Halloween Kills (2021) Movie Script

Doctor, get back in the car!
No! No.
HAWKINS: I'm still gonna blow
this motherfucker's brains out.
(Sartain yells)
- KAREN: Mom! Mom!
- (banging)
(tires screeching)
(insects chirping and buzzing)
- (line ringing)
- CAMERON: Pick up.
Pick up.
Dude, where are you?
OSCAR (recorded):
Hey there, sassy lovers.
- This is Oscar.
- CAMERON: Damn it.
OSCAR: I am unable to take
your call right now
because I'm standing right...
- behind you!
- (phone beeps)
Hey, Oscar, uh, call me
wh-when you get this.
Um, I messed up
with Allyson, man.
I got to find her and, uh,
fix it somehow,
so, uh, if you know where she is
or if you guys are together,
let me know.
All right. Be safe. Bye.
Damn it!
Dude, you okay?
Hey! You okay?
Hey, man, I'm coming.
I'm coming.
Oh, no.
Oh, my God. Okay.
Okay. (muttering)
Help! Help!
Oh, shit. Help!
Somebody help!
Okay, okay.
All right.
All right.
Um, okay, okay, okay.
- (grunts, coughs)
- (gasps)
Okay. All right, man.
Come on. Come on,
look at me, look at me.
Stay with me, stay with me.
Hawkins, Officer Hawkins.
Okay. Look at me, look at me.
You're good.
Hold on tight.
I'm gonna get help, okay?
- Help! Help!
- (straining): He needs to die.
He needs to die.
Okay, okay.
Come on, come on.
Stay still, stay still,
stay still. Look at me.
- Look at... Look at me.
- He needs to die.
Who needs to die?
He needs to die.
And I'm the one...
that's gonna get him.
(siren blaring)
Oh, shit.
Sheriff's Department.
Stop right there.
I said stop!
(gasping breaths)
- PETE: Hawkins! You all right?
- (whimpers)
- (Hawkins sighs)
- Did you see him?
- Where did he go?
- Where have you guys been?
I called for backup
ten minutes ago.
Easy, rookie.
Loomis said he shot him
multiple times in the chest.
I saw from 50 yards away.
He crossed right here
and then just disappeared.
Okay. Sullivan, you and Tobias
search Chestnut,
south to the bypass.
Hawkins and I will track
Market Street up to Lampkin.
We'll catch him.
Yeah, kill the bad guy.
Jesus, Frank.
I used to know the guy.
- Michael. We were kids.
- Yeah?
Was he one of those
weirdo freaks who used to pluck
the wings off butterflies
when he was a kid?
Not that I ever saw.
He was just...
Just killed his sister
when he was six years old?
Yeah. My mom used to make me
go over to his house to play.
She felt bad. But he would just
spend the whole time
staring out of his sister's
bedroom window.
I always remember thinking,
"The hell is he looking at
out there?"
He was looking at Haddonfield.
Simple town where
nothing exciting ever happens.
Then one day, he just snapped.
- (singsongy): Lonnie, Lonnie, weird and scrawny.
- (laughing)
Has bad dreams,
so cries to mommy.
He's gonna get you.
He's gonna get you, Lonnie.
He's gonna get you.
Touch Conrad's candy again,
I swear to God
I'll beat your ugly ass!
Yeah, we'll beat your
ugly ass. That's right!
I didn't do it. It wasn't me.
- It was Richie.
- Then show me.
Open your hand right now.
- No.
- Why don't you open up your hand?
I don't want to.
- Get off.
- Open your hand!
Leave me alone.
Yeah, okay.
(groans, grunts)
That's what you get when
you fuck with the Mullanys.
Get away from me!
Leave me alone!
(siren blaring)
Hey. Everything all right
with you kids?
Yeah. Just trick-or-treating
with our new old friend Lonnie.
What? You...
You kids see anyone
walking around in a white mask?
It's Halloween.
Everyone's wearing a mask.
That's right. I need you
to go home right now.
Go home to your parents
and lock your doors.
- Why? What did he do?
- What did he do?
He murdered three teenagers
down the street.
(siren blaring)
Don't get murdered, Lonnie.
- (laughter)
- Sleep with one eye open, Lonnie.
He's gonna get you, Lonnie Elam!
- Boogey, Boogey.
- Did you see his face?
GIRL: Lonnie, Lonnie,
weird and scrawny.
Has bad dreams,
so cries to mommy.
Be careful, Lonnie.
BOY: He's gonna get you,
Lonnie. He's gonna get you.
He's gonna get you, Lonnie.
Sleep with one eye open, Lonnie.
He's gonna get you, Lonnie.
GIRL: He's gonna get you,
Lonnie Elam.
(gasping breaths)
Help. (whimpers)
(crying): I'm sorry
for tripping Tommy Doyle
and bullying him.
Just... just-just please
don't kill me.
- (yelps)
- Hey, kid. You okay?
Hey, whoa. It's all right.
Take it easy.
Where'd he go?
Where is he?
You-you didn't see him?
- Take a deep breath.
- Who?
The Boogeyman.
- He's gonna kill you!
- Whoa. Hey, hey.
- Boogeyman?
- What the hell?
That's it.
That's the Myers house.
That's where it happened.
Halloween, 1963.
- (groans)
- PETE: Hey, Frank?
There's a dead dog in here.
(flies buzzing)
(door creaks, bangs)
Don't shoot!
- (whispers): Frank. Frank.
- What?
Oh, sh...
Go for it.
PETE (whispers):
Three, two, one.
- Crazy.
- (thumping)
(wind whistling)
(chuckles softly)
Where nothing exciting
ever happ...
(yells, gasps)
(Pete groaning)
- McCabe!
- (gasping)
Drop him!
Drop him or I'll shoot.
Michael, I'm warning you.
Goddamn it!
(gun fires)
(gun firing)
(Pete gasping)
Hang on, McCabe.
Pete. Pete, Pete.
Hey, hey. It's-it's okay.
We're gonna get...
We're gonna get you some help,
okay? Just hang in there.
- It's gonna be okay, all right?
- (siren wailing)
- You're gonna stay with me?
- (tires squeal)
- Yeah. Yeah.
- Stay with me, okay?
Stay back! The evil is here!
(car door closes)
- OFFICER: Move, move, move!
- (indistinct radio chatter)
- Freeze!
- Stop!
Michael, stay where you are.
You got him, right?
We... Tell me we got him.
OFFICER (outside):
Stay right there!
We got him?
HAWKINS (crying):
Oh, my God.
I'm sorry.
Oh, God.
Michael, stay back.
Hold it right there!
(over radio): ...description of
the subject for confirmation.
- It's him.
- It's him.
It's Michael Myers.
Officer Hawkins, tell me,
what happened in here?
Tell me what happened.
Did Michael kill?
