Half Girlfriend (2017) Movie Script

Sir? Sir, you...
I'm Hemant the broker.
Do you remember me?
Ma'am had left the key in the mailbox.
That's how I got in.
She's leaving Patna.
She moved out because she quit her job.
She broke the lease
and I have to pay the fine.
She said I could recoup the loss
by selling her stuff.
That's why I am here.
I have a question.
Can I keep the TV?
My wife has been pestering me
for a flat-screen TV.
I'll sell off the fridge and AC.
You can take her personal belongings.
You can keep it
or give it to her later.
Sir, may I ask you something?
Please don't mind.
I know you guys weren't married
and this apartment was leased to her.
What did she really mean to you?
Half? Again? Tell me something.
-Hey, Madhav!
-Okay, explain me this.
Tell me something...
What's the Hindi term
for half girlfriend?
-Please tell me.
Sir, I want to enroll in a good college.
Your college is famous even in Bihar.
It's quite famous.
Sir, I hail from a village.
I feel that... I feel...
I'd like to reply in Hindi.
If I continue speaking in English,
it will take me the whole day.
My mother runs a small school
in our village.
The name of my village is Simrao.
A village plagued by
crushing poverty and famine.
That's why I want to study
What! Samaj...
That's sociology, sir.
-Of course, Samaj is sociology.
That's why I chose sociology
to understand the reasons
behind the poverty in my village.
Bihar is in a mess today.
It wasn't always like this.
Bihar had a rich heritage.
One of the ancient universities
of the world.
Nalanda University. It's in Bihar.
Goddess Sita, Guru Gobind Singh,
Chandragupta Maurya, Shershah Suri,
Ashoka and Gautam Buddha.
Where do they all come from?
Bihar, sir.
I agree that the last few decades
haven't been great for us.
There are many people like my mother
who are working tirelessly
for the society.
I want to work with them,
so that no one can ask us the kind
of question you just asked me.
Please don't mind me saying this.
Would you choose a sensible student...
...or a student who speaks
a foreign language fluently?
Thank you.
Mom, I think I should return
without giving the sport tryouts.
Why do you sound so disheartened?
Your interview went well.
No, mom, there is a lot of emphasis
on speaking in English.
Everything about this place
screams English.
Remember, you are the Prince of Simrao.
Don't forget the circumstances
you grew up with.
Remember what I taught you.
Never give up. You must conquer defeat!
There should be a reason to stay back.
You have to find that reason.
Don't let your head
rule over your heart.
Once your heart finds a reason,
the entire universe will conspire
to help you.
Yes, mom.
Such a beautiful girl
is playing basketball!
Man, she speaks English so fluently!
I mean, she can give an Englishman
a run for his money.
I've decided I'd speak to her
at least once in my lifetime.
Madhav, talk to her in English.
Are you scared? Say something.
You're a good player. You should shoot.
If you play, you might lose.
But if you run away,
you'll surely lose.
Riya Somani!
Those two girls are strong players.
They'll help. Your aim is perfect.
You must shoot.
Riya Somani!
Riya! Riya! Riya!
Are you going to play in that?
This is a trial, not a joke.
-She is asking you whether you...
-I know what she is asking.
I am Madhav Jha.
I got a reason to stay back, mom.
Wait and watch how I defeat failure.
Vikram, pass the ball.
I'll show you.
Every time I look into your eyes
I try to find myself in them
My only desire is to be with you
I don't dream of anything else
Oh, what a beautiful weather!
Raindrops gently kiss my face
Every drop of rain reminds me of you
It's been long since
I am dreaming of being with you
You are the one I've been looking for
All my life
-I swear, I'll slit his throat.
-I'm Ashu from Darbhanga.
This is Raman from Patna.
I live nearby the banks of the Ganga.
My house is nearby
the railway station and the Ganges.
Where is your room?
We are your neighbors.
Our room is next to yours.
Then who is my roommate?
It's me. Madhav Jha.
I'm Shailesh Kumar Pandey. Come in!
My heart skips a beat
Every time we meet
My heart finds solace
I have nowhere to go
My destination is in your arms
Take me in your arms
There is nobody between us
It's only the two of us
Oh beloved, come close to me
Oh, what a beautiful weather!
The raindrops gently kiss my face
Every drop of rain reminds me of you
It's been long since
I am dreaming of being with you
You are the one I've been looking for
All my life
Madhav, what are you doing?
I follow your fragrance
I've been waiting for you
My heart keeps wandering around
Every path leads me to you
I have a request
Please come only once
And know my unsaid feelings
Didn't I tell you it would rain?
Now, hurry up.
Thankfully, the clothes didn't get wet.
Oh, what a beautiful weather!
Raindrops gently kiss my face
Every drop of rain reminds me of you
It's been long since
I am dreaming of being with you
You are the one I've been looking for
All my life
This is what I've been waiting for.
Now, watch my NBA skills.
It's not Narmada Bachao Andolan.
It's National Basketball Association.
That's the only thing I've ever
watched on TV since my childhood.
You copied his style perfectly.
Great job, Madhav Jha.
