Halal (2017) Movie Script

Father. Brother-in-law is coming
What did you say?
Brother-in-law has come
Why has he come after
everything is over?
What does he belong here now?
Is he not satisfied
ruining our lives?
Im warning you. Do not take him in
Now, we dont share
any relation with him
And yes, if he says anything wrong
then I will break his jaw
Im warning you
shall I give you water?
Take it
What brings you here?
Is Halim there?
- Hmm..
I wanted to speak to
you something important
Tell me
Ive come to take her away
You cant take your wife back
after the 'talaq'(divorce)
Don't you know?
I know
But this is not the procedure of
divorce in our religion, right?
We can't divorce
our partner all of a sudden
Even if we want to,
it takes three months
We need to say 'Talaq' every month
That too in presence of the few
jury members of the society
Also need to return the token amount
taken during the marriage
I haven't done anything of that sort
So as per the religious practice,
we are still married
In that case,
why did you let my daughter
stay here for 2 years?
You know my condition
I couldn't say anything to mother
That time my mother was alive
When did this happen?
- Six months passed
Why didn't you inform us?
- Yes
Hatred is kept aside
during bad times
We would have at least
come for the last rites
Leave it
If I had come soon
after mother's death
it wouldn't look good
That's why I have come now
It would be better if
he had died earlier
Let it be, son-in-law
You must not use bad
words for the dead
Let bygone be bygone
See you
I want to settle down
with Halim again
Let me know your decision
I will come on next Friday
"God is great."
Do you listen to me?
Will smoking solve the problem?
What do we do now?
Don't make noise
We should think of
our daughter's betterment
It's no use digging the past
Son-in-law has personally come
to take her away. So let her go
Even her mother-in-law is no more.
She will live happily
Sister. Sister
What happened?
- Eat something
If you love her so much,
why did you leave her then?
Because of my mother.
Mother had made her life hell
With the daybreak,
mother would attack on her
with her abusive language
Everyone starts working
from early morning
But she's sitting idle over here
My bad luck
Idiot, are you dead?
Huh? Can't you work in speed?
Will you take so much
time making a cup of tea?
Do you hear me, you idiot?
Yes, mother, I'm giving you.
- Get it, fast
She had to marry my son only.
My bad luck
Give it
Are you going, son?
- Yes
Take your lunch box
Hey, lazy girl,
did you pack his lunch box?
Has he married you
for making you rest?
Will you let my son starve?
Hey, do you hear me?
Can't do a single job properly.
She makes her husband starve
and keeps eating the entire day.
He has left now.
Are you blind?
Every chores is late
Now will you keep me starving
So, what you wanted
has happened, right?
When will you get rid of this sin?
Are you brought here for
praising you all the time?
Or will your mother come
and do these chores?
Now, you will also
starve the entire day
I will break your bones
if you eat even a morsel
Don't cry, Halim
I can understand everything
but what do I do?
After all, she's my mother
I tried to explain her a lot of time
But everyone's nature is different.
What can we do in this?
Don't take her words seriously
Come. Let's eat
Don't vent your anger on food
Come on
See, even I won't eat
if you wouldn't eat
Bring water.
- Yes, I will
Hurry up
I will bring it.
- Are you deaf?
Have you died or what?
I'm calling out to you
from such a long time
Can't you hear?
What did you put in the water?
Want to kill me?
Are you blind?
- What have I done?
Will you argue with me? Will you?
Let me show you now
Tell her to die
You will kill her if she stays here
Nothing doing.
Now, I will end this matter
Our relation is over now
I'm divorcing you.
'Talaq'. 'Talaq'. 'Talaq'
Yes, defame me in the village
Make a scene of me in the village
My son's life is
ruined because of you
Go, don't come back.
You proved me bad in the society
Let's go.
- You proved me wrong
How will you pay this sin
Don't cry
Come here
Come, sit here
Don't cry
I'm not angry on you
You know that it is my mistake
But nothing is in my control
I'm not even thinking
of divorcing you
But I can't drive away
my mother from the house
People will spit on me if I do that
They will say that I've driven
away mother for my wife
If I drive you away
they will praise me
that I've driven out
my wife for my mother
See, if I really let you stay with
me she will kill you one day
Instead, you go home
You're fine there
Hey.. but I want to stay with you
She will kill you if you stay here.
