Ha yat dik mo mo cha (Summer Holiday) (2000) Movie Script

You're beautiful and kind.
I'm honored to be your friend.
Why break up then?
Lovers can be apart...
...and still be lovers.
Tell me.
Is there another woman?
You and I, it won't work.
Who's the woman?
I never loved you.
Okay, fine...
Okay... I'll go swimming.
Let's go!
Yan... let's go.
She ignored us.
She doesn't speak Mandarin.
Change songs.
-Good morning, Daisy.
Summer, your NASDAQ shares sank.
Did you lose much?
Big time.
I'm broke.
I suggested you buy them.
It's my fault.
How can you say that?
We're best friends.
Miss Koo, Boss wants you.
Don't worry, I still got a job.
Come in, sit.
We lost PP Trust to your
George is a genius!
PP Trust? Really?
Stop acting.
I'm sure you knew.
PP was our biggest account.
You and George must have
worked hard.
When will you join him?
I swear.
I had nothing to do with it.
I don't know what happened.
The fact is.
-I don't trust you.
-But you must.
We just broke up.
You lost your man and your job.
I feel so great.
Thank God!
Give me 10 minutes to explain.
Summer Koo, you have
No similar jobs in Hong Kong
for 6 months.
It's in your contract.
Daisy will replace you.
Okay, fine...
That scum, George.
I should have killed him.
And painfully too!
What are your plans?
Summer, are you OK?
Fine, just venting.
Leos are tough people.
My horoscope says I'll be fine.
And my luck.
Will shape up.
I hope you mean it.
I'm worried about you.
I'm fine... bye.
Daisy, my cousin bought
this beach.
Last year he needed cash.
And sold me half for HKS
I helped him out of kindness.
Now, it's reward time.
A developer wants it!
There's always hope.
Are you happy for me?
No one answers, please call back.
So you'll fly to Malaysia?
Of course.
Answer the phone, cousin.
It's so hot!
It's mine.
-Yes, fine.
No problem...
They're getting married.
Any objections?
Any objections,
please say now.
You've asked already.
You're in a hurry?
Different dialects for
different guests.
Any objections to...
...their marriage?
I object!
Excuse me...
I object!
Tell everyone why?
He owes me Rm 11,230.
In gambling debts.
Is that related to marriage?
Credit it as wedding gift.
Pay it or no marriage. Now!
More More Tea.
This is so romantic.
I love you best!
My wedding was to make
you jealous.
Tell everyone you love me.
And I'm yours.
But I...
Excuse me...
Excuse me!
Excuse me...
Who's this?
She, or the baby inside her?
Don't go?
You betrayed May.
Like a scummy dog...
Shame on you!
Don't be ridiculous!
I didn't know...
...she was pregnant.
Go to hell!
The child needs his father.
And me?
He married you for money.
You deserve better!
Yoyo's gone.
Yoyo, come back!
You're above water!
You're OK!
You were reckless?
I could sue you.
You're so typical Hong Kong!
I don't talk to hicks!
Don't follow me?
It's not your beach!
It is too?
Thank you.
Your cousin lives here?
My cousin is the owner!
I don't have a cousin.
You're the owner?
So my cousin was broke.
You gave him money to flee.
In return.
You got half the beach
and the hut?
He's my best friend.
He fled months ago.
He didn't tell you?
Let's call the police?
What for?
I think you're conning me?
But I'm not stupid?
I'm calling your bluff.
I'm not a con man.
I have proof.
No kidding.
The deed's at my lawyer's.
Let's go now.
No problem.
-Let's go.
That's my ride?
It's a half-hour walk.
Or 5 minutes by bike.
What's wrong?
This can't be right?
You call this a deed?
Your cousin was in huge debts.
He asked me for help.
So, I signed these papers.
Lucky you.
This deed says.
Mr. More gave your cousin
Rm 500,000.
To settle his debts.
So he gave More half
of the beach.
And half of the hut.
You're joking, aren't you?
Lawyers don't joke.
These papers are legally valid.
You each own half.
No more arguments.
This is a bad day.
