Halloween Heroes (2021) Movie Script

This is my hometown.
Henderson, Kentucky.
I've never been away from here,
but I can't imagine there's
any other place quite like it.
It's a beautiful town right on the river
where the grass is green,
and so are the trees.
The people are nice,
and they say hello to you as they pass
by on the street.
Yeah, whether they know you or not.
It's a great place to grow up.
Things started to get really,
really weird around here
toward the end of summer.
Crazy things started to
happen all around Henderson.
My sisters and I actually
slept through all of this,
but our parents went Cuh-ray-zy.
Yeah. So, I'm just
getting started.
I swear this also happened.
Cats started barking.
And dogs meowing.
Tell me that's not weird.
Yeah, my friends and I probably
aren't too different from all you guys.
- Abra cadabra!
- Madi, you have so much potential.
Since you don't believe in yourself,
and so on in your
workouts and on the track,
if you don't start believing
in yourself and working harder
we'll never improve those times.
- Hey.
You think you can fix dad's
old laptop? It's a clunker.
- Geek Inc. at your service.
- What's wrong with it?
I don't know what's wrong with it.
It worked this morning.
- And the winner of this year's
science fair project goes to
the ginormous rocket, yay!
Sheldon, I know you're disappointed
and this looks really cool,
but there's always next year.
And the popcorn's good.
- Where do you think Blinkie got
whatever it is that she's wearing?
- Maybe the dumpster?
- For sure.
Yep. That's me.
And my two horrible sisters.
- Bye, brace face.
- Bye, stinky!
-Oh, I mean Blinkie.
-Good one.
We used to get some fresh apples.
Take a trip out there.
Go to the apple orchard.
-By the way, Tammy.
-Happy birthday.
- Yeah, happy birthday.
- What a coincidence you and your brother
have the same birthday.
- What do we have here?
A party.
- I'm here, the party can begin.
I brought pie. It's
my mom's famous pie.
I love pie.
- Boys and girls with their
decorations, how disgusting.
But wait, I can't wait to
see the look on their faces.
Little do they know
what's about to happen.
Oh, it's okay, Snowflake.
It's just fat boy Mayor Tim,
with his pie at the birthday party.
Let it begin with 3, 2, 1.
- Oh no.
Let it rain.
Let the darkness fall.
- I'm gonna go look at this.
- Alright let's do it.
- Honey, call the police.
Honey, no.
- The water's out.
I don't know.
-Is it okay?
-Are we good?
What's happening?
- They don't know what's happened.
- I don't like sharks,
I don't like sharks.
-I don't like sharks.
-You know what's going on?
- No, I don't.
- Can't you dictionary
it up, or something?
No, I can't.
Oh my god.
-What's going on?
-I don't know.
Be careful.
- Don't want fat boy to see me.
Oh yes.
Oh no, don't find
me. Nobody back here.
Which one of these dead burned cords
go to the fog machine?
These cords, I'll tell
you, it's too much.
- Good afternoon, Brutus.
- Jehovah's witness. I ain't
got time for them, come on.
These, you have to have
an engineering degree
to put these fog machines together.
Shouldn't need help with this.
This should not take this long.
Got to get fog up on this porch.
- Good afternoon, Brutus.
- Can I help you?
I'm a little busy here.
- Yeah. It seems that you like
Halloween just a little bit?
- You think?
- Well, I just wanted to invite you
to our church's annual trunk or treat
-for the kids later this month.
No, I'm, I don't know.
- The church backs right
up to your property, sir.
- No, I'm not going
to that, I'm too busy.
- All right. Well
you enjoy your day.
- Children. You
could scare them.
Get this town under your
mercy, but what to wear?
- I think I will be attending,
yes. I'll be coming.
Not too many people know me around here.
And it'll give me a chance
to make an impression on the community.
-Great, I'll see you there.
Yes. I'll see you.
Yes, I'll see you all.
- Guys. Guys, guys,
it's the Punisher.
- I hear he's been shaving
since he was seven.
- Quick, try not to make eye contact.
-The little odd squad.
-Yeah the nerd herd.
- Come on, guys.
Don't waste your time on them.
- Yeah, with the not so hot shots.
Wait a minute.
Did we just agree on something?
-Ew, no!
-Whatever, losers.
- Let's get to class.
- So what are you gonna be for Halloween?
- Uh, I don't know yet.
- Well I heard of this
really cool website
-called HalloweenCostumes.com.
We need to get on Mayor
Tim's press conference,
and see what he's got
to say about the lake.
- Alright, alright.
Let's settle down everyone, settle down.
We're here to talk about the events
that happened at the lake
port yesterday afternoon.
Now, to be perfectly honest,
those events have been classified,
then de-classified, and
now overly simplified
as just a fluke.
In fact, I have a report right here
from our own prestigious
Parks Department.
They work for me.
And it states,
"The bizarre set of
circumstances that happened
yesterday afternoon at the lake
"was simply algae."
Yes, algae, yes.
Algae, A-L-L-G...
- Algae.
The city is saying it's
some type of algae?
-No way, guys.
Don't believe them.
They don't know what
they're talking about.
Yeah, that was not algae.
-It has no characteristics.
-They don't know
-what they're talking about.
-We were there and we saw.
I saw shark fins.
- Yeah.
