk.
And we won't be able to heal it.
At least we'll have some meat.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Come here.
He's in pain.
This is the kindest way.
This is your responsibility.
I could at least say
a prayer for him.
Good boy. Shh. Good boy.
Wait here.
May we have a word
with you and your daughter?
What are you doing here?
We'd rather talk inside.
- Wait here.
- I want to come with you.
You are to stay outside.
We have been alerted to the fact
one of your daughters
visited Dr Wren.
We understand that your daughter
stole medication,
medication that
was quarry's property.
Now, this is something we take
very seriously.
We feel it's a matter
that is highlighting
a bigger issue in your home.
An issue we feel
we are able to solve.
Get out of my house.
Madam, listen.
I suggest you consider
our offer.
For you and your daughters.
This is our home.
Get out.
Get out!
- Did you steal the tonic wine?
- No, the doctor gave it to me.
Tell me the truth.
Mam, please, I didn't.
I didn't mean for them to come.
It's the quarry!
Stop this!
You stupid, stupid girl!
I'm sor... Mam, please.
Let go. You're hurting me.
Mam. Mam, please. Stop.
Stop. Mam. Mam.
What are you doing? Mam. Mam.
Strip the carcass.
It will feed us for a month.
Do it now.
- Now!
- I can't.
I can't.
Oh, stop it!
Stop it, Mam!
Night time, Mari.
I remember when there was
three families in this valley.
The Griffiths,
and the Rowlands to the South.
All good friends.
And now...
there's only one farm left.
Steal a sheep
and they'll take your hand.
Steal a mountain
and they'll make you a lord.
In there...
you'll find a letter.
It'll be in a box.
It arrived
just after your dad left.
Read it.
I don't want to.
I should have told you
from the beginning.
He's not coming home, Gwen.
But I promise you,
I will always protect you.
You and your sister.
We can be happy,
the three of us.
You lied!
All this time.
You let me believe
he was coming back.
- You let Mari believe...
- I... I did it to protect you.
Mam? Mam?
Stop it! Let go of her.
- Let go...
- Back!
Mam! Please. No, stop. Stop it!
Stop, no! No! No! No!
Get off! Get off!
You'll be all right.
You'll be all right.
You'll be all right.
- You'll be...
- Shh. Shh.
I never meant to hurt you.
I only ever wanted
to protect you.
Get Mari.
Good girl. Look at me.
Look at me.
You're all right.
Go to sleep my pretty ones
Go to sleep my pretty ones
Torch the house!
Burn it down!
Where are we going?
To find Dad.