LeBron James.
I'm falling for her.
Steven Curry.
I can't figure out a word!
She sounds cute when she speaks English.
Yes, mom, I was playing basketball.
Alright, I'll come home late.
Do you speak Hindi?
What is so surprising about that?
Everybody in Delhi speaks Hindi.
Okay, listen!
Can we talk in Hindi?
What matters is conversation.
The language doesn't matter.
I'm hungry. Can we go to the cafe?
You wear these sunglasses
to look at girls, don't you?
-What are you saying?
-You are cunning.
Let's have fun.
What happened?
I was shocked to see both of you together!
You have fallen for the hottest girl
in college.
Riya Somani is a bombshell.
You are a lucky man.
-Hey, Madhav!
-You lucky man!
I don't like the sound of it.
Why? What's wrong?
Don't you think she is
way out of your league?
What's wrong with him?
He is the Prince of Simrao.
-Just look at him.
-Shut up!
Don't flatter him too much.
He will fall flat on his face some day.
Madhav, don't listen to them.
Riya will lure you, tempt you.
-That's all.
-Ignore him.
Get lost. Let me sleep.
Sharing the room with you guys
was a wrong decision.
-You hate that I'm doing well.
-Why are you pushing me?
-Forget it!
-Why are you taking this to heart?
-Please let me sleep.
-Hey, listen. I have an idea.
Why don't you test her
first and then decide?
-Test? What kind of test?
Ask her out for anything
else except basketball.
Ask her out on a date or a movie.
-What an idea!
Book the premium seats.
They give you a blanket.
-Those seats turn into recliners.
-Stop this nonsense.
Shut up! Don't talk rubbish.
That's funny!
I think Shailesh is right.
If the girl agrees,
she's your girlfriend.
If she doesn't, you'll know
where you stand in her life.
Can I ask you something?
Go ahead.
Are we just basketball friends
or can we go out for coffee sometimes?
Of course, we can.
-One more question.
Am I just your coffee friend or...
Can we go to movies as well?
What do you mean?
Score a basket from half court.
If you pull it off, we'll go to a movie.
Is going to movie that important?
We're the Jhas of Simrao.
We don't give up.
We conquer defeat.
Fine, we can go to a movie.
You'll get dehydrated, have some water.
So, we're going out on a date, right?
-What does that mean?
-We're just friends.
Overcome the distance
I've spent 400 bucks for the corner seat
and 150 bucks for the popcorn.
We get it for 10 bucks in my village.
Why is it so expensive here?
The couples around us
have already gotten in the mood.
Where did she go?
Alright, you need to slide the lever
to relax the chair.
It's my first in a movie hall
with a girl.
Even Dhoni didn't feel this much
pressure at the World Cup Finals.
Why are you so nervous?
Don't think much.
Muster courage and hold her hand.
She pushed it away.
She is in tears! All I wanted to do
was to show my affection.
Congratulations, Madhav Jha!
You are the most useless lover in history.
That would've saved me.
If you don't stay with the pack,
and run the other direction,
you'll be hunted down...
This movie is dubbed.
But I took the right direction!
But I asked the man at the counter
a ticket for an English movie.
It seems he played a joke on me!
If they show this film at this hour,
I should have asked
for a corner seat...
The dialogues are so funny.
Go and hide behind the bushes.
Run, Mowgli!
Go, Mowgli!
Let's go up.
-Let's go.
-We'll land in trouble.
We aren't allowed up there!
Riya, where are you going?
Please listen to me.
-Let's go!
-Where are you taking me?
I think we should stop here.
I feel strange.
Let's get out of here.
You are going up there!
Where are you going?
Let's get out of here,
or the security guard will thrash us.
Save us, Lord!
Let's go! Somebody might see us!
It's really high...
Sit down.
I come here whenever I want to escape
from my issues.
What would make a girl like you run away?
Don't give me a sympathetic look.
I can deal with my issues.
By singing alone!
I've seen you at the college auditorium.
You sing really well. Yes!
But why... do you sing
when you're alone?
Actually, I would...
I'd like to sing
in front of a live audience.
When I was 12 years old,
we went on a family trip to New York.
When we were walking
down the street
we came entered a jazz bar,
and there we saw a girl singing.
Her eyes were closed and she was
completely engrossed in her music.
I can still hear that song playing.
Anyway... forget about me.
Tell me about yourself.
I have just one dream.
I hope one day a pretty woman
would sing a song for me.
Madhav, what are you doing?
You always sing alone!
Sing for me. Come on.
-I can't do it.
-I'm leaving.
-Where to?
Are you running away... from your dream?
My heart is linked to yours
With a thread divine
My heart is linked to yours
With a thread divine
It is splashed
With a multitude of colors!
I pinned all my desires on it
I pinned all my desires on it
And I soared high in my sleep
My heart is never content
It craves for more
My heart is never content
It craves for more
No matter for how long
I keep gazing at you
Time is flying by
But I'm unable to stop myself
Stay a little longer, beloved!
Stay a little longer, beloved!
Stay a little longer, beloved!