Did Michael kill again?
(John Carpenter's
Halloweentheme playing)
("She Doesn't Want You Anymore"
Daddy don't take it hard
When you cry...
MARCUS: I thought that was
gonna be, like,
a holiday pizza party
with a bunch of coworkers,
not an orgy.
Your vulgar-ass boss
acted inappropriately.
You need to start
standing up for yourself
in these situations.
Yeah, no. That's right.
You're right.
No, stand up for myself.
Now, tomorrow morning,
I'm gonna go in there,
I'm gonna quit that job...
And you're gonna punch
Dr. Mathis in the face.
- LINDSEY: Ooh! Champagne.
- Yep. Punch him in the face.
- Okay. - LONNIE: Yes!
- MARION: Oh, look at you.
TOMMY: With all the shit
happening today,
- two homicides at a gas station...
- (cork pops)
LONNIE: Stop it. We don't even
know if he was on the bus.
Tommy, you're so paranoid.
- LONNIE: Very sous bois.
- Mm, okay. (laughs)
- Oh. Excuse me.
- Great.
LONNIE: Yeah, that's...
that's a little old French term
meaning this bitch tastes good.
All right!
(loud laughter)
Hey. Hey.
Hey, hey, guys, guys, guys.
Can you bring it down a tad?
Like, my wife and I are trying
to watch the talent show.
Yeah, of course. Yeah.
- Sorry. - Yeah. Yeah, sorry.
- Sorry about that.
- Appreciate it.
- TOMMY: Okay.
I'm gonna go get us
a couple of drinks.
- You relax.
- Okay.
LONNIE: Well, I'm kind of a
sommelier, but for cheap wines.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, can I get, um,
two of the voodoo
skeleton thing right here?
Hey, look here, don't be
bothered by them motherfuckers
over there, man.
They are friends
with that crazy lady
that almost got killed
by Michael Myers.
No shit.
I-I heard about that.
Uh, Laura Stropes or something.
- Laurie Strode.
- Strode, yeah.
The one that survived
Michael Myers.
They come here every Halloween,
and, you know,
tears in their beers. (laughs)
Ladies and gentlemen,
I would like to introduce
our next thespian.
Now, I used to bust this guy's
balls when we were kids,
but he is all grown-up now.
And he's become the most
captivating bird whistler.
(laughter, whooping, whistling)
- Hey, everybody.
- WOMAN: All right, Tommy!
Uh, Lonnie put me up
to this shit.
Uh, I'm not gonna
whistle for you.
I'm, uh... I'm gonna
tell you a story.
- WOMAN: Ghosts and goblins!
- Oh... (laughs)
- MARION: You got this, Tommy!
- MAN: Turn off the lights!
Any of you know the story
of the Haddonfield Boogeyman?
Too young to give a shit?
Too drunk to remember?
40 years ago, a madman escaped
from a mental hospital.
It was the night
before Halloween,
and three teenage girls
were walking home
from Haddonfield High.
They had sightings of a...
a ghostlike figure creeping
right through our town.
A man in a white mask.
Or was it more than a man?
He was watching them.
Before the night was over,
three people would be murdered.
And in the house next door,
there was a babysitter
and a young boy
and a young girl,
and they were brutally attacked
by this stalker
who had a power beyond
any mortal man.
My name is Tommy Doyle.
And I was that young boy.
So, please, join me
in commemorating the victims
and the survivors
of Michael Myers.
- (whistling, whooping)
- Thank you.
Now, we have, uh, the lovely
Miss Lindsey Wallace.
Her babysitter, Annie Brackett,
was executed that night.
(muffled scream)
TOMMY: And we have
Miss Marion Chambers.
She survived an assault.
We have Lonnie Elam.
Lonnie survived
a face-to-face encounter.
It's Halloween night
in Haddonfield.
When terror's
supposed to be fun.
When we hide behind masks
and we pretend
we aren't what we are.
Is he real?
Who knows?
Who's next?
Maybe not tonight,
maybe not tomorrow,
but the Boogeyman
is coming for me.
And he's coming for you.
But he's not gonna get us.
Not this time.
Because we will never
succumb to fear.
This is for you, Laurie.
(cheering, applause)
Wherever you are.
KAREN: We're almost at
the hospital, Mom.
Take deep breaths.
Deep breaths.
We're almost there.
We're almost at the hospital.
You're gonna be okay.
You're gonna be okay.
It's good. It's good.
- It's okay. It's okay.
- (sirens whoop, horn drones)
No, no, no, no.
- No, no, no, no, no!
- No!
Oh, let it burn!
Let it burn!
MAN (over radio): Copy that.
Utilities are being shut down.
We got a gas-fed fire in here.
(over radio):
Ten-four. Stand by.
(over radio):
Assignment complete.
- Utilities are disengaged.
- Copy.
- Eyes on the roof.
- Watch out.
With you. Let's move.
All right, let's go.
(over radio):
Command Ladder 13, do you copy?
(firefighter shouting
(gasping, coughing)
- (alarm whooping)
- Mayday. Mayday.
(over radio): Radio silence.
We have a Mayday alert.
This is Benton
with Engine Eight.
There's been
a structural collapse.
My air supply has been
PASS alarm has been activated.
(coughs) Oh, shit.
(over radio):
Come in, Engine 13.
There's someone else down here!
(over radio):
Do you copy?
(Benton screams)
(over radio): Central,
we have a firefighter down.
All right, team one,
commence rescue.
Benton, my hand's here!
Take my hand!
Take my hand now!
(over radio): Mayday event.
Send in rescue team now.
Grab my hand!
The fuck is that?
(breathing heavily)
(firefighter grunts, groans)
(pained yelling)
Mom, can you hear us?
- EMT: All right.
- She was stabbed in the abdomen.
EMT: Activate the trauma team.
We got an unconscious female
- with an abdominal injury.
- KAREN: Can you hear me, Mom?
EMT: Possibly penetrating,
multiple contusions.
Mom, can you hear me?
She's losing a lot of blood.
Ma'am, can you tell me
your name?
Allyson, wait here, honey.
Ma'am, can you tell me
your name?
Um, uh, that's... that's my mom.
It's Laurie Strode.
- Strode. She was attacked.
- Laurie.
She's, uh... she's my mom.
Sh-She's been attacked.
She has probably...
Ma'am, I-I think you should
really let a nurse look at you.
I'm fine.
I'm fine.
It's not my blood.
Okay? It's not my blood.
(trembling breaths)
(whimpers softly)
(indistinct chatter)
(muffled sobbing)
DOCTOR (muffled):
We'll close up the fascia,
and, uh, we'll loosely
staple the, uh, skin
so it doesn't get infected.
(chatter continues indistinctly)
She's lost a good bit of blood,
but it's all controllable.
I think she'll be fine.
Get her to the floor,
into the ICU tonight.
