Hababam Sinifi 3,5 (2006) Movie Script

My dear Students,
esteemed Mr. Bedri.
I never intended to end
my career in this holy profession...
...which I committed 30 years,
and this beautiful life...
...in such a pathetic way.
The Class of Chaos
has ruined me, Mr. Bedri.
My dear wife, I rather
die once...
...than thousand times
each day.
Forgive me, daughter.
Forgive me, son.
Good bye life,
hello universe.
Kamil Canbolat.
Class: Empty
Subject; Origami
You cut just like
you speak, Lispy.
I just want them
to be right.
Give me another one.
This one's ready.
Come on. Don't keep
the customers waiting.
- Alright.
- Hurry on.
I'm coming.
Psycho. Be careful. Don't
scare off the customers!
Man. They make some
serious fuss.
Just a second.
Stop shouting.
There's enough for you all.
Report, 20 Lira.
Honors, 40.
Don't forget to pay.
Don't be so sad, Mr. Kamil.
But how, Mrs. Nuriye?
Just look at me.
I shouldn't have ended
up like this.
They will all
burn in hell.
You shouldn't exchange the pills that
a teacher would use for suicide.
He's coming!
Come on, exaggerate!
I've had enough of you!
What's going on?!
It sounded as if there
was a stampede here.
Could be psychological.
What did you say, Lispy?
What psychology?!
Herd psychology.
- My sinusitis! That hurt.
- Well, of course.
I don't want to hear any
bad jokes from you, Mean Kenan.
Ouch! Mr. Bedri.
You're cruel.
Don't laugh!
Cut the laughter!
You rascals! What
have you done to Mr. Kamil?
He was about to commit suicide
and we saved him.
Shut up.
- You're lying, you pimple!
- My eye!
I saw the poor man.
You've turned him totally green.
Well, yes. We have
exchanged the pills.
Otherwise we would be
mourning after him now.
Make fun about your own
butt crack, you mad cow.
That's your share,
you bug!
Give me some more! I like that!
too expensive, Mr. Bedri?
Buy some foggers.
It's cheaper.
Don't laugh!
You bums!
Uncle Bedri, can I have
some as well?
You're welcome, idiot!
Spread them out.
Get your parents to sign them
and bring them back after the holiday.
Tell you're parents
my regards.
They should kick your butt for me
as well, while they're at it.
He wasn't as angry
as we expected.
That's obvious. He has
accepted defeat.
Yes, folks!
We have our reports...
...and can go now
to our homes.
- How are you, Mr. Kamil?
- As you can see...
"Green is my valley,
blue were the pills."
He's totally down.
It's very natural!
He looks like a grass head.
Oh my God! They'll call me
grass head.
Oh no, I won't let them.
I'll forbid that.
The pigments are ruined.
What did they give him?
Oh my God!
I could've been
resting in peace now.
Those who commit suicide
won't find peace.
Don't worry!
This time I'll save
you all.
Are you going to
dismiss them all?
No! I'm afraid I can't do that.
They have paid in total...
...260.000 YTL, those rascals.
But if they should chose to leave,
things would change quite a bit.
I spoke to a lawyer. In that case
they won't get a refund.
They would never leave.
They would've done it in the last
century, if they wanted.
They won't leave
voluntarily of course
They're not called Class of Chaos
in vain.
With a little push,
we could change everything.
Yes, listen up! I have a great
and cheap plan.
If you all help me...
...we'll get rid of the Class of Chaos
for good.
The worst part of school
are the holidays.
Right! I don't want to go
home at all.
Besides, I have to stay
with Crazy Bedri.
And he saw my real report.
He'll make me sleep in the
balcony, that's for sure.
Nonsense, what balcony?
You can stay at our house.
I got honors after all.
Great, honors?
Who gave it to you?
We did, Baby!
Here. What are you on?
- Crazy Bedri comes in style!
- What do you mean style?
In summer style. He's going
on vacation I assume.
Idiots! Are you still here,
We'll leave soon.
We're saying good bye.
Where are you off to?
Don't you see, my dumb son?
On vacation.
Vacation? In the
midst of winter.
My stupid boy.
Since you're ignorant, you wouldn't
know that when we have winter here...
...it is summer in the southern
hemisphere, fool.
Where are you going to?
Thailand. To be more accurate,
to Pippi Island.
Pippi Island?
What could be famous there?
What possibly could it be, Lispy?
The sea, the beach and sun.
Blow it!
You too.
I have to catch my plane.
I'll give your present for your
report as soon as I'm back.
Hope so.
- Farewell, losers.
- Let me take it.
Have a nice flight, Bedri!
Have a nice vacation!
Watch out for tsunamis!
I almost forgot. You left your
report papers in the class.
In the trashcan.
Yes, we didn't want
to lose them.
Don't worry.
We'll take them.
Don't trouble yourself.
I sent all your reports to your
parents via courier.
Bye then.
If I'm not mistaken
we're all done for.
But why? We could
stay at school.
That you won't!
This is not a hotel!
I mean in order
to study, dad.
We may improve our grades!
Do it at home, dear.
You can't stay at school.
There will be renovations.
The school will be painted,
disinfected, washed and dried.
I'll miss my flight!
If I hear that you stay at school,
I'll waste you.
