Haitian Corner (1988) Movie Script

My name is Julie Mnard.
I spent seven years in
the state penitentiary.
I was picked up on the street.
I was kept in an empty room
without food or drink for 11 days.
I wasn't even allowed
to lean against the wall.
Every night at one in the morning,
an officer came round
to check my condition,
especially my swollen feet.
On the twelfth day, they
ordered me to get undressed.
They tied my hands behind my back,
took my head between their legs,
and began beating me...
Every day they woke us
up at 2:30 in the morning.
They put us under
an ice-cold shower.
There, we could wet
a small piece of cloth
to wipe the face of a
sick or dying friend.
At 6 A. M., they gave
us a tiny piece of bread
with coffee in a bowl
that everyone drank from.
The torture and
beatings were bad enough,
but it was the disease and
depression that killed most of us.
We had to get along as best
we could without medicine,
'cause the guards sold it outside.
When we had bruises or lesions,
we had to use our own
urine to clean them.
For our sores and infected ulcers,
we used the cement dust in the cell.
When our clothes
became really too dirty,
we'd use urine also
to disinfect them.
How happy I am
To learn about people's actions
I was never a choirboy
Eagerness in ransacking the county
Armed struggle for money
Radicals aren't what they used to be
Empty talk in the congress
Plotting in the back
The same old story
Let's suppose for a while
That we could fight together
What a dream! But tell me how
Long live the oppositiont
So long, Joseph!
Is Hegel there, please?
President Jean-Claude Duvalier declared
to the AFP... that those people...
had been manipulated... He won't
tolerate any more disturbance.
The Carter administration
has renewed it's position
that it would not support any
dictatorial regime on American soil.
Once again, the
summay of today's news.
So, good night and... hang in there!
Watch them, brother.
Watch them.
Watch them even if you
don't have the strength.
If they try to crush you,
then hold your ground.
If they try to devour you,
then, keep your eyes open.
If you must run,
you better know where to.
If you must die,
know the reason why.
Watch them, brother. Watch
them even if you don't like it.
'Cause in this game, brother,
you won't get a second chance.
What are you doing
here at this hour?
I live here too, remember?
I do remember, unfortunately.
I had a dream.
You were in it.
You must've slept well then!
I received your father's papers.
We have one week to decide.
I don't understand you.
I asked you to take
care of your father.
Not to leave him
alone, to take him out.
But it's not your problem, is it?
Keep looking away...
and one day, your father
will jump out of the window.
Stop it, will you? -Are
you telling me what to do?
What's wrong with you?
What's in your head?
You go to work when you feel like
it. Here you waste your time writing.
And talking nonsense.
-Now who's talking?
Pay! -I'll pay.
You blocked over
there already, idiot!
Here he is!
Our national poet! -You're going
places, now you've been on the radio!
Leave the guy alone.
We might make it too, now.
I knew we would get
somewhere one day.
See yourself as a muse?
You bunch of drunkards!
So I sat there...
Two guys were facing me.
The woman hadn't come back yet
so I turned to the two guys...
How's things? -I'm okay.
10...16 points. No way! 6...
12...13 points.
He's won again!
Hey you, artist!
You wrote this? -You
have something to say?
Yeah, I think it's a crock of shit.
I feel like throwing up
with your intellectual bullshit. If you
had any balls... you wouldn't be here!
Justin, man, leave it!
-It's just a lot of crap!
Please, not again.
-My mouth is mine.
I'll speak if I want to.
A mouth bigger than your brain.
What? -I said your mouth
is... -Stop it! Come on!
Look, guys,
if you want to fight, go outside!
Same goes for you too.
You hear me, Bossuet?
Jean... I want to introduce you
to Joseph. We grew up together.
She often talks about
you. It's nice to meet you.
Nice here. -You like it?
It gave me a lot of
headaches, but it was worth it.
Things seem to be
working out, don't they?
Come with me.
What can I say? Congratulations.
You're moving right up.