- My dad says it's haunted.
- Wait a minute.
The lake is haunted?
- Really?
- The lake, the whole town,
and definitely that mansion downtown.
-What mansion?
- The one across the
street from the church.
- It has the big iron fence around it.
And he decorates.
- The one covered in
Halloween decorations?
-Some kids say
that last year what it was time
to take down all the
Halloween decorations,
not all the ghosts and monsters
were put back into their boxes.
- That doesn't make sense.
- They walked off.
-No way.
That's why some kids
say that, that's not-
- Nice try.
- I mean, supposedly,
he has a laboratory down there
where he does experiments.
- Experiments?
On what, exactly?
- Not on us. I hope.
- Blinkie is terrified.
After the thing at the lake,
and then this morning with the river.
- I don't know if I can even get Rusty
to go to school tomorrow.
He's afraid he gonna vanish, for real.
- It has to stop.
I mean, what is causing
all this insanity?
- Sheldon has been
researching these things
online for days, and he
doesn't have any answers.
- Madi's in her room
and afraid to come out.
- Well, you know,
with everything that's been going on,
Doug is, he's really
wondering what's coming next,
so he's thinking that we may move away.
You and Doug can move, but we're staying.
This is where all of our friends are.
- Well, we'll see,
kids. We'll see.
What are you guys whispering about?
- Oh, nothing, Chloe.
We just think we should be
wearing a dress in here.
- Actually, I think this
is the perfect environment
to hold a beautiful tea party.
- You guys are so bad.
- Tell me about it.
I actually have to live with that one.
- Even worse, I have to live with you.
- Oh can you be quiet?
- Even worse, we have
to hear you guys talk.
At the same time.
- Okay, guys.
Let's get serious.
What is going on in this town?
We heard our parents
talking about moving away.
- See?
- Mine too. They want to leave!
- We can't let this happen, guys.
We'll never see each other again.
- There has to be some
type of scientific,
-mathematical equation.
-Okay, did you just
come out of the dictionary?
- Guys, maybe we'll just get lucky
and all this weird stuff will just stop.
-Yeah, maybe.
-Come on, guys.
Let's head home.
Before I decide to paint my bedroom pink.
Alright let's go.
- Guys, did you see that?
-What was that?
- You guys. You
guys, what is that?
-Is this place haunted?
-Guys, guys.
I think he's got like
a spell on the house,
like he's got powers, or something?
I don't know.
- I told you.
- It's got to be Snivley
doing this, for sure.
- Remember the birthday
party, the computer room,
and all the pets in the
city are going crazy.
- And there was a tsunami.
In the river.
- Oh yeah, we read that in the newspaper.
-The river?
-Oh yeah.
We read that in the newspaper.
- We gotta stop Snivley,
and it starts with this house.
- But how?
I mean, this guy's got strange powers.
And what have we got?
- Google.
-Blinkie, watch it.
-What? Sorry.
- Hey Tommy.
Here's a report about
Snivley and his family.
- Yeah, we found the same stuff.
It's all about Snivley's great,
great, great grandfather,
who found some gold around here.
- And he helped grow Henderson
by building free houses
for all the miners
living with their families.
-That's cool.
-During our research,
we found out that all the houses,
he gave them back to
the people of Henderson
when all the gold was gone.
- Yeah, that was really nice.
- Tammy and I found some blueprints
about Snivley's lab he
built two years ago.
-I told you.
-He has a lab?
Remember the report at City Hall?
- It said something about dirt and rocks,
but we couldn't figure it out.
- It was super confusing.
-Hey guys.
-Hi mom.
- Sorry, but it's bedtime.
So we need to turn off
all your devices, okay?
And I want you to get some good sleep
because tomorrow is trunk or treat!
Yeah, alright, love you guys.
-Thank you!
-Goodnight, Irene.
- Goodnight.
- Goodnight, guys.
- I just can't take it anymore.
- Oh my goodness.
- How do we know nothing about him?
- Well, all we really know is that
he's a super weird science guy,
and he's really rich.
- Well, for all you
no-brainers out there,
it means that he's an enigma.
- A what?
- That some kind of weird
vampire swamp monster?
It means that he's a mystery.
- Well then basically we
got a whole lot of nothing.
-And then some.
- Just everybody, go back to sleep.
- Okay.
-Guys guys guys guys!
-What was that?
- Are you okay?
Is everyone fine?
-You good?
- What was that?
-Just go back to sleep.
-Just go back to bed.
- Goodnight again.
- Come on, pick up the pace, slowpoke.
You can carry more than that.
Y'all hurry up.
I need to get in here.
Yes, sweet gold!
We're rich, Snowflake!
We'll be eating filet
mignon all night long.
We need to go deeper.
There's more gold,
bring me more dynamite.
You bum! I said more dynamite.
We gotta go deeper.
- I just wanted to take a moment
to thank everyone for coming out
on such a beautiful day
that the lord gave us.
I hope you're all having fun.
- We are.
- Can I help you, sir?
- Pastor, it's me!
- Who's me?
- Me. Brutus.
-Brutus Snivley.
Brutus, I love the outfit.
Did you come for my blood?
- No, but I could recommend
a few other people.
- Pastor, great turnout.
- I know, I think the kids
are really having a good time.
-Oh I am.
