Haddi (2023) Movie Script

This guy?
Name's Shakun...
Harika works for him.
Such a sweet baby!
- Let me bless him.
- Hey, stay away!
- May he have a long life!
- Leave my baby!
Let's take him to our Guru Ma
- who will bless him!
- What the hell! Let him go!
Go! Go! Go!
Start the car!
- Pull him in! Quick!
- Help... Help.
What the...
- Why are you doing this?!
- Shove him in!
Do you know why people
fear us, Hijras?
Because our blessings
are all-powerful
and our curses
are annihilating.
Please have mercy...
He's just a baby.
He's innocent.
But do you know what's worse?
Our vengeance!
Now tell me,
Who did this to my Gharana?
The eternal truth.
God is the eternal truth.
Where do you think you're going?
Stop right there.
It's closed. Leave.
Yes, it's closed.
Take it elsewhere to cremate.
Take it elsewhere?
But we booked it in advance.
Booked what, huh?
The cremation ground, of course.
It's not auspicious
to cremate this late.
Bring the body
back in the morning.
In the morning?
You want me to take
my dead father back?
My friend, the power transformer blew.
But the lights are still on.
The electric cremation
machine has gone kaput.
It might just zap your father
back to life instead!
Why's the Police here?
Call Power Department.
Just leave, dude.
Don't bother!
Cremate your father elsewhere.
His father, not mine.
- He's your father, right?
- Yes.
Okay. What's his name?
Everyone used to call him Bhalla Ji.
But what did you call him?
- We also called him Bhalla Ji.
- Great
I don't care if it's
Bhalla or Dalla.
You guys get lost!
Are you calling him a pimp?
How will a dead pimp around...
He called your dead father a pimp.
- How dare you call my father a pimp!
- How dare you!
He's Bhalla Sahib, not Dalla Sahib.
What's the actual matter?
Just grab the body and scoot.
But why were the cops there?
Looked like a raid.
Listen, I got a call from Delhi.
We need to send all 15 bodies soon.
- By when?
- Day after.
Day after?
You think you'll be ready by then?
I doubt if...
Cops are raiding this place as well.
Run dude!
Run for your life!
Stop! Get off it!
Run for your life, dickhead!
Corpses are vanishing in Prayagraj.
We got a tip that
dead bodies are being
stolen from various places.
But who gave you this tip?
It was an anonymous call.
An anonymous caller
and stolen dead bodies.
Dead bodies are being stolen
in large numbers.
They're linking it
to organs smuggling.
We've with us
Post Mortem specialist, Dr. Gupta.
Welcome, Dr. Gupta.
Why would anyone
steal an old dead body?
No idea.
Internal organs of any
dead body decay within hours.
So it can't be organ smuggling.
The bus is leaving.
Let's go fast.
Bareilly, Bengal,
they have raided all the hot spots.
Delhi is our only option now.
Yes, a bigger market,
but bigger risk too.
We'll have to convince Inder.
We can handle him.
Handle him?
Watch your back, smartass.
He's just like you,
if you know what I mean.
He loves no one.
Runs a child trafficking ring disguis
as an orphanage.
Now, he wants to enter politics
with Pramod Ahalwat's help.
Even his own partners don't know
of his political ambitions.
Imagine what will he do to you?
His partner doesn't know
about this dead body business,
or his dream of entering politics.
He'll make me
vomit your entire history.
Just tell him everything.
If he finds out that you...
Today we have Mr. Irfan Rizvi with us
who is single-handedly fighting for
the Hijra Community.
Mr. Irfan Rizvi, why did you seek a
stay order on Pramod Ahlawat's lands?
Pramod Ah law at has
forcefully and illegally
usurped lands and houses that
belong to Hijra Gharanas
and has thrown out the members
of their community.
We have proof of
all the crimes committed...
We will have to stop this interview n
and take you to the court where...
Pramod Ah law at...
That cop is here...
Sending you live location.
Come fast.
Quite a drive 'round the block, huh?
Seven more and we'll be married.
You're already married.
Whatever! And who are you texting, hu.
Who's keeping you busy, huh?
Confiscating my phone, officer?
Who am I?
Who am I, huh?
Singh am - That all?
Then let me pull out my Peter
to pay your Paul.
Listen, let's go to the back seat.
- What?
- Slow slow.
- What were you saying, huh?
- Slow down.
Over excitement affects the perform an
I've waited for long enough.
What? Not enjoying it?
I am. Listen...
- What?
- Slowly slowly.
Slow, huh?
What are you up to?
You'll shoot me?
Forgot who am I?
Who are you?
Why do you take customers
to such random spots?
I shared the live location
on WhatsApp.
I almost died... Hold this.
Who is he?
Hey, who the fuck are you?
The guy who killed that cop.
What were you doing here, huh?
- I was blow...
- Blowing who?
Stop interrogating him.
Can't you see he is one of us?
Will you at least help now?
Fuck, he's heavy!
wanted to marry me
had dreams of riding me.
Fuckin' prick.
He was a cop.
What if his uniform surfaces?
Who cares about
a dead gay cop, huh?
Hey you!
Hey you, stop!
Jogi... Jogi, don't.
What are you doing, dude?
Have you lost it?
Use your brains.
He saw us kill a cop.
He didn't see us kill a cop,
he killed one. Got it?
