Gypsy Wildcat (1944) Movie Script

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen!
Welcome to the gypsy fair.
We have come from the
far corners of the earth
just to give you pleasure.
Our music will make you
think you're in paradise
and our dancing girl will make
the young men's blood boil
and the old ones wish that
they were young again.
It's all free, absolutely without charge.
Step right up, ladies and gentlemen.
Step right up so that there
will be plenty of room for all.
This way, right this way.
We will meet Rhoda.
She reads the secret of the human palm,
locates lost and stolen articles,
and correctly describes
all events of the past,
present, and future.
Ladies and gentlemen, the great Rhoda!
Chico and Cheena,
they foretell the future
and reveal for you the
secrets of the past.
Didn't I tell you to get Carla?
Yes, sir.
Since when does Carla look like that?
I thought, I thought
Gus, Gus would help me.
Does it take two donkeys to find her?
Go now and bring her. Hurry!
Yes, sir.
Gus, we've gotta find Carla.
I-I'll get her, sir.
I'll get her really.
Gus, go.
Should let the donkey ride you.
Yes, sir. I will.
But his teeth are green.
Yes, they are green.
Yes, my friend, they are green.
That comes from eating grass,
which in turn produces
this silky, glossy coat
I take pleasure in
calling to your attention.
But he's thin.
Never before have I seen a horse so thin.
Yeah, yes, but the horse is fat inside.
This pushes the bony structure
to the surface and makes him look thin.
If the horse were fat outside,
you would know that he was
thin inside.
Outside, inside, outside.
Yes, my intelligent-looking friend.
I can't even sell a
horse without that girl.
Where is Carla?
Anube wants you.
The whole place is full of villagers
and they have so much
money in their pockets,
it, it tingles.
Anube can wait.
Some people think about
other things than money.
But we don't go around talking about it.
Hurry, Carla, hurry.
Anubi wants you.
Hurry, please.
He left the dead man.
You could see him through those bushes.
You look, I can't. It's too gruesome.
You see nothing.
Remember that.
We gypsies get blamed for everything.
For everything.
I I saw nothing, I heard nothing.
To tell you the truth, I'm not even here.
But Carla, Anube said for your to hurry.
Who is he?
Who is who?
The man who rode away.
He's dead. No, I mean, he fell off.
If it's that, no, I couldn't.
I don't know.
Please hurry. Hurry, Carla.
You know how angry Anube can get.
I don't give that about Anube.
I know, but he'll blame it all on Gus.
Let's make it fast, please.
Hurry, Carla.
Gus, we've gotta go fast.
Let's go. Oh!
Are you ready?
Hmm, they have no appreciation of art.
All they understand is a pretty girl.
I will show them what an
expert whip snapper can do.
Are you ready?
Are you ready?
They like my trick.
Maybe I don't need Carla.
Are you ready?
You're beautiful.
Just to make sure you heard me.
Her cheeks are red, her eyes are bright,
her hair is black as wing of night.
Let no blond man in her sight.
Who is he?
You have the look of a love sick calf.
Time this foolishness was ended.
When a man marries, that
lovesick look leaves his face.
That's easy to say, Father.
When you knock and no one answers,
why do you continue to knock?
I cannot stop when I'm worried.
Worried? What are you worried about?
- That man.
- What man?
The man who was killed.
Fool, what are you talking about?
What man was killed?
I didn't know, my chief,
I never saw him before.
When I went to find Carla,
I saw a man pull an arrow
from the man's back.
Who was he?
The man who was killed?
No, you fool. The man
who pulled the arrow.
Was he one of my tribe?
Yeah. Oh no, my chief, no.
No, it was...
He's gone.
Who's gone?
The man who wasn't here.
The man who wasn't here.
They will blame the murder on the gypsies.
We must move on at once.
Pass the word.
My lord, Abube and his tribe
are your humble servants.
You're leaving?
But gypsies never linger.
That's what I observe.
Follow me.
You only arrived yesterday.
If I were sensitive, I might consider that
a slight to my hospitality.
Forgive us, my lord.
It is our custom to move on.
We sing, we dance.
We read the past and
foretell the future.
That's good.
Then you can tell me who among
your tribe killed this man.
