Haapus (2010) Movie Script

My name is Mangifera
indiga oestoflawa...
...quadrifida rufocosttatta
filfiliana microcarpa odoratta...
...orophila torcanda
sumiliziliania superba Gurav.
You may ask me, how this
Gurav came in my name?
But let me tell you,
it's my surname.
Because, my halt in this
house may be seasonal...
...but I'm born in this clan.
My ancestor were
born in this clan. Yes.
In the Gurav family.
The eldest Gurav in
the house is Anna Gurav.
He reads the horoscope.
He makes the calculation
of one's life and death...
...depending on the
relative position of the planets.
Look at the time.
How much one should wait?
Brothers, we waited enough.
Now please start the meeting.
Will you listen to me?
- It took lot of our time.
I'm the village head. Am I mad
to wait here for Anna Gurav?
No matter how he's, but he's
the forecast of this village.
For the villagers,
Anna is their God.
But for Anna, his God
resides in his mother...
...I mean our
grandmother Kusumavati Gurav.
Anna loves her a lot.
Look, doctor says, soon
you'll start speaking...
...if you take this medicine.
Yes, I know.
You're going to live
more than 90 years.
I've read your horoscope.
C'mon, open your mouth.
Yes. Very good.
Okay! Anna would never
step out of the house...
...without taking her blessings.
Okay, I'll take your leave now.
- Hello!
Is this Mr. Gurav's house?
- Yes, that's right.
Parab here.
- Parab?
Okay. I'll call him.
Anna's wife,
Mai and Ajeet's wife Nandini...
...are totally different than all.
They'd never cross their limits.
Yes! Yes, hello!
- Hello.
Are you coming today?
- Yes, that's why I called up.
Come sharp at 6 o'clock 4 minute...
...and 25 seconds in the evening.
Okay... okay...
- Hello! Hello!
Bless you!
Throat is choked?
- She's observing silence.
Oh! Let it be. See you.
Mai wanted to stop siring
after a son and a daughter.
And after she had twin daughters...
...her decision was final.
As the horoscope
suggested fourth daughter...
...Anna convinced her and
Anandi came into their life.
She's our Ankita.
She pretends to be very
shy type of girl at home.
But in the outside world,
she's totally opposite.
Where are you heading to?
For the computer classes.
Is it necessary to go today?
Yes. Otherwise, sir has
said he'll commit suicide.
I mean, he said he'll kill me.
Yes, he'll kill me. Shall I go now?
Come soon. Your would-be
husband is expected at home.
Shut up, you idiot.
- That's what I was telling her.
This is a routine
with Anna Guav now.
What do you mean?
We keep waiting for him
and he'd never come on time.
Must be busy reading the horoscope.
He never steps out of the house
without finding the right time.
Idiot fellow farted in the temple.
Are you done?
What's this?
Does he check horoscope
before attending nature's call?
Mind you language.
You're in the temple and
not into your broker's house.
I've spent 30 years of
my life serving Chhajed.
I will neither betray him...
...nor I'd tolerate any
ill words spoken about him.
Otherwise, right here...
- What?
What will you do?
Villagers may by afraid of
you and your Chhajed sir.
But I'm not.
Go and tell him this.
Tell him, I'm here to
answer to his dominance.
"Give such a tough fight."
"Give such a tough fight."
So, Shivram?
Are you alright?
- Anna! Shall we begin?
Why hurry? Wait a minute.
let me check the time.
Okay, now you can begin.
We own the mango gardens.
We own it since many generations.
We took birth in Konkan.
And mangoes grow well...
...in Konkan, so we
own the mango gardens.
But we could neither value
this soil nor the mangoes.
We grow the king of fruits.
And still, we remained beggars.
Mangoes are getting sold for
high prices in foreign countries.
But what do you obtain? Few coins.
Traders come and cry
that there's no business...
...and offer us low prices.
Still we sell them. Why?
We're happy if we obtain
enough to satisfy our basic needs.
Come to the point. Don't advise us.
- Yes.
We should take the mangoes
to the market and sell it.
We should earn the profit.
What's this?
- I'm not convinced. I object.
Keep quiet.
Earning profits.
Don't blabber anything.
Listen! You can sell
mangoes to anybody you wish.
You can make money in
the ways you feel right...
...but don't listen to him.
Nobody in Gurav family
has ever succeeded...
...in this mango business.
They've failed from
last 10 generations...
...and it'll continue for
the next 10 generations.
But he doesn't understand this.
Listen, Ajeet. Stop
thinking about mango business.
And stop provoking them too.
I'm telling you. If you listen
to him, you'll ruin your business.
These are my words.
Anna Gurav's words...
...who strictly believes in
astrology and it's effects.
Otherwise, you can do as you wish.
If business could be
done based on horoscopes...
...then the astrologers would
have become millionaire now.
An has reached on the moon...
...and you're still stuck with
your mars, Saturn and Jupiter.
People prefer modern
method of transportation now.
Yes, and that's why
accident cases have increased.
Are you getting me?
They just leave home without
checking the auspicious time.
What are you saying, Anna?
Everybody has to die
some or the other day.
Can you read their
horoscope and make them mortal?
Do you take the challenge?
Tell me.
I'll obtain good
price of the mangoes.
I'll develop this area.
You just keep watching.
Why are you silent now?
Say something.
Anna Gurav can
only give suggestions.
Final decision
should always be yours.
Anna, Ajeet is right.
Look, you just don't do anything.
Just bless him. That's it.
Istten, Shivrarm!
You can't put vermillion on the
forehead of a woman on pedestal.
Mind it.
Mango is the king of all fruits.
But you'll find many
kings in the Konkan region...
...that'd win your heart.
And one of them is Subhya.
Subhash Chandra Shivalkar!
You can go left or right.
But I'm in the centre
of your heart, Anku.
Look straight.
There's only one driver
in the Konkan region...
...who can look behind
and drive the rickshaw.
And he's Subhash Chandra Shivalkar!
Like this!
Look straight.
C'mon, hurry up!
Dear, I'm in love with you.
Let's hurriedly get married and...
Hen! Hen!
Subhya, look there.
- God!
Look at him.
Subhya! What are you doing?
Are you blind? Can't you see?
Anku! Don't feel scared.
You're safe.
Your would-be husband is safe.
Tell me when shall we get married?
Marriage? You're mad. Keep waiting.
Everything is over.
- How can it be over like that?
I had filled the full
tank in the morning.
Not the fuel.
- Then?
I'm talking about us.
Everything is over between us now.
Anku! Anku! Anku! Anku!
Anku! What do you mean?
Somebody is coming
for my alliance today.
Tell him to come tomorrow. C'mon.
Will you take some steps or not?
When I think about
it even in my dream...
...I can see a scary
face of Anna before me.
He questions me of
having an affair with a girl.
He doesn't even accept bribe.
But you don't worry.
Anku, day after tomorrow,
I'll come and talk with Anna.
And that's final.
You daily say this. - Yes. But
this time I'll definitely come.
100%. By swear of you.
Now if even 1% is reduced...
...then you can think
that you've lost me.
There he comes. Oblation him.
Barrister Ajeetrao Gurav...
...has brought revolution
in Vanerwadi's parliament.
Barrister Ajeetrao Gurav, a
developer of Konkan region.
Mango trader.
One, who's trying make
people of Vanerwadi rich.
Why do you bless him?
Teach him something.
He wants to trade mangoes.
Going to make the villagers rich.
Won't it be good if
people become rich?
And it's better to
encourage rather than taunting.
Give me water.
Listen! You don't teach
me what I've to do. Kayn?
Wants to trade in mangoes.
Tell him, I've already
decided to jump in this business.
Selling is not the only business.
Aye, you come down.
Go ahead.
- Pick this up.
Go ahead. Wants to jump in business.
Ask him. What's the problem
if I jump in this business?
Mother, you know that in
our family horoscope...
...Saturn is in the odd position...
...which is not in the
favour of business. Tell him.
Who's this Saturn? What
relation does it share with me?
There's only one evil star
in my business horoscope.
And it's always not in my favour.
- Anna.
Excuse me!
- Yes.
Take this.
- What is this?
You asked for the oblation.
Very good. Bless your son then.
For what? You've already
put me aside in this house.
Tell me what's wrong
in doing a business?
Listen, mother. I'm telling you.
I'll see who does the
mango business and how.
I'll not let him pluck a
single mango from the tree.
Tell him, I'll steal the mangoes.
Nobody in my family has ever
stolen mangoes for business.
I'll leave this house. Tell
him to do anything he wish to.
Tell him to leave now. Leave!
