Halfpace (2021) Movie Script

[crickets chirping at night]
[car crashing]
[video game playing over t.v.]
[game over]
[door opens]
[woman] Thanks for keeping it down
last night...
finally got some shut eye...
Had a good five minutes before
your TV woke me up... Again!
My legs hurt.
Im getting tired of putting this damn thing away!
Nothing but old pictures and bad memories.
Stop living in the past, Dev...
You've got to move on!
"...help you manage the pain..."['The Proflier' playes over t.v.]
"The same pain that barbara
must have endured--"
[door opens]
Don't make me have to
come in here again tonight.
[button switching off]
[mocking] Wow.
"How am I feeling?" Great.
Never better.
Thanks for asking!
[mouse click]
[birds chirping]
[strange whispers echo]
"Sarve Santu Nirayanaa"
[static glitch]
[video call connected]
Hi. I'm Dwiti.
Hi... H-How much?
Excuse me?
[laptop closes]
[city traffic at night]
[video call connected]
Hey listen please.
Don't go!
I-I thought you were a--
Thought I was a what?
You're one of those 'flash for cash' girls.
Are you implying I dress like a whore?
No. No. There was a girl
with lingreie on website and uh--
--My Mom bought me this dress.
Ya. Ya. Its uh... nice.
Color suits you.
You pay girls to take their clothes off?
I guess. Sometimes...
Well, only once actually. I--
No. Dammit.
Don't leave!
[video call disconnected]
[Doctor] The pain still exists,
as it's a severe injury...
Do not stress much.
Take rest.
-[Dev] Okay.
-[Doctor] I'm prescribing a few medicines.
Till then...take care!
Okay doctor.
-[Doctor] He still needs time to recover
and give him the prescribed medicines.
[video call connected]
[Dev] Look - I'm really sorry.
I'm not really a pervert. Honest.
-So what happened to you?
This? You want the short version
or the long version?
Amnesia means--
--I know what it means...
What's the long version?
Ok! long version... One moment...
"Teenager fights for life after hit and run"...
Oh my God!
It was touch and go for a while.
Real close.
You must have been terrified?
I know I would be...
God, death freaks me out big time.
Entire accidents a blur.
Dont remember the car... Nothing.
A real-life "Sanjay Singhaniya".
Seriously, "Ghajini" reference.
First off, unlike Sanjay Singhaniya...
I dont have anterograde amnesia--
-means, "Short-term memory loss"...
--which I don't.
And...In my case,
I just cant remember anything about my accident.
And secondly, have some standards.
Oh, you are one of those
intellectuals, who like "Memento"--
--But they cannot stand "Ghajini"?
Youve seen Memento?!
--More times than I can remember.
Wow! I guess...
you too are a movie-buff.
Yes. Particularly,
the classics and the south-cinema.
Great! So uh, now...
You wanna 'friend me' on Facebook?
[video call disconnected]
Hey, wait up,...
Where'd she go?! ST!
Dwiti, wow!
Youll wake the baby.
What baby?!
[video call connected]
Hey, Mr. Singhaniya.
Remember me?!
How could I forget?
-[Dwiti] So. How are Yo..--
So. How are Yo..--
[computer glitch]
-[Dev] No. No. Noooo!
Not now...Piece of ST.
[door opens]
[hammer hitting]
You made me do that...
Hope you've learnt your lesson!
Ta-da...Thought Id treat
myself to new "Joey Red" shoes.
Forgot to give you this...
Got all your favorite songs on it.
I dont need a silly locket
to keep your father close to my heart, Dev.
What!? Enough...
Comes with these too.
Maybe Ill finally get some peace and quiet.
[video call connected]
-[Dev] "Woh kahin nahi jaa skati,
kutti kamini.."
Youre supposed to whisper.
-[Dev] Why?
-Cranks up the creepy factor.
Youre just stalling for time.
Bipasha Basu and Dino Morea.
Thought I had you.
Hm... "Bihad mein Baaghi hote hain,
Daqauit milte hain, Parliament mein".
-[Dev] Thats easy--
-"Paan Singh Tomar".
-[Dwiti] My all time favorite "Irfann" film.
- My all time favorite "Irfann" film.
- [Dev] That's true--
-[Dev] Absolutely. Okay..My turn
-[Dwiti] Yeah.
