Halloween (2018) Movie Script

You're not cold
or anything, are you?
Everything all right?
Are you taking any medication?
Thank you.
How are you doing this morning?
Did you have a restful sleep
last night?
Oh, yeah.
- You did?
- I did.
- Any dreams?
- Nope.
Sometimes we don't
remember our dreams, you know?
That's right.
We do dream,
but we don't remember
- when we wake up.
- No.
But if we are dreaming some
just before we wake up,
we remember those.
That's right.
Did you know...
A little, uh...
uh, useful information.
- Yeah.
- When we wake up
and say, "The whole night,
I was dreaming
this and that and everything,"
it's only 45 minutes maximum.
- Did you know that?
- Yeah. No, I did not. Yeah.
So the ordinary dream
is ten or 15 minutes.
I'll see you all later.
- Where are you going?
- I'm going to see my patients.
Testing. Testing.
Check, check, check.
One, two, three.
Testing. One, two, three.
We are now at Smith's Grove,
uh, rehabilitation facility.
We're here today
to interview a patient
that's spent the last 40 years
in captivity
and, by all accounts,
has not uttered a word.
This monster...
- Good afternoon.
- Good afternoon.
I'm Dr. Ranbir Sartain.
Great to finally meet you.
Thank you so much for taking
the time to meet with us today.
We were hoping to have
this opportunity
before he's transferred
to the new facility.
Glass Hill
is far less accommodating.
Glass Hill is the pit of hell.
For years, he's been kept here
to be studied.
I suppose the state
has lost interest
in discovering
anything further.
Well, that's why we're here.
Michael has been
my life's obsession.
I've examined every single
case file written on him.
I was a student of Dr. Loomis
before he passed away.
And then I lobbied
the University of Illinois
to be assigned
to Michael myself.
Any progress?
Well, he's been seen by
over 50 clinical psychiatrists,
and with each,
many different opinions.
Dr. Loomis was the only one
to see him in the wild.
And he concluded he was
nothing more than pure evil.
Our patients get fresh air,
a view, proper exercise,
healthy diet.
It pains me
to see him transferred
to that less-than-desirable
And there he is.
He can speak.
He just chooses not to.
I'd love to stand
closer to him, if I may.
Get a sense of his awareness,
or lack of awareness.
Oh, make no mistake,
he's aware.
He was watching you
as you arrived.
Perhaps you'd like to tie
your left shoelace?
Mr. Tovoli here, the gentleman
with the umbrella,
has a fixation for such things.
Underestimate no one.
Of course.
And now step up
to the yellow line.
And no further.
Do not cross the line
under any circumstances.
I've got some people
who'd like to meet you.
Hello, Michael.
My name is Aaron Korey.
I've been following your case
for years
and still know
very little about you.
I'd like to know more.
About that night.
About those involved.
Do you ever think about them,
Feel guilt about their fate?
I borrowed something
from a friend
at the attorney general's
office, Michael.
You feel it,
don't you, Michael?
You feel the mask.
Figaro. Figaro!
Say something, Michael.
Say something.
You can feel it, can't you?
It's a part of you, Michael.
It's a part of you.
Say something.
Say something, Michael.
Say something!
What is it we're after?
Okay, well,
having witnessed the animal
in its captive state
and failed to provoke
any sort of response,
we now track down
its counterpart.
Could it be that one monster
has created another?
And although the iron bars
and barbed wire
that separate them
are both strong and sharp,
the metaphysical lines
are blurred and slight.
Both exist in isolation,
fettered by their own fear
- and hatred of one another.
- This one.
Could it be that the only hope
- of rehabilitation...
- Spooky.
...is through confrontation?
"Access has been denied.
Private property. No trespassing."
You might need this.
Dana, journalists don't pay
for their interviews.
We're on camera.
Hello. Um, we're looking
for Laurie Strode.
We're, uh, um...
we're-we're making a podcast,
and, uh...
We're investigative
If you have a moment,
we've traveled a very long way.
How does $3,000 sound?
May we come in?
And-and sit down and talk?
Aaron and I have made several
public radio exposs.
Our last project shed new light
on a murder case
from 20 years ago.
We like to reexamine incidents
with an unbiased lens.
I believe there's
a lot to learn
from the horrors
you experienced.
There's nothing to learn.
There are no new insights
or discoveries.
So, is he real?
The Boogeyman.
I read you quoted...
You don't believe
in the Boogeyman?
I believe in Michael Myers,
deranged serial killer, but...
the Boogeyman, no.
Well, you should.
Michael Myers is a human being
who killed his sister
when he was six years old.
Then he came after you.
We just want to know why.
We want a glimpse
inside his mind.
That's why your story
is so important.
My story?
Two failed marriages.
Rocky relationship with your
daughter and granddaughter.
Michael Myers
murdered five people.
And he's a human being
we need to understand?
I'm twice divorced.
And I'm a basket case.
They're transferring him.
Tomorrow, 7:00.
He'll-he'll be locked away
until the end of his days.
That's the idea.
Let's talk about
when the state came
to take your daughter away.
She was 12 years old.
They said you were
an unfit mother.
How long until
you regained custody?
I didn't.
But you already knew that.
Laurie, we saw him.
We met with Michael.
I showed him the mask.
There was nothing.
No response. Nothing.
He won't talk to anyone.
