H Project (2013) Movie Script

- Nick.
- Huh?
- Come here.
- What's it?
Check it out.
Is that it?
Oh, shit!
Dog, you scared me. Be careful.
OK. We'll start right here.
This room was a crime scene of a murder.
There's some burn marks on the floor.
Gee, we can see a burn mark
on the fabric here. See?
If you don't believe, don't disdain.
So what?
OK. This room works. Come on.
Let's do a shooting here.
It's a mirror.
Red box?
Oh shit!
It is, isn't it?
I don't know.
- Rewind the recording and check it.
- What the hell?
That's spooky!
Scared the shit out of me.
What's it?
What's it?
Wait up.
Not bad.
Good story telling.
We all majored in film.
Wait a sec.
Huh? We gonna start the first shoot next month?
Is it true? How serious is it?
I think I'm fully booked. I'll take a look.
OK. OK. Wait a second.
Well, you can leave your number
with my secretary.
We'll contact you later.
He seemed to be interested.
Do you think we'll get the job?
Dream on.
Sorry, man.
Let's talk about it later.
We'll contact you. We'll contact you.
They all told us the same thing.
Contact us? My ass!
They always keep us waiting.
We've got degrees and talents
but we've got no job. Damn cool.
Studied so hard and going nowhere.
Try the internet, upload our work on Youtube.
This room was a crime scene of a murder.
There's a burn mark on the wall. See?
What are you doing?
Watching the video clip.
No need to watch it. What's so interesting?
Do you really want me to put it in Youtube?
Yeah. What are you so scared of?
- I'm uploading it.
- Yeah.
Great. Now leave it there.
No. I feel sticky and gross. I need a shower.
Hurry UP-
I thought you said you're going to shower.
Where is the soap I just bought?
Okay, found it.
What's wrong, Nan?
Someone touched my shoulder.
Is that your imagination?
No, not like that, Off. This is real.
You scared shit out of me.
Shit, that's scary.
Damn. Is that a set-up?
Check it out!
Gosh! Up to 190,000 views, only in one week!
You think we're gonna hit 1 million?
Wait and see, guys.
Who says GhostLand is a hot shot?
Their videos don't have as many views as ours.
What do you mean?
It means we're cooler than them.
Hey, a guy from GhostLand left us a comment.
This one?
He told us to call him.
Do it. Perhaps he would like us
to be on his show.
Ghostland is hot.
Why would they need us on the show, Dog?
Who knows? We might get lucky...
He left his number here.
I'll call him.
Yes! Yes!
What's up?
Why are you so excited, Nick?
That VJ job I applied.
They called me to audition.
It's just an internship. What is so cool?
You're such a loudmouth.
It's my chance. Alright?
I'd be a fool if I said no.
Do you have any work experience?
No. I'm a fresh graduate.
I think I'm okay. I know how to work
in showbiz.
Let me put it this way.
I'll put you in as an intern for 2 months.
OK? Let's see if you fit the job.
I'm OK with that.
Alright? Let's start from there.
Yes, yes.
Our crew contacted you
because we're interested in your clip.
Thank you, sir.
We're shooting something similar
to what you did.
It's called...
Project Hot?
Uh ah.
Project Horror?
Project Hashima.
It's in Nagasaki.
I don't need to tell you
what country it's in, right?
It's in the Top 5 most haunted places.
You've got it.
If I say, you'll be shooting a program there,
do you dare?
How can we afford to go to Japan?
That isn't a problem. We have a budget.
There's nothing that Ghostland can't do.
20 grand is a piece of cake.
Money isn't hard to find.
Just say yes.
What about you?
Do you have any team in mind?
Oh, I still owe you 5000 baht.
I haven't paid you yet.
Never mind. That's in the past.
I'm not in a hurry. Just bet in every match.
Shall we go now?
Let's go. Well, I have to go now.
Joe, I will pay you the deal soon.
That's alright.
I'm sorry. Thank you very much.
Good night, bro.
Let's go.
We've got over one million views now.
I think I can't go with you guys.
You can find anyone to replace me.
I'm average-looking.