You're my partner.
You're welcome to stay.
What an ignorant hick.
Wasting my time.
Roger, was that fish 40 Ib.?
More like...
I'll buy your half for Rm 600,000?
I'll have no place to swim.
I'll buy your half.
You're that rich?
Call me when you go fishing?
Tomorrow night?
I got a boat Peter and Robert
will join.
That place is full of fish.
You can see them swimming.
Absolutely amazing...
Are you there?
I told you in e-mail.
My corporation wants to buy
your beach.
To build a large resort.
Mr. Chan's idea is great.
Will I get free suites?
You sound interested.
Yes, I'll sell you half the beach.
It's a bargain.
-You said half the beach?
-Yes, you have a deal.
A damn good one!
Is it the left, or the
right half?
The front or the back?
Up to you.
You're insincere.
All right.
-How about 3 million?
-Malaysian Ringgits?
US dollars.
US dollars?
US dollars.
Think it over, and call us.
It's not the only beach around...
We have other choices.
Stop, I must talk to you.
You still don't understand?
Just say you love me.
We can start over.
There's another woman!
Am I right?
Who is she?
-Tell me!
-Honey, sorry I'm late, let's go...
Hey you...
He loves me, not you.
-Okay, let's go.
-I really like you.
Don't overact.
You go to hell!
We won't be going there.
You're more humorous than my ex.
I'm a better man.
Seriously, US$300,00. Okay?
Not bad.
You'll be rich.
What's with this beach?
None of your business.
Just tell me, are you selling?
Isn't it US$3 million?
Mr. Chan talked to me, too.
I like one thing about you.
All right.
Since you know it all.
That's a fortune.
Let's swim.
Be serious!
I am!
Heavens, what do you want?
You're still here?
Tell me why you won't sell?
If this becomes a private resort.
They won't have a place to...
To what?
Can't you buy another beach?
I grew up on this beach.
Learned to swim and dive here.
First date, first kiss.
All right.
You have a lot of memories here?
So what?
It's not only the memories.
It's a part of me.
Someone dumped garbage
here once.
I was ill for 4 days.
Anyway, I love this beach.
Unless it can be replaced
by a deeper love.
US $1.5 million should do.
I don't need money.
I just want to be happy?
But I need money.
You're happy and sensitive.
Just a bit too stubborn.
Anyway, I'll convince you.
So, you're staying?
No hot showers? I'll freeze?
It's 38 degree outside?
The house is not air-conditioned.
So you won't freeze.
You're not wearing makeup?
You're beautiful.
Play that song again I'll sing.
It's so boring here!
I can only remain sane
by singing?
No, not sold yet.
My cousin sold his half to a hick.
He says, unless there is a
deeper love.
Isn't that crazy?
I said crazy!
Talk louder!
It's noisy here!
Have you found that 3rd person?
Who's George with?
What? Hello?
I'm so sorry...
How dare you?
A sun... beautiful.
I saw a fly buzzing around you.
It might fly into your throat.
And affect you singing.
So I drove it away.
Slap her until she can't speak.
You're protecting her?
Can't let you bully a girl?
Hercules! Zeneger!
I'm Hercules, small but strong.
I'm Zeneger. Schwarzeneger's... fan.
We're taking you on!
Be my guest!
Zip up...
Aren't you in pain?
Of course.
Go to hell!
You'll regret this!
I'll get you!
We're invincible!
Now you know!
Hercules, hospital time.
I can't see the way.
I'll take you.
More More Tea!
You fight often?
Only to help the weak.
Usually, we only bluffed.
For you, we did it.
You mean it?
Your bandaging hasn't improved?
Shut up.
You are very brave.
But please be gentle.
Only if you sell the beach?
The sound of waves is beautiful.
Your family may be rich,
your wealth...
...won't grow on renting buoys.
You're tanning only your lips?
I'm risking lip cancer
all for this beach.
This concerns our future?
Swimming time!
There must be an angle.
Are you only wearing this?
No underpants?
Don't be ridiculous.
You're More's buddy.
You know how to get to him.
