Halla Bol (2008) Movie Script

Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
As you can see the crowd of people...
...Sameer Khan.
Yes, tonight the
biography of Sameer Khan...
...is to be released.
Here he comes, the
greatest action hero...
...the super star, Sameer Khan.
Respected guests,
brothers and sisters...
...when Ms. Abha
expressed her desire to...
...write my
biography I felt very shy.
I said, I am a very simple person.
But she insisted
that this generation...
...will be inspired
So, I couldn't deny it.
The entire credit of
this effort goes to her.
My father always used to be sick,
and the financial condition...
...of the house was bad.
I was eager to learn...
...but as there was no
electricity in the house...
All night, I used to sit
under the lamp post all night...
...and study.
I was very keen to learn but
didn't have the money to buy books.
There was one Ismail uncle's
tea-stall near the house...
...I used to clean
plates there and earn money.
It may sound quite filmy, but
that's the story of my life.
You have faced so many
difficulties in life...
...whoever reads it, will
surely become emotional.
I have not faced as many difficulties
as it is there in the book.
- Yes.
The people always like
to read sad stories...
...of a successful man.
Then... all those
things that you told me...
...your difficulties,
the lamp post thing
...are all those things, lies?
Then what's the truth?
The truth is the cheque
that you received. Cheers
Hey Sunny.
How are you? Congratulations.
- Thanks, thanks brother.
So, your biography
has been published...
I saw your film. It is super hit.
You performance is mind-blowing...
- No.
How do you do that?
This time you will
grab all the awards...
No! As long as you
are there... no way...
...how can I get any award...
- Forget it.
This time the award is yours...
- No... No...
I saw the teaser of your
new film. Did you like it?
It was amazing, what a performance!
I'm sure it will be a super-hit...
- Oh... Mr. Deshpandey...
I will see you later... Ok... ok...
He is a big fraud.
Everything in the
biography must be lies.
- A bad man and a worst actor.
I saw the teaser of his new film.
Not a single soul is going to watch
it... it is going to be a disaster.
I heard that his film had flopped.
I heard it too. - From
Monday there will not be any show.
Sir, Sanya.
- Hi.
O my God!... Sir. I can't believe
this, I can't believe this Sir.
Believe... He is The One.
Sir, I am a very big
fan of yours... Sir.
You are simply great.
You are great sir, you
are great. You are great.
Its al right, tell
him what you want...
- Abrar Sir... - Oh.
Sir, I believe Mr. Abrar is
making a musical with you? -Yes.
I want you to give me the
lead role in that. - What?
Tell him all about your talents...
Sir, I know all forms of dances...
I know Bharat Natyam,
Kuchipudi, Odisi...
Sir, I even do western dance.
I am sure sir, if you talk to him...
...he will surely give me the role.
- But?
Sir, you can audition her...
...would you mind an audition?
Not at all Sir... any day, anytime.
She says
- 'any day- anytime. ' - Okay.
Thank him...
- Thank you.
D' Silva, take a photo.
Sir, please sir.
Put your arm around his shoulder.
But it is not the truth Sir.
Then what's the truth?
The truth is that your
client is very rich man...
...who can engage a big
lawyer like you, buy witnesses...
...and erase evidences.
And the truth is, you
took advantage of it.
Enough Jai... you are
crossing your limits.
And the truth is that, we
lawyers are responsible...
...for this injustice.
You may be responsible, but not me.
If you couldn't compete with me...
...then that's not my problem.
Precisely that's what
I wanted to say Sir.
Is the Court just a
ring where we lawyers...
...show off our
skills and techniques...
...and nothing else?
While donning this black coat,
we had taken an oath...
...that we will always
search for the truth...
...and we will get justice.
Giving justice is
the job of the court.
Not mine.
...I am a lawyer,
and I practice law...
...and the court rendered Justice.
There is yet another higher Court,...
...and that's the
world's... biggest Court
...and that's the
Court of Conscience.
And one day, you have
to face that Court...
All these are bookish craps...
...in real life, these
things hold no meaning.
I know only one thing
- that is Success.
And those who are
successful are right.
Okay that's it, thank you.
What happened Mr. Sameer.
- Nice, nice... very nice.
Very good work Tusshar, great job.
Thank you Sir.
Sir, you should see the next scene...
...you are too good Sir.
I am OK, but
Tusshar has done so well.
Mark my words Tusshar you will
be out somewhere with this film...
Thank you again Sir.
Bye Sir.
- Bye... Take care, take care.
Very good direction.
- Thank you.
Sir, Mr. Anand is
still waiting outside.
You still didn't get rid of him?
You don't seem to be
doing anything right.
Sir, did you like the film.
Yes, Nice, very nice,
Tusshar's role is very good.
He is the heart of the film...
So you have got a
hero for your next film.
What are you saying sir?
You are the hero of our next film.
We have taken the money...
...from the distributors, we
have even announced your name.
Tusshar is a good boy,
and he does so well...
You make your next film with him...
Isn't it Narayan?
- Yes Sir
Now you do your film
with Tusshar only...
OK bye...
Sir... I will be ruined
if you don't do my film.
Autograph, please.
Try to understand the hint...
...cut that fellows role
or you will be finished...
I understand, I will
cut his portions...
How can you do that?
According to the script...
To hell with the script!
And my direction... To
hell with your direction...
Now whatever I say has to happen.
What are you saying?
I mean, whatever the
Hero says should happen...
Grandpa, Sameer...
- Mr. Anand, you here.
When did you come?
Just an hour and half ago...
You have been sitting
here for the past one...
...and half hours
and no one told me.
Narayan, why didn't you tell me?
Sir sorry, I forgot and you were...
Shut up, do you know who he is?
He is industry's
senior most director.
He has made many
successful people in the industry...
...and you made him to
wait so long. Bloody fool.
Never mind, I was
just relaxing here.
This is my grand daughter, Nandini.
She works in the
forensic department.
I was not feeling well
today so she came with me...
Sir, you could have
called me to your place.
What can I do for you Sir...
I had given you a script a
year ago... do you remember...
...I think you must have read it.
- Yes, yes...
It is 20 years of my labour...
...I want to make a film on that.
It will be a good film,
you will be proud of it.
I have two grand daughters...
...before I die I want to
do something for them...
Sir, just say when
you want to start?
Whenever you say...
Narayan? - Sir, for the
next year and half... - Shut up.
January, February,
March... Is it Ok with you
Yes... yes... Thank you...
Start to finish.
- Didn't I tell you,...
...now we have to rush up...
I will work very hard.
I will get the best unit.
I will get the best people,
the best writers...
...the best music directors,
I will make a great film...
This will be the best
film I have ever made.
This may be my last film too...
Sir, please don't say all that...
just say action.
Cut it!
No. it is too much.
Sir Kareena told that she
has to leave in half an hour.
I know, I know.
And she won't be back
for another 3 months.
I am aware of that for 6 months.
But I can talk to her only
when that Action Hero...
...I mean after Sameer
Khan leaves. Go. You go.
Mr. Chopra on phone...
Just second.
- Hello.
Sir! Thank you, thank you Sir.
No, sir. Sir.
Sir, my price is yours and
my dates are also yours.
January, February,
March? no problem Sir.
Okay sir, I'll be there. Okay.
Jan, Feb, March... you are
giving it to Mr. Chopra.
...but you have committed
those dates to Mr. Anand...
What about their shoot?
- Did you take that seriously?
Oh! Sir your act was so
good that even I got deceived.
Sir what should I tell Mr.
Anand when he comes for dates...
Give him dates after 6 months.
And when he comes after 6 months?
Then promise him dates
after that 6 months.
Very good. Very good.
I will keep postponing the dates...
...till the day he won't be
there to ask the dates...
Saniya has come; she is in
the van for the audition.
Tell the director that
I will be back. - Ok.
Come, come.
Sir will be back in 10 minutes.
Thank you.
- Give him a chair.
What I am saying is...
Madam, the scene that
we are going to shoot...
Sir, hope you will recommend
me to Mr. Abrar... won't you.
What the hell is going on?
Am I a dirty woman?
I am ready with my
shot for one hour...
...he hasn't turned up as yet...
...and you keep on saying that
he is coming in 10 minutes...
The producer has lost
interest in his film...
...because of paying heavy interest...
If the heroine goes away now...
- She has already left Sir...
Has she left?
- And she won't be back...
...for the next 3 months.
Heroine went?
Bring some ice, bring some ice.
Once again it has happened,
bring ice quickly...
...or else we may have
to lay his body on ice.
- Heroine left.
Yes. He has just reached home.
Yeah he is coming, he is coming.
Hi Sameer!
- Sir, he is coming.
Mr. Shrivastav. When did you come?
Sir, I have been coming
here for the last 4 hours.
No, I don't want to do it.
Sir, if you could spare
some time today... - No.
Costume, sir.
Sir, please listen to my script...
Keep his script with you.
- Sir, but...
Yes Sanjay, tell me.
- Sir, script.
Listen, this is my new ad.
I brush my teeth everyday with it
- khach khach...
I keep smiling all the day.
- chak chak...
Bhalu Chhap toothpowder.
My favourite.
What is there to laugh?
Sameer, have you ever used
a toothpowder in your life?
What do you think?
...Do the Stars use all the
products that they endorse?