So what do I do now?
You think I don't
want you in my life?
But if you stay here,
I don't want to take
the sin of killing you
Come with me
But now my mother is no more
Now, I there's no problem
if I bring her back
Even I can't live without her
She's my wife
2 years are more than enough.
- Yeah
With the daybreak this
man starts smoking
No financial support
at all from his side
How long I can run everything alone?
We have three daughters
But this man is least bothered
Things are getting difficult
to settle one daughter
Wonder what future has in store
What will happen? God is there
He will do good
Yes, God has heard our prayers.
Sister's mother-in-law died
Now, the king and the queen
will be all alone at home
Is that so?
Hey, sister will take
me along and not you
Isn't it?
- Yes, I will take you along
Take her. My burden will reduce
I will go with sister.
She won't take you
Get away
Halim can't go back
What did you say?
We can't send Halim back
This practice is not
followed in our religion
Don't talk nonsense. Are you mad?
Son-in-law had personally
come to take her away
Why can't we send her?
I've never seen this in my life
that one can take
back his divorced wife
This practice is not
there in our religion
But.. - A divorcee
can marry another man
But she can't return
to her first husband
I know this for sure
But son-in-law said
that even Quran doesn't accept
divorce given in anger
And he also didn't
return the token amount
Without returning the token amount
divorce is not legal
What does he know?
As if you know everything
As if you live life on God's saying
I'm telling you as much as I know
I've never seen a husband
who has returned the token amount
No one does this, these days
Once divorced, woman returns home
And rots all her life or remarries
And it is difficult to
get a husband second time
But a man does second marriage
And he even marries
an unmarried girl
Men after all, are a sly
Even if we wish to send her,
what will people say?
Our society will not accept this
Why are you concerned
about people's opinion?
Son-in-law himself had
come to take her away
We've two more daughters at home
I don't want to ruin
their lives for one daughter
What a life!
Its worst than a dog
Then what should we do now?
I don't know that
I will consult our priest
He will suggest a solution
You don't worry
We are going to meet priest
We will ask him.
Will find some way
- Salutations!
Come, sit. Sit
Well, we wanted to speak
to you about something
Yes, tell me
You know that Balu's daughter
is divorced 2 years ago
what has happened has happened
How long will you let her live alone?
Find a better match
and get her remarried
That's why I've come to you
Why? What has happened?
Balu's son-in-law had
come home yesterday
He was talking of taking away Halim
Is it?
- Hmm
I've never seen this in my life
that a woman has
returned to her husband
I've heard about it.
But I've never seen in my life
This is a totally new matter
But Balu, Quran has answers
to all the questions in life
Of this world as well
as the other world
But my son-in-law says that the way
he divorced her was not legal
And he also didn't
return the token amount
The boy is correct
According to the holy Quran, it is
illegal to divorce someone like this
It is wrong
Three month's time is
given to divorce anyone
Every month,
in presence of the jury members
one has to declare his divorce
But these days, it has become the
trend of divorcing wife in this way
People don't follow
what is said in Hadith
They twist and turn it
as their requirement
If your son-in-law knew this
then why did
he divorce her in this way?
He said he was angry at that time
And his anger calmed down after
divorcing his wife, right?
Let bygone be bygone
Now you tell me what I should do now
Let me tell you, Balu
In such a situation,
Holy Quran says that..
Halim can't marry Kuddus so easily
Meaning? I didn't understand
Hadith prescribes a proper tradition
to be followed by every Muslims
It is called 'Halala' (legitimate)
According to this, if
your son-in-law wants to take away
Halim to his house,
he will have to remarry Halim
But before that your daughter
must marry another man
That man can divorce her
only after her 'Iddat'
(waiting period) is over
If she turned out to be pregnant
then that man can divorce her only
after she gives birth to a child
And only after that
Kuddus can remarry Halim
Doing anything against
this rule is illegal..
as per the religious practice
Isn't there any other
solution to this?
