Hail (2011) Movie Script

("High On a Rocky Ledge" by Moondog)
Then spoke a spirit
If you would win your lady love
There's only one way
Fall to your death from high above
You will begin to grow in snow
Beside the one you have
waited for to be mated with
Now I'm an Edel, vice
to my Madel, Edelweiss
Dying to be with her
wasn't any sacrice
We're so deliriously happy
On our ledge where I pledge
my love to my lady fair
You who are climbing breathless
to see me and my love
Snow owers growing fonder
on Lover's Ledge above
If you've the yen to pluck
Then pluck us both
For we who have lived as
one wish to die as one
(train chugging)
(Danny laughing)
(Leanne squeals)
[Danny] (laughs) Hey.
All right?
All right?
[Couple] l\/lm!
[Danny] Knew I was comin', did ya?
Oh, I just spotted you!
Dressed for the occasion.
(Leanne laughs)
Oh, I just spotted you.
[Danny] How ya goin'?
Oh, how are you?
I'm all right.
I'm home early because I'm a good boy.
(Leanne laughing)
What's in here?
Have a look.
Oh, still the same.
Oh, it's not all that clean.
No, it's beautiful.
What are you talkin' about.
You've looked after it really well.
I looked after everything.
I told ya everything would be here.
[Danny] Put that on like that.
Oh, don't start with me (laughs)
as soon as you get home.
(mumbles) all right.
You're all right.
You looked after yourself, too.
(Leanne mumbles)
Your hair smells good.
Does it?
You didn't even stop at
a phone box and ring me.
No, it's called a surprise.
(Leanne laughs)
It was.
Ifl ring
it's not a surprise, is it?
I swear it was.
It really was.
Yeah, well.
But you spotted me out
the window, I saw ya.
(Leanne laughs)
You know I did.
[Leanne] (laughs) I don't.
[Danny] You okay? (laughs)
(laughs) I'm...
(couple breathing heavily)
(Leanne groaning)
(couple breathing heavily)
I love you so much.
I missed you. (breathing heavily)
(cat purring)
(Danny snorting)
("Wayfaring Stranger" by Lewis
Coleman and Campbell Wheeler)
I know dark clouds
will gather 'round me
I know my way is rough and steep
But golden elds lie out before me
Where God's redeemed their vigils keep
I'm going there to see my Savior
I'm going there no more to roam
I'm only going
Over Jordan
I'm only going
Just looking for a bit of work, mate.
That's all.
Just live on the street there.
Just thought I'd drop past and ask
if you need a hand, you know.
I live on the street.
As I said, I live on this street
and I've worked in panel shops for years.
What do you specialize in most?
We do pretty much everything here, so.
Yeah, well, I've worked
in quite a few panel shops.
I sorta do most stuff me self, you know?
[Shop Owner] I need to
know what you do, you know?
Well, I...
I'm pretty good on the buff.
Even one day a week.
You never know, mate.
Somethin' might happen, you know.
Somebody might not turn up.
You might be snowed under.
You might be surprised, mate, you know?
Can't judge a book by its cover, buddy.
You know that.
Sometimes you can, though.
You haven't got a resume
or anything on you have ya?
No, but what I can do
is give you my number and
(hydraulic tool roars)
with the names that
I'll give ya if ya want.
[I\/Ian] Yep, can I help ya?
[Danny] Yeah, g'day.
My name's Danny.
Welcome, Danny.
[Danny] Just looking
for a bit of work, mate.
I'm just
Lookin' for work?
(tool buzzing)
(Danny mumbles)
Take a seat.
(tool screeching)
What are you looking for?
Parttime, fulltime, two hours, one day?
If I'm gonna give you a job
basically are you reliable?
When I say, "Can you be here Wednesday?"
are you gonna show up Wednesday
or are you gonna come two days later
and say, "Ah, sorry, mate."
I need a job.
I'd start now, mate.
[Shop Owner] Can you detail a job,
start to finish?
Yeah. (mumbles)
You can do any of them?
You ever stolen from one of the shops?
[Danny] No, I don't steal
from people I work with, mate.
So you don't steal just
from people you work with,
but you do steal?
Look, I'll...
If you give me a start,
you see what I can do, you'd
pay me what I'm worth, mate.
Danny, I don't why,
I'll give you a shot.
Please, don't stuff me.
Don't screw me.
I won't, I won't.
[Shop Owner] Because I don't trust ya.
Yeah, all right.
Don't bind me on that.
Yeah, I don't blame
you, I don't blame you.
Trust has gotta be earned.
And one thing for starters,
clean yourself up, will ya?