So, folks? Where shall we
stay for 3 weeks?
Wait till our tourist leaves,
then I'll tell you the address.
Are we going to
Wee-Wee Island as well?!
Just open the door!
Take your shoes out!
Who am I talking to?
- Are those piglets gone?
- Yes, sir.
Pray for snow. Or else our plan
goes down the drain.
I'll sure pray!
The adventure begins.
- Little more left.
- Yes, sir.
No begging here. This is
a school. Shame on you!
It's you?
You're great.
Psycho. What are you doing!?
You're piercing my dad.
Stop that!
Little more to the left.
These are our
new friends.
Rezzan, zge and Tue.
Well, girls...
Take your shoes out.
I'm begging you!
Take this too!
What are you throwing at me?
Do I look like a monkey to you?
Next to the table.
Mr. Bedri.
Mrs. Sheyla is here.
Nice to meet you.
First I'd like to
give you the money.
Can I have
a wine glass?
Wine glass! Right away.
Here you are.
- Thanks.
- Not at all!
Good evening, Midget.
What are you doing here
at this hour?
- I came for the test.
- Which test?
Don't know. Mr. Bedri said we
were to make a test.
A test at this unholy hour.
Test. Now I got it.
Why don't I get it?
You'll get it soon enough.
- Jesus! What was that?!
- An owl.
Oh my God!
Run! Run!
Oh my God!
What's going on?!
Good God!
Yusuf! You're going to die, Yusuf!
Mr. Bedri?!
What Bedri?! I'm telling you,
you're going to die!
A mortal should be
somewhat scared.
My God!
Help! Help!
Mr. Kamil?
Run away,
What!? Sharks?!
Oh no!
Shoo! Noo!
Take me with you!
Police! Coast Guard!
Hello, Mr. Yusuf!
Mr. Yusuf?
Mr. Yusuf.
That's it!
That's my system!
Mr. Bedri. Mr. Yusuf
won't wake up!
Slap him in the face.
That will wake him up.
Come in!
- How was I, Mr. Bedri?
- Outstanding!
Really? Did you like
my acting?
More than that.
You were great.
You should attend
a drama school.
At this age?
Education has nothing to do
with age. You're talented.
Arda, I'll kick you
in the face...
...and your eyelashes
will fall out!
The Lord is our shepherd!
Mr. Yusuf, no!
It's me, Niyazi. Don't hit.
Oh no! What is Mr. Yusuf doing?!
Exorcism of course!
May God help him.
Don't hit!
Who's she?!
Your stepmother, Ercment!
Your stepmother!
Her feet are backwards!
Yes, Ercment!
Very nice and
decorative, right?
Yes, son?
Kiss your mother's hand!
Her hands are backwards too.
No! No!
No! Oh my God!
What's going on here?
What's with this wedding?
Good God!
You're going to call me mother.
You'll say mummy to me!
Who are you?
Am I drunk or what?
Help me, God!
- The garden is full with cement!
- So?
Idiot Ercment!
What's happening to me?
What did I possibly take?
Come to your senses.
Ercment. What's up, brother?
Who are you?
Don't you know me?
It's me. Your brother.
Why can't I see
your reflection?
So what?
What do you mean
"so what"?
I'm not to be seen
in photos either.
Good God.
What's going on here?
Who are you?
What do you want?
I told you.
I'm your brother.
Your stepbrother.
Brother. My dear brother.
Dad, what's going on here?
Thank God,
it was just a dream!
These dreams should
come to an end one day...
Psycho? Sebastian?
Where are you?
Who left the house like this?
At ease!
Hi girls!
Welcome to our school!
They are cute.
- Have we met before?
- I don't think so.
Since we're at it
we could meet now.
Why not?
I'm Alara.
I'm Ruhi.
- Emre.
- How do you do?
I'm Dilara.
Kenan, nice to meet you.
I'm Itir.
Oh my! I'll nibble you off, Itir.
This is Sumo. He's trying to
say "nice to meet you."
Would you allow me to make
an announcement to our friends?
Well of course. Here.
My esteemed colleagues!
Dear students!
I have some
joyful news for you!
I... I mean "we".
I have... We have...
We have met in Thailand...
...and decided to get married.
This is awesome!
That's great news!
Friends! I'd like to introduce
you to my...
...new wife. We got married
on the plane.
Bedriye, this is the school
I told you about.
- Good morning, kids!
- Thank you!
Thank you.
I'm outmost pleased
to know you.
Thank you!
- Did you marry on the plane?!
- Yes! At 12.000 feet.
That's wonderful.
May I?
- Well, of course.
- Thank you.
What's going on here?
That's enough.
Thank you very much.
Oh no, that woman...?!
I'd like to introduce
Feza to you.
Feza, School. School, Feza!
- Hello, friends.
- Thank you.
He's my stepson.
I couldn't love him more than this
even if he were my real son. Rascal.
I'm sure that you will all
love him.
He fainted.
Poor guy, he's jealous!
Leave him.
He's nobody.
Don't talk nonsense, Bedri!
The boy suffers a trauma!
But honey. He's
not a real person.
He is Ercment. My son.
Does anybody have
eau de cologne?!
I have!
There's no need to panic.
I know it.
Ercment! Wake up, son!
Jeez. Do you see that,
a mother's heart.
