Halfway (2017) Movie Script

- You been shopping at
Baby Gap or something?
- Whatever, man.
How you been?
- I ain't miss being
in there with your ass,
but I'm good.
Let's get out of here.
- Yeah.
Thanks for keeping
this stuff for me.
- Ain't no thing.
- This place is aight.
- It ain't the dream.
Better than the game.
- We should go.
- Why are you meeting with
him if you're leaving anyway?
You know this thing could
be a new start for you.
- You know it ain't
that easy with Marquis.
His boys looked out
for me on the inside
and he asked me to come
see him before I leave,
so that's exactly
what I'm gonna do.
- How was the ride?
- Long.
- Living room.
Watch your step.
Julia leaves her
toys everywhere.
Kitchen through here.
Fly swatter.
You're gonna want that.
This is where I usually stay.
I'll get you a towel.
Good luck with that.
There's a sweet spot for
signal up by the bonfire.
I know, it's a pain in the ass.
That's them.
- You are a big boy, aren't you?
- Aunt Beth, this is Byron.
- No kidding.
This is Julia.
- He's got the
SUV to get around.
- Can you drive a tractor?
- No.
- You ever do any construction,
anything like that?
- He can do cows and feeding.
You been helping your mom out?
Yeah? Good.
Because farming's done by who?
- Family.
- That's right.
There's Eliza too.
- Who hasn't farmed
since we sold the horses.
- She works at the bar in town.
- Were you in jail?
- Yes he was. Just
for a little bit.
Could you grab one of those?
In the back.
You'll be in here every
day, so get used to it.
When they deliver feed,
sometimes bags come
to us that shouldn't.
There's no delivery
due for a little while
but when one comes,
if you see these,
just make another pile
and I'll come get them.
- Okay.
- Watch your hands.
I'm gonna be busy getting
back up to speed with work,
but I'll come back when I can.
- Cool.
- When's your first meeting?
- Day after tomorrow.
- Good.
- Marquis, Spenson, you guys?
- I just got out. It's
not what you think.
- That's good. Cool.
I forgot to give you this.
It's your mom's.
I'm sorry I couldn't get you
out in time for the funeral.
I miss my dad every day
and it's not exactly
been easy for them.
Maybe, in time, you'll
see them as family too.
- How do you know
that shit works?
- Yeah, all right.
See this family as you want.
You can either work
here because you owe me,
which you fucking do,
or because it's
good for you too.
I gotta go.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Do you have a tool
kit I could borrow?
- Yeah, what for?
- I just wanted to
tighten the bed up a bit.
- Oh, that squeak's
been there forever.
- I just don't wanna break it.
- Okay.
There you go.
We do all the work ourselves.
Got a little help
from Josh and Flea.
You'll see him when we can
afford to have him around.
Now, our fields go all the
way to the woods there.
Back here's our old barn.
We do not use that anymore.
I will teach you how to milk,
but most of the work
you're gonna be doing
is with these calves over here.
Feeding them and the heifers
we've got in the shed over here.
You're gonna wanna
pull this latch down
when you walk in here
because if you don't, it'll
fall down and lock you in.
- Can't find the nipple.
- All right, I'll
take it for you.
That's all right.
Good girl.
I think we're just gonna keep
you on feeding the calves.
One bottle for each pen.
Go ahead.
Come in here. Come in here.
These two don't know how to
feed from the bottle yet.
Come on, baby.
Come on, baby.
- Oh.
- These are the smallest ones.
Gonna have to get used to these
or you'll be completely useless.
Come on.
There we go.
Right there.
Hey, the feeder broke again.
- Yeah, I'll take another
look at it before I leave.
- Okay, thanks.
- Hey, my check bounced again.
- Ah.
I have some cash I
can give you instead.
Sorry about that.
I don't come in here.
Except when I have to.
You wanna ride or not?
Grab one of these
from the parts store,
so if we can fix it tonight
or we'll be pushing
feed in there,
which isn't much fun.
Eliza can show you
where the store is.
You're not driving.
Some boyfriend Sean is
to let you drink and
drive home again.
You don't think I
heard you puking
your guts out all morning?
Every time you get in that car
drunk, you mock your father.
- Late night, huh?
- Yeah.
Thanks for the ride.
- Hi.
Hi, I'm Daisy.
- What's up?