Stop him! Ajeet,
where are you going?
To the Himalayas.
Mangoes do not grow on Himalayas.
Tell him, I'll make
mangoes from ice and sell it.
- Where will I go, mother?
I'll go and stay in the cow-shed.
Let him go. As it is we
had to buy a new bullock.
Yes, I'll go and stay there.
I'll continue my research...
...over there and
start with the business.
Now I won't step in this house.
And you can come there
whenever you wish to see me.
Bye, grandmother!
- But Ajeet. - Hey.
Where are you going?
It's better for you to
stay here. Go inside.
Let him go. I tell you, mother.
I'll not take him
inside if he ever returns.
I'll kick him out.
This teacher, who's irritated
with the coolness of people...
...of Konkan region,
came from Marathawada.
In the very first visit he
developed a strong opinion...
...that Nizam's
atrocity was much better...
...than these people's mentality.
Will you take me to Vanerwadi?
Will it do if I drop
you at railway crossing?
What do you mean?
I mean I'll drop you there.
Increase your knowledge
and learn some manners...
...rather than increasing your hair.
How long is Anna Gurav's house...
...from the railway crossing?
You should have told me before...
...that you want to go
to Anna Gurav's house.
Teacher getting Subhya's
rickshaw is his bad luck.
Were you from?
- Ambejogayla.
God! You mean you
came from Marathawada?
That means you're dropped
into a forest from a city.
I've come to see the
animals of this forest.
Yes, these hairy
animals are really fit...
...to be caged in some zoo.
It seems you're educated unemployed.
Don't call me unemployed.
My daily income is more than Rs100.
I was asking the same
question in other language.
In pure language.
Language I teach in school
Are you a teacher?
100%. Any doubt?
No! But what made
you come to Anna Gurav?
I've some work.
It's not regarding
some employment scheme.
- It's a personal work.
Have you come to see his daughter?
Thank you.
Will you please show me...
...the direction
towards Anna Gurav's house?
That's Anna Gurav's house.
Hey... are...
There's no value of work.
He didn't take the fare.
Just increased the hair.
It seems Anna is very famous.
Has Anna died?
Anna Gurav?!
- No. Sada Damle.
Barve street?
Left for Japan and reached China.
C'mon, hurry up!
Rs.10 for 2 punches.
Rs.10 for 2 punches.
You'll get 2 punches for Rs.10.
Hurry up! Hurry up!
C'mon! Give it! Give it.
Rs.10 for 2 punches.
Give the money first.
She's Amruta Gurav.
She's known as the
bandit queen of Vanerwadi.
The biggest question
is who would marry her?
Anna has successfully
solved everybody's problem...
...by reading the
planetary positions...
...but has failed in
predicting about his daughter.
C'mon, give it.
- Will you show me this address?
I don't want this. Keep it.
I'm sick of roaming
around and getting beaten.
Now please show me
Anna Gurav's address.
Anna Gurav?! My God!
Take care of the spike.
- Yes.
Look, cut only the dry leaf.
Carefully! Yes.
- Yes.
Are you Anna Gurav?
- Yes.
Thank you.
- Wow!
Carefully! What are you doing?
Guest! Come! Come inside.
I hope your journey was safe.
Yes, without much difficulties.
But I got little tired
searching your house.
Go! Give him coconut. Go...
Take it.
- Take this.
Let it be. I'll finish
this first and then have this.
This letter... I'll see it.
Let the horoscope be with ynou.
I'll read it later. No hurry at all.
Horoscope? Why?
See the girl first.
- Girl?!
I'll introduce you with everybody.
He's my son. Ajeet.
- Hello.
And she's his wife.
- Hello.
She's my wife.
- Hello!
She's my mother.
Small... small... small mother.
Small... small is mine...
I mean she's grandmother. I mean...
She's a grandmother.
She's daughter-in-law.
I mean his wife, and
she's daughter-in-law...
...and grand daughter.
She's grand daughter.
And... I mean...
And I'm myself. Gurav.
And he's my father.
His father. Mine... I mean...
I mean...
My father was her husband.
Her husband.
Was this introduction or riddle?
His that... and her this.
And her that...
Now tell me, who's whom?
Eat slowly. Don't feel shy.
- Yes.
Just a minute.
But my letter.
It's my job to read the horoscope.
And it's your job to see the girl.
Listen, Cattle family...
Before Gurav family head, I've to...
Is this Mr. Anna Gurav's house?
- I...
Yes! Who are you?
I'm Parab. I called
up in the morning.
- Yes.
Parab... - I spoke to you in
the morning over the phone.
- Yes.
But then who are you?
I'm Digambar Kale.
Digambar Kale?
Digambar Neelkanth Kale.
God! Why didn't you
tell me this before?
I was trying to tell
you this since when...
...and that's why this letter...
I'm sorry.
You didn't give me
opportunity to say that...
...I'm Neelkanth Kale's son.
I've been appointed as a
teacher in the school here.
Papa said Anna will
arrange for your...
...accomodation in vanerwradi.
So he gave me this letter.
But you mistook it to be horoscope...
...and started with something else.
You kept me in such an
odd situation, I tell you.
I was so confused.
Parched rice. Sweet Ankita.
Sweet coconut water.
Ankita's coconut. - Shit!
Ankita from coconut.
Ankita's sweet parched rice,
coconut water...
Thanks for all of these.
You do one thing.
- What?
For now you can stay in our house.
- Okay.
Anandi, come here.
He's teacher Kale. Henceforth,
he'll occupy your room. Okay?
- No arguments.
Come! - God, these ups and
downs in Konkan I tell you...
Are you a teacher?
- Yes.
Will you teach me?
If you allow me to stay here...
...I'll definitely teach you. Okay?
What will you charge?
- Yes.
Anna says that teachers
don't teach at school.
They take tuitions and make money.
Tell your Anna,
I'm not of that kind.
Anna knows magic.
He can predict future.
Once, he cursed a man and
a tail grew on his body.
He had to remove it by operation.
- This is nothing.
Anna has petted a
ghost on the top floor.
Does he know to do
something good too?
Your girl do not have sense.
Have you taught her
some culture or not?
Don't speak anything.
We came to you...
- Neelkanth Kale.
Have you sent your son...
...to your friend or to some bewitch?
There's no
comparison of our families.
I'm a branch officer.
We don't want your daughter.
But you please listen to me.
- C'mon.
C'mon, can't you hear me?
- Please, listen to me.
No! I can't go against my wife.
Done? Are you happy? You
missed a good proposal.
What was lacking in that boy?
He was such a nice person.
His horoscope was so clear.
His father was baldy.
- What?
You had to marry a
son and not his father.
No! I don't want such husband.
Oh! I see.
So which type of husband
do you want? Salman Khan?
Or Shah Rukh Khan?
I don't mind. Will it be
okay with you? - What?
Why are you laughing?
Had they come in front of me...
...I'd not have spared them today.
I'd have peeled off their skins.
I tell you, we made good income...
- Nothing. I just came to drop her.
Come inside.
What's this? You
think you're a wrestler?
Look at her condition!
And the way she behaves.
How do I find a match for her?
I feel ashamed to
call you my daughter.
If you're so ashamed then
offer my life to some God.
What did you say?
And why do you find a match for me?
Draw few lines on the paper...
...do some worship
and take the decision.
This is not in favour,
that is not in favour.
Sometimes blame a man
and sometimes his fate.
Always keep repeating the
same sentence. Girl by birth.
Then what?
Sometimes it feels I'm not a
girl but a stolen article.
And whatever rules and
regulations you've have...
...for girls, you can
apply them to Ankita.
I won't follow them at all.
- Amru!
You said enough.
- Yes, brother.
And listen! I won't tolerate
your dominance as a father.
Enough of your drama. Now go inside.
I don't want to stay in this house.
Mother, I'll just be back.
Did you see, you've
a new friend today?
What made you so angry?
Amru! You're angry because
Anna rebuked you, right?
Isn't it natural?
Won't he get angry?
I'm not in his control and you too.
Won't he feel tensed?
Keep quiet! Hey,
what made you cry now?
God! Amruta Gurav is crying.
Somebody please
click her photograph.
Hey, enough! Keep quiet!
Anna can't think of
anything other than horoscope?
You tell me, brother.
Are you happy with this marriage...
...based entirely on the horoscope?
Or is sister-in-law happy? Tell me.
Your stars matched
and he got you married.
But has anything matched
between you after that?
Hey, small conflicts are common...
...between husband and wife.
Arguments and
disappointments are always there.
And she's really nice, you know.