He's got balls.
Step aside. Now.
Want to work with us?
Want to get up my ass?
Shut up.
We've handled Pramod Ahlawat's job.
That cop died a romantic death.
No fuck ups, I hope.
No, it went smooth.
And that cop?
Dumped him down the river.
We stole his ride.
I saw.
Change the plates and get rid of it.
We can't keep a cop's car.
When will that idiot
Bibek pay up?
Who is he?
He got involved
in the cop killing.
But why did you bring him here?
You should've killed him too.
He's got balls.
No new recruits. No new fiascos.
It's Inder bhai's order.
We need more manpower.
Or we will be out of business.
I think he'll come in handy.
Inder bhai will kill me
because of you two.
Then don't tell him.
He never shows concern anyway.
What do you want?
Do we keep him?
Or do I dump him
down the river too?
Will you shut up?
Just think about it, Satto bhai.
Anyone who can shoot
a cop without a second thought
is bound to be useful.
It's your call now.
Get going.
Don't lock me in here, dude.
I don't want to work with you.
Let me go!
I was so stupid to help you.
Open the fucking door!
Open the...
What a circus!
Picking randomly off the streets.
All our businesses
are illegal and risky.
Yet, you guys don't care.
If not for him, Chunna...
Why was Chunna
romancing with that cop?
He could've shot him
at any corner.
But no, he'd rather
fuck up the job
and then bring
a fucktard with him.
Why couldn't you just kill him quietl.
Speak up.
I've too much to lose.
Kill him.
Let's keep him.
He'll come in handy.
Kill him.
I'm Immortal.
What did you say?
I'm immortal.
Where are you from?
From Allah
from Allahabad.
Why are you here?
To work with you.
What work?
One that involves Shakun bhai.
Malkan had said
your guys don't know
shit about that business.
That's why I didn't say a word.
Where is Malkan?
He ran away after the raid.
What's up, Inder?
Out of the blue?
Do you know 'Haddi'?
W... Who?
Haddi. Know him?
Says he handles
Allahabad's operations.
Oh, that guy...
I guess I do.
Do you know him or not?
Of course I do, bhai.
He took care of
factory in Allahabad
along with Malkan.
Where's Malkan?
I don't know.
Even I saw on TV
about some raid there.
Situation will calm down
in a few days.
He can go back to Allahabad,
Delhi is too risky.
But I'm here in Delhi
and there is no risk where I am.
Is he working with you now?
He'll be working FOR me.
Yeah... yeah...
He's smart... will make you rich.
Can I trust him?
- Yes, of course.
- See...
If I set up a Factory here in Noida..
Then Pramod ji will be
directly involved.
So think twice.
I guarantee you that
he'll make you
a billionaire in no time.
Who'll work here?
Haddi - Who...?
- That's his name?
- Yes.
He used to manage our
factory in Allahabad.
That's a weird name.
Bibek Ji...
City's Municipality Elections
were announced.
You want Haddi
to contest, don't you?
I spoke to Pramod Ji
for contesting from.
Dadri Constituency.
He'd said yes.
For Haddi, right?
We'll get everything for Haddi.
Don't worry. I got you.
Let's go.
This is a working
Chemical Manufacturing Plant.
Set up our factory
within this compound.
You'll get machines
within a week.
And listen...
You'll not utter a single word,
to anyone in the gang,
about this factory or
this secret business of ours.
Why don't you sign the papers?
You might get a few more lacs.
What a performance!
Let's upload this?
Please don't!
Then pay up.
What is this?
What the hell is this!
You want to run for
elections from Dadri, right?
That's the cost of nomination...
50 million.
Remember Sunil? Pramod ji's son.
Can you organise
his birthday party?
Pramod Ji has said
a strict No for any party.
Yes, Bibek Ji?
Bibek Ji...
Inder Bhai won't agree.
Please get it done.
This boy is after me
for a drag party.
He has a private video of mine.
Keeps on blackmailing me.
This is 1 lakh
rest after his birthday party.
What's the story
behind your name?
I was lynched
by my village folks.
But I had a bone missing in my throat
so the noose slipped.
Entire village's mob lynched you
yet, you didn't die?
I'm Immortal.
- Hop in.
- Pull your pants up.
Step on it, Haddi! Go, go, go!
Do you remember 1975?
That era of Emergency?
Behave yourself
in front of Pramodji.
The year when men hid to avoid
the forced sterilization.
They were sterilizing what's
meant to be worshiped.
Our ex-Prime Minister's son,
took all the garbage
from Delhi and
fertilized it into
a gem called Noida.
Our Noida.
Well, he managed to clean Delhi,
but who will clean Noida?
Pramod Ah law at.
Pramod Ah law at will
clean this city.
- Not just into a smart city...
- So,
- but the smartest...
- Managed to get 50 million?
- City.
- Getting there.
Getting there.
Tell me something.
After you win the elections
will people call you
a Minister or a Ministress?
We will also ensure
that every mouth is fed.
And those that stop us
from developing the city
will be dragged out
of here by Pramod Ah law at.
This illegal army
standing outside has
filed multiple cases against me.
Sir, some Hijras are
creating a ruckus and trying to barge.
Let them in.
Neither man nor woman.
Slapped with 36 cases.
File as many cases as you wish.
Wha... What's cooking?