If you're gonna work here,
really, clean yourself up.
We're a good shop.
We've got a good reputation.
[Danny] Yeah.
I don't wanna scare the clients away.
Righto, mate.
All right?
You look like a criminal
so x yourself up.
[Danny] I'll put me
teeth in, how's that?
I reckon that sounds good.
Thanks, mate.
No worries.
[Danny] Ta.
[Shop Owner] There you are.
This is our new worker, Danny.
We'll see what he can do.
In about ve minutes I'll
get you to get his details.
I'll just introduce him to the boys and
[Liz] Sure, Danny?
And Danny.
Two Dannys. (chuckles)
Okay, cool.
Frank, Danny.
How ya doin', Frank?
He's gonna give us a hand here.
He wants a job.
There's a toilet, back corner.
Oh yeah? Beautiful.
If you can't nd it, ask the boys.
Try not to bother me 'cause
I'm pretty at out in there.
[Danny] Yeah. (mumbles)
(tools hissing)
(metal clanging)
[Danny] Tony.
This is Danny.
How ya doin', boss?
[Danny] All right, mate.
How 'bout yourself.
(Tony mumbles)
[Danny] I'm gonna leave Danny with you.
[Danny] Can you get him on,
basically I wanna see what he can do.
We're gonna give him
a few hours.
Yeah, yeah.
He needs a bit of work.
I'm not saying yes.
So him?
Just I wanna try him out today.
[Tony] Yeah, I can oblige.
Yeah, no problem.
I'll leave him with ya.
All right?
No worries.
No worries, yeah.
Danny, (mumbles).
Thanks, Danny.
You wanna ll it that way.
All right, we're just a
little bit off the mark.
Just get a little bit more
in this deep spot here.
Just (mumbles).
(disjointed electronic music)
[Danny] Hey Tony!
[Tony] What do ya need?
Can you come and have a
look at this, please, mate?
Justa minute.
How ya goin', boy?
Let's have a look.
You reckon you could get away with that?
That's all right, isn't it?
[Tony] That's respect, man.
[Danny] Right.
That's good. That's respect.
That's beautiful.
That's just what I want.
I reckon.
You're right.
We'll just...
Take it off.
No, that's gonna be good.
I like that.
(chair motor humming)
[Leanne] Come on, Dan.
Can I have a look?
Nothing to be shy of.
Now just wait a minute.
[Leanne] Aw come on.
Hang on.
[Leanne] I'm coming in.
All right.
Here ya are.
[Leanne] (laughs) Show me.
You can't even tell.
Aw, look at you.
[Leanne] What do you mean sure?
Oh, Danny.
Do they look all right or not?
They look gorgeous!
Yeah, the more you look at them
the more condent you'll fee.
But I try and smile and
it feels like I'm snarling.
But you're not, 'cause
that's not a proper smile.
All you're doin' is showin'
off your teeth doin' that.
Smile like...
(laughs) Just be
normal,just be natural.
(Danny grumbling)
(Leanne laughing)
Want me to move my hair?
[Danny] No.
Both chains?
[Leanne] One chain?
Just that.
Just that.
Just that?
Just that.
Thank you.
[Danny] All right.
All right you said.
[Group] Cheers.
Wealth and joy, ta!
(group chattering)
All right, here.
(group chattering)
All right.
Thanks everyone.
Thanks everyone for comin'.
That's great.
Love ya, baby.
Well done.
You, too.
Well done.
Well that's all right.
Good one.
So you got the job, then?
I got a job.
Where you workin'?
I got a job.
Just in a fuckin' caryard
kind of panel shop thing.
[Gerard] Well that's all right.
[Leanne] Yeah.
Just cleanin' up, a lackey.
Just bein' a lackey.
Oh, fuck off.
(group chattering)
You must gratify yourself.
I do that.
[Danny] Quite often, Gerard.
[Woman] Every morning
and every night.
Her name is
Susie Sock.
Pull another string
and I kiss your lips
I'm your puppetX
Just snap your fingers and
I'll turn you some flips
I'm your puppet
Your every wish is my command
AII you gotta do isjust
wiggle your little hand
I'm your puppet
I'm your puppet
I amjust a toy
ust a funny boy that makes
you laugh when you are blue
I'll be wonderful
Do just what I'm told
X I'll do anything for you X
I'm your puppet
Oh I'm your puppet
Here, take this home to her.
There's the pussy.
There's the pussy, Danny.
All right?
You got it?
[Woman] Come on, come
one, come on, come on.
Settle, settle.
The models are gone and
you got the pussy.