-So, Mr. Snively.
-It's Snivley, Snivley.
- Pardon, I believe you know the Mayor.
- Good to see you, Brutus.
You do know this is a church, right?
- And you do know you're supposed
to eat that cupcake, and not wear it.
You big wiener.
Pastor, did you receive
the pumpkins I sent?
- Oh yes, that was so very kind of you.
We're gonna send them
home with the children
-at the end of the day.
-Yes, please. Please do.
I decided this year to
have a haunted house.
-For the kiddies, you know.
-Oh that's a lovely idea.
-For the children.
-Of course, yes, yes.
- Guys guys guys.
- Pastor, could I please
make an announcement?
- I don't see why not.
Please do, please do.
- Ladies and gentlemen,
all you good people.
As you probably know,
my great great great grandfather,
Cornelius Snivley, helped this town
by building homes for the people
who worked in his gold mines.
But what you probably didn't know
is that he used his
own money, generously,
to build this old church.
Yes, well, I wanted to let you know
that I'll be having a haunted house
at my house for you guys to come over.
It'll be a good time, so please, please,
bring the kiddies over, yes.
And in the spirit of Halloween,
we'll be having a
jack-O-lantern carving contest.
Where we'll be giving children
all these sharp knives
so they can carve up the pumpkins.
Yes, so children, come
get your knives, please.
-Let's thank Mr. Snively.
-Snivley. It's Snivley.
- Mr. Snivley, for the pumpkins.
Not so much the knives,
but have a great trunk
or treat, everyone.
- This is the reason we
don't invite him to things.
He's a menace.
My gosh, knives to children?
I can't even imagine.
Good grief, this is ridiculous.
- Is that it?
My stomach's gonna be as empty as yours.
- Yes, Mr. Mayor.
Yes, sir.
Yes, Mr. Mayor, yes, okay.
Okay, uh huh, okay, alright.
Bye bye, alright, yeah, enjoy your lunch.
Alright, bye Mr. Mayor.
- Pastor, are you okay?
- Yeah, it's just, it's all these calls.
The Mayor every five minutes,
and I assured him these are not
the plights of the Old Testament.
- So let it be written,
so let it be done.
-What? Yul Brynner.
- Anyways, what can I do for you guys?
- Well Pastor, Rusty's
been having nightmares.
- Chloe's staying up all
night, she's not sleeping.
- And Blinkie's been terrified all week.
- Well, nightmares and dreams
are a way for God to communicate to us,
and we all interpret them differently.
- Yeah, but they seem to
be getting a lot worse.
-Oh yeah.
-Oh yeah.
- Well you just have to stay strong
and remember that no matter what,
God is in control.
- Pastor, we love you
and we love the church,
but we are seriously
thinking about moving away.
- You know, I truly hate to see that
from any family here in Henderson,
but I understand that you have to do
what's best for your family.
- Thank you Pastor.
-Thank you.
-Let me walk you out.
- Now now.
Now now, everyone, calm
down please, calm down.
When in the course of human
events as a community,
we must come together to participate-
- Oh blah blah blah!
Stuff it, Mr. Mayor, come on!
Tell us the truth.
- Why are these strange things happening,
and what are you doing to
find out who's doing them?
- Well, I can assure you-
- Then tell us the truth, Mayor!
- You can't handle the truth!
- We can handle it,
and we need to know the truth
so we can protect our kids and homes.
- Yeah, come on.
You know, if it was left up to me,
I'd sell my house right now and move.
- Who would even think about
buying in Henderson now?
-I would.
-Who are you?
- I am Benjamin Schafer.
And my client is prepared
to make fair offers
on all your homes.
-Oh, alright.
-Cash offers.
- You know what, show me the money.
- Now hold up here, hold up.
Who is your client?
- Brutus Snivley.
- Oh.
- Do you mean old man Snively?
- No, Snivley.
I've heard it both ways.
And I've got the contracts
right here, so come on up.
Mr. Snivley believes
that no one should live
in Henderson in fear.
So let's make a deal.
Let me have some.
- Yes, yes, tell them.
We'll take it, we'll take it.
Buy them, buy them all, buy them all up.
- What are we buying, boss?
- You dimwit.
You're not buying anything.
I'm gonna make this year's
haunted house so terrifying,
whoever doesn't sell me their property
will be running out of this town in fear.
Yes, now where shall we start?
The body parts room?
Yes, I want lots and lots of body parts.
- Hey, where are we gonna get
all these fake body parts at, boss?
- Who said fake? I want real.
Real arms and legs, real arms and legs.
Now, I've made the
arrangements at the morgue,
so head on over there and go get 'em.
They're ready for you.
What are you waiting for?
Don't make me ask you again.
Ah, you dimwits!
Snowflake, come to daddy.
Bring me my slippers now, Snowflake.
- Oh, you are not going to believe this.
Snivley just got the approval
to reopen the old gold mine
and start digging again.
- Yeah, so?
- Well, the mine is so big,
it's under the entire
city, where everyone lives.
- So, if the people of
Henderson are all gone,
then the gold's all his, guys.
But, if we're all here, gold is all ours.
- So that's what all this
crazy stuff is about?
Getting everyone out of Henderson?
- Well, he's doing a great job, then.
My parents are ready to move.