The internal organ
will be repaired,
and so there shouldn't be
any long-term damage.
Her only concern will be
her abdominal wall will be
very sore from the knife wound
and from our midline
incision here.
Thank you for everything.
She's gonna be okay.
She's gonna be okay.
(both sighing)
Dad's gone.
He'll always be with us.
Even if we can't see him.
(siren blaring)
(siren fades in distance)
WOMAN (on TV):
No, I'm not afraid to go.
I just don't feel like it.
Besides, I sort of promised
my father
we-we were going to the movies.
I don't hear
no more fire trucks.
Goddamn sleep apnea mask
smells like Lucky Strikes
from when
your mother borrowed it.
I smell it, too.
But that stink ain't cigarettes.
That's Laurie Strode's
house on fire.
Well, from-from upstairs,
it looks like they put it out.
But that nut bag lives
a highly flammable lifestyle.
Better not talk no shit
about that woman.
She will fuck you up.
PHIL: How about you and I
snack on some Cheez-Its
and try a little
Beaujolais nouveau?
Cheap piece of shit.
You don't know
how to fly that thing.
Give me that controller.
- Here, I got you.
- (motor sputtering)
The fuck was that?
Somebody in there?
SONDRA (whispers):
You see anything?
Hey, Sondra. Sondra.
There's a big fella
in our bathroom,
and he's wearing a monster mask.
Well, what the fuck
does he want?
Who gives a shit?
Call the cops!
(Phil screaming)
Run, Sondra! Run!
(Sondra screams)
Please no.
(Sondra screams, sobs)
(strained gasping)
(Sondra coughs)
(strained gasping)
- (body thuds)
- PHIL: Sondra!
(glass shatters)
(Phil whimpering)
(body squeaking on floor)
(Phil groaning)
- (thudding)
- (Phil grunts)
(blade scrapes)
- (blade scrapes)
- (Sondra whimpers)
(grunts weakly)
(blade scrapes)
(knife thuds)
(Sondra gasps weakly)
- (applause)
- (audience laughing)
I think I'll break off
with my girlfriend
Her antics are queer,
I'll admit
Each time I say,
"Darling, I love you"
She tells me
that I'm full of sh...
Shaving cream
- Be nice and clean...
- (laughter)
Hey. I, uh, heard
your speech up there, man.
Like, everybody knows
that story,
everybody is terrified
of that Boogeyman shit,
- and I had no idea.
- No, I appreciate it.
Yeah. Hey, man, let me...
let me buy you guys a round.
- Drink? Drink? Yeah.
- Appreciate it, man. Thank you.
- Sorry about that earlier, too.
- No, no, no, it's fine.
- It's fine. We're all good here.
- Hey, let me see that.
- MARION: I'm a nurse.
- MARCUS: Oh, okay.
Is he a real doctor?
- Oh. Thank you. Cheers, Tommy.
- Cheers.
- LINDSEY: Yeah.
- MARION: Let me check you out.
I stepped in a big pile
of shit, shit, shit, shit
- (laughter)
- Be nice and clean
- (cell phone buzzing)
- Shave every day
And you'll always
look keen...
Hey there, Bonnie.
You and Clyde need a ride?
CAMERON: Dad, I need you
to come pick me up.
I'm, uh... I'm-I'm at
the park near school,
and, uh, a police officer
was attacked.
- And, uh...
- Where-where are you?
(indistinct radio chatter)
EMT: Keep applying pressure
to external hemorrhage.
EMT 2:
How's that pulse?
I've been having a bar
about 50 years.
- 50 years?
- And you started with your granddaddy, right?
Yeah, my grandpa
who started the business.
That's my grandpa's picture
up here. Yeah, I got...
I got my bat up here.
- Old Huckleberry.
- Baseball bat. Excellent.
Oh, if he come back today,
we gonna...
- we got something for him.
- That's right.
- LINDSEY: To Brian. To Brian.
- Yeah.
- TOMMY: To Brian.
- LINDSEY: To Brian.
- VANESSA: Thank you. Yes.
- All right, then.
I knew we came
to the right place.
Hey, guys.
Cameron's in trouble.
Lonnie, what's wrong?
Oh, my God.
(indistinct radio chatter)
Got a goddamn massacre
on our hands.
- Graham!
- Yes, sir.
Establish a perimeter.
Copy that.
GRAHAM (over speaker):
Attention, all responders.
Be advised, we have
a violent criminal at large,
armed and dangerous.
We will deploy all units
of frontline and tactical
officers to search the area.
This fugitive is on foot.
His name is Michael Myers.
Go get him.
Julia Butterfly
- Lived in a tree
- (cell phones chiming)
(phones continue chiming,
Over two years in a bucket
She pooped and she peed...
- Oh, my God.
- WOMAN: Hey, turn it up.
Tommy, look. Hey, turn it up.
REPORTER: ...service station
earlier today.
This evening,
four bodies were discovered
in three homes along
the same residential street.
Residents of North Haddonfield
are on high alert.
- Officials are investigating.
- MARION: What's gonna stop him?
Less than an hour ago,
Haddonfield authorities
positively identified...
- That's our street.
- ...several more victims
in this
South Bastick neighborhood.
MARCUS: That reporter is right
outside Mrs. Dewbottom's house.
That's right next door
to our house.
...two patients of the local
Smith's Grove State Hospital
unaccounted for
after yesterday's
transport bus escape.
Authorities have not
confirmed a connection
between those two events,
but police are encouraging
all residents to remain inside
until further information
is released.
Tonight's tragedy
an eerie reminder of an event
in Haddonfield history
this community has spent
decades trying to forget.
But police now believe
that more people...
I-I remember him
from 40 years ago.
I was laying in my bed,
and he...
he stabbed... he...
he killed her.
That's-that's Julian.
That's that...
That's that little asshole kid
from across the street.
And she was my number-one
main best babysitter.
Yeah, we're gonna go, all right?
Uh, hey, thanks, man.
Um, it was nice meeting
you guys, but we got to go.
- MARION: Be careful.
- BRIAN: Oh, y'all be careful, now.
What the hell is happening?
It's Michael. It's got to be.
WOMAN (on TV):
I've lived here my whole life.
This was a safe place,
and now it's not anymore.
Shit. I forgot my stethoscope.
Come on, baby,
we got to get home.
I bet that lady still has it.
Hey, I'll be right back.
(alarm beeps, lock clicks)
(keys jingling)
(whimpers, screams)
- What's wrong?
- (whimpers)
Baby. Baby, baby.
- What? What? What's wrong?
- He's in the car.
- What?
- He's in the car.
- Who? What?
- He's in the back seat.
Michael Myers is
in the back seat. Go look.
- Go look? Hell no!
- (grunts)
What's wrong with you?
Somebody help me.
He's here.