-[Dwiti] Yes ask.-[Dev] Yeah, got one.
"Sarat ghode pe lagaate
hai kathor, Sero pe nahin"
Eazy Peazy!
-[Dwiti] "Apun ko lagta hain ki, apun aapko--
-aapse jyada pehchanta hain"
-[Dev] Right.
-[Dwiti] What?
Forget it.
Movies Raman Arghav 2.0.
Hm... "Ab toh sach bol de
bhke, ab toh sach bolde..."
"Gangs of wasseypur"...
What a cult movie!
-[Dev] You bet...
What else you've got?
"Aaj tak apun ek admi, aurat ya--
[Dwiti] --bacche ko, galti se nahi maara
yeh guarantee hain apun ka"--
[Dwiti] --yeh guarantee hain apun ka."
-- Enough with the Psycho quotes...
Freaks me out.
[Dwiti] Okay.
Hey, listen--
--I have to go.
[Dev] Hey, wait!
Sorry Dwiti!
Listen... Its just...
the Psycho stuff... it hit a nerve...
Actually... it reminds me off my stepmom.
Oh my god. H-How? I mean-- Jesus!
When my Dad passed...
She lost it bigtime... Ended up in the loony bin.
Sorry to hear that.
Is she um... better now?
Must be. I mean...
She managed to put all her guilt on to someone else.
Thats not crazy...Thats clever.
[Dwiti] Okay then, I will see you later!
"Sarve, Santu, Nirayana!"
Aunty... is that you?
[window slams]
[video call connected]
Hi, Dwiti...
I want to tell you something..
I am getting some weird sounds...
Am I going crazy?
No, maybe youve been
watching a lot of horror movies.
Guess youre right.
[wind blows]
What was that?!
I get it...
No need to make fun of me.
No. Im serious... I heard a noise.
Its probably just the wind.
[Dwiti] Okay..
I have a question...
Did you make that painting?
Which one?...This?
[Dwiti] --Yes, I got awarded for that.
You like it?
[Dwiti] How is it?
[Dwiti] I am learning arts since childhood.
[Dwiti] I don't know,
it was a tough competition--
Dwiti Talwar.
[phone dials]
Hello, this is Dev. I want to--
[man] Hello...
-[Dev] I...I.. I need help!
-[man] Hello...
[man] Hello.. hello..
-[Dev] Hello. I am Dev. I..I...need your help--
-[man 2] --Hello--Hello--
-[man 2] Who's there?-[Dev] Someone who is--
Hello...Can you hear me..?
[man 2] Call in the office hours.
-[man 2] Bye.-[Dev] Hello..
[man 2] Weirdo.
[phone dialing]
[phone ringing]
-[man] Hello.-[Dev] Hello..
[man] Hello, Dev.
Hello...Who's this?
Howd you know my name?
[man] Ive been expecting you.
Who are you?
[man] My name is Madin.
I am a medium. To speak with the dead.
Oh, yes...
C-Can you help me?
Someone I really care about is... is... um...
[Madin] Yes, I know...
That's why I have called you...
-[Madin] You have question for me?-[Dev] Y-Yeah.
How d'you tell someone
terrified of dying they're already dead?!
[Madin] Who?
Dwiti Talwar...
She was murdered by the Full-moon Killer.
[Madin] Ah, yes. I know the case well...
Detective Tapasvi asked for my help.
[Madin] What do you know about this?
I want to help too.
[Madin] No. Sorry. Too dangerous.
Why? What's so dangerous about it?
[Madin] Killer struck many times already.
You wanna be his next victim?
No... But, w-what about Dwiti?
[Madin] Her spirit will not rest,
until the killer is caught.
Neither will I.
[Madin] You? Why do you care?
[Madin] Dev?
[Madin] You there?
I just do.
[Madin] No. Sorry. It's too risky.
Try and stop me!
[video call connected]
[Dwiti] You wanna play mind games--
--find some other fool to play with.
M-Mind games? What!?
[Dwiti] Really Dev!?
Didnt mean to leave you hanging...
I am sorry.
I...um... had to go, is all.
You okay?
You seem a little tense?
Nothing like that, Im okay...
Youre lying!
N-No, Dwiti, it's alright...
I am okay--
--Youre hiding something
Im just tired.
What is it?...Whats wrong?
You make me nervous.