- Yeah, they're ready to move.
- I just said that.
- Guys, let's sneak
out of the party later
and see what we're up against.
-That's a good plan.
-Yeah, sounds good.
- So, how much of that gold
do you think would be mine?
Like, in dollars.
-Oh my god.
- One more there, yes.
I gotta get 'em, yeah, body parts.
That's not scary.
That's not scary.
Get some body parts, the
boss wants body parts.
Go get some of them body parts
so he can scare these kids.
That's what the boss wants.
- What are you doing?
That's not scary.
- Mm-hmm!
- No, it's not.
Why don't you throw some
real blood on there.
The boss wants it to be scary.
- Alright, I'll see all
you crazy characters
on Sunday, right?
- Alright.
-Hey Mayor.
- Hey, I didn't think I'd see you here.
- Why not?
- Well, you know, since church sometimes
tends to be against, you know,
Halloween parties and dancing.
- Well, this is me, and just me,
but it's more about the
family and fellowship.
Participate, not celebrate, you know?
- Yeah, I like that.
- Not to mention the
opportunity it gives preachers
to talk to everybody
about, well, the afterlife.
You see, without Jesus,
we would be completely
separated from God and death.
So death is real.
You could be standing right there
and choke on that chocolate bar.
With the mercy and love of God,
we can have eternal life.
- Oh, that's pretty cool.
- You alright?
- Yeah, I almost choked.
- How many candy bars
is that for you today?
- Only four.
The last one I had was nougat,
-I like those a lot.
-You think maybe
-that's four too many?
-Hey guys!
- No no no no.
- You guys look fantastic.
I think these are the
best costumes we've had.
- Thank you.
- I think we all should've
came as polar bears,
'cause it's freezing in here.
- I know, I'm so sorry.
There's something wrong with the boiler,
the heating system, I don't know.
It's gonna take a miracle to fix it.
But, you guys have fun.
Stay in the cafeteria,
and I'll see you later, okay?
-It really has
been a good party.
-Well hey.
-Great turnout.
- Hi.
- If it isn't a meeting
between good and evil.
You know, it's so cold in here that,
well, we could use a little
fire from down below.
- Pastor, it's so good to see you.
Welcome to our Halloween party.
It's not every day we get to discuss.
What have you been up to?
- Oh well you know, just
fighting the lord's good fight.
- Good, and Mayor.
You're wearing chocolate.
Head to toe, I can tell.
What do you think we should do
about all the bizarre things
that have been going on around here?
My kids are starting to
freak out, and so am I.
- No need to worry.
My people are already on it.
- The lord has his people too,
and I'm counting on them.
- Yes, but my people have it.
- No, the lord's got
this one, don't worry.
- Yeah, but my people are-
- The lord.
- Excuse me, gentlemen.
There's a small emergency
I need to see to.
Apparently a plate of chocolate brownies
has gone missing from
the refreshment table.
-You guys have fun.
It wasn't me.
- So the other evening,
you mentioned Snively?
- Oh, Snivley.
Are you sure?
- Oh yes, I'm positive.
I've heard it both ways.
- Anyways, you said he was a menace.
- Oh yes, yeah.
Snivley and I go way back.
In fact, we went to
camp together as kids.
Back then, he was a small child,
but he was definitely a bully.
And a menace.
- Say Timmy, what'd you get in that box
your mom brought you today?
- A pie.
- Just one?
I bet you could eat five at a time.
- Brutus, you be nice.
What kind of pie was it, Timmy?
- Cherry, it's my favorite.
You guys can have some if you'd like.
-Yum I like pie.
You can't pay me a million
dollars to eat that pie.
But you better eat it before
the creature from Dead Man's Island
comes across the Ohio Bridge to eat you!
My great grandfather Snivley swears
he saw the creature
from Dead Man's Island.
He saw the back of the creature.
It looked like a giant
with long, scraggly hair.
And when it turned around,
- Monster!
What are you looking at?
- Oh...
- Are you okay?
- Give me a minute.
- Alright Mayor, you take care.
- Hey!
- Now go away.
- Why do you have all
those keys, anyways?
- 'Cause when you have sisters
that lock you in closets, ya learn.
Come on!
- Come on, Rusty.
- Guys, maybe this isn't
such the best idea.
- Snivley's up to
something, I just know it.
Plus, it's just snooping
around. Come on!
- Now, we got plenty of barrels of blood.
And plenty of rotten, smelly pumpkins.
But we need more poison
ivy and poison oak.
Especially in the
torture maze right there,
where the kiddies are
coming down the halls.
-And take 'em down.
-Guys, guys.
He's got a timer set.
- Yeah, they're gonna smell
that pumpkin, it stinks.
And then we're gonna, I know,
and then they're gonna turn, oh,
what are you getting at, Elmer?
No! Get out!
Look at, go! Hurry up!
Go, hurry up! Come
on, Snowflake.
Come on, let's get 'em, let's get them.
They're bite size.
-They're coming, go!
-Guys, go!
-Come on, hurry.
-Go, go! Run!
Hurry, they're coming!
- We have super powers!
- Oh yeah. Oh hey, hey guys.
Come here.
So, is there anything-
- Geek!
-It's okay.
They're just jerks.
- So, did anything happen to y'all guys
after the lightning at church?