That Star would not have
smelt the oil that he endorses...
...what cool-cool...
Sir, madam and your son had
just left after waiting for you.
Madam has left a message
on the answering machine.
Rohit was hoping that you
would attend his school function.
He was waiting for you.
He is going on the stage
for the first time.
Do call him when you are free.
Hello... Talk to Rohit...
Hello Papa!
- Yes Rohit. Sorry son, I was late.
You have made a very nice painting.
You have made your papa a Superman.
You are one.
Yes son, give a great performance.
- Yes.
Okay my super boy.
- Bye. - love you.
Hello Gaekwad.
- Hi Sameer.
I am so glad you made it.
How could have I missed it.
But I am still
confused about the occasion.
Did your girlfriend
lose 5 kilos of weight...
...or is it your cat's marriage?
Don't talk about the
moments that have passed.
Don't talk about the
moments that have passed.
Don't think about the
future that's going to come.
Forget about the entire world.
Think about this moment.
Think about this moment.
Think about this moment.
I am sorry.
I am sorry, I am sorry.
Hey, I am Bhaskar, Bhaskar Nagrajan.
Nice to meet you.
I am Harish Gaekwad.
9820142964... Not interested.
But I am.
- Sister, Sameer Khan.
What we have to get,
we have to get.
What we have to lose,
we have to lose.
Excuse me sir.
My name is Rashmi. Rashmi Sahani.
You may not remember,
but two years ago...
Bishop Cotton college, Shimla.
- Yes.
I was the chief guest there.
Oh, you remember everything!
I am a theatre person too. I
don't forget a good performance.
You had got the first prize.
- Yes.
Amazing, you remember everything!
This is my younger sister, Ritu.
She is a very big fan of yours.
As soon as she found out that you
are going to arrive in this party...
...she came along with me.
Although, she has
her exams tomorrow.
She has been waiting for the
last 2 hours to take your autograph.
What are you doing these days?
- Yes.
You got it didn't you?
Now you go home...
...I will come after
meeting Mr. Kabra.
Ok. Thank you sir. Bye.
I have been employed just
today in Mr. Kabra's airlines.
Why don't you try films?
I have not thought
about it, I will think.
You are deserving. I'm sure!
There is a lot, you must try.
- Thank you.
The one that has to come...
will come.
The one that has to depart...
will leave.
Kabra invited me, so I had to come.
But I am not
feeling comfortable here.
Moments are like
the passing of wind.
No one will be able to stop it.
Don't talk about the
moments that have passed.
Hi sir.
Excuse me. Did you get Abrar's film?
Yes sir, I got the role.
Thank you so much sir, I will
be grateful to you all my life...
Good, concentrate on work.
Think about this moment.
Think about this moment.
I heard that the script of
your new film is very good.
Tell it as mind blasting.
- Think about this moment.
Who cares about scripts these days?
These days, everything
depends on just the marketing.
You know that very well.
Before the public can understand
what's good and what's bad...
...in three days you
recover all the money.
This is the game that's
going on these days, hit and run.
Help me! Please, help me.
Please, help me!
Please. Help me!
Right now, I am standing
outside the party hall...
...where a girl called Rashmi
Sahani was shot dead last night.
Many famous personalities
were present in this party...
...and some film personalities too.
I don't know any Rashmi Sahani.
I didn't see anything.
Yes, if I would have been there...
...then I would have
caught those murderers.
I didn't see anything,
I really don't know.
It is not that the film
people don't cooperate.
The police are doing
their investigation...
...and whoever must have seen it,
will cooperate with the police.
I was not in the party at that time.
I had bought a new car... I had
taken Sameer Khan along for a drive.
I did go to the party
because of Kabra sirs request...
May her soul rest in peace.
She was like a
daughter as well as a son.
I don't go to parties. I am
too busy with my business.
What party, which party I
don't attend every party.
No matter, who the culprit
is or how influential he is...
...we will arrest him.
Rashmi Sahani murder case.
What a nice drama, dada.
No one is saying anything,
everyone is quiet.
Obviously, goons are involved
that's why everyone is quiet.
Police know that too dada,
that's why they are quiet...
...but they want to show that
they are doing something...
...that's why the easiest way
is calling the film stars.
Shahrukh Khan summoned...
...Salman Khan questioned.
Public is happy. A few
days later a new matter...
...and the old matter...
below the carpet.
You are right dada.
Two days ago, he visited
the commissioner's office...
...and tomorrow it's his turn.
So hero, how was the visit.
What do you mean, how was it?
I don't know anything about it.
I didn't see or hear anything.
I had left early from the party
- Really.
Yes, I had told Sameer.
Anyway guys, its time
for me to go to the gym.
I have to go, thanks very much.
Ok - Bye, bye, bye. -
Take care. - Enjoy yourself.
Dada, someone told me that he was
there till the end of the party.
He is a liar.
He is not a liar, he is practical.
And why just him, take
any big icon of the world...
...no matter how big the
problem is, they always keeps quiet.
The more he keeps quiet,
the bigger icon he is.
In today's time,
don't say anything...
...don't try and act smart.
You are right dada. Take
our Aamir Khan for instance...
...he must have
hardly sat for 5 minutes...
...in the 'Save Narmada Rally'.
His posters were torn,
his mannequin was burnt...
...his entry was
restricted in Gujarat.
Anything can happen
in our country, dada.
I don't know about the country,
but there are only 2-4...
...who acquire name and
fame amongst million's...
...and that too after
a lot of struggle.
And to put it all on stake
or to lose it, is not wise.
No good man.
Sir, What do you know about
Rashmi Sahani murder case!
I have already told you
I didn't see anything...
...I had left the party.
Yes, you had said that you
left the party at 10:30.
But according to the
security register...
...your car left at 11:30 from there.
And the murder was
committed at 11:15.
Who said that I left in my car?
...Kabra sir had bought a new car...
he took me on a drive...
...and then dropped me home.
If you want, you can
verify it from him.
No, there is no need for that.
Do you know this girl?
This is the girl
that has been murdered.
Her photograph was being shown
on news channels and papers.
Did you meet her in the party?
I don't think so, if I had met
her I would have remembered.
Nice face.
Do you recognize her?
'Sir, my name is Rashmi. '
'This is my younger sister, Ritu. '
I am sorry... - She is
Rashmi's younger sister, Ritu Sahani.
She says that both of
them met you in the party...
...and you also gave them autograph.
- Is that so?
Maybe... I meet so many
people in the party...
...so many people take autographs.
We only see the pen,
the paper and the hand.
Many a times, we don't
see the face at all.
Very sorry to hear
about your sister.
Anything else sir?
- Nothing, thanks.
Thank you.
Why don't you raise your
voice against the injustice?
If you want to live, you
will have to have courage!
Cut, cut, cut.
What happened?
- You said the wrong dialogue.
What did I say?
- You said if you want to live...
So? -... the dialogue is, if
you want to live like humans.
Come on, it means the same...
...both of them mean the same thing.
No son, the ones who are honest,
only they are humans...
...and they live with
their head held high.
Others live a measly life...
- Shut up!
In which world are you living...
...every person here
has helplessness...
...every person lives
with a compromise. Stupid.
Think practical and
write practical dialogues.
Sir, sir.
There is another higher place,
and that's the worlds...
...biggest court, and
that's the human soul.
And one day, you have to
appear in front of it.
All these are bookish things jay...
- Sorry.
Once again.
And that's the human soul.
And one day, you have to
appear in front of it.
All these are bookish things Ajay...
...in real life, these
things hold no meaning.
Once more.
And that's the human soul.
And one day, you have to
appear in front of it.
All these are bookish things Ajay...
...in real life, these
things hold no meaning.
I know only one thing, success.
Please, help me!
Please, save me! Please, help me!
Cut it! Good shot Sameer sir
- Okay.
Come on
- Sit.
I know you are angry with me,
because I lied to the police.
But if I had told the truth,
still nothing would have happened.
Very influential people
are involved in this case.
Police does not do anything as well.
So, the people who
have killed my sister...
...nothing will be done to them.
Can't you do anything?
What can I do?
This is real life and not a film,
where I can fight the wrong doers...
...and get them punished.
Look, please don't misunderstand me.
These are 10 lakh rupees, keep it...
...and forget everything else...
...nothing will happen.
Just concentrate on your studies,
make a career for yourself...
...take care of your mother.
That will give peace
to your sister's soul.
Think about the peace of your soul.
And now I would like to
call Mr. Boney Kapoor...
...and Mrs. Sridevi
Kapoor to present...
...the most prestigious
award of the evening.
Ladies and Gentlemen, Sameer Khan...
...the heartthrob of the nation,
the spectacular sensation...
...and this year's youth icon winner.
A big congratulation, and Mr.
Sameer a few words please.
Who is he?
Who is he that has made me a midget?
I am telling the truth.
He is not me, only we look similar.
He is so amazing, I am not.
He has many names and faces,
he performs many feats.
And me, I cannot do anything.
I feel this award belongs to him,
which is being given to me.
He is not me.
Then who am I?
I will have to think that.
Thank you.
I can sell the Taj.
I can sell Delhi.
- Wow.
I can sell even the owners cat
without him knowing. - Wonderful.
The deed will be absolutely sound.
The payment will be in pound.
Sir, you are selling the country.
The country is my property.