Stay a little longer with me
Have some. I insist.
I'll be right back.
My days are restless without you
My days are restless without you
My nights have become meaningless
In your absence
I only want to love your lips
I only want to love your lips
It's the only thing I want
I can't bear staying away from you
I keep myself aloof from the world
I can't bear staying away from you
I keep myself aloof from the world
I hope you always keep me close
I wish you understand what I want
Stay a little longer, beloved!
Stay a little longer, beloved!
Stay a little longer, beloved!
Stay a little longer, beloved!
I do not like it without you
I do not like it without you
I do not like it without you
I do not like it without you
My heart pleads with you
Never to leave me
My heart pleads with you
Never to leave me
I'll die if you leave me
Stay a little longer, beloved!
Stay a little longer, beloved!
Stay a little longer, beloved!
Stay a little longer, beloved!
Stay a little longer, beloved!
Stay a little longer, beloved!
Stay a little longer...
Please stay a little longer
Please stay...
Why didn't you wear that tee shirt?
Not to mention
you also need a haircut.
-Roll up your sleeves.
-Stop it. I'm not a dog.
I asked you a question
and you gave me a lecture. Shut up!
-My offer still stands.
-Which offer?
I can tag along
to save you from boredom.
Are you out of your mind?
Riya has invited only me to the party
from the entire college.
Who do you think will go?
-Just me.
-I guess, they're hosting a sermon.
A party at noon?
Never heard of it.
It's a champagne brunch.
You won't understand.
-What did you call it...
-It's beyond you losers.
I'm in a good mood right now.
Please don't spoil it.
She's going to introduce me
to her parents.
Is she going to introduce you
to her parents as her boyfriend?
Are you out of your mind?
She treats me like her husband.
Isn't that enough?
You should show some attitude.
-It's getting late. See you later.
-All right.
Hold on a second!
Damn it!
Tell me.
Since you're going to a party,
you should dress appropriately.
Here. Put on this jacket.
And listen carefully.
If I see a single stain,
you'll be the one cleaning it
and not to mention
you'll get a good thrashing.
Stop blushing and stop staring at me.
-Go and make us proud!
-Silly boy.
I'm Madhav Jha.
Why don't you open it?
It's the same shawl
you saw the other day.
I even got your name embroidered on it.
When did you... do all this?
I bought it long ago.
I remember that your birthday is on
4th September and you're a Virgo.
When you added me on Facebook,
I made a note of it.
Aren't they your parents?
They make a wonderful pair!
Didn't they celebrate
their wedding anniversary in Paris?
I saw their photos on Facebook.
Hello. How are you, dear?
Oh! Bihar!
Riya, go and meet those people...
I've heard a lot about you from Riya.
I'm glad you could make it today.
I was just telling Riya...
-It was nice meeting you.
-It was nice meeting you, too.
You just sought mom's blessing.
Why not dad's?
I don't know why...
but I could connect with her.
She was the only one...
who spoke to me in Hindi.
It felt... like it rained in a desert!
Actually, Riya...
I feel out of place here.
Some of the suits I saw here are worth
more than my mom's school budget
for an entire year.
No matter how hard I try, Riya,
I'll never be able to fit
into your glamorous life.
This might be a part of my life,
but it's not me.
These things won't make
a difference in our life.
Our life?
What are you talking about?
I'm just a friend
with whom you play basketball.
I thought our relationship
was way past friendship.
Riya, I had never kissed a girl before.
I'm going to ask you a question.
Please be honest.
What am I to you?
Who am I in your life?
What's our relationship?
Riya, I'm deep into this relationship...
...but today, I feel as if...
...you're not even halfway there.
You haven't taken it seriously yet.
I'll be leaving now.
I'm not your girlfriend.
I can meet you halfway.
Aren't you from Simrao?
-Will you get me kicked out for that?
-Not at all, sir.
I could figure it out,
but I didn't have the guts to ask you.
Hey, Murari.
-Greetings, sir!
-He's the Prince of Simrao.
He's our prince.
I'll click a selfie and send it to him,
he'll be very happy.
Let's take a selfie.
He gifted her a solitaire.
But I'm a prince from Bihar.
For the first time, I was proud of
being the Prince of Simrao.
Where did you spend your night?
Where did you spend your night?
You got involved with a beauty!
Where did you spend your night?
Tell me
He was humiliated
and you are celebrating!
The servants over there made
him feel special, not Riya!
He was humiliated and you're
encouraging his foolishness.
Fine. I'll step down.
The ultimate pessimist
has something to say.
You have no self-respect!
Let me tell you something.
Listen to me carefully.
I googled Ronak Chandak
whom you met at the party.
He's the owner of the biggest chain
of hotels in the UK.
-So what?
-Just tell me something.
Will Riya's parents choose you over Rohan,
who can't speak a word of English?
A word of English!
-Do you know what Riya told me today?
-What did she say?
Riya said that she's my half girlfriend.
Half girlfriend!
Half girlfriend? Which half?
-Wow! She's playing with words now.
-Calm down.
She's so cunning!
That doesn't mean anything.
-Don't say anything against Riya.
