Halimin put (2012) Movie Script

West Bosnia 1977.
Mixed orthodox and muslim people.
Inspired by true events.
Fucking antenna.
Little bad weather and you can't
get any signal.
What's on the news?
- The usual, meetings, talking nonsense.
It started raining.
- Good, it's been a while.
Aunt! Halima!
- Safija?
Sit down, I'll get it.
Dear God Safija, what are you doing
here? You didn't walk here didn't you?
He'll kill me aunt, he'll kill me!
- Who's going to kill you child?
Father, when he finds out!
- Slow down, take it easy.
I didn't...
I didn't get it...
- What you didn't get? - I didn't get it!
How can that be, God save you!
It's late... It's two months late.
I didn't think...
- You didn't think anything! Who did it?
Alright child, crying won't help us,
we'll figure something out.
He'll kill me!
- Take it easy. Tell me first, who did it?
He has to marry you while
he's single, do you understand woman?!
You know what's your father like, head
will roll! - He can't marry me, he can't!
Why not? Is he married?
- It's not that...
Not what? - He's not ours.
- Serb?
I love him aunt, I love him!
- My God, what should we do?
Where's the boy?
- Around here, he should be here soon.
There he is.
- Is there something to eat?
I'm starving.
- You could've come earlier.
I'm serving dinner for the fifth time.
- I was checking on pigs.
Look at this weather, a storm.
- You did right, sit down Slavo, sit.
Drink one with your old man.
- No thanks.
Just to eat something, to get warm.
- Go one, take one. - I can't.
Leave the child alone.
- He's not a child anymore, and he won't
be single anymore soon.
- What did you hear? Lucky mother...
Now tell me, I heard you have some
girl over the hill, in Cemerua.
In Cemerua?
- Zora, these are man business.
He won't bring a Turk in the house, God
forbid! - Did you hear me? Not a word.
Tell me... is there something... or not?
What if there is? - Nothing, but I should
hear it from you, not from others.
If she's good for you, she's good for me
too. I don't have a problem with that.
You're sure giving him good advices...
I can't listen to that anymore.
I told her that she shouldn't listen,
didn't I?
Tell me, is there something or not?
There is. - There is?
There is. - Alright, and?
And what? - What are your plans damn it?
- I planned to marry her.
To marry her? - Yes, to marry her.
- But you know what will village say...
I don't care about that.
Me neither, but did you saw your mother?
She acts like she got bitten by snake.
And Germany? - I won't go.
- You won't...
I arranged everything, uncle is waiting
for you, he found you a job in Munich.
I don't want to go to Germany.
I want to get married.
Think about it again, there's no hurry.
- Dad, I don't have to think about it.
Think about it. If you still want to get
married after that, let it be.
Fuck the village, and fuck Germany too!
And mom?
- Fuck her too... I'll talk with her.
Eat that, it will get cold.
Where's that girl?
Safija! Get over here, do you hear?!
I'm here.
What Avdo said?
- He doesn't know yet.
No one has dare to tell him
that Safija is pregnant.
He's your brother, but he's a fool.
He'll make some trouble.
Do you have the money?
- Two thousand, it's enough.
You could've bring more, he's your brother
- Yes, but he's a fool, just like Avdo.
We don't have great brothers...
Where have you been brother, I drank
half the bottle while I was waiting.
Congratulation Mustafa, here's a chicken
and some pie. - You shouldn't have. Come in.
You have something to congratulate me
for. Here they are.
Good evening.
- Good evening. Congratulations Rapka.
How are you? - I'm fine.
- Great Rapka, I wish him all the best.
My dear Rapka how did you managed?
Was there someone to help you?
Vezirka was here, I don't know
how would I manage without her.
What are you doing? Hey, you shouldn't
have, you really shouldn't have.
Keep it, now you have one
more mouth to feed.
Dear God, he's so cute. Can I hold him?
- Sure, sure.
Halima, don't say he's cute, you'll
put a jinx on him.
Mustafa, we should rub some soot on him,
to prevent jinxes. - I'll do it.
He's so ugly, I can't watch him.