I don't want him to sell the beach.
I won't help you.
Hercules dear.
Sure you don't mean that.
Sweetness won't work on me.
Only on More.
I'm not like him.
I won't help you.
I can't force you.
I'm going, bye.
What does a sweet woman do?
You're a woman, ask yourself?
"Sweet" is not in my dictionary.
The basics, like cooking,
massage, fanning...
All work well.
Am I sweet?
Like being a maid?
Like it?
Am I sweet?
Put on a sexy voice.
Why are you asking?
It's about the beach.
Will you sell?
If Mr. Hick likes sweet women.
I can adjust.
You sound horny.
Didn't you just break up
with George?
Our love had long faded.
He just brought it up first.
I wonder who the third person is...
You said you'd find out.
I'm working on it!
I have to run.
Come on, come on!
Lunch is ready?
You smelled it?
Are you hungry?
You sound strange.
Don't you find me sweet?
Someone tipped you.
I give in to sweet women?
I can also massage, is this good?
Let's talk seriously.
Sorry, I can't take this.
Don't throw...
Please be yourself, but...
Forget the beach.
You wasted all my energy!
Go to hell!
You're here.
I'm staying here, then.
Your friend?
Auntie, I'm Yau.
I'm a tourist from England.
You called me auntie,
but him kiddo.
But he's older.
My boyfriend to be can't be old?
No way.
Pardon me!
Wait a minute?
I don't know you.
I said I'm Yau?
But this inn is closed.
Please, brother.
I'm alone, and came so far.
I beg you, let me stay.
Begging won't work.
I tried.
I can cook for you.
Not bad.
I made that.
And I do massages.
That's my line?
You're so sweet.
I'll make an exception.
There's a room upstairs.
That's not fair.
Her efforts are sweet.
But mine choke.
She's so natural.
Fine, let her stay.
Beats hearing your voice all day.
Your cooking looks great, okay?
Where did that beauty go?
I'm Hercules.
Small but strong.
You look silly.
How did you know?
I didn't, More arranged it.
You peeked at my passport.
Yes, Miss Koo.
Auntie Koo, sounds nice.
Cut the "auntie", please?
Are you happy?
-Happy birthday!
-Thank you!
How about a kiss?
And me?
Sell the beach first.
Cut the cake.
I'm going to bed.
Goodnight, everybody!
Time to go home?
I'll take you home.
I'll take you both home.
That's nice?
You learned my song?
Took long?
Not anymore.
I'm so touched.
I was lying.
No more, I'm drunk.
You swim often.
Your buttock must be firm.
You must be very strong?
That's very good.
Help me upstairs?
I'm dizzy.
Happy or not.
You'll know.
I'll be unhappy.
Brush your teeth, shower,
wash your feet.
I was touched, that's all?
Cool it?
She's drunk I shouldn't...
I have to brush my teeth anyway.
So much work?
One should practice safe sex?
No, he's coming.
That's my perfume.
Don't come over or I'll kick you!
Which foot shall I use?
Right's better.
He'll see my panties?
I'll use my fists!
That's better.
I don't sleep around.
Neither do I.
Good night.
-Morning, Yau!
What's this?
Making breakfast for Yau.
Looks more like proposing.
What would you like for breakfast?
Whatever More has.
Right away!
I love sweating men.
With me.
You don't need to shower.
Now what?
I shouldn't have showered earlier.
Everyone, look.
What is it? It's ugly!
-Looks nice to me.
-It's treasure map.
We'll go treasure-hunting.
Ignore her.
I brought all these fruits.
I'm not lying.
This is for real!
Fine, we believe you, okay?
That was a quick change.
When a woman cries he panics.
You're lying. You've forgotten me!
I didn't know you.
Don't cry...
I'll believe everything you say?
You've forgotten me. Look at this!
Look at what?
More More Tea Awarded Medal.
So you're...
You're that little girl?
I miss you so.
But you've forgotten me.
Silly girl.
I rescued you when I went fishing.
So long ago?
Don't cry..
Tell us everything.
My parents were archaeologists.