The whole team gotta be there.
I'll have my internship.
You can do it after coming back from Japan.
Believe me.
If you don't go with us,
we all will be out ofjob.
You aren't pressuring me much, are you?
It's the only chance to save all of us, Nick.
I give you 3 sec.
Hey, slow down, slow down.
- Two.
- Alright. Okay, okay,
I'll do it.
What do want me to do? Give me the brief.
What are you looking at?
Nothing. I'm getting my glass.
Why are you holding back your feeling?
Tell her. Believe me.
If you don't tell her, someone else will do.
We're friends.
All of the sudden you expect him to tell her
that he loves her.
You aren't bold enough to speak your mind?
What if they lose their friendship?
It'd be because you guys think like that.
You thickhead. I'm going to the toilet.
Dog, what's the matter?
"Just wish you will appreciate my love"
No. Let's drink.
"In my dream, we're the ones
we've been waiting for
But if you don't feel right,
"Don't worry about me
May, the thing is..
Damn, the traffic was terrible.
I got stuck right there for half an hour.
Everyone gotta wait for you?
Let's roll! We're going to Japan.
He said if this shooting went well,
we could choose location for the next project.
Our next trip might be Europe.
Have you got insurance?
Now that we're going to Hashima.
Are you scared?
No, I'm not. It's just a precaution.
Dog, we're going to work, not to die.
We'll be internationally famous. Trust me.
Do we have to study Japanese first?
I knew that you'd ask that question.
No worries.
When you arrive Japan,
you'll meet Mr.Sato.
He'll be waiting for you there.
He can speak Thai. Happy now?
I thought you'd say that magic word!
Hello. Yes, we're here at the airport.
We've found that tour guide.
Oh, that's Mr.Sato. You've met him, right?
He can speak Thai.
Yes. Please get in the car.
There are so many beautiful islands.
Why are you going to that deserted island?
He asked why would we go to deserted island?
Because it's deserted.
Otherwise, we won't be there.
If it was a dessert, it would be sweet.
Otherwise, we don't like it.
What's the name of the island we're heading to?
Gunkanjima or Hashima?
Originally, Gunkanjima means battleship island.
It was built in 1890 as a coal mine.
There were more than 5,000 people
on the island.
Sato. Sato. Do we have to take
a long run on wheels?
That's right. We could use a break.
I will stop at Huis Ten Bosch.
We'll get something to eat there
and take photos.
The place is beautiful.
I've heard of Huis Ten Bosch.
Cool. I'll post some photos on lnstagram.
Cut it out!
Get away from me.
I love Nagasaki! !
Chill out here.
What's with you?
- Where's the toilet?
- Oh,
It's over there. Right back there.
I'll go do my business.
No one wants to know.
That's how I like it!
I'll make a fortune this match.
Oh, I'm sure win the bet.
Don't jump in. The game isn't over yet.
For this team, they'll win definitely.
You'll see.
Earthquake. Earthquake.
That was a warm welcome.
If we don't experience earthquake,
it's like we've never been to Japan.
Isn't it?
We'll stay here for a night.
Won't we stay in downtown?
It's better to stay here. We can get on a boat
at the port in the morning.
How long does it take to get to the island?
Less than 2 hours.
Why don't we go to the island now?
No boat will go out after the sun sets.
I'll get your room prepared.
Thank you.
We are shooting a ghost film
but we can't shoot it at night.
How do we make the film scary?
Come on. Visual effects help.
You can have it as dark as you want.
Yep! You have a heart of gold, Dog.
I love you. Well said.
Looking good, huh?
Let's go. I'm cold. Get off me. I'm cold.
Your hand is freezing.
Are you a vampire or what?
Are you cold?
Why are you too polite?
- Off, I'll go for a walk.
- Right. Go ahead.
- Let's go on the beach.
- Okay, let's take some photos.
- Please take care of our bags, boys.
- Alright.
Let me go with you. Keep my bag, okay?
Huh? What?
Dog, you can't go. Your bag is the heaviest.
Very gentlemanly, dude.
Why do the wheels gotta get stuck now?
She's cute.