- That's it, I should rub him more often.
Did you named him? - You know what was
I thinking? Aron, real muslim name.
If you like it, it's fine for me too.
I never heard that someone
named his child like that.
Aron? - Aron.
- Mustafa liked it, no one even asked me.
Why should I ask you woman?
There, I let you gave birth to him.
Hard part is on me, I have to name him.
- Let him be healthy, name is irrelevant.
Let's leave them to talk. You know how
good is my schnapps? It was never better!
Let's check it. At least we have a
reason to drink.
You should've seen his dick. It's like
horses, hell, like mine!
Cheers! I wish him all the best.
- For my Aron, my offspring.
You didn't like name Aron too much huh?
I don't know... You could've name him
by our father, Husnija, pretty name...
When you have a son,
you name him by our father.
But how things are, I doubt
you'll have offsprings.
Salko, should we go already?
- No way, until we drink this!
Do you know what time is it?
- You can go home, but leave my brother.
You don't get nephew every day.
When he can't be happy for his,
at least he should be happy for mine.
Goodbye. Don't be long Salko.
- Goodbye.
You can be so full of shit Mustafa!
- What did I say? - You know what!
Did I said something wrong?
- Shut up!
I told you long time ago to kick her out
of the house. - Will you start again?
You're my brother, I can't look
at you like that.
Why the fuck would you look at me? Look
somewhere else! - Salko, I told you before,
women should have wide hips and big
ass. Look at my Rapka!
It's piece of cake for her to give birth,
not like your Halima, to hell with her.
Leave it... - Leave what? Why do you
need that for? Just for nagging.
Mustafa! Watch your mouth!
Leave Halima alone.
The hell I will! Good for nothing!
There's no use of her!
I'm asking you nicely to leave her alone.
- I'm telling you nicely
Kick her out of the house
while you still can! Don't let...
Leave Halima alone, God damn it!
Leave her, do you hear me?!
Salko, what the hell is wrong with you?
Worst thing is that you don't know
what's wrong with me.
Goodbye Rapka.
This brother of yours, has
lost his mind completely.
Rapka, shut it and watch your mouth.
To hell with good for nothing Halima.
You're not asleep?
- That kid worries me.
That will not end well. You know
what's Avdo like.
Avdo's full of shit too.
He's overreacting.
Aron... To tell you the truth
I don't like that name at all.
Where did they found it?
If it's good for them, it's for me too.
Mutafa said that it's muslim name.
- Muslim name?
I don't know if it's from this world,
let alone if it's muslim.
I'm happy for them.
Don't Avdo, don't. You'll kill her.
Neighbours are listening.
What don't?! What don't?!
Get lost you Serbian whore!
God damn bitch!
Don't Avdo, in the name of Allah!
You'll kill her!
Don't! Serbian whore, damn bitch!
Father, don't. It's enough, you'll kill her.
- Get away or you'll be next!
Sure I'll kill her! She will not
give birth to it, I promise!
Father! Father!
Oh my, he killed him...
Run Slavo! Run! Run!
I'll be back Safija, I'll be back.
Brother, don't! Don't!
- I'll kill him sooner or later!
And you... you better go! There's
no room under this roof for you anymore!
Don't you too kick my
child from home!
Safija, my child... Safija...
23 years later
5 years after the war
You can't do that Halima, leave it.
My Aron will come to help you.
Like anyone is asking me... I'm a man
and a woman in this house.
You still can't sleep.
Nothing at night. I knit all night.
When I fall asleep, I keep thinking...
God save everyone from these dreams.
Halima! Halima!
Vezirka. What does she want?
- Halima!
They're here Halima, theyre in school.
- What are they saying?
I don't know anything. I've told everyone.
I'm going down there, you hurry up too.
- I will, God bless you.
I hope they found them.
Halima, I'm going home. Let me know
what happened. - I will.
Let him go!
Let him go! Mirza! Mirza!
- Mom! Mom!
Mirza! Salko! Mirza, my son...
Halima, Halima Hadi.
Halima Hadi!
It's me, I'm Halima.
- Please Halima, come in.