Is it true what they
say about how big it is?
- Oh my god, okay.
You're gonna head up
the road, make a left.
You can't miss it.
- Aight, thanks.
- You're so weird.
- Hello?
- Sorry.
I'm right here.
- Is that cherry?
- Yes.
- I'll take one.
Where's that turn at?
- What the fuck?
- Who is that?
- I think I know who that is.
- Damn.
- I need to get to the Lawson's.
- Second right, back there.
Hey, you're Josh's
step-brother, right?
- Yeah.
- It's not a good idea to
go on other people's land.
They don't like it.
- Get lost?
- Yeah.
I got the fuse.
- Flea's gone for
the next couple days,
so it'll have to stay broke.
- Sorry.
- I'll show you how to
do it by hand tomorrow.
This is a better start time.
- I actually have
my meeting first.
- Well get back quick
because you got chores.
Thinks it's a vacation home
in the Bahamas or something.
- Bitch.
- Have a seat.
Byron Smith.
- Yeah.
- How's you get here today?
- I drove.
- Got insurance on the vehicle?
- Yeah.
- You wanted to work on a farm.
- I need a job, don't I?
- I'm gonna give you work
to do as part of my program.
You're gonna turn up
on time and hand it in.
I got no interest in sending
you back inside unless you do.
You know what constitutes
a violation for you?
- I think so.
- They're listed in that pack.
General rule,
if you think something
might be, then it is.
- What're you doing down here?
- It's easier when
that's working.
I would fix it, but
I think Flea should.
Because last time I tried,
I broke it even worse.
Wanna see something cool?
Daddy put this up
here for the winter
so that it wouldn't freeze.
This is my favorite place
because all the old stuff.
I saw a snake in there once.
- Enough said.
- Julia!
How many times do I have to
tell you not to play down here?!
Did it look safe on
that stuff to you?
Get in the house.
I am not taking you
to the emergency room.
- You have one unheard message.
- Yo, Byron, it's Marquis.
Look, we've been
working on some things
we might be able to
get you in on, up there
sooner than we thought.
Nothing solid yet, though,
but you know.
pick up the phone if you
need anything, you hear?
Bye son.
- Fuck!
- Real interesting stuff?
- I don't think I've ever
seen a cow up close before.
They're bigger than you think.
- Heard you ran into the guys.
- They your friends?
- The one who stayed at
the car is my ex-boyfriend.
- The guy with the gun.
- Yeah.
He's a fucking asshole.
I told him to leave
you alone, though.
It's getting kinda cold.
I'll see you inside.
- I didn't mean to snap earlier.
Bits of that old barn keep
coming down after bad weather.
It's a hundred years old.
We're going to church tomorrow
if you wanna come with us.
- I don't go to church.
- Okay.
Well, sleep well.
28, 32, 34, 36.
- Sorry.
- Cow got through
some broken fence.
She might be in the woods
behind the house, there.
When you're done
with your chores,
maybe see if you can find her.
- Why doesn't Byron
have to come, momma?
- Because he doesn't
believe in God.
- Why not?
- Some people just don't.
- They're smart.
- Seat belts.
- Come on.
No damn cow out here.
Don't shoot!
Please, don't shoot!
Please, don't shoot!
- What're you doing?
- I'm looking for a cow.
- Well, I don't see any cows.
- My aunt,
Beth Larson, she
said one got loose
in these woods.
- Larson's ain't colored.
- My stepbrother's family.
- Oh.
Well, I hit a few this way.
There we go.
- Scared the shit out of me.
- Looks like an egg, right?
Did I hit you?
- No.
I cut it on the fence.
- Come on, let's
get you fixed up.
Come on.
Tastes like shit, doesn't it?
My wife loved Italian espresso.
Except, you can't
get it around here.
- What were you shooting?
- I wasn't shooting,
I was hunting.
- What were you hunting?
- Crows.
They're loud.
They prey on the other
birds in the wood.
You know what they call a
group of crows, don't you?
A murder.
A murder of crows.
They think
that they are eggs to steal.
Then pop.
You are the first colored farmer
I've ever seen around here.
- I ain't no farmer.
- You got a bad attitude, son.
Look at you all
hunched over there,
like a sleeping giant.
What's the point of being
a giant if you're sleeping?
You're just a big old
sleeping jellybean.
