Hammer of the Gods (2009) Movie Script

It was
a wolf raising its stem and stern,
its sail dripped blood-red.
These things served
but one purpose--
to strike fear and
terror into the hearts
of any who came across them.
Each stroke, each painful breath...
they believed it brought them ever
closer to the ends of the earth.
But onward they pushed, for the
ends of the earth they sought.
Gloria, honor, these
things awaited them there.
But so did something else.
The waters have stilled,
the winds have died.
I suspect her sight to be true.
That, or we're near the abyss.
Lyngvi, lost land of legend and fable,
we found it, Baldur.
Of that you can be certain.
Aye. If the night proves
your woman to be wrong again,
she'll find herself rowing
for 20 men on the morrow.
Have faith, Ulfrich,
for if Freyja's led us
to Midgard's edge for
nothing more than gloom and fog,
I'll gladly take your
place upon the rail.
Or at least Thor will.
The eyes of the wolf moon point
the way with Friggs distaff.
That they do.
Our destiny may lie on these shores.
It's still your oar
to row upon our return.
If we return, eldest.
No Northman has dared
sail this far before.
We shall claim this island
and all it bears for our own.
And if Northmen have sailed here before?
Well, then we'll take it anyway.
This land may yet prove our kingdom.
Forgive me, brother.
Your kingdom.
Father will be pleased.
Perhaps he'll give it to Ulfrich.
The weather here seems
to suit his temperament.
Disappointed there's
nobody here to greet us?
No army to grind to the ground?
it's just a strange sensation,
almost as if I've been here before.
Have you ever known such a thing, Sif?
Some say such feelings are of
long-forgotten memories
of our past lives.
So, tell me, Freyja,
does your foresight extend back as well?
On occasion.
Well, if I lived before,
that means I died as well,
a mistake I won't be making twice.
Don't encourage him, wife.
Thor's already too eager
to ride with the Valkyries.
You'll find your path to the
gates of Valhalla soon enough,
whether it be here or some
other godforsaken land.
But what of your path, brother?
It's to look after
you, of course--
make sure you don't die
before your proper time.
- Aegir!
- Aye.
Go with Thor and scout the shoreline.
I'll expect you both back within
an hour with enough food for 20 men.
More if you plan to eat as well.
That's one man
who will never know the
dishonor of growing old.
Sail with Thor long enough,
we'll all be spared from it.
Forgive me. I forgot my place.
Remind me. Where is it?
By your side. Always.
Then there's nothin' to forgive.
One day, I'll be a king,
and you my queen.
Take care not to forget
that as well, hmm?
Be mindful of them.
It's a dangerous game they play.
Sif and Ulfrich?
You know very well who I speak of.
You can't deny nature.
And Thor's
a force of nature,
if I've ever seen one.
I haven't known such dreariness since
spending an evening alone with Ulfrich.
It can only mean we've entered
the realm of the frost giants.
Well, if we've truly
crossed into the mist world,
then Sol herself would be hard
pressed to shine her light this far.
And if you honestly
believe we're the first men
fool enough to venture this far, then
I believe it as well.
Who goes there?
Do you expect the deer to respond?
Or the rabbit, perhaps?
Let's unmask your stalker.
So, tell me, Freyja,
what do you expect we'll find here?
Gods? Giants? Monsters?
I want a piece of them all.
Well, careful now, Bragi,
or a piece you may have.
Your imagination exceeds
that of even Thors.
I suspect we'll find little
more than lonely trees and
some scattered rocks
in this miserable place.
So much for trees and rocks.
What's wrong?
- Where's Aegir?
- Speak, man.
He's been taken.
- Taken? by who?
- By a great beast.
I--it moved like
a wolf, but...
but not like a wolf
I'd ever seen before--
easily the size of a
man, but maybe larger.
And you left Aegir to them?
No, I followed him until I lost 'em.
I'd have been lost,
too, had I continued.