He's in the back seat of my car.
I saw him when I went
to go get in.
It's the same guy
you were talking about...
- the one that that was on TV.
- (patrons murmuring)
Tommy, what are you doing?
That nasty snatcher's
in my parking lot?
Yes, sir.
Love lives today.
But evil dies tonight.
Tommy Doyle's gonna fuck him up.
He's right there, in my car.
He, uh... he got out of the car
and got into the front
of the car.
I saw him.
He looked right at me.
(car engine starts)
Is it him?
He's watching us.
I got this.
Tommy, be careful.
(over car radio):
Figaro, Figaro
Figaro, Figaro, Figaro
Figaro, Figaro,
Figaro, Figaro
Ahim, ahim
Che furia
Ahim, che folla...
(cycling through radio stations)
Wake up.
- (onlookers gasping)
- LINDSEY: Oh, my God.
- Tommy, careful!
- MARCUS: Oh, no!
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
- Whoa!
(onlookers shouting, gasping)
(tires squealing)
BRIAN: Damn.
What in the hell's going on?
(car speeding away)
(over car radio):
Play guitar
(electrical crackling)
Then when we came down...
(group murmuring)
Come on, come on.
Look at my damn car.
ANNOUNCER (over radio):
WURG 94.9.
Tommy, careful!
ANNOUNCER: Giving you the urge
with Willie the Kid.
Haddonfield's home for rock.
He thinks he can come
around here and scare us?
- (man grunts)
- (crowd murmuring)
I'm gonna rip his mask off,
look him in the eye,
swing Old Huckleberry here
and say night night.
Night night.
(crickets chirping)
(dog barking in distance)
("It's Halloween"
by Pete Antell playing)
(singing along):
The goblins will get you
If you don't watch out
They'll take you
and shake you until you shout
Stop, look and listen
It's Halloween...
(song continues in other room)
Hey, Big John.
Hey, Big John!
There's witches
and broomsticks
And big black hats
Stirrin' up their potions
in big black vats...
Could you turn that down?
Christ, Little John.
I thought we were gonna
watch a movie.
- No.
- (lowers music volume)
Fuck that.
It's Halloween.
Pulled some old spooky records.
Want to get high and dance?
It's tempting.
(doorbell rings)
Little late
for trick-or-treaters.
- Argh, matey.
- Me and my sister were trick-or-treating,
and, uh, we got candy bars
from your house,
and when she bit into it,
there was a rusty razor blade.
Wha... All right.
Calm down, calm down.
Now, where is she?
She's right, um... there.
(Little John gasps)
Big John!
Big John, come quick!
What, what, what, what?
- What's happened?
- She's bleeding.
She swallowed a razor blade.
She's still alive.
- Call 911.
- Can you help her?
- Oh.
- She bit her tongue off.
- She's bleeding to death.
- Okay, there's the blade.
- It's in the barf.
- (door slams)
The fuck was that?
Did someone just go
in our house?
(quiet footsteps, rustling)
Oh, my God.
- What is it? What?
- Are you okay?
- Boo!
- Aah! Jesus!
- We scared you!
- (laughing)
I got it!
You think this is funny, huh?
We got you good.
I stole the whole damn bowl.
You don't know who
you're messing with, do you?
Take it easy, Big John.
- They're too young to know.
- Too young to know what?
Do you have any idea
whose house this was?
You ever hear of
Michael fucking Myers?
And do you know
what happens to people
who come into the Myers home
without an invitation?
We're not even scared.
- Oh, yeah?
- Oh, yeah.
He stabbed his sister
in the tits.
- MINDY: Yuck.
- Right upstairs.
And sometimes,
when the wind blows just right,
we can still hear her ghost
calling out his name.
Oh, sh-she calls.
BOTH (singsongy):
Get out of my yard,
you little perverts!
- (kids screaming)
- (Little John yells)
(Big John chuckling)
- (dogs barking in distance)
- CHRISTY: Wh-What was that?
All right, let's go. Let's get
him into code room three.
- What have we got here?
- Internal bleeding,
but he's gonna make it.
Call Respiratory
for a ventilator.
- Officer Hawkins.
- Go. Go, go, go.
Make sure trauma two is prepped.
And I need help
getting him on the table.
Allyson. Allyson.
Hey. Can I speak with you?
Ask you a few questions?
(indistinct announcement
over P.A.)
I was always told
that I couldn't...
I couldn't talk about Michael.
I could never acknowledge
the tragedy.
It was as if
my mother's biggest fear
was that my grandmother
was right
and the Boogeyman was real.
For 40 years, he was waiting
to come and kill my mother.
He found where she lived.
He came to her house.
She put us in his path.
He murdered my husband.
That's what happened.
Well, so how did Michael know?
How did he know how to find
your grandmother?
He didn't.
It was his doctor.
Michael's doctor.
He is the one that...
He took him there.
He knew where to go.
And he's the one
that brought them together.
It was his obsession,
not Michael's.
But we got him.
Shot him in the face,
burned him alive
so he can't hurt anyone
ever again.
(inhales deeply)
I'm sorry, Karen.
Thank you.
No one told you?
Told me what?
Michael Myers is alive.
Allyson, Allyson!
Allyson, are you okay?
- (stammers) Oh, sorry.
- MAN: Slow down.
- Allyson, please wait.
- ALLYSON: Excuse me. Excuse me.
I'm so sorry. I just want to
help in any way I can, okay?
- He's still alive.
- We're going after him.
Me, my dad, you,
if you want to come.
- We're joining Tommy Doyle.
- (shuddering)
KAREN: You need to get
everybody here now.
If he is alive,
he is on his way here.
Honey, I want you to go
and sit in Grandmother's room
and wait there
until she wakes up, okay?
- No.
- No, no, no. She-she's coming with us.
- We're joining Tommy Doyle.
- She what?
I don't know if you've heard,
but they've...
No, the police officers should
be on their way here right now.
Tommy's organizing groups,
groups of people that care.
We're gonna go after him.
We're gonna find Michael.
I'm going with them.
We're gonna hunt him down,
- and we're gonna put an end to this.
- CAMERON: Yeah.
No, he is on his way here.
I keep telling them that.
He is stalking her, and we are
staying here to protect her.
He's infected your family,
he's infected my family
with grief and fear
for 40 years.
He's gonna die tonight.
- He killed Dad.
- EMT: Clear the hallway! You have to move!
WOMAN: Excuse me! My husband,
he's been very badly hurt!
- (groaning)
- Clear the hallway, people.
Go back to the waiting area.
Go back to the waiting room.
Clear the hallway.
I'm not gonna pretend
this didn't happen.
I love Dad, and somebody loves
whoever is laying
under those sheets right now.
Look. Look at me.
We failed, baby.
We set a trap,
we set the whole thing on fire,
and he lived through it.
Think about that.