What the hell you doing
on a farm, jellybean?
- Helping my brother's family.
- Yeah, I heard
about that car wreck.
Make yourself useful
and you won't be sent
out hunting cows.
That's a lesson you can
take back to the city.
- How do you know
I'm from the city?
- You're from the city?
- Yeah.
- If you're colored
and you ain't in Africa
or Mississippi,
you're from the city.
- Aight.
Thanks for this.
Thanks for the coffee.
- Don't thank me for
the coffee, it's shit.
- You just now getting back?
- I was looking for that cow.
- Did you find her?
- No, I'm sorry.
- You've been out all day.
I left you some food.
- Thanks.
- Mhmm.
- There we go.
Wait a minute.
Get in there.
There you go.
Right there.
Excuse you.
Are you talking back?
There you go.
You gonna drink some milk
or you gonna die of dehydration?
Don't shake your head no to me.
Come drink this milk.
I'm aight with you dying
if you aight with it.
- What'd you do?
- Cut it on the fence.
- Yeah, that fence
is a fucker, huh?
What'd you really do?
You know,
like go to prison
and everything.
- Some stupid shit.
- You in a gang or something?
- Yeah, something.
- You ever kill anybody?
- You think they'd let me out
on parole if I killed someone?
My friend was driving
that car for months.
I didn't know it was stolen
until we got pulled over.
- You think I could
probably kill you?
- Yeah.
- Not like saying I would.
Just, you know, if I had
to I could probably do it.
You think that's funny?
- That's good to know.
- Julia.
Time to go.
Get in the car.
Buckle up, okay?
That thing hurt?
- Yeah.
You mind watching Julia for a
sec while I pop in the store?
- Cool.
Like ice cream?
- Yeah.
- Hi, Julia.
- Hi.
- How are you?
- I'm good, thank you.
- You like my pie then.
- Yeah, it was nice.
What do you want?
- Chocolate, please.
- One chocolate coming right up.
- Hi Julia.
- Hi.
- How do you like farming?
- Everything I ever
dreamed it would be.
- That's funny.
You see, this ain't a joke.
This is what we do out here.
- And I love it.
- Hi, sweetie.
I didn't hear you come in.
- Hi, mom.
- Two dollars, please.
- No, I'll get that.
- Don't worry about it.
Actually, I think I can
give you a free one today.
- Thank you.
- You gonna pay for that?
- Nah, just looking.
- Greg, what the heck
is the matter with you?
- Stealing jelly, really?
- What?
- I got a call from your parole.
- Motherfucker.
You need to ask that
lady at that store.
Whatever, the owner.
She knows I didn't do nothing.
- Why would Greg say
that if it wasn't true?
- Because he's a fucking liar.
- They are our
friends, you know?
- You need to talk
to your friends then
because I ain't no nothing.
I ain't gotta be
pushing this shit.
You gonna be
accusing me of shit.
I'm going back.
I ain't gotta take this.
- Okay.
- Fucked up.
- So what happened?
- Your friend making shit up.
- Well, he's an idiot.
His family owns that
land over the bridge.
The one you got to accidentally.
Used to wreck here a lot too,
when we were younger, actually.
It's always kinda weird though.
I don't know.
I just could always
tell he kinda liked me.
I just never really
felt the same way.
Then we got older
and I started dating
his best friend, Sean,
the other guy you met
when you ran into them.
It's always been kinda
awkward after that.
Dad always wished I was a boy
and wish that Greg was as
good as I was on the farm.
Damn shame he got neither.
There you go.
That should do it.
You should swing
by the bar later.
Come say hi.
- I'm allowed to get
the fuck out of here,
but gotta stay dry.
- Fun.
You could always come
and not drink, I guess.
They give you a medal.
You'll be the first person
in the history of the bar
to ever do that.
See you later.
- Cool.
- You did the smart thing by
coming in right away, at least.
Let me give you a
piece of advice.
Stay clear of anything you
think could be trouble.
- But I told you.
- You think anyone
cares about your side?
You're the felon.
Two out of three of your sorry
asses will be back inside
within three years.
You'll go back quick if you
don't keep your nose clean, kid.
- Yeah.
- Can't tell me what to do!
- Who pulls a gun on
someone who's lost?
- Bitch!
- Fuck off, Sean.
Go home, Sean!