She trusts me.
And more than that she
has complete faith in me.
What? Come here.
Come here!
Why were you banging your bangles?
Can't ynou speak up?
You want me to keep quiet?
God! You always keep
observing fast and all.
Now take her home. Go.
I don't want to go.
Go! Don't be stupid. Go inside.
Brother! - Will you go
or want me to slap you?
Instead I'll slap you.
- What? Go inside.
My God!
Done! Your vow for
silence is broken now.
Anku! My Anku!
Has Anna selected
that teacher for you?
You go. If Anna will see you,
he'll break your skull.
You please go.
- But... - Go.
Subhya, what are you doing?
Why are you coming in?
I'm so tensed here.
Tell me what happened.
Have you decided to die today?
- Anku!
I love you. And I don't mind
if I'll have to die for you.
But my rickshaw has
started shacking now.
Tell me what has happened?
I mean has Anna finalized anything?
Every wound leads
to somebody's death.
Bless me!
Gurav's house!
Gurav's house
Who's it? The ghost?
Anandi had told me.
Who's this? Witch or haunting soul?
Save me! Save me! Save me!
- Subhya!
Madam, give me a chance to breathe.
Otherwise, I'll die.
I don't care.
Over will take away
his bride to Sawantwadi...
...and that's final.
- I'm helpless.
Then I'm a labour.
So what if I'm a rickshaw driver?
I love you. Tell Anna.
Our marriage is made in heaven.
Tell him to go there
and check if he wants.
Leave me. Spare me.
Oh my! My! My!
- Yes.
I can't live without you.
Really? - Yes. - I too
can't live without you.
Then hold my hand.
Now tell Anna that
I'm made for Subhya...
...and not for the teacher.
Right? Right? Right?
Where do you try to escape?
Madam! Why do you want to change...
...my physical appearance?
You're changing the
entire shape of my body.
Anku! One could see past
in Chandramukhi's mirror.
But I can see the future
in this mirror. - Really?
Yes. See, we make such a nice pair.
You spectacled.
Ok, madam.
You may have the
strength of a Goddess...
...but I'm not a
devil whom you can kill.
God! God! God!
Now get ready for beating. Run,
hurry up! Run away!
- Anna! - Look at me.
Don't shout.
- Amruta, what are you doing?
Who are you beating?
Leave him!
- Let me go.
What are you doing? He's a teacher.
Teacher Kale. He's my friend's son.
This girl is too much.
- You don't think before you act.
And listen!
I'm telling you.
He'll occupy this room.
Silence! Apologies to him.
Anna. No need of apology.
It happened out of misunderstanding.
Once, if she'd come to
know that I'm not a stranger...
...her opinion will
automatically change.
Otherwise, I think
many men are destined...
...to be sacrificed by her beating.
- What?
Take her down!
- Amru! - Go!
You too come down!
It's very difficult
to handle this girl.
Amu! Listen!
God! You've so many forms.
Subhya, where are you?
Stupid fellow!
God knows who's that man...
...whom he has
allowed to stay at home.
He was supposed to
marry sister Ankita.
Hey, I'm not going
to marry that teacher.
Then sister Amu will marry him.
Hey, I'm not going to
marry that light weight...
...single body, weak
fellow wearing specs.
Then what type of a boy you want?
I... Solid!
And you? - I? I'm happy
with the one I've married.
And you?
- I?
"One, who'd understand what I say."
"And also those that I don't."
"One, who'd understand what I say."
"And also those that I don't."
"One, who'd becomes
restless if he doesn't see me."
"He should be like that."
"He should be like that."
"One, who would be
strong and sturdy."
"One, who's stronger than me...
...and can challenge me for fight."
...and can challenge me for fight."
"One, who is strong and sturdy...
...and can challenge me for fight."
"He should be like that."
"I can still see your
image in front of my eyes."
"I still feel your
shadow behind me."
"He left me alone in the midway."
"Emptiness was left in my world."
"Nobody would
obtain so much in life."
"It requires many virtues."
"Even in his absence,
I see him in all of you."
'I'll demand unusual things
from him at any point of time.'
"I'll keep finding faults
in anything he'd do for me."
"When he'd be
disappointed by all that...
...I'll come closer and
take him in my embrace."
'And I'll say, why these
flowers do not give fragrance? '
"I'll travel
across the dream world."
"I'll roam around each and
every panorama on the earth."
'With hirm in life, I should
feel I'rm on the top of the wrorld.'
"Nobody should be like
him in the entire village."
"No need for a sofa...
...his shoulder should be
the best place for repose."
"His love should
shower like raindrops."
'His face should fall looking at
ele teacher in the school.'
Like a statue of qualities...
...this one is a movable
statue of bad qualities.
Ratanlal Ramitra Chhajed!
A earns the profit on
selling our produce.
That's his business.
Hello, Anna.
Even if we see him from distance...
...we, all the
mangoes suddenly say this...
There comes... let go of it.
Why should we speak bitter?
Tell me. What made you come to me...
...early in the morning today?
I mean, is it about the marriage?
We'll see the horoscope later.
Let's have a cup of tea first.
- Yes.
Bring cup of tea for Mr. Chhajed.
Anna, I wanted to speak
to you about Alphanso.
- Yes.
Anna, I want all the
alphansos of your garden.
All? Have your tea first.
You know what?
People think mangoes
do not have horoscope.
Actually, everything has horoscope.
And not only that. Even the
horoscope itself has horoscope.
- Yes. I'll give you an example.
Look, Aphanso falls
in your horoscope.
Really? - And you fall
in my horoscope. - Okay.
What does that mean?
And both of us are
having a cup of tea today.
What does that mean?
- What?
We both fall in
the horoscope of Tea.
Did you get it?
- Is it so?
So what do you say about the garden?
I've given you.
But Anna, Ajeet seems to
have a different opinion.
You know what, Mr. Chhajed?
Different people have
different opinions in our family.
But who takes the final decision?
You, of course.
- I?
No! He takes the decision.
The creator and protector.
Brother Ajeet!
Brother Ajeet!
- What?
Anna is dealing our
gardens with Chhajed.
Why are you shouting so much?
First of all, drive away this
lowly fellow from our house.
Shut up, Ajeet. He's my guest.
He? He's your guest?
- Yes.
If his business
purpose is getting solved...
...he wouldn't mind
being your brother-in-law.
I'm telling you not to
deal gardens with him.
So, you want me to let the mangoes
rot on the tree? - We'll sell it.
Exactly who do you refer to?
I'll decide about it. Is
that clear? - You? - Yes.
If you take the decision
without consulting me...
...I'll see to it who dares to
pluck the mangoes from the trees.
Just a minute! Just a minute!
Anna, listen! Both of you
decide it among yourself.
And then let me know.
Right, Mr. Ajeet?
I'm not in a hurry.
What have you done?
You have kicked the
wealth coming to the house.
Have you seen his daring?
And your daughter rejected a
nice proposal for marriage.
I don't understand
why God gave birth...
...to all the evil stars of
my horoscope into my family.
Anna, come out of these
planets and horoscope...
...and look at the world
with your eyes wide open.
You've ruined the house.
Keep quiet.
What made you cry?
Nanda, what are you
staring at me? Calm her down.
How many times I should tell you?
Tell her to keep quiet.
- Calm down.
Keep quiet! Quiet!
- Now you... - Nanda!
What's wrong with you?
What's wrong with her now?
- Nanda!
Anna, have ynou seen wrhat
condition ynou've rmade of ourr farmilyn?
You're the cause of all this.
All the time,
worship, fast and vows...
...continue in the house.
Is this a house or a temple?
Have the sweets.
- Don't teach me.
Have the sweet!
Anna, take the sweet.
For what?
There's good news. I'll tell you.
I tell you something.
- Keep quiet, please.
Give me six months. I'll give
you the results in six months.
God! Brother Ajeet too
will give the result?
That means education
is spreading wings.
Take the sweet.
Take the sweet.
Take the sweet.
I bought it from the
village market. Don't worry.
No, it's cheap. It's not too costly.
Grandmother is asking the
reason of distributing sweets.
It was my very first day in
school and it was a nice day.
Why do you still cry?
Anna left my math sum incomplete.
- Keep quiet. Quiet.
Teacher, adopt her. Teach her.
I'll give you two boxes
of Alphanso every year.
Not only Alphanso, you may give me...
...coconut and cashew-nuts.
That's okay. But why tomorrow?
I'll start teaching her from today.
Not today. The day
began with the arguments.
Start from tomorrow. 640 PM is
the best time to start with it.