What is the objection
in selling my property?
The politician of our country.
He eats from the mouth.
He eats from the ear too.
He has an account here too.
He has an account there too.
Sir, there is a
drought in the village...
...and my family is starving.
We are surviving on hay,
and we are ashamed on that.
Rana Pratap used to eat hay...
...that's why he was called Maharana.
Sir, two person died
because of eating hay!
- Yes.
The hay must have
been of cheap quality.
I will go to the world bank, and
bring the latest hay from there...
...and I will open
Donald and Hay Hut.
He will take crores of
rupees as commission...
...and follow the
tradition of politicians.
Sir, the roads are very bad...
...there are potholes everywhere.
Sir, we were taking
Krishna's wife to the hospital...
...but she gave birth on the way.
That's a good thing.
If he would have taken
her to the hospital...
...he would have to
spend thousands of rupees.
We made her deliver on the road...
...and saved the money of the public.
Sir, there is darkness in every
home, there is no electricity...
...you said that you will
bring the rule of Ram back.
So I did, there was no
electricity during the rule of Ram...
Right said.
...there were lamps and lanterns.
You too light the
lamps and celebrate.
Enough, that's it!
Celebrate! There is
terrorism everywhere, unemployment...
...Sita is suffering from
chicken guinea and Gita from dengue.
Really! Now I will take your
problems to foreign abroad.
We will take loads of money.
We will call Bush and Clinton here...
...and show them the starving
and sorrowful public here.
And cash in on our helplessness!
And constructs homes for
yourself and your relatives.
Calm down, calm down.
This is the country
of Gautam and Gandhi...
...what has violence got to do here?
Enough of following the
Gandhi's ways... now Raise your voice!
Change the rule! Change the rulers!
Change the cheat rulers!
Change yourself and change others.
Change today and
change the tomorrow.
Raise your voice! Raise
your voice! Raise your voice!
The earth goes up and
the heaven comes down.
Enough... stop it.
That's it, come on.
Here, hot fried snacks.
- Thank you.
Children, come have snacks first.
Stop the welding.
Everyone come and have snacks first.
Chhotu, give the snacks to everyone.
Dear, give me a cup of tea.
Siddhu sir, the issue that
you have raised in the drama...
You please raise the snacks first...
we can raise the issue later.
Where were you?
You had asked me to bring the books.
Yes. This is Ashfaaq,
he likes movies a lot.
He wants to be an actor.
We had seen him, he acted well.
- Didn't he?
He acted very well.
You acted very well.
A drama is a lie, and
turning that drama into reality...
...is an actor's job.
And you have done that today, son.
You really acted well.
Here is your reward.
This is the first reward of my life.
It was my first too.
Jailor Acharya gave it to
me impressed by my acting.
Honour it.
Mr. Siddhu, is it true that you
used to be a dacoit at a time.
And there used to be a
reward of 2 lakh rupees on you.
Now there isn't even hair on
my head now. But yes it's true.
Yes. - Then how did you
start doing acting and drama?
It started from a drama.
- How?
Once we were leaving from
the Sabalgarh area after loot...
...we had a fierce
encounter with the police.
There was an drama
being performed there...
Thousands of people, we went in
the crowd to escape the police.
...and there was a very big
crowd that had gathered to see it.
The name of the drama was,
'Satayavaadi King Harishchandra'.
Then I don't know
what happened to me.
I was watching the drama,
and crying.
I was watching it and crying.
A man can go to such
limits for the truth.
He can give such big sacrifices.
The life that's valueless,
of yours...
It separates from me.
I lost my rule and my kingdom!
I lost my rule and my kingdom!
Now I am losing my...
wife and child too.
My heart cried so much,
that I decided right then...
...no more bloodshed.
I laid down my weapons
and surrendered myself...
...and went to jail, and
started doing drama there...
...and still continuing
it after I came out.
So this your means of earning?
No, no for earning
I have this garage.
We enact plays as a hobby.
To charge against whatever
wrong is happening around us.
One moment, sister.
Papa is coming
- It'd urgent.
Tell me quickly.
Oh a secret message... Get out,
get out of here. - Papa...
And he will meet you
at the turf club...
...that means that scoundrel
will meet you at the boat club!
No papa, you are getting it wrong.
I understand everything.
He has fooled me a lot.
You complete your
veneration here Sneha...
...I will go and take care of him.
Papa, listen...
How are you Chauhan sir?
- Quiet.
Lord, please save
Ashfaaq from papa's anger.
How come here?
Your father keeps a watch on
me like a satellite camera...
...he comes wherever I go.
That's why I sent a fake
message through Guddu...
...so that he goes
there and I will be here.
But what was so important?
It was something important...
look. Siddhu sir gave me...
...impressed by my acting.
It is very beautiful,
And this, this is for you.
It is very beautiful.
It is silver, next
time it will be gold.
It will be son, surely it will be!
But it will be a stolen one.
- Papa.
You scoundrel,
rascal you sent me there...
...and here you are
meeting my daughter.
Papa, everyone is watching.
- Yes papa, everyone is...
Quiet, quiet. You tell me, dear.
Papa, I...
- I know dear, I know.
I know it from the past 2
years that you love him.
Look dear, I don't have any
objection for this cast or religion.
But ask him to get
some descent work...
...or else where will he
keep you after marriage?
I am doing it papa, I am
going to Mumbai to become a hero.
Don't try to fool me.
My driver Billy had gone to
Mumbai to become a hero too.
When he left he
was like Sunny Deol...
...but when he returned
he looked so scrawny.
And you are no competition at all.
May Lord look after you.
Come on, let me prepare for your
marriage elsewhere... Let's go.
Ashfaaq! Ashfaaq! Ashfaaq! God
knows where he ahs disappeared.
- Why are you shouting?
What happened? - He took
money out of my pocket again!
Why are you cursing him,
I took that money.
Don't try to lie, when you
take money from my pocket...
...you leave something behind,
but he leaves nothing.
Do you know, I am coming
walking from the market?
He defamed me!
What happened?
I met Chauhan sir in the market.
- Who Chauhan sir?
Sneha's papa. He was very angry.
Even after I refused so many times...
...he meets her daughter sneakily.
To calm his anger I
took him to a restaurant.
And gave a lot of orders.
Fried snacks and fritters,
buttermilk, sweet and special tea.
Oh god, When it was time to pay the
bill, I reached out to my pocket...
...and saw it was empty.
O Allah, then what happened?
Then what, he paid the
bill and quietly left...
...he didn't even buy the vegetables.
And do you know what he
said while leaving - What?
Amaan Ullah sir, today I
realised that you are better than...
...Ashfaaq Ullah, in duping people.
I didn't know that Chauhan
sir had a sense of humour.
Quiet! He only know how to talk.
I thought that he will study
and make the family proud.
I spend my entire
life amidst books...
...and he keeps selling
those books to watch films.
Papa, my life can be made
because of these films...
...look I got an
audition call from Mumbai.
You will not go for Mumbai
- Mother.
Neither will mother go,
nor me or an empty vessel.
You bring me tea.
Look Armaan sir, when
the person is nice...
...then no field of work is bad.
People spend their entire lifetime...
...but they don't know what to do.
Your son as a hobby of
acting since childhood.
He wants to be a hero.
According to me, he
should get one chance.
My heart doesn't agree, Siddhu sir.
Then we will have to settle this
with arm-wrestling like always.
Think about it, I have
been working out again.
But I will have to take a chance.
I see.
Mr. Armaan, if I win then
you will let him go to Mumbai.
And if I lose, then
you won't stop him.
Okay... just a minute.
Great Siddhu sir, heads I
lose and tails I lose too.
Okay, if I lose then he will not
go to Mumbai. - okay - lets go.
See, how much your father loves you.
He purposely lost so
that you can go to Mumbai.
You are simply great Siddhu sir.
Come on, embrace me.
Go to Mumbai, earn lots of fame.
Take me along to Mumbai too.
Why, do you want to
become a star too?
Papa has started
looking for a groom for me.
That's why I thought that I
will go to Mumbai along with you.
There we can get
married in the court.
Then we can tell papa that
you have got a good job.
After sometime papa's
anger will calm down.
Sneha, lying just for fun is fine...
...but I don't want to achieve
anything in life with a lie.
I adore you.
Can I ask you something?
If you have to choose
between me and your acting career...
...then whom will you choose?
I will choose acting.
I am sorry, but I cannot lie to you.
I liked it that you spoke the truth.
But, the truth is that I love you a
lot, and I don't want to lose you.
Now that you are going, return
only when you are well established...
...only then will I be proud of you.
Even though I lose you, I
want to see you very successful.
Mr. Ganpat Rao, listen to me.
That's enough! Take this.
What are you doing Mr.
Ganpat Rao, don't do that.
For the past 6 months
you haven't paid anything...
...neither the rent nor for the food.
Haven't I given you all this before?
That's why I am
returning you your luggage.
I will pay you soon, I am
going to get work soon...
...many big
directors have promised me.
Then go and live in their house.
Mr. Ganpat Rao, have some mercy...
...where will I go,
please have mercy please.
Wait, I will have mercy on you.
Thank you Mr. Ganpat Rao.
Your children will prosper. This
lodge will turn into a 5 star hotel.
- Here, this is free from me...
...whenever you feel like
becoming a hero, then look in this.
