H-8... (1958) Movie Script

Yadran Film - Zagreb presents.
N [ha] -8...
The film is based on a real tragedy
that occurred on the road in 1957,
but any coincidence with the people
involved in it - are random.
Scenario Zvonimir Berkovich
and Tomislav Butorach.
Starring: Boris Buzanchich, Jurja
Ivezic, Antun Vrdolyak, Vanya Drach,
Mira Nikolic, Mia Oremovich, Antun
Nalys, Stane Sever, and others.
Operator Slavko Zalar.
Composer Dragutin Savin.
Directed by Nikola Tanhofer.
The film is dedicated
to an unknown driver,
which did not stop and
continued his journey
when through his fault,
an accident occurred.
We only know that its registration
number The car started with N [ha] -8...
April 14, 1957
at 18:15 from Zagreb
went on a trip bus.
Heading for Belgrade, at 18:32
he drove to the freeway.
The bus was traveling at an average
speed of about 70 kilometers per hour.
At that time, a truck was moving
towards him towards Zagreb
with an average speed of about
60 kilometers per hour.
After the accident,
that the truck was ruled by a 36-year-old
driver of the 2nd class Rudolf Knez.
According to the track sheet,
he was carrying sheet metal.
In the technical passport it
was noted that the day before.
The truck was inspected
and was in good order.
According to all documents,
the bus was also serviceable.
In the driver's license
of the bus Josef Barach
is indicated, that he
was born in Varazdin
42 years ago and received the rights of
a driver of the first class in 1947.
He was not brought to trial.
He is married and has three children.
Assistant driver,
49-year-old Janes Pongrats,
received the driver's license
of 1st class in 1940.
He was brought to trial for minor offenses.
He is married and has five children.
The bus had 22 passengers, of
which 6 women and 3 children.
In the cab of the truck driver
also there was a passenger,
the driver's son, Vladimir,
Year of birth 1944.
From his personal file
from the orphanage,
that he finished grade 5, passing the
exam in history on the second attempt.
He had 43 missing classes for a good
reason, and 9 - without good reason.
It is also known that, although
it rained on that day,
the road was not slippery and
the visibility was good.
Approximately 50 kilometers
from Zagreb the bus stopped.
One of the passengers
became ill.
Among the passengers of the bus was
a doctor, he helped the woman.
And after a 3-minute delay,
the bus was on its way again.
Around the same time an
unidentified car left Zagreb.
After a little over an
hour, at 20:33, through
his fault, there will
be a terrible accident.
It's 19:20.
At this time the truck stopped
at the station Slavonski Brod.
Driver Knez and his son had
supper, wine was ordered.
But how much the driver drank
Rudolf Knez - is unknown.
After 30 minutes the
driver and his son.
Continued their journey to Zagreb,
taking with them one more passenger.
His identity card states:
Franjo Rosic, occupation is unknown.
At 19:50 the bus arrived
at Novska station
and did, according to the
schedule, the first stop
on the way to Belgrade,
which lasted 15 minutes.
As usual, the passengers
went into the snack
bar to have a bite and
refresh themselves.
In 20 minutes the bus
was again on the road.
And during the next 5 minutes of the
flight nothing unusual happened.
The main driver was replaced
His assistant, Janes Pongrats,
who and drove the bus on the
next section of the road.
A few minutes after the departure of the
bus one of his passengers left the cafe.
Subsequently, he explained that he
was late, as he was on the phone.
And at about this time
it began to rain.
A gusty wind rose,
visibility deteriorated,
but traffic safety
is not threatened.
At 20:15 the truck driver
dropped his passenger.
But soon this passenger
again got into the truck.
At 20:32 the truck and bus
were separated by 800 meters.
The car was approaching the
bus, intending to overtake it.
Passengers on the rear seats of
the bus saw an approaching car.
But the bus driver Janez
Pongrats says that
he did not notice any
signs that the driver,
that the car is
going to overtake.
Passengers say, that although
the driver of the car
did not switch the
headlights to the low beam,
nevertheless he could not
help noticing the truck.
The car added speed
to overtake the bus,
but was too close to him.
And, probably, he suddenly
turned sharply to the left.
The truck driver was blinded,
and he did not notice the bus.
He abruptly drove to the
middle of the road,
and he managed to evade the car. But he
could not avoid a collision with the bus.
Collision with the bus,
he could not escape!
This happened on April
14, 1957 at 20:33.
At 20:33 on the 148th
kilometer from Zagreb.
It's not my fault!
Perhaps you are not to blame, Yanes
Pongrats. But how do you prove it?
Those who could confirm your
words, are no longer alive.
And the witness who remained alive, at
the time of the accident, remained calm
and turned off the lights, so that no
one could see the number of his car.
Leaving the place of the
accident and continuing
to move further, he
switched on the headlights.
Why are you in such a hurry, citizen?
After all, no one is following you.
Tomorrow you will read
in the newspaper about
the seven dead, from
which you escaped.
Seven dead. Just a
figure from the article
in the newspaper. This
is quickly forgotten.
Some dead people.
Which was seven.
And one more died: A child.
He was thirteen.
So, eight people are dead.
And only 15 minutes ago they were alive.
A couple of hours ago they hurried
along the streets of the city,
saying goodbye to friends and family...
And even quarreled...
After all, sometimes it's
easier for people to get along
with fellow travelers than
with their loved ones.
Behave yourself and
obey your mother!
What's the matter? - Give your dad
what you have prepared for him.