[Dwiti] Nothing wrong in being shy--
--I think its kinda cute.
[Dev] Y-Yes..
[Dwiti] Dont ever lie to me again!
[Dev] Y-Yes..
[Dwiti] Dont ever lie to me again!
[video call disconnected]
I can't do this.
[landline rings]
[Madin] You still want to help?
Do you know what time is it?
[Madin] Yes, I do. I work 24-7.
-[Dev] But, I don't.
-[Madin] Not important--
[Madin] You share a special connection with dead girl, yes?
Her name's Dwiti!
[Madin] You must use this friendship.[Dev] What do you mean?
[Madin] To solve this case...
Dwiti is the star witness in her own murder!
Some witness.
She doesn't even know she's d--
[Madin] --You must not tell her.
You might frighten the spirit away.
You think I dont know that?
[Madin] You must be quick.
It's a matter of life and death.
What the hell are you talking about?
[Madin] The full moon is only few days away--
-[Dev] Yeah. So?
-[Madin] Killer always strikes during full moon.
[Madin] Why else you think media
call him Full-moon Killer?!
[Madin] You want next girl's death on your
[Dev] No. Of course not--
[Madin] Then hurry!
[landline disconnected]
[video call connected]
"Maine maut ko bahot
kareeb se dekha hai"!
Nice easy one to get you started.
Movie is Aawarapan.
"Maine maut ko bahot kareeb se dekha hai,
Kisi aur ki zindagi ke liye marna hi meri manzil hain"
Great ending though.
Nah, I kinda knew the ending the whole time.
Seriously? Uh, cool... How about we
play a getting-to-know-you game instead?
Sounds fun.
Then, ready?
You got twenty seconds starting...now!
[Dev] Start!
Who's your best friend?
...My mom.
Who's your worst enemy?
To be honest...haven't got any.
What's your favorite memory?
My first kiss.
What's your scariest memory?
Stepped on a lizard once, eww!
Who or what are you most afraid of?
Never seeing my loved ones again.
[Dev] Okay, time's up!
Wow... That was pretty intense.
Okay, your turn.
Okay... Shoot!
Okay, best friend?
My laptop.
Worst enemy?
[Dev] My aunty.
[Dwiti] Okay--
What's your favorite memory?
Going to a ball game with my Dad.
Who or what are you most afraid of?
Hello, clock's ticking!
My Dad...I mean...
I'm most afraid of ending up like my Dad.
[landline ringing]
[Madin] Your stepmom called me today.
What? When?
[Madin] She found my number in your room.
She needed someone to get through to you...
[Dev] What the hell;
[Madin] Yes--
What did she tell you?
[Madin] Everything.
She is impossible!...
That stuffs private...She had no right.
[Madin] She said, she likes having you there...
But you make too much noise...Keep her awake all hours.
[Dev] Not again!
[Madin] All your laptop and radio sounds--
-[Madin] make her crazy---[Dev] Yeah?... Poor Aunty.
[Madin] All she wants is your love.[Dev] You don't know.
[door opens]
Spoke to your friend today...
Nice gentleman... Told him all about us--
[Stepmom] Yes.
Bet you didnt tell him how you trashed my radio?
Or what you did to Dad!
Maybe hell get through to you...
I know I cant!
Now we can both be in pain.
[door closes]
[Dev] Aunty...my pills!
My plills.
Slept well, huh?
Doctor gave me some more pills.
You need to rest. Sweet dreams!
[man] Dev? Dev Tyagi.
[Dev] Yeah, who are you?
Dectective Tapasvi.
Your hands are like ice...You must take care.
Youll catch your death if youre not careful.
[Tapasvi] Fan of 'Amitabh Bacchan'?
[Dev] My dad got that..
In general, I like movies.
I always had a thing for 'Bacchan'...
Loved him in Zanjeer.
[speaking Hindi]
Made me want to be a cop.
[Tapasvi whistles]
[Tapasvi] And yes...
Madin sends his best.
H-How do you guys know each other?
How do I...
When my Mother...
Madin helped me to... to--
Sir...I am sorry, but...
What is it you want from me?
See...we've got five murdered girls already -
So help us... to solve this case.
Sir, How can I--
We need to know if Dwiti has...
had a secret boyfriend?
What difference is it going to make?
Sometimes its the people you
love the most who hurt you the most.