Yeah, the models are gone.
[Woman] You know, it was just a bit
of fun dancin' and that.
Dance with me, dance with me.
I know what he dances like.
[Woman] Let's have a drink.
Fuck me dead, it's a slut.
Come on, come on.
I thought he danced
very well, Leanne.
He does dance very well, Gerard.
Welcome to the world.
Welcome to the world.
[Woman] Cheers.
I love you, babe.
Love you, Dan.
[Danny] I know.
Thanks, mate.
On ya, boys.
you come here often?
What do ya say?
Good to see.
Good to be home, boys.
(group chattering)
Good to be home, good to be home.
That's it, that's it.
[I\/Ian] Just like old times.
Just like old times.
That's it, (mumbles) old time.
So you come here often, do ya?
(group chattering)
[Leanne] Right, who's having vodka
and who's having bourbon?
(group chattering)
Yous are gettin' what you're given
'cause no one's answering me.
[Danny] Pete, push that
door over, will ya please?
There's a fuckin' blizzard comin' in.
[Pete] Don't get stressed, mate.
Sorry, I always do that.
You do?
Your cat?
(group chattering)
[Danny] No, this is a midget.
(group chattering)
If you wanna change, mate,
you know we'll help ya, man.
You gotta be willin' to change.
I'm frightened of the unknown
is what I'm frightened of.
I'm frightened of what I
was sayin' back at the pub.
I'm frightened, the word
resume makes me shit me self.
I went for a job up the road up here.
I had some cunt ask me for a resume.
It's a hard road, Dan, you know.
You gotta make that fuckin' choice, mate.
What do you wanna do?
Do you wanna change your life?
Stop spending fuckin' all
this time in the nick or what?
I do, I don't like it.
I can't stand it anymore.
Drives me fuckin' mad.
[Pete] You're an old man, mate.
They're runnin' all over ya,
them fuckin' young peeps.
[Leanne] That's all she does
is scratch, scratch, scratch.
[Woman] Leave her alone!
[Woman In Black] It helps me feet.
(Danny laughs)
Come on.
(group chattering)
X Oh bring me banana X
X Oh, don't want no banana X
XWe ain't got no banana todayX
[Woman] Shut up!
Oh we got no
We got no banana
And we got no banana today
Hello, my name Idi Amin.
(dentures clicking)
I been the minister
(group chattering)
for weather and I been up on the roof
and it's pissin' down.
Yeah, it's gettin' late and
I gotta go to fuckin' school.
[Leanne] I know, you
gotta work tomorrow, eh?
Thanks for comin'.
Thanks for comin' and thanks
for fuckin' everything, mate.
That's all right, mate.
That's all right.
And you know what?
We all live on a big rainbow.
(women mumbling)
And I never do dream I may fall.
But maybe one day if! do,
I'll jump up and smile back at you.
So, it just doesn't fuckin' matter.
(Leanne giggling)
He's not even listenin'
to me, the cunt. (laughs)
I think he's gone to sleep on us. (laughs)
(mumbles) anymore, sweetie.
You just lie down.
Goodnight, eh.
Yeah, yeah.
Thank you for coming.
(somber jazz music)
You feel any older?
I don't feel any older either.
Nope, I feel just as young
as what I did when I was 25.
Well, maybe if! do this.
Hang on,just wait a second.
I'll just go and get somethin'.
What have you got over there?
[Danny] I've got this.
[Leanne] Look at you!
[Danny] Yeah.
Where did ya hide that?
[Danny] Where?
I'm not tellin' you where I hid it.
Oh, come on.
You might not eat it.
Ifl told you where I hid
it, you might not eat it.
[Leanne] Aw. (laughs)
That's right.
[Danny] Okay, you can do that one.
[Leanne] Maybe not.
You burned me.
I did not burn you.
No, I said, "If you burn me."
Oh wow.
Oh no.
(laughs) Look at this.
[Leanne] I get really embarrassed
with presents.
(Leanne gasps)
Oh Danny.
It's lovely isn't it?
It's beautiful.
Put it on your hand.
On your hand.
Happy birthday, darling.
Sixth of the 11th, 60th.
From the start until the end,
yes I will love you there and back again.
My pandrome.
[Danny] Palindrome.
Oh, palindrome.
Sorry, palindrome, sweetheart.
Love, Danny.
My ignorance.
What does palindrome mean?
I'm sorry.
I hate asking you
something like that.
What's that say?
My palindrome.
Spell it from that end.
[Both] 061 160.
061 160.
Same forward as it is backwards.
That's what that is.
To the end.
To the end
and back again.
