Haami 2 (2022) Movie Script

- You'll audition again?
- Yes!
But you've already auditioned!
-No, I'll audition again!
Ok, ok.
(reciting 'bols')
28 ones are 28.
28 twos are 32.
28 threes are 58.
28 fours are 62.
What happened?
Didn't I teach you?
Say something!
Let's go home then.
Just you wait!
Ruksana Ali Mirza?
Do you have any friend?
Do you have any friend?
- Dad, the Quran!
- Huh?
Huh? The Quran?
In Bengali! You want it?
- Hmm!
-How much is it for?
Rs. 360.
Pack it.
Maps of India and West Bengal please.
- Check if we have those.
- Sure, wait.
- Give me this book.
- Yes, we have it.
- You have 'The Competitive GI'?
- Has his book arrived?
Bring it.
- Dad, buy the new edition.
He reads those?
He's in the 3rd standard.
I wonder what he understands.
But he reads my books.
He's reading all the time!
And he solves all
the math problems in a jiffy!
Oh really?
So, tell me... what's the result
if you add 45 to 35?
And he's in the 3rd standard!
Okay, now tell me.
45 multiplied by 35,
multiplied by 42,
multiplied by 33.
What's the result?
-That's great!
Wonderful! Bravo!
-Victoria School.
It's 150 years old!
Our classes were held there,
on the 2nd floor.
-This place is huge!
Huge corridors!
The school is so big!
-Do you need help?
-You see, I used be a student.
Brought my son
to show him my school.
Oh, so continue.
Why is no one around?
It's school time.
But there are no students.
As in?
No one comes
to the school anymore.
Just seven of us are here.
Three female teachers.
Two male teachers.
And a couple of staff members.
The government has sent
the circular. It's just us here.
The library is still there.
Nitai Babu is still
looking after it.
It's open in the afternoons.
Go ahead.
Show him the school.
-Why doesn't anyone
come to the school anymore?
-Parents like us opt
for bigger schools.
-But this one is quite big too.
-Well, it used to be quite big.
Back then, students thronged
its corridors!
All Bengali medium schools
are closing down now.
Everyone's going
for English medium.
Where they teach in English.
Bengali is minor now.
They'll need a lot
to bring back that glory.
Lots of money.
Lots of it!
- So, dad...
- Quiet!
Will they get disturbed?
-Of course!
- Why's it an 'evening library'?
- Wait.
It's a student's library.
The school library.
Students come here
during the day.
And elders work in the day.
Hence, evening library.
-Why do they come
in the evenings?
-Because the evening TV soaps
drive them crazy!
Your dad has always visited
the evening library.
"I love evening library!"
(whispers) Be quiet!
-Hey, Laltu!
Been a long time!
-This is my son.
- Seek blessings from Nitai uncle.
- Ah, I see.
- What's your name?
- Siddhartha Mondal.
You know what the name means?
-Hmm! 'Siddhartha' means
'he who has attained his goal'.
And whose name is it?
- Gautam Buddha.
And my little brother's name
is Sugata.
- Is that so?
- That's one of Buddha's names too.
And... do you know
what 'Sugata' means?
'He who has been
on a good path'.
You know so much!
Nitai uncle
was your teacher too?
I taught everyone.
Even your father.
They call me 'Dadu Sir'
(the old teacher).
Once, I asked them
to name three animals
found in the African jungles.
Know what your dad replied?
- What?
"The lion, the lioness
and their cub."
And you are one; a cub!
Send him to me.
- Alright.
'HAAMI 02'
What is this!
A bird's egg!
What is that in your hand?
Close your eyes first!
Now, open your eyes.
Look, a bird's egg!
Sit on it and the egg
with hatch! What fun!
Only a mother bird can sit on it
and make it hatch.
Or else it requires
a particular temperature.
Not at all!
Anyone can sit on it
and make it hatch into a bird!
Don't be such a know-it-all!
- Everything has a science to it.
Does the sun have a heart?
Do fishes feel sad?
Why is every leaf different?
How warm must it be
For an egg to hatch?
What language do ants speak?
Why do they walk in a row?
Are stars lit with electricity?
Do mosquitoes need
a mosquito net?
How is all the magic happening?
Silly boy, just explore!
It's weird how things work
The magic is all designed
Dig in, you realize
Everything has a science to it!
There is a science to
Why trees are green!
There is a science to
How peacocks dance!
There's a science to
Why fishes are colourful!
There's a science to
Why the wind blows!
Dig in, you realize
Everything has a science to it!
Are the baby fishes
Trained to swim?
Do chillies taste hot
To birds as well?
Do penguins catch a cold too?
Science has all the answers!
How is all the magic happening?
Silly boy, just explore!
It's weird how things work
The magic is all designed
Dig in, you realize
Everything has a science to it!
There is a science to
Why trees are green!
There is a science to
How peacocks dance!
There's a science to
Why fishes are colourful!
There's a science to
Why the wind blows!
You kids are always surfing
Google and YouTube!
Ma, didn't you send us
to a Montessori school?
- Hmm!
- You know who Montessori is?
- Well, who?
- Dr Maria Montessori!
She's an Italian.
The first female doctor of Europe!
She said, just like there are
precious pearls inside an oyster,
children too have pearls
hiding within them.
That's true!
And I have two precious pearls!
One pearl is Bhepu!
Another is Chinu.
Sir, if you sit on a commode,
you're in a 90 degree position.
The rectum becomes narrower.
The pressure increases.
So, we suggest 35 degree.
Give me a minute, Sir.
Now put your feet on it.
Correct! 356 rupees only!
- I see.
You see,
now your knees are raised up.
Yeah? Do you feel it?
- Hmm.
What does it do?
Keeps you relaxed.
Much like our Indian technique.
- Right.
The pressure is much less.
But I have one predicament.
I mean, my entire family
has the disease. Even I do.
My entire family has piles.
-Sir, buy a tool.
Try it with a tool.
Sir, Laltu Mondal's slogan is
'For better stool, take a tool!'
That's the solution then.
- Aha!
So, which one of these
would you suggest?
They're all great, Sir.
I suggest,
you place your behind on them
and try each out.
Whichever you find comfortable.
Your comfort, your budget.
But specially for you,
I'd suggest,
the tool, Sir.
Please remember our slogan.
'For better stool, take a tool'.
- Good case.
I heard 8,000 have applied.
- How many to be hired?
- They'll shortlist 2,000, then 30.
Then, finalise six.
- All of them, lab attendants?
-Lab attendants.
Basically a crematorium assistant's job.
PhD, Honours graduates applying for
a crematorium assistant's job?
Laltu da, unemployment
is at its peak.
Be a crematorium assistant's or a peon's,
a government job is worth it!
Look at yourself.
Working as a salesman,
yet you are queuing up here.
Because of
a government job's security.
Anyway, so... for this
crematorium assistant's job.
What do we need to study?
- Everything.
From simple interest
to general knowledge.
By the way, did anyone
in your family work in a crematorium?
Then you will get preference.
- In my family...
Um... but my wife's family...
- Stand in the queue.
-My father-in-law...
Pakistan: Islamabad.
Uh, Nepal: Kathmandu.
Uh, and Peru, Peru...
Lima, Lima! And Malta, Malta!
- Move!
- Damn, Malta!
Which Malta?
You know... the country.
Its capital...
The capital of Malta... Uh!
My son knows?
And yet, I don't?
You're past the age
to get a teacher's job.
Got shortlisted for six years.
But you weren't called for a job.
A stool seller who wanted
to be a school teacher!
At least the commode seller's job
was bringing money home.
You didn't like that either?
Oh Mitali! Oh Mitali!
I'll find a new job!
A government job!
A lab attendant! Oh yeah!
What! A lab attendant?
What is that?
- Cleaner at a morgue!
Have you gone nuts?
Even PhDs and Honours grads
have applied for it!
Hey, listen.
- Leave me, I'm working!
What is it now?
- Just hear me out.