You are saying someone who was close to her--
--Just keeping our options open.
Damn, battery is dead.
Dev, would you mind if I borrow your phone?
Need to text my senior.
Sorry, like I told the other detective - I
lost it the night of my accident.
Shit...How can I forget!...
Thats right you did.
Okay, then.
[Dev] Oh, sorry...
[Tapasvi] Let me help.
So, take care... I'll go.
Dev... Ill be in touch.
[video call connected]
[Dev] ... And so the snobby neighbor says
[Dev] That chaps going to lower the
tone of the neighborhood.
The dude was a baritone!...
We had to leave.
This happened in our neighborhood.
Weird shit!
H-hmm yeah--
So any baritones in your neighborhood?
Uh-uh. Just a few screeching cats.
What about deadbeats?
Weirdos?... Total psychos?
What is this?...
Why the sudden interest in my neighborhood?
Oh, no...
Nothing like that!--
--Don't lie to me!
[Dev] Im not--
--Honest. Nothing like that.
Youre hiding something.
No... I'm not!
Listen, Im not...
Why would you think that?
You told me.
Just now...
Eyes shifty as a snake oil salesman--
--Voice dropping faster than a Duck Hawk -
Only using the muscles
around your mouth when you smiled--
[Dwiti] No jaw, cheek or eye movement.
As if you are posing for a photograph...
Want me to go on?
No, I'm goo--
[Dwiti] Fake answers--
--followed by a fake smile!
Wait, Dwiti...
H-How do you know this stuff?
[Dwiti] I was lied to once.
Didnt want it happening again.
I warned you not to lie to me.
[Dev] Okay, wait!--
-- Look at me.
[Dev] Listen...
I really like you
more than you know...
[Dev] I would never say--
-- or do anything to hurt you.
Now tell me if Im lying...
[landline ringing]
[Dev] Hello.
[Madin] Did you find out, if she has secret boyfriend?
No..I-I need time.
[Madin] What happened?
Is there any problem?
[Dev] Shes a goddamn human lie detector;
[Madin] What do yo--
If I keep doing this shes gonna
end up spooked or lied to... Either way shes gone.
[Madin] Youre just scared of losing her.
M-Maybe I am...
[Madin] Hmm...
I wonder if she likes being a ghost?
[Madin] She's got rest of eternity to get used to it.[Dev] What are you--
[Madin] No matter--[Dev] Hello...
Son of a bih.
[vase breaks]
[door opens]
Dev!...Oh, St--
It was a gift from him.
So was the locket, that you sold!
What?... What now?
No-- No--
No. Aunty. Please! Not that!--
Okay, sorry--
Now you know how it feels.
[video call connected]
...So I was wondering--
My turn to ask you something!
O-Okay. Ask.
Why do you hate your stepmom?
Maybe you should be
asking her that question.
Shes mean to you?
If you call obliterating my radio...
with a hammer then buying me an iPod mean--
--Then yeah.
Try Schitzo.
Since my accident shes been worse than ever-
[Dev] Guess she resents--
--having to put her
life on hold to take care of me.
That's sad.
--and what about your Dad?
My stepmom killed him.
Oh my God.
There was a time when...
Dad had a huge loss in his business-
All they ever did was fight over money.
Sounds like my parents.
On my tenth birthday... Dad was sick.
Couldnt afford to feed us, let alone buy me any presents.
I was hungry - went looking for some food. Found
brand new pair of expensive 'Joey Red' hidden in a box.
That night they had a blazing row...
Next day... Dad was gone.
Jumped off a building--
Just like that.
Never even said goodbye.
No note. Nothing.
I guess what matters most is--
--Nothing matters. Not now.
Not then. Least not me. Not to Dad.
The fact he had a son who--
[Dev] idolized him... never made a difference.
That didn't matter... I didn't matter!
Dev!... You matter to me.
[video call disconnected]
[landline rings]
[Dev] What?
[Madin] Did you get the name?
I need time.
[Madin] Time - we don't have the luxury. Clock is ticking.
Someone's life is at stake.
Stop putting this all on me!
What about the cops?
[Madin] What? What about them?
Maybe they have missed something.
[Madin] No.
They are professionals. Not amateur like you.
What do you want from me?
What do you fg want?
[Madin] Name. I want a name.
If its so easy, you do it!