- Bravo. She's very caring.
- It' a miracle.
Eau de cologne, right?
A great discovery.
Always the same jokes.
Ercment, wake up, son.
Come to yourself.
Over here. Slowly.
We're lucky, guys.
God sent us a matron
just the way we like.
She has suppressed
Bedri immediately.
Bravo. A real psychopath.
Hell no! She looks
very maternal.
She has treated even Ercment
like a human.
She took care of him as if he
was her own son.
She has struggled.
That's right. I thought
she'd breastfeed him.
Shut up! Take it back!
What breastfeeding?!
Are you awake,
jealous Ercment?!
What jealousy?
You don't know anything.
I saw that woman
last night in my dream.
Really? What was she doing?
She was marrying Dad.
The classic "Idiots can foresee"
Don't talk nonsense.
Come closer.
Last night in my dream...
...her head turned around
like a dove.
Afterwards her hands and feet were
totally backwards.
It was strange.
I swear.
He's gone nuts.
Stepmother syndrome.
What syndrome, man?
I swear,
she's a demon.
I swear!
Yeah right. If the mother is a
demon, what is the son?
Maybe lemon.
Oh, no. He's a devil!
Yesterday I couldn't see his
reflection in the mirror.
One of his eyes was yellow
and the other red.
OK, Ercment.
We'll give him a blue lens
for his red eye.
You guys are careless!
I'm freaking out
and you make fun.
We're in danger. Why don't
you see that, idiots?
We're here!
There he is.
Don't look him in the eye.
Don't let him sense it.
This is the dormitory.
And these are the dormants.
There! Look at his eyes!
Hi, folks.
Hi, dude.
Welcome. Come here.
Hello, mate. Welcome.
Thanks. Ercment.
How are you bro?
What's the 'bro' talk?
Let me see your eyes!
You wiseacre. You have contact lenses,
don't you?
What lenses?
Never mind. It's hard to explain,
much harder to understand.
Do you smoke?
- Great. Thanks.
- You're welcome. Here!
So, you're Ercment's
new brother?
Yes, so it is.
Demons don't make brothers!
take out the lenses!
Who are you trying to scare off?
What do you mean?
What's wrong with him?
Don't mind him.
It's the first time that he has
a stepbrother and it's hard for him.
Too bad. Don't be so sad.
I'm in the same situation.
That's life. You'll get used
to it with time.
Don't touch me! 'With time', huh?
You are a smart one.
Ercment, what are you doing,
are you insane?
Why insane?!
Don't you believe me?
- Lispy! Get me a mirror.
- What mirror?
I see. I better
take my stuff out.
Did you see that? He beat off
when I said mirror.
You foxy crab!
Shame on you! You've treated
him like an ox.
Man, Drill.
Try to understand.
Shut up! Don't be so fussy!
You're jealous!
Alright, you'll see it yourself.
But it will be too late.
Shut the hell up!
Bravo, Beberuhi. You stood up
good against him.
Shut your piehole!
Did I ask you?
How was it? I was very
convincing, right Psycho?
Pretty much! Congrats.
That hurt.
Kenan! Kenan!
I beg you, wake up.
Kenan, wake up.
What are you doing, you moron?!
Don't shout! You'll wake
up the demon!
Listen to me, Kenan.
Organize all our friends.
We have to meet.
I'm freaking out.
You have to organize them!
Organize them!
That's not a good way
to wake someone up.
- Psycho?!
- Yes?
Get up, we have to
go to the loo.
Why's that?
He's lost it again
and he wants us to meet.
- Who?
- Erc.
- With whom?
- With us.
Fine. Then go.
No. You have to come as well.
Get up!
Come on, guys.
Don't touch the light.
Come over here.
Dreadful things will
happen in our school.
You are the only dreadful
thing in this school.
Are you aware of it?
I am.
Yeah, right. What is
that stone for?
Self-defense, you idiot!
You should get one as well.
You all should!
Alright. Fine!
What? Are you all psychopaths?
What are we talking about
in the middle of the night?
Have you gone completely insane?!
Did you wake us for that?
Beberuhi, turn on the lights.
Don't touch it!
This is a secret meeting!
Don't laugh, you fools!
Do you want your head
split open with a hammer?
He thinks he has
a hammer in his hand.
Idiot! I'm talking about
the hammer of that guy.
Such a big thing.
What do you want from him?
Do you like what you're doing?
I don't want anything from him.
There he is!
What's going on here?!
Who put this in my bed?!
You don't make such jokes
on the very first day!
I didn't do it.
Is that some kind of a joke?
Shame on you.
I'm out of words,
That's not good at all.
- Friends, I...
- I'm protesting you.
- Me too.
- But, I...
Me as well.
Think about it.
Emre. Psycho?
Don't be so prejudiced.
Idiot. He's at the brink
of suicide.
I feel sorry for him.
Trust me, he doesn't
deserve pity.
I'm in this school since years.
Never have I seen such days.
- Are you ready?
- Yes.
Not you, Mercan Dede!
- I said I'm ready, man!
- Bravo!
Wait for my signal.
That bastard has turned them all
on his side.
Huh?! What?!
Don't be scared, Ercment!
I will help you!
Help? Sebastian?
Is that you?!
Who the hell is Sebastian?!
Who are you? Show yourself,
who ever you are!