This rule is made for those men..
who consider women their slave,
or use them
This rule is made to
bring them down to earth
Come to me without hesitation
if you need any help
It's our duty to unite the lovers
Kuddus and Halim's
marriage will become
an example in the village
- Bye
"God is great."
What rule is this?
Son-in-law is ready to take her away
But this is something new now
It's nothing new.
It's mentioned in our religion
We must follow it
But are you convinced with it?
Can't we think of any other solution?
It is mentioned in the Quran
that is followed everywhere
Even the priest said
there's no other solution
- Don't get on my nerves
This is a custom
If we want to send
our daughter back
then we must follow it
I had never heard of such a thing.
Is it really possible?
I also heard it for the first time
In our religion,
a woman can easily go back to
her in-law's house
even if she has stayed
at her maternal house
for 2 or more years
And this second marriage in
your religion is totally strange
This is a rule in our religion.
We can't change it
This rule is made to
punish a husband
who leaves woman
anytime on his will
Now, he must pay for it
Tell me one thing. If this rule
is made to punish a husband
then how's he suffering in this?
Woman has to suffer by getting
married to another man
Mother, I'm going. Yes
Hello, chief.
- Hello. How are you?
You seem to be in a hurry today
Yes, Balu's daughter's
matter needs to be resolved
I'm going there.
- It's a big problem in a way
He should have quietly sent his
daughter but started with all this
Now, this is a custom
in their religion
So one must follow it.
- Yes
And when their priest has said,
we can't avoid him.
- That's true
I will go there, okay?
- Yes. Okay
Vanna, bring some water
Feeling very thirsty
When is son-in-law coming?
How do I know?
You've informed everyone else, right?
Even they haven't come as yet
Why should I call them
unless the son-in-law arrives?
Why waste on tea?
Let the son-in-law come.
Then we will call them
- Salutations
Give him water
Sit, I will come in a moment.
Make some tea for him. - Yes
Take it.
- Take it
Okay, son-in-law,
it's good if everything is followed
as per the customs and religions
- Yes
I never deny
I'm here for that
I just want to take Halim back
You want to take her away, right?
Okay then
Follow the religious customs
Take her away and live happily
Yes, but I didn't understand
What do you mean by
religious customs?
What's the religious custom?
Son-in-law, as per the rule if
you want to take back Halim
then you must marry her again
But before that Halim
should marry someone else
and when he divorces her,
you can remarry Halim
and live with her
Otherwise, you cannot
You all know our financial condition
I can't afford the second
marriage of one daughter
I still have two more daughters
Balu, everyone's fate is with him
If it is about
your daughter's betterment
then God is there
Why do you worry?
You tell us what do we do now
What will I say?
Whatever son-in-law says
I want to take Halim back
But don't you think this rule of
marrying another man is strange?
How can anyone marry off
his wife with someone else?
Look, son-in-law
After you divorced her,
now she's not your wife
You will divorce a woman
anytime you wish to
Then what should that woman do?
What is her fault?
No one should do this
in life that's why..
this rule is made in our religion
so as to punish the man
I didn't know this rule
Now, you understood it, right?
So, now decide what to do
I can't understand
these religious rules
You can't, right?
Then don't worry
Rest assured and do as we say
Tell me one thing,
you love Halim, right?
You can do anything for her, right?
You want to take her away, right?
Then do as I say
Let everything happen
as per the religious way
We will get Halim married
to someone temporarily
And then we will tell
him to divorce her
Once, she is divorced
we will get you both remarried
Then live happily
What say?
- Yes
So, what do you think about this,
I need to ask
the priest from our village
Look, son-in-law
Whether it is said by priest of
this village or that village
The rules mentioned
in Quran don't change
Every Muslim all over the world
has to follow the same rules
It doesn't change anywhere.
Let him ask. For his satisfaction
Right, son-in-law?
Yes, let's go
let me say this as I'm elder to you
Now, that you've stepped
further don't step back
It's lucky to get a wife like Halim
Don't desert her now
Look, God has made rules
for our betterment
You love her, right?
You want her, right?
Then we must follow
the rules... The religious customs
Besides all of us are there with you.