Youre the goddamn medium!
[Madin] Sure, but then I will
have to tell her that she is dead!
[landline rings]
-[Dev] Leave me alone.
-[Madin] You want more girls to die like Dwiti?
No. Of course not.
[Madin] Then get me a name!
[door opens]
You need to rest, now.
Got you a new cell phone.
Thought maybe you could text me--
--seeing how we cant talk to each other.
Okay, then.
Good Night.
[door closes]
Who the hells Joey?!
[Madin] It's classified... I can't tell you.
I thought this was a give and take relationship.
[Madin] Sorry.
Detective Tapasvi swore me to secrecy.
-[Dev] Fine. Tell him to find the killer!
-[Madin] --Wait-
[Madin] Victims were...
wearing Joey Red when they were attacked--
Cops thought the first murder
was robbery gone wrong--
But then they realized
they've got serial killer on their hands.
So why the secrecy?
[Madin] It doesn't matter.
Were out of time.
Full moon is close. We have no choice.
You have to tell Dwiti the truth.
-[Madin] See if she knows something.-[Dev] I-I guess so.
[video call connected]
[Dev] Dwiti, I have to tell you something...
Something youre not going to like.
That means you know!
Yeah... I just didnt know that you
--Bet that asshole Bidhuls been
bragging on Facebook again, huh?
Hes the guy that lied to you, right?
Jerk thinks he can do whatever
he wants just because hes got a rich daddy.
Wait. Did he hurt you?
It doesnt matter--
It matters to me.
Nothing you can do about it anyway...
Jerks above the law.
Look just forget it.
Nothings above the law.
Trust me, Bidhul is.
Why would you think that?
[Dwiti] Because around here--
-his Daddy is the law.
Bidhul... Bidhul Jaiswal?
Mayor Jaiswals son?
Guilty as charged.
[video call disconnected]
-[Dev] Ive found him.
-[Madin] Found who?
I found 'Joey'.
-[Madin] Who?-[Dev] Bidhul Jaiswal, Mayor Jaiswal's son.
[Madin] How do you know?
Dwiti told you?
Yes. She dated him.
Said he liked it rough.
[Madin] So do a lot of guys.
He majored in Comparative Mythology--
[Madin] Comparative Mythology?!
Why are you wasting my time with this?
I hacked his Facebook account.
Sickos password is 'Lucifer'.
--the God of Death!!
What does this imply?
[Madin] Youre plucking at straws.
Listen to me - its him. Hes the
killer. I know it. I just know it.
-[Madin] Are you confident?-[Dev] I just know.
[Madin] I have to go now.
He attacked a girl!
[Madin] What?!
Yes... but, you cant tell the cops
it was me who told you, okay?
-[Madin] Depends what y---[Dev] Promise me. Or forget the whole thing.
Im not getting busted again.
[Madin] You have been in trouble
with police before?
I hacked into the banks computer.
Not to steal - just to see if I could do it.
-[Dev] Happy now?
-[Madin] Yeah.
[Madin] Now tell me about Bidhul.
I uh... accessed police records.
He assaulted a waitress. Left her in a bad way.
[Madin] What happened?
Cops charged him with
aggravated sexual assault.
Sfh got off on a goddamn technicality.
[Madin] What technicality?
Being the son of the
most powerful man in the city!
[Madin] This is critical information.
Ill let Detective Tapasvi know.
[Madin] Dev... Good job!
Did they get him?
Please tell me hes in jail.
[Madin] Dev, what time is it?
Please. Please. Pleeeeaaase tell me.
[Madin] He has an alibi. He is not guilty.
Let me guess.
Daddy said he was with him all night, right?
[Madin] Something like that.
Thats bullshit.
Have the cops search the missing heels.
[Madin] Heels? Shoes!
[Madin] Heels... did you say heels?
He took Dwitis left shoe, right?
[Madin] Not just hers.
He took a shoe from every murdered girl.
-[Madin] Dev!-[Dev] What?
[Madin] How you know about the missing shoe?
You told me.
[Madin] Uh-uh. I only told you that
all the victims wore Joey Red.
Must have read about it in the
[Madin] No. Cops suppress it. Said it's vital clue.
They swore me to secrecy.
So how you know, Dev?
Maybe your memory is re-surfacing?
Or maybe you never had
amnesia in the first place?!
