Gypsy 83 (2001) Movie Script

Oh, my God.
Did you see that?
Your ass should be in school.
lts Saturday, dear Gypsy.
Come out and play.
When are you gonna
learn to drive...
like a normal 18-year-old?
Soon as you let me
practice in the Trans.
ln your dreams.
Hello, sunshine.
lts been, like,
ten whole hours.
l know.
Oh, shit!
My sister.
Stay down.
Gypsy Vale, that three-for-one
Thursdays idea of yours...
is going apeshit.
Top sales in north-central Ohio.
Dinner for two,
compliments of Polly Pearl.
Chilis. l love Chilis.
Try the low-cal potato poppers.
Keep it up, G-force.
You little shit.
l need to keep this job.
Hi. lts Taylor, Connie.
Didnt you go
to Sandusky High?
Yeah. lts gonna be
$9.48, please.
Gypsy something, right?
Vale. Gypsy Vale.
l see youre still
into Stevie Nicks.
Hello, Connie.
Werent you going to be
some big rock star or something?
Yeah. You sang at talent night.
What was that?
Third grade? Oh, my God.
How hilarious.
So, like...what happened?
That sure is
some good eating, little lady.
Thank you
for shopping at Foto-Hut.
Who is she now?
Some loser housewife?
Youre the one
whos gonna be famous.
Hi, Carl.
Hey, dad.
Hey, mom. Hey, Charlie.
Give me the camera.
l come out with my back
to the audience.
Total mystery and drama.
With the fog machine?
Smoke, Stevie wind,
the whole damn nine.
And l take off my cape.
And three white-winged doves
fly out.
And then, at the height
of the guitar solo...
l come center stage.
And l fuckin twirl.
Stop. Youre giving me wood.
Go, baby! Go!
l want the world
to hear my voice, you know.
l want them to write my lyrics
on their AOL profiles...
just like they do Stevie.
And when my CD comes out...
l want all these assholes to
line up at the fucking mall...
and kiss my ass
one sound-scan at a time.
Excuse me.
May l ask you a question?
Do you think its appropriate
to dance in a graveyard?
Dont you think that we should
dance while we can?
l think you should have
more respect for the dead...
and especially for yourself.
Excuse me?
l didnt want to mention this...
but you could be
a very pretty girl...
but that would be inappropriate
for any young lady...
especially for someone
your size.
Look, Granny,
l am a pretty girl, OK?
Big is beautiful.
Havent you heard?
And for the record,
l dont give...
a flying fuck
or a rolling rimjob...
what you or anyone else
thinks of me.
Youre dismissed.
Hey, G.
Hey, daddy. lts gonna have to
be the Colonel tonight.
How was work?
Fucking fabulous. And you?
lt was pretty good.
l signed up a new kid
for lessons today.
Thats awesome.
Whats this?
Something to write
your lyrics in.
l love it. Thank you.
Why dont we do one
of your old Luna Angel tunes?
Crystal Sea?
l fell into a crystal sea
lnside a ship of fools
Was it just a dream?
Was l floating round
in circles?
Oh, your face, your face
ls all l see
lll be waiting here, my love
Forever and a year, my love
Waiting here for you, my love
Forget your trench coat,
girlie boy?
Piss off!
Hey, Lois.
Nice outfit.
Thank you. l like it.
My brother,
hes in the basement.
This thing.
He thinks we cant deal,
but cripe...
l had a gay friend
in college.
We used to be so close.
ls he sex?
Hes a virgin.
Good. l just worry.
Look after him for me, OK?
l do.
Check it out.
Come here.
Cool, G.
Did you finish my new shawl?
Not yet.
Could you please just ditch
the fucking term paper...
and fix my face?
How could l improve
on perfection?
All right, Mr. Straight-A...
lm not getting nearly enough
hard-core fagma this afternoon.
lm sorry.
lm just kind of down today.
lll help you get it up.
lm kidding.
Whats your paper on?
Stevie Nicks,
unlikely godmother of goth.
Did you check
on the Nicks-Pix?
They just posted
some delicious new photos.
Oh, my God.
The goth nightclub Mother
their fifth annual
Night of a Thousand Stevies...
to be held on Tuesday,
May fifteenth, in New York City.
A strict Stevie dress code
will be enforced.
Suggested attire is...