Get lost!
I have a lot of respect for
theatre actors in my heart, Ashfaaq.
And especially, I am very
well versed with Siddhu sir.
He is a very dedicated
theatre activist.
I have seen a lot of his plays.
I act in same theatre group...
Who is this man?
Sir he is my friend Arvind.
I was searching foran
actor like him for my film.
I had seen his performance,
he is a fantastic actor.
Can he be contacted?
Ashfaaq there is hope of
getting work after so much struggle!
If you want to act in a film
then now you have to become villain!
Yes sir, no sir.
What do you mean?
- Fantastic actor, yes sir.
Can he be contacted, no sir.
What do you mean? He has shifted.
Yes sir.
No problem, I will bring him back.
I had brought an actor from Poland.
He has shifter
further than that sir.
No problem, wherever
he must have shifted...
...I will go and bring
him back, you just see.
Yes sir, no sir.
What do you mean?
You can go but you will
not be able to come back.
What do you mean?
Sir, he has gone to heaven.
What? You mean to say he is dead.
- Yes sir.
One day he was returning on
his cycle after the rehearsals...
...and a truck full of iron
rods was in front of him.
Enough, enough, enough.
And the truck stopped suddenly,
and he went in the rods.
I understood... I understood,
there is no need to say anymore.
Sir, one rod went in
here and the other in here.
Please Ashfaaq, I
am a heart patient.
Sir, one rod went in the heart too.
Hey, please don't say further.
Please, you've given me a bad news.
My film will be in problem.
There won't be any
problem sir. I am there...
Sir Siddhu sir used to say
that I am a better actor than him.
- He used to say that himself.
- He had only one wish.
- To see me on the big screen.
If I get a chance, then
his soul will find solace.
Okay, okay.
- Yes sir.
Take his audition.
- Okay sir.
Thank you sir, thank you.
- Bless you.
I... I cannot express it in words.
I knew it; he will
surely do something in life.
He is very capable.
You must be very happy today,
Sameer Khan is being launched.
Who is Sameer Khan?
- The hero of the film.
No, no my son Ashfaaq
Ullah Khan is being launched.
Ashfaaq, who is this Sameer Khan?
Is he being launched too?
It is my name.
You changed your name!
What happened?
See this. - The producer sir said
that Ashfaaq seems old that why...
Ashfaaq Ullah Khan was
such a big freedom fighter.
He changed his name.
No, no you will have to
change your name again.
Why are you troubling your son,
today is the first take...
...of his first film. Let
him do his work. Go, dear.
He has changed his name, who
knows what else he will change.
He will be very famous.
Who are you?
- Who are you? - Yes, who are you?
I am your secretary, Narayan.
My secretary?
- Yes.
One minute. Give a bouquet to mummy,
The star is here. Yes.
Sir, smile please.
The camera is on
that side. Mummy, papa.
- You have come... - Papa.
That's okay.
- Be happy.
See Chauhan sir, I
have become a hero.
There is still time son,
let the film get complete...
...then let it get released...
- We have come to congratulate him.
Yes papa.
- Congratulations.
Bring the garland. He is a hero now.
Ashfaaq Ullah!
- Hail!
Ashfaaq Ullah!
- Hail!
He is not Ashfaaq Ullah Khan.
- He is not.
He has changed his
name to Sameer Khan.
Whether he is Sameer or Khameer,
what difference does it make!
He will still be the same for us.
Will you change, won't you?
No guru, I won't change.
Come on, son.
First take of 'Aazadi',
all the best.
This is not your crown,
it is our turban.
It can come out only with the head...
...it is a part of the head.
Ashu, come on.
- We'll watch it some other day.
Film started.
Ashu, I have seen it three times,
it is a super-hit...
...there is a
houseful board put up too.
Come on, let's see it.
We will see it two days later.
- Ashu.
Don't be nervous let us
see the audiences reaction.
- I am scared.
Are you scared to see your own film?
Don't hesitate, come. Hit me!
Anyone come and kill me!
It doesn't make a difference to me!
This child has not caste!
Neither is he a Hindu or a Muslim!
I don't even know
who his parents are!
That's why I
thought it is not right...
...for this child to
die in this riot...
See how everybody is engrossed.
...I was only trying to save him!
But now I feel that it
is better that he dies.
The screen is going out of focus.
- No.
Yes, look.
I think there is a
problem in projection.
Your eyes are wet.
Come, hit me.
Come forward.
But this will not
let us live in peace.
Come step ahead... kill him!
Anyway tomorrow he would be
dragged in religion basis!
With a vengeance in his heart,
he will pick up weapon...
...and be a part of a your crowd.
So it is better that he dies!
Kill him!
Sameer Khan.
Sameer Khan.
- Sameer Khan!
What a performance!
My beloved has left.
My darling has left.
My beloved has left.
My darling has left.
He will not...
He will not...
I love you!
I love you!
- He loves you.
He loves you.
My sacrifice...
Will you marry me?
- Hero is asking you something.
Will you marry me?
- Please say...
He loves you very much, accept it.
My beloved has left.
My darling has left.
My beloved has left.
My darling has left.
He will not...
- Boss.
Why is he so happy with his wife?
She is someone else's wife boss.
Now it has been proven that
all the witnesses are fake.
Eat mint chocolates,
and give others too.
If Manoj is your only son...
...then he is no less
than a brother to me.
Gate Way of India, vests and briefs.
The police say that I
have committed a murder...
...but I say that I
have done justice.
The ultimate razor blade, concord.
I will do anything I
will sell myself...
...but please save my
sister doctor sir.
We will die of starvation,
but we will not bow down.
Bring one more,
Vandya's potato fritters.
Stomach is full, but
heart is not content.
And if your revolution
breaks these limits...
...then I will break my
bonds with this revolution.
You put younger brother behind bars.
Dear to Lord,
Eeshwar incense sticks.
I cannot see anything,
I have gone blind.
I have gone blind doctor!
There are only two
places for animals like you...
...the jungle or the cage.
Gendamal sweets.
I will dance... I will romance...
I will get married. Lajjo.
Touch his feet son... he
is your grandfather too.
He has grown up so much.
Blessings son...
Wait... Take this.
Go away.
Son, is your papa
awake or still sleeping?
No, no... He has
woken up. He is coming.
These days he is
shooting day and night.
Armaan sir, a man
should be like that.
Brother, step this
side breakfast is ready.
Not just breakfast, I
will have lunch too.
Armaan sir, have you made
some sweets or not? - Guru!
- Ashfaaq.
Look at him.
Come son.
How are you Guru?
- I am fine.
Be happy.
My son.
Bless you dear.
Please, have a seat.
You remembered us after
a long time, isn't it?
I had gone on a tour of India,
with my drama team.
For six months. It took
me two years to return.
Why did it take you so many days?
Look, there were objections
on our dramas earlier too.
But this time we
have set a new record.
In every state there was
an objection on our drama...
...and we were arrested each time.
Sometimes for two weeks.
At times, we were
jailed for two months.
There are a few thieves in my team...
Armaan sir...
...now I should admit a lawyer to.
He will act, and fight the
case for us too free of cost.
You didn't change at all,
you are still the same.
Dear, a person should never change.
Guru, I am leaving I am getting
late. We will meet fro dinner.
Son, take a seat I want to
talk about something important.
It is urgent.
- Come.
There is a village
close to Gunnah, Kailaras.
Son, go to your room I am coming.
There... a low caste girl
was raped by three boys.
One of the boys is the son of a MLA.
When the girl went to
the police station...
...to lodge a complaint,
she was driven away.
And so that no one
else lodges a complaint...
...they made the girl go
around the entire village nude.
O Lord.
Armaan sir, when I heard
this there was so much anger...
...that filled up in my heart.
I swear to Lord, if I
had been that old Siddhu...
Anyway, with our efforts
the complaint was lodged.
But the matter is
not being taken up.
We have decided too,
with the grace of Lord...
...we will get the girl justice.
We will take on the
streets and protest...
We will enact a play in
front of the ministry.
And you are with us.
- Me!
You are such a big star,
the media always covers you.
If you come there will be chaos.
The government will
have to take up this case.
I just want two days of
yours at the end of this month.
Sir, how can you give 2 days?
Day after tomorrow you
are going to America...
...for a months shooting.
After that you
have to go to London...
...there you have to do
photo shoots day and night.
After that, come a
bit down South Africa.
Sun City, Durban where you
have to shoot day and night...
...for ads. Then with great
difficulty I have made some time...
...for you to go to Paris, where
you have to sing an item number...
...in Mr. Mittals marriage.
Next night Dubai, where you have
to say hi to Sheikh sir's son...
...and have dinner with him...
next day Sharjah...
Don't take me around
the entire world...
...just give me two days, that's all.
Impossible sir.
Ashfaaq, tell him who I am.
Guru, I was thinking...
...will it be right for me to come?
Why, you have
enacted plays earlier too.
It was different earlier,
now I feel...
...that it's not
possible for me to come.
Why, don't you want to do it?
Tell me, tell me clearly. Yes or no?
I am sorry, I cannot do it.
Yes, you are very big star now.
You will ashamed to
come on the streets.
You won't be able to say anything...
...to get a helpless woman justice.
You star's talk a lot.
Chocolates, cold drinks, oil, soap...