To the start.
I hope you like it.
I know you'll like it.
Will because
you're givin' it to me.
I know you'll like it.
[Danny] Oh. (laughs)
[Leanne] That's a live by
and we're gonna live by it.
And we're gonna be rich.
And we're gonna reach
the mountaintop. (laughs)
Yes we will.
Hope all your dreams and
wealth and wishes come true.
I love you always.
Good luck and good fortune.
Thank you.
Thank you, I'll cherish that.
I will cherish that.
I love you.
You think about it,
when you think about it,
what's my fuckin' option?
What is my option?
IfI go down and get the
paper now, think about it.
If I went and got the paper
and I opened it at jobs,
what would I do where they ask
me where have I been, right?
No, honestly.
Honestly, think about it.
You can get a job anywhere.
Oh can I?
Can I?
[Leanne] You know how to do anything.
I'm not fuckin' settlin' for it, okay?
I'm not settlin' for it.
All right, look here.
Okay? Here.
Look, that's a fuckin' print.
That ain't a paintin'.
It's a fuckin' print.
I can't tell you.
I can't tell you, Leanne.
If I told you what went on in my head
you'd run a thousand fuckin' miles
and it's not because I wanna hurt you.
[Leanne] I'd never run.
I'm a danger to me.
I'm not to, to you I'm not dangerous.
But that out there drives me mad.
That wants me dead.
That makes me think that
I shouldn't be here.
All right?
I'd never run, Danny.
This is ne!
I know you tell me you love me, right?
You tell me you love me, but
I'm the one who lives in me.
Deep down inside where I fuckin' am.
I'm the one who wakes up
with this fuckin' thing.
Awake halfan hour before I wake up,
my head's awake tryin' to fuckin' kill me.
See this?
Let's cut the cake.
I'll show ya somethin'.
Let's cut the cake.
It's our birthday.
Now there,
(st banging)
cut the fuckin' cake!
All right?
Okay, it's the same.
Same as life.
Still ends up in our fuckin' guts,
a mess in your fuckin' guts.
(Leanne snifing)
(metal clattering)
(Danny cries out)
(Danny thuds)
(ominous ambient music)
Danny, wake up.
Come on.
Wake up, come on.
Wake up.
There's no milk, Danny.
(empty jug clattering)
Fuckin' hell.
I'm sick of this fuckin' shit.
I don't fuckin' know.
Get up.
[Leanne] Huh?
[Danny] Get up, we're goin'.
Get up now.
All right, all right.
[Leanne] I'm gettin' up.
[Danny] We're goin'.
That's fuckin' it.
[Leanne] Thank you.
[Cashier] Wait, are you gonna...
[Danny] Go, go, go.
Hey. Hey!
(alarm beeping)
Go, go, go, go, go, go, go!
Asshole, come here.
(tires screeching)
(gambling machines beeping)
(Leanne knocking)
[Leanne] Hey, Philip.
(Philip groans)
[Danny] How's it
goin', Philip, all right?
[Philip] I'm managing.
We're in. How are ya?
(Leanne smacks a kiss)
[Danny] Here, these are for you.
Put 'em down here.
All right?
Only 'cause we're drinkin' 'em.
(Philip grumbles)
(Leanne laughs)
How you been?
[Danny] Huh?
Can't complain.
(Philip mumbling)
[Leanne] I was gonna say,
that's a first.
You won't?
[Leanne] That's a first. (laughs)
Have a look what happened to me.
See that?
I got a job and had an accident.
Hurt it.
Well, you knew he had a job.
If you remembered, but.
[Danny] And I hurt my arm.
[Leanne] What about all
this ASP you're doin'?
What's happenin' now?
What's goin' on now?
[Danny] Hey.
What's your ASP now?
[Philip] What's what?
Who are you talkin' to now, ASP?
(mumbles) alive.
[Danny] Who is?
No she's not, buddy.
No she's not and you know.
(Philip mumbling)
[Leanne] Philip, I bought you
that frame.
No, no.
Come on.
Go and have a look see
if it's in the bedroom
for me, Danny, please will you?
The 1 1th, the 10th,1930,
13th of the 7th, 2005.
That's ve years ago, Philip.
Five years ago.
Do you think Mum would've abandoned ya?
If she was alive do you think
she would've abandoned you?
Philip, Philip.
You know what?
I'm always straight with you.
I'm always straight
with you, you know that.
All right?
And you don't like it a lot of the time
because you call me
everything under the sun,
but Leanne is the person in
the world that cares for ya.
I care for Leanne, which
means I care for you as well.