Some Hijras attempt
an attack on Pramodji,
and Pramodji gains
public sympathy, simple.
Why wasn't I involved?
It was Pramodji's decision.
Might be losing trust in you.
They threatened me...
But they don't know
that Pramod Ah law at
is fire and not a flower!
I won't give up.
I'll give you a New Noida.
What will I give you?
A New Noida.
Didn't hear you guys?
Say it louder.
A New Noida.
Our City of Noida
has been a symbol of the
nation's progress for decades.
City's foundation was laid in 1976.
- Ah law at.
- Sir!
For development...
A need was felt to make the
infrastructure of Noida
- more modern and more future-oriente.
- Move it.
Where is Pramod Ah law at?
Make way.
Make way for him.
Let him go.
What do you want, Maayi?
Your minister's head.
Call him here.
Hey, Ah law at!
Come here.
Are you scared?
What's wrong?
Your minister
forcefully bought our land,
for peanuts.
You should tell him,
we accept gifts,
not alms.
What Maayi!
Flexing with fake Hijras,
like seriously?
Let's go, ladies.
Don't fight, guys.
I said don't fight.
Oh, for the sake of
Noida's progress.
Please don't fight.
Don't fight.
I beg you, please don't fight.
Why are you fighting?
Don't fight.
By my blood, I swear,
that Pramod Ah law at
will give you a New Noida.
Of course, sir.
No need to say it twice.
Consider it done, sir.
- Yes, of course.
- Bibek!
Whose ass are you licking there?
He's invited you
for a prime-time interview.
Hijras attack Pramod Ah law at.
But Pramod Ah law at refuses
to file a case against them.
It was him, right?
Is he any good?
Factory's up and running already.
Why don't you get
all your boys into the business?
Bhaisaab, they
are good for odd jobs.
Or maybe you don't want to
spilt the spoils with them.
How then, will you arrange
50 million for the nomination?
My undies keep getting stuck in my cr.
What's wrong?
Why the long face?
if you had given this job to me...
Don't be a drama queen, Inder.
This is politics and not Bollywood.
That NGO guy...
got another stay order.
You just got the bail, bhaisaab.
Please don't...
Don't try to scare me, Inder.
I get scared quite easily.
That boy is fighting on behalf
of the Hijra Gharanas, right?
I told you to get rid of him.
Can't do a simple job
and wants to join politics?
Fuckin' drama queen!
A safe?
Got Foreign funding, did you?
point at any floor you want.
You'll get four offices.
Why don't you listen to me, huh?
Don't go knocking on
the doors of the court.
We'll get the land any which ways,
and you'll get screwed
for no reason at all.
Just do as I say, or else we'll...
What will we do?
What will we do, Tansen?
- Will we do anything?
- Hey!
Have you lost your marbles?
We're here to threaten him
not to kill him.
Sorry, he's autistic.
We only shoot if
he doesn't do as we say.
You'll do it, right?
Don't get involved
in the land deal, bro.
I've invested big money in it.
Think about it.
You gotta stay alive to
help the rainbow pride, right?
Let's go.
What's got you thinking, huh?
Which relationship is the strongest?
The one bounded by money
by love
or by blood?
You, I
we all have an animal inside us.
The relationship you
have with that animal
is the strongest.
For example,
Jogi's a fox.
Lying in wait, always.
Chunna's a chameleon
can switch sides for money.
And you?
A bear
a teddy bear.
What about me?
A cockroach.
Why, a cockroach?
If this city ever got hit
by a nuclear bomb
only cockroaches would survive.
And you're THAT cockroach.
What about Inder bhai?
I don't know.
Is Inder bhai
always this aloof?
How long have you been together?
Since then.
Inder bhai was born this way?
One in a million.
By birth.
So then?
It's easier to earn Power
if you're a man.
Who is she?
Revathi Amma.
Our beloved Revathi Amma.
Listen, all of you!
There's a condom dispenser
in the washroom...
Use that.
Don't do anything Unprotected
or you'll be raining STDs.
Stay safe.
Where the hell is Chunna?
Went out to pick up Haddi.
Where was he?
No one knows
anything about his whereabouts.
Satto bhai had told
you about the party, right?
So, where were you?
Inder bhai keeps secrets from Satto b
and Satto bhai from Inder bhai.
Don't tell Inder bhai about the party
or he'll take all the cash we get
and hand us some loose change.
When will you start thinking big?
I always wanted to make it big.
Came to the city to earn millions
but the city screwed me over.
Well, you are high in demand these da.
No one knows what you've been up to.
Inder bhai keeps
sending me for odd jobs.
I hope you're not planning a coup.
You didn't tell me.
When will you start thinking big?
What the hell
have you been up to?
Which motherfucker
arranged this party?
It was my birthday.
What did you want me to do,
just die alone?
Don't I have any feelings?
If you were not my kid,
I would have paraded you naked
and forced you to shake
your bare booty at the Town Square.
That too right in
front of the multiplex.
Can't even blame the world
for giving me such a prick for a son.
Inder, I have told you so many times,
no matter what he
asks you to get for him,
be it boys, girls, drugs
You need to first clear it with me.
You know my
family's history, right?
So, what do we do about this?
Well, it's his choice.
If he prefers men then...
I am talking about THIS!
Mitra's case.
I don't know, bhaisaab.
You didn't even know about the party.