[Madin] Tell me, Dev!
[Madin] Answer me![Dev] I just know.
[Madin] Where were you when the car hit you?
Kunloon highway. Why?
[Madin] They found Dwiti's body a few blocks away,
on the same night.
The same night?
[Madin] Big coincidence!
Psychological profile states the killer
is an Indian male. Age 18-35--
--loner with criminal record.
That remind you of anyone, Dev?
You dont seriously think--
[Madin] Yes.
How else you know about the missing shoe?!
It's all making sense now.
You blame your stepmother for your father's death.
--So you take your anger out on girls
with fancy shoes... Same shoes your stepmother wears!
You were trying to flee the crime scene--
No, No--
[Madin] --and got hit by a car!
And no murder is reported after that.
You see your stepmothers face when
you butcher those poor girls!
Which means it is 'you',
who killed Dwiti!
No-- Dev.
No! I didnt do this. Im innocent!
It's all bullst.
[Door opens]
'Escape Plan' is also a good movie.
If you are planning to do so.
If you are getting ideas.
W-What happens now?
So far all weve got is
circumstantial. And--
Guess we can throw some GPS into
the mix now too.
I knew you wanted my cell phone all along.
You were lying about your
battery being dead.
You got me!
They said you were smart.
You know,
I don't think so.
Dont think I need to worry about
you skipping town.
Okay, I'll be leaving now.
Y-Youre leaving?
Got what I came for.
And yes--
Keep this, In case you decide
to do the decent thing and fess up.
See you later!
Take care.
[video call connected]
Hello... You there!
You shouldnt be speaking to me.
How come?
Im a bad person.
I did a terrible thing.
What did you do?
Forget to say your prayers or something?
You wouldnt be laughing
if you knew what I did.
Then tell me.
I-I cant.
Its okay, you can trust me.
Its me... I dont trust.
Listen to me - youre a nice guy.
Whatever you think it is, cant be all that bad.
You've heard that saying...
Beauty killed the beast?
Well, Im the beast
that...that killed the beauty.
I am a bad person.
No you're not.
I'm bad.
Im evil.
"... Police have just released this
picture of the Full-moon Killers--
--latest victim and are appealing for witnesses.."
"... Police have just released this
picture of the Full moon killers--
--latest victim and are appealing for witnesses.."
Poor thing was little
more than a child. Breaks my heart.
Seen enough
death to last me a lifetime.
I hope the cops get him.
-[Madin] Yes Dev, tell me.-[Dev] I cannot do this, I am not the killer.
He struck again.
[Madin] I know, It's Isha, 16.
Her mother killed herself from shock.
Sick freaks losing it. Couldnt
even wait just one more day for the full moon.
[Madin] You might not be the killer...
It's still your fault.
Youre crazy.
[Madin] Not just me,
even Esha thinks the same.
Y-Youve spoken to her?
[Madin] She is angry.
She wanted to know why you didnt find the killer?
-[Dev] I-I...
-[Madin] So I told her the truth--
--You didnt wanna
upset your precious girlfriend.
Madin, no, I...
[Madin] All the best.
[video call connected]
[Dwiti] What is it?
Are you okay?
Dwiti, please help me.
What is it?
[Dwiti] What's wrong?
[Dwiti] Dev!
You okay?
You look like youve seen a gho--
Please, please.
What was that for?
Believing in me.
[Dwiti] You're sounding so weird.
Dwiti, I cant do this anymore.
Do what?
You. Me. This.
No... don't do this, please.
Dev, dont leave me.
Please, don't go.
Dev, just listen.
Im sorry.
[landline ringing]
[landline ringing]
[Madin] Its the full moon tomorrow.
Tapasvi thinks that the killer has planned something bi--
Why did you tell her about me?
-[Madin] Who?-[Dev] Esha.
[Madin] What happened?
-[Dev] She was here.
-[Madin] I had to tell her the truth.
[Madin] I'm so sorry... In this case--
Y-You keep asking me
if I want more girls to die...
You think I wanna die?
[Madin] Youre safe now... Eshas gone.
It's too late.
I-I'm done with this ST.
[crow caws]
[crow caws]
Shoo...Go, on.
[news anchor] Were getting reports that the
Full-moon Killer may have claimed another victim...
...Thought to be a runaway,
Kaira Ali's body was discovered earlier today...
