H Story (2001) Movie Script

His arm reminds her of something...
buried in her memory.
This shaking hand
reminds you of the past.
Just then, her expression
changes slightly.
And soon, he wakes up and sits up.
Want some coffee?
Yes, please.
And now, the coffee.
Sit where you like.
You were dreaming?
Just then, Umano gets up
and goes as close as possible.
I don't know;
Your hands move in your sleep.
It's when we dream...
without knowing it
I'm a pain, arguing about everything.
Good, that's very good
I'll have a coffee.
You OK?
You OK?
Let's try the movement
Let's give it a try.
Camera, position 1.
Can you tell me
the position of the hand?
Can someone place the hand
so we can see it from here?
She... Come here!
It set about just now.
Are we doing one more run through?
Let's try one more time to see.
Let's go.
Just when should I touch her?
After the call for silence...
count to 3 or 4.
After you've given the signal?
That's right, after "Action!"
OK, let's go.
I know forgetfulness.
No, you don't know forgetfulness.
You're a thousand women in one.
Because you don't know me.
Maybe that's not the only reason.
I like being a thousand women in one.
It's 4 o'clock.
I don't know who he is.
He goes past every day at 4
and coughs.
Were you in Hiroshima?
No, of course not
I'm silly.
My family was in Hiroshima.
I was at war.
Lucky, huh?
Lucky for me, too.
Why are you in Hiroshima?
For a film.
What film?
I'm acting in a film.
And before you were in Hiroshima,
where were you?
I was in Paris.
And before Paris?
Before Paris, I was in Nevers.
In the Nitre You don't know it.
Why did you want
to see everything in Hiroshima?
I was interested.
And I have a reason.
Looking carefully is instructive.
Meeting here
doesn't happen every day.
What did Hiroshima
mean to you in France?
The end of the war
Completely, I mean.
The amazement that we'd dared.
The start of an unknown fear, too.
And indifference
the fear of indifference.
Where were you?
I'd left Nevers
I was in Paris, in the street.
It's a pretty French word, Nevers.
A word like any other
Like the town.
Met many Japanese in Hiroshima?
I met some...
but none like you
I'm the first Japanese man in your life?
I have to close my eyes to remember
I mean, to remember how before
in France, I remembered Hiroshima.
It's always the same with memories.
That's good, OK Good.
Machida, you've already come
to Hiroshima, haven't you?
That's right, I came last year...
for a signing for one of my books.
I only have a vague memory of it.
So, why are you interested
in Hiroshima now?
For a future novel?
Do you know the name Kobori Rintaro?
No, not at all.
He was an artist from Hiroshima.
He died at the age of 50, ten years ago
I'd like to write something about him.
So far, writing from documents
isn't your style.
It isn't like me.
In fact, I don't even know yet...
if he'll appear in person
in this book or not,
this Kobori Rintaro character.
He was born in Hiroshima...
and lived in various cities.
In Okayama, for instance...
and in Tokyo, too
where he lived for a while.
But if you don't know his name,
do you not know his work at all?
Not at all.
It's true that he was
little known in his day.
Few people knew of him
I'd like to research the subject
to see if I can find...
material that would
encourage me to write.
Do you mean material
for a work of fiction or suchlike?
I've read his book and seen his work...
and I felt that it was very personal,
based on his experience
of the bombing
I thought that by going to Hiroshima,
I could perhaps
feel for myself certain things.
That's why I came here.
So you're wandering around, visiting...
Well, for now I have no precise goals.
So, that's about it.
As for me...
to be honest
I hadn't given much thought...
to my feelings on Hiroshima
I was born here
This is my home town,
but as for shooting a film here,
I can't say
I'd given it much thought.
and it's maybe a matter of age...
I still feel something for this town.
Maybe that influenced my decision.
When I heard about this film project,
I wondered why you wanted...
to do a remake
of "Hiroshima Mon Amour".
Why did you want to do it
at this moment in time?
I thought that to you,
Hiroshima was above all the place
you came from.
Yes, that did matter at first
I do have connections with this town.