There's a WhatsApp group.
Sunil Baba, Bibekji,
Satto bhai.
Satto bhai has arranged for every thin.
Who is Satto bhai?
- Bhaisaab, I...
- Bhaisaab, I... what?
He can't even clean his own ass,
It was Mitraji's plan. So...
You broken condom,
how dare you blame the dead!
Sorry, bhaisaab.
Why did you arrange this party, huh?
Everything was going just fine,
but you had to fuck up, didn't you?
Inder, your boys are only
good at blowing street dicks.
Don't give them my jobs.
I said, apologise.
Apologise now!
Sorry, bhaisaab.
Get up.
Mitra's lad has been calling me nonst.
His lawyer has demanded 100 million.
Then just pay him and end the matter.
I would've even paid 200,
if only he had asked respectfully.
His father was like a brother to me.
He threatened me.
He is issuing orders.
I've never even followed
my father's order, and this whelp...
The hearing is scheduled
for next Tuesday.
I'm off for a detox session.
Mitra's son should be
handled before the hearing.
I'll handle it.
Shut up!
Don't speak out of turn.
He was the one at Expo?
Come here.
We aren't talking about
robbing a horny bugger
but about killing
someone in his own house.
Can you?
I can.
Tell us how.
Come here.
Who are you?
I'm Bibekji's friend.
I'm here to meet his son.
'I was at the party
where your father died.'
Go in.
Please, have a seat.
How did you know my father?
Please, don't cry.
You don't need to feel scared.
Speak freely.
I was his...
His Girlfriend.
Sorry, what?
This iPhone too was a gift from him.
We met at one of his political rallie.
He was such a kind man.
I have no words to
describe how nice he was.
He did so much for me.
He bought me a flat,
got me a job.
Even inaugurated my parlour...
I'm sorry.
Can you tell me what exactly
happened at that party?
Take your dinner break
or whatever.
Don't disturb us.
I was a bit late that night...
I saw Bibu...
Bibek Mitra Ji.
He was...
He asked me to perform.
I kept dancing and
he kept adoring me.
I kept dancing and
he kept adoring me.
Your old man was a whale
when it came to alcohol.
That poison wasn't
meant for your father
but for that Minister's son.
I wanted to slaughter the lamb
before I beheaded the Wolf.
But your old man got
caught in the crosshair.
I have no enmity with you.
It's the minister I have an issue wit.
Don't back out from
the case you filed on him.
File another case instead.
Charge him with a massacre.
Call me once you wake up.
I'll give you a list
of all his ill-doings.
What do you mean by 'Wake up'?
You gonna kill me, man?
"You gonna kill me, GIRL?"
This is just a teaser.
But I will kill you,
if you take the case back,
leave Delhi,
or agree to a settlement for cash.
Then I'll shoot to kill.
Am I clear?
Job done?
Shot him.
Good job.
Got shot.
Got shot.
Hey! Haddi!
Inder bhai, Haddi...
- Haddi what?
- What?
Haddi got shot. How?
What about Mitra's son?
- Okay?
- What about him?
- Careful.
- Is he dead or alive?
Haddi shot him.
Watch out.
Did he kill Mitra's son or not?
Harika! Harika!
I'm here! I'm here!
What's wrong?
No, don't touch there.
It's okay.
Amma! Amma!
I'll go get someone.
- There's no one here.
- Amma!
Harika is awake. Come fast.
What are you doing here, huh?
Just come here.
You are not supposed to be here.
My dear!
- Calm down, calm down.
- Amma...
Calm down, my child.
The pain will soon go away.
Where's the doctor?
I couldn't find anyone.
Even the nurse has left.
What are you doing here?
Didn't I tell you to leave?
Amma, it's just a superstition.
Only for the next 40 days,
You cannot call, meet or
even speak to Harika, understood?
Leave, now!
It's just a superstition, Amma.
Who believes in such things anymore?
It's considered bad luck.
Please just go!
Jhanjhari take him away from here.
- Please leave.
- Give me just two minutes, I'll leav.
- Only 2 more minutes.
- After 40 days.
- Give me just two minutes.
- After 40 days.
I'll leave in some time.
- Why don't you get it?
- I promise I'll leave.
Then leave!
Be careful. Easy.
That's it.
Isn't there anyone here?
Wait... that's it.
That's it, that's it.
Hold on. That's it.
Easy, easy.
Good morning.
Got any sleep last night?
It's okay.
Don't worry.
Everything will be fine.
- Hey! Be careful.
- Okay, okay, okay.
Harika, all set
to be a movie star, eh?
Buzz off.
She's my Superstar.
It took you five years
to get a high school diploma.
She completed her Undergrad
in half the cost.
when can I attain Nirvanasam?
Why are you in such a hurry, huh?
I want to complete myself.
Do you know how bad it hurts?
This girl has guts
to undergo the surgery.
I always ran away
at the sight of a scalpel.
I got it done on the third attempt.
You two, listen up.
You need to be at Harika's
beck and call for the next 40 days.
And you... don't even think about Irf.
Have lightly cooked, subtly seasoned
and steer clear of men.
You need to stay indoors, okay?
We'll do the initiation ritual
after 40 days,
and then you'll officially
become Harika.
Revathi Amma!
O' Amma!
O' Revathi Amma!
Where are you hiding?
It's a humble request.