Sit down.
Finished my papers? -I
knew that's why you came.
Here it is... all typed.
Except your spelling mistakes.
-What mistakes? That's my style.
It's beautiful, what
you wrote. -Really?
I liked it...
A little rough, but...
It's just a first draft.
I would like to continue.
Do you know Mr. Csar?
He wants to help me.
Great! At last things are moving.
On the phone, you told
me you'd do it right away.
There were complications. -What?
That's not very professional
Joseph, you're not even listening.
Now you say 2 weeks.
I don't understand!
OK. I'll leave the money.
And I'll be in touch. Good-bye.
What's wrong? -Do you
recognize this book? -Yes, I do.
You don't understand?
Stand up!
Name you're accomplices!
-I don't have any, I don't know!
Joseph, answer me!
Looking for something?
Stop! You're crazy!
I'll smash your head in!
Don't think that's the end of it.
You're completely mad!
You need help, man!
You're off the rails! -Where is he?
Where is who?
Sylvain Theodor. You were with him.
Is this a joke? So
far it's not funny.
Tell me where he
is and I'll forget it.
Forget what? What's all this
shit? -Look, it will be a scandal.
If they find out about your
secret meetings with a torturer.
Now I don't get it. Where
is your guy? In my pocket?
You see anyone?
Exile has really gone
to your head, man.
You better go and
see your friend Hegel.
Soon you'll have a
cowboy hat and a gun.
...at Sarah's for a money transfer.
Here in New York? Why
would he come here?
Look, Hegel, I'm not an idiot!
You wouldn't know about Theodor? You
always know everything that's going on.
You're the one telling me about him.
Not only him.
I saw Wilson's car too. -So
what? -At the same place?
So, were they hugging each other?
You saw it with your own eyes?
I'll never forget the voice.
How could I forget it?
I'm sure it was him.
See this cane?
How long have I had it now?
About 8 years, right?
You talk about forgetting?
I can't even forget the smells.
The noises.
Details that you'd never think
were important. I remember them all.
Forget, you say!
I was caught after the curfew.
A jeep full of tontons
macoutes militia men.
Looking for a good time.
They beat me with a metal bar.
I fell down, crying,
begging them to stop.
Bathing in blood and excrement.
When I showed no sign of life,
they dragged me to the intersection
and ran over me with the jeep.
I was lucky they only got my leg.
Why do you tell me this now?
I've never told
that story to anyone.
What hurts the most is not
my leg. But the shame of it all.
Open up, please. -What do you want?
We're closed. Come back tomorrow.
I can't. -We're closed.
Open up, or I'll make a
scene. Open this damn gate now!
Hury up. There's a guy asking
for you. -Joseph, what's going on?
Help me, I must get
that guy's address.
Who are you talking about?
Who is he? -Don't
wory, he's my brother.
Tell him to go.
Well, there are several names.
Which one do you want?
This one? He didn't
leave any address.
He was transferring money. -What
do you mean? Who's he sending it to?
Joseph, I'm not allowed to.
Sarah, give me the name, damn it!
Madame Mimose.
What's up, Pete?
You see that guy?
He's been like that for years.
Every day, he gets up, gets
dressed, he packs his things.
To go back to Haiti.
Goes to the travel agency,
asks for the cost of a flight.
Then stays there all day long.
That's how Haitians live here.
Don't you have that
problem? -I have others.
At the parking lot?
The other day in this parking lot,
they found a guy in a big Jaguar.
His head on the steering
wheel, his eyes staring at God.
Man, I wouldn't
have died like that...
You're still writing, Joseph?
Listen to this good
joke you might use.
There's this minister. Like myself.
Who tries to get money
for his congregation.
He finally gets $10. 000
but he wants to keep it.
So he says to them...
What would you choose between:
$500 or be saved by Jesus Christ?
The congregation sings back:
We would choose Jesus,
we would choose Jesus.
What would you choose between:
$1.500 and Jesus Christ?