Dear, can the rest of us know something,
or it's for nothing again?
Just take it easy, when you're name is
called, director will talk with everyone.
We're here in 10, no 11,
And tomorrow we go in emerua,
thats 8 km from here, there we have...
There she is, Halima Hadi.
Hello Halima, sit down.
- How are you Lutvija? - How can I be...
Madam Halima, just a moment...
You've reported that you're looking for
your husband and son, Salko and Mirza.
You gave blood sample for DNA testing in...
3 months ago blood sample was taken
for your husband,
and sample was taken from his brother
Mustafa, Mustafa Hadi.
Madam Halima, it's like this.
We made series of tests
in referent laboratory,
And in this point we can say that we have
positive matching report for your husband.
They found him, Halima.
That's right. Now we can be sure that
we've found remains of your husband.
You want something to drink? Juice, water?
- Take at least some water, Halima.
Remains were found in the secondary tomb,
and it's classified with number C-258-DR
Unfortunately, we couldn't find
your son Mirza.
I don't know if that's a mistake
or something else but,
we never got sample of your
blood in out center.
Did you gave blood to our team
that was here in Kozmi?
Madam Halima, I'm sure that you're
aware that without your blood sample
we're not able to make positive
matching report for your son.
Halima, it can't be done
if you don't give blood sample.
I don't know what to tell you, but you have
to come to our laboratory for DNA sample.
Without that we can't find your Mirza.
Mirza! Mirza!
I can't find him Halima, it's
like he's gone.
Salko, where's our child? Mirza!
Mirza! - Mirza, son!
- Mirza!
Salko, go to Mustafa, maybe he's
playing with Aron.
Alright, but Mustafa would let us
know if he's there.
Mirza, my son!
Halima, we're in emerua.
Daughter-in-law, you didn't
greased up this pie as you should.
How can pie be good if it's not grease?
Anyone home?
- Child, what brings you here?
Oh Halima, welcome. Is that you?
- Of course it's me. My respect mother.
We didn't expect you.
- Maybe you didn't daughter-in-law,
but I always expect my children.
Where have you been woman? It's like
we're 100 miles away.
Here's some cheese, I made it yesterday.
- Thank you
I was just thinking this morning:
" Where's my Halima?"
I'm all alone...
- Yes, she's right. Where have you been?
Mother, you're alright?
- Of course she's alright,
like the queen.
- I have problems with my blood pressure.
I didn't sleep at all last night.
- Where's Avdo?
In the barn, working with hay.
- Poor man, day after day.
I'll make coffee, then I'll get Avdo.
- What did you say?
I said, I'll make coffee.
- Go, make it.
I'll go get Avdo.
- Wait woman. Daughter-in-law will do it.
I'll do it mother, leave her alone.
I left her alone, but she won't leave me.
We'll be back before the water boils.
Come on, be careful with that pie,
you'll burn it.
Hello brother.
Hello to you too sister.
There will be hay for the cattle.
- Thank God, it will.
There's job around my house too, but
there's no one to do it.
Daughter-in-law made coffee.
If I drink every coffee with them, this
would all go to waste.
Halima, you didn't came here for coffee.
If you need help around the house,
I'll come when I find some time.
Those people from Biha were here.
From commission?
- They found my Salko.
Where did they found him? - In Donje
Ruite. They dig up about 30 of them.
Will it be joined funeral?
- Yes, next week.
I'll be there. You're husband was a good
man, I have to pay him respect.
Did they found anyone else from village?
- Vezirka's both sons.
It's good. When she buries them,
she'll feel better.
While you don't know where are your
children's bones,
you don't know about your own either.
Until I buried my son,
until I found his bones...
You can't think about anything else.
- Avdo, my brother!
My Mirza is gone! I have to find Safija.
I can't find Mirza without her.
- If you came because of that,
you came for nothing!
- Avdo, my brother!
She's dead for me, just like...
just like my son is dead.
Serbs killed him, and she killed herself.
- Avdo, don't. She's your child.
She's not mine. I don't know
where she is, and I don't care.
Halima, I don't have son or daughter,
can that be clear in your woman's
mind? Can it?!
