Hababam Sinifi Sinifta Kaldi (1975) Movie Script

Mahmut teacher!
- Don't mention it, thank you.
- How are you?
I'm good, thank you,
Hafize. How are you?
I'm great. Seeing you
made me even better.
If you had come 10 minutes ago you would
have made it to the opening ceremony.
Now everyone's in class. Anyway,
let me make you some coffee.
Thank you.
Vacation was good for you.
I put your belongings away...
...but we were expecting
you yesterday. Here you go.
It didn't happen.
I could only come today.
Hafize, what is Kemal's
photo doing here?
Ah, you didn't hear the news.
Kemal teacher passed away.
Oh! May God have mercy on him.
So, what's this heater here?
The furnace is broken. The principal
had heaters placed everywhere.
Yeah? What's all this noise?
How should I know? A lot of
new students joined the school.
It sounds like they're not going to
make anyone long for the Rascals' Class.
That's right.
# Long live general Nuri!
Oh, Mahmut teacher!
Let me down you scoundrels!
How are you? Are you doing well?
I'm doing very well, thank God.
How are you doing?
Thank God, Thank God.
Look, look at your students.
What are you all looking for here?
Did you come to visit your old school?
Based on what I've heard, the university
exams were quite difficult this year.
Well, let's hear what
schools you all got into.
Or... could you not get in anywhere?
None of you!?
Ah... very well then where
are this year's students?
Did you lock the helpless
students up somewhere?
We are this year's students, sir.
Did you all not graduate?
What were those diplomas
you brought to the hospital?
We thought the best present we could bring
you in the hospital would be our diplomas.
We studied hard to pass the exam,
but we couldn't get through the tests.
Instead of coming empty-handed,
we each made a fake diploma.
I understand... Why don't you just say
that the Rascal's Class failed the class?
Well, well! Who is this here?
Welcome, Mahmut.
Thank you, sir.
Get well soon, Mahmut,
get well soon.
Oh! Welcome, welcome!
I missed you, my dear friend.
Thank you, Mr. Riza.
Mahmut, let me introduce you.
This is our new chemistry teacher.
We know each other sir.
We were basically together at...
...Erzurum high school.
How are you, Mahmut?
I'm good, thank you. You've gotten
a little fatter since I last saw you.
- And you've gotten younger, praise God.
- Well, apparently the vacation helped.
- Did you see the Rascals?
- I did.
- Huh? What's he saying?
- He has, he has!
- What tricksters those Rascals are!
They made a fool of me too. - Yeah!
Well, what did they say? The name
speaks for itself -the Rascals' Class.
Mahmut teacher was so
surprised when he saw us.
Did you see his face when he heard
that we're still in the same class?
Man, he didn't even get upset
at all by the fake diploma bit.
He's really a great guy!
What are you saying, man!
Mahmut teacher is one of us now.
This year we'll easily play our
tricks and get away with them too.
We'll smoke our cigarettes too, right?
Mahmut teacher!
Friends, a healthy generation can only
be reached with physical education.
Do you understand?
Don't forget this - a smart
mind is found in a fit body.
From now on, summer and winter
alike, whether it rains or snows...
...we will be having all of our classes
outside. Do you understand?
- This guy is going to give us a headache.
- Where did he come from anyway?
My ideal teacher!
Let's see your physical conditions now.
He wants to see our what?
- Condition.
- What's that?
It's not found in cows
so you don't have to worry.
What are you laughing at?
Athletes don't laugh!
All together!
Turn right!
What are you doing?
I said right, right!
Right! Get in line! Start!
One two, one two, one two..
Get in line!
You're not running, you're crawling!
Because you don't have bodies of steel.
- You fatty! Come here
- Me, teacher? - Yes you!
You've gotten tired, my son.
Of course you'll get tired.
- What's this?
- My stomach, sir.
That's not a stomach, it's a gut.
But I will get rid of it all.
You're going to be like a needle.
- You! Come!
- Is he talking to me? - You, you!
Behold, someone actually athletic
but who has let himself go...
Where is he?
Suck in your stomach! Shoulders straight!
Chin up! Stick out your chest!
Eyes ahead!
Look, praise God, he's like a lion.
A cow like a lion.
Get in your spot!
Now you will repeat
everything I do.
Whatever I do, you will do the same.
Do you understand?
If it keeps going like this, we're
going to die for physical education!
We need to find a way out of this.
I'll say it one last time.
You will do exactly as I do.
Start. One, two, three, four!
One, two, three, four!
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
Don't do everything I do!
Don't do everything I do!
Look at who's coming!
Look at who's coming!
I'm sorry but I can't be the
assistant principal this year..
Let's forget the past, Mahmut.
That unpleasant issue is over.
And who else can be assistant
principal at this school but you?
Okay but under one condition.
I can't make decisions about
the students' lives on my own.
I want a disciplinary committee.
That's easy my friend,
easy. I'll think about it.
Principal, a young girl just
came. She wants to see you.
- Let her in.
- Come.
- Welcome. - Thank you.
- Here you are.
- Let me introduce you to our assistant
principal, Mahmut - Pleased to meet you.
Our new literature teacher, Ms. Semra.
The new literature teacher?
This young girl is a teacher?
Welcome to our school.
She's pretty young.
- Is this your first time being
a teacher? - Yes, sir.
Well, what can we do?
Let's hope for the best.
#Come on domdom, come on domdom.
Mahmut teacher!
What are you all doing this time?
We're arm wrestling, teacher.
I see that.
I won!
You're grown men! Aren't you
embarrassed? Sit in your seats!
The principal ordered it, teacher.
The principal told you to arm wrestle?
No, he said to pick a representative.
- This is how we pick a representative.
- I understand.
This year, some of your
teachers have changed.
One of whom is your new
literature teacher.
I want to discuss this with you.
Your teacher...
Come in.
- Students, this is your new
literature teacher. - Good morning.
Stop it! Shut up!
Students, your new literature
teacher, Ms. Semra.
She finished university this year.
This is her first time working at our school.
I am certain that the jokes you
make to other teachers...
...you won't be making to
my young colleague here.
But I still wanted to
give you one warning.
Do you understand?
- Good luck. - Thank you
Yes, teacher?
Teacher, you seem very nervous.
A bit.
How wouldn't she be?
It's her first class.