Accept Pramod Ahlawat's deal,
Trust me, feminism
won't help you here.
Let's go, Satto bhai.
Shakun! Come here.
I told you not to document it.
Just do as I say.
Why doesn't he get it?
Why doesn't SHE get it?
I grease his palms enough to
keep this undocumented.
Let's go, Inder.
Why do you do this ritual
on the same New Moon night, every yea.
Tell them the story, Amma.
Every Mohini has an Iravan,
and every Iravan has a Mohini.
What do you mean?
Who are Iravan and Mohini?
Listen up then.
Today, I'll tell you a story.
The Mahabharat war was about to begin
and to win the war they needed
to sacrifice a good warrior.
A warrior who had all
the attributes required.
Pandav had three such warriors.
Lord Krishn.
Great Warrior Arjun.
And Arjun's son, Iravan.
No one can kill Krishn.
They couldn't afford to lose Arjun.
So, Iravan volunteered himself.
But he laid down a specific request.
He didn't want to die a bachelor.
Iravan had just one night left with h
and he wanted to spend
that night with his life partner.
So, announcements were made,
message was sent to every
household explaining everything.
But no one in the kingdom
wanted to marry his daughter
to a man who wouldn't see
the next day.
That's when,
Lord Krishn took
his female avatar of Mohini
and married Iravan.
Mohini spent the whole
night as Iravan's life partner.
The next morning Iravan's
sacrifice was made,
and Mohini,
like a true life partner,
mourned his death and
performed all the rituals.
She cried, she wailed,
she grieved like a widow.
She did everything.
The day after that,
Mohini was gone,
Lord Krishn came back to his true for
and he took revenge for Iravan's deal
that without using any weapons.
He did so using his brains.
By the way, what part did
uncle play huh, Mohini or Iravan?
Shut up.
Don't interrupt.
Tell us, Amma.
She is Mohini Amma.
And the one next to her is her Iravan.
This kothi we stay in,
it was a gift by Shyamji to Mohini Am
for our gharana, our family to stay.
That's why you don't want
to sell it to Pramod Ah law at.
Lord Krishn was God incarnated, right.
So why didn't he bring
Iravan back to life?
Iravan's sacrifice was his destiny.
What's wrong?
Tell me.
I am scared.
But everyone is scared of you.
What can possibly scare you?
Tell me, what are you scared of?
Of myself.
I was ready.
Ready for what?
For you to leave me,
to lead a normal life.
For you to marry a proper girl.
For not missing me and
for not forgetting me either.
You know today
for the first time
we looked at each other
while making love.
It was the first
time I experienced fear.
And what do you fear?
I am not ready for you to leave me.
Fear is such a strange thing, isn't I.
What do you mean?
I mean,
fear is just like this cigarette.
If I nod off while
smoking this cigarette,
it'd either burn itself to ashes,
or it'd burn the whole
place down to ashes.
How many times have
I told you not to smoke?
Oh, c'mon!
What if I smoke, huh?
Fine, then I am leaving.
Don't go.
Here you go.
I quit.
You won't leave me now, will you?
Harika, will you marry me?
It's not something
you should joke about.
I am standing before
the house of my God.
I am not joking.
Be practical, Irfan.
How does one become practical?
You're leaving for the US, right?
When do you plan to do this?
Why're you making
such a hasty decision?
It's not a hasty decision.
Will you be able to live with me
without marrying another?
Think about it.
I can't give you any children.
Stop the music.
You call this a wedding?
Amma, it was officiated
by a marriage officer.
It is legal.
Like hell!
Your marriage officer,
can go fly a kite.
Was I dead?
Couldn't you have asked
me to arrange it, instead?
Amma, I'm going to the
US for a couple of months.
That's why...
Couldn't you two get
married after you returned?
What was the hurry?
Were you on fire?
Were you too eager to wait?
I'm always on fire, Amma.
Stop laughing.
She thinks it's funny.
What if he'd found himself a babe the.
Right. I'd kill her.
Zip it.
Your marriage will only be acceptable
after it's solemnised before the fire.
Okay, Amma.
We'll do it the way you want it.
We will get married
four times if you want.
We'll do whatever makes you happy.
Cut it out.
I'll clean it off, Amma.
Let me be.
Who is that?
Who is he?
Go upstairs.
Jhanjhari, take them upstairs.
Let me stay, Amma.
Nah, all hell breaks loose
if they catch sight of a married pair.
Go inside.
I'll handle them.
Get in.
Stop. Who is he?
It'll be a riot if you're seen.
Who dares to kill Hijras, huh?
We do, don't we?
You're learning fast, huh?
Looks beautiful!
Who's getting married?
What do you want?
We cannot proceed with
the construction because of your Ghar.
All the neighbouring villages
have signed the dotted line.
This Kothi is, anyway,
legally not yours.
So, I thought I'll only
get you your document to sign off.
Just sign and we will leave.
You vicious man!
I spit on your offer.
I knew you'd do something like this.
You remember the Okhla Gharana,
which belonged to Ram Bai?
She had done the same thing.
You remember what happened there,
don't you?
Where are you!
You were supposed to get me married!
You wanted it solemnised before the f.
Amma... where are you?
Why don't you respond?
Where are you?
They killed our entire family!
They murdered our family!
Our Gharana... is gone!