Never has, but...
I think he might speak
with you.
So, why don't you sit down
with him
and say all the things
you must be longing to say.
Come with us,
and let us help you
free yourself.
Time's up.
I'll accept my payment.
Get out.
You want to shit under my sink?
I will murder you
and your whole family.
I switched from marshmallow
fluff to peanut butter.
See if those little bastards
eat that.
- That ought to kill them.
- Morning.
I rescheduled my last session,
so I can make it tonight.
You really didn't
have to do that, Mom.
It's not a big deal.
You made it into
the National Honor Society.
- Yeah.
- That is a very big deal.
I just made it to the top
of my shop class,
making birdhouses and, uh,
a checkerboard made of teak.
We're excited to meet Cameron.
That whole family, though,
they had a reputation.
- Ray, come on.
- But it's true.
- It's a relevant factor.
- Ray.
- Ray.
- Do you remember the one time Lonnie
punched that cop in the face?
- Ray.
- That was a...
Oh! Mother...
Oh, man!
I got peanut butter
on my penis.
Ew, Dad.
Instant karma.
Cameron is a good guy.
He's nothing like that.
You're gonna see
when you meet him tonight.
They're all nice guys
until they get you pregnant,
and then you gotta drive
in their pickup trucks,
and you clean their guns,
and you got children,
and you clean guns, and you
like to get high with them,
and then y'all get fat.
Hey, Dad?
- What?
- Can you stop?
I gotta clean
this peanut butter off my hand.
Did you invite Grandmother
like you said you would?
About tonight.
You said that you'd...
- Oh.
- ...invite her.
Right. I did.
- You did?
- Yeah.
I talked to her yesterday.
She's not gonna be able
to come, honey. I'm sorry.
Baby, she's agoraphobic.
She needs cognitive
behavioral therapy,
so don't take it personally.
That's Vicky. I gotta go.
Hey, I love you.
Have a good day.
- Bye, Dad. Love you.
- Okay.
So, my mom's a liar.
What happened?
She said that she invited
my grandmother tonight,
but she didn't.
I mean, she never even
contacted her.
- How do you know?
- Because I called her myself.
- That's bullshit.
- Yeah.
Dude, what's your mom's deal?
Why would she say that?
I don't know. She just tries
to keep me away from her.
Everyone in my family, like,
turns into a total nutcase
this time of year.
If I were you guys,
I wouldn't celebrate, either.
I would just put up
a Christmas tree instead.
Just skip all over the
creepy Halloween shit, right?
Does your grandma
ever talk about it?
Yeah, it's pretty much
all she talks about.
It defines her life.
She's been traumatized
ever since.
Wasn't it her brother
who, like,
cold-blooded murdilated
all those teenagers?
That's just a bit
that some people made up
to make them feel better,
I think.
I mean, that is scary to have
a bunch of your friends
get butchered
by some random crazy person.
Is it, though?
Because, all things considered,
there's a lot worse stuff
that's happening today.
And, like, I mean, what,
a couple people getting killed
by one guy with a knife
is not that big of a deal.
Dude, her grandmother
was almost fucking murdered.
And she escaped,
and they caught him,
and now he's incarcerated.
I-I'm just saying, like,
by today's standards...
Just shut the fuck up, Dave.
Shut up.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Yeah, shut up, Dave.
Hey, is it cool with you guys
if I explode one
of these pumpkin heads?
- Yeah. Yeah.
- Go for it.
Oh, he's serious?
- He's serious.
- Oh, God, he's really blowing it up.
I know.
He's such a fucking moron.
- Oh, God. Oh, God.
- Oh, Jesus.
Go, go, go, go, go.
Happy Halloween!
I got you.
That was a good one.
Yes, that was very good.
Hey, do you have everything
for your costume
tomorrow night?
- Bonnie and Clyde must roll as one, after all.
- Um...
no, I mean,
I-I'm more focused on tonight.
I-I thought you were joking
when you said
your parents
were old-fashioned.
- Be nice, okay?
- Okay.
It'll be fun.
- I'm excited for tonight.
- I need to calm down.
- I'm excited for tonight, okay?
- Okay.
Ugh. You guys are just barf,
you know.
You're just...
you're two yucky dumpsters,
- and I want to go diving. Come here. Mwah!
- No.
- Dude, dude.
- Right here, right here, right?
- Oh. Mwah, mwah.
- Dude, you-you got
your little chapped-lip
all over me, man, so thanks.
I know. And you're welcome.
- It's gross.
- It's a little part of me for you.
For the rest of your day.
All right? So, do you have
everything ready
for your costume tomorrow?
- Um... about that...
- What?
Are we seriously not?
You said we were gonna do this
whole Halloween dance together.
Now-now you just...
you ditch me.
I mean, you just...
you-you can't walk
- all over town breaking hearts.
- Okay, okay, okay.
- Hey, listen, listen.
- All right?
- Love. Truly.
- Okay, lovebirds, later.
Now let's open our books to...
Frankl's interpretation.
He said,
"Fate took a different course.
"I understand how someone who
has nothing left in this world
may still know bliss."
His message is totally hopeful.
Even in the most disparaging
of conditions,
life can find its meaning,
and conversely,
so can one's suffering.
can't accept this.
Use it for whatever
your heart desires.
I'll save it for college, then.
Fuck college.