Like a White-Winged Dove
Stevie realness...
all periods,
including Rhiannon capes...
metallic shawls, babys breath,
platform boots...
leather and lace, tophats,
beribboned tambourines...
and the best hair
in rock-and-roll.
Performers are to be selected
at an audition screening...
before the show
and compete for awards...
selected by a judging committee
of Stevie experts.
Oh, my God. Let me see.
lts just...lts cool.
Oh, my God.
This is in four days.
We have to go to this.
You have to perform.
Earth to Gypsy.
Do you regret not taking
Luna Angel to New York or L.A.?
You know, building
on the Cleveland triumph...
really going for it?
Where did that come from?
ld like a real answer, dad.
No bullshit.
Not anymore.
You think l have
what it takes...
to make it big or whatever?
As a totally objective party...
l think you are a superstar.
What if l told you
that l know where Velvet is?
These were taken
several years back...
at a club in New York City,
and lm thinking about going...
And maybe shes still there.
We agreed
that your mother is dead.
l know, but maybe
she had a reason.
Maybe she could explain.
You know the reason, baby.
l know.
You dont ever wish
you went with her?
Everything l need
to make me happy...
is right here in this room.
This is the life.
Last night, l dreamt
we were in New York City.
We decided to stay.
We never came back.
Thats a good idea.
Then you could completely
drop out of school...
and trash your 4.0.
Thats smart.
Fuck it.
l dont...
l cant go.
lts just shitty timing,
you know.
Maybe next year we could go.
We could plan more.
No, we could be dead
next year.
lm sorry, sweet child.
Youve been talking about
getting out of Sandusky...
since l met you.
Yeah. Well,
Sanduskys not that bad.
My dads here.
OK. Look me in the eye...
and tell me that youre
happy in Ohio.
lm happy in Ohio.
Did you just have an aneurysm?
Sometimes life is a tradeoff.
Youre eighteen,
and you dont get it.
Get off the gown.
Youre twenty-five,
and youre gonna be here...
until they bury your ass.
Admit it.
What about our dreams?
My mom is alive.
She bailed on us.
April thirteenth.
She moved to New York to be
a big-time rock star.
Ended up tending bar...
at Mother.
And you dont want to see her?
No. l dont really
give a shit about her.
Shes your mom.
Dont you fucking
lecture me, kiddo.
Shes been dead to me
since before you were born.
lm sorry.
l bet you are.
Did you say good-bye?
No. Were runaways!
Farewell, Sandusky!
l dont think
l ever want to have sex.
- lm serious.
- OK.
l just want someone to kiss...
with big, soft, delicious lips.
Hed have to smother me
in old-school romance.
l mean, candles and incense...
Moet and Chandon...
but only in a deserted castle
in the south of France.
Oh, my God. You are so much more
of a girl than l am.
Sex just seems so...messy.
Oh, no, no.
Sex can be awesome.
Not that l would
remember, but...
Maybe you and l should try.
l think lm past my wayward-sex
fag-hag test-fuck phase...
but thank you for the offer.
lts just been there,
done that.
At least ld know for sure.
Honey, youre a queer,
with a capital Q.
OK, you know what?
Some of us...
dont care to be defined
by our sexuality.
OK. Sorry.
Can l ask you a question?
Are you gay?
Yes! But l dont have anything
in common with those people.
l mean, like l give a rats ass
about Judy Garland...
Being queer is
a very small part of me.
Yeah, whatever.
So much beauty...
all in one place.
Please give
a warm welcome...
to international
recording artist...
and karaoke hostess
Miss Bambi LeBleau.
We love you, Bambi!
Yeah, girl!
When Sunny gets blue
Her eyes get dry and cloudy
Then the rain begins to fall
Pitter-patter, pitter-patter
Love is gone, what can matter
When no lover comes to call?
When Sunny gets blue
She breathes a sigh
of sadness
Like the wind
that stirs the trees
Wind that sets leaves a-swaying
Like some violins are playing
Weird and lonesome melodies
People used to love
To see her smile and laugh
Thats how she got her name
Since that sad affair
She lost her smile
and changed her style
Somehow shes not the same
But memories will fade
Pretty dreams will rise up
Where the other dreams
fell through
Hurry, new love, hurry here
Kiss away each lonely tear
And hold her near when Sunny
Gets blue
Thank you so much.
Shes a genius.
l think lm in love with her.
How are you feeling tonight?
My name is Bambi LeBleau...
and lm delighted
to be your hostess...
for an evening
of karaoke in Maryland.