Open at 20:15.
What is it?
Do you have a Belgrade newspaper?
Zagrebskaya. Evening release.
Dad! Buy a newspaper!
I put the fruit for the baby.
Evening release!
Earthquake in Greece!
"No, thank you!"
Last news! Do not!
In the newspapers, this
will not happen. After
all, only this morning
it became known...
- Scandal in the children's hospital!
- Listen!
It is necessary to take away the child.
It is better
for him not to communicate
with other children now.
Three more minutes.
Is this your final decision?
Let's talk about something else.
Two and a half minutes.
Come to us again!
Everything was wonderful. - It is a pity
that vacation only once a year. - Agree.
And you, too, come to us.
Mom always told us
to help each other.
And we should also educate
our children in this way.
Excuse me!
"I forgot to close the door!"
No, you closed it!
"And the windows?"
"You closed the windows, too."
- To Belgrade?
- Yes, to Belgrade.
"Have I turned off the water?"
It's okay, Nikola.
"Are you coming up here on the bus?"
Only after you!
Heard, as they say now!
You get here on the bus!
How many extra words!
You can say shorter!
"Of course, Nicola."
- Are you coming in or going out?
- Excuse me!
"Daddy... Just do not open it too fast!"
I promise!
"Is this some kind of rally?"
You'll see. Just do not open it yet!
No... Kiss each other!
Why should I kiss her? You said
she was an idiot! "Who?" I?!
- What can only children do!
- We understand.
"Say hello to my son-in-law!"
Thank you!
- Watch out! Her nose is bleeding!
- Yes, these buses!
Do not look at me so!
It is not easy for me to part with you.
Passengers to Belgrade,
take your seats!
Everything is fine?
Let's go, Tikhomir!
Write! Kiss Maritsa for me!
This man had a seat
ticket at number 3.
In the accident, the bus driver died and
those who at the time of the accident
were in the front seats:
Numbers 3, 4, 2 and 5.
- I apologize!
- Excuse me!
Why does this always happen with us?
"Enough!" Give me a handkerchief!
Fifth, fourth, second...
- Hi! "I thought you would not come!"
- Let me catch my breath!
There was no end to the arguments in court!
I'm not at all interested in who says what
and who made the first strike there...
But citizens want to know everything!
- And this story in the hospital?
- Interesting, but how long it was! ..
And why did I just
become a journalist?
- ( My God! What a beauty!
- And you are even more beautiful!)
(Of course, did not you see how
he looked at you!) - Who?)
(A young man with a camera.)
- ( You're jealous!
- For God's sake!)
(I can even give him our
phone number, if you want.)
(He can come in and
give you flowers.)
- ( But only when I'm at home.
- How very nice of you!)
And do not be ashamed of yourself!
I did not want to say goodbye to my dad!
Well, say: "Daddy"!
And my dad does not exist anymore!
"We'll see him again soon!" "Well, he can
not get to Belgrade on a motorcycle."
We would like to see
how you can stop it!
Oh, those new motorcycles!
- And of course you will fly by helicopter?
- Of course.
Do not ride him on a
cart like you do!
Do you remember how you juggled the plates?
Mom was so afraid. "Do you remember her?"
Of course.
I was already big. "You can
go to sleep behind." - No.
I do not want to go to bed
until we reach Zagreb.
Everything should be done according
to the schedule: Have, work, rest...
And I hate to sit and
read after dinner.
You can not do only
what you like.
The teacher also always said so.
There after all all
children were orphans.
Some parents died in the war.
Others - in the camp
or during the bombing.
Only I had one father.
The guys kept asking:
"When will your
father come for you?"
"They probably did not know that
I was in prison." - Knew...
The time is 18:35.
The truck and the bus were driving
at the maximum permissible speed.
But for the soldier it
was not fast enough.
In his pocket he had a leave
and a telegram:
"I was just born, I want to see
you, point, your son, the point."
During the accident, he
was sitting in front.
Do you think I should
tell him everything?
Did you see the soldier
when we got on the bus?
You open the newspaper and you see
that the text is full of mistakes!
"Maybe he knows our Branco?" "Who?"
The soldier. Ask him?
Try it! But this is unlikely.
Do you like her?
Yes, and if she bites -
You treat me. Going?
They say that drunkards
do not tolerate tablets
that cause aversion to alcohol.
- Yes.
But either tablets, or: "Farewell, bus!
.." Tickets, please!
- Come on! - Wait...
- Come on, come on!
Only not so...
"Is it really that hard!"
Say something witty -
that you already met somewhere.
- It's completely unfair.
- Is it? - Not at all.
Okay. Then pretend to
be romantic, tell her:
"It's good to have someone who
sees you off at the station."
This is also unintelligent.
No? Then think of something yourself.
- You do not want?
- No thanks.
All this is so trivial.
But I'll think of something.
And what about the old man?
I'll arrange everything...
Can you!
Tickets, please!
Yes, but you did not sit down in your
place. Please, change your mind.
Like this? I checked.
You have a ticket to the
sixth place, and you
sit on the fourth place.
- Oh, I'm sorry!
But nothing! In the event of an accident -
behind it is safer! "What are you saying?"
Okay. Everything is fine.
- And what else?
- Nothing!
No peace...
Excuse me...
What? Do you want to?
But no, it's too early.
- Well, give the baby milk!
- Tell me that my mother knows best.
She finished the courses of
modern methods of education.