I love Leanne, which means I
have to love you by default.
Now, it's sad but it's true
that your mother passed away,
same as your dad did.
[Leanne] Everyone was
at your 50th this year.
You know?
If Mum was alive, Mum would've been there.
You couldn't do it, Philip.
You know?
(Philip grumbles)
[Danny] We'll explain next
time we visit, all right?
It's taken four and a
half, ve years, you know?
We're gonna go, all right?
We're gonna go?
All right.
We'll see ya another time, Philip.
We'll see ya a bit later.
All right, we're goin'.
All right?
All right?
(Philip mumbles)
[Leanne] Love ya.
Look at me!
Look at me!
See ya soon!
So long for now.
You all right?
[Danny] Yeah, I'm ne.
You all right?
Oh I'm ne.
(tires screech)
(horn honks)
What are ya doin'?
There's the fuckin' road down there!
Settle down.
Fuckin' A,
turnin' in front of me.
Let it go.
(Danny mumbles)
(woman chattering)
Shut your fuckin' mouth.
What's wrong with ya?
Got somethin' to say, cunt?
[Danny] No idea!
Got somethin' to say?
Fuckin' turning up there!
Give it to me, a fuckin' screwdriver.
I'm gonna stab this cunt.
Give me a fuckin' screwdriver.
Are you fuckin' nuts, Dan?
[Driver] You got somethin' to say, cunt?
(st thudding)
(everyone chattering at once)
Get out of the car.
(st thuds)
I'm not havin' it!
(tires screeching)
When I ask you for
a fuckin' screwdriver,
give me a fuckin' screwdriver!
If I wanna stab that cunt
(Leanne shouting)
in the head I'll stab
him in the fuckin' head
and there's nothin' you can say about it!
Aw fuck.
Don't fuckin' hide
my fuckin' screwdriver.
How about all the witnesses?
This is my song
Oh God of all nations
A song of peace
For lands afar and mine
This is my home
The country where my heart is
Here are my arms
My dreams, my holy shrine
But other hearts in other lands
Are beating with hopes and dreams
As true and high as mine
My country skies
Are bluer than the ocean
And other lands
Have sunlight, too
And clover
And skies are everywhere
When you're happy inside
When you're happy inside
Wake up, mate of me.
How are ya feeling?
Feelin' a little bit rat shit, are ya?
Listen, I've got a
little drink here for ya
which I thought you would like.
It's a cool drink.
Thank you, man.
Have a seat now, mateo.
[Gerard] Nearly burnt a hole
in yourself, did ya?
No I didn't.
Not in myself.
I didn't wanna burn a hole
so I put it there instead.
I'll just have it now 'cause
they all taste the same
after the first puff.
[Gerard] Well that
might taste like flesh.
I didn't rollick with
a pork ap, Gerard.
(men laugh)
It's a TallyHo paper, mate.
(Gerard laughing)
Not a sweet suckling
pork breast.
Ah, yes.
(Danny yawning)
It's a bit hard to wake up.
Now, what have you been doing?
What have I been doing?
[Danny] Yes.
Not a lot, Danny.
[Danny] But you're painting.
You've been painting?
Yes, I am painting.
I can imagine your soul going into it.
Your soul going into it, mateo.
[Gerard] Yeah.
[Danny] My soul's pretty
damaged at the moment I think.
No, it's not, Danny.
[Danny] It's Not?
It's not, mate.
I'll tell ya why.
[Danny] Why?
Because your soul is stronger than that.
What have we got here, mate?
We have a crescent moon.
That's a fuckin' crescent moon.
Isn't it?
It is.
It is, it is.
[Danny] Peter Pan.
Peter Pan.
(men laugh)
Peter Pan.
He's not there, ya see.
Peter Pan, eh?
He's not fuckin' there.
Although I feel like Peter Pan sometimes.
Do ya?
(Danny grunts)
Well ya don't look like him.
[Danny] Thank fuck for that.
Hey Dan, oh mate of me.
[Danny] What?
You think you look like him?
No, mate.
No, I don't think I look like him.
No, you're better looking than him.
[Danny] Oh thanks, mate.
[Gerard] Tell me what you think of it.
Is that a eight day,
is that the insides of an eight day clock?
("Sea Grass" by Stuart Busby)
X (mumbles) mountain made round X
X I descend the mountain X
X Everyone has to know what (mumbles) X
XI (mumbles) X
X Old town blown X
X (mumbles) compound X
X A written (mumbles) X
(Danny knocking)
Excuse me.
[Leanne] Hang on just a sec.
[Anthony] No worries, Leanne.