-Why shouldn't I?
What does she mean by half girlfriend?
Either she is your girlfriend,
or she isn't. That's it.
What does it mean by half?
You take her around Delhi
and play her guide.
You teach her basketball.
You do everything
and yet you get half the rights!
You must understand she considers you
more than a friend,
but less than a boyfriend.
You're just her plaything.
That's all.
He loves getting humiliated.
I was speechless at the time.
I couldn't ask her much.
She has you wrapped around
her little finger.
Madhav, where I come from,
there's only one way to find out...
...whether a girl likes you or not.
-What is it?
-Are you a kid?
Ask her to come to your room.
To my room!
All right. I'll do that. What then?
Oh, come on!
Go on! Make it possible!
Hail Madhav Jha!
-What's wrong?
-I have a splitting headache.
No problem, we'll play later.
I have class at 4 p.m.
and I can't miss it.
Or I would have left for home by now.
If you wish...
...you can rest in my room.
I'll do my homework
and you can get some rest.
Get lost!
Are you asleep?
I'm sleepy as well.
I'm coming to bed.
I thought you were sleepy.
I thought you were sleepy.
Not anymore.
Me neither.
Hold on, Riya.
You can't leave me like this!
You can't do this to me, Riya.
You said you're my half girlfriend,
-then how can you leave like this?
Stay back.
Relationship is not defined by this.
It's not based on making out!
It's all right when you want to hug me.
It's all right when you want to kiss me.
But you label me as shameless
when I want to do the same.
-After all, I'm a human being, Riya.
Sometimes you want this,
sometimes you want that!
What do you think of yourself?
If you wish to stay then stay,
or else leave!
Madhav! Madhav!
Why don't you have faith in me?
Why don't you listen to my heart?
I am so lonely without you!
I hope you understand
What my heart feels right now
You do know
I'll not be able to survive without you
Then why do you stay away from me?
Only you
Are my passion!
Only you
Are my passion!
It's you, without whom
I'd never survive
Let us relive those evenings
Let us go back to those conversations
Let those restless moments be revived
Let my heart cry out in pain
I am not asking for more
Just give me a glimpse
Of the time we spent together
Please come close to me
This distance between us intimidates me
You do know
I'll not be able to survive without you
Then why do you stay away from me?
-It's you and only you...
-Riya, hear me out! Riya!
-You're my passion
-Riya, hear me out.
-It's you, without whom...
- Riya!
I'd never survive
It's you, without whom
I'd never survive
My love!
I'm happy accepting you
as my half girlfriend.
My life has become
so difficult without you!
That was so foolish of me!
-I've made a grave mistake...
-Madhav, I'm leaving.
Riya, you're just 19 years old!
I'll be 20 a few months
after my wedding.
4th of September... A Virgo.
I noted it down the day
you added me on Facebook.
That's why I came here to invite you.
Let's hope the closed eyes don't pray
Never to see the beloved again
Because you are present
In every prayer of mine
You are present...
But I know I have to walk away
Far away from your path
It will be impossible for me
But I will have to forget you
To the land devoid of love
Oh heart, take me to that place
Let your scent fade away
Which still lingers with me
I bid adieu to you!
Why didn't you accept the placement?
I won't be able to live
in this city anymore.
Why does the heart not listen to me?
It's you and only you
Who's my passion
It's you and only you
You're the solace to my heart
It's you, without whom
I'd never survive
It's been a year since you returned...
...but I think something happened
which is still bothering you.
What's wrong?
Please say something.
Is it about a girl?
-No, it's not about a girl.
Mom... why don't we have
girl students in our school?
I agree
that in our area
the main reason
why girls don't go to school
is the lack of women's toilets.
Let's say even if a girl is educated,
what will she accomplish?
She'll finally get married...
...and settle down and look after family.
Am I not right?
Have some refreshment.
-Thank you.
-Ma'am, hold on a second.
Ma'am, I meant no offence.
There's a solution.
There's an American man.
What's his name?
Bill Gate.
Bill Gates.
Yes, the same. Bill Gates.
Have you heard of him?
He's the richest man on earth.
What are you saying?
But, sir, how would he help us?
He has an organization,
called Bill & Melinda Foundation.
They want to offer financial support
to schools in Bihar.
Next Monday,
he'll be meeting delegates
from schools in Patna.
You could meet him.
Make hay while the sun shines.
You never know when one might get lucky.
We will apply a coat of paint
on the school walls...
...and the students will organize
a show for Mr. Gates.
It'll be great fun!
You know what? I find you sincere.
I really hope that you receive the grant.
It must be a good speech.
Many times, Mr. Gates
sanctions grant on the spot.
I'll give an amazing speech.
He'll be speechless, you'll see.
This will have the most immediate
impact on Mr. Gates.
In English?
Madhav Jha!
Where's Riya?
Please tell me. Isn't she with you?
Why did you get Riya's stuff?
Isn't she with you in Patna?
What's this, Madhav?
Tell me where Riya is!
Where's Riya?
Tell me!
You can't leave me like this.
How long has it been since I got this job?