His body was found near here.
Do you know him?
No, my lord.
How could a poor gypsy
know such a fine gentlemen?
You know nothing.
Well? I await the name of assassin.
I give my solemn word, my lord,
that not one of our tribe killed him.
The word of a gypsy.
We are not assassins!
Hmm, what's your name?
A lovely name for a lovely gypsy.
Perhaps Carla, you can
look into your cards
and tell me the name of the murderer.
I tell you without looking into my cards
that it is not a gypsy.
Forgive her, my lord.
- She's young and spirited.
- So I see.
Now we'll put an end to all this.
I command that you bring
forth the murderer.
But Your Excellency,
we do not permit murders
in our tribe.
Why, if we ever find
one such, we murder him.
Quiet, you fool!
We cannot produce what we don't possess.
Then you're all under arrest.
I'll hang you up by your thumbs
until you or one of your tribe confesses.
It was not one of us, sir.
It was someone else.
- Who?
- Shh!
It was the-
I don't know, sir, but
if none of us killed him,
it must have been someone else.
Pay no attention to him, my lord.
His sole friend is a mule.
Has become difficult
to tell the two apart.
Captain Marver, clear them out of here.
Get them in the wagons.
Take them to the castle.
Stand back!
Get into your wagon!
Get your people into the wagons!
You will learn nothing
by taking these gypsies
to your castle.
Perhaps I'd learn more if I took you.
And perhaps you have no
need of learning more.
Who are you?
My card.
Why, you isolant cur, you!
Captain Marver!
Follow him!
Bring him back with that arrow.
Have I told you before
that you're beautiful?
What are you doing here?
I saw you leave.
You knew I was coming here?
You are riding straight into a trap.
The baron's men know this country.
You don't.
You do evidently.
There is a road below here.
Take that one.
Who's that?
Oh, that's Valdi. He's watching me.
Why have you done all this for me?
I saw you pull the
arrow from the dead man.
You believe I killed him?
Appearances are against me.
There is a voice within
all of us that never lies.
Appearances often do.
A voice was talking to
me while you were dancing.
Did you listen to it?
I had to. It was shouting at me.
Over the music?
Over everything.
You smiled at me while you were dancing.
You dropped a coin in my tambourine.
You sell your smiles?
Kisses, too?
I deserve that.
The baron's men?
No, no.
Our inner voices are talking to us.
What is yours saying?
A beautiful gypsy girl smiled
and danced her way into my heart.
And mine is saying-
- Keep me there and never let me go.
Good luck charm?
It seems to be working today.
Yes, for me.
Carla! Carla!
They're coming!
Eh, Gus, we'd better, we've gotta go.
Now wait a minute, now wait! Gus!
Carla, they're coming!
Gus, wait!
Hurry, please, before they find you.
Where are you going?
I am going back to my people.
Hee, boy, hee!
If we had not come here, we
would not be in such trouble.
If, if.
But we have come, and we are in trouble.
'Tis done.
You are beautiful.
Oh, I thought...
Yes, I know.
I say it with my violin.
The stranger speaks it with his lips.
Which do you like best?
So long as they're said, I am pleased.
I will teach you to love
the words of my violin better.
As soon as we are out of this trouble,
my father will read the
bans and we will be married.
Maybe your father will want
you to marry another girl.
Another girl?
For me, there is no other girl.
Ever since we were little,
I dreamed of no one but you.
And when we are married, we
will have a wagon to ourselves.
Like the one we wanted
when we were children.
It will be painted light blue and-
- It will have red wheels.
Yes, yes, and I'll paint
your picture on each side
so that everyone will
know it is our wagon.
It was a lovely dream.
We'll make it come true.
What's wrong, Carla?
Is it that you do not like me?
I do like you, Tonio.
I have always liked you.
But not well enough to marry me.
Is that what you're trying to say?
Please, Tonio, I don't want
to talk about it anymore.
It is the stranger.
You speak to me, but you think of him.
Yes, Tonio.
I do think of him.
I cannot help it.
I need your help. I'm in trouble.
He is in trouble.
The baron's men,
they're close behind me.
Then let them catch you
and roast you over a spit.
You believe I killed him?
Well, someone killed Count Orso.