Do you see this stone here?
I'll smash your liver.
Show yourself!
What's going on here?!
- What's this about?
- You little sprout!
You're going too far!
We're five guys here!
Enough! Don't give me
this transparency crap!
Search and find me, Ercment.
Search and find me!
Why should I?
Who are you?!
I'm Mercan Dede!
Mercan Dede?
Yes, Mercan Dede.
But my friends call me
Holy Moly.
Holy Moly?!
Yes. Cut it out.
Find me, Ercment!
Or else you're done for,
Good heavens, what's going on,
holy men and such?
Our father, who art in heaven...
The food is great.
Many thanks.
Bon appetite.
Thank you.
I don't believe it.
I'm totally confused, mates.
Yes. Are we in heaven?
I'm since 16 years at school.
I've never seen
such food.
And I'm here since 11 years
and I didn't either.
She sure knows
about education.
That's for sure. Which
school has a Japanese cook?
All the schools
in Japan for example.
Bravo, Mrs. Bedriye.
She's a reformist.
I appreciate that.
You still don't get it,
do you?
That witch tries to
win your heart.
Erc, shut up.
That's enough.
Emre, you fall for it.
Erc, take some Omega 3.
May God give you wits.
What is that!?
My dear Bedriye is coming!
- Bon appetite, kids!
- Thank you.
Hello, Mother Bedriye!
Oh, my children.
Did you like the new cook?
We're like in heaven.
Many thanks.
For a good education...
...you need good nourishment,
Sure. I won't work out
without Shu... suchi... sushi.
Bon appetite then.
- Bye!
- Bye!
Such a nice woman.
Hell no. She'll trick out
all of us.
Cut it out!
I'll push these sticks
into your ear!
Guess which test
I stole?
Excuse me. I'll undertake
an operation.
Well, of course.
Take out those cheat slips!
I won't repeat!
What are cheat slips?
Don't play the fool,
you tomcat!
I know that you stole
the test.
Ercment?! Take out
the cheat slips!
Which slips?!
These, you dove!
Are those rascals cheating?
You'll get all F!
Don't laugh!
Didn't I forbid
cheating at school?
What's going on here?!
I caught that teddy bear
during cheating.
So what?
Leave him alone.
All students cheat.
That's pretty normal.
Besides, I'm sure he's learnt
a couple of things doing it.
- Don't worry.
- But honey...
- Sit down.
- Yes, mother.
Take your notes back.
You can open your books.
But how's that?
Just like this.
That's the way it is done
in European countries.
Is cheating free?
You can call it
system change.
What ever. Have a good exam.
Come, Bedri.
Yes, hon.
I'm coming, sweetheart
The answer of the third
question is on page 27.
The books were open.
The highest grade is DD.
Excuse me?
The books were open.
The highest grade is DD.
Whose grades?
Forget it.
Mrs. Sheyla.
I almost got fooled
by the cheating trick.
Thank you.
I don't feel so well about this.
They all look like
nice fellows.
I don't know
if this is right.
You can be sure
that this is right.
You haven't yet seen
their true character.
Snow! Snow!
I'll go right away, Mr. Bedri!
Why 'go'?
There's going to be snowfall.
What's going on?!
It's going to snow!
The snowstorm could
affect the daily life...
...in the morning hours.
The authorities have warned
the drivers against ice.
Dear Lord, you have created the earth,
the skies and me like this.
As your believers
we don't ask from you...
...money, fame, name
or shame.
Please grant us
a little bit of snow.
Please grant us
some snowballs!
- Thank you in advance.
- Amen!
There won't be any snow
these days.
Don't be so sure.
He has a good heart.
There could be snow after all.
Yeah, right!
Let's sleep now.
Sleep tight, brother.
- Excuse me?
- I said 'Sleep tight.'
Thanks, brother. You too.
Holy smoke! What?
Snow, Ercment!
There's snowfall outside!
- Really?
- I swear.
You scared me.
Ruhi! My baby!
My hero. Your prayers
have been answered.
Please spare me, Ercment!
What, you loony?
Get up!
There's snow outside,
you ox!
What's going on?
It's like the school
has been hit by an avalanche.
Nice chick. We should
give her a name.
How's Spike?
Yeah, sure.
Lassie would be better.
No way,
that's a dog name.
Hold on.
I got it: Alara
How's Dilara?
That's great.
Just a minute.
I suggest Itir.
Alara. Alara.
I insist on Spike.
What are you doing in my
schoolyard, you perverts?
Take off that bikini! Come on!
He calls us perverts and wants
us to take off the bikini.
You lousy son!
You won't ever claim that I didn't
play snowball with you.
They couldn't get home since
the roads are closed by snow.
Therefore they'll stay with you
during the snow holidays.
It will do them good!
Feza, son! Come and stay at home.
You can watch plasma-TV.
Or else these bandits
will tear you apart.
Thanks, Uncle Bedri
but no.
I want to stay here with my
friends and my brother.
Do you see that? They have
transformed him in 2 days.
Shame on you!
Habits die hard.
Anyway. Don't forget.
I'll keep my eye on you.
And I'll stay here for a while.
Please, not in the face.
Attention, attention!
Guest rooms have been
prepared on the second floor...
...for our female students!
That's your room. You can put your
stuff into the lockers.