If I may ask... did anyone in
your family work in a morgue?
I mean... among the relatives?
Even distant ones will do.
My father-in-law...
- I will... I will...
Damn you!
You're impossible!
Go for it!
Come on!
Catch it!
You're useless,
missed the catch! Get lost!
-Hey, calm down. Don't fight.
Hey, Chinu.
What are you doing!
Hey, just a second.
Don't you fight!
No fighting.
Come on, say sorry.
- Sorry.
- Say sorry.
- Is that okay?
- Hmm.
Let's go. No fighting.
Yhw od uoy thgif?
Ybbob si yrev ythguan!
"Yhw od uoy thgif?"
I know! "Why do you fight?"
And "Ybbob si yrev ythguan!"
Reverse it!
Ybbob, as in Bobby.
Si yrev?
- Is very...
"Bobby is very naughty!"
Siht si ruo terces egaugnal!
"This is our secret language!"
- Ah!
- Yay!
- Yes!
Jhuma Gayen.
Used to beg at the train station.
- Hmm.
- Sang Bollywood covers.
- Right.
People would...
give her money, food.
She lived off it.
But then I came in.
I, Prashanta Chakrabarty said,
"Let's put her in a video!"
Cleaned her up, dressed her up.
Shot a video
and uploaded it on YouTube.
And that's it!
One video star!
How many views?
Millions of views!
- Crores of people watching!
Yes! Now she's working
with the biggest singers!
Fully good case! Hmm!
Earning in dollars!
That's why I suggest,
convince him. Okay?
I've been in this industry
for 18 years!
Hey, this is Prashanta babu.
Remember Jhuma Gayen?
Her video went viral!
Because of him!
- Huh? You look familiar.
Prashanta Chakrabarty,
Child artist agent.
Give it to him.
Uh, my card.
Child Loknath, Child Sarada,
tiny Hanuman and fat Bheem!
I handle
all of these child artists.
I mean... all the kids
you see on 'Little Champs'.
My contacts.
Siliguri to Barasat.
Bongaon to Sundarbans.
Serials to stage shows.
- I'm the contact for child artists!
My guy made a video
of your kid's talent. Show it.
Now, I'll make a proper video
of it. Got it?
And then,
we leave the rest to God.
Give me a call at 5 pm tomorrow.
- I must tell you this.
- Sure.
- I don't want my kid...
- Oops...
-to have a viral video.
Did you contact me?
Did you want me?
Did you call me?
Then how did I come?
Divine intervention!
Your home has been blessed
with raw talent!
Not everyone has it.
God gave him the power and said,
"Go, spread it among people!
People will be mesmerized
to hear you sing!
They will laud you, be charmed
by your intelligence! Good case"
Who are you to obstruct?
- Uh... I am Laltu Mondal.
His dad...
- No. You're not his father.
- What! Dad!?
- Huh?
-What! Am I not...
- Of course you are!
- You're just the agent.
You must not let him play
in the sun all the time.
What if he hurts himself...
A singer's asset is his voice.
And your son's asset...
is his mind. Got it?
You see, I am a bit possessive
about my talents.
You leave it up to me.
I'll call you up, Prashanta Sir.
- No, call me 'brother'.
- Ah.
- You fed me so well!
Cottage cheese dessert next time.
I promise, Prashanta da!
Yes, 'da' (brother) Okay?
Give me a call on that number
at 5 pm tomorrow.
Good case!
Let's go. Come on!
- Excuse me!
- Yes?
- Now I recall who you are!
- Really?
You have piles!
- Uh... Quiet quiet!
- Aha!
- Forget about that now.
It's bad case. Later.
Give me a call.
Now I remember!
- Laltu babu!
- Hmm?!
- Laltu babu...
- Hmm...
Our son is such a talent!
Did you ever expect that?
I think they mixed up the babies
in the hospital.
Surely, there has to be a mistake.
Damn you!
What we're about to see today
is actually a wonder!
An eight year old.
Siddhartha Mondal.
Capitals of countries, complicated
math calculations! He knows it all!
He's a small wonder!
So, let's talk to
Siddhartha Mondal.
Siddhartha, tell me.
What's the result
if you multiply 1334 with 967?
'Ramayana' and 'Mahabharata'?
He can answer all questions!
- She will ask in time.
- Look towards the camera.
-Wow! You're a brilliant boy!
Let's go to the next question.
We come back to Siddhartha again!
Siddhartha, now tell me,
if 1st January, 1992,
was a Monday,
what day would it have been
on 1st January, 1994?
I'm sure he can tell the answer.
He'll say it!
- Thursday.
- Oh wow! Very good!
So now, we move to
our 3rd question.
Siddhartha, are you ready?
Okay! So, our 3rd question is;
Siddhartha, think hard.
What is the longest word in English?
Is 'Pushpak Rath' an airplane?
Quite similar to it!
The 'Pushpak Rath' is quite like
our modern-day airplane.
There were quite a few
small rooms inside.
Made of silver plates.
And 'paarod'...
which is mercury in English,
that fuelled it.
Don't you love airplanes?
- Hmm.
-Tell me, which is
the fastest plane in the world?
Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird.
I know this one.
Great. Well done.
Over here, madam, Bhetki 700,
Katla 400, buy it!
-But the prices were low
just recently!
You guys are impossible.
What about the 'Pabda' fish?
- Look what Bhepu has done!
- What did he do?
So many shares on Facebook!
His video has over one lac views!
- Oh my! Wow!
- Yes, it's true! Look!
-What a sweet girl you are!
- Come on.
- Ma, you too see!
Listen, pack me one kilo
Bhetki fish.
And 600 grams of Katla fish.
Cut it into big pieces. Okay?
What have you done!
Wore it around my neck!
The Kayan tribal people
of Thailand...
They used to wear such rings.
Some say, it's for beautification.
And some say,
to save themselves from tigers,
they used to wear huge rings!
Up till here!
Since it is the neck
the tigers attack.
Kayan! Kayan tribe!
- What?
Which tribe? 'Kalyan'?
- Dad, it's 'Kayan'!
I will get one for your mum.
She'll wear it around her neck!
Like the buckles that dogs wear?
Hold this! He's gotten famous!
My son is famous!
100K... know what it means?
I lac views.
One lac in just three days!
My son is famous now!
My son is famous!
Yes, Soumendra, tell me.
It's in the papers?
Not really, brother.
Don't know if he's a genius.
But he's my son after all.
Surely he's got it in his genes.
Huh? Of course, brother.
You want a treat?
Of course you'll get one!
Yes... Just let me know when.
And that's it!
My son is famous!
Famous! My son is famous!
Viral! My son is viral!
My son is famous!
- Absolutely nuts!
Yes, she has gone nuts!
Yes, your mother
has gone crazy! Crazy!
- Nuts!
- Yes, I'm nuts!
-Give me a kiss too?
-What about me?
Another kiss!
- Big brother, what is a genius?
- Someone who is very intelligent.
-Let's click a pic!
Can we take pic with you?
If the rate is 6%,
what's the annual interest
on 400 rupees for five years?
120 rupees.
How did you know?
400 is the principal.
Multiplied by five years.
Multiplied by 6%,
divided by 100. Final interest:
How did you do it?
I learned the simple interest sums
in your maths guide book.
if I sit for another job exam,
I'll click a picture
of the questions on my phone.
Send it to your mom.
You quickly send me the answers!
- Dad! You will cheat?
- Cheating?
- You'll cheat?
- What's going on?
- Cheating! Oh not at all!
- How are you, junior master?
- I'm good.
- What were you doing?
- Solving simple interest.
What! Oh my God!
Good case!
It really is time for your dad
to count lump-sums now!
How are you, sister?
I'm well, come, sit.
Got you sweets from Shaktigarh.
I had gone to Burdwan
for Junior Sarada's shows.
It was a huge show!
- Please sit.
What did I tell you?
Channel Yoo Bangla!
- Channel Yoo Bangla?