Don't worry
And Balu,
don't worry about the money
Don't let your daughter stay
at home for money constraints
I'm there. I will help you
And you're lucky to get
such a good son-in-law
Don't let him go.
- Yes
Everything will happen
as per God's wish
Okay? See you
- Bye
We must help him after all.
- Bye
Who else will otherwise help him?
- That's why I was telling
Did you ask Halim?
What's to ask her?
She's a girl.
What does she understand in this?
She will do what we say
Still I think we should ask Halim
What do I say?
You ask her
Come out
What do you think? What should we do?
What do I say?
Whatever you decide
Have you thought over this?
I don't understand anything else
I just want to live with you
Alright then
Then even I'm ready
You look for a boy
And let everything happen
as per the religious rules
Once he divorces Halim
I will remarry her
See you
So, what is decided, Pasha?
About what?
Marrying Balu's daughter
Are you mad? You're talking anything
Why? What happened?
You will get such a good wife
like Halim for three months
You're getting
an opportunity and you.
So you take this opportunity.
Why do you tell me?
I already have one.
I can't afford to spend after her
But you have the options to
manage with more than one
Think over it
You will not have to
spend much on her
It's so strange!
Halim's husband has agreed to
marry her off with another man
Is he not ashamed?
Such different things are
happening in our village
What's different in this?
- It is
This is in their religion
But that son-in-law is quite strange
He's ready to let her
marry another man
It is really lucky to get
such a husband in this time
He loves her a lot
That's true. Halim is really lucky
It is her 2 years penance
May she be blessed!
Hope she gets a good
husband this time
Yes. - Otherwise,
if he wouldn't divorce her then..
They will consider this point
before marrying her off
It's not that.
- Then?
Halim is beautiful.
- Yes
And it doesn't take time for
a man to change from his word
I hope she gets a gentleman
What do you think?
Will everything be fine?
I find it really very strange
But brother-in-law loves you a lot
He's very good
He can do anything for me
We can see that
He had divorced me for my sake only
He couldn't see my plight
But this rule, your second marriage?
Are you ready for all this?
Now, I can't see him in pain
If he wanted,
he would have remarried by now
But he didn't do that
You're right
Now, even
your mother-in-law is no more
You can live happily with him
But I can't understand
about this rule
Leave it
The elderly people are there
They will decide
Whatever is God's wish
Now, go to sleep
That's true
We can say anything
But brother-in-law is a good man
I wish you get someone
like him again
We will find another boy?
But marry her with him
And then remarry her with son-in-law
How will we manage?
Our two daughters are
yet to be married off
How do we arrange for
such a big amount?
People will help us but how much?
And how do we repay them?
We haven't repaid the loan taken
for Halim's first marriage
If we have to go on repaying
the loans what do we eat?
We will die in this struggle
My mind is totally blank now
God only knows how many
generations will die in this way
Wonder why poor has
to suffer so much?
For which of our sin
God is punishing us?
What life is this?
Just go on working from
morning till evening
Why are you so tired?
My mother-in-law.
She's a headache
Take it as your fate.
You have to tolerate her
That's true
One should be lucky
enough like Halim
And husband should be like Kuddus
Leave her with her parents
until his mother is alive
And take her back
after mother's death
But before returning to him
she has to marry another man
Will you go?
- Not at all
Go, you will get some change.
- Shut up
What happened now?
You have spoken with them, right?
I did a big mistake
by divorcing Halim
My wife and..
But this is a rule in your religion
It's not in your hand.
- You're right
Someone will marry
your wife temporarily
Can't tolerate
You're left with no choice.
- I agree
But what if the man
she marries doesn't divorce her?
His intention can change
after seeing Halim
What do I do if
he doesn't divorce her?
Don't think nonsense.
Everything will be fine
And we will discuss about all
this before fixing alliance
It's not a big problem
If he doesn't divorce her,
even Halim can ask for the divorce
Then what's the problem?
And what if Halim also
didn't divorce him?
Are you mad? She loves you a lot
Even I love her a lot
But my mind is getting blank
You both love each other a lot.
God can see that
Everything will be fine
But I can't even find
a temporary husband for her
It feels good if he doesn't but then
I feel why can't I find any
Don't understand anything
Chief, I'm convinced
with what you say
We don't have any other option
We will see what happens next
If all of you are convinced then..