Thank you!
Don't make noise.
We won't.
I want to see too.
Step aside. We want to see
the chicks too!
What are you doing?
On the very first day! You crooks!
I swear I couldn't
see a thing, Dad.
From now on you won't be
able to see anything.
I knew that you'd pay a visit
to the girls.
Therefore I've let them prepare
Mrs. Nuriye's room here.
What's gotten into her?
She's become Sex and the City.
Mrs. Nuriye! From now on
I'm entrusting the girls to you.
These sex maniacs shouldn't
make it even to their door.
Don't worry. I'll sacrifice
my body if necessary.
Holy cow.
How was that?
Sextant... and?
Oh no. Japanese food
You should be grateful...
...for Japanese food, ruffian.
I think he's angry!
I'm not angry!
Don't worry. The Japanese talk
as if they're angry.
That's for sure. You think
he's cursing at you...
...but that fool is
actually reciting a poem.
Shut up, you dumb cluck.
Go and call your father a fool
What did he say now?
Bon appetite or something
like that.
The girls are looking at us.
Feza. I like that
Alara pretty much.
Really? Me too.
Cut the crap,
she's mine.
Really? Mine as well.
Get lost.
I hope the food
gets stuck up your throat!
No, it's me. Mercan Dede.
Mercan Dede?
We met in the toilette, you moron.
Did you forget?
What do you want from me, dude?
You're in danger, Ercment.
Listen up,
you don't exist.
Don't talk to me. I'm
extremely dangerous.
Papa, was that you?
What are you doing here,
my sick son?
I wanted to ask
you something.
So? Come on, ask.
Do you know a certain
Mercan Dede?
How did you find out about
Mercan Dede?
He's talking to me.
The boy is right.
I'm talking to him!
There, he talked again.
Did you hear that?
Nonsense. That dude
passed away 100 years ago.
Is that a crime?
Don't you really
hear that schmuck?
Only you can hear me.
And you're the schmuck.
Cut it out!
We'll be ruined if anyone hears that
there's a tomb in the school.
The parents would
take away their kids.
If that happens I would be
forced to donate you to Greenpeace.
And what about that voice?
Come on. Don't cry.
Go and wash your face.
Now go.
Whom does he resemble?
Cloned sheep.
Was that an owl?!
It could also be a she-owl.
Don't laugh.
It invites trouble.
So we won't laugh.
You've laughed a lot. I'm sure
something will come up.
You're not going to set the
dog loose in the yard?
Don't worry, I won't do it,
Midget will.
Mr. Bedri?
You can set Django loose.
Of course. With pleasure.
What kind of a knot
is that?
Mrs. Sheyla! Please,
would you do me a favor?
I want you to record
these moments.
Would you do that for me?
Of course.
The tape is inside.
You just have to press
For howls press
this button.
Use it as much as you can, we
want to scare them to death.
How do I look?
I'll scare them away
in an instant.
Jesus, there are
wolves at school.
Relax. It's possibly
only a werewolf.
Don't bray! Behave yourself.
Otherwise we'll get caught.
I see the chick's
- Good evening.
- What are you doing?
The girls.
We wanted to come over
for a visit.
How clumsy of us. We
chose the wrong thingy.
What a pity. You should've chosen
the right thingy.
In that case this window...?
What are you doing here?
Beat it! No!
Man, what kind of a knot is that?
Mrs. Sheyla,
are you taping it?
I want to show it
to my grandchildren...
Where are they?
Wait. Stop.
Girls! Don't laugh!
Get inside!
Your own dog
didn't recognize you.
Someone has to
keep Nuriye busy.
Otherwise we'll never
get close to the girls.
Why me?
It's obvious. You're the
most handsome among us.
No way. I'll never
go to that woman.
Who'll go?
Don't look at me.
Get in there.
No way. I rather die.
I don't care if you
die or not.
I'll ask for the last time.
Who'll go in there?
No way.
Forget the girls then.
Give me that. It shouldn't
be that tough.
Do you see that?
You're so self-sacrificing.
What the heck?
You're new around here.
I'll go.
Why do you look like that?
He couldn't spare
his stepbrother.
Hurry up.
What's wrong
with these doors?
Who can it be now? Who can
it be now knocking at my door?
It's me. Ercment.
Come in. The door is open.
Are you available?
More than available.
Where are you?
I can't see you.
Where are you, Mrs. Nuriye?
They say that my mother's
name is Bedriye.
I don't know my mother.
Who was she?
Are you available? I wanted
to ask what notes are.
- Is the rose for me?
- Yes.
Thank you, sugar.
Bon appetite.
Come in.
May I come in?
- Hello!
- Aloha.
It's us!
We thought you might
get bored.
Yes, we're bored to death.
How about some
- I love it.
- I love it more.
Let's play!
Bravo, Feza. You sure know
about girls. Come on.
Where are you going, girls?
To the canteen.
Do you want anything?
Yes, we want you back quick.
He's right.
Come back quick.
There's full moon tonight.
Could be dangerous for you.
You're lucky. There weren't
such idiots around in my days.
We'll pee in our pants
from laughing.
Of course you have to
take care of some details.
Like what?
For example, this is yours.
Are we going to scare
them with this wig?
That's not a wig,
that's a mask.
We'll scare them with
these masks.
