Hachiko: A Dog's Story (2009) Movie Script

So, even if Columbus got lost and
wasn't the first to discover America,
he is still my hero.
He was really brave to sail his
tiny ship over a really big ocean.
And because of him, we get
Columbus day off from school.
Thank you, Heather. Ronnie?
Tell us about your hero.
What is he writing?
Hachiko was my grandfather
Wilson's dog.
Everyone called Hachi a mystery
dog because,
they never really knew
where he came from.
Maybe Hachi escaped from
a dog pound.
Or maybe he jumped out of
somebody's car,
from some place faraway like
Florida or New Jersey.
But no matter how, Hachi was lost.
No matter how it happened,
a long time ago, in a town my
grandfather lived in...
Hachi appeared at the train station.
And that's where their story begin.
Six days?
- I'll miss it.
- Yes.
That was great, a lot of music.
No, no, no, I'll walk. I'll walk.
Yeah, I love you, too. Bye.
Hey, buddy... you lost?
Come here.
Come ...
You lost here, bud?
Someone must be looking for you.
This guy was wandering around.
- Really... out on the platform?
- On the platform, yeah!
Good for you for finding him.
Yeah. Well...
I tell you, this little crate
out there is broken.
I don't know what's going on but,
Hey, someone gonna be
here for him, sorry.
- Yeah.
- You just hold him here.
Please hold him till they comes.
No, I can't... I can't do that.
- I can't do that, Professor.
- What?
Well, he was here... No one was
gonna leave this dog, this--
I... know, I know that. I know,
no one's gonna leave it there.
They'll be back for it so...
You take him with ya, and
when anyone show's up...
I'll tell them that you've it.
- Someone gonna be here.
- Yeah.
You know, you don't understand.
Someone will come for him.
Really, just --
I'm gonna have to put this in here for
like the whole night if nobody comes.
If they're not here,
I'll locked him in here and
he'll be safe for the night but...
I... I... all I can do is take him to
the pound in the morning.
Well, today's Friday.
Know where you went...
Meanwhile stay with me.
In a warm house, plenty of company,
you'll be alright.
What? Yeah, you'll like it.
Sh-sh-sh ...
Here, sit right here.
Sit right there.
Okay... yeah, here you go.
Ok, come on. Stay, stay...
It's your house, it's okay.
Hello, handsome.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- How did it go?
- It was great.
- You good, you missed me?
- Not a bit, and you?
No, didn't think about you none.
I've a little surprise.
Yeah... well, I might have a little
surprise for you too.
Come on,
we've some catching up to do.
Catching up. Catch up!
Do you hear something?
That was a branch against
the window.
- Okay, okay... it's alright!
- Parker!
- We had an agreement!
- I know, I know...
- Or did you forget?
- No, I didn't forget!
No, he was at the train station.
I mean, it just...
Kind of lost. Carl was gonna send him
to the pound tomorrow and I thought...
You just thought you bring him home
and talk me into keeping him, right?
No, no, I don't want to keep him.
I don't.
Tomorrow morning I'm
getting up early and find
out exactly where he belongs,
okay. I promise.
I promise you, I will do that.
Alright, this was Lucas's stuff.
Okay... okay.
Okay, here we go. Get in there.
Now look, a lot of good stuffs here.
Keeps you warm, you get that.
This is pretty cool.
You like this?
Yep, this was Luke's favorite.
Here's your water.
Seems strange. You could tell, huh.
Could ya?
Okay, buddy.
That's better.
Good night, buddy.
You know, you're the one who's
should be in the doghouse.
I promise,
I won't bite your finger.
Puppy, puppy!
Here, hey... puppy.
Puppy, puppy... come on.
That's good... ohh.
Good puppy.
Dad, I love him.
Does he have a name yet?
Yes, he does. Temporary guest!
You'll have to keep him.
Don't the house
feel so empty since Lucas been gone.