They led me into a trap.
- I barely escaped with my life.
- Then we've little time.
Hodur, Tyr, Geirrod,
mind the ship and the women.
They can busy themselves with the ship.
We'll mind ourselves. Sif?
Well, come on, then.
Nothing the lot of us can't handle.
Set the tents?
Let's see what they find.
Our stay may be brief.
If Aegir died, I only hope he died well.
If he's dead, envy him.
He sits in the great hall drinking
Lerad's mead while we freeze our stones.
Aegir couldn't drink for piss.
They'll send his ass back
when he can't finish
the horn in three drafts.
What is it?
Look at their size.
Ah, it's animal just the same.
These tracks are laid in twos.
Tell me, Ulfrich,
what animal walks on just two legs?
You may get your monsters after all.
Fabled isle, eh?
You can keep it.
I don't understand.
I truly believed it our destiny
to discover a new kingdom.
Thor, if you're ever to
rule or lead, you must learn
to forsake such things in
the face of greater needs.
Aegir is your kinsman.
What say we find him, if
only to provide the rites?
Expanding our kingdom we'll leave
for another time and place, huh?
This is why you lead, Baldur.
You're right about one thing, brother.
There is something on this island,
and it doesn't much like men.
- What is it, Freyja?
- Do you sense something?
Only suffering and death.
This place has known both.
Well, you don't need the
sight to figure that one out.
Wait, there's something in there.
- Stand back.
- Ulfrich, wait!
By the skalds.
I've no words for that stench.
It's all right.
- It's all right.
- No, it's not. It's not all right.
- You must leave at once.
- We're not here to hurt you.
But the others are.
Forgive our manners.
It's been months since
we've had real food.
My name is Hel.
This is Garmur.
How is it you've survived if
you haven't left this hall?
Grubs, worms-- whatever
the dirt provides.
The better question is how
did you know of this island?
- What brought you here?
- Thor.
- And where from? Where do you hail?
- Thor!
Please continue.
We came from Faroer.
Explorers you could say,
though misguided to be sure.
We were seduced by the
stories of gods and giants.
So we sought the isle of the immortals.
In the end, I suspect we
made the same mistake you did.
What mistake?
Coming here.
So you were attacked by
these same wolves as well?
Shortly after we first arrived.
We would have left, but we'd
already stripped our boat for wood.
It wasn't long after we were forced to
reinforce the walls with
whatever we could find.
And then?
And then we prayed they wouldn't get in.
Those are not creatures of this realm.
Not one night passes without the
howl of those demons at our door.
I beg of you, leave this
place while you still can.
Take us with you.
Before they return.
Ah, I've heard enough.
What's the matter with
you? Where are you going?
We shouldn't be sittin' here
listenin' to such absurd tales--
creatures from other realms? Demons?
Aegir is still out
there. He may yet live.
Thor saw one of these
things with his own eyes.
You yourself saw the damage
inflicted on that skull.
Oversized wolves. Nothing more.
A meal that will finally fight back.
Well, I say bring them on.
Until we know what we're
up against, we would do well
to heed that woman's warning.
What's more, these
people are our cousins.
These people are not our cousins.
Hiding? eating grubs?
They are weak and pathetic
and of no consequence--
whether you like it or not,
they are north men just the same.
Waste your time with 'em if you like.
I'm goin' after Aegir.
Hermoid, Heimdall, with me!
You forget your place, Ulfrich.
Forgive me...
You ask for that which is not needed.
You're right.
Borr, Bragi. The rest
of us will continue on.
You and your brothers will
stay here and guard the village.
With our lives, Baldur.
We should hope it won't come to that.
What ails you?
...felt like fire was
coursing through my veins.
I can't explain it.
It was as if I was dreaming,
yet I did not sleep.
What did you see?
A great warrior!
A poisoned sky, a sea
serpent of unimaginable size.
This warrior, did he
wield a strange weapon?