So, Ms. Anandi, today we'll
learn the operations on numbers.
I mean
multiplication and division. Okay?
But, sir. I've a friend.
Will you mind if she
comes to study with me?
No problem. Education
increases by sharing it.
But, yes, in return, she
must give me one coconut daily.
Sure, she'll. Sister Amu.
I think I've heard
this name somewhere.
God, she?!
She needs beating and not teaching.
So, teacher! Are you scared?
Are you scared?
- I?
What will you teach?
What will you learn?
My mathematics is very weak.
My method of teaching
is little different.
No need of touching. Okay?
Otherwise, you'll never be able to...
...count nurmbers on your fingers.
You need teaching of mathematics.
Once it becomes clear, I'll
set all your angles straight.
If you think you can fool me...
...then you're
under wrong impression.
Because one needs to
have a brain to fool others.
Your language makes me
understand your history.
And also your geography
from the subjects you discuss.
I very well know, how to
make you a good citizen.
If you feel that hands can
solve all the problems...
...then you're living
under a wrong impression.
I believe it's unmannerly
to raise hands at woman.
I can make students do rock
climbing in the PT period.
I'm down to earth. I'm
not a cheap teacher.
So, today's period
ends here. See you again.
Hail India! Hail Maharashtra!
Anandi, I liked your friend.
I don't mind if she'd daily
come and attend my period.
I mean, if she wishes to.
But she must bring a
coconut for me. Okay?
When everybody
considers her dashing...
...this single body, light weighted,
simple looking...
...teacher proved her weak.
My entire life was shattering.
But you solved all
my problems at once.
Amruta actually went to
teach that teacher a lesson...
...but she herrself
fell in love writh hirm.
Once Anna returns,
I'll give the proposal.
Here comes Anna.
What? - No. I was talking on
the phone. That I'll bring it.
I'll bring everything.
Anna has come. I'll hang up now.
Yes! Now take the measurement first.
- Who? - You!
I always respect elders you know?
Subhya gone mad thinking...
...that Amruta and teacher
are already freaking around...
...without much efforts.
He started tricks to
impress Anna Gurav.
But he actually
invited trouble in doing so.
Listening to you, I feel
green is your lucky colour.
No. - Start wearing
green colour clothes.
Yes! And tie a belt in your neck.
- Why?
Chimes of the bell will
knock God's door for you.
And God will listen to you.
Seeing teacher, getting
settled in Gurav family...
...and himself getting
failed to impress Anna...
...Subhya started feeling insecure.
And he started putting
legs into teacher's shoes.
That day I felt...
...that you've come to
see Anna Gurav's daughter.
What are you saying?
- Yes, I felt so.
But you know what? Freaking out
with Gurav's daughter...
...is a game plan.
I must tell you something
about your sister Ankita.
She's a total flirting type girl.
- Better be strict with her.
What do you mean?
- You know what?
She flirts with anybody from
any village. She's so cheap.
That rickshaw driver
Subhanrao told me.
He said she's like a
public transport service.
She's like God's offering
for all the rickshaw driver.
Shit! He said she's
like a gong of the temple.
Anybody can come and bang it.
Teacher told Amruta about Ankita.
But what was the result? Subhya
had to go through it's punishment.
I said that so that Anna
would not marry you with him.
I purposely told him
many extra things.
I thought he'd change his mind.
But he came and told you. Silly...
He's a number one fool.
But in all this chaos,
Ajeetrao concentrated and...
...continued with his
research on mangoes.
Along with his honest practice...
...he was also trying his best
to get some financial support.
I own mango gardens in Vanerwadi.
- Okay.
By my research, I'm trying
to grow a new type of mango.
Okay. - I wanted loan to
carry on with this business.
That's the reason I'm here.
Don't underestimate.
Out of the 7 jewels of India,
3 were from Konkan.
This new hybrid mango, having...
...all the qualities of Alphanso
but thrice it's actual size...
...is a miracle of this mango garden.
Hey! C'mon, sir is calling you.
These new saplings of
mangoes have come. - Okay.
Plant them backside over there.
Okay! I'll do that.
And come here.
- Aye, sir is calling you.
If you don't water them...
- Aye, sir is calling you.
...It doesn't make any difference.
I'm talking to you.
But prepare such fertilizer
that this time we've six trees...
...next year we should have 6000.
- Are you deaf?
Right? Now start working.
- Aye. - Okay.
I'm talking to you. C'mon.
I'm calling you since when.
Can't you understand?
C'mon, sir is calling you. C'mon.
Remove your hand.
Remove your hand.
- C'mon.
Remove your hand.
Is your sir handicap?
Or he can't dare to
come and stand before me?
Mr. Ajeet!
Why are you toiling
hard in scorching hard?
Do one thing.
Let's sit in the AC and talk
about business. Kayn? C'mon.
If I'll start speaking,
you'll sweat even in AC.
Let it be. But the
business should be first.
Mr. Ajeet, you've
grown a big sized mango.
Now you say that
you'll jump in the business.
Seeing you many others will jump...
...in the business one by one.
Then what about us?
You know what? You
must grow mangoes.
And we'll sell it.
If you'll jump in the business,
I'll fix you somewhere.
C'mon, I'll offer you double amount.
Are you trying to bribe me?
Or giving alms?
Mr. Ajeet, why do you
up to inviting enmity?
You're intelligent.
Try to understand me.
Remove your hand.
- Listen, Mr. Ajeet.
Take care of your man.
Otherwise, I'll bury
him under these trees.
Mr. Ajeet.
First your trees should
survive for that purpose.
Mind it. I'm a businessman by birth.
I keep account of
every small things.
No matter how big mango you grow.
Finally, it will come to me.
Mind it, Mr. Ajeet.
Mai! Mai!
Have you brought the entire market?
Yes, otherwise Anna will say
that there's no auspicious time...
...to buy vegetables
for the net eight days.
- Yes, Anna.
Anna! Your specs.
- Great.
Anandi's book.
And for Amruta.
- What? - No, nothing.
- Please, sit. - Yes.
- Yes.
Do you have your horoscope?
My alliance is yet not fixed...
...how can I print wedding cards?
Not the wedding card.
I was talking about
your birth horoscope.
Do you have them?
- No!
So, do you know the date,
time and place?
Yes! It happened in past.
Time was 1202 in the midnight.
And place was my house.
So, I came to know the birthtime.
But place means not the house.
I want to know the
village in which you were born.
- Ambejogayla.
Okay, shall I take your leave now?
Or will you check my horoscope...
...and tell me whether
I should leave or not?
Okay, take care of the specs.
Otherwise, again in the market...
Carefully, teacher.
Take this book too.
Mai. - Nothing.
Today's meal is very simple.
I know.
Come here. I want to talk to you.
I'm working here and...
You just come. It's important. Come.
- Come.
What's so irmporttant?
Listen to what I say...
For our Amruta...
For our Amruta's marriage,
I've found a nice place.
What? Do you still want to
go to the backyard? - No.
Any other work here?
- No, it's done. - Done? Then leave.
She's senseless.
So, for Ankita and Amruta...
Don't you have computer class today?
Go and start studying.
You'll get the food on time. Okay?
They both are doing it.
No need of your help. Okay?
You go. Go! C'mon, leave now. Quick.
I've thought of a nice place
for Ankita and Amruta. - Who?
Our teacher!
- Teacher?
God! Kale teacher?
- Yes.
Look, I've got his birth time.
Once I get his birth date...
...I'll make his horoscope
and finalize everything. Right?
- Amu! Amu! Amu! Listen!
I missed the number. One... two...
Amu, Anna is marrying teacher.
Mai liked the teacher.
Hey, are you mad?
Anna has decided
to get the teacher...
...married with either you or me.
Aye! He'll marry me.
And if not, I'll
abduct him and escape.
Okay, so everybody
listen to this good news.
After so many years efforts
of matching many horoscopes...
...finally these two
horoscopes are matching. - Great!
Ankita and Teacher Kale's
horoscopes have matched.
36 points are matching.
Call for the
engagement ceremony next week...
...and get them married.
Happy wedding of Kale with Gurav.
Happy wedding of
Kale with Gurav is fine.
But not Ankita. Amruta.
- Yes.
What did you say?
I like the teacher.
- I'll give you a tight slap.
I too like Amruta.
You like Amruta?
- Yes.
What's the use of your liking?
You'd like anybody.
But the one sitting
above should like.
The one who makes
the pair in heaven.
Listen, teacher. It's his decision.
He has made Ankita for you.
And your marriage is final with her.
How can He decide it like this?
- Yes.
Nothing doing.
Anna sir!