"My mother had no idea about these
methods." - It can be seen.
Ask your mother better, at which
courses she studied good manners.
I'm all right with me.
Suppose I'm not superman,
but you know how the
girls ran after me!
And my wife is beautiful.
And what a dowry for her gave!
Tell me that your mother was
also given a dowry. - And what?
In six months we will
have our own apartment!
Here's how your courses help you!
You say that you do not
have a ticket, as if
you have absolutely
nothing to do with it!
I'm very sorry, but
that's the way it is.
Facts are a stubborn thing, and
they are beyond our emotions.
So why do not you have a ticket?
And why then did you get on the bus?
But, sorry, you asked two
completely different questions.
With which of them will we begin?
"Are you making a fool of me?"
"Slander, citizen!"
If I said something like that, I would
be like that scoundrel from Hamlet,
who claimed that the old men had neither
intelligence nor strength in their thighs.
Excuse me, I did not know
that he did not buy tickets.
He likes to make presentations.
Two before Slawanski Brod, please.
Dad? Why does this man
have such a hoarse voice?
"Maybe he has laryngitis."
What it is?
- Laryngitis?
- Sore throat.
Could be more respectful.
I'm your father's father.
You are lucky that you are not.
"I'm just going to talk to him
about something." - Next! ..
I apologize...
Can I ask...
"Have not we met before?"
I do not think so.
- Carefully, do not stain the seats.
- Careful?!
Always do everything carefully!
Afraid of what people think.
But your sister is not like you.
She's not that sensitive.
"Oh please...
Please, sew me a dress..."
"Only this, only one..."
And I spent two weeks
at the sewing machine!
Do not you understand how
they treat us, while you...
Well, what is this?!
You always complain.
I so wanted to go to Zagreb,
take a walk in the park!
But I did not see
him in two weeks!
Why can not we go on
vacation like other people?
Somewhere to the sea.
Stay in the hotel.
To take care of me.
You always want something more.
It's good to have
someone to see you off.
"Was it your father?" "Father?"
No, it was not my father. "Uncle?"
- A relative? - No.
- Then - the husband.
Not a father, not a
relative and not a husband.
I know: It was your fiance!
"You are unbearable!" Excuse me.
In a few seconds we will
inform you the exact time.
The exact time is 19 hours.
We offer to listen to light music.
Also what there can be?
Look at the light.
Dad, ask him for a newspaper!
There is a page for children.
"It's not proper to ask."
Well, dad!
It's 19:20.
A minute ago, the truck
driver Knez asked his son:
"Son, is not it time for us to eat!"
And the son replied: "This is the first
time we will have dinner together."
Father added: "At the same time we
will drink and forget everything."
It was at the station
Slavonski Brod.
"What shall we eat?" "Anything,
but not pasta and cabbage."
- You that only this and fed?
- No, there was something better.
But they always pestered
me when the food was bad.
- Why? Were you a cook?
- No.
But the tutor said that
if we had no thieves,
then we would have
lived much better.
And then everyone looked at me.
"We agreed that we will not remember this."
Yes, we will not, dad.
Everything was and has passed!
But if you get caught again,
they'll send me there again.
"It will not happen again."
Are you sure? Yes.
This is Dox! A worthwhile thing!
Waterproof! [Doxa is a Swiss company.]
Here it is written: Waterproof.
You can throw at least in the water!
"Give me a glass of water!"
"Take this one."
Like this! Floats in the
water like a fish! Listen!
- Ticking?
- Yes.
And the wine is spoiled!
Only for you - 3,200.
You would have seen his face
when he started to eat!
He said: "No, not
at all salted, no."
In Zagreb you will have
new friends, you'll see!
Only choose those with
whom you will be friends.
Nobody likes being
called a coward,
but do not give in if you are
made to do stupid things.
Well, agree! I give you 400.
Imagine this! They can not be
removed, even when you wash yourself!
"I wash so rarely that it does not matter."
- And where will we live?
- This is another question.
At the beginning we will
live with my friends.
Then I'll try to
find a good job.
Others did not waste time
in these three years.
And who will cook for us?
"Do not worry, we will not stay hungry."
"Dad... do you want to get married again?"
I do not know.
Well... and how do you think?
You know, Dad, I've been thinking
about how it's gonna be.
So what?
You know, Dad, you
better not get married.
- Yes, but who will farm?
- Dad, I'm not like some children.
I am obedient.
And I can do everything.
- Look! - That's great! How do you do it?
- Try it!
Well hello!
For your return to us, honest people!
Everything is over!
"Have not you forgotten your
comrade friend yet?" - Score!
Look at him!
Here to you and gratitude. And this is
for everything I taught him in prison.
Score! "What's the rush?"
Let's drink to a meeting!
It's time for me - I'm going to Zagreb.
"To Zagreb?" So I also need to Zagreb.
"I was just thinking who would take me."
I can not with me is a child.
Listen, give me a lift.
I'm without a penny.
Let's make it up.
Way long, let's talk...
Where are you going?
"Why did you think he was my father?"
He seemed quite old to me.
"Did it upset you?"
Now I do not care.
But sometimes, even what does not
matter to us is frustrating.
What reason? Is this the reason?
Do you think the flowers
will be produced by my old
man some kind of impression?
"But not forcibly..."
You must tell him
that you married,
we are waiting for the child
and only he can save you.
Yes! Not bad for a start!
And then I take out the gun, put
the barrel to my head and say:
"Your one word can save
my life." Not bad?