Teacher, praise God, you are very young.
Thank you.
How old are you?
Hey, you cow! You're not
supposed to ask a woman her age.
You're right, it shouldn't be asked.
Excuse me.
Teacher, are you married?
No, I'm single.
Me too.
Teacher, have you ever been to Konya?
- No, I haven't.
Well isn't your middle name Sheyla?
- I'll be damned! No way!
Why are you surprised?
It's just that you look so similar...
To whom?
My first love.
Let's be serious!
- We should get serious, she says.
We get it, yes!
Teacher, these first classes are routine.
The students get to know the teacher.
Nice to meet you. Gdk. Gdk
Necmi, teacher. How do you do?
I'm fine, thank you.
- And I'm Ferit.
- Groom Ferit.
One second. And I am Saban.
What's going on?
Oh it's nothing.
It's just that these jackasses
want to call me something else...
What do they want to call you?
Oh please.
Thank you. I got used
to it and you will too.
Man, look at this food they give
us on the first day at school.
- Lentil soup with worms and raw pasta.
It seems this stingy principal is
going to make us wish for last year.
Hafize, what are the teachers doing here?
Don't be so nosy all the time!
The principal ordered it.
This year, all of the meals will
be eaten all together like this.
With your permission.
Look behind you, Saban.
What's the physical
education teacher doing?
What do you think?
He's flirting with Ms. Semra.
That prick! I already knew I
didn't like his personality.
Ms. Semra, would you like a cigarette?
Thank you but I don't smoke.
Good for you Ms. Semra. Me neither.
Listen, Ms. Semra, these lazy
students will cheat a lot.
You're new. If you want, I can help you.
Because I'm the only one they can't trick.
- Thank you very much.
- You're welcome.
Look at how he breathes the smoke in.
Man, this is torture!
We need to find a solution
to this smoking issue.
- Hey, are you new here?
- Yes.
- Do you have any matches?
- Yeah. - Give me some.
Since you have matches, you
probably also have cigarettes.
Yeah, here you go.
Give me those cigarettes!
Man, aren't you ashamed
smoking at school like that?
Didn't Mahmut teacher ban it, idiot?
Smart ass! Shamelessly smoking at school.
- Come on.
- Come on.
Teacher, ma'am.
Could you go out for a little while?
Well, we're the cleaning
crew for the school, ma'am.
We decided to finish cleaning while
the teachers were in the garden. Yes.
She bought that so easily.
Come on, take out the cigarettes.
Come on.
- Here we go.
- That guy got so red, didn't he?
I slapped that jackass good, didn't I?
Oh man, thank heaven! Here.
Hey Gdk.
If I thought about it for 40 years,
I would never have thought that...
...the safest place to smoke
would be the teacher's lounge.
What should we do, man? There's no
escaping Mahmut teacher anywhere else.
Now let's let him look for
us in all the bathrooms.
Why are you sitting here
up against the door?
Because the cleaning crew is inside.
What cleaning crew?
I don't know. Six literature students
said they were going to do some cleaning.
I understand.
Guys, can you imagine if Mahmut teacher
opened the door and came inside now.
Mahmut teacher!
Yeah. That's what I'm saying
too - Mahmut teacher.
Mahmut teacher.
We were all just talking about you.
Wonderful, I see that you
finished cleaning very quickly.
Yes, we did a rough job.
Guys, you're already out
of control on the first day.
I won't punish you.
But I'm warning you one last time
that I won't let you smoke at school.
Here you go guys. Drink up your
coffee with pleasure, come on.
Man, where are my sandals?
I'll be damned. I think my mom
forgot to pack them for me again.
#I've been searching for
my lost love for years.
Please God give me an Otomidon,
without cigarettes my head's killing me.
- Do you have extra hangers?
- Let me give you some. - Thanks.
# Don't you dare give me hope if
you're going to love someone else.
# Don't you dare give me hope if
you're going to love someone else.
What's that, Saban?
- Fresh eggs. I brought them from home.
- Are you going to sleep on a nest?
No man... I'm going to drink them
in the morning. For strength.
It's rotten. From a deep freezer.
It's fresh daily, man, fresh!
From my aunt's chickens.
Wait a second.
This doesn't look like your aunt's egg.
It's not your uncle's egg is it?
Stop joking around!
- Gdk.
- Hm?
- Only you can understand my situation.
- What happened this time?
- You know Ms. Semra?
- Yeah?
I'm crazy for her. Something
jumped inside me right here.
What's going to happen to me?
Oh Saban, don't worry.
Anything can happen in a day.
Yeah. Anything.
Gentleman Saban, this must be
what they call love at first sight.
As soon as you entered the classroom,
your wild charm hypnotized me.
You were in my dreams all night.
- Hurry up, Necmi, the envelope and stamp
are ready. - I'm almost done, calm down.
I'm embarrassed by the
amount of money I'm making.
My old age, the fact that
my eyesight is going...
I'm not able to be of
much use to my students.
I see you're an early riser
this morning. Good morning.
- Good morning, sir.
- Good morning, Mahmut teacher.
I was just discussing my
grievances with the young lady...
It's just that my retirement
salary isn't sufficient.
My son is a senior in college.
Until he can support
himself I have to work.
I definitely understand. My father got us
through school with the same hardships.
Good morning!
- Good morning
- Good morning
- Does your father still work?
- He passed away.
How is everyone?
All is well, thank you.
Oh, our friend came and
he's already taking a nap.
Good morning. Your morning
coffees are here. Here you are.
- How are you, Hafize?
- I'm good, thank you.
Here you are.
- Here you are.
- Thank you.
You may as well have one too.
- We win 3-0.
- Ah fuck man!
Dilaver, look man,
this part sticks up, look.
- It'll stay down.
- I want to look very handsome.
Why, Saban?
- Promise you won't tell anyone.
- I promise I won't.
- Swear on your mother's grave.
- I swear on my mother's grave.
- I'm trying to look good for Ms. Semra.
- You devil! - Hush.
- Saban, you have a letter. Here.
- Goodness gracious, give it to me.
Go away so I can read it.
"My sweetheart, yesterday as
you came into class..."
- He bought it, the cow!
- Be quiet, calm down.
"If you are going to reciprocate my love,
say 'Moo' like a cow three times."
"I made this plan so no one
else could figure it out."