It's not a big issue.
I will speak to him
Yes, come Balu. Come
- Hello
Balu, chief's opinion
is worth pondering over
As you say
My mind has stopped working
I'm already indebted with
one daughter's marriage
Now, I've to marry her off twice
And I've two more daughters
You've started with it again
We promised to help you. Right?
We will also make
your son-in-law help in this
But... - Balu,
at least listen to what chief says
Speak up
What I mean to say is
that we are looking for a boy
But can't find
a suitable match. Right?
So, I thought over it a lot
and came to a conclusion
So I called all of
them for their advise
You give your opinion
Now, let's not look for
a boy here and there
In present circumstances
I see only one man
in front of my eyes
And he's our priest
What say?
We will ask him
If all of you agree we will
go to him and request him
I will speak to him
And if he agrees
everything will be fine
As you say
If that gentlemen agrees
then my daughter will have
a better life. - Yes
Thank you
Chief, you look after what to do
Yes, I will speak to him
- Salutations
Come, sit
Sit, chief.
- Yes
- Salutations
So, Balu,
did you find a groom?
Don't feel dejected
God is merciful. Have faith in Him
Priest. We've faith in Him
that's why we've come to you
Now, only you can do something
Yes, chief, I've sent information
to the nearby villages
We will get a match
I wanted to tell you
something different
Tell me, without hesitation
When you all have come together..
I understood
that the matter is different
Look, I will do anything I can.
Tell me
Only you can do this
I didn't get you
Chief, you tell him
Well... What... what do I say..
You see how it is, priest?
That even after so many efforts
we couldn't find a better match
And even if we find
any in a day or two
We can't trust this young generation
What if he refuse to
divorce after marriage?
So, we thought that..
you help us in this
See, everyone in
the village wants to unite them
And can we find a noble
man like you in this world?
So, we suggest
that you marry Halim
You lost the girl
I had told you to marry her
Now, sit and complain
Leave it. Why would anyone
take the burden on head?
Idiot. You'd have got
some fame in this way
For helping someone. What say?
Yes, of course
See, the priest is getting
praised everywhere
And look at you
Useless fellow. Remained useless
Leave it.
- Yes
Anyway you wouldn't be
able to do anything
Don't talk nonsense
Let me get married
once then you will see
Hey, who will give
you a girl like Halim?
Had you married her...
- What do you mean?
I will marry in this year only that
too with a better girl than Halim
Okay? And permanent
Otherwise, I will change my name
Alright then
Think of another name
Sister. Hey, sister
Where are you lost?
- Nowhere
Now, we will alone
have to stitch quilt
Come, brother-in-law. Sit. Come, sit
Brother-in-law. Are you sure you
are going to take away my sister?
- No, even I wanted to come
Shall I come?
I will just come. You continue talk
But I want to come.
- So, come
After all, you're my sister-in-law
I was very scared.
- Why?
I thought if anyone else had agreed..
he would not have
left a wife like you
Then what would I have done?
But priest is a kind man
We will unite through that holy man
We will come together again
Don't worry
Why are you crying?
Don't worry. Everything will be fine
But how can I share a bed with
someone else other than you?
I want to live with you only
Can't we do anything else?
Go. Show this to girl
and ask her if she agrees
Mois, Son of Abdul Salam Ansari..
is getting married to you
You're getting Rs.151 cash
Do you accept him?
I accept him
Do you accept him?
I accept him
Do you accept him?
I accept him
Sheikh Balu, son of Akhar
has given his daughter Halim
to you in marriage,
in presence of the witnesses
Do you accept her?
Say that I accept. I agree
I've accepted and I agree
Her and her token amount
Her and her token amount
I accept and I agree
I accept and I agree
I can understand your situation
But let me tell you
that I've done all this
for your and Kuddus' betterment
To reunite the two of you..
I've married you as per the rules
And now,
we will have to follow this rule
As per the rule of 'Halal',
as a husband
I will have to spend at
least a night with you
Only then you will be able
to marry Kuddus again
as per the rules of Quran
And let me tell you..