Here he comes. With key in hand.
You? Why are you here?
I want to marry Ankita.
You think my daughter is
available for anybody?
So easily you said
you want to marry her?
Anna! Please accept my
marriage with Ankita.
- Yes.
I love Subhya.
- What? - I'm ready to marry him.
Anna, just a minute.
Listen! We both are twins, right?
Now Teacher liked Amruta.
So interchange our
names on the horoscope.
Wow! She's so intelligent.
You think horoscope is like
a board of public transport?
That you can keep interchanging...
...from one bus to the other?
Look at yourself. You look
like a parrot with red legs.
But, Anna, you told me parrot
green colour is lucky for me.
I had gone mad.
Who will marry his
daughter to this joker?
Of course, you, Anna!
Just shut up! Come here.
Teacher, let me be very specific.
If you want to stay in this house...
...then you must marry Ankita.
If you accept, hold her
hand otherwise you may leave.
- What? - Move.
I accept marriage with Ankita.
Hail Lord!
"Lord of twelve signs, twelve
planets and twelve positions."
"He's our Anna. His
decision is final."
"Keep all the evil stars aside."
' Let mars shadow fall.'
"Bless the couple."
"Anna's twin sister's marriage..."
You love me and wants to marry her?
But listen to me.
And I don't love you,
still you want to marry me?
Not just your name, but
your intentions too are evil.
That's what I was telling you.
He wants to have all the
pleasures from both the ways.
It's not that.
What's the use of hitting me?
They're twin sisters. Why do
we bother about who she's?
Whoever comes in front,
consider her your wife.
Just shut up.
- I was just joking.
Subhya! You know
what your problem is?
Your mind has stopped working now.
- I won't spare him.
Tell me something.
We know them well. Okay?
We can go around with our
respective ones and fool the world.
Then why Anna and his horoscope...
...would create obstacle?
And ideal example of a
man of Konkan region...
...stuck with God and worship,
is our Anna.
- Yes, our Anna.
Why he has to jump
into the well? Our Anna.
- Teacher!
Teacher, are you chitchatting?
- Yes. - Okay.
Amruta, what are you doing here?
C'mon, let's go home. And you too.
- Yes.
Return home before it's dark.
Yes, I was trying to know...
...the difference
between both of them. - Okay.
Go home now.
I'll take a visit of
a garden and come.
Ankita, what are you
checking in the well?
Has anything fallen down?
There's a big frog.
Yes, a green
coloured frog with red legs.
Even the animals of
Konkan region are strange.
- I'll come soon. Okay?
Don't worry, Anna.
Which one is mine from these two?
- Who's this?
She's a volcano.
Subhya, what are you doing here?
Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!
Sister-in-law woke up.
Lie down!
Why these bells are ringing?
Am I seeing any dream
or I'm in the temple?
I hope Lord Shankar hasn't...
...send me any
message through his cow?
Hail Lord! Hail Lord!
Sister-in-law, that cow
will go to the cowshed.
It must me some mice
making noise. You go to sleep.
Go to sleep!
- Lord!
- I'm dying.
- Get up! Move. C'mon. - But...
- Mice...
Again if you
mistaken identifying us.
...I'll punch you very hard.
What's wrong with her?
- Speak slowly.
Otherwise, I'll break your jaw.
What all I should keep in mind?
Plait! Language!
Clothing. Such a big confusion.
Look at him!
Look at him! This teacher...
Aye, Subhyna...
This teacher who's from Ambejogayi.
You allow him to enter
into Anna Gurav's house.
And I'm a son of this soil...
...still I need to enter
secretly through windows.
This is partiality.
Shut up!
Now, I'll say Hail India!
Hail Maharashtra! And stay here.
I'll stay here.
What are you blabbering?
You call yourself
a son of this soil?
When drunk, you can't even
stand properly on this soil.
And you want to
say hail Maharashtra!
Why shouldn't I drink?
You left me in the well?
Don't you have any respect for me?
Shut up! Don't talk rubbish.
And never say hail Maharashtra,
when drunk. Is that clear?
Why shouldn't I say? I'll shout.
Hail Maharashtra.
Who can dare make me move
from here? I'll shout. Hey...
You yourself shake
when you're drunk and...
...you think you're
shaking the entire Maharashtra.
Listen, Subhyna.
Listen to me carefully.
Henceforth, you'll come in
a daytime and not at night.
And come through the door.
Not from the window.
Only then I'll marry you.
Okay, I'm going. For
her sake, I'm going.
But mind it. Only I'll come to
this house with my rickshaw.
Only I.
Go away.
- Good night.
- Good night!
Good that he left
before getting sacrificed.
Otherwise, somebody would
have caught him at home.
This is like our own
people have become enemy.
Who's he?
- Marathawadi's man are like that.
Why the bell is ringing?
- Nobody is there.
Who's he? Who's there?
God! Help!
I hope the bull isn't released.
There he comes.
- Who's there?
What this sound means?
I hope the bull isn't released.
- Yes.
Just check if any bull
is released from the shed.
No, Anna.
Then who's he?
- I'm Madhu.
You go to sleep. Just keep quiet.
Rates will be finalized.
Mango rates will be finalized.
Tonight at Rane's garden...
...Chhajed sir will
organize a meeting.
Do come and rest assured.
Alphanso of Vanerwadi will get sold.
Rates will be finalized.
Mango rates will be finalized.
Tonight at Rane's garden...
...Chhajed sir will
organize a meeting.
Subhya! Subhya!
Subhash! It's morning.
Hey, he's not even in the well.
God! It means my
efforts went into vain.
Hey, done?
What's here?
God has graced this
soil by coconut trees.
But what's this? God
has graced this soil...
...by hairy animal in the trunk?
Subhya! Subhya! Subhash!
Is he dead? Subhya!
Not yet?
What do you eat?
Keep waiting.
Subhya! What's here?
Wake up! Wake up, Subhya.
Wake up! Wake up! Wa ke up!
I thought you're dead.
C'mon. Come out.
Now I felt fresh.
What fresh? I had almost fainted.
Do you drink so much? Shit.
Fine. Let's have a cup of tea.
Tea? Idiot! Forget tea.
Look at your condition first.
What are you doing
here in Gurav's farm?
What else I should do?
If Anna Gurav had
caught me at night...
...he would have killed me.
So you slept here at night?
- Yes.
When you're in trouble,
don't fear of any obstacle.
I was fortunate that
my life was saved.
You people of Konkan are
very afraid by nature.
Why? You people die everyday?
No need to taunt all the time.
Nature hasn't graced us prosperity...
...but still people don't offer life.
In fact they
welcome people with love.
Then show some love for me too.
And get me a cup of tea.
C'mon, let's have a
cup of tea, teacher.
Did you hear some sound?
Twice I was tumbling down here.
There must be a trunk.
People sometimes find
God's idol from the ground.
I think we too are graced
with something like that.
Shall we take out
something from this?
Don't just keep blabbering.
Bring that spade.
Teacher! C'mon, open it.
Open it quickly.
Wait! Don't be so eager.
This is in our destiny.
What's this? - People find
gold and wealth from the ground.
And what do we get?
These torn papers.
Are they okay?
What's going on?
Idiot! I'm Amruta.
What are you doing here?
Amruta, see this.
God! He's Anna. He's grandpa...
...grandmother... who's he?
What's all this?
And why this trunk was buried here?
It's something regarding mangoes.
Yes! That means brother
Ajeet must have buried it here.
Look at this.
- What's that?
See this!
- Gurkh Brothers. - Idiot!
It's Gurav brothers.
- Okay.
- Gurav brothers?
Villagers, everybody has
different number of trees.
But don't worry.
I'll give you Rs 1
lac for each 100 trees.
If somebody has more,
he'll get double.
If more than that, he'll get triple.
Yes! You won't even be able
to calculate it, villagers.
Mr. Chhajed!
We toil the entire year
and look after the trees.
We face all the hardship
caused by every season...
...to grow and nourish the mango.
And beg at a broker
like you for Rs1 lac. Why?
- Hey...
Don't worry.
Anna! Anna, don't mind.
It's a young blood.
It'll use abusive words.
Tell me. - Approximately
2000 mangoes grow on one tree.
So 100 trees will
grow 2 lac mangoes.
He'll take 2 lac
Alphansos from you...
...and take it to the market.
There he'll increase the rate.
Double rate for Export.
Triple rate for special order.
He'll say there's
recession in the market.
He'll rate the box as per his wish.
That means he'll earn Rs.1.2 million
after the produce of one tree.
And how much will he
give us? Just one lac.