Go somewhere. Go to Mexico.
Could you imagine?
Yeah, I can.
Look, don't worry
about your mom.
She will freak.
But she'll get over it.
Why can't you?
The Boogeyman?
All this hiding,
all this preparation,
it was for nothing.
I mean, it took priority
over your family.
It cost you your family.
If the way I raised your mother
means that she hates me...
...but that she's prepared
for the horrors of this world,
I can live with that.
Say good-bye to Michael,
and get over it.
Dr. Samuel Loomis,
January 22, 1979.
Do you wish to give
a statement regarding
your former patient,
Michael Myers?
My suggestion is termination.
Death is the only solution
for Michael.
A2201. Myers, Michael.
- Toes in line. Keep a line.
- There's nothing
- to be gained from keeping evil alive.
- Hands up!
Hands up! Stand up!
A shot of sodium thiopental
would render him unconscious.
- A22...
- I'll be with him to make sure
his life is extinguished.
My ear on his chest
to hear for myself
that his vitals
no longer function
and immediately
incinerate the body.
It needs to die.
It needs to die!
It needs to die!
Keep moving. Let's go.
Don't worry, Michael.
I'll be by your side.
Michael Myers
is still my patient
until he's in
somebody else's care,
so I'm seeing my duty
through till the end.
All right, move out.
...send my DNA away
to a stranger.
Why not? You can find out
some pretty interesting things.
- Don't...
- I found out that I'm part Cherokee.
I guess my dad's, like,
seven percent Cherokee.
I know Lonnie.
I went to high school with him.
- He used to sell me peyote.
- Dad.
- Everyone knows Lonnie.
- Yeah. - Dad.
- I'm sorry.
- All right. Um...
this is a massive overshare
- for our new friend.
- No, he did.
I learned a lot about myself
with his dad.
- Tripped balls out in the woods, me and his dad.
- Dad.
- Boy, Ray...
- Tripping balls. - Dad!
No, really, keep talking.
So, you guys
have big plans for tomorrow
- at the high school?
- What are you doing?
- Is it a dance or something?
- Yeah, it's a Halloween...
- Costumes?
- Halloween dance. Yep.
- Mmm!
- Costume party.
What are you going as?
Uh, well, I don't know
if I'm allowed to say.
- Please say.
- Oh, come on.
- Come on.
- I can...? Okay.
Uh, so we're going
as Bonnie and Clyde.
- Oh, that's a great idea.
- Yeah.
- Except...
- Oh!
- Oh. No.
- Ooh.
Okay, so just Bonnie and Clyde.
That's it. Bonnie and Clyde.
Bonnie and Clyde with a twist.
- Classic.
- Yeah!
- Yeah! - I love that.
- Nice.
- That's so fun.
- You'll see.
You know how it ended, right?
- Their story ended a little...
- Yes. Hopefully...
Yes, with the bullets
and the bleeding.
- Yeah.
- You have a jalopy
filled with bullet holes
from the G-men?
I wish we had one of those.
- It was in Laughlin, like a Model A.
- I know.
Did you talk to Grandmother?
She said she was gonna come.
She came to my office.
We had a nice talk.
Did you? Really?
- That's a first.
- It was nice.
- Oh.
- Do you know where she is, then?
- I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I...
- That part... Oh.
- Great timing, Mom. Hi.
- Uh, I...
- You made it.
- It ran late. I'm sorry.
- Hi. I'm so happy you came.
- Hi, Mom. - Hi, Laurie.
- Hi. Hi. I'm, uh...
- Hi.
I'm the grandmother.
Nice to meet you.
I'm Cameron Elam.
And we're here
celebrating our daughter
- because of her...
- Yes, I know.
How did it go?
Yes. It looks good on you.
You know, I was in
the Honor Society, too.
That's good.
Why don't you sit down, Mom?
- No, I'm good.
- Yeah, have a seat.
Or we could go for a walk,
if you'd like.
- Really? Did it go great? Yeah?
- Yeah.
It went really...
it went, um...
- Hey, Mom?
- That's mine.
- I thought you quit drinking.
- Mmm.
Mom, what are you doing?
What is this?
You know, this is exactly
why we don't reach out.
I'm sorry. I will sit down.
Why don't we
press the reset button?
Why don't we just
start over, okay?
All right, Mom...
- Sorry.
- Mom.
Please stop this.
I saw him.
The Shape.
- Mom...
- I wanted to kill him.
Okay, that's enough, Laurie.
- Laurie, that's enough.
- I didn't know what to do.
- That's enough, Laurie.
- Okay.
I think maybe this is a little
bit too much for you, huh?
Why don't we go
for a walk, all right?
You said you were gonna try
- to put the past behind you.
- Laurie.
Are you gonna try to do that?
That's what you said
you wanted to do.
I can't.
Mom, look at me.
Look at me.
- I...
- Should we, uh...
...really hate to say
I told you so, but...
I'm glad you got to see that.
I never told you
how I spent my childhood.
I learned how to shoot a gun
when I was eight.
I learned how to fight.
I had nightmares
about the basement.
Social Services came when I was
12 years old and took me away.
I've spent my entire life
trying to get over the paranoia
and neuroses
that she has projected on me.
Yeah, he kind of reminds me
of, uh, Gary Hogeboom.
Yeah, that quarterback
thing is all messed up.