It's been two years!
And I've been asking you ever since
to visit New York.
And you...
You took your time, buddy,
but you are here finally.
It's a nice house!
It's nice meeting you, Rutvi.
It's nice meeting you, too.
I've heard a lot about you, and...
What's the hurry? You can unpack later.
Have some refreshments.
It's your room after all.
Tell me something.
You kept telling me
that you'd leave the village.
Now, Madhav, tell me about
this internship in New York.
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
collaborates with the UN,
-that's how I got an internship.
You're dropping one bomb after another.
I don't understand, Madhav.
First, it was United Nations,
and now Bill Gates!
Where did you find out about
this internship? Was it in Delhi?
In my village.
In the village!
Bill Gates was in your village!
Bill and Melinda Gates are in Patna.
What are you doing here?
My company sent me here.
So you joined Somani Infratech.
Do I look like someone
who would join her dad's company?
You didn't look like someone
who would drop out and get married either.
I'm staying at Chanakya.
The bus is here.
-Get aside.
-Hurry up.
-Let me through.
-Where do I keep the luggage? On my head?
-Come on, hurry up.
Do you wish to take the bus or not?
What are you waiting for?
Hurry up if you want to get in.
Or you'll miss it.
-Sir, I have to check your bag...
-I was here a moment ago!
Is Riya Somani there?
Okay. I'll wait for her.
I was about to leave
after my meeting.
You just walked in.
What a strange coincidence!
I had another meeting.
Yes! I had to attend quite a few meetings!
Patna is a small place after all.
And there's just one good hotel here!
If you have no more meetings,
should we have dinner together?
That's a good idea.
But there's one problem.
I've been sitting over here
for the past seven hours.
I really need to go to the washroom.
We would like to build toilets
for girl students in our school.
Men can attend to nature's call
at any place!
But that's not the case for women.
That's the main reason
for girls not attending school.
Bill Gates Foundation
could help us out, that's why I'm here.
You can think about such things even
though you're from a small town.
My family won't be able
to come up with such ideas
despite being
from the crme de la crme.
That reminds me...
...how's Rohan doing?
-He must be all right.
-What do you mean?
We are divorced.
Oh! I am sorry to know that.
Would you like some
falooda or rabri?
-You must try them out.
-No, thank you.
I've quit having desserts.
Now tell me...
...how are you doing?
I've also quit something.
-I didn't quit having desserts.
Well, yes, I've quit having desserts.
I can't get a divorce
since I'm not married yet!
Sir, here's the bill.
Yes, give it to me.
-Madhav, just a second...
-Let me pay.
-Madhav, what are you doing?
-Let me pay.
-No, Madhav!
-You're in my city.
-Don't waste your dad's money.
-Let me pay.
-This my money. It's my salary.
Don't you dare take money from her!
I'll thrash you if you do that.
Let it go!
To go Dutch means to share
the bill equally.
Okay? Half-half...
Actually, I'm in Patna for a few months.
If you're here again,
we can meet up. Right?
-You're staying at Chanakya, right?
Yes, for now. But I'll be moving soon.
In fact, on Sunday, I'm going
to check out an apartment.
I could help you find a place.
Why should you come all the way to Patna?
It's not a big deal.
I have to come anyway.
I have a wound that never heals.
The English language.
I have to give a speech in English.
I'll be coming to Patna
to take English lessons.
Meanwhile, I can help you
find an apartment.
-Let's go.
-Hold on a second.
But I want to depend on you, Riya.
As in going Dutch.
You scratch my back, and I scratch yours.
You can help me write the speech
and I'll help you find an apartment.
Did you forget?
After all, You're my half girlfriend.
Let's share the fare as well! Let's go.
-Tell me something.
Is it possible to go Dutch on the fare?
And that one over there...
Yes, ma'am. That's a nice place.
It has a balcony all around.
-And it has four bedrooms.
-How about that one?
You're mine in this moment
This might not be true tomorrow
You might not be yourself
I might not be myself
Our paths may diverge
We might get lost on the way
But I will continue loving you
I will continue loving you
I will continue loving you
I will continue loving you
I will happily give up my life for you
I will continue loving you
I shall sing songs of our love
Through my silence
I will continue loving you
I will continue loving you
I will happily give up my life for you
I will continue loving you
I need you desperately
As a drowning man needs air
I search for you blindly
As if you are my last support
I search for you like a mad man
Whenever I have to laugh or cry
You might not love me tomorrow
I might not have your permission
But I will still be at your doorstep
With the broken pieces of my heart
I will continue loving you
I will continue loving you
I will happily give up my life for you
I will continue loving you
Did I get it right?
I will continue loving you
I will continue loving you
-I will continue loving you
-If you visit our school,
you will notice only one thing.
The laughter of our children.
That's why our childrens deserve
much more.
Shouldn't you applaud?
Sir, it's not "childrens",
-it's children.
-How dare you teach me! Get lost!
How dare you correct me!
Did I make a mistake? How did I do?
Half? Again?
-This word will never leave me.
-Speak English, Madhav.
The half court.
Half this, Half that.