In a way, Hiroshima is me.
And yet this town
has no particular meaning for me.
It's a place where I lived...
It was just part of my everyday world.
When I thought about
making a film here,
I had a lot of trouble
finding a way in...
There was
this "Hiroshima Mon Amour"...
that had been written 40 years ago.
It was a text for the cinema,
a real screenplay
that was used to make the film.
But in actual fact,
from the moment
I encountered this work,
I couldn't get it out of my head.
Every time I searched for new ideas,
I couldn't remove it from inside myself.
So, I am so steeped
in this film and this text...
that as soon as I try
to express Hiroshima,
I can't avoid them.
Mr Suwa told me earlier...
that this is the river...
where a lot of people...
who were burned
by the atomic bomb...
came to drink the water.
And they died because of that.
Why? Were there things on the water?
Lots of things Dead bodies.
Everywhere here...
Everywhere the bomb fell
there's nothing left.
The scene we filmed
earlier on, in the cafe...
What was bothering you?
I don't know
I'm tired of doing the same thing.
I wanted to things a bit differently.
It had worked up to then.
Yes, it works really well
between the two of us.
You were just tired in that scene?
Not physically tired. Of doing...
When we started this film
I thought we'd do more personal things.
That glass business annoyed me.
Doing the same gestures
over and over was a pain.
I don't mind being physically tired...
I'm getting stuck here.
Let's do our marks.
You're here Here.
I want to go home I'm tired.
I feel great.
You did nothing all afternoon!
At least we worked.
Get ready.
Let's go.
I feel great.
Is it here?
Yes, we go up to here.
Will we hear the signal to start?
He'll have to yell.
Will you give us a signal?
I just shout Is that OK?
Give us a signal.
Right, get ready!
...the world's problems
it becomes too stifling...
If we think of the world's problems,
it becomes too stifling.
Don't stay there.
The sun's not up yet.
We may die before we meet again.
one day...
Yes, war.
Where have you been in Hiroshima?
The museum That's all so far.
I never go out when I'm working.
Usually you don't?
Never When you're working?
Even when I'm not, I don't go out.
But especially when I'm working,
I stay in the hotel
and use room service
I saw the museum, that's all.
So, what did you think of the museum?
Well, you know
I've been here for ages talking...
about this tragedy and the work, too.
When you're in Hiroshima
that's only natural.
it just made me...
I didn't feel very proud
thinking about personal stuff.
The photos at the entrance
reminded me of paintings
by someone I knew.
Paintings from photos...
made after the disaster.
A single photo...
a real photo from news reports...
A single eye witness account...
is so much more moving...
Or details, too.
There's a detail of a broken watch.
It's terrible... I think it's terrible.
Or someone's outline on the ground
that remains.
Details like this are terrible.
But the museum...
You see, they explain this and that...
It's not a criticism
but it's not emotionally...
If you look at all the kids
who visit the museum...
There were lots of school kids
laughing and looking, thank goodness!
Oh, yeah, not to live in...
I didn't think it would be a dead city,
but that it would be living
in the past. Well, it's not
I talked about that once...
The 2 countries at war I saw
were Yugoslavia
and Israel during the Gulf War.
It was different they were at war.
It wasn't something
that happened ages ago.
Far from it
Human relations are perhaps...
We tend to forget them in daily life.
All of a sudden, these people
confronted with tragedies,
seek out human relations
that we forget.
So, I thought it would be...
Not to be hypocritical,
I hadn't taken much interest
in what happened in Hiroshima
I think, for most people
Hiroshima evokes certain things.
We've all heard or seen reports.
But it's not part of daily life either.
For me, it stopped with...
It was a stupid reaction
but that's just how it was.
Maybe that's why playing this part
is causing you some difficulties?
That's not really it.
It's the way of speaking
the way it's written.
The first time I saw these lines,
this very poetic, very beautiful way...
Not poetic...
That's an exaggeration.
This way of talking about it...
These little repetitions
that make it seem pretty.
The words sound pretty to the ear.
So, it makes it...
more tragic, more awful...