But if youre feeling
kind of shy tonight...
by all means...
have another cocktail.
And our first request is...
Sigma Alpha Sigma.
Hello. My name is Troy.
Were passing through
from Ohio State University.
Were training this years
banner crop of pledges...
who will now entertain
you fine folks with a song.
Enter, bitches.
lm too sexy for my shirt
Too sexy for my shirt
Too sexy it hurts
lm too sexy for Milan
What some people will do
to belong.
Troys a little fox,
though, huh?
Theyre not my type.
Ten to one, hes horse-hung.
Did you check out his thumbs?
A dead giveaway.
Like l would care.
l think my dear boy
doth protest too much.
OK, Miss Rock Star,
fill one of those out...
and get your freak ass
up there.
ln this dump? Please.
Do you actually care
what these people think?
Thats a first.
Just consider it a dress
rehearsal for New York.
Left, left, right, left...
Bye, guys.
Next time, bring your togas.
l have to admit to you-all
that l am out of requests.
So l need a volunteer.
- Yes.
- No.
What are you worried about?
Come on. Do l have to
come on down there...
and drag you up here?
Come on.
Come on.
What are you worried about?
Someones gonna show you up
or something?
Thats right.
Helps you compete, doesnt it?
- lll be back.
- There we go.
Please give a warm welcome
to Gypsy 83.
l can see were thinking
about the same thing and
And l see your expression
when the phone rings
And we both know
Theres something
happening here
Theres no sense in dancing
round the subject
Come on. Come on.
...When its treated
with neglect
So dont turn now
Theres nothing here
for you to fear
You can talk to me
You can talk to me
You can talk to me
You can set your secrets
free, baby
Dusty words lying under carpets
Seldom heard, honey,
must you keep your secrets
All locked inside
Hidden safe from view, oh-oh?
And was it all that hard?
ls it all that tough?
l showed you all my cards now
lsnt that enough?
Oh, you can hide your hurt
But theres something
you cant do
You can talk to me
You can talk to me
You can talk to me
You can set
your secrets free, baby
That moron.
A big hand for Gypsy 83.
Youre a star
in my book, baby.
l didnt know
it was Halloween.
You hurt? You rocked.
Fuck them. Just fuck them.
Hey, you--fat chick and the fag.
This ones for you.
How does this happen?
ld like to dedicate this one...
to the redneck, beer-gut
pig-fucker up on stage.
Yeah, you, bitch.
Why dont you come down here
and suck my fucking cock?
lnbred motherfuckers!
How about coming up to my pad
for a nightcap?
l could probably use one.
l do a wicked Bloody Mary.
The bloodier, the better,
right, baby?
- Lebleau.
- OK.
Oh, my God.
This is amazing.
Let me apologize
about tonight.
For some reason,
this karaoke thing...
seems to attract the lowbrows.
You can say that again.
Believe it or not,
in my day...
that joint
was a classy place.
And we thought
Sandusky was bad.
Thank God you rescued us.
Avec bon plaisir.
Wheres yours?
Teetotaler, baby.
So, where are you guys headed?
New York, New York.
Gypsys gonna be
a famous rock star...
and l either want to be...
a photographer, a painter,
a stylist, or a poet.
Heres to New York City.
May all your dreams come true.
Youre good.
You could be great.
Please. l blew.
Rule number one--never let
the assholes get you down.
Been there, done it,
learned it the hard way.
As a matter of fact,
you...remind me a lot of me...
when l was your age.
Yeah? How come?
Youve got stars in your eyes.
You lived in New York?
Twenty-one years, baby.
Were you, like, famous?
That is you, isnt it?
Youre dreamy.
Come on. Lets hear
some of your records.
Youd have to scrape
the dust off, baby.
Come on. We think
youre sterling.
That was yesterday.
l live for today.
- Please.
- With sugar on top.
- You know you want to.
- Never.
- This is so awesome.
- Yeah.
God, what the hell are you doing
in the middle of nowhere?
lm out to pasture, retired.
You dont miss it--
the big city and all
the buzz-buzz, glamour-glamour?
The truth is no.
The first record was a smash,
but then music changed.
Tits and cocktails went out,
and the hustle came in.
Of course, that didnt stop me
from beating my head...
against the wall
for 20 years.
One day l just woke up,
looked in the mirror...
and said, Give it up, girlie.
lm sorry. l dont get it.