She made a smart choice.
"My ferocious man!"
What is that, Saban?
Is it a love letter?
- Oh no, it's just a letter about work.
- Why don't you read it to us?
It doesn't concern you.
It's a personal matter.
- Good morning.
- Good morning, ma'am.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
- Sit in your seats.
- Sit in your seats, she says.
I strongly disapprove of what you
did in the teacher's lounge yesterday.
I am a new teacher and I might
not know all the rules of the school...
...but you should not have
taken advantage of this fact.
You are right, we behaved shamefully.
We are sorry and I deplore you all.
- Moo!
- What are you doing, Saban?
- You know, Moo!
- Moo?
Yes, Moo!
Let's be serious please!
The topic is Divan literature.
And one of the most important
varieties is the ode.
The ode is a popular
love and wine poem.
Does anyone want to give
an example of an ode?
- I do, teacher.
- Yes, go ahead.
# A man passed here on horseback!
He stepped on my wounds and went on. Oh!
# Wandering for months, wandering.
Wandering for days, wandering.
# Let me give my sweet heart
to whomever brings me love.
# Wandering for months, wandering.
Wandering for days, wandering.
Thank you all for that example ode.
But what you sang was not
an ode, it was a folk song.
There's no place for folk
songs in this class.
My sweetheart, I longingly
await for your response...
What are you writing man?
A love letter?
No, I'm writing to my dad.
Stop joking around. What girl's
heart did you steal this time?
- Listen, I'm only telling
my secret to you. - Okay.
- Don't tell anyone.
- I promise, I won't tell.
- Swear on your mother's grave.
- I swear on my mom's grave, I won't.
Ms. Semra and I are in love.
This letter is for her.
Let me put it in the mailbox.
- Saban, what is that?
- A letter.
- To whom?
- My dad.
Come on cow stop joking. Aren't you
even going to tell your best friend?
I'm only telling my secret to you. Swear
on your mom's grave you won't tell.
- I swear, I won't tell. - Ms. Semra
and I are in love, this is for her.
"Our love will never fade."
"You are not a teacher to me, but
the rosebud of my flower garden."
Hey kids!
Didn't I tell you not to play
ball out on the front lawn?
Teacher, that was last year.
All the rules of last year are
valid for this year too.
Come on go get dressed. Get going!
- Mahmut teacher has started squeezing us.
- He's really spoiling all of our fun.
- Don't smoke! Don't play ball! How great!
- Hey guys, does anyone want to smoke?
Are you stupid? Didn't Mahmut teacher
take away all our cigarettes?
Look, they call these cigarettes.
And they're the best kind.
As long as there's no place to
smoke, what good will those do?
Man, the bathrooms and ceiling are
off limits but the basement isn't!
- Of course!
- Come on, follow me!
This is good and all but are we going to
smoke in the basement the whole year?
What can we do, man? There's no
escape from Mahmut teacher.
We can't play ball. We can't
smoke cigarettes. How great.
Well, what did you expect? That Mahmut
teacher of 40 years would change for us?
If he's Mahmut teacher of 40 years, then
we're the Rascals' Class of 40 years.
Okay but what are we going to do?
- We're going to bear our teeth.
- How so? - How so?
We're going to sneak out to the
Fener match tomorrow.
- Will Mr. Veysel leave the door?
- What if there is a teacher with us?
- But which teacher can we trick?
- What day does Ms. Semra teach?
- Good morning!
- Good morning, ma'am.
- Sit down.
- Sit down, she says.
What's this wreath doing here?
- Aren't we going, teacher?
- Where? - To the cemetery!
Why would we go to the cemetery?
You should be ashamed! How could
a literature teacher like yourself...
...not know the date of
Tevfik Fikret's death?
Is today the death anniversary
of Tevfik Fikret?
Of course! Our knowledge of literature is
a bit scarce but we know one thing well.
The death anniversaries of poets.
He's not better than you, but our last
teacher was interested in these things.
We spent our lives in cemeteries.
I feel like it was on another day.
Oh well. Let me go tell Mr. Mahmut.
Teacher! Mahmut teacher already knows.
In fact, he had the wreath made himself.
Oh okay then. Come on, let's go.
Open the door please, Mr. Veysel.
What's going on Ms. teacher?
Where are you going like this?
- To visit the grave of Tevfik Fikret.
- Was he closely related? My condolences.
Mr. Mahmut, did you send the
Rascals' Class to some ceremony?
To what ceremony?
Well, just a while ago, Ms. Semra
left out the front door with them.
Yeah! And they greeted
me very kindly, I liked it.
But wouldn't it be better to send me
instead of a young lady to this ceremony?
You know, during the
War of Independence...
- Mr. Mahmut?
- Yes, Mr. Akil
The Rascals' Class isn't
anywhere to be found again.
Did I maybe mix up the classes?
You didn't mix them up, Akil.
You didn't mix them up.
Champions! Champions!
- Come on in, you punks. Welcome.
- Mr. Veysel, did you see Ms. Semra?
How could I not? She left with you
guys and then came back crying.
Mahmut teacher? Did Mahmut
teacher ask about us?
- No!
- Come on, let's go.
Why did I believe them instead
of coming and asking you?
That's enough, you've already
beaten yourself up about it.
What should I do?
I can't forgive myself.
They embarrassed me
to get back at you.
Don't dwell on them.
As if that wasn't enough, they looked
me in the eye and invited me to the match.
Don't be upset.
In fact, what they did
was directed at me.
Putting it all aside, how could I
forget the date of Tevfik Fikret's death?
Look here! Mahmut teacher
is on the stairs again.
Welcome back, gentlemen.
Thank you teacher.
So, how was the match?
- It was great teacher!
- We won 2-0. - King Fener!
I heard you also invited Ms. Semra.
Gdk, you see, he's jealous.
- If you want, we can invite you
next week. - Yeah.
If you want, let's deal with the
punishment for your nasty actions first.
Let's, teacher!
- I bet you'll make us go hungry
tonight. - I bet so too.
Then we won't get a
break this weekend.
That's a pretty minor punishment
compared to what you did, isn't it?
Well, teacher, in God's name, are you
going to take our souls in the first week?
No. I'm going to give you a
punishment fit for children.
Tomorrow, you'll stand on one leg like
little kids in front of the whole school.