Oh man, she smiled at me.
Is Japan like Samet island?
We could get the job done.
She smiled at me.
She smiled at me, dude.
She smiled at me first.
You can take that room. I'll take this room.
Hey, my room is awesome.
One. Two.
- Here?
- Yeah.
Why are they all here?
Damn you. You scared me, moron.
Yep, I meant to scare you.
What are you doing?
Let me see. What's in there?
What did you take?
Distract me, huh?
What's that?
Did you see what I saw?
What did you see? How would I know?
You really didn't see it?
What did you see then?
Forget it.
Go. I'm freezing here.
Damn you.
What's wrong with him?
Finally you're here.
Don't you know what time it is?
- Nobody woke me up.
- You should have known.
- Dog, you kept everyone waiting.
- Check the time.
Let's go.
Is that the woman who walked past us
last night?
Look alike. I think it's her.
She didn't just walk past us.
But I saw this woman on top of you last night.
You're just being insolent.
- I'm serious.
- Are you nuts?
Sato-san is here.
Sato-san. Sate-San.
Help. Help.
Please ask him
who's the woman in that picture.
Well, it's a picture of Miss Miko.
- Who's she?
- The daughter of this hotel's owner.
She died several years ago.
How could it be? We just saw her last night.
Sato-san, are you kidding?
Trying to scare us
before we go to Hashima, right?
He really told me so.
If you don't believe me,
you can ask him yourself, Nick.
If you didn't make it up,
it must be this manager.
See? He admitted that he just made it up.
All elders in this neighborhood know
about Miss Miko.
Kyosuke promised Miko
that he would marry her at Hashima.
Miko had been waiting her lover
till the day she died
At the time while Miko was getting ready
for the marriage,
her fiance went to work at the mainland
and never returned.
She kept waiting for her love
until she fell ill and died.
Hello. We're now at the Hashima Island.
This island is cursed.
Everyone who went there met with mishaps.
Bad things happened to them
when they went back.
Aren't you scared?
not that we aren't scared.
We just don't believe in superstition.
Be careful.
Oh, damn.
What do we do now?
Put down our stuff first.
Shall we do the opening right here?
Prepare the camera.
Leave the stuff you don't need right here.
Hey, Off.
Shouldn't we pay respect to the spirit first?
Go ahead. I'll go find some shooting spots.
They won't understand you.
They're Japanese ghosts.
Some graffiti gangs made it here.
Look, May.
It's just like walls in my neighborhood.
I can read Japanese.
It says 'Sato,King of the world'.
Let me write something.
When you look up there,
You'll feel like there's a large chimney
over us.
This construction was designed
to withstand earthquakes and tsunami.
This place used to be densely populated.
But many locals here...
disappeared in one night.
- Spooky.
- No. No. No.
I think you're exaggerating.
Sato, I think you should keep it down.
Just relax.
Don't get it too serious.
Let's do it again.
Go ahead. 5, 4, 3, 2...
If this place isn't haunted enough,
Let's get spooked at the next location.
Don't go inside.
You'd better shoot it from outside.
We'll be back before you know it.
You stay here.
This is where Miko died.
Mr.Sato is too scared to go inside.
Oh! Shit! The entire floor collapsed.
This place's totally ruined?
Shit! We might fall down while walking.
- It's cold in here.
- I'm getting goosebumps.
Nice writing.
- A lot of letters written here.
- That's right.
Are these the names of the dead?
If they are names of the dead,
It means there're a lot of dead people.
What happened to all of them?
Let's do an opening scene here.
Right. We're now inside the building.
There're a lot of Japanese scripts on the wall.
What are you writing?
My name.
Since we're here. Wanna write your name?
There're only names of the dead.
Why did you write yours?
Come on. It's just for fun.
Take these shots for insert.
We still don't have footages from upstairs.
Let's go there.
Yeah. Let's go.
Be careful.
Are you really going upstairs?
Of course, we are.
We made an effort to be here.
Why not?
How can we go upstairs? A lot of crows.
Go away!
I won't go with you. I'll stay here.
Alright, wait for us here, Sato.
It won't take long.