Ah, then you did know him.
We were on our way to see him.
If you are so innocent,
why were you running away?
You and your tribe are innocent,
yet you are running away.
The gypsy gets blamed for everything.
Then hide me and I promise to help you.
I'll find out who really
killed Count Orso.
Then you and your people
will be free to go.
He speaks wisely, Anube.
If they do not find the murderer,
one of our tribe will hang for the crime.
I will hide you.
Get back in there.
Why did you strike him?
To deliver him to the baron personally
in exchange for our freedom.
The stranger!
Anube's going to hand
him over to the baron.
It is what he deserves.
Where is he?
In Anube's wagon.
Carla, stay here!
Carla. Carla!
What are you doing?
The soldiers are after him.
He begged me to hide him.
He begged you to tie him up?
It was my own idea.
See he does not get away.
With pleasure.
Help me, Tonio.
Get your violin.
If they come, play.
I will sing.
My father told me to stay here.
Your father wants to deliver
him to the baron personally.
If that Captain Marver gets him,
we will not be able to
bargain for our freedom.
Please do it for me.
I am a fool!
But I'll do it.
Hurry, please. Hurry.
Why did he come here?
Dodging the soldiers, he said,
if you care to believe him.
Don't you?
He doesn't look to me like the kind
who would dodge anything.
Then why?
For the same reason
that you came running
when you heard he was here.
How did you know?
I'm a fortune teller, remember?
Halt your caravan!
Why do you stop us?
Yes, we're on our way
to the baron's castle.
I am aware of that, but I have reasons
to search our wagons now.
Search? We have nothing to hide.
That is for me to decide.
- Who's in here?
- Why, no one.
Suppose the violin
plays and sings by itself?
No, I, I mean to say is that,
that there's no one there except my son
and one of our girls.
Of course, if you'd like to search
some of the other wagons, why...
I prefer to look into this one.
I'll go in first.
Stop that noise.
Is there anyone here who does not belong?
No one but you and your men.
Who's that?
Why he's, uh, he's, uh-
- He's our clown.
Yes, and when he's awake,
he makes people laugh.
It is very tiring being a clown.
He sleeps most of the time.
Even when he's asleep,
he's very amusing.
Wake up, wake up.
Does he always sleep so soundly?
The way he sleeps, you would
think he was hit on the head.
Your jester must be a very
funny fellow when awake.
Oh, in all the world, there's none
who can cause such laughter.
Quiet, men. Outside.
Did, did, did you ever hear
such funny noises?
Stranger who insulted the
baron, did he come here?
Oh no, mi capitan.
He would not dare come here.
You know if we lay our hands on him,
we turn him over to you.
You will not deliver him to the baron.
You cannot.
Is either him or one of us.
It would be neither
if you only allow him
to find the real murderer.
We have found him.
He did not do it.
How do you know?
If he were guilty, I would know.
I would feel it.
Ah-ha, then you are more in
love with him than I thought.
Then you will not do it?
Carla, I've looked after you ever since
you was a little baby.
I have too much affection for you to do
anything to hurt you.
Oh, Anube!
I love you.
Yes, you love him, you love me.
That's what causes all the trouble.
Too much love.
What happened?
Michael, you'll be safe with us.
My lord, I trust that
you and your guests
are enjoying our humble effort.
I am grateful for
permission to entertain you
so you know my people better.
See how they dance!
Listen to them play!
How could any of them have
murder in their hearts?
They're like little
children, simple children.
You're annoying His Lordship.
He desires your entertainers,
not your oratory.
Oh, but of course, a thousand pardons.
What would it be?
Singers, dancers, acrobats, jugglers?
Captain Marver informs
me you have a clown
who made my troopers
laugh even while he slept.
Oh, clown.
Why, why, yes, but I thought
to save him for the last
to leave you and your guests
in the best of spirits.
Our spirits need lifting at the moment.
You will bring the clown before us.
It shall be as you wish.
The clown first.
We are lost.
They want the clown first.
But what can I do?
Why don't you try sleeping?
The soldiers thought you
were funny while you slept.
Fall down, make faces,
act crazy like Valdi.
But I don't know how.
Leave it to Gus.
Well, I'll try.
Tonio, my music.