I'm a strict follower
of Quran's rules
So, it is my duty that with you,
I must..
Come, aunt. I'm going.
Halim is sleeping
Priest, at least take some tea.
I will make it right away
No, aunt.
Serve tea to Halim when she wakes up
I'm going
Kuddus, are you going?
- Yes. I'm quite late
Now, only three months.
Then you won't get late
everything will
happen in time, right?
Look at his face. He's blushing.
- Yes, he is
Okay, I'm getting late. Bye
Why don't you get serious in life?
By God's grace,
your one daughter has
met with good fortune.
But we've two more daughters
We've to think about them
How long I shall drag
things all alone?
Why do you prate so much? Go
I'm there. Don't worry
I'm somehow running the house doing
household chores for people
Had I been depending on you
I'd be starving to death
Telling me not to worry
Child, finish everything quickly
Today we must supply
a quilt to Sharaja
Now, you're alone to do it,
okay? - Yes
Child, finish it fast and help her.
I am going
Whatever you say, but Priest has
given a push to Halim's life
Yes, you're right
Otherwise, she had no future
She'd have died single
And what would Balu do?
He has three daughters.
He's already lost in life
What will he do now?
Talk in simple language
He's always talking in
his profession's language
Look, my life has
passed in this shop
And I will die working here
So, people like if I use
my profession's language
No one will come to uplift me
I'm not that lucky
One should be lucky like Kuddus.
- Yes
He will get his once
divorced wife back. - Yes
What if someone else had
married her in this time?
Balu had another daughter then
Done repairing.
- What?
Your punctured wheel is repaired
Look, child. You're like my daughter
So, I will tell you something
But don't feel offended
Woman has to endure all this in life
But you're lucky that this
gentleman has supported you
He's a very kind person.
He's a man of religion
He will never be unjust to you
I know him from a long time
Such people are rare to find
Don't think of anything
Whatever is happening
is for your good
If you make your mind
strong and endure a little
you will have a bright future
A month has passed to
your daughter's marriage, right?
- Any news about her?
Not yet. Even her father
didn't go to the mosque
ever since her marriage.
He will go tomorrow
Then we will know.
- Everything will be fine
Priest is a kind person.
He's a man of religion
Yes. He's a gentleman
Hold it properly
Can't you hold it properly?
Where's your attention?
I can't hold it. Call sister
Are you missing sister?
Shall we go to sister?
We will ask mother
Come, let's finish the work.
- Yes
Priest. Everything is fine
Thank God
God is merciful!
Son-in-law, you're lucky
Shall we proceed now?
Aunt, bring Halim out
In presence of the jury members
and in my complete sense..
I give you the first
'Talaq' (divorce)
Give me flatbread
It is God's grace
that everything is going on smoothly
Girl is really lucky
Mother we miss sister a lot
Even I miss her
But they say she's keeping good
Mother, shall Sahida and I go to her?
- Yes, mother
Even I don't like. Shall we go?
Yes. Let the girls go
She will also feel better
And we will know
about her well being
When should we go?
The quilt stitching work is pending
Complete it and then go
Priest has given the first 'talaq'
Is everything else alright?
- Yes
I also met Halim
You're lucky to get such a good wife
These days no woman
tolerates so much
And anyone else wouldn't
agree for all this
That's why I'm ready
to do anything for her
Only 2 months
Let her tolerate for 2 months
Then see how I make her happy
The food is just like you
Kuddus is lucky
What's this?
Why aren't you eating?
You also eat with me.
Come on, take your plate
No, you eat. I will eat later
I will feel good if you eat with me
It seems you've brought new cooker
You really care about your wife
It seems you've started
preparing for your new life
No, it's nothing like that
Actually, I didn't have it at home.
That's why.
What's the use even if you had any?
Who was there to cook at home?
But now your wife will
come so you must bring it
So, when will you bring your wife?
- In a month or two
Don't worry. Everything will be fine
Hey... bring something
to arrange the utensils
Okay, I will
Today you came early
in the afternoon
But I've yet not cooked food
And what's this?
Check it. It's for you
For me?
Did you like it?
What must be my daughter doing?