Ask your mother.
Could you come here, please?
Look, he even likes your music.
Really? I can't believe it,
he's a wonder dog.
I absolutely have to keep this.
No more dog.
Don't encourage him.
I won't!
You're so mean.
Dad, he's gonna jump out
of it, here.
Oh yeah, that's better.
You know what, bud?
Well, that's good.
I like it, great!
So, you saw Michael last night?
Yeah, we drove over to the look-out.
Looks common but it's beautiful.
Very romantic.
It was.
Are you the...
Can I help you, pop?
Yeah... yeah, I just found this little
tyke at the station last night.
Can you board him till
we find his owner?
Board him?
We can't board him.
This isn't a boarding service,
it's a pound, pal!
Look, I just found him,
what am I going to do with him?
He's cute. That'll help with
the adoption but...
We give them two weeks.
Two weeks?
We're packed!
Excuse me.
I'll call you next week then,
alright... bye-bye.
- Morning Mary Anne.
- How are you doing, Parker?
I'm doing great. I was wondering
if I could ask you for a favor?
Sure... anything.
Oh... look at this!
Hey little one. Hello... hello.
Oh... oh, he's gorgeous.
Where did you comes from?
Well, he was wandering
around the station last night.
- Hi, sweetheart.
- I don't know, it's pretty strange.
Really? He is adorable!
I just want to put that up.
- Okay, fine... fine!
- Window? - Yep, and over there.
And anyone of those.
Parker, this dog is just fabulous!
You wouldn't be interested, would you?
What, the puppy?
Fine young puppy like that.
What do you think, Anthonio?
New room-mate?
Oh no, Anthonio!
Sit quietly.
Good morning, Mr. Professor.
Sugar, 2 creams coming up.
- Er-huh.
- Hey, what've you got there?
A new friend here, you want a dog?
I prefer cash.
It'll be a great guard dog for ya.
Look at it.
Guard dog to guard the hot-dogs?
I don't think so.
Ha-ha, I don't think so either.
- Sorry about that.
- Why you want a dog, eh?
Everyday you'll have to walk him,
feed him, clean him,
pick up the food...
How many of these gonna help him?
On the house.
Why trouble?
Yeah, you're right.
Thank you, Jess.
My pleasure.
Hey, any news?
No, nobody came, nobody show up,
nobody call.
Strange, really strange.
Just one second.
Cate made up some flyers.
Put that up for me.
Come on!
Alright, I'll put them up for you.
What a samaritan you are.
I know... I know.
He really likes being in the bag.
Professor, no dog's on the train.
- No dog's on the train
- Right!
Okay, hold on a second.
Let me show you something.
We skipped the...
repeated the first section,
go directly to the lyrical section.
Let's try that.
It just mean you've got to
build up quicker.
And then when you, when we
get to the lyrical section, just...
Deep breath, deep breath.
That's great.
Do you want a puppy?
You want a puppy
- Well, let's go again.
- Yes, from the start.
This was the only thing
left on the crate.
Yamanashi, it's all I can read.
- Where is that?
- It's a part of central Japan.
- No ordinary dog, Parker.
- I know.
It's a Akita. Akita, as you say.
- A very special breed.
- Yeah?
- And what's that?
- Hachi.
- What? - Japanese, for 8,
a number of good fortune.
Good fortune, very nice.
Hachi ... Hachi, it's good name.
I like that.
He might have been born
the eighth in the litter.
Spiritual significant in a 8, reaches
up to heaven comes down to earth.
So, will you take him?
You want him?
Me? No, I think he made his choice.
Meaning what?
Well, meaning he's your problem,
not mine brother.
You are not a problem, right?
Well, wether you found
him or he found you,
who's to say. It's meant to be.
It's also said that the Shoguns breed
these Akita for combat and hunting.
I guess in a way,
they're a kind of dog royalty.
Did Ken give you any ideas where
you can find this royal dog a home?