I find these lines
more terrible than the museum.
To me, that's not
how it should be said...
I want to see you again.
Tomorrow, I'll be on my way to France.
You didn't tell me.
I saw no reason to.
Is that why you let me
go up to your room last night?
Go up to your room last night?
Your last day in Hiroshima?
I didn't even think of that.
When you speak, I wonder
if you're telling the truth or lying.
I lie and tell the truth,
but I have no reason to lie to you.
Tell me...
Do you often have affairs like this?
No, but it happens
I do like men
I have dubious morals, you know.
What do you mean by dubious morals?
I doubt other people's morals.
I want to see you again.
Even if your plane goes tomorrow.
Even if you have dubious morals.
Why not?
You won't speak to me?
I want to see you again.
That's good.
Did I say something stupid?
We start together
but we don't stop enough,
because we didn't finish...
Scene 10, take 1.
That's a sequence shot...
Where are you going in France?
No, to Paris
I never go to Nevers.
Nevers has painful memories.
Nevers is the one thing... the one town
I dream about most.
And the one thing I think about least.
What was your madness like
in Nevers?
It's like intelligence
You can't explain it.
It fills you up, and you understand it,
but you don't after it's gone.
Were you mean?
Yes, I was mad with meanness.
That was my madness
I thought you could make a career of it.
Meanness was all I cared about
I'm sure you can understand.
It never happened again?
No, it's over.
During the war?
Just after.
Was it one of the problems
in post war France?
You could say that.
When did your madness end?
and when I had kids, of course.
What did you say?
I said: Gradually
and when I had kids, of course.
I want to stay with you
for a few days somewhere... once.
Me too.
Seeing you again today
isn't really seeing you again.
It's not seeing someone again
so soon after
I'd like to.
Because I'm leaving tomorrow?
Maybe that's why.
But it's a valid reason, isn't it?
The idea of never seeing you again...
a few hours from now.
Let's go back.
What was your madness like
in Nevers?
It's like intelligence
You can't explain it.
It fills you up, and you understand it,
but you don't after it's gone.
Were you mean?
Yes, I was mad with meanness
That was my madness
I thought you could make a career
of madness... meanness
I'm sorry, this is useless
I'm just coming out with crap.
I thought that...
I'm stopping, I'm lost.
Let's go back
I'm talking so much crap that I'm lost.
Hang on... How and where did it start?
Tell me... Do you really think...
Is it possible to feel
the feelings of people
who lived 40 years ago?
It's impossible
for people today, isn't it?
It must be.
Even if you act,
even if you know it's a role,
I think it must be impossible...
to feel the things they felt
I know it's unreasonable
I'd even say
that I'm so conscious of it
that that's the reason I dared...
After all...
the characters lived through the war
whereas we have no experience of it.
It's only natural
that we don't understand what it's like.
We cannot feel it physically.
Maybe that's the reason
why I wanted
to experience it in the film.
But when I say that, it sounds false.
And that's why
I was curious to know...
why you used those dialogues
from 40 years ago, word for word
I wondered what meaning it had today...
In the end, I realized
that there was no other choice.
This is a very hard question for me.
It weighs heavily on me.
It's an important question...
to me, too.
It's only natural that you asked
yourself the same question.
And that you asked me directly
I'm not the only one
to have asked that question.
It's an obvious question.
It's perfectly reasonable...
to wonder why you want
to do a remake of this film...
at this moment in time.
How can we make things
easier for her?
I know it's not easy for her.
because of the language problem
we can't understand each other.
You have to ask Magali for help...
to improve communication.
I know it's hard,
but the film aims to achieve that
Beatrice must be at her best to act.
It's a real challenge.
Did you sleep well?
Always sleep well...
We'll be there soon.
Everything OK?
Yeah, if I could just stop
falling asleep all the time...
Was your wartime lover French?
No, he wasn't.
Yes, it was in Nevers.
We loved each other
in barns, then in the ruins,
then in bedrooms, like anywhere.
Then he died.
Doesn't Nevers mean anything
in French?