So many days have passed
but I haven't seen her
Mother, all the works are over
You had told us to go
once we finish this work
Yes. Before we take up another job,
you go
Seriously, mother?
- Yes
Go tomorrow
I will cook mutton for her
Give it to her
She loves it
- Sister
- Sister
How are you?
- I'm fine. How are you?
Come inside. Sit
Sister, we miss you a lot
What are you looking at?
- Yes
You look very beautiful.
- Yes
You have also put on. Brother-in-law
will get mad to see you
Leave it. How's mother?
She misses you and cries at times
She has also made mutton for you
Why did you spend so much?
I get everything here.
He brings me anything I want
The house is really good.
- Yes
Everything is properly arranged
I've made it.
Looks nice, isn't it? - Yes
- Yes
Brother-in-law had come.
He gave me sweets
He was asking about you
Brother-in-law said he has bought
all the kitchen accessories
and clothes for you
See this. He brought this
saree for me. How's it?
It's very pretty
He's very intelligent
And good too. He knows
everything about our religion
People come from long
distance to take his advice
And he thinks of
everyone's betterment
That's why he is doing
all this so that
you and brother-in-law
can live happily
such people are never found. - Yes
Even if I make a mistake,
he never complains
Sister, you're very lucky
Even your temporary
husband is so good
But brother-in-law I also very good
Come on, get fresh. Come
What happened?
Tomorrow, people will come
I will give you
a second 'Talaq' tomorrow
I'm scared..
if you've conceived due to me
This should not happen
Nothing such will happen
Everything is alright
Your menses?
Thank God
Priest, everything is fine
Bring Halim out.
- Yes
Girl has put on weight.
Seems well settled
What say, Balu?
Priest. Start with your procedure
Halim. In presence
of the jury members..
and in my complete sense..
I give you the second
'Talaq' (divorce)
- Bye
- Bye
- Bye
Only one month remain
Thanks, priest
Everything is going on
smoothly all because of you
I don't understand how
to repay your favours
Balu, this is God's wish.
I'm just His child
I follow the path He has shown.
That's it
- Bye
The second 'talaq' is given
to Balu's daughter today
Yes. But I still don't
understand one thing
How come she has still not
conceived even after 2 months?
Priest is a gentleman
They must not have
crossed their limits
If that happens then
the rule will not be followed
There's a condition in our rule
They must consummate in marriage
But Priest strictly
follows religious rules
Still the result is zero?
It is strange.
- Strange?
It's nothing like that
I think Halim has some flaws in her
She lived with her
husband for a year
Still she never conceived
It's good.
The divorce will happen easily
without any hurdle
But if this is true
then what's the use of
Kuddus marrying Halim?
First of all,
marry a non-virgin girl
Moreover, she will not conceive
Then why is he so desperate?
Even this is true
That's okay.
But you know what I feel?
Shall I tell you?
- Yes
What if the priest
wouldn't divorce her?
Are you mad?
Why do you talk nonsense?
Will this be possible?
Look, the priest is a gentleman
No matter what
but he will keep his word. - Yes
But what if he will not?
Why are you defaming that gentleman?
Oh... you're getting very excited
Take for instance,
if the priest wouldn't divorce her
then what will you do?
Idiot, jinx
He never speak good about anyone
Hey, why do you fight?
They are enjoying
and you people are jealous
Look at this idiot.
- You're an idiot
Let the priest not divorce
her and then I will see you
Look at his behavior.
- Leave it
No. Priest should divorce her
Do not divorce me
I can't live without you
Don't think like that
Even I've started liking you but..
I had already told you
that I strictly
follow religious rules
I teach people to follow this path
I can't do this
But I can't live without you
Look, Halim
Don't say this
This is a crime
From past 3 months
I'm claiming my right
of a husband on you
Now, if your menses stops
and if you conceive..
then there will be a problem
Kuddus' dreams will shatter
He's a kind hearted person
I can't betray him
I can't betray your father
The entire village is looking at us
I've married you so that people
would follow the path
suggested in Islam
If I do this, then..
people will lose their faith
It's better..
that your menses starts
The 'iddat' (waiting)
period passes safely
once again..
you settle down with Kuddus
You're so learned
People listen to you
You explain them
Please, do something
See, this is queen. Queen of king
Take it
But the sir is taking away the queen.