- Eliza, it's your black cousin.
- Byron?
Come in.
I didn't think you
were gonna come.
Welcome to the most
happening bar in America.
- Yo, what up?
- Hey.
Shot time.
- Y'all go ahead.
- Do they test you or something?
- No so far.
- Who gives a shit?
- Y'all guys are gonna
get me in trouble.
- Ready?
you're on catch up.
The most boring place on Earth.
To Byron, for bringing
some color to it.
Byron! Byron! Byron!
Byron! Byron! Byron!
- Come on, sweetie.
Time to get up.
Oh my god.
- Where have you been?
- We feel asleep, okay?
- I only called you
a hundred times.
The least you could do
is pick up your phone.
- Jesus Christ, mom.
- I guess I can't
expect either one of you
to be responsible adults.
- Was dad a responsible adult?
- I defended you
like you asked me to.
- Shit, you look
as bad as I feel.
- I'm not so sure I'm
saying I wanna sell,
but I'll see what you
come back with, I guess.
- Okay, I'll run the numbers.
I'll be back to you
next week, probably.
- Okay.
Finish your chores?
- Yeah.
One of them died, though.
- The little one
who couldn't drink?
- Yep.
- Can't even keep
our cows alive now.
- I'm sorry.
- What little we had
in the bank is gone.
Can't even pay Flea now.
121 years ago we
homesteaded this land.
121 years.
No one wants to be the
generation to lose the farm.
Here's to you and me, Allen.
- I'm literally
shoveling shit all day.
These cows are the size of
motherfucking elephants.
- No matter what the job is,
everybody get
their feet in shit.
Lost mine.
- Lost your what?
- My job.
- Why?
- Boss said some of
the tools went missing
and he accused me.
- Did you do it?
- No, I didn't.
Now I'm fucked.
- He gonna report it?
- Nah.
At least my PO don't know.
- What you gonna do?
- Got a couple interviews.
They form my application.
Gotta check that
motherfucking felony box.
- I gotta bounce, man.
- That ain't an option for you.
- I got three years parole
working this shit?
- So?
Man, you lucky to have any job.
You could be out there
picking up roadside trash
like I'm gonna be with the
rest if the niggers on parole.
- Quickest way I'm
gonna end up back inside
is sitting here, waiting
for Marquis to decide
he wants me to start
hustling again.
I got to bounce.
- Where you been?
- Driving.
- Where?
- Where I want.
- Okay, okay.
How's it going?
- Why you here, man?
- Beth's struggling.
- No shit.
- I'm gonna do their
tractor work on weekends
and I'm gonna show
you some other things
you can do too.
- I already got my chores.
- I'm gonna be waking you early.
Wake up.
You awake?
- No.
- It's a fucking mess in here.
You gotta wash these bottles.
- I just fill them
up with milk later.
- You gotta wash them now
or they build up gunk.
What the fuck is this?
No, no.
Just put that there.
- What are those anyway?
- I think they're for
premature calves or something.
If we feed it to
ours they get sick.
So don't mix them, okay?
Just there.
Thank you.
So turn it on.
You actually gonna
pay attention?
Does that look like
the fucking key?
- What?
Start the shit your damn self.
- Stop being a damn child.
- You keep talking shit,
you're gonna be
picking yourself off
this motherfucking whip.
- You wanna buy it?
- Oh, no.
I was just looking.
Why you have all this?
- I can sell that stuff for
more than you can believe.
- That's what you do.
Collect old junk.
- If it's junk, I don't want it.
- There's a bunch of old
stuff down at the Larson's.
You should take a look.
It's just sitting behind
that big old barn.
I'm sure they could
use the money.
How old is he?
- About 12.
I don't ride him much anymore.
We mostly just go on walks.
Yeah, I used to have
loads of horses.
I used to train them
and race them.
Trade them.
I sold the Larson's
their horses.
Until Allen brought them
back a couple months later.
Boy, there were some tears
in his daughter on that day.
- I'm betting this is too short.
- Well, all right.
I don't know how good
that club is for you.
It's not like basketball
or whatever it is you
colored fellas play.
- You do you it ain't
been cool to say colored
for about 50 years now?
- I can never keep
up with what's what.
I got something better for you.
- How long does
this usually take?
- Some things don't have
no usually, jellybean.
It's all right if I call
you jellybean, isn't it?