Their dream was to find
the treasure.
But after we found it,
there was a storm.
Our boat capsized.
The waves took my parents.
I was left alone to drift.
I was near exhaustion.
You came and saved me.
You have been my idol ever since.
What about this drawing?
Tell us.
I drew this map from memory.
Our boat sank here.
You want to visit...
...your Daddy's and Mommy's boat.
We'll find time to go.
Why didn't you believe me?
He agrees to anything when
women cry?
How did you find out?
I may leave here soon.
I came up with a plan.
You look nice.
It's our date.
Handsome let's go.
Let's go.
You found this place?
After some research.
This is our first date?
Hercules and Zeneger.
Took Yau to Kuala Lumpur.
Perfect timing.
-The beach...
-It's not about it.
I've gotten to know you.
You're nice and strong.
You fought for me.
You found my good points?
I'll find more today.
Who? A friend?
My best friend.
She came and didn't tell me.
When did you come?
What's wrong?
The man who dumped me.
And my best friend.
Are seeing each other?
You sure?
You caused me my job.
And now you're with Daisy.
I'm so hurt!
You broke my heart.
Listen, Summer.
You're conceited and arrogant.
You don't have friends.
I've been with him for 2 years.
So don't yell at my man.
Get lost!
Leave me alone.
My tears are coming out.
I have to wash up. Wait for me.
Here, Rm 500.
Your acting was awful.
I'm a graduate of the
Modeling School.
My card, call me.
You're so wooden.
Get going.
Call me.
Get a better guy next time.
Did he buy it?
Hook, line and sinker.
I'll go back and cry.
Then make him sign the deal.
You're such a mastermind.
Thank you for coming over.
And such nice acting.
I'll go now.
Did I look like I was acting?
George, you're here!
I told Daisy to help you.
Now we're even.
You're the woman?
How could you?
You made me lose my job.
Seduced my best friend.
We've been together...
...for 2 years.
You're conceited and arrogant.
Never cared about us?
You're friendless.
You didn't know how to be sweet.
You had to ask me?
We came to tell you one thing.
He never loved you.
He loves me.
You're just the last to know.
You haven't eaten have
some noodles.
Speak out if you're sad.
Cry if you're hurt.
They're not worth it.
Am I that bad?
I've known Daisy for so long.
If I'm conceited and arrogant.
And friendless.
Why did she put up with me?
She's wrong.
You're brave, strong and
Just a bit over-confident.
You're special.
My ex-boyfriend.
And my best friend.
Telling me off together.
I lost all self-respect...
They cheated on me.
Who can I trust?
You can trust me.
I haven't worked hard...
...at impressing you.
But I've done little things.
I hope they can add up.
To touch your heart.
Don't be so nice to me.
I'll fall for you.
And I'll bite you.
Does it hurt?
My heart aches.
Would you lie to me?
I won't, I promise.
Can you get me a beer?
Sorry, I shouldn't...
I'm sorry.
No... I have AV.
Allergy Virus?
No, Auntie Visit.
She visits every month.
Fine, I respect you.
And your "Auntie"
Did I make you unhappy?
At least I know you like
me a little.
It'll get better.
-It may take a long time.
-I can wait?
Could take months or years.
Or just 3 days.
Next Tuesday.
Your second interview.
I'll prepare for it.
I might not hire you.
We'll see.
Next Tuesday.
You like sweet women?
I'm not sweet.
Sweet makes me give in.
That's not love though.
Women's tears scare you?
Some men are macho.
They see a meek woman.
And rush over to help.
And end up in trouble.
In your eyes.
My weaknesses become pluses?
You're simply gorgeous.
We're from different worlds.
No, unless you're..
...from Mars?
I'm from a big city.
Jobless just the same.
I had a job.
In real estate?
What about you?
A secret.
Don't steal my heart.
Then break it.
I'll quit now!
Good morning.
Good morning.
Today is Tuesday.
That reminds me...
...to pick up my laundry.
What's this?
Second interview!
Am I hired?
Stop it!
More More Tea!
Get up!
Who's that?