And he will say: "Well,
my son, get yourself
killed, if that's
what you want..."
"I have no money.
You can not live at my expense."
I can not believe it.
You do not have to give up.
Explain to him that it's not your
fault that you can not work.
It will not work for him.
I feel sorry for myself,
I hate my old man and...
Well, you have a family!
You found a good job!
No one really knows what
you're driving there.
Approaches, for example,
someone and asks:
"Do not take a couple of boxes? ..
"Everything is between us..."
Do you understand?"
And you are calm, like a rock.
But if I agree -
stretch out your hand.
He gives you 3,000.
And you do not even stir.
He gives you another 1,000 -
but you're not in the right place.
And then he begs: "Well, come on!
Five thousand is a lot of money!"
And in the end he pays -
he does not have a choice.
Do you understand what
opportunities you have?
"And what is the joy of money in prison?"
Do not worry about that!
Why do you need your head!
"No, I will not go back there."
"People live in prison, too."
The first time there is hard,
but then you get used to it.
Ask your dad to buy you a watch.
They are inexpensive.
"Take them away!"
- Look at him!
How many years he had not seen his son!
Well, decide!
"I'll give them to you inexpensively."
Get out. It's time for him to sleep.
"I do not want to sleep, Dad!"
"Tomorrow we will have a difficult day."
"Or maybe it's a lucky lottery ticket."
They know that I
have a weak heart.
Then, maybe a school report
card with bad grades?
No, they are not like that.
Coughing on the bus -
it's unhygienic.
I cough because I'm sick, and
not because of too much health.
"You have beautiful
hands." "Since my work is
connected with them,
they must be beautiful.
And! .. And what do your hands
know how to do? - I'm a pianist.
"And will you ever play this way?"
"My professor says yes."
- And he can be trusted?
- I think yes.
This is just what he plays, with
the Philharmonic Orchestra.
"So you're in good hands."
This is the person who saw me off.
A wonderful thing!
- Yes, this is "Rolleifleks"
automaton with a lens 3.5.
"It must be very expensive."
- Yes, they are sold for
a hundred and twenty - one
hundred and five thousand.
And if used?
The used one is about
one hundred thousand.
- Want to buy?
- No thanks.
One eighty-two-year-old artist
married his twenty-year-old student.
"But I do not even know..."
"What would you like to know?"
A five-year-old girl is
seated at the piano.
And at a time when other children are
playing, she learns the etudes of Cherni.
And when it's time to fall in love,
it turns out that the only man
she knows is her teacher.
And he is a great artist,
very educated, witty,
and besides - very attractive -
Well... and what's so surprising?
"Why am I telling you this?"
I do not know.
- What?
- I don't know.
Excuse me, are you Dr. Shestan?
- Yes. What's the matter?
- Nothing. I am a journalist.
Everything is fine.
I check my memory.
The outfit is out of turn!
Where is your needle and thread?
And you will not have a match?
Soldiers at all
times are the same.
(- Is it time to tell him our address
and phone number?) - Dear...)
Ways-ways! .. Who are you?
A boy or a girl?
"Have not we met anywhere else?"
We know these tricks.
"Papa, what did this man want?"
He's one of those who makes money
on other people's misfortunes.
"Are not you ill, dear?"
Now it will pass.
Dad, but doctors also make money
on other people's misfortunes?
Yes, but they help people.
Their suffering makes them easier.
Sometimes they make mistakes.
And that's unforgivable.
But I still want to be a doctor.
A child's doctor, like you.
I'm sorry for the children
of these modern parents.
What are you trying to say?
And what do you dislike about us so much?
My husband already has
a diploma, and I...
And I will also receive a diploma.
And we already bought a motorcycle.
And in a few months we will have an
apartment... And we have a child.
And when we got married,
we had only seven dinars.
And our honeymoon -
it was something...
After the wedding, we returned each
to our hostess, each in his own room.
Well, how did you manage
to have a baby then?
Say: "It happened when one of the
hostesses went on vacation!"
"I'll stop the bus." You need to get out.
No, do not.
We have the right.
We paid for the tickets, after all.
Is there a doctor on the bus?
I am a doctor. Stay here.
It's cold outside.
Allow. I am a doctor.
"What month are you on?"
"On the fifth."
Nothing wrong. In your
position, this is normal.
Even I know it.
You should not have worried.
Smart people say that
doctors always win.
They receive thanks for healing, and
mistakes are hidden in the ground.
Maybe you're right. The only pity is
that it is impossible to avoid mistakes.
I need to write to the educator.
"He said that if I wanted to,
I could go back. - Really?"
A little rascal.
"I will write to him that I will
not return." "Now go to sleep."
- Dad, can I take the tram to school?
- Yes.
Mom said that I never
jumped on the bandwagon.
Dad, do we go tomorrow
to my mother's cemetery?
And could you play that way?
"I would not want to play that way."
"But is it beautiful?"
- Maybe.
But I do not like this in music.
This is commerce.
Music for entertainment, one that
sells well. She's all the same.
Yes, simple and clear
things are boring to you.
You like only complex melodies,
only complex fugues of Bach.
No, fugues -
they are not at all complicated.
Fugue is a lot of melodies, and
they are all very beautiful,
And they are all part of the whole...
You understand?
How can I explain this?
The melodies in the fugue are...
It's like passengers on this bus!
Everyone has it -
its own destiny, its past,
their hopes, their secrets.
Do you understand?