...to sell undergarments,
you open your big mouth.
But you cannot talk
about an important issue.
This is ridiculous
You have an old habit of
interfering in others matters!
Who is that woman to you, is
she your relative, is she...
Enough! Don't say another word.
Even an animal cries
when he gets hurt...
...a real human is the one
who feels others pains too.
Siddhu sir, Ashfaaq,
Siddhu sir please listen...
Leave it Armaan sir, I
have understood everything.
This man, your son... his
character has changed.
Come on.
Siddhu sir, Siddhu sir,
- Please listen to me. - sir...
Narayan, manage two days anyhow.
It is matter of two days. We
cannot say no to Siddhu sir.
Sir, I can do it but the boss...
I am telling you,
your boss's father.
Please don't interfere in this, dad.
Ashfaaq, I don't want to hear
anything... my word is final...
...you will have to enact this play.
I won't do it.
Siddhu sir is your guru.
But I am not Eklavya that
I will cut off my thumb.
I have attained this name and
fame with a lot of hard work.
I cannot lose it all
with a small controversy.
You always forget that you
are not the father of Ashfaaq...
...you are Sameer Khan's father.
Papa, are grandparents going?
- To their house.
Grandma was crying papa...
...she was saying that
they will never return.
Papa, are you crying?
Come here.
Who is your papa?
- Superman.
Does Superman ever cry?
- I don't know.
Yes son, he cries sometimes.
Breakfast is ready, go
and have it quickly.
Did Rohit tell you?
- Didn't you stop them?
What do you think, I didn't try?
You said such a thing...
- What did I say?
I am their child... they
felt bad about what I said?
But you should also understand...
I should understand everyone!
But no one will understand me!
What do I want, what do I think...
...Why do I work so hard,
what are my dreams?
Am I wrong?
These days you are using a lot
of 'I' in your conversations.
Sneha, we were rehearsing.
It was an intimate scene...
...so the director asked us to
rehearse and be comfortable.
Try to understand Sneha.
Everybody is looking. It will
needlessly become a scandal.
I didn't do anything, Sneha...
I didn't do anything
that the others don't do!
Everyone does that.
There is nothing serious about it!
And no matter what I do outside...
...I come back in this house, to you!
You should be happy, that
your husband is so popular...
...that many big
heroines wander around him!
As a husband I have
fulfilled all my duties.
Car, bungalow,
jewellery you have everything!
What are you looking at?
I am seeing that you
have changed so much.
You have to change, and
those who don't change...
...they are left behind.
And you have to change too,
your small town mentality...
...and your middle class values.
Forget them.
Or else it will get
difficult for you to live.
I am talking to you!
Leave my hand Ashfaaq.
Ashfaaq, leave my hand
Now there is nothing
left between the two of us.
Now I will live in this
house only because of Rohit.
Sir, sir we have reached home.
'Even an animal
cries when he gets hurt...
...a real human is one who
feels others pains too. '
'This man, your son...
his character has changed. '
'Siddhu sir is your guru. '
'But I am not Eklavya that
I will cut off my thumb. '
'I have attained this name and
fame with a lot of hard work. '
'I cannot lose it all
with a small controversy. '
'You always forget that you
are not the father of Ashfaaq...
...you are Sameer Khans father. '
'Leave my hand. Now there
is nothing left between us. '
'Now I will live in this
house only because of Rohit. '
Please. Save me!
Please, save me!
Please, save me!
Please, save me!
Now if you want, we
can tear this paper.
- Yes
Tomorrow if you are scared and say...
...that you gave this
statement because of the...
...pressure of the police. I hope
you will not change your statement.
No, I will not change my statement.
I will say the same
thing in the court too.
I can identify them
amongst thousands too.
Sir, what are you doing
in a police station?
Why are you quiet? Sir, answer us.
Sir, please tell us
what happened inside.
Sir, please tell us...
- Why are you quiet? Sir, answer us.
You were summoned in reference
to Rashmi Sahani's murder case.
Hey Sameer khan.
Hello. - So, you can
identify my men amongst thousands.
Keep all your dramas for the movie,
today they have thrown eggs...
...tomorrow they will
throw acid, on your face.
How much brother?
- Ten rupees.
Where were you so late?
Why, what happened? - They are
continuously showing it on T.V...
...Ashfaaq is getting life threats.
The vegetables have
become so expensive.
Tomatoes 30 rupees kilo,
onions 20 rupees a kilo.
This is the life
of the middle class.
What has happened to you, I
am talking about Ashfaaq...
...and you are...
- Ashfaaq, who Ashfaaq?
You mean famous film
actor Sameer Khan.
Why are you still
remembering that thing...
...for God sake forget everything.
Our son's life is in danger.
Let us go to Mumbai...
...or let us call him here.
My heart is so restless.
Nazma, don't cry.
Everything is fine.
No, I talked to daughter-in-law.
The police are guarding
the place 24 hours a day.
Hello. Yes commissioner sir,
the security is fine...
...yes please don't worry,
I will be there tomorrow.
Would you recognize both of them?
Yes, I remember both of their faces.
- Thank you.
Sir, Rohit's room has caught fire.
How did this fire start?
Don't know sir.
Hey some one bring water!
How did this fire start?
So brother, will you go
for the identification?
Your guards love their children
more, that's why they ran away.
You scoundrel, who are you?
Why don't you come in
front of me? I will...
Whose call was it?
Call the doctor.
- Whose call was it?
I don't know God damn it!
Call the doctor!
- Father.
Rohit has high fever.
Yes, because his hand was burnt.
It will come down after a while.
Keep the book, keep the book!
Call the doctor, now!
- Yes sir, sorry.
Papa, how did the
fire start in the house?
Just like that son, you rest.
Mangesh turn the car around,
we will go home.
Sir, don't you want to go
to the commissioner's office
for the identification?
No, I don't.
Greetings, I am Ritu's mother.
How is she, what
has happened to her?
She felt unconscious in the traffic.
The doctor is checking her.
She has an infection,
it is quite serious.
She is the patient's mother.
Hello. The kidney
operation that your daughter had...
- Your daughter told me...
...that she donated
her kidney to someone.
I guess it is an infection for that.
It is quite serious... she will
have to stay here for a week.
Why did you do it? Tell me!
Why don't you tell me?
Mother, to keep sister's case
alive you need a big lawyer.
For a big lawyer, you
need a lot of money.
O Lord, first your
sister died and now you.
Mother, I don't care about myself...
...but sister's
murderers are still at large...
...they should be punished mother,
they should be punished.
Yes my dear.
The two people that
famous actor Sameer Khan...
...has identified in
the Rashmi murder case...
...they are minister
Gaekwad's son Harish and...
...the second is Liquor baron
Shiva Nagrajan's son Bhaskar.
He has been accused.
What do you have to say?
Please don't waste my time.
It is politics, it is all politics.
It is a game of the politics,
we will find out in the end.
It is the oppositions plan.
My son is innocent, and we will
prove it in court. - No comments.
Come Sameer sir, come.
How are you?
- I am fine.
You could have kept this
story sitting in my house...
...or in your house, why
so far in your farm house?
I thought if we can
comfortably sit here and discuss...
No, no it's fine,
where is the script.
I am sorry, Gaekwad sir wanted
to talk to you alone, that's why...
I don't want to talk to them.
Wait, wait, wait Sameer sir it
is your benefit if you talk to us.
You know me, now meet him...
the famous liquor baron...
...Mr. Shiva Nagrajan.
Bhaskar's father.
This is Mr. Inderjeet Chadda.
The Chanakya of politics.
Myself Panchal, I am his
brother-in-law, P.A, secretary.
- Okay.
Sameer sir, we regret
the death of that girl too.
It was a bad thing to happen,
it shouldn't have happened.
Our children made a mistake.
I scolded him, I even slapped him.
He thrashed him so much.
But you did the right thing,
spoke the truth.
Humans should always say the truth,
I like it. You are a real hero.
Mr. Nagrajan became
your fan because of that.
Good man, a great actor like you
deserves an international film.
I will make an
international English film with you.
That's it. We will take you to
Hollywood, in a splendorous way.
Come to the point.
You have to change your
statement in the court.
You didn't see
anything in the party.
Neither my son Harish,
nor his son Bhaskar.
We have come to terms with the
police, they won't say anything.
And if I don't change my statement.
Right now only your
child's hand has burnt...
...change the statement or
else the entire family...
Sameer sir! Sameer sir!
Sameer sir! Sameer sir!
Sameer sir, leave him!
Sameer sir, leave him!
Sameer sir, leave him!
Tiwari, what are you doing?
Blood. You hit me!
Keep it down.
- Look, he made me bleed.
Keep it down.
- Look, he made me bleed.
This is not Chambal,
this is the city.
I will kill you!
- Take him away.
I will kill you!
Your bad days have begun...
- He might kill someone.
Good, that you stopped him.
What do you think you are doing,
are you trying to scare me?
Beware, don't you dare
touch my family... understood!
Your 8 years old son, his hand
got burnt and you are so hurt.
My son is 25 years old.
You will send him to jail...
...you will have him hanged!
Please Gaekwad sir!
Look Mr. Sameer, you
are also a father...
...if you won't understand
our pain, then who will?
He will understand!
Last chance, agree to it.
I have so many hands, you won't even
realise from where I will attack.
