Hammy's Boomerang Adventure (2006) Movie Script

[Hammy] Is that me?
That's pretty neat.
-ls it on?
-Red light's on.
-[RJ] Shh, shh.
Welcome to RJ's
Wild World oF Nature,
Featuring my trusty crew
Bucky, Quillo and Spike.
-Say hi, Spike. Nice.
-Hi, Mom.
Today, our subiect
is Hammy the squirrel.
The North American red squirrel
is a native oF Venezuela.
His interests include good books, long
walks in the park and nut collecting.
Let's see what happens
when Hammy discovers
-this boomerang!
-Ta-da !
OK, go, go. Shh, shh!
[Bucky] Come on, in here.
[Spike] Hide, hide, quick.
Shh! [chuckling]
-This is gonna be so sweet!
-[RJ] Gimme that!
No, no, no... Hey, he's coming!
Shh! Shh!
[gasps] Oh, boy! Look what l Found.
Dibs! It's mine, it's mine!
[licks, growls]
Eww. That does not
taste very good.
Ow! [yowls]
[kids giggling]
You stop that!
[RJ] Hey! Easy, giggles.
Hold it down over there.
-OK, RJ.
-And now, back to our program.
-[boomerang whooshing]
-Ah... Ohh !
-[kids giggling]
What the...? Huh? Ow!
You guys, quiet.
[gasps] Begone!
l don't believe in you.
[camera lens whirring]
No! All right,
l believe in you!
l'll go crazy! [barking]
-[boomerang whooshing]
-This stupid...!
Hot, hot, hot, hot, hot!
[humming] Ow!
Oh, come on!
What do you guys think?
Should we tell him?
Oh, come on. We got
three more leFt in the box.
-Hey. RJ? Kids?
-Here's Uncle Verne.
What is going on?
You're teasing him and Filming
it. Is that what you're doing?
-Give it to me.
-[RJ] No, Verne. Take it easy.
-Just trying to have a little...
-''We're having Fun?''
-That's not what it looks like.
-A box oF boomerangs.
He throws them, they come back,
hit him and you Film it?
You've turned into human beings.
l've heard they hurt people
and they Film it.
Hey, look what l Found!
[licking, smacking lips]
lt tastes shiny. It's mine.
Nobody touch it, l saw it First.
What does it do? l don't care.
It's mine, it's mine, it's mine!
[Verne] Let's iust not
have this again.
Get rid oF the camera. The
camera causes haIF the problem.
-[kids] Yes, Uncle...
We promise we will never
do it again. [chuckling]
OK, welcome to another episode
oF RJ's Wild World oF Nature.
Today, the naked
American box turtle.
-[kids giggling]
Aah! You having a good time?
You know what your problem is?
-You're a hack with a camera.
-Come on, relax.
-Look out.
-Hey, look what l Found!
ls it on right? Is it backwards?
Nobody touch it, l saw it First.
Get away! 'Cause it's mine!
Close your eyes,
young ones.
[Heist playing]
Follow me into the great unknown
Where pink Flamingoes grow
Diet soda Fows
And what you take magically regenerates
On supermarket shelves
The ovens cean themseves
You don't pay the tab 'til the last drop
So we a ride For nothin'
'Cause this train never stops