But we are all moving
towards the same goal.
"It's probably boring to you."
"When you say it, it does not."
When I publish my notes -
it will cause a sensation!
Title: "The Great Game".
How's that for you? - Good.
And the subtitle: "Evidence of the
destruction of our language."
It was collected and published
by Professor Nikolai Tomasic.
Yes. But I would like
to talk with a soldier.
Please do not.
What are you looking
at me like that?
When I last traveled by bus,
there was no light in the cabin.
And I like to read on the road.
But today you would
like to sleep.
Alma... What a beautiful name.
I read it here...
Well, stop playing! We must go.
And we just started.
But I do not mind if you ate.
"And I can make you a company."
We know these...
"The big ones must turn away.
(Honey, do not put your
feet like that...)
(-But in another way it's uncomfortable
to sit here. - You are to blame.)
(It would have been much more convenient
in our car, if you had not broken it.)
(You're always displeased.
As if I really am guilty!)
(Of course, you've always
been a good driver...)
"What a woman!"
- Sorry?
What a filly!
I wish I could be like this in my stables!
(Smile please.
Let him see that we are happy.)
(And what would happen to me if
I obeyed you in all things?)
Turn around!
Do not turn your neck.
I think I've already turned it off.
An agenda from the military registration
and enlistment office? Birthday card"?
Notification of promotions?
- Let's! Open it!
- No, it's not the time yet!
(Thank you dear!)
Look how she's dressed! Why do not
you want to buy anything on credit?
Stop! I do not want the
whole bus to hear!
"But we can not postpone anything
from your salary!" - No credits!
Novska station!
Parking is fifteen minutes!
I apologize!
Well? Who orders the booze?
It seems to me, she all the
same starts to give in.
She told me about her music
teacher: She broke up with him.
- Yes, they are all the same.
- You think so?
"She's not like that." I really
try very hard. - Try more.
"Show your strength!" Nadavi!
And get a slap in the face!
Come on! I was slapped only once.
Because I did not kiss her.
With one conversation you will not achieve
anything. She had heard all this.
- You should be interested in her...
- How to interest?
It's a great thing.
"I'm sorry, but she's mine."
- Thank you!
- You are welcome.
- Who ordered?
- Come on!
"Do you drink a lot?"
- Yes.
With our work it becomes a habit.
"And you like it?"
"Do not you want a drink?"
I do not like this.
And I definitely like it.
"And I prefer fresh air."
Hey, wait! .. Account!
Your change!
"Leave it to yourself!"
"Hey, where are you going?"
I have to go. I'm attacking.
Come on! Order it!
"We're not in a hurry."
- Undiluted or add water?
- White wine. - Juice.
Juice for the Pongrats driver!
Okay. I'm glad they
let you drive again.
I suffered losses
until you went.
Waiter! "Ah... it's there!"
"You will not earn much on your
passengers." - Do you prefer foreigners?
To hell with the aliens!
Those are still juggling.
- Our people are more pleasant.
- (Waiter, please!)
"Yes, what do you think?" (- You have...)
"Two coffee." (- Yes.)
- Anything else?
- No.
Excuse me, did you
make the order yourself?
Of course!
"So you understood everything, What
did I say on the bus? Oh sure."
And he? "He's Swiss."
In our opinion he does
not understand a word.
Thank God!
It's not allowed to smoke here!
Read it!
Are you cold? Take a walk?
It turned out that it is not difficult, -
and I again freely chat.
But I did not speak Croatian for ten years.
I thought that I forgot everything.
You would have seen me on the border...
I was so freaked out! "I'm afraid
of customs officers and I'm afraid."
No! I was afraid that I
forgot the language!
What do you want?
"Brandy for my wife."
And mineral water for me.
Wait... A little white wine!
I was hoping that I would be entrusted
with a more interesting flight.
But I'm glad I got this one.
What are you, buddy?
- No.
Give it to me! Martini!
Yes. Big or small? Big!
Do you know how much it costs?
Three Martini!
- For you, for our driver and for me!
- For me, why?
"Excuse me, are you a soldier or a
general?" - For today I'm corporal.
But my son, he may
become a general!
"No, it's dark here."
So what? I am afraid of darkness.
As a child, I was even afraid
to go into a dark room.
This means you have a rich imagination.
It's good.
Do you want to say that brave people have
no imagination? But what about... Byron?
And was not Dante and
Zola brave people?
"Enough smart conversations." We will talk
better about us. - Let's better go back.
- Let me go!
- Why do you oppose your desires?
Make a wish -
the star is falling!
And maybe it's a companion.
"Why did you mess it up!"
Why are you pretending to be evil?
I know that you are not like that.
"You have feelings, attachments..."
And poison.
Enough to poison a pack of rats.
- Well, speeches... As if you're on stage.
- Are you cold? - No.
I'd rather put on a coat.
Excuse my husband, doctor.
He likes to seem strange.
You must understand it.
I already forgot about it.
The main thing is that you are all right.
It was a momentary weakness.
"But you should not go by bus."
Probably, the doctor has
not enough of his salary?
He would like to earn some money?
- Crazy!
Everything is normal.
We will not bother you!
I take patients
only in the clinic.
It's very kind of you.
That's just the level is not the same.
A person should never
drop his dignity.
Polonius would say:
"Honored Master..."
"I will humbly
accept our parting."
And Hamlet would answer:
"Sir, you can not deprive me of that..."
with which I myself would not have
parted willingly - except my life."