What, you idiot?
What are you doing, you fool?
You can open up to me.
We're both adults.
I want to become a singer
when I grow up.
That's why I came.
I'm very fond of
classical Turkish pop music.
I came to be
inspired by you.
Pike off, Ercment.
- She's got bad intentions.
- What?
Do you know how to play
the guitar?
- Guitar?
- Beat it, don't just stand there.
Good that you reminded me.
I should go and learn
how to play the guitar.
Are you going to the
music chamber?
Yes, I'm highly motivated.
Thank you so much.
Hold on. You can't learn
on your own.
Come on, play faster.
What's that?
Bloodsugar is not one word.
Why not?
Then we'll write
- What's mymilk?
- My milk.
for us, Feza.
- 14.
- Did you write it?
Is it our turn?
Feza, 18 points.
What, 18?
What's the word?
I'm always loyal too.
Kenan. Take this,
I'll take a look at Ercment.
Oh, Ercment.
I wonder how he's doing?
Poor guy. He's probably
scared to death right now.
That guy is hilarious!
Should we turn off
the lights?
With pleasure.
Stop! Let's watch
that idiot for a while.
What do you need
to play the guitar?
A guitar?
Bravo. Which guitars
are better?
Those with chords?
No, you idiot.
The heavy ones!
Yes. This for example
is a good one.
What are you doing?
I'm getting scared.
Relax. I'll teach you how to
play the guitar in such a way...
...that you'll never forget it.
Whose turn is it?
Don't cheat.
Our word is bite!
'Bite' as we know it?
You wouldn't know this bite.
Write down. 30 Points!
These girls are
just made for us.
You begin to understand.
Oh no! Powder cut.
It's seems to me that
Feza has found Ercment.
Yes. Does anyone have
a candle?
I have this here.
Can we light it?
Which room's key is that?
The dining hall.
There should be a gas lamp.
Dining hall?! Cool!
Let's go and find
a gas lamp.
Come on.
I'd like to walk around
as well.
I love to walk
in the dark.
I would go with you down the
deepest and darkest caves.
- Just ask for it.
- What if I ask?
Cool! Let's go.
Don't cry and watch me,
I beg you.
You take the guitar.
And then smash it
on the head of the victim.
Don't run!
I'll show you how to
blow the saxophone.
Help! Anyone!
Where are you going, homey?!
Feza! Run, bro!
That Nuriye
has lost it.
What's that?
This here? A murder weapon.
Great. Feza,
why do you laugh like that?!
Don't call me brother,
you rhino!
- Why?
- I hate you all!
But why?
I hate all
Feza. Please,
stop it.
Those were the last
words of them all!
Which flour dish
do you like the most?
What a coincidence. Me too.
- How do you like meat?
- Bloody.
Are you serious?
Me too.
We have so much in common,
I like it when
there's only blood.
- What do you mean "only blood"?
- Luke warm.
You seem to have
a vampire part in you.
He's out of battery.
You won't catch me.
Help! Help!
Oh God! What's this?!
Oh God. A ghost.
Come in.
We're ready,
Mr. Bedri.
- Let me see.
- Of course.
- How do I look?
- Great, you look fantastic.
You have a very long
life line.
It's hereditary.
My grandpa lived 250 years.
Let's see whose
hands are bigger.
Lispy. My hand got sweaty.
So what, my whole arm
is soaked from sweat.
You can kiss
if you want.
Who? Me? Oh God.
Of course I want it.
You can kiss too,
it will feel swell.
Yeah? Many thanks!
It already feels swollen.
Take a look at that wrist.
Since we've started, I should
put on something comfortable.
Of course.
Wait a little.
I'll be back.
Man, she's so horny.
Well, we made her
blood boil with our kisses.
And I will
make your blood boil.
- Deal!
- I'm first!
I'm first.
I'll strangle you!
we both are first.
This power cut will make
everything easier.
He'll freak out.
Just wait. We'll see.
I'm ready.
Kenan. What's going on?
Dude. That girl. Vampire.
She's a vampire.
It's us.
This is my favourite place
at school.
Really? Since when?
Since 1860.
There are so many
books here!
You can take some
if you're interested.
Yes, you can take them.
They aren't ours anyway.
Ruhi! Let's cut a deal.
You'll go and look for a
gas lamp now.
And in return, I'll leave
you alone with her. OK?
Deal! Listen, you'll
keep your promise, right?
Of course.
I'm not a trickster.
Well, I'll go and
look for a gas lamp!
Thank you, Drill. I won't
forget this favour.
Me neither.
- What would you like to drink?!
- Do you have something red?
Alara. I want to ask something.
What's your sign?
I love cancers.
What's your blood group?
O RH positive.
Really? My favorite.
Really? Why?
Kenan! Psycho! Ruhi!
Mrs. Nuriye?!
Chill. I'll blow you
Mr. Carp!
A shark is closing in.
Run away!
Really? Where?
How sweet.
He must have lost his way.
What are you doing? You should
be scared! Run!
But why? They don't do
anything when you squat down.
Didn't I tell you?
It looks so cute.
Well, did you like Ruhi?
Don't leave, come here!
Shoo! Eat your head off!
Another one?!
Why aren't you scared?
Why should I? I'm squatting
down. Get lost!