Good times, right?
What is she gonna do
with herself?
I know.
It's not your job to save her.
She'll be all right.
I can't get reception
on this thing
ever since the antenna
was bent at the car wash.
Why do we have
to come out again?
We do this all the time.
What? You don't...
you don't enjoy it?
I-I like being out
in the woods and...
No, I enjoy it, but I'm missing
dance class for this.
And sometimes I would rather
do that than hunting.
I mean, is-is-is dance class
that important to you?
- Yeah, it is.
- You need some more time
- in the woods to go hunting and fishing.
- No.
On weekends,
I'll do it with you, Dad.
Like, I really love
spending time with you,
but right now dancing
is my thing, you know, and...
it really hits me in the heart.
I mean, I...
- Dad, look out!
- Oh!
What the hell
happened to you, Hoss?
Oh, shit.
Dad, look.
Lumpy, you stay here.
I'm gonna make sure
no one's hurt.
- You call the police.
- Okay.
Dad, be careful, please.
Hey, you fellas okay?
You all right?
911. What is the emergency?
Yes. Um, th-there's been
an accident.
Uh, there's a bus.
People running around
in the road.
My dad went to look.
I-I don't know.
Okay. Hold on.
I'll go check.
Wait here.
I-I'll go get my dad.
Don't shoot. Aah!
- Oh, fuck!
- Fuck!
"Don't need a credit card
to ride this train."
Yo, Hawk, listen, the ball come
down loose, that's where
- you're gonna mess up at.
- Yo, Hawkins, would you like
a strawberry slushie
or a blue raspberry slushie?
Can you just bring me
a coffee, will you?
I'll get you back later.
Pull a slingshot, it'll go
straight down the middle.
But you ain't never gonna
beat my score,
so it makes no difference
what you do.
- Say that again.
- You're never gonna
beat my score, so it doesn't
make no difference what you do.
Dispatch to unit 601.
We have a 10-50 on Marla Road.
Copy that, dispatch.
I'm on my way.
Attention, all units.
We got an officer that's 10-23
and a possible 10-50
on Route 20. Will advise.
Sheriff's Department.
Possible 10-98. Over.
If you need assistance,
let yourself be known.
Signal 13.
Officer down.
I repeat: officer down.
I need assistance.
Send backup right away.
Uh, roger that.
Ten-one, officer down.
Sending EM and all available units.
Show your hands!
I've been shot.
All right, stay with me.
Help's on the way.
What happened in here?
Did he escape?
Did who escape?
Well, I got a cousin
works at a graveyard
- not too far from here.
- Hmm.
They got war generals,
a beatnik poet.
They got Muddy Waters.
Oh, and they got Bernie Mac.
People come from all over
to pay respects.
But this is Haddonfield,
and this is our only claim
to fame.
Maybe you can explain to me
what's so special
about Judith Myers.
As she sat combing her hair,
her six-year-old brother
crept in quietly
with a kitchen knife.
He then proceeded
to slice the base of her skull,
scraping her spinal cord.
When she turned,
raising her hands
in self-defense,
he continued stabbing
into the nerves
and arteries of her palms.
Three more stabs
into her sternum,
penetrating her heart.
Still checking I.D.'s
of the patients we recovered
to figure out who's who.
Almost all accounted for.
Two of them were checking their
e-mails at a local library.
Just found three of 'em
holding hands,
chasing butterflies
at a flea market off the 220.
Still no idea
what really went down.
Any word from
Mr. Rip van Winkle over here?
Nurses say
he's been in and out,
lost a lot of blood.
Somehow managed
to fall on a bullet.
I'm trying to get
the whole story
because here's my concern:
Take a look at this list.
Most of 'em minor offenders,
mental patients.
One stuck out: A2201.
It's Michael Myers.
Babysitter Murders, 1978.
40 years to this day.
Michael Myers loose
with a bunch of nutbags
in Haddonfield
on Halloween night?
We're gonna have
a fucking circus on our hands.
But hey.
What are we gonna do?
Cancel Halloween?
Dr. Ray,
please pick up line two.
I need to go do a number two
almost immediately.
- Can I drive?
- Come on, get in the car. Move it.
Want anything from the shop?
No. No, thank you.
- Where's the loo?
- Excuse me?
It's out that way,
around the back.
Excuse me. Sorry.
Someone's in here.
What the...?
Help me!
Aah! Help me!
Aaron! Aaron!
Aah! Get off me!
Aaron! Stop!
Help me!
Aaron! Aaron!
- No!
- No, please.
No! No...
Police have not determined
a cause of this accident.
Uh, this scene's still
very active, of course.
You can see the police tape
set up behind me.
That prison bus
firmly down in that ditch.
You can see the tow truck,
of course,
that is trying to get
that prison bus out.
A source tells us that bus
was transporting personnel
from a local state hospital.
13 A-9.
Allyson? Is anyone home?
- Karen?
- Shh.
- Gotcha!
- - Jesus.
You're dead.
You scared me!
What are you doing
in our house?
You mean, how did
I get into your house?
You have no
security system, Karen.
Your side window was wide open.
Sometimes I can't tell
the difference
between your stupidity
and your ignorance.
Hey, Laurie, this is my home,
and I can take care
of my own family, all right?
I know jujitsu.
I have studied...
- The bus crashed.
- Ray.
- What?