A hammer.
Yet it was a hammer I'd never
laid my eyes upon before.
How do you know of this?
I believe you saw ...
the hammer of the gods.
Of course.
The warrior, he bore a serpent shield.
believe it was you, brother.
Oh, yeah, clearly,
as Baldur alone wears the serpent.
Now, are we here to find our kinsmen,
or sit here debating the
meaning of Thor's dreams?
You all right?
You're wearing a hole in the earth.
Apologies if my duties
are arousing your slumber.
Be still, if you're so sorry.
Did you hear that?
There it is again.
Bragi, did
you see any--
by the giants. Must you do that?
I'll happily return to
my post if you'll shut--
where'd the others go?
Tonight ...
we drink at Odins side, Borr!
Let's not keep him waiting!
Borr, Bragi!
Do you really think?
Everyone back to the village. now!
We're too late. They've been taken.
Four men, dragged away by wolves?
I told you. These are not
wolves as you and I have known.
Hel, Garmur, show
yourselves if you still live!
I'm so sorry.
There was nothing we could do.
Everyone inside!
Clearly, these are not simple wolves.
This is an enemy unlike
any we've ever known,
and a situation none of
us could have foreseen,
not even you, Freyja.
Or you, Thor.
We're only here 'cause of my
damn notions of glory and destiny.
Sentiment is noble, youngest,
but the burden lies
solely on my shoulders.
I brought us here, not you.
That's all fine and good, Baldur,
but what are we gonna do now?
I've already told you.
We need to leave.
No. We should fight these
things with our full force,
before they thin our ranks any further.
If you listened to me before, Borr
and his brothers would still live.
Mind your words, Ulfrich.
Baldur might tolerate your insolence,
but I have neither his
patience nor his virtue.
We have underestimated
these wolves once.
Not again.
We're going back to the ship.
We're to leave, then?
We're not going anywhere
until we find the others.
We'll collect those at the
beach, and once we're 14 strong,
we'll come back, find our kinsmen,
and kill anything that gets in our way.
And what of these people?
They survived without us for months.
Let them survive another few days.
Give him room, woman.
What is it now, brother?
I'm beginning to think you
have no threshold for pain.
Another vision?
Worse this time.
Much stronger.
Baldur slaying another monster?
Not exactly!
He was standing there
at the mountain's peak.
He held the hammer to the heavens
and called down the lightning itself.
I felt the lightning.
And it burned through
me like Sol's flame.
I believe these visions are
leading you to the hammer.
It's up there somewhere
on that very mountain.
The visions may be mine,
but the hammer's for Baldur
alone there...
to find.
We'll come back for you.
Not till we've vanquished
all these creatures.
And find my hammer.
Your hammer?
Let's make haste,
you flat-footed mares!
They've been gone for hours.
Safe to say they've either
ventured inland for the night
or they're dead.
Either way we'll be
needing the tent, then.
Freyja, you and Geirrod see to it.
Tyr, you and I will go
find something worth eating.
I'm sure we can find something
without having to wander too far.
- What is it?
- Thor!
A man!
Long dead.
Imagine being so frightened
as to choose dishonorable death
rather than face what lay beneath.
I damn nearly can.
I pray none of us
face such a dim choice.
These visions of yours,
I don't believe they're of Baldur.
Baldur is the greatest
warrior I've ever known.
How could you of all
people question this?
I have foreseen his destiny.
It lies along another path.
you're wrong.
You'll see.
Now, forget this nonsense and move.
Is it wise venturing
back into these woods
after what happened to Thor and Aegir?
A man's got to eat.
I'm not going hungry on
account of a few wolves.
If anything, I'll feast on them.
Get up, you lazy bag of bones.
Odin's fury.
Come on, you. Time to
meet the end of my blade.
Thokk's tears.
I knew Hodur and Tyr wouldn't
let that spit go to waste.
Go give them a hand with the kill.