I put up 10 flyers already. You
know, someone gonna claim Hachi.
Who's Hachi?
This... It was what on his collar,
there's this symbol.
You named him?
- No, I didn't...
- Parker, do you wanna keep...
- ...keep him?
- No, I do have...
I don't want to keep him.
I just...
Admit it! You do....
you want to keep it.
- I wasn't even thinking about it.
- Yes!
Where did you go?
Oh no...
Oh god... Parker,
that's months of hard work.
I'm sorry... I'm sorry.
I want him to stay out
there all night long.
Do not let him get back in here,
you hear me?
Yes... yes, I hear you.
- End of discussion!
- I hear you!
I hear you.
I heard you alright now.
- It's two months of work!
- Believe me, I'm sorry.
The work is important not only for me,
it is important for the city!
...4 months of work.
No, you do not care what I do.
Yes, you just spit on it!
Cate, that's not true.
Calm down!
Come on, buddy. Come on.
Yeah, come on inside.
And I'll take these too.
...found you here.
Yeah, here you are.
Your blood line goes back at least
4000 years, maybe much more.
What else we've got here?
Look at that.
It's said the first partnership
between man and animal is with you.
Do you knew about that?
You knew that already?
You did, didn't you?
Yeah, you did.
There you are.
Let's see, settle you down now.
This isn't too bad.
Alright, stay there.
Stay there now, okay.
Sit quietly. Now...
... no idea that Stan was inside,
so they... lean out there.
... out there and shoot the
ball into the right field,
which's what they did in game 2.
All right there,
just step a little bit closer.
... bad. Still one point in the lead
Come on.
Forgive me, please.
Don't move...
- I was just coming up.
- Yeah, yeah... sure.
Just one night.
One night only, okay?
Be a good boy.
Stay there, alright. You will be fine.
I can't believe it.
He loves the Yankees.
- Yeah, honestly.
- Really?
Oh, this is gonna be fun.
Alright... Hachi,
this is what we gonna do.
This is ball. Ball.
Throw, you go get it.
You bring it back, okay?
Okay, you ready?
Go get it! Go get it!
No, no, no, the ball.
Hachi, Hachi! Hachi--
Hey, Hachi!
I'll throw it, you bring it, okay?
Go get it!
Hachi, no, no, no.
Get the ball!
Hachi, come here.
Hachi, come here!
Go get it. Wait... wait.
Hachi... Hachi.
Come on, this ball.
See this ball, come here.
Come here, Hachi. Hachi, come here.
You can do this. I know you can.
I just think that you're being
a little tough about that dog.
That dog's in a fix and dad just
trying to do the right thing.
Okay, let's see.
Ball, ball, ball, ball!
Get the ball!
Hey, come on.
He has lost it.
Oh, the puppy flyer, yes?
Are you the dog's owner?
No, no one comes forward yet.
We just want to make sure
the dog has a good home.
Could I get your number?
I'm sure my husband
would want to call you.
One second, I need to find a pen,
hold on.
The dog's already been taken.
I'm really sorry.
Ow! No, no, no, Hachi!
Hachi Hachi Hachi Hachi!
Come on! Take it in. Take it in!
No, you can't go. Can't go.
Gotta work.
See you back here tonight, bye.
Good morning, Professor.
You are late today.
- I'm already working.
- One sugar, two creams.
Last call for Amtrak Express. Final
boarding call for Amtrak Express.
Excuse me! Excuse me!
What're you doing here? What are
you doing? What're you doing.
You gotta go home, okay.
Go... No!
Yes, I know. Go, go home,
go on.
Go home! Go on!
I gotta get on the train. Go... go!
Okay, come on... gotta go.
Come on!
Ho-oh... Professor, you want
me to hold him?
Yeah... could you?
30 seconds.
Go home... go home, okay.
Go... go on, gotta go home.
Go home.