Do you know why people fear Hijras?
When Lord Ram was exiled,
all the people of Ayodhya
followed him into the forest.
This worried Lord Ram.
He told everyone,
"I am the one who was exiled."
"Why should all of you stay
in the forest?"
"That too for 14 years?"
So he said,
"If you love me, then
all the men and women
please go back."
They all left.
When Lord Ram returned after 14 years
he found our kind,
who were neither a man nor a woman,
still sitting there.
That's when he honoured us,
and gave us a boon.
Do you know what boon he gave us?
Our blessings will be all-powerful,
and our curses... will be annihilatin.
You know what would be worse than tha.
Our vengeance.
Now tell me everything.
Pramod Ah law at.
He is a goon-turned-politician.
He was behind it.
He knows that most Gharanas
of Hijra Community
don't have legal property documents.
So he started grabbing land
of Gharanas and its surrounding place.
Some Gharanas agreed to part
with their land in exchange for money
while some agreed out of fear.
Revathi Amma didn't
agree so he massacred everyone.
And their bodies...
You should meet Irfan, Harika.
Hey, you woke up. Good.
As you can see the bullet
barely missed his heart.
A millimetre higher
and he would've been dead.
But Gaurav Mitra is a lucky chap.
Doctor, Bibek Mitra
was like a brother to me.
I am his uncle.
Make sure my nephew
gets the best treatment.
Don't worry.
He's in a semi coma state
due to excessive bleeding.
Semi coma, meaning?
He's kind of unconscious.
More like asleep.
But he can hear you.
So, he can wake up any time?
I can't say that for sure,
but that is a possibility.
- Yes, sir.
- Keep tabs on him.
And place some security guards outsid.
- Okay, sir.
- Yeah?
And keep me updated.
Let me know as soon as he wakes up.
I'll pay for his treatment.
You don't need to worry.
He has a good health insurance plan.
Let me do it.
How else will I face the media outsid
Wasim, take care of it.
Start a tab for the hospital. Okay?
And make sure we pay for it.
Wasim, my phone.
The other one.
Yes, bhaisaab.
Where's Haddi?
He got shot in the stomach.
Had to stop production for a while.
Mitra's boy is still alive.
He did shoot him, bhaisaab.
So what do we do now?
I'll call you.
Pramodji. Pramodji.
You got glycerine?
Who is responsible?
Take it off.
We need an answer.
Pramodji, when is Gauravji
expected to regain consciousness?
Is this a conspiracy against you?
How did he get shot?
When is Gauravji expected
to regain consciousness?
Yes, Sir?
Get me Haddi's history.
Yes, Sir.
What's your spot these days?
Behind railway crossing gate 10.
That place's too crowded.
Find another spot.
You'll stand out.
More people means more customers.
We'll barely scrape
through the night otherwise.
as you are told.
Here's 10,000.
Deposit it in the account.
You can use it for household expenses
He acts like he's giving
us a fucking million.
Satto bhai, if this continues,
we'll soon be on the road.
Guess we need to
bend over even for Hijras.
Bhaijaan, someone's here for you.
Why did you leave me, Harika?
It's easy fighting disguised alone.
Don't go after Pramod Ah law at.
I'll take care of it.
I'll kill him in his own house.
You wanted to destroy him,
but you became one of them.
So nothing.
You cannot touch him legally.
- Whereas he can...
That wasn't just your Gharana.
Revathi Amma was not just your mother.
Surri was not just your friend.
They... meant something to me as well.
And what about me?
I don't mean anything to you?
You are my Mohini!
And I don't want to lose my Iravan.
You think you can do it?
Do what?
Can you perform in this state?
Yes, I'll manage.
What's this dispensary
you've spread?
I was in a lot of pain last night,
so I thought I'll change the bandage.
Here's your 50,000 Rupees
for the last batch, you delivered.
Heard you wanted to
re-open Allah bad Factory?
No, we were just chit-chatting.
Don't force me to send
you to an early grave.
Head directly to the factory
and come straight back home from ther.
Got it?
Yes, Saathe.
I'll reach the factory in an hour.
See you there.
Did he agree?
Why wouldn't he?
After all, it's Chunna
convincing him.
What secret factory is this?
Not now.
'Police raids factories in Prayagraj.
'Dead on the Highway'.
H... Hello?
It's me, Gaurav Mitra.
You said if I make it out alive
you'd give me evidence
against Pramod Ah law at?
"Marriage Certificate".
"Groom's Name: Irfan Rizvi".
Got him?
Yes, sir. He's in the car.
Yeah, get them out.
Keep them here.
First, go get the sacks kept over the.
Haddi, the bone man.
Haddi, the boner.
So, this is Pramodji's Golden Egg.
And you are the hen
that lays it.
Just come to the fucking point.
How do you work in this dump?
It stinks.
The dough this dump makes
the stink feel like perfume.
How much dough?
1.5-1 million per body.
Depends from body to body.
Come to the point already.
Point is that Pramodji
is about to get a big order.
Pramodji always gets big orders.
Just give me the body count.
Not much. Say 100-150?
Pramodji always gets big orders, huh?
Have you informed Inder bhai?
Inder bhai is busy with politics.
The Municipality elections are close.
So what?
What do these dead got
to do with politics?
Everyone's got something to do with I.
And it has got everything
to do with all of us.