Yes, half bill.
-And half girlfriend.
-Madhav, you aren't serious.
-Come on, speak English.
-Please tell me one thing.
-What's the Hindi term
for being a half girlfriend?
-Please tell me.
Please tell me. Just tell me.
May I tell you something honestly?
I've never worked so hard for myself
as you're doing it for me.
It's true.
I think there's something
missing in the speech.
-Yes, I felt it too.
Yes, I have to speak English.
Well, I was thinking.
Actually, I was wondering
that the school and people
in the village are very important.
So I thought you would help me
write a speech.
You can't write a speech...
...till you see the village and school.
So I was saying...
I love you.
I would love to take you
to Simrao with me.
I want you to come with me to Simrao.
Please. Will you come?
Greetings, sir.
-Greetings, sir.
-Greetings, sir.
Since I met you
I've started to love myself
You've got a smile on my face
You've changed my life for good
I want to spend every moment with you
You give meaning to my life
We might not be together forever
We might fall apart someday
But I will always be there for you
Whenever you need me
You'll find me by your side
I will continue loving you
I will continue loving you
I will happily give up my life for you
I will continue loving you
I will continue loving you
I will continue loving you
So, the both of you studied together
in college.
Yes, Mrs. Jha.
We used to play basketball together.
You never told me anything about her.
Because we played only for a year.
I dropped out of college, Mrs. Jha.
I got married.
Didn't you bring your husband along?
Actually, we are not together anymore.
How long did your marriage last?
What are you saying, mom?
One and a half years.
Do you have kids?
Forget it.
No, I don't have kids.
Would you have left your husband
if you had kids?
-Stop it. What...
-I don't know.
Some things are beyond repair.
They only leave cracks behind.
That's what life is all about.
Let's eat.
No, Madhav. I am done.
-It's okay, Mrs. Jha, I will...
-Let it be.
You're a quitter, aren't you?
You left some food on the plate.
You dropped out
and next, you walked out on your husband.
Mom, she is our guest.
What was the point
in asking those questions?
I invited her home.
Why were you asking her so many questions?
Stay a little longer with me
Stay a little longer with me
Stay a little longer with me
Now I can sing better than you.
Riya, I apologize on my mom's behalf...
No, she doesn't know anything...
That's what I've been hearing
since I was a kid.
That marriage is a kind of race.
You have to reach the finishing line
at any cost.
My dad used to hit my mom.
Sometimes he used his hands...
or whatever he could get his hands on.
But my mom is still trying to save
that so-called marriage.
That day... when we fought...
So that's why you...
stopped talking to me.
Whenever dad hit mom...
...I'd be terrified and I'd run away.
I'd stay holed up in room
and find an escape in my songs.
I became so used to running away
from my feelings
that I didn't realize
I was running away from love too.
My parents wanted me to marry Rohan
ever since I was a kid.
I agreed.
I thought that... Rohan was different.
I didn't love him, but it was okay.
At least, I would be safe with him.
I came back home after
a few months of marriage.
Because Rohan slapped me.
And it's not only him.
His mother did that too.
I thought that... out of all the people
in the world,
my mom would surely stand up for me.
She just said...
...that no matter what happens
I must save my marriage.
Our society has no place for a divorcee.
Then I just ran away from there.
I try to run away from my troubles,
but they never stop chasing me.
I've prepared the speech.
You should check it once.
Won't you be there
when I deliver the speech?
No, Madhav,
I'm taking the morning train to Patna.
-Hey, Madhav.
-No, it's fine.
Here's your ticket.
Well, I forgot the water.
Mister, give me a bottle of water.
-You are...
-I request you.
Please leave my son alone.
Life has given you so many chances.
Life has offered
only one chance to Madhav.
Don't snatch it from him.
-I don't have the change.
-Fine, keep the change.
Come back soon, Riya.
I won't be able to deliver
the speech without you.
Do you understand, Riya?
Now say...
Keep talking.
Toilets for girl students.
That will go a long way, sir.
And what they will feel is happiness.
No, I said it wrong. It's not deserving...
It's "deserve".
Riya, I am feeling scared. Riya!
It's not about the speech.
I am scared of losing you, Riya.
I keep dreaming about you
When you are not around me
I feel incomplete
Every time I see you
It brings a smile on my face
Your presence makes me feel alive
The bond we share is special
But we might grow apart
If the circumstances change
And we have to part ways
Or maybe our memories fade away
I will come to see you
I will continue loving you
I will continue loving you
I will happily give up my life for you
I will continue loving you
I don't think I can do it.
I have always said to my students that...
Sorry, sir.
I can't speak English fluently.
I studied at a very good college.
St. Stephen's.
But even there students would
make fun of me because
I couldn't speak English.
But it's all right, sir.
I think that the opportunity
I've been given
is more important than this problem.
I want Shabnam to get
the opportunity I got.
Shabnam, get up and greet everyone.
Greet everyone.
Sir, I want Shabnam to get
the same opportunity I got.
Even she should go to a good
college like St. Stephen's.
But it's quite disappointing...
...that she might not get this chance.