- Channel Yoo Bangla!
One video
and he got a direct chance!
Channel Yoo Bangla has
a new reality show coming up.
'Bengal's Talent'! Oh yes!
I'll change his name a bit.
'Gyan Kumar' or The Wise Baby...
No, please. My mom named him.
That's alright then.
We'll retain Siddhartha.
Prashanta da, will it
hamper his studies?
Come on!
The kids who play
Rashmani, Loknath, Hanuman, Bheem;
they sit for private exams.
- They shoot 14 hours a day.
- Ah.
- Anyway.
Let's finish the dirty business.
What? Oh, it's not like that!
I'm talking about the money!
You see, for every episode,
he'll charge 20,000 rupees.
26 episodes.
26 multiplied by 20?
And now, four rounds.
One lac per episode.
How much is 5,20,000
added to 4 lacs?
-Yes, correct!
And the final prize money
is 5 lacs.
So, it comes to?
- 14,20,000.
Yes! And 20% of that is?
-Good case.
That amount is my commission.
- Prashanta da!
- What? Aren't we done?
- No, I'm not talking about that.
- So?
How is your piles problem?
- Damn!
- Listen.
Sit on a wide bucket
full of warm water.
See how kids do it?
Make your boss do it.
Warm compress is important.
- Fine!
And, change your lifestyle.
Eat lady's fingers.
- Okay.
- Twice a day!
It really helps piles.
- Okay now, fine!
Why can't you zip it in public?
It's a bad case.
Okay. Please. Bye.
Come on.
- Lady's fingers.
- Fine, I'll eat those!
The guy is a nutcase!
14,20,000 rupees.
Prashanta da will take
2,84,000 from that.
Even after tax deduction,
well still have 10 lacs.
Youll be using your son?
Im using Bhepu?
My own son?
Of course!
What do you mean?
So many kids participate
In these reality shows.
They gain immense popularity.
Their parents are using them?
Of course.
What about all the talent
they have? Singing, dancing...
Where will they exhibit it?
In bedrooms and bathrooms?
Huh! You never know, the kids
participating in TV shows...
Maybe what they really
want to do is play.
Or watch cartoon shows.
Fly a kite.
That Mr Pile-on!
He has brainwashed you.
A damned vampire!
Sucking onto my boy's blood!
He doesn't even know
the real names of the kids!
Bheem, Hanuman, Rashmani,
Sarada, Ravan,
Rubbish! He was trying
to change my sons name too!
I wont allow that.
-What were you telling Bhepu?
-Back then...
You did say that youll send me
your question paper,
and Bhepu will answer them.
-That was...
Arent you using him too then?
Know this clearly, Laltu babu.
Im bringing up two sons.
They wont have a life of poverty.
We have arrived!
Come, madam.
- All good?
-Bhepu, come.
Everything ok?
-Come on in!
Hey, my talent is here.
- Wheres his costume?
What will he wear?
- Dont worry!
-Hes so cute!
Well give you dhoti-kurta,
will look even cuter! Come!
I know everybody here.
Four of my talents are here.
Who the hell are they?
Blocking the damn way!
Is this a road?
- Ill handle it, boss.
Get rid of them!
Its nothing, come in.
- Come, madam.
- The interior looks great.
Do you want to touch up
your makeup?
Well, you should.
Youve to sit on the show.
If they turn the camera to you,
good case!
Come! Its all great in here!
Hes getting ready! Good!
Hey you! How long
must I have to wait here?
How long eh?
- How can I tell you that?
- What!
-Im not the guy for it.
Ill convey it.
Its nothing.
Dont bother.
They're a bad case.
May not get selected!
Very nice!
-Which episode?
- Huh?
- Which episode!
-The next one I guess.
- Checked the contract?
- Prashanta da handles that.
-Make sure you check
the contract agreement.
We were supposed to
shoot two episodes a day.
They're shooting four daily!
Can my little girl take it?
She gets done at 2 am!
She is so exhausted!
Her studies are getting
hampered too! Its impossible!
Whats happening?
Hey, let her sit.
Ask your daughter to sit up.
- She has fever.
She will rest here.
- You must adjust!
-You made her work till 2 am
last night. She must rest here.
She'll sleep here. Take them
to another room if you must.
-Siddhartha, come,
lets try out your costume.
Please wake her up,
ask her to sit.
Fulfilling every worldly duty
With mind and soul
I shall submit my heart!
Come on in. Careful.
Sit here.
I am Siddhartha Mondal.
I am Siddhartha Mondal!
I am Ruksana Ali Mirza!
Klassnote Exercise Book
presents 'Bengals Talent'
powered by Fortune, Anjali Jewellers
and Priya Gopal Bishoyi
Welcome back after the break.
Our next contestant:
8-year-old Siddhartha Mondal
from Behala!
Your favourite subject?
You will get only 30 seconds
to show us your talent.
- Hmm.
-Fine. Now listen carefully.
966 added to 522,
added to 458,
added to 674,
added to 933,
added to 255,
added to 4,002,
added to 745,
added to 205.
How much is it?
Correct answer!
Okay, Siddhartha.
Can we go to the next question?
- Hmm.
- Listen carefully.
10,560 minus,
690, minus 566,
minus 857, minus
945, minus 582.
How much is it?
- Oh my God!
- Great!
-Great going, boy!
Ive decided to uninstall my calculator
and take Siddhartha home.
Thank you, Siddhartha.
Thank you so much.
Let's call our next contestant
on stage.
Ruksana Ali Mirza from Nimtita!
- Why is everyone appreciating me?
- All the best!
Because you did well!
You did!
See, Prashanta da is here.
We'll meet him and leave.
- Prashanta da.
- Here you are!
Little master! Here you go.
This is for you.
Very well done!
No, please dont give him money.
We dont give money
to our kids, Prashanta da.
He is the little champ!
Its a good case!
Mustn't we spare some cash
to impress the Goddess of Wealth?
Take it.
- Fine, take it.
Keep it in your piggy bank.
- Ah!
Come. Come on in.
Get on the bed.
Come. Come on.
Bhepu dear, open your eyes.
And were done, come.
-Im very sleepy...
-Its 2 am now, the boy
is completely exhausted.
Will this happen every day?
1 lac rupees. In one day.
Deposit it in the bank tomorrow.
Oh Chinu, push it!
Its so heavy!
Yes! We made it up here!
Remove this.
- Its over here.
Here it is!
Our bank!
Let me show you something.
This is our piggy bank.
Well break it when needed.
When we have a lot of money,
will you buy me a remote control plane?
Youve to say the tables.
Tables of 43.
Your time starts now.
43 ones are 43.
43 twos are 86.
- Bhepu knows it all by heart!
- Hey,
can you say it like your brother?
Why, he'll do much better
than his brother.
Isnt it?
-43 eights are 344.
43 nines are 387.
43 tens are 430.
- Absolutely correct!
- Yes!
-I have a question!
The question is...
Bhepu is so intelligent!
He is a wonder kid!
People call him Google boy!
Whose genes has he inherited??
-Of course, his mother's!
-No, it is the Mondal side!
Laltu da, back me up!
This is...the product
of both our genes.
Well said!
Yeah, right!
Will I never be as capable
as elder brother?
Am I not intelligent?
Does he know the names
of the planes that you know?
-Now comes the turn of
Nimtitas Ruksana Ali Mirza!
- Ruksana Ali Mirza.
Your time starts now.
-1242 minus 65.
- 1177.
- 1177 minus 78.
- Come on, eat.
- Yes.
-1099 multiplied by 4.
- What can we say!
- Wonderful!
-This girl is amazing!
-Very well done, Ruksana!
-The only obstacle to my boy.
I feel really hungry,
every time I answer a question.
What about you?
-Want to eat fruits?
Come on, take it.
Take a piece. Please.
You can take more if you wish.
What is your favourite fruit?
- Mango.
And your favourite?
- Banana.
Monkeys eat bananas!
- They like mangoes too!