"Except my life..."
"Except my life..."
Dad, this is an actor who has lost his
voice! About him wrote in the newspaper!
Yes I remember. He was
given the wrong treatment.
"Papa, why is he so strange?"
He himself was confused in everything.
Everyone pities him and comforts him.
He thought he would
become a great actor.
And his throat hurt.
But the doctor did not
help him, but only
made it worse. And then
he became embittered.
Why? "Because he does
not want to be pitied."
Why do you hate him?
Perhaps he's a good doctor.
They are all the same.
- No, I do not recognize this!
- Wait!
I wanted to come, but
he would not let me go.
He's terribly jealous.
He does not even let
me leave the house.
"Is not it awful?"
It's horrible!
These are vestiges of
feudalism and slavery!
The wheel of history will crush you!
(- What?)
(He compliments you.)
"From whom?"
"That man gave it to you."
This is my friend.
A fellow journalist.
A good guy, only very awkward. And at the
same time - an excellent journalist.
Excuse me, citizen... comrade.
- Are you really a journalist?
- Yes.
Let me introduce myself:
Professor Tomasic.
I so wanted to meet someone
from the newspaper.
I appreciate what you are doing.
"But I'm concerned about the
purity of the language." - Yes?
For example, today in
the newspaper wrote...
Listen, you can complain to the
proof-reader or the editor.
Or write to the "Leaf
of Pensioners."
- Excuse me?
- In the "Leaf of Pensioners." Clear?
Yes. I understood.
Excuse me...
I did not mean to offend you.
Hey, is this yours?
And mineral water?
No, thanks.
And I say to all my friends:
Do not marry a beautiful woman!
It is a paradise for the
eyes, hell for the soul
and a vacuum cleaner for your wallet!
But it does not threaten me.
I do not succumb. (- Great!)
(- What did he say?)
- What?
A glass of wine.
Passengers following on Belgrade!
The bus departs in two minutes!
"Where's the phone here?"
Over there. There? - Yes.
No... I'm crying!
"Only four hundred and eighty-five..."
Hold on! For the bottle was paid.
The bus leaves!
- Excuse me. Can?
- Can...
Just remember:
More than three minutes - double payment.
Do not worry, I will
have two minutes.
Kuketsa, please.
Kukets! The old man!
This is Ivica. Yes, Franjo... Ivica.
I'm passing through here. Yes.
A lot of work.
You think it's not worth it?
No, you're wrong, old man.
It's worth it!
Order? Go!
What are you waiting for! Touch it!
Why do not they believe me?
"Who told you that?"
"I know myself."
Why they put me on
a flight with you!
- After twenty years at the wheel...
- This does not mean lack of respect.
You've had a break six months.
Touch Tikhomir - for luck.
Do you think he helps the drunkards?
Yes! And even to those
who take pills!
This man had to die
one of the first.
He had a place 2.
Now this place is free.
Places 3 and 4 are also not occupied yet.
Strange creature woman!
A woman does not understand
what faith means to a man.
And he is ready to change his convictions
a hundred times, only to please her.
(This is a poem?
Can you translate it for me?)
- Translate?
- Do not!
Translations - they are like women:
If they are true - they are ugly,
but if they are beautiful...
they are wrong.
And you - evil! (What did he say?)
Oh, God!
(Oh, this is your jealousy!
I can not chat?)
(You are always there.
Well, of course!)
(And how in Croatian will be "next"?)
(- How? ..)
- Prisutan.
( Dear sir, I'm always prisutan.)
- What have you done?
- Nothing.
I told her to wipe her nose,
and blood blew again.
Well, what is this?
And everyone is looking at us.
"Keep your head up, dear."
OK, Mom.
Well, that's the rain.
Watch out. The road must be slippery.
I'll go check to see if there
are any new passengers.
I need constant work.
"Is the watch badly sold?"
It brings a little money.
You need to find a
buyer, persuade him...
"Sell some other watch."
- What?
Do you really think that the clock, which I
propose to them - and really waterproof!
So you have not changed.
But soon I will be a dispatcher.
Transportation of building materials!
Yes, but, even grabbing cement with
handfuls, you will not earn much.
Well, it's not about the handful...
but about wagons...
Listen, do not you
want to work for us?
So who are you: The dispatcher
or the personnel manager?
Bleeding will stop. It
always stops eventually.
Come with me.
You'd better sit in front.
- Can I go?
- Yes, go, do not be afraid.
"Go, go, dear."
- Watch out!
In construction it is always like that.
If you have an engineer at your
construction site, a foreman,
the dispatcher and the driver are your
people, you can not be afraid of anything.
And you can put less
cement in the concrete,
and in blocks - less iron.
- That's all.
- It's not interesting for me.
You will receive
twenty-five percent.
Where else can you
find such money!
"And most importantly,
they will not be able to
catch you!" "They'll catch...
they catch everyone!"
Only if someone nastuchit.
Care is needed here.
The accountant will not have a key.
And the saved cement
can be sold anywhere.
Houses are built everywhere.
Pie in the sky! Where do you find
such an engineer and foreman?
Ha! I already have them!
We have only to find the driver.
Well, what can you say?
- What's your name?
- Spring.
"What's your name?"
Vesna Yakupets.
Well, what should we do with it?
This is really a problem.
I don't know.
She has a bad memory.
She learns and teaches all day, but
she does not remember anything.
I send it to the store, and
she forgets what to buy.