Get up, More!
Shut up!
You guys did...
Shut up!
You got back?
Just now.
-Don't change subjects.
-Where's Yau?
Asleep she was tired.
What's up?
We're going out.
Where to?
Big surprise.
Seeing your lawyer?
Big surprise, get it?
Are you selling the beach?
The deed's ready.
Just needs us to sign.
Really? Yes!
Are you sure?
I don't want to force you.
Then forget it.
No! Let me think.
Good morning.
Don't sell.
Come in.
Here's the deed.
My boss will be here soon.
-Thank you.
I'm sure it's fine.
I'd better read it.
I made a mistake.
Let's wait for the Lawyer.
Here he comes.
Roger is busy, George will do.
A practical joke?
You started it.
He's not worth Rm 500?
Rm 200 will do.
Summer, you didn't call.
Nice scheme.
-We almost lost the beach.
You'll never believe me now.
No more acting please?
You manipulated my feelings.
To get what you wanted.
Summer Koo, you disgust me!
Don't worry, I'm leaving.
I do have self-respect.
But you lied too.
Including your promise.
Let her go.
She's such a cheater.
Love is too hurried to stay.
This actor knows my cousin.
Dined with us in Kuala Lumpur.
And told us everything.
We warned you in time.
Before you gave the beach away.
More did order the deed.
How can we be so mismatched?
Sometimes, it's unfair.
We'll take you back.
You're unhappy?
Don't worry, I'm fine.
Did you have a fight with More?
Go ask him.
Summer is leaving,
what happened?
You won't understand.
Let's visit your parents' boat.
Great, today is...
...their death anniversary.
And you can avoid Summer.
Let's go.
That's Turtle Island?
We're there... I remember!
Right there!
I promised myself I wouldn't cry.
Don't cry...
Now what?
I can't swim, so here's my spirit.
Bring it with you.
Silly girl!
Lay this on the boat.
And bring up the treasure.
Is your spirit ready?
It's you?
Ours is the only boat left.
It's an airport run.
Raise the price if you want.
I have money.
We had our grudge.
But... deal!
Bring the bags on then.
All right.
Can you see my parents' boat yet?
Dad, Mom, this is More.
He rescued me from the sea.
He's bringing my respects.
Dad, Mom, I love you so much!
All right, now find the treasure.
Summer, I found the treasure.
Look, Summer, I found it.
It's for real?
Look, Summer, I found it!
-Gold coins!
-Who woke me up?
Gold coins? Where?
-Real gold coins.
-Why are you here?
This is my boat.
Tarzan, behave yourself!
-The coins.
-Don't waste your time, he hates me.
The coins. Now!
Let her go!
Only 2?
All right jump.
I'll dock your boat and search it?
You too!
I can't swim.
Neither can I
They can't swim they'll drown!
Give them buoys to practice.
-I can't go on.
-I really can't.
I'm exhausted.
Hang on.
We'll hit that island.
Save her first!
Save her first.
I'll be back!
Hang in there.
You have to take revenge on me?
Just do it.
I'll be back, hold on!
Yau! Wake up!
Stay here, I'll get Summer.
Summer, don't scare me!
Come out!
Miss, you all right?
Where are my 2 friends?
We only found you.
Go back for them!
Please calm down.
We'll call the search team.
Send the chopper to find them!
Are they all right?
They're fine the girl is weak.
We've sent her to hospital.
We were only fooling around.
Attempted murder is not
fooling around?
And, the coins are
historical artifacts.
You're doomed!
May I go now?
Sign here, then take your things.
More, your statement please.
I need to talk to her.
Where's the magazine I loaned you?
Listen to me.
Spare me.
I swam back and you weren't there.
I knew then.
I couldn't live without you.
You hurt me, now you're
Is this a game?
We tricked each other.
We're even, okay?
Read this.
I have to go.
I'm an architect.
I live in New York.
I spend my summer vacations here.
There's an interview here.
Please read it.
So you pulled...
One more lie on me.
I didn't mean to.
I thought it wasn't important.
We'll sell the beach if you want.