Such was the decomposition of the body,
police believe Kaira Ali was actually the killers..
..first victim, even though the five other
victims bodies were discovered before hers...
'We've got five murdered girls already'.
-[Tapasvi] Hello.
-[Dev] Tapasvi, how did you know?
Know what?
That Dwitis murder was the killers fifth.
[Dev] When everyone else thought she was the fourth victim?
You knew about Kaira Ali.
How, Tapasvi? Tell me how?!
How do you think?
It was you!
Youre the Full-moon Killer!
They said you were smart.
You murdered them... All six of them.
W-Why Tapasvi?
[Tapasvi] "Sarve Santu Nirayana"
(Death to all)
[door opens]
ST. What a mess!
You have made me crazy.
My laptop.
Aunty... Please.
[Madin] Hello... Whats wrong?
-[Dev] Madin..
-[Madin] Yeah, what is going on?
-[Dev] My Aunty.
-[Madin] Yes, tell me, what's with her?
-[Dev] She's dead.
-[Madin] What? Are you sure?
--What happened?
Wait I will send someone..
Did anybody come there?
-[Dev] I saw someone in a black dress this morning.
-[Madin] What?
-[Dev] I-I thought he was the killer.
-[Madin] What black dress?
But, the killer is Detective Tapasvi...
[Madin] Have you lost it?
-[Dev] Please, you have to trust me..
-[Madin] Have you gone crazy?
-[Dev] He knew about Kaira Ali--
-[Madin] Of course he knew, he is a cop.
No..he killed my stepmom.
A-and he said, "Sarve Santu Nirayana".
[Madin] Sarve.. Santu...Dev, you are in trauma
because of your stepmom's death.
-[Dev] means "Death to all".
-[Madin] You are talking crazy..
-[Dev] Im not lying. You have to believe me.
-[Madin] Do you have any evidence?
Please.. Trust me. He is the killer.
Only you can save me now.
-[Madin] Okay.-[Dev] Please send help.
-[Dev] H-He will kill me.
-[Madin] Okay, I am sending reinforcement.
-[Madin] I will get backup.-[Dev] Please, fast--
-[Madin] Keep calm the backup is on the way.-[Dev] Backup?! What backup?
-[Madin] I have called the cops.-[Dev] No..No.. Please--
Madin, please no cops,
I think cops are involved too..
I dont wanna die.
Please dont let me die.
-[Madin] Just hold on Dev, help is on the way.-[Dev] What now..?
[Madin] We need you to do something.
Not for us.. For Dwiti.
Let me think--
[Madin] Listen--
-[Dev] W-What do you want me to do?
-[Madin] Tapasvi must be heading towards you--
-[Dev] How?
-[Madin] We need you to get Tapasvi to confess.
--Leave the phone off the hook.
We will record it.
Y-Yeah.. Okay..
Is she dead?
I told you to tell your mom
not to leave the front door unlocked.
Guess that explains it.
Everything said
and done will be unheard.
You consider yourself a genius?
Cops are coming to get you.
Your game is over.
My game's over?
Hey, wake up!
What's this?
Might as well set the mood - Not
everyday you discover youre a ghost.
So, here's some ambience.
What do you mean?
Please, leave Dwiti out of this. I beg before you.
-[Dev] Why did you do this?--
-[Tapasvi] Shh..
-[Dev] Why did you kill Dwiti and the other girls?--
-[Tapasvi] Shh.. Shh--
-[Tapasvi] Where is it? Huh.. Where is it?
-[Dev] What?
Clocks ticking. Where is she?
Please dont do this... What do you want?
What I want?
-The cell phone.
Not this one... the OTHER one.
The one you used to film Dwitis last moments.
You know what I mean, Dev.
Dwiti's murder video.
I already told you. My cell phones
gone. Lost it the night of my accident.
I will have to find it.
You dont have it?
You wouldnt lie to me... would you?
I am not lying. I swear. Now leave us alone.
Its you...
Yeah, that's right!
They said you were smart.
-[Dev] W-Who did?
-[Tapasvi] Azazel. Beleth. Satan.
You sacrificed those poor girls
as part of some stupid Satanic ritual bullst?
Ah, it's witching hour - Its time!--
-Please.. Please...
-She's here.
Please - You can do whatever you want with me.