No, nothing.
You'd have been cold
in that cellar in Nevers
if we'd loved each other
I'd have been cold.
The cellars are cold, summer or winter.
The town is on a river called the Loire.
I can't imagine Nevers.
Nevers: 40,000 inhabitants.
Built as a cathedral
A child can walk around it.
I was born there,
I grew up there,
I learned to read
and had my 20th birthday there.
And the Loire?
The Loire is a river
without any boats.
Always empty...
due to its irregular flow and sand banks.
In France, it's considered
a beautiful river
for its light
If you only knew how gentle it is...
When you're in the cellar,
I'm dead?
Oh, you're dead...
Such pain is unbearable.
The cellar is small... so small.
The Marseillaise
above my head is deafening.
Hands are useless there.
They claw and skin themselves
till they bleed.
It's all you can find to do there...
and to remember.
I liked blood after tasting yours.
Do you shout?
No, I call you softly.
But I'm dead.
Even dead, I call you.
One day, I shout very loud
They put me in the cellar to punish me.
What do you shout?
Your name, just your name
It's all I can recall.
I'm hot, I'm hot.
It's awful I can't remember you.
I'm forgetting you.
I tremble at forgetting such love.
We were to meet by the Loire at noon.
I was leaving with him.
When I reached the Loire...
when I reached the Loire...
he wasn't quite dead.
Someone had shot him.
I stayed by his body
all day and all that night.
Next day, they put him in a truck.
That night, Nevers was liberated.
The bells of St. Etienne's rang and rang.
He grew cold beneath me.
He died so slowly.
I forget exactly when he died
I was lying on him...
And I forget, screw this!
All right, start again.
Let's start again.
Let's start again...
from the top.
With feeling!
With feeling, OK?
What feeling?
I don't know what I'm saying.
She says, "What feeling?"
I've forgotten the first sentence...
No way.
I don't believe this!
It's awful I can't remember you.
It's awful I can't remember...
She seems ready Give the signal.
It's awful
I'm unable to remember you...
It's awful
I'm unable to remember you...
I'm able to forget you...
I tremble at forgetting such love.
We were to meet by the Loire at noon.
I was leaving with him.
When I reached the Loire
he wasn't quite dead.
Someone had shot him
I stayed by his body
all day and all that night.
Next day, they came for him
picked him up...
They put him in a truck.
This is pissing me off
It's no fun
I'm sick of this!
We've got to stop this.
She can't go on.
I don't know...
She wants to stop.
Try one more time.
Can't you try again now?
No, I can't I'm tired of it.
She can't She's tired
I'm starting to forget you
I tremble at forgetting such love.
I was to meet him by the Loire...
No, let's stop, this sucks.
She doesn't want to go on.
It's not possible. She's sick of it.
What's the problem?
I can't do it.
We keep starting over
it sucks each time.
Is it just the way she feels now?
Is the way you feel now stopping you?
No, you're stopping me.
Everyone's pissing me off.
Not you but...
C'mon, let's stop.
No, cut, it's bugging me.
Will it be possible after a break?
No, I don't think so.
Is it a problem with the lines?
I don't know.
I don't know what it is.
If she can't do it now
will she be able to continue?
Doesn't she want to try?
I don't know,
I've tried lots of times
I'm just talking crap.
It's awful
I've forgotten everything.
It's awful
I'm starting to forget you.
It's not that, either
I don't know...
It's awful, what?
It's awful, what, where, why?
The start of her line is "It's awful".
That means it's terrifying and strange...
and it's very close
to what she's feeling now.
A feeling of being unable to go on.
Couldn't she superimpose
this similar feeling onto the line?
When you say "It's awful"...
Awful, what?
At the same time, your state of mind
is awful, is that it?
No, I want to know the first line.
"It's awful I'm forgetting you."
That's the first line.
It's awful, I'm forgetting you.
This'll be great!
She wants to know...?
I told her.
Let's try.
You OK?
It's awful
I'm beginning to forget you
I'm starting to forget you.
That's not it, is it?
What is it?