The police are out there
looking for him.
You think you're the one
that's gonna find him?
Sit in that room
and wait with your grandmother.
(trembling breaths)
Does the hospital have
security guards?
Do you have security guards?
It seems like you should have
security guards
in case something
like this happens.
And this is happening right now.
I mean, my daughter is in here,
my mother is in here,
there is a madman
on the loose...
Oh! Oh, God!
Goodbye, Michael.
This is for you,
whenever you need it.
(quiet chatter)
She's here. She's here.
We found her. Laurie's here.
She's in recovery.
It's lucky she survived.
I just heard from
one of the police officers
at her compound.
11 dead bodies.
They're all first responders.
Holy shit.
Cameron's in there.
Three of his friends
were killed.
- It's a madhouse.
- All right, Lonnie, listen.
The only way
we're gonna stop this
is if we all come together
on this.
You're goddamn right.
- All right. All right.
- All right?
How about this sassy tackle?
You have a permit for all these?
Some of 'em.
- LONNIE: Hey, hey.
- Where's your girlfriend?
- Uh, she's okay.
- She's gonna stay with her family.
- Good for her.
- Hey, Mr. Doyle.
- Hey, buddy.
- Lonnie, check it out.
- (vehicle approaching)
You guys are coming, too?
Couldn't let you have
all the fun.
MARCUS: So many victims
in our neighborhood.
Close friends of ours,
and we just want to help out.
I'm a doctor.
My husband's a nurse.
I should've guessed.
All right, we have to give all
these people protection.
- You got to share your shit, Lonnie.
- All right.
You coming with us?
Let's see what you got.
Yeah, just help yourself.
Michael Myers has haunted
this town for 40 years.
Tonight, we hunt him down.
(engine roars, tires squeal)
Excuse me.
I need some good people.
People who aren't afraid
to get their hands dirty.
Everybody else needs to go home.
CAMERON: So, what do we do
if we find him?
Go inside. Go inside.
It's not safe to be out. Go.
It's not safe to be out.
Man, I had an altercation
with Myers about an hour ago,
but he escaped.
Now, listen, boys,
there's strength in numbers.
You cover Spring Creek
to the bypass,
and then let me know
if you see anything.
This man is a threat,
and we need to stop him tonight!
Nobody ever took him seriously.
- Who?
- Dr. Loomis,
Michael's first doctor.
He knew a killer
when he saw one.
Now, the only way to catch him
is to play by his own game...
the element of surprise.
So he thinks
you're going one place,
then you pop up someplace else.
And keep your eyes open.
Eyes open.
(engine starts)
Wait, what's going on
over there?
Baby, who is that?
Looks like kids.
They all alone?
Marion, give me the flashlight.
It's the wrong night to be out.
Careful, Lindsey.
- Lindsey, I wouldn't go...
- Stay here.
(swing creaking)
Never fired a gun before.
Right, so I don't even know
why they gave you a gun.
It's big, too.
Can you handle it?
- (Marcus sighs)
- That's a no.
Give me, give me.
I shot this shit before.
Okay. If you want it.
I got it.
Okay. Fine.
What are you guys
doing out here?
It's Halloween.
We've been trick-or-treating.
- We got a whole bag of candy.
- You guys should not be
out here right now, okay?
It's not safe.
- You gonna kill me?
- CHRISTY (laughing): No.
Satan, not today.
- Oh, I'm so scared.
- Are you guys alone?
- Where are your parents?
No, we're waiting
for our friend.
And, like, there's
a creepy man in a white mask,
and he keeps, like, trying
to play hide-and-seek with us,
- and he thinks... (laughs)
- And I think he's a pervert.
Where did you see him?
He's just hiding behind trees.
And he pops out like,
I mean, we're not
three years old.
- Come on, man!
- Oh, look, there he is.
- Oh, hello!
- Hello.
MINDY (laughs):
What the hell are you doing?
(Christy laughing)
You want some candy?
Is that Dennis's mask?
Run. Go home now.
Before he kills us all!
Get out of here!
Run! Do not turn around!
Keep going home!
Oh, my God.
What if someone is disabled?
- Like, that doesn't make any sense...
- MARCUS: Yeah, but...
- (whimpers)
- What the hell is that?
- What the fuck?
- It's Michael.
(all screaming)
Fuck this bullshit! Drive!
Go! Go!
Drive the fucking...
(all screaming)
- (lock clicks)
- (frantic chatter)
- No, whoa! Jesus, Marion.
- Marion, watch it!
- Marion, the door's locked!
- I don't want to die in here!
- Unlock the door!
- Unlock the door! - Oh!
- Come on! - Let me out of here!
- Move! He's behind you!
- The door's locked, Marion.
- Move!
- (screaming)
- (groaning)
Go, go!
Vanessa, go!
Get out of the fucking car!
- I love you, baby!
- (Marion screaming)
No! (groans)
- (screaming)
- Let go of her!
- Okay, come on. We got to go. We got to go.
- Oh, God.
MARION (whimpers):
Shoot him! Shoot him, Marion!
Hey, Michael.
This is for Dr. Loomis.
(gun clicking)
- Oh, God. No!
- MARCUS: Marion!
Come on. Die.
Die, die, die!
(gasping weakly)
(breathing deeply)
(yelps, grunts)
(breathing deeply)
(panting quietly)
(muffled whimper)
(sobs softly)
(muffled, gasping breaths)
(footsteps receding)
- (Laurie groans, coughs)
- Mom. Oh, God. No, wait.
Stop, stop, please.
Take it easy. Take it easy.
- I'm fine.
- You're not fine.
You had a knife
in your fucking stomach.
It's a paper cut.
Where's Allyson?
She was supposed
to be in here, with you.
- You didn't see her?
- (groans) Nah...
I'm so geeked out
on pain meds, kiddo.
Uh, uh, no.
Is everything okay?
She probably just needed
some fresh air.
My God, they just leave your
bloody shirt just sitting here?
Michael's gone.
We got him.
That's right. We got him.
We burned him
to the goddamn ground.
- (door opens)
- NURSE: Excuse us.
- Uh, over here.
- Frank?
- EMT: Go a little further back.
- NURSE: Okay. Okay.
- Got the draw sheet?
- Yeah.
One, two...
- (thudding)
- (grunting): There you go.
You knew my dad?
Yeah, I knew Ray.
He used to sell me peyote.
I remember once we were out
on Lake Cherokee in this canoe
with a shaman from Little Rock.
Your-your daddy got freaked out
by his own reflection.
He took off his pants,
and he jumped in.
I stopped doing drugs with him,
but I'll-I'll miss him.
- LONNIE: What? It's true.
No, no, no.
Dad, look, right there.
You see that? That's Tommy.
- LONNIE: Yeah.
- CAMERON: Whose car is that?
Lindsey's. Shit.