Strange. That boy
is an imbecile.
Get lost.
There's someone
in the teachers' room.
He'll leave soon.
You are smart, aren't you?
Damn it.
You scared me
out of my wits.
I'm tense all over.
That chick turned into a vampire.
She transformed into a German
shepherd dog.
Mine as well.
And there are
two monsters outside.
What?! Monsters?
They are no monsters.
They are
Frankenstein and Zombie.
Frankenstein and Zombie?
What's going on in this school?
I saw Nuriye. She was running
around with Saxophone.
What do you mean?
It's us.
What monster?
May God smite you.
Why do you run around like this?
Are you insane, Psycho?
You won't believe me...
...but Freak turned into a Werewolf.
- What?
- You're lying.
Why should I?
I'm going to tell you
something incredible.
We know. She turned
into a vampire.
Yes. I knocked out a ghost
in the yard.
This is the last straw.
Let's get the hell out of here.
But where?
The place is loaded
with vampires.
Could be. We have
vampires outside...
...and here we have a table.
What are you doing, Psycho?
Did you never watch
a vampire movie?
Take one.
Please try to understand.
This is not personal.
My mother married
seven times.
I've treated my other 13
stepbrothers like this as well.
Some died with my saw and
the others were stabbed by me.
Are you scared,
It's very sad
to die like this, huh?
There's nothing I can do.
It's all your fault.
If you had graduated
we wouldn't have met at all.
Am I right?
Isn't it your fault?
Why do you grunt
like a Tasmanian Devil?
I don't understand a thing.
I'll open your mouth know...
What did you say?
I swear
I'll study hard.
It's too late, Erc.
Idiot. Do you think
you can run away like this?
- Please, spare me!
- Don't worry, we're friendly!
What's with those
The school is full
with vampires.
- And ghosts!
- Also werewolves!
What should we do?
Don't worry. We have enough
stakes for vampires.
What did I tell you?
What is this thing?
I think my guts
Please, Freak.
Don't eat us.
Don't be scared. He doesn't do
anything when you squat down.
Don't look at me.
what happened?!
He's possessed!
You're exaggerating.
Oh my God! This seems to be
permanent! What should we do?
He's possessed by demons.
Who has obsessed you?!
Erc... Erc.
We'll find an exorcist
for you tomorrow.
We should find Mr. Niyazi.
Maybe he could fix him.
What? Did you
eat your tongue?!
Who is that?
Well, of course you'll babble like that.
I told you to find me!
Why didn't you find me, idiot?
I'm scared, Psycho.
Don't be afraid, Sebo.
I'm with you.
Don't get excited, folks.
Excuse me.
Who am I talking to?
I'm Mercan Dede. My friends
call me Holy Moly.
Just what we needed,
a holy man.
I came all the way from
the other side to save you.
Why is that?
I was once
a student as well.
Besides, I was at this school,
in your class.
I call that luck. I guess
we're saved.
You'll help us,
won't you Mercan Dede?
Of course.
You must follow the procedures.
Everything has a thing.
Everything has what?
You have to conjure spirits. But
first comes a ritual ablution.
We'll do that.
We'll meet in the attic
in 10 minutes.
Hurry up.
Let's not keep the
customers waiting.
Oh spirit! Oh spirit!
Mercan Dede's spirit! Give us
a sign when you're here.
You said 10 minutes but
are still not around.
It won't work out like this.
We have to find another way.
I have an idea.
He won't make it. Mercan Dede's
spirit won't make it.
What the hell? That spirit
could smite us!
What was that?
Give it a try.
Oh spirit.
People, there are
vampires in the school!
We know, that's why we're
conjuring a spirit.
You're conjuring spirits?
He said we should come here
but he's nowhere to be seen.
You can't conjure like that.
What's the right way?
With a coffee cup.
Lunatic. He carries
a coffee cup.
That's my lucky cup. My grandma
was a psychic.
I always carry it with me.
Looks like you know
such things.
Respect. Psychic.
We'll start with the prayer.
Put your fingers on top.
I'm starting.
- I'm scared.
- Me too.
Don't make me laugh
or we'll get smitten.
Whose spirit
do you want to conjure?
- Linda Lovelace!
- Marilyn Monroe!
- Jeniffer Lopez!
- She's not dead yet.
Cut the crap!
Call Mercan Dede.
Fine. Put your fingers on top.
Oh Mercan Dede's spirit!
Mercan, we're calling for you.
Tell us when you're here!
Mercan. Mercan!
Mercan, I'm calling you.
Tell us when you're here!
What's going on?
Does that mean he's here?
Something is happening to it.
Run! Help!
They're freaking out.
Looks like he's dead.
Shall we run away?
What should we do?
Wait! He's moving!
Did you wait a lot,
Oh no! He's inside him!
Well, I'm definitely not in his
pocket. That's how things work out.
Help! He's taking over my skin.
Stop complaining!
This is my body, Mercan Dede.
My body.
Don't get me started with
your body. Beat it.
You're so mean, Mercan Dede!
Of course,
I'll let him know.
Great. Finally I found myself
a new body.
Is everything fine now?
Can we now
solve our problem?
That we can't. I don't
need you anymore.
Oh God!
Come on.
Close the door, quick.
Vampires! Vampires!
The reaper! She reaper!