Hey Chuck, hold that up for
a moment, alright.
Go home! Go home!
Go, go, go, go... go on home.
You really got him train, doesn't it?
Good boy!
Er... professor.
Oh, no.
- Okay, thanks. Yeah, yeah.
- Are you sure?
- Alright, let her go.
- Let her go!
You want me to call you a cab?
No, I'll walk him home.
It's all right.
Oh, God.
Parker? I thought you left for work.
- I didn't go.
- You're gardening now?
He ran out, missed the train.
Don't say it.
I know what you're going to say.
No, let me do this.
You're gonna get filthy.
I'll fill it, get the next train.
- Okay.
- Thanks!
And you - you stay.
- He will.
- See you tonight.
Here's your treat!
Here's your treat!
Alright, okay... just one more.
Just one more, that's it.
Hold on! Hold on!
Well... you're okay?
Alright, alright... this's the last.
Here you go. Good boy, Hachi!
Okay, one last one.
Take it.
That's great... that's really great
everybody. I'm proud of ya.
- Finally.
- And the ending to be repeated.
- Sorry, I'm running late.
- No problem.
- Off the hook?
- Yeah!
Good, thank you.
Hey, Hachi!
What are you doing here?
Sugar in your drink.
- Chuck.
- Good bye.
Hey... hey Hachi.
What're you doing here?
Bedridge Station!
Yes, yes, ma'am,
we've got one at 7:30.
He's been here all day?
No... no, he's just rode up 2 minutes
ago. He went right there.
You're kidding. You seen Cate?
I haven't seen her.
Ok... come on.
Guess we'll go home.
That son of a gun.
Come on, come on, boy.
Come on... come on.
Yeah sweetie, I'm in here.
- Hey... hi!
- Hi!
- I got the chips.
- Oh, thanks.
Hi...Mrs. Wilson, good to see you.
Oh, Michael, nice to see you!
Call me Cate.
Ok. Thank you... thank you.
Everything looks delicious.
- It's a great spread.
- Why don't you take this to dad?
- You sure?
- Yeah, he's out back.
Okay, the grill's ready?
It's getting there, yeah.
Yeah, nice to see you.
Nice to meet you.
- Cut? And where is...
- Yeah, that would be great, honey.
You know, I actually took
the dialog when I was a kid.
You do?
Yeah, when I was nine
or ten years old.
I had to stop because my brother
slammed my fingers in the car door.
I mean he always said that
it was an accident but
after that, I don't know...
I stopped practising.
I wish I didn't though cause
I really loved music,
and I've so much respect for
musicians and people playing...
Michael, do you love my daughter?
Yes, sir... Yes, I do.
You know... that's good.
Cause that's what
you want to remember
on a bad days.
Hachi, this is Michael.
Michael, Hachi.
Pleased to meet you.
Hachi, hey... you wanna play
a little catch, huh?
Yeah... ready?
Okay, go get the ball.
Go get it... there it is.
Go get the ball, right there.
Go Hachi, go get it.
Go... go get the ball.
Go get it.
Micheal, you want to get
that ball back,
you gonna have to get it yourself.
Hachi doesn't fetch.
He doesn't do it!?
Are you alright... are you okay?
- All is good.
- Honey, are you okay?
Honey, are you okay?
Keep playing.
- Totally, I'm gonna get the ball.
- Are you sure?
I'm good. Look at that.
- Everything okay?
- Don't let me distrupt the game.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Look, I'll throw the ball,
just one foot. Go get it, okay?
Really, if I... even if I just tossed
it right here, he's not gonna get it?
Fetch, right. I throw it,
he brings it back. He won't do it.
Not Akita, Parker.
They have something
against fetching?
No, if you wants a dog
that fetches,
you get a collie,
you get a sprinter-spaniel.
Alright, Hachi fine with me.
I'm okay.
Well good, because Akita's
are not into people pleasing.
What are they up to?