My lord, that clown.
Bring him to me.
Come sit here beside me.
It's a pity your clown ended
his performance so abruptly.
I thought him very amusing.
He's very clever.
Yes, he's clever enough to
make us think he's a fool.
To laugh at us while we laugh at him.
Since he was interrupted,
I've sent for him to
complete his performance.
He has disappeared, my lord.
Well, allow no one to
enter or leave the courtyard.
Bring the gypsy leaders to me.
You know this clown very well?
No, my lord.
I am barely acquainted with him.
You sent for me?
Where is the clown?
The clown?
Clow? What?
Who can tell about a clown?
You are no
doubt aware that he is
the stranger I'm seeking.
The clown? Stranger?
Oh, I wouldn't have believed it.
You will cease this pretense.
Yes, my lord.
Now tell me what
connection does this stranger
have with your tribe?
He came to our fair to
have his fortune told.
I'll tell you what his fortune is.
It's death when my men find him.
Now, my dear, who is this man?
I do not know.
You will tell me who he is
or I'll force the truth from you.
The iron!
I regret the necessity for such violence,
but you leave me no other means.
She's telling the truth.
She does not know this man!
Please, my lord, he is my son.
He means no harm.
No, no, no, not Carla!
You can't do this!
What's stopped you, Baron?
Your courage, my dear.
I thought I'd
save your men the trouble
of searching for me.
Your consideration
shall not go unrewarded.
In the manner
of Count Orso, my lord?
I rather expected you
when I was about to put
the branding iron to
the lovely young gypsy,
but you didn't rise to my bait.
Well, what do you want?
Release the gypsies.
You fool no one by bringing
them here as your scapegoats.
They must stand trial.
I am the law here.
There is the king.
Do you think the king would
listen to a lot of vagabonds?
Might listen to me.
Another vagabond.
No, a court messenger.
Court messenger?
Does that surprise you, my lord?
What are you doing here?
I was sent here by
His Majesty, the King,
in response to an appeal
for help by Count Orso.
Unfortunately, I arrived
too late to save his life.
Perhaps you can explain
why the arrow I found
in the body of Count Orso had
a red shaft and a gold crest,
strangely like those.
I might have mislaid one.
In a man's back, my lord?
I'm sure you're mistaken.
I I'd like you to examine
them a little more closely.
They were made expressly for this bow.
Get away from there.
Now drop that knife,
or I'll pin you to the
chair from the front.
That should be quite a novelty for you.
That's the difference between us.
You wouldn't kill me if my
back was turned, while I...
My lord!
Open the door, Your Lordship!
Answer me!
Are you all right?
Order him to release the gypsies.
All of them.
Release the gypsies.
The girl, too?
Yes, the girl, too.
Break it down!
Goodnight, guard.
Wet this.
We've got to get him away from here.
I've done all I'm going to do for him.
Oh, Tonio, please.
He's an outsider.
He's not one of us.
You've done enough for him, too.
He's hurt.
He is hurt?
Have this cleared up to be attended to.
As I was saying, Marver, that
is the famous Orso pendant,
the only one of its kind in the world.
What became of it?
Supposed to have disappeared
with the Countess Orso
some twenty odd years ago.
Then why worry about it?
Because that pendant has reappeared.
On the throat of the gypsy girl, Carla.
Come here.
Now these are the vital
statistics of the Orso family.
Carla, infant daughter
of the Countess Orso,
lost at sea with her mother.
Suppose that child was still alive.
Then these estates would belong to her.
There's always a possibility
that the gypsy girl
is not the daughter.
And there's always that pendant.
How can you prove it?
Force the truth out of the gypsy chief.
Follow me!
Hold it, Captain.
We found Carla and her mother.
Their ship had been wrecked.
Varna, on the Black Sea.
The countess was dying.
She placed the King's pendant
around the baby's neck
as proof of her birth.
Of course.
Why didn't you tell us this sooner?
Would've saved all this unpleasantness.
Let him down.
Take him back to the dungeon.
It's only Tonio
returning with your horse.
You'd better leave me here.
The soldiers-
- That's for me to decide
and for you to rest.
Go and watch.
You can see the road from over there.
When the soldiers come, warn us.