Please teacher!
- Please don't humiliate us!
- Think about our pride, teacher!
Did you all think about the
pride of your young teacher?
- Good morning, Mahmut teacher.
- What are they doing like that?
- They're being punished.
- Is this a type of punishment?
- A class like this gets punished
like this. - Look at them, the fools.
We embraced Mahmut teacher
and he made us miserable.
- Will you run all the way to the hospital?
- We should have left him to die.
Everyone's looking at us.
- Look somewhere else, little twerp.
- Stop grinning! Go on, get out of here.
Look at her over there!
She became a literature teacher...
...and she doesn't know the
date of Tevfik Fikret's death.
- On top of that, she's posturing at us.
- And we're the ones punished.
What's this Mr. Mahmut?
- They're being punished.
- Ha! What a great punishment!
Good morning.
I said good morning.
- How are you, teacher?
- I'm good.
- Your eyes are shining, teacher.
- I don't understand.
How can you not understand?
You got the rascals punished, didn't you?
- A punishment you all deserved.
- Are you at least happy now?
Let's stop talking about this.
What did you think of Mahmut
teacher's punishment? Did you like it?
I didn't think about it. I might have
given you a different punishment.
Please God tell us, teacher. Would
you have hung us or cut us?
At any rate, we would have
died at your hands. Is that bad?
Don't forget you're
talking to a teacher!
You're always so interested
in the idea of being a teacher.
Please, that's enough!
You forgot your days of being
a student so quickly, teacher.
That's enough I said! Enough!
You've all become grown men...
...but forget being students, you haven't
even learned how to be human beings.
I certainly haven't forgotten
my days as a student.
But I'm not a spoiled
rich kid like all of you.
I studied despite many hardships on
the small salary of a dignified teacher.
I didn't even have a
second dress to wear.
While you call yourselves "students"
and waste all your time lazily...
...I studied non-stop.
It's so sad that I'm now a teacher for
you inconsiderate, irresponsible students.
How pathetic are you all...
...that you mock the things
I take pride in?
I feel sorry for you all.
What's going on, my dear?
What's happening?
I can't take it anymore, sir.
I'm resigning.
Yeah? Are you sure?
Yes. I can't do it.
Come here. Sit down.
Sit, sit.
Tell me about it. What happened?
At first, I came here
with very good feelings.
But those students wiped
out all of my good thoughts.
They did outrageous things
and I didn't say a word.
They ridiculed me and I
pretended not to hear.
They played with my pride
and I stayed quiet.
But their last rude behavior
exhausted my patience.
You're right.
You endured pretty well.
You know what? I also resigned
after my second day as a teacher.
Then I thought about it all night.
Did I do the right thing?
Is a teacher's job just
to teach classes...
...and then to be defeated and run
away at the very first obstacle?
No, it wasn't this.
What was important was to struggle,
against every difficulty and obstacle.
Yes, this is how I thought...
...and the next morning I tore up my
resignation letter and threw it away.
I didn't run away. I overcame.
Now, years later, I'm very
happy with the decision I made.
So, what will you do?
Will you run away?
Or will you stay?
I'm staying!
Every meal is lentil soup and pasta.
We're going to get poisoned this way!
- Mahmut teacher!
- What is it this time?
Won't you tell the principal to
give us some different meals?
Okay, I'll tell him.
Seriously, sir, our bowels are destroyed.
I understand.
Why did the principal get
so stingy this year, teacher?
I don't know. Why don't
you ask him yourself?
I have a more important
topic besides your meals.
I think you all were the cause
of a very bad incident today.
Ms. Semra wanted to resign.
But we didn't do anything, sir.
If you didn't, then why would a
teacher who loves teaching so much...
...and furthermore, who has
to work so hard, want to resign?
How should we know?
Maybe she didn't like the school.
No. It's you, or rather your
behavior, that she didn't like.
Listen to me! From now on
you all better watch your step!
Students, I won't let you
disrespect Ms. Semra.
I don't want to sound too critical
but our friends are acting a little lazy.
Thank you.
If they put in a little effort
no one would be able to cheat.
Look, for 30 years I haven't had
a single student cheat in my class.
How could I not know, sir.
Didn't I watch you last year?
Excuse me sir.
I'm sorry to bother you.
Do you remember?
You promised me something.
What promise, Ms. Semra?
If I gave a written exam, you
said you would help me.
- Ah, of course.
- I want to give an exam this class.
Sure. My class is empty anyway...
...and this way you can learn how
to prevent students from cheating.
Thank you very much.
My ferocious man.
I can't bear it any longer, Saban.
- I can't look into your eyes.
- Students! Students listen up!
- What's with the rush, Hafize?
- Is there something wrong?
Yes, yes! That young girl is going
to give a literature written exam.
And she's giving it with the one who
can't be duped. You heard it from me.
Be careful man!
Don't cut yourself.
- Is that okay, Gdk? Are you
comfortable? - I'm very comfortable.
What's Gdk doing in the heater?
He's going to write all
the answers inside the heater.
- How will he write on all our exams?
- Man, he's going to use carbon paper.
Okay, but it's so dark in the heater.
- What do you think this is?
- Ha, oh that? A flashlight.
Yes. Now I get it.
Look, they're coming.
- Close it!
- Come on, hurry up!
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
Students, take out a piece of paper.
We are going to have a written exam.
Nothing else should
be on your desks.
Go ahead.
1. The types of Divan poems.
2. What is an ode?
3. Explain the main theme
of Leyla and Mecnun.
If anyone tries to cheat,
I will ruin them.
You can't dupe me!
Careful. No one move!
5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0.
Ms. Semra Hanm, don't you dare
look away from me. Don't move!
You! Eyes ahead.
You! Don't look up from your paper.
We need to be careful
with these guys.
- He keeps stepping on my paper.
- Shut up, don't speak.
Don't look right. Don't look left.
Do you understand?
Turn around!
See, look how well-behaved
they are. That's all it takes.
- Give me that paper.
- Here you are.
Teacher, the Rascals'
Class doesn't cheat.
- Is something wrong?
- Oh no, no.
Yeah? Okay.
- Why aren't you writing?
- I'm thinking, sir.
Of course. If you don't study,
you'll be stuck thinking like a sucker.
Psst, Tulum!
- Impossible Ms. Semra. Impossible.