You made it. You had a hit.
l had a blast.
Thank Christ l socked away
the big bucks...
while l was still making them.
So now lm just...
living the good life.
You got a husband and kid
stashed away somewhere?
Never wanted them.
Thanks, honey.
l had a dream,
gave it my best shot.
Cest la vie.
You know what?
This should really be...
on one of those
Rhino reissues.
Excuse me?
Yeah. Lounge is
totally hip again.
Youre yanking my crank.
Wait. Oh, my God.
Total brainstorm.
You should come
to New York with us...
and make your big comeback.
Oh, my God. lts brilliant.
lm fift...
Lets just say
l am no spring chicken.
Seriously, youd be
totally cutting-edge.
l could photograph
your album covers...
and design your costume.
l have a life here, sweetie.
So did we.
The return
of Miss Bambi LeBleau.
What have you got to lose?
Really. l mean,
youre a singer.
Singers are meant to sing.
Let me think about it.
- Yes!
- OK.
You think about it,
but lm going to New York...
first thing
in the morning, so...
But right now,
l really have to pee.
Through the bedroom,
first door on the right.
May l have this dance?
Sorry about that.
Guess what.
Bambi said yes.
Are you sure its OK?
Yeah. lts awesome.
This is gonna be so cool.
Try as we may, l guess
the dream never dies.
Does it?
No, l guess it doesnt.
- What happened?
- Dont worry about it.
- l loved her.
- Me, too.
Then what is your problem?
Youre going the wrong way.
Where are you going?
This was stupid.
Your ass belongs
back in school.
Turn around...please.
Fuck. Fuck.
The night that Velvet left...
dad just didnt know
how to deal, you know.
So he looked me
straight in the eye...
and he said,
Your mother left us...
because she loved her dreams
more than she loved us.
Bambi never had a hit.
Shes a drunk.
She rolled the dice,
and she came up bust.
Just like Velvet.
So you abandoned her
like Velvet did you?
Maybe l refuse to give up
my life for a pipedream.
Were going home now.
Dad and Lois
must be worried sick.
Theyre grownups. They can
take care of themselves.
lm not doing it
to my dad again. Get in the car.
What happened at talent night?
Excuse me?
ln third grade.
Screw you.
No. Gypsy, please.
Just tell me.
All right.
Spring jubilee, talent night.
Velvet taught me one
of her favorite Stevie songs.
We practiced for weeks.
And dad showed me
the chords on the guitar.
Anyway...a week before
my big debut...
Velvet splits.
But l go through
with it anyway...
because shes gonna show,
right? l mean...
Shes got to show.
all the cutesie little
and their perfect
mommies and daddies are there.
And l get up on the stage...
singing and playing
my little guitar...
And l pissed my dress.
lt ran down my leg
and dripped off the stage.
And some guy with a mop
came out...
and told me to get back
to the audience...
and go find my mom.
Come here, sweetie.
Cool. Pick him up.
- Are you kidding?
- Come on. The Amish rock.
lm Zachariah.
lm running away.
So, Zachariah, have you ever
been in a car before?
Never one this radical.
Do either of you
have a cigarette?
You can smoke?
As of this moment, l can do
anything l damn well please.
So, you running from something?
And cows.
May l pump?
What do l do?
OK, no problem.
First, you unscrew
the gas cap, like so.
On some cars, theres a button
on the inside...
you have to press to unlock it,
but this is an older model.
And then you make
your octane selection.
Were on a budget,
so well use this one.
And then you put it
in the hole...
and you simply pump away.
l really like your clothes.
lm dying to get out of mine.
Hes gorgeous.
Come on, man.
So is Norman Bates.
l know l would kill
for that hat.
When you were walking
over here...
l think l saw him
staring at your ass.
- Shut up.
- lm not kidding.
Just my luck--an Amish sodomist.
Go for it.
What are you looking at?
Damn, honey, l dont know.
You ask them.
Are you guys some kind
of dragon queens or something?
- lm sorry?
- Dont even bother.
Look, honey, an Amish.
You people sure make
a kick-ass pie.
Thats some good-eating pie.
What the fuck?
Fucking perverts.
Look. Check it out.
Were hungry, mommy.
l am starving.
Anything in particular?
May l make a request?
Eat your Whopper
before it gets cold.
Whopper? Oh, yes. Thank you.
l have a secret confession.
l was a fast-food virgin.
l have a secret
confession, too.