He can take care of himself.
He needs our help.
Stranger rides into
our camp and everything
that was beautiful dies.
We're in trouble now.
Thanks to him.
He brought it on us, killing that man.
He didn't kill him.
The baron thinks he did.
So do I.
I told you I'm not gonna
do anything for him.
Then do it for me, Tonio.
Well, I'm a fool, but I'll do it.
You are a most unruly one.
You sit up when you should lie down.
He's in love with you.
All gypsies are in love.
Our gypsy song of freedom.
I heard it yesterday in the wagon.
We always sing it when we're in trouble.
Of course, the noble thing would be
for me to ride out of your life,
but I don't feel noble.
I feel wonderful.
Tonio! Tonio!
Carla! Carla! He's gone!
I ought to bury this in your heart.
That wouldn't answer anything.
Where's Carla?
The soldiers are here.
She rode off on your
horse to lead them away.
Night patrol, one prisoner.
Open the gate.
They'll put her in the
dungeon, maybe worse.
We've got to get in there, Tonio.
Our best chance to help
them all is from the outside.
What can we do on the outside?
A lot more than we could do if we were
locked up in the dungeon.
Are you coming with me?
I'm going to ride for help.
I'll call the other gypsy tribes.
I hope you've been made comfortable.
Release her.
You may leave us.
Please forgive them.
They're overzealous.
Allow me.
You have no need to fear me.
I don't.
There's a sudden change in your manner.
Yesterday you wanted to burn me.
That was only a rouse in
the hopes that the stranger
might show himself.
Why are you so
determined to capture him?
I want to hang him for
the murder of Count Orso.
Then why do you hold my people?
For harboring a murderer,
helping him to escape.
How long do you intend to hold them?
That depends on you.
On me?
What did you want me to do?
Marry me.
Marry you?
Why should you, a baron,
want to marry a gypsy?
Besides, I don't love you.
I shouldn't think the prospect of being
the Baroness Tovar should be so horrible.
Excuse me.
What is it?
Excellent, Captain, excellent.
If you will come with me, I'll show you
a portion of the castle which
I know will interest you.
I believe it might
influence your decision.
Would you mind?
Good shot!
Wait till I come closer!
Stop it! Stop it!
Michael! Michael!
Stand away, Carla.
They'll kill you.
This time, closer!
Captain Marver,
hold your arrows.
Don't worry.
Anube will be all right.
- Who did this?
- Shh.
The baron.
They will all die if you keep them here.
A gypsy cannot live unless he's free.
It is for you to say
when they shall go free.
As the Baroness Tovar, you're
every wish would be obeyed.
Don't do it, Carla.
You mustn't! You can't!
We would rather rot in here.
Yes, we would rather rot!
I wish them to be freed
as soon as possible.
The marriage will be performed upon
the arrival of the high sheriff.
The keys to the dungeon
will be my first wedding gift to you.
My, you'd make a lovely bride.
It's the prettiest dress of the lot.
Whose dress was this?
It was last worn by Countess Orso,
wife of him who was killed.
What became of her?
Her Ladyship and her
baby were lost at sea.
And when it happened, Count
Orso locked everything up
just as she'd left it.
That happened over 20 years ago.
Oh, dear. I'm coming.
Good morning, my dear.
Is there anything
wrong, Your Lordship?
The sight of so much beauty
took my breath for a moment.
She looks just like the painting.
My dear, before nightfall,
you will be the Baroness Tovar.
Does it have to be today?
The haste is for your sake.
You want your people freed as
soon as possible, don't you?
Yes, of course.
Michael, too.
Micheal, too.
All of you, I need your help.
Carla is in trouble.
She's a prisoner in the castle.
Round up your men and follow me.
Too bad we can't have
a wedding everyday!
Men, a toast.
To the new baroness.
And to the lucky baron.
And to the gypsies we
are going to set free.
Yes, just like we did Count Orso.
You're late.
There's plenty of wine for all.
Any change?
No, the gypsies are having a good time
and the young fella's still tied up.
Then get along with you.
Smile, Anube.
We're getting out of here.
I can't smile.
The welts on my back won't let me.
We'll soon be even for those.
Where's the knife?
- Anube has it.
- Good.