We can do anything.
We have money, power and public.
It won't take me
much time to defame you.
Down with Sameer Khan...
Down with Sameer Khan...
The opposition has
signed Sameer Khan.
Not for a new film, but to
falsely accuse my son... to defame me...
They know that these film
stars are not honest at all.
Tomorrow if someone pays them,
then he will say...
...that I drink this black
cold drink, it's the best.
After that if someone
pays him then he will say...
...that I drink this
orange cold drink...
...it is better that the black one.
If you give them money, then
they will dance in someone marriage.
If you give them more money,
then they will go and cry...
...in anyone's mourning ceremony too.
This Sameer Khan was saying
that he didn't see anything...
...I was not at the party,
I didn't see anything.
And now he is saying
that he has seen it.
These film stars do anything,
for money, for publicity.
That's why the public was furious...
We will not let your
film run anywhere.
We will tear your posters... will
set the cinema halls on fire...
...I said calm down,
calm down, don't do that.
You shouldn't take
the law in your hands.
There is democracy.
Greetings, I am Prabhu
Chawla in 'Seedhi Baat'.
Today it is famous film
star Sameer Khan's turn.
Sameer Khan sir,
welcome to the studio.
Thank you. You had once...
...given a statement, a
murder was committed...
...of a girl, Rashmi Sahani.
And you said that you didn't
see anything, you had left.
You had said, hadn't you?
- Yes.
And now you are saying no,
you had seen everything.
You changed your statement,
didn't you? - Yes.
Are you putting up an act now,
or did you do it earlier.
No, I am saying the truth this time.
That means you were
putting up an act the first time.
I didn't want to...
- You are an action hero...
...has the cat got your tongue?
- No.
I didn't want to get
in any controversy...
You are saying that you saw the
murder being committed. - Yes.
You saw two boys shooting her.
Such a big hero in the films.
Then why did you keep quiet?
You just did your makeup and left.
When the girl was being
murdered you just left from there.
Why didn't you do something?
What's in your heart,
action hero sir, say it.
I am asking you, why
didn't you do something?
I am asking you, why
didn't you do something?
I was...
I was...
I was scared.
An action hero of the film...
...when that girl
was being murdered...
...you went cold in your feet.
That means you are
as much responsible...
...for that girls murder
as much as those two boys.
You are an action hero, now which
public will clap on your action.
What was the need for you to
say on T.V that you were scared?
We are all ruined.
Now this matter has
become very political...
...and until this matter is not
sorted out, we will not release...
...Sameer Khan's movie
in our theatre chain.
All this is fine, we
will agree by this.
Now you tell us all those
things that you have not declared...
...unnamed accounts,
unnamed properties...
...otherwise we have
other ways to find out.
We will take each brick
out of the house and look.
Sameer and his wife,
live under the same roof...
...but they sleep in
different rooms. - Sure.
Think that, I have brought the
news from the bedroom itself.
Propagate it.
You are on the board of
directors of the company...
...I have heard that they
have asked for your resignation.
No comments.
It has been
published in the newspapers...
...that your relation with your
wife is not good, is it true?
No comments.
She is unhappy with your behaviour...
...and is asking for divorce,
is true. - I said no comments.
Is it true, that you
live under the same roof...
...but sleep in different rooms.
Just a minute!
Bring the camera here,
turn the mikes here.
I will give you the answer.
- This question concerns me also.
For your kind
information let me tell you...
...our relation is as healthy
as much as your parents have...
...or you have with your wife.
I still love him as
much as I used to.
And now, I admire him.
Do you know why?
Because he is not a coward...
...in today's selfish world where
brothers don't support brothers...
...and children leave their parents,
my husband is fighting...
...for a girl he doesn't even know.
He is not a coward, he has
got guts, he has got courage.
I adore you.
Anymore questions?
No ma'am. Sorry, sorry sir.
You live in my heart.
You are God's chosen messenger...
Haji... Ali...
God's representative...
You are friend of God.
Accept our salutations...
...and convey the prayers
of all the children of God...
My dearest deity...
My dearest deity...
My dearest deity...
My dearest deity...
representative of God... My
dearest deity... My dearest deity...
Have a little mercy on us as well...
Have a little mercy on us as well...
Dearest Haji Ali...
representative of God...
Where else do we go...
where else do we go...
This is the place where
our wishes would be granted...
Dearest Haji Ali...
Representative of God...
Dearest Haji Ali...
representative of God...
Surrounded by oceans of sorrow...
Surrounded by oceans of sorrow...
We have become helpless...
searched for some refuge
in this difficult time...
Your shrine sent me an invitation...
...heart exulted in joy...
...heart exulted in joy...
As though God was found...
...heart exulted in joy...
As though God was found...
Now the world can
put me to any test...
Dearest Haji Ali...
Dearest Haji Ali...
representative of God...
People are laughing on you.
Do you want people
to laugh on me too?
Humans make mistake, we did too,
but just because people laugh at us...
...we shouldn't correct our mistakes.
It doesn't make a difference if
I lose my image in your eyes...
...but I don't want to
lose my image in the eyes...
...of my millions of fans,
like you have.
I have lost my credibility.
People worship you,
they respect you.
If you go to the
court And tell them...
...the people will listen to you.
Those two boys walked
out right in front of you.
I am asking you to say
only what the truth is.
Brahma is the truth and
everything Else is false...
Son, everything that we see in
this world, it has no existence.
And that's why we
shouldn't Look outside.
We should look at our inner-self.
I am seeing it Swami, I am
looking at your inner-self.
From the top to the bottom,
there is nothing...
...just a big zero. A zero.
Ms. Sahani, take a look
at these boys carefully...
...and tell me, did these
two boys flirt with you...
...and your late
sister in that party.
Had you seen these boys
in the party that night?
I had not seen them.
What happened, why
is that girl lying?
Order. Order.
According to the forensic report...
...the pistol
presented by the police...
...and the bullet found in the
deceased's body, don't match.
Keeping in mind all
the evidence, the court...
...acquits Harish Gaekwad
and Bhaskar Natrajan...
...and dismisses this case.
It is very strange, my
grand daughter works...
...in the forensic department,
she had typed this report herself.
She said that the pistol
and the bullets match.
There is something wrong somewhere.
I am sorry sir. I am sorry.
Yesterday in the evening...
...their men tore my clothes
in the middle of the market...
And then... they threatened me.
If I told the truth
in the court, then.
There are still two people
in the house with mother.
No, no why is the child crying?
With such courage she told
the truth in the court...
...so what happened?
She has lost the case,
what else will she do?
He is the helpless one. The
real tragedy is with him...
...he can't even cry freely.
Big star, action hero.
Go home and cry man.
What is the use of
crying now Nagraj?
I had told you, we have money,
power, public...
...we can do anything.
Anyway, what has
happened has happened!
Nothing personal, no hard feelings.
These artists get very emotional.
Anyway, come to my home, I
have made it very lovingly.
It is not the Taj Mahal,
but it is no less. Do come.
He is not in a good mood.
Okay, jai Hind. Jai Maharashtra.
Thank you dad.
- Come, come my son come.
Good show.
Thank you babes.
Leave it sir, it's
the court. Please.
You broke it. - be grateful, he
spared him. Go from here. Come.
Why did you want to do all of this?
Was it a publicity stunt? - What
do you want to prove by doing this?
Tell us Mr. Sameer. What
do you have to say? Tell me.
Is it true that you have an illicit
relationship with Rashmi's sister?
Look at this... what do you
have to say about all this?
Brother-in-law, brother-in-law.
- What is it?
That hero has come.
- Who?
Sameer Khan.
How dare you come in, out, get out!
Lower your hand son,
otherwise he will break it.
Leave me uncle. - Harish!
What a surprise Sameer Khan.
Dad, he will not come in...
- He is our guest...
...you shouldn't say that.
Panchal, go and serve food.
Go. Go.
- Let's go.
You should have called at least.
You have learnt after I made
you sit in the jail for 24 hours.
We have money, power,
public we can do anything.
What can you do? Nothing...
But, there is no need to
say sorry. Nothing personal.
Very nice.
This chandelier.
- Belgium.
And the rug, on which you
are standing, it's Persian.
This is Italian marble flooring,
Italy. Ming vase, from China. Ting.
And this, I bought this entire
sofa set from Germany, Frankfurt.
And this Dutch masterpiece.
From Holland.
And that stereo system,
that small one.
Nakamichi, Japan.
You have used the money
of the public very well...
...otherwise those fools
were well off in meager meals.
Are you insulting me or praising me?
What do you think?
I couldn't make it out.
I will make a drink for you.
Whiskey from Scotland...
Do you know when I left my village...
...I had only one dream,
to make a house like this.
Every brick is close to my heart.
What are you doing?
The bathroom is there.
What did you do?
What are you doing?
This is urine, pure Indian.
You don't need money,
power or public for this.
You only need guts
for it. That I have.
Now it's personal. Ting.
Can't you see!
Are you blind?
What are you looking at,
take the truck back.
Why you!
Shoot him, shoot him!
I am telling you,
take the truck back.
Shoot him, shoot him! You.
Shinde, he seems dangerous.
Take it back, take it back.
Hearing the news of your arrest,
Siddhu sir came here.
Driver told us, that in
anger you have gone somewhere...
...with the car.