I can cast spells, guys!
- Guys, time out, time out, time out.
So, what happened to us
is what scientists call
electromagnetic transfer osmosis,
and according to them,
-it can be pretty serious.
- Don't ask me about it,
we'll be here all day.
- All I care is that
maybe we can stop Stivley
from running-
- Scaring.
- Scaring everyone out of Henderson.
- There has to be a
logical solution to this.
-It's crazy.
-Yeah, well.
I think it's gonna take
a lot more than logic.
-Like a miracle.
-Definitely, yeah.
- Let's meet up at the
tree house tonight,
and see what we can do with our powers.
-Sounds good.
-See you all there.
- Tammy, Tammy, Tammy!
- Lucky shot.
- Okay, whatever you say, little brother.
- Just because you're two minutes older,
doesn't make a difference.
-Oh it still matters!
-And you better
-put that stick down.
-Hey, break it up!
Have a seat.
- I'm not sitting in that girly seat.
- It's not that big of a deal, Tommy.
- Anyone have any ideas about Snivley?
- Guys, come on.
Nobody has any ideas?
- Guys, I could cast
some nasty spells on him.
- Good morning, dark shine.
You handsome devil, you.
You're no Beetlejuice, but
you're still pretty good.
Oh, there you are
again, Mr. Handsome!
- That should stop him.
- What are you looking at, sweetie poo?
I'm not gonna read you
a bedtime story tonight.
- Get out of here, mutt!
My great great great grandson?
You are besmirching the Snivley name.
You must stop with your evil plan
to chase the people from Henderson.
Or, you will be cursed
with these plagues forever.
And for goodness sakes,
take off that ridiculous hat in bed.
- You gave this town to the
people, but I want it back!
And soon, I'll get it back.
Tomorrow's the day that will never end
for the people of Henderson.
- You're despicable!
- I am not!
- You're deplorable!
- Am not!
- Uh huh so!
In fact, you're a jerk!
- I'm not a jerk, am I?
Sweetie poo?
- What?
- I've been thinking.
Maybe we can't defeat Snivley,
but maybe we can defeat the boiler.
We could always check
it out during lunch.
- I mean, it's worth a shot,
but you really think
you can fix a boiler?
After last night, I'm
not sure what we can do.
- I'm not too worried about the boiler.
I'm worried about a much bigger problem.
- Alright let's go, let's go!
Single file.
File single. Let's go,
let's go, let's go.
Speed it up, speed it up,
speed it up, speed it up.
Go go go go go.
Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa.
Respect my authority.
Slow, S-L-O-W.
- If you can use those keys
to get us into the boiler room,
I have something to keep
Rambo from finding us.
- What?
- That's for me to know
and you to find out.
- You sound like my grandpa.
Like, really?
But I mean, we can try it.
- Not in my house.
That litter needs a babysitter.
Put your baby in the crib.
A-ha! Get to stepping.
Kids today, I tell you.
- So, Rusty. What
you got for Rambo?
- Come on, I'll show you.
- Whoa.
That's impressive.
Is that a kitty cat on school property?
Oh no, not today, mister whiskers.
No way.
We need some nails.
Mm, yeah.
There you go my friend.
Yeah, little kitty cat, you're mine.
Oh no.
Not today. Not in my family.
A discarded can of a carbonated beverage?
Hey mister beverage, do you like magic?
'Cause I'm gonna make you disappear.
Yeah, see? Voila.
Oh yeah.
That's that. Let's go, buddy.
My work here is done.
Wait a minute.
I know that smell.
Is that, is that an ocean breeze?
Is that a rhinoceros?
Oh no, I know for a fact
that's teenage trouble makers.
I know that smell, and
I'm coming to get ya.
- Wait, wait, wait.
Do you have a key?
- Yeah.
- Come on.
- Here.
There's a button.
- Oh, so this is where
they keep all this junk.
- Yeah, no kidding.
Whoa whoa whoa!
- This really smells.
-What are you doing?
-It doesn't work!
- This is so I can tell
the computer to have the iron away.
What is iron away?
- What does that mean?
- Now, guys, now!
-Right now!
- Oh my gosh!
Let's go, let's go!
- Everybody okay, yeah?
I'm not really sure what
happened, but we're okay, right?
Hey guys.
I think we got our miracle.
The heat's back on!
Either somebody up there
or somebody down here
really loves us, right?
Let's get this mess cleaned up.
- Here, kitty kitty kitty.
Where are you?
Kitty, kitty, where are you, kitty?
Ah... kitty?
Kitty kitty kitty, meow, meow?
Here, kitty kitty.
Here, kitty.
Where are you at, kitty?
Come here.
-Well hey, Mr.
-Schnitz... Schnitzel...
-That's okay.
You can call me Rambo.
- Okay, Mr. Rambo, welcome.
Whose cat does this belong to?
- Here, here, you take kitty.
-No, no, I couldn't.
-Yeah, please.
Take it, take it, take it, take it,
take it!
- Alright.
So, what should I name it?
- Decoy, yeah.
- What about Decoy?
- Decoy, okay.
Everybody, meet Decoy.
- Hey bud, how was school?
- Well, I made a kitten magically appear,
-Harry Potter!
- Stop.
Oh, I faked out a security guy, Rambo.
- Did you say Rambo?