Do you think we're beggars?
Hey, Ajeet. Don't teach us.
He's ready to give us
one lac rupees, isn't he?
You've gold in your hand.
Do you know it's value?
He earns billions on your produce.
Ask him if I'm wrong.
I do earn.
I'm running a business.
I'm not a Marathi man.
I'm not a Marathi man.
We know the business. Mr. Ajeet.
Fine! I'll give ynou
Rs2 lac. I don't rmind.
2 lac?
I'll kick you if you're
seen in this area again.
Ajeet, mind your language.
Anna, let him speak.
It won't increase the rates.
Mr. Ajeet, if you know the business,
offer them your rate. I don't mind.
Mr. Chhajed, why do
you take him seriously?
Why are you silent?
C'mon, Ajeetrao. Speak up.
Business is not that easy.
It requires brain.
How much did you offer? Rs.2 lac.
Fine, I too will offer my rate.
Rs.3 lac.
Please, don't mind, Anna.
Look at his clothing.
From where will you
give therm Rs lac?
By worshiping or begging?
We've Alphanso.
It's gold!
Real gold!
Mr. Ajeet, now that
you've started giving offer...
...you must continue with it.
3 lac? No, Mr. Ajeet. I'm scared.
I tell you, nobody can
afford to pay you Rs3 lac,
And it won't even suit him.
My rate is Rs4 lac.
Tell me. Will you
give it? I'll give it.
If the villagers would agree,
they'd raise their hands.
C'mon! Rs.4 lac.
See! They've raised hands.
Rs4 lac.
Rs4 lac... one...
Rs4 lac... two...
Rs4 lac...
- Rs5 lac. - What?
What are you blabbering?
Let's go home. C'mon.
Go to hell.
Are you mad? I won't pay Rs5 lac.
And how can I pay this rate?
There's no market for it...
...how can I pay it?
Now I won't buy your village's
mangoes even if it would rot.
Give them Rs.5 lac.
Let's go. C'mon.
He'll give us Rs5 lac?
C'mon, let's ask him.
How will you pay us Rs5 lac?
Tell me from where
will you arrange for it?
Chhajed left and we also lost
money. What will you do now?
Say something now.
- Yes.
I hope I'm doing this right.
- Yes.
No! Just like that.
What are you doing?
- Leave me! - Why?
It's Tuesday. I'm fasting.
And I'm also fasting ever
since I've been here in shed.
I want to end my fasting today.
- No, now! - Later.
- Nanda! - Leave me! - I won't.
- What?
Leave me.
Brother Ajeet! Brother Ajeet!
- Brother!
Brother Ajeet!
- Brother! - Brother Ajeet!
I hope you're not
seriously injured. - No, I'm fine.
Had I been there, I'd
have broken his skull.
Let it be. Leave it!
But are you alright now?
- Yes.
Everything was fine till now.
And suddenly you came in.
Yes, tell me. What
made you come here?
Nothing serious. But we wanted
to speak to you. - Yes, tell me.
You wish to start
with Mango business...
...does that mean it's
your family business?
Are you mad?
You've seen my relation with Anna.
- Yes.
Guravs are religious people,
observing fasts...
...matching horoscopes and
reading planet positions.
They've nothing to do
with Mango business.
Then what's this? Will
you take a look at this?
From where did you find this?
In the backyard of our house.
It was buried under
the ground in a trunk.
And look at this book.
It's an account book of mangoes.
There's detailed
information about mangoes.
These handwritings...
These are Anna's handwritings.
Mango rates and market addresses...
...everything is written here.
But then this fourth person...
Who's this fourth person?
Only one person can
solve this mystry.
Whose photograph is this,
Why are you hiding it?
Who's he?
- Grandmother?
And why is he there in
your family photograph?
And who's standing next to him?
Grandma, please speak up.
- Uncle?!
Whose uncle?
We had an uncle?
Real uncle?
Where is he now?
Grandmother? Grandmother,
what do you want to say?
One day before Anna
were supposed to leave...
...an astrologer had come.
He said that Gurav family
has no success in business.
If you do the business,
it'll bring calamity.
Bhalchandra, listen to me.
- Okay, see you.
Stop running after mango.
With him?
They left for Mumbai?
Anna punished himself so severely.
Till now I felt he
hates my research methods.
He has objection for that.
But he punished
himself and his family.
I must speak with him.
Brother Ajeet!
- Brother?!
Brother Ajeet!
- Brother?!
Stop, brother Ajeet.
Brother Ajeet!
Take it patiently.
Otherwise, nothing
will remain in hand.
It was just a matter of coincidence.
That astrologer said something...
...and accident took
place right at that time.
Anna got stuck
between planets and stars.
So also your business.
And also our lives.
Diamond cuts diamond.
I think this astrology
itself will change our fate.
Don't do anything that
would bother him by any means.
No, Mai. Whatever I'll do, will
be for everybody's betterment.
Trust me.
And see how I tackle this
matter in the funniest way.
Just a minute! Slowly!
Take care!
- Slowly! I'll help you. Slowly!
God! It's so hot!
Slowly, teacher!
She's Ankita and she's Amruta.
- Yes.
They're twin sisters, right?
I mean their birth
time is same, right?
Am I right?
- Yes.
So, their horoscopes
would also be same.
You're mistaking, teacher.
In astrology, every second counts.
But, Anna. Birth place
wouldn't be affecting...
...the horoscope much, right?
How can you say that?
Now take the example...
Welcome! Welcome,
Mr. Subhash Shivalkar!
You're most welcome!
Who called for rickshaw?
Nobody called for it.
I've some work with teacher,
that's why I've come.
Now that you've come,
take lunch with us...
...and then speak to him.
Is there anything special today?
Quietly sit and eat.
Now go and sit there.
Otherwise, you'll get a tight slap.
- Plate. - Here it is. - Okay.
Don't act smart.
- No.
Anna, I wanted to ask you
about the effect of birthplace.
Forr earmple, Subhyna.
If he'd give you correct
time and date of his birth.
But gave a wrong
name of the birth place.
Will it change his horoscope?
Of course, it will.
What are you saying, Anna?
Is that so? Place is very
important in the horoscope.
That means instead of Vanerwadi...
...if he'd write Pimpalwadi,
will it change his horoscope?
Of course.
Teacher! There's a
science behind it.
But people don't believe it.
But how this universe is running?
Can anybody say that? No.
Anna! Grandma
wants to say something.
Yes, grandma.
I shouldn't eat?
Shall I go and sit upstairs?
Anna, grandma wants to say...
that you weren't born here.
Stop! Grandmother wants
to say something else.
Yes, grandmother, tell me.
Okay, Anganewadi!
God! Then?
Okay, Kanpur?
On sari? No!
Yes, she's a jewel! You're right.
- What?
Anna, you were born in Ratnagiri.
Congratulations, Anna.
She's aged now. How will she know?
Anna, you were small
when you were born.
She'd know better.
What nonsense? How could
I be born in Ratnagiri?
Fine. Place doesn't matter.
C'mon, everybody have some sweets.
Teacher, do you know that...
...birth place plays
important role in horoscope?
I made my horoscope based on...
...Vanerwadi as my birth place.
Now it became useless.
It's okay. We'll make a
new horoscope based on...
...Ratnagiri as your birthplace.
Nowadays computer
makes instant horoscope.
You just have that sweet.
You think I'm a kid?
Now you want me to make a total
new horoscope with new birth place?
It's like darkness under the lamp.
Now I'll have to
make a new horoscope.
Relax! Relax!
- Are you satisfied?
No! Give some rice.
- Idiot!
"Bear the thrashing rain
and the lightening bolts."
"Also bear the strong winds
and scorching sunlight."
"Bear the thrashing rain
and the lightening bolts."
"Also bear the strong winds
and scorching sunlight."
'Face everything. Don't
care about planets and stars.'
'Face everything. Don't
care about planets and stars.'
"We're together. Don't get scared."
- C'mon, brother.
What nonsense is this?
Brother Ajeet.
You must shave your moustache...
...to bring Anna to the right track.
When I made a new horoscope...
...all my stars changed.
Everything is going to be fine now.
Horoscope says, I've
success in business. - Really?
"Who will create obstacle?"
"Who can dare so much?"
"Who will create obstacle?"
"Who can dare so much?"
How are you, teacher?
Where's this photograph?
Which one?
- Photo!
Mai! - Photo is here. -
Come here immediately.
Tell me something.
Can you see father's photo here?
Yes, Anna!
- Why can't I see?
- C'mon...
Put that back to wall.
What happened?
Mai! See there, father has come.