They sing back: We
would choose Jesus.
And between $10.500 and Jesus
Christ, what would you choose?
They say: Give us time to
think, give us time to think.
Is he serious?
No idea...
But who cares?
The guy you were looking for...
Did you find him?
Nothing of importance.
I thought I recognized someone.
You looked so frightened!
Forget about it.
Is that how you deal with it?
I do what I can.
Whatever you say.
Do you love him? -Who? Jean?
Your fianc.
It depends...
Depends on what?
I'm comfortable
with him. He's smart.
He's ambitious.
You used to be more romantic!
You scared me.
Yes, I'm leaving...
See you tomorrow.
Me too...
You know, man... Justin is right.
If a guy really has balls,
he shouldn't stay in New York!
He should go back home to fight.
Take a few guys,
good weapons,
then go back there.
Start a guerilla war and crush them.
Overthrow the government,
and have done with it!
You? -Not me.
I'm too old now. But
10 years ago in Miami...
with Colonel Mira...
Intensive training.
You should have seen it!
At the end, we had a
real good little army.
I should've waited for you.
The problem was... on
the day of departure...
half of the guys did not show up.
The U. S. Coast Guard
captured the rest.
Yeah, forget it, forget it.
Where are you taking
me? Where are we?
I'll turn right but where?
These are factories.
Jews, Puerto Ricans.
There are no Haitians round here.
What are you doing?
Who gave you this address?
OK, let's go to Broadway and
we'll see what's on Broadway.
I hope you know where to go now.
Damn, Joseph, I have things
to do. -I've got to go to work.
I want to help you but we've
driven around for hours now!
This is New York, man. You must
know your way. Broadway is long.
How do you think
we'll find this place?
How will you find the guy in this
madhouse? -What else can I do?
This will be fun, man.
So, what do you want to do now?
I've no more time. I must go.
This one can go on the front page.
We'll do a special
edition for the rest. OK?
Forget the carnival?
No way! We'll use it
in a couple ofweeks.
It'll work just as well.
Anyway, it's better than...
Hegel... can we have a talk?
Right now?
Right now.
OK, come in.
I'm sory about the other day.
Do you have any news?
-What do you mean?
Find anything out?
-You're starting again.
I'm fed up with your stories!
Have you nothing better to do?
We're not in Haiti anymore, man.
After 2 years here,
you still don't get it!
Get a grip on yourself!
I often ask you to work
with us but you refuse.
Joseph, I was always there for you.
I'm your friend.
Forget about that stuff.
It's not helping anyone.
I am beyond that,
Hegel. I have to know.
OK, but don't count on me.
-You mean you don't care?
What I mean is that I
won't help you with this.
What should I do? Forget everything?
Prison... the taste of your piss?
I don't want to forget!
But there are other methods.
You're not alone in this.
Life goes on. -You know what...
How are you, Joseph?
How do you feel now? -Fine, thanks.
Do you want to talk
to us now? -Yes. -Good.
I'd like the names of your friends.
The ones who are writing
political pamphlets. -I don't know.
The pamphlets? -I have no idea.
Do you know Mr. Gutenberg?
Everyone knows him.
You were seen several times leaving
Gutenberg's place with 3 or 4 people.
I don't know anybody. -What do
you mean? I want their names!
You understand?
I am talking to you.
What are their names?
Your accomplices.
It's nobody... I don't know anybody.
I don't know their names.
Joseph, you went to school, right?
You're educated... a poet, a writer.
Now stop playing with me.
Who delivers those
pamphlets for you?
I don't understand. I don't know.
You know about those
pamphlets in Port-au-Prince?
A young man like you...
wasting your life with pamphlets.
I am talking to you!
Who are your associates?
I want to know.
Your associates, I said!
Sit down!
Your associates!
Who are they? -I don't know!
You don't understand? Your
associates. I asked you their names.
I don't know what
you are talking about!
Mister Joseph, why
are you here then?