Lindsey's car.
It's covered in blood.
There's no bodies.
It's Michael.
He's here.
Come on, I need you guys.
Come on.
Be careful now, all right?
Keep your heads up, eyes open.
Okay. Let's go, let's go.
- CAMERON: Okay.
- TOMMY: Just be safe, okay?
You, too. Lindsey!
- ALLYSON: Marion!
- LONNIE: Marion!
You guys be careful, okay?
Keep your heads up.
Oh, shit, Tommy.
Oh, fuck.
(Tommy and Lonnie gasp)
Oh, God.
Fuck me.
Yo, Dad, Dad.
What's over there?
We found something.
Oh, God.
Oh, I'm sorry.
- That's Marion, Lonnie.
- He did this.
Oh, God, Marion.
Tommy, what the fuck?
I'm gonna get you.
Come and get it, man.
(whimpering nearby)
Over here.
She's over here.
LINDSEY (crying):
I saw his face.
I saw everything.
He's still out there.
- She's lucky to be alive.
- I saw him.
You saw his face?
He's still out there, Tommy.
You'll be okay, Lindsey.
You're gonna be okay.
He's still out there.
Frank, are you awake?
Do you remember that night?
At the bar?
You know, I-I never
said anything,
'cause I couldn't be sure.
I was so messed up.
But you helped me.
I always liked you.
- You so crazy.
- (Laurie sighs)
Fuck you.
I remember that night.
I kissed you.
I remember.
You held my hand.
That was it.
Now, I was hoping for more.
But I knew you were sweet for...
(groans softly)
Ben Tramer.
(Hawkins groans)
We got him.
We killed Michael.
You ki...
Well, it's about time.
(laughs) Ow.
- Ow. Don't make me laugh.
- (door opens)
Oh, good. You're awake.
(Hawkins groans)
Now, on a scale from one to ten,
what is your pain level,
with ten being the worst?
Number 11.
This will make the pain go away.
Nurse, will you do me a favor?
Help out my friend here.
Make it a double.
You stood up to that monster.
I tried, Tommy.
You know, when we were kids,
we used to all dare each other
to sneak into
the old Myers house.
(Tommy chuckles softly)
Lonnie was the only one
brave enough to do it.
I lied.
I never made it inside.
When they arrested
Michael that night,
I was telling my wife
that my daughter was killed,
so I wasn't there to put
a bullet in his brain,
like we should have.
This is no time for prudence.
How'm I supposed to know
if my brother's alive or not?
- I-I don't know.
- I've been waiting here for over an hour.
Who the hell's in charge here?
Authorized medical
and security personnel only.
There's not enough medical
or security help.
- He's going to kill everybody!
- You need to relax.
We've requested backup officers
and medical staff
from Russellville
and Eaton County for support,
but no confirmation.
We can't handle
this scope a crime scene.
My son.
My son Oscar, is he here?
Uh, I got a call.
I'm his mother. Is he alive?
I have no idea, but triage
expansion just opened up.
I'm gonna have you sign in
right here.
It's spelled B-E-R-L-U-C-C-H-I.
Clear the hallway, please.
Somebody help!
Please, emergency.
Take her to
the emergency room, please.
You're gonna be okay, Linds.
He's still out there, Tommy.
- Be careful.
- TOMMY: Karen.
How are you doing?
How's your mom?
- How's Laurie? Is she okay?
- Where's my daughter?
She's okay. She's fine.
She's with Lonnie and Cameron.
No, no, but he's coming here.
She's not supposed
to be with them.
He's coming here?
How do you know that?
All right, secure a perimeter.
Hospital's on lockdown.
- All right, listen, folks. Listen!
- (clamoring)
Folks, please.
- The Boogeyman is at large.
- (clamoring quiets)
He's got no choice
but to emerge.
He is an apex predator.
When he surfaces,
there will be no pause.
There will be no empathy.
This ends when Michael is dead!
Michael Myers will be
executed tonight,
and it will not go
without witness!
We need all of you.
- Evil dies tonight!
- (shouts of assent)
Evil dies tonight!
All right, everybody, calm down.
The Sheriff's Department
has this...
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Sheriff, we will not calm down.
We have watched
your department fail...
- fail tonight!
- WOMAN: Tommy's right!
This is Haddonfield.
This is our town.
He killed my daughter
40 years ago
and desecrated her body.
Evil dies tonight.
Goddamn it, Brackett!
I am the law, not you.
- MAN: Fuck off, Barker.
- Jonesy, get over there!
- Robin, I need you up there.
- (clamoring)
I need you over here.
You two...
- (groans)
- TOMMY: Laurie!
- KAREN: Tommy, you can't go in there!
- Tommy?
- Tommy, you can't go in there!
- Laurie. Laurie.
- KAREN: Tommy!
- Tommy.
- Laurie. He killed Marion.
- Tommy.
- And he attacked Lindsey, too.
- What? Karen.
We didn't know for sure.
I didn't know what to tell you.
Mom, I just want you to be okay.
Listen, I just want you to know,
when he gets here,
I'm gonna fucking kill him,
because 40 years ago,
- when I was a kid, you protected me.
- Yeah.
So, tonight,
I'm gonna protect you. Okay?
You know, I appreciate you,
but could you get out, please?
Like, get out now!
We had him.
How did he escape?
I don't know. I don't know.
TOMMY: What do we do? We don't
have the police support.
We fight.
We always fight.
- Go! Find him, Tommy!
- Yeah. I will. I will.
- LAURIE: I... No. (groans)
- Mom, don't. Don't.
I need you to listen to me.
You need to listen to me
right now, okay?
All right, a lifetime
of preparation, and for what?
Ray is dead.
So many people are dead.
We're not equipped.
Allyson's run off
with crazy Lonnie Elam.
People are losing their minds.
There are authorities
who are trained
to deal with exactly
this kind of... this...
There's a system.
Well, the system failed.
Now, get the fuck out of my way.
- Don't. No. No.
- No, no, no. Get away.
- What are you doing?
- Karen, no!
- Stop right now!
- Get away!
I am not gonna let you do this.
- No. Mom.
- Get out of my way.
- Move!
- Mom, please, what are you doing?
Do you even know what that is?
It makes the pain go away.
(syringe drops to floor)
Let him come for me.
Let him take my head
as I take his.
- No.
- Maybe the only way he can die
is if I die, too.
- No.
- Karen, you and Allyson
should not have to keep running
because of the darkness
that I created, honey.
So you just have to let me go.
- Karen, move!
- Mom, stop. Stop, Mom.
Listen. Mom.
I am not gonna let
anything happen to you.
We want to get married.
Uh, I-I guess, uh, right away.
Right away, yeah. Right away.
The waggle dance
is how bees communicate.
They share the information
where the flower is
with the rest of the colony.