Just leave Dwiti out of it - Please.
[video call connected]
Dev?! What are you doin--
-Hi... Greetings.
-[Dwiti] What?-[Tapasvi] We've got some life-changing news.
-[Dwiti] Life-changing?-[Tapasvi] Youre gonna die when you hear this!
What news? And who are you?
-[Dwiti] And why is he tied up?-[Tapasvi] Tell me, hows it feel to be dead?
How would I know? Im not dead.
-Oh, but you are dead.
-[Dwiti] Dev, what is this?-[Tapasvi] You think I am lying? Dev, tell her buddy.
[Dwiti] I-Im not dead!
Tell him Dev, tell him I'm alive.
-I-I am sorry, Dwiti.
-Human lie detector, huh?
Now you know why a polygraphs not
admissable in court?
-[Dwiti] What is this bullst?-[Dev] It's all my fault, Dwiti.
Stop it!
I dragged you away from the light.
You need to go back. You need to cross the tunnel.
Youre freaking me out!
Just stop it!
Im sorry.
Please forgive me.
Tell him Dev.
Im not dead! Im ALIVE!
-[Tapasvi] Shh.. You're alive?
-[Dwiti] Yes, I am alive.
-[Tapasvi] You're alive? One moment. W--
-[Dwiti] What is this?.. What is he doing, Dev?
Prove it.. Prove it!
I am not dead!
[Dev] Dwiti... I love you.
[Dwiti] I'm--
--not dead!
It was fun.
Where the hell are you?! I need help.
[voice of Madin] I am here Dev.
Not on the phone. Outside.
Madin?... You!
[voice of Madin] You want more girl to die? Tell me.
[voice of Madin]
I am the medium to speak to dead.
The stuff with Madin?
Getting me to find Dwitis killer? What the hell was that?
What was that?
I poured industrial bleach drop by drop in a fish tank.
Should have seen them thrashing about.
Skin blistering - gills exploding
And you know what?
All guesses were correct.
But you know what?
This was way more fun than that!
All this was just to amuse yourself?
Ya, but, no.
It was our way of keeping you distracted.
-Distracted from what?
-Weve been watching you.
Ever since Kaal breathed life back into you...
Teasing - Toying with you, while we waited..
W-Waited for what?
For this moment!
Full-moon night.
-I-I dont understa - Whats the--
-Let me explain.
Who's 'Kaal'?
Let me explain..
His kiss of death is the reason you could talk to Dwiti...
But, hes a monster. A stealer of souls.
But from now on.. your soul belongs to Beleth.
Hail Satan...
Hail Beleth...
They are coming...
There's a blunder. Guess the hunter
What's been going down
In the fire, like an ocean
Slaying till the early dawn
Bring me something , get me erupting
Playing as if god is out of town
Speak of me and I'll show up
Bih I don't think I'm a clown
Thinking straight is one of my skills
I don't need to pay human bills
Red color's a thrill. Covered in blood it feels real
Call it mathematical, I'm all radical
Born or you dead, I don't care[radio playing]
I've been a cannibal all my life
Mr.Satan got away, that Satan walks to slay
Satan got away
Gotta stay, rippin apart is a part of my day
Mr.Satan got away, that Satan walks to slay
Kill in the park, no matter they bark
I'm living the dream I dared
And life's not sweet
It's bitter bitter better
Am feeling like I never did
[mobile ringing]
Hello... Hello... Hello.
Hows it feel to be dead?
Is heaven enough for the struggle
Of living on with such sorrow
My heartbeat slow as I climb the ladder
To you, to you, to you..
Living life here, for eternity
Seems like a blessing given
Something here, beyond reality
Begins with the end..
Chasing for the love
Im waiting for you in the middle
Somewhere on the stars
I am searching for your soul
Fighting with the devil is my only salvation
There is no pain here in afterlife
Chasing for the love
Im waiting for you in the middle
Somewhere on the stars
I am searching for your soul
Fighting with the devil, is my only salvation
There is no pain here, in afterlife
Frustration, spoiled my precious life
Like a thunder, with no rain in skies
My heartbeat slow as I climb the ladder
To you, to you, to you..
Chasing for the love
Im waiting for you in the middle
Somewhere on the stars
I am searching for your soul
Fighting with the devil, is my only salvation
There is no pain here, in afterlife