[Leanne] I know who
it is, Danny (mumbles).
Here ya are.
You can have these.
Love you, sweetie.
[Leanne] Thank you.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
All right?
I love you so much, Danny.
I'm really sorry.
It's all right.
Me, too.
Me, too.
Better put 'em in some water.
[Leanne] I will.
Are you all right?
Am I all right?
I'm all right.
I stayed at my mate's place.
Went for a walk and stayed at my mate's.
[Leanne] I've got a friend here.
[Danny] Oh yeah?
All right, Dan.
[Leanne] This is Anthony. Anthony?
All right.
Hello, man.
This is Danny.
All right?
Nice to meet ya, man.
Yeah, you, too.
He's an old friend of mine.
An old acquaintance.
An old buddy.
Yeah, I've known Leanne
for years, mate.
All right, sorry.
Oh yeah?
Yeah, yeah.
So, got my flowers.
All right, (mumbles).
Put 'em in some water.
[Leanne] I will.
(can popping)
Cheers everyone.
[Anthony] Cheers.
[Leanne] Hang on, wait for me. (laughs)
I've known Anthony for
quite some time, Dan.
[Danny] Oh yeah?
[Anthony] Yeah, we
used to call her Loony.
Oh yeah.
(Anthony chuckles)
That was back in the day.
I've heard that before.
(Anthony laughs)
I've heard that before.
[Anthony] Yeah it's been a while, eh?
[Danny] Lost touch, eh?
[Leanne] Quite a while.
Lost touch?
Yeah, I was surprised when
he come knockin' at the door.
Hadn't even forgotten what drink
[Anthony] I bet you had thought
I forgotten your favorite.
Yeah, I was just gonna say
with what I used to drink.
Yeah. (laughs)
Oh no.
Ain't that history?
Cheers, guys.
(Leanne laughs)
[Danny] Yeah, cheers.
(Anthony mumbles)
Good to see ya.
Good to see you, too, mate.
Been too long, too long.
Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, there's...
gotta be a reason.
I was thinkin' of catchin'
up earlier in the year.
But I had a lot of things to do,
to take care of you could say.
And now everything's taken care of
I can visit my friends and catch up
with a few people that I've
known for a while, you know?
How'd you nd out where I was?
A lot of askin' around.
A lot of askin' around.
Oh yeah?
And I got a mate that
works in the tax department
and social security. (chuckles)
Let's say that.
It helps.
It's who you know, isn't it?
That's right.
It's who you know.
It's not what you know, who you know.
See. Ah!
(Anthony chuckles)
I'll light yours this
time, how's that? (laughs)
[Anthony] What a lady.
What a lady.
(can crumpling)
[Leanne] That's still personal.
Yes, yes.
Yeah, yeah.
[Leanne] Cool.
[Anthony] I brought me panther.
[Leanne] You, aw, bullshit!
Brought me panther
You always said you would.
See, see, see?
On the tree ready to pounce.
[Leanne] And black and white.
You said black and white, no color.
That's right.
No fuckin' with it.
Sorry, Dan, but you know
we go back a long way.
You know?
And I was there for a few of them.
But there's more.
But there's more.
[Leanne] Should I look or
shouldn't I have a look at this?
[Anthony] No, it doesn't go too low.
That's it there.
Oh. (laughs)
Well ya gotta have arrows. (laughs)
Are you crazy?
[Anthony] And one more.
(Leanne laughs)
Excuse me, Danny.
[Leanne] Oh no.
[Anthony] This one I got for the police.
(Leanne mumbles)
[Leanne] Oh, there we go.
[Anthony] Fuck off.
Fuck off. (laughs)
Sorry. (laughs)
That's beautiful.
[Anthony] That's it, yeah.
That's beautiful.
That's it, mate.
That's it.
[Danny] I'll show ya some.
[Leanne] He's loaded.
[Anthony] That's extraordinary,
the one on your elbow.
I really like that one on your elbow.
There's a dragon there for ya.
[Leanne] Nothing like the
one you always said you'd get.
Yours has got color.
Traditional carp for wealth.
Oh yeah, the carp.
[Leanne] He's got a story
to all of them.
[Danny] Lookin' through the bars.
And there's a dancin' tiger.
[Anthony] Dancin' tiger?
(Leanne laughs)
That's all right, that.
He's got a story for everything.
Dancin' tiger.
[Danny] Yeah.
[Anthony] Yeah, you're with
me, Danny, you're with me.
That man's got a panther.
You're with me, mate.
For revenge and revenge
panther, revenge panther.
What's the man?
A lot of people don't know
what the panther means.