Ma! Ma!
What is it?
Can I call my school friends
home Sunday, on my birthday?
Ten or fifteen of them?
- It is far away.
Listen, do not call anyone
without asking me, okay?
But you promised me a party!
Shadhana, give Bhepu some water.
Ma, but you promised to throw
a birthday party this time!
And listen, make him wear
the socks. The clean ones.
- Ma, you promised!
- And his tiffin.
Make sure the water is warm.
Listen, son. Shadhana aunt
will drop you to school.
Ma, you take my brother out
every day. He wont go out today!
Bye, be safe.
- No!
- What is this! Stop it!
Ruined my clothes!
- No!
Move away! Im getting late,
Bring Bhepu, take him!
Come on, lets go.
- No, dont go!
-Stop staring at your brother.
Come on, we're getting late!
-Let go of me! Brother...
Why do you leave every day?
Like a plane that loses its way
In the sky
Clouds rumbling through The day
Flights of desire
You keep forgetting me
Yet I hug you to sleep
Or else I cannot sleep
Through the nights
When you return, we'll collect
Hues in our piggy bank
My days are colourless without you
Need you to tell me stories
I miss you a lot
I want you to myself
Come back, oh brother
My days are colourless without you
Need you to tell me stories
I miss you a lot
I want you to myself
Come back, oh brother!
Hey, Chinu, didnt they
take you to the shoot?
My heart flies away, fluttering
Bhepus brother, Chinu
Is a pilot!
We fly through rainbows
Painting skylines
The sunshine changes tracks
With Bhepu and Chinus dreams
I feel so proud of you
My Einstein!
When you're back, we'll collect
Hues in our piggy bank
My days are colourless without you
Need you to tell me stories
I miss you a lot
I want you to myself
Come back, oh brother!
My dear boy.
Come to me.
My dear Chinu!
Whose birthday is it today?
My dear Chinu's!
Happy birthday, love.
Happy birthday!
Happy birthday!
I called only five friends.
Only five friends.
Only five?
But honey, you know its your
brothers semi-final shoot today.
Weve to go for the shoot.
Don't you know?
- Hmm.
We'll party when we return!
I'll get your friends, chocolates!
I am sure.
I dont know what to think!
I wont jinx it.
Shoot will be over by 9.
Well be back by 11.
And if Bhepu turns out
to be the champion?
Then well have to stay longer.
Damn it! Why am I...
No, I must not say and jinx it.
Brother, wake up!
Its my birthday!
Happy birthday, Chinu...
Did you tell Chinu
that youll be late?
Why lie to the boy?
You wont be back before 2.
-What else can I do?
Bunk the shoot?
So what if I am not there?
You can arrange Chinus party.
Youre his dad!
How can I do all of that?
Then what is it that you
can do, Laltu Mondal?
Your father built this house.
Or you wouldnt even have this.
We will be back late.
You have to arrange it all.
Wake up, brother.
Its really important.
What happened?
What is it, tell me?
I am really sad.
Ma wont stay for the evening.
- Yes!
11111111 multiplied by
11111111 is how much?
With this correct answer
Siddhartha Mondal makes it
from semi-final to the finals!
Big round of applause!
This is for all your friends!
And I will cook for your friends
Okay? Huh?
- Happy birthday.
- Thank you.
Bhepu, all my dreams
are depending on this episode.
Will you be able to do it?
All my...
- Siddhartha, come, were ready.
- Okay.
- Come on.
Hello, check. Check 1-2-6.
Hello, check!
Its alright.
This is Tnusree Chakraborty!
I am Ruksana Ali Mirza.
Where is our participant no. 2,
Siddhartha Mondal?
Participant no. 2?
He is not here.
Well check the backstage.
- Siddhartha?
- Siddhartha!
Is Siddhartha with you?
Cant find him backstage.
What do you mean?
I dont know, cant see him.
Where could he be?
- Hello! All correct?
- Yes, its all good.
Sound ready?
Sir, the 2nd participant
cannot be found.
- What!
- Siddhartha is missing.
What! Come out!
-Check floor no. 4.
Ill check the canteen.
Hes wearing a maroon kurta.
Ill check the art go-down.
-Not on 2nd floor.
Nor in the go-down.
Not behind the studio. Clear.
Hello! Where are you?
- In the market.
- What are you doing there?
Buying soya chunks and eggs.
Listen, go home immediately
and check if Bhepu is home.
Bhepu? Why would he be home?
Shadhana isnt answering
the call, go home!
- Did Bhepu come home?
- No.
- Where is Chinu?
- He was playing outside.
-Give it to me, pass the ball.
Come on, pass it.
Hey, have you seen
Bhepu and Chinu?
- No.
- No.
-Come on!
Hello? I am coming home!
No, you come home too!
Yes, coming right away!
It was a huge face loss
in front of all!
Its never happened
in my career of 20 years.
-Found them?
Know how much we lost?
What loss are you talking
about? I cant find my son!
It was your duty to watch him.
-Its on you to control your son.
Not on us.
Sorry, you may feel bad that we're
talking like this, but what can we do?
Please try to understand
our situation too! We are helpless!
Hey, what happened?
This is too much now.
Use the fork.
May I ask a small question?
The noodles you're having...
Which country invented it?
4,000 years ago at the
Lazia architectural site.
And the word 'noodles'
came from the German word
'Nudel' in 18th century.
Great! Great!
I am getting really hungry.
May I eat now?
Oh sure! Sir, this food is
complimentary from Chowman.
Enjoy the day, Sir.
Enjoy the day, Ma'am.
- Enjoy. Okay.
- Thank you.
Thank you!
Here you go! Good!
May I ask you something?
Who discovered 'Adidas'?
- Adi Dassler, Adolf Dassler.
- He made 'Adidas'.
- Wow!
His brother, Rudolph Dassler
made 'Puma'.
And what does 'Adidas' mean?
- Oops! Please don't ask me!
Not me!
- 'All day I dream about sports'!
Choose whatever you like.
It will all be a gift
from us for him.
Are we going for groceries now?
No other option, you see.
Since the day he fled...
- Yes... The channel is scared.
They're saying "Get bouncers".
- You mean...
- Hmm?
- As in bouncer balls in cricket?
Bouncers! As in bodyguards.
Like him! You see,
he is a big talent.
People try to pull his cheeks.
They tickle and scratch him,
want to close in for selfies.
What if something happens
to him?
But then... a bodyguard?
- No!
- Not a bodyguard. A bouncer.
- Hmm!
All the talents we have...
Rashmani, Bheem,
- Sarada. Loknath.
Yes, we provided all of them
with bouncers. That's all.
Good case! Ah!
Let's try this.
Do one thing. Go to office
and give them a call.
- Prashanta da!
- Not this man again!
Please, not that topic again.
- I have a gift for you!
- What is it?
One kilo lady's fingers.
- Okay.
And this!
A commode tool!
- You didn't have to bother.
Come on, you do a lot
for my son!
I see.
- Do use it!
- Sure!
Let's go. Hell-bent on giving me
a commode tool.
Mr Pile-on!
What is that in your hand?
Hey! Where did you learn
that name from?
My dad calls you Mr Pile-on!
What else does he say?
- That you're a vampire.
Sucking on my elder
brother's blood!
What a brat!
Bad case!
Let's go.
- Seems Mitali's all uppity now.
- Saw her at the mall that day.
She didn't even recognize me!
Walked past me!
I've forbidden my son
from talking to Siddhartha.
My little boy came to me,
crying. He said,
"Why am I not Siddhartha, Ma?
Am I stupid?"
I am sure all the other kids in
the school feel the same.
I told him,
"Son, you're no less either!"
Have you brought
a bodyguard with Siddhartha?
Not a bodyguard. A bouncer.
He will wait outside the school.
He will take our boy
to the shoot after school.
We don't allow such things
inside or outside school.
Tell me something.
The day Siddhartha fled
with his brother,
did he tell you
where they had gone?
Did you find out?