As in, he drew first blood, not me.
- Oh my gosh, please stop.
I fixed the school boiler room.
- Hey, check this out.
It's the weather app.
Why is it so sunny out for?
-I don't know.
if things don't change around here,
your mother and I have agreed
that we're hasta la vista, baby.
We're out of Henderson.
- That's not funny.
- This is crazy.
I mean, did you guys understand
in the boiler room last night?
What did she mean about the pressure?
- It's confusing.
- Well I told you guys
it had to fart, right?
-That's gross.
-Better out than in.
-It's still gross.
So why are we here, anyway?
- Well, there's good news
and there's bad news.
Bad news is, the sun is still shining.
- The good news is,
we're all still alive!
Wait, do you remember was Snively said?
Tomorrow, there will be no night
for the people of Henderson.
- Well how can he turn
the night into day?
- Well, through my
extensive research, guys,
I've found irrefutable evidence online
that he's using satellites,
real live satellites,
with mirrors on them,
to shine light from
other parts of the world
down onto us here in Henderson.
- And you just happened to discover that
in the last 24 hours.
I mean, is that the bad
news, or can I get worse?
- Well, if he can do that-
- Then he won't have much trouble
activating the earthquake
to destroy Henderson.
- Yeah.
Or people from leaving Henderson.
- Hi.
- Dinner's here already?
- Oh, they're a little
early today, aren't they?
- Hey y'all, how you doing?
- Aren't you early for Meals on Wheels?
Well it's 7:30.
- No, it can't be.
- Oh, well, you know,
we're having some pretty strange weather.
-It's been kinda weird.
-That's true.
-You guys have a great day.
-Alright thank you.
-Bye bye.
Bye bye.
- Hey Tammy.
What's wrong, babe?
Oh, you know you're not supposed
to use this phone unless
it's an emergency, right?
- I think it is.
Mom, what's happening outside?
It's not getting dark,
and I'm freaking out.
I mean, is this like
the end of the world?
- No no no, listen, it's gonna be fine.
I know, I know the sky's
doing a weird thing.
It's probably just some kind
of climate change thing, okay?
Don't worry.
I'm gonna be talking to
daddy really really soon,
and we'll just see what he says, okay?
Mom, please, just listen...
- Yeah, don't worry, babe.
It's gonna be fine, okay?
-I love you.
-Love you too.
- Alright, bye bye.
I'm serious, Doug.
I can't tell you, Tammy is
absolutely freaking out,
and to be honest, I am too.
- Yeah, well, I understand hun,
but I don't know.
I called mom and dad,
and they said it was dark over there,
the way it should be.
So, maybe we just need to
call that lawyer, Benjamin,
and talk to him about selling the house.
Like, tonight.
- Well, I guess you're right.
-I hate to do it.
- Well hello girls.
What brings you in today?
- Look at their faces.
They walked in our bedroom as girls,
and walked out as Burt Reynolds.
- We just don't understand
how this could've happened.
- We told you already,
Blinkie cast a spell on us.
-Yeah, she's a real witch.
-I'll say.
- Enough of this nonsense!
And don't talk about
your sister that way.
- Great Scott, doc. Is
there anything you can do?
- Let's take a look.
Most likely to be hormonal changes.
I think we probably need
to start a hormonal treatment
to get this under control, okay?
So give me a couple minutes,
and I'll be back with a plan, okay?
- Okay.
- But until that time,
we probably need to invest
in some good razors.
- Mom?
Girls, I don't know.
- Yes, shove out!
Move along, it's mine.
I bought 'em all.
Get out of town, it's ours.
And darling, play us a little tune.
- I know that so many of you are confused
and dismayed about the many recent
frightful circumstances
here in Henderson.
And are thinking about moving away.
There is no doubt that
evil is at work here.
- Hoodlums.
- And we may each have our suspicions
about who might be at the bottom of these
menacing threats to our community.
Oh, sorry.
- However,
we know that we are in
the care of the lord.
And the person or people
responsible will be revealed.
But remember,
the bible tells us that
while we may condemn,
we must also forgive.
No matter who that person might be.
-Good morning.
-I don't really
-know what's going to happen.
-Good morning, class.
- Good morning, Ms. Hoffman.
- Class, today we're
going to be talking about
one of the greatest stories in the bible.
David and Goliath.
It's a story of faith and courage,
and overcoming what
seems to be impossible.
Blinkie, what's wrong?
- I just don't want to
talk about it right now.
- Miss Hoof... Hoffman.
Does god always answer your prayers?
- What if you really need help?
- God hears our prayers,
and he does answer them,
but not necessarily with the answer
that we're expecting.
Sometimes the answer is yes,
and sometimes the answer is no.
But, even when you feel the answer is no,
remember, god has a plan to help you.
And he wants you to do what you can
to find the answer yourself.
- May I ask a theoretical
question, ma'am?
Of course.
- If you find it, is it
guaranteed to always work?
- It may not work the first time,
but god expects you to keep trying.
You've got to have courage.
And believe.
That's how you build
character and strength.
Through your faith.
Oh, come on in.
What a wonderful surprise.
- Why are you here?
- Well kids, all of us parents thought
this would be the best time and place
to talk to you guys.
- For what?
- We've all decided to sell
our homes to Mr. Snively.