Can be handled, right?
We'll need them in 3 days.
We are talking about 100-150 bodies h.
A single man will
take 10-15 days to do it.
If you need them in 3 days,
then you'll need more men
who know the job as well as I do
at least 2 or 3 more.
Then call for your buddy from Allahab.
What's the name?
Not the city...
The other boy?
Um, Malkan.
Right, Malkan.
Call him.
There was a raid.
He disappeared after that.
- He disappeared?
- Hmm.
Did he disappear?
Or did you make him disappear?
I'm a cop, dickhead.
We hide the truth.
Truth cannot hide from us.
Anyway, then bring in
Inder bhai's other guys
for this delivery.
Inder bhai won't allow that.
Then make Inder bhai disappear.
Stinks like hell.
- Satto bhai!
- What the fuck is going on?
I heard everything!
Weren't you supposed to go to a party.
Yeah, but...
But what, huh?
What are you doing
with these dead bodies!
I'll tell you everything,
just stop hitting me.
You've anyway seen everything.
Who are they?
Some are Poor, some Missing,
and some third-genders.
Unclaimed dead bodies.
Want to help?
Fuck off.
It's disgusting.
Just tell me
what is going on out here.
Fine, I'll tell you.
Grab that drum.
I'll talk while I chop.
Follow me.
Business of Bones...
Bone Smuggling.
Inder bhai handles
this business of Pramodji.
Once we die, most of our organs
become useless within a few days,
except the bones which sell for milli.
From Medical College
to Make Up Industries,
everyone needs Bones.
And our country is the leading export
of them.
We'll never run out of people who'd k
or people who'd die.
So, how'd you get into this business?
Life required more from me.
It had already paved my path, ready t.
So, I learned the tricks
of the trade in Allahabad.
Cremation grounds, graveyards,
or government hospitals,
I had contacts all over.
First, we take the body inside,
where we chemically burn
the flesh and separate the bones.
Any remaining flesh gets scrapped
off the bones.
The bones then get polished
and sent to Delhi.
From there, Pramod Ah law at
exports them to China or Korea.
That's how I got into this business.
Blowing on the streets
would get me 5000, a week,
but this gig gets me 50,000!
After the raids in Allahabad,
I hightailed it to Delhi.
I've already chopped it up.
Why are you so skittish?
None of you knew about this bone busi
so I stayed quiet and took
the beatings like a dog.
But I didn't know,
Inder bhai would treat me like
a dog forever.
He used to only handle deliveries ear
but with me,
Inder got into production too.
Is he any good?
Factory's up and running already.
Inder bhai started a factory
on land provided by Pramod Ah law at,
and he asked me to run it.
A bigger factory means better machine.
You gotta be a Picasso
to handle bone maceration.
One broken bone can cost us millions.
We use nitric acid to dissolve the fl.
The flesh slips off the bones like bu.
Stubborn ones go into the heat chambe.
After polishing,
You turn a dead Mona
into a million-dollar Monalisa
and sell it in the Red Market.
This is Pramod Ahlawat's empire...
And this is how he became
Noida's uncrowned king.
Remember when
he made you lick his boots?
How much did Inder
bhai give you that night?
25,000 for the 5 of us.
5,000 each.
That's how much he received
after the first delivery
to Inder bhai.
Typing: Bhaisaab, I've 20 Million
ready... Can we talk about the electi.
Look who's back!
Who hit you?
Where are you two
coming from, together?
From your bone factory.
From where?
Your bone factory.
Bone factory.
He wants to contest the elections.
For that nomination,
he needs an election ticket.
For that ticket, he needs money.
What are you blabbering?
I am not blabbering.
I am just stating the facts.
He needs 50 million.
He will give that money to Pramodji,
and Pramodji in turn
will give him a ticket.
But where will this pauper
get 50 million from?
Tell me something.
Do you know why he is known as Haddi?
Tell me.
Because he's missing a bone in his th.
Don't be a dickhead.
He sets up the bone
smuggling business for them.
He's an expert when it comes
to separating bones from the flesh.
That's why he is known as Haddi.
He has a factory that earns
him around a million a month.
If I had a business that
earned me a million a month,
why the hell would I live
like this with all of you?
Is it so? Yes.
- Really?
- Yes.
I see.
How many lies will you tell us, huh!
Where are your manners!
You are earning millions,
while we live a destitute
life as daily wagers!
You told him, didn't you?
He is trying to cause a rift between.
I'll kill this traitor.
Let go. Let him go.
It's your business, right?
Then you are the traitor.
Let him go.
Why the fuck did you bite me?
Well, you've always treated us like d.
It's only obvious that I bite,
don't you think?
You call yourself a dog?
Look at yourself. You're a pig.
Oh really?
Oh fuck!
Oh, you've got a gun on you.
Use it then.
Here, use it.
End the story.
Are you dead or what?
Why didn't you answer
my call in the first ring?
I was in the bathroom.
How were you jacking off
if you don't have a jack?
Turn on the TV
and watch the News.
Late Bibek Mitra's son Gaurav
Mitra has accused Pramod Ah law at
of being the capo of
the Bone Smuggline Nexus.
He claims that the raids
that took place ten months back,
are also tied to
Bone Smuggling Nexus.
He claims to have
photo & video evidences
against him.
These will be verified
and investigated upon... and
we will be on top of it.