This plane!
It costs 5,000.
We have a grand less.
Let's go.
Stop whining to us Don't worry!
We'll finish our homework on time
Don't worry!
Stop forbidding us from playing
Don't worry!
Pokemon and Sin Chan
Are in a meeting, don't worry!
We're overburdened
With the pressure of text books!
We're overburdened
With the pressure of text books!
Spare us, dear parents!
Don't worry!
Don't worry!
Look at our parents
Arguing always! But don't worry!
They say other kids study
But we don't! But don't worry!
They have strict routines
Chasing us! But don't worry!
The open window calls out
To us! But don't worry!
But how can we play?
We've to mug up books!
But how can we play?
Your routine is forbidding us!
Spare us, dear parents!
Don't worry!
Don't worry! Don't worry!
Don't worry!
Don't worry! Don't worry!
My wife's name is Saira.
She is not educated.
Though I have studied
till middle school,
none of my four daughters
ever went to school.
My youngest girl's name
is Ruksana.
This is all Binayak Sir's doing.
The school closed down.
But he comes over to the shelter.
Teaches everyone daily.
It's Binayak Sir who planted
the seed in Ruksana's mind.
She can even calculate the distance
between sun and moon!
She is lightening fast!
And we stare at her in wonder!
In our families, we don't need
women to study so much.
Reduces their chances of marriage.
Binayak Sir...
has turned things over!
Let's go.
Just a second, please.
You're Siddhartha's mother, right?
Please don't run away this time.
I've been here for two months.
Didn't get any pay.
I beg of you. You see,
I am in grave trouble.
My mother has cancer.
That devil of a doctor said...
he won't treat my mother
until I pay up.
She keeps asking me,
"Did the money come in?"
You see,
she's told everyone in the village,
"We're going to make a fortune!"
He will play against
my daughter, Ruksana.
But it is my daughter,
Ruksana, who will win!
- What if she doesn't?
- Why won't she!
How can you say that?
You know why she'll win?
She has my mother's blessings.
Let's go, come on.
Mark my words,
my daughter will win!
Klassnote Exercise Book presents
powered by Fortune, Anjali Jewellers
and Priya Gopal Bishoyi
This is the grand finale
of our show!
And in the talent round
now comes the awaited moment
of the face-off between
Siddhartha and Ruksana.
Our judges will ask
just one question to them.
The correct answer
will win the championship.
All the best!
Our planet earth...
What is its
equatorial circumference?
As in, how many kilometers
is the circumference
and how many miles is it?
40,075 kilometers.
And 24,889 miles.
Ruksana, now you say.
40,075 kilometers
and 24,901 miles.
Our show, Bengal's Talent...
-Its champion is...
from the village of Nimtita...
Ruksana Ali Mirza!
She won!
Both kids are extraordinary!
For us, both are champions!
Both answered correctly
in kilometers,
but Ruksana said 24,901 miles.
Which is correct.
And Siddhartha said
24,889 miles.
We know that both kids
are extremely talented.
But the one who
answered this correctly,
she will be the champion,
so today Ruksana is our champion!
You can buy the single flush
or the double flush.
The double flush uses less water.
- Is it?
- Yes, far less.
I see.
- Any problem?
- Huh? What?
Problem? Because of
the wall-hanging commode?
Yes, that can happen if
the wall is not strong enough.
Your wall has to be
minimum 10 inches thick.
- Yes?
- Ask your talented son.
I lost five lacs!
It's all gone!
- Is the prize money stolen?
Stolen? You mean commodes
too get stolen?
Possible. If you get
a gold-plated commode.
- A golden commode?
- It's a fashion these days.
- Ah, is it?
- Listen.
Your son is a loser,
just like you! He lost!
To a damn redneck!
Do you even know?
We lost God's gift of 5 lacs
that was coming our way!
They won't call him
for anymore shows! A loser!
No one will call him!
- Family, you know...
- So nice!
You knew the answer?
I can still say
the right answer, Dad.
Ruksana was my only friend.
They are really needy.
Her grandma is very ill.
Proud of you, son.
May I?
May I?
Told you I am not hungry.
You're forcing me to eat.
May I?
May I?
Since Ma is unhappy,
I am not very hungry either.
I'll have one less.
Yes, Ma is unhappy.
I'm not hungry too.
I too will have one less.
Today, when the air is full of grief,
we shall all have one less.
Oh... Which channel is this?
Ah! Fine, send them over!
Yes, on this number.
There's a show coming up.
It's called 'Junior Pundit'!
They have selected my Bhepu!
Prize money...
25 lacs!
25 lac rupees!
-25 lacs?
I always wanted to see
Prosenjit for real!
Also dance with him!
The one with a wise brain
A smarty quick-wit
Another name for a genius is
Junior Pundit!
The one, full of knowledge
Has brain like a college!
But they will learn, strive
Become the Junior Pundit!
Twinkle twinkle little star
Brains bustling with wonder
Twinkle twinkle little star
Brains bustling with wonder
Sharpen your game
All you prodigies!
Who will be the Junior Pundit?
Who will be the Junior Pundit!
Up your game, small wonders
Gear up, wrack your powers!
If you're the best of them
Show us how you beat them!
Who will be the Junior Pundit?
Who will be the Junior Pundit!
Hey you curious kids!
Girls and boys, come all!
A duel is not always cruel!
Winner is the kid who knows!
The competition will be close!
Who will turn out A true jewel?
The IQ has to be cutting edge!
Bring in all your knowledge!
The IQ has to be cutting edge!
Bring in all your knowledge!
Moms vs dads!
Don't stick out your claws!
All of us are Junior Pundits!
All of us are Junior Pundits!
Junior Pundit!
Welcome to St. Augustine's Day School,
Barrackpore, presents Junior Pundit!
We have collected the best junior
geniuses of West Bengal!
We shall introduce you to them.
Let's call them over.
The first contestant.
Siddhartha Mondal from Behala!
Aamir Hussain from Murshidabad!
Irena Banik from Jalpaiguri!
Sumana Chakraborty from Asansol.
Vaishali Jaiswal from Darjeeling.
Emmanuel Vishal Rozario
from Alipurduar.
Shreyan Adhikary from Midnapore.
Ruksana Ali Mirza from Nimtita.
A huge round of applause!
- Yay! Huh!
Greetings to you all!
- How are you?
- I am good, what about you?
I am fine!
We have eight junior pundits
with us here.
Some of them already know
each other.
We already know Siddhartha
and Ruksana quite well!
Both are familiar faces.
Laltu babu!
- Hello!
- Siddhartha's dad, right?
- How do you feel?
- I am good, it feels great, Sir!
My wife is a huge fan of yours.
Hello! Thank you so much!
It's because of you
that we are here.
Please have a seat.
He's so handsome!
We have five rounds
in this show.
The eight of them will play
against each other.
And whoever emerges as
the best, will be called...
Junior Pundit!
You failed in two subjects!
Aren't you ashamed?
Look at me, aren't you ashamed?
Younger brother of a genius!
Playing away through the day!
I want to slap you...
- Hey!
Here you are. Come on in.
Have a look at your son's
report card. Failed in two subjects!
You are to blame!
You're ruining him! See!
Just check out his work.
It is full of mistakes!
Now look at this one!
Full of silly mistakes! Look!
There's more!
We've to get him a private tutor
or else we'll lose our faces!
Have you ever given Chinu time?
How much time do you spare?
Chinu is not at fault.
Then whose fault is it,
Laltu babu?
Is he not your son too?
Is it my duty alone?
Can't you tutor him?
You have all the time.
'Old Man And The Sea'. Uh...
- Hmm?
What are you reading?
The book you took out. That one.
- That one?
Do you understand it?
- Hmm.
So, what does it say here?
You know, in Afghanistan
girls aren't allowed to study.
The Taliban have
a hefty punishment,
if you study after the age
of twelve.
But going against
the Taliban's fatwa,
little girls like you
continue to study!