Screw the ghost.
There's nothing scarier than heights.
If I knew it'd be this high,
I'd rather stay with Sato-san downstairs.
That's right.
Dog, you go with those two.
I'm going with Off.
Alright. Go.
Are we splitting up?
There's a rule here.
We can't touch or move anything.
It's the same rule anywhere in the world.
Don't mess with belongings of the dead.
To me, rules are meant to be broken.
- Shall we see this room?
- Yeah. Alright.
Let's get closer look.
This is so spooky. There's a doll left here.
Is it lying down just like that?
Off, get a shot of this bike-baby.
It's scarier than the other.
Is it gonna work?
Let's try.
Wind it up and put it back.
I'm scared.
Wind it up.
Is it still running?
Okay, that should do it. Ready?
5, 4, 3, 2.
It's broken.
- Let's explore other rooms.
-It's broken. Huh?
Go rolling in the next room.
Are you messing with me?
Messing with me, huh?
- Let's go. Leave it there.
-It's broken.
- Let's find something else to shoot.
- Yeah. Find something else.
Is this Doraemon's room?
Take it.
Hey, what happened to you?
What happened? Keep rolling.
What did you find?
Have you guys finished yet?
I think we should leave now.
Did you hear what I heard?
Better finish it up before dark.
If we miss the boat, it'd be thrilling.
Dog, give me your camera. I'll take some shots.
OK. Let's split up.
May, you can go with Dog. Nan, with me.
Capture the ambience and atmosphere
as much as we can.
It's best if you do the shooting outside.
Sato-san, you're too scared, wait outside.
We can go on by ourselves.
You take shots from over there. I go this way.
We'll rendezvous in the middle, alright?
Don't take too long.
Let's go.
After the funeral,
Miko's father kept her bone ashes
and the engagement ring in here.
What are you doing?
- What's that noise?
- And what's this dust'?
Oh, I accidentally broke a jar.
What jar?
don't tell me you broke an urn jar
that Mr.Sato talked about.
There's an old saying.
If you get ashes of the dead in your eyes,
you could see spirits.
That means all of us are able to see them now.
That's cool!
Okay, do shooting.
Can't miss this in the world.
What are you doing, May?
I'm scattering her ashes
so she'll rest in peace.
She might have been reborn as a cat.
You're such a jerk.
Her ghost will tear your mouth off.
Outta here.
We've got everything from this room. Get going.
Let's go.
Where should we go next?
I feel dizzy.
Hey, hurry up!
Nick, Off's camera.
Let's get outta here.
Hurry up. Come on out. Hurry!
Get out of there! Quickly!
Come on! Hurry!
Off, where are you going?
- My camera's upstairs.
- Here, it's with me.
Let's get out of here.
This way! Come on!
Nick! Nan!
Over there! Move!
Where's Nan? Nan. Nan.
Fried worms. . .grasshoppers.
Oh, you have fried mole crickets too.
Give me a portion of that.
Here you are.
Thank you.
- What is that?
- Mole cricket. Wanna try?
- Disgusting.
- Munchy. Crunchy.
With a little bit of pesticide.
You might kill yourself eating that pesticide.
Look how he's looking at me.
Are you looking for your Daddy?
I wanna go home.
- I wanna puke.
- You aren't human.
Hey, where's May?
Are you sure she'll be here?
She must be tired. Perhaps having jetlag.
She told me she needs some rest.
Should we call her? I can call her now.
Don't bother. I just did.
She turned off the phone.
As I told you, she needs some rest.
Has any of you seen Off's draft out?
I saw him still editing the footages.
Why don't you go help him?
So we can see the work earlier.
You know he likes to do it alone.
I'll help if it's out of control.
A lot of girls around here.
Nan. Nick.
- Dag.
- It's Dog, not Dag.
Whatever. Dog or Dag. Dag or Dog.
By the way, where have you been lately?
I didn't see you guys several days.
We just came back from Japan.
You went to Japan?
Last week, you just said you're broke.
Now you're rich. Travelling to Japan, huh?
We've got a sponsor, hired us to do a TV show.
What kind of show?