What's the man?
[Danny] So what are you doin' now?
What do you do with yourself?
What do I do with me self?
Well I been growin' tomatoes.
[Danny] Oh yeah?
Bit of veggies here and there.
[Danny] Oh yeah?
Drive a forklift around
the markets and that.
[Danny] Oh yeah?
Not really much,just
tryin' to make a livin'.
After all this time what makes ya
gure out that you come
lookin' for old friends?
What made ya, out of the blue or what?
I'll tell ya the real
reason why I'm here.
[Danny] Yeah.
I heard ya been goin'
through some hard times.
(Danny grunts)
And your arm's not, is
playin' up, your shoulder.
I was thinking I might try
and make you some money.
Help you out with some money.
'Cause I can set you up with a regular,
nice income and a nice place for yourself
so you can have everything in
life that you could possibly
ever wish for if you have the patience.
[Danny] Leanne, come here.
[Leanne] Hey.
[Danny] Leanne, come here.
[Leanne] Excuse me. (grunts)
[Anthony] Yeah.
[Leanne] I'll have a chat (mumbles).
[Anthony] Just explain to him.
I know, I'll work on it.
What the fuck do ya think
you're fuckin' doin', eh?
What the fuck do you think
you're fuckin' doin'?
Hey listen, I didn't know
he was gonna come to the door, Danny.
All right?
I didn't know he was gonna come
to the door.
You fuckin' sit there
and you're all fuckin' snuggly.
Your fuckin' cousin and talkin' about
[Leanne] He's an old acquaintance.
This and that.
You know?
We used to do a few runs together.
Whoopty doo.
You know?
[Danny] Old acquaintance.
He's someone that I've
spent a lot of time with.
[Danny] Yeah?
I've done a few runs with.
[Danny] Yeah.
And they're people.
And made a lot of money, Danny.
A lot of money.
[Danny] For who?
For who?
For myself and my kids and for them.
[Danny] Yeah?
All right?
So, only know.
(Danny mumbling)
I'll just play.
You just go.
I'll just play.
And you just cozy up.
Yeah, you play.
All right?
You're playin', I'm watchin' you play.
You go play.
Go on, go play.
Don't be jealous, Danny.
I'm not fuckin' jealous.
I'm not fuckin' wanting...
I'm not.
Just see what he's
got to say, all right?
Go on, eh?
He brought the treats.
Off ya go.
He brought the smokes.
Yeah? Good.
you know?
Let's see.
All right?
Don't fuckin' cover me up.
I'll fuckin' cover you up if! want to.
Sorry, Ant.
He just wanted to have
a bit of a chat about...
You run your own show.
You're the king, you know what I'm saying?
If you're happy of the
money you're making,
the cars you're buying,
whatever, or another house, or whatever
turns you on, turns your fancy, mate.
Try this, tell me what you think of it.
And it can get better.
It's up to you how you wanna make it.
(dishes rattling)
[Leanne] Ah!
[Anthony] Hey, Dan.
[Danny] Yeah?
Mate, I'll tell ya somethin', mate.
Everything's gonna be all right.
I'll take care of Leanne.
I have in the past.
I'm not gonna let her down, mate.
Now, I've always, always
liked Leanne, mate.
We were almost together at one stage.
[Danny] Yeah?
Yeah, but just like,
not fully on sexually,
we're just really good friends.
So don't fuckin' think that I'm heading
in the wrong direction here.
I hope you didn't take that wrong.
It was just, I fancied her.
Of course, she's a beautiful woman, mate.
Who wouldn't like her back, mate?
Thanks, mate.
No worries, mate.
No worries, mate.
That was lovely.
That was lovely.
Right here.
Thank you.
You know! love you.
I love you, too, and you know that.
You know that more than anything, right?
I love you to death.
[Danny] I love you, too, all right?
Love you, too, Danny.
[Danny] You hear me?
(ominous ambient music)
(Danny grunting)
Leanne, Leanne!
(Danny crying)
(Danny coughing)
(Danny blowing out air)
(Danny whimpering)
(crying) Oh no.
No, (crying) no.
(ice pelting car)
(Danny snifing)
(ice pelting metal)
(Danny grunting)
(Danny panting)
(Danny grunting)
(shovel scraping)
(Danny grunting)
(leaves rustling)
(Danny crying)
(rain pelting)
(re roaring)
(somber music)
(trafc whirring)
(Danny grunting)
(Danny breathing heavily)
(soft ambient music)
Fuckin' killed her.