We're still very fortunate.
Our government... your father...
You are being able to study
in our society!
So many other girls
will get inspired by seeing you.
It's not just your father
you're fighting for, Ruksana.
You're fighting for
all the girls in this country!
Pugnacity. Hmm!
You failed, Bhepu.
Way past 10 seconds.
You're supposed to finish it
in 10 seconds.
You will lose.
To that redneck!
- Multiplied by 4?
- 14,080.
- Multiplied by 5?
- 70,400.
- Multiplied by 4?
- 2,81,600.
15 ones are 15.
15 twos are 30.
15 threes are 45.
15 fours are 60.
15 fives are 75.
15 sixes are 90.
15 sevens are 105.
15 eights are 120.
15 nines are 135.
15 tens are 150.
Sugato Mondal
and who is the lamb?
Minus 10,256?
9.5 seconds!
Thank you, God!
Bhepu... My dear boy...
We're needier than Ruksana.
You see, those that whine
about how poor they are,
they are not always saying
the truth.
Ruksana will tell you how needy
she is. So will her dad.
And you will let her win.
Don't do that, son.
Please don't.
Now we begin St. Augustine's Day School,
Barrackpore, presents Junior Pundit!
The first question.
General knowledge category.
In which country was guitar...
In which country
was the guitar discovered?
Irena Banik from Jalpaiguri.
Say it.
France? Okay. Anyone else
wants to go for it?
Ah... Shreyan Adhikary.
Go ahead.
Spain is the right answer!
Now we will go for
the next question. Okay?
India's first train journey.
Where did it begin,
where did it end?
How strange! Siddhartha Mondal
and Ruksana Ali Mirza!
They pressed the buzzer
We must ask them both.
1st train was from Bombay's
Bori Bunder to Thane.
16th April, 1853.
- And you, Ruksana?
The 1st passenger train was
from Bori Bunder to Thane.
16th April, 1853.
Ruksana said, "passenger train".
And Siddhartha said, "train".
This is the only difference.
both their answers
are absolutely correct!
You two will have to
share this point. Okay?
That marks the end
of this round.
After all the rounds are played,
one of the contestants
will have to leave us today.
Whoever has scored the lowest.
Emmanuel Vishal Rozario.
From Alipurduar. Come here.
He is one of our Junior Pundits!
We were very happy
to have you here.
We all will miss you. God bless.
-Check my costume.
Tell me when we're ready.
- Sir, I was...
- Sir!
Sir, we got this gourd for you
from our Nimtita village!
Good, but how can I have it alone?
- Why'd you have it alone?
Share it with everyone.
This was organically farmed.
From my own goat's fertilizer!
Ah! Fresh!
Ah, just help me with this.
I'll be in my van.
- Sure.
Come here.
Such a huge pumpkin!
If he can gift a gourd,
then I'll gift him a pumpkin!
Huh? Who is it?
- Listen, tomorrow's plan...
- Sir, hello!
- Tomorrow's episodes...
- A pumpkin! Here.
- A pumpkin?
- From our garden!
You can make many dishes
with it. You can fry it.
Come on, give it.
Hold it, it's heavy!
A gourd, a pumpkin...
I better go to the van.
Sir, listen...
You can't escape me!
Famous mosquitoes of Behala!
Where did it go!
Why are you putting
the torn 'lungis' out there? What?
Look at this!
We were supposed to make
wipes out of these.
Stop killing mosquitoes.
Try to exhibit our poverty!
The poorer we are, the better
we score on a reality show.
They're coming to shoot
our house today.
I'll show you how it's done,
Inayet Ali Mirza!
We'll get a standing ovation!
A standing...
- I will get you today...
- Come here, listen.
You'll say that you haven't had
a job for six years. Got it?
As in, your number was 214.
But those who were behind you,
no. 250, no. 254...
They've all gotten jobs.
But you did not.
- Oh my God!
How will we run the house...
-I will have mosquito fries
for dinner tonight!
But they've filed a lawsuit
against the commission for that!
Hide that bit. Cry aloud,
tell them how much you struggle
to sell commodes every day.
Of course, it's a huge struggle!
In order to demonstrate
for a commode sale,
you know how many push ups
it takes? Like this!
Up and down! Up and dow...
Stop selling commodes.
Time to sell our poverty!
Laltu babu!
How is your granny doing now?
- I don't know, maybe not very well.
Power cuts in the evening
are common in my village.
What do you do then?
I sit beside the river,
staring at the stars.
Can you identify the stars?
- Sure!
Orion, the Ursa Major,
the morning and evening stars.
What about castor pollux?
- Why, OGLE-TR-122b!
The smallest one,
red dwarf star.
Just like you!
Hey! What!
Where are you off to?
Why do you talk to her?
She's your competitor.
Don't talk to her, come on.
Hey, an eyelash!
Make a fist.
Now, close your eyes.
- What am I to do?
- Make a wish.
Then blow off the eyelash.
Not aloud, say it in your heart.
- Can I tell you now?
- Not now, after it comes true.
Through the clouds
The crescent moon boat
The glittering night sky
Whether stars are flat or square
Don't leave my hand When scared
From today, this is our mission
In friendship
There's no competition
Through the clouds
Look at our tiffin box
Flying in the sky
The toy train leaves
For the space station!
What a mix of
Jelly bellies and pan cakes!
Share a bite, no tension!
From today, this is our mission
In friendship
There's no competition
We have sharp minds
And we're viral on the web
Uncle Google has his wonders!
What's the point of learning
All the G.K.?
Let's live in the sky!
This is the village where I live
Our houses fly away
When storms come
I live my life on the edge
But my friend bring me a smile
From today, this is our mission
In friendship
There's no competition
Welcome to St. Augustine's Day School,
Barrackpore, presents...
Junior Pundit!
We're about to begin
our episode on our epics.
It'll be a buzzer game
in all rounds.
My first question is:
What is the name
of Lord Rama's sister?
Rama had a sister? Huh?
- Siddhartha. Tell us.
- Shanta.
His elder sister.
King Dasarath's daughter.
Correct! Right answer!
A huge round of applause!
Now, that's why
they all envy my son!
No one else could!
-The next question:
Who is Sugriva?
Amir Hussain! Tell us!
The younger brother
of monkey king, Bali.
Yes! Amir has given us
the right answer!
Next question:
Who is Bidyunmali?
- Yes, Sumana.
- A soldier of Ravana. Uh...
He was killed by Sushen
in the war of Lanka.
Yes! Correct answer!
Very well done!
The next question:
What is the name
of Meghnad's wife?
Yes, Vaishali.
Promila is the right answer!
Everyone is answering correctly,
playing really well!
Now, we shall move into
general knowledge.
My next question:
What is the full form of the
'virus' that attacks a computer'?
Ah! Ruksana! Go for it.
Vital information...
resources under siege.
Correct answer! Wonderful!
She's quite a dangerous virus too!
With this round,
our episode ends today.
Sumana Chakrabarty from Asansol
and Irena Banik from Jalpaiguri
are eliminated today.
What happened?
135 Bengali medium schools
have closed down in Kolkata.
Along with yours now.
The school is bankrupt.
The library existed
because of the school.
Now, it too will close down.
Nothing to do.
I've kept aside some books
for you, son. Do take those.
-Now, our next question:
Who has been the longest
serving Prime Minister of India?
Siddhartha. Tell me.
- Indira Gandhi.
- Indira Gandhi... Okay.
Does anyone else want to try?
Yes, Ruksana, tell me.
Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.
The fate of one of the contestants,
depends on this answer.
One of them
will be leaving this stage today.
Let's have a look
at the correct answer.
Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru
is the right answer.
Ruksana Ali Mirza
has given the right answer!
Your answer is wrong, Siddhartha.
Pandit Nehru served for
16 years, 286 days.
And Smt. Indira Gandhi served
for 15 years.
But Siddhartha's total score
is more so far,
so today
the one who will be leaving us...
Amir Hussain from Murshidabad.