- Look, I have a plan.
Where's Allyson?
We need to get out of here now.
What bus crashed?
- Put down that gun. Put down...
- Hey, hey. Back off!
Put down that gun. You're in
my... Put down the gun!
Mom, you need help,
and you are not welcome
in this house until you get it.
I have tried to protect you
and prepare you.
Now we have to hunt him down.
Yeah, and I am trying to
prepare dinner for my family.
The world is not
a dark and evil place.
It is full of love
and understanding,
and I'm not letting your
psychotic rants confuse me
or convince me otherwise.
- Keep the gun.
- No! You need to go.
Get out!
Son of a bitch.
Look at this.
- It's a hospital gown.
- State-issued.
Get on the phone
to Smith's Grove.
Confirm the match.
You know I was there
that night. You know.
I was there.
We have one order of business.
That's to hunt this thing down.
There's a reason we're supposed
to be afraid of this night.
- Trick or treat!
- Trick or treat!
Which one should we go to?
They're all spooky.
I'm gonna pick that one
over, um, across the street.
Oh, oh, oh, oh.
- What the...? Sorry.
- Hey. Sorry about that.
Black cats and goblins
and broomsticks and ghosts,
Covens of witches
with all of their hosts,
You may think they scare me,
You're probably right,
Black cats and goblins
on Halloween night.
- Please let us out of here!
- Where did they come from?
You are from the other side.
You are the sign.
- Trick or treat!
- Hey, guys. Stay together.
Very scary.
- Mila. Mila, no!
- Trick or treat...
- Wait your turn.
- ...smell my feet,
- give me something good to eat.
- Wait, hang on, hang on.
- I don't have my stethoscope.
- Come on!
- I need it. I'm gonna get it.
- We're going to be late.
- I'll be right back.
- Geez!
Look. You're not
gonna believe this.
They were in my pocket
the whole time.
Did Rebecca
give you directions?
Yeah. She did call me.
Hey, Sally. How are you?
That's awful.
Well, I'll keep
my doors locked.
Thanks for telling me.
Billy's still out at a party.
Let me know if you hear
anything else.
Good night, Sally.
Trick or treat!
Bonnie and Clyde,
you are lady-killers.
You guys are
seriously beautiful.
You're seriously beautif...
Give me a smile.
Give me a big smile.
Just hold her tight.
There we go. Do that.
Do that with your ass.
Okay, so, no, not...
It's Vicky.
One second. One sec.
Okay, you don't...
you don't have to take it.
Hi. Oh, my gosh,
I wish that you were here.
It is so much fun.
God, I wish I was there.
I'm so fuckin' bummed.
It's just, like, so much easier
to actually, like, talk
to people when you have no idea
- who they are.
- Yeah, dude, I told you you'd have fun.
How's Cameron?
Is he looking super fine
in my grandma's skirt?
He is...
so sexy,
it's a little too much to take.
- Where'd you go?
- No, he's so sweet.
- I'm having the best time.
- You know, you guys
should just come over here
when it's done.
Dave's already on his way,
and he's gonna bring the, uh,
you know, the "Alakazam,"
if you know what I mean.
And Julian's parents
aren't gonna be back
until, like, super late.
Okay, well,
it is a school night,
so we're not gonna...
"kazam" too much.
Oh, come on.
It's a "school night."
Don't be a needy bitch.
Get over here.
Okay. I'll see you soon.
We'll come over
- as soon as it's over.
- Okay, bye. Love you.
I heard you telling
your friends to come over here
- and you're gonna smoke some weed.
- No. No.
- That "Alakazam"?
- Julian, I'm talking about,
like, uh, you know,
like, a ma-magic trick,
- like, "abracadabra."
- I know you're talking
about smoking weed.
Don't lie to me.
That's against the rules.
I'm telling my mom.
Well, I'm gonna tell your mom
about your browser history.
- You better not.
- You can get me in trouble,
- I can get you in trouble.
- I'm...
You used to be my favorite,
but now you're,
like, my tenth favorite boy
that I nanny.
And I babysit
some fucking loser kids.
If I had some
other kind of babysitter,
she'd be reading me a story.
I wouldn't be up
clipping my nasty-ass toenails.
- Uh-huh. Go to bed.
- You used to be cool.
We used to be friends.
But now...
Okay. Come on, go to bed.
- Wait.
- It's way past your bedtime.
- You want to be a good kid?
- Mm-hmm.
- Mm-hmm. Go to bed, go to bed.
- How much do you get paid?
Come on, let's go, let's go.
I'll get ya. Come on.
Good night, little dude.
Hey, Vicky.
Can you leave the door open?
Just a crack?
Good night.
By the way, you're actually
my favorite kid I babysit for.
I like you, too.
Good night.
That is not what...
Fuck. Okay, that really...
that fucked me up. Okay.
Allyson, come here!
- Wait. Hey, Allyson.
- No. What was that?
- Okay, what? What? Hey, wh...
- What was that?
- What?
- What's this?
What? Dude, have
some discretion, all right?
I don't know what you
thought you saw, but, like,
I... Kim...
literally was talking to me.
- Really?
- She came up to me and, like,
whispered in my ear, okay?
You don't have to cry about it.
It's not that big a deal.
- So Oscar got you fucked up?
- No, I got...
I mean,
I got me fucked up. I...