- Nope.
- An old man, like me, can't
just sit while fishing.
I have to keep myself warm.
That done and did it.
Now I got it between the
coyotes and the wolves.
Them crows will let them
know I was here, for sure.
Then my daughter would
have to come see me.
- Where is she?
- I don't know.
We had a falling out
after me and her momma split up.
Daughters got a way of
being angry at their daddy's
like you wouldn't believe.
- When'd you last see her?
- Too long.
She won't come see me.
Why are you here anyway?
My stepbrother is a lawyer.
He sorted my parole transfer.
Thought it would be a good idea
to get me out the
city for awhile.
Courts went for it.
- Clever brother.
Sounds to me
like you ain't got no
future in this crime shit.
You got caught already.
- Who knows.
Maybe I'll become a horse trader
or a junk collector.
- Now both of them things
require dedication and patience.
You got dedication
and patience, huh?
I don't know if there's any
fish left in that stream,
bye the way.
- Are you all right?
- Go back to bed.
It's not time for chores.
- What if you accidentally
shoot the house?
Your kids are inside.
Can you put it down?
- Allen wore this every day.
Everybody dies, you know?
- Maybe not today, though.
- What is going on here?
How you feeling?
- I've felt better.
- Got some stuff that's
good for a hangover
on the kitchen counter.
- Okay.
I'll take some and get working.
- I got it.
Just take it easy or something.
You almost finished with that?
There's something maybe
you could help me with
if you're free.
- Just finishing up.
- Eliza.
I'm calling the police!
You attacked me on my property.
- Your property looks
like a fucking meth lab,
you loser.
- Oh yeah?
You were the one that was
so desperate to live here.
You're crazy just like
the rest of your family.
- Fuck you!
- Pathetic.
Who the fuck would wanna
have a baby with you?
- You fucking told him?
You told him I'm pregnant.
- What the hell
is wrong with you?
- Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!
Let me out.
- Julia.
Let me show you a game outside.
- Okay.
- Can I talk to
you for a second?
- What makes you
think you're white?
- How do you decide?
- Well, white goes first.
- I wanna go first.
- But you don't
know how to play.
- Well, you're gonna teach me.
- Okay.
Oh, shit.
- You haven't been
piling the marked bags.
- Man, chill out.
I just got back.
- I told you it was important.
They can't get mixed up.
- You just seen me pull up.
I haven't had a chance yet.
- I gotta go.
- You see your aunt?
- No.
- She's losing it.
- You been making
all your meetings?
- What you think, man?
- That's all that matters.
Just get through that
and you can go do
your own thing again.
- You don't know shit.
- I'm the only reason you're
not still behind bars.
More feed's getting delivered.
If you see any more of those
bags, pull them out, all right?
All right?
- Yeah.
- Thank you.
- Yeah?
- So she's gonna
raise it on here own.
- My mom raised me on her own.
- You must miss your mom a lot.
I was pregnant with
a boy before Julia.
When I miscarried, Allen just...
He just closed off.
Eliza hated him
for how he reacted.
And they were never
the same after that.
He always loved
the girls, though.
He just didn't really know
how to show it, I guess.
I think it can be hard for men.
- How do you feel about her?
- It can be hard
for mothers too.
- Good morning.
- Thanks.
- Found some work down south.
- Where?
- New Mexico or Texas.
The border states and shit.
- When is it?
- Know Oscar?
- No.
- Oscar, man.
His momma got them food
trucks over there on Grand.
- He a kid.
- Yeah, but his uncle.
So what you think?
- That sounds like
some cartel shit.
- Hey man, he's a
player down there.
- Why do they want us?
- Because...
Everybody in the game down there
is a tattooed
Latino motherfucker.
For once, niggers ain't
target number one.
- What're we gonna
do about parole?
- They got document forgeries
they do for the illegals.
They give us new IDs.
Byron and Paulie just disappear.
- You couldn't find
anything else legit?
- No.
I ain't doing this without you.
We in this together.
We one, you know?
- Yeah.
This family I'm with, man.
They're going through
some shit right now.
- So you're staying straight?
- Yeah.
- That's good.
That's good.
- I mean, ain't nothing
getting too rotten anyway.
- That ain't what I heard.
- What you been doing?
- I ain't been doing
nothing too bad.
- Nigger, I know you.