It comes with the training because
of your special connection.
Hey buddy, go get that ball.
Why would you do that?
Well, for fun. For a cookies.
Because it made me happy, basically.
They can't be bought.
They're Japanese not Americans.
- Yeah, American...
- I know.
Well, if he's gonna fetch, it'll
be for a very special reason.
I'll find a reason.
No, no, no, no...
Hac, come on.
You can't go. I'm sorry.
You can't go, come on.
No, stay.
Okay! Come on... come on.
It's alright... come on.
Come on. Good boy.
Hey...Hac Hac Hac Hac!
Come on, come on!
Let's go!
Come on. Come here.
- Good morning, Milton.
- Good morning.
How're you doing today?
- Myra.
- Morning Parker.
Stayed out of the sun.
Good morning, Mr. Professor.
- Hey, good morning.
- Good morning, Parker!
He won't bite, eh?
Oh no, he's doing really good.
Come on, boy!
Alright, I want you to go
straight home.
Go straight home,
you understand me?
I'll see you here tonight.
So go ahead... go on home.
Good boy. Good boy!
- Great day Carl, isn't it?
- Have a good one, professor.
There... yeah, sh-sh-sh ...
Don't tell Milton, okay?
Hey... Hachi.
Oh, what a good boy.
You've been waiting for me all
day and thinking...
Oh, how good I am, how good I am!
Hey, Hac!
More champagne!
Bring more champagne.
I could, well... I don't know.
Should be in the kitchen.
Seems like no one else at
the wedding other than us.
Boy, girl, boy, girl.
You love the snow, huh?
Let's take a walk, you and me.
Only the two of us, let's go.
Tell me about something.
That's great, Jake.
Cate! Have you seen Hachi?
He wasn't at the station.
No, I haven't seen him since
this morning.
- Hmm.
- Here!
Look at her.
Can you believe they had
her cover for 30 years?
It's beautiful.
Yes, yes.
- I'm falling behind schedule.
- Aww, you'll catch up.
Just think about opening night,
that will freak you out?
The young soloist step down stage
sings from La Bohme.
And then dance, of course.
Following that,
rock, rap, hip-hop, jazz and...
Then, of course, the entire town is
going to rise up, standing ovation,
the whole place going crazy.
Mayor seize you down,
he pulls you up on stage,
put you center stage and thank
you for making it all possible.
I like it.
Come on boy.
What are you doing?
Stay, stay Hachi.
Sh-sh-sh, don't bother it.
Okay, go on, go away.
Go on, get out!
Get... get, get out of here.
Get out! Get out!
Well, okay.
Come on... come on.
We got skunk!
You want to come in with us?
No, I'm going to pass.
Well, okay.
Better open the window
before you go to sleep.
You really think we smell
that bad?
Perhaps you're right.
Oh, hi honey.
What's up?
Hey, can I tell you something?
Guess what?
- Okay, wait... that's right.
- What?
See anything different?
Oh... it's so sweet.
Oh, it's so wonderful!
I've to call grandma right away.
Where is dad?
Out there, as usual.
Dad, what're you doing?
It's a full body massage,
following the book, see it?
You're gonna be a grandfather.
You gotta get really deep
down into the muscle...
Dad, dad!
Micheal and I are having a baby.
I am pregnant.
You're having a baby?
- I'm going to be a grandpa.
- Yes.
Cathy, I can't believe this!
This is terrific news.
I'm so happy for you.
Hi sweetie.
- Mom.
- I'm sorry I'm late.
Oh, what you got?
All kinds of healthy things for you.
Fresh vegetables, raspberries,
pita with cholesterol-less sprouts...
You know, when I was carrying you,
I was sending out your
father for pizza with red pepper
and double anchovies for
a week straight.
He couldn't even watch when I eat it.
You and dad have been
together for 25 years.
We've been longer together
than we've been apart.