Avdo... Brother...
Aunt! Aunt!
Safija, my child, what did that crazy man
did to you? - Aunt, I have nowhere to go.
Why are you standing here? Close that
door, it'll get cold.
Avdo, Avdo, may Allah have mercy on you.
Halima. Halima.
She's near Laktai. There's a village.
I heard that they build a house there.
People are saying...
She has... three daughters.
Come on my dear.
Halima, if you see her...
If you see her, Halima...
Greetings Halima. You came back
before you left.
I drank coffee, I did what I meant to do.
It was not worth the money for that short
staying. Here's the change.
It was worth, it sure was.
Jusuf, I want to ask you something.
- Go ahead Halima.
Village Rastoci, did you hear about it?
Where is that? - Rastoci?
Rastoci... I've never heard of it.
It's not in our area, otherwise I would
know. - It's somewhere near Laktai.
Ah, that... Dear Halima, you know where
is that? - Where?
It's in their area, Serb area. There's
no bus between us and them.
None? - None. Why do you need
that anyway?
Who do you have there?
- No one, I'm just asking...
I really don't know...
Safija, Safija, what happened to
you, my dear child?
Children, what's the matter with you?
Have you gone mad? - Zdravka started it.
It's not me, Dragana started it.
- You two do your homework, is that clear?
Mom, where's dad?
- Don't worry about him, he's here.
Come on, go about your business.
My mother always complained about my
father. He's like this, he's like that...
And when he died, she died after 20 days.
This exile killed them.
Let's go home Slavo, come on,
- It's ok, let it go.
What are you doing Slavomir?
Schnapps will kill you!
War will kill me Safija, kill me.
War is over Slavo, long time ago.
For me it's not.
It's not in me. - You didn't
kill anyone, there's no reason.
I didn't, but they killed me.
- Don't... - Of course they did.
They split me in four parts.
- We've been trough worse things, Slavo,
we'll go trough this too. Trust me.
It's my fault.
You should've come with me
when he beat you.
We should've run then. - We didn't have
a place to go Slavo. - We did.
You could've come to Germany with me. To
live there, to know nothing about the war.
It's good that you came back.
I should've sent someone for you.
I should've take you to Munich, and not...
I couldn't live without you in Germany.
Screw the money, screw everything...
It's good that you came back.
Come on children, daughter-in-law
made some pie. But it's not grease again.
It doesn't matter how many times
I say... No use.
Come on kid.
Leave that, come inside.
- I'll be right there.
I knew it that you'll come.
- Of course I will.
What's Germany without you... I've been
there two years, it felt like ten.
I had to leave, you know that.
Your father and brother, they'd kill
me if I stayed. - And? - And what?
Well be together, that's the only option.
- He'll hear us. - Screw him!
He'll kill us both.
Now he can't hear us.
- He hardly take me back.
That's not your house anymore.
We're build our own.
Safija, where's the baby?
Safija, tell me no matter what is.
He died at the birth.
That had to happen.
Tell me the truth Safija.
He died at the birth or...
- Or what? What?
Or your dad killed him?
Tell me if he did!
Tell me did he killed my child!
- He died at the birth!
At the birth, do you hear?!
Avdo didn't even saw him. No one did.
No one even knows about him, no one...
- Alright. - At the birth...
He was born dead.
- Alright, alright, I believe you.
There's some land in Rastovci that
my uncle left me. I have the money,
we're gonna build a house and have children.
They can't touch us, Avdo or anyone.
And where... Where is Rastovci?
Now you'll see it?
- Are you insane? He'll disavow me.
Let him, if it must be.
Rastovci is far enough from both of our
families. We'll be together Safija.
Just say it, and I'll turn it off. Huh?
Safija! Safija!
- Hello Aron.
Aunt. let it go, I'll do it. - You didn't
have to come, you have better things to do.
My job is to do what father says.
And Mustafa said this morning: "Aron,
go to visit Halima. "
It's so loose. It's miracle that you
dug up this much with it.
I spent whole morning on this peace
of land. - Hoe is not for a women.