- Hey, okay, can we just talk? Okay.
- Don't.
Okay, here, you know what? No.
Your fucking precious phone?
What the fuck?
You gonna get that?
Or you want me to get it?
Hold... hold up, hold up.
Wait, wait, wait.
I'm done.
This is Unit 14.
- I'm out by Old Lady Miller's house.
- Oh, shit.
I don't see anything
suspicious out here. Over.
Uh, ten-four.
You want to go ahead and, uh,
show yourself code two,
officially cancel
request for assistance?
Uh, affirmative. Over.
Oh, shit.
- Sorry.
- Hi.
I didn't want to ring the
doorbell and wake up the kid.
- It's okay.
- Check it out. Fresh from my patch.
- Oh, my God.
- His eyes are hearts.
- I love it.
- Yeah.
- This is Tate.
- Hello. Hi, Tate.
- Hello. What's up?
- Hi. How are ya?
Do we have the whole house
to ourselves?
- Is that how this works?
- Yes.
- Sweet.
- Until Allyson and Cameron get here.
Okay, so, in the meantime,
you want to make some popcorn
and watch a spooky movie?
- Mm, no.
- All right, wait, check this out.
You're gonna like this.
I went...
and got this tattoo.
Because tonight is the night,
the one we'll remember
for the rest of our lives.
You are so getting
dry-fucked tonight.
- Oh, yeah?
- Fuckin' come here.
- What was that?
- What was what?
Did you hear something?
No. What was it?
I don't know. I thought...
I thought I heard, like,
a noise or something.
Yeah, it's probably just Julian
taking a dump.
Would you go look?
Do I have to?
Yeah, would you please go look?
- It was weird.
- All right.
All right, little buddy.
- Oh, fuck me.
- I saw someone in the hallway,
standing outside my door.
- Oh.
- What's up, buddy?
There was a fucked-up face,
watching me from the dark.
Ghosts and goblins,
little buddy?
Shut up, Dave!
I heard him breathing,
and then I saw him.
He's in here.
Boogeyman's in this house.
Okay. All right.
Come on, I got you.
- Let's check it out.
- Send Dave first.
- No, it's fine. It's fine.
- No, no. No, it's not.
- It's okay. Come on.
- No, it's not. No, it's not.
Come on, show me
where you saw Boogeyman.
- I'll protect you. I'm strong. I got you.
- No.
- No, Vicky, you go up there first.
- I'll fight him off.
- Come on. I promise.
- No.
- Can you call my mom?
- Yeah.
If there's something
in the room, I'll call her.
He was standing right there
in-in the door.
I'll check it out.
Excuse me, sir.
What are you doing in here?
Please, you need to leave.
Please leave.
Get out now!
- Gotcha.
- You fucking kidding me?
You're safe.
Nothing's in here.
- You sure?
- Mm-hmm.
Y-You check
behind the curtains?
I checked the whole place.
See? There's nothing
to be afraid of.
There's no Boogeyman in here.
What if it's a doll?
Ooh, it could be, like, one of
those weird, like, kid dolls,
one of those weird babies,
and they stare at you
with those beady little eyes.
Oh, fuck, that was... Oh!
Ah, sharia.
Uh, c-could you close
the closet door?
Oh, shit!
Oh, God.
Help! Dave!
Help me!
Julian, run!
- I'll go get help. Dave! Dave!
- Vicky?
Get out of here!
Don't go up there!
You're gonna get killed, Dave.
Somebody help me!
- Dave, help me!
- Vicky.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
No, no, no.
No! No!
Fuck this.
All units, we have reports
of a domestic disturbance
at 707 Meridian Avenue.
Please respond. Over.
Copy that, Dispatch.
Okay, guys,
don't forget to say thank you.
Come on.
That's enough. No, come on.
No, they can have
a little more, honey.
Trick or treat, smell my feet,
give me something good to eat.
Sheriff's Department!
to a domestic disturbance!
I repeat.
This is Officer Hawkins.
Please respond.
Honey, watch out!
Get out of here! Now!
Let's go, guys. Move.
Get inside!
Oh, shit.
Laurie. Fuck!
Jesus Christ, Frank!
- Fuck me!
- What the fuck?
What the hell
are you doing here?
Frank, he's here.
I know.
This way, please.
Look who's up.
Where is he?
You tell me.
The bus lost control
after Michael
overtook the first guard
and the driver.
He's no longer dormant.
He only knows
how to keep moving
and to keep killing.
And he will kill again
unless he's captured.
Come with me for a minute.
You sit still.
Well, I was
sitting still anyway.
- What do you mean?
- He's an asset.
He's not an asset.
He's a liability.
No, no. He's on this hunt.
Nobody knows Myers
better than he does.
- Oh, thank you.
- You want me to take
this injured civilian
to go look for
- a psychopathic serial killer?
- Sheriff.
Frank. Wha-What are we doing?
We don't need your help
right now, Laurie.
You're just standing here!
Please do something!
Excuse me, officers.
Laurie Strode.
Laurie Strode,
meet Dr. Sartain.
I'm Michael's doctor.
Ranbir Sartain.
Oh, you're the new Loomis.
I read everything
about you and Michael.
Did you know
our friend Hawkins here
was the first responding deputy
when Michael
was apprehended in 1978?
He stopped Loomis from
killing Michael that night.