Well done.
-Is it paining a lot?
Wait, I'll apply balm.
You will be fine.
Ma... I, too have a headache.
Please give me balm too.
- You too?
Because you play in the sun
all day. No time to study.
Come on,
bring your head forward.
Sit quietly beside your brother.
Don't disturb him.
Brother, won't you tell me
a story today?
That story about how they
paint mummies with tar!
Brother, you listening?
- Chinu, please let me sleep.
I can't stay up...
You're a happening attraction
now. Junior Pundit!
- He has to shoot for it tomorrow.
- Uh, get these medicines.
I'll make sure he's up and going.
But still, he'll be weak.
Can't say if he'll recover completely...
Viral fever takes a toll on health.
- Wait here, I'll take him to Sir.
- Don't be late.
He came to seek your blessing,
it's his final round today.
Go ahead.
- Bless you, son.
I'm really scared.
- Tension?
- What if I don't win?
Must you win always?
Participation itself is victory.
Can everyone do that?
Speak that confidently on stage!
Could your father do it?
Why are you doing this to him?
What do people call you?
- Wonder kid.
The wonder won't last
a lifetime, son.
The magic is temporary.
It runs out.
Soon, a new kid will come
and solve all math problems,
sing better than you,
play the tabla maybe!
Soon, you will be old news.
And the media, the papers,
the TV... they'll laud the new kid.
Don't chase that, son.
Life will surprise you.
Got it?
- Hmm.
Now, what does 'genius' mean?
The word is derived from
the Latin word, 'Gignere'?
What does that mean?
- To create.
Which means, to discover.
Creating something new.
Got your answer?
- Hmm.
You're not discovering anything,
son. You're no genius.
You're just reading books
and repeating what you learnt.
Is there any depth in this?
Nurture, discipline yourself,
research it!
It's inventions that remain, son.
Wonder perishes.
Mozart. He was four
when he created his own music!
Hence, he was a genius!
Laltu... Bhepu is a talented kid.
But we must guide that talent.
Steer it to the right direction.
Flaunting it wrongly, has wasted
away many such wonder kids.
Take it. Your turn.
We've arrived
at the semi-final round today.
All four finalists have
the same number of points.
Here comes my first question
from the epic of 'The Ramayana'.
For Vaishali.
Who is Prahasta?
Who is Prahasta
in 'The Ramayana'?
Think hard.
Sorry, Vaishali.
Your time is up.
Anyone else wants to try?
Yes, Siddhartha.
Ravana's prime minister.
Prahasta was Ravana's uncle.
Ravana's mother was Ketumati.
And his father was Sumali.
And his son was Jammumali.
Extraordinary! Please give him
a huge round of applause!
Your brother's killing it!
The next question is for you,
Sita had three friends
when she was a kid.
All of them got married
at the same place and time.
Who were they?
You've answered brilliantly
so far. Think hard, you know it!
Concentrate, you can do it!
- Mandabi, Urmila and...
-Try harder, Siddhartha!
Time is running out, Siddhartha.
- And...
Time's up, Siddhartha. Sorry.
Anyone else?
Ruksana, tell me.
Mandabi, Urmila, Srutakirti.
Huge applause for her!
Yes, right answer!
We often get to hear that kids
don't read books these days.
That they don't know our roots.
But look at these kids! Not only
are they good at math,
but at science, geography, history
and they know their epics too!
Now, the last question
of 'The Epics' round.
Ruksana, this is for you.
How many brothers
and sisters did Ravana have?
Including his step-brothers
and step-sisters.
How many brothers
and sisters did Ravana have?
Their names,
and how many of them.
Ruksana, time is running out.
Time's up, Ruksana! So sorry!
Anyone else wants to try?
Ruksana, Siddhartha... Ah, yes!
Their names?
Kumbhakarna, Bibhishana,
Khar, Dushana, Kuber,
Kumbini, Abhiravana, Surpanakha.
Wow! Absolutely correct!
Huge round of applause
After this round, two contestants
will be leaving us.
Vaishali and Shreyan. Come.
All the best.
You both did very well.
Don't be sad!
And now, we come to
our final round!
A huge round of applause,
Are you nuts, Mitali?
He can't continue with the show.
He cannot!
I'll talk to Prashanta babu.
If need be I'll talk to
Prosenjit babu.
I'll tell them we're withdrawing.
- Listen, Laltu babu!
You're not going anywhere.
- But...
No! You won't go!
Believe me, he'll pull it off!
Let me just wash his face.
He'll be able to shoot.
Don't go, Laltu babu.
He'll manage.
He will.
Welcome to St. Augustine's Day School,
Barrackpore, presents Junior Pundit!
Today's episode
is our grand finale!
Through a buzzer round
between Ruksana and Siddhartha,
we will choose
Bengal's Junior Pundit!
We will ask
ten 'Brahmastra' super questions.
The opponents can challenge
each other's answers too.
And the contestants
can also opt for a helpline.
One of their family members:
Their mom, dad
or teacher could be with them.
And for one of the questions,
they can answer for you.
They can help.
-So, now, Ruksana, whom
do you choose as your helpline?
My teacher, Binayak Sir.
Binayak Sir,
please come on stage.
- Binayak Sir, what do you do?
- I teach science.
At the Nimtita High School.
Obviously, I feel great to be
on stage as her teacher.
I feel proud too.
What Ruksana has achieved
fills my heart with pride!
I think it's me who is her pupil.
She teaches me.
Unimaginable, to hear such
proud words from your teacher!
It's your turn.
Who will be your helpline?
My father. Laltu Mondal.
Your father, Laltu Mondal.
Laltu babu, come up.
Laltu Mondal.
So, Laltu babu, what do you do?
I work as a sales executive
in a hardware shop.
I sell commodes.
Oh wow! That's a great thing
you do!
Now, we shall have a look
at where they have come from.
Yes, we are needy. It's true.
But God gave us the
greatest gifts, Bhepu and Chinu.
We don't need anything more.
We have everything.
I thank all the people of Behala,
for showering all their love
on my son, Siddhartha Mondal,
and for supporting him.
-We just saw
a very interesting video.
Laltu babu, do you wish to
say something now?
Sir, there are needier people
on this earth.
Without proper shelter and food.
But I have a house, a job.
Take the example
of brother Inayat.
They are living in a school
for more than a year.
The storm flies their roof away.
The flood breaks in through walls.
Think about it. Sixty families
living in a school.
Yet, a girl Ruksana has come up
from there.
My eyes well up with tears,
thinking about Inayat bhai.
Sir, I don't know if I am worthy.
My son has called me here.
If you ask me,
my wife would've been worthier.
I don't know how much I can help.
We'll do it, dad!
"We'll do it, dad!"
The undeterred father-son duo.
And now we shall begin
the final round!
General knowledge questions!
Which is the fastest plane
in the world?
- Oh well!
- I know this one!
He didn't take any time
to click the buzzer!
-Hmm, will you challenge him?
Seems like there is a story
behind this answer,
isn't it, Siddhartha babu?
- Actually my brother taught me this.
He loves planes.
That's him, over there.
A huge round of applause!
So, Laltu babu!
You must be really proud
of the two geniuses at home!
the second question
of the final round.
If addition means division,
and division means subtraction,
and subtraction means
and multiplication means
then 21 added to 7, multiplied by
4, subtracted by 3
and divided by 11, is what?
- 10?
- Hmm.
Sure? Super sure?
Sir, are you sure?
That's correct! Applaud, everyone!
Ruksana answered correctly!
Ruksana's score: 1.
Siddhartha's score: 1.
The next question.
The third super question.
If the code for the word 'army'
is 57,
then what will be the code
for the word 'navy'?
- Yes, Siddhartha?
- 62.
How is that?
If 'army' stands for 57,
alphabetically A is 1,
R is alphabetically, 18.
M is alphabetically 13.
And Y is alphabetically 25.
The total is 57.