- As long as I walk around like
this, it's impossible for them to cheat.
How did you write so quickly?
Your paper was blank a second ago.
It all came to me at once, sir.
Yeah... Is that so?
Good for you then.
Welcome sir. Come in Mr. Mahmut.
I hope it's going well.
We're just giving a written
exam... No talking!
Don't look behind you!
Do you understand?
- Turn around! I said turn!
- I won't be duped, I won't!
You can't dupe me.
- Ferit, where is Necmi?
- Uh... well... I think he's sick.
- Didn't he get permission from you?
- No. He didn't.
Isn't it a little cold in here?
Aren't you guys cold?
- No.
- No, teacher.
Don't you think we should
light this heater?
It's really hot, sir.
Let's not light it, oof.
Let's light it.
Get out.
What is this student doing
inside the heater, Mr. Mahmut?
He's probably cheating.
In all my 30 years of teaching,
you are the first...
...student to be able to cheat.
I congratulate you, bravo.
Students, the superintendent is
at our school today!
He is going to come to Mahmut
teacher's history class now.
I know him very well and he
always asks the same questios.
Even the order he asks them in never
changes. The questions are very easy.
- For example, you!
- Me? - Yes you!
- Who burnt down Rome?
- I swear it wasn't me.
- I said who burnt down Rome.
- I said I swear it wasn't me, principal sir!
- What is he saying?
- Saban doesn't lie, principal sir...
...if he says he didn't do
it then he didn't.
You smartass punks!
Memorize what I tell you.
Who was the first Caliph? The holy
Ebubekir. Come on, repeat it!
The holy Ebubekir.
Good! In what year was
Istanbul conquered? 1453.
Our homeland is what to us?
It is our mother.
It's our mother!
Who was the last sultan of the Ottoman
expansion? Sultan Sleyman the lawgiver.
Kanuni Sultan Sleyman!
Who burnt down Rome?
Emperor Nero.
Emperor Nero!
Repeat. The holy Ebubekir,
1453, our mother...
...Sultan Sleyman the lawgiver,
Emperor Nero. Repeat.
The holy Ebubekir, 1453, our mother...
...Sultan Sleyman the lawgiver,
Emperor Nero.
Students, our esteemed
superintendent, Hseyin Sevki Topuz.
Good morning students!
- Good morning.
- Sit down.
- With your permission.
- Good bye.
- What is the topic, Mr. Mahmut?
- The Ottoman period of expansion.
Good, with your permission
I'll ask the students a few questions.
- Feel free to ask.
- You!
- What's your name?
- The holy Ebubekir.
- I said what's your name.
- I said the holy Ebubekir.
What's your name... your name!?
Ohhh, my name. The holy Saban.
- How old are you?
- 1453.
- Wait, how old are you?
- 1453.
- Who burnt down Rome?
- My mom.
Son, who is your mom?
Sultan Sleyman the lawgiver!
Who is the first Caliph?
- Emperor Nero.
- Yes.
My son, you're mixing them up.
The holy Saban burnt down Rome.
The first Caliph Emperor Nero,
I mean Sultan Nero, in Rome...
...with the holy Saban, to your mom...
...in one day 1453 times by law..
Excuse me Mr. Mahmut.
I think I mixed things up a bit.
Yes sir, go ahead.
One is in elementary school, another
in middle, and the last in high school.
Why didn't you say that at your
young age you were acting...
...as both the mother and father
for your three siblings?
- Yes, you could say that.
- How are they doing in school?
Good, very good.
They never worry me.
They call this a hammer.
You throw it like this.
Be careful, it's not easy.
Hold the handle tight and with all
your might swing it 3 times and throw it.
One, two, three.
- He's showing off to Ms. Semra again.
- That prick, I'll show him now.
- Is it your turn?
- Yeah.
Let's see you throw it.
One, two, three, four...
...I can't stop!
Stop it man! You idiot!
I can't stop! Come on stop!
Stop hammer! I can't stop!
Of course he can't stop.
Because his muscles aren't strong.
Especially his stomach muscles.
They should be like steel when squeezed.
Look, like this.
Punch me right here.
- Please teacher.
- Punch me come on.
But you can't hit a teacher.
Come on, don't be scared. Nothing
will happen, it's like steel. Punch me!
- Come on punch me!
- Okay I guess I'll punch you.
Help your teacher up.
We need to tell you something
important but we're scared.
- What is it? - Our friends planned
a really terrible prank.
- What did they do? - The principal had a
special meal made for the superintendent.
- So? - Our friends put
some laxatives in it.
They put laxatives in it?
Who did this?
We can't tell you that.
They can't hear that we told
you or they'll kill us.
Okay, thank you.
- Ms. Hafize, Ms. Hafize!
- Yes?
Did anyone from the Rascals'
Class come in here?
- They were here a little while ago.
- Who?
Gdk Necmi, Domdom Ali,
Tulum Hayri, Hayta Ismail.
Did they get close to the food?
They tried to mess with it
but I smacked their hands.
I understand, may God punish them.
They're going to eat this food.
Oh oh, good good.
You'll see whether it's good or bad.
Come on, eat up let's see.
I said eat this food
or you'll be in deep trouble.
We can't eat it, principal sir.
Why? Is there something in it?
That's not why, principal sir.
Then why?
We won't be able to eat
while our friends sit and watch.
Of course, let them eat it too.
- Pass it out Ms. Hafize.
- Whatever you say.
I'm going to kill this guy.
Don't get mad, Saban.
Eat this delicious food first.
Yes. I'll kill him after I eat.
- He's here.
- The teacher's here.
Sit, students. Sit.
Sorry I'm late.
This Istanbul traffic problem!
Anyway, where did we end last time?
- Thinking, teacher.
- Ah yes. Thinking.
In all of the world, thinking is
something unique to humans only.
Aristotle said,
"The human is a thinking creature."
- Saban is a thinking cow.
- Man, your mom...
Yes. Animals have their instincts,
but humans find their way with reason.
What's going on?
- Good morning, sir.
- Good morning.
Who are you?
I'm Hseyin Sevki Topuz, superintendent
from the Department of Education.
It's always the same joke.
I'm tired of it. Sit in your seat!
I don't understand.
He's really the superintendent, teacher.
What superintendent? Every year
it's the same joke. Sit down I said.