Do you know
that I pray every night
that he would escape?
What the hell
do you do that for?
So I can kill him.
Well, that was a dumb thing
to pray for.
I'm sure he'll apologize.
He just needs to sleep it off.
Cameron doesn't want anyone
to see him as a bad guy,
but then he gets drunk
and gets belligerent
and looks like an idiot.
And then I look like
an idiot for vouching for him.
I'm really tired of everybody
letting me down all the time.
You deserve better.
I mean...
Allyson, you're the
coolest, you're the prettiest,
and you're the nicest girl
in school.
And if anyone
doesn't appreciate that,
they're a crazy person.
Thank you.
That's very sweet.
Let's get out of here.
I know a shortcut.
From a clinical perspective,
Doctor, would you say
that Laurie Strode
has lost her fucking marbles?
There are many ways
for tragedy and violence
to change a victim.
They can grow accustomed
to always being afraid,
in constant fear.
They can grow weak,
they can grow strong.
But there's also
the other side.
What other side is that?
The effect on the victimizer.
You see, this is
what has intrigued me
through my studies.
How does a crime
like Michael's affect him?
Hmm? What's that feeling?
Is he on a random path,
or is he emotionally driven?
Triggered by something?
Perhaps some
unheard marching order
imprinted on his very being.
I want to know
what he's feeling.
I want to know what pleasure
he gets out of killing.
Where is this killer?
We gotta find him.
I'm not gonna stand in
the way of justice this time.
he's property of the state.
- He mustn't be harmed.
- Oh, yeah?
We'll see about that.
It's not safe here.
Where's Allyson?
Where is she?
Where's Allyson?!
Honey, it's Mom.
Can you please call me back
the second that
you get this, please?
The police said that
they evacuated the dance,
and I can't get in touch
with you.
And they're making us go
to your grandmother's house
because it's safe...
this is your grandmother.
There is a police officer
waiting at your house
to bring you to us.
We're all gonna be together.
Now, do as I say.
Oh, shit.
It's treacherous as hell here.
- Okay.
- You good?
- Take my hand.
- Okay.
- Right here.
- This is the dumbest shortcut ever.
Watch out
for all the poison ivy.
- Don't let me fall on that.
- All right. I got you.
- I got you. Okay, I got you.
- Okay, go.
- Oh!
- Okay.
You did it. Yay.
Good job.
What are you doing?
I mean, you deserve better.
- Right? I mean...
- No...
What the fuck?
I-I... What? You're not
with Cameron anymore.
That does not...
That does not mean
I want to be with you.
I thought... I thought
you were sending me signals.
- Definitely no signals.
- I'm so sorry.
Please, you cannot
tell Cameron about this.
I-I didn't feel anything,
either. I swear.
- I didn't... Wait, I didn't...
- You are so pathetic.
I'm going home. You can
figure your own shit out.
Sh... Who's there?
Wha-What... Hey!
Motion sensor, dumb-ass!
Allyson, I'm, like,
really drunk right now.
I got really horny
at the party, and, like,
all these girls were,
like, dancing on me.
Their beautiful bodies got me
all chubbed out, Allyson.
I... Allyson, please!
They, like...
they were feeding me guacamole
in all these sexy ways.
It's not my...
Happy Halloween, Mr. Elrod.
I'm-I'm just...
I don't know, man. I'm sorry.
I'm not trying to trespass
on your yard and shit, man.
I was just trying
to take a shortcut
with a really pretty girl,
and I just...
I just really like her, man,
and I-I thought
that she liked me, too.
And I just... it just...
Have you ever
really liked a girl
and you just couldn't have her?
I'm s... I'm sorry, man.
I'll just... I'll peace out
of your hair, man.
Thank-thank you for...
Hey, uh...
where'd you go, man?
You're acting...
Dude, you're acting, like,
really sketchy right now.
I don't...
What's up?
I'm-I'm-I'm leaving right...
I don't...
Ow! Oh, my God! Aah! Aah!
Help me! Help!
Please! Somebody!
Somebody, help me, please!
Somebody, please!
Please, somebody!
Somebody, please help me!
Please, somebody, help me! Aah!
- Aah! Anybody!
- Oscar, come on.
Please, dear God! Please!
Plea... Please!
Help me! Help me! Help me!
Please help me!
Help! Let me in!
Let me in!
Help! Help!
'Cause my daughter
is not calling.
It's safer for you...
- She's not texting.
- Come on, Karen, let's go inside.
Everyone's looking
for your daughter.
- Let them take care of it.
- So whoever you had
looking for her is obviously
not able to identify her.
- We're gonna find your daughter.
- It's Halloween.
- We're gonna bring her here.
- There are kids everywhere.
- Karen, come on.
- There is no way.
- Karen. Karen.
- She had a costume, you know?
- We need to go in the house.
- We have everybody available...
In the last 40 years, okay?
Honey, if you let 'em
do their job, they're gonna...
Just breathe.
And if you want, we can call...
Stay in the car, Doctor.
- You all right?
- Take deep breaths, sweetheart.
- He's... he's down the street.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- He's back. He killed my friend.
Everything's gonna be
all right. It's okay.
Take a deep breath.
We're gonna take you back
to your mom, okay?
I'm a doctor. Lock your doors.
Everybody, get back to your
houses now and lock your doors.