Mustn't fail Carla.
Are your people ready?
I'm sure, but I'll see.
Queen of diamonds is your sweetheart.
The king of spades is a
man who doesn't like you.
The hand is quicker than the eye.
Watch this.
So far so good.
The one at the door will be difficult.
The most soldierly fellow, this guard.
And handsome.
You see, he's not all soldier.
Are you?
I'd soon show you if I
didn't have to stay out here.
Maybe we can arrange it.
Eh, doctor?
What's that?
It's the high sheriff.
For the wedding?
Yes. We've no time to lose.
Give the signal.
If you'll excuse my saying so,
very generous of Your
Lordship to take a bride
without a dowery.
But such a beautiful creature
is well worth the sacrifice.
Even now at my age.
Oh, yes, yes,
yes, my lord, I shall.
Good gracious me.
What's the
matter? Anything wrong?
That pendant.
Where have I seen it before?
You're imagining things.
She's worn it ever
since she was an infant.
Oh, I, I
couldn't have known you when
we were in Foot South, could I?
- Hardly.
- No, of course not.
Oh, rubbish.
Sit down here and sign the record.
Oh, for the marriage to be legal,
each of the contracting
parties must sign the license.
I don't know how to write my name.
I never learned how to write.
Never write?
Oh, well, a little bit, my dear.
You just make a cross there
and then you can sign
your name next to it.
Oh, unbelievable? It's very rude?
Remember when
Baron Dimitri was married?
What are we celebrating?
Now you spilled it.
Oh, doesn't matter, doesn't matter.
Dear, we'll make another one out quickly.
Listen to those crazy gypsies.
Weddings call for singing.
Who closed that door?
Close the door, then open it.
It's hot in here.
It's locked.
Ah, it's just stuck.
Give it a good, hard push.
Have a good time with it.
They're out of the dungeon.
Come in.
Sir, the gypsies have
broken out of the dungeon.
They're on their way here.
- Well, call the guard.
- I can't, sir.
The gypsies have locked them out.
Oh, what a pity.
One would hope that the
guards would've locked
the gypsies up.
Guard the doors as well as you can.
Get some logs.
Carla! Carla!
Michael, I'm here!
Help me get her out of here!
But that's abduction!
I don't care what it is!
Help me get her out!
My hat! My stick!
Oh, dear, the marriage book.
Can't very well do a marriage.
Carla! Carla!
Break it down!
Michael! Michael!
This way!
Down there in the courtyard.
Carla! Carla!
Hey! Heh! Heh!
Let's follow her.
Please guard, keep it closed!
Blocks, braces!
We need braces!
Yes, something to hold this!
Everybody up!
Everyone up! Help!
All together!
Where have I seen that pendant before?
Well, never mind about that.
Can you perform the
ceremony here in the coach?
Here in the coach?
Well, of course, if
Your Lordship wishes it,
it will all be legal and proper.
Very uncomfortable, too.
Faster! Faster!
If only the baron had
our horses and we his!
Then I must have a ring.
That's part of your civilized ceremony.
Yes, yes, it is.
Of course, we can dispose of it.
Did I ever tell you both about the wedding
that I was officiating at some years ago?
The bride was-
- Never mind that now, Sheriff.
Get on with the ceremony.
I asked you to remove
the ring, not the finger!
If Your Lordship would
only stop somewhere
and get some soap and water.
Fly, my beauties, fly!
Don't let your feet touch the earth!
Use this.
Baron, that's the wrong finger.
Your Lordship, forgive my saying so.
That's the wrong hand.
Oh, I'm sorry!
I, I've found it!
Now I've lost it!
Wait for the caravan.
Oh, Sheriff!
Oh, sorry!
Get him off here!
Look out, my lord!
Take it here!
Why are we stopping here?
This is the end of the ride, Baron.
Get out.
Michael, look.
Here, Carla. Take this.
Gypsies. Gracious me.
Can't be mistaken, but where?
Well, another one.
Oh, poisoned. Hmm.
Countess, save me!
Countess, I've got it.
I remember now.
Ladies and gentlemen.
Ladies and gentlemen,
I have the honor to inform you that, uh-
- Keep quiet.
You were right, Michael.
She is beautiful.