Where's he?
"We'll change
everything from our fate."
"We're confident."
Father, why Anna can't see you?
"We're confident."
"Green and big mangoes
will grow from this."
"This soil is my mother
and the sky, my father."
Stick? Stick?
If you'll check your past,
you'll find the path to your future.
I didn't get you, father.
- Yes.
You lost your confidence
by my accidental death...
...and got stuck in the horoscopes.
Accident is an accident.
Instead if you had patiently
continued to run a business...
...my soul would have rest in peace.
You stepped back and
left me unsatisfied.
Can anybody stop living
as he has to die one day?
You've made your
family suffer with yourself.
Now calm down.
And fulfill your duty.
You know what? Even if
you can see the flowers...
...you can't say
anything until it bore fruits.
You'll see, Subhya. Not
only in this village...
...but you'll see such fruits
in the entire Maharashtra.
Ajeet! - Let go of Maharashtra,
think about the shed.
Paste your moustache.
Anna is coming.
Subhya, move!
- What?
How come you're here?
You tell me. How come
you're here in my shed?
Just make a move.
- Brother Ajeet
- Hmm...
Anna has come.
- Ajeet.
H mm!
Listen to me.
Subhya, do you remember
what I had told you to do?
Check the moustache.
It's perfect. Bye!
- Okay.
See you, Anna.
Very strange!
What a research?
How's your research on
new hybrid mango going on?
Are you angry with me?
No, Anna. Have I
ever got angry with you?
You're right.
Anyway, but you carry on
with your research. Okay?
You earn name and fame to
yourself and Gurav family.
I want to see you reaching skies.
Carry on.
And if I've been rude to
you for some reasons...
...then please forgive me.
What are you saying, Anna? -
I made a mistake.
You can rebuke me if you want.
But don't say anything like that.
Relax, Anna. Relax!
What's this?
Leave me!
- I won't spare him.
Leave me, Anna! Leave me.
He has set this fire.
And it'll burn him now.
We'll take away the mangoes.
We'll sell the mangoes, Ajeet.
We'll sell it.
I don't care about the
obstacle created by the villagers.
You've your father's support.
Anna Gurav.
We'll take away the Alphansos.
We'll take away the
Alphansos to Mumbai, Ajeet.
We'll take away the Alphansos.
What we had planned
and what has happened?
Now that Anna Gurav is ready,
villagers will support him.
Then what about us?
Never mind.
We still have a trump card...
...which will not let a
single mango enter the market.
Is that clear? Now you
just watch the fun tomorrow.
Take this. Take it.
Give it to him. The
one sitting there.
Yes! To him.
Give it.
Give it.
Take it.
What do you think? It's bringal?
It's Alphanso.
It's burnt and scorched
Alphanso of our village.
One of you is toiling
hard for so many hours...
...on research and
developing new hybrids of mangoes.
He wants to start with mango
business for your benefit.
And what has he obtained?
Ashes of his hardship?
No! It's not your fault.
It's the fault of that mentality.
Hey, you don't teach us.
You're not local resident.
But I'm a son of this soil, right?
I'm not a local resident.
But do you know the value
of the soil of this region?
And the Alphanso of this
same soil has burnt today.
It's not burn, but set to fire.
A broker has set it to fire,
who wants to grab entire profit.
Today it's Alphanso,
tomorrow it could be jack fruits...
...cashew-nuts and coconuts.
What will you do then?
You'll keep blaming each
other and die in this life.
But remember one thing.
It's not Alphanso, but
your house is burnt...
...your village is burnt.
And if you still
don't think over it...
...you too will end
like a burnt Alphanso.
Wow, teacher.
What a lecture!
I felt you're a local
resident of this region.
Am I right, villagers?
What a point!
I too have to talk about one point.
The man of this region
is like a mango. Mango.
If one mango rots, it
leads to rot all the rest.
If one is destroyed, all
others will meet the same end.
And villagers, he's the
rotten mango of our village.
- Ajeet!
Eave hirm, Aeet.
Ajeet, leave him!
- Brother, please don't.
Ajeet, leave him.
Come here, you idiot! Come here.
Leave me!
Brother! No, brother.
My clothes are spoiled.
Never mind.
Even if his clothes are spoiled...
...man's conscience should be clear.
Anna, your son's
intentions are never pure.
Shut up!
- Chhajed! - You just come here.
A family member is
ready to spoil his family.
Mind your language, Chhajed.
Just a minute, Anna. Hold him tight.
Villagers, now see this magic.
Anna, you too watch it.
What do you think?
Your father used
to come to meet you?
No, Anna!
This boy is your father.
You make horoscope
of the people, right?
But your son spoiled your horoscope.
And you're responsible for it.
You killed your father.
Naturally, your son
will do the same with you.
And Anna, this is called fate.
And if you don't trust me...
...then listen to it
from one of the villagers.
C'mon! C'mon!
Now speak up! Will you speak
up or want me to kick you?
I didn't do anything.
Brother Ajeet!
Teacher had
designed the entire plan.
Anna, I'm innocent.
C'mon, everybody!
You may go!
Child! Do you solve
the math properly?
You should solve the
math properly, okay?
Your calculations
should never go wrong.
Once if your calculations go wrong...
...everything gets topsy-turvy.
Like your father's life.
Like your father's life.
You just leave.
I know I'm the cause of your grief.
I'm the biggest obstacle
in Ajeet's way of business.
I'm the obstructing
planet of Ankita's life.
I'm the reason of
Amruta's bold behaviour.
I'm the reason for
Nanda being too religious.
It's only I...
Even my mother lost
her speech because of me.
Only because of me.
I've spoiled all of
yours life. I've spoiled it...
Don't touch me.
Don't touch me.
Are you a mother or my enemy?
Why did you do this? Why?
All of you have defame
me in the village today.
You've exposed me.
And you're behind all this.
Why you had to speak up all that?
Don't say anything.
I killed your husband. I
killed your younger son.
You didn't say anything that time.
Then why now? Why?
Don't say anything. I
don't want to see your faces.
I'm freeing you and you free me.
I'm going.
Let's go.
How's grandmother now?
Has she regained conscience?
- Yes, here.
How's grandmother?
She has regained conscience...
...but I don't think
she would survive.
What are you saying,
doctor? You try your best.
She's not taking any
treatment or medicine.
She doesn't allow us to touch her.
It'd be better if you
try to convince her.
Teacher, let's go.
- C'mon. - Amu, come!
- Grandmother! - Mother-in-law!
Look at this cardiograrm!
- Situation is critical.
She needs to be injected.
- See!
Why do you behave like this?
What's wrong with you?
Take the medications.
Grandmother, what's the problem?
Why don't you take the medications?
Ook, forgive rme if I've
said too rmuch in a fit of angerr.
But listen to the doctor.
What are you...
Aunt, please don't do that.
Mother, listen!
Yes, I had told you that
you've a lifespan of 90 years.
But your horoscope suggested that.
Your planets and
stars will save you?
They won't save you.
Listen! Take the medications.
It'll help you recover.
Anna, that's what she wants to say.
Planets and stars
are there to warn you...
...not to save your life.
Doctor! Why is she doing like this?
Grandmother! - Tell me what
should I do to convince you...
...to take medications?
- Doctor.
Tell me.
Yes, I'll support Ajeet.
I promise you.
We'll sell all the mangoes.
But... but you please recover.
Take the medications.
Take the medications, mother.
You tell her.
Grandmother! Look, we
won't break your faith.
We'll do something that you'll
take pride of your grandson.
Please, take the medications.
You must survive
to see this success.
Yes, I'm telling you.
You must remain alive.
Is that clear? Now say yes.
Say yes!
- Grandmother!
Say yes!
- Grandmother!
"Mango ripens and gives juice."
"Mango ripens and gives juice."
"It's the king of Konkan."
"Mango ripens and gives juice."
"It's the king of Konkan."
"Going through all the hardships...
...trees still flourish."
"Giving us all the happiness."
"Mango ripens and gives juice."
"It's the king of Konkan."
"Going through all the hardships...
...trees still flourish."
"Giving us all the happiness."
"Give a tough fight, like
a tree taking many wounds."
"Give a tough fight, like
a tree taking many wounds."
"Trees and mountain
say this standing firm."
"Then you will be
able to reach the sky."
"Give a tough fight."
Keep it here...
Anna Gurav!
Yoou carme to sell rmangoes
frorm vanerwradi, right?
But, who are you?
Where's the license?
What license?
You need to have a
license to sell mangoes.
We don't have it.
From where can we get it?
R. C. Traders.
R.C. What?