- It's actually Snivley.
- I heard it both ways.
- Alrighty then.
- But guys, he's given us
really generous offers.
- I'm sorry, I know this
is gonna be hard on you,
but I need you to pack all
your rooms up this week,
and we're leaving right after Halloween.
- I'm sorry Blinkie.
-Blinkie, we're sorry.
-Get out of the way.
-Don't touch me!
-Rusty, Rusty.
-I can't believe you!
-Blinkie, come on...
- Did that just really happen?
- Should somebody go after 'em?
- They'll get over it.
- I knew they were gonna be upset,
but not that upset.
- House of pain, how can we hurt you?
- Is this Brutus?
- Yes, yes, what is it?
- Well, just wanted to let you know
that people are selling us
their homes left and right.
Especially after the
dang night never came.
It totally freaked people out.
So things are going very, very well.
Brutus, you got a big,
I mean huge, problem.
- Ha, that's one thing I
don't have is problems.
Go on, get at it.
- Well Brutus, I checked
with your bank the other day,
and you don't have enough
money to pay everyone.
Not even close.
- Did you hear that, Snowflake?
I don't have enough
money to pay everyone.
You idiot, I never intended
on paying anyone anything.
They're all suckers.
And in a few days, their
house will be worth nothing.
And by the way, Benjie boy,
don't send me your bill, either.
See ya, and I wouldn't want to be ya.
It's ours, Snowflake.
Those suckers are gone.
- Okay Samson, go outside.
Oh, leave the squirrels alone!
Hey guys, watch this video
I just took of Samson.
- Wait, why does he still
have his powers but we don't?
- Because, he never stopped
believing in himself,
and Samson believed he
could get the squirrel.
So he never lost his confidence.
- She's right, he never
did stop believing, guys.
We did, though.
We may all be intelligent,
but we'd have to work
very smart this time.
- What about now, though?
- You guys, we can stop Snivley,
but we have to start believing again.
- It's like Ms. Hoffman said.
All we have to do is
have courage and believe.
- I mean guys, if a dog can do it.
- Based off of this film
that she just showed us,
I do believe that with
literal to no chance of error,
we can definitely kick Snivley's behind.
- Guys, guys.
I need to take a reality check.
So, tomorrow, meet me in the gym.
-Sounds good.
-That hurt.
-I've had enough.
I still got it.
- Alright, hey guys, guys, come on.
Alright, I got a plan for tonight.
Snivley's gonna wish he never
made that haunted house.
-Are you ready?
-This looks so cool.
-Are you having fun tonight?
- Welcome, welcome everyone,
to my haunted house.
- I think it's okay, mom, it's okay.
-Are you sure?
-Come on, come on.
-You guys, be careful.
-Come on.
- A trick? No, I've
got a treat for you!
Come on in, come on up, step on up.
Yes, enjoy the haunted house.
-Haunted house? Yes!
-No no no no.
Please, it's for the children only.
Yes, I'm sure you'll understand.
Now make way, come on.
Yes, come on.
Come on, kiddos, yes.
- Alright, see ya.
- You guys stay together.
-Let's go.
-Be careful, guys.
-Stay together!
-Yes yes.
-Text me, Madi.
-They'll be fine.
They're in good hands.
I'm sure you understand.
-Are we sure about this?
-I don't know.
Not a good feeling.
- It's good to see you again, children.
Well come along.
Come right this way.
Yes, come on.
Come on, follow me.
- I'm scared!
I want to get out of here, it's scary!
-I want to go home.
-Guys we need to get out.
- Guys guys guys guys.
Calm down. It's just
a haunted house.
-We need to find Snivley.
- Yeah, and, I could climb the hole,
and find the door.
- We'll come, lead down to the lab.
Alright guys.
- Next time I see him,
I'm gonna freeze him!
- I'll get the butcher,
you get the shadow.
- Yep, you get the butcher,
I'll get the shadow.
- So, your friends have
left you all alone, huh?
-Nice one.
- Should I un-freeze him?
- Probably not.
-A proud moment, though.
-Should be.
- Good job with, wires.
- Thank you.
- I got down to the lab,
and I found a door.
-Okay let's go.
-Let's go!
Come on, guys.
- Alright come on, hurry.
This is that monitor I
saw when we were snooping.
Crap, we still only got
three minutes, though.
- 'Til what?
- 'Til the earthquake
wipes out all of Henderson.
- I can change the coordinates too.
I'm the expert here, but it
will still be three minutes.
- Alright we'll do that.
-Got it.
-Alright great.
Wait, wait. What's that thing?
-I don't know. Leave it.
-Who's that? Oh, oh.
-Madi! Guys!
-We're coming!
- We fixed the earthquake.
It's only going to go up at the house.
-Yeah, but we've only
got three minutes, so we gotta be quick.
- Make that two minutes and 30 seconds.
-We need to go.
-You guys go get Snivley.
- Just can't leave him there.
Us three, we'll
go. You all stay.
- He's done so much to us, though.
- Really, after literally
everything he's done to us,
they're gonna go get him.
- Uh oh.
We have a problem.
- Now him and his goons are loose!
We gotta get out of here!
-Army crawl!
-Army crawl!
- Go get the team.
Beep beep, manager service.
Sheldon, you can't outsmart me.