They communicate
the precise location
by shaking their butts.
What is in that honey?
WOMAN (on TV): Hey, Mom,
he wants to talk to you.
Hello, Mom.
Seymour Moskowitz.
Right. Jewish.
My mom kept bees
before she died.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, baby.
And now they're
at the back door.
Halloween's over, kids!
I'll handle it.
(turns off TV)
Knock it off!
(crickets chirping)
Well, now they're
at the front door.
Let's scare the shit
out of these kids.
(Big John sighs)
Don't you know
whose house this was?
Honey, don't do anything stupid.
We don't want to get sued.
I bet those bitches
are in the bushes.
Did you lock the back door?
I'll check.
Next time, I'm coming
with a pitchfork.
Big John?
Big John?
Yes, Little John?
Someone's in our house.
And it's not a child.
Fuck that.
I got this knife.
I got this knife.
(slow, heavy footsteps)
- (clamoring)
- LEIGH: Fuck off, man.
Get out of my face.
Lonnie, where are you?
I'm at the hospital right now.
Yeah, I brought her in to E.R.
Is that him?
I saw that guy on TV.
Back, back, back.
(indistinct chatter)
You know what I mean?
I have no answer for you.
Help me.
Help me!
(clamoring continues)
Tommy, what's happening?
- I don't know.
- Who is it?
- Help me!
- TOMMY: Who is it? Is it Michael?
- Is it him? - I don't know.
- WOMAN: It's Michael.
Michael's here.
He's not wearing his mask!
- TOMMY: It's Michael.
- Michael!
Michael! Stop!
Mom, Mom, you're not
going near him.
- I'm gonna go.
- No, you're not.
Block the doorway!
Don't let him leave!
- He's getting away.
- Tommy, get him!
Excuse me.
- Evil dies tonight!
- (clamoring continues)
- (chanting): Evil dies tonight!
- KAREN: Come on!
Evil dies tonight!
Evil dies tonight!
Evil dies tonight!
Evil dies tonight!
Evil dies tonight!
Evil dies tonight!
Evil dies tonight!
Evil dies tonight!
Little John?
Big John.
Little John?
Big John.
Little John, the study's clear.
(gasps softly)
(breath trembling)
(shudders, gasps)
(knife clatters in other room)
- (Big John groaning)
- (clattering)
Big John!
(body thuds)
Big John.
Big John.
You've come home.
(panting, whimpering)
No, no, no, that's not...
- That's not him. It's not him!
- It's not him? It's not him!
- That's not Michael!
- It's not him!
- It's not him! It's not him!
- MAN: Get him!
It's not him!
You fucking sheep, it's not him!
- It's not him! It's not him!
- Get out of the way!
(grunts, groans)
(Laurie wheezing)
Mom, Mom, Mom!
Mom. Mom.
- Mom. Mom!
- (groaning)
I got to get you out of here.
Get back here!
Help! Help!
Somebody help me!
(Karen shouting indistinctly)
- (Laurie groaning)
- KAREN: Mom! Okay.
Okay. Okay, be careful.
- I got it, Sheriff.
- KAREN: You're gonna be okay.
- KAREN: Come on.
- WOMAN: Get him!
- LAURIE: It's not him.
- KAREN: I know, Mom.
I got her. I got her.
Go, go, go.
- It's... not him.
- Your arm.
- All right, let's get her...
- They're after the wrong guy.
- Let's get her into bed.
- It's not him. It's not Michael.
- (clamoring)
- Get out of the way!
Okay, Mom. Come on.
- We got you.
- (door closes)
All right, gentle. Careful.
- Careful. I can handle this.
- (groaning)
Be careful of your head.
Okay. All right.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah.
All right, look, stay here.
There's gonna be guards
outside the door, all right?
- Be careful.
- I'm gonna get a nurse to get you
- all hooked up again, okay?
- You be careful.
Hospital staff sightings
on the second floor.
Please stop!
Please! It's not Michael!
You don't know
what he looks like!
We're in the stairwell. Move!
Watch it, asshole. Karen.
You okay?
Here, move over to the side.
To the side with them.
Careful, careful.
- TOMMY: He's up there!
- Stop! It's not him!
- Get out of my way!
- Tommy, stop! Chill out.
Get a grip, Tommy!
Get the fuck out of the way!
- BARKER: Knock it off!
- (yelling)
- Tommy!
- (screaming)
We're gonna kill him!
CROWD (chanting in distance):
Evil dies tonight!
- It's all happening.
- (chant continues)
Michael's masterpiece.
He created this chaos, but...
I'm the one that brought it all
onto Haddonfield.
I could have made
all this go away.
It was that night
that you were attacked.
It's not your fault.
It's mine.
It was an accident.
I was lost in my own regret.
Did Michael kill again?
I saw the look
in Loomis's eyes.
All he wanted was more blood.
More death.
And I couldn't take it.
And then in that moment,
all I could think was that
inside that monster,
there was somebody's baby boy.
Purely and simply evil.
(distorted, echoing):
No! Don't!
I could have made
all this go away.
It's not your fault.
It's mine.
But now I know...
...there's nothing
inside that man but pure evil.
It's not just Michael.
It's what he's done
to this town, these people.
Decent people.
You're a good man, Frank.
You were doing your job.
But now it needs to die.
'Cause every time
somebody's afraid,
the Boogeyman wins.
It needs to die.
And I'm the one
that needs to kill it.
- (crowd clamoring)
- (panting)
It's not you.
I know it's not you.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
I know you're scared.
They're scared, too.
I'm not gonna let them hurt you.
- Okay. I know. I know.
- (whimpering)
I'm gonna help you.
I'm gonna help you.
Okay, come on. Come on.
Let go of my hand.
That's good.
I'm gonna lock these doors.
Okay. Lock this behind me.
They're coming.
They're coming.
- Come on!
- (clamoring continues)
(footsteps thundering)
I'm not gonna let them hurt you.
It's him.
Get him! Get him!
Evil dies tonight!
Evil dies tonight!
- (whimpering)
- Evil dies tonight!
Evil dies tonight!
Evil dies tonight!
Evil dies tonight!
Stop them!
It's not him?
- TOMMY: Move!
- Evil dies tonight!
Evil dies tonight!
- (gasping, murmuring)
- (chant continues in distance)
- WOMAN: Oh, my God.
- MAN: He's dead.
(people gasping)
- Oh, my God.
- Yeah.
Evil dies tonight!
Leigh! Leigh!
No. It's not him.
It's not him, Tommy.
He's always worn a mask.
How do we know it's not him?
How do we know, Leigh?
(Tommy panting)
Now he's turning us
into monsters.
(quiet chatter)
(camera clicks)
I swear I was just trying
to do the right thing.
Look at me.
What I'm thinking is
the killer was choking him,
Pete went for his gun.