What about that?
This time the priest
will belong to the queen
Are you mad?
- Mad?
This time Halim will conceive
and she will belong to
priest and not the king
- Impossible?
Take my word
Do you bet?
- Done
I bet for 100 Rs
If Halim conceives,
you will give me Rs.200
Even I bet Rs.100
If she wouldn't conceive
then you will give me Rs.300
Keep the money ready
I will see to it
how she wouldn't conceive
Hey, open the door.
Give water to son-in-law
- No, no need of water
Come on, we've to go.
It's getting late. - Yes
Let's go.
Sahida, come here
You love sweets, right?
- Yes
I've brought it for you
You eat it since childhood, right?
- Salutations
- Salutations
- Sit
Is everything alright?
- Everything is fine
So, bring Halim out
Priest, everything has
gone smoothly till date
So, let's proceed
In presence of the jury members..
and in my complete sense..
I request you. Don't divorce me
Don't divorce me
Hey.. hey,
what are you saying, child?
What else do I say, uncle?
You tell me
You people have made a toy of me
A toy
One is satisfied,
the second one can use
and if done with the second one,
return to the first one
Do I have a personal identity or not?
I'm getting stifled in your rules
You people can't think
of anything beyond this
Child, what are you blabbering?
Are you out of your mind?
Not me, but all of you
are out of your mind
You're my mother
You're my mother
You should have known my plight
But no
And what could you have done?
After all, you're also a woman
No one would have listened to you
And all of you
You think you all are
very smart, right?
But has anyone ever thought
about how I must have felt?
Has anyone ever thought of it?
Child, all this is happening
as per the religious rules
And we're doing this
for your happiness
What happiness, uncle? Tell me
If I had eloped with someone
you people would have killed me
You all are doing the same even now
You people have killed my conscience
You people have killed my conscience
What nonsense are you blabbering?
We all have come here for you.
For your betterment
Yes, they have.
All of them have come
But they've come for
the entertainment
No one has guts to stand against it
and say that this is wrong
My father got me married
for the first time
He didn't ask for my opinion
My husband divorced me
He didn't ask for my opinion
All of you..
All of you got me remarried
But no one asked for my opinion
Now, even he's ready to divorce me
Even he didn't ask for my opinion
And now all of you want to get
me married for the third time
No one asked for my opinion
Hey... don't do this
Don't do this
Has anyone thought about
how I must be feeling?
My mind is already been raped
Hey, girl, it's not like that
It's already raped...
- It's nothing like that
Control yourself
Control yourself
Look, this poor fellow is
doing everything for your love
This is going on for you
He had come to take me away. Right?
If he had strongly
opposed everything
and taken me away,
he'd be a true man
Even he joined hands with you
Are you convinced
with all this, uncle?
Tell me.
- No
I am not convinced
If it was my daughter,
I'd have sent her with her husband
happily and blessed
her for a happy life
But this is your religious rule.
We can't do anything in this
And what's the use if
I'm convinced or not
It is a religious matter
Can we interfere in each
other religious matters?
Take the name of religion and escape
All of you will keep quiet
But stand up for
the sake of humanity
Can't you think injustice
is happening with me?
I beg of you
Don't do this
Don't be so atrocious to
your daughters and mothers
Don't do it
Don't do it
Look, chief
This is her side of the story
Of course, she is correct
But we must do our duty
Priest has given his words
So only Kuddus have right on Halim
Priest, you follow
the rule and divorce her
In my complete sense..
and in presence of
the jury members
I give you final..
If you divorce Halim..
then also I will not marry her
What are you saying, son-in-law?
Why are you taking her seriously?
She's nave
Not she..
but we're nave
I'm nave
I divorced my wife in anger
This rule is made in our religion..
to punish a husband like me
who divorces his wife any
moment without a reason
Then why Halim should suffer
from my part of the punishment?
And where am I going through
the punishment in all this?
But now I must go through it
I will go through it
I request you, priest
Don't divorce Halim
Her happiness is in your hands now
I will not let you
suffer for my mistakes
Forgive me