- Look, I'm just
trying to stay afloat.
You feel me?
Man asked me to rustle stuff
up and around your way.
They be cooking all sorts
of shit in quiet towns.
Somebody's gotta
get it out of there.
- So it was just
you and your mom?
- Yeah.
- How was that?
- The only thing I knew.
- What about your dad?
- I met him a couple times.
- I mean, I guess there
was Josh's dad, right?
- Yeah, it was
kinda weird though.
I was already older.
I did like him though
because he made my mom happy.
I don't think she had a lot
of faith in men before him.
Maybe she'd even
be proud of me now,
working here, keeping straight.
- Two, if you and muster it.
- Byron, I want to
tell you a joke.
- What's that?
- Knock, knock.
- Who's there?
- Interrupting cow.
- Interrupting cow...
- Moo!
- That's cute.
- Yup.
- Shit.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- How long you been getting
feed from that supplier?
- I don't know.
- Do you have a receipt for it?
- Why?
- I was just thinking,
maybe we can get it
cheaper somewhere else
and not get all those bad bags.
- What bad bags?
- Well, Josh said
they deliver bags
that have to be returned.
- Well, Josh was
the one who helped
with those new contracts.
So ask Josh.
- Josh, what the fuck you doing?
- Yeah, let me talk to Marquis.
Yeah, it's me, Byron.
- What the fuck?!
Give off me!
- You're gonna get me killed.
- What's the big deal?
That's the shit
you're into, isn't it?
- Not with whoever
you're doing this for.
- Where are they?
Where'd you put them?
- You're not getting them.
- Don't fuck with me.
- You're not getting them.
Who you even doing this for?
Like we ain't had
enough tragedy already.
You wanna bring more trouble?
- I'll cut you in.
I'll cut you in.
These guys will pay you too.
- You're a fool, man.
I already told Marquis.
You need to get the
fuck away from this
before you get yourself hurt.
You have no idea what
would you're stepping into.
- Whatever you've done is okay.
I got you out of trouble.
- Why make out like
you wanted to help?
- You gonna help yourself?
- How do you know I'm not?
- That'll be the
first fucking time.
- That's my choice.
I choose for me.
Get the fuck out of my way, man.
- This picture is pretty old,
but it shows the whole farm.
It's this one, right here.
- How long you been doing this?
- I don't know.
- What're you gonna do?
- I don't know.
- Be careful dealing with
wounded animals, bro.
They kick hard.
- Fuck him.
- The dealer will come for it.
- But they ain't gonna
do shit if they know
Marquis picked it up.
- If you do this shit, he
ain't gonna let you out.
He gonna have you
run this for him.
- I'll tell him I'm out.
- You said it don't
work like that.
He gonna think you involved.
You trying to cover yourself
because it's hot.
- I've never crossed him before.
- Yeah and it usually
take more than once.
- What's my play, Paulie?
- Shit.
All right.
We can't play it like this, man.
We gotta drop it somewhere
and let him get it.
- I'm not driving around
with that shit in my car.
- If you got this planned out,
then why you telling
me where it is?
- Because if
something goes wrong,
you know where it is.
You can sort this for me so
the family don't get hurt.
- Momma, phone!
- Hi, Aunt Beth.
Can you give me a call back?
Please, there's something
I gotta talk to you about.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- I think it's best for
everybody if you leave.
- What? Why?
- Josh told me what's going on.
- All right, look, I was
not involved with that.
- Yeah, I've heard that
quite a few times now.
You know,
I always do my best for family.
But I want you gone by
the time we get back.
- Man, come on.
Pick up your god damn phone.
Trying to save your
motherfucking ass.
Yo, man.
You're gonna be thanking
me when you're not in jail,
all right?
I'm gonna take this shit
over to Marquis myself.
Call me back.
- Get your hands
out your pocket.
- What's up, man?
Where is it?
- I'll lead you to it.
There's highway patrol
all over these roads.
- All over these roads, huh?
Come here, man.
- Look, I left it at the farm.
- Mhmm.
I know you tried to
get him off the hook,
but looks to me like your
little lawyer brother, here,
been dealing drugs
for my competition.
I didn't know who was telling
the truth, so here we are.
- Look, I tried to make it
right as soon as I found out.
I tried to make it right.
- I ain't got no
beef with you, Byron.