Food or travel?
It's a ghost show. We went to Hashima Island.
Hashima Island?
- That ghost island?
- Yes.
Aren't you scared?
I think you'd better stay away from it.
If you mess with it, it will follow you.
Follow us'?
Of course.
I used to produce a ghost show too.
all the money in the world
can't get me to do it again.
For god's sake!
Why not?
Oh, I'm talking about my crew...
they died without a reason,
which they're not supposed to.
A lot of them died without a trace.
And they fell dead like falling leaves.
I still don't know what happened back there.
That isn't the worst.
My producer...
got a heart attack
...without warning.
When I was working with the show,
I tried every trick to see ghost.
Even I applied graveyard dirt on my eyes,
I didn't see any.
We applied ashes of the dead on our eyes.
Oh, damn.
Now you can see them clear as LED screen.
I see ghosts everyday.
I can barely tell the difference
between the living and the dead.
Let's drink. Cheers!
Ohh, shit! !
How did you get here? You didn't make a sound.
Go. Go.
Please utter a sound next time.
I almost had a heart attack.
Damn. I can barely tell what's real
and what's not.
This bar is eerie.
Hey, Tae.
Take care of your boss. He's gone to heaven.
Where're you going?
Alright. We're over! Bastard!
She startled me.
I was going to pee.
Shit! Damn!
- Who's there?
-Look, stay here.
- Who's there?
- Wait here. Don't make a sound.
Just a second. Really.
It's Joe.
What are you doing inside? Are you home?
I'll come back to you again - Joe"
It happened to every file. Is this all we have?
all footages are damaged.
They were alright while we were recording.
How could this be?
That's right.
I'll recheck the footage then.
Well, check the files again.
The problem might be with the files.
The problem isn't with the files.
It's the camera man.
Perhaps he didn't know it'd turn out like this.
Why didn't he
check the camera before shooting?
Didn't he know the camera was broken?
- He is not...Off!
-What can this guy do?
Be rational, don't be emotional.
Who's gonna be responsible for this?
We already took their money.
I'm sorry. I was working late last night.
Anything I can help? What's up?
If you weren't ready,
you don't need to call us.
I'm sorry, dude.
That's you always do.
You apologize and everything is fine.
I'll do the CG later.
There was someone tried to steal the ring.
So Miko ghost followed and haunted him.
That thief barely brought it back fast enough.
Today's Ploy's birthday. Gift and I
will give you a song.
Happy Birthday, Ploy.
- Happy Birthday.
I think you'd better to back to school.
And live on your parents' wealth.
This is a real world.
What a waste of time.
Off, what about us'?
What do you want from me?
What do you want? Say it.
What do you want me to say?
Don't you know?
That day you said you loved me.
I never said that and I don't love you.
Don't ask me anything now. Got it?
I'm not in the mood. I have no time for this.
You should go now.
You don't love me?
Why do you sleep with me then?
Why do you sleep with me then?
Why are you asking me now?
You know who I'm with.
Don't ask.
Off. It's Joe.
Open the door.
I know
...you're in there.
Come on, open it.
If you don't open the door, I'm breaking in.
Come on out and face me!
Last time was 20 grand.
Now you owe me 50 grand.
Off, are you gonna cheat me for real?
There's someone in here.
Take it easy, Pued.
I'm not in a hurry now.
Who are you?
I'm Joe. A friend of your boyfriend.
Get out.
Get out. Bastard, let me go.
Off. Off.
- Off. Help me.
- I'm here.
Open the door.
Don't do anything to her. I'm in here!
Let me go.
Off, help me! Off!
Don't do it to her!
Get off me!
Off, help me.
Stay back.
Open the door.
Don't do her! !
Open the door! Open it! Leave her alone!
Come on!
Open it!
Open the door! Come on!
Open it! Please! Leave her alone!
Come on!
Open it!
You don't need to hurry paying back the debt.
I like to collect beautiful interest like this.
This ring's cool. I'll take it, okay?
What happened?
Who did this to you?
Who did this to you?
Why don't you tell me, May?
Those bastards, right?