It's not when there's a man in the house.
Where are your parents? Rapka said that
they'll go to Biha. - They left at dawn.
I'm surprised that they're not back.
If only they could bring some flower and
thread, it's been a week since I'm out.
They will, I'm sure they will.
- Mirza! Mirza!
Salko! Mirza, my son!
Halima! Hey Halima!
I wanted to ask you, how is that you're
so good with this Halima now,
while late Salko was alive you couldn't
stand her? - Says who? Me!
You were always saying Salko
to get rid of her.
Woman, you're lying more
and more every year.
I never gave her a bad look or anything.
- You didn't. So I'm crazy huh?
Shut up woman!
- Come on please.
Come on my dear Halima.
- Coming. How did you travel?
Awful. Whit his crazy driving,
we could've died hundred times.
If you don't like it, next
time take the bus.
Where's the boy?
- I'm here. It's done aunt.
I finished everything. I have to come
one day to fix that hoe properly.
Aron, come on, take this out for Halima.
Thank you my dear Aron, what would I
do without you? And you two.
Is it good flower?
- It is. There's no pie without it.
Let's go home woman! Kid,
take that in, park the car behind the
house, and don't fool around the village!
Stay a while, I'll make coffee.
- No way, I don't have the time.
You see? We can't sit anywhere like others.
- Go home and sit woman!
Goodbye Halima.
- Thank you and goodbye.
Let's go inside.
Where should I put this, aunt?
- Put the flower next to furnace.
Give me the thread, I'll take it.
This is such a nice sweater. For who
did you made it?
Long, long time ago.
He can't wear it now.
- I know.
But I don't know for who are you making
all this now. - I'd die if I don't do that.
Let me fix you some juice.
- Great, I got thirsty.
Halima, when will we go?
- What?
When will we go to Rastoci? You said
that you have to there, to Serbs.
Here's the juice. Never mind the trip,
I'll go by myself. - You can't Halima!
You don't have the way. There's no bus
that goes to that Rastovci.
Something will come up.
- It will, you and me in Yugo and...
Sure. Drink that juice.
It will happen like that or it won't
happen. I'd do anything for you.
Just let me know the day before.
- Thank you child, and drive slowly.
I have to, you know what's Mustafa like.
If something happens to Yugo,
he'd kill me.
- God bless you Aron.
Come on, faster.
Mirza, Aron. Kid's, do you
know what time is it?
You're playing all day long.
- Just a little while mom.
No more or I'll call your dad. Aron, you
go home too, Mustafa will yell at you.
Aron, we'll do it again tomorrow.
- Sure.
Mirza, and you hands?
Look how dirty they are.
Mom, why don't I have a brother?
You have Aron.
- Aron has to go home, if I had
a brother he'd sleep in ours.
Important thing is that I have you.
What would I do without you?
Oh, shit!
Where do you think you're going?
Hello Halima, how are you?
Halima, to drive Halima.
To drive Halima?
- It's not his fault Mustafa, it mine.
To drive her where?
Where do you have to go?
To Rastoci.
To Rastoci?
Yes, aunt wants to find...
- I didn't ask you anything, kid.
I know what she wants to find.
- Then you know that I must to.
One only must die.
- One must live too.
But I can't live like this anymore.
Rastoci are far away.
- I wouldn't trouble him, but the bus is
not going there. - I know, but he
doesn't have a driver's license yet,
he can't drive that long.
- So, what should we do?
We're almost there. It can't
be that far now.
It can't be further.
Distance is not measured in meters here,
like in the rest of the world.
Where people build same house every years.
Meter is here like kilometer
somewhere else.
What ever you say, but the board is here.
Where to with this boss?
- Give it to her, she'll handle it.
Put it on the side, so it doesn't get in
my way. - Wait, wait, come here.
Is that all? - Boss said that the beer
will arrive tomorrow. - Tomorrow?
And what should I do tonight if I run out?
- I don't know, it's not up to me.
Are you alright?
He's not alright what ever he says.
- He's not alright for five years now.
Mom, I'm going to school.
- Go. Have you done your homework?