What are you saying?
Don't test my patience or
you'll get smacked!
Listen to me, come to your senses.
I'm superintendent Hseyin Sevki Topuz.
Yeah sure you're the superintendent.
You insolent punk! Sit down!
You're the insolent one!
You'll see the day!
Swearing at the superintendent?
How can that even happen?
I swear, I thought the students
were playing another prank.
- You know my eyes...
- Mr. Akil, Mr. Akil...
If he reports this to the department,
they'll shut down the school.
- Well then what will we do, sir?
- I really don't know. But under these...
...conditions, I can't let you stay here.
- At least let me stay until year's end.
Mr. Akil, you can't even stay
until tomorrow. I'm sorry.
I understand. I understand.
- Goodbye, my dear.
- Bye bye, sir.
Well, what can we do? This is fate.
Anyhow, teaching at my old age...
- ...wasn't the right thing to do.
- What are you saying, Mr. Akil.
- It's so, goodbye.
- Bye bye.
I wouldn't have wanted to leave you
all this way but what can I do? Goodbye.
- Bye bye, sir.
- Goodbye.
Don't worry Mr. Akil, forget it.
- Well then, goodbye.
- Bye bye.
- Goodbye!
- Bye bye, my friend.
- Goodbye, Mr. Mahmut.
- Bye bye, sir.
- Give me your blessing, Hafize.
- You should give your blessing, sir.
- What's up, I don't hear anyone talking.
- We're feeling down, teacher.
- Why, what happened?
- We're sad about Akil teacher.
Why are you sad when
it was your fault?
What did we do, teacher?
If you hadn't done your prank every year,
do you think he'd have acted like that?
You're right, teacher.
Mahmut teacher.
Can't we fix this problem?
What could you do?
- Let's go to the governor.
- Let's head to the prime minister.
Let's beg the president.
In fact, you don't need to
do any of these things.
The current head of the Department of
Education is an old student of Mr. Akil.
If he wanted, he could fix
this with one phone call.
But Mr. Akil is so proud that
he would never think to do that.
What if there was someone
who did think to do that though?
Well, then the situation
would change of course.
Mr. Mahmut! We're ruined Mr. Mahmut!
We're ruined! We're ruined!
- What's wrong, principal sir? - I didn't
like the look on his face when he left.
- Whose?
- Who else's? The superintendent's.
He must have complained. The minister
is coming. The minister of education.
- Yeah?
- There's no way out this time.
He'll close the school. But you're a
witness. Didn't I fire Mr. Akil at once?
- Yeah you did.
- We need to do something.
- It's over. Everything's over.
- Slow down, don't get agitated.
God is great.
Welcome esteemed minister.
You make us proud. Welcome.
- Thank you. - I'm the school's
principal, Muharrem Gr.
- Vice principal, Mr. Mahmut.
- Is that so? - Welcome, sir.
- Would you like another tea, sir?
- No thank you.
- A piece of cake?
- This is enough.
Enjoy your meal, sir. How
did you like our school?
Good, good. Very good.
Thank you, sir.
Don't hold back.
I figured I'd visit a few schools while
I was already in Istanbul. But I had...
...a special reason for
visiting this school.
- What is that, sir?
- I came for Mr. Akil.
- You came for Mr. Akil?
- Yes, I heard he was teaching here.
You know what? I was also a teacher. The
person who made me love this blessed...
- ...occupation was my philosophy
teacher Mr. Akil. - Mr. Akil?
He is a very talented and valuable
teacher worthy of respect.
- But I don't see him. Is he not here
today or did he leave the school?
Mr. Akil? Would Mr. Akil ever
leave this school, sir?
He's our most valued teacher. He felt a
bit sick so he's resting for a few days.
I'm sorry. I would have liked to talk to
him. Well tell him to get better soon.
Give him my respect and sympathy.
I always hold him in high esteem.
Stop for a second.
- How are you, students?
- Good, thank you, sir.
- I guess you got what you wanted.
- Thank you very much, sir.
- You're very great. Thank you.
- Actually, I want to thank you.
It's not much, but you gave me the chance
to help my teacher Akil. Bye. Let's go.
We learned the elegy and the ode. Now
let's look at the poetic meter a bit.
- Akil teacher!
- My dear Ms. Semra!
Welcome. Seeing you here
again is so wonderful.
Thank you. Excuse me, I'm interrupting
but I'l just take a minute of your time.
Please, go ahead.
Students, Mahmut teacher told me...
...that my being back at school is thanks
to you. Believe me when I say that...
...I've never been more
happy in my whole life.
You all have hearts of gold.
Thank you. Thank you very much.
Yes, where were we?
Jump. Jump. Come on.
May God help you all...
Stop! You're doing it wrong!
This move is done like this.
- Did you get it? In your places!
- Teacher.
- What is it?
- I want to ask you something.
How do martial artists
break those tiles?
It's very easy, very simple.
- Can you break them?
- I don't know, I've never tried. But...
...I can break them. I will break them!
- Should we try it, teacher?
Right now? Bring me some tiles.
If I remember correctly, you need
to focus all your strength to one point.
It's a matter of concentration.
- What's that?
- A tile, sir.
- How many?
- Seven, sir.
- Isn't seven too many?
- Or can you not break them?
Let me try.
Spread out a little.
They didn't break, sir.
My hand broke.
You guys, stop playing. Man, Gdk,
if anything bad comes from this...
your mom, your wife, your whole family...
- Man, don't you trust me?
I trust you, Ferit.
What's this?
- What did you step into today?
- Gdk! Or did I step in some shit?
Man, isn't it your birthday today?
Yes. Ah my dear friends.
- Here
- Happy birthday, Saban.
- May all your days be as good as today.
- Here you go.
Ah my dear friends.
What a delight.
Hafize, come. Don't let him notice.
- Okay.
- Come on.
- Dear Saban, this is my gift.
- Thank you, Hafize.
- And this came in the mail.
- Oh gosh, I wonder who it's from.
- Is it from your lover?
- Could be. Hold on let me open this.
Oh wow. They sent a necklace!
Look, it's a necklace!
- Man, Saban, what a great gift!
- Happy birthday!
- Your lover must have sent it.
- Yes.
Look, a necklace.
- Okay, Saban blow out the candles.
- Let's eat some cake.