(object clattering)
(soft ambient music)
(trafc whooshing)
(ominous ambient music)
(woman whimpers)
(woman crying)
(ominous ambient music)
(rain pattering)
You all right, man?
I want that fuckin' Anthony's number.
You know who I'm talkin' about?
I don't know.
(Danny mumbling)
I don't know.
Tattoo under his eyes?
Yeah, I want his number.
I don't want no trouble.
Yeah, just wait, just wait.
I need to get a hold of him, right?
So I heard his number.
[Man In Red Shirt] I'll be able
to give you someone's number
and (speech drowned out by trafc).
Sorry, mate, I just don't wanna
Yeah, yeah, yeah, right.
I just want his number.
[Man In Red Shirt] 5422718971.
[Man] You're looking for him, right?
You're looking for him (mumbles).
(men chattering)
(Danny breathing heavily)
(knuckles tapping on metal)
[Danny] How ya doin'?
[Man] Who's that?
It's Danny.
[Danny] Yeah, all right.
How are ya?
[Man] Yeah, all right.
[Danny] I'm lookin'
for a bloke, Anthony?
You know.
He's got a tattoo dollar on his face.
You know who I'm talkin' about?
Mauritian, shorter
Lookin' dude.
Bit lighter in color than you.
A bit lighter in color.
He's got a...
[Man] Doesn't ring a bell, Danny.
He's Mauritian and got a
tattooed dollar under his eye.
Does a bit of gear.
I'm looking for who
sells to him, you know?
Why do you wanna know that for?
What do I wanna know about that?
I'm lookin' for Anthony.
I'm lookin' for Anthony.
[Man] I don't know an Anthony.
You don't know Anthony.
[Man] No.
Yeah, right.
Am I gonna a buy a fuckin' deal?
[Man] Are you here
to buy a deal or what?
I'm just askin', look.
Who's fuckin' Anthony?
[Man] I know a Mullet.
You got his number?
[Man] I don't have his number, no.
[Danny] You don't have his number?
[Danny] But you know he's in the country
and you know his name.
Know your boys (mumbles).
Yeah, there's somethin'
I'm gonna ask you again.
[Man] What do you wanna know for?
What do I wanna know for?
He's actually fuckin' killed
somebody and you're fuckin'
Relax, man.
[Man] Hey, hey, hey.
[Danny] (mumbles) or I'm
gonna fuckin' kill him.
[Man] Come on brother,
relax man.
Sit down.
Sit fuckin' down or I'll put it
through his head.
(man mumbles)
Sit fuckin' down now or
I'll fuckin' cave him.
Relax, man.
Grab your deals and fuck off.
Sit down or I'm gonna cave his
fuckin' head in.
Sit down.
You fuckin'...
Easy man.
(man cries out)
[Danny] Shut up.
I'm gonna fuckin' kill you. (mumbles)
Don't kill me, please.
Is that it?
Don't kill me.
That's it.
That's Mullet.
Please don't fuckin' kill me.
I'm gonna fuckin'
tell you somethin'.
Please don't
fuckin' kill me, please.
I'm gonna tell ya.
(Danny coughing)
(ominous ambient music)
(dogs barking)
You smoke?
(dogs barking)
(ies buzzing)
I know you know him.
I know you know him.
I wanna deal with Anthony, the Mauritian.
You know?
(dogs barking)
(man shouts)
(birds squawking)
(dog barking)
(birds squawking)
(ominous ambient music)
(man grunting)
(tape crackling)
(man grunting)
(man crying)
You fuckin'...
(man whimpering)
(man crying)
Now you tell me where he is
or I'm gonna fuckin' kill you.
You understand me, you walkin' cunt?
You piece of fuckin' shit.
Tell me!
Yes, yes. (crying)
(Danny coughing)
(Danny spits)
(tires crunching)
(trafc whooshing)
(water running)
(men grunting)
(Danny grunting)
(Anthony gurgling)
(Danny breathing heavily)
(water dripping)
("Dambala" by Exuma)
Oh Dambala
Come Dambala
Oh Dambala
Come Dambala
Sing of the wings
Of a three toed frog
Eat weeds from the deepest
Part of the sea
Bring the trumpet from heaven
And the re from hell
Then nobody
Can break the spell
Oh Dambala
Come Dambala
Oh Dambala
Come Dambala
On the seventh day
God will appear
On the seventh night
Satan will be there
On the seventh day
God will appear
On the seventh night
Satan will be there
Oh Dambala
Come Dambala
Oh Dambala
Come Dambala
Oh Dambala
Come Dambala
Oh Dambala
Come Dambala
Oh Dambala
Come Dambala
(somber music)