I don't know
It sucks, pain in the ass.
It's awful I'm forgetting you.
It's morning.
C'mon, I'm sick of this.
Anyone got a light?
Who has a light?
Shit! Ow!
This is Osaki, Mr Suwa's assistant.
Sorry to bother you
but we're looking for Beatrice.
You haven't seen her today, have you?
No, I haven't.
Oh, right.
Sorry for bothering you Goodbye.
We'll shoot today's scene
right now, as it is.
But we must talk
about the cafe scene from the other day.
We couldn't finish that scene.
I think we really need
to do it again.
I know.
Well, yeah.
So we have to talk it over...
and find out what the problem was.
I don't have a problem.
We've gone over the problem
so much...
I didn't want to make a carbon copy
of "Hiroshima Mon Amour".
Was that your idea?
No, it wasn't.
Doing the same thing
as "Hiroshima Mon Amour",
redoing exactly the same thing...
There'd be too much missing.
She can't accept it...
Too much missing...
An incredible film in which you have...
all the questions we asked
before I'd seen the film.
We had... I had a hard time
with this first part.
The hardest part is
the first part at the start of the text.
We're abandoning it.
I feel it's because
I'm complaining...
that the lines...
are too complicated, too unusual.
As she feels
she's completely stuck on that,
she has the impression
she was no good all the way through...
When I see the film
the first part was problematic for me...
Alain Resnais' film?
It uses stock shots...
which are so "in your face"
We have none of that.
For example, in Alain Resnais' film,
when there are these difficult lines,
there's lots of documentary footage...
whereas there isn't in this film.
When I ask her what she wants
she says she doesn't know.
Or else give the film
a tone all its own...
Or else...
By the way, I haven't told her yet,
but he's going to play
the role of the stranger
in today's scene
I'll introduce him to her.
I didn't tell her
he's going to be acting today...
She's already met him.
She's met him, but I didn't tell her
he'd be playing this part.
Remember him?
He's going to play a part
in today's scene.
Just to see... A special favor...
Can we start now?
Wait a minute.
So, you said...
you said that the first part
of Alain Resnais' film
used stock shots.
In terms of these lines...
as it's between me
you Beatrice, and him, Umano,
with our individual physiques,
I thought
it would make for a different film.
We had to do certain moves:
Take a book,
put the glass down, etc.
For example, we hold out a glass...
and we have to stick
to exactly what's in the script.
For example, for the scene
we're about to shoot today,
does she have...
any feelings of apprehension?
Even for tonight...
you don't want to...
There's something wrong...
Well, I'm not the one to decide
if the shoot stops.
We're going to shoot today
then have another discussion.
Well, let's go.
All right.
All right... Cut!
This time, we'll shoot it.
Get ready to shoot.
Umano, look at her a bit longer.
Interpreter, please!
You start there.
Now then,
look at her like that.
No longer than that.
It was good
Now you look in front.
How should he come in?
Should he come in like before?
Which is better?
Is it OK that way?
No, it's very good.
One thing, though:
Beatrice hasn't looked at Umano,
so we didn't focus on Umano
I did look at him.
Well, the thing is, we didn't see it.
I can't hear you, Beatrice
I did look both at them
when you had the camera there.
No, when the camera's here.
I looked at them both
When the camera's here.
I did look at them, dear
so wake up!
We didn't see it
Beatrice says
she looked at Umano,
but Caroline says
she didn't get it on film.
Problem of timing...
Try again Let's go!
OK? Let's go.
We're shooting.
A gin and tonic.
Coming right up.
Here you are, ma'am.
What's that?
I was bored, so I bought stuff.
I hit the wrong button!
What is it?
Just some crap.
Are you really interested?
A pink dress?
We're turning left.
We can't?
Where are we going?
Wait a minute.
I don't understand you.
I think I've gone the wrong way.
I hit the wrong button, too!
Sorry I'm late.
Mr Machida, I'm Ms Suhama.
Pleased to meet you
I'd like to introduce you
to a friend of mine, Beatrice.
Thank you for seeing us.