She might get married in a few years...
...and then her life will be confined
to the house and the farm, sir.
All the girls...
They don't enroll in our school.
I feel so sorry for them.
Everyone should get the same
opportunity I got, sir.
Whether he is from Simrao or Bihar.
He could be anywhere from India.
Everybody needs it.
Why did I get this chance, sir?
The one who gave birth to me.
Education and a good life.
And the other who helped me become able.
She made me so capable that today...
I can present my views before you.
I got this chance by luck...
...but it should be their right.
I invite you... to be a part of my dream.
Thank you very much.
Greetings to all.
We have been visiting a few schools
in Bihar for the last ten days.
They all had given very good speeches.
But your speech was genuine, Mr. Jha...
...and it touched our hearts.
The Bill Gates Foundation
will donate five million rupees
to your school this year,
and will donate a million rupees
each year for the next five years.
Hail Madhav!
Hail Madhav!
You've turned me into a better person
You're the reason for my happiness
What I've achieved today
Is just because of you
We might have to part ways tomorrow
I might not have you by my side
Or if you leave me and go away
And we don't ever unite
You will live in my memories forever
I'll wait for you
I will continue loving you
I will continue loving you
I will happily give up my life for you
I will continue loving you
I will continue loving you
I will continue loving you
Riya asked me to give you this letter.
I will continue loving you
By the time you receive this letter,
I'll be gone.
Madhav, I am dying.
I have been diagnosed with
Hodgkin's lymphoma.
It is a kind of blood cancer.
The doctors say I have
only three months to live.
Madhav, you came into my life twice.
At first, the time was not in our favor
and then both of us had no time.
I applied for a job in Patna
in the hope of finding you somewhere.
I've spent the happiest moments of
my life with you.
Then why am I leaving?
Because, Madhav,
I know if I am with you,
you will never let go of my hand.
You've done so much to get this grant.
And I don't want anything to go wrong
just because of me.
Madhav, don't try to find me
because I have no idea where I am going.
But, yes, I am sure about one thing.
I will not go to my parents' house.
That door has already been closed for me.
Promise me that you'll focus
on yourself and your life.
Perhaps this is the end of our
nameless and strange relation.
I tried to be with you, but I could
make it only till the halfway mark.
Perhaps, I was only destined
to remain your half girlfriend.
I looked for her everywhere.
I tried to find her on social media,
in hospitals and hotels.
But I didn't find her anywhere.
First, I left Delhi...
...and then I left Simrao.
Samantha had offered me a job.
So I came here.
We won't talk about Riya anymore.
It's the Bill Gates Foundation.
It's a big deal.
I want to know if there is any bar
around with live music.
They never close the bars here.
There are thousands of live music
bars here, Madhav.
They play jazz, karaoke, rock.
Your whole life would not be enough
to visit each and every bar in New York.
You'll get anything you want.
Tell me where you want to go.
What do you want to see?
Actually, I would like to sing
in front of a live audience.
At a bar, in New York city.
Now that I've lost you
I've lost everything
I have nowhere to go
Although I am wearing a smile
I am heartbroken
Let's resolve our differences
Please come back to my life
I am waiting for you
I am so lonely without you
Please come back into my life
You have the right over me
Tell me how you feel about me
I want to see this world
Through your eyes
Oh, you know, you know
You're making my world go
Do you know any Indian singer?
There's my friend Riya.
How do I express my pain?
How do I live such a life?
Please tell me
I was happy as long as you were with me
I wanted to make more memories with you
It seems I am taking a walk
Down memory lane
Help me find a ray of hope
Make this crying heart laugh again
Make me see the world through your eyes
Let's get back together
Don't keep me waiting
I feel lonely without you
Madhav comes back drunk every night.
Madhav, Anshika.
Anshika, Madhav.
When she walks into the room
Their favorite pastime is hooking up.
How long has it been since you broke up?
Excuse me.
When a heart breaks,
it doesn't make a sound.
But someone with a broken heart can...
-Can hear another broken heart.
I am not so good at Hindi.
It can't be worse than my English.
Did someone break your heart, too?
Since he was not Indian.
Afterwards, they all loved him.
Riya is dying.
It's... Breakup in Hindi is Dil Toot Jana.
-What about hook up?
It's Jood Jana.
It's Jood Jana.
A friend
with many benefits.
-I have to get to Mose's Bar...
-Where do you want to go?
We had invited Rutvi's friend for you!
Did I ask you to invite her?
I didn't. Did I?
Don't speak to me like that!
I'll beat the hell out of you.
That's how you behave!
You're such a gentleman
in front of your wife.
And this is the real you!
Mind your language! She's my wife!
I love her.
So, your love is true, but not mine!
She may not love me, but I love her.
She's my half girlfriend. I'll go to her.
-What? Control yourself!
-Let me go!
-Try to understand for Riya's sake.
-I want to go.
-Just leave me!
-Let it go.
She has very little time left.
Let me go!
-Let me...
You have false hopes.
-You're following a shadow!
-I'm going.
-Listen to me carefully, Madhav.
-I will...