- Yes. Should I put out the candles?
- Of course, come on.
What's happening?
What's this sound?
- Here you are, teacher.
- What's this, Saban?
Cake. My birthday cake. Thanks
to my friends who bought it.
- I turned 27. - I understand.
Congratulations, happy birthday.
- What's that around your neck?
- It's a birthday present from...
- ...a close friend. - Oh... It seems
like an interesting gift to me...
...Don't you guys think so?
Like a bell for...
- Like a bell for what, teacher?
- Is it like a cow bell?
Shhh. Quiet down. Thank you.
Go ahead and sit down now.
- Saban!
- What?
I think Mahmut teacher is right.
This girl is making fun of you.
- No way! - Believe me. Where do you
usually find this kind of bell?
- Yeah, on cows.
- I get it. Saban, you've suffered
a serious insult. - I have?
- Yes.
- Yes.
That treacherous woman! She'll see!
This love will end now! Do you hear me?
- It was always one for all and
all for one. - It's still like that, man.
You guys could play any joke on me but
no one else could touch a hair on my head.
- Of course they can't.
- What now? I just got insulted.
- Then who will hold someone
responsible? - We will.
- How so? - That insult wasn't just to
Saban. It was to the Rascals' Class.
- We should get revenge.
- We should get back so good that...
they'll understand what the
Rascals' Class really is.
Can you tie this tie?
How does my hair look? Good?
Ms. Semra will see what
inappropriateness really means.
Man, no one insults the Rascals.
Forget it, let her worry
about the consequences.
Come on then.
May our holy war be blessed.
Good morning.
Good morning.
What's going on?
Why are you all
sitting in the front rows?
We wanted to be closer to you.
We can't hear your sweet
voice as well from the back.
Stop the naughtiness.
- What? Do you like how we look today?
- Are we handsome?
Go back to your seats.
- Don't deprive us of your beauty.
- Your breath excites us from here.
I said sit in your seats. Take out paper
and a pencil. We're having an exam.
Listen. We're all going to write
love letters to her, got it?
Okay, got it.
Question 1. Who were the
poets of the journal Servet-i Fnun?
Question 2. The trends in
our national literature.
Question 3. List the
works of Mehmet Akif.
My dark-eyed...
My dear sweetheart...
My beautiful angel...
The woman of my life...
My love...
- These are love letters, sir!
- I understand, dear. This is rude.
This is more than just rude.
It's disgusting!
You're right, my dear.
But don't get so upset.
Since I came here, they haven't stopped.
I was almost fed up but I kept quiet.
They wrote love letters to their
friend from me, just like these.
I still didn't speak up. But this time...
...all together they wrote love
letters to me, to a teacher!
Is this acceptable? Is it okay
to write love letters to a teacher?
You're right, my dear. Can this
type of vulgarity be allowed?
We'll punish them. We'll warn
them, we'll reprimand them...
What are you saying, sir?
They must all be expelled!
Are you crazy?
And then what will I do?
Work is already slow...
This isn't a business, sir.
It's a school!
It's a school but do you know how much
money goes into keeping this school?
I know all of it.
And you should know this.
Either all these uncivilized
students will be expelled.
Or I'll complain to the department
and have your school shut down.
Wait a second, wait my dear. Mahmut,
for the love of God, say something.
Make a decision.
I told you on the very first day that
I would not be making any decisions...
...regarding the students on my own.
So what should I do now?
Assemble the disciplinary council, sir.
Did you write these?
Well then why?
Why did you do it?
Didn't I tell you all to not mock your
teachers? To not humiliate them?...
...And that in the end, it would
end up hurting all of you?
Isn't it a pity for you?
Isn't it sad to the year that you lost?
I guess we weren't able to
teach you anything good then.
I guess there's nothing left
to discuss then, right?
- Yes.
- You can leave.
Okay then friends. The offense
they committed is clear.
For an administrator, the punishment
would be to kick them out of school.
Well, what can we do?
It is for their own good.
But even so, let's talk to
Ms. Semra one last time.
- What do you think?
- Good idea. - Yeah.
- Ms. Hafize. Can you call Ms. Semra?
- Certainly, sir.
- They're calling you inside, dear.
- Alright, Hafize.
My dear, everything rests on you.
Come on, don't be so stubborn.
Be the bigger person.
Forgive my children.
Hafize, if I was your daughter
would you have forgiven them?
Here I am, sir.
You called for me.
Ms. Semra, before the disciplinary
council makes its decision, we decided...
...to speak with you one more time.
The punishment for the students'
misbehavior is already clear.
But we still want to ask.
Do you insist...
...on expelling them?
If you were in my place,
what would you do, Mr. Mahmut?
I would do what you are
doing, my dear. You're right.
Sit down.
Students, I came to tell you the
decision of the disciplinary council.
You are all expelled.
Teacher, how will we tell our
families that we're expelled?
You should have thought about
that when you were misbehaving.
You don't understand. Our families won't
believe us. They'll think we ran away.
Fine. I'll inform your parents.
Teacher, when should we
leave the school.
In three days. School will
be on break then anyway.
You'll get your final grades and leave.
Esteemed faculty. Dear friends.
For tonight, we prepared a
bit of entertainment for ourselves.
Hopefully you will enjoy it too.
We, the 6 Literature A class. That is,
the name you have given us...
...the Rascals' Class, is bidding
our school farewell tomorrow.
It's painful to leave the
school, but we came as Rascals...
...and we want to leave as Rascals.
- To our fellow students, and
to our beloved teachers...
...if we have done anything to
offend you up until now, forgive us.
In front of you, tonight's first
surprise. Cow Saban and Hafize Mom!
# Are you the lily of the valley
that is decorating my love garden?
# Are you the lily of the valley
that is decorating my love garden?
# Are you the firefly
that lights up my night?
# Are you the firefly
that lights up my night?
# Youth clouds my head,
my first love, first excitement.
# Youth clouds my head,
my first love, first excitement.
# Are you the firefly
that runs when chased?
# Are you the firefly
that runs when chased?
Now, coming before you,
The Rascals' Singing Group!
# I visited many schools.
I didn't like any of them.
# I visited many schools.
I didn't like any of them.
# In the whole wide world,
I never saw a class like this one.
# In the whole wide world,
I never saw a class like this one.
# I don't want a teacher like
this, even if I did I wouldn't.