- R. C. Traders.
Shop number. 85. Got it?
Now where shall we
find the shop number 85?
Let it be, Anna. It'll take
some time. But we'll find it.
- Yes. C'mon.
But our mangoes. - Nothing
will happen to the mangoes.
Let's go, Anna.
"Never check the
positions of planets...
...and stars of your horoscope.'
"When self-confidence is strong...
...even the fate steps back."
"After few tests even the
stars start favouring you."
"When you don't lose hope,
you've a day to celebrate."
'Then the success showers
frorm all the directions.'
"Give such a tough fight."
- See, we're back to the same place.
"Give such a tough fight."
"Give such a tough fight."
See, we're back to the same place.
Aye! Where had you sent us?
Where's that R. C. Traders?
All of them made us
walk around the market...
...in different shops.
Where's this shop?
Aye, relax!
Instead of shouting at me,
climb this staircase.
Shop number 1. R. C. Traders.
R. C. Traders?!
Hello, Anna!
Hello, Mr. Ajeet!
How do you find my market?
So, Anna, what made you come to me?
Mr. Chhajed...
- We want license.
- What for?
Sir, we've brought the mangoes.
- Yes.
You want to sell it?
In my market?
- Yes.
Are you making fun of me?
You won't get it.
- What? - You won't get the license.
Did you hear that?
Listen, Mr. Chhajed!
I've promised my mother to
sell all the mangoes here.
She's very old and hospitalized.
She's breathing last.
Please grace us.
Did you take my permission
before giving the promise?
No! Did you?
Load your truck and
back to village. Leave.
Don't do that, Mr.
Chhajed. Listen... - Leave!
- Leave.
Let's go, Anna.
Mr. Ajeet, I had told you.
That you'll come to the market...
...where Chhajed reigns.
Ratan Chhajed.
Mind it.
Now mind what I say.
I'll sell all the mangoes
I've brought and go back.
Ajeet Bhalchandra Gurav.
That's my name.
Mind it.
C'mon, Anna.
"Under the dark green
colour and strong skin."
"Under the dark green
colour and strong skin."
"Lies the sweet
sugary taste of soil...
...and swaying buds
ready to flourish.'
"Lies the sweet
sugary taste of soil...
...and swaying buds
ready to flourish.'
"Under the scorching heat, the
tree flourishes entirely green."
"Under the scorching heat, the
tree flourishes entirely green."
Yes, patient in
room number 11, Gurav.
Yes, an old lady.
Will you please call
somebody from her family member?
Anna, selling one or
two boxes won't do.
It's becoming too hot.
If we won't sell...
...all the boxes on time, it'll rot.
Take this. - Did you talk
to them? How's grandmother?
Doctor says there's no
satisfactory improvements.
Anna, I feel like
going back to grandmother.
She must be waiting.
Anna! Look at this mango juice.
Mango juice?
It's Frooty!
But mango juice is
made of mango, right?
- Tell me, am I right?
You're very smart.
- Tell me, am I right?
Okay, mango juice. Happy?
- Yes. Ajeet!
Listen to me.
Even this company
would need mango, right?
Forr this uice? What do ynou sayn?
I really can't help you.
You please leave.
If we could meet sir once.
No, sir. Please.
Sister, we've come from a
long distance. From Konkan.
Yes, sir. But many
traders come here.
We're not just traders.
We're the farmers.
Yes, sir. But if you had
come with the appointment.
What appointment?
If you're from Marathi origin,
talk in Marathi.
What if one Marathi
won't support other?
Hey, can't you hear madam?
You can't go in. But your mango can.
Chaurangnath, keep quiet.
You'll lose your job.
I don't care. Being Marathi,
you're refusing mango?
Give that mango to me.
- Give me.
Is it a mango or a melon?
But, pen?
- Let it be.
Why this?
- I'll write the contact number.
Don't take tension.
- Thank you.
Hail Maharashtra!
Hail Maharashtra!
- Subhya!
You please leave now. Please...
This years sales...
- Sir, sample.
Sir, sample. Mango!
This big?
- Yes.
Cut it and give it.
Sales should be improved...
- Sir, mango.
Give it to all.
So, what was I saying? I...
Give it. It's from Konkan. Take it.
It's excellent.
It's nice, isn't it?
- Yeah!
Very nice.
It's tasty, isn't it, sir?
- Yes.
It has to be. It's from our Konkan.
Call therm inside.
They gave the sample and left.
Yes. - Did he give
you any contact number?
Yes, he had written
his number on the mango.
Don't throw away the skins.
Please don't throw those skins.
Bring them here.
Get them one by one.
Yes, keep the skins.
Keep this 8 here. 22 was next to 92.
How can 8 be here?
You don't confuse me.
It's perfect now.
Skins are like this
when you cut them.
So, 922228...
- Please, come in.
Yes! Please, sit!
Please, sit!
- Hello! - Hello!
So, Mr. Gurav!
- Yes.
No! No! I'm not Gurav!
I'm Shivalkar.
Yes! Yes...
- He's Gurav and he too.
Mr. Gurav, what's this?
- Aphlanso.
This is nothing.
We've bigger mangoes
than this in our gardens.
As big as watermelon.
- Waterlemon!
You mean watermelon.
- That's what I said.
Subhya, will you keep quiet?
Sir, in the botanical
terms it's name is...
...mangifera indica ostoflawa
kamaya, microca, rufocostata...
...stimulla auragella
tocara filfiliana...
...odoratta zozoillania superba.
I mean this mango is a hybrid of...
...'Totapuri, Langada, Devgarh,
Rajapuri, Neelam, and Payri.
But still it has all the
qualities of Alphanso.
We need huge quantity
of mangoes every year.
Will you be able to supply?
Yes! We'll give.
I mean we can give...
...the entire truck full of
mangoes that we've right now. - Yes!
Next year, we'll supply
mangoes of our entire village.
Get their papers ready
and give me chequebook.
Yes, sir.
Hello! - In the meantime,
I'll give you advance cheque.
Yes, tell me quickly. I'm busy.
Brother Ajeet, I
wanted to speak to you.
Mr. Ajeet.
Ajeet Bhalchandra Gurav.
Grandmother is serious.
Anna! Grandmother!
This is your advance.
- What?
C'mon, Subhyna! Come fast.
Sir, we'll leave. My
grandmother is serious.
Take this cheque.
Sir, contract papers.
See you again. I'll come back.
"Give a tough fight, like
a tree taking many wounds."
"Trees and mountain
say this standing firm."
"Then you will be
able to reach the sky."
"Give a tough fight."
- Grandmother, nothing will
happen to you.
"Give a tough fight."
"Mango ripens...
- Brother and Anna are coming.
You want to meet them, right?
"Mango ripens and gives juice."
"It's known as Konkan's king..."
- Grandmother!
Grandmother! Grandmother!
- Grandmother! Wake up,
Wake up! Wake up!
Wake up.
Wake up!
See this! See, what we've brought.
These contract papers.
We've also got the advance cheque.
Grandmother, we have succeeded.
We kept our promise and you.
Look at us.
We had promised you...
...to sell all the
mangoes and return to you.
We heard you.
We kept our promise.
We did come back.
So now...
What are you staring at us?
You've cheated us.
- Doctor!
See this...
I had told you, you've
a lifespan of 90 years.
I had told you.
Friends, see this
rmiracle of vanerwradi.
So, grandmother didn't die.
Yes, the reason of her survival...
...could be a topic of argument.
But Anna came out of
the world of horoscope...
...not completely but little.
So this argument
didn't become an issue.
Otherwise, Ajeet's
research has got recognition.
Not only on mangoes.
But also at home.
I mean Nanda has given
birth to twins. Baby boys.
So Mai and Anandi are
getting promotion now.
Mai has become
grandmother and Anandi, aunt.
About village, our new
hybrid researched by Ajeet...
...is getting planted
by co-operative efforts.
Ajeet has reached so high...
...that Chhajed is not
even a sand of his feet now.
But he's still down to earth.
And yes! Subhya also has progressed.
With Ankita in life,
his family has expanded...
...as well as his business.
I mean now he owns four trucks.
Now, he delivers us
to the big cities.
Master returned to
his village with Amu.
Amu teaches PT over
there in a school.
Teacher too is on a
research these days.
Topic. Growing
Alphanso in Marathawada.
What about Chhajed?
We heard that these days he's
jumping into Cotton business.
Of course, even there,
he'll meet another Ajeet.
Let it be. Now what
have you decided to do?
No, wait for some time.
We'll definitely meet next year.
What? See you in the market.