I want her to play
with other children,
and she stands alone and is
afraid to approach them.
But if I loupe it,
then we both cry.
And you never thought
that without us
would be better?
Do not say that.
And I have a daughter - the same as you.
My elder.
And I also have two boys -
real robbers.
When I return home, I always
think: Is everything in place?
You should have seen what they do.
Everything is broken.
"Are not they afraid?"
No, I do not let them be afraid.
One day they dismantled the sewing
machine on my mother's part.
And that, it was necessary to hatch them!
If they had not dismantled it, they
would never have learned to repair it.
Sometimes they get it, but then
we still all play together.
Are you playing with them?
And I also help them
to do their homework.
Especially the one who is older.
He is ready for anything,
just not to read.
I wish I had a brother or sister...
I would... give everything for it...
"I do not even want to hear about it."
You are crazy.
You will have a waybill
for loading - that's all.
"And you're beyond suspicion."
And for what will they pay me so much?
To keep your mouth shut, you understand?
We will pay you so that
you do not ask questions.
To not ask what you're driving
and where you're taking it.
I do not need it. I'm already
satisfied with everything.
May be...
Maybe... You do not like it...
Well, of course!
You were an exemplary prisoner!
You even shook hands with us!
Presented three
suits, furniture!
They gave you a refrigerator?
"The mole did eat all your stuff while
you were sitting there." "Shut up!"
Will you...
you will be our driver.
You will see.
I'm telling you this.
- What is it?
- What?
This is Tihomir.
He was presented to me on
the birthday of my tomboy.
They called him Tikhomir, and
since then he's always with me.
Those who touch it,
it brings good luck.
Try it! Make a wish, touch it -
and everything will come true!
- True?
- Of course, come on!
But, of course, not right now!
Still, he is not so omnipotent.
"And I will not have any more blood
coming from my nose?" - Will not be.
But you do not have
to quit right now.
I'll tell you when.
And if someone will report to me...
"You'll be beyond suspicion."
"You yourself will suspect me."
"We know that you are our man."
"The police will be interested in me."
"But they can not prove anything."
Without a house, the house will not
last long. "It does not concern you."
The house may even collapse.
"Yours, or what?"
People can die.
"No one will suspect you!"
What's the matter? - Get out! "But there's
nothing around here for a few kilometers!"
This is not my trouble! Get out!
"Let me explain..." "There!"
What I've done?
Please! Look, what a rain!
Do not leave me!
Well, enough!
Dad... Dad, let him in!
Let him in.
Do not you feel sorry for him?
What are you doing?
"They do not need me anymore."
You will publish them.
This will cause a sensation.
This is of no interest to anyone.
This will only cause laughter.
I'm interested. Have I
ever laughed at you?
You just agree to me.
"Yes, Nicola...
You're right, Nikola."
- I believe in you.
- I know... You believe.
You are kind and caring.
I thought about it. As long as
you're with me, I'm not old.
It's good to have two
old people together.
People like it,
everyone respects them.
But a lonely old man
is always superfluous.
Without you, I would turn
into a grumpy old man.
And what kind of life
would it be without you?
Read to me. Read what you wrote.
"What a bore... I'm always bored!"
It can be fixed! And how?
"Read it!" - What to read? For
stupid books, I'm too smart,
but for the smart - too stupid.
Yes I love to travel.
"But I only have luggage..."
Replace the luggage! I'm near!
Dear... Why are you silent...
- I think.
- About what?
Honey, if you need my life -
I will give it to you with joy.
If you need my blood, you can
take it all to the last drop.
But my thoughts are just mine.
I do not need witnesses
to murders, crimes...
"and the robberies that are happening
in my head." "I like listening to you."
Well, I can read you the news.
"Are you interested?" "Another
uncertainty." What is it about?
- "Soccer coach..."
- No.
I have not been to Scandinavia
or Eastern Europe...
And I was nowhere
further than Gospic,
Slavonski Broda and Varazdin.
"But you're a journalist!"
And journalists are different.
Here is my colleague
who sits in front...
He has a great future. Perhaps
he will even work abroad.
Then how do I...
I'm drinking reportages
from vegetable markets...
I'm writing in the column...
"From the courtroom"...
But something interesting for you!
"Out of the courtroom!" Listen!
"Scandal in a children's hospital."
- "Who will answer for the death
of four children." - Yes?
"Fatal staff error".
"The rumors found
confirmation in the court."
"Hearings on the case of the
death of four young patients."
"Four children, who had B blood,
transfused the blood of group A."
"The blood transfusion
turned out to be fatal."
Come on, go sit in front,
next to that girl.
"We can tell the names of the
people who participated in this..."
The staff bites their nails!
"Accused: Nurse Ivan Kuster,
"nurses Maria Justic
and Lyubica Mikulich,
- "and the chief doctor Ivan Shestan".
- Wait! - What?
We know him, do not we?
I told you that they
are all the same.
"You have hemophilia."
- What?!
Hemophilia is when it is
impossible to stop bleeding.
"It's written in my father's book."
No. Yes.
It's hereditary and it's incurable.
Death comes very quickly.
This boy says that I will die!
His father is a doctor!
It's not cured! "You will not die!"
"We will not allow this!"
Dad, this girl is going to die!
She has hemophilia!
What hemophilia...
Hemophilia is only in men.
Of course. I forgot.
Dad, but you go take a look.
Bleeding does not stop.
"What can I do?"
- Look!
Have you forgotten
anything, Doctor?