Were you arrested for
no reason? -I don't know.
Don't you speak French?
-Yes, I do! -Answer in French!
Yes, I speak... -Why are you here?
Because... -Why?
The military arrested
me, brought me in!
They don't arrest
people for no reason.
They arrested you for
the pamphlets. Yes? -Yes.
So that's why!
You admit it.
That's why they arrested you!
Good. Now I want the names
of those who were with you.
Their names.
You recognize this?
Yes, I do.
You know how to write, don't you?
Do yourself a favor
and write the names.
We spoke to Jrmie.
He gave us some names.
Now I want more from you.
I don't... -Write here.
Are you a poet or not?
You still haven't written anything?
I'll write, I'll write!
What's the matter?
I'll write.
Listen Joseph. Would
you like a beer?
Would you like one?
A beer?
You don't want it? The
gentleman doesn't drink beer.
Poets don't drink, do they?
They write pamphlets.
Want some now?
Everything's all right now, isn't
it? Let's drink. So I won't have...
to upset you anymore.
Still not written anything?
I'll write them down now.
You want to now? -I'll
write them down now.
I've been asking you all
the time. Now you want to.
Give me that!
For the last time...
give me the names.
The names of your accomplices!
When an officer
talks to you, look up!
Are you ready now?
Still not written anything?
I don't have a pen...
to write with.
Young man...
Sit up straight!
I am talking to you.
You recognize this, don't
you? -Yes, sir, I do.
You'll give me the names now?
I don't have... -Will
you give me the names?
Yes, but I don't have a pen...
-Then talk! No need to write.
Are you coming? -Here I am.
Brunel... this door.
Are you coming, man?
Let's get out of here.
Are you insane?
That's not why we came.
Should I leave empty-handed?
Why did you bring me then?
To hell with you!
You have to make up your mind.
I found an agent for you. Now
you tell me you don't have time.
Don't wory, Mr. Csar, I'll do it.
This is a unique opportunity.
He likes your work.
Stop playing around.
Wait here. I'll be back. Don't go.
Where did you find this? -I also
have secrets. Private collection.
No. It's yours. You can keep it.
I was right not to have
thrown it away, wasn't I?
What will I do with it?
7 years of prison are enough.
It's over now.
Thanks anyway.
Whatever you say.
Home already, boy?
Your mother's been
looking for you all day.
Where were you?
You should have known.
I quit my job.
You've done it now!
And now?
I have to go. Maybe Jean can help.
Give me a break with Jean.
Are you avoiding me?
No, I'm not.
Too busy?
Playing games with me?
If it's a game, it's over right now.
Let me go.
Jean is waiting downstairs.
I am leaving.
That's for your father.
That's for me.
Your father had a very bad day.
He won't listen to me,
and he refuses to eat.
When are you taking him away?
Early tomorrow. His
things are packed.
You came to arrest me?
You've made a mistake.
A mistake?
I don't think so.
I didn't touch a thing.
You took a big risk.
Are you out of your mind?
-You lied to me. About Theodor.
You were in the car, weren't you?
Come on, let's go.
Look at this.
Our high school picture. -So?
He's been in New
York for a while now.
Theodor? -Yes.
He got himself in trouble.
A stupid fight in a nightclub.
He killed a foreigner.
They helped him leave the county.
So you gave him asylum.
Be serious.
It's not that simple.
He gave us a list.
With the picture.
Some of them were
supposed to be executed.
We warned them in time.
Great! Theodor's a national hero!
Look, that's not our
business. He contacted us.
You are stirring up this stoy again.
I hope you'll keep it to yourself.
Some people would be
happy to sabotage our work.
Where is Theodor?
That's my problem.
I don't want to be... an
accomplice to your vengeance.
Who's the accomplice here?
Don't turn things around.
Maybe he was manipulating you...
giving you a few names
to gain your confidence.
And as I can see, it worked.
You are completely crazy.
Oh, really? I am crazy?
That's how you see it?