Dad said after your first date,
by the time he got back...
to the car, he miss you so much,
he went back for you.
I know, I was watching
from the window.
And when I saw him come
up the walk again,
I almost ran out the door
and jumps into his arm.
- Should have.
- I know.
But I always stop and
think too much.
That's true... you do.
- Don't do that.
- Okay.
Hey, Hachi!
Come on... Hachi, come on.
He always greets him there?
- Isn't it strange?
- Come on, let's go home.
Hey, Mr. Professor.
Good night, Parker!
Good night, Mary Anne.
How do you taught your
dog to do that?
That's amazing, everyday.
You're all dress.
Well, that might be something
I'll be able to do without.
Thank you.
Anything else you required, madam?
It depends on what you've got.
Yeah... everything.
You've to put up with a lot,
I know that.
I don't remember ever
thanking you.
You know how much I love you.
And I love you.
Especially when you do smell
like a dog or a skunk.
That doesn't happen very often,
actually you should worried about...
It happens, just don't know when.
- I love you. Call you later.
- And I love you too, bye-bye.
Okay, Hachi... come on.
Hachi... come on.
Come on now, what's wrong
with you... come on.
What's it?
Come here Come here!
Come here...
Come here, what's with you?
Come here now, you've got a problem?
Alright, what's going on?
Alright... okay.
Alright now, okay.
Come on! Come on!
What's wrong with him?
I don't know.
Hachi, you wanna come because
I've got to go, it's a work day.
Come on, buddy.
Come on!
I've got to go.
- Love you, honey.
- Love you too. See you tonight.
Last chance.
- Hi, Mary Anne.
- Hey Jess, how're you?
- I already've your coffee and donuts.
- Oh yeah, thank you. - Alright.
Where's Hachi?
Hey, Hachi.
Ah, here he comes.
Oh, I'm happy to see you.
Why did you bring the ball for?
Why you giving me the ball?
You want to play catch?
Here, here... here.
Wait... wait!
Here boy. Go get it!
Go get it. Go get it!
Quite good. Now, bring it back.
Oh... that's it.
That's what I wanted.
Try another one. Big one.
Big long one.
Okay, go get it. Go on!
Good boy!
Oh yeah, now bring it back.
Okay, come on... come on.
Come on!
Come on. Oh, what a good boy.
What a good boy.
Aren't you the good boy?
You see that.
Threw the ball, he brought it back.
First time he fetch. A real fetch.
Thanks you. Good boy!
Okay, gotta go work.
Come on, take the ball.
First time!
Heh, first time!
No... wait, Mr. Professor! Wait!
I'll make you a coffee right now.
Sorry, I'm late today.
Did you see what he did?
I threw the ball, he brought it back.
It was a fetch.
No, no, no.
You keep the ball.
Do you want me to have that?
I can't play now.
I've got to go to work.
I've got to go to work.
I'll take the ball, alright.
- Okay.
- Here you go.
- Okay, thank you.
- You're welcome.
- See you at 5.
- I will be here.
Okay! Go home Hac... go home.
Alright... come here!
Come here... come here.
Okay, it's alright.
See you at 5 o' clock, alright.
Here you go. Hey, go home, go on.
You think it was better that time?
Alright, you remember we were
talking about John Philip Sousa,
a great March composer
at the turn of the century?
He... very famous man but he
had a huge thing about...
... recorded music. He never
allowed his music to be recorded.
Even when Thomas Edison
came to him
with his brand new invention
- the phonograph.
But Edison's didn't care, he
went ahead and did it anyhow.
He secretly recorded his
marching band in a parade.
I guess makes it the very
first boot-leg.
So what do you think about that?
Do you think Sousa was right?
Do you think it's okay now?
What about today's performance,
will you be able to just walk up...
to the middle of the stage,
plug in your CD player to a Marshall
Stack and that's it, good enough?
I don't know.
I am a lot older than you but
I tend to think that
there's an element of music...