And hurry up already.
I'm ravenous.
Not good.
I can't believe it!
Believe It.
We're pretty well wracked now.
How? How?
How do wolves take
entire ships, I ask you?
Thor, did you happen to
see a vision about that?
Don't take your fury out on Thor.
This isn't his doing.
You told me earlier if I wanted to lead,
I needed to set aside my
selfishness and think of others.
Let me do that now, Baldur.
It is clear to me now that we
are not alone on this island,
and I'm not speaking of
demon wolves or puny villages.
There's something going on here.
If we find our friends, I
believe we'll find our ship.
That's the first sensible
thing you've said this day.
It'll be dark soon.
Let's gather our supplies,
make our way back to the village.
We camp there tonight.
We take back what's ours tomorrow.
Here we are.
I don't understand.
Where'd they go?
Did they flee? Or attempt to catch us?
Perhaps they were
attacked and finally taken.
They survive on their own for months,
only to succumb the day we arrive?
Something's not right.
If they were taken, why no blood?
We believe there to be
something else to this.
I think we're getting
closer to the truth.
But what truth?
I still don't understand.
Nor do I.
Only somehow these people play a part.
In the meantime, the sun is nearly set.
We'll prepare to stay the night here.
I despise the notion of hiding.
There's no honor in it.
We risk drawing the
ire of the Valkyries.
He's right.
I'd rather go down fighting.
Aye. Or we'll never see Valhalla.
How well do you see
in the dark, Hermiod?
Or you, Heimdall? As well as a wolf?
They've been preying on the fact
that they can thin our numbers
and catch us off guard.
Well, no longer!
We will hold this position tonight,
but make no mistake.
We won't be hiding.
If they're fool enough
to try and overtake us,
they'll fail.
And then tomorrow?
We will bring the fight to them!
For odin!
- For odin!
- For odin!
To honor the soon dead.
They dragged away their dead.
Not all!
But will they dare return?
They're fare no better.
We'll crush them into the ground!
You fought well today, brother.
It's a shame you didn't die.
Not before my proper time.
Skirnir did die well.
We'll need a vessel for the ash.
Baldur, you must see this at once.
What in Odins name?
I was hoping you could give
me some insight into that.
Creatures that revert back to men,
such sorcery should not be possible.
You never believed the villagers,
surely you believe your own eyes.
Thor cut down no man today, only beast.
And yet here a man's head rests.
Those damn villagers may be right,
but they don't know half
of the horrible truth.
The creatures walked
amongst them as well.
But I recognize this man.
He was here in this very hall.
He's right. I'd never
forget this man's face,
but I'd sure like to try.
Must this be in here?
Hermiod, do something with this.
What exactly?
Anything. Just get it out of here.
I believe it's far worse
than you imagine, Thor.
The urn, what was so special about it?
It bore an encryption on the inside.
And what did it say?
Before you broke it.
Beware the sons of Loki.
- The God.
- The trickster.
- The same.
- What do you think it means?
Loki had
two sons--
Jormungand, the Midgard
serpent, and Fenris, the wolf.
that's what I saw in my vision.
That's the snake that Baldur's
gonna slay with the hammer.
One thing at a time, youngest.
I'm more concerned with this wolf.
It said the blood of Fenris
will grant everlasting life
and the ability to
shape-shift like Loki.
Wait, you're saying the
villagers were the wolf creatures?
They were one and the same all along?
And just a fraction of
them, from what we've seen.
None of this seems real.
Shall I fetch back the head?
You sought out the gods, Freyja.
Appears we've found them.
So what now?
Tomorrow we find out if
all your visions are true,
or just the ones that
get us into trouble.
He waits to see you.
The invaders still persist.
They have proven most
determined and most formidable.
There is one among
them, a young warrior,
he fights like no man I've ever seen.
They now quest for the hammer.
Forgive me.
I have failed you.
So, the warrior has returned.