Who gave these old photographs
to that fucking whelp?
I don't know, bhaisaab.
Do you ever know anything, Inder?
I'll handle the raid.
But you need to end Mitra's
son story at any cost.
I'll get rid of him.
Trust me.
Finish the fucking job
and then call me.
Else, I'll fuck you over
before I go to jail.
Why aren't you saying anything?
Bhaisaab, I have 20 million.
Guarantee me a ticket,
and I'll guarantee you Gaurav's death.
Death of Mitra...
Who is the killer?
Stay tuned for latest updates.
Will be back after a break.
You were a chubby
ten-year-old when I found you.
I saved you from the street dogs,
and took you into our Gharana.
I even saved you from the Bhadiya
unclear ritual.
Look at him!
Look at him now!
Kill me.
I'd rather die, trust me.
The one I am doing everything for is.
Take this.
I agree I made a mistake
by hiding it from you all.
And for that, I am sorry.
Satto, trust me,
I wanted to tell you everything.
4 instead of 2 would've only
helped us do more business.
Pramodji stopped me from doing so,
after the Party incident.
But now I gave him a guarantee
in front of all of you.
I'll take you all down
to the factory tomorrow,
and then go and
get rid of Mitra's son.
All of you belong to me.
You are mine.
Got it?
- Gauravji!
- Gauravji!
- Gauravji!
- Gauravji!
Hold this.
Hold this too.
Hurry up.
Yes, sir.
Got them both, Inder and Gaurav.
Yes sir.
They're completely dead.
Haddi, my love.
I have parked the truck in the factor.
Yes, okay.
You didn't tell me,
When will you start thinking big?
What the fuck!
I'll tell you everything.
You'll have to play a big game,
on the sly.
Play it right and you'll
make around 2 million every month.
What do I need to do?
To arrange for booze.
Inder bhai managed to get rid of Gaur.
- It calls for a party, for sure.
- A party, right.
Satto bhai.
You look so beautiful when you laugh.
Nah... Rubbish!
What happened?
Satto bhai took Jogi with him.
What's the problem?
My bone factory, huh?
"Come on kids,."
"Let me give you a glimpse of India,."
"Grace your forehead with its holy so."
"For is the land of great... ."
And he's the brain behind this factor.
How are you?
Let's walk.
So tell me,
you got rid of Inder?
Yes, Saathe told me
you wanted to.
And this teddy bear?
Don't bother.
Unlucky bastard.
You think you can
deliver in a week?
C'mon, dude.
We need to deliver it to
a medical company in 10 days.
I cannot work on kids.
Our bodies are nothing but
just clothing for the soul.
Be it kids or adults.
But... I just cannot work on kids.
Are they your kids?
C'mon, bhaisaab.
His operation didn't include a uterus.
Did I ask you?
Did I ask you, huh?
But he is right.
It's 2 million per child.
Do the job and you alone
will make 7 million out of this.
I won't work on kids.
And I won't let anyone
else work on them either.
C'mon, man.
Don't try to scare me.
I get scared quite easily.
Look, I've got goosebumps.
Hey Chunna.
Got any family?
They're all dead.
So, you got a boyfriend.
It's all over the news, you know.
The Bone Smuggling Gang!
Someone ratted me out.
Only a blind idiot could do that.
Like a blockhead.
Or... what's the other kind?
Someone blinded by love.
Someone blinded by love.
Someone blinded by
the love for his boyfriend.
To love is not easy,
it is a trial by fire,
it burns you and it sets you free.
"You will fall in love gradually."
Trust is a strange word, right?
It takes a second to read it.
It takes a minute to think about it.
And it takes a day to understand it.
And it takes a lifetime to prove it.
But to break it...
One moment is all you need.
I've crushed many cockroaches
like you in my lifetime.
Let them in, let them in.
Their presence is considered lucky.
That's all?
That's what you deserve.
Get going, Maayi.
Our Chief Guest is about to come.
Chief Guest?
We've brought your Chief Guest
with us.
Your Chief Guest
is here.
Take it all, Maayi.
Have fun.
Get going now.
Sit and finish it.
The day after that, Mohini was gone,
Lord Krishn came back to his true for
and he took revenge for Iravan's deal.
Lord Krishn was God incarnated, right.
So couldn't he have
brought Iravan back to life?
Iravan's sacrifice was his destiny.
Do you think,
that killing me would make you a woma.
I was born a Hijra.
Everyone practically disowned me.
My mother died giving birth to me.
And when I came of age,
my father took advantage
of me every night.
You wouldn't know what
it means to be a woman.
You got to have guts to be one.
I underwent surgery.
I couldn't walk for 40 days.
Surri, help me.
Janki, give me your hand.
I couldn't even shit or pee properly!
You think you can tell
whether I am a woman or not?
Whether I am a woman or not!
In 35 years of my life,
I experienced happiness
just for one day
and you stole that.
You took everything I had!
You know that!
You took Amma away!
You took Surri away!
You took Janki away!
You took Laxmi away!
You took Irf...
Give me my Irfan!
Give me my Irfan!
I was a woman.
I am a woman.
And I shall always be a woman.
And listen,
I'm immortal!
Why do people fear us?
Because we are blessed.
Our blessings are all-powerful.
And our curses
are annihilating.
But most dangerous is our... vengeance