He had an intuition and
thank God he reached you on time.
Satnam Shree Waheguru.
You are the Lord of the world.
We are your beggar devotees.
what can I ask from you... when
nothing is constant in life...
only your name is
profound and constant...
You are the Lord of the world.
Satnam Shree Waheguru.
Everyplace is only occupied by god...
...in water, on land and in the sky...
...and in between all the
gaps and open places...
all are full of gods blessings...
in every manner god is
taking care of life...
There is a lot of
traffic outside the Gurdwara.
The back road is being repaired...
...that's why all the
traffic is being diverted here.
Earlier, this gate used to be there.
The Gurdwara got a new land...
...so they built a
gate this side too.
The Lords offering is very sweet.
I feel like
shooting those scoundrels!
I have shot many, son. I have
done plenty of bloodshed too...
...thinking that I was doing justice.
But I was wrong.
Only the man dies with the bullet,
not the problem.
Then what should we do, leave them...
...so that they can kill
some other Rashmi Sahani.
Why should we leave them...
...but the real justice will be
when they will be punished...
...in front of the entire world.
But how, they control
the police, the law.
The court acquitted them.
And this Gaekwad is a Raavan.
With ten hands and ten hands.
The public has
millions of hands, dear.
Once the public awakens, then
everyday will be a Dussera...
...and on every alley
Raavan will be burnt.
Ashfaaq, not the public will
fight Rashmi Sahani's case.
Raise your voice.
Why are you demolishing your house?
...you had made it so lovingly.
Now I cannot live here Chadda.
I won't be able too.
What has Sameer khan done?
Sameer Khan has gone mad, Gaekwad.
He has come on the streets.
Hello. We will have to
do something about him...
...or else he will ruin us.
Yes... I will just
let you talk to him.
Brother-in-law, the party
high-command from Delhi.
Greetings sir, tell me.
I have heard that Sameer
Khan is doing a street play!
Is he raising the issue of
Rashmi Sahani's murder case.
No sir, this is all
just a publicity stunt.
This act will not
take place, I am there.
You won't last long.
Rashmi Sahani's murder case has
spoilt the reputation of our party.
Do whatever you have to but
this play should not happen.
Yes sir.
What happened brother-in-law,
was he scolding you?
...did he ask for your resignation?
- Shut up!
This act should not take plac
It should not.
And who is this Siddhu,
why is he helping Sameer.
Gaekwad, Chanakya is there with you.
I will not spare him,
I am telling you.
I will see, I will see.
He doesn't recognise me.
Why are you worried Nagrajan?
I am there. I will
take care of everything.
You don't worry.
- I will throw acid on his face.
I will gut him.
Gaekwad, why are you worrying?
I have taken care of many,
you just see...
...I will pacify him like a child.
Yes you are right.
Sir, Siddhu is here.
My name is Inderjeet Chadda.
I want to save you.
Ask me from whom? From us...
We are the one's that can
do anything in this city.
Anything means anything.
Can you see that bald man?
Mr. Lal Thakur, he is an
ordinary customs officer...
...whenever our consignment comes
from abroad he closes his eyes.
And we have made him fortunate.
And the one swimming in the water,
that's Mr. Ashok Pure...
...assistant commissioner of police.
He takes salary from the
government, and works for us.
He also enjoys with us.
Think that, our friendship is
like a life insurance policy...
...better than LIC.
Whoever is useful to us,
we help them...
...and those who don't,
they are never seen again.
Forget about this
Sameer and his act.
Just tell us, how
much money do you want?
...and where do you want it?
We will give it to you.
What are you thinking?
Take your clothes off
and get in the water.
Look those beautiful
girls are waiting for you.
Go, go.
How are you feeling baby.
I can feel the beating.
He might be a dacoit of his village.
This is the Mumbai, I will
have him encountered in two days.
He has ruled these
villages for 20 years...
...even the police from three
states couldn't do anything.
The entire area would
tremble at his name.
- Hello.
I want to speak to Gaekwad.
Yes, he is here I will
let him talk to you.
Brother-in-law, party high command.
Tell him, I am not there.
He is saying that he is not here...
- What are you doing?
Hello. Yes, say.
Gaekwad, what about the play
No... No that will not happen...
No play. - It shouldn't happen.
- My guarantee.
Do anything, stop this street play.
Did he ask for your resignation?
Someone get his encounter done.
- Brother-in-law.
You are a minister, Gaekwad,
Traffic permission,
municipal permission...
...police permission. There
are so many formalities...
...of the government. Get
them entangled in anyone.
We tried that too.
Legally we cannot stop them.
And the scoundrels have
chosen the 2nd of October.
Only three days are left now.
We will have to use new means.
Okay, no problem.
What happened?
The police have refused
to give any protection.
No problems. Our
volunteers will be there.
Yes our volunteers will be there.
But 2nd of October is a holiday.
You will come on the streets of
this city for the first time...
...there will be a lot of crowd.
Gaekwad can take
advantage of this crowd.
- Grandpa, you?
Son, there is a very bog problem.
- What happened?
In the morning my grand
daughter went to the office.
She called me from there.
She found an old hard disk,
which contained...
...the entire case of Rashmi Sahani.
The bullets and the pistol matched.
She was coming to give it to you...
...on the way someone abducted her.
I got a call from a
man called Tiwari...
He said bring the report
and take your grand daughter.
He has given this address.
Dada, dada you don't
worry I will bring her back.
You go and take rest.
I will go.
This Tiwari is a very dangerous...
I know he used to be my companion.
I will go along with you.
No son, it is very important
for you to come on the streets...
...on the 2nd of October.
But I will not let you...
Nothing will happen son...
Lord is there.
Hey girl, tell me
where the report is.
Your grand father is coming... I
will kill you in front of him.
Tell me! Where the report is.
Siddhu. Come, come.
You have grown old Siddhu.
Yes, you are not the same too.
How are you?
- I sleep well.
We will meet like this,
years later, I never thought so.
I regret it too.
You raised your hand on a girl...
you used to be a man, Tiwari.
Come on dear.
For the sake of God, don't
force me to do bloodshed.
How can you do bloodshed?
...you have laid down
your weapons long back?
I have laid down my weapons, but I
haven't forgotten how to use it.
Come on dear.
Ah! Siddhu!
This is the
original forensic report...
...which proves that the real report,
real pistol were both changed.
Sir let me see, how
original this report is.
Now the honour of your
department is in your hands...
...commissioner sir.
Wherever that pistol is, find it.
Someone from your
department has done this.
Rathod, What are you doing?
No matter, no matter.
Have some water.
Drink it, drink it.
That's it. It will go down.
Commissioner sir, how many
copies of The Times Of India...
...are circulated?
- Around 20 lakhs, why?
No, I was thinking will Rathod
sir eat all the 20 lakh copies...
...or the entire department of yours.
If the real pistol is
not found by tomorrow...
...then this report will be
published in every newspaper...
...the day after tomorrow.
Last suddenly Sameer
Khan came to my house...
...he was drunk, he
started manhandling me...
...said, marry me. If you marry me,
I am ready to divorce my wife.
I explained him a lot.
I said, I am a Hindu girl
with values, I cannot marry you.
Then he was furious and
started tearing my clothes.
And I fled from there
somehow saving myself.
What a performance.
The girl is acting very well!
The dialogues are Inderjeet sir's
But the scene was yours.
This Sameer alias Ashfaaq Khan,
we gave him so much love...
...we made his films a hit, and
he tried to tarnish the image...
...of our Hindu sister!
Down with! - Sameer Khan!
Down with! - Sameer Khan!
Down with!
- Sameer Khan!
For the last 1 hour you have
been saying that commissioner sir...
...when will the police arrive?
They have injured our security.
The mob is getting violent.
They can barge in any moment...
...please try and understand.
Please send somebody.
No use.
Where has Siddhu sir gone?
I liked the house so I bought it.
The day was auspicious so I shifted.
The furniture is
coming from Germany.
The carpet is coming from Persia.
Hi Sameer! - And you know the
chandelier is coming from Belgium.
Hi Sameer!
Welcome, Mr. Sameer! Welcome!
Panchal! - Yes, sir! - Give
the God's offering to Mr. Sameer.
Today I've not come here to
take God's offering Gaekwad but...
...to give you the God's offering.
Please come. Let's
go inside and talk.
You people please have snacks etc.
Chadda! - Yes? - Please. Come.
What? - Please come and have
snacks. Please come with me.
What do you want? Tell me,
what has to be done?
I've come alone. Tell me.
Yes! Let's go up and talk!
- When you couldn't do anything...
...you made the girl a shield.
You hide behind a girl and fight.
- Do not raise your voice!
That night I boxed your ears.
Today I'll box your nose.
And hit you so hard that all the
channels will carry...
...this news for the next 3 days.
You had sent goons.
You had stones thrown.
Mr. Sameer! - It's alright!
- Mr. Sameer! - It's alright.
Beware! If because of you
my wife and son cry then...
...I'll make your condition
so pathetic that...
...you'll keep changing
the house every week.
Like today.
Gaekwad, you know that if I
lose my cool then I don't ask...
...that where is the bathroom.
Son of...
Mr. Gaekwad, what's all
this happening?
Mr. Gaekwad, what was
Mr. Sameer Khan saying?
And why was he
referring to the bathroom?