Bring him to me. Kill the others.
Do not fail me again.
Tell me, Northman,
why is the one known as Ulfrich
in disfavor with the others
if he is eldest?
Why does this Baldur lead in his place?
Should I call on Hati as well?
You've got a warrior's spirit.
You deserve to die holding your sword.
If you only had arms.
How talkative are you feeling?
More than your friend, I hope.
His mother.
A thrall from the south.
A slave girl.
A bastard son.
Thank You.
What you lookin' for?
Grubs? Worms?
No, I'm retracing my steps,
learning from my mistakes.
I favored my spear side
too heavily during a lunge.
I'm no good with spears.
I prefer shorter weapons, I believe.
You really just lookin' at dirt?
What else weighs on
that mind of yours, Thor?
It's just dirt, Sif.
It's dirt.
I warned you
for the last time.
You're stirring yourself over nothing.
Stolen glances.
Hidden touches.
I've seen my fair share of nothin'
from you, Sif,
and you, brother.
Have you nothin' to say for yourself?
At least have the self
respect to deny it, woman.
Then you leave me no choice.
I challenge you, Thor.
Now you can't be serious.
I'd raise your sword, brother.
I believe he is.
Are you just gonna stand
back and do nothin'?
Deferring to one's younger
brother is humiliation enough.
don't expect you to
understand such things.
I'm not gonna lose my woman as well.
Don't do this, Ulfrich.
The days of you tellin'
me what to do are over.
Prepare yourself.
Do you really believe this is what we
should be concerning ourselves with?
How dare you?
You dishonor the codes.
You speak of honor and codes when you
challenge your own brother?
You know nothing of these.
Oh I see. I am your brother
when the purpose suits you.
We don't have time for
petty squabbles!
These demons could return
at any moment.
I hope you grow old...
and rot together.
Please, Ulfrich, you can't leave.
No, Baldur, that's one thing I can do.
Sif, give him time.
He'll be back.
But what of the wolves?
He's not safe.
He's made his decision,
as we all must.
We'll give him an hour to return.
If he's not back by then,
we move out.
We can't afford to lose a man
of Ulfrich's skill.
That's not what concerns me.
What concerns me is if that skill
were turned against us now.
Stay back.
I mean you no harm.
We gave you a chance to leave.
Two, actually.
You lied to us, demon.
I may have left out some details,
but what I told you was true enough.
Northmen came to this
isle seeking the gods.
Well, they've found them.
I see now destiny has brought you
here for a reason, Lord Ulfrich.
Stop speakin' in riddles.
Why did you want us to leave,
and what is this destiny
of which you speak?
You'll have all the answers in due time.
All you need to know now
is I can offer you the
things you've always wanted
and always been denied.
Go on.
Come with me and drink from his blood,
and you'll not only have
power and immortality,
but a woman who treats you the
way you deserve to be treated,
like a king.
Whose blood?
And what would you require in return?
Nothing you wouldn't give.
No point in wallowing.
We're all to blame.
He'll come around.
Or he won't.
Would you prefer I'd
let them kill each other?
'Course not.
Well, take comfort in that.
It's all I've got.
Unless you wanna spend
another night here,
I suggest we get moving.
Thor, any new visions
we should know about?
All I know is we need to go there.
Then there we'll go,
and if the god's will it, we'll
cross paths with Ulfrich again.
What is it, Thor?
I'm uncertain,
'cause there's something ...
familiar about this place.
- We were here just yesterday.
- No, no, it's not that.
I can't quite explain it.
How far do you think it?
Nearly a day's journey to
the base of the mountain.
I don't know how I know that,
but I do.
Let's get moving, then.
On your guard.
I fear we're no longer alone.
Brother, tell me you're not
in league with these demons.
Ah, spare me your reproach, Baldur.
I was little more than a servant to you.
Little more than nothin' to you.
It doesn't have to end like this.
I concur, youngest.