Just give me the ice.
I'll let your
brother, here, go too.
You feel me?
- Yeah,
but I want out.
This stuff at the farm
has got to stop too.
- Nigger, of course you out.
After all this, you're lucky
Marquis is letting you live,
fat boy.
- Aight.
It's in there.
- Get it then.
- What the fuck?
It's not there.
- Nigger, you must
be crazy. Get down.
- Chill man.
- What're you doing?
- I put it in there.
- Looks like you ain't holding
up your end of the deal.
Where is it?
- I don't know.
I don't know, man, come on.
- Handle that now.
- Marquis, dog, come on.
- No. No. No.
- What the fuck?
- Don't move, I got you.
Don't move!
- Who the hell are you?
- Friend of Byron's.
- You set his up?
- No.
What the fuck you
doing here, man?
- You told me to come
and look at that stuff.
- Excuse me, sir.
I'd rather you didn't kill
this associate of mine, okay?
We're just simply here
to collect something
and that's it.
- Yeah, well it's
probably not there.
- It's probably not
there? How you know?
You move it?
- Nope, but I'm guessing
that other colored guy,
who left here in a rush
about 10 minutes ago, did.
He went off fast in
a white Cadillac.
- Shit.
- Does Paulie know about this?
- Yeah.
- He playing us, man.
- I still got you.
- Come on, listen.
I just told him
in case this went bad, he
could clean it up for me.
- Looks like he went and
run on you, don't it?
Paulie gonna get fired.
He gonna get fired.
Let's go, man.
Come on.
- Come on, dog.
- I told you, you weren't
cut out for this crime shit.
- Thank you.
- You better fucking talk.
- Okay, I fucked up.
I shouldn't have brought
him here in the first place.
I thought I'd be
helping everybody out.
- Don't give me that shit.
- Aunt Beth.
I had it under control.
- You had nothing under control.
What're you gonna do now?
- You have one unheard message.
- Yo man, you're
gonna be thanking me
when you're not in
jail, all right?
I'm gonna take this shit
over to Marquis myself.
Call me back.
- Fuck.
- What you drawing?
- A monster.
- What kind of monster?
- A silly one.
- Hey.
- I think I should go
before your mom gets back.
- Come on, you're not
going anywhere tonight.
- I was just gonna
get this done.
I'll be gone in the morning.
- Where?
You should stay.
I know the truth now.
I'm so sorry.
If you go, it's
gonna be our loss.
- Been keeping out of trouble?
- Who is this, then?
- Eliza Larson.
- Hi.
- Oh my, Eliza Larson.
I haven't seen you
in a few years.
That's for sure.
- Yeah.
- I wanted to show her Puppy.
- He'll be happy.
He's in a mood with me
because I haven't paid any
attention to him this morning.
- Hi.
- He was with you for a bit.
- This is one of ours?
- Your daddy knew you'd hate
him for giving him back,
but he got kicked
a couple of times.
He didn't wanna risk
you getting hurt.
What would you do to
protect that one in there.
He told me.
- How'd you get out?
Come on.
Come here.
You're not supposed
to be in here.
How'd you get out?
Come on.
Come on.
Let's get you out.
Let's get that back in there.
All right, in the house you go.
There you go.
Good boy.
I'll try to figure out
how you got out of here.
I'm gonna call you
Trouble Starter.
Nothing for as far
as the eye can see
Looking to be
found so desperately
In between a rock
and a hard place
Sitting on a dark
horse, see the bay
Don't know where to go
Don't know what to say
I'm only halfway
I'm only halfway
Is there any room
in your empty heart
We are so close,
yet worlds apart
Feeling like a
face without a name
Looking at myself,
I am to blame
Don't know where to go
Don't know where to stay
I'm only halfway
I'm only halfway
I had demons I call high
I had love I can't deny
Lift this weight
from off my mind
Forty days and forty nights
How could I have been so blind
Give me time,
I'll make it right
Knowing how we
lost until I'm found
Would've picked
myself up off the ground
In between a rock
and a hard place
Working on myself,
only not to blame
Don't know where to go
Don't know what to say
I'm only halfway
I'm only halfway
I had demons I call high
I had love I can't deny
Lift this weight
from off my mind
Forty days and forty nights
How could I have been so blind
Give me time,
I'll make it right
- What up, man?