You can show it
to your patients.
Listen, who gave you the
right to insult a person?
I apologize. I thought that our
journalists write the truth.
It says that he is guilty of death.
And I believed it.
Listen to this! I wrote this.
But Dr. Shestan is innocent!
If you are so interested, read
what they write tomorrow!
Sorry. I'm sorry that it
turned out to be untrue.
- Do you understand what you have done?
- I think so.
It's always interesting to watch
children lose their illusions.
Everyone has their little
pleasures and weaknesses.
"What were we talking about?" - You said
that you do not like your work. - I?
What do you! I like her.
It has a lot of interesting things.
Only, probably, Chiang Kai-shek is
more concerned with what he writes.
But the people I'm writing about...
One should not be afraid
to look them in the eyes.
Our journalist
found inspiration.
At that moment the bus
was 140 kilometers away.
And if the accident occurred on this
site, then the victims would be less.
Three places intended for the
victims were still unoccupied...
"Five more minutes..."
Yes, print it out!
Do not look at me so.
I also need to eat.
If you expect me to treat
you, then no, it's too rough.
Do not be angry.
I already finished.
Let me.
It jammed.
We'll have to change places.
Here we freeze.
"You can sit on my seat."
Thank you.
Say thank you to
this kind young man.
- Excuse me, does your child already speak?
- No. He is only 8 months old.
And when can children already say
"daddy"? "It's not earlier than a year."
Thanks, bye!
- Say: "Good-bye!"
- Bye!
"You almost broke my arm."
It's okay.
Such as you, you need
to drown in the river.
"You do not allow people to live." Why...
It's hard to be alone.
And I would not like to
be alone in the morgue.
I think it's not very good to say "I'm
excited," it's better - "impressed."
Yes... That's where the soldier is.
I want to talk to him.
I'm sorry... We're going to see my son.
He serves in Nis.
"You are not serving there?"
No, I serve in Karlovac.
"Do not bother with a man!"
Is this seat taken? "Sit down, sit down."
But one place on the bus was
still waiting for its passenger.
I gathered everything for him.
But I do not know what exactly he needs.
All you need, everything
will come in handy.
One two...
Three. Open it!
"Dear dad, ask the driver to turn on
the radio." Your Ivica and Mladen."
- And what does it mean?
- Quiet!
And how did they know that
there is a radio on the bus?
For Ivanitsa, on her fifteenth birthday...
Mom and Dad congratulate Daniel
with the sixteenth birthday...
Well, it's not me! I'll
go closer to hear better.
Do not go...
There are no empty seats.
"But there is one place there."
No, do not go.
We wish Dad a good trip.
Ivica and Mladen.
When we said goodbye,
bitter tears rolled
down our cheeks.
It's only when we part,
we understand how much
we mean to each other.
Let my song be greeted to you
and will fly to you,
wherever you are,
until the joy returns
and happiness with
you to our house.
Take a bouquet of lilacs
and my best wishes.
And keep in your heart
a place for me.
I wish you a good journey!
And good-bye! ..
And keep in your heart
a place for me.
I wish you a good journey!
And good-bye! ..
How little a person
needs for happiness.
And this girl to stay in living, it was
only necessary turn to the young man.
She could say: "Dear Boris, you are very
handsome and we could become friends... "
Or he could say,
"I'm sorry, Alma."
"I acted like an actor
in a stupid play."
Tell her this, young man!
You still have one minute!
What a pity!
The truck is now less
than two kilometers away.
The bus is approaching the
marking of "147 km"...
The marking is "147 km".
There is one minute left!
40 seconds!
30 seconds!
25 seconds!
20 seconds!
It's 20:33 on April 14, 1957.
In 18 seconds 8 people
will not be alive...
Joseph Barach, the driver.
Neven Shestan, a schoolboy.
Ivan Vukelich, an employee.
Maria Tomasic, housewife.
Michaud Petrovich, a soldier.
Alma Novak, a
conservatory student.
Rudolf Knez, the driver.
And Franjo Rosic, the
occupation is unknown.
In a few hours the newspapers
will write: "Death on the road."
"Eight people were killed and several
injured." And their names will be given.
But no one will write about an elderly
man, suddenly turned into an old man,
about a young man, which will
never be able to thank the girl
for which he left his place,
which saved his life,
and about the former actor,
who forgot that only
people on the stage are
allowed to be killed...
And about one father, who
did not have time to
explain something very
important to his son...
And about one husband
who all repeated:
"Doctor, really are you
amputating her leg? "
And about the child who writes:
"Dear teacher, I'm coming back."
"My dad died in an accident..."
And about the ruined life of a man
who missed his last chance...
And about three children, whose
father did not help their talisman.
And about the conscience of one
coward who never woke up in it.
And about many unfulfilled hopes
that have collapsed plans...
And much more...
The film is dedicated to
an unknown the driver of
an unknown car, which,
having caused the accident,
continued his journey
and did not even look back.
When we said goodbye,
bitter tears rolled
down our cheeks.
It's only when we part,
we understand how much
we mean to each other.
And let my song
be greeted to you
and will fly to you,
wherever you are,
while in our house together with you
joy and happiness will not return.
Take a bouquet of lilacs
and my best wishes.
And keep in your heart
a place for me.
I wish you a good journey...
And good-bye! ..
I wish you a good journey!
And good-bye! ..
And keep in your heart
a place for me.
I wish you a good journey!
And good-bye! ..
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