Come with us, Thor,
and the others may go.
You'll find your ship
awaits you at the shore.
It's just a trick,
another way to thin our
ranks. Keep the line, Thor.
I've nothing against Hermiod or Heimdall
or even Freyja.
But make no mistake!
This is your last chance to leave this
place with your sword in your hand.
When you reach the
river of blood, Baldur,
remember this moment,
the moment you failed
to follow your pride,
the moment you damned yourself
and everyone you loved.
- Run! Get them out of here.
- Go!
My entire life I have hated you.
Then you better summon it all.
- Baldur!
- Freyja, let's move!
Take Thor.
Kill the rest.
Baldur, no!
We have to keep moving!
Can't afford to stop!
No, we can't afford not to.
They'll catch up to us soon,
and then Baldur's sacrifice
will have meant nothing.
Well, what would you suggest?
We'll use their strength
and speed against them.
We'll channel them down this slope,
and then they won't be able to stop
until they're met by our steel.
We set a trap for them this time.
You're damned right.
We don't have much time.
Gaze upon your destiny, Ulfrich!
For this sword shall cleave
your head from its shoulders
- before this day is through!
- We'll See.
We'll See.
I never believed him
capable of such things.
We should follow.
He can't escape what's
coming to him now.
They didn't collect their dead.
I don't believe these beasts can
truly be killed like you or Ii.
- They bleed well enough.
- That much is certain,
but I saw one with a paw that
looked like it was growing back.
No matter how many we think we kill,
they just get back up
again once they've healed.
I know of no living thing,
beast, man, or god that
heals from a severed head.
These sons of the bitch.
I didn't survive all this
time just to die like this.
Where are you from, old man?
We voyaged here several months ago,
built a small village even,
but then they attacked.
We were just looking for a new home.
Now I'm
afraid I'm--
I'm all that's left of my people.
Forgive us if we've
heard that one before.
It's just another trick.
- Kill him!
- No! Wait! Wait!
I, I. ..
I can prove it.
I can prove it!
Th--these creatures, their
limbs, they grow back,
so take one of my fingers.
Take one of my fingers. If it
grows back, so strike me down.
No, it's all right. Just do it quick.
Remind me to apologize
if I don't kill you.
When you do, apologize that is,
the name is Vali.
If what you say is true,
how is it you've survived all this time?
I haven't left the protection
of the tree for months.
Apparently it's a theme on this island.
Well, let's move.
We're wasting time.
We are leaving, aren't we?
Not until we kill everything
on this entire island.
So, you plan to retrieve Mjolnir,
the hammer of the gods.
How do you know of the hammer?
You youngsters, you never make time
anymore for the old stories, do you?
No one ever makes time for
the old stories anymore.
They say the hammer fell from the sky,
a mighty gift from Odin himself,
its power so great that only
one mortal man could harness it.
His name has been lost through the ages,
but he already wielded it once.
It is said he will
return and wield it again.
Don't you see?
Baldur will return.
Let me finish.
Loki had
two sons--
Jormangand and Fenris, we know.
But did you know that Jormungand
was felled on this very
island by the great champion?
He struck down upon him with the hammer,
but not before the great
serpent had bit him.
So he was victorious,
but at terrible cost--
his life.
Odin was pleased, though,
so it was prophesied
- this champion would one day return
- Can't resist!
and reclaim his place amongst the gods.
Don't let go, Thor.
You must see it through.
See the warrior's true identity!
Face your destiny!
Thor, can you speak?
It's not possible.
Who did you see?
It was me... all along, not Baldur.
But I don't understand it.
It doesn't make any sense.
Baldur is dead, Thor.
It's hard to believe, I know,
but you must finally accept
that you were the chosen warrior.
You were the champion.
And you still can be.
That's why they wanted you.
I killed his brother, so
he killed both of mine.
He and his minions, they live
here in mortal fear of the hammer,
the only thing in existence that
can truly end their immortality,
so they guard it, ever vigilant,
for all times against...