... that cannot be capture.
Life cannot be capture.
The human heart cannot
be captured.
The moment of creation
itself is fleeting.
Oh my God!
What's wrong with him?
It looks like a heart attack.
Hey Hachi... how're you doing?
Hey Hachi.
See you tomorrow, Hachi.
Good night, Hachi.
Hey, buddy.
You ready to go home?
Hey, Hachi.
Are you alright?
And that's how he did it?
Sorry, I'm learning.
Andy! Time to go... sweetheart.
Good boy. You stay here, okay.
We'll be back.
I've said that the soul is
not more than the body.
And I have said, that the body
is not more than the soul.
And nothing, not God is greater
to one than one self is.
I hear,
behold God in every object
that understand God not
in the least.
Nor do I understand who's there
can be more wonderful than myself.
In the faces of men and women,
I see God and in my own face
in a glance.
I find letters from God
dropped in the street
and everyone signed by
God's name.
But I leave them where there are
for I know that wherever I go,
others will constant comes.
Forever and ever.
Look, you don't have
to wait anymore.
He's not coming back.
Alright Hachi,
you do what you've to do.
Come on... buddy.
Come on... let's go.
Come on boy, come on.
Come on Hachi.
Come on Hachi.
You're gonna be with us now.
Let's go... come on.
Alright, time to go, Ronnie's waiting.
Come on.
Let me get that for you, sweetie.
Come on, Hac, up, up up.
Here we go.
What a good boy.
Come on Hachi.
Watch your head.
Watch your head!
Good boy!
Hey, there's my guy!
- Yeah?
- Hachi!
- Andy!
- What, dear?
Hachi! Hachi! Come back here.
Hachi...come on!
Inaudible dialog
Hey, looks like we got the
first visitor.
Hey there buddy! Come to
welcome us to our new home?
We started from the top,
where almost everything is ready.
Yeah, but something
with the basement too?
The cellar has long
been ready.
Donut with chocolate icing.
No, I don't like chocolate.
Hey Hachi,
what are you doing here?
Look it... look it!
He's staying right in the
same spot.
- I thought he moved away.
- He did.
- He looks hungry, huh.
- You're a softie, Jess.
We must give him a little.
Hey, Hachi! Want a hotdog, bud?
Come on, boy.
Maybe he don't likes your
cooking, Jess.
This is Jess special. Come on, lick it.
You'll like it. It's good for you.
Where did he comes from?
Just show up.
Come on boy! Eat it.
Oh... you better be careful. Hachi
got hotdogs in there older than you.
Don't listen to them.
Oh, God.
Hi! Oh... hi, I was so worried
about you...
I need you.
And why does she just
hanging around him for?
This the professor's daughter.
He probably lived with them.
And Hachi ran out?
Oh, dear God...
Will you come home with me?
Hey, hey, hey, hey, she took it.
It's alright. It's okay.
It's okay.
- Come on, come on
- Let's go, buddy.
Thank you very much.
Thank you!
- That's the best stuff.
- Alright, get me a coffee.
Jess, come on, pour me a coffee.
I think of him too, everyday.
You know we love you Hachi.
We want you to stay here with us.
If you've to go, that's okay too.
Bye, Hachi.
Good afternoon, Hachi.
Hey Hachi, here you go.
Don't tell Myra, alright!
Good night, Hachi.
- Good morning, Jess.
- Hello, how are you?
- I think a big hot dog and
two donuts. - Okay.
Be careful, it's hot.
Lucky, let's go!
Come on, sweetie.
Hey, Lucky!
- Your coffee, enjoy your meal.
- Here girl. Come on Lucky, let's go.
- Oh, excuse me, sir. - Uh-hmm?
- That dog out there...
Is that the dog that I've been
hearing so much about?
What's it to you?
Oh, I am sorry. I'm Teddy Barnes,
I'm with the Metro The Call.