She must be dead by now.
-Let me go.
-She must be dead by now.
-I need to go to her...
-You won't go anywhere!
If I don't see her,
I'll lose her forever.
-Let me go.
-I won't let you.
-Let me go!
-Let me go. I'll find her.
She said she'd be in a bar
in New York.
Let me go...
I'll have to find her. Let me go.
She had said she'd be in New York.
I didn't know Riya was ill.
Or else I wouldn't have taunted her
the other day
and I regret it every moment.
But, Madhav, try to understand
my point of view.
Riya was divorced.
-I thought...
-What did you think?
You thought Riya has just one motive.
Since she's divorced,
she must find a new husband!
You are saying this of all people.
Mom, can't a woman have her
own identity without a man?
Even if you find her,
it would be too late.
Why are you ruining your life for her?
This is my decision.
You won't leave this place. That's it.
Whether she has a month,
a week, or a day...
If I can spend even a fraction of
that time with Riya...
...I'll consider myself lucky.
I want to give her all the happiness
in this world.
All the happiness...
That girl has bewitched you...
...and that's why
you can't forget her!
What has she done to you?
You know what my mom taught me
since I was a kid?
Never give up.
I must conquer defeat.
I'm sorry. Let me go.
I'm looking for Riya.
Let me go!
Riya must be here somewhere.
I was told that she sings at this bar!
Let me go.
Let me go. I have to find her.
Let me go. I have to find her.
Forgive me.
I was chasing a shadow.
She had just three months to live.
It's been more than six months.
She must be dead by now.
Help me, Shailesh.
I've lost.
I've lost!
I've lost!
I don't have desires anymore
I wish I could travel back in time
Memories are all I have now
Life wants me to fall in love again
I wished for something else
And I ended up having something else!
Happiness has come my way.
But my heart isn't willing to accept it
Happiness doesn't last long
Why is my heart so restless
Without any reason?
It's not too late, my friend
Find a reason to live
Find a reason to live
I would like to conclude by saying
that a country where girls
remain uneducated,
that country can only
achieve half its goals.
There's also a social campaign
by the Government of India.
To save girl child
and to educate girl child.
Thank you.
But I don't understand one thing.
But why did you refuse it?
I have to get back home.
Same to you.
-Yes, mom?
-When are you coming back?
I'll be reaching Dubai
today and Delhi at four.
The UN has given me four laptops.
I'm getting them along.
We'll talk later.
Don't forget to have your food.
Yes, mom. I'll have it on the flight.
I'm hanging up now.
What was the need for all this?
Have you lost your mind?
Whose idea was it?
It's Anshika's idea.
She organized the party.
That's yours and here's mine.
There's one more surprise for you.
I'll show it to you right now.
Madhav, come on.
Hi, Madhav. I know that
you're actually Shailesh's friend.
Did you hear that, you scumbag?
Hey, why are you hiding your face?
It's in your mother tongue.
Why are you feeling shy?
I won't shy away,
but I'd like to tell you
if you don't come back soon,
then I'll beat you to a pulp.
-Do you understand?
-Do you understand?
Hi, Madhav.
You've become a very important part
of my life.
And everything else.
But you're leaving.
That girl...
Anshika, where did you record that video?
33rd and 2nd... Cafe Wha.
Go and make us proud.
Is there an Indian singer?
Please ask her to wait.
I'm on my way.
Sir, give me a chance to catch her
or she'll run away once again!
She's been running away from me!
She's been running away from her love,
from herself and me!
She knows no other way.
Whenever she's in trouble,
that's what she does.
She just runs away.
She came to me.
She left everything and came to me.
She came to Bihar.
But my mom pushed her away.
She thought she doesn't deserve me.
But she's doing all this for me!
She lied to me to protect me.
She said she was dying
and then she came here.
Far away from everyone.
Because she knew
if she didn't pretend she was dying,
I would've looked for her in every
corner of the world and found her.
Let me go in.
I love her a lot.
I don't wish her to remain
my half girlfriend all my life.
My beloved tormentor
Please stay a little longer with me
Please stay a little longer
Please stay a little longer
Please stay a little longer
My beloved tormentor
Please stay a little longer with me
Please don't go away
Stay a little...
Stay a little...
I want the next school to be built
in the neighboring village.
Sometimes I wonder
how you managed all this.
My mom has taught me well.
I won't be able to make it.
Don't turn away from problems.
Don't ever give up.
You must conquer defeat.
Come on.
When I came into your arms
My journey ended then and there
You mean the world to me
I don't exist without you
You bring solace to my heart
Your silence has that power
I searched countless times within me
Every time I found only you
I'd rather stop breathing
But I can't stop loving you
I will continue loving you
I will continue loving you
I will happily give up my life for you
I will continue loving you
When I open my eyes I want to see you
This is my only desire
I don't remember what was the first
But you are my last desire
It's not possible for me
To bear the pain of your absence
You're an essential part of me
You are my heart, you are my soul
I may forget my own self
But I won't be able to forget you
I will continue loving you
I will continue loving you
I will happily give up my life for you
I will continue loving you