Yeah? What is it?
OK. lve never really
said this to anyone before...
but...lm kind of a virgin, too.
Normally lm really not
this forward...
but the light is so beautiful
right now...
and lm a little tipsy,
and l...
l think youre
the most beautiful man...
that lve ever seen.
lm flattered, but...
Oh, God.
lm sorry.
He does this. lts OK.
Hell be back.
Who are you
fucking girls pledging?
Sir, Sigma Alpha Sigma, sir.
Excuse me?
Sir, Sigma Alpha
fucking Sigma, sir.
Thats better.
Troy, you want to crash here?
Right on.
OK, guys. Get up. Up!
March. Go.
After a bottle of this...
our asses are camping
right here tonight.
Absinthe--the green fairy.
- Hey.
- Hey.
So, where are your robots?
Theyre in the camper.
l needed a break from them.
Yeah, l bet you did.
This stuff completely fucked me.
Who the fuck was that?
l dont know.
Wait, wait.
Could you leave it on?
OK. lts OK.
Hey, there.
OK, l think theres...
some kind of twisted fag
sex ring going on here.
That guy just looked at us...
like he wanted to peel off
our boxer shorts...
and eat us for breakfast.
That is so wrong.
This is a public place.
Damn queers, man.
You cant trust the...
l dont even wear boxers.
What is that?
lts a ring.
lm so fucking trashed.
You are so beautiful.
You dont even know it.
Look at me.
You gonna be all right?
l can go all by myself
now, daddy.
lm a big boy now.
lll be right out here
if you need me.
Just think,
this time tomorrow...
well be in New York City.
The Big Apple.
God, l was so fucking nervous
about the audition.
We are talking
killer stage fright.
But now that l know
youre gonna be there...
Were closed.
l guess we better
put our clothes on.
You make me feel warm.
Dont forget me.
No one has ever
touched me like you.
l just wanted you
to know that.
OK, l know it.
Forgive me, Gypsy.
l thought
this was what l wanted.
l dont understand.
lm going back.
l am so, so sorry.
What did l do wrong?
No, you know what?
lm not gonna let you.
lm married.
And were gonna have a baby.
l will never forget you.
Youre just like
all the rest, huh?
Fucking throw me
in the garbage.
Do me a favor.
The next time you want
some pussy on the side...
you can fuck
a goddamn sheep...
and leave us women alone.
Get out!
Hey, baby.
How was it?
Where is he?
Why cant they all
be like you?
You OK?
Whats wrong?
Wheres Troy?
You hooked up with him.
Oh, my God.
l thought l would have
been petrified...
but l just dove
right in there.
You said you werent even
into him. l dont believe this.
You were so right
about the thumb thing.
This is great.
This is just
fucking sterling.
Whats wrong with you?
Now you can go join
the fag club...
get a tan, big muscles...
some gorgeous boyfriend.
Dont make me laugh.
lm just wondering what the hell
happens to me...
now that youve graduated
to butt-fucking.
Where do l fit in?
Why is it always about you?
Thats bullshit.
lts not always--
No, its always about you.
All you can ever think about
is your own fat ass!
Where are you going?
l need my own space right now!
What are you doing?
Oh, my God.
Are you OK?
Maybe lll just
catch a ride with Troy.
Shit. lf there is
one scratch on--
Have a nice life!
The suns up.
Goddamn it!
Youre right!
Look, what you said...
about how lm,
you know, selfish or whatever.
lve been up all night.
You needed me,
and l wasnt there...
and then...
lm sorry.
Look, baby, l was just a mess
after Zachariah.
What did he do to you?
He fucked me,
and then he dumped me...
for his wife.
Oh, my God. Hes married?
l always wondered how ld feel
when you finally did the nasty.
Part of me would be
really happy for you.
Then the selfish bitch
was always scared shitless.
Because...l dont want
to lose what we have.
Which is what?
Something sick and twisted...
that we both desperately
need therapy for.
Look, all l know is,
when lm with you...
l was just about to say
something really corny.
lm afraid youre gonna give
your love to someone else.
But enough about me.
Lets talk about you.
What do you mean?
l mean...
You can talk to me.
Come on.
l wont bite you.
l guess l thought that...
l was in love with you.
And lm not.
lts more like...
l worship you.
lm a fag.
lm really fucking gay.
lm scared.
l know.
Youre gonna be OK.