Your return.
But he can't resist his
desires for vengeance.
He means to kill you,
even if it puts his own life at risk.
Well, he'll have his chance.
Thank you, Freyja.
I'm in debt to you.
And you, can you fight?
I'm middle-aged. I'm not dead.
Well then, the hammer awaits.
- We'll never get through that way.
- We'll die trying.
There's another way.
We'll go around.
Show us.
Come here.
I guess your people weren't
the first ones here, either.
Our ship is down there somewhere.
There, I can see it.
Secured for departure.
Let's move.
Could have stabbed you in the back.
Sneakin' around, Thor,
that's not very becoming.
Probably nothin' new for you or Sif.
Take them through the passage.
Find our friends.
What of you?
I'll follow when I'm done here.
A noble sentiment,
sparing them your demise.
Don't worry.
I will deal with them soon enough.
What has become of you, brother?
You are not the man today
that I've known my entire life.
The man you knew is dead.
He was weak, a coward.
And I loathed him.
You've thrown your
life away, and for what?
To live among these demons?
Power changes a man, brother,
and for the first time
- I truly know how it feels.
- You had power, Ulfrich.
Not like this.
Even now it courses through my veins.
You've no idea.
There can only be one of us, though.
Let's get this over with.
Now, brother, you'll see true power.
You're right.
There can be only one.
Are you sure this is the way?
It's not much farther.
How will Thor find us?
If he truly has been here
before, he'll have no trouble.
Trust me.
So, this warrior, what if he returns?
Aye, what then?
That teek.
What's going on?
Perhaps your friend was taken prisoner.
Thor didn't lose.
You must come at once.
The bastard son has fallen.
Ulfrich has been slain.
Before they come back.
- My sword.
- Of course.
Hold on.
Tonight you feast on the Saehrimnir,
and drink at Odins table.
Shame. He won't keep as long dead.
By the way, you really should
watch what you say around wolves.
We have pretty good hearing, teek.
Surprised to see me?
He won't let you have it. You know this.
You'll be rid of me soon enough.
Vali, what's going on?
You think Thor is the only
one who seeks the hammer?
You foolish old man.
Do what you came to do. Find the hammer!
I will return.
I can't tell you how long I've
awaited your return, son of Odin.
I am Fenris, son of Loki.
The wolf-god. I know.
Then you must also know why you're here.
- But do you?
- Of course.
You are here to die, brave warrior.
Are you ready?
Your mortal heart betrays you.
It pleases me that I should
be the one to teach you fear.
The hammer, the instrument
of my brother's demise,
and the only thing that
could ever render me mortal,
so I keep it close right here.
- Why?
- Because you can't help yourself.
You are drawn to the hammer.
Your lust for it insatiable.
Well, thank you for tending it for me,
but I'll be needing it back now.
Come and take it.
Well, that wasn't so bad.
To kill a brother's slayer
is a rare opportunity, indeed.
He killed me as well, they say.
Except he was not a
favored son of the gods,
so while he rots in the underworld,
you dishonor him by staying here.
Well then, he and Ulfrich
can honor each other.
I guess she didn't see that coming.
I'll see you again.
on the plains of Asgard.
Until then, sister.
Nothing can save you now, brave warrior.
I only hope my brother isn't insulted.
This is almost too easy.
Just the same, say hello to him for me.
Tell him yourself.
We have to go.
Vali's path. We'll go around.
Wait here.
Are you sure?
You did it, Thor.
She died well.
Reunited with Baldur. As it should be.
...the hammer.
May I--
may I hold it?
How can I guarantee you
wouldn't use it against me?
I still owe you a finger.
Only you can wield it, remember?
I'll think about it.
And so...
they sailed away from Midgard's edge,
each lost in their own
silent contemplation.
Though they'd won the day,
they left more on that
isle than they'd taken.