Those bastards did this to you, right?
- Leave me alone.
- May.
What happened to May?
I asked you what happened to May.
Off, what happened to May?
You let those bastards ravage her?
How could you do that to her?
Bastard! She's your friend.
What kind of person are you?
I'm asking you a question!
Are you still a man, Off?
You can now be alone.
You can be now alone!
Is this the ring Off's wearing?
I don't know. I didn't see it.
Hey, May sent me a message.
"Nan, I'm sorry."
What did she say?
I'm worried.
She didn't pick it up.
Who are you looking for?
Have you seen my friend?
The girl who stays in that room.
I saw her running upstairs.
Thank you.
May, what are you going to do?
May, get back here!
- What are you doing?
- Don't even think about it.
- Don't get on the ledge.
-It's dangerous.
What do you think you're doing?
- May! I said come back here!
- May, No!
Hold it together, alright?
Oh, Dog. You're home.
Dog. Son.
Dog, what happened to you?
What happened to you?
Wait, Dog.
Dog, son.
Dog. Dog. Open the door.
- Leave me alone!
- What happened?
- I said leave me alone!
- Dog. Open the door.
Dog, open the door for me.
Dog, open the door.
What's wrong with it?
Hello. Yes, Auntie?
Alright. Alright. I'll be there.
Dog. Dog. Open the door!
Dog. Dog. Open the door!
Dog. Dog. Open the door!
What happened to you, Dog?
Open the door!
Dos. Open "m.!
Dog, open it now!
Dog, open the door for me, son!
Take it easy, Ma'am.
Is Dog alright?
Dog's gone.
I'm afraid all that happened
could be the Hashima island's curse
What curse are you talking about?
Don't be such an idiot.
It's just a coincidence.
I wish it's a coincidence.
But what if it is not?
There'll be next victim.
Who's next then?
Or Nan?
And what happened to your hand?
Stop asking question.
If there's nothing else, you should go now.
Let's go, Nick.
Welcome, everybody.
Whose camera is this?
It's Off's.
Let's go back to that scene again.
Nick. Nan. Over here.
Wait. This is raw file, right?
No one put CG or anything in it, right?
He's not picking up.
If you aren't ready, you don't need to call us.
I'm sorry, dude.
That's it, you apologize.
You can go anywhere you want.
Why he still can't use camera?
- He isn't...
- What can this guy do?
- Be rational. Don't be emotional.
- You are protecting him.
You can be with him if you want.
Do you fancy him?
That you said you loved me.
I never said that and I don't love you.
You don't love me?
Why the hell do you sleep with me then?
You can be alone.
I want to tell you all.
I'm the one
who brought all those mishaps.
I stole this damn ring.
I'm sorry, Dog.
I'm sorry, May.
I'm bringing the ring back to you.
Is it so important to you?
You really want it, right?
Take it back!
Nick. Nan.
A lot of letters written here.
If these are the names of the dead,
It means there're a lot of dead people.
Off, there're only names of the dead.
Why did you write yours?
Come on. It's just for fun.
Rewind the record and play it.
Off is already dead since we're at Hashima.
Hurry UP-
Nick, Off's camera.
Let's get outta here.
Hurry UP-
I think this job is awesome.
-It's a piece of cake.
- That's right.
He said if this shooting went well,
We could choose location for the next project.
Our next trip might be Europe.
We'll be internationally famous. Believe me.
The dream I used to dream is all gone"
"it never happens. It never came true"
"I was once a dreamer."
"But all I see is disappointment"
"When will I turn back to where I belong?"
"Where I always want to be?
"I'm all alone and lonely"
"Nobody's here by my side
"What I've been fighting
for isn't something real
"I may fail but I don't give up
"No nightmare can take me down"
"I never give up.
Tomorrow might be my day
Never give up. Never stop dreaming
Please call me back if you get this message.
I'm calling from FORFILMS,
it's regarding your application.
I'm hiring all of you.
Let's talk about your job description
on Monday.
See you then.
If I say, you'll be shooting a program there,
do you dare?
How can we afford to go to Japan?
There's nothing that Ghostland can't do.