Ms Suhama...
Can we start?
You came to see
the works on Hiroshima?
I'd like to see them
for a personal project of mine.
This sculpture is one of the works...
on the theme of Hiroshima.
The sculptor's name is Wakita Aijiro.
There's also a giant sculpture outside...
which is very straight, very tall.
It is made of spirals which, together,
make up a sculpture.
But not this one.
Yes, look, it's a spiral, too.
The particularity of this museum...
is that it collects works
on the theme of Hiroshima.
When the museum opened,
we commissioned works
on this theme...
from over seventy different artists.
On the 50th anniversary
of the atomic bomb,
we commissioned work
on Hiroshima from fifty artists.
This sculpture is one of those works.
One of the first series
that was commissioned?
Yes, the first series we commissioned.
The artists were affected...
Yes, the Hiroshima bombing...
was still very immediate in their minds...
The artists each have their own style
their own way of working,
like this one with his spirals.
He applied
his personal style to the theme.
For this theme of Hiroshima
at the start, there were...
artists who were directly involved
who took part.
As for the fire theme
there is the fire in Hiroshima...
and the fire
that is really used in pottery
I think that they overlap.
Someone who works with pottery
uses fire constantly.
When the bombing of Hiroshima
there was this flash of fire...
How can I put it?
It was as if there was
a giant oven, in a way.
That may explain
their fascination with fire.
It's awful I'm forgetting you
I'm starting to forget you.
I tremble at forgetting such love.
Beatrice, how are you?
Fine. I'm waking up.
Yes, it's 8 AM.
How are you doing?
Yes, except that it's 8 o'clock.
Can you come?
We're waiting.
OK, bye.
Right, see you later.
Sit down.
Why are you alone in Hiroshima?
Where's your wife?
She's in Unzen, in the mountains
I'm alone.
When will she back?
What's she like?
I'm a happily married man.
Like me
I'm a happily married woman.
That'd be too simple.
Don't you work afternoons?
Yes, a lot.
Afternoons especially.
This is stupid.
Missing work because of me?
Say it What does it matter?
All we have to do now...
is kill the time...
until you leave.
Another 1 6 hours till your plane goes.
It's enormous.
You mustn't be scared.
If I could invent something, I'd go on.
But I can't think of anything anymore
I'm sorry.
Machida? It's Suwa speaking.
Yes, hello.
Thank you for last time.
Can I talk to you for a minute?
Thank you for agreeing to help.
With the film, I mean.
But I can't just carry on
with this shoot.
Personally, I very much regret it.
Oh, really?
I intend to break off the shoot.
Oh, I see.
Is it because of something
that happened?
No more cigarettes Too bad.
Are you all alone?
Funny to rediscover life in Hiroshima...
If I worked only here, it'd be fun...
Are you listening?
If you're not
I think you can still hear me.
Is no one coming to get you?
It's very late
Where are you from?
You're a lucky dog
People tell you stories.
You really are alone
Tell me what happened.
The two of us...
Does he speak Japanese?
He's not even listening.
Where are you from?
Don't you remember?
You don't remember?
That's not good!
Isn't it a nice surprise?
I'm sad, I'm alone, and I'm leaving
I'll be alone in Paris, too.
We won't see each other again.
Maybe we won't see each other again.
Listen, you're being told a story.
You don't understand her.
OK, let's go
I'm done in.
Are you all right?
Can you think straight?
I don't understand
It doesn't matter.
Are you OK?
Can you see all right?
That's good.
Let's go this way.
I feel like I'm drunk.
Wait for me OK.
It's superb!
Great umbrella!
Just when we're having fun...
That's pretty.
It's lively here.
Great! They're everywhere.
He looks like a cartoon.
The young guy looks like a cartoon.
Look like?
Look like cat?
And him? Look like?
Look like?
What sort of music do you like?
I don't understand Never mind
I don't understand, but it's OK.
I don't understand!
That's nice.
Really nice.
Hey, look at that mean little dog!
He's real mean!
There are lots of musicians here.
Musicians everywhere