The hell is loose.
The school is full with
It's like at a rock concert.
But no! You're sinning.
That's not a good joke at all.
But it's not a joke.
I think he's possessed
by a demon.
Or a ghost.
Stop the nonsense.
You are somewhat
educated after all.
Ghosts, vampires, zombies.
They were invented by adults
to scare children.
Don't be so superstitious.
Yeah. Why are we scared?
Everything has a logical
You're right.
Thank you. You've brought
us to our senses.
Don't lose it again.
First rule of belief, the oath.
Second: Fasting.
Three: Pilgrimage.
Four: To give alms.
Five: Daily prayer.
He is insane!
Your vampires are
good belly dancers.
Brother Necmi.
You lowlife! Why didn't
you warn the boys?
I wanted to have some fun
before telling them.
But your boys
scrammed instantly.
Don't laugh.
It's very natural.
You should see them.
Do you call this a joke?
Tell your mad boss, he'll
pay for it. Understand?
Take care.
Bye, Brother Necmi.
I guess this time
we've crossed the line.
Who was that?
That man.
Him? Gdk Necmi...
Who's that?
A former student
of the Class of Chaos.
First I would like to thank
Mrs. Sheyla, one of the...
...precious actors from
the Tokat State-theater...
...for helping me
carry out my plan.
And... My thanks go
to the young yet talented...
...students from the drama school,
Arda and Freak.
And now the big moment.
The first show
in our school history...
...without the Class of Chaos.
It all seems like a joke, right?
It's a joke but real.
I lack the words to
describe my happiness.
Enough said,
I bring you the show.
The show begins.
Stop! Stop!
The Class of Chaos!
Cut it out!
Listen, you troll.
Give that to me.
Don't touch my baton.
I'm leading an orchestra here.
Go and sing somewhere else.
This is private property.
You can't sing here.
Give me that!
Crazy Bedri. Stop it!
There's no show without us.
Let them at least finish
their song.
As if I care!
What did I tell you?!
They're now gone.
They are no longer
students of this school.
Only our students
can sing here. Give me that.
What have you done?
That was Richard Hayman's baton.
I'll buy him a new one.
Stop the song.
Now shoo, you crows.
We're not leaving!
What are you going to do?!
That's it!
I'm coming! Yes, sir.
Take these occupiers
down from the stage.
Use force if necessary.
You, turn of the light.
You're being inhumane!
Let the boys finish
their song.
Throw him out.
Quick. Out.
But Bedri...
Are you still waiting?
I'll throw them out myself
if necessary.
I'm sorry, Necmi.
Cut the talk.
Throw him out!
Come on! Out!
Hurry! Come on!
That's it! Don't touch
Mr. Necmi, Dad!
Are you nuts? Do you
know what you're saying?
I can touch anybody
I feel like!
Dad! Don't touch Mr. Necmi!
I said don't touch him.
Shame on you! How dare you
talk to your father like that?
Don't come in between
father and son.
I told you not to
touch Mr. Necmi.
Ercment! What's gotten into you?
Let go of the gun,
It's registered
on my name.
I said let go.
I'm saying the same!
OK, I'm letting go!
What have you done?
You've killed him!
Oh God!
I've become a killer.
Remain calm.
Drop the weapon.
I've killed someone.
You're very clumsy, Ercment.
What have I done?
I've killed again.
I beg you, please
don't shoot anyone else.
Otherwise the school will
get a bad name.
I've turned into a killer at this
age. I'll rot in jail.
Don't worry. I'll hire
the best lawyers.
Just drop the gun.
I'll get at least 40 years,
right Dad?
So what? They grant amnesty
every ten years.
No! I'm too young, Dad!
It's all your fault,
you stepdog.
You got me all wrong.
Shut up! I'll end
up in jail anyway...
...it won't matter
if I kill you as well.
Please, I beg you.
Beg the demons in hell,
you dog.
What have you done?!
Erc. What are you doing,
you fool?
I guess I'm in a murder frenzy,
Mean Kenan.
I can shoot me in the head
while I'm at it.
Ercment, don't!
I beg you!
No, Dad! There's no point
in living anymore.
I've killed 3 men in 2 minutes.
My life's over.
We'll send you to an institution.
You'll get better.
Please, don't kill yourself. Don't
let your father suffer this pain.
- I'll do whatever you want!
- Whatever?
Yes. Just drop the gun,
Would you take my friends
back to the school?
Yes, right away.
How about 50 o/o discount
with the tuitions?
That's OK. Let's make it 60 o/o.
We want an Italian cook.
That Japanese cook
is getting on our nerves.
Alright, deal.
You scoundrels.
Was it all a game?!
Would it have been better,
if I really were in a frenzy?
E tu, Brutus? I thought
you were on my side.
I'm sorry, Uncle Bedri.
I've become a member of the
Class of Chaos as well.
You rascals! You almost
gave me a heart attack.
Now we're even.
That should be a lesson
for you.
Don't forget! If you sow wind,
you'll gather storm.
I won't forget that.
Let me kiss your hand.
Don't forget your promise!
I won't!
Class of Chaos! You can return
to the school next year.
And if I don't employ
an Italian cook...
...don't call me Bedri anymore.
Just a second! I can't give
you 60 % discount.
You know,
I'm very tight fisted.