If not, I can still help you.
How much do you need?
Save it.
I don't want your help.
You controlled the whole show.
You promised not to be
like my friends.
And now?
They didn't hurt me most.
You did!
No more teasing please!
I didn't mean it.
But you did it.
Mr. More, I beg you.
You swept my self-respect away.
Please stop this besetment.
Let me go with some dignity.
You all right?
You're comforting me?
I thought you would cry you didn't.
Poor thing.
Thank you.
I mean that woman.
I was in the restaurant that day.
I watched you leave with her.
Then she came back alone.
And met her friends betrayal.
The real George showed up.
Teamed up with her best friend.
Told her they were together.
And ridiculed her relentlessly.
She was heartbroken.
Then you hurt her.
Isn't she pitiful?
She'd never forgive you.
Why didn't you tell me?
If I did, you'd have
gone after her?
Now you can't get her back.
Pity is one thing.
Watching you break up.
Is fun.
And revenge on my put?
You're wrong?
I can still get her back!
Anyhow, thanks!
Hong Kong International Airport
Welcome Ms. Koo.
I'm your secretary Takagi.
-I'm Tommy, your assistant.
Please come this way.
I finally got you on board.
-Summer, welcome!
-Thank you.
Summer, I'm honored.
Let's welcome Ms. Koo.
A water heater!
I'm used to cold showers now.
I'm lying.
You're in Japan.
What happened to you?
You enjoy watching me like us?
I sure do.
Your boyfriend, that...
More he did this to me.
He did?
You sent him from Malaysia.
But I hurt him too.
You did?
I bet he's in pain?
Your hand still hurts?
Of course.
I'm glad.
Let's go.
Hi, Summer.
I can't find you.
Mr. Chan offered US$4. 1 million.
I accepted it.
The signing ceremony.
September 5, 11 am.
On our beach.
If you don't show up then.
The deal is off.
They'll buy another beach.
I hope to see you.
Sincerely, More More Tea.
You okay?
This is fine?
Your face betrays you.
Did we screw up?
You love her more than the beach.
We should support your decision.
Despite we'll be homeless.
Thank you.
You okay?
Although I don't really understand.
I hope to see you two together.
Before I return to England.
Thank you.
It's almost time will she come?
Don't worry, she'll come.
I agree.
It's hard to say.
Those e-mails.
Did she get them?
And will she forgive him?
I've done all I can.
I'm optimistic.
I think she'll be here on time.
In movie plots, she won't come.
It's true.
Summer is here! Look!
Hi, I'm Summer Koo's lawyer.
You're Mr. More?
How did you know?
She said you'd be the awkward one.
I'm the other lawyer.
Let's see the Power of Attorney.
It's here.
Then we can start.
That's it?
My client has a message for you.
She's happy with the deal.
No thanks to you.
She deserves it.
Now, a private message.
You could have hired...
...a private eye to find her.
-I did, but...
-She says if by 8pm tonight.
You don't see her in Tokyo.
Then you'll never...
Hercules, I need to charter...
...a plane to Tokyo!
Call now!
What's the hurry?
It's really Summer!
I wanted...
...to see you panic.
I'm yours...
You're in control.
Forget your movie plot.
This is reality.
-Let's go see.
-Welcome back.
More will live again.
-You're beaming.
-Sign the deed.
And everyone is happy.
You're selling the beach for me?
I need you, not the beach.
-Miss Koo, why?
I'm not signing.
-I thought we agreed?
-My client never did commit.
I came here on a date.
Miss Koo...
What's that?
Summer won!
I'm thinking of you...
...even when you're close to me.
You started out refusing to sell?
I was hoping you'd stay.
So I could see you.
Then I was selling to get you back.
So I could see you.
But you didn't want to sell.
If you're not nice to me.
I'll sell it.
I rejected a US$ 6 million offer.
we'll be in Tokyo.
For the 3 summer months?
We have our own beach?
But let's tear down this hut.
And build a mansion.
With water heaters and
air conditioning.
It's not Tuesday.
I promise you twofold!
And don't you forget it!