In case of 'navy',
N is alphabetically 14,
A is alphabetically 1,
V is alphabetically 22,
and Y is alphabetically 25.
The total comes to 62.
What are their brains made of?
My nephew!
We'll go for the next question!
If the word 'bird'
is designated a code of 75,
then what is the code
for the word 'fish'?
Ruksana. Tell me.
Bird is 75, it's placed in reverse.
In the English alphabet...
- What happened?
-I is 18, R is 9 and D is 23.
So, for 'fish', F is 21,
I is 18, S is 8,
and H is 19.
So 'fish' comes to 66.
That's the right answer!
Correct answer! Applause!
- What happened, son?
- In the code-breaking round,
they've scored equally.
We'll go for a short break.
We will be right back!
Stay with us!
St. Augustine's Day School,
Barrackpore, presents Junior Pundit!
Sir, sir...
Please listen,
my son has high fever.
he's running a high temperature.
He is ill, he can't shoot
for this episode.
I think we will withdraw, Sir.
Just a second, give me some time.
- He can't stand.
- I get it. Bring him a chair.
- Yes, Sir?
Please come to the stage.
There's a crisis on the floor.
Make him sit down.
- Let's go, Sir.
Oh no, we're doomed...
-I can't go on...
Shubhankar, the kid has high fever.
We must do something.
He's just a kid.
- I'll see what I can do.
Yes, he has fever.
- Can we show something else?
It's a live show, Sir.
I can arrange for a doctor.
We have a doctor handy.
Once he feels better,
we can restart
after a longer break.
We could do that.
- But in this condition...
I don't think we can continue.
- I beg of you. Two more rounds.
- We're withdrawing.
- What will we show?
It's a live show!
- Forgive us.
Hey, stop! Stop them!
He's acting smart! Move!
- Chinu, come fast.
- Hey, wait...
Stop them!
Just wait.
Let them talk it out.
Be calm.
Walk slowly.
- Is he alright?
- Yes, Sir.
Please applaud for him, everyone!
Feeling better?
- Yes, a bit better.
- Good. Come here. Come on.
- Yes, Sir?
- Let's roll.
- Okay.
Now we begin the final round of
St. Augustine's Day School,
Barrackpore, presents Junior Pundit!
If, in an unknown language,
'orange' is called 'butter'...
and 'butter' is not called 'ink',
and 'soap' too
is not called 'honey'...
then 'butter' is 'soap'.
'Honey' is 'ink'
and 'soap' is... 'orange'.
And 'ink', again, is not 'soap'...
In that case, when you have
a toast for breakfast,
what do you spread on it?
Oh my, Siddhartha, go on!
- Yes?
- One...
'A Table is a Table'.
It's a story by Peter Bichsel.
In it, an old man kept changing
names of all the things.
He named the bed as a picture.
The table as a carpet.
The chair, as a clock.
And named the newspaper,
the bed.
And he named the mirror as chair,
and the clock as the photo album.
Now, what became of his life?
Thus every day, the old man
slept on his picture.
Right at 9 am, his photo album
would begin to ring.
He'd jump up awake
and stand on his wardrobe!
And that is the right answer!
I love you, Siddhartha! Love you!
Ruksana, this question
is for you now.
If 'white' is 'blue',
and 'green' is not 'black',
and if 'yellow' is 'green',
and if 'red' is not 'yellow'.
So, what is the colour of leaf?
Yes, Ruksana, tell me.
Oh my God!
Absolutely correct! Applaud
for Ruksana, everybody!
Both contestants stand
at a score of 3.
Now comes the 7th question
of the Brahmastra round.
Which tribe of Thailand
wear rings around their neck?
For beautification.
Yes, Laltu babu, who will answer?
Father or son?
- Laltu Mondal, Sir!
- Sure, go ahead!
- 'Kalyan', Sir.
- Huh?
Uh... Sure?
- Is that it?
- Hmm!
Fine. Ruksana,
would you like to challenge that?
You said 'Kalyan'?
- Ruksana, want to challenge that?
- Yes.
Okay, go ahead.
- Should I say 'Kayan' tribe?
- Yes, 'Kayan' tribe.
The answer is 'Kayan' tribe.
'Kayan' tribe...
Right answer!
Dad, this one was easy!
I had told you before!
Don't you remember?
Ruksana Ali Mirza...
is now ahead of Siddhartha
Mondal by 1 point.
Now, the 8th question.
Spelling round.
But you've to say in reverse.
1st question.
Montessorian. You've to say it
in reverse.
You have 10 seconds.
- Remember how we play the game?
Just like that, reverse
the spelling in your mind.
And... that is a right answer!
Both contestants
stand at four points each.
The next question will be
from our religious texts.
Pundit's choice?
- 'The Quran'.
'Srimad Bhagavad Gita'.
I will ask you the question
directly. If you cannot answer,
the same question will go
to your opponent.
Siddhartha, the first one
is for you.
How many times is
'Bismillah al-Rahman al-Rahim'
mentioned in 'The Holy Quran'?
- 114 times.
- Sure?
- Sure.
- Absolutely?
- Absolutely.
- Right answer! Correct answer!
In the Brahmastra round
consisting of 10 questions,
Siddhartha scored 5
and Ruksana scored 4, so far.
So, this question
is for you, Ruksana.
Do or die! Okay?
The 11th verse in the 2nd part
of 'Srimad Bhagavad Gita'.
Which verse did Lord Krishna utter
for the first time?
Everybody, a huge round
of applause please!
This stage has proved that
a Hindu too can read 'The Quran'.
Can understand its meaning.
And a Muslim too can read
'The Gita' and say its meaning.
Perhaps this is only possible
in our very own India!
But the problem is, Ruksana
and Siddhartha, both are at five.
Since both have scored equally,
we shall go for a tie-breaker.
One more final question.
Whoever answers correctly,
will be today's champion,
as in Junior Pundit!
And the question is:
Which is the smallest...
the smallest star of the universe?
Answer, Siddhartha!
OGLE-TR-122b, the red dwarf star.
And... that is a correct answer!
Ti did ew! Ti did ew!
My nephew...
And now,
the champion
of West Bengal's Junior Pundit is
Siddhartha Mondal! Applause!
Siddhartha was ill.
So, his dad walked off this stage
with him a few minutes ago.
They weren't supposed to continue.
What did they discuss?
And why did they come back?
That has to be
the biggest attraction today!
Don't mind, Laltu babu,
since this is a live show...
we had to record
your personal conversation.
I believe, not just us,
we all should know
what they discussed.
So, I request you to play the AV.
Please. Come.
Laltu babu, listen to me.
Please, you... Mitali...
- Listen!
It's just two more questions.
He can do it. Please
don't withdraw his name.
I will play, Ma.
Dad, I want to continue.
I'm sure I can pull it off, Dad.
But on one condition.
If I win, give the prize money
to Nitai uncle's school.
The school's closing down.
It's in ruins!
They're closing down
the library too!
Give me your word, Ma.
I'll just take a thousand rupees.
I promised to buy my brother
a remote-controlled plane.
The rest is Nitai uncle's.
- I too have a condition.
If he participates today,
you have to promise me,
that it'll be his last show.
He won't participate in any
such shows again.
Promise me?
He won't. Say it, will you?
He won't do any more shows.
This is bad case.
I'll not do shows with
children again for money.
Please, say it!
We're out of time!
I promise.
Bhepu won't go for
any more competitions.
He's not participating again.
You heard it right. I'm not
taking under 18 bookings anymore!
Let me know if they're
more than 18 years.
- Prashanta da!
- Oops!
-I... uh...
I'm sitting on a bucket
these days. My piles is gone.
I've restructured my life!
Now, I always put my legs up
at 35 degrees,
on the tool.
That's how I poop.
Please don't call me Mr Pile-on
anymore. Now...
- Prashanta...
- Prashanta uncle!
Ah, good case!
- Good case! Good case!
- Why didn't you answer?
- This was my secret wish.
Red dwarf star,
my one and only friend!