# I don't want a teacher like
this, even if I did I wouldn't.
# We said 'Let's play a prank,'
and then we ruined everything.
# We said 'Let's play a prank,'
and then we ruined everything.
# Oh Rascals, alas Rascals,
the Rascals are done for alas.
# Oh Rascals, alas Rascals,
the Rascals are done for alas.
# My troubles won't continue,
oh God I've had enough.
# My troubles won't continue,
oh God I've had enough.
# When one ends, the other
begins, please God no more.
# When one ends, the other
begins, please God no more.
# It started like this and honestly
I'm scared it'll end like this.
# It started like this and honestly
I'm scared it'll end like this.
# Isn't there a cure
my friends, Almighty God?
# Isn't there a cure
my friends, Almighty God?
# The world is in good
spirits again, thank God.
# The world is in good
spirits again, thank God.
# Hopefully fate will also
smile on us one day.
# Hopefully fate will also
smile on us one day.
# It started like this and honestly
I'm scared it'll end like this.
# It started like this and honestly
I'm scared it'll end like this.
# Isn't there a cure
my friends, Almighty God?
# Isn't there a cure
my friends, Almighty God?
- Oh, my dad.
- Who?
My dad, man, my dad.
Now I'm in deep shit. My mom!
Oh no, my dad's coming!
Welcome, dad.
Here, let me kiss your hand.
- What happened, why'd you come?
- I don't know. They called and I came.
If you didn't do anything then why
did I get this telegraph? Why did I...
...leave work and come this far then?
- How should I know, mom?
- Ask Mahmut teacher.
- Come on. Be quiet.
You must have been involved in
something. Tell me. What did you do?
Did you run away from school
or did you do something even worse?
- Welcome everyone.
- Thank you.
I'm the vice principal of this school.
My friend is our literature teacher...
...Ms. Semra. I hope you don't mind,
since we don't have a meeting room...
...we brought you in here. But
this class is also a special one.
Your children sat in
these rows for years.
I'm guessing that this is
the first time you're seeing it.
- Or am I mistaken?
- You were right, vice principal...
...we could barely find the school.
- I barely found it as well.
I came once before.
I think ten, twelve years
ago I came to enroll...
...my son in middle school.
- I understand.
I guess you're all wondering why
I called you here. I called you away...
...from all your work for two reasons.
Today we are handing out the...
...students' report cards. You'll see
from their grades that your children...
...are unfortunately doing poorly. Of
course this is due to not studying...
...and laziness. But this is also true:
This isn't a perfect school.
...And we aren't perfect teachers.
Maybe we weren't good enough...
...for them. But what about you?
Are you not at all to blame...
...for the poor performance of
your children? Until now...
...have you given them enough
attention? - What are you saying, sir...
...what do you mean to pay attention?
I did everything for him.
Of course. What else should I
have done? He's a grown man. I sent...
...him all the way to Istanbul, to
private schools, spent tons of money...
...with the hope that he would study.
- His friends finished university...
...and he's still crawling through high
school. Still, if he needs clothes, we'll...
...get him the best. If he wants money,
we send it. He doesn't have to ask twice.
My son always stays in class.
I've never hit him even once.
I'll slap him. Sometimes a lot.
But I also love him. He's my son.
I know. Of course you
all love your children.
But that isn't what I meant.
Look back and think about it a bit.
Since elementary school, how involved
were you in your child's education?
Did you ever try to be their friend, to
understand them, their worries, their...
...problems, did you try to help them?
What have you done to help them...
...become good people for their teachers,
or mothers and fathers, that's you...
...in fact, for their country? Did you
remind them of their duties and...
...responsibilities? A child doesn't
learn by being sent to school with...
...a bag, by being given money and
dropped off on the corner. Or rather...
...the parents' job doesn't end here.
That's why, in my opinion, there is...
...no lazy, wrong, or guilty child.
There are wrong and guilty parents.
That's why these report cards are not
for your children but I actually find...
...it more suitable to give them to you.
The grades inside aren't just for...
...their classes but in some sense
they're also your parenting grades.
Before passing out the grades
there is one other important issue.
Your children committed a serious
offense. My friend here will tell you...
...what the offense was what
their punishment will be.
Yes dear.
They are not to
blame for anything.
- What happened in there, dad?
- What else, son? We talked to your...
...teacher and they gave your grades.
- Then did nothing else happen?
- What else would happen?
- Like a punishment or something?
No, son. We were given a lot of advice.
I was thinking about it and
your teacher is right.
Where have I been all these years?
Why haven't I paid attention to you?
- Please, dad.
- No, it's true.
If I had done my job as a dad maybe
things would have turned out differently.
Oh well, it's too late for that.
Watch and see how good
of a dad I'll be for you now.
You acted like a noble teacher, my dear.
Thank you for not deceiving me...
...from what I originally thought about you.
- Thank you. But I didn't do anything.
- I just tried to act like you.
- Ms. Semra.
The Rascals' Class sent you these
roses. They thank you very much.
Teacher, you forgave us, but we
can't forgive ourselves - Rascals' Class
- Mahmut teacher.
- What is it this time?
- We came to say goodbye to you.
- We're leaving the school.
Didn't you hear? Ms. Semra forgave you.
We heard. We decided
on our own to leave.
- Why? - Because, sir, from
the first day, we acted...
...very wrongly and offensively
towards Ms. Semra.
And despite all of that, she
was able to nobly forgive us.
We decided to reciprocate.
Ms. Semra forgave each of us
individually. But not the Rascals' Class.
So we thought the best thing
to give her would be to get rid of...
...the Rascals' Class altogether.
- This is why we're leaving.
- Why don't you say the Rascals'
Class is committing suicide? - Yes, sir.
- Open the door, Mr. Veysel.
- Why am I opening it?
- Why what? We're leaving the school
- Tell that to someone else. I won't.
- Don't do this, Mr. Veysel. We're
leaving. - So did you find another...
...prank to run away from school?
- Then how will we leave?
I don't know. Go get permission
from Mr. Mahmut and I'll open it.
- But Mr. Veysel? - No 'buts.' I won't
let any of you leave...
...without permission from Mr. Mahmut.
- Okay, let's go get permission then.
The bell rang. Didn't you hear it?
You're all late again.
Come on, go to class.