You know who sees
clear in this mess?
All he wants is your protection.
You disgust me, Hegel...
with your compromises...
always tying to weigh
the pros and the cons...
It's a luxury!
You people in New York, you talk
about democracy all day long.
Democracy all over the place.
There is no time in
Haiti to play democrat.
You have to survive or slowly
rot... an entire generation.
So now Joseph Bossuet is
the judge of us all... Is that it?
But when we need you,
we can never find you.
Our work is obviously not
glamorous enough for you.
We're there.
Let's go.
Now what's wrong?
You wanted to see Sylvain
Theodor, didn't you?
Well... what are you waiting for?
Go on!
He is right there.
What's wrong?
Lost your courage?
Go on... get him.
Make him pay. Don't let
him have his golden exile.
Not Theodor, nor all the others.
Why stop there? There are still lots
more big offenders, small offenders.
You've got a lot of
work to do. Go ahead!
It's not... -I know. Here people
sometimes go to jail for murder.
But it's a small risk
for such an easy solution.
Make an example. Go on.
You don't understand. -No
one will miss him. No one!
The guy's washed up.
Defenseless. Go ahead!
Give me another shot.
You don't speak Creole?
Brunel, what's up, pal?
Good to see you.
Don't spare the rum! -Speak English
to him. He doesn't speak Creole.
What's he doing?
Here's to reconciliations!
Don't get sentimental on me now.
You have my present?
Sometimes I ask myself why.
Please, Aunty...
You are always
getting into arguments.
And Jean should understand
things can't go on like this...
Never mind other people.
We don't live in a small town.
If you want my opinion...
I think it's a scandal.
No matter where you go,
trouble follows you around.
If it wasn't for you, I'd
have gone back long ago.
Can I turn on the light?
I need to speak to you.
It doesn't matter anymore.
Is that where we stand?
Sarah, please...
Forgive me.
I don't know what came over me.
I don't recognize you
anymore. -That's the way it is.
And you?
You don't see what's going on here.
Little Miss Social Climber.
You think you've made it?
And that bothers you?
You prefer mediocrity? I don't.
I want to live.
I came to say good-bye.
I'm moving in with Jean for a while.
For a while?
Till I find my own place.
And I'm going back to school.
You don't say?
OK, fine! -Sarah, please go!
You are so naive, Joseph.
I know quite well...
What's going on inside your head?
Have you forgotten I was
the one beside your bed...
when you were delirious?
You came here with
nothing but skin and bones.
Now I should keep quiet?
Let's face it...
You let me down.
I never let you down.
Yes, you did.
Like you let down your mother
and father, your job, your dreams.
I never told you before:
there was a time when I would
have followed you anywhere.
I never loved you as a brother.
When I came to your
family, I was a child.
But even then, I loved you.
You hear me? I loved you as a man.
You've done your best
to destroy everything.
I've no time for your stories.
I'm tired of all this too.
I won't let you drag me
into this hole you're digging.
I don't need any soup.
You're Haitian.
You're not supposed to come in here.
It's my workplace.
Don't you recognize me, Colonel?
What are you talking about?
Why don't you go?
Just go away, mister.
Hey, brother... there
must be something wrong.
Let us talk... We'll
find an explanation.
Is that your name now?
Bossuet, don't do anything stupid.
Now your memory's returning.
I have to protect
myself. It's not easy.
It won't get you anywhere.
What the hell...
What the hell is this?
You can't blame me
for all your troubles.
If you'd been in my position,
you'd have done the same thing.
Come on, man.
Come on, brother.
Think for a moment.
Don't do this.
What would you
have done in my place?
We don't choose our role in life.
You think I enjoy this? After
all I did for those people.
I am nothing here.
Get them!
You're not going to do this.
The bastards! I knew it! -Shut up!
You won't do this, will you?
You won't kill me, will you?
Don't shoot me,
Bossuet! Don't do it!
Don't! You hear me?
Don't do this to me!