We're gonna take you
to your mom.
Don't worry about him.
Don't worry about him.
Back in your houses now!
You heard the officer.
- What is going on?
- Back in your houses!
Lock your goddamn doors.
What's this?
It's my childhood.
Let's go.
All right, pick your poison.
I like a revolver.
They never jam.
This is accuracy
and stopping power.
This is tactical.
He waited for this night.
He's waited for me.
I've waited for him.
Come on, Michael.
Allyson, keep your eyes open.
- He is out there somewhere.
- 601.
Suspect reported on 11th,
near Saint Park.
Copy that, Dispatch.
I got eyes.
Look! It's him!
Here we go.
Brace yourselves.
Don't hit him!
- Watch out!
- Michael!
Don't shoot him.
- Doctor, get back in the car.
- No!
You killed him. He's dead.
- Stand back.
- No.
I'm still gonna blow
this motherfucker's brains out.
Get away.
Leave my patient alone.
Get away
from the body. Stand back.
I'm not gonna say it again.
Step away from the suspect.
Step a...
Help! Help!
So this is what it feels like.
- Make room for my patient.
- No!
These people want
to kill this man
for the crimes you observed.
The most important opportunity
to understand the mind
of evil, you see.
So, when he awakes,
we'll be ready.
Ready for what?
The reunion.
Michael's pursuit
of Laurie Strode
could be what keeps him alive.
I would suspect
the notion of being a predator
or the fear of becoming prey
keeps both of them alive.
You want a banh mi sandwich?
A what? What is that?
- A banh mi sandwich.
- What's a...
Wh-What is that?
I don't even know what that is.
I love that about you, Francis.
You're so predictable.
You're like a PB and J
every day kind of guy.
Oh, here we go.
No, a banh mi sandwich.
Banh mi is essentially just
the Vietnamese version
of a French baguette.
- Mm-hmm.
- And the term actually refers
to the bread and not so much
the contents therein.
- Mm.
- But your partner,
- the greatest partner in the world...
- Oh.
...made an arrangement
with the Vietnamese folks
- at the restaurant...
- Mm.
...and had them make you
your very own
peanut butter and jelly
banh mi sandwich.
That sounds disgusting.
I'm not gonna try that.
I brought my own food.
- I'm very happy with my...
- What did you bring?
You want to see what I brought?
Yeah, I do want to see
what you brought.
Why don't you look at this?
- Look at that.
- Oh.
- Fresh brownie.
- Okay.
Chocolaty homemade brownie.
I made that myself.
That's-that's, like,
what a five-year-old would eat
if they could make
their own lunch.
I worked
with Michael for years,
but I've never seen him
in an uncontrolled environment.
I've never heard him speak,
you see.
In spite of my encouragements,
he remains unresponsive.
But tonight,
so many possibilities exist.
He spoke to me.
- He spoke to you?
- Yeah.
Um, uh,
when he murdered my friend,
he saw me,
and-and he spoke to me.
What did he say?
- One word.
- What?
Let me go, and I will tell you
what he said.
You must tell me.
I must know. You must tell me.
Let me go, and I'll tell you
what he said.
Just stop the car,
and I'll tell you what he said.
What is that?
That's weird, right?
Is that Hawkins?
I don't know.
What was the word?
Was it the sister's name?
- What was the word?
- Fuck.
606 to 601.
Answer the fucking radio,
606, 601.
Hawkins, please respond.
- Let's go check it out.
- All right.
Say something.
Can you see him?
Hawkins, please respond.
Hawkins, please respond.
Let's go and check it out.
All right.
Dispatch, be advised,
we got a man down.
He's ten-seven.
No sign of 601.
Karen, the lights.
What are you doing?
I thought you said
we were safer here.
You never wanted to listen
when I spoke of that night.
And this is why.
I've been preparing for this
for a long time.
You want him to come here.
I'm so sorry, Karen.
I'm so sorry, baby.
Any word?
Hey, any word on Allyson?
Where's Ray?
Michael's here. Get downstairs.
Go, baby, go!
I was wrong to raise you
the way I did,
but at least I can protect you.
Nothing will happen to you.
I know you thought
this was my cage.
I'm scared.
I have to finish this.
I love you.
I love you, baby.
Come out, Michael.
He's coming. Come on.
- Shh. Come on. Come on.
- Where's Grandmother?
I couldn't...
I couldn't find you guys.
- Where is everybody?
- It's okay. It's okay.
- It's gonna be okay.
- I'm locked in a cage.
It's gonna be okay.
It's gonna be okay.
Everything's going to be okay.
Mom, I'm so sorry.
I tried to stop him
from coming here.
Okay. Okay.
Stay back.
Get back! Get back, get back.
Oh, God.
Stay back.
Help us!
I can't do it.
I'm sorry. I can't do it.
Happy Halloween, Michael.
Come on, Allyson!
- Come on, Allyson!
- Allyson, go!
Allyson, come on!
Karen, come on, baby.
Come on!
Oh, God!
I got you!
Allyson, run!
Go! Go now!
Come on, kick him!
- Allyson! Allyson, go!
- Go!
Now go!
Okay. It's not a cage, baby.
It's a trap.
Good-bye, Michael.
Oh, God, someone's coming.
Someone's coming.
- Hold her.
- I got her.
I got her. Go!
Go, baby, go!
Help us.