Rusty, you're no magician.
Tommy and Tammy, it was me by the way
that ruined your birthday party.
- Guys, guys, I think I
found the door, come on.
It's locked.
-It's locked, it's locked!
-The key, where is it?
I don't know.
- Where's Rusty, where's Rusty?
- Watch out, kids, coming full ahead!
Hey kids.
Back up, Rambo's here, have no fear!
- Rambo, what are you doing here?
- Hey, I've had my good eye on you guys
ever since school.
Ever since you made Decoy appear.
I like how you did that, by the way,
that was really cool.
So listen, kids, we ain't
got no time to waste.
Rambo says no more trick or treat,
let's get to the street.
Come on kids, go!
Yeah that's what I'm talking about.
Snivley, where you at, Snivley?
Hey, I got something for you.
Whoa whoa whoa whoa, hey hey hey hey!
- Wait a minute, I never
missed a court date.
What's the big idea, mister?
Get out of here!
- No, stop, please!
Officer, I have a medical condition.
I'm Alcatraz-intolerant!
No, no!
Please, don't.
I've got a lot to do yet.
No, not Mr. Topper,
give him back!
Hey, Mr. Topper!
- See? My people.
- Hello. You can hear me?
Alright, fantastic.
Well thank you all for being here today.
At today's celebration and recognition
of our own Halloween Heroes.
- An awards ceremony, ha!
Look at 'em up there.
This whole town should
have been mine, all mine.
And I would've had it all, too, you know.
- Oh, before we get started,
I would like to ask Pastor Dale
to please join me here on stage
for a word of prayer and thanks.
- Thank you, Mayor.
And thank you all for coming.
Let us pray.
Lord, we thank you for
having such fine young people
in our community as the Halloween Heroes.
Young people with such strong
values of right and wrong,
of courage and character,
that was passed down to them
from their wonderful parents and elders.
We thank you, lord, and those crazy kids.
- Yes, yes.
Yes, amen indeed. Alright.
Well, first of all, I have wonderful news
for the entire community.
With some of the gold that
was mined from under the city,
thanks to my people,
we are going to build a community center
for all the children of Henderson.
Yes, it's wonderful, wonderful news.
And, we're going to build it on the site
of the old Snivley mansion.
- You mean Snively!
- No, it's Snivley.
But I've heard it both ways.
So, without further ado,
I would like for Principal Healy,
and the Halloween Heroes to
join me here on stage, please.
- I would've had it all,
if it weren't for those meddling kids.
-And Mayor Tim.
-Alright here we go.
For bringing an end to the calamities
and disturbances in our community,
and for the apprehension of
the individual responsible,
the city of Henderson awards this plaque
of commendation and
outstanding citizenship
to the group known as
the Halloween Heroes.
Principal Healy, if you would, please.
- You guys, I just want you to know
how proud I am of all of you.
I'm gonna place this plaque
at the opening of our school
so everyone who comes in will know,
as long as you believe in
yourself and have courage,
anything is possible.
Including fixing a broken boiler.
Congratulations, guys.
- Just one more announcement to make.
My mother, of course,
has donated some of
her famous cherry pies
for refreshments today.
Mother, could you please wave your hand
so everyone can see you.
Yes, thank you, thank you.
- Oh thank you, thank you!
-I love my Timmy.
-I do love her cherry pies.
- Yuck, you couldn't
pay me a million dollars
-to eat that pie.
-Shut up, Sniffles!
Here's a quarter. Go
get me a candy bar.
- This isn't enough.
Make it enough!
- Yes sir, Mr. Mountain, sir.
- And take off that ridiculous hat!
Well, I guess we
really did save Henderson.
And everything has changed
for my friends and me.
-Madi found her speed
and her determination.
- That's a new track record.
She now wants to be an Olympian.
Tommy and Tammy stopped
being so competitive,
and became better role models.
- Very good, alright
students, to the bar.
-Sidekick stretches.
-Yes sir!
- Good job, you two.
That's what I'm talking about.
Well done, well done.
Good job.
I'm proud of you.
-That's what I want to see.
-Good job, little brother.
- It was only two minutes.
- He's in a class right now,
but I can have him call
you back when he's done.
Chloe really did start her own business.
- Can I help you?
- Hi, I'm here to fix your computers.
Inc. at your service.
- Okay.
-Here you go.
-Thank you.
-Okay ready?
-Let's go!
-Are you sure?
-Rusty changed his name
to Rusty the Magnificent.
Abra cadabra!
-Change me back!
-And he still uses his sister
for magic practice.
- Well hurry up and change me back!
- Okay.
Abra cadabra!
You asked for it.
Sheldon found his confidence,
and his invention actually worked!
- See, Sheldon, I knew you could do it!
-Come on, class.
-Best of all,
he finally won the science fair.
- That's good toast!
Thank you.
As for me,
I found the ability
to stand up for myself
and my friends.
God gave us these gifts.
We just had to believe in ourselves.
I promise you, if anything
like this ever happens again,
the Halloween Heroes will
be there to save the day.
- Hey Mayor.
- I'm here to learn Taiwan Doe.
They say I need to lose some weight.
- Ah, well, class is over tonight,
but tomorrow at 7:00.
- Okay, I'll come back.
-Would you like some?
How do you use these things?