You are so fucking dead!
- Valley freak!
- Faggot!
Oh, my God.
Oh, yes, Lord.
Were home.
Children of the night.
l, the Empress
Chi Chi Valenti...
welcome you to the fifth annual
Night of a Thousand Stevies!
Goddess Nicks, l call out.
lf you are present,
reveal yourself.
Wherever you are tonight...
the recording studios
of Los Angeles...
your desert home
in Paradise Valley, Arizona...
please hear our call!
Please welcome
our first performer...
on this most magical evening--
the lovely Enchantress.
Ask her.
- Love the look, lady.
- Thanks.
l would really like
to perform here tonight...
but l missed the audition.
lm sorry.
lts totally packed. l dont...
Do you know Velvet Vale?
Anybody here
whos been here awhile?
Yeah. Chi Chi. She should be
back there somewhere.
OK. Thanks.
- Hi. lm Danny.
- lm Gypsy 83.
The judges will adore your cape.
Thank you. Actually, he deserves
all the credit, though.
This is Clive, by the way.
Excuse me.
lm Hazleton.
So, youre into Poppy Z, right?
Yeah, of course.
Oh, my God.
We have so much in common.
lm obsessed with Lost Souls,
you know.
lts so lyrical and completely
and totally sensual.
Yeah. What a great album.
Lost Souls
is a book, sweetie.
Poppy writes books.
lm kind of new at this.
Theyre just jealous
because l like you.
Yeah, right.
Hazleton, darling,
l think your boyfriend...
needs to use the bathroom
to powder his nose.
Why dont you try being a freak
out in the real world?
You catty cunts.
Honey, here.
Let me see.
lts Robbie.
My name is Robbie.
l always hated it.
l mean, you know,
Clive is way edgier, right?
l just dont
fit in...anywhere.
Could l see Chi Chi?
My, arent you the cats meow?
l know that youre busy...
but l drove all the way
from Ohio...
to perform here tonight.
Did you audition?
No. We got hung up.
Sorry, hons.
Do you know her?
Thats Velvet.
ls she here?
Chi Chi needs privacy.
Yes, Empress.
ls she performing tonight?
Open it.
This is me.
You have your mothers eyes...
You didnt get
your mothers poems?
She wrote to you for years.
She never heard back.
No, l never got any poems.
Why isnt she wearing this?
lm sorry.
Four years ago.
Why didnt she
come back for me?
My sweet darling, lm so sorry.
Sweetie, are you OK?
Where are you?
lm in New York.
l thought so.
Are you sure youre OK?
lm gonna sing tonight, dad.
l wish you were here
to watch me.
Yeah, me, too.
You know, l decided
to finish the studio.
lve been working like a dog
since youve been gone...
and l got the sixteen-track
working really good...
and l thought,
as soon as you get back...
we could start working
on that album.
Why didnt you tell me
about the poems?
Did she recognize you?
Shes dead.
She killed herself, daddy.
And you want to be
just like her, huh?
l love you, sweetheart.
Please come home.
lm your daughter, dad.
lm not your wife.
l love you, too.
lll call you soon.
Please welcome the daughter
of Mother legend Velvet Vale...
Gypsy 83!
l wrote this song for my mother.
Her voice so sweet
l remember every moment
How she sang me fast asleep
And then the emptiness
The angry lace
All those gray Novembers
Lost, alone, cant find my way
But you come running,
arms wide open
Pick me up,
and say were spinning
Mamas home,
her journeys done
Gonna kiss your tears away
And you come running
with your arms wide open
Pick me up,
hey, were spinning
Mamas home,
her journeys done
Gonna kiss your tears away
Now lm awake
And l can see
Oh, the nightbird call
you heard so strong
You passed along to me
And lm still running,
arms wide open
Hold you tight
and pray lm dreaming
Take me home
with your sweet song
No more tears to wipe away
And lm still running,
arms wide open
Hold you tight
and pray lm dreaming
Take me home
with your sweet song
And promise me
Promise me youll stay
Voice so sweet
Did you find it OK?
l know youre doing
the right thing...
but l still cant help
but try and think...
of things to make you stay.
l think sometimes
you need to run away...
to figure out where you really
need to be is home.
Still got stuff
to figure out, dont l?
l love you.
And l love you.
l want you to keep the Trans.
l dont need it anymore.
lts getting late.
Go, baby, please.
Drive it back someday.