As he pulled it up, it went off.
Give me your gun.
Don't look at it.
Just be cool
and give me your gun.
Take this.
It was an accident.
He shot himself.
Got it?
Just because
your intentions are good
doesn't mean things
always work out.
I stood in the way.
It was me.
- It wasn't him.
- Let me find him, then.
He's after me.
No, he's not.
- (groans)
- HAWKINS: He's not.
It was the doctor that took him
to your house tonight.
It wasn't Michael.
It's not about you.
- Doctor, get back in the car!
- No!
I'm still gonna blow
this motherfucker's brains out.
Mom! Mom!
He's a six-year-old boy
with the strength of a man
and the mind of an animal.
I know. I've seen his face.
I looked in his eyes
when I took off his mask.
Did you know that
when he was a little boy
he used to stand
in his sister's bedroom and...
stare out the window?
My partner died
the night he stood
on that same spot.
But for an instant,
before his death, he knew.
Maybe he wasn't looking out.
Maybe he was looking in.
At his reflection.
At himself.
Who knows what makes him kill,
what motivates him?
But in his heart,
it always seemed to me
he wants one thing.
He's going home.
- He went from Laurie's compound...
- Mm-hmm.
...the victims
in her neighborhood,
to the park, okay?
If you track those locations,
that's a straight line,
basically an arrow
pointing straight
to Lampkin Lane,
Michael's childhood home.
I came face-to-face with
this asshole when I was a kid.
He creeps, he kills,
he goes home.
Then that's where we're going.
Karen. Karen.
Listen, I'm sorry.
You were right, okay?
I'm sorry.
Tommy, you took my daughter
to chase a killer,
and an innocent man is dead.
Fuck it.
None of us are innocent.
Karen, listen. Listen.
I fucked up.
I fucked up. I'm sorry.
So, what now?
You're sorry? You're just gonna
stand here hating yourself?
I got to keep trying.
But if I go down,
I'm gonna go down swinging.
I need a car.
I have a car.
(engine shuts off)
Okay, so the key is
we stick together.
No, I'm going in alone.
- What?
- ALLYSON: Mr. Elam.
You fucking dummy,
you brought your kid
- to the belly of the beast.
- Dad, no.
Mr. Elam, with all due respect,
you really expect me
to sit here while you go inside
and confront the man
that killed my father?
No, I don't expect you to.
But I'm asking, Allyson.
For your sake and my son's.
Okay? Just stay here.
You see anything suspicious,
you honk the horn, all right?
But you stay safe.
All right?
I will see you
at the finish line, buddy.
(door opens)
(door closes)
(takes deep breath)
(panting quietly)
This is so fucked up.
- (gunshot)
- Cameron, let's go.
Come on.
Go, go, go, go!
(both panting)
(gun cocks)
- (panting)
- (floorboards creaking)
CAMERON (whispers):
Over there.
(both panting)
(breathing heavily)
(gasping breaths)
(creaking footsteps)
("Could I Have This Dance" by
Anne Murray plays in distance)
I'll always remember
The song they were playing
The first time we danced
And I knew
As we swayed to the music
And held to each other
I fell in love with you
Could I have this dance
- For the rest of my life?
- (Allyson gasping)
- Would you be my partner
- (shudders, whimpers)
Every night?
- When we're together
- (breathing heavily)
It feels so right
Could I have this dance
For the rest of my life?
(trembling breaths)
I'll always remember
That magic moment
When I held you close
- To me
- (cocks gun)
- (trembling breaths)
- (floorboards creaking softly)
As we moved together
I knew forever
You're all I'll ever need...
(gasps softly, pants)
(Cameron gasps)
(pained grunting)
(grunts, whimpers)
(yells in pain)
(shudders, grunts)
(knife drops to floor)
- Cameron! No!
- (wheezing)
ALLYSON (whimpering):
No, no, no, no!
- (screams)
- No!
- Allyson!
- No!
(Cameron gasping)
(Allyson sobs)
Come and get me, motherfucker!
Come and get me.
(groaning weakly)
(Allyson screaming)
- (Allyson sobbing)
- (Cameron wheezing)
Leave him alone!
No. No!
- (neck snaps)
- (sobbing): No!
(Allyson sobbing)
(Allyson grunting)
Do it. Do it.
Do it!
(pitchfork clatters)
- (grunts)
- (Allyson screams)
- (gasps)
- (Allyson sobbing)
No, Mom.
You want your mask?
Come and get it!
You want to fucking
kill someone, take me!
Mom. No, Mom.
I'm an innocent woman,
just like your sister was.
It was Halloween night.
She was in her bedroom.
And it was right here.
Your house.
Can't you feel it?
ALLYSON (whimpering):
No. No, Mom.
(Karen gasping)
Mom, no.
(panting, whimpering)
(tires squeal)
Hey, Michael.
It's Halloween.
Everyone's entitled
to one good scare.
- MAN: Light him up.
- MAN 2: Let's take him.
- (gun fires)
- (man screams)
- (breathing heavily)
- (people grunting)
(all panting)
We got this, Karen.
Go be with your daughter.
(grunts fiercely)
I always thought Michael Myers
was flesh and blood,
just like you and me,
but a mortal man
could not have survived
what he's lived through.
The more he kills,
the more he transcends
into something else
impossible to defeat.
People are afraid.
That is the true curse
of Michael.
He'll always be here, won't he?
Even when we can't see him.
You can't defeat it
with brute force.
If we only knew then
what we know now.
(gun clicking)
- (bone cracks)
- (screams)
It is the essence of evil.
The anchor that divides us.
It is the terror that grows
stronger when we try to hide.
(pained gasp)
(gasping weakly)
If they don't stop him tonight,
maybe we'll find him tomorrow.
Or next Halloween,
when the sun sets
and someone is alone.
(quiet chatter)
(siren wails)
You can't close your eyes
and pretend he isn't there.
Because he is.
(inhales deeply)
(muffled, distorted scream)
(breathing heavily)
(John Carpenter's
Halloweentheme playing)
(theme ends)
("Hunter's Moon" by Ghost
It's been a long time coming
I'm coming back for you,
my friend
To where we hide as children
I'm coming back for you,
my friend
Though my memories
are faded, they
Come back to haunt me
once again
And though my mind
is somewhat jaded now
It's time for me
to strike again
It's a hunter's moon
Under a headstone, sister
I'm dying to see you,
my friend
Like any old cemetery
I'm dying to see you,
my friend
Though my memories
are faded, they
Come back to haunt me
once again
And though my mind
is somewhat jaded now
It's time for me
to strike again
It's a hunter's moon
(indistinct chanting vocal)
Though my memories
are faded, they
Come back to haunt me
once again
And though my mind
is somewhat jaded now
It's time for me
to strike again
It's a hunter's moon
Hunter's moon.
(song ends)