Yeah, I've been hearing a lot
of talks about him on the train.
I don't know. Sounds like
it could make a good story.
That's Boilils, Carl Boilils.
- Yes, there's no 'Y' in there.
- Got it.
I'm the one that found him,
handed him over.
Oh yeah?
So Carl... where does he live?
Well... we're not really sure.
He comes and goes.
- Nobody bothers him?
- No, we put up with him.
He just does what's he is doing.
Mind if I take a picture?
For the newspaper.
Oh, I don't mind,
Hachi don't mind?
Thank you very much.
Very nice... very nice.
Er... one without first please.
Not the dog, alright.
Stay there.
Hmm... No, I...
- Oh yeah, alright.
- I appreciated it.
That's very kind of you.
Okay, nice and easy.
- Oh yeah!
- Yeah... yeah.
Look there, big smile.
Smile... Aah, that's...
That's beautiful, thank you.
Faithful dog awaits return
of deceased master
Hey Hachi.
This kid in Gary,
send you his lunch money.
He ask me to buy you
treats with it.
It's the third one this week.
If this keeps up, I've gotta
open a bank account for you.
Don't say I never gave you though.
Dog's making it like a bandit here.
Look at this! Isn't that cute?
Hey Hac!
- What're you doing with his money?
- I am his executor.
- Be right with you, sir.
- Thank you.
Hello Hachi, how are you?
Here you are Hachi.
There you are.
Hungry... eh?
Yes, very cold. He must eat.
I'm just Jess,
I run the hotdog stand.
I'm Ken-Vijish,
Professor Wilson's friend.
Mr. Professor, ha.
One sugar, two creams.
So then you must have
read the article then?
I did!
You saw my name in the article?
Yes, I did. That...
Please, let me help with the expense.
No, no, no, please. No money.
What if he get sick?
Medical expenses...
They get collection,
from the travellers,
the vendors and
we will take care of it.
This station is where Hachi
roams now.
Everyday he comes same time,
same place...
... here only.
You'll do that for him?
Take care of him?
Of course!
Okay then.
Got to serve some hotdogs.
Good to meet you.
Me too.
Thank you very much.
Come on, mister.
Here we go.
Want some more?
Here, take this.
Okay... come on boy, last piece.
Taste good, eh?
This is where you
all brought it?
- Oh, thank you.
- See you tomorrow, Hachi.
Ciao, Hachi!
The usual, eh?
Why you ever not take
chicken wings?
Hey, this...
Mrs. Wilson, nice to
see you again.
Good afternoon.
Hey, that's the professor's wife, eh?
Now Showing
The Merchant of Venice
Parker H. Wilson
Loving husband and father
It's been awhile.
Certainly have.
It's been 10 years...
can you believe it.
Hi Hachi!
Good day, Hachi.
Coffee without sugar, and don't
put mustard in the hot dog.
Ketchup is the best.
Alright, have a good one.
Oh, you poor thing,
you're still waiting.
Good boy.
If it's alright, could I wait with
you for the next train?
Oh, Hachi...
You're so tiny.
You like that mom?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Let's go somewhere.
Oh, that's me.
I know, I remember.
I remember I was there that day
when the picture was taken.
- He is so excited.
- Hmm!
Oh, he's at the wedding.
Yeah, he's right there.
Right there.
Where did grandpa find Hachi?
Ronnie, actually Hachi found
your grandfather.
One night, your grandfather
was coming back from a trip.
Got out of the train station
and on the platform...
Hey, wake up.
Hey, boy.
Hey, come on. Let's go!
Hey boy!
I never met my grandfather.
He died when I was just a baby.
But when I hear about him and Hachi,
I feel like I know him.
They taught me the
meaning of loyalty,
and you should never forget
anyone that you love.
And that's why Hachi will
forever be my hero.
Oh, he's happy to see somebody.
Move along.
Come on Hachi, let's go!