No! Oh yes! He was
just telling me that...
...according to the
planning of the house...
Good that he's gone.
I was scared that he might
urinate in the hall again.
That you've just done.
We are with you, millions
of Muslims of the country...
...are with you.
Once your enemies understand that...
...then they will think twice
before throwing stones at your house.
You just raise your voice once.
We can do greater things and show.
You have only one
option open. Minority plea!
You have to say in the court
that you are being troubled...
...because you are a Muslim,
a minority.
That's it. Do it!
Rest we'll take care of.
Get out.
- What?! - Get out, I said!
What happened?!
The country whose
president was Abdul Kalam...
...and prime minister
Manmohan Singh, both minorities...
...me saying, that I am a
minority I am being troubled...
...there can't be a bigger joke.
I have complete faith
in my constitution...
...and as an Indian I
will fight for my right.
You people get lost!
How is Tiwari?
- He is safe brother-in-law.
This Siddhu is a strange man,
he injured everyone...
...and even took
them to the hospital.
Everyone survived...
...Tiwari regrets that he
couldn't be of any use to you.
Now he will be useful.
Now he will be useful.
And Ashfaaq will be in the centre.
And I'll shove aside the
crowd and reach Asfaaq...
Who is Siddhu here?
There is a arrest
warrant in his name!
For what crime?
Tiwari died in the hospital today.
What nonsense, I
talked to the doctor today...
...he said that Tiwari is fine
and will be discharged today...
...and you are saying that...
- Ashfaaq.
To stop our play, that
scoundrel killed Tiwari.
Don't worry about me.
Come on.
The play should take
place tomorrow Ashfaaq.
Raise your voice.
Remember, everything should happen...
...just like Gaekwad sir wants.
Now neither Rasool will
come in the world nor Ram...
...only humans will help humans.
Raise your voice!
- Raise your voice!
Raise your voice!
- Raise your voice!
Raise your voice!
Raise your voice! Raise your voice!
Raise your voice!
- Brother,
an atrocity is being
committed on your neighbour...
...in front of you, why
don't you do something?
I am a very peace loving person.
I don't get into such problems.
He is a peace loving person.
Brother, someone is
thrashing your neighbour...
...in front of you, why
don't you do something?
That's the
government's job, what can we do?
He is waiting for the government.
Brother, someone is thrashing
your neighbour in front of you...
...he is committing an atrocity,
why don't you do something?
That's God's duty,
what can we humans do?
He is greater than him,
he is waiting for God.
Brother, she is screaming,
Asking for help...
...why don't you do something?
- What?
Why don't you do something?
- What?
If you can't hear,
at least you can see...
Your dog is better than you,
at least he is barking at him.
Help... Help
Did you see, if an atrocity is
being committed in front of you...
...on your neighbour and you
are quiet, then you are next.
Raise your voice. Raise your voice.
Raise your voice. Raise your voice.
There's snow collected on the
mountain tip, it should melt.
Now a river Ganges should
come out of this Himalaya.
Till your last breath.
Keep walking ahead.
Till your last breath.
Keep walking ahead.
It's not my idea to create chaos.
I am just trying to
change this picture.
Till your last breath.
Keep walking ahead.
Till your last breath.
Keep walking ahead.
If not I then you do it.
Let the fire burn anywhere.
But it should burn.
The one who does not lose courage,
leads a happy life.
Come on, show the world
that you breath a storm.
Till your last breath.
Keep walking ahead.
Till your last breath.
Keep walking ahead.
Till your last breath.
Keep walking ahead.
Till your last breath.
Keep walking ahead.
Till your last breath.
Keep walking ahead.
Till your last breath.
Keep walking ahead.
Till your last breath.
Keep walking ahead.
Till your last breath.
Keep walking ahead.
I am deeply in love with you.
Come back soon.
Sameer was attacked
in broad daylight...
...what was the police doing there?
All their life, these actors do
what the director tells them to...
...say what the writers write,
they don't have their own thinking.
He knows that the
public is angry with him...
...they burnt his mannequin,
so he shouldn't come out...
...in the open and perform.
But he did...
The police saved him,
inquiry is going on.
I have to go, please.
- Sir! Sir! - Just one question!
Why wasn't a complaint lodged
against who attacked Sameer Khan?!
He's not speaking. Say something!
Please! - Say something!
- Please, move. Move
How is Sameer Khan's condition?
Why isn't Sameer
Khan's wife saying anything?
Who do you suspect did this?
Why wasn't a complaint lodged
against who attacked Sameer Khan?
Tell us why?!
Whose report will you lodge?
Whose report will you lodge?
The 25-30 men who attacked Sameer...
...or the 3000 people who saw
him getting beaten up, quietly!
Or you media people,
instead of saving him...
...you were making a film
of him getting beaten up.
So that later on you can
sell it... for your benefit!
Come on.
- Leave me, I will not run away!
Who will lodge a
complaint against the police?
...they were strolling
there as if it was a rally.
All of you are guilty.
Those who hit him are guilty.
And those of you, who kept
watching him quietly, are guilty.
Whom did he raise his voice for?
Whom did he raise his voice for?
... for Rashmi Sahani...
...not for himself.
Rashmi Sahani was murdered.
everyone was quiet.
Sameer is fighting with his death.
Everyone is quiet.
Tomorrow if I die,
everyone will be quiet.
One day it will be your turn,
everyone will be quiet.
No one will raise his voice.
All of you will die.
And they talk a lot.
They say that a
complaint was not lodged.
Get lost.
This man is going to make
a new airport in our area.
Ask your son-in-law to
supply cement to him.
Pandu, your daughter's
admission has been done.
Thank you, sir.
- Have fun, have fun.
Inderjeet sir, your
Malhotra's file has been cleared.
Brother-in-law, party high
commands phone from Delhi.
Give it.
Yes, good morning sir.
Just a minute, just a minute.
Don't forget to take
the cheque from Malhotra.
Yes, tell me.
What happened?
No, no everything is over.
One is in jail and
other is in the hospital...
...who will say raise your voice?
Every part of
your body is injured.
Every moment is an appeal.
Open up, as you have the freedom.
Sameer Khan says that
charging doesn't mean...
...beating up someone,
charging means...
...raising your voice
against an atrocity.
One who never loses courage,
always makes his life better.
Come on let us show
the entire world...
...there is a storm inside you too.
Give justice to Rashmi Sahani.
Give justice to Rashmi Sahani.
Give justice to Rashmi Sahani.
They have sent Sameer
Khan to the hospital...
...but now, many Sameer
Khan's have stood up...
...and they are
saying only one thing...
...give justice to Rashmi Sahani.
Give justice to Rashmi Sahani.
Every moment is an appeal.
Sameer Khan is right, we
should raise our voice.
Why isn't the pistol
and bullets matching?
Raise your voice!
Raise your voice!
Give justice to
Rashmi Sahani. Charge!
Raise your voice! Raise your voice!
Come on let us show
the entire world...
...there is a storm inside you too.
Until you have the courage,
move ahead.
It is our fault too.
We middle class people...
...we always see
everything and still keep quiet.
But now we will have to
raise our voice. We will.
He said the truth, and
he was beaten up so much...
...we are with him.
This will not do, we will
get Rashmi Sahani justice.
Yes, we will.
If we keep quiet like this,
then the rich people...
...will keep
committing atrocities on us.
Sameer Khan is rocking!
Tolerating an
atrocity is a crime too.
Tolerating an
atrocity is a crime too.
Raise your voice, as
fighting is mandatory.
A coward man...
Sameer Khan is a nice man,
you say charge too.
This is the time, ask the
questions and demand answers.
It is our right.
Right to information.
Common man has
awakened and getting together.
The media takes a big credit...
it has awakened common people...
...united them, and
given a new power.
I am really glad
that the entire media...
...is standing for
the Rashmi Sahani case.
The step that
Sameer Khan had taken...
...to get Rashmi Sahani justice,
it is the result of that...
...the court has reopened the case.
I am sorry sir. Sir, Mr.
Gaekwad and Mr. Nagrajan...
...forced me to lie.
They bribed A.C.P
Rathod with money too.
I have presented to
the court, the pistol...
...with which the
murder was committed...
...and the original forensic
report which matches with the pistol.
The evidence of
Sameer Khan's popularity...
...are all these flowers
and these countless people.
They are standing in
front of the hospital...
...and praying for
Sameer Khan's well-being.
The court has
reopened the Rashmi Sahani...
...murder case with its authority.
Do you think it is a big
victory for Sameer Khan?
No... This is not a
victory of one person.
It is a victory for you all.
It is the media's victory... it
is the common man's victory.
And I am sure Rashmi
Sahani will soon get justice.
Order, order.
A.C.P Rathod, under
section 201, guilty.
Sunil Kumar, under
section 191, guilty.
Swami Prem Shankar Maharaj,
under section 191, guilty.
Balwant Rai Kabra,
under section 191, guilty.
Inderjeet Chadda,
under section 201, guilty.
Shiva Nagrajan, under
section 201, guilty.
Ganpatrao Gaekwad,
under section 201, guilty.
Bhaskar Nagrajan,
under section 325, guilty.
Harish Gaekwad, under
section 302, guilty.
Now you are a hero.
Okay Amaan sir.
The sweets are still pending.
God bless you, dear.
Let's go.