I did, I didn't had much, just reading.
Mom? - What is it?
- There's dad.
Slavomir... What should I
do with you Slavo?
Sofija, my Sofija.
My good Sofija.
When you were Safija...
Sofija, Safija, it's the same.
My Slavo, my misfortune...
What are you doing?
At least I never listened what they were
saying, to hell with them all!
'Take them all, take them Slavomir. '
'You married a muslim girl,'
'you married a Turk. '
'Slavomir, you married a muslim girl. '
Little more, little more! Come on,
a little more, hang in there.
It's coming, it's coming!
Here it is, here it is!
Come on, hang on a little more.
There he is Safija, it's a boy.
Don't cry child, don't cry, it's over.
Hold him, I must take out the placenta.
He... doesnt know?
I told him the same thing that the
village has thought.
That he died at the birth.
After that, there wasn't...
It was too late...
What was his name?
- Mirza.
He was... just like you.
I can't help you aunt! - There's no
other way Safija, if there is...
I must prepare lunch, kids will be hungry.
- Just for one day.
We go to Biha, you give your blood, and
you're home in no time. - I can't!
It's not much, but I have a life here.
Understand? I can't. - Safija...
Slavomir would kill me if he'd know.
He'd kill me.
Safija, my child, you're my only hope.
If you don't give your blood sample,
I can't bury Mirza.
Don't worry, they'll be back.
They'll be back.
They will...
Halima, are you alright? Aunt!
Aunt stop, I'll make you some lemonade...
Aunt, wait! - Halima! What happened?
Get in the car, I got her.
Don't put a stain on you pajama, I just
washed it. - I won't, I'm careful.
Those two are already asleep, you should
go to. Look what time is it.
Just a little more, until we finish pie.
- Alright, as you wish,
but you have to get up early.
Come on, go to bed at once.
- But you've just said...
Never mind what I said.
- I'm not a baby anymore. - Never mind, go.
Good night sweetheart.
Hello Safija.
What's for dinner?
What the hell is this...
Are you something like mad?
Don't be stubborn, for God's sake.
What's wrong with you?
The worst thing is that you don't
know what's wrong with me.
What do you want from me woman? What?
I never put a finger on you, never.
It would be better to hit me than doing
this to me. - If you want to get beaten,
you should've stay at your father's
house. When it comes to beating,
your father is the best in Krajina.
I'm sorry, I didn't mean that...
Safija, what are you doing?
Safija, where are you going, God damn it!
Slavomir didn't do that! He didn't!
Halima Hadi.
- It's me.
I'm Halima.
- You're here for DNA testing right?
To give blood sample...
- Come on, it won't take long.
And this last knot to keep you safe from
misery, so nothing bad will happen to you,
and Allah will always be with you.
There you go.
You have to wear this all the time, and
nothing bad can happen to you then.
Do you understand?
What the fuck is wrong with you Slavomir?
- Cut the crap, please!
Slavo, we know each other for twenty
years, don't make me kick you out.
You don't know nothing about me Jovan.
- Maybe, but I know that these things
that you're doing are wrong.
That Sofija has to put up with you.
It's not Sofija, it's Safija. Safija!
It's the same fucking thing.
Listen to me, if you want to drink
like a man, sit here and drink.
If not, you know the way out.
Can't you see yourself? Your eyes
are completely twisted.
They should be, with all the things
they've seen. - Only you were in war.
Only you! Go fuck yourself.
What's wrong with Slavo?
- Damn fool!
Give me the photo.
- I don't know, my child...
I know! Give me the photo.
Where are you going woman?
Halima! Come here, Safija's here!
Let's go Mustafa.
Mom, where's dad?
Come on Turks, get out. Come on, hurry up.
Hurry up, hurry up, I don't have all day.
Come on, come on...
Get in line, stand in line.
Get in line, stand in line!
What's the matter Slavo?
Why are you so moody?
Cut the crap. You think they'd spare you?
It would be like...
Well my dear Turks, farewell!
Shoot them.
Shoot them Slavo, come on.
Shoot them!
Shoot them!
I'll do it. Hold it.